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  1. troutkiller562

    How far down south are those yellowfin?

    Lets hope so leaving on a 2.5 day this Tuesday night on the Pacific Queen.
  2. troutkiller562

    I would like to hop on a private boat this w/e 8/24 or 8/25. My boat is not ready yet

    Yes you did mike and so did your dad. Some one hook this guy up!
  3. troutkiller562

    any reports for cortez banks?

    That would be the 1.5 or 2 day trip they run.
  4. troutkiller562

    Apollo 2 day limited load Sept 21-22

    I'm game and I think I could get a few heads.
  5. troutkiller562

    Offshore Condor 8/13/13 1.5 Day Mixed Bag Hat Cam

    That's what im talking about. cool ass video.
  6. troutkiller562

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day August 27th

    Thinking on calling them again...
  7. troutkiller562

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day August 27th

    If some one cancels i'm in on this trip.
  8. troutkiller562

    6 Pack info needed

    Looking for a 6 pack that could do a 2 or 2.5 day trip. Thanks
  9. troutkiller562

    6 Pack info needed

    <!-- google_ad_section_start -->Looking for a 6 Pack in San Diego guys any ideas. Thanks<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  10. troutkiller562

    6 Pack info needed

    Looking for a San Diego 6 Pack guys any ideas. Thanks
  11. troutkiller562

    Daiwa Saltiga LD30 Hyperspeed

    U Still have this reel? Thanks Regards, Adrian
  12. troutkiller562

    HO's List

    I like to ho around. Pm me for any trip.
  13. troutkiller562

    chest freezer

    Very Interested. Can u post any pic. Thanks
  14. troutkiller562

    vacuum sealer

    You live to far bro.
  15. troutkiller562

    vacuum sealer

    Thanks for the info guys...
  16. troutkiller562

    vacuum sealer

    Looking for a good vacuum sealer. Any ideas? Thanks Regards, Adrian
  17. troutkiller562

    Looking for 1 extra head for a skiff rental. Daveys Locker!

    Need more info. like how much $. your game plan and what kind of skiff?
  18. troutkiller562

    help need for casitas lake

    How long ago was this?
  19. troutkiller562

    help need for casitas lake

    No. Somebody in the group will have one i think. If not will rent one.
  20. troutkiller562

    help need for casitas lake

    Hey guys i'm going up to casitas lake this weekend. This will be my frist time fishing this lake. So i need help! Like to know what kind of fish i should look for, spots to look at, and bait i should use, you know all that good stuff... :-) thanks Best regards, Adrian
  21. troutkiller562

    boat in need

    Hey guys have 3 that are up for a trip this weekend. Hit me up if anybody needs a crew. Pm me or call me at 562 631 5507 Thanks Adrian
  22. troutkiller562

    Heading out Sept 4th

    Hey lee call me if u need a crew 562 631 5507
  23. troutkiller562

    Best hooks for fishing White Sea Bass?

    I like using 2/0-3/0 Owner circle hooks.
  24. troutkiller562

    the eldorado

    Cant wait. It was always a good time on the El Do...
  25. troutkiller562

    Yellows show at Coronado

    What time does the boat take off?
  26. troutkiller562

    Lake Casitas

    What that sucks exfactor... How about the fishing? Thanks for the info...
  27. troutkiller562

    Owens River Rainbow

    True that! Long rod...
  28. troutkiller562

    Lake Casitas

    Looking for info on Lake Casitas. I was invited this long weekend to camp and fish this lake and it will be my frist time for both. I've fish the Eastern sierra all my life so i know something about lake fishing. So any info that u guy's think that will help me out i appreciate. Best...
  29. troutkiller562

    Cuda on the Enterprise

    True that anything heavy and sink fast worked!<!-- google_ad_section_end --> Got my 10 today...
  30. troutkiller562

    another swap meet gem

    Cool painting...
  31. troutkiller562


    Was thinking the same thing. Heading out that way on the 14 of nov. from San Diego. Should be a 10 day trip.
  32. troutkiller562

    thinking about going long!

    Hey guys iam goimg out to Colonet in a few be back on sunday hit me up if you guys are out Adrian Sanchez (troutkiller562). Good Luck
  33. troutkiller562


    Thanks for the report and going to try the info.thanks
  34. troutkiller562

    Albacore Run 07/11

    Will be out on sat. sun. Dont know the game plan yet but hit me up Adrian (Troutkiller562) 72, OR 68. Good luck guy's
  35. troutkiller562

    2 day weekend after the 4th

    Will be out on sat. sun. Dont know the game plan yet but hit me up Adrian (Troutkiller562) 72, OR 68. Good luck guy's
  36. troutkiller562

    First trip in 3 years!!!

    ALUMINATOR! Dont know the game plan yet but will be out on sat. and sun. Hit me up Adrian (troutkiller562) 72 ,68
  37. troutkiller562

    Anyone fishing offshore Sunday?

    Will be out on sat. sun. Dont know the game plan yet but hit me up Adrian (Troutkiller562) 72, OR 68. Good luck guy's
  38. troutkiller562

    El Capitan or Pacific Quest?

    Pacific Quest :finger:
  39. troutkiller562

    2.5 Day on the Constitution Leaving 11 July $450

    Who's in on this trip cus thinking about going......
  40. troutkiller562

    Albie Fishing 4th of July weekend, need 2-3 crew

    Sounds good mike was going to call joe today. Just hit me up for next time..... Thanks
  41. troutkiller562

    Great year for White Seabass fishing

  42. troutkiller562

    Cat 2 Dayer 6.29 6.30

    Saw you guys out their was on the Pacific Quest. Nice pic's. PS. Bite did trun off after that stunt
  43. troutkiller562

    Collecting dust

    Like to see pic's of penn's you could PM to me. Thanks
  44. troutkiller562

    Help needed for silverwood lake

    thanks for the info on my way
  45. troutkiller562

    Help needed for silverwood lake

    Where could i pick up some fresh frozen sardines?
  46. troutkiller562

    Help needed for silverwood lake

    I have never used fresh frozen sardines, how would you hook them and what size hook should i use? Thanks
  47. troutkiller562

    Help needed for silverwood lake

    Hey guys I'am going camping at the lake for the frist time and like some info on how to fish it this time of year. Should i go after the trout or bass and how to fish for them. plus if there are any hot spots i should hit up and do i need a boat to fish this lake successfully. Thanks for all the...
  48. troutkiller562

    Lake Tahoe Fishing

    Hey bro last time i was up in tahoe i fish with james Mitchell from eagle point sport fishing. best price around and he put us on mackinaw trout the bigest being 6-7 lbs it was wfo all most the whole trip. # is 530-577-6834 good luck Ps. win some cash too Regards Adrian Sanchez...
  49. troutkiller562

    I need a ride

    Well i have a truck so lets go fishing......
  50. troutkiller562

    I need a ride

    Why do you need a truck?
  51. troutkiller562

    Fishing South Sat 4-10 for Tails

    Mike how did you guys do?
  52. troutkiller562

    Great Day On The Water

    Now thats what i call a report. Good job on the fishing and enjoying life in these bad times cus i too know how hard it is to keep your head up when you feel down and out. Thats why i love to fish with friends and love ones.
  53. troutkiller562

    Ensenada trip a good idea sunday/monday?

    That's not good news. Any body with some more input
  54. troutkiller562

    Ensenada trip a good idea sunday/monday?

    1/2 the money my ass its the same price. Now i have 4 that want to go tonight on a overnighter and dont know what to do. Go to san deigo or stay around town. Come on guy's help needed?
  55. troutkiller562

    Ensenada trip a good idea sunday/monday?

    Was thinking the same thing bro but wanted to go today. Going to take my lady it will be her frist trip so it has to be a good one.
  56. troutkiller562

    Boat ho

    Hit me up bro, iam up to fish any day of the week.....
  57. troutkiller562

    Need hos to fish Nados tomorrow

    How many pips are going out with you?
  58. troutkiller562

    Eldorado or Amigo???

    The crew on the eldo are by far the best i've fish with. The boat is a 85' fishing machine with a 22' beam and clean...... but be sides that SD will be worth it just look at the fish count
  59. troutkiller562

    sealine reel

    Need help...... I'am looking for a handle for my old sealine 20 hit me up if you can help Thanks....
  60. troutkiller562

    looking for an offshore ride Fri, Sat or Sunday 28th,29th or 30th

    Hey bro whats up....... I'am in!!!!!!! Let me know if you come up with a trip...
  61. troutkiller562

    Offshore eldorado 21-23. Kamikaze albies. most insane bite i've ever seen!!!

    hey angelo, i'am still thinking about it i want too. How about you? Hey Summer Jack if you knew how to fish it was WFO on a few stop's
  62. troutkiller562

    Offshore eldorado 21-23. Kamikaze albies. most insane bite i've ever seen!!!

    I two was on this trip too, did not see any 50 or 60 grade tuna at all but it was wfo at a few stop's i pick up on one of those big ass dodo's and three good size albies and a few skip's. Took a few pic's hope you like P.S This boat is a must the crew kick ass, the cook hook's it up and eddie...
  63. troutkiller562

    big game 90 still has 2 spots left for a 2 day leaving tomorrow Need Help!!!!

    Good Luck!!!! Well see you guys on the EL dorado.........
  64. troutkiller562

    Leaving Friday 8/7 to Fish Sat

    I agree with ben guys you must do this trip. thanks for the good times keith.
  65. troutkiller562

    Planning a June Lake camping trip... ?

    I will agree with this, I have been going to convict lake all my life (31 years) thru out the years i got to know the people that run the resort and restaurant and like to say they are all a class act. The campground is what you are looking for plus more. When we go the ladies love the fact that...
  66. troutkiller562

    Giant Yellowtail Caught Aboard The RTA Today

    nice job jeff..... it looks like 36
  67. troutkiller562

    Fishing this Sat Aug 1, need crew

    pm sent..... Regards, Adrian
  68. troutkiller562

    Offshore Do you remember when...

    Dont feel bad bro! We went thru the same thing on sat. The only thing is that we pulled out a few yellow's on some patty's. Good luck next time...
  69. troutkiller562

    Offshore Fishing this Fri or Sat, need crew

    Whats up guy's. i called joe for sat. so if it's a go i'am down to carpool too. Just pm me with all the info. Thanks Adrian
  70. troutkiller562

    Attention All Captains!!!!!!

    ANY LUCK YET??????
  71. troutkiller562

    Attention All Captains!!!!!!

    good luck with the job hunt bro!!!
  72. troutkiller562

    Attention All Captains!!!!!!

    good luck cus
  73. troutkiller562

    2 day trip???

    The Eldorado is one of the finest boats out there.The crew is the best in the game.Bro give them a try you cant go wrong, I always have good times.they really go out of there way.
  74. troutkiller562

    Cbass Jihad? Tank you very much!

    I would love to take a class like that.............. good job guys
  75. troutkiller562

    Offshore Pacific Star 1.5day (Broke in the new reels)

    thats for dam sure spiderbully........
  76. troutkiller562

    Offshore Pacific Star 1.5day (Broke in the new reels)

    Way to go bronsonn looks like you guys kick ass, wish i whould have took off work when you told me about the trip. Hit me up next time
  77. troutkiller562

    Ho needed next week

    me and a few guys i know are up for weekend trips pm me when you can
  78. troutkiller562

    Shimano Calcutta CLCX76H

    WOW!!!!!!!!! THAT'S A GREAT DEAL..... Pm sent
  79. troutkiller562

    Avets, Shimano, Seeker, and...

    will like to take that hx off your hands. pm thanks
  80. troutkiller562

    Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, Accurate, Penn, Tica Rod&Reels

    Is the Avet EX 4/0 Trolling reel a two speed
  81. troutkiller562

    Avet Reels For Sale

    do you still have the reels