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  1. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Fishing Mexican Water Offshore Question

    This is my understanding and method of operating as well. Give the islands a wide berth on the way home, always a good move if you don't have FMM
  2. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Limits at the Butterfly 11/16

    Great report and pics! Well done :appl::appl:
  3. Hugh Kollar

    Cousins gg 95j mag pending

    nice graphics....:-)
  4. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Solo BFT 9/2/19

    beauty, great job!
  5. Hugh Kollar


  6. Hugh Kollar

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    For those of us that don’t habla how do you navigate this site? I don’t see the English link?
  7. Hugh Kollar

    35.7 Homeguard

    Really nice, well done!!:appl::appl:
  8. Hugh Kollar

    San Clemente Island 11/5

    nice. great LB lid!!
  9. Hugh Kollar

    Halibut 10/27

    beauty!! :appl:
  10. Hugh Kollar

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    c'mon, that's some good stuff :frehya2::appl::appl:
  11. Hugh Kollar

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    Epic!! Well done!!
  12. Hugh Kollar

    Islands on the 3rd

    we always get FMM, but have never seen them....weird
  13. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore 8/21 bluefin grounds

    I feel the same way, a little less now that we've hung a cow, but still FBFT
  14. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Monday 8 20. Twenty miles west of MB

    Really good picture! it deserves a frame. well done
  15. Hugh Kollar

    North La Jolla 8/13

    Always awesome when your kids catch fish!! Good job putting him on 'em.
  16. Hugh Kollar

    Another Saturday at San Clemente Island / 8/11/18 Report

    YEAH, Great report and pictures of some beauties!! Well done!
  17. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Big YFT

    Thanks for the definition on the bet.
  18. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Big YFT

    Freaking beauty! Nice!:lux:
  19. Hugh Kollar

    Catalina YellowTunas

    people love their 21 Cabos!! Good for you! Nice maiden voyage
  20. Hugh Kollar

    Big Catalina Yellow Tail

    awesome! great pics
  21. Hugh Kollar

    Shimano Why No Clicker?

    love my tranx, but the 500 is a bit heavy??
  22. Hugh Kollar

    Mirage 2-day laid the wood on WSB

    wow, yeah, dude is ruined. nice job on the editing of photos :eek:
  23. Hugh Kollar

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    I'm curious too. I always get the FMM and have the TIP, just seems lame to risk it. but wondering what percentage of boats do risk it. I've fished Coronados about 15 times in the last 12 months and always had it but never seen the Mex Navy?? I do fish during the week 90% of the time.
  24. Hugh Kollar

    Commercial fishing net

    such bs anytime a politician is involved
  25. Hugh Kollar

    Fathers Day Fishing

    What a great day! Thanks for sharing. Miss my dad
  26. Hugh Kollar

    Coronado's 6/13, San Diego

    We are fisherman aren’t we?
  27. Hugh Kollar

    Coronado 6/9 on The San Diego (late report)

    gotta love the picture of those tails shining in the sun. Headed there Friday
  28. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Upper Hidden Bank

    Yeah, thanks. That's what we were trying to do...used smaller circle hooks. .hitting it again this Saturday.
  29. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Going Big, or Going Home

    tough call. we've spent a small fortune on fuel looking and striking out on the BF. We started catching fish back to the old style.....paddy hopping. would love one of those big bastards, but I'm overly frustrated. keep at it, goals take work. I'm just a wanderer, no goals, just want a few...
  30. Hugh Kollar

    Offshore Upper Hidden Bank

    Got bait at Mission Bay around 5am and it was much better than last week. Good dose of macks, but we made some smaller ones outside the bay. Headed south with my two boys and ran all the way down to upper hidden bank before we spotted any patties...dry. Found some more on the high spot that...
  31. Hugh Kollar

    Coronados 7/15

    fun day, video is awesome!