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  1. newpskid

    bait tank

    Bait tank for sale. Plastic oblong bait tank 28" long 16" wide 16" tall come with three rod holders attached as well as supply and overflow hoses $175
  2. newpskid

    19' center console

    19' Winner center console with 150 evinrude ocean pro outboard and trailer. Hull is a 1986 and is foam filled. Motor is a 1997 evinrude 150 ocean pro two stroke. Motor is carburated and has a stainless steel prop. Wide open throttle this is a 40 mph boat. 50 gallon fuel tank. I have owned...
  3. newpskid

    Offshore shelter island

    trying to find out how shelter island launch ramp is on the weekends lately. what time you have to get there to get a parking spot? how long the line is? whats the bait line look like? and how the bait is? any insight would help thanks
  4. newpskid

    gps fish finder combo

  5. newpskid

    todd bench seat/bait tank

    just bought a todd swing back bench seat. has anybody ever used it as a bait tank? how do they work? how did you rig it? should i just use it as dry storage? trying to make a little room on my 19' center console by eliminating my current bait tank. any thoughts would help thanks.
  6. newpskid

    Offshore Santa Barbara

    Looking for ideas to fish out of santa barbara harbor on a 19 cc. Any tips? suggestions? whats going off during the summer ?