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  1. evilkhemist

    Okuma Cedros 10 & 12 Star Drags

    I have a Cedros 12 star drag. Pm with offer
  2. evilkhemist

    Boat Cover 2019 Parker 2510 XLD

    I have a 2008 2510xld (pulpit and bracket) and use this cover It fits well but it’s not going to fit like custom cover. It covers from the bow pulpit to the motors and over the sides. I...
  3. evilkhemist

    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    Terrible pumps. I had the 2000 and died after 9 months. Replaced with a 1500 and that died after 3 months. The positive is that I never had airlock issues.
  4. evilkhemist

    Offshore 8/2 Humble Pie

    He wasn’t fleet fishing. We saw him about 6 miles southwest of the fleet. We had the same experience, but were able to score one bft in the same area. We got 8 yellows and a dorado off of several paddies in the same area as hustler also.
  5. evilkhemist

    Small hole in lower unit

    Speed tube
  6. evilkhemist

    FS: 62" Fiberglass Gaff

    What is the hook size?
  7. evilkhemist

    SUP fisherman arrested

    Whats the old saying "Stay in your lane"? This is an example of her being a glory hound and seeking attention. Does she cite any data? No, its her speculating and spreading misinformation. To many people are jumping in and giving their two cents, when they are not clearly qualified to make any...
  8. evilkhemist

    SUP fisherman arrested

    First of all, Kim Prather is an environmental and atmospheric chemist. I should know, she was on my dissertation committee. Secondly, she has no background in virology. So why in the hell would you reference a scientist that has no experience in Virology? No to mention she is a complete and...
  9. evilkhemist

    Penn fathom 25n/30 star drag

    Sierra trading post had them for $129 gen 1 model
  10. evilkhemist

    Parker 2510 Stainless Bow Rail For sale $500 obo

    As for delivery?? I have a friend that might do it, but it will probably cost an extra $100 (SD-San Pedro). If you have access to any size truck, its no problem to strap down. The ends are zip tied to the side view mirrors and we use pool noodles to protect everything (Plus a couple of ratchet...
  11. evilkhemist

    Parker 2510 Stainless Bow Rail For sale $500 obo

    It would depend on what year your 2520 is? I think the earlier models (pre-2007) had 6 stanchions. I would have to get a total length measurement for you, so you can see where it lines up at the back. I would guess the front 5-6 stanchions should fit in the OEM holes.
  12. evilkhemist

    Parker 2510 Stainless Bow Rail For sale $500 obo

    I have a standard height 1-1/4" stainless bow rail from an '08 parker 2510 for sale $500 obo. The bow rail has 7 stanchions (legs) per side, which is one more than what comes on the 2520. Bow rail is in very good condition with no dents or stripped threads. This is NOT the Parker west coast...
  13. evilkhemist

    lenco lighted switch for trim tabs

    I have an old switch and box. PM me
  14. evilkhemist

    Parker 2320 Livewell

    Storage is about all its useful for
  15. evilkhemist

    Yamaha question?

    Injectors or vst filter
  16. evilkhemist

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Don’t forget Grady whites also. They can be just as bad as anyone else who owns a boat.
  17. evilkhemist

    Delete paleees

    Nice meeting you this afternoon. Thanks for the andros, reel is basically new.
  18. evilkhemist

    Okuma PCH Custom Railrod

    Price? And your location?
  19. evilkhemist

    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    You want to go wider on the trim tabs. Go to "Classic Parker " forum and do a search, lots of really good info of trim tabs upgrades for parkers
  20. evilkhemist

    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    I installed 12x24 tabs when I had a Parker 2310. They made a big improvement in controlling side to side and bow rise with using very little tab. It’s a simple job to do it right by moving the actuators over and then filling the holes with marinetex. I recently upgraded my tabs to 12x18 on my...
  21. evilkhemist

    Parker acquired

    We still get it, you dont like Parkers!! You sound like a broken record
  22. evilkhemist

    4 pack/6 pack recommendations

    Pinnacle sport fishing with Duane
  23. evilkhemist

    Helm Chair Rec

    Depends on your setup. Do you have seatposts, Seaspension (~$800) or pro-pedestal (~$450). I have had both and they work great. I have a pair of 12" 2-7/8″ EZ-Ride Wave Dampening Pedestals that I took off and am going to put up for sale ($100 each).
  24. evilkhemist

    Helm Chair Rec

    Pompanette T2005 helmseat
  25. evilkhemist

    Question for 2120 owners

    Have you thought about putting larger trim tabs on (24x12)?
  26. evilkhemist

    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    Costa Del Mar with 580 glass lens. No more glare
  27. evilkhemist

    Yeti or Pelican for roof of 2320

    Save your money and get an RTIC. They have a sale on their 110qt cooler right now
  28. evilkhemist

    Vacmaster (two available cheap)

    I bought the barely used one from chuck. It’s night and day difference from the vp112 I have.
  29. evilkhemist

    Bait tank with pedestal seats

    this is what you want then add your pedestals and seats
  30. evilkhemist

    Electric kite reel?

    I use a tanacom 750 for the kite reel. It’s a huge relief not having to wind in the kite!!!
  31. evilkhemist

    Small Charter suggestions

    Duane Diego on Pinnacle sport fishing. He runs a 4 pack. Check out his Instagram page and let the pictures speak for themselves
  32. evilkhemist

    Offshore 8-20-18 Lots of looking 240 mile roundtrip

    Wow, I am impressed with the 240 miles RT only cost you $240 in fuel. Even with the loss of the kite and balloon, you are still way ahead based on your fuel cost. That distance would of been over $500 in fuel for me.
  33. evilkhemist

    2320 vs 2520

    Yes, I tow my 2510 xld with a 2015 f-150. I only tow a short distance (less than 2miles) though. I have towed mine 30 miles and it was fine, just have to take it easy. I also have disc brakes on both trailer axles.
  34. evilkhemist

    Thru hull - 5200 still the way to go?

    i used 5200 Fast Cure on my last boat to install a B175HW, it only takes 48 hours. Also, are you sure about the 4.125 hole? I used a 3-7/8 hole saw to install mine.
  35. evilkhemist

    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    So many things to say about your statement. However, I will just say have a good fishing season.
  36. evilkhemist

    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    So when you saw the title of the book “Moby Dick”, did you assume it was about a private detective or you jump straight to penis?
  37. evilkhemist

    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    Seriously? Go back and read the OPs question. He was asking why the price of Parkers (used market yes, not new market) was less expensive then the west coast (SoCal specifically). English dictionary isn’t needed, but Reading comprehension is. So in short, you are are a bigger kook then...
  38. evilkhemist

    Rim Pac

    And the navy reply will be, “sorry sir, our missle just blew your ass out of the water. Thanks for the target practice and as always, Have a nice day.”
  39. evilkhemist

    Cabo. July 7-15. Tell me a good boat

    I like finaddict sport fishing. Those guys are hardcore and love to fosh
  40. evilkhemist

    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    Think they are saying the used Parker market is cheaper on the east cosst
  41. evilkhemist

    Black Marlin at Isla Cerravalo

    All I can say is wow!!
  42. evilkhemist

    What Captain chairs to choose.

    I went from ladder back seats to these The have more cushion and more adjustments . You can get them on sale sometimes directly from pompanette.
  43. evilkhemist

    Who’s owned a 23’ and a 25’?

    I have owned both. I upgraded to the 2510xld, because I wanted a bigger boat with twins. The 2510 is pretty much a 2310 on steroids, bigger in every aspect. The newer 2510s are better balanced with the fuel tank moved forward. The ride is also better with the seats being more in the middle of...
  44. evilkhemist

    2320 vs 2520

    You are like a broken record. I think we all get it, you don’t like Parkers. The OP was asking for a real comparison, not for your hearsay. I am sure your aqua sport is not without it’s flaws, but I bet you think.... err I mean you know that it’s the best boat made.
  45. evilkhemist

    2320 vs 2520

    I just upgraded from a Parker 2310 (2002) to a 2510 (2008). Not exactly what you are asking, but the pilot house and the walk around are very similar. The 2310 was easy to trailer and I was getting 2.3-2.6mp, really loved that boat. The 2510 is a lot bigger boat, especially with the 1 ft of...
  46. evilkhemist

    Issues with FMM Website

    I wish alot more people had your attitude about fishing the islands. Just means fewer boats to deal with when the yellowtail goes richter. A few bucks and less than 5 minutes for the paper work is worth it to have the option of fishing there.
  47. evilkhemist

    Issues with FMM Website

    I had the same issue around the first of may. Website froze during the processing of payment, so i couldnt get a receipt for my 4 FMM visas. Tried calling several of the numbers i found for banjercito and kept getting switch to different depts. I ended up having to contest to cc charge.
  48. evilkhemist

    Sunday half day report...

    Get yourself a boat and then you can only bitch at yourself if fishing sucks.
  49. evilkhemist

    Thoughts on Pro pedestal vs Seaspension?

    I just installed the Springfield ez-ride wave pedestals on my 2510. They are 12” pedestals and a quick swap out. I didn’t have to cut a 4 inch hole that is required for the propedestal and seaspension on the short models. The Springfield are not as good as the seaspension (had previously on my...
  50. evilkhemist

    Sorry both have been sold

    Sorry both have been sold
  51. evilkhemist

    Till and Trim Hydrolic Pump Leak

    Is it the tilt ram or the trim rams? If it’s the trim rams, then it’s an easy and fast job to replace the o rings. If it’s the tilt ram, then it’s way more involved but not that difficult to replace the o rings. I have the cap removal tool if you need to borrow it.
  52. evilkhemist

    UC US79XF

    Einar, Incredible piece of art. Jeff doesn’t deserve that rod. It’s way to nice for him and he is going to ruin it!!!! Make him a pink Barbie rod instead.
  53. evilkhemist

    Permatrim or Not?

    Talk to Andy at sims Yamaha. He is the one who sells and can recommend the right one. He suggested the y9 for my dual f150 on my parker 2510
  54. evilkhemist

    Permatrim or Not?

    Had a permatrim on my last parker 2310. Loved the way it improved the handling. I just installed a pair of permatrims on my parker 2510 today. Can’t wait to sea trail it and see what kind of improvements it has with two outboards.
  55. evilkhemist

    Parker Isinglass Needed

    I think you may be in luck. I saw this a month of two ago, but it wasnt for the newer 2510.
  56. evilkhemist

    preferred sleeping position

    Was waiting for someone to say this
  57. evilkhemist

    Pair of Parker Ladder Back Seats with bases ($225 each)

    One Seat still for sale. Thanks Chris, hope you enjoy your 2320 and your new seat.
  58. evilkhemist

    Lenco standard tactile trim tab switch kit with retractor ($60)

    For Sale: Used Lenco standard tactile trim tab switch kit with the retractor feature. Unit works and was just pulled from my boat. None of the wires have been cut and it still has the factory Deutsch connectors. Price is $60obo and I will ship on your dime. PM with any questions.
  59. evilkhemist

    Pair of Parker Ladder Back Seats with bases ($225 each)

    For sale: a pair of 2008 Parker Ladder back seats with armrests and mounting bases/slider (not the posts). Both seats are in great condition with no tears in the cushions. Sliders move smoothly. I am located in Sorrento Valley area of San Diego. PM if you have any questions.
  60. evilkhemist

    2320 fuel range

    Consider Installing a permatrim with the four blade. Totally changed the performance and attitude on the 2310 I just sold. I also upgraded to 24x12 trim tabs, which with the other two upgrades alleviated a lot of pounding and smoothed out the ride
  61. evilkhemist

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Keep trying to get in touch with Cory, so he can tow it out here for you.
  62. evilkhemist

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    It’s a deep V parker. It had the two strakes in the front for a deep V. Mod V would only have one strake
  63. evilkhemist

    Soft cooler for airline travel

    Cheap and it works great. I have two and use them to carry back frozen filets from Mexico all the time. Never had any issues, and the filets are still completely frozen, when I get home. Granted it’s only about 4.5 hours from when I pack the cooler till I get home.
  64. evilkhemist

    Ladder back helm chairs

    I am pretty sure the top backrest cushion has Parker embroidered on it.
  65. evilkhemist

    Ladder back helm chairs

    I have a pair of parker ladder back chairs that I am taking off my 2510 next week. They will be for sale on Tuesday, when I get my boat back from getting a tower and rod holders. Seats and cushions are in great shape. Lmk, if you are interested.
  66. evilkhemist

    Parker 2510 Advice Needed

    All three boats you have listed are Modified Vee. Definitely get the deep Vee model. I had a 2310 and it is a good boat,but now i have the 2510. The 2510 is alot bigger boat then the 2310 and the extra foot of beam makes a big difference. Try to get a 2510 XLD that is 2006 or newer. Parker...
  67. evilkhemist

    Looking for rocket launcher

    Call Tom. I am having him (towerfab) build a 15 rod holder for my parker 2510, I need the rod holders to be low enough that i don’t have to climb to get to them. Plus I have a 45 degree angle rod holder on both sides for sea bass fishing. Custom is the way to go, get it exactly how you want...
  68. evilkhemist

    Creating deck storage hatches?

    anchor locker drains into the bilge
  69. evilkhemist

    Grady-White 232 Gulfstream 23.5 2008. 75000.00 In this post he was asking $85k
  70. evilkhemist

    The search is over parker 2520

    You will be happy with Cory pickvet shipping your boat out. I had him bring my 2510 out a few weeks ago. He is a solid guy and keeps you up to date throughout the whole shipment.
  71. evilkhemist

    Looking for boat transportation.

    You will be happy with Cory and his constant communication with you. Not to mention how fast your boat will be delivered.
  72. evilkhemist

    Looking for boat transportation.

    I found the parker 2510xld on boat trader, it was the only newer 2510 For sale that wasn’t brand new and I searched everywhere. I flew out to inspect the boat and seatrial. It had brand new yamahas with 5 year warranty, so I didn’t have to much to worry about them. I paid with cashiers check and...
  73. evilkhemist

    Looking for boat transportation.

    I just used an excellent shipper for my ‘08 parker 2510 and he got my boat to me in 60 hrs from Naples Florida. I made the deal on a Tuesday and he picked it up on Friday and delivered Sunday night. His price was better than all the uship bids, ($1/mile)because he didn’t have to pay fees. He...
  74. evilkhemist

    WTB 45-60 gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    I had a 55g on my 2310 I just sold, and it worked well for 1.5 scoops. You probably don’t want to go to much more than that, cause that is a pretty heavy boat with only one engine. Contact towerfab on here and he usually has bait tanks for 900$ to $1k
  75. evilkhemist

    WTB 45-60 gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    What year parker 2510? . I just upgraded to a 2008 2510 xld and I am putting an 85g bait tank on it.
  76. evilkhemist

    Fly Gaff

    Pm sent I will take it
  77. evilkhemist

    2002 Parker 2310 with yamaha F225 on a bracket $39k OBO

    Boat is pending sale to mike. Yeah I was surprised how quickly it may be gone. I even have a back up offer. Really going to miss this boat, I put a lot of upgrades into it. Unfortunately I developed 2-footitis.
  78. evilkhemist

    2002 Parker 2310 with yamaha F225 on a bracket $39k OBO

    SOLD......have a 2002 parker 2310 with Yamaha F225 (1017 hrs) on a bracket in excellent condition. It has newer electronics; hds12 gen 3, hds7 gen 2, B-175hw chirp transducer, sidescan sonar, lowrance 3G Radar, 2 vhfs, autopilot, 3 bilge pumps, and onboard battery charger. Has a removable belly...
  79. evilkhemist

    WTB 23 ft walk around cuddy with 4 stroke

    Ok, I have not listed it for sale yet. I probably will list it for sale in March. So, I should still have it. I have been searching for parker 2510 xld, just haven’t found one for sale that I want. I dont have a lot of newer pics of the my boat. Here are three pics before I put the larger trim...
  80. evilkhemist

    WTB 25-31ft W/ Cuddy

    I have a 2002 parker 2310 with Yamaha F225 (1007 hrs) on a bracket, that I may be selling. I am looking to move up. It has newer electronics; hds12, hds7, B-175hw chirp transducer, sides can sonar, lowrance 3G Radar, 2 vhfs, fuel flow meter, autopilot. Has a belly hoop, anchor windless, tackle...
  81. evilkhemist

    WTB 23 ft walk around cuddy with 4 stroke

    I have a 2002 parker 2310 with Yamaha F225 (1007 hrs) on a bracket, that I may be selling. I am looking to move up. It has newer electronics; hds12, hds7, B-175hw chirp transducer, sides can sonar, lowrance 3G Radar, 2 vhfs, autopilot. Has a belly hoop, rupp outriggers, full eisenglass, 26...
  82. evilkhemist

    Half off Saltigas, Curado, Calcutta at WM

    Wow, good prices. Thanks I just got a saltiga
  83. evilkhemist

    Yellowfin at the 9

    You are a week late. It was on the 9 last sunday and monday, only a few boats were on it. YFT was 15-30lbs under the dolphins.
  84. evilkhemist

    Over rated tow weight?

    The 2018 Ford F-150 ecoboost can tow 13000lbs, so you would be well within the tow rating.
  85. evilkhemist

    Yamaha engine service going rates

    Do it yourself, plenty of DIY youtube videos on the service. Get a oil vacuum pump, and it will make the oil change alot easier and less messy. The 100 hour service only takes an hour or so to do, and thats including the water/fuel filters and spark plugs also. Even the water pump only takes...
  86. evilkhemist

    2820 batteries, bilge, and fuel lines

    I relocated the batteries (agm) to the Cuddy cabin on my parker 2310. I did it more for moving 150lbs away from the ass heavy stearn. I pulled out the worthless porta-pote and put both of my batteries it’s place. Not sure if that helps you with 4 batteries, but it’s a thought. I bought 00 cables...
  87. evilkhemist

    cabo report

    That's good to hear. I have your boat (finaddict) chartered for oct 7 and 8. Will be our second time on the boat this year and we had a blast back in January. Hoping we get some of the larger yft this time.
  88. evilkhemist


    I had the same porpoising issue when i got my 2310 with bracket, and it was easily resolved with a four blade prop and permatrim. I haven't ridden in a notched transom, so I couldn't compare the ride differences. I like the bracket for obvious safety reasons,the additional space on the deck, and...
  89. evilkhemist

    Fish ID?

  90. evilkhemist

    wind forecast

    fishweather buoyweather
  91. evilkhemist

    Simrad Evo 2 intermittent temp reading

    X3 I just went down and switched over the temp reading to my lss-2 and now it works. I also updated my software to the recent release with the gps track temperature trace. thanks for the heads up on switching the sensor.
  92. evilkhemist

    Offshore 8/3 hidden area

    I was the guy in the Parker w/a (northwind) that called you guys in.Glad you guys were able to pull a few more off that paddy. We pulled easy limits of nice dodos off that paddy and were doing catch and release for about half an hour before you arrived.
  93. evilkhemist

    Outboard oil change with pump question

    Put the tube in the dipstick hole and pump every couple of minutes. You are creating a vacuum inside the reservoir and sucking the oil out. Really easy to use and no mess
  94. evilkhemist

    Offshore What do I need to fish offshore mexico

    To learn how to use the search function
  95. evilkhemist

    Okuma Kumodo 400 series

    i have one also 471 model and the drag is locked up. lost two nice yt on a paddy this weekend before i realized it. i now have to send it in for service also.
  96. evilkhemist

    Offshore Kelping - 7/24

    we did the same on sunday with 5 yt from 23 to 32lbs and a nice 17lb dodo. Did you notice the little parasites that were on every yt?
  97. evilkhemist

    WTB: Image Stabilized Binoculars

    Dont get the fujinon 12x32, they only have 3 degrees of stabilization. The 14x40 has 5 degrees, which makes a big difference when you are bouncing around and trying to scan the ocean.
  98. evilkhemist

    Anyone Got a VHF ??

    Try this from the amazon prime warehouse, and have it in two days. Its only $65.
  99. evilkhemist

    Cabo San Lucas in August

    Renegade mike or finatic sport fishing
  100. evilkhemist

    Sea Shocks Helm Pad.....Just buy one!

    It definitely helps a lot when standing at the helm. I have had mine for 3 years and it still looks and works like the first day. Got mine from amazon, after it was recommended from the hull truth.
  101. evilkhemist

    Bait tank plumbing

    I have one on mine
  102. evilkhemist

    Expensive reel purchase debate

    Instead of the Stella, look at the Twin power 14000. It has very similar specs as the stella at half the price ($550), it even looks similar to the stella. The drag is the same and you have a couple Bearings less. You still need to buy a rod for it, which a good popper rod will set you back...
  103. evilkhemist

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    I originally was getting ~1.8ish when I first got my boat 2+ years ago. I installed the permatrim, four blade, 1" starboard spacer on the trim tabs, and relocated the batteries to the cabin. I also put in the Lowrance flow meter at this time. At that point I was getting ~2mpg. The biggest...
  104. evilkhemist

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    I agree with Brett, a permatrim is a great addition and it's a huge bang for your buck. Also, a four blade prop will also help with the stern lift. Both the permatrim and four blade prop will lower your planing speed to 16-18knts, depending on your weight. I average 2.3mpg per 150g tank of gas.
  105. evilkhemist

    What size kite for skipping?

    Boston big game has worked well for me. Easy to fly in alot of conditions. First time using it, only took us about 10 minutes to get it dialed in. I use Blacks release clips, just make sure you orient the clip the correct way, the opening pointed towards the kite.
  106. evilkhemist

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    Nice boat and congrats. Just curious, do you plan on flush mounting the NSS16? If so, does the console have enough space? I have a HDS12 flush mounted on my 2310, and it maxed out the console. Also, you may want to consider Seaspension seat post or other shock mitigation post, even the deep vee...
  107. evilkhemist

    WTB Okuma star Drag

    I have a CSD-12 that I am considering selling. Pm me I'd interested.
  108. evilkhemist

    Bluefin Continue To Frustrate Anglers

    webinar link isnt working??
  109. evilkhemist

    Need help on trim unit for Yamaha f150

    Did you press the seals in? I had an issue where I did the socket and hammer technique, i screwed up the metal ring inside the seal. Caused a slow leak due to the irregular shape of the internal ring. There was a lot of corrosion on the cap also, that caused it to slow leak. I got a new tilt cap...
  110. evilkhemist

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    Sounds like you have a fuel flow problem if it isn't going over 4600rpm. Check your fuel filters and injectors.
  111. evilkhemist

    What transducer do you have on your Parker 2320

    You are correct, I moved mine into the cuddy as far forward as possible, and they are centered in the boat. The only downside to doing this, is the expensive 2/0 battery cable needed for the long run.
  112. evilkhemist

    What transducer do you have on your Parker 2320

    I have a couple of upgrades I am doing this weekend and will snap a pic for you. Not sure what you mean about battery base board? I moved my agm 31 batteries into the the cuddy, where the potty use to be. That was 150lbs from the stern to the bow, which made a difference on an ass heavy...
  113. evilkhemist

    What transducer do you have on your Parker 2320

    I have a Parker 2310 and installed an airmar B175HW 0 degree tilt on the flat area
  114. evilkhemist

    Spectra to flouro knot idea

    I also do two half hitches. I go one step further when I prep my reels with top shots at home, I add a drop of tac glue to the knot. So far, I haven't had a failure with a home tied topshot. I have had a single failure retying during a hot bite, caused by rushing and not cinching the knot enough.
  115. evilkhemist

    Offshore Late report, Pacific Queen, monday 4/24

    Cookie cutter shark, That's what I figured had punched the holes. I guess the kids cartoon "Octonauts" is educational for my daughter. That's where I first heard of the cookie cutter shark.
  116. evilkhemist

    Offshore Late report, Pacific Queen, monday 4/24

    What caused the four round holes in the opah?
  117. evilkhemist

    Offshore No fish but nice to be back on the water.

    Wish I knew you were out Sunday. I called out on channel 72 for anyone in the hidden bank area to give them gps numbers for a wide open paddy of the 5-8lb yt with a couple in the 15lb range. No one replied, it was only me and a couple of cattle boats i saw around the hidden.
  118. evilkhemist

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    Order kwells from or even eBay has them for sell
  119. evilkhemist

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    Kwells are the pill form made by bayer pharmaceuticals. I give them to everyone on my boat that may get sea sick, and so far no chummers. Not to bad at roughly $1.5 per pill.
  120. evilkhemist

    Seat suspension options

    I got mine from the website below. Owner was very good to work with. You will need the spider model 30xx in probably the 26" height. You just need to measure your current seat post for the exact height needed. You can come check out mine if you would like. My boat is at the mission bay boat and...
  121. evilkhemist

    100 gallon Offshore fiberglass bait tank for sale

    I am in the pacific ridge neighborhood of sorrento valley (san diego).
  122. evilkhemist

    100 gallon Offshore fiberglass bait tank for sale

    100 gallon offshore bait tank for sale $700. Tank is in excellent condition (just polished and waxed) and comes with a cutting board lid. This is a white single tank with light and it can be filled to halfway or all the way full. Tank measures 44" wide by 34" tall by 24.5" deep. These tanks go...
  123. evilkhemist

    Huntington Fuel Dock Issues?

    I got hit with the Parker fuel vent issue, and it wreaked havoc on my fuel system. My advice is go ahead and have your fuel tank polished. It's not worth the headaches of low pressure pump x2, high pressure pump, rusted float vst needle x2, and finally fuel injectors. Luckily I did all the work...
  124. evilkhemist

    Picked up my new to me.. boat today! :)

    Great boat! Just for safety, You may want to consider getting a 25watt vhf instead of a 5w handheld vhf.
  125. evilkhemist

    3 3/4 Hole Saw

    Or you can pm me and borrow mine. I had to buy it for a one time use. I will be happy to help someone save some money, especially after they just dropped over $1k on a transducer.
  126. evilkhemist

    Penn vs. okuma

    Did I hurt your feelings. Guess you can't take what you like to dish out.
  127. evilkhemist

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    Old saying, you get what you pay for. Not worth taking a chance on a brand with no reputation, just to save a few bucks.
  128. evilkhemist

    Looking for 140-200 gallon bait tank!

    I have a 100 gallon offshore bait tank I was going to sell. I am looking to downsize to a 60gallon. Let me now if you are interested.
  129. evilkhemist

    Deal Over Gyros on sale $715

    If you don't have a pair on your boat, you are going to miss lots of paddies and birds. Love the gyros I have and totally worth the investment
  130. evilkhemist

    Penn vs. okuma

    Nice first post
  131. evilkhemist

    There Here....

    Subscribe to fishdope and then you will have exact locations of the biting bft and yt paddies
  132. evilkhemist

    Sunday 2april two ho's looking San Diego area

    I would take you, as I am planning on gong Sunday, but you still need your passport even 12+ miles out in mexico. Not worth taking the chance of going into mexican waters without all your ducks in a row. Good luck
  133. evilkhemist

    It's Been Such A Long Time.

    You may want to check the weather forecast. Monday is snotty with A small craft advisory and Tuesday will be crappy also.
  134. evilkhemist

    New Garmin electronics

    Your b60 transducer has a small hole ~2", whereas the b175 requires a 3 7/8" hole. So it's going to require you to drill a big hole in the bottom of your boat. FYI, I went from a b60 to a h175hw also.
  135. evilkhemist

    What is the best helm chair?

    I have the pompanette 2005 seats that came on the larger Grady whites. Love the seats, escpecially with seapension pedestals. At the end of the day I am no longer beat up on my Parker, which are notoriously rough rides. Seats are expensive though at $1k.
  136. evilkhemist

    best overall chirp transducer?

    B175hw, but it's not designed for 300-600ft
  137. evilkhemist

    WTB Salt away flush kit, or just the gallon or small one whatever you have

    Amazon prime salt terminator and mixer Way less then salt away and their mixer
  138. evilkhemist

    Cedros star drag reels?

    If you find a CSD-10/12 or cld-10/15, grab it asap. The star drags are comparable to Trinidads and the lever drags are just single speed makairas. I have 3 csd-12, one cld-10 and one cld-15. I think they are great reels and they are an incredible value. Btw, I have trinis, torques, avets and...
  139. evilkhemist

    Offshore Delayed Report: My first Bluefin last summer!

    Nice first bluefin!! Too bad about being sharked. I would guess your BFT was more in the 75lb range, based on you being around 6ft tall. No matter what it weighs, its always an awesome feeling to get them.
  140. evilkhemist

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    Seapension is a must!!!! My 2310 was an ok boat, but I was constantly hurting after a day of fishing. Once I upgraded to seapension and pompanette 2k seats, I never had knee or back pains. Now it's a comfortable riding boat.
  141. evilkhemist

    Hydrofoil on 2320

    I got the undermount
  142. evilkhemist

    Heading to Cabo

    Renegade mike or finaddict sportfishing
  143. evilkhemist

    Am I using FishDope wrong?

    Be patient. Nothing will show up till the weather stabilizes and people start fishing again. Probably mid to late march, you will see yellowtail being caught and maybe a few early bft. Long range boat catches don't usually show up on fishdope.
  144. evilkhemist

    Transducer suggestions for simrad evo2

    Sorry, I haven't taken any pics since a first had installed it and those were deleted. Should be able to do a search, I had seen plenty of images before I dropped $1100. I was really impressed when I had tuna swimming under me. I had the b60 before this one, and the b175hw was like 4K tv in...
  145. evilkhemist

    Hydrofoil on 2320

    I cruise at 42-4400rpm at 25-28mph (from what I remember) My flow scan says I am getting around 2.5mpg. That is with a full load and three guys. Btw, I have only had my boat with a 4 blade prop, so not sure how much of an improvement it really gives. I know the consensus is that a Parker with a...
  146. evilkhemist

    Transducer suggestions for simrad evo2

    It's good for 0-300ft, which is about all you need for socal fishing.
  147. evilkhemist

    Hydrofoil on 2320

    I have the permatrim on my f225 Parker 2310 with 50g bait tank and 4 blade prop. I can get on plane at ~ 3800 rpm 16 mph. Top speed in the bay was 36 mph at 5700rpm. The permatrim made a noticeable difference and gets the boat on plane quicker and at a lower rpm. Read up on classic Parker forum...
  148. evilkhemist

    WTB 45 gal oval fiberglass bait tank

    $900-$1000 for a 43-50 gallon tank
  149. evilkhemist

    WTB 45-50 gal fiberglass bait tank

    That's a good deal for a fiberglass Offshore tank
  150. evilkhemist

    MERCURY VERADO 250 help needed

    Several possible issues. Most likely fuel related, check your filters and your injectors. I had my fuel injectors get clogged, and I could only get up to ~3400rpm and then the motor would shutter and bounce around rpms. It ran great below 3k. Not sure if yours has a vst like my Yamaha, but the...
  151. evilkhemist

    Lowrance outboard pilot

    I have hydraulic steering
  152. evilkhemist

    Lowrance outboard pilot

    I have the lowrance autopilot on my Parker 2310 with Yamaha f225 and it's been great. Doesn't swerve side to side like I have experienced on a couple other autopilot systems. I would and have recommended it to others.
  153. evilkhemist

    Cabo in June. Charter recommendations?

    Not sure what is going on in June, probably not big tuna though. I jut got back and chartered fin addict sport fishing, it's a very clean Bertram and they are sponsored by okuma. I would highly recommend this crew and boat, in fact renegade mike already had a charter and pointed me to fin...
  154. evilkhemist

    Exhaust issue for 2320 - 225 Yamaha

    Really??? You need to learn alot more about boats. Its a yamaha outboard issue, has nothing to do with Parker boats.
  155. evilkhemist


    Yes, it is worth the time and effort to buy out of state. I got mine from Michigan. I flew out to inspect and do a sea trial. Had a well known shipper pick it up the next day, and it was in SD 3 days later. Only cost me $300 for ticket and $100 for leak down test, the shipping was around $2300...
  156. evilkhemist

    lowrance autopilot hydraulic pack

    That's a great deal for someone. I love mine and the all the functions are great. Doesn't do a lot of swerving that I have experienced on other boats. GLWS.
  157. evilkhemist

    Pedal boat advice

    Check out bigwatersedge, those guys will be able to answer all your questions
  158. evilkhemist

    Which transducer???

    Airmar b-175hw
  159. evilkhemist

    best offshore fish finder under 2000 bucks

    BOE marine has a special on simrad nss12 evo2 for $1999 right now. The nss9 was cheaper. They also have lowrance gen2 for a cheap price also.
  160. evilkhemist

    New Boat

    Damn autocorrect, I bet he meant hubby
  161. evilkhemist

    Looking for a good big bean bag chair for the tower! Anyone ?

    I have a e-searider teardrop medium and it works for big guys.
  162. evilkhemist

    redrum charters in cabo ?

    I used redrum charters last time I was in Cabo, and I had a really good experience. The captain and first mate did a great job putting us on fish and they fished hard. I was able to negotiate the charter price down after two friends didn't make it (partied to much). I would definitely use them...
  163. evilkhemist

    Anyone have a new Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboard?

    I have a 2002 Parker 2310 and the rating is also 250HP. I would assume parker rated the 2310 with O/B bracket lower than your notched 2310 Hull. This has been discussed before on the Classic Parker forum.
  164. evilkhemist

    2002 Parker 2310 - Yamaha 225 - Great Condition - $32k

    That's a amazing deal on a great SoCal boat!! Someone is going to be super stoked. I love my 2310
  165. evilkhemist

    Online Mex License Legit?

    Yes it is legit
  166. evilkhemist

    New Shelter Island Ramp Coming Soon??

    In the before pic, is there a sunken boat or trailer in the water at the 3rd position of the ramp?
  167. evilkhemist

    Make Lemonade!

    Get the popcorn ready!
  168. evilkhemist

    Avet sx and lexa 400 both new and spooled

    Drumfors, can you please go away!!
  169. evilkhemist

    Offshore SCI 9/2

    Just curious, Is the boat you did the crossing with a 2320 or 2120?
  170. evilkhemist

    My Parker 2120

    Great boat. As for bruising the kidneys, yeah it does. That's why Parker started offering Seaspension, which makes a world of difference.
  171. evilkhemist

    Do I have an issue with my new electronics?

    I am by no means an expert, but if you are running both at the same time and the same frequency, then thats your problem. Also, you should really consider upgrading your B60, which isnt designed for chirp. I had the B60 with my HDS12 gen3 and when I upgraded to the B175HW, it was like I upgraded...
  172. evilkhemist

    Komodo 450

    i called them yesterday and they dont do online or phone sales. you have to pick up in person. Sucks, cause i really want this reel
  173. evilkhemist

    Blackman 26 "Frances B"

    The plank would of been great this season for casting a jig into foamers
  174. evilkhemist

    FS: Trinidad 16a & TN20

    Those are some great prices. Should go quick
  175. evilkhemist

    Just wondering what the deal is?

    I feel your pain, logging in every time I come on the site gets old quickly.
  176. evilkhemist

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    Data is from their website and brochure
  177. evilkhemist

    Parker seats with 26" Pedestals $130

    SOLD I have two Parker Seats with sliders and the pedestals for $140. Seats are in good condition. Sliders and swivel work. Located in Sorrento Valley 5/805 split. PM if interested (Brandon). I also have two other Parker Seats with hardware with the short pedestal. They are the Parker2310...
  178. evilkhemist

    Boat Storage in San Diego.

    try mission bay boat and ski club. It has 24 hour access, filet table and a washdown. They even have free ice
  179. evilkhemist

    Phase Seperation in Fuel, or unluckest SOB on BDD?

    I am having the same problem on my Parker. So far I have gone thru 2 low pressure pumps ( seized after one week) and the needle valve for the vst float seized. I was able to use the yds tool and some banging to unfreeze one pump. I replaced all the filters and my water fuel separator is...
  180. evilkhemist


    Go to the top right corner of the Banjercito page and hit the Ingles (English) button.
  181. evilkhemist

    Offshore Yellowfin Boil this past weekend! ...and Yellowtail vs. Sea Lion.

    Great videos, I enjoyed watching them. However, these videos remind me why I bought a boat. Too many people not working together or being clueless. Not to mention the slow ride. I do miss the hot breakfast burrito and the afternoon burger.
  182. evilkhemist

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    Do yourself a huge favor and save up and get a pair of fujinon or Nikon 14x40 stabilized. You can get them on eBay if you are patient for around $750. I had the canon stabilized and they are no where near as effective.
  183. evilkhemist

    Looking to pair up my 100j

    Torque or fathom 25N
  184. evilkhemist


    We did some chunking in Thursday out east of the 181 and we scored 5 yft. They were only 15lbers though. So it still worked for us
  185. evilkhemist

    FS Avet Raptor / Phoenix PSW909xhj 30-80

    Sounds like you might of just got a date!!!
  186. evilkhemist

    Surface Iron - Phenix Abyss/Axis/BD?

    If you havent gotten the lexa yet, look at the new okuma komodo 463 (450 size). Tackle warehouse has them shipping tomorrow. More capacity and a clicker for $259
  187. evilkhemist

    How much do you think this weighs?

    I am guessing the yellowtail weighs about 2lbs.
  188. evilkhemist

    Parker 2320 w/ Yamaha 225 hp ….change prop? better performance?

    Billy that's seems kind of low on the mpg. I have a '02 2310 with bracket and the same motor. My last two trips averaged out to 2.2mpg and I burned 110gallons. I carry 100lbs of ice and 4 guys that average 200lbs each and 48g bait tank. Sea conditions were pretty nice on both trips. I don't care...
  189. evilkhemist

    Towing a 2120

    I pull my Parker 2310 (around 7500lb with trailer)with a ford f150 3.5 ecoboost. Pulls it no problem. The f150 is rated at 11k+ towing. 2120 is lighter and smaller gas tank, so you shouldn't having a problem. Just make sure you have trailer brakes.
  190. evilkhemist

    MK 15ii SEA

    I have 80lb pp with a 5ft 80lb fc topshot. I have been using mine for bft, and it has been a great combo for soaking macs. Landed three bft 75-100lbs in the past two weeks. I had to push the drag to full on one fish and at 30lbs of drag it stopped the fish, luckily before he spooled me.
  191. evilkhemist


    Isn't the Komodo 450 baitcaster suppose to be out this month? I like the fact that it's bigger than the Lexa 400 and has a bait clicker
  192. evilkhemist

    Yamaha f90 not priming on startup

    Your low pressure pump should come on with the key also. I have the yds 1.33 software and connector. If your boat was in sd, I would help you out.
  193. evilkhemist

    15 - 20 lb Smelt

    i think he is talking about a mullet
  194. evilkhemist

    Best sushi near San Diego Conv Center

    The best can always be disputed, but most agree Sushi Ota is the best in san diego. Its about 5 miles north of downtown near Pacific Beach.
  195. evilkhemist


    Anyone know what phenix special pricing means? I am getting back from Japan and was thinking of stopping by on my way home. Really want to check out the axis 909 jig stick.
  196. evilkhemist

    Stabilized Binos - Give me the skinny

    Go with fujinon and stay away from canon. The cheap canon stabilized binos are terrible. Once I got the fujinon binos it made spotting so much easier
  197. evilkhemist

    Lookin for a kill bag?

    Turners has a sale going on for the Boone kill bags
  198. evilkhemist

    Everingham Bait Barge Price Increase Starting Today

    Sounds good to me, one less boat in line for bait. I hope more people think like you. While you are making bait the rest of us will already be fishing on the tuna grounds.
  199. evilkhemist

    Yamaha 225 lower unit help

    I have a f225 on my Parker and instead of messing with the metal collar and plastic sleeve, I just ordered the complete impeller kit and replaced everything. I would trust deleting the metal ring, it was out there for a reason. Besides a $10 part isn't worth messing up the lower unit.
  200. evilkhemist

    Yamaha 225 lower unit help

    I had to cut the metal collar off a Yamaha f150, when I did the first service on a used boat. Couldn't get it to slide off, so I screw it and replaced the collar and the sleeve. It comes in the kit from sims Yamaha.
  201. evilkhemist

    Which Seat to Upgrade Parker??

    Kevin, Are they comfortable? Also, how much do they run per seat?
  202. evilkhemist

    Which Seat to Upgrade Parker??

    I am looking to upgrade the seats in my Parker 2310 from the original hard plastic Wise seats. I already upgraded the pedestal to seaspension, which definitely took out the hard hits. However, i just want a comfortable set of seats with usable armrests to enjoy the ride to-n-from the tuna...
  203. evilkhemist

    2008 Sailfish 2660 WAC; twin Yamaha 150 XTR 4-strokes; $74,999.00

    The link to everett bayside marine has it listed for $64,999
  204. evilkhemist

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    I have a trini 20 on a gg90j, that is my go to jigstick. I have others like the 909 abyss with Lexa for throwing megabaits and the like, fathom 25n on gg90j mag, and a a couple others. I still like the gg90j for its ability to cast Tady45s and 7xs, but also its got the back bone to really put...
  205. evilkhemist

    New Guy in Southeast NC

    My parents live on leggett road down by the large ponds with the white fences on both sides of the road. Small world
  206. evilkhemist

    New Guy in Southeast NC

    Your other option is to go fish the lumber river. Princess Anne landing is only about 7-8 miles outside of fairmont
  207. evilkhemist

    New Guy in Southeast NC

    Fairmont is my hometown, and my parents still live there. Your best bet is to make friends with people who have larger ponds. Btw, sorry you had to move there. I always find the area to be very depressing with all the poverty and racism.
  208. evilkhemist

    Deal of the year

    This must be the deal of the year!! I will give you $1 crisp dollar bill
  209. evilkhemist

    Welcome aboard

    Here's my '02 2310 with a new belly hoop installed. I have been doing a lot of upgrades over the past few months. Next week I will be adding a seaspension pedestal and led trim tab indicator.
  210. evilkhemist

    WTT Calstar GG Series 90j for GG6480

    R u interested in a super seeker 6480h in trade?
  211. evilkhemist

    My "new" boat!

    Damn aquachico, you nailed it on the center console getting wet issue. I sold my cc last year at the ripe old age of 40 , cause I was tired of getting soaked on my way back up the line
  212. evilkhemist


    Please explain the issues. I have hds12 gen3, hds7 touch, 2x point 1, 3G radar, link8, ep60r, and autopilot. Everything has worked great for me except the ep60r firmware lost its parameters. Customer service isn't the greatest, I am still waiting for the ep60r warranty replacement, but that is...
  213. evilkhemist

    Temporary Import Permit for Mexico (Now an Online Process)

    After I got the email sAying it was complete, it took 4 days till I received it. The envelope was sent by usps from Dallas.
  214. evilkhemist

    VHF Question

    I have the Link 8 with the shakespeare galaxy 5226XT and it receives and transmits with good clarity. As mentioned, the connection could be the problem, which i discovered was the issue with on my previous boat.
  215. evilkhemist

    Temporary Import Permit for Mexico (Now an Online Process)

    I did it also online and the process was very simple and painless. If I remember correctly it was only around $50 dollars for the 10 year permit.
  216. evilkhemist

    Seasickness question????

    Topic has been discussed a lot. Order scopolamine pills made by Bayer, they are called Kwells. I give them to everyone on my boat that tend to get seasick. So far, no one has puked. I order mine from Australia.
  217. evilkhemist

    Fishing the islands

    Mexican License, FMM visa, and passport. They may enforce TIP and or FCC license, just depends on the Navy interpretation that day. Seems like this topic comes up alot, and you will see a different requirements from each thread. So I tend to error on the side of caution and have all of the above.
  218. evilkhemist

    25 Bahia Davidson(Davis) $68,000

    The owner of Davidson was taking money for boats and not finishing them or doing poor workmanship. He has three ongoing law suits against him for issues with his boats. I met Clayton and his shop foreman Jason, both were shady characters. It's really sad, cause the boats could of been amazing...
  219. evilkhemist

    Wtb Phenix Abyss PSX 809 or 909 : San Diego

    Why didn't you buy the brand new in the wrapper abyss 909 from Ed? He was asking $175 for a brand new rod. Thanks though, you saved me $50 bucks.
  220. evilkhemist

    Anyone pop off the deck of a Parker 2310 to see under the deck and inspect gas tanks and lines?

    Did you have the deck glassed back in, or did you have them screw and caulk the panel after the gas tank was replaced?
  221. evilkhemist

    Anyone pop off the deck of a Parker 2310 to see under the deck and inspect gas tanks and lines?

    What do you mean by pop off? Is your deck screwed down? I have a 2310 and my deck is solid, so it would have to be cut out to access the gas tank. Luckily my gas tank (knock on wood) doesn't leak or at least I can't smell any gas in the bilge or access covers. Hopefully you don't have a leak, I...
  222. evilkhemist

    Seat Pedestal with foot rest

    If it's from a parker, it would be 2"7/8 diameter.
  223. evilkhemist

    Gyros....14x40 or 12x32??

    I have a set of the fujinon 14x40 and the magnification and field of view is great. I upgraded from canon IS 10x30, and the difference is magnification was significant. I would suggest going with the 14x40, so you don't second guess your decision later. Also, the 14x40 you can put polarized and...
  224. evilkhemist

    Phenix Black Diamond 909XH

    I have a super seeker 6480h that I will trade for it.
  225. evilkhemist


    what is the phenix blank?
  226. evilkhemist

    WTB Parker 2320

    I agree with Billy on his assessment, and those are some of the reasons I got the 2310. I got mine from michigan, and had it shipped out. Isenglass is nice when its cold, and the boat is a dry boat. Try to get one with the outboard bracket, you can alot of deck space and a large ice/kill box.
  227. evilkhemist

    WTB: Parker 2120, 18CC or 21DVCC Cash in Hand.

    Nice one ebay
  228. evilkhemist


    Thanks for the heads up, last time I was there the 909xhj were on order. Guess I will be going to visit Joey again
  229. evilkhemist


    Do you ever come to san diego? If you do, then i will take it next time you are here.
  230. evilkhemist

    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    I am guessing he didn't catch any bluefin, even though he knows they exist in US waters.
  231. evilkhemist

    Lowrance outboard pilot

    I got mine from BOE Marine for $850 and I was also quoted $845 by Gil Travis of semperfi fishing.I went with BOE marine because they had the B175HW with lowrance plug in stock. Plus, no sales tax. The install is pretty easy and so is the bleeding of the system, just make sure you get the tubing...
  232. evilkhemist

    Lowrance outboard pilot

    So I finally got out last week to try the Lowrance autopilot. I was pretty impressed with the tracking and ability to hold course. I have been on other boats with AP and most seem to over correct constantly, making the boat weave alot. Anyway, I set the power on the lowrance AP to 2, i had done...
  233. evilkhemist

    23 Ft walk Around 225 honda 4-Stroke

    Looks like a sunbird Neptune???
  234. evilkhemist

    Thru hull chirp for HDS9 gen3

    It goes down to 300 feet , but not much deeper than that. I don't rockfish, so I no need for anything deeper. The target separation is pretty amazing.
  235. evilkhemist

    Best tow from East Coast

    I had my 2310 parker towed from upstate michigan and it was $2400. I used Uship and the guy's name was Ricky Malan. He had been recommended by several others from san diego and does alot of boat deliveries. He had one of the bearings go bad on his drive, and didnt charge me extra or complain. He...
  236. evilkhemist

    Lowrance outboard pilot

    I plan on doing a shakedown run this weekend, not sure if the conditions are going to allow me to leave the bay. I will let you know either way.
  237. evilkhemist

    Lowrance outboard pilot

    I just installed the lowrance autopilot on my 2310 parker a few days ago, and so far I have only done the dockside comminsioning. I will say it was very easy to install, but if you have a newer seastar helm with the ORB fittings, you will need to order ORB tee fittings ($50). There is another...
  238. evilkhemist

    Thru hull chirp for HDS9 gen3

    You may want to look at the b75m, a lot of people have really raved about. It's about $600, and it's a 600watt transducer. B150 is a nice entry level, but spend a little more and get the b75m. I have the b175hw, which paired with my hds12 gen3, has been nothing short of amazing. It's just...
  239. evilkhemist

    Any people with an Offshore Bait Tank that have replaced the light?

    Offshore went out of business and Randy started Bluewater Bait Systems
  240. evilkhemist

    Hop on charge?

    On my boat, we split gas and bait evenly. I get ice for free from my boat yard, but that should be split if it has to be purchased. Everyone helps with boat and fish cleaning. I don't add any other cost associated with owning the boat. I look at it this way, anyone going with me is helping me...
  241. evilkhemist

    Nautic Insight pro v16 vs. the Nautic Insight pre installed on HDS touch

    Not sure about version 16, but I loaded v15 on my hds12 Gen3 and couldnt really tell a benefit. It did cause the map loading to slow way down
  242. evilkhemist

    Finger bank

    definitely check the swell forecast for this weekend
  243. evilkhemist

    Offshore O'side offshore patties 2/26

    I was hoping those 1lb yellows would of turned into at least 5lbs by now
  244. evilkhemist


    Macs have been thick around the kelp in LJ
  245. evilkhemist

    Yamaha outboard one stop tune up parts needed

    Get all my stuff from SIM yamaha
  246. evilkhemist

    2/7/ late report birdrock-off MB

    You said you were 6 miles off of Mission Bay, that is USA waters. Guess you are the dumbass who needs to get a GPS
  247. evilkhemist

    Upgrading gps and fishfinder

    I have the HDS12 gen 3 with the b175HW, and I have found it to be an excellent setup for offshore. I had a hds10 with b60 and a furuno 627 previously, and the chirp b175hw shows tuna much better. Just look at some of the screen shots from the hulltruth, and yes that is what it looks like...
  248. evilkhemist

    Phenix 909XH 25-60 F/T Shorter rod wanted!

    I have a factory wrapped super seeker 6480h if you are interested in a straight up trade
  249. evilkhemist

    WTT Custom Calstar 90J

    It's 8ft and rated at 30-50
  250. evilkhemist

    WTT Custom Calstar 90J

    I have a Super Seeker 6480h factory if you are interested. Let me know and I will send you pics.
  251. evilkhemist

    WTB.. Belly Hoop for my Parker 2120

    send this guy a text, he is making me a stainless belly hoop for my parker 2310. +1 (714) 613-3164
  252. evilkhemist

    Buying a Trailer out of state?

    If you register the trailer in ca, then yes you have to pay tax
  253. evilkhemist

    700m phenix psw black diamond

    I would guess he lives in Huntington Beach
  254. evilkhemist

    Force air heater help

    Just had the same issue with mine. Check the voltage going into the gas solenoid valve, it should be 24volts. If no voltage, then it's the control board (more than likely). You can check the solenoid by tapping into the 24v supply and connecting directly to the gas solenoid. Mine heater was a...
  255. evilkhemist

    Looking to borrow 2 5/16 deep socket wrench

    Try using a hammer and a chisel at an angle to bite into the nut,if you have enough space. I just removed a B60 and got it to budge after about 5 min of hitting with the hammer and a chisel. Then just use a hammer and knock it out. Helps that you are not keeping or trying to sell it.
  256. evilkhemist

    Feedback - Fujinon Techostabi Jr gyro binoculars 12x32

    I have the 14x40 fujinon and with the polarized and filter lens combo, they make offshore spotting great. Kinda feel like I was blind before using these
  257. evilkhemist

    For sale: 9 rod rocket launcher !!!SOLD!!!

    Can you fabricate a removable belly hoop? I needed one for my parker 2310
  258. evilkhemist


    If you are in San Diego, I will take it.
  259. evilkhemist

    parker 2110

    is the trailer that the boat is sitting on the 2015 pacific trailer?
  260. evilkhemist

    Lowrance HDS8 Gen1

    there are a few differences between gen2 and gen3, but most of the gen3 improvements can be added to the gen2 (except touchscreen and the side keypad). Also the new gen3 is touchscreen with builtin chirp/sidescan/wifi. I had the gen1 HDS8 and loved it, but sold that boat. The hds8 gen1 will do...
  261. evilkhemist

    How to remove old thru-hull transducer?

    I also used everyone's advice today to remove a b60. I started with pb blaster and then used some heat. I alternated a couple of times and then used a chisel and hammer to rotate the nut. Took about 15min total to remove the old transducer that had 5200 on the threads. Now I just have to muster...
  262. evilkhemist

    Best place to launch 9/30

    wow, a 34'er that you have on a trailer. Just curious, but what kind of boat is it?
  263. evilkhemist

    Which transduce....

    I just got the b175hw and my2002 parker 2310 has a flat area in front of the drain plug, so I got the zero degree version. Btw, I got mine from boe marine for $1145, which was the cheapest I could find from an authorized dealer.
  264. evilkhemist

    FS: Halco Max 130

    are you asking $65 per lure? If so, let me get some popcorn
  265. evilkhemist

    Catalina comes through again...

    Which chirp transducer are you using with the lowrance?
  266. evilkhemist

    Simrad evo2 7"

    Do you have the demo fishfinder program running? Just double check to make sure it's not on.
  267. evilkhemist

    Parker 23SE Q's

    Best description for the ride in a head sea, back breaker. Go to parker boats forum or the hulltruth. Lots of info on these boats. I would and did get the deep vee model, 2310 WA. The deep vee rides like a dream, but does get less mpg and rolls more on a drift. Good luck, Parker's are great boats.
  268. evilkhemist

    Parker 2120 wanted

    If you are talking about Ricky malin, that was my 2310 he brought out from Michigan. I have to say he was awesome and picked the boat up with one day notice. He got the boat here in 3days and 2 hours. The price was just under $1 per mile.
  269. evilkhemist

    2005 Aquasport CC with Yamaha F150 $20,500 obo

    2005 Aquasport 210 Osprey Center Console in excellent condition. Comes with '05 Yamaha F150 with ~500 hours includes SS pro and spare, service was just performed in May. Seastar Hydraulic Steering with tilt wheel. 77 gallon gas tank, always used Ring-Free. Bluewater fiberglass 40G bait tank...
  270. evilkhemist

    WTB cc around 10k

    Your gonna need to double that to get a decent cc with a four stroke. Not a good time to be looking for a boat, with the crazy hot bite going on. You may want to look at bayrunners, but if it has a four stroke the price is gonna be north of 15k. Good luck
  271. evilkhemist

    Reel and Rod F/S

    Where are you located?
  272. evilkhemist

    Question on Mackerel

    We usually find them just outside the mouth by the kelp to the south (in front of the pier) or approx 1/8 mile straight out. I will try the kelp area first and then motor around until a find a school.
  273. evilkhemist

    Okuma Cedros or Penn Fathom?

    Without a doubt the cedros 12s. I have both and love using the cedros as my jig reel. Fathom is a nice reel, but the cedros is on par with the gold trinis.
  274. evilkhemist

    SOLD ---- Mods Please Close Post

    Pm sent on the trinidad 16n
  275. evilkhemist


    Ratboy, The bare hull that was delivered was an abortion of a boat. The actual hull was made paper thin and was a huge safety concern. That hull was surveyed by at least two independent surveyors and both of them said the quality and safety of that hull was crap. Your buddy Clayton was a piss...
  276. evilkhemist

    Deck lighting?

    I have the lumitec with the white and red lights. On a 21ft CC, the white light is way brighter than 2 halogens and the fact that you can dim the light is awesome. For c-bass and lobster at night, the red light is great and is a definite cool factor. The quality of the lumitec caprera 2 is next...
  277. evilkhemist

    21' Boston Whaler Guardian re-build

    CT, there is a guy in San Diego selling a brand new 300hp yamaha for 19k or 18.5k. He posted it on BD about a week or two ago.
  278. evilkhemist

    black steel fishing rods NEW!!

    Did you by chance go to Dicks sporting goods recently and purchase these rods?
  279. evilkhemist

    MLPA on PBS NOW 7pm Wed 3/2

    I caught the last 5 minutes of the MLPA part. It seemed like KPBS was just stating the pros and cons with out having an agenda. But like a said I was only able to catch the last few minutes.
  280. evilkhemist

    Dallas World Aquarium pictures

    NFID "No Fish in Dallas"
  281. evilkhemist

    The "Wave" Wrap

    I wonder how a tiger or cpk would look with this fluid underlayment?
  282. evilkhemist

    kayak fishing hot spots

    Try Big Waters Edge. La Jolla is the hottest spot for kayaking
  283. evilkhemist

    When Cedros Star Drag?

    I think they appeared in 2009.
  284. evilkhemist


    That's pretty sweet, but How much???
  285. evilkhemist

    2 Peddal or 2 Paddle... That's the ?

    Drew, I recently went from a Prowler 13 to a Hobie outback. NIGHT and DAY difference between the two. First time out on the hobie, we went for lobsters and it made the whole process easier. Your arms do not get tired from paddling over to pull your nets, and you can drink a beer while you are...
  286. evilkhemist

    promar eclipse nets

    How was $120 for 5 nets a low ball offer??? He was asking $250 for 10 nets. Seems like a reasonable offer for 5 nets.
  287. evilkhemist

    Anyone going hooping?

    I have an extra kayak and 10 hoops. You wouldn't even have to pay for gas
  288. evilkhemist

    Daiwa Luna 200 or 300 series...

    Bluewater Tackle in Solana Beach had a used Luna 253 and Luna 300 for ~160 dollars, if I remember correctly. That was last week, try giving them a call and see if they still have them.
  289. evilkhemist

    Steroids, not a real good choice...

    That is nasty!!!
  290. evilkhemist

    tainted imported seafood

    Actually 16% of 2% is 0.0032 Or 32 fish out of 10,000.
  291. evilkhemist

    FS Rods & Reels & Tackle (Quality Stuff)

    Those are Lucky Craft LC110 Sardine Pattern lures. They typically run around $18 a pop. They are great lures for the bays and surf.
  292. evilkhemist

    Okuma Makaira or Cedros reels

    Bill, Mine is the 6 to 1 gears. I thought they only came with the high gears, but I could be wrong. There was a youtube video of the cedros in action on a east coast bft, you should check it out. Although I haven't battled a larger model tuna with the cedros, I have no doubt that it would get...
  293. evilkhemist

    Okuma Makaira or Cedros reels

    I have the Cedros ld20 and cavalla 15,20,30. The quality is comparable to the avets and shimanos that I own. In particular the cedros ld20 is amazing, the drag is super smooth(cal grease), and it spins like an avet. It did easy work of 50lb yft on my last trip. I am really happy with the new...
  294. evilkhemist

    Ten reasons fishing sucks this year

    #15 Fish are scared by the Earthquakes
  295. evilkhemist


    Fishermans Landing on-line store had some at closeout prices
  296. evilkhemist


    I would bet he is from Whittier, ca. Just a wild guess though.
  297. evilkhemist


    fishermans landing has brand new avet sx reels for $119.95
  298. evilkhemist

    MiniX thru Surf Zone???

    When you do decide to go thru the surf, make sure you have leashes on your rods.
  299. evilkhemist

    1.5 Day Recommendation for 18 people in July

    I would say the Relentless with Joel. He is always willing to burn gas to catch fish. The boat has a great layout, and has staterooms with A/C. Good luck trying to charter the boat as it is usually booked up, which is a good indicator of how good the boat and crew are.
  300. evilkhemist

    Avet problems?

    I think most people are just tackle whores
  301. evilkhemist

    Fishing Bird Schools

    Great job! I like the 4th pic of the kayaker going for a swim
  302. evilkhemist

    Fishing Melville Island, Northern Territories Australia

    What is the fish in the third pic? It looks like mutated smiling dolphin.
  303. evilkhemist

    What setup for Okuma Cavalla and Cedros LD15

    John, I was hoping to get some more specific line size and rod matching recommendations.
  304. evilkhemist

    What setup for Okuma Cavalla and Cedros LD15

    I just picked up the Okuma Cavalla 15 and 20 2 speed reels and the Cedros lever drag CLD15. First of all, I have read allot of good reviews lately concerning the improved quality of the Okuma product line. The price for all 3 reels was unbelievable, so I pulled the trigger and bought all 3. I...
  305. evilkhemist

    AVET MXL 2 speed

    This listing was removed from ebay
  306. evilkhemist

    Okuma Serrano

    Check out the post that has the Abu revo inshore for 139 shipped. The American Legacy Fishing Co is selling them for 100 off.
  307. evilkhemist

    Penn Torque 300 Reels at clearance

    Just got a confirmation email that states the item is no longer available. My order was canceled. Better luck next time.
  308. evilkhemist

    Good NCAA GAME

    Hell of a game, Kentucky got some breaks and capitalized. Miss State should get their ticket punched for the big dance.
  309. evilkhemist

    Shimano Trinidad 20 With Cal Star WCDH-6480C

    Why are taking a Poll on selling your reel? Maybe I am missing the concept of a Poll.
  310. evilkhemist

    Avet Reel

    I thought Avets were made of Aluminum stock?
  311. evilkhemist


    What the hell is this? Did you miss your short bus and decided to post a picture of a jigmaster.
  312. evilkhemist

    Okuma January Reel Promotion

    Will Okuma be coming out with a 300 size version of the Serrano?
  313. evilkhemist

    Brand New Invicta watches

    Here I was thinking you guys were going to rag on me for initially pointing this out. Unfortunately, this guy has been receiving all kinds of friendly BD advice about fishing, but then turns around and tries to scam people for a few bucks.
  314. evilkhemist

    Brand New Invicta watches

    Not to be a downer, but I saw the same watches at BIG 5 for under a $100 bucks.
  315. evilkhemist


    Just went out with Rick on the relentless this weekend. He went the extra mile for us, actually 162 miles south to be exact. He got us on the fish and stayed way latter than most captains. We were on a 1.5 day, which ended up being a 2 day by the time we got back in the late afternoon. The crew...
  316. evilkhemist

    Offshore WFO Yellowfin, Bluefin, & yellowtail on the Relentless 11/2 day trip

    John, it was a great trip. It was nice fishing with you and your son. Hopefully we can do it again someday. Brandon "the other one"