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  1. CaptainLeo

    Snow gooses!

    Not so much a report as it is a heads up. The past 2 days I've been seeing tons of snows heading west/southwest from here in Wyoming. Hopefully they'll make it down there towards you guys.
  2. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    I have some stuff that I don't need anymore and wanted offer it up here for free. Old Truline troll rod. Will need rewrap. Old chocolate Sabre spinning rod. Could use a rewrap. Old Sabre 196. Could use a rewrap. 100 gallons of old gas from my boat. It's in 2 55 gallon drums. Sucked it out of my...
  3. CaptainLeo

    Flying gaff

    I have a used flying gaff that I won’t need in Wyoming. Don’t know the manufacturer, but it is fiberglass and is 8’ overall. Asking $75 and price is firm. Also have a spare flying gaff hook, does not fit this gaff stick. $10. Pick up in Oceanside. Am moving next week. Thanks.
  4. CaptainLeo

    Generator repair

    I have a small portable generator that needs to be gone through. It's been sitting for a while and basically needs a good once over. Anybody here work on small engines? I'd do it myself, but have 3 million things to do before we move to Wyoming in a few weeks. Call me. 760-207-3911 Thanks.
  5. CaptainLeo

    Tackle lots for sale

    First lot is jumbo squid jigs for the big Huboldts. I have 10, 4 new and 6 used. $50 Next up is a Marauder lot. 1 big and 2 small. SOLD Some heavy irons, all Sumo. 1 Sumo Jr. and 2 Sumo 6s SOLD Couple of used Halco 130s SOLD Squid getters for making bait squid. 1 new, 2 used, and 4...
  6. CaptainLeo


    Hey folks, I recently lost quite a bit of weight and have a bunch of clothes that don't fit me anymore. 3 pair of Dickies pants, about 6 pair of dress slacks, some Fishworks shorts, 1 brand new pair of Fishworks pants, and a bunch of boardshorts. They are all size 44, so they are for a larger...
  7. CaptainLeo

    Dock box FS

    I have a triangular shaped dock box. Fiberglass and is 48" x 30" x 30" x 30" I also have 25' shore power cord, 30A/125V. Asking $100 for the box and $30 for the power cord. Prices are firm. Text for pics. Pick up in Oceanside. Thanks. 760-207-3911
  8. CaptainLeo

    Columbia waders

    Have a pair of neoprene waders made by Columbia. Size 11. No holes. I bought them used and wore them twice. A little sun faded, but still in good condition. Asking $50. Pretty firm on the price. Pick up in Oceanside or I can meet you within reasonable distance. Call or text is better. 760-207-3911
  9. CaptainLeo

    32' "Radon" For sale SOLD

    32' H&F Custom Radon for sale. Built in 1992 by H&F Custom from Radon molds. I have had this boat since Sep. 08 and have been using it for commercial and charter fishing since owning. She is probably one of the most comfortable boats I have been on for her size. She is 32' long by 10' wide and...
  10. CaptainLeo

    Misc. boat parts

    I found a few parts while organizing the garage the other day. Prices are firm as they are pretty low already. Do not want to ship. Will meet within a reasonable distance. Stainless rod holder-$10 Deck lights-$10-Pending Blue Sea busbars-$10 each Perko battery switch 1,2,all-$20 new-Sold Perko...
  11. CaptainLeo

    Hoop nets

    I have some hoop nets that I'm getting rid of because I'm selling the boat. I have 2 of the blue and 8 of the black. Each come rigged with 50' of commercial rope and pvc bait cages. $20 each firm. I, also, have 3 flat hoops. No rigging, I don't think. $5 each. Will not ship, but will meet within...
  12. CaptainLeo

    Daiwa, Penn, Shimano rods and reels

    I am stepping away from fishing for a bit and getting rid of some stuff. I have some rod and reel combos and a few reels for sale. 6x Daiwa VIP 870 rods with sealine X40HA reels. Reels filled with 65 pound spectra with room for about 80 yards of 30 pound mono. These were boat rods, so there is...
  13. CaptainLeo

    Mobile fuel disposer needed

    Hey folks, I'm in desperate need of having a service come and dispose of the fuel in my boat. Can anybody recommend anybody? Thanks.
  14. CaptainLeo

    First elk hunt

    Was a success! I'm pretty tired from driving back from Wyoming this morning so I'll just give the clif notes. Gnarly terrain, a lot of snow, a lot of elk, and got my first. It wasn't the biggest, but it will be delicious. I shot it at about 50-75 yards while it was running. Got it just on the...
  15. CaptainLeo

    Kind of disturbing?

    So, with the small negative tide this afternoon, I decided to go clamming. My method of take is a little different, I dive for them. Just trunks, an iron, and duckfeet. Anyway, I remember a little while ago there was talk of a sea otter down around Point Loma and one around the Zuniga Jetty. I...
  16. CaptainLeo

    3 Penn reels for sale

    I have a Penn Baja Special that I don't use and would like to sell it. 1. Baja Special I have this one on a rod right now, but never use it. IT is in very good shape cosmetically and mechanically. It is spooled with 80 pound spectra. $180 I prefer local pick up or can meet within reason. If...
  17. CaptainLeo

    Free stuff

    Hey folks, I have 6 or 7 hoopnet baitcages, maybe 8 for free. I started using PVC pipe for bait and 2 sand spikes for surf fishing. All you have to do is come pick them up. First come, first served. I am in Oceanside.
  18. CaptainLeo

    Question for the concrete guys

    Hey guys, I have a narrow drain in the patio of my backyard and it needs to be cleaned out really bad. It doesn't seem like it is removable, is there anyway I can do this without damaging it so bad it needs to be replaced? Or if I tear it all out is there another one I can just put back in? Thanks.
  19. CaptainLeo

    12 volt deck lights

    I have this pair of deck lights for sale. I thought they went out, but it was just a bad ground. I took them apart and cleaned them up on the inside and re-wired them. I'm pretty sure they're Hobbs tungsten lights. Anyway, I believe these sell for about $50 apiece or there abouts. I would like...
  20. CaptainLeo

    Need an electrician

    Hey folks, a buddy of mine has a rental here in SD and he lives up in the bay area. Anyway, his tenants sent him an email saying they were having a couple minor electrical issues. Is there anybody that would like to do a little work? Get a hold of me on here and I will forward his number. Thanks.
  21. CaptainLeo

    Fuck poachers!!!

    And DFG isn't much better. Anyway, a few weeks ago I started a thread with trail cam pics of some nice bucks up on Palomar on private property. The next day I went back up and there were 2 hunters that came up the trail I was watching. We told them they were on private land and to get the fuck...
  22. CaptainLeo

    Trail cam pics

    So, I went up today to check on the trail cams and sit for a bit and boy was I surprised at what I saw. Unfortunately, didn't see anything today, but will be going back up tomorrow. Enjoy.
  23. CaptainLeo

    Uniden UM525 VHF

    Hey folks, I have a Uniden UM525 VHF for sale. It is on my boat right this minute, but will be replacing it. There is nothing wrong with it, I am just upgrading. $100 firm. Sorry, I don't have any pics, but it is easy to find on google. Thanks. Leo 760-207-3911
  24. CaptainLeo

    N. County yesterday

    <hr style="color:#90989A; background-color:#90989A" size="1"> Hey, didn't quite feel like writing a report yesterday, so here goes. Headed out to the only spot I know and wanted to bring home a halibut. Conditions were pretty good on the incoming tide and some of the area...
  25. CaptainLeo

    Commercial painters?

    If there are any commercial painters on here, I am looking for 5 gallon buckets with lids. Let me know what you have, thanks. 760-207-3911
  26. CaptainLeo

    Any pool parts guys here?

    I'm looking for a specific part for a filter. If you can get parts shoot me a PM or give me a call. Thanks. 760-207-3911
  27. CaptainLeo

    Halibut spearing

    Ended up getting a buddy to dive with me today and managed to get one halibut. The was temp was 55 degrees according to my watch, but I was plenty warm in my 5mm suit. The viz was a little hazy and about 10-12 most of spots, but once we got out to the kelp it dropped to about 8. There was...
  28. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt trailer

    Recently I posted a report from my goose hunt, which was awesome! Well, here is the trailer for the episode we did about goose hunting. I am not sure when any of this will be going to air or anything of the sort, I was just there to help shoot birds.
  29. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

    So I got invited to do a goose hunt up in Merced with the possibility of giong and getting some ducks the second day. The first day the geese were flying and there were plenty of them, the only problem was they weren't landing or even responding to the calls and decoys. We had some really low...
  30. CaptainLeo

    New bow hunter

    If you can call me that. I just recently got a bow and took the hunter safety course, passed. Anyway, I seem to have become obsessed with bow hunting even though I haven't been yet. I got my bow pretty dialed in, although I haven't shot it past 20 yards at the range. I shoot pretty consistent...
  31. CaptainLeo

    Crazy craigslist ad!

    Watch out, this dude will put a curse on you.
  32. CaptainLeo

    Osama was on Facebook

    Don't know if this was posted or not, but I think it's pretty damn funny.
  33. CaptainLeo

    Any suspension folks?

    I finally decided to look under the truck to see if I could figure out what that rattling sound was. Anyway, one of the leafsprings is broken. Is there anybody here that can help me out or point me in the right direction? Thanks. Leo 760-207-3911
  34. CaptainLeo

    Found reel

    I was diving Oceanside harbor last night and came across a broken rod with a reel attached. Looked like it had only been there a short while; no corrosion or growth. The rod was a one piece originally, but it is now a two piece, trash. Anyway, shoot me a PM and describe the reel and you can come...
  35. CaptainLeo

    Any Corgi breeders around here?

    I am looking to get my little girls a Corgi puppy for Christmas and thought I would check here first. Thanks.
  36. CaptainLeo

    Catalina Sat. 10-16

    Had a charter to Catalina for some guys to spearfish and it didn't go too bad. We were supposed to go to SCI, but pretty much the whole island was closed. We started at Church Rock and that is where we got most of our fish. We had 2 guys shoot their first WSB with many more seen. Theirs weren't...
  37. CaptainLeo

    GPS antenna cable

    I have a cable for the Raymarine Raystar 125 GPS antenna if somebody wants it. Come and get it.
  38. CaptainLeo

    Stolen gear

    My deckhand had his rod and reel stolen out of the back of my truck yesterday. We were at the Rite-Aid on Coast highway and Oceanside Blvd when it happened. The rod was a Daiwa Heartland salmon & steelhead rod. 7'9" extra heavy and the reel was an Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50. If anybody hears of...
  39. CaptainLeo

    Squid charter O'side 2-4-10

    Did a squid charter last night for 6 guys and pretty much got the job done. We left the dock at 5, were out to the grounds about 5:20, but didn't have anything on board until 7-7:30. We started fishing in 1,100 ft of water and the squid were biting about 3/4 down the water column. We got 2 and...
  40. CaptainLeo

    Need a carpet guy ASAMFP!!!

    I flooded the house this morning and need someone for water extraction. The sooner the better. Thanks. 760-207-3911 Leo
  41. CaptainLeo

    Oceanside squid 2/1/10

    Went out yesterday to do some fishing and was running around looking to make a little bait. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought a fish boil. Went over to check it out and sure enough, it was the squid. There were tons of them. I didn't really have anything rigged up for catching...
  42. CaptainLeo

    Guitar package

    Schecter Omen 6 bolt on neck, Crate GX-30m practice amp, SKB Freedom hardcase, Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, 2x10ft. chords, leather strap, and stand. I do not play it anymore. Guitar is a couple of years old, still have receipt for it and case. $350.00 firm. Prefer pick up or can meet in So-Cal...
  43. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Had a 5 person spearfishing charter today to try and get some kelp paddy fish. Started looking a little northeast of the 182. Got to the 182 and looked around the area, but couldn't find any kelps. Started heading to the upper 9 and found a little scratch of kelp/ Trolled around it and got jig...
  44. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Decent day on the water

    Left Oceanside at midnight to fish yesterday. Putted out in flat weather with plenty of moonlight to see everything. Got to the 43 and worked the area for nothing but a few empty paddies. Saw a spot of fish under some tern birds, but they sank out before we could even get close. Started heading...
  45. CaptainLeo

    O'side halibut

    Took my buddy and his family out on the boat today to do some fishing before they move to Texas on the first. Great weather, water was a little green, but really warm. No current to speak of on the first couple of spots so I told them we were gong to do a couple of halibut drifts before we went...
  46. CaptainLeo

    T-shark report (sort of)

    Yesterday on the way out in front of the power plant in Carlsbad, there was bait everywhere and birds working everywhere. The water was a little off color and I did see a thresher whacking at some bait on the surface. Didn't see as much bait today, but it was still there. Pretty nasty wind chop...
  47. CaptainLeo


    It doesn't get much better than this, folks! Enjoy. Meatwater | High Efficiency Survival Beverage
  48. CaptainLeo

    Free reel

    I have a Shimano Baitrunner 6500 that is free to anybody that wants it. The only thing wrong with it, that I can think of, is the baitrunner feature does not click back into gear, it has to be done manually. Anyway, I was cleaning out the garage today and ran across it, if somebody wants it...
  49. CaptainLeo

    Fishing gear for freedive fins?

    Anybody here have some freedive fins they would be willing to trade for some fishing gear? I don't need anything top of the line, but would like something decent. If you have some fins and need some h&l stuff let me know. Thanks.
  50. CaptainLeo

    We're all stupid (Helgren's again)

    So, a co-worker of mine and I thought it would be pretty cool to get a couple of the guys and go on the twilight. Haven't done it in awhile, what the Hell. Get down there and there is 32 people including us, 2 deadheads that never left the stern, whatever. Leave promptly at 6, get bait and IDLE...
  51. CaptainLeo

    Waterbed II

    Hey, jackass. If you are on here, you need to figure out what the fuck a dive flag is and respect it. When we were free diving the 5 minute kelp yesterday, this sorry excuse for human life came running his boat not more than 20 yards from our boat at 20 knots when our last guy was just getting...
  52. CaptainLeo

    Coronados 6/3

    Went to the Coronados today mainly to spearfish, but ended up fishing quite a bit. Started at the middle grounds, my buddy got a nice yellow 2 minutes into the slow troll on a sardine. Other buddy gets bit and loses it. I am next with a 12 pounder, 30 seconds after I get it in, I am on again...
  53. CaptainLeo

    Futureweapons TONIGHT!

    I just remembered that tonight on Futureweapons on Discovery channel, they are doing a show about the EFV that is being tested for the Marine Corps. I haven't seen it yet, but if you see a guy driving a boat with a yellow visor, that's me. I highly doubt if I am in there, but shoud be a good...
  54. CaptainLeo

    Diving tonight

    Is anybody possibly going diving tonight around the Oceanside or Carlsbad area that needs someone to go with? I'm jonesing to go and all the dive buddies are out of town or out of commission.