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  1. dctalk523

    UC Terminator, Predator 80 or Tilefish 80?

    what guides did you use for your rods?
  2. dctalk523

    What has Fishing Done to You?

    enjoy the time out relax and it’s not a competition
  3. dctalk523

    SOLD White Tiger 90F

    Nice rod GLWS
  4. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    Damn nice rod. Don’t fuck this up @dylan Hameister
  5. dctalk523

    SOLD Blue Glass CJBF 80H

    How is it this rod isn’t sold
  6. dctalk523

    Local fish smoking

    see the fish on my profile picture.
  7. dctalk523

    Local fish smoking

    Need recommendations to get some BFT belly’s smoked. I don’t want to drive all the way to SD to get this done. Any local (LA or OC) fish smokers? Thanks in advance.
  8. dctalk523

    SOLD Blue Glass CJBF 80H

    Nice rod should go fast GLWS
  9. dctalk523

    SOLD 😶

    I didn’t know there was a Talica 14
  10. dctalk523

    Start em young!

  11. dctalk523

    Beginner SUP

    I’ll be close to Newport. What’s your thought on ISLE boards?
  12. dctalk523

    For Sale Seeker creamsicle skinny butt Ulua

    Calstar doesn’t need gimmicks
  13. dctalk523

    Don’t Buy RTIC Coolers

  14. dctalk523

    SOLD Jigstick

    $160 ain’t going to get you what you want
  15. dctalk523

    Trinidad 20a vs Tranx 500 HG on Jig Stick

    Get the 20a
  16. dctalk523

    Who’s at the helm?

    Are they bringing the premier back up to 22nd
  17. dctalk523

    Late May Tuna trip?

    To early. Late August, September and October are go to months
  18. dctalk523

    Beginner SUP

    Looking for a solid beginner board (non-inflatable). Looking to stay under 1k. Would love to hear some recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  19. dctalk523

    For Sale Trinidad 40N...very clean

    Nice reel bump for a good seller
  20. dctalk523

    SOLD Irons for sale

    Great deal :appl:
  21. dctalk523

    UC Terminator, Predator 80 or Tilefish 80?

    Got to pull on all three rods and really dig the softer tip of the predator 80 and tilefish 80. The terminator was stiff. Plan to get one of these blanks wrapped to fish 50/60 on a Talica 12. Would love to hear the pros and cons of all three blanks. Looking for an all around solid 50/60 rod...
  22. dctalk523

    SOLD seeker Cjbf80h aka 6480h blue tint blank

    You have the 9’ version of the above blank?
  23. dctalk523

    SOLD 690j

    Wow nice build GLWS
  24. dctalk523


    You don’t by chance have a sealed nib 16a?
  25. dctalk523

    Skinny butt uluas???

    Allcoast is alive :eyepoppin
  26. dctalk523

    SOLD By

    Damn that was fast
  27. dctalk523

    Fishing Gods smiling upon us

    lol, this coming from a dude calling out a 16 year old kid LOL
  28. dctalk523

    Emerald colored 7x?

    Did Seeker ever produce the 7x in emerald blue/green? Thanks.
  29. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker Rod and Blank

    Damn some nice set of sticks GLWS
  30. dctalk523

    New gear for CHRISTMAS!!

    nice Calico. I hope you released her and NEVER give out your honey hole spots.
  31. dctalk523

    Fishing Gods smiling upon us

    I don’t think this “steal of a deal” is worth a 496pc
  32. dctalk523

    Fishing Gods smiling upon us

    It was to good to be true
  33. dctalk523

    New gear for CHRISTMAS!!

    Now now children can’t we all get along. Lets right our wrongs and have a peaceful Christmas
  34. dctalk523

    New gear for CHRISTMAS!!

    glad you like it kid. Merry Christmas.
  35. dctalk523

    WTB Tern 400/500

    @Jigslinger has the blue/ black terns
  36. dctalk523

    For Sale :-) Seeker Ulua - Pictures Added (-:

    Whoa that’s 1/3 of my down payment for my Tesla
  37. dctalk523

    For Sale Cex Ulua, Glow wahoo, tiagra 16

    that’s a good chunk of my rent money.
  38. dctalk523

    New Gear?

    Surely someone must know something about an update to the Tranx 500 and Trinidad a series
  39. dctalk523

    SOLD Twin power,Calstar, pro-gear, phenix

    Steal of a deal for the phenix rods GLWS
  40. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    thanks for the update
  41. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    @dylan Hameister did you get this rod? What’s the update.
  42. dctalk523


    Whoa some nice sticks there. GLWS.
  43. dctalk523

    New Gear?

    What about the Tranx 500 update
  44. dctalk523

    SOLD Calstar 800M

    Steal of a deal GLWS.
  45. dctalk523

    Help Needed On A Bogus CA Fish Violation

    5 fish limit for yellows no?
  46. dctalk523

    Calstar vs Seeker

    Calstar all the way
  47. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    damn this thread gives me the Christmas feels
  48. dctalk523

    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    And don’t waste your money on gear. SAVE YOUR $.
  49. dctalk523

    Help BDers

    This is a trick question right
  50. dctalk523

    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    :appl:Now I want to see a picture of you landing something w/ your new 6480.
  51. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    Check sent out today
  52. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    I sent out a check for $50 for my contribution
  53. dctalk523

    SOLD Surface and Yo Yo Jigs $40

    Poppers are pending. $60 for jigs.
  54. dctalk523

    SOLD Surface and Yo Yo Jigs $40

    Will ship and break up items thanks
  55. dctalk523

    WTB 20 25 30 pound reels
  56. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    :appl:Dang looks like the rod is going to be paid in full.
  57. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    I think young dude doesn’t have a phone so I would be patient w/ response from him.
  58. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    I’ll send a check for $50. See the above response I made to @dylan Hameister
  59. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    @dylan Hameister three of us are chipping $125 for this rod so you can have a decent jig stick. You’re responsible for the remaining $50 for the rod. You also have to arrange the pick up or delivery of the rod. Maybe a fellow BDer can help you out with that. Merry Christmas kid.
  60. dctalk523

    Marine life/ fish threatened b/c of lose of O2
  61. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    I don’t use PayPal. I can send you a check for $50. PM me your address.
  62. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    @AWilliams pm me your address so that I can send you my $50 contribution for the rod. @dylan Hameister don’t fuck this up. Continue to work hard, study hard in school and get GREAT grades. PAY IT FORWARD.
  63. dctalk523

    SOLD Samsung DVD/ VCR player

  64. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    looks like we have three members chipping in to get this young dude a decent stick and props to @Reginald Laranang for building young dude an awesome stick.
  65. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    I’ll chip in $50 towards the rod. How about you chipping in $50 and maybe someone else can chip in too
  66. dctalk523

    SOLD Badass Rods.

    Damn nice rods GLWS
  67. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    you do know that he’s kid trying to make it
  68. dctalk523

    Stardrag for 25# bait?

    Trinidad 14 or Torium 14
  69. dctalk523

    SOLD Sold

    Good prices. GLWS.
  70. dctalk523

    Super Seeker LM9

    Nice :appl:
  71. dctalk523

    Thieves in Diego

    hoping the thieves got :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  72. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker bsc

    Where’s that kid who’s looking for a jig stick?
  73. dctalk523

    SOLD Sold

    Steal GLWS
  74. dctalk523

    FREE Coleman 4 person tent

    I’m sure a transient would love your tent
  75. dctalk523

    WTB Parabolic jigstick

    I was going to say the same thing. Very nice sticks up for sale.
  76. dctalk523

    TRADE Phenix m1 9'H Deck Hand for phenix m1 8' or 9' with trigger seat

    I have a Tranx 400. Deadly light weight combo. Personally the trigger gets in the way when your hooked up. I use the clamp as a ghetto trigger.
  77. dctalk523

    Seeker 7X

    Simple and clean :appl:
  78. dctalk523

    Calico and Yellowtail rods for Cedros

    The Phenix M1 series of rods are perfect for what you’re looking for
  79. dctalk523

    TRADE Phenix m1 9'H Deck Hand for phenix m1 8' or 9' with trigger seat

    I have the same rod you have and the rod is bad ass. Get yourself a trigger clamp and keep the rod.
  80. dctalk523

    SOLD Trinidad 14A

    Steal of a deal
  81. dctalk523

    For Sale Jigsticks! Bait sticks! Fish sticks!

    Whoa some nice sticks up for sale GLWS
  82. dctalk523

    Failed at Tuna today on Liberty

    No one gave you a fish or two?
  83. dctalk523

    Black Friday deals?

    Share any deals you have seen
  84. dctalk523

    Ulua 99

  85. dctalk523

    Which stateroom for the Vagabond?

    Which stateroom do y’all recommend for the Vagabond? Thanks.
  86. dctalk523

    Winter Storage - Reels

    I’m done w/ fishing for this year. My reels are rinsed w/ warm water. I dry them with a microfiber towel and let them dry out for 2 or 3 days. After drying I put the reels back into the original box and away they go into my closet. I’ll get my reels serviced during the winter time.
  87. dctalk523

    Dreamer Stolen

  88. dctalk523

    Deal or No Deal?

    No deal
  89. dctalk523

    For Sale Enchilada Negra *SOLD*

    The cost of my education
  90. dctalk523

    For Sale Calstar and Seeker

    Steal of a deal GLWS
  91. dctalk523

    FREE San Diego Tackle Traders Got Hit Again.

    Damn thieves :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  92. dctalk523

    Baja Coast Quick Trip

  93. dctalk523

    Fish w/ human face
  94. dctalk523

    November Catalina Tuna

    Awesome pictures :appl:
  95. dctalk523

    3 Trulines

  96. dctalk523

    $5000 Waxwing Lure

  97. dctalk523

    Truline D8

  98. dctalk523

    SOLD Phenix PSW 909XHJ excellent condition hardly used

    grasshopper you low ball every post try private message first
  99. dctalk523

    Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme Marine Cooler $40

    You’re welcome
  100. dctalk523

    Looking for a new heavy rod and reel

    Big set up for sale
  101. dctalk523

    UC 800 Mega Red White & Blue

    Fancy :appl:
  102. dctalk523

    Stolen rods from oceanside

    Damn thieves :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  103. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker Honey WTS 7x

    Platero Customs does CLEAN work. GLWS.
  104. dctalk523

    For Sale Tackle

    reading is a weak point for many on this forum :shake:
  105. dctalk523

    UC 80 BayBass

  106. dctalk523

    Long Beach yellowfin

  107. dctalk523


  108. dctalk523

    Seeker CSL 6480?

    It’s blue it’ll sell :D
  109. dctalk523

    Remove/reduce curly Q's

    What about putting new line instead of old line from another reel. Problem solved
  110. dctalk523

    Purple Progression

  111. dctalk523

    Tough Trip On The Tribute 10/25/19

    Thanks for the report. Awesome picture of you and your dad :appl:
  112. dctalk523

    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Mag

    ‘He’ll take 7 franklins.
  113. dctalk523

    Local OC Tuna

    Sportking got yft
  114. dctalk523

    Local OC Tuna

    Sportking got into the YFT
  115. dctalk523

    Local OC Tuna

    Looks like the Native Sun got some tuna today
  116. dctalk523

    Wrapped my first set of pliers

  117. dctalk523

    Local OC Tuna

    Enterprise got YFT this week
  118. dctalk523

    sport king 10/22

    Love the sportking hate the idiots that fish it. I’ve fished San Diego exclusively for the past year and don’t miss the local retards.
  119. dctalk523

    shimano fishing forum

    Shimano forum went away.
  120. dctalk523

    Grande or Liberty? Didnt do too well on our own boat 10/20

    good history lesson on the liberty and grande. Thanks for sharing.
  121. dctalk523

    Young boy catches huge bass...

  122. dctalk523

    The tuna bite

    Liberty, Mission belle or San Diego for 1 day boat.
  123. dctalk523

    Grande or Liberty? Didnt do too well on our own boat 10/20

    Liberty. The burger is a must. Not listed but the Mission belle.
  124. dctalk523

    SOLD BNIB Talica 12ii

    Steal of a deal
  125. dctalk523

    WTB Cousins 95J Mag

    Good luck let us know how this goes
  126. dctalk523

    Dont know where this belongs....

    Bro who go fishing should at least get compensated for dumb deckhand action
  127. dctalk523

    WTB Tranx 500 knob

    You can order the part from Shimano
  128. dctalk523

    SOLD BNIB Talica 12ii

    Damn I can’t believe this hasn’t sold GLWS
  129. dctalk523

    Tuna 7 Miles Out of SD bay

    id rather catch calico bass and Yellowtail on the surface iron
  130. dctalk523

    SOLD Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    it’s not a if but when. Signs are already showing that a recession will happen.
  131. dctalk523

    SOLD Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    I’m waiting for the impending recession and the flood gates will open for these rods are cheaper prices.
  132. dctalk523

    For Sale Tranx 500 just 4U

    What rod hanger is that? Looks badass.
  133. dctalk523

    PQ 1.5

    72 on the PQ? No thanks.
  134. dctalk523

    SOLD Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    instead of cock blocking this thread how about creating a new thread for your rod
  135. dctalk523

    PQ 1.5

    :appl:awesome pictures
  136. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker Ulua EX93H ***keeping it***

    Saw a video of some dude using what looks like the same rod land a BFT on the Thunderbird.
  137. dctalk523

    Pescador at Nic

    Port Police and hell even Harbor (LAPD) needs to step up patrol in that area. Tons of tweakers and transient lurk that area.
  138. dctalk523

    Pescador at Nic

    There needs to be better security at 22nd landing parking. The lot is huge and lots of transient and tweaker lurk that area.
  139. dctalk523

    News: Pegasus picks up SEALs off capsized boat

    Good work on the Pegasus
  140. dctalk523

    Seeker EX Ulua

    $1500 is my guess. Definitely wallet breaker.
  141. dctalk523

    Berkley pro spec braid

    Would love to hear feedback on this braid? Good? Bad? Thanks.
  142. dctalk523

    Two tone Calstar 90J Mag?

    you for real or just pulling my leg?
  143. dctalk523

    WTB Talica II 10 or 12 (2 speed)

    Some dude is selling a NIB 12II for $410.
  144. dctalk523

    For Sale United Composites Glow DelMar 1000

    Damn great deal w/ the feel. GLWS
  145. dctalk523

    Two tone Calstar 90J Mag?

    Anyone know if Calstar plans to make a two tone 90J Mag? Thanks.
  146. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker creamsicle ulua SOLD!

    Maybe the flaker thought the blank was for $60 like the other doofus w/ the ex Ulua.
  147. dctalk523

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    any in the brown color?
  148. dctalk523

    For Sale Honey ulua for sale

    put her butt to sleep
  149. dctalk523

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    More details about these blanks please. Thanks.
  150. dctalk523

    Surface Iron 3/4 day

    Reading the reports majority of the fish are on bait. I would leave the 10' at home. Bring some colt snipers. Good luck.
  151. dctalk523


  152. dctalk523


    Kudos for donating your rods. Hopefully someone who needs it like a kid or veteran.
  153. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

  154. dctalk523


    lol, dude really showed with 180.00 :imdumb:
  155. dctalk523

    SOLD NIB Shimano Talica 12 II

    Thanks but looking for a NIB 12II.
  156. dctalk523

    SOLD NIB Shimano Talica 12 II

    Thanks but looking for a NIB 12II.
  157. dctalk523

    SOLD NIB Shimano Talica 12 II

    Found one. Thanks.
  158. dctalk523

    SOLD Come on in. Join the party.

    confused? Did the buyer think $180.00?
  159. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    :shake: NASTY.
  160. dctalk523

    Moon wrapped blue glass Ulua and CJBF80

    :appl:Beautiful. Moons works is AWESOME
  161. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker ex Ulua 93h 10’

    This should move fast. GLWS.
  162. dctalk523

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond 868MH

    Why is this rod at this price still available? Great deal.
  163. dctalk523

    SOLD Seekers

    :appl: Saw that blue blank last week
  164. dctalk523

    Cow Bell Tuna

    That gaff shot :eek:
  165. dctalk523

    Rasta tiger wrap

  166. dctalk523

    Ranger 85 1.5 day (who tf stole my breakfast burrito!?)

    Someone took your burrito? Smh, that’s ghetto.
  167. dctalk523

    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    Damn, dudes feet were that stanky. This and other reasons are why I’m no longer doing the shorter trips on regular boats.
  168. dctalk523

    Sting operation?

    Jalis are over crowded with mentally ill transients. Doubt this idiot gets jail or prison time. I hope Fish and game busts this tard and FINE his ass.
  169. dctalk523

    New jig stick

    Never saw it while I was at Islands. I don’t think Calstar makes such a rod. If they make the 9 foot version of the two tone 10 foot 100J Mag I’ll get one.
  170. dctalk523

    New jig stick

    If Calstar made the 90J Mag with honey tip, I would totally get that rod.
  171. dctalk523

    Sting operation?

    I hope this fool gets FINED UP THE ASS.
  172. dctalk523

    New jig stick

    10 foot is a pain in the ass for transportation. I would stick to a 9 foot rod.
  173. dctalk523

    WTB Looking for a honey glass 7x

    Call Islands tackle last time I was there they had some honey seekerS
  174. dctalk523

    For Sale Changed my mind

    Damn could at least clean the scales off the rod
  175. dctalk523

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond 868MH

    I have two of the same rods. Bad ass rods. GLWS.
  176. dctalk523

    Spooling Reels near landings, any recommendations?

    Anglers center and m&m are near the big three
  177. dctalk523

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    Nice fish and nice pictures :appl:
  178. dctalk523

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond 868MH

    Having pictures might help with the sale
  179. dctalk523

    WTB Cousins 95JMAG

    Saving my $ for the in coming recession
  180. dctalk523

    WTB Cousins 95JMAG

    Surprised none of the rod companies haven’t made a similar rod like the 95mag
  181. dctalk523

    WTB Cousins 95JMAG

    Like Wall Street
  182. dctalk523

    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Jmag

    Damn I have rent to pay. GLWS.
  183. dctalk523

    Super Seeker BH89

    Beautiful rod Moon
  184. dctalk523

    WTB Blanks

    Thanks for the history write up. Appreciate the info. I wonder if Calstar will make a 9’ version of this rod. Any rumblings? Thanks
  185. dctalk523

    Small smoker for beginners

    Thank you for your generous offer but distance and room to put the smoker is an issue. I appreciate the offer.
  186. dctalk523

    quick question bout pq

    No service when I was out for my 3 dayer
  187. dctalk523

    WTB Blanks

    For you $2000
  188. dctalk523

    WTB Blanks

    I have one. $1500 takes it.
  189. dctalk523

    WTB Blanks

    Supply and demand. Seriously, is the honey tip rare status?
  190. dctalk523

    WTB Blanks

    Is the 100J mag honey tip getting rare? I have one that I’ll sell for $1000.
  191. dctalk523


    Nice. I’m sure someone will pay rent money for the rod
  192. dctalk523

    quick question bout pq

    Are you in a stateroom or bunk? Staterooms have outlets. Bunks have the outlets on the very top bunk.
  193. dctalk523

    9/24-27 pq roll call

    Trip was good. Hooked up with 10 YFT lost 5. Got one on the coltsniper. Didn’t really fish the second day and part of the 3rd. I just chilled out, ate and watched others fish. Next year I’m going to do the LR boat for either a 3 or 4 day trip.
  194. dctalk523

    How long before your 100# BF

    1 time on the PQ. Trophy hunting ain’t my thing but was a fish of a life time.
  195. dctalk523

    Brown colored UC Terminator blank

    Heard that UC did a special run on the brown color for Fred Hall. Is this a one and done or does UC plan on doing more brown colored blanks. Specifically the terminator blank. Thanks.
  196. dctalk523

    9/24-27 pq roll call

    Bring 40 or 60 set up for the BFT. They wanted to bite during my trip. Small hooks for the YFT. Have fun.
  197. dctalk523

    Small smoker for beginners

    Looking to get a small smoker to smoke my own fish. Any recommendations is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  198. dctalk523

    Noob question b out fly line fishing

    All the fish on my trip were on bait, light line and small hook. I did manage one on the coltsniper. FYI, bring the heavy gear. Big bluefin wanted to bite.
  199. dctalk523

    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    Here’s the list of boats I’m looking at for next year. Shogun Searcher Polaris Supreme Vagabond Would love to hear pros and cons. Thanks.
  200. dctalk523

    Bait fishing with 9’ rod?

  201. dctalk523

    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    Could be. 245pc. Assault with deadly weapon.
  202. dctalk523

    For Sale Calstar T100MAG Sold

    I have this rod. Awesome stick. GLWS.
  203. dctalk523

    SOLD Sold f1

    Rod should go fast
  204. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    I’m going to check the mattress before I put bag down
  205. dctalk523

    For Sale Lots of quality gear for sale

    Congrats on the baby. GLWS. First baby bump.
  206. dctalk523

    For Sale White Seeker 540 Jig Stick

    Rod should sell fast. GLWS.
  207. dctalk523

    Bait fishing with 9’ rod?

    I use 8’6” and 9’ foot rods for snipers and light small irons. Bait is do able on the long rods.
  208. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    WTF! I’m going on a 3 day on the PQ and I’m going to take every precaution necessary.
  209. dctalk523

    Any decent 35# mono out there?

    Sunline has 35. Going to test it out on my three day.
  210. dctalk523

    Pacific Queen 9/10 - 9/13 roll call

    I’m bringing 4 set ups. It’ll cover the 20,25,30, 40. I have 20, 25 and 30 fluoro. Loaded up on hooks and colt snipers. Stoked for this trip.
  211. dctalk523

    Full-day boat?

    Go on the Liberty if you can get on. Awesome operation and they’ll take care of your kid.
  212. dctalk523

    El Dorado?

    Damn, that sucks.
  213. dctalk523

    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    Ok, it stays home. Thanks.
  214. dctalk523

    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    Should I take it or leave it behind? Thanks.
  215. dctalk523

    SOLD Seeker CEX ULUA full 10ft!

    Rent money right there. GLWS.
  216. dctalk523

    Bluefin are Beautiful

  217. dctalk523

    $1,600 ulua on OfferUp

    Wow, rent money right there
  218. dctalk523

    Tuna processing at home?

    Have 5 star process your fish
  219. dctalk523

    Pacific Queen 9/10 - 9/13 roll call

    T minus 7 days. Looks like light line and Fluro is the name of the game.
  220. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    Ugh, say it ain’t so. I have a trip with them in two weeks. Which bunk number was it? :(
  221. dctalk523

    SOLD Teramar 8ft heavy $120

    Bump for a good seller
  222. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    Google searched and yelped and got some pictures of people with bed bug bites on boats. UGH.
  223. dctalk523

    UV fl*shlight

    I’ll be bringing my work flashlight and bed bug spray on my trip
  224. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    MRSA and scabies! Wow straight skid row shit there.
  225. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    Serious question do overnight and multiday boats inspect for bed bugs and how often?
  226. dctalk523

    2019 El Niño

  227. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    I bring disinfectant spray and spray down my bunk area and mat. I also bring my own sleeping bag. Bed bugs is no joke.
  228. dctalk523

    Bed bugs on boats

    Oh no that’s disgusting. Nasty ass skid row transient shit.
  229. dctalk523

    EPIC Aztec 2-day Report 8/26-8/28

    :appl:sucks for the guy who lost his $800 out fit but oh well.
  230. dctalk523

    Pacific Queen 9/10 - 9/13 roll call

    T minus 13 days. I hope the yft, bft, yt, and dodo go wild. Kind of tempted to bring a 200 size reel for shits and giggles. Stock piled on colt snipers and tempted to bring poppers.
  231. dctalk523

    SOLD Phenix Abyss PSX-909

    Good prices. GLWS.
  232. dctalk523

    Calcutta Jig Bag

    I am frustrated. I hope I can get the bag soon.
  233. dctalk523

    Catalina 8/26-27

  234. dctalk523

    Calcutta Jig Bag

    I bought the Melton jig bag and have been waiting for 2 months for the bag. Back ordered.
  235. dctalk523

    Equipment Check for Full Day on the Grande

    Light line and small hooks. 15, 20, 25 seem to be the way to go. #2 and #4 hooks. Don’t forget small colt snipers.
  236. dctalk523

    How to handle Tuna fillets from a sport boat?

    Process. 5 star.
  237. dctalk523

    Phenix Rods for Swimbaits and Irons

    Used the SMX-82M and using the Black Diamond 8’6” w/ trigger grip for rubbers and light/ small irons and coltsnipers.
  238. dctalk523

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 8/23-25

    You’re kidding right?
  239. dctalk523

    Shortfin Mako Shark endangered
  240. dctalk523

    Anyone getting the YFT on poppers or coltsniper?

    Color? Size? Thanks.
  241. dctalk523

    SOLD Calstar 540 Uncut Excellent Condition $180 OBO

    Steal of a deal. Shouldn’t last long . GLWS.
  242. dctalk523

    Elvis caught off San Clemente

  243. dctalk523

    UC CX80 Raptor by Moon

  244. dctalk523

    Taxman sighting at Camp Pendleton
  245. dctalk523

    SOLD Trinidad’s 14A,16A

    Bump for a good seller
  246. dctalk523

    SOLD D

    I thought you can’t sell sport caught fish. Don’t you need to have a commercial license?
  247. dctalk523

    Friend wants to fillet his own fish; where in S.D. ?

    Damn your friend is going to hate life cutting all that fish and sealing it and throwing away the left over carcass. NO THANKS.