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  1. radman

    Shore sharks

    Way to kill sharks bro!
  2. radman

    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    Sincere condolences.It is not easy to lose someone so suddenly,especially when they have been together so long.Sucks.
  3. radman

    Pl 11/21 with a string of bad luck

    Chicken not the issue...we always take cold,Vons fried chicken....Impeller issue will be a non-issue if you change it religiously every year,even if it looks ok....
  4. radman

    Spot lock trolling motors,any advice?

    I appreciate the advice,and that is how i was leaning,however,not the issue is I cannot find one!They have the 24v,but no one has 36.
  5. radman

    Spot lock trolling motors,any advice?

    I am wanting to instal a spot lock trolling motor on the front of my 18ft Stringari.I have seen reviews for MinnKota and Garmin,does anyone have any real hands on with either of them,and if so,which ones?A buddy of mine in Texas has trolling motor for fishing redfish,and he has a 36volt Lithium...
  6. radman

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    I am not going to laugh at anyone,but bottom line is,if you cannot afford the whole thing yourself,NEVER go in partners.I also did it 2 times,both with same person.I racked up the first dissagreement over us buying a POS boat,but when the other guy brought a boat for sale to my attention,and we...
  7. radman

    Lobster trap thief

    I am not trying to doubt you,and yes,there is alot of stolen stuff on Offer up,but I looked at the pics and it just looks like the "Stock" setup that you can buy from Squidco or other places...If you saw something that you can identify exactly as yours,get the police involved and get them back.I...
  8. radman

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I had one of the 1st DF70`s,and put over 5,000 hours on it over 15 years,and zero issues at all,put a brand new df140 on the Stringari in 2015,have a hair over 1,000 hours on it and zero issues at all.I had not done the water pump until last year,and it was still perfect,I change the oil...
  9. radman

    10/9 Kelp Buggin

    Same story for us,last year,perfect nite,we had over 200 shorts and 2 idea how the commercial guys do it,they must got through thousands to get a decent catch.It seems like they should molt and be legals????
  10. radman

    Covid IS serious.

    You haven`t listened to Trump,it aint no big deal....tell that to the 210,000 that have died,including my Aunt in west covina(72yrs old,but not in any condition to say she is done with life),One of my model airplane buddies who was 46 in Florida,very healthy,a friend of mines Niece from san...
  11. radman

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    I was in the parking lot opposite of sea world a few months ago,and these guys had a bbq set up,and had about 5 or Spotted bay bass on it that were probably 8-10 inches long each.I tried calling the Poacher line,but got an answering machine each time....
  12. radman

    Shelter Island has a beautiful big new launch ramp with not insufficient trailer parking.

    Holiday weekend=stay away from launch ramps....Go at the end of sept/first of october,you will get your choice of spots.
  13. radman


    What don`t you like about these?From my experience,this is such a higher qaulity connection with the gold plating,and how the spikes go right into the cable.I have never had an issue personally,and I make a living soldering(Radiators)
  14. radman

    Offshore No mas bluefin

    Coronado Islands bro
  15. radman

    San Diego Butts 8/9

    good job
  16. radman

    San Diego Butts 8/9

    Nice fish,was that in the bay?
  17. radman

    Last catch of the day PB

    I got one in the bay about that size a few years ago,but for some reason,no one in my family cares for the taste.We just let them go now,unless they come up from very deep and air bladder is out.Nice fish!
  18. radman

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    We hooked a baby back in the day drifting for halibut,we got it to the boat,and us youngsters grabbed it...he put up a hell of a racket,we couldnt get the hook out,but it got cut close to his mouth,and it was a bit funny!
  19. radman

    How dope is fish dope?

    I subscribe to it,and honestly,it is alright.If you like chasing boats offshore,read the reports and go exactly to the numbers from the day before,there will be 100 boats there.It is good for temp breaks and charts,but they also rely on people sending in reports,and to be hinest,I see a ton of...
  20. radman

    Talks to Close Reeder, Whitehorse and Tokul Creek Hatcheries

    Sad to hear,but it is probably only the beggining.The state will be out of money fast with what all is going on.
  21. radman

    Offshore Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    That`s pretty rewarding to do the homework,put in the time and get bit.
  22. radman

    Offshore Check out this guy!

    I rented one of those in Carlsbad a couple years ago,and after an hour of riding it in the lagoon I was tired of it....Could not imagine spending all day on one of those...
  23. radman

    Carlsbad Kelp Beds

    Just look for the sport boats,they know right where it is,and they never mind a Kayak in their chum line.I was coming back from San Clemente yesterday,and stopped at the view point,since I saw 4 sport boats anchored there,and all of them were pointe straight north,current obviously running...
  24. radman

    Offshore Cluster at Bait barge and offshore today

    I rarely have time to go look for tuna anymore,but today worked out,so we decided to go,1 of my boys went,and a longtime fishing buddy.We launched before light,and when we got to the bait barge,it was obvious they had both sides for bait,but no one could figure it out,and it was a 45 minute...
  25. radman

    How to identify halibut

    No question is a dumb question,good you asked.My kids are 7,10,and 11 now,and just 2 weeks ago we were fishing in mission bay,drifting under the bridge,and 2 guys in a rental boat caught and kept 2 obviously,very short Halibut.I said something to them on the 2nd one,and right in front of my kids...
  26. radman

    Sh***y day 7/12

    I had a badass Avet set up on a nice Calstar rod,first time on the boat,and took one of my kids friends with us fishing,maybe 12 yrs old or so,and happened to hook a yllowtail off a kelp,so I handed him the rod,and he had his finger on the spool when it took a run,and it burned his finger,so he...
  27. radman

    Offshore Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    This is reason 4thousand,6hundred and 15 that I have my own boat,and no one to complain about except myself...wonder if this report would have been a "Rave"if the first paddy they stopped on gave up limits of YT,some Yf,and a few Dorado?Probably so.It is fishing.
  28. radman

    The 4th is with us at full force at OB pier:)

    I had a little laugh about the 6ft distancing,when a trophy fish is pulled up to the pier.....Never seen a "Trophy fish" on a pier.Mackerel actualy looks good prepared that way.
  29. radman

    6/27 Point Loma Surprise

    From someone who caught not only 1,but 2 legal white seabass off a kelp paddy outside of Cornado North island,let me tell you,there are no fences in the ocean,and don`t be surprised by whatever it gives up to you.
  30. radman

    Awesome Father's Day Trip with some UNDERWATER Video

    There are a couple things that are interesting.First off,it does not appear to be super loaded with rocks and crazy structure like I thought it would,and also,just becuase you identify and drop on a school,does not mean they all go crazy and attack whatever is dropped down.They just kinda...
  31. radman

    Need good set up for fish finder.

    I could never stand the thought of intentionally putting a hole in my boat,so I went with the transom mount chirp,and also the structure scan transducers,with simrad 8 about 5 or 6 years ago,and have had nothing but good things to say about them.Chirp is clear to at least 600ft,and in the bay...
  32. radman

    1st Ray in the Bay

    We very rarely fish the bay after dark,unless it is for lobster,which one time my 9 yr old caught a nice butterfly ray on his bass rod with a small ghost shrimp colored plastic,but anyways,I had a 2 kids staying with us over the summer who were playing college summer baseballl here.They asked me...
  33. radman

    A good day 5/30

    I actually take 2 jumpers,but I am anal about things like that.I have 2 vhf radios and 2 handhelds,and 2 extra gps,2 extra bilge and hand towed back a couple times,and it is no bueno!A year or so ago,we had a tuna trip planned,and somehow,the batteries were left on,and only a...
  34. radman

    A good day 5/30

    Why couldn`t you make it to the 9?You need to buy one of the emergency jumpers,almost fit in your pocket,and i have started diesel trucks with them.
  35. radman

    Barricuda sashimi??! Say it ain’t so...

    I am not sure why everyone says baracuda is no good,we have eaten it for years.We caught a nice big one a week or so ago,and I cleaned it right away,and my boys wanted fish for breakfast on saturday morning,so i cooked Halibut,whitefish,and barracuda in butter and garlic,one boy said halibut was...
  36. radman

    Fried Chirp Transducer

    It is interesting,becuase a couple years back,I was having some issues with my simrad,and the guy I talked to from tech support kept having me turn it on to do some diagnosing,and I specifically asked him if I was supposed to turn it on out of the water,and he replied that it doesn1t hurt a damn...
  37. radman

    Offshore 5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    The first thing is,we never talk to those people doing the surveys for DFW.It is a waste of time,and is nothing.On the second part,I have been rockfishing many times in mexico during the closure,with my boys,and I have actually been checked at Dana ramp,but I also always fill out the declaration...
  38. radman

    Local Reds trip

    I know alot of people got pissed off when rockfish started closing down for a couple months,but honestly,it sure looks like it has paid off.Not hard to find good rockfishing along our coast the last few years.My kids caught a 28 inch halibut in the bay friday,and it was loaded with...
  39. radman

    Fishing with kids in sd bay

    When I bought my Stringari from Dan the fishman years ago,I had a 2 small boys who were more interested in throwing his rocks in his driveway than the boat.Since then,I also had a little girl.She never showed much interest in fishing until recently.We were going to heat to islands today,but due...
  40. radman

    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    That is what gives us a bad name.Just bought for me and my 2 kids yesterday at Pacific bait and tackle in carlsbad.They emailed me the license copy and i printed them out at home.I honestly wonder how many people are fishing down there without the proper paperwork.I even have my tip.I spent...
  41. radman

    Offshore Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    I wonder if anyone actually approved this?No thanks,glad I have a boat,becuase there are usually enough scruffy people and some that will not give a rat`s ass about others,coughin all over people on the party boats.
  42. radman

    Is fishing any good?

    I like the Mission bay bonita idea,or bay.thanks!
  43. radman

    Is fishing any good?

    Sorry for this not being a report,just got my boat ready and the kids are wanting to go out,but reports are scarce and red tide looks horrible.I need to weigh the missing work at my shop in a time like this vs. waiting a few more weeks for water to clear up.Anything along the coast or SD bay?Thanks!
  44. radman

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    I drove by Encinitas and carlsbad today,bad red tide.Hope fishing is good.
  45. radman

    Commercial hacks

    This thread and BD in whole has gotten pretty boring,wish they would open the ramps.However,as I am standing outside cooking some ribs right now,my 9yr old son comes out and ask if I want to hear a Little Johnny joke.I said sure,so he was rambling about little johnny and a new bike,and a cop on...
  46. radman

    Commercial hacks

    I give Kudos to the guys who actually have (1000.00 or so?) the money and time to try and get a commercial license just to go try and fish....not that I wouldn`t do it if I was loaded with money,and not worried about how to keep my auto repair shop going with no customers or work,and 3 kids and...
  47. radman

    Silver lining in uncharted waters

    I do remember that,and now that I have kids who like to fish,it is hard to find a nice stacked up school of sandbass anywhere anymore...those were fun days,just wish someone who had some sense would have told all of us to let all or most of them go back....
  48. radman

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Seriously,I am the first one to defend our rights to do anything and be free,but the thing is,this is a serious virus that will kill you,if you are one of the un-lucky ones.Personally,I have an auto repair business to run,3 kids from 7-11 yrs old,who need their dad to be around,so of course,I am...
  49. radman

    SD Pipe 3/31

    What trolling motor are you using?Any chance you could post a few pics?I am wanting one for my 18ft Stringari,but have no idea on brands or what the instal takes.Thanks.
  50. radman

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    I know for sure SI is closed,but has anyone tried Glorietta bay?Thanks.
  51. radman

    Mission Bay Closed?

    I was going to take the boys out fishing Friday,so I looked at the sd harbor port website,and all the launch ramps are closed from SI to Pepper park,but where it says Coronado,it does not mention Glorietta bay launch ramp.Does anyone know if it is open or closed?Thanks.
  52. radman

    Some people are stupid

    You must be pretty young,because it say"Some people are stupid" When in reality,the older you get,it goes from SOME,to ALOT,then MOST,and finally ALMOST ALL people are stupid.
  53. radman

    Bass and halibut fishing at night, with some tricks we've learned

    That is a cool video!Sea world even lit fireworks for them,and now we will save our old bait!Good job.
  54. radman


    The only way 2 dudes should ever be on a jet ski or motorcycle,is if there is a gas can between them.....
  55. radman

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    And all you guys thought it was only another captain out of seaforth who missed the mark with his boat.You have to give them credit for a shot NASA would even have trouble getting right.....right into a cave!It probably saved them,because most other spots down there and the boat would have...
  56. radman

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    This is obviously the million dollar question.Aside from a dramatic explosion,which may have happened,it seems as if a nite watch would surely see a small fire of some sort,and put it out or alert others before it gt to the point it did.Also,if it was a propane leak that exploded,then thumbs...
  57. radman

    Offshore taking a poll

    Why didnt you just use 30# and see if you got bit also...not like they would have kicked you off for using lighter would have done it,but then again,I never go on sport boats due to reasons like this.
  58. radman

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    I stopped going south about 12 years ago,right after a similar incident coming off the toll road headed towards the border with a 20ft alluminum boat.The guy wanted 300.00 dollars,and we would not give him a dime.He was just at the side of that Y where you go to the border,and said we switched...
  59. radman

    What's the limit on Pelagic Rays? 7/27 report

    Did you rub them on the belly?
  60. radman

    Dana point reds (thanks Eugene!)

    That`s pretty cool!
  61. radman

    Offshore 7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    I am sure you probably know this,but for us,most of it has been down south more,425 and farther.May be worth it to head south in August.I have not heard much in us waters yet.
  62. radman


    It sounds like he wants it done for free.
  63. radman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I have never been on the boat,nor do I know what Viola looks like,but I saw this on 10 news,and at about the 40 second mark,the skipper is seen through the front of the boat talking on the radio,and from googling Viola,it sure looks like he was on the boat for sure.Correct me if I am wrong.You...
  64. radman

    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    Don`t ya`ll like to find your own fish?
  65. radman

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    No one can ever question you being a real man!Good job.
  66. radman

    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    I have an auto repair shop,and see plenty of bad Optima batteries...mostly purchased by people who have no real idea why they are running an Optima,other than someone told them it was da chit.Interstate have been a bummer also,and about 5 years ago I started stocking DEKA batteries,and they seem...
  67. radman

    Juvenile Great White

    Kinda crazy the difference between the news,and how they hype the public up,and close beaches becuase of them,and us fisherman who take up close pics and think they are cool.
  68. radman

    OOPS.. DFG says go to court May 9, 2010

    It has always been 22
  69. radman

    Let's Talk Hook Up on New Radio Station

    FM radio much better!
  70. radman

    Sharks from a dinghy

    He was too busy with the Marloboro red and Soda........Whatever the real story is,this is some funny crap!
  71. radman

    Sharks from a dinghy

    No need to google it,as it is right here...I hope this helps your case against the Doubters!
  72. radman

    Sharks from a dinghy

    He obviously slept at a Holiday Inn a time or two....
  73. radman

    Da Nados

    Wind won`t matter,but the FOG will be tough
  74. radman

    Birdschool Yellowtail. 4/5

    So,when you guys plan to fish La Jolla,then take off for the islands,do you already have your visas and braceletts,or did you guys go back in to Dana landing to get them?
  75. radman

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    I gotta say,as trying to set the proper example for my now 8 and 10 yr old boys,we have always done everything correctly,always buy permits,always have my license,always respect size and bag limits,and yes,when we go to mex,they have passports,my boat has tip,and we get Visas.Have not gone since...
  76. radman

    Now that Lobster Season is Done

    I am not sure about up that area,but down in the SD area,it is actuually not very hard to find rock crab,and yes,when we have done it,we use the same gear as lobster.The crabs will crawl during the day,unlike lobsters.Use the same bait,and look around the rock piles or around the kelp.I dont...
  77. radman

    LJ/Point Loma 5/25, 5/26

    Sounds like La Jolla was the place to be!
  78. radman

    3-26-19 A.M. half day

    And the landings claim that they do not affect the population of fish.A couple years ago we were camping down at MB,in December,and I did not have my boat,so I took my 5 and 7 yr olds on a half day,and they fished Pl area,and these micro sized rockfish were coming over,and they kept them.I...
  79. radman

    SD Bay Light Line Corbina Released ( Video )

    Too bad you don`t like fish,that is a great tasting fish right there!
  80. radman

    Went skulpin fishing, Big BFT showed up!

    That`s badass!Too bad you didnt get it.
  81. radman

    Targeting Reds plus report

    Normslanding is correct.I have been fishing alot of rockfish the last 15 yrs or so,and I say the same as he does,Reds are not usually sitting right on top of heavy structure,but are either a little ways off it,or they are just on a harder bottom,not necessarily on heavy structure.My key over the...
  82. radman

    Where else can you dress like this in December?RF report--Dec 15

    Suzuki is awesome!Almost 400 hours in 2-1/2 years and zero issues,My mileage went up from around 2mpg to around 4 or more,depending on what type of fishing we do.How is the Evinrude doing?
  83. radman

    Where else can you dress like this in December?RF report--Dec 15

    Out of my 2 boys,8 and 10 yrs old,the 8 yr old started off slow,but he is now my main fishing buddy.The 10 yr old wanted to stay home,becuase "Rockfish are too deep,and I like halibut fishing better"So me and my 8 yr old took off ,along with one of my techs from my auto shop,who has only fished...
  84. radman

    12.15.18 - Fish Taco Taste Test

    That is interesting,I used to have a japanese lady neighbor,and she ate every fish I ever took her,and one time we got a whole bunch of larger lizard fish out of oceanside,and I gave them to her along with sandbass,and she said thank you very much for the fish,bt she would decline to take any...
  85. radman

    Awesome Albie Fishing Off NJ

    That is one weird lookin fish....wonder what they taste like?Chicken?
  86. radman

    I wish I would have stayed in bed. DP 11.17.18

    For this exact reason,and only if a dumb accident happens,but I have an extra cable on my trailer with a hook just like the winch has,and it would only allow the boat back a ft or so...I never take it off nor the winch strap until the trailer is far enough in the water that if it decided to...
  87. radman

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler? Why has 23,000 been raised for the captain,who was being paid to keep people safe,and there is no mention of any go fund me for any of the casualties?
  88. radman

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    I emailed the contact email on the city`s info page,and sent it,half expecting not to get a response,and I told them they were idiots to not have it done yet,and they should have left it alone.They did respond,and the response said sorry for the inconvenience,but they found un-expected rocks and...
  89. radman

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Maybe no one was in the wheelhouse????
  90. radman

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Man,this is one of my worst fears,and is my personal choice of why not to take my 8 and 10 yr old boys on an overnite or longer trip.Chances are,nothing will happen,but when it does happen,it is a big huge ocean,and a small little boat,that may sink and not be there to have a dry spot to stay...
  91. radman

    *Lobster Thieves*

    People suck,happened to us last weekend in the bay,saw the young punks pull one of our new promar nets,as I was pulling up to see what they were doing,and they got it in and hauled ass...they were obviously on daddy`s cc and there was no way I could catch up to them,since my boat will only hit...
  92. radman

    SD Bay lobster 10-12....wet,crazy sob

    We picked a great nite for our first lobster trip this year,had a nice carne asada diner,then came the RAIN AND BIG SIZE HAIL...It was pretty sketchy for a while,we could not see 50 ft in front of us,my 8 yr old got a little more scared than I would have liked.IIt cleared up enough to get back...
  93. radman

    Offshore Triple Marlin Strike

    I remember a trip back in early 2000`s on my dear friend Ron Bass(RIP) Doctors orders,and we were down off the Banda Bank with huge horse sardines,and we had been doing plenty of Dorado,and we came across a big spot of bait,and all 5 of us flylined the huge sardines,and all of us hooked up,and...
  94. radman

    Offshore topless Tuna 1/2 dayer on the 9.... 9/09

    I am pretty sure we saw you guys out there.
  95. radman

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    I have a CC machine,and when I run a refund on the same credit card,the processor refunds my percentage that they charged me for processing the card...if the 3.5 was from CC,then it should go back on the card with no 3.5 fee.
  96. radman

    Mlk Rockfish from Mexico

    Last pic at our house off Gopher canyon
  97. radman

    Mlk Rockfish from Mexico

    We decided to celebrate Martin Luther King Day and take the boys fishing in Mexican Waters. My nine-year-old woke up with a bad fever so the seven-year-old did what any good brother would do and said let's go without him. We didn't even launch the boat until almost 10 a.m. and we're back to the...
  98. radman

    Descanso Rockfish/yellowtail trip

    All our family has had the flu since the kids got out for Christmas break,and yesterday was the first day we felt good enough to go fishing,but the bait pump was out on the boat,and the boat just was not ready,so made reservations,against my better judment,to go on the premier.We got down to the...
  99. radman

    Looking for a little lobster info..

    One of my buddies does this,I tried it,but they took up too much room,but they kept very,very nice for at least 6 months.They just kinda pass out by themselves in the freezer
  100. radman

    Looking for a little lobster info..

    Do what you want with them when you get home,I always wet the towel and put them in a cooler,under the towel,with the lid open a crack for oxygen.I know they will live for more than a day,unless it is too option would be to tail them,cut the spines off the under tail part so they won`t...
  101. radman

    My Boys are growing up too fast!-Lobster pics

    It just seems like yesterday that they were just along for the ride,and now being 7 and 9 years old,they do most of the work!We have not been out much,just do to life(Baseball,new house,work,etc.)but we decided to go out Monday(kids out for Columbus day) and again Friday nite.Monday we fished...
  102. radman

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    Be patient,we had a poker game last nite,that lasted till about 10:30,then we headed out.We got 9 for the effort.Our first 3 times through the nets had us at 1,and our last 2 times through got us the last 8,but it was 5;30 this morning.
  103. radman

    SD bay/area lobster ?

    In our experience this year so far,it has been tougher than the last few years.We have gone 5 or 6 times,and the best we did was 12 for me and my 2 boys.We had a 5 night,a 4 night,and a 3 night also recently.I personally think we need a good rain or storm to get them going.We only use any...
  104. radman

    Buggin SD bay 10/23

    I been checked 3 out of 5 times we have been lobstering this year...
  105. radman

    10-22 Ducky New Motor Break In Trip

    The thing is,as you know,the 4 stroke needs oil pump to lubricate,so if it goes,it is a killer for the engine.I am a mechanic,and so is one of my friends who had one fail,and it is not the pump that fails,rather it is the regulator inside the pump.They have a self regulator,so it will not build...
  106. radman

    10-22 Ducky New Motor Break In Trip

    That is at least the 5th yamaha I have heard blowing up because of oil pump...a buddy had one go out on his 250 with less than 400 hours.Yamaha would not do anything about it,because it was out of warranty.I went with Suzuki 140,because my last suzuki 4 stroke had 1800 hours on it,with zero...
  107. radman

    Awesome weather,kids are catching fish,10 22 on the water

    Top kid with Sandbass is 8yrs old,one with calico is 6yrs old...Both big kids,and the calico weighed a little over 6lbs on the scale.There were several sandbass over 5lbs too.We ended up with about 35 sandbass and 30 calicos or so.We were home by 2pm.Great day out there.All fish hooked and...
  108. radman

    Awesome weather,kids are catching fish,10 22 on the water

    Awesome weather,excellent bass fishing.Probably 40 fish so far
  109. radman

    Lack of lobster reports

    Of course I will not give anyone exact spots,but I do tell everyone that I fish the bay 95 % of the time,and the other 5% off the green tanks...I also tell them that where you can catch a bass,lobster will be rocket science there.I have at least 8 spots in the bay that produce,and all...
  110. radman

    10-15-Lobstering so easy a 3,6,and 8 year old can do it!Also,found net.

    Our day started out by hitting squidco,where my 6 year old told joey he wanted 36lb test on his Okuma 2 speed,that he snagged in the bay a month or so ago.That was a good laugh!So,I let my 8 year old drive the boat all night,watching the simrad structure scan to set nets on the edge of...
  111. radman

    Lack of lobster reports

    That is actually pretty funny...we were all newbies once,and I doubt that by posting a report,it will lead to a newbie running down and buying 500 bucks in gear,then spend countless hours to catch a few lobster,when it is obvious that they are a very healthy population from 5ft to at least 175ft...
  112. radman

    Found lobster hoop San Diego bay

    It was down that way,but out in the middle...if it is yours,it should be easy to describe,and you will get it back.I hope it is.
  113. radman

    Lack of lobster reports

    It sure seems like there are not many reports in the first few days.Usually everyone is showing off the bugs!We fished Saturday in the bay,and went outside the point last nite,which I usually only do about twice a season.Weather was not super good,with a big swell.It is good to see that the...
  114. radman

    Found lobster hoop San Diego bay

    Yep,out towards the jetty,the current will pull them right under.And with no name,and with milk jugs as floats,they get lost easily.It is a very nice net.
  115. radman

    Found lobster hoop San Diego bay

    I guess I get to keep it!Cool custom made net.
  116. radman

    Found lobster hoop San Diego bay

    We found 1 hoop Saturday afternoon---obviously lost from opening nite.It is not a conical style,so describe it and the item used to float it,with no name or number,and get it back.Also,I got checked by Fish and wildlife,and they said a few killed it,others was slow.Typical.
  117. radman

    Offshore 8/17 425

    We were on a 1 day last year,fishing close to the 425,and yes,the Mexicans checked us for fmm`s.Ask any of the sport boat captains,even if you fish 12 miles away from the islands,or even south,but 12 off land,you can and will get checked,even if you split the islands heading south.That is why...
  118. radman

    Offshore YFT all messed up this year

    The one question I have is,and think about it,the pens are supposedly for Market Bluefin,yet the seiners are wrapping up all the yellowfin they makes perfect sense that they are only using it to feed the more valuable Bluefin.It sucks bigtime.The whole Tuna pen thing has gotten way out...
  119. radman

    Offshore Bluefin tuna and big spearfish???

    I hosted a baseball player for summerball here,who was born in Hawaii,and his dad is a fish buyer,and exporter.The last day he was here,a box of fish showed up from Hawaii,and it had a chunk of Bigeye about 15 lbs of it,and about a 8lb slab of another fish,and told me it was Spearfish.I was...
  120. radman

    Offshore Popper in the Pooper

    It was friggin downright nasty yesterday....Our ride back had my 8 yr old covered up in my wet water gear,and my 6yr old was up top,and he kept taking off his boots and emptying the water out of them.We took a beating!I have made it a #1 priority to get the kids water gear right away!
  121. radman

    Mexican Visa Question

    I actually just went and paid for visas for me and my 2 boys,it was super easy,but I could not find a good link for the manifest that you are supposed to submit,I sent emails,and no one answered,so I am thinking maybe the reciept and licenses are good to go?
  122. radman

    Offshore Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    Use Seiners as a cop out?Wow,that is not a correct statement.Of course fishing is fishing,but I am 100% convinced that by watching a seiner wrap a whole net full of 100+ lb tuna last sunday,and having 3 other seiners working the area off oceanside,then going back monday,and seeing 1 spot of 10lb...
  123. radman

    Offshore Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    We fished last Saturday out of oceanside,caught 100lb bluefin about 8 miles out,saw probably 30 schools of fish from small yellowfin to the big bluefin,went back Sunday,and seiners and spotter planes had them wiped see how shitty it has been anywhere close to oceanside.seiners suck...
  124. radman

    Offshore 7/17 267-209-312 report

    It was amazing yesterday,how many of the idiots pull right in the middle of breaking fish.We had a nice spot up ahead of us,and we circled around to get in front of them,shut down,and patiently waited for them to come close,and they got so close that you could see the bait flying out of the...
  125. radman

    Bonefish San Diego Bay 4-26 ( Video )

    why did you let it go,they are great eating.We got 4 of them saturday,made great fish tacos.
  126. radman

    Old Glory Overnight 03/18- 03/19

    I had baseball with the kids all weekend,,,,,I would have traded one of the days to be driving around,hoping for a shot at a yellow,drinking some beers,and a greasy cheesburger.I would not have bitched if it was 12 hours of cruising around,with no wet lines.I guess this is why I have my own...
  127. radman

    Offshore SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    I had no idea that rockfish will bite at nite...pretty cool info.
  128. radman

    Offshore Coming in with the storm

    I guess we got lucky,because we got into an area about 46 over 37,and did real well yesterday.We got 7 off a paddy,and then about 8 boats moved in,and we just left it,then headed a little south,and got called into another bite off a jig stop,and got 6 more,then trolled back to the original...
  129. radman

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    You know,as far as the question of taking them to Ensenada and feeding them,yes,that is what we do here,but I gaurantee you it is not the norm.I fished all summer long with my 5 and 7 yr old boys,and avoided Mexico for this reason.My 7 yr old has a passport,and I submitted the app for the 5 yr...
  130. radman

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    IF it is true,how long have they been telling everyone they need to have a passport to fish there?
  131. radman

    Offshore What would you do?

    Not only that,but he must own the whole ocean too....
  132. radman

    Offshore Fisherman III goes long....

    Well,when you have 10 kids on the boat,it probably would have been more fun for them.
  133. radman

    Offshore Fisherman III goes long....

    Seriously,catching the small ones beats our trip...we chartered the point loma,and skipper did not want to go to that kelp,so we fished 371,390,and back.For 27 guys we got 1 baby YF,and hooked 2 marlin....Sounds like that one kelp is the only game within 45 miles or so.
  134. radman

    Lobster buoy management...

    People are idiots....three boats dropped right on us saturday,one of them had no lights at all,the other one had those tiny buoys like the nets have to hold the bridle up,and the third had bleach bottles with a lightstick tied on it.None of them were effective,and obviously,they were like the...
  135. radman

    Even little girl got lobster!

    Oh,for the long story....Got to the bay at noon,because we were planning on fishing the bay,and after we got to the bait reciever,and found a sign that said NO BAIT!.So we just went to a little spot and anchored,so the kids could fish,and they got some Spotties on the drop shot,then we set our...
  136. radman

    Even little girl got lobster!

    Great nite in the bay,limits for 4 by 11pm...My kids are animals,5 yr old cut all the bait,7 yr old filled the tubes and zip tied them to net,and all 3 of them pulled the nets all nite.Got checked by DFG at the ramp,all was cool.Said that it was hit or miss for people.
  137. radman

    PL Mix bag on the JRI 4

    We fished IB kelp a month or so ago,first 4 slow trolled sardines got bit by BIG yellows,all 4 got eaten by the dogs...not only did we loose the fish,but how much worth of floro,and nice circle hooks?then put 3 out on the 40 and 60 lb,and got bit 2 times,put them in low and cranked like mad,only...
  138. radman

    Offshore Oceanside Paddie Crusher...Sunday 9-13

    Wow,that may explain it.We saw so many paddies yesterday,that had all kinds of kelp pieces close by....also,saw same type of shark.Could not indentify.Tossed a dean,and hooked up,but pulled bait back in that was all crushed and had teeth marks.If it was a real predator,it would have inhaled it...
  139. radman

    Anybody baiting/chunking the mini yellows?

    LOL.This must be the same guy on the radio yesterday."Anyone want the numbers for a wide open rat yellowtail paddy?"...there were about 10 guys asking for the numbers!Those baby yellows would be awesome in an aquarium.My 5 and 7 yr old had a ball playing with them yesterday.I tied on a...
  140. radman

    Offshore Sat... Oceanside offshore..

    Those were both bonita and skipjack off the domes...we stopped on a boil,and my screen lit up.I thought we hit the mother lode,but it was all you want skippies,followed by bonita.Never got a YF off them.There were a few sport boats working there,but didn`t see much from them either.
  141. radman

    Offshore 9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    Seriously,we switched to another channell,and it was just as bad...I honestly cannot believe that grown men act the way they do on the radio.When we switched chanells,and I was talking to my buddy,some idiot kept repeating what we were saying,except adding sucks D$$K to the end of it...I had my...
  142. radman

    Love for the Deckhands

    Once again,reason number 6,842 that I have my own boat,and don`t have to worry about some dickhand pissing me off.If my buddy falls asleep looking for paddies,I knock him upside the head with a mackerel,and he won`t fall asleep again!
  143. radman

    Offshore Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    We have used the RP for the floro to braid,2/0 ringed circle hook,tied with the SD jam and have not lost a single fish all season due to failure...a few hook pulls,but zero from cut line,frayed leader,knot failure.And that is with having half the fish reeled in by my 5 and 7 yr old boys.We...
  144. radman

    Offshore Hammerhead eats a tuna and Yamaha

    One tried to do that to us last week,and just lifted the motor up,and that was that.
  145. radman

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    Build a bigger bait tank.
  146. radman

    7/28/15 Great Day on Huge! Yellows But we killed a Marlin Not cool :(

    Wow,dude should just start huggin trees right now!I would keep a marlin in a heartbeat!They are not endangered,not extinct,and are one hellu catch!
  147. radman

    WTB Yamaha 115 4 stroke or Suzuki df140 long shaft

    Just checking to see if anyone has anything for sale.Must be in real nice condition.
  148. radman

    Need advise on new fishfinder/gps combo purchase

    I have Simradnss7 evo2 with a chirp transducer,and also structure scan and am more than happy with it.I saw they had the combo at west marine for a decent price.
  149. radman

    Oside Bait...

    Super nice sardine
  150. radman

    Offshore Bluefin

    It is a very,very big secret spot,because they are sure to be there today also....too bad people don`t just share info on here,like it is supposed to be used for,unless it is Mexican waters,which looks highly likely.
  151. radman

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    Actually,it was alot of fun for the kids..probably 20-25 calicos,nice sheepshead,handfull of rockfish,and all the macs a 4 and 6 yr old kid can catch!Felt like middle of summer.
  152. radman

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    You are right,it is just been a common end of day thing to put the bait from the tank to the cooler,and the kids always do this,and during lobster season,the huge one was always in there,and I watched some dumbass kayak guys feeding it salmon heads they had left over,and it was out of water,and...
  153. radman

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    When we got back from fishing today,my kids were taking the bait out of the bait tank,and putting it in the ice chest,and one of the seals breached the side of our boat and took a mackerel right out of his hand.Could have taken his hand off!He was not leaning over the side or anything,the seal...
  154. radman

    Red Tuna Crab?

    It`s not really a dumb question,as my two little boys asked me the same question,if they could try eating them,and it made me think"Why not try them".I will try to get some and see if they are good.....
  155. radman

    1/27/15 78 anglers on the New Seaforth

    No thank you....I will sit with my kids fishing mackerel in the kelp before I fish with 78 others...I don`t even like to fish with 2 others!
  156. radman

    1/27/15 78 anglers on the New Seaforth

    No thank you....I will sit with my kids fishing mackerel in the kelp before I fish with 78 others...I don`t even like to fish with 2 others!
  157. radman

    Box canyon free gaff 1/15

    funny..."why not return the fish to the sporty",thats a good idea.If the kid would have gave it back,everyone would have been"Why didn`t you just keep it?"....
  158. radman

    Second hand report: box yellows 1/10

    Why will it get deleted?Just wondering.
  159. radman

    Late Report : SD Bay Sun 12-20-14

    Turd roller for are good eats.
  160. radman

    Late Report : SD Bay Sun 12-20-14

    A lot of people say bad things about sandbass,but In my opinion,they are as good as any fish in tacos,just use a little cornmeal and flour,with salt and pepper.
  161. radman

    Help To Deter Seals

    First choice would be natural Great Whites,but since they are rare,30-06 would be second choice....
  162. radman

    Structure Scan, Insight, Navionics...what is all this and do I need it?

    I had all,and everyone try to tell me that SS was bogus,shit,doesn`t work in saltwater,etc.I love it,always have it on,and don`t know how I ever fished without it...BUT,I have only used it in 75 ft and shallower.It is pretty cool to drive past your lobster nets and see the rope going down,and...
  163. radman

    made the best of it.

    Sure that`s a Red?
  164. radman

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    I don`t get this.Why would they throw a grappling hook,then cut the line and leave the hoop in the water?Or are you talking about 2 different things happening?Also,how close are the hoops to shore where they can snag them?
  165. radman

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    I wonder what he would think about oceanside.....,50 bucks for sardines,and maybe a legitimate 1/2 scoop worth....Just sayin.
  166. radman

    Dorado fish processing question

    Me and a buddy went out on my boat last year,and we caught 30 something pounds of whole dorado(2 fish)and he insisted that we took it to the processors.They did a bitchin job,nice and clean,but there was only about 4 sealed bags of about 2 people meals for each of us...My buddy paid,but it would...
  167. radman

    Offshore Prowler a BUST 10-18-14

    No offense,but that is exactly why I have my own boat,and very rarely take anyone other than my kids.....Easy solution.
  168. radman

    Buggin with the grandson

    Supposed to keep the bugs whole until consumed.
  169. radman

    Found hoop nets in San Diego Bay

    I lost 2 that had yellow and orange reflective tape on them.
  170. radman

    Offshore New Lame-Anne

    I wonder if you could sue them?Just askin...
  171. radman

    Offshore 10-5 Aztec, what went wrong?

    this is only MY advice,but I would sue them....
  172. radman

    Offshore Lobster Hunting Fail!

    I sure hope she is a good cook,because she can`t catch lobster!That was a cool video.I was surprised about the number of lobsters there.
  173. radman

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    In all seriousness,fishing the bay and dealing with every law enforcment out there is kinda a joke.I got checked on that same day,same guy,but he was cool with us,was getting ready to launch the boat one day last week,and a dfg came over asking about the lobster card and such,and I nicely told...
  174. radman

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    4th person was driving the truck pulling the boat out,and yes,the 4 and 6 yr old kids pulled nets....6 yr old pulled most of them,but was not questioned.It would have seemed like a reasonable question to me,but both of my boys have had cards from 2-1/2 yrs old...I figured that if they sold them...
  175. radman

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Man,I was boarded last nite by the same guy,and he was real cool.He got on the boat,and my 2 little kids were passed out,and he asked how many bugs we had.I told him limits,and he said"14',and i said no,28,because another friend was with us.I told him the kids had cards too,he got in the...
  176. radman

    Offshore The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    First off,another reason to own your own boat,and number 2,I chartered that boat years ago for a bunch of once a year fisherman from Del Mar race track,and Chuck was such an ass to the guys,that they didn`t ever want him again...they all do the daiwa pacific now,and ken is super cool to them.
  177. radman

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    The easiest thing for anyone,who complains about cattle boats,is to buy your own boat!Simple solution.Then,when you do actually get into a killer bite,you can keep as many fish as you want to,and if DFG does not stop you and give you a ticket,you can show them off to all your...
  178. radman

    Turner's Outdoorsman Weekly Savings

    Hey,you should ask Turners why they sell Shimano rods at the fred hall show,for full regular price,and the first time you use it,it breaks due to a defect,and they won`t warranty it....don`t even offer to send it in to shimano for you.Have to do it yourself,and then shimano does warranty...
  179. radman

    Offshore First timers luck

    That is exactly why most people I know don`t even post here anymore....Too bad that most post from sharks,to marlin,to sandbass have some dumbass comment attached to them anymore.Why can`t they just say "nice catch?"Probably because of some kind of jealousy?
  180. radman

    fighting on the radio

    It is actually sad,that people act like that....I was fishing the bay with my 6 yr old boy and 2 yr old daughter yesterday,and I turned on 72 to hear what was going on,and yea,bunch of cussing,one guy threatning the boat next to him,same idiot from the last 3 weekends calling paddy...
  181. radman

    Offshore Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    I gaffed the jackpot fish at the bow, and right in the eye (that was the 2nd fish Ive ever gaffed, boom) Wow you've gaffed 2 fish and now you are an expert and qualified to instruct the deckhands how to gaff your fish? :shake: He could solve the problem real,real fast,and buy his own...
  182. radman

    Offshore Thank you coast guard

    You guys made the channell 10 news also....
  183. radman

    Monster 54-7 Irvine Lake blue catfish on 8/9/14

    Did you keep it or release?Nice fish.
  184. radman

    8-10 Blue Whales at the north 9

    The YF went pretty good right by the whales there yesterday afternoon.....just pulled up on them,chummed,and it was game on....ended up with 6 yf in an hour there.
  185. radman

    $.5.00 knot fee

    Turners sucks....I will never,ever buy any fishing geear from them.I bought a Shimano Terez at Fred Hall,and the very first time I used it a couple weeks ago,it just snapped about a foot from the tip on a small yellowtail i hooked near a paddy.It still had the plastic wrap on the rod butt!When I...
  186. radman


    We left SI at 4:30 am,and decided to drive across the lower 9,and keep heading s/w.We saw the zoo as we got out there,and put the trollers in about 15 from the point,and got a YF pretty quick off the purple rapala.About 2 hrs later,we found a kelp with a lot of life,but only a few small yt on...
  187. radman

    Corvina and sand bass in oside

    If no one would respond to stupid post,then they would go away,but everyone has to be the expert and point out the fact that they know what the fish really are,and it gets the post going....just ignore them,but then again,that`s what BD is all about!
  188. radman

    Offshore 99.9 nm of nothing.....181-182 ridge.....

    Join the club.We did 108 miles today,and nada.Dead,dead,dead.Same path as you,181 and a little farther west.
  189. radman

    Offshore El Capitan boat ride 6/12

    That right there is what seperates the boats in San Diego.Some friends of mine had a 1.5 day chartered on the PV, that left 6-12,and they just brought me a bag full of YT and calico fillets.It sounds like they made squid and fished rockpile and kelp for very good fishing,because it was too rough...
  190. radman

    coastal calicos

    Man,what do those tags look like?I think i caught a couple of them.
  191. radman

    Offshore Thieves on long range boats?

    Ok,what is the idea of bringing a grand on an overnite trip?
  192. radman

    Stole my pin from my ball hitch/BAM

    I thought someone stole mine too,but i actually found it on the ground in front of my shop.It was one of the cheapie U-haul ones that has the little thingie that you kinda fold straight,then push it through.Must have fell out somehow.
  193. radman

    Got my new target species!

    Nice fish!How do they taste?probably like salmon???
  194. radman

    Back to Back limits with Capt. Dave Hansen

    How much did 2 limits of bugs end up costing you?
  195. radman

    Old Glory 1/31-2/1

    Ol 2 for 1 buddy special,I remember that one!"San Clelente island special"and we spend all day fishing sand bass on the TJ flats?Oh yea,of course we remember!
  196. radman

    18Ft Aluminum w/ Suzuki DF70 4 stroke---5500.00

    This has been my very reliable boat for about 3 years now.A friend of mine put the DF70 on it when it was 1999.The boat is a 1986 Bluefin.The boat is riveted,so it does seep water over the coarse of a few hours,but the bilge pump empties it in 10 seconds or so.It has a Si-tek color fish...
  197. radman

    FOR SALE 1999 18ft. Stringari Skiff OB

    Hey you guys,don`t feel too bad...I got the boat from Dan,who is an awesome dude,and it will have a great home!I have 3 kids,2 boys and a girl.the boys are 3 and 5,and the girl just a year.The kids love to fish with me,and Dan was nice enough to put up with them playing in his rocks in the front...
  198. radman

    Skipjack 24 open - Not mine but for those that want a tower this could be a steal

    I saw that baby too,and wondered if the 25 was a
  199. radman

    Yak run, and a little herping..

    As many spotties as there are,it really doesn`t hurt to eat some of them.I would rather eat other fish,but it really isn`t bad.My kids caught several yesterday,and insisted that they wanted to eat one,so I let them take about a 16inch home,and mom cooked it.It was alright.And they ate it all,so...
  200. radman

    FOR SALE 1999 18ft. Stringari Skiff OB

    I sent you a message.I am interested in checking her out!
  201. radman

    18 pound lobster - HB Pier

    Why can`t y`all just say"Nice catch"?Either way,it is bigger than anyhting most of us have caught this year,and dude had some huevos diving next to the pier for it....
  202. radman

    18 pound lobster - HB Pier

    I had a buddy with a similar story from Oceanside harbor about 12 years ago or so.He was free diving off a dock over by the police,and he went down,saw a huge one,came up to get breath,then got it.It clung onto him too,and he kinda climbed up and rolled onto the dock.A police was there,and...
  203. radman

    18 pound lobster - HB Pier

    Big Dawg right there!He probably could never make it into a hoop net.
  204. radman

    Laguna Niguel Lake stocks 4000+ lbs of Nebraska tailwalkers & trophy trout 11/20/13

    It cost 28.00 to fish at that lake?Man,I thought some of the other lakes were expensive at 10 bucks!Why is it so expensive?
  205. radman

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Getting You On The Spot

    I just make sure and spend the night at a Holiday Inn the night before....saves alot of thinkin!
  206. radman

    Funny fish Story....the PB Harbor Halibut that got away

    I had one about that big,in my younger days,and since my woman and my buddies woman were on the boat,and it was not really a fishing boat,we hung it over the side and kept drifting.About 20 minutes later,I saw the rope going back and forth,and figured there was no way it was alive,so I looked...
  207. radman

    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    I have thought about this one for sure,since I seem to always get in after midnite.I usually fill it for both days,and this fills the card up faster...
  208. radman

    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    That`s a pretty funny post....getting busted for not following the laws.What would be the point of the card if you don`t fill it out,both before you set hoops,and right after the last hoop is sucks to get a ticket,but it is like you saying to watch out for cops if you run a red light...
  209. radman

    BUGZ!! Light Load in Dana Scores HUGE Numbers

    I feel the same as you.I don't understand why all the landings want to report the shorts....I guess if you never seen a lobster in a hoop net,then it may mean something to have shorts,and get people to spend they`re money on a trip,but I like to see mine on the grill,so I couldn`t care less...
  210. radman

    Year of the lost lobster season

    It will get better.
  211. radman

    ***FMM Visa info for fishing Baja Coast and Coronado Islands***

    If they had any common sense at all,they could just raise the price of a license,even if they only made it good for 6 would kinda do the same thing,right?
  212. radman

    Offshore Tribute 10.10-11.13 Overnight

    I went on the Pacific Queen a few weeks ago,and it was very cool that they put the fish in gallon ziplock bags too.Just makes for a nice product at the end of the trip,instead of having 3 fish slammed in a garbage bag and tied.
  213. radman

    Major changes San Diego Buggin year over year

    I was thinkin the same thing...I got 70.4 at about 5pm yesterday.Also,the weather affects fishing,so I am sure it affects the bugs too.I am pretty sure that all the Lobster are still around,and nets were full of stingrays,so i guess our bait was working!
  214. radman

    Major changes San Diego Buggin year over year

    I`m glad it wasn`t just us...we didn`t even get a short all nite from 2 different spots that produced real well earlier in the year...
  215. radman

    Offshore Props to H&M and Sea Adventure 80- Did the Right Thing

    That`s good,but the thing that sucks is,you already went and got your fish,and now have to go get more...I am enjoying all mine from a 2 day a couple weeks back,and it would be a bummer to know all that excellent fish went to waste.....
  216. radman

    why do some boats still charge a fuel surcharge

    I have not been, on many overnite boats in the last few years,but it was curious to me,that earlier in the year,I went on an overnite private charter out of MB,and there was a 25 dollar fuel hit me kinda weird,but I didn`t think twice about it,but we went and anchored off of the...
  217. radman

    Offshore My Friend Loren

    I have read about this for 2 days now...kinda weird that he went out fishing,but they said there were no fishing poles on board.Foul play?
  218. radman

    Offshore The chief

    nice clarification...that`s why you shouldn`t post what your cousins,neighbor`s,friends dogwalker tells you!It`s usually wrong!
  219. radman

    SD bay with the lady

    Really nice!
  220. radman

    Mission Bay report--the kid does it again!--6-30

    I tried the spiderman stuff,but it happened 3 or 4 times where something big decided to get on it,so I just kinda forced both of my kids to start using bigger stuff.My little 3 year old caught several spotties on an Ugly Stick spinning outfit w/ 15lb test.It is pretty cool to see the progression...
  221. radman

    Mission Bay report--the kid does it again!--6-30

    My 4 yr old outfished everyone(again).Mission bay-34 inch Hali.Caught on his favorite rod,Calico special w/ Revo Toro and 50lb red spectra,on a reverse dropper loop.He lost a bigger one at the net earlier!Lots of Spotties too.
  222. radman

    Rpt-Wed-06-05-13 Coronado Tails!

    Watching what?Guys put air in the tires?Meanwhile,the real bad guys were 60 miles out with there load of dope....At least some of the tax money could be well spent doing something usefull.
  223. radman

    Bolsa Chica Yellowtail from jetty

    there`s no fences in the ocean....
  224. radman

    SD bay 4/14

    I was planning on taking my 2 and 4 yr old boys out around the whistler for some rockfish,but we kinda got a late start,and I am glad we did.When we arrived at the launch,the wind was goin pretty good,and it was on the cold side,plus another little boat told us that they couldn`t make it past...
  225. radman

    Me and 64 others heading out on San Diego with Ryan

    That`s why i gots my own boat....just sayin.
  226. radman

    Offshore Legend no longer at Seaforth?

    It must be an expensive fix,because some other owner would probably buy it if it was an easy fix....
  227. radman

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    Do you know what condemn means? Condemn | Define Condemn at verb (used with object) 1. to express an unfavorable or adverse judgment on; indicate strong disapproval of; censure. 2. to pronounce to be guilty; sentence to ..isn`t that the same as bad mouthing him?Just wondering.
  228. radman

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    This is true,but the fact is,they are closed areas,and it doesn`t give the sportboats the right to fish them.In my opinion,they are the ones killing the fish numbers.600+ fish?Even though it may be legal numbers for a 2 day,30 private boats could have hella fun fishing and keep 20 fish each to...
  229. radman

    PL-Whistler 3-15

    Man,I have a 3 month old daughter also,and believe it or not,we had her on the boat at Jennings a couple weeks ago.My wife told me yesterday when we were leaving,that before we know it,she will be right there with us.My 4 yr old is getting too smart for his own good.He did not want to come home...
  230. radman

    Bottlenose dolphins with WSB- 3/15/2013- Eclipse

    One of my buddy`s favorite saying about the ocean is"There are no fences".I had people calling bs several years ago,as we caught not one,but 2 WSB off of kelp paddy about halfway between north island and point loma.Nothing there but a paddy.
  231. radman

    PL-Whistler 3-15

    I did not take the camera today,but we fished the Whistler area with my 2 and 4 year old sons today.Lot`s of fog,lots of bait in the water,and lots of Dolphin.I was headed to a spot I fish and about a mile from it,in 66 ft of water,Loaded with baby and adult dolphin,and bait,there were all kinds...
  232. radman

    Best fluorocarbon?

    Exactly what I was thinkin!How many millions of fish got caught on straight mono?I am sure it may make a difference,but when fishing sucks,it doesn't matter what leader you have on,you will not get bit,and when it is wide open,anything you use gets bit.I do love it for freshwater though.
  233. radman

    Carl's personal best Yellowtail

    Were you guys anywhere near where the San Diego was fishing?
  234. radman

    2 gopro cams Halibut follower seal stealer 3-6-13

    What about the Homie deckhand?Classic!
  235. radman

    Pleasant surprise in Arizona

    That's actually pretty reasonable.I forgot to check last time I was there dove hunting.There was a canal where we were,and when we were done hunting,we were kinda walking around,and could see bass swimming around.I threw a few pieces of ice in to see if there was a reaction,and about 5 bass came...
  236. radman

    Pleasant surprise in Arizona

    How much does an out of state license cost in AZ?
  237. radman

    What type of fish is this?

    I was out in Point Loma Kelp on Sunday,and my 2 and 4 yr old kids caught about 30 of those...One even pulled the Spiderman rod out of my 2 yr olds hand!The kids love them,and the name of them.My 4 year old was calling his brother "Jack smelt" all day long on Monday.My wife called me at work and...
  238. radman

    cool rockfish video

    I myself would be eating those nice size reds....
  239. radman

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    Ok,so what part of that would anyone find acceptable?You were in YOUR country,fishing on YOUR boat,doing nothing at all wrong.Obviously you speak english,so what was any part of any probable cause for them to even ask you anything?Your address,your DOB?Why would they even need to ask?Just to be...
  240. radman

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    You know,it really does not make any sense,but it is true.I have never seen them at nite either,they can harrass the shit out of someone at Shelter island ramp,but pangas,sometimes 2 a week,are found all the way from the border to a hundred miles North.My gut feeling is,if they keep finding...
  241. radman

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    No sign of them there today....We left at 8am and pulled the boat around 1:30.I do actually think that next time they try to do there thing to me,I am just going to ask them if i am being detained and what for,and then just continue pulling the boat and try to leave...I aint done nothin wrong,so...
  242. radman

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    Just do some research and the way it is that when they stop you,wether it be there,or in one of the other ridiculous checkpoints along the 8,or on the 5 or 15,you are basically at that time in they`re custody....Just had a buddy go through it in a bad way for missing the oceanside harbor exit at...
  243. radman

    2/18 IB again, and rockpile

    Nice call and my buddy were going to head down that way,then decided to give O`side a go,to no avail.
  244. radman

    Presidents day O`side fishing

    Wish I had a good report,but it was VERY Sterile out there today.We started off down off Ponto,for 1 baby calico,then headed North and ended up all the way at the barn.Fished many spots in between.Got 2 more baby Calicos at the Barn,and headed back home...I was not going to buy bait today,but...
  245. radman

    Anyone fish the bay today?

    It was pretty sterile for us.Lots of rain and a few small fish.Be interesting to see how tommorow is.
  246. radman

    Point Loma 1/20/13 and 1/5/13

    I took my wife one time,and thought I was pretty cool with about a 20 lb`er,and for some dumb reason,I put it on a stringer,and about 5 minutes later,I saw the rope moving,and when I grabbed it,there was a sea lion on the other end!I got the head back....that was about a long time ago,and never...
  247. radman

    Sd bay and PLk Saturday

    I do not call those people tied up at the dock,trying to get something fixed "Idiots"I actually feel bad for them,and usualy ask them if they need something,or if i can help with anything,because alot of people,like me,that have small kids and a business to run,sometimes do not have all the time...
  248. radman

    Sd bay and PLk Saturday

    I took my 2 and 4 yr old boys,along with a buddy today.We got an early start,just to get to the launch and find out that my batteries were dead...The kids usually play in the boat when they go to my shop,so they left the Running lights on!No prob,just switched out the truck battery,and away we...
  249. radman

    SD bay night bassing 1/2 & 1/3

    Aside from the Calicos,were the rest spotties,or did you get any sand bass?I love putting out the hoop nets and fishing some of the pilings at nite!
  250. radman

    SD bay am session

    I usually always fish 5 inch baits,to keep the smaller fish off,but last time I took a buddy,he was smokin me on 3 and 4 in baits,so when the first half hr went by with no fish,I went down to a 4 in black and red with red leadhead.They were killin it,even the bigger fish.The bite was only good...
  251. radman

    SD bay am session

    I took my 10 year old nephew to fish the bay this morning,with a slow Outgoing tide,we still managed some nice fish.A 20 inch sand bass,a 19 inch,and 2- 17 inch made for some fun,along with probably 20 spotties,and a couple calicos,all on plastic,all befor 9am.But the funny part was when we were...
  252. radman

    new bass regs??

    Of course that is it,but DFG had said it would take place by March...Is it in effect or not is the question...
  253. radman

    new bass regs??

    I was wondering about this too,as I was reading the San Diego anglers open bass tourney app.,and it says to remember the new regs of 5 fish,and not to bring any to weigh in under 14 inches....
  254. radman

    Poway Lake Trout

    That`s whyI rarely fish the lakes around here anymore...I took my kids to Wholford yesterday,and was fishing close to the floating dock,on shore,and these two boneheads on the dock kept throwing there line up by shore,right next to me.I thought it was accident the first time,but then it happened...
  255. radman

    I think I'm done!!!

    Dude,if my 4 yr old can catch one,so can you!Keep trying....
  256. radman

    looking for a partner

    Been there,done that!here was supposed to be 3 of us,1 being my friends brother,who lives in Los Angeles,and never went fishing with us,then when the boat broke,and I paid up front for the motor etc.,my friend tried to reason with me that I should pay at least 1/2 since his brother never went...
  257. radman

    Tough pickin' SD Bay

    I was out a few nights ago with a friend,and the Harbor police kinda did the same thing to us.We were at lease 30ft outside of the channell,away from the red marker,and had the nets going towards shore,so away from the channell,and they made us move.....didn`t make much sense to me,nor did I...
  258. radman

    Dixon Lake turkey Trout

    Me and my my bro,my nephew and my kids got up at 5 this morning to hit up the stockers @ Dixon.I can`t believe that there were about 15 cars ahead of us,and another 20 or so behind when they opened...all the guys "Running" down to buy guess I used to do that too when I was a...
  259. radman

    Dixon Trout derby

    surprisingly,I talked to two buddies who fished today(SAT-11/16) and both caught limits fishing down by the buoy line...Kinda nice to see,as they did not stock this week,but then again,they did put 6,000 lbs in since the end of OCT.I`m thinkin that Turkey day might be a fun day to head up there.....
  260. radman

    Officially SCREWED by F&G Commission

    5 bass are WAY more than enough fish to take home in a day,especially if they are at least 14 inches.I`m all for having some taco`s,but it just kills me when you see the huge counts for the sport boats right when the spawn is on...and yes,there is pressure on most sport boats to KEEP EVERYTHING...
  261. radman

    Bay fishing/lobstering--11/16

    Oh,by the way,the bay was FULL of 8-12 inch Mackerels...must have brought home 30 of them for future lobster trips.Beats the heck out of payin for them!
  262. radman

    Bay fishing/lobstering--11/16

    I did something today I have been wanting to do for a long time.Me and a buddy launched the boat at SI launch ramp at 2am,with plans to lobster for a few hours,then fish all day!There was exactly 1 trailer in the lot!We had the nets set around 3am,and got no lobster love,but lots of crabs.As we...
  263. radman

    Dixon Trout derby

    Man10-12 is not giving it enough time.Sunday and Monday the fish bit from around noon till 3pm.Those Tailwalkers are some tough fish.I broke off 7 on sunday with 3lb test,and got 2 in,and then Monday I went back with some 6lb test,and the first fish got in the weeds and broke off,but then we got...
  264. radman

    DFG Wardens Cite Lobster Stealing Suspect

    Man,I went last Sunday,and tried to get away from all the boats,and set 8 nets in a pretty long line.I had my 2 yr old and 4 yr old sons with me,and we were having the time of our life,when I saw my un-mistakable orange glowstics start moving a little weird.they were probably a few hundred yards...
  265. radman

    Lobster Report/Possible Theft

    You got that right!When I first signed up,I thought the site was pretty cool,but after a while,you definitely see a pattern developing....You know how I avoid this mess?I`ve been out lobster fishing 3 times so far,and have seen a total of 5 other boats around in those 3 times,and done pretty...
  266. radman

    Lobster report cards?

    I asked DFG this about my 4 yr old boy,and he told me it would be alot better to get him one(So I did)and also he could get his limit too...which we never had to worry about last season.I went out crabbin a week or so ago,at night,and the lobster were very thick.I couldn`t make it tonite,but...
  267. radman

    heart breaker wsb poacher

    The last time I tried this aproach,WHILE I was fishing in the Carlsbad lagoon,and several people were keeping 8 inch sandbass,I called 3 times,and got a recording each time.I did actually get a call back several days later asking for details....I told the lady that I am pretty sure they already...
  268. radman

    San Onofre surf - Sat. 9/8

    As one of my good fishing buddies,who caught a 40lb white seabass,off a kelp paddy near the Coronado islands say"There are no fences in the ocean!"
  269. radman

    still confused fishing mex!!??

    My wife usually wakes up earlier than me,and she watches the spanish chanell morning news,and when I woke up,they were already half way through the piece,but they were actually interviewing a guy from the mexican dept of game fishing.I didn`t catch the whole story,but they were for sure talking...
  270. radman

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    You know,the bottom line appears to be that Mexico has figured out after all these years,that the sport boats are making decent money taking passengers to mexican waters to catch fish.Common sense would say that they probably want a little piece of the pie,and probably more than the weekly...
  271. radman

    PLEASE HELP! Engine trouble- make $ help me with a tow 400$

    That is a brilliant idea!Or better yet,myself,not making 400 bucks a day,would go over and run the 3 hours on the kicker....or better yet,take the parts over to fix it.........or even better yet,would never have left it there in the first place.What is the use to have a kicker if you don`t use...
  272. radman

    Lobster advisory committe has been announced. Thought you should know.

    You know what man,you got it,just like I did!Maybe the DFG should pass regulation that the lobster caught in CA,stay in the USA,and therefore,the greedy Mo fo` comercial guys would stop taking them all and selling to Japan....Japan has F`d up the whole tuna scene in the Pacific,and it is the...
  273. radman

    Lobster advisory committe has been announced. Thought you should know.

    I just don`t get why they are even trying to do anything that would affect anything about lobster fishing as it is.first off,they call them the cockroach of the sea,so imagine you have your whole house full of cockroaches,and you can only kill the ones who are 2 inches long,and you can only kill...
  274. radman

    Lobster advisory committe has been announced. Thought you should know.

    So seriously,what is anyone gonna establish with a lobster fisheries commitee?If there is a size limit,and it is set so that they can breed before they get to that size limit,and the size and take limit has worked for many years?Why do people always want to micro-manage things?They could take...
  275. radman

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3

    I`m honestly surprised that no one has mentioned that huge Mexican navy gunship....that thing is big,and they would probably never admit to being involved.....
  276. radman

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    Maybe a picture and a meal???I used to fish Oceanside bait barge pretty often years ago,and the babies were pretty easy to catch,but the thing was,that every once in a while,a legal would pop up.But I saw plenty of shorts that got ran to the car,and the guys would take off...sad part was,I saw...
  277. radman

    Salton Sea

    The funny part about the selenium warning is,if you look at most farmed tilapia websites,when they list the benefits of eating Tilapia,High in Selenium is listed as one of the BENEFITS....Also,in most daily vitamins,Selenium is one of the ingredients.....I read tons of web pages on Tilapia...
  278. radman


    Surprised that no one mentioned the Daiwa Pacific...Ken runs a great operation.
  279. radman

    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    The sad part is,I actually live in Escondido....and from some of the people here,I bet those dudes actually thought of the bright idea(After a few nites awake thinking about it)and think they can actually sell fish if they catch you know that there would be some buyers for the...
  280. radman

    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    So I punched in fishing in the for sale section on Craigslist,and this ad is on there....could this actually be real? san diego craigslist > north SD county > for sale / wanted > general for sale - by owner please flag with care: [?] miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost...
  281. radman

    Are San Diego Landings' issued Mexican FMM entry permits legal?

    I think I will just stay out of mexico.
  282. radman

    What's up with law enforcement?

    Exactly!I wish all these people who stick up for the agencies that harrass the normal people,who are only trying to fish,would give us some examples of the so called"Smuggler sneaking into the bay during busy weekends"or "Smugglers look like other fisherman" and such.I think I can remember 1...
  283. radman

    3/05/2012: Reds, Asst'd RockCodfish, and Sand Dab City

    Man,that`s good info to know.The other day we were catching dabs 2 at a time,and I told my buddy how cool it would be to use 20 hooks,but thought it was not cool with the regs.Sand dabs make killer eats.
  284. radman

    3/05/2012: Reds, Asst'd RockCodfish, and Sand Dab City

    I thought you could only use 2 hooks in CA?They have 8 or so.
  285. radman

    O-Side rockfish

  286. radman

    O-Side rockfish

    I had to meet someone in oceanside this morning,so I decided to take the boat and bottom fish too.Pretty chopped up swell,but managed to fish ok.We could have caught 100 of the endangered Salmon Groupers.We kept moving to try and get away from them,but no matter how deep(250-350ft)it was Grouper...
  287. radman

    Trout for bait...

    I was thinking about using the Trout I got from jennings for lobster.they are Sierra bows,and have a nice,oily pink meat to them.I gave them to a friend to eat,but saved the heads,and am going to give them a try.Trout actually leaves a smell all over your hands and gear,so i am sure it is going...
  288. radman

    A little farther inshore report!

    The boots are killer!My wife got those at her favorite store...Kohls!My boys love the rain...they have worn out 2 or 3 rain boots this winter,and my wife just bought those yesterday for them.
  289. radman

    Limits on the Longfin

    Do you guys eat those?
  290. radman

    A little farther inshore report!

    I know this should be under the "Freshwater" page,but i usually post here.I have not had a whole lot of time to do anything,due to WORK,so I took my kids to Jennings today!We put the boat on the lake around 10am(Sleep in day!)and had 10 fish by 12pm!I had 3 rod out,and my 3 year old`s rod got...
  291. radman

    Looking to Fish Again-Wounded Warrior

    Did anyone take this Guy fishing yet?I sent a PM,but have yet to hear back from him.
  292. radman

    Weird nite on the water-2-6

    Well,if it is one boat,then it was the same guys.It is just retarded that there are so many "Rules" to play by just to relax nowdays.I guess if it has happened to others,it must be a common occurance on the bay.It makes sense now,as about a month ago I was at the launch ramp,and 2 guys had...
  293. radman

    Weird nite on the water-2-6

    Me and a buddy went lobstering last nite.We got in the water just before dark,nets ready and baited.We went to a spot,and started dropping nets on the edge of the chanell,when the harbor police came up on us lights flashing,like we were bigtime criminals.They told us that we were not supposed to...
  294. radman

    Offshore Visa Distance/Timing Issues

    Honestly,you hit the nail on the head as far as who and when they want to enforce things.I have spent many,many days in mexico,and speak fluent spanish.I can tell you,the way they do things down there is as Un-Normal as can be.A few things stand out from my trips over the years.The one I ALWAYS...
  295. radman

    No Donkey this time!

    Dang,they tasted as good as they looked!I took the 2 big ones to my buddy`s house,and our wifes made the beans,rice salsa,and gaucamole,and we cooked some Carne asada.3 more people showed up,and we all had a feast.There was enough meat on the smaller of the two big ones for everyone,and these...
  296. radman

    No Donkey this time!

    Well,since I confessed to the dumb move of mis-measuring the bugs last tuesday,and some of you even questioned me about it,I could not get it off my mind,so I headed back out last nite(Fri) to try again.This is the 3rd time ever to fish for lobsters.It turned out to be a pretty good move to...
  297. radman

    I feel like a Donkey!1-10

    Trust me dude,the first thing I did when I realized it was to bend the crab ones down to a 90 deg angle so it won`t happen again.I will probably just cut them off it it isn`t the law that you have to have one for crabs on the boat.I actually have no idea at all how I did it!I guess being by...
  298. radman

    I feel like a Donkey!1-10

    I don`t have too many trips out for lobster under my belt,but I have all the gear,so I got a wild hair last nite,and got some leftover chovies and sardines from the Freezer,and took off to Sd one could go,so i was solo.First net went in around 7,and the seals were hammerin the bait pretty...
  299. radman

    Dana Point 01-07-12 - With a side of Squid

    Too bad you can see the background in the pics...Now that will become the next zone to get closed!Seriously,I wonder exactly where it will end.Once they start,they can just keep going....
  300. radman

    Mexican Visa News Released

    How are you going to need a tourist visa to go fishing in your own Country?
  301. radman

    Catalina MLPA Closures?

    You know,the closures suck bigtime,but actually,there is still alot of coastline to fish.I mean,we got to make the best of it.And,I personally think that it may not be as bad as everyone thinks.It does suck that the lawmaker assholes just take the ocean from us,when the proper thing to do would...
  302. radman

    Early Xmas, My 1st butt, 44" 34.5 lbs.

    NICE!I am going to fish that reef tommorow!
  303. radman


    Dude,taking the kid is as good as it gets!My 3 yr old LOVES it,but he has been sick lately,and mom won`t let him is asking me right now if we can go fishing "On Sunday"...too funny.Nice fish!
  304. radman


    Wow!I got 20lbs of the brown shrimp today,and all I can say is Wow!What a dinner!Some of those things are minuature lobsters!I think me and my wife did in over half of the 5lb block tonite!Thanks!
  305. radman

    La Jolla 11-27-11

    I see you got at least 1 of the endagered Salmon grouper!!!We fished the 9 yesterday,and drop after drop we got salmon grouper.....up to 6 or 7 lbs,but we kept the 4 of our 2 person limit,and when i cut them,they were full of worms!Nice catch!
  306. radman

    stolen fishing rod

    LOL.Escondido!I feel for ya bro!This town has turned into Tweekerville....I got an auto shop,and had some jackass trying to steal from the scrap bin a couple days ago.I pulled out the Iron and he was scared as hell!Fuk these stealers.
  307. radman

    Netting fish

    Yea,it would do no good,especially at Dixon,where DFG no longer regulates.They got the special permit,so you don`t even need a license to fish there.The funny part about Dixon is(I have fished there since I was 10 yrs old,and I am 41 now)years ago,the rangers were so anal about stuff like...
  308. radman

    Netting fish

    On second thought,they were probably just picking up the fish that were going to die anyways,as the load of fish from Nebraska was a bunch of crap!Both times,Dixon had a pretty good amount of die off,and Poway lost most all of them....I was at Dixon Yesterday,and fishing was pretty spotty.Some...
  309. radman

    Netting fish

  310. radman

    anyone find a net in SD bay last nite(10-23?

    I tell ya,it was tough,but when you look at all the pressure,as there were hundreds of lights for hoops,divers on the outside of Zuniga,the two sport boats,the bay gets hit prett hard.We finally found a nice looking spot around midnite,and the Harbor police came over and kicked us out....
  311. radman

    anyone find a net in SD bay last nite(10-23?

    I lost one hoop last nite in the bay.The report sucks,as we got about 10 barely shorts,about 50 crabs,and the lost net.Pm me if you found one and I can identify it.
  312. radman

    2 Legal and a bunch of crabs

    I steamed the crabs,and I gotta say,they were pretty tasty.I think that the next time,I will just pull off the claws and steam them.I was out putting the horses away,and I heard,what I thought was my kids beating the shit out of something,and it was my wife breaking open the crab claws.She...
  313. radman

    2 Legal and a bunch of crabs

    Especially since they were "Barely" legal!
  314. radman

    2 Legal and a bunch of crabs

    They still be alive!Thanks,that`s what I was thinking...a friend is here from Louisiana,and she is trying to get me to do a Crab Boil,but I am not too sure on that....just want to make sure I am not wasting my time,as I had someone tell me that they taste terrible.
  315. radman

    2 Legal and a bunch of crabs

    I went out to SD bay with a buddy last nite and we got 2 legals,and about 40 crabs.That is real combat style fishing!There must have been 500 buoys in the area we were in!We each took 1 lobster,and I kept about 10 crabs.We only got 3 or 4 shorts,so it wasn`t really too good.My question is,are...
  316. radman

    9/24 Nados and rockpile

    Shake sculpin off with pliers--BIG NO_NO!That is how most people get stuck.Especially with the smaller models.They swing back and nail ya....sure you figured that one out!
  317. radman

    Lobster ride-I have the boat!

    I have the boat,you need to have the know how.Either hooping or diving.I don`t dive,but you can!Must be experienced,as I have very limited lobster time.(Boat runs good though!)Anywhere in San Diego or oceanside is good for me.The boat is a 17 ft Aluminum w/70hp 4 stroke.Send me a Pm if you need...
  318. radman

    Offshore Anyone fished the Daiwa Pacific?

    I bet that with your attitude,everyone on the boat probably wishes you would have asked for a refund!
  319. radman

    3/4 Charter on the Pride-Boarded by Mex. navy

    That is a very good question that I forgot to adress,as I was pretty tired.Greg told us at first to get our drivers licenses out,but they never asked for them,nor did they ask for passports.There were several spanish speaking passengers,and i speak fluent,but I did not get involved.One of the...
  320. radman

    3/4 Charter on the Pride-Boarded by Mex. navy

    One of my buddies chartered the Pride for a 3/4 day trip today.First off,it is a first class operation on there,as Greg,Dave,and Nate were the absolute best attitude deck hands and skipper I have ever fished with.The water was green,and cold,and even the Rockfish didn`t want to eat very...
  321. radman

    Lots of Hammerheads.

    They do bite for sure,as we caught one about 12 years ago while Yellowfin fishing about 65 miles south.We had 3 or 4 circling the boat,and they were getting a few of the yellowfin,so I baited a steel leadered hook with a half a yellofin,and one bit right under the boat.The good part is that it...
  322. radman


    That`s actually a pretty interesting post,but it looks like it is closed...too bad that most people are that way anymore.They take the good with all the praise,but someone calls them out,and they get all defensive,and someone closed the thread?That kinda reminds me of a charter we did about 10...
  323. radman

    Fish Tissue Contamination Study

    Yea,they did this study,but they forgot to compare the results with the meat in a McDonalds hamburger,or the Beef in the store....gaurantee you any fresh fish is better than any hamburger from a fast food joint!
  324. radman

    Not really!!8-20-11-La Jolla

    After many weeks of not being able to fish,me and my 3 yr old son got away saturday AM to go fishing.We launched out of mission bay,and by the time we got to the southern part of La Jolla,my son was as white,or green,as a ghost.I asked him if he was OK,and he of course said yes,then he threw...
  325. radman


    Believe it or not,I used it alot this past winter for trout,especially at lake Jennings....One day,we had a 2 limits so fast that even the ranger,who was also fishing on the lake,came over and asked what the hell we were doing!We were just smearing it on the nite crawlers.Stuff does work!
  326. radman

    My first ghost, la jolla, 7/21

    Then again,they all taste better than not catching anything at all!!!!
  327. radman

    My first ghost, la jolla, 7/21

    That`s always what the guys who catch the little ones say!
  328. radman

    Offshore 07/22/11 3B's @ SKR, Bass, Barracuda, & Bluefin

    Man,I think you guys threw a line in the tuna pens!
  329. radman

    Offshore Condor Overnight 7/16 A tale of Seiners...with a couple tails

    You hit the nail on the head there...the sporties have a small shot at the fish when they are up,and the seiners stay for days and weeks until they have em all.They have such better abilities to wrap everything now days.Bye Bye Bluefin!
  330. radman

    Offshore Ensenada 7-15 to 7-18-11-Chasing Bluefin and Catching Striped Bass

    Now Dat der aint sumthin you see everyday!Cool Fish!
  331. radman

    Offshore What's up with all the seiners?

    I started fishing offshore for tuna around 1993 ( I Think..) or so.I started fishing with a man who built the most beautifull 25 ft glass over wood boat you had ever seen.About 3 months after it`s maiden voyage,we decided to make a 100 mile run to the Yellow Fin in the first part of November.We...
  332. radman

    SD Bay

    grass. All in all it was a great way to end a week. All but three fish are still swimming and I am having tacos tonight from the ones that swallowed. Hey man,not in any smartass way at all,but are spotties good eats???I have always thrown them back,but just wondered.
  333. radman

    Offshore Starting to feel like last season

    You are right,and I myself have fun fishing anywhere,even i the winter time,but it just sucks to know what fun it is to fish offshore and the thrill of having the trolling rods going off.....and knowing that all of the fish are being wrapped up before they can even give us a chance to get them.
  334. radman

    Crescent City Tuna Fever Time 7/15

    Nice to see someone is catching a couple albies....too funny,one boat in No Cal has almost half the amount that has been landed so far here in for you guys!!!
  335. radman

    Offshore Starting to feel like last season

    Man,whoever thinks that the seiners "Can`t get em all" is retarded...if they DON`T get them all,then they scare the shit out of the dozen that escaped...I remember about 8 years ago we chartered the Daiwa Pacific,and he brought the boat in the nite we left with limits of huge...
  336. radman

    Another Mexico "nightmare" story

    That sucks bigtime!I love fishing mex,but it is not worth it right now.
  337. radman

    SD Bay,Whistler,and PL Kelp 6-18

    Well,we had an awesome day Saturday!I took my 2 yr old son with me and my buddy to fish local.My son is definitally just like me,neither one of us could fall asleep on Friday nite!I think we crashed at 12 or so,and had the alarm set for 3:45.He wokde right up with me and was ready to go!We...
  338. radman

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    Just my 2cents worth here,but I can usually tell a fish is short right away,and shake it off the hook within seconds.....if it looks legal,then maybe all of 15 seconds to unhook it and measure it???2 minutes is long enough to kill and bleed it,make another cast,and hook another fish.I get a kick...
  339. radman

    Couple Dayz in the Big Bay: San Diego

    Pretty sure those are small halibut in the stomach.I had a 4lb sandbass in the bay cough up a small halibut about those size.
  340. radman

    Salton Sea and the kids fishing report

    It is better to take Nitecrawlers with you...last weekend,the store was out,and we had to drive like 10 miles to get them....just easier to take them.Cut them into 1/2 or 1/3`s
  341. radman

    Salton Sea and the kids fishing report

    That is one of the Marinas on the north side.I am not 100% sure of the name of the road,just remember how to get there.Temp. was a nice 75 degrees in the early am,and it was 85 when we left around 10.Just perfect.It got up to 95 coming back through the hills.Go and have a blast tommorow.Just use...
  342. radman

    Salton Sea and the kids fishing report

    With a beautifull day of weather on Saturday,I decided to have a boys trip to the Salted lake.We left at 4:30 am and started fishing around 7.It was a little bit slow at first,then it went wide,wide open around 8:30 or so.It is soooo cool to see my 2 year old son cast out his rod,actually hook...
  343. radman

    Hybrid Bass Species?

    Straight Sand Bass.
  344. radman

    Mako at the pile thur. 5-26-11

    Man,I first looked at the pic,and thought it was a bleeding Blue Shark...I may be wrong,but it sure looks like it.
  345. radman

    1935 Fishing Report - Wish it was still like that!

    It does actually look like it could have been a recent report....aside from the 60 something marlin in though.It is pretty cool to think about what kind of boat they must have had the balls to use to get to Clemente back then.
  346. radman

    Cuyamaca- New Lake Record

    Hey,did they release it???
  347. radman

    Spring break fishing with the kid

    Cool.That kid had some fun!I took my 2 yr old last week,and he kept telling me he was OK,but he was a bad shade of green!We ended up fishing SD bay.
  348. radman

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    Yea,but if you read some of the other reports,the Horizon dive boat was kicked out,and the Indian has been boarded a time or two,so it isn`t like they are ignoring the Fleet boats.I was on the Pacific Voyager a few years back,and the navy boarded us.Difference is,it was a 20 minute deal that...
  349. radman

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    Man,a week or so ago I brought up this subject,and everyone seemed to jump on me and the attitude was"Don`t go if you are scared"No one seems to realize what the real"scared" is until it happens to them.The only reason I brought it up is because for some reason,this year,it seems like a...
  350. radman

    Point Loma Lingcod

    You know,Friday when I was in the bay,and had my 2 yr old kid in the boat,some asshole in a big boat,maybe a big Bayliner,did that to us.I saw him coming,and I actually had the boat idling,so I took off,but he came within 20 ft of us,and it scared the shit out of me,only because of my young...
  351. radman

    Spectra peeler fess up

    Man,I wouldn`t have left it there all day!I would have reeled it up.That stuffs expensive!
  352. radman

    SD Bay Fri-4-15

    Man,you got that right!I love being with my son,and have another 10 month old waiting to go with me!I can`t wait till we all go together.
  353. radman

    SD Bay Fri-4-15

    What a tough day on the bay today.Since Low tide was early AM,and high was 7:40 am or so,I figured a 7 am launch would be good to catch the outgoing.The day was beautifull,but the fishing was the worst I have seen in the bay all year.The tide really started moving around 10 am,but nothing really...
  354. radman

    Fishing in Mexican waters this summer

    You know,you are right,and I was actually thinking about that,just not going.I have fished mexican waters for 20 years,been boarded on My boat,A buddies boat,The Pacific Voyager,but that has been 6 or 7 years ago,and it just kinda feels things have changed.I remember all of us on Mark`s boat...
  355. radman

    Fishing in Mexican waters this summer

    Is anyone worried about the Mexican Navy and the way they are seeming to have a bigger presense this year?I know a bunch will sarcasticly say"They just doing they`re job.And Make sure you have your permits,etc"But seriously,and encounter in a foreign country is un-comfortable at the least,and it...
  356. radman

    27 radio check

    I was San Diego Bay
  357. radman

    27 radio check

    Man,I am glad it wasn`t just me...I tried 2 weeks ago with both handheld and boat based,and out of probably 30 tries,I got it twice,and it was very scratchy at best,then 2 days later,I just gave up when it would not come back on either one...I am meaning to call them,but have forgot.The only...
  358. radman

    Check out these teeth!

    You know,you have a good point.The actual spot exactly where she bit has produced several nice fish over the last few years,including a nice 23LB Halibut,and also a huge sandshark,which I hooked in the Bay Bass tournament,and thought for sure I had the jackpot Halibut until I saw it.I have been...
  359. radman

    Check out these teeth!

    I knew it was a female,and felt kinda bad about her not making it,but the good part is that we put it right on ice,and when we got back to my shop,the neighbor scaled her,and cut her up into like inch and a half steaks,cut the head in half,the guy who went with me kept half the head and some...
  360. radman

    Check out these teeth!

    We went out of Shelter island today to make sure the boat is running good.We left at about 7:30,and headed south,but it was pretty low vis.We found out way around and fished the IB kelp for a while for nothing at all except wind,chilly,and pretty decent swell,so we headed in the bay.Only got a...
  361. radman

    Anyone know what happened at SI today?

    Pretty much all the news says so far. 2 Dead After Boat Crash In Shelter Island 2 Confirmed Dead, 7 Taken To Area Hospitals
  362. radman

    Offshore Does anyone fish the 60 mi bank for Rockcod?

    It would actually be funny to be fishing the 60 mile bank,and have the Game Wardens roll up in they`re Zodiak,or whatever they have,and have everyone pull the lines in to see who`s flylining a dean and who has a 2LB weight on for bottom fishing!Seriously,I wouldn`t think they would have any way...
  363. radman

    Awesome 14 ft Glassline(Whaler type)fishing boat for sale2300.00

    I replied to you guys...I had a long day at work,and then went to get some boat parts tonite.If anyone wants to run it,Hodges is open Saturday and Sunday,and is real close to the boat.
  364. radman


    Ok,so the last time we were fishing the bay,and it was tough fishing,my buddy was having his family over for fish on Sunday,and we kept a few of the first bass that were close,but definatly legal on the standard boat sticker(Izors?) everyone uses on they`re boats.The DFG boarded us,and the guy...
  365. radman

    @ Channel Isle

    Nice report!You know,the DFG A-holes should leave the normal fishing guy alone,and concentrate on the guys fishing the piers and lagoons..
  366. radman

    Offshore What happened to all the Bigeye Tuna???

    The last BET I saw was back in 03.We hooked 1 when we stopped on a kelp,and someone forgot to reel up the cigar,and it was just dangling when we got a 96lber,and then a couple weeks later we got a 89 lber trolling a marlin jig.The first one came at the 425 and the 2nd was about 40sw of the Coral...
  367. radman

    Red fishing on the San Diego 3/3!

    Any idea where you guys were at?Mex or CA waters?Nice trip!
  368. radman

    February 28, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Man,I was looking at those pics,and personally I don`t see any reason to kill the big marlin or those baby stripers...just me though.
  369. radman


    I think the secret spot is Point Loma Seafoods!I saw a tank full of those there last weekend.
  370. radman


    Either way,dude should have been inside enjoying a nice fire and cup of coffee.No way I ever go out anywhere if the weather is questionable.
  371. radman

    Offshore Does anyone fish the 60 mi bank for Rockcod?

    I know boats used to go there,but is it off limits,or is it in Mexican waters?
  372. radman

    Yearly Maintenance- Impeller Changing

    That is a really good pictorial,as I just did the same exact one yesterday.Only one question,why did you remove the prop?I did it without that step,hope it wasn`t wrong...Thanks.
  373. radman

    Best value on Fish Finder

    Ok,so I have been checking the prices out,and it seems that just the chartplotter is almost 800,and sonar/chartplotter is 900-1000.Is the money for the chartplotter,and the finder is just so-so or what?I would rather have a killer finder and a 200 dollar gps.Is this what I am seeing,or am I wrong?
  374. radman

    Best value on Fish Finder

    This is what I was thinking,of waiting for the FHS.I am putting it in a 19 ft aluminum boat,and I think I am going to use it offshore a little,and I love bottom fishing,so I will check things out before I buy.I am sure anything that is a newer model will be fine for what I need.I like the looks...
  375. radman

    Best way to clean rust from stainless?

    Man,I am telling you,I never heard of this stuff,and stopped by Stater Bros. on the way to the shop,and 2.99 for an Ajax size can of it.I made a little paste,and wiped it on a spot on the tower,and almost instantly it started shining and with a little rubbing,it took all the rust off.Since it...
  376. radman

    Best way to clean rust from stainless?

    Man,I got the Bartenders friend going on,and it is awesome!The stainless looks like new!Now I need to find out how to shine up the alluminum without too much work!
  377. radman

    Best value on Fish Finder

    Ok,last question for a have you guys found to be a good color finder for under 600.00?Finder/gps would be best.Thanks.
  378. radman

    Best way to clean rust from stainless?

    Anyone got any good cleaners?I just bought another boat that has been sitting,and it has a stainless top with some rust stain on it,and I want to clean it up.Thanks.
  379. radman

    US Customs Inspection at SI Ramp

    I had a buddy get pulled over at the launch ramp last year after diving at the islands,and getting in around 10pm,and he didn`t answer the way they thought he should,and he ended up in handcuffs and in the customs office until the early A.M.In my opinion,they go way overboard on the honest...
  380. radman

    Fishing in Mexican Water... Paperwork?

    Ok,I guess there is a serious question there,as ghirabaldi are obviously a no take/no possesion here,so that would make Black Seabass in the same category?I had a friend spear a BSB last year at the islands,and God knows why he even killed it,but he did,and he brought it back via boat.I do not...
  381. radman

    Fishing in Mexican Water... Paperwork?

    What do you mean by prohibited in the us fish species?Everyone brings rockfish,when it is prohibited in the us.Or does it mean like Ghirabaldi and BSB?
  382. radman

    ST 2.5 day San Martin 2/19-20 Pacific Star

    Man,I was watching the trip,and thinking how cool of a trip it would be,then when there was an opening,I almost sent a fast pm,then it dawned on me,bad weather forecast for the weekend...bigtime bummer man.Hope you guys get to re-schedule.
  383. radman

    What color spectra do you use?

    Cool,I was thinking green myself.I actually bought some yellow 65# to use for rockfish or bounce ball,thinking I could maybe see it a little better,but a buddy of mine came by the shop today as I was getting ready to spool it,and said that he had yellow on one reel on a rockfish trip a few weeks...
  384. radman

    What color spectra do you use?

    This might be in the wrong area,but I am going to spool up some spectra,and there seems to be Green,white,yellow,and red,maybe more.what difference does it make,or does it?I used white years ago,but there are choices now!!!
  385. radman

    Lobzilla in SD bay

    Hey,on a serious side,are big lobsters like that good to eat,or are they tough like a big ol catfish would be?
  386. radman

    Lobzilla in SD bay

    Not that I would have actually gone to the numbers given me,but if I was the one with all the bugs,and someone asked me the numbers,I would get a big kick out of sending em` to some messed up spot in the back of the bay!!!!!Now that would be funny...
  387. radman

    Lobzilla in SD bay

    I had to try!!!
  388. radman

    Lobzilla in SD bay

    Is there any chance you could give us the GPS cordinates for that "hole"?
  389. radman

    INDIAN FEB 12th report

    What`s the deal with Cowcod?Are they OK to keep from Mexico?Isn`t it weird that the US is doing all the stupid money wasting managment things with our money,and Mexico,which doesn`t enforce anything,has bigger and better Rockfishing than we do here in the US.I guess all the closures and...
  390. radman


    Good luck with getting think Seabass are like Lobster,everything is a secret...I only caught 3 in my life,2 off of Imperial beach during the Sandbass spawn a few years ago,and one drifting an Anchovy off the barn kelp in O`side.I went to Catalina 3 or 4 times and no luck.Maybe...
  391. radman

    Stupid move!

    Good luck man,I bet some tweaker already sold it for 20 bucks...hope it turns up.
  392. radman

    Lobster Trip -Friday - Alicia

    Just checked the Friday fish count for the Daily Double,and sure enough,1 sculpin and 37 Barred Sandbass for 42 anglers....They were fishing the bay on a half day trip....I have never seen that before.
  393. radman

    Lobster Trip -Friday - Alicia

    You know,when I was down there Friday before the tournament,I took the wife and kids to Seaport village,and the Daily Double half day was anchored on the dropoff of the channell.I walked down a ways to see what they were doing,and they had a boat full and were chumming and fishing,with birds...
  394. radman

    Lobster Trip -Friday - Alicia

    Yea,I was thinking the same thing about the Dickhand kicking the lobsters....I am sure it aint good for them.Does anyone fish while they are lobstering?
  395. radman

    Question about where swimbaits are made

    I guess it really doesn`t matter,it`s like everything else.3 years ago when I found out we were going to have a kid,I went looking for a stroller made in the USA....there were 20 brands made in china for 80-150 dollars,and there was some fancy brand made in the US for almost 400 bucks...I guess...
  396. radman

    Question about where swimbaits are made

    So,I usually buy Fishtrap tails,but I was running a little low,so went to Turners,and the didn`t have a big selection,so I bought a few packs of BigHammer.When I goy home,I started to open them,and I see on the back that they are made in China.I would much rather buy from a local manufacture,so...
  397. radman

    Offshore INDIAN 2-1/2 DAY JAN 15TH REPORT EPIC!

    I was wondering why they only killed 134 lings myself....I would have thought it should be way higher with fishing as good as it was.Whitefish don`t count towards the fishcount.
  398. radman

    Candlestick park

    What do you guys catch up there?
  399. radman

    So,who all is fishing the Sd Baybass tournament?

    Dude,why not?All I have is a 14 ft skiff...I just bought it 2 weeks ago,but already fished the bay 3 times and lake jenings once.Go for it.
  400. radman

    So,who all is fishing the Sd Baybass tournament?

    So who all is signed on?It is weird how the economy has affected this tourney.I remember a few years ago,if you didn`t send the aplication a day or so after you recieved it,you didn`t get in.Now they have to keep sending out reminders to enter,and last year a buddy of mine signed up the day of...
  401. radman

    LIZARD FISH SD BAY 01/15/11

    You know what,I thought it was not a halibut,but we didn`t want to take the chance.It looked too good to throw back,and I argued with my buddy for a few minutes before I let it go.I have never caught this fish before.I thought it was a sand dab at first,but it was actually pretty good size,maybe...
  402. radman

    LIZARD FISH SD BAY 01/15/11

    You must have been fishing pretty close to us.We had a 24 ft seapro with 2 kids on board.We actually found pretty good fishing right up until the 12 oclock or so slack tide.We only caught fish towards the mouth,but we actually got some real nice fish,with 3 or so over 3 lbs,several 2-1/2 or...