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  1. squidly

    Atlantic 34 express with Tower fishing machine

    squidly submitted a new listing: Atlantic 34 express with Tower fishing machine - Atlantic 34 express with Tower fishing machine Learn more about this listing...
  2. squidly

    Offshore Old Glory Hole

    get on the boat at 9 reports epic yft bite so excited drink a few beers we get bait hop in my bunk can hardly sleep so stoked to wake up only 40 miles out and pull on some tuna boat stops at 5 am holy shit we are here lets fish oh wait we are back at the dock WTF unfortunate event Cap...
  3. squidly

    Ladder from Deck to Bridge stainless from a Hatteras

    The ladder is in excellent condition. It measures 100 x 21 and has 8 steps. I was told it came off a 50 + Hatt 150.00 714 270 413 five
  4. squidly

    WEST MARINE Portable Gunwale-Mount Boarding Ladders

    25.00 retails for 79.00 located in N HB 714 270 41three five
  5. squidly

    Igloo Contour Maxcold Cooler, 165 quart/156 L, White $100.00

    Igloo Contour Maxcold Cooler, 165 quart/156 L, White Damn NEAR BRAND NEW never fished with or held fish retail for $140.00 your Price $100.00 what a steal. located in HB text or call me 714 two70 - four 135
  6. squidly

    Magma Bar B Que accessories 150 value for 50

    Cutting board veggie grill non stick griddle 50 bucks for all three located in HB text me 714 270 four one 35
  7. squidly

    Dometic Toilet 310 series Brand New $75.00

    Brand new Toilet Dometic 310. 75 big ones text me 714 270 - four one three five
  8. squidly

    Pompanette Chair base 21 inches tall

    $100 bucks located in HB please text or call 714 two 70 - 4135
  9. squidly

    44 pacifica full electrical panel

    Fifty bucks or OBO ? Hate to throw this away lots of breakers in there and switches and stuff! call me 714 two 70 - 4135 I dont check the site often so please text located in HB
  10. squidly

    Float Tube sportsmans outdoors great condition, fins, pump, bag

    retail online is $189.00 pump fins and storgage bay included 100 bucks Don 714 270 - 4135 located in N HB near marina high school
  11. squidly

    Star Board Tackle Station/Table

    This is a starboard table of some sort. Could make a great little tackle station or filet base or ???? 23 x 18 x 15 $125.00 714 270 four one three five North HB
  12. squidly

    Offshore US West Coast to receive dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation I had some FRESH delicious seared bluefin sashimi caught a few days ago in Mex E Can waters. I wonder when my [email protected] are gonna starta glowin ? geeez whats next ?
  13. squidly

    Nautica hard bottom RIB 11.5 feet

    This is a quality raft and measures 11.5 feet from bow to back of pontoons. I had a honda 20hp 4 stroke and a seat and steering wheel system from tradewinds inflatables. I bought a 1 foot bigger inflatable and transfered the engine and steering to the new boat, They said this was a...
  14. squidly

    Volvo Penta 14 1/4 x 23 RH Prop SX outdrive

    I bought this at an auction and at the time I was overserved. :hali_olutta: I cant use it on my boat and it looks brand new ? $75.00 Volvo Penta 14 1/4 x 23 RH Prop SX outdrive 3850303 is stamped on it. North HB call 714 270 41 three five
  15. squidly

    Norcold 12V/110V Reefer/Freezer

    here is the link to see specs It is about 3 years old and works fine except it needs a new door. A new door is about 2 - $300.00 and can be ordered easily by the dealer in Costa Mesa. A new...
  16. squidly


    This came off a 44 pacifica. It works. The motor was rebuilt 2 years ago and was used only a few times then it sat on the dock for about 3 years. Motor exterior is rusty but will clean up fine. used with 5/16 proof coil chain. It is mounted on a large block. $100.00 send me an email or...
  17. squidly

    Chain 300ft 5/16 Proof Coil

    used this chain for one summer only a handful of hooks with it. bought a new windlass and of course this chain was the wrong size.... it is Chain 300ft 5/16 Proof Coil, i bought it for around 4.75 a foot and its yours for 500.00. located in N HB Don tel 714 270 41 three five
  18. squidly

    Chair fishing/Deck angler specialties fiberglass

    $60.00 rotates 360 for the angler who just can not stand up anymore or good for sitting and having a cocktail after stand up fishing on that swordie ! and having the hook pull after 8hrs 43mn....... Don 714 270 4135 located in N HB
  19. squidly

    Chain 300ft 5/16 Proof Coil - $700 Windlass too.

    I bought this chain last summer and paid about $4.85 a foot. I used it less than 10x and then bought a new windlass which required a different size chain - go figure ! anyhow it is virtually unused sitting in a barrel on my dock in excellent condition.. I will sell for half price...
  20. squidly

    Blue Hulled Pilot House Beware total idiot !

    Check this out, Friday I was on my friends 41 pacifica BRO slow trolling live macs about 4 knts just below the A bank on a course for HH, we notice a shiny new blue hulled pilot house about 45 foot boat about 300 yards coming towards us at about the port corner, he must had been...
  21. squidly

    Chain for sale 300ft 5/16 Proof Coil half price/windlass off 44 pacifica

    Chain for sale 300ft 5/16 Proof Coil I bought this a year ago and used it all last summer, maybe 7 times..Ended up getting a new windlass and chain. I will sell for half price I paid $4.90 a foot.. I will sell for 700.00 .... I also have the windlass if you want to buy it its off a pacifica...
  22. squidly

    hook up! 92 15ft. keywest Yamaha 60 4 stroke

    92 Key West 15 foot center console fishing machine. 2007 Yamaha 4 stroke 60 HP still under warranty. Hydraulic Trim. Top Speed of 35kts. Holds 20 gallons of fuel and gets about 8 miles to the gallon, we fished out of Dana one day for 10hrs and burned only 13 gallons of fuel, trolling and...
  23. squidly

    WSB limits on the Quest

    Just talked to my friend who said they got limits pretty quickly this morning on the Pacific Quest out of Pierpoint in LB...Fish up to 40lbs. They have a trip tonight that I am going to try and get on, I guess they have room leftand I think they do a limited load..I heard the fish have bitten...
  24. squidly

    no cuda on the shoe 4 me

    Yesterday - Monday was on the shoe at 730 am, found diving birds porpoise and seals looked like Discovery channel ! trolled rapalas, threw irons. soaked dines for one horse green back .... cold misty, windy, drizzly...saw a few small skiffs in the area but no bent rods, one guy on the...
  25. squidly

    Offshore Monday 43 Report

    Left HH around 7 pm sunday - Started at grey light on the mex border below 43, trolled N to the 43 it was windy and bumpy, a short period 2 - 4 foot windswell with popcorn and not a real nice tack, could not find a paddy. heard on the radio a guy said his friend got yft dodos and yt under...
  26. squidly

    my friend caught this over the weekend

    also a 34 lb yeller tail, all caught on the "Tight Rod" back side cat sat am... hes got game ! (hope the pic shows up newbie at pics and stuff)