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  1. Billy De La Hoya

    Newell G332-F in Riverside

    Got a G332-F that I got from a neighbor for another buyer and that fell through. I dont really have much use for it so looking to sell or trade it. It is in good condition but the clamp doesn't appear to be factory.Asking 160 or best offer. Would be willing to trade for other rods or reels as...
  2. Billy De La Hoya

    $250 LB seeker pinhead 4x with Boy

    Sold alt="20210122_073509.jpg"]1247666[/ATTACH]
  3. Billy De La Hoya

    Cousins F90j 9ft Fishing Rod

    I have a F90j 9ft Cousins. Fuji guides and brand new tuna cord. Asking $375 I'm in moreno valley but willing to meet half way if distance is an issue. Thanks for looking 9
  4. Billy De La Hoya

    Cousins F90j Fishing Rod

    F90j with fuji guides and brand new tuna cord. I know I'm out in the boonies so im willing to meet half way if necessary. Asking $375 or up for trade offers. Other Glass cousins, LB pinheads, trini 20, tranx 500, etc. Cash/ trade offers as well. Don't be shy, PM me if interested.
  5. Billy De La Hoya

    Seeker MGC Blanks

    Does anyone have any info on the MGC blanks? I know they were marketed as lower end rods but I took off the butt cap to find nice green glass with what appears to be a "CSL 6480" blank. Rod was cut in the middle of the label but Im guessing it might be a 6480 based on the line rating... Just...
  6. Billy De La Hoya

    Fishing Syndicate FSC800H

    8ft fishing syndicate 800H 30-60. Deckhand grip, alps guides. Asking 180 obo I live in the boonies but heading to San D to go fishing tomorrow afternoon so I can meet somewhere along the way off the 15, 163, 8 fwys. PM me if interested
  7. Billy De La Hoya

    Reel Clamp for Large Grip

    I apologize of this has been covered a million times already but I bought a rod with a fancy grip thats way too girthy for my reels. Ideally I'd like to put my trini 16a on it but I need to know if there's a cork puppy or tiburon that will get it done. The rod is 1-3/8" in diameter where the...
  8. Billy De La Hoya

    Seeker Black Steel G 970 7'

    For sale or trade. 7' black steel 20 25 30lb. $120 obo Will trade for other used rods or reels of similar value.