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    5.7 GSI volvo water in front 4 cylinders

    Lost the motor to water. Our raw water pump leaked and sprayed mist all thru the engine compartment...fixed that then the next trip out....almost to Nachos...boat lost power...then locked up. 400+ hrs on this motor. took the heads off and had water in the front 2 cylinders on each side...
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    Better Day today in LB

    Buddies on way to Cat today
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    Long Beach looks nice today!

    Buddys are dogging me by going to Cat today...I'll update from work when I can far looks nice.
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    Cat 6/4/20

    Crappy washing machine crossing...windy at the island...fished eagle rock for 3 tails and double limits of legal bass with probably 50-60 shorts...used every bait, sardines and 5 bags of frozen squid. Thank God for Parkers...felt bad for the guys in the consoles today. Hopefully it lays...
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    Can we fish during the curfew?

    Can we go fishing during the curfew hours?
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    Extratuf Blue krypto Size 12 Ankle boots

    Just a bit too small for me... $55.00 used 2 trips. [email protected] In norco.
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    2005 Rubicon TJ

    Saw this posted on Looks like a great tow behind for the Sierras NOT mine, but looks like a good deal for a low miles Rubi. 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. $16,750.00 (909) 519-4184 Mike We use this Jeep for tow behind RV for camping. I have rarely used it offroad and never hard...
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    99 F250 4x4 crew short bed V10

    Best friends Truck... 300k on odm...motor was a salvage motor with 56k put in about 40k ago...trans rebuilt 20k coils...(reason for new truck, fixed the issue), radiator newer, brakes tires good... White AC works....never left him 5th wheel hitch. Work truck so not...
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    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Our Volvo duoprop with 3000 hours sucked water and now the gears are chipped....anybody else ever do this? Rebuild or new? Parker 2320 5.7 I/O
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    Cat 6-22-18

    fished just south of long point and Camp Fox....waited it out...lots of small yellows...1 at 42" and two others 30+ and full limits of the smaller ones....Sorry they taste great too. a bunch of deep hooked calico's as well. Probably at least 50 bass a person.... burned 26 gallons from HH and...
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    7-1-17 izors Slow but nice

    Fished Izors for the first run of the year, boat worked good, no major things to fix. Izors was packed in the morning and a slow pick. Quality was pretty good with the Biggest taping out at 20 1/2 inch male, but thick. Nice weather, little wind downhill current and a south wind, then a west...
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    Gutting tuna

    I see a lot of guys bringing tuna home whole.....does it help to gut them on the ocean? I saw the video of phiefer? bleeding them in a bucket. Does it make that much of a difference?
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    Friends at the 150 1 on so far

    Buddies took our parker out to the 150 today...sent me a text of the 15lb YT he just boated....about 50 other boats it on a fly lined sardine....more to follow...
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    Niland Birds???

    Hunted the public fields this AM.....where did the birds go? very few birds up around niland area...drove around and only found a few, really nothing flying at all? Are they spooked or just gone south towards the border?
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    Garmin Gpsmap 180 with map

    Garmin Gpsmap 180 with the La to Salina Cruz offshore map 99 version. Cover, mount, powercord. No antenna. $175 obo. Larry 714-264-2751... upgraded to color for my old perfect.
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    1970 CT 90 for sale

    Street legal, 3391 miles, current reg,pink. All stock. Pm me for photos. Located in Norco, Socal. $750 obo.
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    More Govt Closures Need HELP.

    The Marines want to close the Largest Off-Highway area in the county that happens to be in our state. Johnson Valley is the target of the marines expansion fly drones? Please go in and comment to help. After the MLPA's We are running out of freedom. Please help...
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    Need a new GSI 5.7 vovlo

    Ours is dead...need a short block at a minimum, probably a long block. Anyone got any hookups?
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    Started at the shoe with the fleet for a lone sand bass, hit the 150 for some tacos...motor was idling fine...then something went wrong....Good thing for vessel assist....tow #5 in 13 yrs. Hopefully not terminal, but these could be some $$$$$ tacos. Weather was extremely nice. 64 degree water...
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    Be careful with

    They can't seem to ship 3 items without missing 1, and they use the out of country call centers that just tell you that you are mistaken and the part is in the box. The shipped from Fisheries supply company out of WA and they take ZERO responsibility for their people not being able to put 3...
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    Idiot of the year already

    Anybody see the Youtube of the Black pulled up on the beach at Balboa? Was in the Orange County Register today.....dragged up to the beach to get the hook out...then let it lay on the beach to take some picks.........kinda pisses me off.
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    Spot locater sale

    Found this on another sight Spots on sale for $162.35 delivered with 12 months of service.. Don't know if this is right spot..but it may save a life so here it is.
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    12/8 Great Goats Man.....

    Hit the water for some bait drowning...pretty good weather, ended up at Izors for a free for all on stripped frozen squid and slabbed mackeral and sardines. Ended up with 10 goats over 3lbs biggest going 7 or 8, a couple rattlesnakes, a whitefish, a copper rockfish, a short by that much halibut...
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    Arizona Quail opener

    Hunted Kingman area, couple of good coveys, not tons..when you found the birds you had to stay on them....need to run a LOT more for next year....shot most of what I had shots at...only got 6,,,couple of buddies had easy limits all 3 days. Just gotta find them..and the 30mph winds didn't help...
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    Need prayers for a friends wife

    Found out today that a simple cyst removal ended up being a complete historectomy and the Big C on the ovaries... Please pray for them, they have 4 little ones and home and mom is only in her late 30s...too young. We are hoping they got it early enough...please if you have time...say a prayer...
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    newell 533 5.5 drags need help

    I noticed that I have over an 1/8th inch of threads showing between the star and the handle before my drags even start to have any drag. Can I put thicker washers in or something to get more drag out of my newell?
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    Fished Izors 6-1 am

    Took to the boat out, and Hey, everything works. Picked up a couple Boccio, a 3lb sculpin, a sheepshead and a nice little rockfish out of 95 ft. Twisted the Anchor into a pretzel, time for a new one. We stick when we don't want to and can't stick when we need to. Not much going on, we missed a...
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    thinking might be time to kill some Kyotes around my Quail areas in AZ

    Anybody know what is required. I have a model 70 heavy barrel in .308 and 6x24 elite 4000 scope. Do I just get a call and pick a spot. What lic do I need for a cali resident in AZ for Yotes? Any Good books? What do you do with them once you kill em? Are the skins worth anything?
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    AZ quail opener

    My buddys did the opener today around Kingman, 15 birds between the two of them...:ashamed: Their usually done by noon, and rollin the yo in Laughlin by dinner. Said it was slim pickens, not much rain. They did find a cherry bunch of birds late that at least got them some.
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    Newell 533 5.1

    My buddy borrowed my newell to go to east cape, Needed the big string, and tail hooked about a 150lb+ marlin, says it smoked my new Carbontex drags and had to let it cool down to get any drag off them, they did crank it all the way down and finally got the fish in, but the drags didn't seem to...
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    Good thoughts needed for a good man

    My friend Dave Hansen from Hansen's auto body in cypress passed away after a long battle with cancer. Dave was the kind of man that never said a bad word about anybody, and cancer took him. He leaves behind several children and a loving wife. Please enjoy your health and you family, and try not...
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    Offshore Another 182 /181 post from 7-11

    Left Huntington harbor at 4:15, horse deans and a 50 mile trip to the 181 in our 23ft parker. Great ride out. Farmed a little yellow on some weeds around the 181. Trolled towards the 182 not much happening from what we could find in the am. Got to 182 around noon, headed south west, found some...
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    Cat 6-23 report

    Went rattlesnake(sculpin) hunting at Farnsworth for some fish taco meat. South wind sucked, kinda choppy but totally fishable. Got 16 taco meat donors and a deep hooked cali. Hoping for something else going on over there, but old faithful put out again. LB bait hooked us up with the BD scoops...
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    What are new condition Penn 350m levelwinds and 500 jigmasters worth

    I got 2 350m's in original boxes and 2 500's with orig boxes and extra plastic spools. New condition. Just wonderin if these have any collector value?
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    Best place to get anchor rode

    Some Jackass stole our truck with our new anchor rope and chain and anchor in it. anyone know where the best place to get anchor rode is? Need 250' or 9/16 rope and about 25' of G4 chain spliced together for our windlass?
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    Done @ 7:15 in Niland

    Dove were flying mostly ones and two's, a couple bigger groups. Smaller birds than last year. Only 1 whitewing, damn. Took 54 shots to get my limit, new gun. HOT, no wind at all, a little humid. Oh yeah, 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.3 people. Where do they come from. I don't get the sit out...
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    Any way to mark paddies to make them easier for the next guys to see?

    I was thinking about some of those bright orange laundry soap bottles. Put a couple of ounces on them and throw them in the middle of the paddy when your done. Is that littering? We found a couple with the big pink balls on them and one with a NOAA weather balloon with a bright orange parachute...
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    ABU Garcia carbomax drags

    Got some for my 5600, 6500, and what a difference. The carbomax drags from smoothee make it work so much better. The stock drags got worked by a 5lb sandie. I caught 2 15lb dodos and they didn't miss a beat. I thought I had my shimano for a minute. Best $9.00 I have spent in a while...
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    Buying a windlass for our 23 Parker, any ideas?

    We need a windlass, too many worn out old guys to lift the anchor. Any suggestions on which one works best for those of you that have them? Thanks.
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    HB fleet 5 miles straight out of HH

    Fished with the fleet today 5 miles straight out of the harbor. They were hiding behind an oil tanker. Silly fun fishin for some taco meat.