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  1. CaptainLeo

    RIP Tunabelly

    That's sad. Only met him a couple of times at the shows, but was a really nice guy.
  2. CaptainLeo

    SoCal deck hand work

    Absolutely! Another great piece of advice. Know your regs. Probably one of the most important things to know. I had a deckhand filet a halibut and he cut into 4 filets. Regs say that it has to be 2 filets attached by 2" of skin, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, passenger walked off the boat with it...
  3. CaptainLeo

    Rod pairing For Saltist 20P

    Me personally, I have an older silver Saltist 20 and I love it on my Calstar 800XL. I have it spooled with 65 pound spectra and fish a 20 pound topshot. Pretty rad little set up. I only use it as a bait stick on smaller model fish, up to 40 pounds. Whatever rod you pick, I'm sure you'll at least...
  4. CaptainLeo

    SoCal deck hand work

    Dude, you'll be broke. Coming from the Bay Area I would venture to guess that you make a decent amount of money. Working on boats is the total opposite. You can make some decent scratch and it's great being on the water, but if your'e trying to make a living, it's pretty tough. I was in the...
  5. CaptainLeo

    Knot Question -- What's this knot called, and what is its breaking strength (if known)

    A pic of the finished knot might help a little better than a description.
  6. CaptainLeo

    Cousins f530 anf f690j differences...

    I had both of these rods, but Calstar and this is a pretty spot on description. Ended up getting rid of the 690j because I felt they were a very similar rod. That and the fact that I had the 530t custom wrapped while the 690j was factory wrapped.
  7. CaptainLeo

    Savage 243

    My goodness, that's a pretty rifle. Good luck with the sale. I live me Savage .243, it shoots sub-MOA and will hopefully harvest it's first whitetail tomorrow or Monday.
  8. CaptainLeo

    224 Valkyrie????

    I don't, but everything I read about them when I was looking for a barrel for my AR sounds pretty awesome. I don't reload and I live in small town Wyoming, so I think finding ammo might prove challenging.
  9. CaptainLeo

    Beware Barnes Vortx ammo!

    That Core-Lokt stuff is fucking garbage!!! I bought a couple oxes a few years ago, 1 for each .30-06, and I can't remeber how many misfires I had. I thought it was the rifle, but it did the same thing in either. I don't reload, so I'm not going that way, but I got a box of the standard...
  10. CaptainLeo

    Recommendations for WY Antelope Unit 15

    Call the game and fish office in Sheridan and see of they have the list for landowners that let people hunt their land printed out yet. There are a lot more people than you would think that ;et people hunt their land.
  11. CaptainLeo

    Going to Nevada for work and shooting?

    Yeah, don't go back to California. Haha
  12. CaptainLeo

    One salmon fishing lure...

    I'll second the watermelon apex. When I worked in Half Moon Bay, we would kill them on that. This was a very long time ago, though, but I'm sure they still work.
  13. CaptainLeo

    The General Powerbait

    Why the fuck did I just look for it? She seems like she's right up Jason's alley.
  14. CaptainLeo

    Subaru Crosstrek Question

    I'm pretty sure I've put a 9' fly rod in ours. I can check sometime today and let you know. Going to look for some elk in a few minutes.
  15. CaptainLeo

    Bambi vs 300wm

    300WinMag is no joke. My buddy shot a cow elk at 300 yards 2 weeks ago and it blew most of the neck out. It was a great shot, that thing went right down.
  16. CaptainLeo

    Bambi vs 300wm

    He didn't want that roast anyway. Haha
  17. CaptainLeo

    Snow gooses!

    Not so much a report as it is a heads up. The past 2 days I've been seeing tons of snows heading west/southwest from here in Wyoming. Hopefully they'll make it down there towards you guys.
  18. CaptainLeo

    Left handed Bolt Action Rifle/ .338 and .243 Browning BAR

    When do you need the lefty for your wife? I'm in Wyoming, but will be coming out to fish within the month. I have an old Savage 110 chambered in .30-06 that I'm looking to get rid of. PM me your number and I'll send you some pics tonight.
  19. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    Everything is gone. Please delete. thread. Thanks
  20. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    Yeah, he had been in the banking industry for a minute. I was actually going to call him this morning. He keeps wanting me to send him one of my boat shirts even though I sold the boat about a year ago. He's living in the past. Haha
  21. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    Yeah, winter on that side of the Bighorns is pretty gnarly. Apparently, this winter was pretty bad, but I didn't think it was horrible. There were a few cold days, but it pretty bearable, especially after I got my all terrain tires. That's pretty crazy you worked with Dan, small world. How was...
  22. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    A little more than a year old.
  23. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    Still have the gas and shore power cord.
  24. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    Jon, We're moving to Buffalo. I've been there since January and absolutely love it.
  25. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    Rods are gone. Thanks
  26. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    Also just came across my old shore power cord. 25'.
  27. CaptainLeo

    Moving to Wyoming

    I have some stuff that I don't need anymore and wanted offer it up here for free. Old Truline troll rod. Will need rewrap. Old chocolate Sabre spinning rod. Could use a rewrap. Old Sabre 196. Could use a rewrap. 100 gallons of old gas from my boat. It's in 2 55 gallon drums. Sucked it out of my...
  28. CaptainLeo

    Fred Hall Set Up and Tear Down Help Needed

    You know I'd help you guys out, but the commute from Wyoming is a bit much for this one. Have fun.
  29. CaptainLeo

    Trade a 30-06 for a Tranx 500 or Avet 30/2?

    Dang man, if I weren't moving to Wyoming on Wednesday I'd help you out. Good luck.
  30. CaptainLeo

    Flying gaff

    I have a used flying gaff that I won’t need in Wyoming. Don’t know the manufacturer, but it is fiberglass and is 8’ overall. Asking $75 and price is firm. Also have a spare flying gaff hook, does not fit this gaff stick. $10. Pick up in Oceanside. Am moving next week. Thanks.
  31. CaptainLeo

    what will you in the new year.

    A new house with land in Wyoming.
  32. CaptainLeo

    Generator repair

    I have a small portable generator that needs to be gone through. It's been sitting for a while and basically needs a good once over. Anybody here work on small engines? I'd do it myself, but have 3 million things to do before we move to Wyoming in a few weeks. Call me. 760-207-3911 Thanks.
  33. CaptainLeo

    Selling tackle

    I've been trying to sell a bunch of stuff because I'm moving and I'm pretty sure my heavy irons aren't that practical in Wyoming. Since getting rid of the boat and business, I have been getting rid of all of the gear that I won't use anymore, only keeping stuff that I will use if I come back to...
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    Everything is gone. Please delete.
  35. CaptainLeo

    Tackle lots for sale

    Sent you an email, Mike.
  36. CaptainLeo

    Tackle lots for sale

    Found a few more things. 2 poppers and wahoo bomb. $20 8 packs of 3/4 ounce leadheads. $10 Bait-o-mastics 3 rigged and 1 unrigged. SOLD
  37. CaptainLeo

    Tackle lots for sale

    First lot is jumbo squid jigs for the big Huboldts. I have 10, 4 new and 6 used. $50 Next up is a Marauder lot. 1 big and 2 small. SOLD Some heavy irons, all Sumo. 1 Sumo Jr. and 2 Sumo 6s SOLD Couple of used Halco 130s SOLD Squid getters for making bait squid. 1 new, 2 used, and 4...
  38. CaptainLeo


    Also, 3 pair of jeans and a few hoodies. 2 pair of jeans are brand new and the hoodies are new, as well.
  39. CaptainLeo


    Hey folks, I recently lost quite a bit of weight and have a bunch of clothes that don't fit me anymore. 3 pair of Dickies pants, about 6 pair of dress slacks, some Fishworks shorts, 1 brand new pair of Fishworks pants, and a bunch of boardshorts. They are all size 44, so they are for a larger...
  40. CaptainLeo

    Vacuum Sealer Machines

    Same with the bags. I have used it already on fish, but I can't remember if I've used it for some of the deer I shot this year. It vacuums and seals really well. Couldn't be happier with the purchase and I'm sure it will last longer than the food saver.
  41. CaptainLeo

    Vacuum Sealer Machines

    I just bought a Weston from Amazon Prime. I think it was $180, whereas at Bass Pro it was $230. I've burned up quite a few food savers over the years and didn't want to spend the money on something that might not last more than a few years. It comes with a few pre-sized bags, but you can use the...
  42. CaptainLeo


    This is 2.5 years old, but if he doesn't respond, I have a couple I'm willing to part with.
  43. CaptainLeo

    Ruger American Predator

    I figured as much. That is a caliber I am definitely looking at. Good luck with the sale.
  44. CaptainLeo

    Ruger American Predator

    I'm willing to bet that it isn't a left handed action, right?
  45. CaptainLeo

    Gas tax....

    Just drove my an AM/PM and the gas was up $.16 and the diesel was up $.20. I have a job interview tomorrow morning and am hoping I get it so badly. Wyoming is so nice.
  46. CaptainLeo

    One reel, one rod?

    This has been my go to set up for years.
  47. CaptainLeo

    Mallard Decoys

    Thanks, Brent!
  48. CaptainLeo

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    They can take both. I have a good friend that fishes them, but will not take females that are all berried up.
  49. CaptainLeo

    Switches Shorting Out

    A new panel and switches will always be nice, but I would start at the lights and work back from there. If all of the electrical is old, you could have some corroded wiring and not know it.
  50. CaptainLeo

    Help me identify this fish?

    Kind of looks like a white perch.
  51. CaptainLeo

    12 qt. MIRRO Pressure Canner

    Is this model fine for canning tuna?
  52. CaptainLeo

    Wtb pro gears

    I have a gold Pacifica if you're interested. Bought it used here a while ago, used it once, and has been sitting.
  53. CaptainLeo


    That's a rad shadowbox. I'll have to make something like that with the 4 heads I have.
  54. CaptainLeo

    Dock box FS

    I have a triangular shaped dock box. Fiberglass and is 48" x 30" x 30" x 30" I also have 25' shore power cord, 30A/125V. Asking $100 for the box and $30 for the power cord. Prices are firm. Text for pics. Pick up in Oceanside. Thanks. 760-207-3911
  55. CaptainLeo


    Sent you a PM.
  56. CaptainLeo

    32' "Radon" For sale SOLD

    Right now everything is up in the air. Not really sure what I want to do when I grow up.
  57. CaptainLeo

    Bait Tank not working (electrical) / re-hosing needed

    Right on. I finally sold my boat, so I have some time to run around. If you still need some help, let me know.
  58. CaptainLeo

    Bait Tank not working (electrical) / re-hosing needed

    Where exact;y in SD are you? I can come take a look at it if you would like. I have a bit of experience with wiring on boats and whatnot. Let me know.
  59. CaptainLeo

    Lead pour San Diego

    Where are you? I have an electric melting pot and mold for jigheads.
  60. CaptainLeo

    32' "Radon" For sale SOLD

    Thanks for the kind words, guys. I'm pretty bummed to see her go, but I think it might be time to grow up and get a real job. Probably not, haha. Mike, unfortunately I sold the trailer years ago and I've only ever fished open access stuff. Sorry.
  61. CaptainLeo

    Columbia waders

    I'm still hunting. If you feel it necessary to sell them, then sure. Haha
  62. CaptainLeo

    Columbia waders

    Have a pair of neoprene waders made by Columbia. Size 11. No holes. I bought them used and wore them twice. A little sun faded, but still in good condition. Asking $50. Pretty firm on the price. Pick up in Oceanside or I can meet you within reasonable distance. Call or text is better. 760-207-3911
  63. CaptainLeo

    Daiwa, Penn, Shimano rods and reels

    I've been looking at these combos and the rods are pretty rough. I changed the price to $70 per combo or $50 for just the reel.
  64. CaptainLeo

    32' "Radon" For sale SOLD

    32' H&F Custom Radon for sale. Built in 1992 by H&F Custom from Radon molds. I have had this boat since Sep. 08 and have been using it for commercial and charter fishing since owning. She is probably one of the most comfortable boats I have been on for her size. She is 32' long by 10' wide and...
  65. CaptainLeo

    Hoop nets

    It's a long story, Anthony. Feel free to call me and I'll fill you in. I just listed the boat on CL.
  66. CaptainLeo

    Misc. boat parts

    You're welcome, Rick. Sorry I was a few minutes late for Laura.
  67. CaptainLeo

    Hoop nets

    If you want all 13, 10 ambush and 3 flat, I'll give them to you for $200.
  68. CaptainLeo

    Daiwa, Penn, Shimano rods and reels

    Updated list. On another note, one of the 870s with the Sealine 40 has a newer 40SHA instead of a 40HA. Same price, but a better deal since the reel is newer and in better shape.
  69. CaptainLeo

    Hoop nets

    Can I get a bump?
  70. CaptainLeo

    Misc. boat parts

    Updated list.
  71. CaptainLeo

    Misc. boat parts

    I found a few parts while organizing the garage the other day. Prices are firm as they are pretty low already. Do not want to ship. Will meet within a reasonable distance. Stainless rod holder-$10 Deck lights-$10-Pending Blue Sea busbars-$10 each Perko battery switch 1,2,all-$20 new-Sold Perko...
  72. CaptainLeo

    Hoop nets

    Bump. Still available.
  73. CaptainLeo

    Hoop nets

    I have some hoop nets that I'm getting rid of because I'm selling the boat. I have 2 of the blue and 8 of the black. Each come rigged with 50' of commercial rope and pvc bait cages. $20 each firm. I, also, have 3 flat hoops. No rigging, I don't think. $5 each. Will not ship, but will meet within...
  74. CaptainLeo

    Daiwa, Penn, Shimano rods and reels

    I am stepping away from fishing for a bit and getting rid of some stuff. I have some rod and reel combos and a few reels for sale. 6x Daiwa VIP 870 rods with sealine X40HA reels. Reels filled with 65 pound spectra with room for about 80 yards of 30 pound mono. These were boat rods, so there is...
  75. CaptainLeo

    2014 DodgeRam Mold Issues

    That's crazy. I'm on my third Ram truck and have never had any of theses problems. 98 Dakota with 125k miles. Then moved onto an 04 Ram 1500 188k miles with no probems. And now 16 Ram 1500 and couldn't be happier.
  76. CaptainLeo

    Reel clamp for spinning reels

    This may be a really stupid question, but are your deckhand rods wrapped for a conventional reel or spinning reel? I would be very hesitant to put a spinning reel on a rod that was built for a conventional reel due to the spline of the rod and the way it bends. If you already have a spinning rod...
  77. CaptainLeo

    Salmon fishing in San Fran question

    I would make sure to check on the dates for the season. I used to work in half Moon Bay and salmon season would always open to the south first. It may have changed by now, but definitely check into it.
  78. CaptainLeo

    Mobile fuel disposer needed

    Hey folks, I'm in desperate need of having a service come and dispose of the fuel in my boat. Can anybody recommend anybody? Thanks.
  79. CaptainLeo


    Thanks, Bernie. I'll give you a call on the way up.
  80. CaptainLeo

    Flags At the 9 Mile Bank

    Last year up around Encinitas, pretty far offshore, I saw a boat that seemed to be a research vessel and they were putting out a shit load of long line gear with flags that were spaced out a bit between each one. Could have been doing something like that.
  81. CaptainLeo

    Oceanside harbor dredging

    That dredge is a flippin joke. I think it is making the entrance worse than it already was.
  82. CaptainLeo

    WTT marline 30-30 for compound bow

    Is your son left or right handed?
  83. CaptainLeo

    Swap gun stuff or ammo, etc for some simple handyman work..SanDiego

    Right above your message you will a "thread tools" icon. Click on that and you will see the delete thread icon.
  84. CaptainLeo

    how strong is the perfection loop

    I use it for everything from flies on very small tippets to 40-50 pound test flylining. My only problem with it, is I have broken bigger fish off right at the knot on the hook set. I particularly like to use it when fishing plastics because the loop gives the jig more movement.
  85. CaptainLeo

    1-6 wister area Bloodyducks Club

    Thanks, Carl. It was good meeting you. I did have a great time regardless of the lack of hitting in my part, just wasn't my trip. Maybe another time.
  86. CaptainLeo

    1-6 wister area Bloodyducks Club

    My waders have been in the back of my truck since that day. Even with all of the rain we've gotten, they are still caked. I definitely need to invest in some of those boot straps.
  87. CaptainLeo

    DFG Sets Trap for Lobster Poachers

    This is the same one that the thread was started about. I want to read about the commercial guys with 300 short lobster. Thanks, though.
  88. CaptainLeo

    DFG Sets Trap for Lobster Poachers

    Can you quote your source? I would like to read the article about it. Thanks.
  89. CaptainLeo

    Haha, WTB deck light

    Jeff, did you find your deck light? I have a couple that are just sitting in my garage. Hit me up, I'm in Oceanside. 760-207-3911
  90. CaptainLeo

    Fs: furuno gp1870f

    Smoking deal. Don't know why it's still here.
  91. CaptainLeo

    Like new Furuno GP1670F with C-map card $400.00 Sold

    I.m pretty sure all Furuno transducers use the same plug. I just installed a gp1870, but had a raymarine ducer. Cut the plug and spliced a Furuno plug onto it. Works great.
  92. CaptainLeo

    WTS: Furuno Radar 1622 unit.

    I'll take it id you don't feel like shipping to Florida. I'll come get it tomorrow or whenever is good for you.
  93. CaptainLeo

    What comes to mind when you hear old school jigstick?

    You mean like this one? Haha. Harnell 542 with a (I hate to admit it) Shimano TLD Star 15/30. It now has a Daiwa Seagate 40.
  94. CaptainLeo

    WTB Raymarine E80 or E120 Classic

    Thanks for the info, G. My C120 stopped working a while ago and now I can try to get it fixed for a reasonable price.
  95. CaptainLeo

    Looking for a good 4 or 6 pack charter boat

    Hey Mike, if any of these other boats are booked up, give me a call. I am in Oceanside and the fishing has been really good lately. 760-207-3911
  96. CaptainLeo

    FS Phenix black diamond psw 809h, saltist BG 40H

    That's a great deal on the Saltist. If I didn't just buy a 35 today, I would have jumped on this. Good luck.
  97. CaptainLeo

    Offshore 7/28 Blind squirrel gets nut

    I was trying to do the same thing before I threw in the towel. You can probably find a head unit on ebay for a few bucks and keep the rest of your stuff. I didn't spend much time looking because I had already ran a local spear charter without it and hated doing it. I bought the Furuno because I...
  98. CaptainLeo

    Offshore 7/28 Blind squirrel gets nut

    Nice going, Joe. On a side note, I had the C120 and the same thing was happening to me before it stopped turning on. I took it in and they said it was the processor. It has nothing to do with DSM, but the unit itself. I scrapped it and went with the Furuno GP1870F. Couldn't be happier. The only...
  99. CaptainLeo

    Help with Map card for Furuno

    I just got the same Furuno unit for the boat and I got the card for San Diego to Santa Cruz Island. I don't go to Mexico, so no need for the other card. Anyway, it does have the MPA boundaries on it already. I'm sure you'll be happy with it. It's 1,000,000,000 times better than that Raymarine...
  100. CaptainLeo

    Saltists BG20 BG40 30T

    Sent you a PM earlier.
  101. CaptainLeo

    Wilderness Unlimited (W U)

    I kind of had the same thing happen to me a few years back. It was about 5 years ago when I first got into hunting and saw their booth at a show in Vegas. Talked to the guy and gave my info. They made an appointment to come to my house to tell me how great it was. After listening to him and then...
  102. CaptainLeo

    Anyone have one of these they would part with?

    Sorry man. I haven't had much time to look for it, just hauled the boat out of the water and and doing a bunch of stuff to it. I haven't found it yet, but I'm optimistic. I will probably have time tomorrow afternoon to look for it. Haha. Anyway, if you can get one somewhere else it might be...
  103. CaptainLeo

    Anyone have one of these they would part with?

    I have one somewhere in the garage. Let me know if you're still looking.
  104. CaptainLeo

    New Hunter......

    That's awesome. I took my 7 year old daughter to sit in the duck blind with me last weekend and she loved it. My 9 year old daughter says she wants to start hunting, but I think I'll wait until they can take the hunter safety course together.
  105. CaptainLeo

    Harnell Jig Sticks For Sale

    Dang! I wish I were in a position to take those Harnells off your hands.
  106. CaptainLeo

    Seared Elk with a Garlic Herb Aoli

    Looks like I'm gonna get some elk out of the freezer. Maybe some antelope, too. Sounds delicious!
  107. CaptainLeo

    I do have another that I might get rid of. If I do, I'll let you know.

    I do have another that I might get rid of. If I do, I'll let you know.
  108. CaptainLeo

    WTB: Harnell 724, 542, 552

    Good luck. I don't think I'll ever get rid of my 542.
  109. CaptainLeo

    progear cs551

    Will somebody please buy this damn Seagate so I don't have to?
  110. CaptainLeo

    New B question

    Look up the Long Beach Neptunes. I can't remember when their meetings are, but they meet at Me and Ed's pizza. Good luck.
  111. CaptainLeo

    First elk hunt

    I have had a little bit of it since I got back and it has to be the best meat I've ever had. It's so tender you can cut it with your fork.
  112. CaptainLeo

    First elk hunt

    It was pretty cold. That morning it was -16 and we drove the Yamaha Viking in at about 25 MPH, so it was pretty flippin cold. Haha. My buddy that lives up there said that it will be the best eating elk I'll ever have being this size. I think I might thaw a couple steaks this weekend. I was given...
  113. CaptainLeo

    First elk hunt

    Was a success! I'm pretty tired from driving back from Wyoming this morning so I'll just give the clif notes. Gnarly terrain, a lot of snow, a lot of elk, and got my first. It wasn't the biggest, but it will be delicious. I shot it at about 50-75 yards while it was running. Got it just on the...
  114. CaptainLeo


    What kind of 2 speed are you looking for?
  115. CaptainLeo

    Offshore ONO you Didn't!

    I got 2 words, fuck yeah!
  116. CaptainLeo

    Custom gaff

    I would go with bamboo. I like the feel of it and if it falls overboard it will float. Not too sure about the aluminum or stainless.
  117. CaptainLeo

    Kind of disturbing?

    So, with the small negative tide this afternoon, I decided to go clamming. My method of take is a little different, I dive for them. Just trunks, an iron, and duckfeet. Anyway, I remember a little while ago there was talk of a sea otter down around Point Loma and one around the Zuniga Jetty. I...
  118. CaptainLeo

    Harbor Marine?

    I haven't been there for a couple of years now and I'm not even sure it's still there. Last I heard was his son is still selling stuff from home.
  119. CaptainLeo

    Bleeding Out Tuna

    This is the best way to bleed a tuna, in my opinion. Just be careful sliding your finger in there, you can get a pretty good cut. I use a smal phillips screw driver. Poke straight the membrane from the rear and slide forward towards the mouth. Blood pours. After that, use screw driver to spike...
  120. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Did you guys get both days limits on the first day?
  121. CaptainLeo

    Wahoo and tripletail; the next El Nino "first" will be?

    We had a guy from back east on one of our spearing charters swear that he saw a triple tail under one of the paddies.
  122. CaptainLeo

    Offshore YFT until Paddy Crashers 8/30

    That was Moontime. They pulled that same shit while seabass fishing. Everybody is on the anchor and they pull up right on our bow, throw a scoop of anchovy, and drift through the fleet. Those guys have no clue what's going on.
  123. CaptainLeo


    Crap. I just sent you a PM. Let me know if it falls through.
  124. CaptainLeo

    3 Penn reels for sale

    Yes, I still have it.
  125. CaptainLeo

    Daiwa Saltist 20th Silver for sale

    You too! Can't wait to use it. Thanks again.
  126. CaptainLeo

    WTB: Daiwa Seagate 40/50

    Smoking deal. Don't know how much better you're gonna do than that. Good luck.
  127. CaptainLeo

    WTB: Daiwa Seagate 40/50

    Squidco has them for $130 brand new. just bought a 40 the other day.
  128. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Wide open YT at 43-182

    Interesting. I had sardines for my charter last Sunday and it all died. I was able to get a scoop of anchovies from another boat and we got all of our fish with them. YFT and YT. Debating on what to take this weekend. All the receiver has as of this morning is mackerel and nice big anchovies.
  129. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Sons and Moms and sharks

    Good times, Jim. I'll call you tomorrow after I get my elk tag.
  130. CaptainLeo

    anchovy set up whats working and whats not?

    I, personally, would fish an oldschool glass rod. I prefer a longer rod, but 7 feet is plenty fine. A 196 is great, but if you can find a 210, that is a little bit better. It is 7'6". I have one that is in the process of getting wrapped right now. You can even get away with a 270. Its a little...
  131. CaptainLeo

    3 Penn reels for sale

    Eric, you're such a butthole! The only reason he catches fish is because I tell him where they are.
  132. CaptainLeo

    3 Penn reels for sale

    It's the older version, I guess. I've had it for a few years, but never really use it. I got it to use for yo-yoing, but never do. I always throw surface iron.
  133. CaptainLeo

    3 Penn reels for sale

    As of now both of the 4/0s are sold. Still have the Baja Special.
  134. CaptainLeo

    3 Penn reels for sale

    Michael, sent you a PM back.
  135. CaptainLeo

    3 Penn reels for sale

    PM number for pics. Are you in Texas?
  136. CaptainLeo

    3 Penn reels for sale

    I have a Penn Baja Special that I don't use and would like to sell it. 1. Baja Special I have this one on a rod right now, but never use it. IT is in very good shape cosmetically and mechanically. It is spooled with 80 pound spectra. $180 I prefer local pick up or can meet within reason. If...
  137. CaptainLeo

    30 Gallon Fuel Barrels

    If CPV doesn't take them, I will. Thanks.
  138. CaptainLeo

    daiwa seagate 35 nib $100

    Dang, If you lived closer, I would b all over this.
  139. CaptainLeo

    Mid-June Dove Report

    My wife's aunt has a place on the river just north of Blythe. We were out there last weekend and they were everywhere. I don't think I saw any besides the ECD.
  140. CaptainLeo


    Pink Ande. Nothing else.
  141. CaptainLeo

    Meniscus tear sugery....

    good luck. I had mine done while I was in the Marine Corps and I would say that I would have been better off not getting it done. They cut out 80% of it and it hurts most of the time. Going upstairs sucks, walking all day sucks. It is tolerable, though. I think part of it might have been not...
  142. CaptainLeo

    Band tailed pigeons - holy shit!!

    Apparently you don't remember last year when we were up there on the pigeon opener.
  143. CaptainLeo

    Safe to ship pressure cooked jarred fish????

    I got some canned moose, salmon, zucchini relish, and raspberry jam from a friend's mom in Alaska and it was all fine. In fact, my wife asked me when I was going to go moose hunting.
  144. CaptainLeo


    I've used the baby wipes from Costco before and they worked great.
  145. CaptainLeo

    Lots of boat stuff

    Sent you a PM.
  146. CaptainLeo

    Good morning from Bloody Ducks 11/30

    Such a pretty princess.
  147. CaptainLeo

    Looking for a entry level AR 15.. and some insight .....

    The longest 10 days ever! Try not to think about it too much.
  148. CaptainLeo

    11.13.13 half a dozen morning dove and something extra

    It would make a pretty bitchen hat!
  149. CaptainLeo

    Happy Birthday Marines!

    I came downstairs yesterday morning to my wife and kids singing happy birthday to me. Pretty good way to start the day.
  150. CaptainLeo

    fresh fish trade for canned

    That's it, I'm getting a canner. My wife were talking about this the other day and this sounds the best way to go to store food. A friend sent us some canned moose from Alaska and it was delicious.
  151. CaptainLeo


    What does she look like? Does she make sammiches, also? How about talking back, she doesn't get too sassy, does she?
  152. CaptainLeo


    Well played, Marco!
  153. CaptainLeo

    Free stuff

    Pretty simple. I used 2" PVC, some guys use 3", get caps for the ends, and drill a bunch of 1/2" holes. I use whole sardines and mackerel and slice them up a little and stuff the tube. Then, I zip tie the tube to the center of the bottom of the hoopnet. The lobster seem to be able to get to to...
  154. CaptainLeo

    Free stuff

    Bait cages are gone. Still have the surf fishing spikes.
  155. CaptainLeo

    fresh fish trade for canned

    Hey, c-goat, can you post a pic of your canners? I've always been curious about the process but never thought to look into it. Thanks.
  156. CaptainLeo

    Free stuff

    Are you in line for the bait cages or the sand spikes? If it's the cages, you're next, if it's the sand spikes, they're yours. - - - Updated - - - More out of convenience. They seem to work better and the bait lasts longer for me anyway.
  157. CaptainLeo

    Free stuff

    Hey folks, I have 6 or 7 hoopnet baitcages, maybe 8 for free. I started using PVC pipe for bait and 2 sand spikes for surf fishing. All you have to do is come pick them up. First come, first served. I am in Oceanside.
  158. CaptainLeo

    22lr in North San Diego County

    Thank you, Luke. It was good meeting you. I'm thinking I might have to get some more if you hasn't sold it all yet.
  159. CaptainLeo

    22lr in North San Diego County

    I'll take a box or 2 of the winchester is you still have some. Thanks. Leo 760-207-3911
  160. CaptainLeo

    Gun Porn

    I picked it up at Turner's in San Marcos for $419.99 plus tax and Dros. They had the compact on sale for $399 at the time, but I told them I wanted the standard and what they could do for me. This one was $489.99 and they made me a pretty good deal. These RIAs go on sale pretty often. Just sign...
  161. CaptainLeo

    Gun Porn

    Just picked this up today. Rock Island Armory 1911 in .45. I put about 150 rounds through it and didn't have any problems. I'm definitely going to get some slimmer grips. Very nice for an inexpensive 1911.
  162. CaptainLeo

    For sale. Garmin GPSmap 60CSx

    Yeah, kind of figured. No worries.
  163. CaptainLeo

    For sale. Garmin GPSmap 60CSx

    Well, I know I don't have nearly the amount of hunting gear that you do. I do have plenty of fishing gear. The one rod that I would definitely let go is either a Calstar or Seeker, I'm not sure. If it's a Calstar, it's an GFGR800XL. The only problem with it is about 3 inches was broken off the...
  164. CaptainLeo

    For sale. Garmin GPSmap 60CSx

    What would you be interested in trading for? I definitely need a new GPS.
  165. CaptainLeo

    I need a cheap VHF

    Ok, here's the thing, I bought one from a BDer awhile ago, can't remember who, and apparently his boat rolled and everything got wet. He didn't tell me, but he did tell my friend that picked it up for me. I installed it on my boat and could hear everybody, but could not transmit. I am starting...
  166. CaptainLeo

    Pig Skull's back............

    Shit! I wish I knew you did skulls. I did a ram hunt in Texas in July and paid a few bucks to have the skulls done. They look great, but it was a bit pricey. Now I know.
  167. CaptainLeo

    Lobster Hoops for Sale and a few other items

    Question, where did you get that puller?
  168. CaptainLeo

    Penn senator 114 (6/0) and Fin nor 9500 Big game spinning reel.

    You should read this, then lower your price.
  169. CaptainLeo

    help selling my riffe speargun

    For the gun, reel, and slip-tip I would ask at least $350. The gun looks to be in pretty good condition and a Riffe reel full of line isn't cheap. I don't like the Riffe ice picks, but it is coming as a package deal. You could probably get a little more, but you shouldn't have a problem getting...
  170. CaptainLeo

    I WANNA WORK AS A DECKHAND not just a RELIEF GUY!!What do i do?

    I think the last sentence of your post says it all, "What can i do my other job is cool with giving. Me time off and Work." If you are not committed to being there 7 days a week, you will be nothing but a relief guy. When the fishing heats up and the boats are running everyday, not a whole lot...
  171. CaptainLeo

    polarized sunglasses

    Check these out, Aviator & Pilot Sunglasses & Eyewear | Scheyden Precision Eyewear I am sponsored by them and use the black and amber lens. They are a little pricy, but well worth the money. I wear the Panoramas.
  172. CaptainLeo

    BRAND NEW Ruger .30-06

    :1041677399:Why must I broke?!!
  173. CaptainLeo

    Release Reels

    I see on the website that you guys only have the SG reel, are there more on the way?
  174. CaptainLeo

    Rod repair in No. County?

    Larry does great as does Pacific Coast. I just took one of my rent rods to Hugh and I got it back in a few days.
  175. CaptainLeo

    Stupid lingcod 4-3

    Thanks for the invite, Jason. Nothing like fishing on a day off. Haha. Good luck with the tourney.
  176. CaptainLeo

    Marine needs a boat!!

    Yeah, you figured it out. I was hoping I wasn't the last of my kind.
  177. CaptainLeo

    Marine needs a boat!!

    If only you were an 03 I would definitely have room for you. Haha. I might go out next week to go mess around. Shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you.
  178. CaptainLeo

    Boat Moving (on water)

    If didn't have a trip on Sunday I would help you out.
  179. CaptainLeo

    Getting Married.

    I am.
  180. CaptainLeo

    Howa 270 Hogue Fluted Barrel

    That thing looks nice. I've been looking at 270s lately. Good luck.
  181. CaptainLeo

    Question for the concrete guys

    I checked that link yesterday, but it doesn't give any dimensions on that replacement. That's actually what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  182. CaptainLeo

    Question for the concrete guys

    It looks like it is all one piece. If I try to pry the top of it off, the whole thing breaks. Oh well, maybe I just need to replace it all. Thanks guys.
  183. CaptainLeo

    Question for the concrete guys

    The problem I'm running into is that it is so brittle, it keeps breaking everytime I put a screwdriver in there to pop it out. I thought that is what I should do. Maybe I should try going easy with it. Also, if I break it, where is the best place to get some replacement? Thanks guys.
  184. CaptainLeo

    Question for the concrete guys

    Here's a pic of the drain. It is a little strip that runs most of the length of the backyard. It's maybe 1.5" across.
  185. CaptainLeo

    Question for the concrete guys

    Hey guys, I have a narrow drain in the patio of my backyard and it needs to be cleaned out really bad. It doesn't seem like it is removable, is there anyway I can do this without damaging it so bad it needs to be replaced? Or if I tear it all out is there another one I can just put back in? Thanks.
  186. CaptainLeo

    My new ranch hand... protection style

    Damn, homie, you got an assault goat!!!
  187. CaptainLeo

    80% AR lower

    If it's the same place in OC, my buddy and his wife went up and built 2 complete ARs in the same day from an 80% lower.
  188. CaptainLeo

    The list has arrived

    Yeah, it was all sorts of ridiculous. A whole lot of people and not a lot of room. I kind of felt sorry for the people waiting to get ammo. Holy shit that line was long.
  189. CaptainLeo

    12 volt deck lights

    Come on, someone needs to be able to see in the dark.
  190. CaptainLeo

    12 volt deck lights

    I have this pair of deck lights for sale. I thought they went out, but it was just a bad ground. I took them apart and cleaned them up on the inside and re-wired them. I'm pretty sure they're Hobbs tungsten lights. Anyway, I believe these sell for about $50 apiece or there abouts. I would like...
  191. CaptainLeo

    Rattler(mojave green) in Ramona in January?????

    HOLY SHIT!!! It's head fell off.
  192. CaptainLeo

    Oside whales breaching pretty cool!

    Those are really good action shots. They are grey whales. I took the kids out a week and a half ago and had a pretty good show with the whales, dolphins, and Rizzo's.
  193. CaptainLeo

    Freakky Ad on Craigs List

    There's very few rockfish you can take commercially with just a standard permit. You need a permit for pretty much everything and all of those are a closed access, you can only get them from someone that is selling it. Also, the permit has to be transferable.
  194. CaptainLeo

    Freakky Ad on Craigs List

    What's freaky about it? You have to have 2 adjoining to get 1 permit to fish nearshore rockfish commercially.
  195. CaptainLeo

    8yr old Son calls in first Yote

    That's pretty rad! Time to start looking for them now that I haven't shot a deer this year. Haha.
  196. CaptainLeo

    Mt Laguna snow?

    I don't know about Laguna, but is started snowing on us up on Palomar Friday afternoon and it snowed most of the day Saturday. Sunday when we got there it was covered with fresh everywhere. Unfortunately, everybody that didn't have 4 wheel drive or did not have chains was trying to get the...
  197. CaptainLeo

    Need an electrician

    Hey folks, a buddy of mine has a rental here in SD and he lives up in the bay area. Anyway, his tenants sent him an email saying they were having a couple minor electrical issues. Is there anybody that would like to do a little work? Get a hold of me on here and I will forward his number. Thanks.
  198. CaptainLeo

    Speargun build

    Don't listen to Smudge, he doesn't even know what a speargun is. He be front-in.
  199. CaptainLeo

    Fuck poachers!!!

    What the hell are you waiting for, post that shit up!!!
  200. CaptainLeo

    Fuck poachers!!!

    My buddy is the one that knows who the campground guy is. I just started hunting Palomar this year. Unfortunately, they had rifles and I had a bow. I'm not that dumb. Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind.
  201. CaptainLeo

    Fuck poachers!!!

    I've been thinking of heading out that way to do some hunting. I have access to a place on the river so I wouldn't mind something somewhat close to there. I do have a sister that lives out by chandler or something like that. Anyway, I will be doing it soon. It sucks to have every warden treat...
  202. CaptainLeo

    Fuck poachers!!!

    And DFG isn't much better. Anyway, a few weeks ago I started a thread with trail cam pics of some nice bucks up on Palomar on private property. The next day I went back up and there were 2 hunters that came up the trail I was watching. We told them they were on private land and to get the fuck...
  203. CaptainLeo

    SEA SNAKE?????

    Highly doubt it was a hagfish. That bait net would have been full of slime. You would have noticed the amount of slime if it were.
  204. CaptainLeo

    Savage Axis

    I've actually been looking at the same rifle for a little bit and it seems to be pretty decent for a low end rifle. You can find them with a scope for a around $320-$350, also. I read some reviews and watched some youtube videos and it seems just fine. The only drawback is it doesn't come with...
  205. CaptainLeo

    Happy? Veterans Day

    Seriously. I think a lot of people get these 2 days mixed up. I don't think of it as being a bad thing, I think of it as being a day to celebrate the people that are and have served.
  206. CaptainLeo

    Pismo Clams Bag Limit in under one hour!

    I saw my buddy get his limit in under 5 minutes once. I got mine in about 15.
  207. CaptainLeo

    Trail cam pics

    Yes, San Diego. Hopefully will make it back up this week.
  208. CaptainLeo

    Trail cam pics

    I don't know the next time I'll be able to get back up. Maybe Monday if I don't go do some underwater salvage. I'll let you know.
  209. CaptainLeo

    Trail cam pics

    Well, we went back up this morning and sat in the ground blind I made that is 30 yards from these pics. After sitting for a bit I decided to show the property to my buddy and as we got up, I heard a branch break from that spot. I stop and see something kind of greyish from behind the bushes. I...
  210. CaptainLeo

    Trail cam pics

    So, I went up today to check on the trail cams and sit for a bit and boy was I surprised at what I saw. Unfortunately, didn't see anything today, but will be going back up tomorrow. Enjoy.
  211. CaptainLeo

    What kind of crab is this?

    They're also delicious.
  212. CaptainLeo


    My buddy got his first this morning. Said they saw a 5X4 also.
  213. CaptainLeo

    Wister Sat 10/20

    Nice! I've been waiting for some reports.
  214. CaptainLeo


    Check with Sports Authority, they had them at 50% off with the rest of their tackle. Didn't check on styles or sizes, but they were on sale.
  215. CaptainLeo

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    I think you did the one in the first pic a favor. That thing looks pretty fucked up.
  216. CaptainLeo

    2000 Hydro Cat diesel with custom trailer

    Yes, more pics, please. Especially the interior. Thanks.
  217. CaptainLeo

    pelican crewmember

    Hell yeah! What would you do if the waiter at the restaurant you are eating at asked for a bite of your steak? I would tell them to suck a fat baby's dick. Like said earlier, if they're trying to get some fish to the customers that didn't so well, cool. If it's for them, fuck no.
  218. CaptainLeo

    Offshore how Not to fish someones paddy

    It's called "more dollars than sense". Haha.:rofl:
  219. CaptainLeo

    Red fishing line

    Get the pink Ande. That is all I fish with. I've been using it for almost 20 years and have no plan on using anything else. I seem to get bit just fine even when the fish are line shy.
  220. CaptainLeo

    27' Radon Complete Restoration

    Have you thought about going with a v-drive instead of an outdrive? I would give anything to be rid of outdrives. Those things are tools of the devil!
  221. CaptainLeo

    Glad I have friends........

    That sounds really good right now.
  222. CaptainLeo

    bowtech gaurdian left hand bow

    Damn! If I didn't just take the boat to the yard. I was looking for a new bow.
  223. CaptainLeo

    Going on a shark charter

    Who are you going with, what boat?
  224. CaptainLeo

    Lobster Season

    Fish on, indeed.
  225. CaptainLeo

    Wtf? Where're the a22 reports?

    I'll call you tomorrow when we get off the hill.
  226. CaptainLeo

    Wtf? Where're the a22 reports?

    I finally get to go out tomorrow. It sucks that I haven't been able to scout at all with me actually getting a little work this past month, but my employee's family has property on Palomar and I get to hunt up there. Hopefully will at least see something.
  227. CaptainLeo

    Trim Tab, Gas Cans, Hitch, RAM

    Can you post a pic of the compass? I'll be in Upland until tomorrow and might take it off your hands if it will fit the boat. Thanks.
  228. CaptainLeo

    Need Business Cards

    Send Enfuego a PM. I think he's in South Dakota right now, but he did some for me a while ago and they turned out great.
  229. CaptainLeo

    Uniden UM525 VHF

    Hey folks, I have a Uniden UM525 VHF for sale. It is on my boat right this minute, but will be replacing it. There is nothing wrong with it, I am just upgrading. $100 firm. Sorry, I don't have any pics, but it is easy to find on google. Thanks. Leo 760-207-3911
  230. CaptainLeo

    Dorado mouth infectious??

    My hands are fine, but my deckhand's hands are kind of messed up a bit. not bad, but probably just like you're describing.
  231. CaptainLeo

    Harbor Marine Supplies?

    3770 Hancock St. Suite H right behind the sports arena.
  232. CaptainLeo

    Boat Stuff

    Sent you a PM.
  233. CaptainLeo

    Baja Boomer and Baby boomer

    Daaaaaannnng! If I had the money, I'd be all over this. Good luck.
  234. CaptainLeo

    New Fish Cleaning Tray

    If not mistaken, it hangs over the outside of the boat so you can gill and gut salmon. All of the boats up north had them when I worked up there. We had a really nice wooden one that we kept hanging all day. It never got in the way and when there were fish to clean, you threw them in there and...
  235. CaptainLeo

    N. County yesterday

    <hr style="color:#90989A; background-color:#90989A" size="1"> Hey, didn't quite feel like writing a report yesterday, so here goes. Headed out to the only spot I know and wanted to bring home a halibut. Conditions were pretty good on the incoming tide and some of the area...
  236. CaptainLeo

    I need an experienced partner.

    I'm out of town right now, but give me a holler and I'll head out with you.
  237. CaptainLeo

    Just another spot fin.

    I shot one not too long ago, didn't want to come home empty handed, and made tacos for the wife. She thought it was really good.
  238. CaptainLeo

    Boating Fishing Stuff

    I could be wrong, but I think your math is a little off for the boat seats.
  239. CaptainLeo

    NEED HELP I want to start spear fishing. NEED HELP!

    Who the hell is Paul Romanowski?
  240. CaptainLeo

    Looking for private charter for two

    Connie, I just sent you a PM.
  241. CaptainLeo

    Anyone a commercial fisherman?

    That's kind of all over the place. From the guys that I know, the best money is working on a lobster boat. The problem is getting on one. Most guys will keep the same deckhands season after season, unless they piss the captain off. Not a whole lot of money in R&R, the markets aren't buying shark...
  242. CaptainLeo

    Anyone a commercial fisherman?

    What kinds of questions do you have?
  243. CaptainLeo

    The Most Interesting Man

  244. CaptainLeo


    Enough of this blue waffle shit. I made the mistake of looking it up. Knowing that it wasn't going to pretty, I did it anyway, you are wrong, man.
  245. CaptainLeo

    Commercial painters?

    Sweet, thanks.
  246. CaptainLeo

    Commercial painters?

    If there are any commercial painters on here, I am looking for 5 gallon buckets with lids. Let me know what you have, thanks. 760-207-3911
  247. CaptainLeo

    No more Ho-Ho's, Twinkies, or Ding Dongs.....

    No more Chocodiles! That sucks.
  248. CaptainLeo

    Any pool parts guys here?

    I'm looking for a specific part for a filter. If you can get parts shoot me a PM or give me a call. Thanks. 760-207-3911
  249. CaptainLeo

    Tom meets the Grim Reaper

    Great shot! I am looking to get out and kill one, preferably with the bow.
  250. CaptainLeo

    WHATS IN MY MOUTH...?????

    She is going to be so pissed at her mom when she sees this. Friggin hilarious!
  251. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt trailer

    Haha! It was my first time goose hunting and I got 2 of the 6 for the 2 days we hunted. I was incredibly stoked and I would do it everyday if I could. It was one of the raddest experiences ever! Can't wait until next season.
  252. CaptainLeo

    DFG TO show or not to show

    Seriously! I made the deckhand pay for it when he went to court. It was a double bummer because it was this guys first legal halibut. I felt really bad. Gave him a few passes for the 3/4 trip. Said deckhand didn't work for much longer after that.
  253. CaptainLeo

    Mouthy Drunk kid gets reminded of how the world works....

    Yup. That was my favorite part.
  254. CaptainLeo

    Mouthy Drunk kid gets reminded of how the world works....

    HAHAHAHA!!! I think the cop showed a lot of restraint. You would think that he would have knocked him the fuck out.
  255. CaptainLeo

    DFG TO show or not to show

    That's interesting that you guys got tickets. I had a deckhand that did a really shitty fillet job on a halibut, short fillets and cut into 4 pieces. Anyway, the warden gave the ticket to the customer because he was in possession of the fillets.
  256. CaptainLeo

    Carlsbad Underwater mountain

    What's a T?
  257. CaptainLeo

    Rock fishing

    Yeah, Zach, I've been listening to Primus for a while. The first time I saw them was in 92' when they opened up for Rush. That was a bitchen show.
  258. CaptainLeo

    Rock fishing

    I drift whenever we rockfish. It's tough setting up on some of these spots when you're fishing 300 feet. You get to cover more area when you drift. Plus, you won't kill yourself or your buddy pulling the anchor from that deep.
  259. CaptainLeo

    Halibut spearing

    That's a joke, Chuck. Eric was diving with me the other day and some douche thought he would be cool and try to tell us that halibut had to be 27" and Carlsbad was closed to fishing. He walked away with his tail between his legs after I assured I knew what the fuck I was doing. Raising my voice...
  260. CaptainLeo

    Rock fishing

    I have a dual frequency transducer also and I ways have mine on 200khz until I start getting into water that is deeper than 500 feet. The 200khz will be fine for the stuff we fish around here.
  261. CaptainLeo

    Halibut spearing

    Because I can. Unfortunately for me, it was faster than I was. Are you going to bash me for taking a big calico that will feed my family for a few days? Jsut curious.
  262. CaptainLeo

    Halibut spearing

    Ended up getting a buddy to dive with me today and managed to get one halibut. The was temp was 55 degrees according to my watch, but I was plenty warm in my 5mm suit. The viz was a little hazy and about 10-12 most of spots, but once we got out to the kelp it dropped to about 8. There was...
  263. CaptainLeo

    watch out for kenny powers

    Have you seen the K-Swiss commercial he did? Hilarious!
  264. CaptainLeo

    took the wife out for first time

    Shoot me a PM or give me a holler, I can help you get dialed in. I'm here in Oceanside, too. 760-207-3911
  265. CaptainLeo

    Let get this wounded-warrior on the water this weekend

    Hey JJ, if you're not able to make it out with Ron tomorrow, give me a call. I think I have some free time on Sunday. Leo 760-207-3911
  266. CaptainLeo

    Lobster snorkeling question

    I've seen quite a few deep in the rocks there in Mission Bay. The biggest I have ever seen was in Oceanside Harbor, that thing was huge. Kind of scared the crap out of me. Saw some really nice octopus in there, too.
  267. CaptainLeo

    Quick Pond hunt

    It was cold and I was wearing 2 shirts. 2 very thick shirts.:rofl:
  268. CaptainLeo

    Quick Pond hunt

    That is a handsome man! Thanks for taking me out this morning, had a great time even if Palmer almost scared the ducks away. Haha.
  269. CaptainLeo

    Sitka Mountain Gear shirt in ASAT for sale

    You realize this post is 4 years old, right?
  270. CaptainLeo

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    It's a thread of epic proportions. Thanks.
  271. CaptainLeo

    Best One Liners Before Casting

    Goin' out! Doin' it! WEST SIDE!!!!!!
  272. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt trailer

    Recently I posted a report from my goose hunt, which was awesome! Well, here is the trailer for the episode we did about goose hunting. I am not sure when any of this will be going to air or anything of the sort, I was just there to help shoot birds.
  273. CaptainLeo

    Dramamine alternative?

    Bonine. It's right next to the Dramemine. My wife gets sick, too and she switched to this and doesn't get all drowsy on the boat anymore. Unless I slip her some roofies.
  274. CaptainLeo

    Sometimes its not about the catching

    Word! I was going to write more, but that's enough. Good luck with your endeavor.
  275. CaptainLeo

    Would you....

    The first thing I thought of when I read that this morning was, it better stay on that reserve. I think it would look bad ass on the wall.
  276. CaptainLeo

    Steel shotshells?

    I got mine at Big 5. After tax they were $18 and some change for a box of 25.
  277. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

    Hell yeah, Yusef! I need some redemption on the quail. I know they were taunting me. I do need your number, I'll hit you up. Thanks for the offer. When is a good time for you?
  278. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

  279. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

    For sure, Jim! That thing is bad-ass! Glad I could take it off your hands. They invited me up to do a pig hunt when the conditions are good, right now, its really dry and the weather is nice, just not for goose and pig. Oh yeah, I cheked the choke in the barrel and it's a modified choke, also...
  280. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

    Pics added.
  281. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

    I saw a few minutes of the game, but I didn't make any bets. That would require money. I was trying to kill quail and the only place I found them was on the private property where my wife's aunt's place is. It is technically on the Indian reservation and you need a res. permit to hunt it. Plus...
  282. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

    No club, just some private land with guys that guide for friends and business associates.
  283. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

    Ok, for some reason I can't post the pics right now. I will when I get this figured out.
  284. CaptainLeo

    Goose hunt

    So I got invited to do a goose hunt up in Merced with the possibility of giong and getting some ducks the second day. The first day the geese were flying and there were plenty of them, the only problem was they weren't landing or even responding to the calls and decoys. We had some really low...
  285. CaptainLeo

    What Did u get for Christmas ??

    Since I recently started hunting, I got a leafy suit, laser range finder, 2 pair of gloves, 2 pair of thermal socks, and a slate turkey call. My wife kicks ass!
  286. CaptainLeo

    the ocean provides in so many ways

    I have never dug for them, but diving for them is awesome. One tip, don't wear your weight belt. A limit of big pismo clams can weigh a lot.
  287. CaptainLeo

    Bought a Turkey Vest

    Just take it to a retail store. If the one you go to doesn't have that type of tag, they might know of another that does. Or if you're lucky, you can slip a pair of snips in there to cut it off.
  288. CaptainLeo

    Broadheads and Arrows

    I really think I'm going to try these on the spring. I had a shot at one during deer season and just missed over it's back, still haunts me. I was using the same Muzzy 100 gr broadhead that I was using for deer...
  289. CaptainLeo

    SD County youth turkey hunt poll

  290. CaptainLeo

    sheep report

    That's pretty rad! I would be stoked just to have gotten drawn.
  291. CaptainLeo

    What type of motorcycle is this?

    Isn't that a fat boy?
  292. CaptainLeo

    Coyote Down. 11/23/11

    Get to do my first predator hunt next Saturday. Super stoked.
  293. CaptainLeo

    D-16 report

    Yup, I've been up 3 times this week and can't afford to fill the truck one more time. I really wanted to finish up the season, but can't take the headache of having a big spike and 3 does all walk within 10 yards of me. Maybe next year.
  294. CaptainLeo

    Cousin's Moose

    That is one delicious animal. I've had it once and wouldn't mind getting a hold of some more. Not to mention the sheer size if that thing, nice!
  295. CaptainLeo

    11/11/11 at 11:11 AM

    That was awesome! Made my eyeballs sweat a little.
  296. CaptainLeo

    *** Guy Harvey Aftco tshirt sale***

    Nice! I'm going to try and make it there before you close tomorrow.
  297. CaptainLeo

    *** Al agnew T shirt sale***

    Those are pretty cool shirts! I'm definitely going to stop in there the next time I'm down that way.
  298. CaptainLeo

    Lobster charter Saturday night

    That's me. I need 4 to make it a go and can take up to 6. My website is in my signature line if you want to check it out. Unfortunately, I will be out of town for the weekend, but will be back Sunday night if anybody has any questions. Thanks.
  299. CaptainLeo

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    Chop their heads off.
  300. CaptainLeo

    Polarized Sunglasses

    While I agree that buying the cheapies is the way to go for saving money, I definitely think a good pair of glasses is worth their weight in gold. I started wearing these about a year and a half ago and they are very, very nice. I have been given a couple pairs of Oakley polarized glasses and...
  301. CaptainLeo

    New bow hunter

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the AO tag is good for any zone, right? I think once the archery season ends I am going to do a lot of hiking around looking for spots for when the general season opens next month. I'm not asking for people to take me to their special spots, just some tips on what...
  302. CaptainLeo

    New bow hunter

    A22 tags are sold out. I have been looking into that, believe me. My wife is none too happy about my new hobby. Haha.
  303. CaptainLeo

    New bow hunter

    Yes, I do know that. the general season doesn't open until Oct 22, I believe. I have the map in my truck. I will be ready for that day.
  304. CaptainLeo

    New bow hunter

    If you can call me that. I just recently got a bow and took the hunter safety course, passed. Anyway, I seem to have become obsessed with bow hunting even though I haven't been yet. I got my bow pretty dialed in, although I haven't shot it past 20 yards at the range. I shoot pretty consistent...
  305. CaptainLeo

    browning mirage left hand compound bow

    Dang! If I hadn't gotten mine 2 weeks ago, I would be all over this. Good luck.
  306. CaptainLeo

    Best compound bow

    Yes, it's an older bow. I paid $180 for the bow, hardcase, stabalizer, release, armguard, 3 arrow and 6 arrow detachable quivers, 4 Muzzy broadheads and a couple of other things. I went and got a new 5 pin sight and whisker biscuit for it and it shoots really well. I don't know the FPS, but I...
  307. CaptainLeo

    Best compound bow

    Don't know if you bought a bow yet, but I just a got a Magnatec, used and went to Willow Creek Archery in Escondido and he styled it out for me. I had maybe shot 20 arrows in my life and after getting a new sight and Whisker biscuit, I was shooting 4" groups at 20 yards. I know that isn't much...
  308. CaptainLeo

    Tribute to "Rock" Psycho Clown

    Awesome! Didn't know him, never talked to him, but he seemed like that kind of guy you just wanted to hang out with. Very sad.
  309. CaptainLeo

    Swimming with MASSIVE Rotting Whale

    You're sick, Ben! There's something really creepy about being in the water with that thing.
  310. CaptainLeo

    fishing anyone

    That's a pretty sweet offer! I'm sure you will have no problem getting some guys to take you up on your offer. Where exactly are you staying?
  311. CaptainLeo

    Moving to the Bay Area - Where are the landings?

    I was up there in 98-99. Came back down this way in early 2000. At the least, we probably know some of the same people.
  312. CaptainLeo

    Moving to the Bay Area - Where are the landings?

    Hey Stan, I wonder if I have ever fished with you? I started working for Capt. John's in the summer of 98 filling in and then got a full time gig on the Outlaw with Chris running it during the week and Yogi on the weekends. I have worked with Dennis for some of his tuna trips back then and Tom...
  313. CaptainLeo

    Moving to the Bay Area - Where are the landings?

    You have a couple in Half Moon Bay in Pillar Point Harbor. It used to be Capt. John's and Huck Finn's, but both John and Bill have since passed away and they are owned by other people now. I think it is Half Moon Bay Sportfishing now, not sure. Most of the boats are all owner/operator and they...
  314. CaptainLeo


  315. CaptainLeo

    Offshore 9, 178, 302, 371 Saturday

    When they came alongside us, they were doing more than 30kts. That boat hauls much ass!
  316. CaptainLeo

    Work as Deckhand

    Kind of late in the season to be looking, but go walk the docks and talk to captains. I would offer you something, but I can't get away from the dock.
  317. CaptainLeo

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    Here's a baby white that was caught in a gill net that they thought was dead, but ended up being very much alive. The biologist came down, took some samples and they released it.
  318. CaptainLeo

    Advise on where to list a boat for sale in NorthWest

    Try They seem to have a bunch of boats from the northwest. Most of them are commercial or sport, but there are some smaller on there.
  319. CaptainLeo

    Offshore PROWLER 'BEWARE"

    I like this guy!
  320. CaptainLeo

    Bringing short rods in the cabin?

    Come on, man. That's just crazy talk.
  321. CaptainLeo

    52lb. Halibut

    Bingo! South of the border.
  322. CaptainLeo

    Fishing with Sabikis?

    You mean sand dabs, right? If your job is pinheading, then you should know the regs on fish, just sayin.
  323. CaptainLeo

    Better rod for 300' rockfish/lingcod, 870 or 670?

    I think the 870 is the best all around salt water blank out there as far as glass goes. I have 870s for my rent rods because of this, but for what you are asking, I would go with the 670 because of the tip being a little stiffer. The 870 will still work, but the 670 is going to be better when...
  324. CaptainLeo

    How important is service in today's environment?

    There is absolutely no excuse for poor customer service. I always have people ask me if I guarantee fish and I tell them no, but I guarantee you will have a good time. I have been giving this a lot of thought as of late due to the last 2 seasons of "stellar" fishing we have had. It's kind of a 2...
  325. CaptainLeo

    asking for some help

    I really hate to be that guy, but it's Marine Corps, not Marine core. Sorry. It was always nice getting mail in boot camp.
  326. CaptainLeo

    Offshore 302 on 8-2-11

    Don't be so quick to blame the DSM 300. Unless you have no picture at all, it is probably the transducer. I have the B260 in my boat and it went out. Replaced it with the same one, little over a year later, out of warranty of course, and the sea temp stops working. Come to find out it is a...
  327. CaptainLeo

    Crazy craigslist ad!

    Watch out, this dude will put a curse on you.
  328. CaptainLeo


    Go to James & Joseph down on Harbor Island by the airport. They'll get you all set up.
  329. CaptainLeo

    Kenny Powers

    Pure genius!
  330. CaptainLeo

    Releasing rockfish

    Hey Tom, what's happening up there? Haven't been up that way in a while, but always stop by the harbor when I do come up. How's the fishing treating you guys?
  331. CaptainLeo

    Need some divers for the Newport WSB Pens

    I'll be there. Hopefully I will my other 2 tanks back from hydro by then.
  332. CaptainLeo

    Spear fishing in CBad?

    There are plenty of places in Carlsbad to spearfish and get some pretty decent fish. I would invite you to tag along, but with a screen name like badkarma, I'm not too sure. Haha. I would give it a little while, the wind from last week and the swell has the water kind of dirty right now.
  333. CaptainLeo

    New to the sport

    Thanks, Roger. Plenty of spots to dive around here, and they are not hard to find. If you're ever out this way, hit me up and if I'm not busy, I'll dive with you.
  334. CaptainLeo

    New to the sport

    There are many places to dive without a boat. Most people wear a 5mm suit because the water is a little colder. Check out and go check out the children's pool in La Jolla. Plenty at both places to learn about and from. Have fun and be safe.
  335. CaptainLeo

    50 gal Custom aluminum bait tank

    Very tempting. Just what I have been looking for.
  336. CaptainLeo

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing festival

    Those guys for the captain's license are usually at all of the shows, so you should be in luck. I think they usually have an ad in the back of the PCS mag. Check in there. If they aren't there and it isn't in the mag go get a copy of 'The Log' newspaper, they always have ads in there.
  337. CaptainLeo

    rookie needs some help

    Go to the children's pool on the weekends and there is usually plenty of people to get you started. Also, sign up on Good luck.
  338. CaptainLeo

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing festival

    I'm going to cruise up on Sunday. Does anybody know if it is going to be bigger than last year?
  339. CaptainLeo

    pismo clams

    I just went and got some a couple of weeks ago and nobody has died or gotten sick. It was probably the same beach you are going to, although, we were diving for them. Nothing like wearing your weight belt with an extra 20 pounds on it. Good luck.
  340. CaptainLeo

    Need some divers for the Newport WSB Pens

    I might be down to help out depending on when and if I am free. Just post the date when you get it and I can figure it out.
  341. CaptainLeo

    Osama was on Facebook

    Don't know if this was posted or not, but I think it's pretty damn funny.
  342. CaptainLeo

    Any suspension folks?

    Thanks, Miguel. I was thinking about just replacing just the one, but I think it will be easier to replace the whole thing. I talked to my father in law and he has done it before so I think we are going to do it.
  343. CaptainLeo

    Any suspension folks?

    2004 Dodge Ram 1500. Thanks for the info guys.
  344. CaptainLeo

    Any suspension folks?

    I finally decided to look under the truck to see if I could figure out what that rattling sound was. Anyway, one of the leafsprings is broken. Is there anybody here that can help me out or point me in the right direction? Thanks. Leo 760-207-3911
  345. CaptainLeo

    LineX, Rhino liner, etc.?

    That's where I went about 8 years ago and it the best. Unfortunately, I was driving by today and the Line-X sign was not there anymore.
  346. CaptainLeo

    Post on this thread if you read it

    I know I'm late, but what did I win?
  347. CaptainLeo

    Free UFC Tonight!!!

    Well played, sir! I was devastated when they took down the other site. Definitely have to bookmark this one.
  348. CaptainLeo

    Drum set for rods and reels

    Would you be interested in getting rid if just the snare?
  349. CaptainLeo

    Rockfish ID

    First! Gopher.
  350. CaptainLeo

    Donations to help those in Japan

    Hey folks, I know it isn't much, but Aries Sportfishing is going to donate a percentage of their proceeds from the month of April to help the Japan tsunami victims. At the end of April I will let you know how much we were able to donate. I have been watching some video and looking at a bunch...
  351. CaptainLeo

    what the hell is this?

    FIRST! Midshipman.
  352. CaptainLeo

    COLLECTOR Truline Octagon

    I thought I was the only one that noticed it. I didn't want to say anything because the guy is getting his balls busted pretty good, but, I think he needs it. That's a lot of money for a rod, even a Truline
  353. CaptainLeo

    "Red Snapper"

    Probably a red vermillion rockfish. Red snapper is a generic term people out here use for most red skinned rockfish. It actually drives me crazy. People come out on the boat and ask if we are going to be catching red snapper because it was in the fish count.
  354. CaptainLeo


    I have one. It's a little dirty, but it works. Come and get it.
  355. CaptainLeo

    Daiwa SLD 30 Two-Speed

    Day late and a dollar short. If for some reason the deal falls through, I will definitely buy it.
  356. CaptainLeo

    Help? Spearfishing

    Give me a call if you want. 760.207.3911
  357. CaptainLeo

    Deck Hand

    How much do you know about spearfishing and what is your availability?
  358. CaptainLeo

    Maui Shark attack

    Doesn't look that bad until you see the close up. Pretty gross. That kid is lucky, I am sure it could have been much worse.
  359. CaptainLeo

    100cm Rob Allen Railgun

    You should have traded for the Penn, then turned around and either traded that or sold it. I would see if he still wanted to trade.
  360. CaptainLeo


    Match the hatch. If they pushing up tiny shad, use a tiny zarra puppy of something of the sort.
  361. CaptainLeo

    Steroids, not a real good choice...

    Ok, now that was just fucking gross! That had to be the nastiest thing I have ever seen and I have been on a couple of deployments.
  362. CaptainLeo

    outboard motor carrier/ anchor/ dive weights/ rod holder

    I'll take what you have in weights. Let me know.
  363. CaptainLeo


    I'll take the roller. When can i come get it?
  364. CaptainLeo

    Slayer goes to church

    Instant classic!
  365. CaptainLeo

    Getting Rigged to Make Squid/Squirts/Calamari!

    You really don't need a crowder. I don't know how much squid you really need, but we scooped about 300 pounds after we filled my bait tank last week with our bait scoop.
  366. CaptainLeo

    Found reel

    I was diving Oceanside harbor last night and came across a broken rod with a reel attached. Looked like it had only been there a short while; no corrosion or growth. The rod was a one piece originally, but it is now a two piece, trash. Anyway, shoot me a PM and describe the reel and you can come...
  367. CaptainLeo

    Dusky Shark in La Jolla?

    Probably a soupfin.
  368. CaptainLeo

    Any Corgi breeders around here?

    I am looking to get my little girls a Corgi puppy for Christmas and thought I would check here first. Thanks.
  369. CaptainLeo

    Catalina Sat. 10-16

    Had a charter to Catalina for some guys to spearfish and it didn't go too bad. We were supposed to go to SCI, but pretty much the whole island was closed. We started at Church Rock and that is where we got most of our fish. We had 2 guys shoot their first WSB with many more seen. Theirs weren't...
  370. CaptainLeo

    Marines returning from Afghanistan

    Sent you a PM.
  371. CaptainLeo

    1970 vw motor problem

    You can also check out :: Volkswagen Classifieds, photos, shows, forums, and information Pretty cool site for anything VW.
  372. CaptainLeo

    Lost my anchor- any divers want to look

    I'll be over there the weekend of the 23-24. I could take a look for you then if you don't mind waiting.
  373. CaptainLeo

    Flathead Catfishing Dope

    Unless the regs have changed recently, you can use goldfish in the Colorado river. That is where I was talking about. I am sure he knows if they are legal in where is. Anyway, that was just my dos centavos.
  374. CaptainLeo


    If you want to make the drive to Oceanside, I have a dive belt you can have. It is the nylon belt with a buckle, but it's yours if you want it. I might think about selling my rubber belt, too. Let me know.
  375. CaptainLeo


    If it isn't reading more than 150 feet, maybe check to see if your fishfinder is in auto or manual mode. If you are out in deep water and it is in auto, it will keep cycling looking for the bottom, put it in manual depth mode. As for the temp, it is a common problem. Mine went out a few weeks...
  376. CaptainLeo

    Flathead Catfishing Dope

    I don't know if you can use them, but I used to use the bigger goldfish fishing in the Colorado river. The flatheads seem to love them. I used to do equally well on the bluegill, also. Never used the baby carp.
  377. CaptainLeo

    Looking for SD spear fishing information

    Hey Adam, most people tend to freedive spearfish due to the bubbles from scuba being so loud under water and scaring fish. Check out for a lot more info on the matter. I don't know a lot of spots in SD to shore dive, I do all of my diving either from my boat or N. county beaches...
  378. CaptainLeo

    GPS antenna cable

    I have a cable for the Raymarine Raystar 125 GPS antenna if somebody wants it. Come and get it.
  379. CaptainLeo

    Offshore SLOW 209 - 181 - 209 - 297

    Yeah, the transducers they use suck ass. Mine is the B260 1kw transducer. It's a little more than a year old and the temp sensor went out. I talked to a guy at CME in shelter island and he said it is a common occurrence. If that's the case, they need to fix this shit. I'm going to go with a...
  380. CaptainLeo

    Raymarine thruhull transducer and DSM 300

    For the click, check to see what setting you have your meter on. I was messing around with mine and put it is some dual mode and it started clicking. Changed it back to single mode and it went away. Sorry I can't be more specific, it's been awhile.
  381. CaptainLeo


    Hey, Tommy, I might get those clamp on rod holders and fenders. Let me get with you tomorrow.
  382. CaptainLeo

    Stolen gear

    No, but they had a security guard standing in the door. We were parked directly in front of the door. I will have him check it out tomorrow.
  383. CaptainLeo

    Stolen gear

    Yes, I hope we find them, as well. I mean it, you know, the gear. Yeah, the gear.
  384. CaptainLeo

    Stolen gear

    My deckhand had his rod and reel stolen out of the back of my truck yesterday. We were at the Rite-Aid on Coast highway and Oceanside Blvd when it happened. The rod was a Daiwa Heartland salmon & steelhead rod. 7'9" extra heavy and the reel was an Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50. If anybody hears of...
  385. CaptainLeo

    What Sonar do you use ?

  386. CaptainLeo

    Raytheon C70...HELP!

    If I wasn't busy tomorrow, I would help you out. I have the C120, but can't think of where it's at off the top of my head. I think you go to the pages menu and select the personalize option and it will show which things are available. Something like that.
  387. CaptainLeo

    Calstar 870

    Yes. It is rated 15-40 and I think that is the best to put on there. I have 870s for my rentals and I spool the reels up with 30.
  388. CaptainLeo


    Tommy, when should I come by to get that halibut? HAHA
  389. CaptainLeo

    Lost at Sea (San Diego) - Skunked 3X - Need help for beginners

    Shoot me a PM, I can probably help you out.
  390. CaptainLeo

    Lou Grivetto 5 July 1924-27 June 2010

    Sorry to hear about your dad, Dina. I know a lot of Marines that would have killed to take Chesty fishing.
  391. CaptainLeo

    bass rod for tuna?

    I'll add my 2 cents. Sometimes the fish are up and down, yeah the lighter string gets bit more often, but when the whole boat is waiting for 1 guy to get his fish up and the whole is moving at a good clip the rest of the boat usually isn't too happy about it. I am not a big fan of using really...
  392. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Good four or six pack

    Give me a call if you have any questions or just drop on by. I am there quite often doing boat "stuff".
  393. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Good four or six pack

    I'm in Oceanside, as well. Check us out and give me a hollar if you have any specific questions. Thanks. Aries Sportfishing
  394. CaptainLeo

    Senor Hefe was working for Sea Shepherd all along

    Everytime I hear the name Paul Watson or sea shepard, I want to punch him in his fat fucking face. I can't begin to describe how much that piece of shit makes me mad.
  395. CaptainLeo

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    There are these things called the Coronado Islands that look just like big rocks. It's unfortunate that this happened, and no, I would not want to be in the 2nd's shoe right now. Chuck can have a little bit of a temper at times.
  396. CaptainLeo


    Thanks, Rick. I will give you a call Sunday morning.
  397. CaptainLeo


    Yes. I am going to the PCS show tomorrow. I can probably come get it on Sunday. Is that cool?
  398. CaptainLeo


    Did OCPoacher get that Icom?
  399. CaptainLeo

    Ringed hook VS Hook tied with perfection loop

    What's up, Eric? It was me, Justin doesn't know how to tie it. Either that, or he just didn't. Yeah, the loop isn't very strong, but you can still catch fish with it. Have caught plenty of fish, up to 60 YFT on it. I still use it and I know it isn't that strong.
  400. CaptainLeo

    Ringed hook VS Hook tied with perfection loop

    The perfection loop, baldy knot, live bait knot, whatever you call it is pretty much the only knot I use for live bait and plastics. I like it, it's easy to tie and you get great action on your baits. The problem with that knot is that it is not very strong. I think it tests out at around 75%, I...
  401. CaptainLeo

    Ande Clear Line

    Try Pacific coast bait and tackle in Oceanside. I know they had some 2# spools of the pink. Can't remember if they had clear or not.
  402. CaptainLeo

    Jarheads need advice

    Hey, Trey. Give me a call when you want to get dialed in. I run a 6 pack out of Oceanside and can help you guys out. Also, I wouldn't trust that guy Rod. He likes to give guys he doesn't know hugs. Pretty fruity if you ask me. 760-207-3911
  403. CaptainLeo

    Is pre season hooping legal?

    I'm pretty sure it's illegal. Plus, I wouldn't want to be caught with lobster if DFG was checking people.
  404. CaptainLeo

    Dorado sushi?

    I don't think it's a good tasting fish raw. They do have dorado over in Japan, at least in Okinawa.
  405. CaptainLeo

    Family to family home transfer?

    Put it in my name.
  406. CaptainLeo

    Carpet cleaning

    Get a hold of Tito at JW Solutions. They did my house when I flooded it. 858-869-7795 He's also a member here.
  407. CaptainLeo

    Aries Sportfishing mixed batch 4/11....

    Thanks for coming out, Tito. Wish it could have been a little bit better. Next time. To the guys that flaked, leave them at home again.
  408. CaptainLeo

    skinning knife

    It's all technique, brother. You don't need a special knife to take the skin off.
  409. CaptainLeo

    Camping/shore diving info.

    Fred Hall was exhausting, can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow night for the bay area. I will be up there Thursday-Saturday. I need to leave about 4:00 A.M. on Sunday, it's my older daughter's birthday party.
  410. CaptainLeo

    what riffe speargun should I keep

    Sell them all and buy a Sea Sniper.
  411. CaptainLeo

    Camping/shore diving info.

    See you this weekend, Tommy.
  412. CaptainLeo

    reel for truline tnt rod....

    I just felt a chil. Run down my spine. That had to be painful to have happened.
  413. CaptainLeo

    reel for truline tnt rod....

    I have the baja special spooled with 65 pound spectra and a 50 pink ande topshot on mine.
  414. CaptainLeo


    Sometimes it takes Tony awhile to get it done. Sometimes it takes a few minutes. Luck of the draw I guess.
  415. CaptainLeo

    for the win

    Took me a second. Pretty funny.
  416. CaptainLeo

    Squid charter O'side 2-4-10

    Do you know me? If so, cool. If not, shut the fuck up!
  417. CaptainLeo

    Aluminum fabrication for boat

    Hasn't Ed told you of his aluminum fabrication skills? He's the best, just ask him.
  418. CaptainLeo

    Calcutta Bamboo for a Gaff

    Go to Harbor Marine in Little Italy. Pete will probably have a small piece laying around. If not, I think a whole piece of calcutta is less than $20. Buy the whole thing, make a few gaffs and sell them to your kayak buddies.
  419. CaptainLeo

    Squid charter O'side 2-4-10

    That's me lurking in the back without a squid.
  420. CaptainLeo

    Squid charter O'side 2-4-10

    Did a squid charter last night for 6 guys and pretty much got the job done. We left the dock at 5, were out to the grounds about 5:20, but didn't have anything on board until 7-7:30. We started fishing in 1,100 ft of water and the squid were biting about 3/4 down the water column. We got 2 and...
  421. CaptainLeo

    Need a carpet guy ASAMFP!!!

    Got a guy coming, thanks, Tito. Story later.
  422. CaptainLeo

    Need a carpet guy ASAMFP!!!

    I flooded the house this morning and need someone for water extraction. The sooner the better. Thanks. 760-207-3911 Leo
  423. CaptainLeo

    squid set up

    60? You better go back to work, son! That's a .50 cal. Friggin army guys. Haha. I would go with something on the heavier side. They tend pull a little bit.
  424. CaptainLeo

    Oceanside squid 2/1/10

    I found them right outside the academy in about 40 fathoms. They were moving very quickly once we got on them, but there was enough to go around. I metered them in the canyon the day before. I was in 220 fathoms and I saw them in 150 fathoms.
  425. CaptainLeo

    Oceanside squid 2/1/10

    Went out yesterday to do some fishing and was running around looking to make a little bait. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought a fish boil. Went over to check it out and sure enough, it was the squid. There were tons of them. I didn't really have anything rigged up for catching...
  426. CaptainLeo


    Thanks for the back up. One more thing, if I may. Remember, you are looking for a job, just because it is on a fishing boat, doesn't mean you should show up looking like you just came off of one for the past month. I am not saying you need to wear a suit and a tie, but it is basically a job...
  427. CaptainLeo


    Ok, I'm just going to throw this out there. Some of you guys will give me shit for it, I don't care. If you are trying to get a job on a boat, don't show up with a quiver of rods. All it shows me is that you want to fish for free. If you are working on a boat, work. If you want to fish, take a...
  428. CaptainLeo


  429. CaptainLeo

    Harnell and rody jigsticks

    Ok, you drive a hard bargain. I will give you $75 for both. I will need you to drop those off for me. Thanks.
  430. CaptainLeo

    Harnell and rody jigsticks

    That's funny! I'll give you for $45 for the Harnell. Can you deliver? Is this your new number?
  431. CaptainLeo

    Prime Rib

    I'll be right over.
  432. CaptainLeo

    snorkeling mask?

    The one shop I go to for freediving gear is James&Joseph on harbor island. They have plenty of gear and it is good quality, but might not exactly what you are looking for. If there is a sport chalet nearby, try there. They don't have to be there to try stuff on, but I would keep your receipt in...
  433. CaptainLeo

    Invitation to join Oceanside Anglers Club 2010

    One of these days I'm actually going to finally join.
  434. CaptainLeo

    What's your favorite mono

    Pink Ande, hands down. I use it on all of my rods and my rentals.
  435. CaptainLeo


    I've caught a few in the Colorado River. Decent sized fish, also. The first was on a crank bait and the other 2 were on plastics.
  436. CaptainLeo


    I'll be there and bringing another.
  437. CaptainLeo

    Guitar package

    Schecter Omen 6 bolt on neck, Crate GX-30m practice amp, SKB Freedom hardcase, Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, 2x10ft. chords, leather strap, and stand. I do not play it anymore. Guitar is a couple of years old, still have receipt for it and case. $350.00 firm. Prefer pick up or can meet in So-Cal...
  438. CaptainLeo

    anything around Oside?

    There's plenty of diving around here. The harbor can be pretty good whEn the viz is decent. Better shore diving south of here; Carlsbad, Leucadia. You get the picture. This week is going to be horrible due to weather coming in. Hit me up if you have anymore questions.
  439. CaptainLeo

    Change the impeller and still getting hot

    Make sure that the housing for the impeller is ok. The housing on one of my engines had a small piece break and it was tearing up the impellers. It took a little while to figure out what it was. Got a new housing and everything is fine. Also, do what everyone else said.
  440. CaptainLeo

    Shock Lines

    What kind of gun do you have? If it is a JBL, then yes, it is just tying 2 knots. It is most other guns you need some new mono, crimps, and a crimping tool.
  441. CaptainLeo

    Child PFD Question

    Minimum age is when they get on the boat they need to have one on. If you are asking how old does a child have to be when it is not required anymore is 13. 12 and under need to be wearing a pfd at all times on a boat. Does that help?
  442. CaptainLeo

    40'er sinks in Oceanside

    Well played, sir.
  443. CaptainLeo

    40'er sinks in Oceanside

    Did you get a new phone yet? If so, I will call you tomorrow.
  444. CaptainLeo

    40'er sinks in Oceanside

    Oh snap! Hey, Bob. Give me a call when you get a chance.
  445. CaptainLeo

    Offshore late Hidden Bank report

    You're trippin'. Haven't seen too many pilot fish in the kelp beds. This kid gets r dun on the kelps with his dad.
  446. CaptainLeo

    raymarine c14w no temp reading

    You have to go to the page set up menu. You will find where it will say to have temp on or off. Pick on.
  447. CaptainLeo

    Offshore waves were big

    Way to redeem yourself. Good job.
  448. CaptainLeo

    Offshore waves were big

    Since you're 65 I am sure you don't need to be told to do spellcheck either, do you? I actually have a pretty good life; I own my own business, fish when I want, and I can spell and form a proper sentence. Maybe if someone was a little harder on the kid or payed a little attention to his...
  449. CaptainLeo

    Offshore waves were big

    PUNCTUATION!!!! GRAMMAR!!!! That kind of hurt reading what you just wrote.
  450. CaptainLeo

    Offshore VIDEO - Filleting 101 (plus a little fishing action)

    Not everyone has vimeo account. I can't watch unless logged in.
  451. CaptainLeo

    Spirit Sportfishing out of 22nd St

    Had a guy call me and tell me they had put a deposit down and they couldn't go. They ended up chartering my boat and they told me what was going on. Sounds like strange things are afoot at the local Circle K.
  452. CaptainLeo

    reel placement question

    Here's how I do it and a lot of others will probably agree. Place the butt of the rod at your elbow and have it run along your forearm. Make a "thumbs up" sign with your hand and point it in line with your forearm, as well. Where your thumb is on the rod is where the middle of the foot of the...
  453. CaptainLeo

    Scuba diving for lobsters opening night?

    Who's working?
  454. CaptainLeo

    Scuba diving for lobsters opening night?

    HAHA, sucker! I think I am going to be booked full on the opener.
  455. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    I'm glad this was unlocked. Let's try and keep it civil, it is just a fish report.
  456. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Thanks guys. I just figured out why everybody is hating, people don't like what they are afraid of. Not everybody has the gonads to jump in offshore like that, that's cool, I can respect that.
  457. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Give me a hollar. We'll get you dialed in.
  458. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Here you go, Joel. My name is Leo and I am the owner/operator. Aries Sportfishing Thanks.
  459. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Ok, how about you think about it this way. When some one jumps in the water to shoot fish, they get to see what is under that kelp and see what the fish are doing and how many fish are there. I would think that that would be valuable information to anybody that is fishing a particular area that...
  460. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Ok, if it makes it a little better for the guys that don't get it, we got 4 skipjack on the troll. There you go, offshore fishing report.
  461. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    I don't have any skills, it was my customers doing all the shooting. This was a spearfishing charter, I also do rod and reel charters, as well.
  462. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Hey, Dino. Maybe you want to try and shoot some fish sometime. Give me a call.
  463. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Thanks for the back up, guys. I was going to post something really lame, but I have a reputation to maintain. That's even funnier than what I was going to post. Scott, you're a dork. Call me.
  464. CaptainLeo

    need help with fins

    If you have a wide foot, go check out the Picasso Blackteams. That is what I use and love them.
  465. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Offshore spearfishing trip

    Had a 5 person spearfishing charter today to try and get some kelp paddy fish. Started looking a little northeast of the 182. Got to the 182 and looked around the area, but couldn't find any kelps. Started heading to the upper 9 and found a little scratch of kelp/ Trolled around it and got jig...
  466. CaptainLeo

    September 11th and other crazy birthdays

    I got the first issue of my captain's license 9-11. But it was 1 year later.
  467. CaptainLeo

    Offshore Decent day on the water

    Left Oceanside at midnight to fish yesterday. Putted out in flat weather with plenty of moonlight to see everything. Got to the 43 and worked the area for nothing but a few empty paddies. Saw a spot of fish under some tern birds, but they sank out before we could even get close. Started heading...
  468. CaptainLeo

    raymarine DSM300 question

    Mine did the same thing and it ended up being the transducer. I had to change it, it went out. Hopefully you can figure it out and don't have to buy a new transducer. At least not the same one I did.
  469. CaptainLeo

    Looking for a Passenger Vessel / Inspected Most of their stuff is up north, but they have some boats. I haven't looked at them in awhile, but used to quite often.
  470. CaptainLeo

    O'side halibut

    Thanks a lot! Just trying to get my name out there.
  471. CaptainLeo

    O'side halibut

    It wasn't like that on m computer. Oh well, you get the idea.
  472. CaptainLeo

    O'side halibut

    Took my buddy and his family out on the boat today to do some fishing before they move to Texas on the first. Great weather, water was a little green, but really warm. No current to speak of on the first couple of spots so I told them we were gong to do a couple of halibut drifts before we went...
  473. CaptainLeo

    Attention All Captains!!!!!!

    I need someone. If only you lived closer.
  474. CaptainLeo

    NorCal Longfin

    Outside of Half Moon Bay. It would take a while to get there from San Diego.
  475. CaptainLeo

    Clay Guida vs Diego Sanchez - Tonight 9:00pm 6/20

    I hope Guida whoops his ass! I can't stand Diego Sanchez. I would probably like him if he didn't talk about himself in the third person. What a douche.
  476. CaptainLeo

    Anchoring at The Coronados

    Anchor up in the lee of south island. You will be able to get some good sleep.
  477. CaptainLeo

    Mini PC

    They have those small laptops now that I am pretty sure have everything you need. They have them at Costco for about $300 or $350. My wife's friend just got one and she loves it.
  478. CaptainLeo

    Red Skies in the

    i shoulda plowed right over the nipples. Not the nipples! That shit hurts.
  479. CaptainLeo

    Cal Star Rods

    Anywhere that wraps rods will be able to do it. You don't need to send it up there.
  480. CaptainLeo


    I think everybody is doing the same thing, Dustin. I just lowered the prices on most of my trips the other day.
  481. CaptainLeo

    2nd place 4 the KNUCKLEHEAD

    Sportie? Did you guys fish it, too? How did you do?
  482. CaptainLeo

    OAC meeting Tuesday night May 5th

    Thanks, Joe. If I can get the outdrives back on the boat and have it back in the water, I will stop by.
  483. CaptainLeo

    OAC meeting Tuesday night May 5th

    Hey, Joe. Where and when is the meeting? I would like to join, just been really busy. Can you give me some details? Thanks.
  484. CaptainLeo

    Ummmm, WHAT THE [email protected]#k GUYS?!?

    Damn, Dave! You're mean. I will see you in the morning. Just couldn't make it today, wanted to, but couldn't. if anyone wants to catch a ride with me from Oceanside, shoot me a PM or post up here. I will be up for a while and will check in the morning. Be there!
  485. CaptainLeo

    Sea Adventure 80 SOLD>>>>

    No. He said he might run the Jig Strike here and there.
  486. CaptainLeo

    Identifying Species on Fishfinders

    Good answer. From my experience, meters are going to show fish marks differently. The first meter I ever saw was a paper graph, that thing was awesome. The first few boats I worked on had meters with only one color to read. All of the boats I have ran all used Furuno meters and they seemed...
  487. CaptainLeo

    Lets See Your Logos!

    Thanks, man. Trying to get my 6 pack biz going. Kind of tough right now with everybody trying to save some money, don't blame em.
  488. CaptainLeo

    Lets See Your Logos!

    Here's mine.
  489. CaptainLeo

    We have a meeting location: MLPA 101 basics.

    Good thing, Paul. I will try to make it at least one of those nights.
  490. CaptainLeo


    Mike's a good guy. He know how to catch a few fish, too.
  491. CaptainLeo

    Someone buy my bike YO

    Shocks, pegs, lucky!
  492. CaptainLeo


    Does it only do it under load or does it act like that when in neutral? When my fuel pump was bad, it acted fine in neutral, but when under load, it ran like crap.
  493. CaptainLeo

    Squid boats LJ

    That's funny right there, Tommy.
  494. CaptainLeo


    I have twin Mercruiser 7.4 liters in my boat and one of my fuel pumps went out. When i was trying to diagnose the problem, I would get on the throttle and right around 3,000 rpm's, I would get a loud pop. Do you have an electronic fuel pump? That is what I have on mine.
  495. CaptainLeo

    Got a License - you will need TWIC

    Craig, do the pre-enrollment online, it will save you a little time. Then when you go in there, it won't take but a few minutes.
  496. CaptainLeo

    Bait Caster

    Definitely use more thumb. One thing I like to teach people when learning to use a conventional style reel is to not try to huck the thing as far as you can when just learning. Start out pitching it underhand to get used to the way your reel works. Once you start to get good at that, try...
  497. CaptainLeo

    boat wiring

    If you do it yourself, check the classifieds section. There was a guy a while back selling a bunch of brand new wire. I was thinking about buying a bunch for my boat. Stuff was pretty cheap, too.
  498. CaptainLeo

    How Would You Handle This??

    No worries, man. Just trying to help you get back on the water. Believe me, I know what it's like to have boat problems.
  499. CaptainLeo

    How Would You Handle This??

    Great advice on the ball valve. Another part of that equation is to not use a PVC valve. I know it is much less expensive, but they like to break and then they are hard to turn. Use bronze or if you are a big baller, you can find a stainless ball valve. What size through hull are you using? I...
  500. CaptainLeo

    New Bands for old gun

    Upsports, the kayak place, by the harbor sells Riffe bands. That is the only place that sells good bands. Underwater school of America sells JBL bands. What does the shaft look like? Does it have the little sharkfin tabs or does it have notches? It will make a difference.
  501. CaptainLeo

    High Speed Internet when offshore

    Sent you a PM.
  502. CaptainLeo


    There is a guy that only fishes the surf pretty much exclusively and he has caught numerous stripers in the north county area. If you go to Pacific Coast bait and tackle in O'side, there are a couple of pics of him and some of the fish he has caught.
  503. CaptainLeo

    fishin @ the Coronados

    Rockpile is further south than the islands. They fish on the 3/4 day if the yellows are there, it is just a longer run.
  504. CaptainLeo

    halibut fishing

    Dude, you need to get out there and pound some sand. Start fishing the beaches around your area and you will find some. Just heard from a very reliable source that a lot of grunion have been around so that is a good sign for halibut from the beach.
  505. CaptainLeo

    Got a License - you will need TWIC

    Got mine last year. Didn't take that long and got it back after a week and a half. A lot sooner than they told me.
  506. CaptainLeo

    Hey Gang, Warrior fishing 2009

    PM sent, Karl
  507. CaptainLeo

    Looking to Fish in Encinitas!

    Sent you a PM, Wade.
  508. CaptainLeo

    New Toy

    Turn 8 is the big sweeper that you can get triple digit speeds, no problem. Turn 9 is the one that you just countersteer a little more and head down the front straight. If you get too far inside on 9, you will bottom out and scrape your plastics. The last trackday I did at big Willow, I was in...
  509. CaptainLeo

    T-shark report (sort of)

    Yesterday on the way out in front of the power plant in Carlsbad, there was bait everywhere and birds working everywhere. The water was a little off color and I did see a thresher whacking at some bait on the surface. Didn't see as much bait today, but it was still there. Pretty nasty wind chop...
  510. CaptainLeo

    Getting into free diving

    Go to a San Diego Freedivers meeting. Don't think there is one this month. Check out How comfortable are you in the water? I would start where there isn't a whole lot of moving water, maybe LJ cove or something like that.
  511. CaptainLeo

    livewell problem

    Figure what pump you are using, I may have an extra.
  512. CaptainLeo

    Patriot is for sale

    Look at the Gross Tonnage, that is one of the reasons it is for sale. Not a whole lot of sportboat captains with licenses bigger than 100 gross tons.
  513. CaptainLeo

    GSXR Ticket and FAIL

    I hereby dub thee 'King of Doucheville' What a jackass. He gives a bad name to anyone with a sportbike.
  514. CaptainLeo

    Squid out of HMB

    Tom is a great captain. The Hulicat is the first boat I worked on in HMB back in 98, and Tom was the captain at the time, as well.
  515. CaptainLeo

    Good Fillet Knife

    Word. I use either a 5" or 6" for everything, just depends on my mood. From rockfish to halibut to big tuna, whatever.
  516. CaptainLeo

    my steellies bigger than yours!!!!

    That's rad. Haven't caught a steelhead since I was a kid and lived in Washington.
  517. CaptainLeo

    Spearguns in Mexico???

    I'm not 100%, but you can't use scuba and spearfish. Don't even have scuba gear on the boat with your spearfishing gear.
  518. CaptainLeo

    How do tell if the Lobster is a male or female?

    Also, on the females, the last set of legs has little claws to tend the eggs with.
  519. CaptainLeo

    Will weld for fish

    Sent you a PM.
  520. CaptainLeo

    Offshore My decks are finally bloody!!!

    Good to go! Col. Biszak was my CO when I was with Kilo Co. 3/5 a bunch of years ago. He actually wrote a nice letter of recommendation for me when I got out.
  521. CaptainLeo

    Wheelchair access at landings

    Any sportboat would be absolutely stupid to not want to help someone that wants to go fishing on one of their boats. Bad publicity to turn away someone that has a handicap., IMO. We used to do it on the Electra out of Helgren's quite a bit. She should probably go and talk to the crew about it...
  522. CaptainLeo


    Check out You might get afew more replies there. Good site for the tards. I was looking on there for a tard as well until I got laid off. Good luck.
  523. CaptainLeo

    What Fins

    Another vote for the Blackteams. I have a pretty wide foot and they fit me great. The only other fin I have tried on were the Esclapez open heel and they were fine until I got the closed heel. That is another thing, go with the closed heel if you can. They seem to move you better than the open...
  524. CaptainLeo

    Tire pressure question

    I have always filled it to what the tire says. Sometimes it will say inflate to this much when carrying a load or something. Also, tire pressure increases when the tires get hot, i.e., when driving the tire heats up and the pressure rises. Maybe that is why they only filled to 35psi. Just a thought.
  525. CaptainLeo

    Albie Setup?

    If you noticed, this clown said if he didn't want to break the bank, that is what I would get. My favorite bait stick is my 6480 w/a Penn 3/0 and 30#. It has never done me wrong and I have been fishing that reel for about 9 years with only one rebuild. Try that with your nice machined reels with...
  526. CaptainLeo

    bait dies in 3-4 hours??

    Look at the pic in your signature and avatar. See the cut out piece of the boat in the corner? Those are scuppers. They are there to let water and whatnot out,off of the boat. If you have a small boat, you probably don't have any scuppers.
  527. CaptainLeo

    Albie Setup?

    If you want simple without breaking the bank, I would either go Calstar 870 with a Penn 500 or 3/0 or a Calstar 6480 with a Penn 3/0. Spool either of those with 30 pound and you are golden. I am saying Calstar just because I like them. Some people will say Seeker or whatever, I am just using...
  528. CaptainLeo

    bait dies in 3-4 hours??

    I would probably try to get your intake water somewhere other than a "scupper". Good chance you are getting a lot of cavitation and too many air bubbles in the water. That will kill the bait pretty good. Next time you fill up the bait tank, check to see if you get a lot of bubbles or air in the...
  529. CaptainLeo

    Help out a saltwater newb/who wants to go fishing?

    That's funny you went there got a Penn 500 set up. I went in Friday to Hugh and what a lot of the new fishermen were buying. We both agreed that the Penn 500 was probably one of the best all around salt water reels to get that won't bresk the bank and definitley gets the job done. Good luck and...
  530. CaptainLeo

    Fishing the Baja Special

    I fish mine with 50# mono on a Truline TNT. No spectra. It is for the yo-yo as well.
  531. CaptainLeo

    the flying lure

    I actually bought those things about 15 years ago and caught quite a bit of bass in Oceanside harbor with them. Nothing huge, mostly small calicos, sandies, and spotties. Never tried them anywhere else. For the most part, it is a gimmick that doesn't really work too well. I think I still have...
  532. CaptainLeo

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Make sure you crush all of your beer cans on the deck. Especially if the boat just came out of the yard and has fresh paint. Let your cigarette butts burn marks in the paint on the deck and bait tank.
  533. CaptainLeo

    H&M Landing?

    What rig? I am a man without a country. I have no idea where I will be this season. I do have 3 to choose from, though. Plus, I am a big fan of the hardwood floors!:Pelvic_Thrust:
  534. CaptainLeo

    H&M Landing?

    That makes it a lot easier to do maintenance on the rails. Vacuum them instead of varnishing them. Sounds good to me.
  535. CaptainLeo

    H&M Landing?

    The Galillean just came back to H&M this winter and is owned by Harlan Berk. The Relentless is owned by Joel Ralston. both are great captains and get the job done. I would fish on either one of these boats.
  536. CaptainLeo

    Need dive buddy

  537. CaptainLeo


    It doesn't get much better than this, folks! Enjoy. Meatwater | High Efficiency Survival Beverage
  538. CaptainLeo

    Need dive buddy

    Troy, check out All the freedive and spearfishing info you will ever need. Lots of good guys over there as well. Maybe we can get out some other time.
  539. CaptainLeo

    Need dive buddy

    Would love to go with you, but the wife happens to be a mother and for some strange reason she wants to spend the day with the kids and me. Good luck. Be safe.
  540. CaptainLeo

    Lost WEIGHT Belt

    Yeah, that pic was taken at Palomar a few years ago. Actually just rode up there Sunday. Don't get out as much as I used to, having a couple youngins at home. Priorities change a bit.
  541. CaptainLeo

    Lost WEIGHT Belt

    Freediving. I backtracked quite a bit and didn't see it. Not to mention his 7mm wetsuit, he bobbed around like a cork. You should have seen him try to get down, quite a sight to see.
  542. CaptainLeo

    Aqua Lung sale

    A friend's wife works there and told me about the sales they. They are usually about every 6 months. I got all of my dive gear for less than $750. And it not crap gear. If you need dive gear, get to this sale. Also, get there early, people will came and buy up a bunch of stuff and then take it...
  543. CaptainLeo

    Ok heres one ,I get closterphbic whie diving

    It actually to a lot of people that are claustrophobic. I am really claustrophobic, but it doesn't bother when I dive. I used to work with commercial divers and they say that I am an anamoly. Maybe try easing yourself into it by getting into a pool for a few dives and then maybe in a harbor or...
  544. CaptainLeo

    Deadliest Catch (Discovery)

    I watched both new episodes on Tuesday night and neither of them had the Maverick in them, that I remember. You might be thinking of the best of episodes that have been airing for the last 2 weeks.
  545. CaptainLeo

    New fin recomadation

    If memory serves correct, the 2000HFs are stiffer than the 3000LDs. The Cressis have a narrower foot pocket than some of the other brands. I am a big guy with a wide foot and went with the Picasso Blackteams, they are stiffer and have a wide foot pocket.
  546. CaptainLeo

    Do you guys ride? Lets see pics of your bike

    Nice bike, Pee Wee. Watch out, Francis might try to steal it.
  547. CaptainLeo

    new to spearfishing

    I would try and find out exactly what they are teaching you at this class first. Go check out for anything you need to know about spearfishing. I have never heard of a hunting class. performance freediving, yes, hunting, no. You never know, it might be a bitchen class.
  548. CaptainLeo

    anybody going out? wanna help a newbie

    Don't worry too much about it. This board is mainly rod and reel fisherpersons, some don't spearfish and just read the posts. I saw you posted on Spearboard, you should get a few more replies over there.
  549. CaptainLeo

    anybody going out? wanna help a newbie

    The next SD Freedivers meeting is on the 28th. There is a BBQ on the 19th, it is supposed to be for members only, but contact someone from the club and check it out. It is at James and Joseph. I would go dive with you, but I lost my weight belt and need to get a new one.
  550. CaptainLeo

    UFC Ultimate Fighter

    It's probably on youtube already. It was pretty gnarley!
  551. CaptainLeo

    T sharks are late :(

    Good job getting your license. Hopefully you will be using it wisely.
  552. CaptainLeo

    Spearfishing patties offshore?

    I had a blue shark all of about 3 feet long try to chew on my float last year on a paddy. I smacked it in the nose and it didn't come back.
  553. CaptainLeo

    Harnell or newer jig stick

    I would get it just to get it. I have a Harnell 542 and it kicks the shit out of the yellows.
  554. CaptainLeo

    I need just the right hook, help!

    I would look up some of the tackle shops in the Bay Area. Check out Hi's, I believe it is in San Fran. Also check out Huck Finn's in Pillar Point Harbor and Half Moon Bay sportfishing, they will definitely have them. I am pretty certain they will ship some to you. The good old crowbars, had a 30...
  555. CaptainLeo

    Looking for a deckhand job starting late May

    Start looking at the landings. See if they need someone to help scrub and take care of the boat. I highly recommend getting your STCW certification if this is what you want to do. Without it, you will be only able to work half day trips that stay in U.S. waters. Try to get a job at the landing...
  556. CaptainLeo

    Need help with the California Lobster laws!

    Still NO. Commercial lobster permits are not available through DFG. The only way you can get one is from someone that has one and is selling it. I think they can be willed to you if a relative has one. You can get a lobster crew member permit, but not a lobster operator permit. I have been...
  557. CaptainLeo


    That couldn't be further from the truth. When working on sportboats, you are subject to random drug testing, when they want you to pee, you go pee. It happens to everybody in the industry at one time or another. It has nothing to do with being tipped off, if the guy says he doesn't do drugs...
  558. CaptainLeo

    Coast Guard Liscense Renewal

    Yeah, it is not at Terminal Island anymore. It is downtown.
  559. CaptainLeo

    Need some lead?

    Jason, your avatar gives me the creeps!
  560. CaptainLeo

    Maui Fishing March??

    Go to Lahaina Harbor and look for the Absolute. A friend of mine used to work/run it a few years ago, haven't talked to him in awhile. His name is Jimmy. Most of the boats you fish on don't let you keep any fish, so be forewarned. They sell it to the restaurants. If memory serves correst, that...
  561. CaptainLeo

    Where To Start?

    That's funny. Rox and I have recommended the same type set up on a couple of occasions. I would go with a Penn 3/0 over the 500, but either way is great. And for a rod I like the Calstar 870 rated 15-40, great all around rod.
  562. CaptainLeo

    Free reel

    I haven't heard from Shaka. If you want it, let me know when you want to get it.
  563. CaptainLeo

    Free reel

    Yeah, do you want it?
  564. CaptainLeo

    Free reel

    I have a Shimano Baitrunner 6500 that is free to anybody that wants it. The only thing wrong with it, that I can think of, is the baitrunner feature does not click back into gear, it has to be done manually. Anyway, I was cleaning out the garage today and ran across it, if somebody wants it...
  565. CaptainLeo

    Cardiff & Anderson pipeline Locations

    Pretty easy to find. Anderson pipe is just south of the Carlsbad powerplant and Cardiff pipe is just south of the restaurants in Cardiff. Use your meter to find the highspots. If you leave out of Oceanside, there is also Buccaneer pipe that is just south of the pier. Pretty good fishing on each...
  566. CaptainLeo

    best 12-15lb outfit for a long soak

    Crash, I don't know if he has them anymore, but Dennis on the New Captain Pete in Half Moon Bay, used to have Newells on all of his rent rods. And I caught a 50 pound BFT on his boat when guys 10 miles from us were getting them in the 80-90 pound range. They are there, you just have to find them.
  567. CaptainLeo

    Wetsuit advice for my boy

    7 mil is going to be pretty warm even for skinny kids. You might want to try a hooded vest. My buddy is really skinny and he uses a hooded vest under his suit. I think he also has a semi dry, I can't remember for sure. I use 2 suits, but that is just because I can't afford a new suit right now...
  568. CaptainLeo

    Trancas beach dive today, 1/13/08. COLD....

    Cool, maybe next time I will take you up on the invite to go dive up there.
  569. CaptainLeo

    Speargun Porn

    Your wife kicks ass, Ray! Let her know.
  570. CaptainLeo

    Trancas beach dive today, 1/13/08. COLD....

    I was wondering if you were going to make it out with the swell being big and whatnot. Guess it wasn't big up there.
  571. CaptainLeo

    Speargun Porn

    Nice gun, Ray. Someday I will be able to get me a nice gun of that caliber, get it, caliber. I am so bored. Nice gun, though. Have you shot it yet?
  572. CaptainLeo

    New report card for Spiny Lobster

    If I may. I have a friend that was a commercial lobster guy for the last 20 years until this year. We were talking about the upcoming lobster and what we thought it was going to be like. These are his words, "This year is going to be horrible for commercial and recreational lobster fishermen...
  573. CaptainLeo

    this is real ??? W.T.F.

    He won't be around long if they find out what he did.
  574. CaptainLeo

    Outside Newport

    Those are commercial traps. I haven't been out of Newport, but sounds like any other harbor with structure for the bugs to live in. It is not illegal to have them there and they are in season. They lose quite a bit of them from boaters and storms and poachers, but that goes with the territory...
  575. CaptainLeo

    Don't let this happen to you!

    Morro Bay is north of Point Conception. It is not needed so that is why it is not sold. I think that is what lurker was getting at. Down here it automatically gets added on when buying a license. I could be wrong.
  576. CaptainLeo

    Fishing gear for freedive fins?

    The sewing is already taken care of, my man. I'm like motherfucken Betsy Ross and shit. I will give you a call about Sunday.
  577. CaptainLeo

    Fishing gear for freedive fins?

    I will give you a call tomorrow, Paul.
  578. CaptainLeo

    Fishing gear for freedive fins?

    Anybody here have some freedive fins they would be willing to trade for some fishing gear? I don't need anything top of the line, but would like something decent. If you have some fins and need some h&l stuff let me know. Thanks.
  579. CaptainLeo

    sturgeon setup?

    Calstar 870 Penn GTI 350. I think that is what someone told is a good set up for the sturgeon. Are you fishing in the bay?
  580. CaptainLeo

    James & Joseph

    Where is this shop at? I am assuming somewhere in SD, but where? Thanks.
  581. CaptainLeo

    Ear Problems

    Instead of going to your doctor, go see an ENT doctor, that is what they specialize in. He should be able to tell you if you should be able to dive or not.
  582. CaptainLeo

    Dodge 1500 feedback

    I love mine. Got an 04' with the 5.7 and it gets on it for a big truck. I towed a 22' camper trailer up to Monterey and wasn't very impressed with it. Granted, I have never towed anything bigger than a little 5X8' uhaul trailer, so I can't speak from a lot of experience.
  583. CaptainLeo

    Anything decent around Laguna lately?

    I think everybody has been talking about a red tide up that way. Down here the vis has went to poop. These are just reports as I haven't been in the water in a week.
  584. CaptainLeo

    So i bought a new setup today...

    If it's for surf fishing the stripers up, I would have waited to get a 10 or 11 footer. That is just me. Don't know anything about that particular rod you are talking about.
  585. CaptainLeo

    What the best reels for salmon trolling/mooching

    Is your reel full of line? Do you have the drag extremely loose? When I used to work in Half Moon Bay, a Lot of the customers used those reels and it seemed that most people fished with the drag really loose. Also, if you don't have a full spool of line, you will be a lot of undo cranking. Are...
  586. CaptainLeo

    Handheld Marine radios...

    Icom makes great radios. That is what we have on the boats here at work. A lot of the sport boats use them as well.
  587. CaptainLeo

    Camp Pendleton / Del Mar Hoopin Question

    I know they probably won't check, but we had a base warden come to pick up a bat that was on my boat and she said that hoop netting in the Del Mar boat basin was illegal. You might want to call the base warden and check. I was told this by a co-worker and the warden, be careful.
  588. CaptainLeo

    Mask and Snorkel for free diving recommendations please

    I have this mask and it is great once you get used to it. It took a bit find where it sat on my face right. The view through the ultraclear lens is awesome. I recommend it but, it is a bit pricey.
  589. CaptainLeo

    bug fever

  590. CaptainLeo

    bug fever

    I got my limit in about 30 minutes last night. Only a few other people there. Only saw one other bug caught. My 2 buddies didn't get anything. Am going tomorrow to get somemore.
  591. CaptainLeo

    Bug Hunters

    Si, I did the same, somewhere north of there. Got mine in about 30 minutes.
  592. CaptainLeo

    Bug Hunters

    Yeah, big bugs!
  593. CaptainLeo

    Intro & help request

    I was going to say Harbor Marine, but they are in San Diego. That is where I get mine.
  594. CaptainLeo

    I.C.E. (P.S.A.) I'm invincible too, but...

    I have some friends that ride motorcycles and have a ICE dog tag on their motorcycle keyring. I am going to do this, just haven't had the time yet.
  595. CaptainLeo

    Deckhand jobs

    If you are looking for a job on a 1/2 day boat, I hope you know how to tie knots, fast! Get out tangles, fast! Fillet fish, clean filets. Fast will come. And most of the stuff the other guys said. Don't go down to a boat and expect a job. Hang out with guys after the boat gets in and talk to...
  596. CaptainLeo

    Your Jig setups

    Surface: Harnell 542 10 footer with a Shimano TLD Star 15/30. 30# YO-YO: Truline TNT with a Penn Baja Special. 50#
  597. CaptainLeo


    WORD! Myself and a few friends will getting out there.
  598. CaptainLeo

    What type of Skipper's License Required??

    Roxy, remember. Any trip over 12 hours, you'll need a second license on the yacht.
  599. CaptainLeo

    10' 1 piece boat rod?

    I fish a Harnell 542 10' for the surface iron.
  600. CaptainLeo

    how to clean lobster? prepare? everything

    That's what I'm talking about. I shove the small end all the way up through and pull it out the other end. I didn't know there was so much "lobster cred" here, sorry. I will bow out of this one as well as I have no idea what I am talking about.
  601. CaptainLeo

    how to clean lobster? prepare? everything

    Have you never cleaned a lobster before? If you stick the big end in, the barbs will be going the same way and not clean it out.
  602. CaptainLeo

    Riffe which gun?

    There is a member of Spearboard Spearfishing Community - Powered by vBulletin selling a Riffe Island that will do exactly what you are looking to do. I have been thinking about the Riffe Euro 120 for the WSB and YT, but am also thinking about one of the Daryl Wong guns that he makes by hand in...
  603. CaptainLeo

    wanna help me make my gun?

    For Riffe, try RIFFE INTERNATIONAL / Spearfishing Equipment for the Silent Hunter. Also, I don't know if you have been to, but there will be a lot info on building a gun there.
  604. CaptainLeo

    Pb Artificial reef

    Do you have a fish finder? Do you know how to use it to find structure? Not trying to be an ass, just trying to help out. If you don't have a meter, GPS will only get you so close. Being able to see the bottom definitely helps. If you have any ?'s, shoot me a PM.
  605. CaptainLeo

    condor 9/12/07

    Dude, if Scott didn't want to take his huge steel boat into the weather, it must have been shitty. The boat I used to run was half the size of the Condor and would much rather fish the beach for yellows or the islands for a mixed bag than going offshore in crap. If the boat doesn't go, he...
  606. CaptainLeo

    What up with this thermocline?

    Yeah, it kind of sucked. We did some nice ones there, even if it was the season, we wouldn't have taken them being in the reserve. Ed wanted to show me some of the really big ones that are there. It was pretty cool because I have never dove the reserve before the other night. I will be just...
  607. CaptainLeo

    What up with this thermocline?

    We were just checking stuff out. Although it was kind of sad being in the water without grabbing something or shooting something. There was actually not a whole lot of life to see except the bugs and a couple of fish. I think I saw one small rockfish and 2 calico bass. Some huge opaleye and a...
  608. CaptainLeo

    Stop and think!

    She might be wiping the wrong way!LOL
  609. CaptainLeo

    Swamis/ bone yards 8/20

    From the stairs at Swami's north to D Street out 600 feet from the beach. The only thing you can take from there is fin fish. Spearing or rod and reel.
  610. CaptainLeo

    Norcal Newbie needs to get salty..

    Dude, haven't you fished the stripers right there in Pacifica? Most of the guys get like a 10 or 11 foot spinning rod and go to town in the surf with bucktail jigs.
  611. CaptainLeo

    Swamis/ bone yards 8/20

    So many lobster there. Wish you could take from there.
  612. CaptainLeo

    rob allen spear gun

    You want to use crimps. Some people double crimp, I just single crimped mine. Some will use heat shrink tubing on th crimps so the crimp doesn't get caught on the wishbones or anything else. I didn't use it because I didn't have it. When you do use the crimps, make sure you crimp them all the...
  613. CaptainLeo

    Leo loses his YT Virginity.

    Damn, you guys are harsh. It's not my fault I'm big boned.
  614. CaptainLeo

    I want to buy a nice wood gun? K&M Offshore

    I don't have one, but have you looked at the Wongs? Everybody that uses them swears by them, and the customer service from Daryl. Maybe check those out.
  615. CaptainLeo

    Leo loses his YT Virginity.

    Here are the pics. For some reason, Ed can't get them to come up. Sorry, Ed. Yours is still at work.
  616. CaptainLeo

    Leo loses his YT Virginity.

    Ed, you forgot to mention the part where the shooting line was wrapped around my hand before the float line incident.
  617. CaptainLeo

    my new spear!!!

    I haven't used one, but everybody that has one praises them. I am thinking of going the euro style for my next gun. Will also be a 120 cm.
  618. CaptainLeo

    Need a source for gaff grade Calcutta Bamboo

    Harbor Marine is the place you are thinking about. That is where we have gotten all of our gaff blanks, gaff hooks, snubbers and tuna chord for boat lines. They have the goods.
  619. CaptainLeo

    RockPile 8/10/2007

    Never heard of a Marblehead. Here is one of the links for Coppers/Chuckleheads Copper Rockfish Fish Identification Also, some people and landings in North San Diego county will call the Reds Red Snapper, drives me up a fucking wall. We don't have snapper here, well we do, but that is for the...
  620. CaptainLeo

    Are marine operators still used?

    A few years ago, my second capt. always used the marine operator on the way in to call his wife. Don't think there was any type of toll except for the collect call hookup.
  621. CaptainLeo

    rob allen spear gun

    I'm sure you will get plenty of takers to help you out. Also check out, that site is totally dedicated to spearfishing. You will be able to find anything you want to know there as well.
  622. CaptainLeo

    rob allen spear gun

    That's a pretty big gun. Have you ever shot one before or are you totally new to the game?
  623. CaptainLeo

    rob allen spear gun

    Check out Ray Odor, he makes shafts for every type of gun. That Rob Allen is a sweet gun. Spearfishing Supplies by Ray Odor
  624. CaptainLeo

    bad for local fishing (bait boat)

    How do you propose they make bait? Maybe the captain and the 3 deckhands can use Sabiki's and catch it. How long do you think it would take to make 50 scoops, let alone filling the receivers in SD and MB.
  625. CaptainLeo

    8/5 LJ Scuba

    Nice fish! What kind of gun are you using on scuba? They seem to look like JBLs from the muzzle, I could be wrong.
  626. CaptainLeo

    what is the shortest term mexi license

    One week. The only place to get one day permits is on the sportboats. They don't let the shops sell one days anymore.
  627. CaptainLeo

    diver etiquette

    The line you saw was probably a floatline that is deployed when a fish is shot. Some spearos use those instead of a reel on their. I have 2 different float lines that i use, a 50 footer for real shallow stuff and a 100 footer for the kelp.
  628. CaptainLeo

    From Hero to Zero

    Don't worry, you will always be zero in my book. Touche.
  629. CaptainLeo


    Also try There is a lot of info there. Are you looking for a bluewater gun or something a little smaller to start with like for the kelp and reefs? If you haven't really speared before, I would start with something smaller and hone your stalking skills before going for the gusto...
  630. CaptainLeo

    Black Sea Bass in 8ft of water

    I swam with one last Sunday in about 10 feet of water right behind the surf. they are everywhere.
  631. CaptainLeo

    Wrong or right to take GPS on a cattleboat

    As another sportboat captain, I have mixed emotions about this. There are a lot of spots that everybody knows about and there are quite a few that are still "secret" to some of the sportboat captains. If you used a handheld while I was running the boat I probably wouldn't mind that much because...
  632. CaptainLeo

    We're all stupid (Helgren's again)

    Yeah, Ryan, you guys were cool, I had no problem with any of you except what you and I talked about. Anyway, sorry we won't be fishing together anymore.
  633. CaptainLeo

    We're all stupid (Helgren's again)

    Hey, Sam. If you noticed, I didn't say anything bad about you or Ryan, you guys were cool. What I had a problem with was Bob flying off the handle when confronted about leaving so early. And no it wasn't 10 minutes scammed, it was an hour, I used to run the twilight. Yeah, the deadheads, Ryan...
  634. CaptainLeo

    We're all stupid (Helgren's again)

    So, a co-worker of mine and I thought it would be pretty cool to get a couple of the guys and go on the twilight. Haven't done it in awhile, what the Hell. Get down there and there is 32 people including us, 2 deadheads that never left the stern, whatever. Leave promptly at 6, get bait and IDLE...
  635. CaptainLeo


    Thanks, Spearboy. I was going to tell him to force feed them the iron.
  636. CaptainLeo

    Waterbed II

    Hey, jackass. If you are on here, you need to figure out what the fuck a dive flag is and respect it. When we were free diving the 5 minute kelp yesterday, this sorry excuse for human life came running his boat not more than 20 yards from our boat at 20 knots when our last guy was just getting...
  637. CaptainLeo

    Coronados 6/3

    Went to the Coronados today mainly to spearfish, but ended up fishing quite a bit. Started at the middle grounds, my buddy got a nice yellow 2 minutes into the slow troll on a sardine. Other buddy gets bit and loses it. I am next with a 12 pounder, 30 seconds after I get it in, I am on again...
  638. CaptainLeo

    Yesterday I was the tree

    Cool. I worked a few trip for him a long time ago. I used to work on the Capt John boats in 98 and 99. I will be up in a couple of weeks and probably fish with Dennis for a day.
  639. CaptainLeo

    Yesterday I was the tree

    Hey, Pence. Is that Dennis on the New Captain Pete you are talking about?
  640. CaptainLeo

    5/21 Moo Moo out of San Diego

    Deadheads fish for free. They think because they know the crew, they have carte blanche and can do whatever they want. It gives the crew a bad rep for letting these people on the boats. If a guy is a friend of the crew and fishes for free, great. He should probably help out a little bit, hand...
  641. CaptainLeo

    A good day for it!!!!!!

    That's a good one, but I am kind of partial to this one. Flash &#187; The Llama Song
  642. CaptainLeo

    Samuel L Jackson the hockey coach....

    I absolutely love that one!
  643. CaptainLeo

    What is the BEST fillet knife?

    16-18 inches, that thing is a machete. Forschners are great knives, but like previously stated, are a little on the pricey side. You can get a Dester-Russel for a little bit cheaper. Go to a smaller store that has a butcher and maybe they can order one for you. Back when I used to buy knives, I...
  644. CaptainLeo

    Deadliest catch tonight

    Yeah, Blake is such a jackass.
  645. CaptainLeo

    New to the sea

    1. I like a Calstar 870, it is rated 15-40 lb. test, with a either a Jigmaster 500 or Senator 3/0 with 30 lb. for an all around rod, some people will probably disagree. I am partial to the glass rods instead of graphite, personal preference. 2. After paying for fish cleaning, some people say...
  646. CaptainLeo

    norcal salmon fishing - dialing in a downrigger

    Very informative. I kind of miss fishing up in Half Moon Bay for those things.
  647. CaptainLeo

    First Red Snapper

    Nice fish. Good job on not being in the water in a year.
  648. CaptainLeo

    Couple dive at LJ

    Good report. Yesterday when I was coming home from Del Mar, the water in Carlsbad looked super clean. I am going to a beach free dive in a while to see if I can shoot something today.
  649. CaptainLeo

    newb Q's

    I am new to spearfishing as well, but what I have heard from a lot of people is to stay away from the JBLs. It will cost quite a bit to upgrade and they have a very loud trigger mechanism. The more you load them up, the harder the trigger pull will. I have a little JBL and with two bands, it is...
  650. CaptainLeo

    Need help landing a girl.....Shut up i don't date much I fish

    Ask her if she ever had her asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat, that usually works. If not, by her lunch.
  651. CaptainLeo

    wire leader trap rig for hali's

    I think you are thinking of a perfection loop knot, that is what I use. I tie the treble with a perfection loop and then snell a live bait hook on. The length between the two hooks deends on the size of the bait. You wouldn't want to put the hooks six inches apart for a four in sardine and vice...
  652. CaptainLeo

    Dealiest Catch, Blakes a punk

    When Phil and Blake were talking, Phil was on a sat phone and Blake was on a 2 meter radio. The radio that they kept showing on channel 9 was a standerd VHF radio, not a 2 meter.
  653. CaptainLeo

    International Star or Top Gun 80

    I have not been on the Int'l Star, so I have no opinion on it. But I have been on a few trips on the Top Gun 80. It is a fast boat and very comfortable. Great galley and heads with showers. Plenty of bait and plenty of deck space. They work to get fish on that boat. Hope it helps.
  654. CaptainLeo

    Giant squid on washed up

    I'm very scared!
  655. CaptainLeo

    Futureweapons TONIGHT!

    It will be on again next Monday. Unfortunately, they didn't get any of us boat guys in any of the shots. Oh well. It was still a good showing of the vehicle and what it can do.
  656. CaptainLeo

    Where are some good places in SD to get FISH TATTOOS??

    Here are some pics I took a few minutes ago, I think I need some lotion. I actually the first part of the outline done in Hawaii and the two in front here in O'side by a guy that should have never picked up a tattoo machine. He must have doctored up his portfolio. All of the colored was...
  657. CaptainLeo

    Where are some good places in SD to get FISH TATTOOS??

    I actually have the same on my left calf incorperated with another Harvey design, so there are 3 yellows, the one with the mack