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  1. newpskid

    13' center console inflatable

    would make a great christmas present
  2. newpskid

    13' center console inflatable

    sorry there is no hour meter. it has only been used to cruise the harbor and a tender in avalon.
  3. newpskid

    12' Fiberglass bay boat

    now paying storage! i am a motivated seller!
  4. newpskid

    12' Fiberglass bay boat

    updated post to add trailer
  5. newpskid

    12' Fiberglass bay boat

    spottys are biting in newport!
  6. newpskid

    12' Fiberglass bay boat

    sorry as of now i want to sell it as a package
  7. newpskid

    12' Fiberglass bay boat

    The motor is a 2005 and I am un sure of the hours I have had it a year and only put about an hour on it as i have been rebuilding the boat in that time frame. On a scale of 1 to 10 the boat is a 9.
  8. newpskid

    12' Fiberglass bay boat

    it is pretty heavy not sure of the weight. It would be a struggle for two guys to lift it and place it on top of a car.
  9. newpskid

    bait tank

    price drop $150
  10. newpskid

    bait tank

    pmd you
  11. newpskid

    bait tank

    would trade for marlin jigs (not zukers)
  12. newpskid

    WTB Shimano Backpack!

    is this the one you are looking for?
  13. newpskid

    bait tank

    Bait tank for sale. Plastic oblong bait tank 28" long 16" wide 16" tall come with three rod holders attached as well as supply and overflow hoses $175
  14. newpskid

    Delivery/ fishing captain to cabo recommendations?

    i would consider it. need to get a boat first though. i have a uscg 100 ton license.
  15. newpskid

    19' center console

    back on the market after an epic summer of fishing
  16. newpskid

    19' center console

    Back in town bump
  17. newpskid

    19' center console

    Thanks for the offer
  18. newpskid

    19' center console

    Just put some fish on her bump. Now somebody else needs to get out there and do the same!
  19. newpskid

    19' center console

    Not sure of the dry weight. I tow it with a half ton truck no problem. Boat and motor need nothing. Lower end serviced in January. She gets a little better than two miles to the gallon. Thank you for your offer but I am gonna pass
  20. newpskid

    19' center console

    green umbrella sold separately
  21. newpskid

    19' center console

    19' Winner center console with 150 evinrude ocean pro outboard and trailer. Hull is a 1986 and is foam filled. Motor is a 1997 evinrude 150 ocean pro two stroke. Motor is carburated and has a stainless steel prop. Wide open throttle this is a 40 mph boat. 50 gallon fuel tank. I have owned...
  22. newpskid

    CC or walk around wanted

    i have a 19' center console with a 150 evinrude two stroke on a trailer asking $8500
  23. newpskid

    i have a 19' foot winner center console with a 150 evinrude two stroke on trailer asking $8500.

    i have a 19' foot winner center console with a 150 evinrude two stroke on trailer asking $8500.
  24. newpskid

    Launching at Puerto Escondido

    as of last week there was no fuel in the harbor. we had to trailer up to town to fill out boat. word on the street is they are having a problem paying there bill so once they get some it usually goes quick
  25. newpskid

    shimano teramar 7'6 ml

    interested. any chance of meeting up in huntington harbor mid morning tomorrow
  26. newpskid

    Offshore shelter island

    trying to find out how shelter island launch ramp is on the weekends lately. what time you have to get there to get a parking spot? how long the line is? whats the bait line look like? and how the bait is? any insight would help thanks
  27. newpskid

    Imp pilot house 4800.00

    Anybody know anything about IMP?
  28. newpskid

    Complete Hydraulic steering $400

    yes i am interested. would need to find out if it will work with my 96 evinrude. gonna be out of town next week if it work and you still have it i will get with you next week.
  29. newpskid

    Complete Hydraulic steering $400

    where is Mariano Matamoros?
  30. newpskid

    1962 16' Glasspar Tacoma Restoration...

    sick project josh!!!! what happened to cornbucket?
  31. newpskid

    pair of captains chairs

    I could do that not going to be around till Monday though
  32. newpskid

    gps fish finder combo

  33. newpskid

    Loreto - Yellowtail Questions

    keep them out of the rocks which is often easier with the yo-yo as they eat it on the way up and can get some of the line back.
  34. newpskid

    make an offer quick!

    trade plus $. i have a cc you can take with you
  35. newpskid

    1989 (winner) cuddy/hard top 23'

    bump from one winner owner to another. nice rig.
  36. newpskid

    todd bench seat/bait tank

    thanks for all the great advice. just going to use it for dry storage since you can never have to much on a little cc.
  37. newpskid

    todd bench seat/bait tank

    the website advertises as a bait tank. nice and oval no corners.
  38. newpskid

    todd bench seat/bait tank

    just bought a todd swing back bench seat. has anybody ever used it as a bait tank? how do they work? how did you rig it? should i just use it as dry storage? trying to make a little room on my 19' center console by eliminating my current bait tank. any thoughts would help thanks.
  39. newpskid

    mlpa closures

    Is "no take" considered catch and release? Or just no fishing at all?
  40. newpskid

    Wow Great Airfare

    what is the secret to getting there? i have heard of train to the trolley? walk across the boarder to a cab. i did a little math and i dont think you can make in time for the flight.
  41. newpskid

    Offshore Bait Tank OS-32

    if duke dosent pick it up i will.
  42. newpskid

    1999 21 FT. PROLINE W/A

    what kind of range do you get?
  43. alaska 097

    alaska 097

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    Picture 103

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    alaska 069

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    Picture 064

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    n1076687892 30095057 2970

  49. fish shots

    fish shots

  50. newpskid

    Offshore Santa Barbara

    Looking for ideas to fish out of santa barbara harbor on a 19 cc. Any tips? suggestions? whats going off during the summer ?