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    Carb Rebuilder in SoCal and/or treatment?

    Did you try the Carb shop in Ontario? Honestly none of the stabilizer works for ca's the additives in the fuel that screw stuff up...
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    Gas engine in 262 skipjack

    What size motor? How many hours? We have a 97 parker 2320 with a volvo does ok, but it's not a speed demon and 1.5-2 miles/gallon are norm. A 262 is a much bigger boat....
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    Towing a 2320 with a sprinter 3500 dually

    A man's got to know his limitations...…… far you towing it? oops saw that.... Make sure the brakes are up to par and you will be fine....they only time it will push is if the trailer brakes are shit... check before each season , you'll be fine.
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    Japan Will Release Radioactive Fukushima Water Into The Ocean

    Sorry zero F's given… We dropped a couple bombs on em and they seem fine now...what's a little water going to do that we haven't already?
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    Wire devices individually from console to t-top or run one larger pair of power wires from console to radio box and distribute, switch from there?

    The fewer connections you have to plug/unplug the better. Run it into the top then, power off a blue sea box or something similar. lots of dielectric on the connection.
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    Seeker classic Calcutta 700s

    alan Tani gets 15lbs of drag out of the carbontex washers on the 700....some braid and a topshot and it should be good.
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    Seeker classic Calcutta 700s

    Replace the drags and grease the bearings. Watch the disengagement lever/button...once they quit working they are a pain to fix.
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    2021 Turkey opener

    Taste like chicken? Asking for a friend. Ok, I have no friends...what's the taste like?
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    Front mount hitch?

    have one on my's a lifesaver....even better is the one on my jeep...I can put stuff in tight spots with that one.
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    Islands San Nicholas Eldo Charter 3/26-3/27

    I remember talking to a boat captain out of newport, said if they changed just the exhaust on the boat they could pick up speed and save fuel, but it would make the boat a lot louder....they didn't do it. Apparently the people in newport harbor get pissed when they go out in the early am with...
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    Recs for non-chamber style vacuum sealer?

    How much you planning on sealing? Rolls of bags are way cheaper...heavy duty food savers are not that bad...just depends on volume... I have like 15 that I get from thrift stores for $3.00 or $ seals and they work great... If you plan on doing a LOT , then you need first of all a NON...
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    2100 SE

    any boat will be wet unless you are inside or weather is perfect...usually the westerlys will get you wet on every trip home from Cat....get a pilothouse.
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    I thought he was gone a long time ago? Now I'm confused.
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    The profish do not like to be used to unstick an anchor....that is where you kill the motors, also you should reseal them every year to make sure no water gets in the case.
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    We have a freefall 1000, burned the motor up 2x...mostly operator error. Works pretty good if you are not an idiot.....couldn't fish without it. Too old to pull anchors all day.
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    Long Beach Queen Mary lease to be auctioned off. They filed section 11 bankruptcy

    That ship is so rotted, it ain't going anywhere...
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    Catalina 3/6

    Been there done that....just hit the west end.....the ride home is way better from there when the weather sux....fished two of the worst wind days last year....horrible trips over, but dry.....ok fishing and so so ride home...that's why we have wind no water in our faces...
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    Crimp Kit Suggestions

    Just an fyi if you need's fun to swag peoples shoes together...just sayin
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    2003 GMC Sierra SLT CC 4x4 SB Duramax/Allison 71400 on the clock Excellent Condition you can get a white used hood for $200.....this is a unicorn truck...don't see low milage Def free diesels for this price....His stuff is clean.....
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    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    or spend the 4.99 a month and get on he has tons of videos, spots, you name it....
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    Keystone Pipeline

    It's ok guys.....the Biden Bro's on here will pay the difference at the pump for you.
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    If you think you can in any way attempt to say that the press was NOT in attack mode EVERY time they did a briefing, then there is no point in even trying to deal with you. You obviously can't deal with reality, and the next 4 years should be wonderful for you.
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    my website has been shut down......

    Wow, Just know that where ever you end up we will Follow...thank you for all the time you put into making us better. Good Luck.... ps I will never look at Danica the same after this...
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    Tow vehicle Brake Pad ?

    You may think the trailer brakes are working....make sure....can you back up without the lockout on? when ours are new on one wont move at all without the lockout...They make upgraded rotors and pads...hawk pads usually...they do make a difference...but I would make SURE the trailer...
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    35ft panga boat for sale with two Yamaha 300hp

    I bet the dogs would go nuts on that boat....I swear officer there's nothing here.....
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    The problem with your Theory is that conservatives don't want to deprive liberal idiots of their rights...stop everything they do and destroy their lives...that is where the two sides differ. It has come to a point where it's not just ok to walk away and ignore them. Liberals are...
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Then you obviously only see what you want to see. It's kind of sad how blind the liberal left is, I get it you hate yourselves and don't ever want to be responsible for your own actions. But just get over it, realize you will never be the person you wanted to be and try to find happiness...
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    Kenosha hatrick they call it.
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Good news is, because walls don't work...Congress is now going to put a wall around the capital building....cause they don't work.
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    Well, if Oldtimer2 is your perception of reason....add me to that list, if I'm not already there. thanks.
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    Trump vetoes bill to outlaw drift gillnets

    Oh , sure, bring logic in to are wasting your breathe... these Trump haters are gonna bitch no matter what....
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    Bearing race replacement

    They make them so people just replace the whole hub instead of just's a little work the first time...but easier the next few.
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    Bearing race replacement

    You need a cylinder carbide wheel on a dremel or a die grinder and fit it in there and notch enough off the hub to punch the race out... notch on each side 180 apart so you can access it....
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    Delphi weather pack connectors

    Orvak electronics in Fullerton. Napa might...
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    Run to the Farallons for rockfish and crabbing!

    Wonder why the Spear fish guys don't hit that place up????
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    Possible Thief???

    call the Cops give them the info and let them know.... at least they will know to look for him....
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    No bugs and down a license plate

    You sure it was stolen and didn't just fall off?
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    Trailer axle?

    Pacific was reasonable...dropped the old one off and picked up the new one...
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    San Nic trip a no go

    What an ass..... They're on the bottom of course....geeez.
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    Offshore Deep drop surprise

    Give it to your neighbors and tell them its white seabass....then sit back and watch the show...
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    35ft panga boat for sale with two Yamaha 300hp

    I'd be afraid the "owners" might want that back some day...
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    Bass Pro/Cabella’s Buying Sportman’s Warehouse

    Seriously... somebody tell this guy to go F himself....
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    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Oh the stuff we put up with...then when I figured out what drags were and saw the size of the squider was like no wonder that yellow at the rigs kicked my ass...watched Mel from the longfin brag about an abu Garcia at the shoe....then watched a yellow absolutely destroy...
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    Any Rockfishing spots close to HB?

    There are rocks all over outside of long beach and PV...just got to find them on a calm day . We only fished shallow stuff , but found lots of fish on small rocks. Did you check out Mark Wisch's books?
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    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    I love my calcuttas... carbontex and new bearings and they are fantastic. The new stuff is nice, but some stuff just feels right. Never could keep the line out of the spool on my squider.
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    Any Rockfishing spots close to HB?

    Nope... all fished
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Ya , Ok... let me see.. tin foil hat, check. Baseless theory on vaccines and autism, check. Just because you say it's so doesn't make it so.
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    Late Report. Izor Hooping 12/10

    Dude....You got Crabs...…...
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Well, then tell the idiots not to comment.... :) JK...….kind of.
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    'Looking for a generator...have gfdh850M,SS1x3, Phenix909xhj,others, $$$

    Have you looked at the harbor freight stuff....pretty reasonable and tons of off road guys are using them with minimal more than honda or yamaha.
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Mathematics is the universal language.... it doesn't lie, it doesn't take sides...statistics tell us that the numbers that Biden got are not impossible without manipulation...but the chances of it happening organically are about the same as me pooping out a space shuttle.
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    Any Moto heads here?

    buddy broke his pelvis a couple weeks glenn helen...with age comes a cage....Sweet old bikes...neighbor from the 80s had a "works" YZ 400....I mean should have been crushed works was amazing.....he was strange...but bike was amazing.
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    Killing fish one tire at a time

    Well that No more tires for the pacific Northwest. Problem solved.
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    Covid IS serious.

    Wow, what a bunch of pussies..........get over it people die every day....from colds, from the flu, Just because you think you're special, doesn't mean the rest of us think you are. Stop with the BS drama about puppies and baby chicks dying horrible deaths...that's when you know you've lost...
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    VOLVO PENTA- inboard/outboard

    likely not original. pretty good shape , even for freshwater.
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    ping pong or flapper scupper?

    had flappers on the parker...feet always wet....went to ping pongs...dry feet...yes a pain in the ass when stuff gets in there....water bottle caps...dines.....choices usually wash thru easy.
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    5.7 GSI volvo water in front 4 cylinders

    Lost the motor to water. Our raw water pump leaked and sprayed mist all thru the engine compartment...fixed that then the next trip out....almost to Nachos...boat lost power...then locked up. 400+ hrs on this motor. took the heads off and had water in the front 2 cylinders on each side...
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    Newport 11/23 sculpin central

    They are going the sandbass bass target sculpin target sand mackeral….we are almost there...
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    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    Wow, that is a words can help his pain right now. Just be there for him. In time knowing her pain is gone will help, but the ache will still be there. Sorry for yours and his loss. Praying for peace from our Father in Heaven.
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    Catalina 11/15

    throw it on the's amazing...
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    Covid IS serious.

    YOU have no fricken clue what the true death rate is from Covid...and you NEVER will.. we do know that the rate of healthy people getting extremely sick or even dying is less than 1%... so like the flu... if you have a weakened system...STAY HOME. Hell , now they are saying the tests are not...
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    Information on Sabre Rod?

    get an okuma baitrunner style spinner and put some 20 on it and go to town....
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    Covid IS serious.

    You know if you come on here and say it's real and you are soooo much smarter than everyone else cause you believe...Nobody f'n cares...they still think you are an idiot. One more time for the learning impaired......IF YOU ARE SCARED STAY HOME.....leave the rest of us alone....oh and...
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    Covid IS serious.

    Really , can you source the medical research on that ? Didn't they just say that the family units in extended contact is the main spreader? Oh wait...what day is it.... What we do know is 99.8% of people that get it recover fine.... if you are compromised.. STAY AT HOME.... leave the rest of...
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    Parker 2320 - The Vortex!! (Another) Big Price drop!! SOLD

    Don't drop the price anymore....gotta sell our 97 2320 IO pretty soon....
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    Covid IS serious.

    Do you listen to yourself? IF your wife's friend has a husband at risk..then maybe she should be the one in quarantine and NOT the 200 million others that are NOT at some guy wants to live his life and he's the Ahole? WTH? IF YOU ARE SCARED STAY HOME...LET THE REST OF US GET ON...
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    Where is the boat? If he has it, you are pretty much better have ALL of the payments to him or the loan recorded with proof, cancelled checks etc....what is the equity in the boat? If it's more than small are screwed...if not you can try the small claims thing...but...
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    Trump Flags

    The Trump flags will become the new stars and bars....People will fly it with Pride.
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    Hello I am Back

    Got great if my boat motor wouldn't have blown up.....I could have caught fish....
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    Catalina Trip Two Harbors-Bonito, calico, lobster

    You know you can stop the boat to land the drone????
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    How Masks Work to Protect You and Others

    ALL COMPLETE LIES.....hospitals were NOT overrun, masks don't prevent the spread,,,,keep those talking points going...…...Why aren't the grocery workers, Walmart, Costco and Home Depot people all dead??????????????????? Quite a few in my family have had it....MOST DIDN'T EVEN KNOW! The others...
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    How Masks Work to Protect You and Others

    Except theres no friggen toilet paper again at Costco.
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    How Masks Work to Protect You and Others

    Those masks seem to work for me....
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    Car thieves in Huntington Beach

    I know the 9th circuit ruled you cannot arrest them because they have no place to go but by god you can certainly arrest them for public intoxication, indecency, drug possession and use. Despite marijuana being legal, if you read the law, if you choose to do it, it needs to be in your house, not...
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    Shocking Story of DDT Dumping in San Pedro Channel

    And Millions upon Millions of people would be dead without DDT. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. But I would give good money for some good ole black flag insecticide with DDT in it. They figured it out, that it was bad for bird eggs and stopped using it. My brothers and sisters...
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    SS Welding Question

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    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    How sad, the Wild Wave done in by wild waves.....
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    New sea forth 10-25-2020

    Did they split the Marlin steaks up for everyone?
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    G-loomis rod, what did i buy??

    swim bait rod.
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    Avet Service in San Diego

    "Contact Alan Tani and talk with him about what you want. He is probably the closest thing to a knowledgeable and impartial opinion you will ever get." This will probably get you the answers you seek.
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    Huntington to Catalina report

    They were pretty easy to get apart and rebuilt.
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    Huntington to Catalina report

    You can buy the new pumps separately now which is nice. When ours first was a 600 pump......then we went thru a few of the it's just the AM ones for 200.
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    Quail time!!

    Yep, buddies are out in AZ, they did well yesterday. Had to bail due to not knowing if I'll have a job. Last year was first year with my Beretta 20 sxs….. so much more fun with it. Makes it challenging. Benellis are too easy.
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    Huntington to Catalina report

    IF its the whole module style pump....I did the AM pump for like 200 off ebay and so far so good on our 5.7... the trick is to save the old pump system...take it apart and media blast all the paint out of the inside of the pump. I rebuilt our spare with a rebuild kit, came with both pumps and...
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    Does someone offer gun consignment for sales?

    black diamond firearms...bill in corona 951-226-4773, he can give you good information on what to expect.
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    Lewmar Windless 100.00

    Those are really easy to work on.
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    Covid IS serious.

    "I only listen to practicing doctors and nurses about this stuff (friends and relatives). The ones I know tell me how badly they've witnessed and serviced people with the virus." Nephew is a Paramedic Captain and really close friend is a head nurse at a large hospital.... They both laugh....they...
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    So...he has it.

    Yep a lot of Aholes on BD now.... The secret service should get a kick out the screen shots at least.
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    So...he has it.

    Such classy people here.
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    So...he has it.

    So what masks work? Cause if you look at the ones the people who deal with infectious diseases use....I don't see many of them on the people in public. I actually see mesh and nylon and home made cotton...that they put in their purse or pocket..then pull out with their hands and put it on...
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    So...he has it.

    You seriously need mental health are not well. Please don't wait too long.
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    Offshore First time out to Catalina on the Arima 1511

    X3 You can learn more in a couple days off his website than you would in years reading from the interwebs.... You can get numbers and plans for the weekends... Good luck. Be safe.
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    Shogun - Police

    Add bookmark #229 Don’t jump to conclusions word is the crew was cleaning the Galley and found some white powdery substance under a table and seat cushion that caused some suspicion. When they all got together to ID what someone Visiting may have left behind just enough of this Very...
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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Another vote for Kwells...backside of Cat...15+ winds and an uphill had us rocking bad in the trough....popped a kwells...all wife uses it for the dunes....Zero issues now …...just saying it's magic.
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    How was weather at Cat today?

    I think I got a couple like that...nothing like pulling a motor in 110....heat...….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Shimano Calcutta’s

    Get the B models...just better if you are looking at the older non te models.
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    AB 3030 response to my residence

    And if you believe that...I've got a bridge in Arizona for cheap.
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    8’ Bait Rod recommendation

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    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    Hmmm I had such bad swings in the 34 I bought, used of course, that I bought the Savanah Stoker controller and it has been fantastic...except for some damage I did.....and they warrantied. I know you don't want to spend another $ it's probably the cheapest out now. Plus if it...
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    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    Did you replace the actual controller or are you using the Traeger brain....seems like that is the problem.
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    Proper way to charging dual batteries?

    unless you have a high end charger trying to charge two batteries at once is confusing it... buy the two bank charger and charge them individually and you will be better off.
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    Vhf radio ruined my day..

    Usually when you can hear them...the problem is you... could be antenna or radio...How old is the antenna.....we just replaced ours and even with a shit radio it is still 1000% better than it was....
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    Theft Alert - This is why we can't have nice things

    Well, My sister has lived there for 15 yrs... .on Kaui and now back on Oahu...and YES the progressive, Liberal views have EVERYTHING to do with this..... there is no fear of jail or any punishment for these things...they do as they please because people have Allowed them too... she now has...
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    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    Yep it was Refuted by 11 people that were THERE....Even Bolton said it was BS....but ya, keep up the's how you guys role....
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    Theft Alert - This is why we can't have nice things

    So calling out the Idiots who Vote for the people that want to Stop us from fishing and who Refuse to do anything about criminals that prey on hard working people and deprive them of their opportunities to enjoy Life and Liberty is Low Brow..... In case you haven't looked around...
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    Yamaha F115 oil leak below skeg?

    Ok, guys we are talking BOATS here...nothing is random..and Complacency costs you money…don’t take ANYTHING for granted…make sure it is what you think it is….don’t guess, unless you have an unlimited supply of money. It could be bad lower seals...water and gears don't could be a seal...
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    Offshore Reel Hard 8/29/2020.....Dodo

    I'm gonna have to try that Headshot stun them with the gaff then stick them.
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    Offshore Where the heck are the YFT?

    It's kind of hard to learn to fish Yellowfin, when the commercial fleet COMPLETELY devastates the fish population in a day or two. It's just insane what they are allowed to do right off our beaches. Unless you are one of the lucky ones that comes across the new schools before the commercial...
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    Hesitation killed the Cat...... will be some of the best money you can, tricks and spots....
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    How many of you have called the office and complained? Did they have the bathrooms open or were they locked still? Don't want the homeless living there...
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    Site has turned into a chore...

    Yep the free pages are dying....not worth the hassle...easier to pay for stuff and get exactly what you want....several sites are doing this... it's actually a good opportunity to go explore other sites and find new information.
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    How to make my boat even safer?

    I have a SPOT with tracking....they can watch my every move.... And at least know where the body is at....jk Let me know if you need a sea anchor...I picked up a bunch years ago at a clearance thing...they are smaller but cheap...but they work on our parker... let me know.
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    Can the Parker 2320 SL w/ Yamaha 300hp make it to Tanner Bank?

    Ha 4 hrs from tanner...Did the Flyer start doing tows? My buddies lost a starter at was a 6 hr beerless ride home....ha. They took our 97 to issues in ok weather.
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    Deep Chest Freezer

    check Samsclub they had a bunch yesterday
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    Dumb but honest question.
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    Aloha Friday Ono.

    I will glady pay you Tuesday for some Ono today.......Yum..........not a bad day I guess.
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    Offshore Recon Report 8-21

    I think those guys wrap the bonito too....we saw them doing that last year off clemente.
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Have any of you High risk guys talked to your doc about the Hydrocholoroquine and zinc stuff??? There are a LOT of people taking this as a preventative measure....How come only very FEW members of congress have gotten it and NONE have been seriously ill?? It might be worth a shot. Some peace...
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    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    15 and 25....
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    Washer sizes for Carbontex upgrades?

    Buy one of the smooth drags and use them for templates.....
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    seasickness help

    Kwells is basically the patch in a pill, bonine and dramamine are otc meds that don't work for most.
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    WTF is in my YellowTail?

    Dibs on your stuff...…….
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    seasickness help

    I bought Kwells off shitty weather north end of cat....took a pill then it was gone....not sleepy, not sick....amazing....don't waste your time with the over the counter stuff here....
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    Someone was in a hurry.....

    The more I watch the show Yellowstone....the more Ideas I get on how to deal with this stuff.....
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    Dana point 8/16/20 all the bass

    There's a bitchen quarry over by two harbors in Cat that has the same kind of fishing...just sayin.....
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    Someone was in a hurry.....

    Why are we letting it get to this? Why do people still vote for these Progressive pieces of Crap that have ruined our state? I don't friggen get it..............
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    Scupper thru-hull fix

    replace it all..both scuppers ...while they are out....flex seal that foam...then start all over. Do it once , do it right....get stainless steel...
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    Kodiak Trailer brakes

    Just back it into one of the other trailers in the lot...Aholes do that all the time to us at Davies......
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    Someone was in a hurry.....

    Yep, probably why they lock them now....such the people that do the right things get punished because of the sick of this state... Time to institute Yellowstone Rules in CA.
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    Someone was in a hurry.....

    Were the bathrooms open? They were locked Friday am.... wondering if the homeless people have screwed us out of that option now too.....
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    Offshore I am no expert but

    Bites gonna be hosed as the seiners move in in force...their raping the 14 today....
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    Squid boats at Salt Creek tonight

    JDs is saying they are wrapping all the stuff at the 14'll be gone tomorrow for cat food...same ole story every year....pathetic.
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    Put a new galaxy 5225 xt on our boat....reused the crimp on 259 that was on it from before....we could hear the guys in mission bay asking for a radio check, and the guy responding from point loma in long they work ok I guess. The connector is from like 2001 I think....that was the...
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    service that offers gps reports? 976tuna does not do it anymore

    Dave Hansen has a lot of gps spots on his website He gives regular gps reference spots on his game plans...
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    Offshore Missed our chance

    Well, it seems like the bite died so nobody will be there tomorrow......I guess it's back to sand bass at the shoe......better to have loved and lost...........
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    Offshore San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    don't want to be out in rogue wave alley in anything less than a 50 ft sport fisher....just to be safe ya know.
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    Last catch of the day PB

    bbq in a foil boat with butter and garlic....yummmmm
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    44.4 lb yellowtail

    No kidding, you should go out and catch a swordfish next and call it a year......
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    You can buy a crimp on 259 connector for the back of the radio and fish the new cable to it. Probably the best way to go...actually a solder on connector is better, but if you are not familiar with it..the crimp/twist on connectors work too. I just replaced mine with a galaxy 5225 xt for 130...
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    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    brand new iron at izors….and a boss 270 buddy fought the crap out of that thing....finally the line broke at the knot.....He tried.
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    99 commercial parker 2320

    Looks like our 97 I/O with a bracket and an OB. GLWS.
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    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    Tanner??? Wind will be up this Clemente will be a boat washer run...
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    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    Actually it was really tender and not jerky like at all...they were even smaller bonito so the cuts were really small...That was my concern, but it didn't dry out or turn to leather...
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    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    I did bonito in just good ole Alton Brown dry rub with water...let it marinate overnight and threw it straight on the smoker...175 for 3 hrs....was pretty damn tasty....
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    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    My Son in law had the same issues....went thru 3 controllers thru traeger...finally sold it and bought a bigger louisianna grille..much better... I got mine cheap so I spent the money on the is pretty amazing how steady it stays....I don't do a lot of hot cooking so I don't know how...
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    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!
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    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    I thru my 34 controller in a box and got a Savana Stoker keeps within like 5 degrees of the temp set....that was 2 yrs ago I issues at all since then.
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    Offshore Liberty 8/5

    If that boat ever got my rod wet and set against something like that...I would jump up and down and demand they defund the Captain....then throw fireworks in the wheel house.... Wow, people....get over yourselves...its a frigging fishing rod.
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    Offshore 8-3 report bf yf yt

    Liars....all of us...I mean you...I mean them.....Sounds like a good day.....thanks for the report...keep em coming.
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    Battery Charger questions

    you could get a Noco Genius series...I use them for my motorhome....
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    Anyone want to buddy boat 7/30 from DP to BFT grounds?

    I'd do the point loma haul....the ride home will be way with you can work that whole area and then head downswell/wind home.
  152. R

    Talks to Close Reeder, Whitehorse and Tokul Creek Hatcheries

    That ain't nuthin...wait till AB3030 hits...won't matter...won't be any creeks or lakes to plant.
  153. R

    Goodbye & Thank You

    Quitter!...........enjoy your retirement and remember there are still some of us trapped behind enemy lines........
  154. R

    Offshore Butterball ranch fishing

    Looks like one of the Farallons...
  155. R

    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    I wonder if the guys at Pacific Edge would know anything about bait tanks.
  156. R

    Long Beach and surrounding

    OH caught a sand bass...better beg for forgiveness now...
  157. R

    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    What does it matter? Just like the MLPAs AB 3030 will close all of the long beach shelf to fishing as well as most of Catalina and the rest of the least 30% folks...How'd all that catch and release work for you in Laguna? You guys want to bitch about legal fishing...hell, he...
  158. R

    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    Goodness the SJW have invaded Bloody Decks....let's all make sure we are not offending anyone with how we fish.... Never realized so many fishermen were such idiots.
  159. R

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    We were down to the skippy 262 , ended up with a 2320 IO parker...hang my ass over the rail hold on to the roof railing...or a 5 gal bucket if people are around... piss in the corner turn on the washdown...out the scupper it's just pee.
  160. R

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    I don't get not naming the boat? You gonna go on it again or something? I've had crappy service from bait and switch people...I tell EVERYONE I can to avoid them...that is the way it screw people, you go out of treat people well, then more customers show up. Why even...
  161. R

    SCI - 11 July
  162. R

    Got Em at San Nicolas Island

    well, that's an ok day of fishing...
  163. R

    Offshore Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    Fish have to have a plan when they are being stick with that plan...that's a long run to change plans in the middle...sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes the bug.... Golf is easier.
  164. R

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    gets you or your family member,..maybe then you will realise...a mask might have prevented it Ya sure keep up with the scare tactics...the ONLY person I know that caught it.....was the one who wore masks and gloves from day one...she is not in a high risk exposure group....but she's smoked most...
  165. R

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    You know how I know you mask shamer sky is falling people are full of shit?? Because the Army Core is building field hospitals up the wazoo to help the hospitals... The Daily death count is dropping...something doesn't add up??? Yes people get sick and die every day of every year....from the...
  166. R

    What in the hell?

    I put BMW 330i emblems on my was still a ford.... Fish it...….
  167. R

    6/30 Mussel Farm

    Great, now everyone knows about Izors... why don't you just tell them there's an Island out there too.......geez.
  168. R

    Horseshoe Sunday

    from the looks of that motor, about 2 ft.
  169. R

    want to buy rod for a lexa 300HD

    Graftech...GIS80m or Gis80L....I fish my curado 300 on a m...but my smaller komodo on the L and love it....did a 12is lb yellow at cat on the L and no problem on it... Good luck. Any of the rods above would be great...I kinda want that 700L graphiter...I think that would be a fun bass...
  170. R

    Catalina Success

    Meh, seems like a normal trip to Catalina....It's like that every day...don't try to fool people. 8-) ps..... WOW
  171. R

    Mako sharks are so bad ass!

    why are they in the air? Are they birds? I thought Mako's were sharks????
  172. R

    Offshore Return from Cat

    Thats normal....then the tuna find them and wont eat a thing we have to offer.....another year of voyourism....
  173. R

    Offshore BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

    That's a good core....I'm gonna say $15.00 a lb on this fish....
  174. R

    Cat 6/19

    That's how its been the last 4 a cast then boom....soak , soak, soak....weird..
  175. R

    Cat 6/19

    Same story here on the west end....hooked and lost 2 yellows on 20lb....couldn't stop them...kind of snotty coming and going....not our best Cat effort....
  176. R

    Sculpin Carcasses/Heads Wanted!

    You know the numbers didn't really plummet until those squid showed up...I remember those 40lbs off the flats....its was INSANE.... "Like many squid," Attenborough narrated, ominously, "they are voracious hunters", needing to eat up to 10-15 times their body weight daily to survive. So how many...
  177. R

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Again

    I'm 55, I've been down this road too many times...Started with Cranston and S7 in the desert...then the MLPA.....How many hours did fishermen waste going to groups and meetings only to have the people calling the shots bring in their own map at the last minute and screw us all... They is the...
  178. R

    Sculpin Carcasses/Heads Wanted!

    Sorry sir, but this sounds a LOT like when the BLM asked for help marking the trails around Parker and Havasu then used the information to go in and close most of the trails.....Unfortunately in todays climate....nothing good for the users of the land ever comes out of helping "research" our...
  179. R

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Again

    Because it has nothing to do with actual conservation. It is a power play pure and simple to exert control over others. They hate us and hate that we are allowed to fish/Hunt and want to stop that. Don't get confused about what their goal is, it is on parade every night on the news. They want...
  180. R

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Again

    That has got to be the dumbest thing I've seen on here...... Yep just roll over and piss on yourselves....This isn't about conservation...this is about CLOSURES....forever...My grand kids will never get to fish the same places I fished.....and if this passes there will be even less places to...
  181. R

    Catalina 6/10

    My buddies were around Eagle Rock on the backside . same story... one big Knothead seal took 20+ fish from them....left the wrist rocket at home.... I'm thinking this is in the cards... DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle with Dual Action Capability
  182. R

    Better Day today in LB

    Well, they had a glass ride over and glass most of the day fishing eagle rock on the west end backside....usually catalina characters....bass, barry, sheep and white..... one yellow lost to a friggen dog.... normal bumpy ride home.... go get em before she blows...
  183. R

    Better Day today in LB

    Buddies on way to Cat today
  184. R

    Long Beach looks nice today!

    Buddys are dogging me by going to Cat today...I'll update from work when I can far looks nice.
  185. R

    Double rigs to PV 6/7

    get some combing pads on that boat...your knees will thank you...we did the seadek pads...they work nicely.
  186. R

    Cat 6/4/20

    Had one bad dog....wrist rocket persuaded him to go elsewhere.....only got one short bass that was thrown back.
  187. R

    Cat 6/4/20

    Crappy washing machine crossing...windy at the island...fished eagle rock for 3 tails and double limits of legal bass with probably 50-60 shorts...used every bait, sardines and 5 bags of frozen squid. Thank God for Parkers...felt bad for the guys in the consoles today. Hopefully it lays...
  188. R

    Cat 6/3/2020

    We found that coming back from the west end is a much better ride to long beach...going tomorrow, hopefully not shitty....
  189. R

    Can we fish during the curfew?

    Can we go fishing during the curfew hours?
  190. R

    Rpt.-Tue.-05-26-20 Big Bass Galore!

    I can tell where you were by the background…..amazing bite at the 14....way to go!
  191. R

    Catalina backside 5/24

    West end ride home is always better...
  192. R

    5/15 Catalina

    sounds like a normal day of fishing cat....we are getting we end our day on the West end so the ride to long beach isn't such a bitch.
  193. R

    Rock Hopping on Mother's Day

    We should all cut our take, so in 5 yrs when they close everything to fishing, there will be healthy stocks for them to lock up forever. It worked for the Calicos and the MLPAs...
  194. R

    Catalina Fish Report, Whats wrong?

    Those Calicos in the MLPA are ferocious!...…… just sayin.....learning how to read a gps and boundries is a good thing....
  195. R

    Rosa freezer-filler 5/10

    Very Very Nice..........
  196. R

    West End Cat 5/8

    Awesome......sometimes....shit happens.....
  197. R

    Gilled and Released!!!

    That bone doesn't look happy.....
  198. R

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    Hey, I'm one of those crazy scientists (who reads scientific papers rather than mainstream media stories) who thinks: a) COVID-19 the real deal (it absolutely is not "just the flu"); b) the death count is, if anything, under-reporting COVID-19 deaths; c) chloroquine (with or without zinc) may...
  199. R


    Did you hit up Alan Tani…?? if he don't know what to do, nobody does.
  200. R

    The day is fast approaching...

    After only 3-4 weeks of social separation, has anybody seen the existence of the economy tanking in the real World? I have read about how contagious this virus is, and that it deos carry a larger-than-the-flu death rate. Add in that it came in to our house at the same time a nasty flu was...
  201. R

    The day is fast approaching...

    Some people have no idea what "all you need to do is stay home" is doing to the economy...It's still good right now...but in 6 months when unemployment is gone and there are NO jobs....the 10,000 people the actually ended up dying from this strain of the flu are going to pale in comparison to...
  202. R

    All parker owners need these

    You should put "Social Distance Fishing" "Available on Parkers"
  203. R

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    Wow, all I can say is there are several people on here that REALLY need to seek professional help....I am dead serious. The stuff you guys spew really points to some serious mental instability. For everyone's safety and well being, please reach out to someone. There are lots of free online...
  204. R

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    channel 7 had a doc on today that is having Amazing results with the drugs the AMA says doesn't work. Looked like the channel 7 report guy was gonna cry when the doc said they work and people were being cured.....then CNN and the thing from the AMA come on and say it unproven and doesn't...
  205. R

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    I never knew there were so many bleeding heart fishermen around.
  206. R

    3/31/20 SBI rockfish catch report

    buy some Kwells off ebay……...worked wonders on my wife......
  207. R

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Unfortunately the Federal Government still playing catch up on Testing and pushing instead the Governors to step up the plate. See that's bullshit right there....the WHO test were giving up to 47% false we HAD to make a new test and the states were advised NOT to follow...
  208. R


    EBAY KWELLs they work great...$14.00 or Scopalamine...I got some from Vietnam....for cheap.19.50 for 10 of them.
  209. R

    Fish ID - Izors

    Just be careful they don't bite your wrasse.
  210. R

    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    They like when you rub their belly.
  211. R

    PQ got 2 BFT

    I just don't want to see the love.....
  212. R

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Don't forget about Kwells from out of the country...made by Bayer... My wife takes em for motion sickness in the Side by Side at Glamis….makes trip fun for her and no drowsiness.
  213. R

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Prayers for your family. Almost lost my wife to an appendectomy.....crazy....Hang in there lots of folks pulling for you both.
  214. R

    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    Keep Voting for the Dems folks...these people need a 32nd chance to go straight.
  215. R

    Shimano Tiralejo surf rod

    interested in Norco, what rating is the rod?
  216. R

    Garmin's 72

    Got it! thanks for the goodies....Have a great new year!.
  217. R

    Garmin's 72

    I'll take it you take paypal? I'm in Norco...
  218. R

    Cat frontside intel?

    fished the west end yesterday....yellows showed up... went 0/1 on my new komodo 264....20lb floro broke at the hook...bad me.. got the 3 b's , the seals SUCKED.... just south of Eagle Rock, a couple sporties were there as well.
  219. R

    Offshore San Clemente

    All fish were caught on 20lb with #4 hooks........LOL
  220. R

    Extratuf Blue krypto Size 12 Ankle boots

    Sorry Guys Sold to a Bloody Decker...
  221. R

    Extratuf Blue krypto Size 12 Ankle boots

    I got barney rubble feet, only 10 1/2 long, but about that wide too..and a high arch , so they are long on length, but tight on my sides and arch. I ordered some 13s....
  222. R

    Extratuf Blue krypto Size 12 Ankle boots

    Just a bit too small for me... $55.00 used 2 trips. [email protected] In norco.
  223. R

    Offshore Little G has The Big D!

    Were those on a Komodo or a Lexa 400?
  224. R

    Secure gun storage now a law

  225. R

    Offshore AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

    You guys know you can get the patches on ebay...........for like next to nothing.
  226. R

    Offshore 226 and the coronado islands 7-9-2019

    Seal keep the seals away.
  227. R

    Offshore Epic solo half day 7/8

    I'm sorry, I thought you said 6/6 on the do realize how many people actually only catch 1 Bluefin.... Wow.....that is a Damn Fine Day.
  228. R

    2005 Rubicon TJ

    Saw this posted on Looks like a great tow behind for the Sierras NOT mine, but looks like a good deal for a low miles Rubi. 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. $16,750.00 (909) 519-4184 Mike We use this Jeep for tow behind RV for camping. I have rarely used it offroad and never hard...
  229. R

    July 6th Local Long Beach Report

    Watch's a Rattler.........
  230. R

    Looking for rod to pair with Lexa 400 HD

    graftec works great for the money I use the 8m
  231. R

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    So there were 6 crew on board when it hit and only 5 when the coast guard showed up????? HMMMMMMMM.......
  232. R

    Offshore WFO yellowfin, a bluefin, and a yellow 6/28

    Well that sounds like fun.....and Hey you didn't run aground on the way home either....Bonus....
  233. R

    Pelican 1700 Case

    Good catch...didn't think about that...
  234. R

    Pelican 1700 Case

    Looks like the spare bedroom, maybe a futon?
  235. R

    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    Why custom when there are so many that do I right already.
  236. R

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Our cheap radar has an alarm......
  237. R

    06.19 425, 101 and Coronados

    Why were you trying to catch God?
  238. R

    6/16/19 Fathers Day YT limit at Catalina

    That whole area is hot...we got easy limits of those Orange Roughy fish to catch but damn they are boney....
  239. R

    Father’s Day at the island

    Well that's just a Damn fine job Sir.
  240. R

    Catalina yellowfail 6/16

    fishdope will help if you are new.
  241. R

    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    Sorry your day was like that....maybe next time will be better. Hang in there.
  242. R

    Parker 2320, 1994, gas tank Replacement help !!

    Damn a 14" thick rifle rounds gonna put a hole in that....
  243. R

    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    There are pretty much 3 companies that make batteries now....None of them is trying to produce an incredible product, they are all trying to increase profits. You can find horror stories for every maker....I just had my AGM from sams fail completely. There are some AGMs that are really...
  244. R

    GRAFTECH Inshore Rod GIS80M 8’ 15-25lb $70.00

    You ever get up closer to the Inland empire?
  245. R

    Cory update Thursday

    It's gonna be funny to find out he got Towed and Arrested at the hospital....
  246. R

    Cory update Thursday

    Good to hear....Hope he heals fast.......
  247. R

    Offshore 5/15 371

    What's the limit on Lancets, you know just in case......
  248. R


    They are getting exactly what they want...get rid of the disgusting private trailer get the government you deserve.
  249. R

    Catalina Island Report 05/11

    Be careful in that weather.....some massive swells there.........
  250. R

    Offshore BFT Go Here Saturday

    So what you are saying is the leave the Bass gear at home?
  251. R

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    Better if you just asked "Ford or Chevy?" 308 will kill just about everything...6.5 creedmoor will do it too with less recoil and a flatter shot...30-06? 300 weatherby mag....For the big stuff, you want big stuff.... Kind of like asking if a 400 series Komodo will do everything ....well...
  252. R

    Vortex viper 15x50 / Kuiu Bino Harness

    love me some Vortex....amazing what good glass does for spotting.
  253. R

    Chunky Monkey Sand Bass

    Damn! that things gotta be 2 ft long!
  254. R

    Birdschool Yellowtail. 4/5

    Well that doesn't suck!
  255. R

    FishID//species of sculpin?

  256. R

    polarized glasses

    Bausch and lomb predator 2
  257. R

    2/19/19 SMB - Shark ID

    What did it taste like?
  258. R

    PB WSB on the bass gear

    That's a pig...nice....
  259. R

    Catalina Report 01/23 to 01/25

    You would need a BIG two speed and some 1000lb braid....what size hook goes in a hay bale?
  260. R

    Like New Phenix Abyss 807 8' Reduced $110

    I'll take it, call me tomorrow..I'll pm you.
  261. R

    Recommendation for Bison Meat Hunt

    why not just buy the meat? Check out the Buffalo ranch in Yucaipa and see what they got available.
  262. R

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    You guys sound like a bunch of progressive idiots....think like I do or else you only have half a brain.....There are people that think the same way about ANY fishing....Way to divide ourselves so they don't have too. You guys don't realize you are playing right into the Anti's hands....first...
  263. R

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Not my circus, not my monkeys...........
  264. R

    Legal mag lock devices for ARs

    Ar-10s are known to be finicky, getting everything to work together is a chore sometimes.
  265. R

    12-22 Newport weather report

    Looks like a Dramamine kind of day....
  266. R

    2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet S

    Towing capacity???
  267. R

    2003 Starcraft pop up trailer

    Did you check pricing on those...they usually go for top dollar....
  268. R

    2007 2320 leak in cabin

    we pulled the rub rail bolts out, and put sealer in the holes then put them back in...fixed our issue.
  269. R

    Yes, Colorado was good!

    Baby killers everywhere now....geez.... Nice Bull....Nice Story....
  270. R

    Exhaust manifold for Volvo Penta 5.7

    Fuel pump assy? How old? How much?
  271. R

    Where to buy Parker 2320 Bolster cushions

    whats a great price? 300? 200?
  272. R

    Offshore Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    It'll never work..........better have a back up plan.
  273. R

    Where to buy Parker 2320 Bolster cushions

    We put the seadeks on our 2320...2 sets cover the sides, but the back is still open, ours is an I/O....They are not as soft as the regular pads...but got all 4 from Overtons for 184.00 so that is like half of what regular cushions cost....Ran them out at clemente and they seem to be pretty...
  274. R

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    That's not a bad day.
  275. R

    Offshore 9/8 267 Spearfish and marlin!

    Nice....heard you on the radio....its a wahoo with no teeth ....
  276. R

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    I get you are pissed, but no need to post addresses and such...With all the wack a doodles out there....just chalk it up to summer time fishing and move on....Don't let people live rent free in your head.
  277. R

    3B's X 3 - DP 09.08.18

    Hopefully those buckets were all cleaned out.....:eek::shithappens:
  278. R

    Offshore Not much 09/08

    We tried to change it this year, but realized..."Old Fat Guys that can't catch fish" wouldn't fit on the 23 ft....may need a bigger boat.
  279. R

    Offshore Not much 09/08

    We used to be "Bad Karma"......
  280. R

    Offshore Not much 09/08

    ran out to Clemente yesterday...tons of boats...nice weather in the am....lots of balloons and hookups seen....bass slow at the island....not much current.. ride home sucked ...small choppy stuff....Oh and fog sucks...
  281. R

    Volvo Penta gauges,gph gauges

    you still have tachs? What size are they?
  282. R

    99 F250 4x4 crew short bed V10
  283. R

    Offshore Windy , tight, and rough.

    That report makes my back hurt...........
  284. R

    Offshore Prowler two day

    That's a perfect trip....tuna not so big that people don't want to hook them. They taste great too......
  285. R

    99 F250 4x4 crew short bed V10

    Best friends Truck... 300k on odm...motor was a salvage motor with 56k put in about 40k ago...trans rebuilt 20k coils...(reason for new truck, fixed the issue), radiator newer, brakes tires good... White AC works....never left him 5th wheel hitch. Work truck so not...
  286. R

    Offshore Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    73 degrees at the 277 up to cat no paddys....or pattis either, found skippies and a lone dodo out 5-7 east of pyramid head today...wind came up, sucked coming home....long 92 gallons...1.4 our 97 parker...pushed lot of friggen water today....tired.
  287. R

    Offshore 8-20-18 Lots of looking 240 mile roundtrip

    That's the second part of the report....
  288. R

    Anyone know what this is???

    That is a northern pacific black striped silver crested barbed rubber lipped pigmy perch. Very rare! I think you are wrong about that....the Pigmys have a large red dot above their anal fin, just like my ex did....
  289. R

    Hill Mk3 Pump

    Where are you located?
  290. R

    Shitty days of fishing is better than a ticket

    I call bullshit, it was probably a bunch of imposters out screwing with people....DFG is no more....probably an old is now DFW. They probably found old uniforms at the thrift store.
  291. R

    Offshore North 9 8-12-18

    Have you seen that new movie the MEG???? Just sayin......
  292. R

    Need some bait tank expertise..

    Fix it once, fix it right....or F with it the entire time you own the boat.
  293. R

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Well, $5400 later the thing is rebuilt...and NOW wont suck water............fuggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Put a new impellor in, and nothing...will run ok with the hose on the muffs on full...but lower the pressure or put it in a tub and it won't suck...made just to the main channel at...
  294. R

    1 foot @ 7 second intervals ???

    those hurricane swells are usually pretty spaced out.....rollers more than waves.
  295. R

    Brought a sharp knife to a gunfight and won

    I tried 30lb on tails on a Tony Reyes trip once.......once.
  296. R

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    yep, no line on this one.....maybe just 21 yrs old....I wish it had line on it. I wouldn't have felt so bad....
  297. R

    Brought a sharp knife to a gunfight and won

    I like fishing the vanish 12lb floro...makes it more fun...
  298. R

    Brought a sharp knife to a gunfight and won

    11, 24, isn't more drag what thumbs are for? Nice fish....I caught a 60lb Bluefin on the Shogun with a TLD10 and 20lb.....nobody gave me a chance until I got to deep color....then everybody wanted to get that fish on deck.....good thing was I didn't screw up anyone else... Catch em how you...
  299. R

    Repowering with Yamaha F425 XTO

    I'm thinking the Rubber Ducky might just be making it out to Izors a little bit faster.......
  300. R

    Gail Force, Smoked by the Big Yellows

    Sluggo's revenge....don't bring a coffee grinder to a gun fight.....
  301. R

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    1997 Parker with the 5.7 gsi and Volvo dp 1.95 drive...great boat...its 21 yrs old...I guess we should have had it resealed.......
  302. R

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Dps 1.95...probably gonna rebuild this one....its the lower end gears
  303. R

    Friday LB Trolling for 1 Giant Rocket

    That's the new Dupont Bluefin Spinner.....just drop it in near the Bluefin and it does the rest....
  304. R

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Our Volvo duoprop with 3000 hours sucked water and now the gears are chipped....anybody else ever do this? Rebuild or new? Parker 2320 5.7 I/O
  305. R

    Ease into it, or jam it in?

    Just be honest and LISTEN to what the crew and people that know tell you on the'll be fine. There will always be "that guy" on the boat...most fishermen love to share knowledge and help other people enjoy their passion. And if you catch a 250lb tuna, you don't have to eat the whole...
  306. R

    Horseshoe Kelp same day 7/23/18

    Thanks for the timely report.......sounds like a tough day on the water...
  307. R

    43 or SCI 7-19?

    spend the $$$ for fish dope....It's cheaper than fuel....
  308. R

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    Does it have the older style fuel pump? Does it make any noise? Sounds like what happened when our fuel pump went bad...
  309. R

    Offshore Yellowtail, turtle, and navy ordinance on fire!! On the N 226

    Finders keepers.....that would be cool in the back yard.... luck it would be a torpedo.
  310. R

    When life gives you lemons...

    Nice, way better than the ceviche I made out of the skin off my knuckles putting the new manifolds on the parker today.....glad you made it is about Memories....keep makin em!
  311. R

    Offshore Yellowtail, turtle, and navy ordinance on fire!! On the N 226

    That's one of the fireworks they were lighting off in Pomona on the 4th....probably just landed....
  312. R

    Offshore 7/11 evening 9 mile.

    Oh well, there's always next year.....Same song every year....Hey somebody wake up the guy that works on the seiners and says how they are our friends and they don't target the same fish we do.
  313. R

    Catalina Seabass - 7/7/18

    That seabass looks like my old girlfriend...stocky and thick....thanks for the painful memories....nice trip!
  314. R

    Backside Cat 7/7

    Tastes like chicken....nice..
  315. R

    Ultra - 7/2 - Nic

    That certainly doesn't suck!...............nice trip!
  316. R

    Catilina is about to erupt.

    Or there!
  317. R

    Catilina is about to erupt.

    Has anyone fished Farnsworth for the yellows recently? It seems like they are always there....and big, mean, rock finding bastards....
  318. R

    Is there multi-day parking at launch ramps? Cabrillo? Davies?

    Sunset aquatic is probably a better bet...
  319. R

    Is there multi-day parking at launch ramps? Cabrillo? Davies?

    Located on the east side of Long Beach, just below the Davies Bridge at Second Street and Marina Drive, this facility is open 24 hours and allows for overnight parking. In addition to multiple boat launch lanes, Davies Launch Ramp features public restrooms, short term dock space for boarding and...
  320. R

    Is there multi-day parking at launch ramps? Cabrillo? Davies?

    I think davies offers multiple day parking.
  321. R

    California In-Shore Series CAE-IS-8MH $60

    Great deal Rod in perfect shape...thank you sir.
  322. R

    Cat 6-22-18

    Bummer, sounds like the weather turned and so did the fishing....weird stuff, we are usually on your end of the day of fishing I've had at cat in like 10 yrs..... It came at a cost....the risers/manifolds are done, so that's another 1000 dollar bill.
  323. R

    Cat 6-22-18

    Hey the bigger yellows were full of eggs and sperm and some of the bass were too.....shouldn't they have spawned already?
  324. R

    Cat 6-22-18

    We left HH at 730ish??? so probably from 930 to 3.....they bit all day
  325. R

    Cat 6-22-18

    Oh , we found a good little bump on the furuno that had tons of marks and tried to anchor on that...current was downhill most of the day.
  326. R

    Cat 6-22-18

    sorry guys, crashed last night.....we were in pretty tight, the original drift took us by the big round birdcrap rock in there....and we were as shallow as 24ft....don't ask about the 2 garibaldi that somebody caught.....??????? hows that happen? We finally anchored on the ledge in 90ish feet...
  327. R

    Cat 6-22-18

    live squid, flylined no weight got the bigger yellows...1/2 slider got all the bass you wanted. I used light circles and ringed ebay hooks..didn't seem to make a difference. from 14-30lb got bit
  328. R

    Cat 6-22-18

    fished just south of long point and Camp Fox....waited it out...lots of small yellows...1 at 42" and two others 30+ and full limits of the smaller ones....Sorry they taste great too. a bunch of deep hooked calico's as well. Probably at least 50 bass a person.... burned 26 gallons from HH and...
  329. R

    Any automotive diesel techs?

    I replaced the HPOP in my 95, not hard at all, just be carefull some of the bolts on the back are prone to stripping...then you have to helicoil it AND if you do, get a flat tap so it will go all the way in...just sayin.....
  330. R

    Mahilini is back

    you can fix anything with 500lbs of Bondo....
  331. R

    Remington 700 (30.06) with luepold scope 145.00
  332. R


    o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Othey set out bait using a quad and sit in the back of a toy hauler and have spotlights. my question is do coyotes have fleas or ticks or any other bugs or diseases to be aware of ? they do want to skin and keep the hides. any advice ? haven't tried youtube yet. Buzzards gotta eat...
  333. R

    10.5" ar15 Upper

    Is it legal for me to jump on the deal, buy & ship it to my door, then sell it later on, but meanwhile store it " as is" (upper only), no lower attached on it while in my possesion). CA constructive possession on SBR/SBS. You can own/possess the 10.5" AR upper as long as you do not own any AR...
  334. R

    Cat 6/3

    sometimes better to stay in the lee and head to the west end then back to HH.
  335. R

    Boiler Rocks Salt Creek

    Wait, so there are fish along the beach.....damn...been in the wrong spot all these years........
  336. R

    Over Heat alarm on Evinrude

    best to kick it to neutral and see if you can see or clear an obstruction...then keep the water flowing thru the motor...if you shut down a really hot motor it can cause more issues. They get hot fast when water is restricted.
  337. R

    4x4 RV

  338. R

    Gamo Urban .22 pcp

    interested as well.
  339. R

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Yep, they won't do any glad you got the rods back...get ready to be pissed at "our" system.
  340. R

    What is your dream gun?

    benelli legacy 28 g
  341. R

    Offshore San Nicolas island 5/12/18

    Wow, nice haul, must be a popular place..theres another thread about a guy going there today as well.
  342. R

    who remembers Joel Raulston?

    Ok, I'm totally confused I thought Joel Rogan was the MMA guy???????? He fishes too??
  343. R

    1/26 slow day in th LBC

    Maybe the purpose of the trip was just to save that dolphin...Success! The rest was just window dressing.
  344. R

    Offshore Rpt.-01-12-18 1.5 day on New LoAnn 300 mile boat ride.

    Well, at least nobody got towed or arrested......
  345. R

    Poor Mans Seabass

    I wouldn't talk shit about the skeeters on the open forums....those things in Texas can read and will find you............
  346. R

    Parker 2320

    fuel tank should be a 150 and probably 2+/- mpg on a good day.
  347. R

    Need Prayers for my wife.

    Prayers sister is going on 20 yrs as a Will beat this.....
  348. R

    Offshore 12-19.... close but no cigar

    SPOT personal locator....its like $180 a yr.....I use it for hunting, fishing, and off road....never needed it, but it has made a bunch of people happy when they can track us and know we are still moving.....completely independent of the boat so even if the whole system dies, you can still call...
  349. R

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    I put my bolt cutters in a foodsaver bag....they are for Mergencees..
  350. R

    Live report from the Horseshoe 8/21

    Heard from my buddy the Santa Ana River is wide open for tanker sea bass. The area behind the sewer plant is the best, pink and white crappie jigs working best and 3 colors with a flasher.
  351. R

    8/7 Oceanside

    :appl:Oh, and thanks for the timely report....
  352. R

    8/7 Oceanside

    I thought that was the bait picture at first........ Nice grillers there.....they all come out looking the same...........
  353. R


    Reminds me of the frogs getting mad at the frog that asked if the water was getting warmer.....
  354. R

    Offshore Great Conditions, But No Fish.

    Well, there was obviously nothing to all the people freaking out over the seiners in the area....they certainly didn't wrap all the fish...
  355. R

    mythic makos of la jolla

    What could possibly go almost had him.
  356. R

    Bassin the Shoe to Izors Sunday 2nd.

    So, did you get towed? Who ended up in cuffs?
  357. R

    7-1-17 izors Slow but nice

    Fished Izors for the first run of the year, boat worked good, no major things to fix. Izors was packed in the morning and a slow pick. Quality was pretty good with the Biggest taping out at 20 1/2 inch male, but thick. Nice weather, little wind downhill current and a south wind, then a west...
  358. R

    Pros and cons of registering?

    Who the hell sells guns??????
  359. R

    LB 6/11/17

    Well, I filled up 3 trash cans of tree shredding and feel like I got hit by a You're day wins!
  360. R

    Offshore Heart Break 6-10-17

    Better to have loved and lost...................just a blessing to be on the water with family and friends...too many don't have the chance, we should all appreciate what we have. Paying dues is how I look at those. Better luck next time. And great story.
  361. R

    6/6 izors

    I just can't get past the worms in the cuda....
  362. R

    Catalina 6-4 for Just 1 Bass

    It was on a drift. Does that count? Well, it is early in the season....Ok, you can count it, but only this time!
  363. R

    Catalina 6-4 for Just 1 Bass

    Troll fish don't count! That's officially a skunk trip.
  364. R

    Offshore Sat 6/3 @43/182 Ghost Town when guys run up your stern you can yell "hey want a cheeseburger Ahole?" just like the sport boats do.
  365. R

    Offshore June 1 report USCG & NAVY join the party

    I've always thought that if I had time, I'm stealing my buddies life vest and tying my rods and reels to it.
  366. R

    5/31 LJ report

    If you didn't see that fish before hooking it, you should have released it immediately. You are probably the kind of guy that would keep legal fish and eat them.....geez....what happened to our sport. Way to be dedicated....
  367. R

    Camping Van?

    Sportsmobile vans
  368. R

    Newport Beach bay

    go into or call JDs tackle on the island..he can fill you in on the bay tricks.
  369. R

    Parker 2320

    Make sure the brakes on the truck and the trailer are in GREAT shape...that will be the biggest danger...too many idiots on the roads today. Truck won't like pulling it, but it will. Stopping it is another issue.
  370. R

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    So many Aholes in the world today....... even among our own fishing community. It has become every man for himself.... If I ask you how much to tip the crew, then by all means give me some advice, if I don't, then it's really none of your business what I do with my winnings.
  371. R

    All you can eat tacos @ 105

    That's a den of rattlers for ya....
  372. R

    Help Much Appreciated

    Only thing worse than not catching fish, is getting soaked on the way home from the islands in the wind every afternoon. There are days I wish my parker was faster.....never wished it was wetter......
  373. R


    I bought an alby set up in 83 and didn't catch one till like 2000....I think there might be some cycles working out there...kind of like the sardines in Monterey...and then boom gone....
  374. R

    Selling Ammo in Ca is a great resource
  375. R

    Selling Ammo in Ca

    yes still legal
  376. R

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    12 g with slugs and 45 Long colt with 300 grain hardcast lead. HPs will ball up in the fur. I have SW mountain gun in 45 colt. Camp with someone older and slower than you is my best advice.
  377. R

    Offshore Thunderbird broke down

    I think Clemente was hot yesterday anyways...
  378. R

    What to do with mags?

    You can pin them to 10rds...and keep them. Which i would do, or sell them out of state. is a great resource.
  379. R

    Lobster and lost gear

    That is just many can you possibly eat.....I mean seriously...if you can't eat all those I'll help..... Nice do the work, you get rewarded....
  380. R

    catalina trip sat am

    just got back, wind came up in the afternoon and made the ride home kinda sloppy but not too bad....all the 13 7/8" calicos you could want. Fed the seals a ton of small boneys. In tight won't be bad once you are there, getting there...??? ..but like they say its supposed to pick might...
  381. R

    Offshore Gotta know your limitations....

    Did the boat sink?? My Parker is a 97, does that make me an less of a human? Please don't lump people into groups like that, it diminishes the argument. No matter what boat you are in, you Assume that MOBs are in Grave danger, is there any other kind of danger, until you are assured that they...
  382. R

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Please let us know your schedule for what boats you are riding....just so we know what trips not to go on....
  383. R

    Offshore Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    Why does anyone think this is anything new??? It happens every time there are tuna here.....big scores....Seiners........gone. I'm just amazed it took them this long, but I guess they were waiting for the yellowfin to mass up. Oh well, back to the rockfish till that closes.
  384. R


    why would you want them in the boat....ehhhhhh....slimy... Nice catch...last batch I brought home were so full of worms, I gave up keeping them. I guess they are really good smoked, if you can get some without the hitchhikers..
  385. R

    Rpt.-07-09-16 Bass and Cuda!

    We were out at Izors...drifting in the no wind flat conditions...took my friends sun out for a run/shakedown trip. The short calico's wanted to chew on the squid strips...he had a blast....highlight of the day was a 4-5ft mako putting on a show after eating a flylined sardine. It jumped...
  386. R

    Offshore Recap or lack off 6/22

    Thanks for trying.....better than working I guess.
  387. R

    Weight distribution tow hitch(anti-sway)

    Thats a good deal...
  388. R

    What do you do with ammo that you don't want/need

    Shooting clubs or ranges, probably have programs for youngsters or vets that can use the stuff.
  389. R


    Try ajax auto out in coachella.....they do salvage cars....and trade ins.....he's sold a crap load to the AMA district 37 crowd...that he sees every weekend and races with...nothing but but great things written about him .....
  390. R

    Yuma opener 2015

    Very nice intell to share......we'll be hitting the public fields for a quickie..usually not really that bad, with it being a tuesday opener....should be less of the "crowds"...
  391. R

    WTB Female Lab

  392. R

    Making every second count today. LBC

    Hope non of the sporties cut off his trollers.....that would be classic.....
  393. R

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    Wow......How sad that this is what we have become. What future do we have?
  394. R

    FREE - 3rd row seats for Tahoe

    Call a salvage yard those things are $1200 used....
  395. R

    Non-lead Shot

    Or just hunt in another state.
  396. R

    In love with that .... DODO

    Glad you guys made it in safe...the weather looks horrible......
  397. R

    Gutting tuna

    Cool, thanks for the info....hopefully....soon will have some to bleed....I mean its only been like 7 yrs since I caught a tuna...
  398. R

    Gutting tuna

    I see a lot of guys bringing tuna home whole.....does it help to gut them on the ocean? I saw the video of phiefer? bleeding them in a bucket. Does it make that much of a difference?
  399. R

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    It's a great "catch"'s what happended after it got to the boat that makes people angry. I don't think the angler could have stopped them even if he knew it was not legal to take that out of the water.
  400. R

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    1-888-334-CalTIP (888-334-2258)
  401. R

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    "For the record the fish was safely released. " may have been released....the way and condition is up to debate. least they are consistant on that boat.
  402. R

    Offshore Another awesome day of fishing 11JUL

    Your trash is gonna stink.................better make sure the neighbors dont think you put a dead body in there...
  403. R

    Parker 2520 Sport Cabin Seating

    First thing you will want is knee pads for the investment we made....
  404. R

    Hitting someone's trailer?

    Same here.....bent the shit out of our trailer, busted the light and nothing....Call your insurance company and report it....did you get photos of his damage and yours? May be under your deductible, but they can do a search and find out information on his insurance....then you can file a claim...
  405. R

    Koi-Eating Heron Needs a New Home

    Worked with a "koi" guy....those Herons suck.....kept killing his fish....somehow the Heron found a better place to be....They are not stupid...if they find the food they won't leave.
  406. R

    Offshore What a day...;)

    What's next ? A pool raft?.....This is stuff you will remember forever. Congrats on a great day.....To be old and wise one has to first be young and dumb.
  407. R


    Pretty sure this year is the wildlife areas Wister in the imperial valley, the public fields still show ok for lead
  408. R

    Need an anti-theft battery box for a travel trailer

    Where were they stolen from? House? Storage? You can make's just how much...
  409. R

    WTB: Car For College Student

    Try Ajax auto in Indio, they are a salvage yard as well as a car dealer and sell, salvage title cars...costs too much for the insurance company to fix...He has sold a bunch to the District 37 off road people, nothing but great things to say about him. John is his name....great beater cars for...
  410. R

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    Boats are responsible for their own wakes...file a coast guard least if they get enough of them, when someone gets hurt or sunk, they can go to credibility in the investigation. AssHats................
  411. R

    Friends at the 150 1 on so far

    Sorry....working.....said the bite died.....they've moved to Izors for some taco stuff.....I'll let you know how it ended up....
  412. R

    Friends at the 150 1 on so far

    Buddies took our parker out to the 150 today...sent me a text of the 15lb YT he just boated....about 50 other boats it on a fly lined sardine....more to follow...
  413. R

    Wed 6/17 at the 267

    They were out in force today...if you missed it....they are gone......most of it will be catfood by the end of the week.
  414. R

    ? whos best to Crimp battery cables

    you can buy a crimper for like $25 off amazon....heat shrink is cheap too...I'd do it for you but I'm in norco.
  415. R

    Boat songs, need play list suggestions

    Did a trip on the Legend years ago....on the way in they were listening to Comfortably Numb with the Red nightime lights on.....beyond weird...
  416. R

    my new ride

    It's ok we all started with beater trucks like this.......
  417. R

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    Don't try to bring facts into this! This is a purely emotional argument. One got into my neighbors coop, killed em all and took one to eat. If you truely feel bad about them being killed, you need to hang up the rod and reel and move up to Berkley and hug some trees.
  418. R

    WTF is wrong with our country?

    Sooooo many things......not enough bandwidth to list them all. Pretty sure it starts at home...
  419. R

    This will definitely hurt the jerky business...

    If they can ban coyote hunts, then the fishing stuff is more pesky's or any other tourney's.....all gone.....time to leave this God forsaking place.
  420. R

    It's what for dinner

    You can when its foggy....if you cant see them, they cant see you.....
  421. R

    Niland Birds???

    Hunted the public fields this AM.....where did the birds go? very few birds up around niland area...drove around and only found a few, really nothing flying at all? Are they spooked or just gone south towards the border?
  422. R

    Offshore Thank you coast guard

    like I'll be putting one of these on my parker.
  423. R

    WTB small car...

    Try Ajaxauto out in coachella....they rebuild cars...he sells lots of cars to the Dirstrict 37 dezert guys....john is straight shooter.
  424. R

    Offshore YFT @ 43 8/24/14

    We fished a "pre" hurricane swell way back was ride and the paddies jumped out at you.
  425. R

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    there were some guys on the that did susp...they had the correct code for the bilsteins valved for the ford front ends...
  426. R

    Twin Lakes Camping with the Family

    my family goes to upper twin every july for like 30 years...mono village...nice. Said the fishing was so so this year...
  427. R

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Nice day, Nice Catch...Sad all the C&R we did and we will never see stringers like that again in Laguna.
  428. R


    funny we just got bit by the gremlins as switch and some new fuse holders and a backup plan and we were good to go sunday...just that fishing out of long beach was slow. Better to be safe...tows home in rough weather suck.
  429. R

    Offshore Overturned boat by 43

    At least the deployed the anchor....first thing coast guard tells you to do.....
  430. R

    Maiden Voyage to Cat; no idea what we were doing Mark Wisch.....has them....more than everything you need to know in them...
  431. R

    Offshore 238 YFT report, also I am afraid the 425 has been wipped clean by Seiners today at 6:30pm

    My buddy came back from the 3 day mexico cruise....saw jumpers below SCI, with no boats around......
  432. R

    Offshore Adrianna on the Board

    at 27mph I doubt it was that lumpy...
  433. R

    First yellow of the year for us at Catalina

    Oh Shit!! is that a dead Calico???????????????????????????
  434. R

    5/31 - Bait, Fish, and a Jackpot Controversy

    Please post a PDF version of the official jackpot rules and regulations. My understanding is once the signatures on the entry forms are verified, the disputes go to the arbitration board. The contentions from both sides should be submitted no later that 2 weeks prior to the arbitration...
  435. R

    Shotgun advice needed

    Don't skimp...get a Benelli. Think of it this way...don't know anyone who ever bought one that didn't like it. It's going to last as long as you why skimp.
  436. R

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    i think i tried to start a conversation with you?? not getting the pm option anywhere...
  437. R

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    I live in Norco, so not too far from you..
  438. R

    Rods & Reels 4 sale

    ill take the graphtech...
  439. R

    Ford F250 F350 questions

    Who wants to spend $10K to fix what should have been fixed before it was sold. I would go with a Dodge....06 seems to be the sweet year for the cummins. Have the trans beefed and the dodge should be good to go.
  440. R

    Shimano Calcutta 400 (not TE)

    with an 8oz weight off the side of the grand canyon....yes a mile easy....nice reel...too bad I'm cashed out, but I'll pass it along to a buddy.
  441. R

    Can someone please explain................

    Yep, asswipes that think it's cool to waste 2hrs of their time to make $20 screwing things up for everyone else. Tried to get some for the 4H kids to go out and shoot...that was a nightmare...but plenty of the walmart pricks willing to sell 500 rounds for $100. Idiots!
  442. R

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    Don't feel bad, a lot of people don't get yanking a fish out of the water either.
  443. R

    .17hrm scope?

    I think unless you will be shooting under 100 yards the AO is nice to have. With the 17, the 175 yard shots are the fun stuff.
  444. R

    .17hrm scope?

    I just bought the same rifle, only blued, bought a Mueler 4.5-14 APT Tactical from Joe Bob's outfitters. For $199 you get the AO and the mildot.
  445. R

    Stacking Wolf Like Cord Wood

    Shoot and for me....throw the radio collars in the back of a passing semi....
  446. R

    Baja Tow Rig Tires

    Was 18" the stock wheel? if not go back to a stock sized wheel, I have the bfg E rated all terrains...lasted great so far... If you are worried about rocks...get a rock guard for the back of the X...they bolt on, usually see them behind motorhomes pulling nicer cars...
  447. R

    Go Chargers...

    Wow....that was impressive.....beating up 20 second string guys on blind luck.....good luck with that.
  448. R

    Great Fishing: Monster Ling Cod on light gear!!!

    Just like you tell on humans...the males have a stupid look on their face and a boner.....The females look like they got something better to do......
  449. R

    Help with aligning truck door.

    might be better to go ask a local bodyshop if one of their guys can do it for you for cash....$30-40...there are tricks to getting them to line up correctly. There are bars made to help bend them back into alignment. look at the bolts on the hinges? did they move? Door shell could be twisted...
  450. R

    Dumb RV question

    Sorry, but very few of the converters have smart systems.....look it up. They will boil the batteries without a smart charging system. 2 6 volts is the best you can get. Cold nights in the dunes will burn thru the reg 12v battery about 3:30-4:00...
  451. R

    Dumb RV question

    check out the converter/charger....some iotta came with the charge wizard...mostly really high end will tell you what model it is and what it has ....if it's newer you can still buy the wizard to change it into a battery tender.....and leave it plugged in all the time.
  452. R

    A&E Suspends "indefinitely" Phil Robertson

    Was waiting for them to find something...the hollywood elite HATE these people.....and the fact that most people love the show. He spoke the truth as he knows it and believes....nothing wrong with that. World is upside down.......
  453. R

    Dumb RV question

    Don't leave it too long...the regular converter straight charges the batteries, it will boil them and kill them pretty quick. Get a smart charger or shut them off and hook up a battery tender.
  454. R

    What's your take?

    Wow, I didn't know there were so many conservation experts over here. I guess shooting stuff here makes you an expert on African wildlife management. Again....Legal kill. If it ain't your cup of tea.....who cares. Go do something else...get on with your life, she isn't bothering you.
  455. R

    Incognito, Inside dope

    Another nail in the coffin...the pussification continues..... If he didn't like it...he could leave any time...why bring the whole game down with you? Let the brain dead fools have their game....I mean we are not all as smart as some of the people on this board think they are.
  456. R


    Looks like the tinfoil fish my brother had in his sure that's a Ono?
  457. R

    Need some legal advice. I sold a boat, getting sued....

    Watch the Brady Bunch......buyer beware....tell him to pound sand....after the battery and tire dealio...he bought it as is....hate people like this....his job to make sure everything is up to snuff.
  458. R

    Garmin Gpsmap 180 with map

    Or offer, great unit with good map.
  459. R

    No crow hunting from an aircraft allowed!!

    Why are the other ones just sitting there?? Why didn't he shoot those too?
  460. R

    Garmin Gpsmap 180 with map

    Garmin Gpsmap 180 with the La to Salina Cruz offshore map 99 version. Cover, mount, powercord. No antenna. $175 obo. Larry 714-264-2751... upgraded to color for my old perfect.
  461. R

    Offshore fish report 9/24/13 371 to 302

    Didn't pics..........
  462. R

    Offshore DP long triangle

    Looks like it's yours now......anything that I can hit at night usually would go home with me...doubt it's anything radar business being out there...
  463. R

    Dove opener

    Thinking of Skipping the weekend opener and going down to Niland midweek to hunt the public stuff. Are the birds that much harder to get after opening day?
  464. R

    They passed all the stupid gun bills...

    This place aint what it was 5yrs ago....let alone 70. Funny thing is all the people who hunt/fish/offroad that still vote for the Dems.
  465. R

    Sand dabs near Newport

    Hit the north side of the 150 and drift, you will catch all you need and even a 3lb whitefish if your lucky.
  466. R


    When I was a kid my neighbor had a opal...GT....bitch would rev that thing to the moon every morning at dad finally went over and talked to her dad.....he was pissed as well...she sold it 2 wks later. Sorry...back to the train wreck....
  467. R

    Personal Best Sand Bass!

    Here we go again.......Glad I released all the Bass I caught off Laguna so the enviro's can watch them now.... It's legal....EAT IT......taste like mud, but Eat it..... NICE FISH....
  468. R

    Pay Attention! Such bullshit!

    And then back up to make sure it was an accident.
  469. R


    Try Ajax auto in coachella, he's a salvage yard that fixes the best of the bunch. He sells a lot of cars to the District 37 racers and nothing but great reviews on his service and product.
  470. R

    Finally!!! Legal WSB

    Nice, you earned it. Now, don't try to figure out what that cost per lb......Priceless.
  471. R

    Shelter Island launch area Friday

    Bingo...we have a winner....
  472. R


    Or when Ex wives talk shit... or make untrue allegations....they will come take your guns ..."just to be safe"....ever see how they treat will probably be $20k in lawyer fees if you ever see your guns then, it will be a couple of years of bangin around an evidence...
  473. R

    How can they print this bs?

    Coming from the Off-Road world, I can tell you this, anyone that thinks, ANY kind of compromise with these people is a good idea, is an IDIOT. Look at their Agenda, goals and then rethink what is going to work. Bag limits, size limits, are only the starting point. They will not stop, once they...
  474. R

    my son attacked

    I think he meant, How you react now is going to stick with your son, not that your son was responsible some how. I pray that your family gets strength and peace to deal with this from the strong showing and prayers of the people in the city. I pray for the victims, but also the people that have...
  475. R

    Over and Under or Side by Side the best?

    picked up a beretta o/u for quail, shot it with my benelli sport II 12g....I like the benelli's just as light, just as quick and doesn't hurt my shoulder at all. Same price basically for the benelli or a good o/u. The o/u does look cool...
  476. R

    "Chukar Toe"

    Yep, got the dreaded quail toes a couple years ago near Kingman...but at least I got limits both days....
  477. R

    Oh, what to do..... do you sell a gun your DAD gave you??????????????????????????
  478. R

    Rod/Reel combo for local dodo and yellows?

    I fish the Graftec 8m, with an ABUGarcia brute with carbontec drags and 25lb...I got 8 20+lbs when they were here last time. Reel never waivered. Cleaned it, regreased the drags and did it again the next weekend. Worked as good or better than my 400 and 700 for a LOT less money...
  479. R

    Info for you dove hunters

    Was thinkin the same thing..making a morning run one of those days. I guess we need to see where the birds end up after all the storms are thru.
  480. R

    Yamaha Dirt Bike Mechanic

    Did you buy a new pilot jet? go buy one idle is usually the pilot. Get some of the green carb's safer for o-rings and such...Spend some time and air cleaning out the will work...if you take's gonna be $100 at least.
  481. R


    Good thing we released all those calicos years ago in we can drive by and watch them grow. Catch, eat, and release.
  482. R

    2000 Ford 7.3 Diesel 4x4

    Post it on
  483. R

    Onan generator repair in temecula

    How old? You sure it's a spark problem? If you let those sit for any number of weeks , this new gas will kill the carb? Are you getting wet plug? Raw fuel smell? Did you try shooting some WD40 into the intake to see if it fires?
  484. R

    Analysis paralysis deciding on new truck

    What do yu want it for??? Figure out what you are going to use it for MOST, then compromise on the other stuff. If towing is what you need go big. If not, the smaller trucks would be fine. I don't know which of the newer small trucks are best, but the only 180k diesel worth a shit is the ford...
  485. R

    WTB - Pellet Rifle

    Call these guys....I want, I want, I want...
  486. R

    1970 CT 90 for sale

    Running again....and still for sale...
  487. R


    the receiver is the "gun" in the ATF eyes...take the upper off and just DROS the receiver. AS long as it is a post ban, shouldn't be any problems...
  488. R

    DFG Ticket For Halibut Fillet

    DFG is there to protect resources. Was this a proper exercise of that mission? NO. Will this stop anyone from taking an undersized fish? NO. I would say that 99% of the people reading this don't take undersized fish. So what is accomplished by making an example out of someone so they can show...
  489. R

    DFG Ticket For Halibut Fillet

    Still Bullshit, it was a legal fish, fg new it, they are just showing off. What did they accomplish?? Now everyone knows they are jerks and the people that take short fish, still will. Didn't change any "lawbreakers" into honest fishermen. Oh, but it generated revenue.
  490. R

    Labrador Puppy....(or two)

    Try AAAlabs in ontario, sister has one from there...great dogs. Or a lab rescue...seems to be lot of them around.
  491. R

    FabTech Shocks

    glamis would help you sell those
  492. R

    2008 Dodge 2500 Lone Star 4X4 - $27,500 Firm

    Try love dodges over there. Nice truck.
  493. R

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt

    Why does any of this suprise you??? Why are you wasting time posting on their sites??? They won, we lost...we were lazy and got our asses handed to us...Go fish the open areas while you can...they too will be gone sooner rather than later.
  494. R

    1970 CT 90 for sale

    Street legal, 3391 miles, current reg,pink. All stock. Pm me for photos. Located in Norco, Socal. $750 obo.
  495. R

    Doves are still thick in the Valley

    I'm pretty sure they were talking Euro's in the harm there...
  496. R


    Per Mr. fish and Game, if it has a Green/white sign on's a no-no.
  497. R


    Done by 7 in Niland. Lots of early big groups, even with the great weather. Lots of people hunting the public fields...why do people think it's ok to hunt from a road????????
  498. R

    What kind of pans do you use?

    I got some Wagner wear cast iron at the thrift store for $10 each, cleaned and seasoned them and I can cook eggs in them, better than the new circulon stuff. Also got 2 allclad non-sticks for $10 each...I got more shit than I'll ever use...but it's nice to have when ya need it.
  499. R

    that lady can take a punch.

    They wouldn't get into that situation, they are sooo much better than this I know why we are losing the fight to the eco-nuts.
  500. R

    More Govt Closures Need HELP.

    Yep, it's up all over...we are shooting for sheer volume at this point.
  501. R

    More Govt Closures Need HELP.

    The Marines want to close the Largest Off-Highway area in the county that happens to be in our state. Johnson Valley is the target of the marines expansion fly drones? Please go in and comment to help. After the MLPA's We are running out of freedom. Please help...
  502. R

    Johnsons Valley

    Enjoy it, the Marines are taking it all....for "training"...God I love living in the most liberal state in the world. Only in CA.
  503. R

    Riffe Blue Water Speargun

    That would be one hell of a ride....Ya.........hooooooooooooooooooo.
  504. R

    Any private FFL's????

    Put it in a box and ship it as machine parts. We got along fine before these do-gooders showed up to save us. We'll be fine without them.
  505. R

    Need a new GSI 5.7 vovlo

    Ours is dead...need a short block at a minimum, probably a long block. Anyone got any hookups?
  506. R

    What is the best quality .45 or 9mm you can buy?

    Smith 952 9mm... Kimber 9mm...again it depends on you...Seen some really nice STI framed guns....most of those guys shoot loads for those guns...out of the box stuff is not as fun in a race gun.
  507. R

    .45 ACP Collection

    Where did you get the Judge? That's a great weapon.
  508. R

    Holy crap it's as big as a Wolf

  509. R

    MLPA areas affected and distance from terra

    What's with the attitude? He didn't vote for this crap? Do you think there was ANY chance this wasn't getting rammed down our throats? We could have had Ten thousand people at the meetings and it wouldn't do any good. I've been to this rodeo before with the are fighting a losing...
  510. R

    Limits at San Clemente Island

    Great fishing for December....Wow Love California weather. How's that trailer workin Matt??????
  511. R

    9mm Ammo. Federal FMJ.

    That's a good has this for 10.47 a tax...thats like getting 2 boxes free...
  512. R

    What Toy Haulers are best bang for buck? Quality?

    There were some built that were called Desert Fox, really good insulation. They were nice rigs, kinda on the pricey side, but made for the extreme temps.
  513. R

    Pellet gun/pistol ~ For Christmas

    check out these want a real toy... Mac1 Airgun Distributors
  514. R

    Chargers win...

    Seriously??????? Rivers is a POS. Always will be. Without the 2 blown calls by the 12th man, they would have lost again. OH and lets take back the other POS wide out that we wanted nothing to do with, until we realized we suck...
  515. R

    Anyone have a Meatgrinder?

    just remember to dispose of the teeth and anything else they can id the body with as well. It's always the little things we miss.
  516. R

    CHUCKAR hunt fully guided for sale

    Is that $400 each or $400 for the hunt for both? Too bad I'm fat and chucker hunting will kill my worthless ass. Someday I'm gonna get in shape and chase those suckers farther than 50 ft without hacking up a lung.
  517. R

    magazine for 9mm Beretta 92F Parabellum

    go to should be able to find "rebuild" kits for your existing damaged magazines.
  518. R

    Offshore Overnight trip canceled 09/21 - BAD Weather

    I think it's the Low Pressure system moving thru up north. Some killer winds out there right now. Supposed to be close to 30 outside. Tanner is only 17 gusting to 21 right now.
  519. R

    Flushing an I/O after every use

    my risers on my 400hr Volvo were junk , and we flushed it after every trip. Salt water sucks. flush it and let the motor run after you turn the water off for a few seconds to flush the water out. It shouldn't hurt the impellor, as it will still be wet and have some lubrication. Never run them...
  520. R

    Parker 2820 towing weight

    I Know you need a non-comm class A to pull a bumper pull travel trailer at more than 10k, 5ht wheels are 15k, so I think a bumper pull boat might fall into the 10k bumper pull limit for a class C. The non-comm class A walk thru and test is a pain.
  521. R

    Parker 2820 towing weight

    Make sure you keep the brakes in tip top shape. Air bags will probably help the ride and control as well. Get the biggest hitch receiver you can, and make sure it doesn't rust. If it is set up right, the tongue weight shouldn't be bad, but the bags help,even on a dually.
  522. R

    Dove hunting Imperial Valley 9-1-10

    Anybody hunt the public fields in Niland today? I missed for the first time in 10 yrs...:(. Damn boss had to have his baby on friday, made me miss my fun.
  523. R

    Don't need no stinkn' YT

    Makes it all worth the shit we go thru as boat owners....don't it. Enjoy.
  524. R

    Huntington flats

    hit the 150 reef for some taco fair, and then look to the east for the fleet. He should buy one of those bloodydecks sponsored laminated maps. Can't remember where I got mine, but it is pretty cool for finding spots.
  525. R

    Show us the area/ropes?

    Captain Dave Hansen will show you how to catch fish. Not sure what he charges to guide you, but it is worth it. My neighbor Matt, sucked hard at fishing...Capt Dave makes him look like a superstar.
  526. R


    Started at the shoe with the fleet for a lone sand bass, hit the 150 for some tacos...motor was idling fine...then something went wrong....Good thing for vessel assist....tow #5 in 13 yrs. Hopefully not terminal, but these could be some $$$$$ tacos. Weather was extremely nice. 64 degree water...
  527. R

    WOW wish I had time and a little money..

    Leave it as is....Nothing like hitting the Azz Hats on the backside of Cat with the Jetivator when they mooch a spot.
  528. R

    Be careful with

    That's what I tried to tell them....THEY DON'T CARE...I
  529. R

    Be careful with

    They can't seem to ship 3 items without missing 1, and they use the out of country call centers that just tell you that you are mistaken and the part is in the box. The shipped from Fisheries supply company out of WA and they take ZERO responsibility for their people not being able to put 3...
  530. R


    I have heard you can get the patches from Canada online for pretty cheap. Scopace is also the best thing going, but you need a Dr. to write a script for it. Patch or Scopace...don't waste good trips on other "cures".
  531. R

    Volva Penta IO Outdrive

    That is a pretty popular outdrive, you should be able to find a bunch of boat places that can fix it. Is it siezed? Haven't had the best of luck with the people we have used, so I can't give you and references. Might be better off to look closer to the water for a qualified place.
  532. R

    buying new baitcast reel

    I like the ABU-Garcia reels, carbotex drags and they will stop just about anything, for less than the $100. You can find deals and get 2 for $100.
  533. R


    Oh, and the banks are scewing eveyone big time...anything and everything to bump up the rates and push down your credit rating...Did I say the banks are all asshats....those people will burn in hell for the shit they do.
  534. R

    building a new samurai

    So the motor and everything stays the same and just the front axle is moved out? My buddy Eric does these, but he adds it behind the front seats and makes the body longer as well.
  535. R

    Amber Dubois' remains found....

    Folks,.........WE ARE the STATE. Until WE demand change in the "system" and get rid of the cowardly judges and DAs, WE will continue to see our children and families victimized by these animals. God help us all.
  536. R

    Opinion On a GOOD 15-25LB Rated Rod to Buy for Calico Bass

    Graftech for 8m for the money $100. I fish mine with a ABU garcia with carbotex drags and 20lb. Fun, light, and good enough to fish most of our coast with.
  537. R

    Class lll Reciever?

    google Putnam hitches...good stuff for the cost. Get the biggest you can.
  538. R

    Browning 9mm HP

    Or he could take them apart and sell them as "rebuild kits"
  539. R

    Jan El Nino Report Now "Strong"

    Went to Turners and got a Sabre 270 and tld10 for albies in 83....don't think they came back for another 10 years.......Didn't all the kelp die off as well?
  540. R

    Idiot of the year already

    Anybody see the Youtube of the Black pulled up on the beach at Balboa? Was in the Orange County Register today.....dragged up to the beach to get the hook out...then let it lay on the beach to take some picks.........kinda pisses me off.
  541. R

    Airbag Repair Shop

    Call a bodyshop close to you and see if they can give you some names. Most deal with mobile air-bag guys all the time. We used a couple mobile guys out there, a couple of years ago, so I don't know who is still in the game out there.
  542. R

    MILES ON A POWERSTROKE? That is still a LOT of could be looking at injectors.turbo, hpop, all the susp stuff.
  543. R

    Plumbing question

    Be careful when you try to take it apart...if the top cover(screw on part) won't turn...don't force it, you will spin the whole fixture and break it in the wall..fixed a couple of those for neighbors...If it is new it should be ok, buy the genuine Delta parts to fix it...worth the extra $$$.
  544. R

    NRA or the Teamsters

    I'd like to know how the NRA has compromised their position? This would be good to know?
  545. R

    NRA or the Teamsters

    NRA has succeeded because...THEY DON'T COMPROMISE...PERIOD. Once you start down that road you are screwed, kind of exactly like we are.
  546. R

    Parking lot Fender Bender...What do I do?

    Prop 103 applies to injuries only for uninsured drivers. Property damage is not affected by a person's insurance status, only the ability to recover for pain and suffering.
  547. R

    Good Starter Gun for Home Protection

    Well, first off there is really no such thing as a "starter" gun for self defense. You are talking about taking a human life...that's a LOT of responsibility. Any gun you get and intend to use for that purpose needs to be an extension of you. You need to know it inside and out and have a feel...
  548. R

    Parking lot Fender Bender...What do I do?

    Yep, you were stopped and put it in Drive to avoid the collision when SHE HIT YOU. You started backing as the isle was clear, saw here coming back, stopped and she put it in drive to avoid the collision, she did nothing to avoid it and HIT you...I would argue for 100% on her as...
  549. R

    Want new bino's

    I got mine from the CA predator forums, Predator Wild is the contact info for the guy that sells them...I paid 185 for some 10x40 blems..that are pretty amazing Doug @ Camera Land [email protected] Cameras, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Rifle Scopes - Camera Land NY
  550. R

    San Felipe, Tony Reyes Boat...NEED FISHERMAN

    What a experience you won't ever that boat and the whole deal...wish I could go...miss the cabrilla.
  551. R

    Offshore 9/18/09

    Probably not as bad as my boat partners getting towed from Clemente back to Huntington Harbor.....8 hr ride...starter went out...but they caught fish waiting for a tow....glad I had to work...I think....
  552. R


    Hunted the public fields 16,17 by howell and Davis roads. Had 8 by 6am and on my way home by 730. About 1/2 as many hunters as the last 5 yrs. Power pole behind me was buzzing and rattling all morning...feel sorry for the guys in Yuma looked like they got pounded. That storm was HUGE. Lots of 1s...
  553. R

    Offshore 302 and Inside-August 21st

    Jeez...same for us, worked from Southwest of the 302 up and around the 182...warmer water up and out from the 182..found 69.4, saw some breakingfish, a marlin and porpise in that area..but no love for us....Long day of skunk....
  554. R

    8/14 SCI Yellows & WFO Calico

    That's still a big boat........
  555. R

    Offshore heading to 295 area tonite whos runnin out?

    Team Real Bad will be leaving from mission bay sometime tonite...23ft parker..plan on the 425/371 area. We'll be on 68/72 as well...hopefully not on 16...:)
  556. R

    XD40 and AR

    I got a Bushmaster A2 rifle upper less than 100 rounds, with a Charles Daly lower, RRA parts kit, bullet button, green plastics. $1200.00.
  557. R

    F'ing car thieves

    they make plates to prevent them from getting in that way.
  558. R

    F-350 4x4 Crewcab - Great Boat hauler, cheap!

    the door locks are a know ford problem..usually some time and some wd 40 get make them work for a while longer. Window is same thing, little rubber balls fall apart. $5.00 parts at Autozone and couple of hours and the windows usually work. Great truck, lots of potential for a low price. Good luck.
  559. R

    7/24 Wide Open C Bass San Clemente

    Wow, you should hurry down to San Diego and stop all those guys on the long rangers that bring home those 200lb fish...Who could possibly use that much fish????????? Dude, just cause you fished your entire life means....well nothing....If you have a problem with LEGAL limits of might...
  560. R

    7/24 Wide Open C Bass San Clemente

    How the F*&K do you know what he NEEDS????? Are you really stupid enough to believe that the MLPA people would go away if we only kept one fish?? Who's the MORON now? OH, by the way did you watch the sieners and their "bycatch"....they take more in a night than we do all season...Think before...
  561. R

    Hardwood Floor Installer

    My buddies do wood floors for over 20 yrs now..they live in Yorba linda, I'll let them know, I'll pm you their #...Jeff Ogan is his name..
  562. R

    7/24 Wide Open C Bass San Clemente

    Wow, nice trip, nice boat, that thing looks huge, I bet it takes up most of the street so your neighbors have to just squeek by...:)
  563. R

    Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD Wire Feed Welder

    What kind of accessories?
  564. R

    Any Huell Howser fans?

    Who cares if he's gay? He doesn't stuff it down our throats. I find him entertaining. I wish more of the people on TV would just entertain us and leave the save the world crap for somewhere else.
  565. R

    question on camping in the sierras

    Try Upper Twin lakes
  566. R

    Pellet Gun Use

    I've got dents on my vent pipes from my neighbor taking care of our pigeon problem in full camo with a 22 and then a cb cap in my bolt action..keeps em away.
  567. R

    Behind the ear patch?

    Canadian 6 patches to my door for like $35.00
  568. R

    Springfield M1A .308 $1200.00

    Did you try posting this on Might be worth more than the 1200 over there...
  569. R

    2 Coyotes 1 Stand

    Yeah, it is kind of rude to compare Yotes to our current leaders.....Yotes are way smarter. Everything has a purpose and a place.
  570. R

    2 Coyotes 1 Stand

    My uncle taught me to plant them, but even buzzards gotta eat. They're kinda like politition..nobody really knows what they are good for and nobody really misses them when their gone. Some say it would be bad if they were all gone, but at this point we are willing to see what happens.
  571. R

    do cell phone reception boosters work?

    They sell boosters that hook into the internet provider and make the phones work much better. Kind of $300 but they do work.....the portable systems for cars work...the antenna that plug into the phone work...the silly little things you put inside DONT work.
  572. R

    Any M1A users out there

    Look at the B & L Elite series...the older 4000s can be had for $250 and are really good Scopes. Japaneese optics mine is sub MOA on a model 70.
  573. R

    Damn Racoons

    We had a 25lber + kill one of the puppies a few doors down..couple nights later he died of lead poisoning....wasn't me.....That thing was big, mean and not afraid of anyone...guess he should have been afraid of the guy with the thunder stick.
  574. R

    Spot locater sale

    Found this on another sight Spots on sale for $162.35 delivered with 12 months of service.. Don't know if this is right spot..but it may save a life so here it is.
  575. R

    Stoddard Valley 3-14/15-09

    Go a little further East to Lucerne...Much better everything...just watch out for the tweakers stealing your stuff...Boone Road has the best variety...but also closest to the thieves from Yucca Valley. USMC might be taking Johnson Valley soon, so ride'em if ya got em.
  576. R

    Going to the Range!!!

    Federal 168 gr bthp. the premium stuff shoots pretty darn good right out of the box. I can hit a 9" plate at 400 yds with ease, out of different boxes of ammo.
  577. R

    Taking Chance

    Sad thing is ....most people won't/don't get it.....makes you feel worse knowing there are that many idiots out there. I wonder what all those souls who have gone before us fighting for this nation would think of it now?
  578. R

    The future of Mexico

    I'm not. My great grandfathers and mothers came her Legally...with papers, the right way. Sorry. The US is/was a country of LAWs that kept us great. The constant whining and justification for those who do the WRONG things are what is destroying this country. The Govt has no desire to do the...
  579. R

    Propane camping heaters

    Go buy a Mr.Buddy heater, they have low O2 shutoffs built in. I think the newer ones even have a CO detector as well. How much is your life worth? Get the best equipment for the job.
  580. R

    Trojan 6v vs. Costco 6v Batteries

    Lots of people on the board use them.. no bad experiences that I have heard of...great return policy. I got some and they seem to work as well as the old US Battery 2200s I had.
  581. R

    12/8 Great Goats Man.....

    They weren't that bad...a big, sharp forschner and a little umph and its all good. Gotta love tacos....
  582. R

    12/8 Great Goats Man.....

    Hit the water for some bait drowning...pretty good weather, ended up at Izors for a free for all on stripped frozen squid and slabbed mackeral and sardines. Ended up with 10 goats over 3lbs biggest going 7 or 8, a couple rattlesnakes, a whitefish, a copper rockfish, a short by that much halibut...
  583. R

    getting a sport shotgun

    benelli sport or sportII
  584. R

    Loan Modification

    Call my buddy Drew 949-246-7740, he's in the business, that's what he does.
  585. R

    need camping suggestion!

    Emerald Cove in Parker on the CA side. Was nice out there last year. We rode our quads during the day and drank all night.
  586. R

    Need prayers for a friends wife

    Thanks SOOOO much for the worked...they caught it super early and she does not even need chemo.....Dr.s are really happy they caught it this soon and she should live a long life with her kids and husband...thanks again...Bloodydecks is a great group of people.
  587. R

    Record Book Bug

    Very cool, the big ones taste like shit anyways....I had my hands on a 10+lber at Cat one night.....for about 2 seconds...those tails make some pretty good power when they want to get away...Hope lots of kids enjoy that for years to come. Just think, how many times we have all driven by that...
  588. R

    Need prayers for a friends wife

    thanks for all of the help/thoughts/prayers...I'm still waiting for him to call me and let me know the rest of the news...I don't want to push him. Thanks again...I know it all helps. God Bless.
  589. R

    Arizona Quail opener

    Hunted Kingman area, couple of good coveys, not tons..when you found the birds you had to stay on them....need to run a LOT more for next year....shot most of what I had shots at...only got 6,,,couple of buddies had easy limits all 3 days. Just gotta find them..and the 30mph winds didn't help...
  590. R

    Need prayers for a friends wife

    Found out today that a simple cyst removal ended up being a complete historectomy and the Big C on the ovaries... Please pray for them, they have 4 little ones and home and mom is only in her late 30s...too young. We are hoping they got it early enough...please if you have time...say a prayer...
  591. R

    Cool Helmetcam Footage.

    What camera are you using. I have the VIO POV1. I guess they have a new widescreen camera head out now. Getting the angle "perfect" for off road riding is hard. But cool video, now I won't have to jump like that just to see what it looks like from up there.
  592. R

    Left over Dove

    Hunted what looked like an abandoned house/equipment off of davis and english. Lots of low flyers coming thru the fields. Might want to work thru some of those fields with the taller weeds/trees that the dove can hide in.
  593. R

    Not good for doves

    Not a lot of birds flying this AM. Some guys had an ok time, most did not, just not a lot of opportunities. Most of the birds were 10 feet off the ground and haulin ass. Got 7 by 9:30. Not fun with the sun and waiting 5 mins for a single to fly by, called it a day. Seems like there must of been...
  594. R

    Dove Hunting- Updated weather report!

    You should seek some volunteers to police your posted land on the opener. Some BDers would probably keep it clean and keep the idiots away. Just an idea, my friend does it every couple of years for a guy near Yuma.
  595. R

    Dove Hunting

    The fields in the finney ramer unit, closer to the center of the map in Western Outdoor news, should be better the closer fields are a friggen zoo.
  596. R

    Offshore Breaking yellow fin off Catalina

    Yeah, and that's gonna happen. We(fishermen) are the low end of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ tree. Until we can compete with the $$$$$$$ the seiners give (payoff) the elected officials we are going to be screwed. I really doubt I'll ever see the type of tuna seasons we had before. Oh well, there's always...
  597. R

    Kauai fishing trip

    Trust me..........not a single fish gets wasted in Hawaii. If we don't catch em they end up in a $.39/lb net and in purina cans.
  598. R

    Kauai fishing trip

    We were supposed to fish his boat last week. It broke, sent us out on his buddies boat.....trolled most of the day and ended up with a double on yellowfin...150 and 130lbs....big 10/0 penns with 200lb on them still was a hell of a ride......they leader everything so watching the captain leader a...
  599. R

    Need Some Help Planning A Dove Hunt

    Hopefully the fuel costs will keep some of the yahoos out this year. I've hunted the dez wildlife fields for the like the last 5 yrs...every year its gets worse. Last year there were people in the middle of the field ........less than 50 yards from the people on the sides.......hope you like lead.
  600. R


    Hey, More pics of the cutting board please..That's a nice lookin setup there.
  601. R

    Gun Help

    Am I the only one that finds this kind of morbid? Guy sounds like a sportsman and people are talking about getting rid of his stuff before he's even gone? Probably pretty darn proud of the collection and I'm sure he wouldn't be happy to see how its being distributed now. Maybe it's his fault for...
  602. R

    15.00 dollar a gallon fuel?

    You sure he's overseas? That looks a lot like Barstow.
  603. R

    15.00 dollar a gallon fuel?

    I think this is all a reaction to the hedge funds who lost their asses in the housing loan market. They need to get their money back, and what better way then to manipulate the energy market. Supply and demand really haven't changed much in 2 yrs...only difference is the hedge funds who can't...
  604. R

    "Light" Tuna Reel?

    What about a Shimano 700? Too big? I love mine, it fills the void between my ABU 6500s and my 4/0. Hell, who am I kidding, I just bought it cause I wanted one, the other 20 reels fill that void as well. I usually fish my ABU brute 6500, shimano 400 and 700, then anything else goes to the 30 2spds.
  605. R

    .223 load data for those effected by condor zone

    What kind of barrel twist are you using. I just got my 20 RRA upper but it is a 1:8, so I think I'm stuck with 50g+ bullets. I would love to see what those 36g do to something.
  606. R

    carbontex washers dont work!?

    I put the thick penn washer under the gear, then got the correct washers from Newell. the tutorial on here about newells shows the orer, I was missing the washer with the flat insides above the spacer coming out of the reel body , made all the difference for me.
  607. R

    carbontex washers dont work!?

    Add the washers, Alan helped me out with my 533, thicker washer UNDER the gear, and the correct steel wahsers above the drags make a HUGE difference. I might be able to stop one of those fishes if I ever see water again.
  608. R

    Not a fish report

    Fog and Logs in LB ..Be Careful, you hit one of those it could be real shitty for you.
  609. R

    rod for a calcutta 400b?

    graphtech 800m
  610. R

    GPS recommendations?

    Depends on what you want to do..Normal stuff, any of the Gamins. Try Ebay, you can go from the Gecko( discontinued now I think) at $40 all the way up. I have a Gecko, works great for not getting lost...and an Etrex color with maps that works much better and you can download to it and from it. I...
  611. R

    Game 6 score? What's your guess?

    126-89 lakers............Just because the NBAs new slogan "We love a long series"
  612. R

    10-15 lb reel

    I got the ABU big game I think at Wally world for $45 on clearance a couple of years ago, put some carbotex drags in it and caught about 20 of those 15-20 dodo's on it. Still works great. For the money I don't think you can beat the ABUs.
  613. R

    newell 533 5.5 drags need help

    Cool Thanks
  614. R

    HELP.......My blinkers are on the blink!!!!

    What year, my buddies ford did the same thing, turned out to be broken wire in the loom $$$$$$$$$$$$$ he has an extra turn signal assy however
  615. R

    newell 533 5.5 drags need help

    I would take it apart and look and make sure all the steels fall into place in the gear. Could be one got mis-aligned. People put them together, anything is possible.
  616. R

    newell 533 5.5 drags need help

    Alan, I put a smoothie thick drag washer under the gear on my 533. I can't find a thick ht100 for it. Will the smoothie hold up? or do I need to find an ht100 for it? I also ordered the correct washers for between the spacer/star/handle. Just putting the thick smoothie in there seems to have...
  617. R

    Long range hunting shooting way the fuck out there

    2 telephone poles is about the limit for my Daisy. Any further and you risk just pissing off the birds...Who wants a pissed off dove coming at you.
  618. R

    Fuel Bladders???

    Bladders.........We don't need no stinking Bladders............
  619. R

    What the F>>>>>>>>>>

    Fuck morgan stanley, those assholes come out and say this shit, then make a couple hundred mill of the results....Time to get these speculators out of the fucking market. Wall street is screwing us, with the help of our "leaders", they get rich while we get screwed. Supply and demand are in a...
  620. R

    newell 533 5.5 drags need help

    thanks, I'll try and see what I get.
  621. R

    newell 533 5.5 drags need help

    I have the carbotex washers in there now. My buddy tailhooked a marlin in East Cape and I need to replace them I guess, I just couldn't get a lot of drag out of those either.
  622. R

    newell 533 5.5 drags need help

    What should the max drag be on that reel? Seems like it had a hard time slowing down 20lb albies last year.
  623. R

    newell 533 5.5 drags need help

    I noticed that I have over an 1/8th inch of threads showing between the star and the handle before my drags even start to have any drag. Can I put thicker washers in or something to get more drag out of my newell?
  624. R

    mag cap

    unless you own a pre-ban gun, ca is a 10 round state. Glad I got my S&W 659 when I did. Not that it takes more than a couple in the right spot.
  625. R

    Fished Izors 6-1 am

    Took to the boat out, and Hey, everything works. Picked up a couple Boccio, a 3lb sculpin, a sheepshead and a nice little rockfish out of 95 ft. Twisted the Anchor into a pretzel, time for a new one. We stick when we don't want to and can't stick when we need to. Not much going on, we missed a...
  626. R

    Automotive ?

    Probably the head gasket. If it's the v6 3.0 or 3.3 something like that. Google it, there was actually a recal on these by Toyota for a few years they fixed them for free, only to have them do it agin 50k later.
  627. R

    5/21 am 1/2 day Premier

    I think he's on the down low or something...Hell even the navajos couldln't break that code.
  628. R

    Check this out...

    I wanna hear more of the story about the beagle and the Dikes....What did they do for the beagle? Is he into that kinda stuff?
  629. R

    Paint hookups or recommendations

    It's all about the prep work. Paint materials for a complete paint is probably in the $600-800 range. (for a good 2 stage). One Day and Earl Shieb aren't that bad of paint, like I said , if you can strip all the stuff off, windows , handles etc. and prep it yourself, you can save $$$$$. It...
  630. R

    Father jailed after daughter fails to get diploma

    Screw him, he's in contempt...failing to follow orders of the court..If she wasn't going , he should have gone back to the judge and told hime they couldn't handle her. Hell, my sister called CPS and told them to come pick up my dipshit niece. They wouldn't. Cop wanted to beat the shit out of...
  631. R

    Hog Poacher with attitude in Corona

    1 freeway 22,000 sqft lots minimum, highest property values in the IE. No sidewalks, no apartments, no gangs. Cops that don't take shiat from ANYONE. I like Norco. Oh, and 2,000 pigs down in the bamboo.
  632. R

    Orange County Gun Show

    Not usre, pMC possibly, was looking for an upper and not too much at the ammo, but I do remember looking due to the question posted on here.
  633. R

    Orange County Gun Show

    Saw it for 269.00 for 1000, didn't seem too bad.
  634. R

    Fun Gun - Ruger .22 cal Security Six

    h&r 999 9 shot, for those multiple person jobs.
  635. R

    Orange County Gun Show

    PMC at turners was 409.00
  636. R

    Moving back to California

    Pretty sure the answer is NO. Unless it was registered prior to the ban, you can't import them, even if you have owned them forever. There are some ways to get non-banned lowers, but the stock and magazine will make it banned. The AR15 owners site will tell you the actual laws.
  637. R

    Woman dies after eagle ray strikes her

    Sounds like a good way to get rid of the wifee... Beat her over the head with a ray and say it jumped out of the water and killed her...:D Yeah, like she's ever going on the boat with me again. First Scott Peterson, now this.....
  638. R

    Gordens Well for Easter

    Might be on the Warm side, Get the lights ready. Ice, check, Beer, check, Gas for the genny, check.....lets go.......... Currently at 7:50 PM 79 °F RealFeel®:77 °F Mostly Clear Humidity: 19% Dew Point: 34 °F Pressure: 29.94 in Visibility: 10 Miles Winds: SSW at 4 mph Thursday...
  639. R

    A not so good raceday

    Yeah, those multi-piece rods never seem to deliver as promised. I'd stick with the one piece ones from now on.
  640. R

    AR15 misfires...citizen goes to jail

    Problem was he shot 800 rounds before it missfired. I'm sure there is more to this. We will have to wait and see.
  641. R

    AR15 misfires...citizen goes to jail

    Makes total sense, the govt and the atf have been out of control for years......Uh Waco?????. Sad, but get used to it.
  642. R

    Lets see your predator setup

    Is that a .308? I have a model 70 with the heavy barrel and B&L elite 4000. I just need to find some good "factory" varmit loads. I know I can hit a 9inch plate at 350m with it, so I guess the federal 168 bthp will do if I have to.
  643. R

    Anyone know anything about Accenture?

    If you are talking about the consulting company, we had them help us about 8 yrs ago. SMART bunch of people. They know their shit.
  644. R

    Anyone got hookups for Fred Hall show in LB?

    Join United Anglers and get in free.
  645. R

    Adelanto Grand Prix 2008, This Weekend

    Watch out for the tweakers tryin to get free stuff. Sad, but that's what all the GP's tend to attract, the dirtbags. Lock everything and set the dogs out. Good luck, last time I did it was 89, snowed on the starting line. Great fun.
  646. R

    The People's Court - Should I do it?

    Sick the little suspended kid with the mouth on them. One look at him and they'll settle up.
  647. R

    Clemens is getting grilled

    Sad thing is just like NCAA football in the 80s till today, EVERYBODY does it, EVERYBODY knows it. NOBODY gives a rats ass. We have screwed up borders, screwed up Vets with crappy healthcare and these jackasses spend time on who took roids in baseball. Typical Congress.
  648. R

    Hot water question

    Yep, you probably have a small dip tube! Mine was only about 8 inches when I pulled it out. Got the 3 foot model and now wifey is happy as a clam. The longer your dip tube the happier the wife will be.
  649. R


    There was a Monster, easy 30lb+ that lived (lives) off of moss cove in Laguna. We would only see it when we were poppin scallops and didn't have guns. Probably the same one that cruises Dead mans. Scared the crap out of me once.
  650. R


    Standard 158 grain .357 Magnum JSP factory loads such as the Remington Express call for a MV of 1235 fps and ME of 535 ft. lbs. More powerful 180 grain factory loads such as the Federal CastCore advertise a MV of 1250 fps and ME of 625 ft. lbs. Better against large predators would be a .41...
  651. R

    TUNA Predictions for '08

    Hell, I know whats gonna happen, As soon as those tuna stick their heads up, the entire Seiner fleets from Mex, Japan, China, India, Iraq (oh, we sunk those), are gonna wrap the shit out of them and we are going to be fishing for whitefish at the Islands. Yeah, I'm a little pessimistic, but I'm...
  652. R

    AR Triggers

    How much for the upper? Will it fit a post-ban bushmaster?
  653. R

    What's the way to go????

    What about this <MAP name=map2><AREA shape=POLY alt="" coords=0,109,62,110,82,93,96,64,92,28,82,12,62,0,2,0 href="/index.cfm"></MAP><SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/JavaScript><!--var popUpWin=0;function popUpWindow(URLStr, left, top, width, height){ if(popUpWin) { if(!popUpWin.closed)...
  654. R

    Baitcaster for around $65-$75

    Carbotex drags in the ABU, caught 20+ dodos on that thing and it's still like new.
  655. R

    Plumbers - On Christmas!

    Your insurance company said the leak was not sudden and accidental? Damn, I would get the Dept of Insuance involved, Just to make sure the Insurance company is playing fair. I have never heard of denying slab leaks?
  656. R

    Anyone got a quad hookup?

    Lacyclesports has the best prices, sometimes local shops will match, but not usually. Any of the big names will be good, cycletrader can help you if you are looking at used. The 4x4 hunting stuff usually has low hours
  657. R

    Shooting rabbits?

    We see probably 10-20 a day hunting quail up by Kingman. I don't shoot them, but if they are considered varmits and don't do any good, I guess we would be back on the reckless killing theme again.
  658. R

    Shooting rabbits?

    We had a Jack chase a dog back to camp up by Parker, scared the shit outa that pooch.
  659. R

    Shooting rabbits?

    Do Jacks compete with quail and chukkar for food? Is it best to leave them alone or "remove" jacks from the hunting areas?
  660. R

    Death by internet, make it a double.

    Wow, talk about a slippery slope. Can you post a list of what animals are ok to just kill, and what ones require respect/burial? How do farm rasised food animals fit into this? It is just a bad precedent to set, ie the mountain lion ban in CA. Once we get into the whole Anthropomorphism thing we...
  661. R

    New shotgun????

    Go with the Benelli. I clean mine every trip, as you should, but I've never had a failure with it either on the 100+ shell days. For $900 you can have a light, reliable, quality gun. I have a 20 for the dove and quail and it pays for itself on the long days in the field.
  662. R


    I agree with the crowd, clean the gun. Then buy a Benelli. I have 2, mostly for upland stuff. The SBEII are kinda overkill for upland, but are the hot stick for waterbirds. I just bought a Sport II with the ported barrel and long chokes, and it is almost too easy to shoot. Kinda takes the skill...
  663. R

    Bullet failure?

    Call the bullet maker, I'm sure they have dealt with this before, could be too fast, thats haulin for a 180 chunk o lead. My uncle had to play with all kinds of loads for his 243, because of bullet failures like yours. Speed kills.
  664. R


    Wait till you see her brother, dressed up as don't wanna go there.
  665. R

    Trickle Chargers

    Walmart sells them in the auto section under the BELL brand name, next to the helmets and motorcycle gear small charger, I think .75 amps, but it will keep the battery alive. (same as the battery tender junior) only $19.86.
  666. R

    thinking might be time to kill some Kyotes around my Quail areas in AZ

    Anybody know what is required. I have a model 70 heavy barrel in .308 and 6x24 elite 4000 scope. Do I just get a call and pick a spot. What lic do I need for a cali resident in AZ for Yotes? Any Good books? What do you do with them once you kill em? Are the skins worth anything?
  667. R

    Advice on Boat Knives???

    Home shopping channel has tons of knives late at night. Hell you could get a couple hundred for the price of a Tony Randall knife. Who would known the odd couple guy made knives.
  668. R

    6.0 diesel huh...

    "The duramax runs a minimum of 400K easy..."...ANY of the newer 300 hp+ diesels is NOT going to last 400k. They are hot-rodded motors. The dmax is having overheating issues, the 6.0 sucks, the dodge is probably the most reliable, but their trannies suck. the new 6.4 ford is a great motor, very...
  669. R

    AZ quail opener

    My buddys did the opener today around Kingman, 15 birds between the two of them...:ashamed: Their usually done by noon, and rollin the yo in Laughlin by dinner. Said it was slim pickens, not much rain. They did find a cherry bunch of birds late that at least got them some.
  670. R

    Rpt Sat 9-29-07 A Catalina Tale!

    Call the coast guard and file a report with them. The big boats are responsible for their wake and any damage/injuries it causes. I would also call the landing.
  671. R

    Calling all Ford Truck experts

    by the way, I'm just pullin your chains......I'm bored and sick of working from 7am to 11pm every day.
  672. R

    Calling all Ford Truck experts

    Oh sure, just cause they don't take em back to the dealership doesn't mean they didn't have problems. You guys, think that just becasue people have a warranty, they are going to use it. Nice world you live in, if it was only that simple. Did you check the yet. They are "the shit"...
  673. R

    Calling all Ford Truck experts

    "I dont think you can really go wrong on any of the big diesels. They all have their own problems/flaws, the rest is Chevy/Ford/Dodge BS." What kind of commen sense BS is that. Take a side, you can't be Swiss in this. Your either with us or against us. Whats it gonna be? Why do people have to...
  674. R

    2nd weekend dove hunt 07

    where was ya huntin? Thinking bout Niland again.
  675. R

    Dove- Opener Yuma- DFG Border Check

    I saw the DFG guys when I was leaving the fields on Sat, so I stopped so they could check my dead animals. He used LIVE rounds to check for my plug, never seen that , thought it was silly, why wouldn't they have some dummy rounds to use. Never handled a Benelli before, couldn't get the rounds...
  676. R

    DOVE OPENER 9-1-07

    Just got back from Niland, Wow, I didn't know that many people hunted. I think they were all on our fields. Who started the "I'm gonna go in the middle of the field idea" Limits by 6:45, home @ 10. Lots of birds, bunches of the Euro birds, didn't get any, but saw bunches. No WW for me, but the...
  677. R

    Lost a Friend on The Chubasco II yesterday

    Definetly one of those "made of steel" , Never bent or twitsted in the wind like so many. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  678. R


    AAA labs in ontario, my sister has a yellow from there that is awesome. Very good lines and healthy dogs.
  679. R


    Sounds like with the lack of rain, the river is going to be the place to be. It will be a ZOO everywhere with the sat opener, might sit this one out.
  680. R

    dove hunting

    Desert Wildlife Unlimited, Inc.
  681. R

    Windlass tangles. My fault???

    I think WestMarine is going to be the easiest place. I saw them online everywhere when we were looking for the windlass.
  682. R

    Windlass tangles. My fault???

    Do you have a swivel mounted to the anchor? We put the profish 1000 on our boat and have noticed that the chain is twisting when the anchor spins on the way up. Time for a swivel for us.