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  1. troutkiller562

    6 Pack info needed

    <!-- google_ad_section_start -->Looking for a 6 Pack in San Diego guys any ideas. Thanks<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  2. troutkiller562

    6 Pack info needed

    Looking for a San Diego 6 Pack guys any ideas. Thanks
  3. troutkiller562

    vacuum sealer

    Looking for a good vacuum sealer. Any ideas? Thanks Regards, Adrian
  4. troutkiller562

    help need for casitas lake

    Hey guys i'm going up to casitas lake this weekend. This will be my frist time fishing this lake. So i need help! Like to know what kind of fish i should look for, spots to look at, and bait i should use, you know all that good stuff... :-) thanks Best regards, Adrian
  5. troutkiller562

    boat in need

    Hey guys have 3 that are up for a trip this weekend. Hit me up if anybody needs a crew. Pm me or call me at 562 631 5507 Thanks Adrian
  6. troutkiller562

    Lake Casitas

    Looking for info on Lake Casitas. I was invited this long weekend to camp and fish this lake and it will be my frist time for both. I've fish the Eastern sierra all my life so i know something about lake fishing. So any info that u guy's think that will help me out i appreciate. Best...
  7. troutkiller562

    Help needed for silverwood lake

    Hey guys I'am going camping at the lake for the frist time and like some info on how to fish it this time of year. Should i go after the trout or bass and how to fish for them. plus if there are any hot spots i should hit up and do i need a boat to fish this lake successfully. Thanks for all the...
  8. troutkiller562

    sealine reel

    Need help...... I'am looking for a handle for my old sealine 20 hit me up if you can help Thanks....