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  1. JRD

    Not fish, but I caught something.

    Just picked up my 2021 Outback and looking forward to putting in some miles soon.
  2. JRD

    Shimano Twin Power 6000 Series

    I'm not looking for the older SS Twin Power but a 2008 and newer. Very good to excellent condition, no corrosion, major rash etc. I may also consider a 5000. Prefer within a reasonable distance of Orange County for a face to face look see of the reel. Send me a PM with what you got please.
  3. JRD

    Pro Gear 545 and Pacifica 2500, Penn Peerless 9, Okuma CZ5

    1. Pro gear Pacifica 2500. This real has a new stainless double dog bridge, stainless gear sleeve, Brian Young five stack and custom aluminum eccentric lever with a Penn lanyard style clamp. Serviced and not fished since serviced. No corrosion issues everything works as good as new or better...
  4. JRD

    DYI line washer / dryer ideas

    Covid shut down and a bunch of reels to service and clean line on so looking for a quicker way. Right now I'm using bulk spools with about 100 holes drilled through. I unspool the reel then put the bulk spool in the toilet tank for 5 days (depending on usage of course) then dry out of the sun...
  5. JRD

    Done Done Done Phenix Black Diamond Inshore Series PSW 807ML

    This rod is in fantastic shape, no dings, scratches or rust. Rated 10-30. Looking for an 8 or 9 foot ML or M spinning rod of equivalent value. Seeker, CalStar, Phenix or other? Let me know what you have. No shipping I'm in Orange County - Garden Grove and Tustin. $170 OBO trade value. Not...
  6. JRD

    20 inch Goodyear Eagle Tires and 6 lug rims.

    Set of four 20 inch rims, tires and lug nuts Chromed alloy rims and Goodyear Eagle LS-2 P275/55R20 tires with really good tread life. Even wear on the tires. Just balanced within the last 100 miles. Corrosion on the rims, see pictures. Off of a 2004 Toyota Sequoia so fits 4-runner, Tundra...
  7. JRD

    Duran's DFP clamps Medium and Small

    I have one small, used a few times and one medium mounted but never used for sale. See the pictures for fitment. $60 shipped
  8. JRD

    Shimano Tranx 500HG

    As the title says wanted a 500HG looking for great condition. Send me a PM with what you have please.
  9. JRD

    Or Trade Phenix BD PSW 807 ML

    This rod is in fantastic shape no corrosion, rust, scratches or dings. Like new. Looking to trade for a phenix abyss 1007 or 1008. $170 pick up in garden Grove or tustin
  10. JRD

    Phenix Abyss

    Looking for a PSX 1007 and 1008. May consider a 1009 if the price is right. I'm in Orange County and would like a local sale. Let me know if you've got one gathering dust
  11. JRD

    Avet SX Green

    As the title says looking to buy a green Avet SX 5.3. Looking for excellent shape. PM me with what you have please. I'm in Orange County
  12. JRD

    Calcutta 400s, Calcutta TE 200GT and TE 300

    Like the title says - looking to get one of each. Looking for very good cosmetics. Let me know what ya got
  13. JRD

    Tiburon SST 12 Like New

    This is a beautiful SST12 in new condition. Not a scratch or ding on it. It comes as shown, no box or paperwork but does have the blue water reel cover. Great freespool, drags are smooth and everything works just as new. Not really interested in trades, pick up in Garden Grove or Tustin...
  14. JRD

    Double post ignore

    This is a beautiful SST12 in new condition. Not a scratch or ding on it. It comes as shown, no box or paperwork but does have the blue water reel cover. Great freespool, drags are smooth and everything works just as new. Not really interested in trades, pick up in Garden Grove or Tustin...
  15. JRD

    Phenix Inshore SMX 90M

    Looking for something in excellent shape within 20 miles of Garden Grove. Pm me with price please
  16. JRD

    Mid August overnight suggestions

    I just had a three day window open August 14-16 so looking for an overnight or 1.5 day. Fish counts are not great but I want to go anyway. I haven’t been on the boats for awhile but see that 22nd has Freedom for overnight, Pierpont has the Toronado and Berth 55 has the El Dorado. What’s the...
  17. JRD


    Built by Wade Rods for Fisherman’s Hardware this is like new shape. 6’6” rated 30-60 with Fuji reel seat and gimbal. No scrapes, rash or rust. $150 obo picked up in Garden Grove.
  18. JRD

    8’6” Epoxy Longboard

    8’6” epoxy long board made by Rebel, tri fin. Top is pink and purple floral with solid white bottom. It’s water tight and ready to go. One rail repair and a few small cracks show in the Picts. Specs are in the pictures and comes with the padded bag. In garden grove. $125 OBO
  19. JRD

    AO Cooler 48 can size

    Excellent shape, no rips, tears or staining. Retails between $70 and $90 dollars. Picked up in Garden Grove $35. Holds ice for 24 hours in 120 degree weather Durable vinyl shell Heavyweight leak-proof liner Removable shoulder strap Side exterior pocket for dry items
  20. JRD

    Factory wrapped Phenix Abyss 806

    Like the title says looking for an 806 Abyss in good shape not outside Orange County. Let me know what you may have available.
  21. JRD

    Shimano Torium 14HG and Torium 16HG

    Torium 14HG with Box, clamp, paperwork and wrench. Beautiful shape. Rub mark on the clicker side and small ding on the gearbox. Filled with 50lb spectra. $160 OBO Torium 16HG with Box, clamp and paperwork. Pristine condition no rubs, scratches or dings. Filled with 50lb spectra. $175 OBO...
  22. JRD

    Generic X wrap

    X wrap heat shrink tubing. It's generic but works great. $7 per meter picked up in Garden Grove. I prefer local pick up but can discuss shipping. I have 10 meters of 25mm and 5 meters of 30mm. More to come as I sort through boxes this week
  23. JRD

    Cal star 700xh

    Like to title says I’m looking for a Calstar 700 XH. Factory or custom.If you’re interested in part trade I have an excellent condition show Mono Torium 14HG Filled with 50 pound braid and comes with the box paperwork and clamp.
  24. JRD

    Seeker American Series 270-7 and 970-7

    The 270 is in great shape no rust no maj scuffing, The reel seat and grips are in fantastic shape. 15-25 lb. Looking for $70 pick up in Westminster or garden Grove. The 970 has a little off the tip so it's about 6'6". Still has a great curve, just a little stiffer at the tip. This one has had...
  25. JRD

    Two small tackle bags

    First is a black and orange Ozark trails tackle bag that will hold 4 to 5 3600 size trays. The bag is new just used for storage and comes with two trays with two medium side pockets and one large front pocket along with a shoulder strap. $15. Second is a small Ozark trails open top tackle bag...
  26. JRD

    Box - O - Lead

    3600 size trays of biscuit and egg sinkers. $20 picked up in Westminster or Garden Grove
  27. JRD

    WFO small tackle bag.

    This is the small WFO bag that holds 4 3600 sizetackle flats. It was a blem because the zipper on one front flap is tight going around the corner but closes fine. There is a corner seam starting to go that can be seen. Zippers are all good, latches and handle strap good, small tear in side...
  28. JRD

    Fully rigged kayak

    I'm selling this small kayak, rigged for fishing with tons of extras. $250. Here's the link. Located in Huntington Beach.
  29. JRD

    196-8 either Seeker or Calstar

    Done, done and done. Look for a 196-8 in the Orange County area. Seeker or Calstar. Open to deck hand or reel seat. Let me know what you have and a price. I have to add that I'm mounting an older Penn on this rod. I appreciate the offers so far but looking at spending South of $150 Not north
  30. JRD

    Pending 45 mm x pattern shrink tubing

    I ordered this and of course hit 45 mm instead of the 30 mm I wanted. I used some on my bigger rods but still have 11 meters left. $7 per meter, $70 for all 11 meters, available for pick up in Garden Grove or shipped to your door on your dime.
  31. JRD

    SKB box or trade.

    SOLD!!! 7100 size. $125 picked up in Irvine or Westminester. Looking for a Phenix Abyss PSX 806 My loss is your gain! I purchase this a few months ago from a fellow bloody Decker and realized it's way too big for my needs. It does not come with trays or a shoulder strap but does come with...
  32. JRD

    Accurate Valiant BV300. Accurate 300 Black Beauty in like new condition.

    This reel does not have a box or paperwork. It's spooled with fresh, smooth 8 strand spectra - generic 50lb to the top. Recently serviced because I prefer to service everything I own before fishing. Cal's, Penn precision and TSI. There are zero scratches, dings or corrosion. There are not...
  33. JRD

    Pitbull will it fit a 197 2-spd?

    I've got a 197 2 speed. Will the pitbull clear the gear housing on this reel?
  34. JRD

    Shimano CL715MRA made in Washington All Light Weight Roller Rod

    Shimano CL715MRA medium taper light weight roller rod. 7 foot, 12-20lb and Assembled in Washington. The rod is in great shape, rollers are smooth. No scratches or rust. Foam grips and Fuji reel seat with gimble. There is a gouge out of the lower foam, but not down to the blank. Other than...
  35. JRD

    Phoenix M1 and Calstar 270-8 possible trade.

    Sold Sold Sold These are in Irvine but can be in Westminster on most days. Not interested in shipping. I'm looking for a Phoenix Black Diamond PSW 700H
  36. JRD

    Customer service question / issue

    Is there a rep on here. I've been trying to get an order corrected since late February with no luck. I've called and used their online support. No response to 2 online contacts. And 3 calls have resulted in the wrong parts twice.
  37. JRD

    Shimano I need a part for a Calcutta that does not show up on the schematics

    I'm working on a Calcutta te 200gt. I need both the anti-reverse bearing and the gear sleeve bearing that sits on top of it. The schematics show the gear sleeve bearing, but do not show the anti-reverse bearing. I called Shimano and he tried looking it up on his schematic which also did not...
  38. JRD

    Looking for a ride. Oct. 7 - 14

    If anybody needs another person on a trip. Experienced in small boats. Non-smoker and non-drinker, 54 and low drama. I'm in for boat cleaning and sharing costs. If ya got something going leave me a PM please. Randy
  39. JRD

    Remington 700 BDL in 7mm Magnum

    This is a great shooter. I used it in Washington State for white tail, mule deer and black bear. It's been used, not abused. Tasco World Class 3x9 and Leopold rings. Bluing at 85% or better, some dings and scratches - it logged hundreds of miles in the mountains. If I remember it's a mid...
  40. JRD

    Penn 113hn Star

    Was there ever truly a recall on the plastic star or just an upgrade offered by Penn. ANY more around?
  41. JRD

    WTB Seeker 670-7

    Looking for a West Coast or Classic series near Irvine.
  42. JRD

    Looking for a ride

    My skiffs down and looking for a ride Sept 6 or 7 and Sept 16 through 18. My passports on order so I can't go south. Up for anything else and ready to pull more than my share of the work and costs. Hit me up. Randy.
  43. JRD

    $10 Box o plastics. Fish trap and Kalin's with lead heads

    $10 Pick up in Irvine or Westminster. There are 6 purple haze fish traps 4.5, one 4 inch, 3 Kalin's chartreuse and 5 root beer single tail grubs 4 inch, 2 eyed 2(?) ounce lead heads and 3 eyed 1.5(?) ounce lead heads. Plus a 7 inch mystery root bear double tail grub. With Plano box.
  44. JRD

    WTB Accurate / Tiburon Kit Penn 146 and 506

    Looking for frame and spool for a squidder 146 and jigmaster 506. Any color as long as the spindles are straight and good threads on the frame. Will consider whole reels.
  45. JRD

    WTB Accurate / Tiburon frame for 112h

    I'm not particular about color as long as the threads are solid. PM me or reply here. Thank you guys.
  46. JRD

    Dana Point July 23 bass fest

    I am just getting back into the game so beach launched my little orange bobber out of Doheny. I've been having trouble making date so just gave up after a half hour and switched over to Plastics and Squid. Started getting bit right out around the red buoy equally on the Plastics and Squid on...
  47. JRD

    New Year Perchin - Dog beach

    Its been awhile so I took the mutt with me to dog beach with the thought of chasing beans on the sand bars, so such luck. Storms, high tide and trash has destroyed the crab and clam beds since I was last there a few months ago. So I broke outh the 2 year old gulp camo sand worms and just...
  48. JRD

    Scotty parts, Dielectric Grease

    Ive got some stuff from my kayaking days up on the "General Fishing Crap" board, basically a Scotty Block, with rail mount adapter and Scotty flush mount shipped for $10 and 5 three ounce tubes of Dielectric grease used for electrical connections at $2 each tube.
  49. JRD

    Dialectic Grease and Scotty Parts

    I've got 5 brand new tubes of Silicone Dielectric Compound. Made by Boss Products each tube is new and unopened and contains 3 ounces. Great for electrical connections and whatever else ails you. $2 a tube. I will agree to ship them but you take the risk the tubes dont make it through the...
  50. JRD

    I love Asia

    So here I am in Singapore with some spare time, looking for some information about activities. I'm thinking about renting or borrowing a board and getting out. I find this gem on Asia " It is an interesting sport and Singapore is taking an active part in Surfing Expeditions since a...
  51. JRD

    Seeker, Turners, Penn Rods

    Used Seeker BCSW 705-7’ 8-15 Orig, fugi components, hook keeper added, cork grips (dirty) $60 Used Turners California Calico Special C80XH 8’ 15-40 Orig, black. Cork grips, Fugi guides, unknown seat and hook keeper added. Used but in great shape. Jig stick, heavy swim bait action. $60...
  52. JRD

    Calstar 765L, 7465L and Seeker GFGRALG700L

    Looks like my buyer on this last rod fell through. Now there is a catch, I am leaving for Singapore on the 11th so the rod has to be picked up no later than the 10th. I will be in the San Fernando Valley Saturday till mid day then back in Irvine. Custom Calstar 765L is brand new, never fished...
  53. JRD

    SKB Rod Tube

    This is barely used taking just two trips in great shape. They say it holds 7 rods but you can fit more than that in there. Heavy duty rod storage and transport case that's easy to use, store and protects against just about anything. Picked up only in Irvine $65
  54. JRD

    It is what it is!

    Took the GF up to LA yesterday to prove my fishing tales are not BS. Decided Trancas was safe since it always produces. So we leave OC late, and hit Trancas right a the peak of high tide to find waves crashing on the rocks and no beach to walk. What the hell, we drove an hour and a half...
  55. JRD

    When Fishermen Meet

    The conversation goes something like this. Hiyamac Lobuddy Binearlong? Coplours Cetchanenny? Goddafew Kindarthay? Bassencarp Ennysizetoom? Cuplapowns? Hittinhard? Sordalike Wahchoozin? Gobbawurms Fishanonaboddum? Rydonaboddum Whatchadrinkin? Jugajimbeam Igoddago Tubad...
  56. JRD

    Trinidad 14 and Avet JX 6/3 and MXJ 6/4

    Everything sold! Thanks to the BD community. Sometimes the sale price is a little lower than eBay but the buyers are always great and it's good to pass on stuff to a great community!!!!!!! All three reels are in great shape with normal light scratching. Trinidad 14 Gold, no clamp. Filled...
  57. JRD

    Black Plate 4/0 spool?

    Did Penn or Newell make an aluminum spool for the low speed 113 4/0? I picked one up cheap but its got some serious pitting on the shoulder. If I did not get the reel (great shape) so cheap I would not care. if all else fails and you know where one is or have an old metal spool I would be...
  58. JRD

    Colt 1991A1 Compact Parkerized

    SOLD Im no longer shooting much and want to turn this into $ for something else. I purchased this pistol new and have put less than 200 rounds through it. It comes with two original Colt magazines and the gun rug. I had the trigger and hammer replaced with Wilson parts and installed...
  59. JRD

    Calcutta CTE300 and Torium 14

    I need room for more toys in life and just dont use these so here they are. PENDING TRADE Calcutta TE 300 / CTE 300. Excellent shape, original handle with just a very little rash on the frame behind the cross bar. Its spooled with a full spool of 50lb PP spectra. $240 obo SOLD, SOLD, SOLD...
  60. JRD

    Avet LX, Calcutta 50 and 150

    I have the following for sale. All are well maintained and located in Irvine. I will ship but prefer local pick up. OBO Avet LX 4.6:1 SOLDThis reel is new, never spooled or mounted. It was bought as a blem because of the color. Gold frame and side plates and silver everything else. With...
  61. JRD

    Wilderness Systems 160i Kayak

    The full ad is on the kayak board here Located in Santa Ana and I need to get it out to make room for a tandem.
  62. JRD

    Dry tube storage / ditch bag

    SOLD THANKS PAT! I have a new Dry Tube water proof storage container I bought to use as a ditch bag on the skiff and just never got around to using. I can't post a pict from the IPad but this is shaped like a life guard can and the top screws off. $20 bucks picked up in the Huntington Beach...
  63. JRD

    Accuplate bearings 6/0 and 4/0

    I have two new sets of these from Accurate. I ordered them thinking they would be hard to get then later sold the reels. Brand new. Shipped to you for your stash $15.
  64. JRD

    Wilderness Systems 160i for sale

  65. JRD

    Sell this paddle - $45

    This is a new fiberglass shaft, plastic blade paddle. Its a 230 cm, two piece paddle adjustable to feather right or left handed. Its brand new, never seen the water. The blades are a modified touring blade, branded Ocean Kayak and the paddle is made in NZ. Great beginners - intermediate...
  66. JRD

    Misc. Swim Baits - lead heads -Terminal Tackle

    UPDATED - I have some stuff Im looking to unload to make way for different things. I hope I can get the pictures up right but here is the list. All items except tuna feathers are new. UPDATED 2/18 - HOLY CRAP!!! SOMEHOW I ERASED MY PM'S AND REALIZE THAT SOME BODY BOUGHT THE BRAID HARD...
  67. JRD

    Huntington 12/25

    After the gift giving, I decided to take advantage of the great weather and hit Huntington looking for a gift. The tide was up and swells were really pumping out past the sand bar, but inside a great wide bar with alot of holes and channels. Other than the great weather and surfing action...
  68. JRD

    Whats a good valuation source? Colt 1991a1

    I hate to do it but I have to begin thinning out the collection. The first to go is a 686 four inch and a Colt 1991a1 Compact. The S&W was easy to price out but the Colt's proving a bit more difficult. Its basically stock. The only upgrades are Wilson adjustable trigger and stainless...
  69. JRD

    Perchin at HB

    Decided late in the morning to go ahead and hit the beach. Started around 11 until one and fished from Beach Blvd. halfway to the pier. The beach was steep and the waves pounding with a serious current moving up the beach. Nothing really to report, small to hand sized perch biting the...
  70. JRD

    Hypothetical Question about where to buy magazines.

    Looking for a source of .223 magazines for AK varients. Not the AK-74 but actual .223 / 5.56 Nato. Years ago I found a bin at Turners of 10 round mags but cant locate any anymore. Why you ask? Divorce and the upset wife trashed the storage container full of all kinds of neat things. Thank...
  71. JRD

    WFO Long Range Back-Pak / Kayak Paddle

    I have a 230 cm, glass shaft and plastic blade two piece paddle I just never used. Still in the plastic on the blades. Its a three position paddle for feathering. Located in Orange. $45 you pick it up. I also have a WFO long range bag hardly used. It has a 3 inch deep Albakore box on...
  72. JRD

    Tyrnos II deal - Big 5

    Im not sure this is the right place but what the heck, if the Mods want to move it thats ok. Not affiliated but I was in my local Santa Ana Big 5 last night and noticed they had the 2-speed Tyrnos 8 on sale for $149.99 and the 10 for $159.99. I dont know the regular going rate but it seemed...
  73. JRD

    Malibu Perchfest 1/15

    I took my GF up to Trancas from the OC for her first time fishing anything. We are new transplants to the OC so I though to take her to Malibu where I know the territory. We hit Trancas just at the turn of the outgoing tide and started searching. The outgoing tide seemed to be moving fast as...
  74. JRD

    North Orange County Penn Parts

    I need some Penn parts, like tomorrow. Dogs for a 140 and 4/0 as well as the springs and a hardened pinion yoke. I'm in Westminster and would like to stay close if I can. Thanks in advance.
  75. JRD

    Accurized Squidder or 505 in Red

    I'm looking for an Accurized Squidder in Red. I would like a 146 but would take a 140 also if the price is right. I would take a 505 also but a Squidder is my first choice. I'd like to find the full conversion if possible but am open to just a framed reel as well. Let me know what you have...
  76. JRD

    What's it worth? Ruger M77 Mark II All Weather .243

    After moving to Calif., I have given up the though of hunting again, its just too hard here. So I have been letting my hunting rifles go. I have a Ruger M77 Mark II All Weather in excellent condition. I bought it new for my wife, and she maybe put 80-100 rounds through it. Its got a...
  77. JRD

    Looking for a small kid's yak, trades?

    Guys, I am looking for a small yak for my kids, something along the lines of an OK Scrambler, Cobra Navigator, WS 120 or Mini X. In return I have a great condition Calstar 700l cork grips, Calstar 700M Acid wrapped, Shimano TE400 and / or Trinidad 14, Torium 14, Torium 16, New and unused...
  78. JRD

    Another JX Belville question.

    I thought I posted this under the other JX thread but must have lost it. I picked up a used 4:1 JX older model that had some light corrosion issues so I took it apart - every screw, every piece. First time taking an Avet down, my other JX has never seen water so havent had it apart yet except...
  79. JRD

    Gun safe pricing???

    My brother's moving out of state and needs to sell his safe but we can't locate any pricing guides for used safes. Anybody have an opinion. Its a Fort Knox Defender Mod. #6026 and is in pristine shape. 8 gun with side shelves. Thanks, Randy
  80. JRD

    Kid fishing regulations

    I'm thinking about taking the boys to Castaic this weekend to troll for stripers. They don't need licenses yet, but how many rods can they fish? I know I had to buy a second rod stamp so I'm wondering if they are limited to one rod or if they can fish two without the license. The reg book is...