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  1. joelgame

    2310 Parker 1999/2016

    Bump. Still available
  2. joelgame

    Furuno FCV 582L Sounder/Fishfinder

    I have them in use on my skiff. Awesome unit
  3. joelgame

    Auto pilot pump rebuild

    Just saw your post. Sd hydraulics or Rupe’s hydraulics in San Marcos.
  4. joelgame

    Simrad AP 11 head unit

    looking for just the control head unit. Screen is burned out. Joel
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    Reels in for service

    They have top notch customer service!
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    SDFD 7 Day on the Royal Star 9/26-10/3

    Here are some pictures from last year
  8. joelgame

    SDFD 7 Day on the Royal Star 9/26-10/3

    Hey guys we looking for some fun anglers to come fish with us on the Royal star. This charter has traditionally been mostly San Diego city firemen. We have had a ton fun memories. I have been running this trip since 2013 and this year has been the hardest by far. We initially lost a bunch of...
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    2310 Parker 1999/2016

    The Yamaha is a 2014. It was installed brand new out of the box in 2017.
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    2310 Parker 1999/2016

    New price $48,000 I’m selling my 2310 Parker. This boat has been extremely solid and reliable. Sea worthy, fishable, economical, it’s the full package. I am selling only because I just finished a complete restoration on a 32’ Blackman and it makes no sense to have both boats. Features...
  11. joelgame

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    The lifeguards were on 16 yesterday telling people to not “traverse mission bay” and return to their slips. I called my friend at Harbor PD and they are enforcing the same as of today. Bummer.
  12. joelgame

    Offshore TOMAHAWK post 13 BFT (70# - 90#) on their 1 1/2 day.

    Fishing was awesome. Limits of big reds and quality bluefin.
  13. joelgame

    Grundens bib and jacket $100

    Are you going to be at Fred Hall?
  14. joelgame

    Lewmar windlass vertical

    If it falls through I’m interested
  15. joelgame

    Offshore Signs of bluefin

    You’re correct, The queen caught two and the Tomahawk caught two. Exciting, catching bluefin in February!
  16. joelgame

    Offshore Signs of bluefin

    They were on a Colonet rock cod trip. They have been seeing bluefin almost every Colonet rock cod trip. The report I got from the boat was “hooked 8 bft, saw a shit load of 60-120# fish. Got one on 50# test it was a 60 pound fish and got a 120 pound fish on 40# test”
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    Rocket Launcher for Parker 2310

    Looking for something like this, nothing fancy.
  18. joelgame

    Rocket Launcher for Parker 2310

    Looking for a rocket launcher for a Parker 2310 hard top. Please contact me with what you have. Joel 6195641888
  19. joelgame

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    This is from yesterday off the Tomahawk. After catching rock cod and yellowtail at colonet they went offshore and found some bluefin. They didn’t want to bite. One of these Colonet trips is going to find some biters.
  20. joelgame

    Looking for a custom rod builder

    Farrier custom rods (619) 887-8088
  21. joelgame

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    The season isn’t over. The shogun and royal star are on a massive school of biting bluefin. It’s within range of 1.5 day trips.
  22. joelgame

    After Rockfish shutdown?

  23. joelgame

    BLUEFIN still biting

    Mustang is on them. 50-100 pound grade
  24. joelgame

    Tuna on PENN Torque and Fathom 15LD2's

    Here’s a nice bluefin my son caught on a penn Fathom 15 two speed. 40 pound spectra to 30 pound fluorocarbon, small circle hook, on a seeker Athena 70L. He was borrowing his moms setup.
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    I am C0rnH0lio’d

    It happens
  26. joelgame

    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    It was an awesome trip, I’m stoked you had a good time! Joel
  27. joelgame

    Do you sell the rod holders separate? I am thinking about replacing my existing clamp on style...

    Do you sell the rod holders separate? I am thinking about replacing my existing clamp on style with permenant holders. They are on my parker 2310 hardtop
  28. joelgame

    Do you make rod holders? Thanks Joel

    Do you make rod holders? Thanks Joel
  29. joelgame

    Penn fathom 40 II speed

    Steve you beat me too it!
  30. joelgame

    USA Penn Senator II - 114HL $40

    Text me 6195641888 619561
  31. joelgame

    Fisherman's Landing Parking

    I do it all the time. Zero issues
  32. joelgame

    Offshore Tomahawk 4/16/19

    They are biting!
  33. joelgame

    Seeking Good Rec for 6 Pack in SD

    James on the Sauerfish is your man.
  34. joelgame

    2530 inboard to out board conversion engine box replacement with deck hatch ideas

    My buddy has the same boat with the same conversion, and he did the same thing. He has the same issue that he wants to get completely rid of the box. Even with its reduce profile it’s still in the way.
  35. joelgame

    Outboard Deals Expected at Fred Hall?

    Get a Yamaha scratch and dent. I bought one from a dealer back east. $15500 for a Yamaha 250 shipped. It was a year old model with no hours still in the shipping crate. Saved 5-6 grand.
  36. joelgame

    Furuno 582L sounder

    looking for a head unit in good shape. Thank you Joel 6195641888
  37. joelgame

    Yamaha f300 500 hour service

    Any thoughts? I’m coming up on 500 hours also
  38. joelgame

    What was your fish of the Year?

    180 ish at San Clemente. What made it memorable was both my sons got to watch it blow up on the double trouble. My oldest put a gaff in it and pulled it over with me. Priceless.
  39. joelgame

    SKB Tackle Box with 4 Rocket Launchers

    The box was as advertised. Good deal
  40. joelgame

    SEA vs VISX

    He is correct.
  41. joelgame

    ProGear, TLD and Fathom reels

    I have the ProGear and TLD still
  42. joelgame

    ProGear, TLD and Fathom reels

    1. Shimano TLD 20 with Tiburon hand and frame. Upgraded drags. In really good condition. $250 2. Penn Fathom 12 star drag. really good condition. $100 -SOLD 3. Pro Gear 255. In good condition. $125 I live in oceanside and work in san diego. Joel cell 6195641888
  43. joelgame

    Tomahawk 1.5 day - Fri. Nov. 16th DEFINITE GO!

    Great boat. If I wasn’t committed I’d be there
  44. joelgame

    2007 2320 leak in cabin

    I have the same issue. To clarify, you left your rub rail in place and just caulked it between the rub rail and the boats hull on the bottom of the rub rail? Thanks
  45. joelgame

    Brand new Kill bag 30x90

    Good luck with the sale. Awesome bags, great deal. Good guy selling them.
  46. joelgame

    1000$ discount on 14 day Hoo's Run n' Gun on Intrepid leaving Nov 6th

    Good luck filling it. I wish I could go.
  47. joelgame

    Giant BFT #100 Braid Drag Settings - 16 VISX

    That rod is light for 30 pounds of drag
  48. joelgame

    Yamaha 250hp 4 stroke

    Let me know how the Tohatsu does. I saw them online, it seems like a great deal. Thanks
  49. joelgame

    Repower Question for 1998 2510DV

    If you want to save some money buy a scratch and dent Yamaha motor. I bought a f250 with a couple of minor scratches on the lower end, saved about 8 grand. Zero hours and got a 5 year warranty on the motor through Yamaha. The scratch and dent program is a program set up through Yamaha.
  50. joelgame

    Repower Question for 1998 2510DV

    I moved two batteries forward into the cabin and lost the oil reservoir. No change in the way the boat rides. Not familiar with Suzuki, but I know the Yamaha f300 is really close to the same weight at the f250. It is a more "tuned" up motor and requires higher octane gas to achieve the higher...
  51. joelgame

    Repower Question for 1998 2510DV

    I repowered my 2310 with a Yamaha 250 four stroke, replacing the same motor you have. Almost doubled my mpg. Its not about saving money, its about increasing your range. I can now fish two days at San Clemente island and not have to bring any fuel cans.
  52. joelgame

    I Tend to Hook Huge Fish

    Never lost a small one
  53. joelgame

    Fathom 40 NLD2 Calsheets Blueprint

    I would not worry about the bearings on the fathom reels. I have been fishing the shit out of them for four years and have not had one issue. They are awesome.
  54. joelgame

    Open spots on the royal star 7 day in September

    Still have some spots. Fun trip, core group has been together for 5 year or so. No drama and lots of good times. Check with Tracy at the royal star office. $2900
  55. joelgame

    Royal star 7 day in September

    Still have some spots. Fun trip, core group has been together for 5 year or so. No drama and lots of good times. Check with Tracy at the royal star office. $2900
  56. joelgame

    Open spots on royal star 7 day in September

    Still have some spots. Fun trip, core group has been together for 5 year or so. No drama and lots of good times. Check with Tracy at the royal star office
  57. joelgame

    First long range san diego trip planning

    I took the wife for her birthday in December last year on the Shogun for a Guadalupe trip. Fun tuna fishing, I think we got 10 or so of the nicer grade fish (90-138). Ran over some 20 pound Bluefin on the way in.
  58. joelgame

    Open spots on royal star 7 day in September

    Still some spots
  59. joelgame

    Royal star 7 day in September

    I have some spots on my charter. Most likely going to Guadalupe to fish big yellowfin. It is the SDFD charter September 22nd to the 29th. Great group of guys, lots of fun with a traced group. Contact me if you are interested in going. Thanks Joel 6195641888
  60. joelgame

    Open spots on the royal star 7 day in September

    I have some spots on my charter. Most likely going to Guadalupe to fish big yellowfin. It is the SDFD charter September 22nd to the 29th. Great group of guys. Contact me if you are interested in going. Thanks Joel 6195641888
  61. joelgame

    Which boat, October

    The tomahawk is awesome. I chartered the boat in August. Great trip.
  62. joelgame

    Is #40 really needed???

    Really? I think 40 is the most used in my arsenal.
  63. joelgame

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    I wrote a report on a recent charter I ran on the tomahawk. It is a first class operation from top to bottom. No doubt my favorite 1.5-3 day boat.
  64. joelgame

    Open spots on royal star 7 day in September

    I have some spots on my charter. It is the SDFD charter September 22nd to the 29th. Great group of guys. Contact me if you are interested in going. Thanks Joel 6195641888
  65. joelgame

    Offshore Tomahawk 1.5 day charter 8/23/18

    Sorry for the late report. What a great trip. The Owner, Captain, Crew and Cook all kicked ass. Really well run trip We left about 8pm out of Seaforth, no parking charge and plenty of parking for everyone. Woke up Wednesday morning on the grounds with 15 plus boats around us. Throughout the day...
  66. joelgame

    1.5 day trip advice....Tomahawk or Chief?????

    I just ran a charter on the Tomahawk. It is a first class operation. There is no doubt I will be chartering it again next year. Long range style on a 1.5 day trip. Really good boat.
  67. joelgame

    Seeker 2x4 OSP

    Awesome wrap
  68. joelgame

    Offshore Tuna-kakke

    I just went south. Full limits for 25 guys. Flat falls, 20 pound with a #2 hook, mega baits, and poppers all worked.
  69. joelgame

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    Can them. Buddy did a blind taste test. Skip, bluefin, yellowfin. Skips crushed it.
  70. joelgame

    Need advice on serving bluefin tuna bellies

    Sashimi. It is the best raw fish period.
  71. joelgame

    Offshore Big YFT

    Awesome local yellowfin!
  72. joelgame

    Offshore Pyramid and China Cove 30 - 03Aug

    Thank you for taking the time to post
  73. joelgame

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Just ordered one. Are they the gold or black models? Thanks for looking out.
  74. joelgame

    Cooler Storage on the 2320

    How did you guys mount the cooler to roof of your Parker. I have a 2310, I was thinking about doing the same thing.
  75. joelgame

    Do you really need a true 80lb rig for overnight to 2 day trip?

    Both the Shogun and royal star fish the fathom 40 two speeds on xh blanks with 80# test for gudalupe tuna. You're fine until you hook a 200 pound plus fish.
  76. joelgame

    New Penn fathom 25n star drag for saltist bg 35

    Like the title says. Newer saltist bg 35 with spectra for my brand new Penn fathom 25n SD. I'm in Oceanside, work in San Diego. Text or call. Joel 6195641888
  77. joelgame

    palm fish guy - fish mounts

    What do you charge? They look vey cool
  78. joelgame

    Rod for 40NLD2

    calstar 700xh
  79. joelgame

    Penn Fathom 15 SD and LD

    I am looking for a Penn fathom 15 star drag and a Penn fathom lever drag two speed. Needs to be in near new to new condition. I am in Oceanside. Call or text. Thank you Joel 6195641888
  80. joelgame

    Parker splash well

    Don't sell it Lee, save it for your next 2310
  81. joelgame

    Seeker OSP rail rods

    OPS 2X4 would be a good rod.
  82. joelgame

    Seeker OSP rail rods

    I have an osp 1x3 with a mak 16sea on it. Fished 80 on it Caught a 138 and a 148 yellowfin at Guadalupe, along with some 120s. Never came close to bottoming out, could handle bigger tuna and more drag.
  83. joelgame

    Bad Ads Thread
  84. joelgame


    I've seen two different Yamaha certified techs run the motor while on the fishing attachment.
  85. joelgame

    Which rod for Penn Torque 40NLD2?

    Calstar 700XH for 50-60 pound live bait applications.
  86. joelgame

    OAC Annual halibut tourney

    Im in
  87. joelgame

    From Facebook

    I broke a 5/0 mustad 4x demon circle hook at Guadalupe this past year. First one to break or bend after catching a bunch of 75-150 pound yellowfin and bluefin tuna the past three years using 3x and 4x strong mustads. My wife was fishing 60 pound, around 18-20 pounds of drag. Had to be a bad...
  88. joelgame

    OAC 2018 Open Halibut Tournament - 4/14/18

    Ill be fishing it
  89. joelgame

    Rod for penn fathom 40 2 spd

    calstar 700xh or seeker 6470xh.
  90. joelgame

    Looking to get a microwave oven for my Parker!

    On eBay they sell a portable food warmer that plugs into a cigarette lighter. $20 and no installation or generator needed. Heats up three or four burritos, 10 hotdogs, or a couple sandwiches. Been working for a couple of seasons now.
  91. joelgame

    Fathom 25n 2spd questions.

    Great yoyo and bait reel. Load it with 50 pound spectra.
  92. joelgame

    Fathom 30 for 60#?

    I've fished fathom 30s at gudalupe multiple times with 60 pound top shots when I wanted a stealthier setup then the 40n. Landed tuna up to 115 pounds on it. No issues. On 700h and 700xh calstar rods. Those reels are awesome. I own 4 of them.
  93. joelgame

    Shimano TLD 30 2 Speed with topless Magnum kit for 80lb?

    I've caught a good number of 100-150 tuna, both bluefin and yellowfin, with a tld20 with a Tiburon frame. Handled the fish.
  94. joelgame

    Baja fish maps on super clearance

    Free to pick up in store. Great site, lots of other cool deals.
  95. joelgame


    Looks awesome. Dan will be stoked!
  96. joelgame

    Reports from Guadalupe

    Fishing was pretty good December 15th-21st , one or two bites a day but they were mostly quality over 100 pound fish. Took the wife for her birthday. She is hooked for life.
  97. joelgame

    Reports from Guadalupe

    my wife with a 110 pound class tuna. With her band new pink seeker fishing rod.
  98. joelgame

    Long Range boat check in at Ensenada Mexico.

    Check in is done in the harbor, tied up to the dock.
  99. joelgame

    Cerveza Pacifico

    Awesome color scheme, wish I thought of it when I started getting custom rods done. Very cool.
  100. joelgame

    Seeker Hercules GTS70XH

    Looks good buddy
  101. joelgame

    Gaffs for sale

    Aftco gaff sold
  102. joelgame

    Misc boat stuff

    1. Bamboo bait net. $30 2. stainless steel Rod holder. $20 local pickup in la jolla. Joel 6195641888
  103. joelgame

    SOLD Simrad AP 11 Autopilot SOLD

    Everything you need besides a pump and a rudder feedback. It worked great when I took it off my boat last week. $100 I'm in La Jolla, local pickup only. Joel 6195641888
  104. joelgame

    Gaffs for sale

    All are in decent shape. 1. 4' Bamboo Gaff. $50 2. 8' Aluminum Squidco Gaff. $50 3. 4' Aluminum AFTCO Gaff. $50 4. 6' Fiberglass Gaff. $30 5. 5' Aluminum Gaff. $25 Local pickup only. Im in La Jolla Joel Cell6195641888
  105. joelgame

    2310 fishbox enlargement

    Best upgrade and super simple and cheap if you just gelcoat and use a kill bag for ice/fish storage.
  106. joelgame

    2310 upgrades

    Good stuff, I am going to have a busy winter.
  107. joelgame

    Fixing/upgrading autopilot

    Thanks for info. Do you have any one that does installs?
  108. joelgame

    Fixing/upgrading autopilot

    Looking for suggestions. I have a simrad Robertson ap11 autopilot that works as long as the linear feedback unit doesn't break every 100 hours or so. I already tried the sea star smart stick, it did not work. I want to use a rudder feed back that is reliable. What are my options? Should I buy...
  109. joelgame

    SS 1x3

    Nice patrick! I got a 1x3 blank as well, looking to get it wrapped before our guadalupe trip. It will be perfect if the fish eat the 80 like they did last year.
  110. joelgame

    New prop for parker 2310

    What size and pitch four blade did you get
  111. joelgame

    New prop for parker 2310

    Looking to see if anyone has insight on props for a parker 2310 that i recently repowered with a four stroke. 1999 2310 DV parker with a new to me 2007 f250 25" shaft transom notch mount. I'm looking for high mpg, low planning speed, engine longevity. Not worried about top end, not looking...
  112. joelgame

    Shimano Uses for Tiburon TLD 20 II

    I used mine at guadalupe with #80 topshots for yellowfin 60-100lbs and i got a 141lbs bluefin on it. The bluefin put it through the paces, would have like a stronger low gear at the end. Good reel for 60-80# line, 20-25# drag.
  113. joelgame

    Yamaha 250 ox66 outboard $4500

    Price drop. I've decicded to save some money and keep the gauges and wiring harness. The Motor, two stroke oil tank and pump and prop are included in the sale. Thank you.
  114. joelgame

    Yamaha 250 ox66 outboard $4500

    Most trips are around 1.5mpg on a 2310 parker. The last picture should the total fuel burn and miles for a recent trip. That was with really good weather, 1.65mpg is on the high side.
  115. joelgame

    Yamaha 250 ox66 outboard $4500

    $4500 obo This outboard is currently on my parker 2310. It has been an extremely reliable motor but ive decided to put a four stroke on the boat. Included with the motor are the ss prop, two stroke oil tank and pump, and some assorted maintenance items. Even compression, lower end oil looks...
  116. joelgame

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    I missed the aftermarket fish holds on the parkers at fh. Did any one get a picture of them?
  117. joelgame

    Accurate ATD 12 FS

    Hell of a deal
  118. joelgame

    Wanted, Cheap Penn Senator 113

    Looking for an inexpensive Senator in the san diego city or north county area. Thanks Joel cell: 619-564-1888
  119. joelgame

    Eisenglass Help

    Anyone replace the eisenglass on their boat? Mine is discolored and crazed. Im up in Oceanside but am in San Diego all the time. Thanks
  120. joelgame

    Clamp on rod holder help

    I used bike tire tubes. works great
  121. joelgame

    Pro gear albacore special 280

    Selling this reel. In good shape, with some wear and tear. Call or text. Joel 6195641888. $150
  122. joelgame

    Saltist 35H

    great reel
  123. joelgame

    Ain't no fish around here!!

  124. joelgame

    Non-Crimping Replacement VHF Cable Connections

    I bought the same connector at west marine Bill did while installing my new radio. No issues, it works great.
  125. joelgame

    Offshore left them biting again 8/8/15

    I was thinking the same thing, 133 is heading towards the pier
  126. joelgame

    Best in class Parker 2110

    I fished on this boat a number of times when bobby owned it. I liked it so much I ended up buying a 2310 parker. Great boat, does it all well.
  127. joelgame

    Penn Fathom 2 speeds Any Reviews?

    I have a couple Im using for bait reels and they have been great so far. Excellent value
  128. joelgame

    NEW for 2016, PENN Warfare conventional reels

    They look like great reels. The price is amazing
  129. joelgame

    Offshore Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Fishbones beat me to it. Salt and pepper in the back ground, don't embarrass yourself.
  130. joelgame

    fs pro gear reels

    I have the etched albacore 540 still for sale. Thanks
  131. joelgame

    golight spot light fs

    This is the top of the box, it has more info on the unit. Also please text or call me if you are interested, thanks . Pms replied
  132. joelgame

    golight spot light fs

    Brand new. sold Joel 6195641888
  133. joelgame

    Magma grill fs

    Works great. sold Joel 6195641888
  134. joelgame

    outriggers fs

    sold Joel 6195641888 sold
  135. joelgame

    fs inexpensive fishing rods

    1. Calstar 6485L. 8.5 foot pole great for 30-40 pound test. $100 2. Sabre 8' 20-40 pound test. $60 3. West Marine Trolling rod $50 Joel 6195641888
  136. joelgame

    fs pro gear reels

    1. Pro Gear Albacore Special 540. 3.6 to 1 gears, Tiburon handle, excellent drags and condition. Ready to fish up to #50 test no problem. sold 2. Pro Gear Albacore Special 540. 3.6 to 1 gears, Tiburon handle, excellent drags and condition. Ready to fish up to #50 test no problem. $170 3. Pro...
  137. joelgame

    O-side harbor police can...

    I live in Oceanside and your experience is very much in line with what I have encountered interacting with Oceanside PD. Awesome guys, have not had a bad experience yet.
  138. joelgame

    Freelance Rod Builder North County Wanted???

    Larry Whatley is awesome, he is in Oceanside and wrapped all my rods. Used to be my next door neighbor, does really quality work. 760-696-0276
  139. joelgame

    Sold furuno 582l

    Thats what I paid for it on bloody decks a year ago, dont need it anymore so I thought id stoke someone out.
  140. joelgame

    Sold furuno 582l

    In great condition, excellent fish finder, $260. can meet in Oceanside or San Diego. Call if interested 6195641888.
  141. joelgame

    furuno gps gp30

    In great condition, $60. can meet in Oceanside or San Diego. Call if interested 6195641888.
  142. joelgame

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    I'm interested in the belly hoop, avet lx, marlin bag, rapalas. I sent a pm yesterday with my cell phone number. If they are still available call/text me at 6195641888, thank you.
  143. joelgame

    Just Jigs

    In my opinion one of the most fun ways to fish is throw the surface iron for yellowtail and school sized tuna. It's a blast and once you get a hang of it you'll really like it. Something about tricking a fish into biting a piece of metal over live bait. Can't be beat
  144. joelgame

    Strongest Loop Knot For Mossback Yellows On Bottom?...

    I've been using the burroughs dropper loop. Easy to tie and have not had any failures.
  145. joelgame


    I'll take them, I have a little skiff they would be great on. Text me 6195641888.
  146. joelgame

    Ideal Boat for So Cal Waters

    My buddy just bought a cabo 226, and for southern California fishing I feel it has the best all around layout. Awesome walk around, great bait setup, two good sized fish holds, lots of tackle storage. The only downside is the cuddy, it is small and can only get two people in there really tight...
  147. joelgame

    If you have any more two speed diawa reels, I'm in Oceanside and interested. Thank you

    If you have any more two speed diawa reels, I'm in Oceanside and interested. Thank you
  148. joelgame

    Kids Dec 23rd Yellows at Box Canyon

    That is awesome! Can't wait to get my sons out there. Good job with the little dudes.
  149. joelgame

    2001 Parker 2110

    Thats a great price! Good luck with the sale
  150. joelgame

    Do you stop have all the stuff from your parker? Thanks

    Do you stop have all the stuff from your parker? Thanks
  151. joelgame

    dual axel trailer

    Dual axel trail-rite trailer in great shape. In the last year it has a new cable winch, new brakes, new jack, and new bearings. The bunks are in good shape, some rust on the leaf springs otherwise clean and in good working order. Had a 2300 striper walk aroundon it, and towed the boat very...
  152. joelgame

    Do you still have your grady? I'm looking for a boat, thanks

    Do you still have your grady? I'm looking for a boat, thanks
  153. joelgame

    Still have the cabo?

    Still have the cabo?
  154. joelgame

    im interested in the kill bag, please text or call me. 6195641888. Joel

    im interested in the kill bag, please text or call me. 6195641888. Joel
  155. joelgame

    Parker 2510 2006

    good luck with the sale nico.
  156. joelgame

    Calstar 800xlh

    I fish 20 on mine
  157. joelgame


    yeah i was going to get to live on catalina. lucky
  158. joelgame

    Calstar 800xlh

    yes i agree
  159. joelgame

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank 400.00 OBO

    I would love the 48 gallon one
  160. joelgame

    WTB 40-50 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    im still looking, 6195641888. thanks
  161. joelgame

    WTB 40-50 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    are you not selling the tank now?
  162. joelgame

    WTB 40-50 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    looking for a 35-50 gallon bait tank. doesn't have to look perfect, but needs to work well.
  163. joelgame

    Penn and other stuff

    everything is sold. thanks
  164. joelgame

    Penn and other stuff

    The 501 and 112 are pending. I still have the Penn 500s on Ugly Stiks. I am willing to sell them for $30 a combo. Thanks
  165. joelgame

    Penn and other stuff

    I have some older equipment Im selling for pretty cheap. Perfect for kids or guys just getting into fishing 1. Penn 112H 3/0 Tiburon Frame done at kens custom reels. $60 2. Penn 501 with a newell spool also don at kens. $40 3. 2 older ugly stick rods. 7' 30-50 pound rating. $15 each 4. 2...
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  170. Mobile Uploads

    Mobile Uploads

  171. joelgame

    how are the reports

    how are the reports
  172. joelgame

    penn 30 vsx

    I have a brand new, never fished penn 30vsx. it has brand new spectra on it, filled with 100# and a top shot of 130#. set up by Ken from ken's reels to fish for cows. great reel, I just doubt I am going to get the chance to fish it any time soon. $450 obo...
  173. joelgame

    Penn 30vsx opinions

    I recently purchased a Penn 30vsx and was wondering how other guys have it rigged and what calstar rod they have it matched up to. i currently have a ton of #80 braid spiced to #100 hollow braid on the reel and was intending to use #100 fluro top shots. Give me some ideas. Thanks
  174. joelgame

    Penn Baja Special...Opinions??? Post 2005 Production Reels

    Awesome reel, I liked it so much i bough another for my jig stick
  175. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    Price reduced to $250. Still up in Oceanside, Thanks
  176. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    still have it, text or call. It is at Cal Kona Marine in Oceanside in the front office. Thanks Joel
  177. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    yes still for sale, it is at Cal-Kona Marine if you want to look at it. Call me if interested. 6195641888
  178. joelgame

    Question about the Outer Limits

    I've fished it a couple of times. The captain and crew worked hard, is a good boat.
  179. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    I have a 30 gal fiberglass bait tank in great shape. $250. Approximately 22" by 22" by 30" tall. Located in Oceanside. Call or text me at 6195641888, Thanks Joel.
  180. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    Just got back from PV, yes it is available.
  181. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    Price reduced, $250. Located in oceanside.
  182. joelgame

    Good deals going right now

    honda pilot?
  183. joelgame

    YellowTail 3 miles out near Carlsbad

    I fished that area all day for nada, lots of kelps and bait. Thats great you found the right one!
  184. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    Bump for reduced price. $275. Will trade for a silver rocket launcher for a striper hardtop. Thanks
  185. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    Link to Craigslist with pictures. offshore bait tank
  186. joelgame

    fiberglass bait tank

    I have a 28gallon fiberglass bait tank. Dimensions are 22"-22" and 29" high. Excellent condition. $275, includes a custom top. Joel 6195641888
  187. joelgame

    Installing a Bait Tank on a 2300 Striper

    I also might use a bait pump that has two outlets as an option....
  188. joelgame

    Installing a Bait Tank on a 2300 Striper

    My boat is a 23' Striper i/o, and I want to add a fiberglass offshore bait tank. I bought a 28 gallon square bait tank (similar to a pacific edge pe28s). The fittings are under the tank, a 3/4" inlet and 1 1/2 outlet. I am looking for ideas on how to plumb the tank, currently I have come up with...
  189. joelgame

    Rod repair in No. County?

    Best guy in north county is Larry Whatley. 760-967-7702. Oceanside
  190. joelgame

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    500 140 114h 113HN I had my penns for over 15 years and they still work great, looking forward to giving them to my sons one day
  191. joelgame

    Calstar 700h

    I have mine setup for #40-50 line. I have only caught 40 pounders, but feel confident I could: land 60-80 pounders with my single speed albacore special.
  192. joelgame

    Pro Gear

    I have to agree the torques are great reels but at 450 a pop, I was able to pick up two pg540s and have money left over for spectra. Just saying......
  193. joelgame

    Killer Whale

    that is funny!
  194. joelgame

    your yo-yo reel

    Baja special
  195. joelgame

    Need an overall good 1/2 day or 3/4 day setup!

    I agree, 500 jigmaster for $50 and a glass 7' rod for $50-75 used. A little over hundred bucks for a versatile setup. I fished a Penn 500 and Ugly Stik for years and killed hundreds of yellowtail and tuna. It works.
  196. joelgame

    baja special

    50 spectra with a 50 mono topshot for yoyo and back up 50 lbs bait. Its on a 700XH and it is a great reel. I am very happy with it.
  197. joelgame

    progear 440cs or 540as for fishing 40#

    I agree, my pg 540s are great 40-50# reels. I just went on my first long range trip this summer and they were great. Get the 3.6-1 gears for bait. I prefer a 625 or 600 for iron. The 540s are a little bit wide for me.
  198. joelgame

    Pro gear CS6xx series reels gears

    I was told you could not put the 3.6-1 gears in the 2•• series albacore specials. But I know you can interchange the 6•• cs and 540 or 542 abs. Call Randy, he was really helpful.
  199. joelgame

    TLD 20, ProGear 541, Baja Special

    price drop: Tld $100 Pro gear $120 Baja $170
  200. joelgame

    TLD 20, ProGear 541, Baja Special

    I have the following reels for sale: 1. Shimano TLD 20 fished once with box, like new condition 9.5/10. #30 mono. $110 2. Pro Gear 541, in great condition recently serviced and ready to fish with #65 Spectra and #40 Mono. $140 3. Penn Baja Special 113HN, fished once with box, like new...
  201. joelgame

    offshore trips leaving tonight

    trying to find a trip to jump on, thanks
  202. joelgame

    offshore trips leaving tonight

    Anyone heading out on a 1.5 or 2 day tonight? Looks like none of the boats are running.....
  203. joelgame

    pro gear 541

    Pro gear 541 silver, in excellent shape. Recently serviced, new carbontex drags and freespools really well. $140 will upload pictures but reel looks great. Joel 6195641888
  204. joelgame

    Pro gear reels

    I have a question to throw out there. Would you use a pro gear 541 or CS625 (with 3.6 gears) as your reel for throwing surface Iron with a Calstar 900M. Planning on using 65 spectra and 40 mono top shot. Thanks
  205. joelgame

    Avet 4/02 or 30/2

    Looking for an avet 4/02 or 30/2 reel perferably silver and in good work order. Thanks
  206. joelgame

    Avet JX 6/3

    Sold. Thanks cristin.
  207. joelgame

    Avet JX 6/3

    Bump....make me an offer....
  208. joelgame

    Avet JX 6/3

    This is a lightly used Avet JX 2 speed reel 6/3. It is silver in color and is full of 65# spectra. It just got serviced at Kens in oceanside and is working perfectly, comes with a reel cover. I am looking for $275 obo, please text or call me. I live in the oceanside area, work in san diego and...
  209. joelgame

    Pro Gear 545

    still looking....
  210. joelgame

    Penn 113 and Okuma 50W

    Okuma is now $60, any takers?
  211. joelgame

    Pro Gear 545

    Looking for a 545, silver. Does not have to be pretty, I plan on fishing it. I am in oceanside, work in san diego and am up in oc all the time. PM Or call me. Thanks Joel 6195641888
  212. joelgame

    Penn 113 and Okuma 50W

    The okuma is still for sale.....
  213. joelgame

    Penn 113 and Okuma 50W

    I have two new, never fished reels. Penn 113 HLW.............$75 Okuma Titus 50W.........$75 Thanks Joel
  214. joelgame


    I am interested, please pm. thanks
  215. joelgame

    Penn Conversion vs Baja Special

    I am looking for a 50/60 lbs fishing reel on a shorter 6' rod for long range fishing. Probably going to do bottom fishing, yo-yoing and maybe bait fishing if it gets real hot and heavy. I have a Penn 113 HLW, is it worth converting it with a tiburon frame and beefing up the drags or should I buy...
  216. joelgame

    Penn Conversion vs Baja Special

  217. joelgame

    Wanted: Daiwa Saltist 40 LD 2 Speed

    Looking for a saltist 40 2 speed, I am down in san diego would perfer san diego or orange counties. Thanks
  218. joelgame

    Gear setup for 5-6 day trips to Guadalupe

    thanks guys for all the input. I actually made a mistake the progear 40# setup is the 540 with the low gears. With the two speed 40/50# setup I should be covered for almost all types of fishing and have two 40/50# capable setups to go with my jig stick and smaller bait setups.
  219. joelgame

    Gear setup for 5-6 day trips to Guadalupe

    I was thinking the 20# and 30# setups would be mainly used for local tuna fishing on the way down and back up. I was thinking the albacore special would be good for a 40# setup, it has almost 30# drag and the low gears 3.6 to 1. I was thinking it would be good for bait fishing and the 50# set up...
  220. joelgame

    Gear setup for 5-6 day trips to Guadalupe

    Anyone fish a Saltist 40 2 speed? I went by Kens reels the other day and he recommended I use that reel for 50# test
  221. joelgame

    Gear setup for 5-6 day trips to Guadalupe

    Hey guys I am new to the forum, and new to long range fishing. Looking to go on a couple long range trips next year starting in the Summer. Have done a bunch of 1-2 day offshore trips, but have yet to pull on any tuna over 50lbs or bigger yellowtail over 30lbs. This is what I have for gear, any...