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  1. canyonman

    The Night Before Fishing

    Stayed at the vag in January. It was what it was. But I wound t spend 250 to stay anywhere around the landing. The airport’s has great places around it. That could be a nice option
  2. canyonman

    Getting very annoying, I can post here but can't open this forum to read.

    Worst fu..king deal ever here. Who thought of this shit
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    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Just personal preference It was a nice reel, just not what I was looking for. If you are still undecided I would physically check out all your options if possible
  4. canyonman

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Love my Mak 16. Got three cows on it so far. It’s basically personal preference. I own a mak 16 AVET hxw raptor and an accurate 12. I use them all with confidence. I added a visx 12 but sold it shortly after purchase
  5. canyonman

    INDEPENDENCE - Graftech Rods-Avet Reels-16 Day roll call

    Those graphtec cow rods are legit
  6. canyonman

    INDEPENDENCE - Graftech Rods-Avet Reels-16 Day roll call

    Mak 16’s are true cow killers. Very up to the task
  7. canyonman

    2021 L.R Schedules

    My 16 day in January is booked, there is usually a few openings.
  8. canyonman

    GRAFTECH / AVET 16 DAY ON INDY 4/13/21

    We all loaded up prior to the test. The test was at 5 am. We were out to the bait receiver by 8. As soon as everyone was tested we wheeled our carts to the boat.
  9. canyonman

    GRAFTECH / AVET 16 DAY ON INDY 4/13/21

    Testing is done at the office prior checking in. Results in 15 minutes. Service we used cost 125$. 5 people at a time. Immediately after your negative result you check in and proceed to boarding. After you check in with Judy there is no interaction with anyone not on the trip. Crew is also...
  10. canyonman

    Gotta report a guy - - it is way good

    Mike is the man. I’ve used him since the beginning. One of his services includes storage. That is huge for me. Great guy and great service
  11. canyonman

    Indy 16 day

  12. canyonman

    Furthest you’ve fished/furthest the fleet will go

    Clipperton is my dream trip. If it ever comes up again I plan on going. The RP had a trip scheduled recently but it was canceled. So did the excel.
  13. canyonman

    Royal Polaris Location

    Seamount is hurricane
  14. canyonman

    Stomach contents

    Shared the bank with a commercial once or twice. He was there for the skipjack. Seen some loose longline gear there also. Pretty knarly.
  15. canyonman

    Stomach contents

    Brad the trip we were on was close to the moon and lots of red crab. Been on the lower banks plenty and that crab is always prevalent. Seems to be what draws them there. That and the big squid. Seems to me when they want to eat they will chew and other times they will put on a show. The...
  16. canyonman

    Stomach contents

    When they are on that red crab it’s tough to get a bite. Seen them flushed out with goobs of red crab. They will be working the chum line with an occasional bite. Very frustrating watching them blow out all day. But they do turn on and it’s all about being there. Last year at the bank it was all...
  17. canyonman


    The captain and crew are included in the total amount of tests requested. I’m guessing a test immediately prior to leaving the dock is as good as your going to get. My daughter is in school in Italy. They require a test immediately prior to leaving and upon arrival in lieu of quarantine.
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    Jeff. The test is not our call. Just part of the world we live in these days. I just want to go fishing. It’s been a crazy year
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    The Indy is having us tested in the office prior to boarding. I do not know which company is administering the test. But yes we are being charged a group rate for the test. From the way it was explained to me, regardless of an individual test prior to arrival at the landing the test will still...
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    So for my upcoming 16 day on the Indy I was informed that we will be tested prior to boarding This will be done by the office and is mandatory. I am scheduled for vaccination on the 29th. Spoke to the office and that should suffice.
  21. canyonman

    Finns and feathers Trip on the INDY

    Marty. Sometimes it’s easier to jump on an existing trip with a core group. Just chill out. Cigars vino laughs fishing as a bonus. Rogers group has been together since 04. Newbies come and go. But the core of about 10 guys all have become great friends. I couldn’t imagine the stress of...
  22. canyonman

    Finns and feathers Trip on the INDY

    Judy is an acquired taste. She’s been with Mark and Paul since the beginning. If you’ve fished the Indy long enough you will have a Judy story. I have a few. But nothing bad enough for me to move on. It’s a great boat with a great crew. Food is excellent. Staterooms are all good. Marty jump...
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  24. canyonman

    A 373 and a 304

    Beautiful fish. Congratulations
  25. canyonman

    372 on XL

    January 28. Come on
  26. canyonman

    Managing Free Spool

    I definitely wet the spool prior to casting out that first bait and point the tip at the water causing the least resistance as possible.
  27. canyonman

    PV Report 11/19-11/23

    Dave that fish is sick. Looks long with room to fill out. Congrats!
  28. canyonman

    Indy Jan 7-23, John Collins 16-day trip

    Great trip. Johns a great guy. I’ll be on the trip before. Very select few individuals who get to do this type of big game hunting. Enjoy
  29. canyonman

    Independence 11 day Roll Call ... Dec. 9 - 20 ... Lower Banks/Ridge trip

    The rooster checked out the lower banks with no love.
  30. canyonman

    Nov 27th Fins-N-Feathers Thanksgiving Classic on the Indy

    There’s sign of wahoo in the usual spots. Rumors of cows off Cabo Home guard yellowtail chewing at the rocks. Enjoy. Will be be cow hunting soon
  31. canyonman

    Nov 27th Fins-N-Feathers Thanksgiving Classic on the Indy

    Matt is very good. Brain is very good also. There a few cows showing off the banks near Cabo. That bluefin could also be in play.
  32. canyonman

    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Left till it hurts then I go right. Then left again
  33. canyonman

    Wahoo troller

    I ve never seen a fish have to get chased down. Seen a little reverse to get line on the reel
  34. canyonman

    Wahoo troller

    Depends on location. At hurricane I would go with a 30 or better size reel. I’ve seen a few cows come up on the troll. Not saying a mak 16 isn’t up to the task. I’ve caught cows on mine. Just that by the time the boat has stopped and the fish has stopped you may be a little lean on line
  35. canyonman

    Best 16 day charters?

    I look at my one long trip a year , 15 days on the Indy is a fishing vacation. Catching a cow is by no means guaranteed. But with the right mind set having a blast is. Great food, drink, lots of laughs will occur. You cant control the fishing. The longer the trip the greater the adventure for...
  36. canyonman

    10 Day trips in December

    Wahoo we’re on fire last few years at the rocks and the banks around the rocks. Good fishing. Normally I’m at Hurricane this time of year. We have had decent fishing at times while other times they are no where to be found. 10 day in December always has the possibility of larger grade yellowfin...
  37. canyonman

    Best 16 day charters?

    The Indy does not offer a fly back option. That being said I enjoy the time riding up. Good food, friends just kicking back. Im never in a rush to get back to reality.
  38. canyonman

    Best 16 day charters?

    16 days on the Indy can’t beat it. Matt is awesome food is great. These trips are big tuna and wahoo trips. Fishing locations vary year to year. But primarily a tuna wahoo trip.
  39. canyonman

    Lady Flamingo out of Geritson Creek in Sheepshead Bay

    Nice Cobia Bluefish jigging is all about speed 5 to 1 reels are just right. 6 to 1 reels get bit but tend to lack the balls to handle good fish. The original penn jig master was created specifically with this type of fishing in mind It was fast for its time at 3.5 to 1 gear ratio. Many...
  40. canyonman

    East Coast Tuna runs

    Mikes a good fisherman. I believe these are mud hole trips
  41. canyonman

    East Coast Tuna runs

    Amazing bigeye bite in Atlantis right now. Boats to the East are wacking them. Check out the Viking 5 star on FB. There’s a bite in the mud hole which the NY and Jersey boats are getting in on. If you chase tuna long enough you will find it is always hit or miss. I’ve done back to back trips and...
  42. canyonman

    East Coast Tuna runs

    I ride the Viking Fleet and I do a 5 day trip every year. Great fishing but the amenities do not compare. I wondered myself why this was never tried. The one thing I would guess would be weather. To get a 3 to 5 day weather window in the fall when tuna fishing is prime is tough. I remember one...
  43. canyonman

    East Coast Tuna runs

    Northeast canyon fishing is world class. The stuff ive seen in the canyon compares to any big game spot in the world. Grander blue marlin , giant makos, huge sword , wahoo, bigeye , blue fin , yellowfin , albacore, mahi as well as sea life that boggles the mind. Craziness is that it could be as...
  44. canyonman

    Masks or no masks.

    Wow this got out of control fast.... Don hopefully there will be a vaccine on line prior to our trip and we can all fish with ease. Regardless the personal attacks seem a bit much. The concern is genuine. I do hope to see you in January and we can share a great bottle of wine with Ed's prime rib.
  45. canyonman

    Cod and Ling dominating the NY fishing seas this June, with occasional Stripers showing up in Jamacia Bay at night.

    If you want to jig cod, check out the Helen h Georges Banks trips. Usually quite consistent fishing. Last few years some halibut mixed in.
  46. canyonman

    Cod and Ling dominating the NY fishing seas this June, with occasional Stripers showing up in Jamacia Bay at night.

    lets go.. I used to go summertime cod fishing in Rhode Island. Good fishing. Cartwright area with in sight of land.
  47. canyonman

    Cod and Ling dominating the NY fishing seas this June, with occasional Stripers showing up in Jamacia Bay at night.

    Jigging cod with a diamond jig and jelly worm teaser is standard practice when fishing open bottom for cod. Georges Banks cod fishing is 95 % jig fishing. Fishing wrecks for cod bait and jigs work. If they are on sand eels or herring jigging can be very effective
  48. canyonman

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    I like the Idea. My 16 day has 6 spots left . I would pay more to have it limited at 18
  49. canyonman

    Local tackle storage

    Give him a call
  50. canyonman

    Local tackle storage

    Best bet is mike Morris. I’ve been using him since he started. He looks after your gear as it’s his own. No worries I live in NYC. All I do is jump on a plane with my carry on. Mike takes care of the rest
  51. canyonman

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Native bait always works. The stuff that comes out of their belly emwhen fkushed is enlightening. I’m not above putting a fresh kill on the hook.
  52. canyonman

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Id fly line anything at hurricane
  53. canyonman

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Brad those maks such a tease.
  54. canyonman

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Depending on the boat you are going on the kite rigs are usually set up by the crew how they like them. On the Indy you can use their kite gear just hold on. So the 7691 are mainly for the big bait. I bring a selection of sizes from 7/0 up. I like the 10/0 best. Good idea to sharpen them up. I...
  55. canyonman

    Not SD Long Range not even close!

    I can’t remember ever seeing them this close. As a kid I remember some boats getting giants at 17 and the hole. We would see them at the farms etc. but never this close. Pretty amazing. I have a feeling the decrease in boat traffic has something to do with it too
  56. canyonman

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    Believe it or not those giant tkantic bluefin were much more prevalent up until the 1960s. Places such as Westport, Nova Scotia Montauk Pt Judith RI were notorious giant tuna ports. As on the west coast commercial fishing put pressure on the stock and it has now shrunk to offshore George’s...
  57. canyonman


    Roadrunner I am definitely a customer. I do a 5 day trip every year with this operation. When you book you pick a spot and a bunk. I’m sure the bunk assignments and fishing spots have been adjusted to reflect this new policy My reason for posting this was that this is the first operation that...
  58. canyonman


    Not the best situation, but if that’s what it takes to get out on the water again I’ll do it. Masks yes , gloves I don’t know.
  59. canyonman


    Meant to title this post interesting. It is relevant to San Diego long range as this is the premier long range fleet on the east coast
  60. canyonman


    An important message from the Viking Management Team: Attention Viking Anglers, First off, on behalf of everyone here at the Viking Fleet, we pray that all of you and your families are healthy and safe through this whole pandemic. For those of you whom have lost someone, we share your pain, and...
  61. canyonman

    Long Range shutdown?

    Reality is the rules are going to change. Testing maybe required at some point. Who knows. Right now it all speculation. But I am confident that there will be guidelines in place which will enable the fleet to operate at some point. The cruise lines will begin to operate again one day. They will...
  62. canyonman

    Long Range shutdown?

    True.... hopefully when travel restrictions ease things will change.
  63. canyonman

    Long Range shutdown?

    Best case scenario would be a vaccine and proof that you’ve been vaccinated prior to boarding. I’m hopeful for January myself. I’d like to think at some point there will be uniform legislation in place regarding all passenger vessels.the cruise lines will I’m sure will have stricter guidelines...
  64. canyonman

    Long Range shutdown?

    I could see more ultra limited loads on the longer trips. 18 passengers 18 day model. Everyone gets their own room etc. a little more pricey but promotes social distancing. At least in theory
  65. canyonman

    BET & Gorilla encounters

    East Coast Bigeye and Bluefin
  66. canyonman

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    I read on I believe the Intrepid's facebook page that if someone shows up at the dock looking to board and are showing signs of illness they will be left behind. One reason why they are urging people to purchase trip insurance is so they can be covered if they are turned away. I see in the...
  67. canyonman

    PL 68 rod

    4 to 1. The regular Avet 50 SDS is 3:1
  68. canyonman

    PL 68 rod

    I personally use an UC Invictus paired with an Avet SDS 50 High Speed loaded with 130 hollow topped off with 100 yds of 130 mono. This is typically a night time application, no need for stealth. Go big so you can put the wood to hopefully a good fish. One of my most memorable long range moments...
  69. canyonman

    Feel question

    The ex30 is a capable reel. But the HXW raptor has killed a few cows. With the 3 speed option it’s a great pea shooter reel.
  70. canyonman

    Boat Independence New Engines

    Im excited
  71. canyonman

    02 Feb - 18 Feb Excel Ultra 16 Day

    Bob the bank has been funky this year. Thanksgiving trip produced a decent amount of cows but not much of the 80 to 130 grade. Trips after that saw some good fishing on that same 80 to 130 stuff. Seems like your trip the bank was just off.
  72. canyonman

    The Boat Independence new engines?

    It’s true. Check the boats website for the latest on the install.
  73. canyonman

    Super Deal - 2 spots on Intrepid 16 day trip Feb 16-Mar 3

    Retirement a year away. Dammit
  74. canyonman

    Super Deal - 2 spots on Intrepid 16 day trip Feb 16-Mar 3

    The demand is not as high for the super long trips. Especially with local bluefin option.
  75. canyonman

    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    Brad I agree 100 %. People that specifically fish long trips for cow tuna on a regular basis are well versed on rod blanks that are suitable for landing cows. There are exceptions where larger tuna were landed on tackle not specifically geared for cow fish. But as a rule using tried and true...
  76. canyonman

    Cow jig reel?

    Brad crazy night bite at the bank hurricane 2016. I had two back to back cows on the Pl. they were around. Skipjack were thick. Trick was to hook a skippy on the wind then fish it. Buddy Gary got a 248 this way. Jackpot fish
  77. canyonman

    Cow jig reel?

    I do feel that a 50 size reel has it’s place at the bank. I’ve killed a few cow fish on the PL and always felt that I was able to put the wood to a fish in the dark and end any possibility of a prolonged battle
  78. canyonman

    Cow jig reel?

    If you are talking hurricane bank pl68 application I would go with the high speed avet 50 sds
  79. canyonman

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I have a soft spot for the mak 16 sea. I sold my 16 visx just didn't feel right for me. I've killed a few big fish on the mak 16 including two cows. For fly lining during the day with mixed grade of fish around it is pretty much my go to reel.
  80. canyonman

    Viking Fleet 3 day trips question...

    I used to do multi day cod trips on the Francis fleet. Last few years I’ve only seen multi day tuna trips listed The Viking does a variety of deep drop tile as well as multi day tuna trips. In the northeast I would only say the voyager comes close to offering what the Viking fleet offers in...
  81. canyonman

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Sounds like a good trip John. I’m glad you guys found that grade of fish. I was sure it was only a matter of time. The Indy left a day or so before you guys rolled in and they had stellar fishing. We didn’t see that grade in December. Pretty much go big or go home for us. Looks good for future trips
  82. canyonman

    Limited Load on the RP

    Love the limited load. Have no problem paying a few bucks extra
  83. canyonman

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Didn't seem that way but its cool.
  84. canyonman

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    haven't heard any numbers but good fishing. I think they had 2 cows but im not sure. This was completely opposite from when we were there in December. The bank was infested with skipjack. Small numbers of that 80 to 130 grade but some really nice cows.
  85. canyonman

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    No need to curse dude. This was a fishing post about hurricane that got thread jacked. I am posting a relevant fishing report. If you feel the need to be a keyboard tough guy you can PM me and we can discuss it like adults.
  86. canyonman

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Back to the fishing. Captain Matt brought the Indy back this morning from the John Collins 16 day with 3 holds full of fish. That’s good fishing
  87. canyonman

    Viking Fleet 3 day trips question...

    If you are interested. 2 spots open on the same charter
  88. canyonman

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    No place like hurricane. From the latest reports Capt. Matt related back to the office pretty good fishing on that bank grade 80 to 150 with some cows mixed in. Sounds like more consistent fishing then when we were there in December. Love to see some big fish pics. I’m sure you are being well...
  89. canyonman

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Enjoy soda. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the excel. I’m sure the food is as it always has been. Awesome. Take pics and protect your neck.
  90. canyonman

    Excel' last trip

    They were posting on FB. I believe they had decent fishing on 80 to 120 lb fish and wahoo at the bank. They moved to the beach to look for bigger models
  91. canyonman

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    That 80 to 120 grade was non existent in November. Funny how things change
  92. canyonman

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    Good luck you guys. As soda can attest fish the man bait hard at the bank. 95 percent of all the cows on my Indy trip were on the man bait. That being said I got mine on a chunk. Happy New Year and good luck to all of you going long
  93. canyonman


    Centaur is a hell of a rod. I fish it 80 but it can definitely be used for 100. I put one to the test at the bank this year on a mean 180 lb fish. My advise is to talk to a reputable rod builder and tell them what you are looking for. Jim Trelikes builds all my rods and has never steered me wrong
  94. canyonman


    For 80 check out the centaur.
  95. canyonman

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    Meclizine seems to work wonders. I don’t get sick but I keep plenty on hand for friends. Never a complaint
  96. canyonman

    Independence Sportfishing 15 day trip report.. Nov. 29- Dec. 14

    Soda great to have you on the trip with us. Hopefully you can make it in January 2021
  97. canyonman

    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    Great trip. I was on the Indy. We had good wahoo fishing throughout. Tuna fishing was a scratch affair. But if you fished the man bait you had a chance. We put 11 cows in the boat with one super. Glad to see your move to the lower banks paid off.
  98. canyonman

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    I would bring the big guns. With this lower banks bite the 10 day boats will definitely give it a look.
  99. canyonman

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    They are definitely in 10 day range. The rooster just posted a 302. That 2 over 300 today
  100. canyonman

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Looks like an atd 12.
  101. canyonman

    Weather forecast for next week. Rain.. prepare yourself

    I invested in north face waterproof duffels for this reason. Little rain never hurt anyone.
  102. canyonman

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Red Rooster is also at the lower banks. Good sign of fish around from 50 to 300. I’m a little stoked leave in a few days. Haven’t seen the banks go off since 2007 The Rooster got a 320 today.
  103. canyonman

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Intrepid is on them. Decent grade
  104. canyonman

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Yeah man. Leaving in 9 days
  105. canyonman

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Brad you got me in the background in that pic. I didn’t know Wes had passed. Bummer cool dude. Lots of cool dudes on that trip
  106. canyonman

    Best and easiest knot for spectra to spectra

    Uni to uni works in low diameters But in heavy applications I would be nervous. I’m still looking for a 100% connection. I need to splice solid 80
  107. canyonman

    Fall 10 Day Fishing

    Love my fall 15 day. Seems like a real fishy time of year, been doing it since fall 2005. Transitioning to winter next year. Not my choice but I will miss the options the fall gives you. As far as bait we always make due with what we have. Been down south with shit bait and killed it and vice...
  108. canyonman


    Matt is running the trip. He’s been down there plenty. We will be in good hands
  109. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Most of us spend the night on the boat. It’s really convenient especially for those traveling a good distance to get to the boat.
  110. canyonman

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Bunch of us are on the Indy. Going to be strange no seeing the Big X out there on the bank.
  111. canyonman

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Hope you guys make it out
  112. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    No ones been to the bank yet. Reports should be coming in soon. Lower banks could be in play too. Hoping for a big hit on some good bank grade tuna
  113. canyonman

    Restaurants near the landings

    Little Italy is great. Plenty of cool restaurants.
  114. canyonman

    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    Wahoo gonna love that
  115. canyonman

    Could it be? 2005 Lower Banks fishing again!

    That the one. Holding my breath. Bob we missed last year at the bank. Indy and the excel both bailed for greener pastures. The red rooster slid in after us and actually did ok
  116. canyonman

    RR3 trip #21 report

    Question about that prototype. Was it the long range model that is highly anticipated. If so how did it hold up? My condolences to your family
  117. canyonman

    New To Crimping

    I sprung for a braid crimper years ago. Like 90 bucks. Plus all the gear probably adds up to 200 bucks
  118. canyonman

    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    I’ve dealt with you before and had excellent customer service. This post didn’t make sense at first. Understand now. Shitty deal
  119. canyonman

    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    I use a Mak 16 as a 100 lb reel Caught two cows on it no problem. Looking at the new 15T as an 80 lb reel. Pairing it up with a centaur
  120. canyonman

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Loved Jeff. But Matt and Bam will do well.
  121. canyonman

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    Question. I tie the single 3 turn with great success. Some schools of thought say once through is all you need. I like the double uni but find that the lines sometimes cross each other in the eye of the hook. Any insight on this thanks
  122. canyonman

    Fishin in Barcelona, Spain

    Salamanca’s in Barceloneta for seafood and iberico ham. Le salon for Catalan food. Can’t tell you about fishing , I was too tired from exploring too think about wetting a line. The boqueria off of las ramblaz has a fish market which is amazing Great tapas there also. Enjoy
  123. canyonman

    Kite rods

    3x5. Avet 50w 3 speed loaded with 200 jb hollow.
  124. canyonman

    Dharyl Shelbourne on how to make a wind-on leader.

    Thank you. I had a failure on 130 jb. I have filled most reels with threadlock but topped them off wit JB because I read/heard that threadlock had a waxy coat that wouldn’t let the glue fully adhere to the flouro.
  125. canyonman

    Dharyl Shelbourne on how to make a wind-on leader.

    Curious as to reasons for this?
  126. canyonman

    Jersey Shore Fishing????

    Canyons are on fire right now. Bigeye swords tiles mahi and yellowfin 30 line nice bluefin up to 100.
  127. canyonman

    Dharyl Shelbourne on how to make a wind-on leader.

    I use the Sato crimp on some of my set ups. I use premier and as far as crimps go I use an 80 lb for 100 premier and 100 lb for 130 premier. That is using 100 lb JB hollow and 130 lb JB hollow.
  128. canyonman

    Rail Technique... Left or Right Arm?

    Growing up reeling with rod under the right arm and being right handed was a big no no here on the east coast. Kid your reeling under the wrong arm was drilled into me. I always go rod under the left and reel with the right
  129. canyonman

    Considering Indy 5-Day Xmas Special for first LR Trip?

    Prescription meclezine (spelling) works for me when I need it
  130. canyonman

    Crew Members Fishing

    Never much cared about the crew fishing. It’s usually done when things are slow or on watch. I actually watch intently because they get bit quicker than I do.
  131. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    2012 was a great trip. But every year is a good trip.
  132. canyonman

    Viking Fleet 3 day trips question...

    Just got off a 5 day charter on the Starship. Epic fishing once again. Tiles up 47 lbs, Barrel Fish up to 28 , Snowies up to 54. Plenty of other bottom dwellers. We didn't tuna fish , this was a deep drop trip. Fished from Lydonia to Hydrographers. A Tuna tile trip adds the prospect of trolling...
  133. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    No music from the PA. At times the crew may break out a small wireless speaker during those long hot days at the bank.
  134. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Yeap started with the Indy when they were new then the RP and last few seasons back on the Indy. Another fish killer.
  135. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Amboy. Otherwise known as Bam
  136. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Matt is a fish killer , have no worries. Last I heard Ben was the 2nd ticket now.
  137. canyonman

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    Seaguar premier all day everyday
  138. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Don is a great guy and a hell of a fisherman. Years past we’ve fished lower banks, buffer zone as well as hurricane. We have a week so all the usual spots are in play. Matt ls got the trip this year I know we will be in good hands
  139. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Your quiver sounds right for the trip. Usually 4 days down 4 days back with 7 days at the bank. Some years a quick stop at alijos to catch some dinner. But it’s usually a big fish or bust trip. Last year the bank was off after a lot of searching we went and killed wahoo and yellowtail. DTX were...
  140. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Fish this trip every year. bBuck can vouch for us great core group of anglers. Rogers a great guy plenty of giveaways. Any questions fire away
  141. canyonman

    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Which trip are you on?
  142. canyonman

    Getting your fish home?

    Most processors will ship your fish home next day air.
  143. canyonman

    indy 15-23 june

    No rules fishing the slide or lines for bait. It is first come first serve for boating but you are given a number ad that’s your tackle spot as well as your rod storage Pretty easy. Food is great. Not a wet boat. Plenty of bait. Staterooms are awesome. One call for dinner.
  144. canyonman

    Soldering Split Rings???

    The split rings on the DTX minnows out of the box wore away from the vibration after being trolled for an extended period of time on my November trip. Never saw that before
  145. canyonman

    Salty Dawg Custom Rods -- Buyer Beware

    Interesting. I’ve had a bunch of rods built by salty dawg. No issues.
  146. canyonman

    Need your help - J Hooks

    Not a new hook. I do not see them a lot in online stores. I bought a bunch from Roger at Sav on when he was there. Last year I couldn’t find them and he ordered some from mustad directly.
  147. canyonman

    Need your help - J Hooks

    I use J hooks for fly line in 5/0 6/0 and 7/0 sizes with good success. Funny thing one year I switched to circle hooks , caught plenty but had more chew offs then I ever had. Coincidence , maybe but I've gone back to J hooks with less chew offs. My preference is Mustad hoodlum 5x. Its all what...
  148. canyonman


    Long range is changing. If you go long you see it. It’s hard to keep people interested due to money age etc. there will always be a hard core base that will go till they can’t go anymore. This board stimulates interests and hopefully a few new riders which is good for the industry which is in...
  149. canyonman


    2005 got me going. I flew out jumped on a wahoodad trip Had an eye opening experience and been going strong ever since. With out bd long range forums my work day would be totally in productive.
  150. canyonman

    RP - John Collins 16 day trip report

    Love the DTX , they get bit but durability is an issue. On my last 15 day there were times where it was literally one and done for the DTX Rings wore off after trolling for hours on travel days that being said the Tony the Tiger and solid black marauder stopped the boat many times as well
  151. canyonman

    Offshore Indy 3 day

    Jeff was a fish killer on the Indy. But he's moved on. Matt has had some killer trips while running the boat and he will be running the boat on my November trip. Cant wait
  152. canyonman

    Congradulations to Tim Turis

    Great fish Tim
  153. canyonman

    What rod for Makaira 16

    I have my Mak 16 paired with a calstar 770xxh. Killed a cow on it.
  154. canyonman

    Seeker OSPX3 and 1X3

    Custom or factory wrap
  155. canyonman


    Mike Melton’s has them on their website. All models in the rail rod version. Or you can reach out to rocky.
  156. canyonman

    Grafighter 700 XH

    I have a 765xh looking to sell Custom made by Timmy from this site
  157. canyonman

    Deep Drop Tile Fish Trip

    It’s a great trip. Fish some drops up to 1000 ft. Always come across some new drops holding some exotic stuff. Big barrelfish , snowy, wrecks, and always some giant Viking tiles
  158. canyonman

    Threadlock spectra

    Good stuff
  159. canyonman

    Deep Drop Tile Fish Trip

    Ok good luck on your Yankee Capts trip.
  160. canyonman

    Deep Drop Tile Fish Trip

    James we have a few spots. Come on
  161. canyonman

    Deep Drop Tile Fish Trip

    This is marks trip. Been doing it since 2008. Always a great time. It’s a private trip so that’s why it’s not listed.
  162. canyonman

    Deep Drop Tile Fish Trip

    Deep drop trip of a lifetime except we go every year. This year we have 2 spots. Long range east coast style on the Viking Starship. Fishing the Far East canyons. Lydonia welker oceanographers hydrographers in search of giant tile and wreckies. Last weekend in June Plus George’s cod and...
  163. canyonman

    RP update - done with wahoo and 15 cows so far......

    I thought I was the only one that talked to their bait. By the way I talk to my chunks too.
  164. canyonman


    Glad you guys got home safely.
  165. canyonman

    Mak16ii vs Tac20ii

    Mak 16 sea. Ive killed two cows with it. Love it.
  166. canyonman

    Someone to wrap three rods.

    Jim Trelikes /
  167. canyonman

    Bucket List Fishing Trips

    Clipperton. The islands if the ever open
  168. canyonman

    Penn 16 visx (silver)

    lowered for monday
  169. canyonman

    Any insight on bent and tested NEW Graftech rail rods?

    Nal. Rocky had some on our trip. I checked it out and seems legit for the price. I know Dale and Rocky have been fishing them for a bit. Give Rocky a shout I’m sure he will give you his honest opinion
  170. canyonman

    From Facebook

    Bent out a 7691 on a 252 on the kite. Fish hit the deck and hook just fell out.
  171. canyonman

    From Facebook

    Bent out a hoodlum 5x on a 201 demon fish 2 years ago at hurricane. Still got the fish though. I personally feel that even though mustads bend they don't usually break which gives you a shot.
  172. canyonman

    RP - on a BFT bite...

    Jeff is a great fisherman and a beast on deck. Going to miss him on the Indy
  173. canyonman

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    Cross Acsencion off the list. Clipperton , the islands .... The list is getting skinny.
  174. canyonman

    Manual Drag Override

    Palming the spool end game is the way to go. If the fish gets squirrely you can just let off rather than hammering the drag past your comfort level
  175. canyonman

    UC CX70 Gladiator

    Great rod.. have one in the quiver gets used quite a bit.
  176. canyonman

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    My buddy Bud 94 and still doing long trips
  177. canyonman

    Penn 16 visx (silver)

    For sale a brand new in box Penn 16 visx silver loaded with JB hollow 100. Bought it never used it. Spooled by Pelagic Outfitters. 575$ plus shipping Sold
  178. canyonman

    Bag to carry clothes

    North face base camp. I have two , one xl for all my gear which I ship and one small version for misc gear which I bring on the plane. all water proof never had an issue.
  179. canyonman

    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    Matt is a hard worker and I look forward to him running the boat. He’s waited a while for this opportunity. His moving up also means there’s going to be a new 2nd ticket. Hopefully one of the current crew members gets a shot.
  180. canyonman

    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    Matt is the 1 st ticket. I will miss Jeff. I’m excited to fish with Matt though. Jeff will do great on the RP
  181. canyonman

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    On my trip we usually troll on the way down . Hooked quite few fish. Some hoo some mahi. all donated , all good.
  182. canyonman

    Biosphere Permits?

    Question, can the San Diego fleet fish anywhere in the green shaded areas? I assume the purple areas are off limits.
  183. canyonman

    Phenix rod jog stick

    I use the 809 xhj , great stick. Put in some real work on the hoo this season . I highly recommend.
  184. canyonman


    Jeff has moved on to the RP
  185. canyonman

    First Long Range Trip Looking for Tips and Advice Please!

    This year I brought a case of water. I usually suffer from swollen ankles by mid trip. This year not nearly as bad. Coincidence maybe but I’ll be bringing a case of water again this year. I may add a case of sculpin to go along with the case of Pacifico just in case
  186. canyonman


  187. canyonman


    Damn brad that looks like perfect bait for some 100lb yellowfin
  188. canyonman

    The RP is getting them

    That's a valid point . It actually changed the day after we left . I'm not complaining . For me just being in the big fish zone is being in the game . Slow fishing is just part of it.
  189. canyonman

    The RP is getting them

    Great trip. Im glad to see the bank is back to its old self. When I was there in December it was not on. Just bad timing.
  190. canyonman

    Lower banks history.

    Lower banks was epic in 05. My first long range trip on the shogun. I landed in San Diego went straight to the landing and watched the Q unload. Sick Sick. I was hooked then and there. I hadn’t even left the dock. I have not experienced it as it was then but 07 we had one day 45 fish 15 cows...
  191. canyonman

    Light line super?

    That’s my wahoo bait stick lol
  192. canyonman

    Light line super?

    Hopefully my day will come. When it does I want it to on my 3x5 paired with my mak 50w sea loaded with 200lb. Heavy kite gear. Probably won’t go that way but a guy can dream right
  193. canyonman

    Light line super?

    Looks like a talica 12 , they got another super 322 on 100lb. Report says its hard to get bit on anything more an 100 lb.
  194. canyonman

    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    With news of the Bank starting to produce people may jump on . Good luck fishing , enjoy .
  195. canyonman

    Independence home with Bluefin

    Capt Matt getting it done
  196. canyonman

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    3 turn uni .. I love it and I can tie it easily . Anything over 100 lb I usually crimp . But I can tie 130 lb easily enough with a 3 turn uni . Strong knot
  197. canyonman

    Red Rooster report from HB Bank

    We left before you guys rolled in . Glad to see you guys caught .
  198. canyonman

    Nomad DTX report

    Not adding flame to the fire . I was on the trip with Don. We had great wahoo fishing . The nomads out fished the marauders 10 to 1 . But every single one we used got destroyed eventually . Out of the box they do not hold up to the punishment long range produces . The one that lasted the longest...
  199. canyonman

    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    Just got back. The bank was tough we spent 2 full days there. There was good wahoo fishing. Little tuna sign but it appeared to be on the up tick. The sharks had backed off. We boogied after two days and put a hurt on some skin at the rocks and topped it off with good yellowtail fishing. The...
  200. canyonman

    14 day trip report.....

    Soda sorry to hear about the trip. Shitty service just amplifies a bad trip . That's the first Ive heard that service was an issue on the boat you were on .. A few of us are leaving Friday on long trips . Hopefully conditions change in a week
  201. canyonman

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    Nothing like a good report to fill trips. Thanks for the vibes Brad. Hopefully we go down there and change things up
  202. canyonman

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    Ominous report. I’m leaving Friday 15 days
  203. canyonman

    Fly-in Cow Options

    What areas are the Mazatlan trips fishing ? Are they big fish trips
  204. canyonman

    Calstar 770XXH and XXXXH

    Thanks Jim They look great cant wait to put a bend in them .!!!
  205. canyonman

    Fishing areas for 10 day early December

    Ridge , mag bay, the rocks
  206. canyonman

    Tapping the brains trust of SDLR re: Shipping rod tubes as baggage.

    Mike is up and running. He will definitely help you
  207. canyonman

    Tapping the brains trust of SDLR re: Shipping rod tubes as baggage.

    That sucks mike won’t be around. I ship everything straight to him. Some boats will let you ship to the office give them a call. My last time checking my rods on the flight the TSA took a hacksaw to the top of my bazooka tube. That point on I leave my gear in San Diego Good luck with the...
  208. canyonman

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    10 day November 2005. Epic Wahoodad charter on the Shogun. Great people and a mind blowing experience fishing wise which hooked me and I’m still addicted to chasing the big dogs
  209. canyonman

    HXW Raptor Drag Results at Strike

    Rocky will set you straight. Just sent him a brand new hxw raptor and got the works. He is quick and affordable
  210. canyonman

    First Hurricane Cow?

    Unreal catch on the hoo stick. I remember one night on the bank cook on the Indy Michelle caught a cow on his 50 lb wahoo stick. How is fishing by the way.
  211. canyonman

    First Hurricane Cow?

    According to the website they are on the move to the lower banks . Sounds like they had some decent fishing but the bank was sharky . Hopefully they locate some bigguns . They had an epic trip to the lower banks last year this time /
  212. canyonman

    What angle are you working on?

    That is a rough spring trip Dave . Are you on the Excel Thanksgiving trip ? Last year I used Pro Spec Flourocarbon 130 lb on my chunk rig with success . I liked the feel of it . John from Trophy put me on to it which I thank him for .
  213. canyonman

    We Lost Jim Hernandez...

    Sorry for your loss.
  214. canyonman

    First Hurricane Cow?

    Should have heard something by now . Hopefully its on and theres no time to report . Ill be down there in a month.
  215. canyonman

    Noisy Avet

    Can’t wait Don. The intrepid left today. Soon we should be seeing some reports to wet the appetite
  216. canyonman

    Noisy Avet

    Don did you speak to Rocky about it. He usually replaces the bearings as part of his blueprint service
  217. canyonman

    Oakley Mainlink w/ Blue Prizm Polarized Lenses

    Pair of Oakley Mainlink black frame with mirrored blue prizm polarized lenses . Worn once, just don’t use them. Comes with soft case and a carry bag. 100$ plus shipping
  218. canyonman

    Most 300lb,200lb,and 100lb YFT Caught in a Single Day

    Two casts on the PL 68 at the bank , back to back cows on the Indy 2016 . Thanksgiving 2012 we had 52 over 200 .
  219. canyonman

    200/200 Club?

    265/325.... never thought of that club before.
  220. canyonman

    First long range trip advice

    In 2012 I took a buddy with me , first time long range . It was the 15 day thanksgiving trip on the Indy . Long story short , he had a great time caught two cows and has made 4 long trips with me since . On my first long range trip a 10 day in 2005 , I was already hooked prior to ever wetting a...
  221. canyonman

    First long range trip advice

    John retirement is in the near future .. can I come work for you ????
  222. canyonman

    BNIB Avet Raptor 3 speed in silver

    I don’t buy a on to the op can answer that even its not serviced by Rocky still a good price
  223. canyonman

    BNIB Avet Raptor 3 speed in silver

    A Raptor with all the upgrades by Rocky at 500$ is a steal. He does all my reels and is top notch. If I didn’t just buy one I’d be all over this
  224. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    Mike good to hear your going fishing. See you soon buddy.
  225. canyonman

    topless 30

    Still have all my accurates . Not my go to reels anymore as they seem to bea bit temperamental. I've had issues with the drags on my ATD 50 and ATD 12. They were corrected and are good to go now .
  226. canyonman

    Suggestions for taking my new 7'6" Viper and Invictus on airplane

    Horror stories . Had the TSA take a saw to the top of my Bazooka rod tube in order to inspect . That was it for me . I started shipping them till that became an issue . Now I just leave my long range quiver in San Diego . Thanks Mike Morris . Another buddy who insists on carrying his rods with...
  227. canyonman

    Suggestions for taking my new 7'6" Viper and Invictus on airplane

    Horror stories . Had the TSA take a saw to the top of my Bazooka rod tube in order to inspect . That was it for me . I started shipping them till that became an issue . Now I just leave my long range quiver in San Diego . Thanks Mike Morris . Another buddy who insists on carrying his rods with...
  228. canyonman

    Shimano Ocea Jiggers

    Try John at Trophy Tackle . heard he works on them . Lots of parts are interchangeable with the trinidads .
  229. canyonman

    Hooks and baiting hooks for chunking

    Floating a chunk out while anchored in the canyon (east coast) when things were slow always produced for me. On my 2 nd longer trip 10 days on the Indy in 06 we were at Alijos Lots of wahoo yellowtail The crew started chunking. Me and a buddy jumped at it producing 2 nice 100 lb yellowfin...
  230. canyonman

    Canyon Runner

    Sounds like a great trip canyon is on fire right now . A great bigeye bite going on in the eastern canyons . Reports of some nice blue marlin around . plus word of some giants being caught east and south around cape may .
  231. canyonman

    Kite set ups

    I go with an Avet 50W 3 speed on a 3x5 . Stump puller
  232. canyonman

    A question for those who fly into SD.

    Like john said , ship it all . I get on the plane with a knap sack and that's it . I used to lug it all with me now I ship . so much easier and the cost is worth it for the peace of mind.
  233. canyonman

    HX Raptor free spool problem

    Send them to Rocky , he offers a bunch of upgrades . They will spin like a top when you get them back .
  234. canyonman

    Man Bait Rig

    I had a Jobu do that to me John . I had a good one on for a while then nothing . Skippy came up all digested with the Jobu turned back into the meat . ughh
  235. canyonman

    Which Reel Would You Buy??

    My pea shooter rig last few seasons. Mak 16 sea with a 770xx. First fish fresh out the box the reel seized up on me. I was bummed. First day of the rip. Sent back to Okuma and no complaints since then. Caught a bunch of fish on it last year including a very spirited 202. After that fish I...
  236. canyonman

    Trip Decision

    Indy 10 day at that time could put you on some cows
  237. canyonman

    Spinners on the Rail?

  238. canyonman

    Canyon Runner

    seems they have been trolling up some bluefins in the 100 lb range south of cape may
  239. canyonman

    General Info on the Independence

    Great boat . Jeff and Matt are fish killers . Ed is great in the galley . The prime rib on the first night is awesome . I like the storage in the staterooms . plenty of room for everything I bring . Ive been on the boat in all types of weather and it handles well . Enjoy your trip .
  240. canyonman

    Best site for atlantic north east reports

    Noreast has fallen off . I use bassbarn .
  241. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    Spoke to mike today for about ten minutes He sounded good. He’s going back to rehab and said he should be home by August. We had a few laughs at my buddy Felix’s expense. Which was good. We left with me saying I’ll see you November to which he replied sure thing buddy. It was good to speak to...
  242. canyonman

    Avet/Seaguar/Raider/Graphtec Charter April 4th to 20th Report

    Premier can be very efficective. I fish it religiously with out issue. I fish 100 lb with a J hook and pull hard. I’ve never broken 100 premier. I’ve straightened a 4x hoodlum on a 203 with a mak 16 calstar 770xxh but the 100 premier was not an issue
  243. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    Just heard the news. I’m happy they are able to relax a little. Each update is better news. Keep the good vibes coming
  244. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    No news since I last posted Soda. I will keep you updated as soon as I hear anything.
  245. canyonman

    Big Fish on the RP, 265, 287, 307

    Brad that’s one bait I’ve never tried at the bank. I’ve pinned on a rainbow runner chunk. Love native bait. Puffers dead or alive.
  246. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    That is really good news
  247. canyonman

    Calstar 765

    I have a 765M in san diego Im looking to sell . PM me
  248. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    Mike was outside today , 2nd time and no oxygen .
  249. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    Mike is progressing. As stated he was able to walk 50 ft today. His support network is huge With each update I convey all our prayers to his wife it can only help knowing we are all pulling for him
  250. canyonman

    Small hook big fish

    It all goes back to what you are comfortable with. I do use circles for for chunking. But I feel most comfortable with a J hook when pinning on a sardine. That leads to confidence in what you are doing which I feel leads to bites
  251. canyonman

    Small hook big fish

    I tend to use J hooks more often these days. Mustard hoodlum. 4x
  252. canyonman

    Tackle Stoarge in San Diego

    Mike from big fish transport is who I use. At the moment he is going through some health issues as stated above.
  253. canyonman

    Uc rod for Makaria 50sea

  254. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    Surgery went well. Mike us sicu recovering.
  255. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    If I hear anything I will post
  256. canyonman

    Mike Morris Update

    Mike is getting the transplant as I type this
  257. canyonman

    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    Mike I know you will be fine keep us all updated . Godspeed .
  258. canyonman

    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    I spoke to him last week. Sent him my prayers He’s a great guy and definitely deserves all the good vibes being sent his way
  259. canyonman


    Way to top off a great trip
  260. canyonman

    Grundens for multi-day trips?

    Grundens gage tops and bottoms . Great for long range .
  261. canyonman

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    RP is headed to Clipperton which is currently closed He was able to get that trip going. Maybe it’s possible to get some of these islands belonging to Mexico open again.
  262. canyonman

    50 vs 30 size

    I only use a 50 wide for the kite. A 50 is a great chunking reel. My 30 w don’t get used as much as I would like.
  263. canyonman

    50 vs 30 size

    honor that beast of a rod with a 50 ready for war I love that rod I have a 50 w avet 3speed loaded with 200 spectra which I use for the kite .
  264. canyonman

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Ed’s prime rib on the Indy is a great way to start the trip. Some of his deserts are world class
  265. canyonman

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    Lol. I can’t help myself anymore. I’m cool with some of the Indy crew I’ll ask about you
  266. canyonman

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    I would have loved to have been on that trip . I was on the shogun in November 05 . Great fishing but not that good .
  267. canyonman

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    we had 52 on the Indy in 2012 . I believe the RP had over 60 on a trip . It looks like they caught big fish on manbait , chunks as well .
  268. canyonman

    Big Tuna at the Rocks

    I don't remember if it was the Melton trip , but it was the trip before Thanksgiving . We had a great time lots of fall variety . Wide open mahi at the ridge . A solid bite at th erocks for good grade tuna with some hoo and yellowtail mixed in .
  269. canyonman

    Big Tuna at the Rocks

    Early November 2006 on a 10 day. Spent 3 days at the rocks on the Indy We had tuna up to 160. Caught a bunch on chunks. Some big fish were hooked and never stopped. Had good fishing on hoo and yellowtail also
  270. canyonman

    Indy - Any recommendations

    No cons about the Indy in my opinion . I do a 15 day every year and no complaints . Great food and crew . Comfortable boat with big staterooms . Depending on the trip you may be able to get a stateroom with 3 bunks for two guys .
  271. canyonman

    AVET JX vs LX

    Jx raptor with an HX handle.
  272. canyonman

    Factory or Custom rods

    Jim Trelikes or salty dawg will get you right
  273. canyonman


    Congrats on the cow John .
  274. canyonman

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    Yeap. I believe it was the Dorothy b at the time. It was involved in 9/11. I worked on it In 96 it was a fishing boat
  275. canyonman


    Dave I was on the Indy when that fish was caught. The bank was loaded with skippies. I would think that if there are skipjack on that bank the tuna would be there too
  276. canyonman

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    Worked on that boat back when it was the Brooklyn V out of NYC . Love that boat .
  277. canyonman

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Yes I can pull 25 lbs of drag off a reel. I worked on boats for years and would set customers reels by hand all the time. It wasn’t till I started fishing on the west coast that I used a scale. That said I still set by hand then use a scale
  278. canyonman

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Just curious. I set my drag by hand as to what am comfortable with. Then I test them again in the scale and it’s usually in the neighborhood of where it should be. When the crew comes along and checks your drag they also do it by hand.
  279. canyonman


    Too bad , Just curious when was the last time a boat fished a "new" area in this fishery ?
  280. canyonman


    Interesting stuff . There are some options to look at out there . When the fish move off the bank they may be on one of these seamounts with no pressure a all . Who knows till you try .
  281. canyonman


    Interesting stuff . There are some options to look at out there . When the fish move off the bank they may be on one of these seamounts with no pressure a all . Who knows till you try .
  282. canyonman

    Modified Avet Raptor line at Cal's

    Rocky has blueprinted all my avets . His work is top notch .
  283. canyonman

    whats the scoop

    Jeff on the Indy said we will be seeing lots more of hurricane bank in the near future
  284. canyonman

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    That's true Bob . The 3x5 is not for everyone . The one thing I do like about the rod is it takes a good fish to put a bend in it
  285. canyonman

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    My kite rig is avet 50 w 3 speed 130 to 200 spectra on a 3x5
  286. canyonman

    Slowest trip in 5 years

    I’ve done the 15 day after thanksgiving for the last 10 years. It’s always been a big fish trip. Basically a go big trip we’ve never pulled the plug and worked our way up the line. This year was no different. We wound up at potato bank trying for a few trophy fish. Didn’t really work out. But...
  287. canyonman

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th

    I had a failure using 130 hollow with premier 100. I learned after that
  288. canyonman

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    Just got back from the bank. I did not use any ringed hooks all trip. Just 5/0 hoodlum J hook single 4 turn uni Did well on a trip that stealth was paramount in getting bit
  289. canyonman

    Any word on the lower banks?

    Thanks brad Sounds like hurricane is ready. Lower banks could happen any day now. Only 24 days to go
  290. canyonman

    How does the long range boat Kite fishing

    Boat usually hooks it all up
  291. canyonman

    Why don't we bridle our big baits and kite baits?

    Ive caught fish at night with a live skippy dead sticking. More than once
  292. canyonman

    Any word on the lower banks?

    Dude you ,Reid and Dave killed it on that trip. I was hooked but knew I needed to go on the long trips. I appreciated the help on that trip and all the tips since then I’ll be out there 15 days after thanksgiving
  293. canyonman

    Any word on the lower banks?

    The Indy will investigate and report back. Every year we watch the lower banks with great hopes. Since 2005 my trip in the Indy after turkey day has fished that area 2 times. 2007 we had great fishing for a day and moved on to the bank. 2009 we finished there and settled the jackpot There...
  294. canyonman

    Circle Hooks for Cows

    Mustad. And yes 39950’s
  295. canyonman

    Circle Hooks for Cows

    I like mustard 4x perfect circle certain applications. That said I mainly sardine fish with j hooks. Mustard hoodlum. 4/0 to 7/0. Ringed or not. Stealth is always a factor. Lots of options good luck
  296. canyonman

    200# Bigeye Caught on a 20VISX

    Definitely But we can only hope it's cyclical. Early 1990s we're lean years too. I was a kid but there was some great fishing at the Bacardi late 80s. All bluefin but the party boats didn't really venture out to the canyons then. I hope it turns around next season
  297. canyonman

    200# Bigeye Caught on a 20VISX

    A bright spot for a bleak fall canyon season so far
  298. canyonman

    Best Long Range Boat

    Great customer service. Have friends here on the east coast that love the big x. I will try one day soon. But my eart is with the Indy.
  299. canyonman

    Searcher Gets a Cow at the Lupe

    Wow stoked for the angler and the boat. A great year so far. A cow off Oceanside What does the future have in store
  300. canyonman

    Is NJ Mid Atlantic or North East

    Brick is nice. But you have to say local canyon is Hudson. Which is a great option. Yellowstone under wAter. I don’t have a boat boat I do plan on it and will explore Hudson’s every nook and cranny
  301. canyonman

    Is NJ Mid Atlantic or North East

    south jersey is mid Atlantic. North part is north east. Cape may boats fish southern canyons all the way to Norfolk. Seems like the line of demarcation is lbi
  302. canyonman

    Best Long Range Boat

    Indy. Just an east coast opinion since 2005
  303. canyonman

    36 hr Canyon Trip

    No man couldn’t get enough guys
  304. canyonman

    36 hr Canyon Trip

    Ok so price is set at 450 oct 10 to the 11. 36 hr trip. Yellow fin and longfin have been caught in good numbers. Swords are a possibility. Anyone on the fence come on. Big fast comfortable head boat.
  305. canyonman

    36 hr Canyon Trip

    Mike definitely. Kevin prob looking at 600 $$. That a lot of room and fishing is good right now. They came back last night with yellowfin albacore and a nice sword
  306. canyonman

    36 hr Canyon Trip

    Come on , all my west coast brothers are welcome .
  307. canyonman

    36 hr Canyon Trip

    What's up fellow bloodydeckers. I'm putting together a 36 hr canyon trip on the Brooklyn 6. A 110 ft party boat based out of Brooklyn NY. We will be fishing for tuna ,swords,mahi and maybe some tiles. This is still in the planning stage and a price is being worked on. I'm planning on going with...
  308. canyonman

    WTB - Needlecrook Leather Sheath for Pliers and dykes!

    Mike I know. Remember that movie single white female
  309. canyonman

    Custom hooks CTR

    Hey guy one problem I've encountered with the clipperton rig is when you get the bite but the small hook gets bit inevitably resulting in a lost fish.
  310. canyonman

    Getting your gear to and from SD

    Only in Atlanta
  311. canyonman

    Getting your gear to and from SD

    Mike makes life easy. Hop on off with carry on that's all. Mike filled a glaring need for guys flying in. What horror stories I can tell you of flying with gear. TSA taking a hacksaw to my bazooka tube. One reel coming out at time in baggage claim. Lol. I try to to spread the news mike but it...
  312. canyonman

    Getting your gear to and from SD

    Ship , Mike at BigFish Transport can handle it all for you
  313. canyonman

    Experience With This Fisherman's Services Company?

    Mike is the bomb . No worries about your gear and he picks you up from the airport and drops you at the landing . In my case on Thanksgiving every year and its usually around dinner time . Ive been with him since he started this service and never a complaint . I always urge people flying in to...
  314. canyonman

    Phenix Rod for Cows

    Definitely have a look at the axis line of blanks . I have the 4 x and 3x nice rods at a fair price
  315. canyonman

    Big Fish Transport A+

    Mike is the man. I've been using his services the last two years. Great stuff. All I do now is jump on the plane with carry on and see mike at the dock.
  316. canyonman

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    I've gotten bit on the sink and retrieve. Last trip every fish was on the sink. They like the flutter action
  317. canyonman

    Night fishing for the big guys

    Ok I will definitely try this November. I always wonder why a big hammered Jig wouldn't do well. I do think it would be rough attempting that with big gear.
  318. canyonman

    Night fishing for the big guys

    John you stick a glow stick on above the Jig. A small one for night blues or a big one I've done well with the pl68. My favorite has done well by me. It dosent glow so hot anymore but the tunas still like it.
  319. canyonman

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Keep the faith and never give up a kite rotation. Short story. A few years back at the island. Kathy Needleman 2 days on the kite no love End of day she finally gets bit 336 lbs at the dock. Next kite bait up Gary Sturney 288 lb at the dock. Jail sucks but parole could be sweet
  320. canyonman

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    Phenix axis series is a solid rod for a good price.
  321. canyonman

    Onboard report from the XL/Pelagic 16 day

    Plus some very large sharks reside on the bottom just waiting to snack on the scraps
  322. canyonman

    Onboard report from the XL/Pelagic 16 day

    Just got back on the Indy. You guys looked busy. We had pretty much the same fishing. Wound up with 2 cows both on the pl68.
  323. canyonman

    Excel Melton 10 day

    2005 was an epic year on the lower banks. I was lucky enough to be there. Witnessed some epic bites with some great fisherman. That's where the addiction started.
  324. canyonman

    Intrepid fish report ... 15 day... A great way to start the cow season off

    Will be on the thanksgiving trip. Looking good
  325. canyonman

    16 Day Nov/Dec

    Not often. 40 lb for hoo and making bait. 60 I hope not.
  326. canyonman

    All Swivels ARE NOT Created Equal... or are they?

    No not all swivels are the same. Learned that the hard way on some bigger models. I couldn't figure it out, but after speaking with a long ranger who advise I trust. I was enlightened.
  327. canyonman

    Reel Recommendation for uc invictus

    I have a mak 50 sea on mine man bait , salami etc. For pl68 use I'd go with the high speed Avet 50 sds. You can usually find one on here or go with the 3 speed it also has the high gear
  328. canyonman

    are you willing to ship

    are you willing to ship
  329. canyonman

    Mike Morris - Big Fish Transport A+

    Mike is A++ Great guy and offers a great service Takes the stress of logistics out of the long range experience for guys like me who travel long distances
  330. canyonman

    Seaguar premier Q's

    264 on premier 130 lb .I like it . I feel it gets bit better . I ve used others but always come back to premier
  331. canyonman

    American Angler vs Independence

    If you like lots of elbow room , great food and great captain and crew try the Indy .
  332. canyonman

    Getting Spectra Spooled

    Trust in the crew. The do it often and it's done right. My first long range trip I went to a local shop. I should have went to the crew. I wound up doing that anyway half way through the trip. Changed my luck considerably
  333. canyonman

    UC Rail Rods

    Nice john. Good luck on your trip. I love all my United Composites Rods. One of my favorites is the gladiator. All if my rods are wrapped by salty dawg. The rail dawg grip is a great option. The Indy just had a bunch of kite rods built with the grips. I believe the excel also.
  334. canyonman

    "Long Tuna Trip" LA times article from 1985

    When I was a kid a family friend gave me a bunch of older saltwater sportsman mags. There were two articles on long range from the 70's. One about Carl Newell and the other about the lunker hole. Guys were fishing penn 6/0s talking about being spooled in seconds. I lost them years ago
  335. canyonman

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    I loved the free spool on my Mak 16 sea. It seized on me my first fish on this past Nov. So it's going back to okuma then to cal for a little work as well as my 20 30 and 50. Out of the box I like the okumas freespool the best. But I haven't found a reel that beats my Avets in toughness I...
  336. canyonman

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    Uc viper and uc viper. Have used both and like them very much. 2x4 and the axis 3x are nice rods also. Get with salty he will hook you up
  337. canyonman

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    I actually like a chunk of skippy with the silver and blue chunk of skin. But I ve caught and seen fish caught on all types of chunks. Some custom other straight out the chunk bucket
  338. canyonman

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    I spend a considerable amount of time chunking each trip. Last trip lots of sharks but I did put a 175 in the boat on a chunk. Just before that a cow was boated on the chunk. That was this December at the island
  339. canyonman

    Big Fish, Lower Banks

    Clarion fizzled. And the bank was sharky when I was there earlier this month. The lower banks is a real possibility
  340. canyonman

    Penn 16vsx or Mak16

    So the reel seized up during the fight on a 100 lb fish. I sent it back to the retailer today when we docked. I was bummed that I didn't get to use it but I'm sure okuma will fix it. I'm also sending them all to cal for service
  341. canyonman

    Penn 16vsx or Mak16

    On my current trip my mak 16 seized up on my first trip. First fish on the reel.
  342. canyonman

    Jeff from Indy- Fishing as "good as it gets"

    On our way home with the Indy Great fishing. A 240 for me. Lots of good grade around Early am bite and an evening hit every night
  343. canyonman

    Another Big Fish Transport Success Story

    This is a must if you are flying in. I am sitting in JFK waiting to board and the entire process took 20 min. I shipped everything with Bigfishtransport and mike took care of the rest.
  344. canyonman

    Hurricane season not over yet

    Well as long as it follows that track the thanksgiving trips should be ok. I'll be on the Indy and we should be in the zone by Tuesday.
  345. canyonman

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    So at what age do you retire from the cart scene and graduate to the sorting end of the trip. I'm a cart pusher. But I've always been a blue collar guy
  346. canyonman

    royal polaris having a tough trip in deep south waters

    I think the Indy is a little further south
  347. canyonman

    royal polaris having a tough trip in deep south waters

    Indy face book states 90 plus fish day up to 230 lbs
  348. canyonman

    royal polaris having a tough trip in deep south waters

    Indy appears to be at the buffer zone and doing well.
  349. canyonman

    pin head looking for work

    Oh man. I started on the boats at 8 and to this day still work off and on. I worked deck through college. In high school I always hasd a wad of cash in my pocket. I worked nights mostly. There were plenty of kids that just never stopped working deck. A few made it up stairs but most just...
  350. canyonman


    Great rod. You will appreciate it when you hook a biggun
  351. canyonman

    Indipendance 13 day

    Leave a few for us. I'll be on the next one out. That trip last year did well
  352. canyonman

    Cocktail/Wine Glasses

    Crate and barrel has them also
  353. canyonman

    Salty Dawg Rail Rod Special----Any Thoughts?

    Great blanks. Bill will set you up right and it's usually a quick turnaround
  354. canyonman

    After hours Tuna on 12-18 day trips-The Puffers

    Caught with them live and dead at the bank. They work
  355. canyonman

    will el nino affect the 15 day trips?

    Two years ago at the bank after Thanksgiving 15 day I don't think it ever stopped raining
  356. canyonman

    Tac cement and building new leaders"...

    Solomon, Tac glue 6 inch insert and a single sato crimp worked well on my trip last November Will be doing it again...
  357. canyonman

    In memoriam of a good fishing buddy

    So sorry for your loss Dave .. It always sucks to lose a friend
  358. canyonman

    First 15 day leaves Oct. 17 ...... Intrepid

    Oh boy. Time is approaching fast 15 day on the Indy leaving day after thanks giving
  359. canyonman

    best 15 day for a novice who doesnt have gear

    SAV ON is a great group . New guys are always welcome .
  360. canyonman

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    i have looked into a small storage unit by the landing . I havent found one thats cost effective or nearby . A few of the guys on my trip have a unit but its not close. For now I leave my tackle box with friends and ship my rods back north . A small unit would definately be a plus .
  361. canyonman

    The Indypendence boat Question

    Three on one side depending on the number and depending on the amount of people on the trip one or two spots on the rod rack above the tackle area . There is additional rod storage towards the bow on either side . An 8 foot rod may be too much on either side but on the rod rack is fine .
  362. canyonman

    Beautiful Custom 3x5 SOLD

    Damn Tim. The rod is sweet I can attest to your work I purchased a 765 xh from you last year. I can't believe it hasn't sold yet.
  363. canyonman

    Knots for heavy fluorocarbon

    Check out John Collins version of the springer knot on YouTube.
  364. canyonman

    Beautiful Custom 3x5 SOLD

    Love that rod. True cow killer. Bump for a guy that does some nice work
  365. canyonman

    PL68 and Man-Bait?

    I go 75 ft of 150 soft steel mono for the pl 68 and 50 ft soft steel flouro for man baits.
  366. canyonman

    Saltydog rail Dawg Special SD 70XXHP ??

    Thee rail dawg is a great product. Salty wraps all my rods and they all have the rail dawg grip
  367. canyonman

    Saltydog rail Dawg Special SD 70XXHP ??

    Thee rail dawg is a great product. Salty wraps all my rods and they all have the rail dawg grip
  368. canyonman

    Costa warranty?

    Hey you never know. My dog chewed my Maui Jim's up pretty good a few years back , after reading the repair policy I figured it would cost me about 100$ to get them fixed. I sent them in with credit card info. Never heard from them till about a month later I got them back fixed no charge and a...
  369. canyonman

    Freelance Rod Builder Wanted-- San Diego ???

    Salty dawg. He's on here
  370. canyonman

    Custom Fishing Leather Work by Needle Crook (Jed)

    Jed just a thanks for the great work and quick turnaround
  371. canyonman

    Tilefish blank recommendation

    The UC raptor 76 is a special order I just had one built. Not for tiles but love the stick.
  372. canyonman

    Tilefish blank recommendation

    5 lbs is brutal. Optimum conditions are 2 lbs. 3 lbs ok. 4 lbs is fish able but rough. 5 lbs is extreme. That said I fish the same st croix blank fine up to 4 lbs. I also use the reel seat voyager rod I believe it's 8 1/2 feet. Does the job well up to four lbs. I've fished 5 and 6 lbs but it...
  373. canyonman

    Shipping rods and reels

    TSA nightmares . My worst experience was when i received my rods at the airport flying home and some genius took a hacksaw to the cap of my bazooka tube to open it and inspect . Some how he missed all my rods .
  374. canyonman

    Shipping rods and reels

    I used to put my rods on the pmane with me. What a hassle. I started shipping a few years ago and it's so much easier. Plano jumbo airliner is the way to go. Costs me about 60 dollars one way directly from a fed ex shipping center I ship to a family member but depending on the boat you can...
  375. canyonman

    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    BFT 225. That is ingenious and nice of you. Sweet
  376. canyonman

    Favorite time of the year and length of trip

    Thanksgiving 15 days
  377. canyonman

    What's are the differences between a Calstar 770XH and a Seeker SS 1x3

    Original UC viper is a nice 100 lb stick in my opinion . ( which means nada ) Its all personal preference as to what feels right for you . I have the same problem not really being able to pull on a blank prior to having it built . But there is a wealth of information on here . I trust the...
  378. canyonman

    RIP LR Brother Sam Lewis 4/20/2015

    Sam was a good friend . RIP Brother
  379. canyonman

    Tax glue top shots, Part XVXXI

    I put a little JB on top of my threadlock seems to remedy the issue
  380. canyonman

    30hr trip out of NJ

    I shed a teAr when I heard Charlie sold the boat. I tuna fished with him exclusively since 1996. Some wild trips. That boat is a weApon. A great sea boat. Charlie and Ron had a great operation. The voyager customers are in for a real treat.
  381. canyonman

    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    Big Ed. Haven't seen you in a while. Good luck on the upcoming trip. Hope to fish with you soon buddy
  382. canyonman

    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    Very interesting Min. I've fished the Indy since 06 with Jeff on every trip I love his determination to catch big fish. Some may not like his demeanor but he is a fisherman and is all about filling the boat. I don't know mark and Paul hasn't been on our trip in yeArs. Last trip the issues from...
  383. canyonman

    mk 30 vs 20

    Reading conditions of the ocean and the life in it while you are fishing can only pay off in a positive way.
  384. canyonman

    Fishing on the Indy

    Indy is a great ride . The has been some crew turnover over the years but they always replace with solid guys. I ve been riding her since 2006 with no complaints at all . Ed and Rolf has been there forever and provide some really great meals in the galley . I do one long trip a year truely...
  385. canyonman

    mk 30 vs 20

    I fish j and circle the same way . Very rarely do I not get a hook set in the corner of the jaw . It happens with both style of hooks but if you fish them as they were circles you shouldnt have a problem . As timmy said no reason to swing ....
  386. canyonman

    First time long Ranger gets super cow on the RP

    Sweet first trip. A cow and a super Great stuff
  387. canyonman

    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    Nice nal. Looks good. Enjoy the red rooster bro. I wish I was going.
  388. canyonman

    Any suggestions or advice for a fly down/ fly back - verses a ride down trip?

    I actually look forward to all aspects of the trip . I enjoy the movie marathons on the ride home .
  389. canyonman

    Hooks for Sardine Fishing

    I will give it a shot this year John. Thanks for the info
  390. canyonman

    Hooks for Sardine Fishing

    I was a j hook guy for quite a while . I started with owner super mutu's but switched as I felt that the hook was a little to heavy . Just my personal preference . I had great success with owner gorilla J hooks , but as it happens I wanted to tweek a few things . So this year I switched up to...
  391. canyonman

    Heavy Duty Sabiki

    Good luck on your trip on the Indy. Looks like the rooster is putting together a trip
  392. canyonman

    Heavy Duty Sabiki

    Hayabusa makes a two hook with 40lb to the Sabiki fly
  393. canyonman

    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    Thanks nal. Sounds good
  394. canyonman

    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    Nal if you find out let me know , Im looking to do the same thing .
  395. canyonman

    Pl68 Do's and Don'ts for Yellowfin

    PL 68 can be very beneficial for the user . But true you have to put in the work . I alway try and dedicate some time to work a pl 68 . Some trips it has worked out great others lots of trying with no results . I have a rig aside just for the PL 68 . An Avet 50 SDS high speed on a UC Gladiator...
  396. canyonman

    WTB: Seeker 3x5 also Trinidad 30A

    There was a 3x5 on here not that long ago . If you do a search it will pop up . BTW i love that rod .
  397. canyonman

    UC Cow rod preference - Viper, Invictus or Gladiator?

    I have all 3 wrapped by the dawg. Love each one. Highly recommend
  398. canyonman

    Honor Beer and flying the kite up top

    Indy beer is on the honor system unless someones cooking then they will gladly get you one . Upper deck kite flying sounds fun , but a few years back on the shogun a gentleman took a header dwn the ladder luckily into a garbage pail which probably saved him from a really serious injury . Still...
  399. canyonman

    Macaroni Bomb

    Brooklyn is all in .
  400. canyonman

    How Many Boats can fish the Hurricane or Clarion at once?

    Ive seen 5 . We were catching but i have no idea what the other boats were doing .
  401. canyonman

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    Ive been riding the indy since 2006 same trip every year . The price of this trip has increased annually regardless of the price of fuel . I enjoy the boat , crews great and food is always good . So I just chalk it up to the price of doing business.
  402. canyonman

    Avet 3 speed reels for kite fishing

    Buddy of mine caught a 288 last year on the kite using a 3 speed He had no complaints. A 335 was also caught using same set up.
  403. canyonman

    Rods and the NTSB

    I fit 11 rods in bazooka jumbo airliner. I used to go through the hassle of putting them on the plane. What a hassle and the cost was more than shipping. I've shipped fed ex for the last few years with out issue. 60 dollars no worries and they are there when I get there
  404. canyonman

    WTB PL68's

    I have a few , Iill pm you in a few .
  405. canyonman

    Independence 15 day after Thanksgiving

    Thanks John. I'm definately going to try.
  406. canyonman

    Independence 15 day after Thanksgiving

    Ok spots filled. Thanks for the interest
  407. canyonman

    Independence 15 day after Thanksgiving

    Last minute I know. Good friend who's on this trip every year has sudden work issues can't make it. He's looking to sell his spot at a nice discount. It's a great trip with a great group of guys. Latest reports are great Anyone interest ed pm me.
  408. canyonman

    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    Will be on the way to the promised land in less than two weeks. Like mike says there's a lot more to just catching which keeps people coming back. Hopefully we all get a cow for Christmas but either way time spent on the water is valuable Tough trips suck but there is more than one boat out...
  409. canyonman

    Andy on a good score

    Shaping up nicely. Me and the boys will be down there in about two weeks. I'm sure the deck will be wet but my bunk definately dosent leak
  410. canyonman

    Which Boat?

    Indy is a great fishing platform . Nice accessible tackle area. Galley is very comfortable with a nice seating area to watch DVDs on a large flat screen and rooms all have small tv's with DVD player. Food is good. I ve only ridden the Indy and shogun so I can't comment on the others but which...
  411. canyonman

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    Are you offering this service for the ATD line as well ?
  412. canyonman

    Indy at the Potato Bank

    Mike i know man . Ill be there thanksgiving day , hopefully we can sleep on the boat again this year .
  413. canyonman

    Indy Veterans?

    if you are using an SKB tackle box you will need a top spot they will fit on the lower two shelves and the shelves against the house but access willl be difficult . I have an SKB and its pretty much useless because Im never a top shelf guy . No problem I just find a spot with eeasier access ...
  414. canyonman

    Indy at the Potato Bank

    15 day on the Indy in the near future. 2007 we spent 2 days on the lower banks and had some really good fishing. Fingers crossed. Definately a good sign
  415. canyonman

    Curious glance at the Long Range schedules

    Reports from the big fish zone will be rolling in soon as the intrepid red rooster and Polaris supreme are all headed out on the first big fish trips of the season. That usually helps fill some spots. My trip on the Indy had four open spots for the longest time but now we are down to one.
  416. canyonman

    WTS Custom 765 M

    Monday bump
  417. canyonman

    WTS Custom 765 M

    Bump for a nice rod to add to someone's quiver
  418. canyonman

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    Gage by grundens light and effective
  419. canyonman

    WTS Custom 765 M

    Shipping included
  420. canyonman

    Shimano Tiagra 12 and Penn Inte

    Ok man. I still have a 765m available
  421. canyonman

    Shimano Tiagra 12 and Penn Inte

    Bump for 225$. I also have the original frame for this reel. Did I mention includes shipping
  422. canyonman

    WTS Custom 765 M

    Looking to sell a custom calstar 765m all rollers wrapped by Yo's. Aftco reel seat. $175 PM me here or text me at 917 279 9715
  423. canyonman

    Most Helpful

    Dave wahoodad . Never turned down a request for some info
  424. canyonman

    Very Productive Wahoo Bomb

    me too tried no joy
  425. canyonman

    American angler

    You can't go wrong with any of the long range fleet. Enjoy your trip , you will have a blast
  426. canyonman

    Shimano Tiagra 12 and Penn Inte

    Bump. 275 for a sweet little powerhouse
  427. canyonman

    Excel May 15 day trip

    Oh man Dave I'd love to go. This may won't work If this is going to be an annual thing 2016 sounds like a plan. Haven't fished with you guys in a while
  428. canyonman

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    I debate this time to time. Should I send them to cal for a sleeve or just fish them out the box the way they came. I called Larry cofe and he told me he dosent work on them as they are good out the box. They are great and for the price I feel they shouldn't need anything. On the other hand...
  429. canyonman

    Shimano Tiagra 12 and Penn Inte

    Tiagra 12 still available. Some pics
  430. canyonman

    Choosing a 15/16 day trip

    Good luck. That extra day can make a trip. Last year we had tough fishing at the bank made a move to the island and two days of stellar fishing. Last day last minute I pulled out a 248 as did some others. Made for a great ride home. Just sharing. Have fun
  431. canyonman

    MAK 30SEa or 50SEa

    I will be there Steve
  432. canyonman

    Shimano Tiagra 12 and Penn Inte

    Bump and reduced 300 for the Tiagra 12 275 for the Penn Int 16
  433. canyonman

    MAK 30SEa or 50SEa

    Just pulled the trigger on a makaira 50. But I love my 30 and my 20. I also use my trusty penn 50t. Have fun or your trip Enjoy.
  434. canyonman

    Shimano Tiagra 12 and Penn Inte

    Selling a shimano tiagra 12 topless baker frame free spool and bearing work done by Cofe. 80 lb solid JB. $325 Also a Penn International 16 topless tiburon frame 80 lb solid JB. $300 If interested pm me or text at 917 279 9715. PayPal friendly . Thanks
  435. canyonman

    Fall-Winter trips booked.............. are you ready for Cow-Wahoo Fall-Winter season trips?

    Theres room on the indy after thanksgiving trip . We always have a great time .
  436. canyonman

    Can a JX Raptor 2 spd stop a 150 lb class ahi?

    I was there mike. He did it all while saying in his heavy French accent. I think I have a big one. Was a night I won't forget. That fish ate his skippy at the boat
  437. canyonman

    F/S Avet HXW Raptor Blue SOLD!!!

    "no not really. i was debating between this one and my atd 12. this one went LOL Now iif i could get some of these rods i got sold id be a happy man " You mentioned that you wanted to get rid of some rods .
  438. canyonman

    Seeker 10 Day in October on the Excel

    Yeah Gary Any questions feel free to ask
  439. canyonman

    Seeker 10 Day in October on the Excel

    Gary hit me up when you get back . Im sure you will have a lot to talk about .
  440. canyonman

    Blank for Deep Dropping

    Try the super seeker ulua cut down to 8 1/2 feet . I used a phenix 809 xh for a while but the tip was too soft for me . Also a st croix musky blank 79 xxxh . Dave at the reel seat in brielle NJ sells 2 deep drop stick not sure of the blank but a very nice rod .
  441. canyonman

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    Sav on tackle. Rodger is a great guy and usually has verything you will need
  442. canyonman

    Misc. iron for sale

    Various jigs for sale. Take the entire lot for 100$ plus shipping .
  443. canyonman

    Cow fishin the Pacific east coast style

    Ed you with us this November ?
  444. canyonman

    Super seeker

    In nyc John at trophy tackle , Ritchie at Atlantic rods or donart can get you what you need. I personally use salty dawg custom rods for all my sticks. Very knowledgable when it comes to long range and great service
  445. canyonman

    Favorite 100lb reel?

    Mike what's up bro. Sitting here weathering snow storm after snow storm has given me time review this years trip and some recent issues with Phenix rods. I have both the 700xxx and 700xxxx. I agree with you that the 3 x is too soft as as cow stick . That being said I used it plenty this year...
  446. canyonman

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    Congrats on the cow. Great fish. I'm sure it put the icing on the trip for you. Few years back I got a hook I'm my leg. After it was extracted I took everyone's advise and kept it super clean. Crew checked on me regularly and it healed no problems. But staph and other nasty germs can be a real...
  447. canyonman

    What's everyones favorite big bait rig?

    Seeker 3x5 , international 50s. 130 spectra last 100 yards 200 spectra. 10 ft 150 premier.
  448. canyonman

    Indy 15 day 1/11/2014

    On thanksgiving trip there was a good sign at hurricane. At the island we also had decent fishing
  449. canyonman

    Jigging for big yft

    I usually get up at 3 am and throw the pl 68 till first light. Not for everyone but very effective Last trip at least 2 cows were caught on the iron Quite a few guys were up early. I didn't see any guys using an outfit less than a 30 w. Most used a 50. An avet 50 with the 4:1 high speed...
  450. canyonman

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    Sav on carries it . Used it on my last trip in November and really liked it .
  451. canyonman

    Jigging for big yft

    Having fished both coasts with moderate success I can say that long range tuna fishing differs greatly from tuna fishing on the east coast. Methods used on the east coast work on long range but are they efficient not exactly. My jigging stick here is a saltiga 50 700 xh with 80 spectra with a 4...
  452. canyonman

    Mak and SS match up

    You have made a good choice . The Indy is sweet and Jeff is a cow killer. I'm leaving in three weeks , hopefully it's on. Mak 20 on a 2x4 sounds good . For 130 I use united composites gladiator and a Phenix 4xxxx paired with an avet sds 50. That's just basic. Boats kite gear is solid. Have...
  453. canyonman

    Kite rigs-- double-trouble rigs

    Understood , I've only fished the shogun and Indy and both have their own gear. Coming from across the country that's one less set up I have to bring.
  454. canyonman

    Transport tubes - recommendations?

    That sports tube looks good though. I might look into it
  455. canyonman

    Transport tubes - recommendations?

    I fit 11 rods into my tube . It's the flambeau and has wheels which is great for navigating through San Diego airport. I wrap them up in a sheet alternating direction butt to tip. Then I stuff some towels on top of them so they don't bounce around . I ship via ups now, I used put them on the...
  456. canyonman

    Kite rigs-- double-trouble rigs

    Whats wrong with the boats kite gear. I can't remember when I've seen a failure and they are always dialed in .
  457. canyonman

    Intrepid report - moo

    Looks like the bank
  458. canyonman

    Indi 10 day: October 15--Flood report and Spectra Q

    I feel your pain. My apartment was totaled prior to my 15 day last year I was able to get everything stabilized prior to departure and had a great trip. Enjoy
  459. canyonman

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Nal , what's up man. I'm ready. Stocking up on some cigars , practicing my scotch drinking . See u guys on the boat !
  460. canyonman

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Indy 15 day after thanksgiving .
  461. canyonman

    Makaira 20 or 30 sea on a3x5?

    Love that rod but fish it with a 50 . That stick just breaks a cows will. I fish mine old school 50t filled with 130 jb with the last 100 ft of 200. 150 seaguar premier at the end. Strictly a skippy / salami stick.
  462. canyonman

    Rail Rods...which one?

    Love my 3x5. Caught 3 cows on it last year Seems to just break tunas will
  463. canyonman

    Excel... gets more cows..

    after dinner was always a good time to soak a bait at the bank . has produced some nice ones for me.
  464. canyonman

    Tuna night bite

  465. canyonman

    How do you SATO?

    I use an 80 lb crimp for 100 lb premier . Two crimps and the charkbait glue . No problems in the 8 years since i started using the Sato system . I do not use the aluminum crimps anymore .
  466. canyonman

    Indy 16 Day: "Away we go"!

    Go get them Ed .
  467. canyonman

    Boat's kite rig????

    Dave. Ill be on the Indy 15 days in November after thanksgiving. Will it be out by then?
  468. canyonman

    Indy questions

    Good luck you will have a great time. Indy is a great boat very fishy. Crew is awesome Chartermaster roger is cool as can be. Have fun
  469. canyonman

    Boat's kite rig????

    A 2X5 . Really Dave . Just when I thought it was over , they pull me back in . I love my 3x5 . I use it for skippy's but a 2x5 would be even better for that application and the 3x5 for the kite .
  470. canyonman

    Help choosing blanks for 15 day

    I've retired my phenix 3x as a cow rod. I feel it's more of an 80 stick. Which I haven't used in the last few trips. I did use the UC viper Invictus and gladiator with success last trip. Talk to salty he won't steer you wrong
  471. canyonman

    8 cows and 1 Super on the RP First Morning

    Last few trips to the bank guys who stayed up were definitely rewarded
  472. canyonman

    Get ready for a whopper of a hurricane season

    As long as they sty out to sea I'm good.
  473. canyonman

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    Nice the wi fi is up and running .
  474. canyonman

    EXCEL at Somerset NJ Show

    Would be nice to see more representatives from the other long range boat pay a visit out east . There are quite a few east coast long rangers who make the trek annually .
  475. canyonman

    EXCEL at Somerset NJ Show

    Try Viking fleet out of montauk. Up to 7 day canyon trips. Weather is main factor out here. It blows all the time in the fall which happens to be prime tuna time
  476. canyonman

    Three Rules in Negotiating Long Range Trips

    Girlfriend = deal with it , this is how it is and its not going to change. If anything it will probably get worse . Wife = I guess thats why I dont have one anymore .
  477. canyonman

    Trip with most over 300?

    I am impressed . That must have been some ride . I free gaffed a 200 lb sword , the thing went ballistic . Took 3 guys , 3 gaffs to get it over the rail . beat us all up . So I can only imagine what a 300 lb tuna did to him.
  478. canyonman

    Excel to Clipperton

  479. canyonman

    Going Long...Which Boat, Which Trip

    No problem at all . Independence is top notch , just does not get much fan fare on here .
  480. canyonman

    The Saltydawg Rail Dawg Special

    Bill put me on the list for one , paired with a Mak 20
  481. canyonman

    Internationals and Calstars

    Jim the reel is sweet thank you. Can't wait to pin a skippy on it and go cow hunting
  482. canyonman


    Bill Salty Dawg is very good either rewraps or new . Ask about his rail dawg grips .
  483. canyonman

    Intrepid gets WIFI

    Indy will have WI FI for the spring and in addition they added a phone in the salon area to be used with a pre paid phone card at a $ 1.00 a minute . Not too bad .
  484. canyonman

    JIGNPOP 9/15 days trip on the Excel is around the corner

    Oh man. I always carry on my reels Takes a little longer with th TSA but its worth it
  485. canyonman

    Phoenix Rods ?

    I have both the phenix 3x and 4x . After pulling on them both on many fish at hurricane Ive decided that the 3 x is now my 80 stick . The 4x I love , great cow stick in my opinion .
  486. canyonman

    Indy is on Fuego!

    Web site says spring 2013 . You might luck out . Definately a nice perk to be able to e mail or skype . The phone in the salon is going to be nice as well .
  487. canyonman

    Indy is on Fuego!

    They are actually keeping up with the rest of the fleet and adding free on board wi fi as well as a phone in the salon for all to use with the purchase of a phone package . Something like 1.50 a minute .
  488. canyonman

    Indy is on Fuego!

    Yeah not me man. I had no problems with the entire operation. I enjoy every trip on that boat.
  489. canyonman

    Indy is on Fuego!

    Sorry to hear Ryan. My experience with the boat has only been with Jeff as the capt. Stellar trips both at hurricane and the buffer zone. The crew has changed over a few times but all in all good guys. Different personalities but never a complaint when it comes to lending a hand in whatever the...
  490. canyonman

    Indy is on Fuego!

    Great boat and crew. Jeff is relentless when it comes to finding fish
  491. canyonman

    Super Seeker 3X5

    I caught 3 cows on it my last trip . I love it . Might not be for everyone . I use it as my skippy rig fished with 200 JB to 150 premier .
  492. canyonman


  493. canyonman

    heavy drag for a deckhand style rod

    Mike we will break that thing in real quick, don't worry ..
  494. canyonman

    one more rod for a 14 day HEAVY ROD

    770xxx , ss 2x4 , ss 3x5 depending on what application you are looking for.
  495. canyonman

    ROD FOR ATD 12

    I have mine a united composites viper .
  496. canyonman

    Rail Dawg Season is here

    Bill I'm chomping at the bit to use my new UC's. Can't wait!!
  497. canyonman

    1st Long Range Trip

    Four 50 narrows , two 30 wides , one 30 , one 16 and one 12 . That s what I bring all spooled up with JB hollow . Could be a little over the top , but I have never felt out gunned .
  498. canyonman

    Great Service from RINGEDHOOKS.COM

    Placed my order yesterday. Always shop with the best
  499. canyonman

    Carry on bags for reels, recommendations wanted

    The WFO bag is large . Flying from New York on Jet blue was not a problem getting on the plane . Once on the plane I had to explain to the flight crew that the contents were expensive and I did not want to have them store it for me . The main concern was that it was a full flight and it took up...
  500. canyonman

    Carry on bags for reels, recommendations wanted

    Charles I fly in from NY for my 15 day and I use a WFO reel bag works great . Carry on no problem .
  501. canyonman

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    See you on the boat . Great bunch of guys . Last year we spent the entire trip at the bank . The year before was clarion and lower banks to settle the pool . Either way jeff and crew will put us on the fish .
  502. canyonman


    Rodger eckhart. Sav on tackle does a fine job .
  503. canyonman

    Accurate reels

    i have the latest version of the atd 50 . caught a 264 on it last year at hurricane . Absolutely love it so much i bought the 30 and the 12 . the handle was not an issue .
  504. canyonman

    Looking for another cow stick

    Hey Solomon . I'll be on the Indy the day after thanksgiving for 15 days. I hope to put a bend in all those sticks .
  505. canyonman

    Looking for another cow stick

    Solomon fished with you on the shogun in 05 . All I can say is bill knows his stuff. Give him a call and he will get you right . I ve got got the uc line from the viper up to the gladiator plus the 3x5 . Mike the man bait rod is all set for November . See you then
  506. canyonman

    Penn 50 VSW (2 speed)- Blueprinting by Cal's- is it "necessary?"

    So much hostility. I think I'll stick to fishing on the big Indy . Much more laid back .
  507. canyonman


    Great boat , great crew , great food , and Jeff works super hard to put you on fish. Seems to make all the right calls. Very spacious and a very comfortable ride . Try it you won't be sorry
  508. canyonman

    Looks like the Excel is headed for Clarion or Hurricane

    Intrepid had a good day also . 5 fish over 200 , Wahoodad had a 281 .
  509. canyonman

    Phenix 700 4xh

    Phenix is a great product. Roger from sav on brought a few to lend out last year on my 12 day independence trip . From that I bought 2 . Passed the word on to a few of my fellow east coast long range guys and I know they bought a few and loved them. This year Roger had a 4 x matched with a...
  510. canyonman

    Phenix 700 4xh

    I have pulled on the 4x. It's a beast and super light If that's what you are looking for its a great choice. I used the 3x at hurricane this November with great results Loved the fact that it is light as a feather
  511. canyonman

    Independence 15 day Hurricane Bank

    Definitely wasn't 67 degrees . Or at least that's what I heard
  512. canyonman

    Factory or Custom Seeker and Calstar Heavy Rods

    Capt ritchie does nice work , kevin bogan as well . If you live on the island try trophy tackle , he fishes the excel and will set you up with wharever you need .
  513. canyonman

    Factory or Custom Seeker and Calstar Heavy Rods

    Charles , I live in Brooklyn. Long range every year . All my rods were built here . I fish both cal star and seeker . Have the 2x4 love it . Just picked up the 770xxxh. Nice rod . There are numerous guys that long range here and build as well as sell all the blanks you need. It really depends...
  514. canyonman

    New Skinny Bombs

    holy shit .. I just spoke to him two days ago
  515. canyonman

    Beginning of Cow season is close..

    Day after turkey day for me . I have full confidence that Jeff and the Indy will put us on the meat ... Good luck to all
  516. canyonman

    PIC INTENSE! Indy 4 day MOSH PIT 09/06-09/10

    I ve been fishing the indy every year since 2006 . I have only had great experiences from the owners , captain , and crew . Very friendly and super helpful . The boat is great with plenty of room to fish . The food is amazing and never a foul remark from the crew . If there was ever a problem...
  517. canyonman

    Jigging/Popping opportunities on the Excel

    Let the media circus begin . Best jig / pop fisherman in the world is a strong statement .
  518. canyonman

    JX 6/3 and HX 5/2

    how much for just the jx
  519. canyonman

    super seekers

    yeah dave i know but its like 10 degrees out no fishing just dreaming and making up wish lists...
  520. canyonman

    super seekers

    anyone know when the super seeker 2X4 will be available for purchase?
  521. canyonman

    Fishing the chunk

    we have chunked tuna since the 50's for bluefin and started chunking yellows and longfins in the canyons in the 70's. My last two trips a 10 day and 15 day I chunked on and off and put fish in the boat both times. I had a rod set aside just for chunking and when the bite would slow down I would...
  522. canyonman

    Roll Call Independence 10 day 2008

    shawn we missed you this year, it did not happen this year my biggest was 185 caught lots of fish . Scott maybe you can catch a cow on your honeymoon . Think of us on the big day and you will Know you made the right move.
  523. canyonman

    Roll Call Independence 10 day 2008

    scott my arm still hurts from the last day of fishing, man i shouldnt have over did it catching all those fish. Dont forget the secret of the puffer
  524. canyonman

    Roll Call Independence 10 day 2008

    Scott you forgot to return my copy of Fried Green Tomatoes and Moonstruck. You know my arm still hurts from the last day. Swordzz you know that Scotts made a quick exit after his "cow" weighed in at 185. I got like three of those. Swordzz is the cow killer.Sateroom F 3 cows , Scott 0 .
  525. canyonman

    boats within the code group??

    whats the difference if no one wants to talk to him so be it, he should be able to find fish on his own. If he is good at what he does then he should have no difficulties. It sounds like these other boats are afraid of competition. Fisherman are going to fish with good captains who put them on fish.
  526. canyonman

    Roll Call Independence 10 day 2008

    oh shit marcelo, your down ? I guess i got to go and bring the boys with me .
  527. canyonman

    Bummer! Trip Cancelled.

    alex just got off the indy for 15 days and had a ball. I definately wanted to do that trip again but they changed it to a 10 day so now myself and 2 or 3 other guys with me are looking for a long trip in 2009. Your trip would be a good option for us.
  528. canyonman

    Seeker 13 Day on the Shogun

    jeff I missed you guys at the dock. I am gladyou had a good trip though. We had a great trip also. We spent the first 3 days at the lower banks day one was fantastic but after that it died and we went to hurricane and it was really good the entire time we were down there. No cows for me but...
  529. canyonman

    11-16-07 357 lber!!! caught on the AA.

    scott my buddy and me will see you on the boat
  530. canyonman

    Tuna Sign we have been waiting for, Today!!

    I'm going with the loop to loop sato crimps straight flouro should work just fine. 130 if its hot and 100 or 80 when its slow.
  531. canyonman

    12 over 200lbs

    hey jeff i was wondering if I was going to see any of you guys this year. We are going at a great time I hope we kill them.
  532. canyonman

    Tuna Sign we have been waiting for, Today!!

    next week on the indy so many options , I cant wait.
  533. canyonman

    12 over 200lbs

    leaving on next trip it's going to be a good one
  534. canyonman

    American Angler is into the Cows

    this makes it interesting, leaving on the indy for 15 days where we going
  535. canyonman

    Shogun trip cancelled.

    dave sorry to hear that i had agreat time fishing on your charter 2 years ago. Maybe i ll see you guys nov 24 i'll be on the indy.
  536. canyonman

    1st cows of the season?

    went fishing last night and found that my 16s is giving me problems its rubbing and making agrinding noisewhen you take it out of freespool. Makes it really difficult to reel. I need it for my 15 day and am leary about taking it to a shop here because the reel was worked at cals and i dont think...
  537. canyonman

    1st cows of the season?

    cant wait nov 24 15 days on the indepedence. One spot just opened up. Sounds like it could be good down there and if the big fish show in the 10 day zone even better.
  538. canyonman


    looks like a good trip. went last thurs to the lindy slow 12 yellows an d lost a monster sword
  539. canyonman

    long soaks , short soaks

    i wonder if anyone can give any info on whats considered a long soak vs whats considered a short soak when fishing with sardines
  540. canyonman

    Intrepid August trips

    oh shit
  541. canyonman

    Intrepid 10 day after Thxgiving!

    i would like a pv trip, we could do both. Whens the best time for PV? Just me this time everyone else is scared of big tuna
  542. canyonman


    spanyid jigs at worked like a charm for me and my buddies
  543. canyonman

    Intrepid 10 day after Thxgiving!

    marcelo i guess i ll see you down there when me and bino leave on our 15 day on the indy
  544. canyonman

    news on the Intrepid?????? fish counts????

    being fairly new to california long range i cannot say i understand all the politics involved throughout the fleet,but having fished and worked on boats here at home my whole life i always thought the captains who ventured out on their own to find fish were far better than the rest of the fleet...
  545. canyonman

    Good news, and bad news

    so shawn i guess the 15 day trip is out this year:( :( :(
  546. canyonman

    HELP NEED Tips and Tackle AND GEAR First Long Range Trip Excel 16 day

    jeff we should hook up i live in the city and have done 2 trips this year and 05 we caught big fish in 05 but missed the bite by aweek or so this year. me and a few friends are doing the a 15 trip after thanksgiving in 07 so pm me and we will hook up .
  547. canyonman

    Calstar GFX?

    i am building an 800m for 30. Does anyone have any info of the feel of the 7465m versus a 765m
  548. canyonman


    i briefly heard about this here in ny, but today my aunt who is from oceanside was telling me about and now I'm reading about it and it all hits home pretty hard . Being a policeman myself this sucks another brother killed for no other reason than that he was a cop. Now some mutt gets to live...
  549. canyonman

    gusa rods

    sounds good i think im going with the predator
  550. canyonman

    gusa rods

    does anyone have an opinion on the predator vs. the new superseeker 70xh
  551. canyonman

    gusa rods

    thanks for the input
  552. canyonman

    gusa rods

    i am thinking about wrapping a gusa predator 7' 50 -80 for my new 16 int. any opinions or suggestions thanks :eyepoppin
  553. canyonman

    Indy Info

    i have been checking the reports here for a year and i have only heard great things about the boat and crew. i met a guy on a trip out here and here was the previous owner of the aztec Pat Conklin if i remember correct and i mentioned i was going on the indy and he commented that paul was a...
  554. canyonman

    To spend or not, Accurate

    i am looking at the same reel but the 6:1 version does anyone have an opinion on the difference between the 2
  555. canyonman

    November 10 day trip opening

    hey dave it is a little toolate for me as that trip was booked when we docked last year. So I am going on another boat but on the same dates so I will say hello if I see you. Thank you for all the help with tackle advice .
  556. canyonman

    Independence trip #10. July 4-9.

    cant wait till november
  557. canyonman

    Independence trip #10. July 4-9.

    i wonder why some people are down on this boat. i am going on a 10 day in novwith them also on my last years 10 day they did extremely welland i hear the service is incredible.
  558. canyonman

    2006/2007 Trip Plans

    i am considering a 15 or 16 day trip in nov/dec 2007 . I want to fish either hurricane or even have the chance to fish outside clarion and maybe even fish the area fished fall of 06. Is this a prime time to go or what???
  559. canyonman

    The Star on a fish-about.

    is that too far for 10 day range?
  560. canyonman

    2006/2007 Trip Plans

    november 10 day 12-22 on the independece in 2006 and a 15 day november 2007. Plus plenty of offshore plans for home 3 day 2 day tuna trips and other stuff
  561. canyonman

    760 xh

    I am going to put a 50 avet sds on it to use as my 100 lb stick it is going to be all black with black rollers and a black and blue reelseat
  562. canyonman

    760 xh

    I am wrapping a calstar 760XH. I was wondering what opinions people had on this blank for the big stuff??
  563. canyonman

    big fish rod

    steve sorry took so long I just started building the calstar 760 xh. I am almost done with a calstar 700xh and a calstar 700h. I also wrapped a sabre 6460xxh. Thanks for the help.
  564. canyonman

    big fish rod

    thanks I didnt know any was listening. I got my new avets the other day a 30 30 wide and 50. I just want to be sure I am ready this year. It is not easy out here most tackle shops have no clue as to the way different styles of fishing so they are not much help when looking for new stuff to take...
  565. canyonman

    big fish rod

    actually a seeker blank suggestion would also help out thanks.
  566. canyonman

    big fish rod

    I am getting ready to wrap a 100# rod. Any body have any suggestions for calstar blanks in this class. I was looking for something 6 ft . Thank you.
  567. canyonman

    Pro 30 Manual

    i called avet and they said they were aware of the problem and they had modified the foot on the pro 30's and were sending me out 2. My friend had the same problem the foot was too short. Avet said that they made the new foot bigger but not longer I hope that fixes it.
  568. canyonman

    Pro 30 Manual

    i just got my new pro 30 wide and i am going to need anew foot too.
  569. canyonman

    I know nothing about long range fishing

    the way its done in san diego is a lot different than out here . It works and the rsw fish are like diamonds the quality is great and is as good or better than the fish that are dressed and packed in ice for the night. The frozen stuff is not as good but the rsw is the shit. I donate all my...
  570. canyonman

    New Cow record on the 18 day Independence

    i think there is an undercover treehugger among us
  571. canyonman

    New Cow record on the 18 day Independence

    great trip cant wait till next year 10 dayer on the independence and maybe a 15 day or 18 day.
  572. canyonman

    Seeker Black Steel 50# rod for Pro EX 30W?

    i am going to get the avet pro ex 30 wide with 500 yards of 135 spectra and a short 25 ft wind on of 100 on a xx and a pro ex 50 n with 500 yards of jerry brown 135 spectra on a seeker xxx for the big dogs.
  573. canyonman

    Fall 10 days next year

    well i hope that these fish show up again next year but after this i plan on booking the longer trips to have more of an opportunity to catch the big ones
  574. canyonman

    Fall 10 days next year

    independence November 12 with 4 other eastcoast guys who are ready to worship the almighty cows as i converted last november. If no luck on this trip then maybe a longer trip in may on the royal polaris
  575. canyonman

    Royal Star 10 day 12/26-1/5

    :appl: slap: long island boys are a bit into the bragging but i hope they went into it with an open mind. I fish the canyon out of new jersey and the long island boats have to be taken with a grain of salt when giving reports over the air. sounds like a good trip i hope these fih are there next...
  576. canyonman

    Royal Star 10 day 12/26-1/5

    long island boys are a bit into the bragging but i hope they went into it with an open mind. I fish the canyon out of new jersey and the long island boats have to be taken with a grain of salt when giving reports over the air. sounds like a good trip i hope these fih are there next year.
  577. canyonman

    penn 30 wide

    how long does it usually take. I might as well get my 50 done too.
  578. canyonman

    penn 30 wide

    I was thinking about getting penn 30 wide done by Cal for cows next year can it handle it or what?Death_To_
  579. canyonman

    Torium vs. Saltist

    saltist is a great reel pulled a lot of tunas 30-50 no problem
  580. canyonman

    First LR Trip...

    I am going on the independence on Nov 12 - 22 trip and the last I checked there was still room. It seems to be a good time of year to go. I went last year on the full moon and fishing was a bit slow. I planned this trip around the moon . The boats kite set-up seems to be all you need.
  581. canyonman

    18 day INDEPENDENCE JAN 5TH - 23RD

    Thanks I was just curious because I made a 10 day in Nov. and had a ball and from what I hear it is pretty much the same on all of the boats.
  582. canyonman

    18 day INDEPENDENCE JAN 5TH - 23RD

    I am going on a ten day with the indy and I am just curious about the operation because i've heard mixed reviews.
  583. canyonman

    First LR Trip...

    I went last year and this year i am going with 2 Avets and a xxx and xx. Last year I was a little under prepared and i wish i had someone to advise me. What boat are you going on?
  584. canyonman

    Got Rail?

    just get the fish in the boat.:banned: :_shopping :nopity:
  585. canyonman

    anyone pull on the 6463XXXXH??

    i used one on the shogun great rod. I will have one for next year.
  586. canyonman

    18 day INDEPENDENCE JAN 5TH - 23RD

    whats wrong with the boat ? looks nice has tv's in all the rooms and they catch fish. What so bad?
  587. canyonman

    WahooDad, I think they heard you....

    next year I fish like brad
  588. canyonman


    I will definately be moving down there when I retire. Does anyone anchor up and spend the night in the canyons. That is the way we do it here in jersey.
  589. canyonman

    The moon thing again

    i agree , i went on a 10 day on the moon and the fish were very skittish