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  1. sandiegofisherm

    art call me

    art call me
  2. sandiegofisherm

    Wanted: Mooring Buoy

    got one come and pick it up
  3. sandiegofisherm

    Calcutta 100 Calcutta 250

    100 is silver and in great condition
  4. sandiegofisherm

    Calcutta 100 Calcutta 250

    The 100 80 bucks 250. 100 bucks thanks i can email Pics new system can't upload
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    seal shirts for sale

  6. sandiegofisherm

    Nados 1/4/14

    dick I c how it is
  7. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    thanks guys for the support,some are already shipped sorry for delay thanks again
  8. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    when I have 3x I will let u know and mike sure thing bud thanks again guys going pre fishin with travis so ill get back to u this afternoon ok
  9. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    should have some left by next week, next batch ill make a few 3x thanks
  10. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

  11. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    ok great will shoot u details tomorrow im off till Thursday so I will have time ok
  12. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    logo is front and back , yea guess ill ship 5 bucks
  13. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    thanks bro trying to this up again, gotta start small , trying to get this going so I can sell at day at the docks
  14. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    they must be old
  15. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    ok fellas I made a few shirts gonna sell what I heve left ,most of u have seen these around . Its been a few years but going to start again , great stocking stuffers 20 bucks let me know don't have many 619 948 8348 tony . The pic on my avatar is whats on the shirt l,xl,2xl thanks oh...
  16. sandiegofisherm


    thanks mike had a great time again don't woory about report do it when you have the time
  17. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Tribute 2.5 Labor Day - Pelagic Sponsored trip

    eric that was some good ass shit a lot of fun I brought plenty home myself.the tangles where horibble especially the rainbow spectra crew , but had akick ass time hope to see u next year on this same trip
  18. sandiegofisherm

    Little League World Series 2013 - Eastlake Chula Vista

    awesome job boys . also lost in the shuffle the boys from tj are going too,wish both teams luck
  19. sandiegofisherm

    How long fish on ICE?

    deriick i asked tommy a few days ago and he told me 4 days
  20. sandiegofisherm


    Looking for 9 foot teremar 15 - 30
  21. sandiegofisherm

    Fish With Pride

    maybe in a few weeks gregg
  22. sandiegofisherm

    How hot is too hot? DEFCON 5?

    jack how you doing ? love hot stuff im growing ghost peppers at home i need to swing bye and give you some
  23. sandiegofisherm


    talk to frank and gil they do the kids trip for the military those would be great prizes for kids of wounded warriors
  24. sandiegofisherm

    Bay Bass Tourney

    just saying
  25. sandiegofisherm

    Bay Bass Tourney

    Thanks rich tuff fishing to say the least! we were close again but just a little light . Mags thanks for the pick , and what a great tourney now we prepare for the championship fish off, travis thanks for doing all the prep work for this tourney u da bomb homie
  26. sandiegofisherm

    Freshwater Plano 757 Filled With Bass Tackle

    start your own thread ., quit javking peoples:hali_olutta:
  27. sandiegofisherm

    Larson DC-204 Center Console Rebuild

    where am i suppose to put my cooleer full of beer at !
  28. sandiegofisherm


    Mike your a class act, keep this tourney going i will fish as much as i can , congrats to leo and team , we will be back next year bro god bless you and those cute announcers
  29. sandiegofisherm

    Happy Birthday ConSeaMate

    have a great day frank
  30. sandiegofisherm

    My dog just met a skunk

    shave the dog
  31. sandiegofisherm

    tony reyes question

    so where is the FREE homie
  32. sandiegofisherm

    Avet raptor advice at squidco

    jotos from mata moros hahaha
  33. sandiegofisherm

    Save The Producer

    done deal they are family to me and would support in any way i can . also would support any fishing vessel here in south cal
  34. sandiegofisherm


    The main reason would be one weak point (knot) tying straight to main line as to 3 weak points hook, swivel, main line hope this helps
  35. sandiegofisherm

    cooking scallops

    looks like japanese dressing I thimk we will let tommy tell us looks awesome
  36. sandiegofisherm

    OS-30 to OS-45 bait tank replacement

    bitchen! hated reaching under the seat to pull our bass out, awesome
  37. sandiegofisherm

    Again Ryan? really?

    its a fucken shame what he has become , he needs to do some hard time and clean up
  38. sandiegofisherm

    2nd place in the Bay Bass tourney!

    thanks rich, tuff fishing travis pulled it off proud to say the kid is my tourney partner
  39. sandiegofisherm

    Canvas & Eisenglass referral

    hanleys in spring valley
  40. sandiegofisherm

    San Diego Anglers Open Bay Bass Entry Forms are Here!

  41. sandiegofisherm

    need one for Halibut Tournament

    lowell give me a call no more boat , tony 619 948 8349
  42. sandiegofisherm

    R.I.P. Big Tuna Bill

    condolences to family and friends rip
  43. sandiegofisherm

    Fishin on the "SnagWell" with Otto, Simon and Snarl 8.14.11

    glad you had fun mags , that critter looks like a cabezon hint its got eye lashes ,
  44. sandiegofisherm


    thanks tommy you hooked it up
  45. sandiegofisherm

    Fish Finders (Help)

    howie get a furuno , lowrance
  46. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore BFT 302 7/24

    awesome jack hope all is good say hi to fam
  47. sandiegofisherm

    what and what not to post

    that you are gay , you will get lots of invites to go offshore
  48. sandiegofisherm

    Fishing the half day out h&m tomorrow

    use shrimp for the goats cooked or raw work awesome big dines for lings
  49. sandiegofisherm

    PLK 7/8

    awesome frank good job
  50. sandiegofisherm

    Mark this time

    we gonna die
  51. sandiegofisherm

    I am not Fishing Ho

    thread is 3 years old boys
  52. sandiegofisherm

    More stuff for the KIds fishing!....

    Frank do you need some stuff ? I am cleaning up the garage , I can spare some stuff for give aways if you want for the kids feathers ,plastics some irons let me know ok
  53. sandiegofisherm

    SD Bay Fri-4-15

    we pre fished friday and we had over 30 bass and some short halies
  54. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 858

    guys call me you will get quicker response limited to computer
  55. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 858

    seeker 858 rod with cork handles (not cork tape) also has trigger handle in near new condition sorry no pics but you wont be dissapointed 100 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 pick up in chula vista thanks
  56. sandiegofisherm


    sorry sold guys
  57. sandiegofisherm

    Nuke Plant in Japan....

    such a horrible tragidy
  58. sandiegofisherm

    truline dynamo ul 50

    bump, wow this truly a special rod , i havent been able to find another one like it
  59. sandiegofisherm

    San Felipe 250...

    you cant miss those boys they look like the clan . bald headed white boys
  60. sandiegofisherm

    San Felipe 250...

    scott go check out roger normans truck out and talk to ed and stu they chase for him they are good buddies of mine and neighbors
  61. sandiegofisherm

    Happy Birthday Mo Betta!

    have a great day mo betta
  62. sandiegofisherm

    11'6" long rod

    sold homies to a good home
  63. sandiegofisherm

    truline dynamo ul 50

    si with trout rod i would say 2-6 #
  64. sandiegofisherm

    truline dynamo ul 50

    really dont know what this is worth ? But im open to offers or trades this is a ultra light 5 foot rod that honestly should be put in a collection, but if you want to use it thats ok to , tony 619 948 8348
  65. sandiegofisherm

    Rod Clamp for Harness Straps

    I believe this is what your talking about ? I dont remember the manufacturer but this one was only like 20 bucks , this one was for a trini but dont remember which one but outside diameter of the holes are 1 and 15/16
  66. sandiegofisherm

    truline and seekers

    both trulines are sold
  67. sandiegofisherm


    post is over 1 year old homie
  68. sandiegofisherm

    IGFA Hall Of Fame and Museum

    Frank that is an awesome place , Ianna was IGFA smallfry girls champion in 2004, We stayed 1 week and everyday we would spend a couple hours inthere,then we we go to bass pro shops for 3-4 hours then to isla morado for some bomb ass food ! I agree with you just to see all those fish mounts on...
  69. sandiegofisherm

    1981 Mako 21'

    how can i lowball you when you didnt put an asking price
  70. sandiegofisherm

    What Red Light Cameras See

    the two firetrucks are awesome
  71. sandiegofisherm

    truline and seekers

    Todd I will throw in reel clamp. have plenty if you want if not no worries
  72. sandiegofisherm

    New Engine rebuild

    If you can pull it out, put a bracket on it and put a 4 stroke on it
  73. sandiegofisherm

    11'6" long rod

    Oh yea fellas , dont ask me if I can ship it. Unless you dont mind it cut in half
  74. sandiegofisherm

    11'6" long rod

    11' 6" conlon long rod custom wrapped its in great shape ,pull on fish from the second row 120 bucks or trade for curado 200e7 in great shaape call tony 619 948 8348 i lve in chula vista
  75. sandiegofisherm

    truline and seekers

    a couple more toddd
  76. sandiegofisherm

    truline and seekers

    dynamo has been sold
  77. sandiegofisherm

    truline and seekers

    Truline Dynamo deluxe ap 75 7 foot 9 inches 140.00 near new SOLD Truline dont know the model # on it but its a 30 # stick 7 foot 3 inches 90.00 near new sold seeker 665 h 6 foot 9 inches 80.00 some scratces on blank blue seeker 270 h 7 foot 3 inches 110.00 brand...
  78. sandiegofisherm

    lamiglass 528

    frank your my hero
  79. sandiegofisherm

    Swimbait Care

    dont let them sit so long use them
  80. sandiegofisherm

    180 l baymaster

    Brand new never been out of box, never fished , sitting in my garage for 19 years 50 bucks , put it on the shelf or use it for bay call tony 619 948 8348. pick up in chula vista
  81. sandiegofisherm


    your back frank good to see you on top of shit again
  82. sandiegofisherm

    Some pic's of the Panga...

    awesome stan when you coming to san diego ? let me know so we can have a beer and send you with some xtra fishing stuff i cant use bro
  83. sandiegofisherm

    2 custom light rods $50 each

    I have 2 custom rods 6-10 # 6 foot 1 the other is 8-12# 7 foot 1, they both have triggers they are seekers , great bay rods call tony 619 948 8348 live in chula vista 50 bucks each
  84. sandiegofisherm


    dont let her sour your awesome day with those cuties of yours !!! thats what they are going to remember when they get old , oh and mom will forget about this in time so just let it slide , you will get a tear in your eye in 10 years when they tell you remember that day you took us out of school...
  85. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore B/D yellowtail tournament 2011?

    Dont your wife have somewhere for you to go this year , you guys are the team to beat
  86. sandiegofisherm

    Getting smoke out of house???

    sprayer with water and bleach soak lightly then kilz and then primer and paint
  87. sandiegofisherm

    Pro Gear Pacifica 2500

    awesome reel good luck turd
  88. sandiegofisherm

    How to get bait

    its cool to yell by the door or call them on channel 80 , they might of been in the head , private boats get bait from the inside barge
  89. sandiegofisherm

    do they make these still

    thanks fellas just wanted some info
  90. sandiegofisherm

    do they make these still

    wow you all must be drinking already !!!!! yes, no . all i want is a little bit of info on this reel , I will leave it that
  91. sandiegofisherm


    sold bros
  92. sandiegofisherm

    do they make these still

    does penn make these still?
  93. sandiegofisherm


    thanks todd you know how it is when your young and have your first beer ,, kriss soon on the shirts
  94. sandiegofisherm


  95. sandiegofisherm


    stan all yours if you bring me some fresh fish homiie
  96. sandiegofisherm


    dumb ass ? unless you want to pay extra 120 bucks for fuel
  97. sandiegofisherm

    1984 sea swirl stearndrive

    same as cars check the head might just be gasket but unlikely its probably a cracked head. also check your riser it could be gasket or ports are shot
  98. sandiegofisherm


    I have a 6 rack smoker i hardly use anymore , I will sell for 50 bucks or trade for small r2- d2 round looking ones and some beer thanks tony 619 948 8348 SOLD homies
  99. sandiegofisherm

    corvalus 400 50 bucks

    brand new in box 50 bucks call tony 619 948 8348
  100. sandiegofisherm

    panga rod seeker 665 65.00

    custom wrapped panga stick seeker 665 it measures 4 foot 9 inches long 65 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 preffer pick up sold
  101. sandiegofisherm

    22 ft. IMP fishing boat for sale

    yes it is and yes mike and holly are real god friends of mine , small world
  102. sandiegofisherm

    22 ft. IMP fishing boat for sale

    That was my boat many years ago nice rig
  103. sandiegofisherm

    shimano corvalus 400 70 bucks

    Brand new hasnt come out of box . 70 bucks and i will put 15# ande line on it . call tony 619 948 8348 live in chula vista , like i said brand new thats why i am not putting up a picture
  104. sandiegofisherm

    Clam I am

    thanks for the call bro just kiding
  105. sandiegofisherm

    GPS Died

    haqve you checked your connections ? i had same problem and it was the connector , 7 dollar fix
  106. sandiegofisherm

    Best rigging for winter bass

    fix your boat yet ?
  107. sandiegofisherm

    One life ends........another begins.

    great perspective , thank you
  108. sandiegofisherm

    Bad Reverse

    sounds like gears ar shot , rebuild or buy used one
  109. sandiegofisherm

    anchor windlass

    lowered 125.00
  110. sandiegofisherm

    2011 Mock NFL Draft

    very happy:drool::drool::drool:
  111. sandiegofisherm

    2011 Mock NFL Draft

    I wanted to draft up untill I seen who it was
  112. sandiegofisherm

    Xtreme Fuel Treatment Presents - Beat this Caption ending Jan. 26, 2011

    If she only had more likes like a squid (id hit it)
  113. sandiegofisherm

    Spinning rod for surface iron

    dont start him off in a bad direction give him a newell 332 and let him go at it , I taught Ianna at 6 years old on conventional she was throwing iron at 8 on a 540 10 footer ,believe me it wont take him long at all
  114. sandiegofisherm

    Jump on or not

    the crew is your friend they will set you up and also the passengers
  115. sandiegofisherm

    Vibration and powerloss!

    go buy the hub and replace they arent expensive
  116. sandiegofisherm

    rock cod special 9-0 with old school rod

    pual my # is on the thread so call me and talk to me , thanks
  117. sandiegofisherm

    banish faisalsulmaan please

    ax him please
  118. sandiegofisherm

    FLOAT TUBERS,, How many would like to....

    how much to go and drink beer
  119. sandiegofisherm

    Blank for a 40# Panga stick

    Stan i am not worried about the cash at all homie , just bri=ng me some fresh pescado when you come to visit black sea bass ,have somebody pick it up I can meet them right at the off ramp by my house on the way south, I am seriouse stan pick it up
  120. sandiegofisherm

    Old School A$$ whopin...

    thats how it should be fuck yea
  121. sandiegofisherm

    foggy windows

    windex and clean towel , just have to wipe it real clean , I use a second clean towel , you will not always be fog free but enough for it to be safe
  122. sandiegofisherm

    rock cod

    there is 2 9 mile banks 1 in us and 1 in mex 1/2 day are going into mex waters
  123. sandiegofisherm

    Blank for a 40# Panga stick

    Stan i have this laying around seeker 665 in your favorite colors 50 bucks to you my friend length is 4' 9 "
  124. sandiegofisherm

    What does Wahoo Fish Taste Like?

    smoked wahoo is like eating turkey yummyyyyyy
  125. sandiegofisherm

    Smoked Ahi

    don the whole head awesome how long brother got a hard on yummy
  126. sandiegofisherm


    sorry pixs added
  127. sandiegofisherm


    I want to sell this smoker paid well over 100 bucks , I dont smoke that much any more .going to get a smaller smoker ( brinkman ) 50 bucks will work thanks tony 619 948 8348
  128. sandiegofisherm

    Sister passed 12/23.. Need shoes, please read..

    sorry to hear about your sister also may god bless you and your family for making the world better
  129. sandiegofisherm

    rock cod special 9-0 with old school rod

    rock cod special with rod and rail plate all in xcelent condition 75 bucks call tony 619 948 8348
  130. sandiegofisherm

    1/3/11 Huge Tails keep coming Asuncion

    stan where you moving to
  131. sandiegofisherm

    Orange Bowl

    49ers new head coach go stanford
  132. sandiegofisherm

    Let the shit talking begin

    glad to hear all is good , hope you total your engine , submersion is not good hope insurance gives you a new motor i am glad you are here to bring in the new year
  133. sandiegofisherm

    Let the shit talking begin

    again please respond with your story got to hear it , you started with the report so nut up homie
  134. sandiegofisherm

    Let the shit talking begin

    ok all aside whats the story fuckstick
  135. sandiegofisherm

    Boat soap or deck cleaner or both

    Smart and final degreaser 1/2 cup 1/4 gallon bleach totally safe on surfaces
  136. sandiegofisherm

    Missing boat off Point Loma now!

    and can you get that bitch to quit looking at me that wAY
  137. sandiegofisherm

    Missing boat off Point Loma now!

    hope it turns out good , god bless
  138. sandiegofisherm

    What did Santa bring you?

    30 pack of beer
  139. sandiegofisherm

    Super rusty gun...

    old timer told me once to rub with a piece of oak , dont know if it works but he had mighty fine looking rifles
  140. sandiegofisherm

    Laguna Slut....

    Your dog is crackin me up , is that why the loins tatse funny
  141. sandiegofisherm

    gas tank too small!

    Get your sea legs on this boat fish it inshore get acustomed to it .when you are ready to venture out farther put the 2- 3 thousand on a newer boat with more range, i just dont think plastic gas cans are a safe way to get an extra 10 miles just my 2 pennies , good luck
  142. sandiegofisherm

    Boating and Bugs

    change your plugs ,make sure oil mixture is right a little rich is better, never turn engine off its alot more safer
  143. sandiegofisherm

    For Sale Flying gaff $150.00

    eric you must be stoned again
  144. sandiegofisherm


    you funny :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:200 shipped your stoned
  145. sandiegofisherm

    Missed you all- Im Back

    hope to see you and sia soon
  146. sandiegofisherm

    Preparing for Tuna 2011

    fuck im still waiting for 2010
  147. sandiegofisherm

    rockfish limit on a 1.5 trip?

    10 per day the .5 part of the day dont count ,
  148. sandiegofisherm

    49ers Vs Chargers

    I think the only one challenged is john, thanks for setting it straight stan
  149. sandiegofisherm

    Greetings from South Africa

    is that rod a flyrod?
  150. sandiegofisherm

    Looking for auto mechanic

    first check your batteries and your ground connection , then tap on selonoid sp with screwdriver see if you can get it to start
  151. sandiegofisherm

    1999 Ford f-150 longbed, $2700 obo

    rich you and frank crack me up
  152. sandiegofisherm

    Looking for A good reel

    dont ruin him with a spinner take the time and show him on conventional reel , you will never have to worry about him fishing when he is fishing for tuna or yellows
  153. sandiegofisherm

    No More Mexico, Here I come west coast!!

    start fishing lakes in arizona , 1 post and its a negative post go away
  154. sandiegofisherm

    Congrats Ron

    thanks ron , maybe we can get rid of norv, and i dont think it will last 6 years
  155. sandiegofisherm

    12 ft Oarfish washes a shore in Malibu

    thats a long ass dorado
  156. sandiegofisherm


    way to go homie
  157. sandiegofisherm

    Hooping on the Jig Strike San Diego Bay

    just curious what kinda bait did you guys use ? to bad you didnt take a bug home better luck next time
  158. sandiegofisherm

    19 pitch prop

    thanks rich i will prob pick up fri
  159. sandiegofisherm

    Saluki's trip to SF went terribly wrong

  160. sandiegofisherm

    19 pitch prop

    Guys just wondering if anybody has a 19 pitch prop for a merc 200 opti i can borrow for a couple of days ? I currently have a 21 and i cant get my rpms above 5000, so i want to drop to a 19 and see if that is my problem thganks again tony
  161. sandiegofisherm

    Restrepo ...Nobody watching it?

    watched it last night amazing
  162. sandiegofisherm

    Some Skyline shots with my daughter

    comon man just fess up and say alissa took both pixs bro awesome homie
  163. sandiegofisherm

    Boat purchase advicIe please help

    start looking for something else , frank knows his shit
  164. sandiegofisherm

    alternator shop ?

    thanks guys for the info
  165. sandiegofisherm


    mike as always awesome tourney!!!! Our day started crappy as we lost our batteries due to alternator and had to turn back , Randall (popa pescarel) ? hauled ass and picked up his sweetass parker swapped our gear and off we went. real slow day lack of current and fish stuffed with squid made...
  166. sandiegofisherm

    alternator shop ?

    Auto parts store cannot test because they dont have electrical plug to match alternator so cant bench test, also motor has about 1500 hours so i think it has run its course
  167. sandiegofisherm

    alternator shop ?

    We had isssues on the boat on saturday with battery alarm going off and only showing 10.8- 11.3 on meter , ran one bat dry put 2nd on and got us back to dock , ? is does anybody know a alternator shop in san diego that can bench test the alternator ? and rebuild or get me a good deal on a new...
  168. sandiegofisherm

    11 27 2010 ATIHC Halibut report W/Pics!

    good job dean , congrats bro, and also a big shout out to mike for making this tourney happen again
  169. sandiegofisherm

    Boat Foot Pads

    I have a cushion thats called footcush awesome what a knee saver
  170. sandiegofisherm


    see you guys in the am its just Ianna and me ,pete is incognito for the wweekend, can you believe i could not get anybody to fill his spot even the guys taht said they was available oh well split the money 2 ways instead of 3 good luck every body where da list of particepants
  171. sandiegofisherm

    Turkey Testicle Festival

    made my morning carl that some funny shit
  172. sandiegofisherm

    Tackle Bags??

    go with wfo tackle bags they are the shit, better than albackore
  173. sandiegofisherm

    Official Chargers Monday Night Football Thread

    be tailgating at noon g 4
  174. sandiegofisherm

    Giants vs Eagles ~ Sunday Night Football 11/21

    almost nailed it but great game lots of mistakes
  175. sandiegofisherm

    Giants vs Eagles ~ Sunday Night Football 11/21

    Hi mags , If vick plays its going to be tough to stop him , I believe eagles 28 giants 17
  176. sandiegofisherm

    guy knows more than me

    did you loose a kayak????
  177. sandiegofisherm

    Sx gets stuck in full strike!!!?

    you probaly have the drag way to tight , back it off all the way and work the drag up slowly to where you like it
  178. sandiegofisherm

    Tommy Gomes - Headline News!!!

    I am very happy for you Tommy, and its awesome to have you as a friend
  179. sandiegofisherm

    Generator,windlass, and big ass rapalla and popper

    1500 watt gen powermate , 120 volts works great , a little loud but great for camping or at home when power goes out 80 bucks Windlass 450 came off my 22 foot cudy works great 150.00 Rapalla and popper for show , rap is 30 inches long and pop is 16 inches long rap...
  180. sandiegofisherm

    Lost Kayak at La Jolla Shores

    hope you dont have kids. pass the pipe
  181. sandiegofisherm

    Lost Kayak at La Jolla Shores

    great first post love it pass the pipe homie
  182. sandiegofisherm

    How long can you keep fish refridgerated before Freezing?

    its fine freeze and eat later
  183. sandiegofisherm

    Pulled The Trigger :)

    About time leo , you got to spend all those winnings from the yellowtail tourney on something , congrats nice rig
  184. sandiegofisherm

    Chilean Sea Bass Filets in San Diego

    call tommy the local fish monger at catalina offshore
  185. sandiegofisherm

    Best way to target the LingasaurusRex

    Todd yea its cool stuff especially if you got a big mack
  186. sandiegofisherm

    gps,fish finder, radar unit

    furuno bottom line
  187. sandiegofisherm

    Best way to target the LingasaurusRex

    Mickey if you can get a big mack and fillet it backwards from tail to gill almost all the way nose hook it and watch that thing flutter in the current. done it many times it works
  188. sandiegofisherm


    call me so i can know when your coming 619 948 8348
  189. sandiegofisherm


    still here
  190. sandiegofisherm

    New NorthStar Electronics ( sell as package or seperate )

    frank hurry and tell him how it is . play by the rules
  191. sandiegofisherm

    Rock Cod Rods

    have this old truline and rockcod special 100 bucks
  192. sandiegofisherm

    anchor windlass

    travis , yes thats how it rolls , freespool down ad use windlas up
  193. sandiegofisherm

    anchor windlass

    lowered to 150.00
  194. sandiegofisherm

    Cattleboats fishing the Bugs good or bad for PBers?

    I dont know if its good or bad but the other night they put 4 nets right bt ours 40 feet or so , no reflectors or glow sticks , all i can say as we watched the deckhands wrap the rope around the cathead and winched them in , the paying [passengers were just watching , so i think the deckhands do...
  195. sandiegofisherm

    anchor windlass

    Its a powerwinch 12 volt model 412 in great shape used came off 22 foot cuddy i use to have 200 bucks live in chula vista 619 948 8348 tony . will not ship , this might even work for a hoop puller lowered125.00
  196. sandiegofisherm

    SS Prop

    make sure you check manufacturers (wot) recomendations wide open throtle on your motor i know our merc 200 is rec 5700 you dont want to over rev your engine ,but you are right stainless has more bite than aluminum
  197. sandiegofisherm

    halis in s.d. bay

    thats no pier in sd bay
  198. sandiegofisherm

    Happy Birthday Sandiegofisherman

    thanks everybody
  199. sandiegofisherm

    anyone want some friendly company?

    if your a chick i mght consider with picks of course
  200. sandiegofisherm


    we are big with holloween , we use to have a casket with 2 spouts and we would put 4 pony kegs in it ,
  201. sandiegofisherm


    I have a casket that we use for holloween , I dont need this one anymore , have a newer one and 2 is to many , now guys somebody lived in it for 34 years he was exumed and cremated to be buried on east coast, i cleaned it well and now its just rusty but looks cool , If you want your house to...
  202. sandiegofisherm

    Halloween 2010 What did you do?

    alot of work but lots of fun for the kids, my favorite day, nicely done
  203. sandiegofisherm


    strange year maybe back to back?
  204. sandiegofisherm


    Awesome we will be happy to fish this tourney , thanks mike
  205. sandiegofisherm

    travis at his 21st b-day

    I think b- cockio likes him jason
  206. sandiegofisherm

    Momma held out one long enough

    best of luck bro
  207. sandiegofisherm

    travis at his 21st b-day

    Chunk has grown up , he wont be forgetting this for along time
  208. sandiegofisherm

    travis at his 21st b-day

    Well we ended up going to Ballast pub in point loma to celebrate capt travis first bar experience , As all great buds everybody gave travis a drink of there choice , rum and coke , a bunch of jaegar (sp) bombs ,car bombs , long Islands ,beer ,whiskey sours , and uzzo shots it was cool had fun...
  209. sandiegofisherm

    Rather be Fishing

    one of our best days will never forget
  210. sandiegofisherm

    Happy 21st Birthday Fishn4life!

    have a good day bro
  211. sandiegofisherm

    newell 220-5

    deal went south ,back up for sale guys 60 bucks need it gone
  212. sandiegofisherm

    newell 220-5

    its pending fellas , if it falls through i will let you guys know ok
  213. sandiegofisherm

    newell 220-5

    new price 60 bucks
  214. sandiegofisherm

    newell 220-5

    great condition has spectra 35# 70 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 pick up please chula vista price dropped 60.00 bucks
  215. sandiegofisherm

    Guy Cotton Fishing slicks

    Stan when you leaving to the promise land bro ? let me know ok make sure i see you before you leave ok
  216. sandiegofisherm

    NIB Promar 36" Eclipse Hoop Nets

    wanted to make sure you seen it
  217. sandiegofisherm

    NIB Promar 36" Eclipse Hoop Nets

    so you are up TO 19 POST ,yahoo . you should have taken them to the buyer and told him to nut up and buy , thats why you tell them pick up only , you might be smarter than me but your post dont look like it :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  218. sandiegofisherm

    NIB Promar 36" Eclipse Hoop Nets

    so you are up TO 19 POST ,yahoo . you should have taken them to the buyer and told him to nut up and buy , thats why you tell them pick up only , you might be smarter than me but your post dont look like it :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  219. sandiegofisherm

    NIB Promar 36" Eclipse Hoop Nets

    14 fucken post and you are telling us to do research on them before we offer you some money, and x 2 on u not making the promar hoops , I will take 1/2 of 1 ok
  220. sandiegofisherm

    First Five Photos for Photo FX

    very cool of you if you can do these thanks
  221. sandiegofisherm

    mexicali crossing beware! Just a fyi Obey laws

    a cousins friend told my homie that he told him that he heard from a friend that somebody took some bucks from him for speeding , wow , dont break the law and you wont get stopped ! just like here , and why would you want to go to mex if you live 1000 miles away , so stay in washington por favor
  222. sandiegofisherm

    I thought sword, sailfish are off limits to

    ethics are only for people who dont catch
  223. sandiegofisherm

    Bringing beer into Mex.

    just like going to padre ,charger game or even a concert , but in all reallity ,the only time it was an issue with us has been the weekend of elections in mexico , other than that a few 30 packs travel with us all the time :hali_olutta:
  224. sandiegofisherm

    Congrats Big Ron !

    specila teams coach should be riding bus to his hometowm tonight and claen out his office on tuesday
  225. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 540 jig stick

    big girl you move or something like dat, wats up
  226. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 540 jig stick

    540 8 foot 6 inches custom wrapped 70 bucks , call tony 619 948 8348 thanks
  227. sandiegofisherm

    20 inch kids bike

    ok cool deno will drop off sat , thanks my friend
  228. sandiegofisherm

    20 inch kids bike

    deno ask him if he wants it and i will drop it off
  229. sandiegofisherm

    Line Color?

    -pink ande bro
  230. sandiegofisherm

    20 inch kids bike

    20 inch bike ,dual suspesion 21 speed awesome bike for kids , this thing cost me like 300 bucks guys its free , I might get better response if i sold it for a 18 pack
  231. sandiegofisherm

    20 inch kids bike

    then i would have to charge a 40 ouncer for it homie:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  232. sandiegofisherm

    20 inch kids bike

    very nice kids bike for free needs some loving care and your kid will be styling live in chula vista tony 619 948 8348 first to call gets it i am home but not on computer all day
  233. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 670 7 foot spinning rod

    670 american classic maybe used 3 times 60.00 call tony 619 948 8348
  234. sandiegofisherm

    friday 10/9

    start you own thread jacker
  235. sandiegofisherm

    Cheap Rockcod Sinkers

    can you clean them up a little and then take pixs
  236. sandiegofisherm

    Fishing South 10/7

    Weather is so crappy you guys should reconsider for another day boys
  237. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Back to back overnighters on the Producer

    I have some funny ones jason I think I have pixs also:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  238. sandiegofisherm

    standard horizon radio

    standard horizon radio near new condition ,does not come with the mount for it 60.00 bucks call tony 619 948 8348
  239. sandiegofisherm

    670 7foot s

    seeker a670 7 foot s spinning rod 20 (30) 50 # americam series rod very little use 75.00 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 chula vista
  240. sandiegofisherm

    Seeker Jig Stick 7' or 8'

    here is a couple of pics
  241. sandiegofisherm

    Seeker Jig Stick 7' or 8'

    I have a seeker 540 8foot 8 1/2 inches long custom wrapped 100 bucks let me know i will post a pic if you want 619 948 8348 tony
  242. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore BFT on The Hidden 10/3/10

    im going to get the navajos get on this shit fast homie
  243. sandiegofisherm


    sounds like a newell great shape 75.00 call tony 619 948 8348 in chula vista sold
  244. sandiegofisherm

    rock cod rig

    new price 100bucks need to restock kegerator
  245. sandiegofisherm

    2 shimano baitrunners 6500

    new price 95.00 need beer money
  246. sandiegofisherm


    bitchen bro enjoy it
  247. sandiegofisherm

    Number eight is in the house...

    you are truly blessed kevin congrats
  248. sandiegofisherm

    Rock Cod Pole

    To bad you dont live closser
  249. sandiegofisherm

    2 shimano baitrunners 6500

    for sale 2 6500 baitrunners in great shape 1 needs handle cap other than that awesome shape , deal fell apart , 110.00 for both dont ask to go cheaper, I live in chula vista ,619 948 8348 tony also i will be at grossmont high school later this afternoon can meet or other than that...
  250. sandiegofisherm

    Fish ID?

    Hey matt whats chingadera in the big ones
  251. sandiegofisherm

    rock cod rig

    old school bro thanks
  252. sandiegofisherm

    rock cod rig

    Sealine rock cod special 9-0 loaded with 80 # mono comes with 6 foot heavy rod with rail plate striper roller guide in back and roller tip I believe the rod is an old truline but i aint no expert on that but does look like my other trulines I will take 125.00 pick up only live in Chula...
  253. sandiegofisherm

    Thresher Shark!!!

    pop corn and shark paparazi, hang on
  254. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Sept. 10 Tune-A-Fish on the San Diego

    Allright I will be the first to ask? what was up with the guy with the face shield? awesome vid great 1st post props
  255. sandiegofisherm


    sorry rock lobster b-52's
  256. sandiegofisherm


    rock lobster
  257. sandiegofisherm

    new gps-finder-radar

    furuno by far
  258. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Fish Finder Question

    play with thegain button
  259. sandiegofisherm

    Lets knock this out of the park!!!

    Rich would love to do this and would have no problem taking some of our best out on team lipripper but unfortunately i have pop warner game maybe on the next go around sorry guys
  260. sandiegofisherm

    Rancho Leonero Resort vacation Sept 9-16 2010

    very nice mike , glad you and val had a blast
  261. sandiegofisherm

    21 Days and counting

    good luck max
  262. sandiegofisherm

    Any BD'rs work for the DFG?

    and blow there cover ,that funny shit
  263. sandiegofisherm

    Anybody know the wind/ weather forecast

    does it matter ? nut up and deal with what mother nature gives you , my best days have been in shitty ass weather
  264. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore yellowfin and albies gallore!

    I agree the boat and crew are awesome , and yes diane can cook and fish
  265. sandiegofisherm

    papio recipe?

    what is papio you know us weat coast guys
  266. sandiegofisherm

    youth football pop warner / american youth football

    just a heads up guys next year ayf will go to the grade your kid is in example 3rd , 4th grade mighty might, 5-6th grade jrpw, 7-8th grade pee wee, no wieght limit in any division , As of right now pop warner will keep it as it is now with age and wieght limits
  267. sandiegofisherm

    youth football pop warner / american youth football

    anthony best of luck what division is your son in is it pop warner or ayf
  268. sandiegofisherm

    Baja Bound

  269. sandiegofisherm

    youth football pop warner / american youth football

    good luck coach we are cp trojans new league , we will play your jrpw this year at helix high, we will be challenged due to no mighty might team,and we picked up 7 players that are 8 years old
  270. sandiegofisherm

    youth football pop warner / american youth football

    Our season starts on saturday against Alpine junior pee wee , we have been practicing 5 times a week for a month ,its time to play who elses kids are playing youth football
  271. sandiegofisherm

    Fishing sinkers cheap.

    he still wear that safari hat
  272. sandiegofisherm

    garmin 540 mystery power issues, help

    on my furuno it was the wire right next to the connector
  273. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Need a lawyer to sue US Coast Guard (Sector San Diego

    ,why only you ? and also i believe U.S cant patrol mex waters unless emergency situations
  274. sandiegofisherm

    Happy Birthday Raffman55! (Tom)

    have a great day tom
  275. sandiegofisherm


    One of my happiest days and proudest 250.3 #
  276. sandiegofisherm

    A Little Clamming Advice Please...

    april has an r in it
  277. sandiegofisherm


    donde estan los doyers?
  278. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore 1-1/2 Day on Ocean Odyssey 8/7

    how did your other boats do if they where available, limits ? dont dog boats when nobody is doing anything
  279. sandiegofisherm

    HEY STAN !!!

    mike it gets easier , just think about you girls and it will all be ok
  280. sandiegofisherm

    Got my first ticket. Any way of fighting?

    wear a helmet and bang your head he might let you off easy
  281. sandiegofisherm

    I ran about 150 miles and used 160 galons of Diesel.

    if worrired about fuel run at 8-10 knots and you will see difference
  282. sandiegofisherm


    hey you sell my 270 or what , i could have sent it to australia and had it done by now sucker
  283. sandiegofisherm

    07-24-10 Sand Bass

    deno now thats fun fishing , my 2 guys called me early this morning and bailed maybe tuesday, good job 2s pelones
  284. sandiegofisherm

    Clean Bait Tanks

    rinse with water and leave lids open so they dry out
  285. sandiegofisherm

    Sending good thoughts to Tommy Gomes...

    tomas que dios te vendiga
  286. sandiegofisherm

    3/4 day on the San Diego BFT

    when u shave your head , going to cp get together
  287. sandiegofisherm

    Got a job

    best v of luck bro
  288. sandiegofisherm

    2010 Yellowtail Shootout Official "WHO NEEDS TO PAIR UP WITH A TEAM?" thread

    heyu homie call me your old number dont work no more 619 948 8348
  289. sandiegofisherm

    optimax 225 air compresse

    mark just replaced mine on our 200 optimax dont buy rebuilt just buy new anywhere from 800- 900 bucks thats better than a new motor did yours blow up or what happened to it? its simple to replace but if it blew you have to clean every line that goes into motor
  290. sandiegofisherm

    Honda 9.9HP Water in Oil

    there is a gasket where the oil fill is that has water jackets around it and those fail , i have done 2 already
  291. sandiegofisherm

    Need 2 riders to fish Nados on Thursday 06-10

    riders thats better tha n fishing people
  292. sandiegofisherm

    Prospective new/used boat owner

    i agree older boats with low hours on motors not good remember outboards are meant to be run all the time especially 2 strokes
  293. sandiegofisherm

    K5 Bronco doesnt start after its warmed up ?

    i agree idle control valve
  294. sandiegofisherm

    Red tide rules La Jolla 6/2

    way to go big chichis
  295. sandiegofisherm

    How often do you replace impeller/water pump

    every 2 years with little to moderate use every year with alot of use
  296. sandiegofisherm

    1ST fish on new boat

    that thing still has some placenta on it
  297. sandiegofisherm

    Where to get a propane tank filled

    try parsons on clairmont mesa blvd
  298. sandiegofisherm

    Get sponcered in fishing in california

    you have to win tournaments ,get records ,have a boat to at least fish lakes and bays, and consistently be in top ten , good luck son
  299. sandiegofisherm

    bay fishing with kids ig surprise

    thanks guys by the way he was very good wrapped in tortillas
  300. sandiegofisherm

    North Island YT

    yummy god job bro
  301. sandiegofisherm

    bay fishing with kids ig surprise

    My buddy wanted me to go with him on his skiff and take the kids so i said sure , look for halis and bass so we set up on the jetty drifting for halibut tide started to move so i started to throw plastic at the jetty small bass , then a legal checker kids having fun pulling on bass 8 pound...
  302. sandiegofisherm

    Avet JX 4.1:1 single speed

    look at the handle if there is a button on the handle its a 2 speed if not its a single speed
  303. sandiegofisherm

    1994 Bayliner 2452 Classic????

    run away keep looking 70 hours on an old boat means trouble be ready to replace alot of parts that are dried up or siezed
  304. sandiegofisherm

    Congrats to my son.. Capt. Travis

    i am so jazzed he got the ticket , you da man chunkey , so rich you getting him a 100 ton rig
  305. sandiegofisherm

    2000 18' CC for sale - need to sell asap

    i will call him guys he has been in new york back and forth
  306. sandiegofisherm

    Remove rust stains?

    toilet bowl cleaner quick easy cheap and wont hurt gel coat
  307. sandiegofisherm


    come on guys do we really want everybody to know its that good , its our edge in tournaments shhhhhh
  308. sandiegofisherm

    Condolences to Captain Ernie & Family

    very sad to hear prayers to ernie and his wife
  309. sandiegofisherm

    Happy Birthday Stan "surfdoc"

    have a good one stan
  310. sandiegofisherm

    Southwestern Yacht Club 40th Annual Bottom Fishing Tournament 5/8/2010

    ali hope the weather is a lot less windy than last yearteam lipripper will be there also
  311. sandiegofisherm

    Travis (Fishin4life) a Captain?

    About fucken time now i can sleep while he drives , best of luck partner
  312. sandiegofisherm

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Marcus thats some funny shit , but they already have those cordinates , but i will sell for beer only lizard fish hot spots
  313. sandiegofisherm

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    jason missed that funny shiy bro
  314. sandiegofisherm

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    Im only asking cuz a buddy of mine is buying a 24-27' cat pretty soon and he doesnt have a screenname on here. we've tried going to rockpile (based on coordinates we got from books/hotspots) a few times now and had no luck cuz of weather/conditions, or maybe we just had the wrong coordinates. so...
  315. sandiegofisherm

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    you got 11 post ,dont have a boat, asking for cordinates , maybe you should get your sea legs under you first around the kelp the ib flats , then maybe a little farther , and get over the ribbing you are getting, you would have been crying 5 years ago with the old school fools
  316. sandiegofisherm

    Few larger baits for Team Salty Balls

    frank i will call you in a couple of days ,thanks for #
  317. sandiegofisherm

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    about 25 miles past the bull ring
  318. sandiegofisherm


    hey thats randals boat (barely legal) in your avatar no4nmtl
  319. sandiegofisherm

    Surfdoc sighting.........

    thats his pfd
  320. sandiegofisherm

    SDA Bay Bass Tournament Fishoff -April 24

    dwayne thanks again for the invite , awesome tourney again, travis fishing4life and i are still stoked about 3rd place
  321. sandiegofisherm

    Update on the Starcraft

    stan we all have trusted somebody with less than honest intentions to make a buck ,sorry the engine is fucked up , maybe you should throw the name out or not but that is up to you bro , best of luck with new engine hope tp see you on the water
  322. sandiegofisherm


    wish you a great day bro
  323. sandiegofisherm

    Win the World's Largest bar of De-Fishing Soap

    thats one bad ass tail jack no disrespect to the wifey that goes on the wall mounted with the other trophys
  324. sandiegofisherm

    the san diego ripoff

    so do you think the landings are keepng the money ? its a mex permit it goes to mexico you tool 1st post
  325. sandiegofisherm

    Anyone have a business with a loading dock

    talk to pete otay mesa tell travis to call
  326. sandiegofisherm

    Avet reel priced to go

    and he is a doctor:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  327. sandiegofisherm

    Chargers trade Cromartie to Jets

    thank fucking god , he should be good in a flag football team
  328. sandiegofisherm

    Another SOB I want Dead!

    me 2 fucking prick
  329. sandiegofisherm

    Stupid dog owners

    get better soon mags
  330. sandiegofisherm

    ????Fisherman - Mike

    Talked to mike a while ago real busy with work and family
  331. sandiegofisherm

    Which 9' blank for socal surface irons?

    you know bro 9 foot sticks are for bait 10 foot is for iron baby
  332. sandiegofisherm

    2 trolling rods

    manny call me im in chula vista i have 2 seekers 655xh 1 custom 1 factory i will give you a killer deal tony 619 948 8348
  333. sandiegofisherm

    Grill Repair Info

    so when we grillin mags?
  334. sandiegofisherm

    deck cracking and floor paint?

    not to jack your thread Brian a long time ago there was a thread about covering spider cracks and somebodt mentioned a surfboard wax ? type thing to cover the spider cracks anybody ?
  335. sandiegofisherm

    First Long range trip 8 day Royal Polaris

    you getting divorced ? take the clear thong the pancho villa sombrero, and abu revo
  336. sandiegofisherm

    Lobster Charter?

    dana landing (san diego) not dana point
  337. sandiegofisherm

    don't sweat the small shit. REALLY!!!

    Gary do the gray goose , because your old lady would kick your ass if you talked shit about god .....and dont talk shit or i will call liz and snitch
  338. sandiegofisherm


    be rolling by soon jp thanks
  339. sandiegofisherm


    Im color blind jason , tell jp to quit digging up 4 year old threads jp whats your 2 stroke oil go for ?
  340. sandiegofisherm

    My new Ride! Now the fun begins! Let's name It!!!

    i remember PMS ESCAPE havent heard that guy in a long time but that one is classic
  341. sandiegofisherm

    Zodiak @ mexico??

    :imdumb::imdumb::imdumb: thanks frank
  342. sandiegofisherm

    Zodiak @ mexico??

    totaly wrong, why would you go to another country without any paperwork or documentation ? is it that you dont have paperwork on the zodiac?
  343. sandiegofisherm

    Olympic Mens Figure Skating

    yea its gay ,caught myself watching curling USA and Russia but it was the chicks not the guys
  344. sandiegofisherm

    Giant Squid

    I do mine the same way but just a little diferent only change is we tenderize before we put it in milk and second is we fry it in butter , but it is yummy
  345. sandiegofisherm

    lowrance furuno ?

    if you can buy the furuno by far the best
  346. sandiegofisherm

    newell s338-5

    like i said it aint going to happen
  347. sandiegofisherm

    RPM for a Honda 225

    I think you are real close to where it will max out, you might get a little more by trimming up, you go any faster and art wont ride with you
  348. sandiegofisherm

    newell s338-5

    you probably talking open party boat , ah still aint going to happen, I should just have my daughter school you alittle bit
  349. sandiegofisherm

    Mission Bay or Long beach for squid?

    dont get your boat dirty pay the 42 bucks here in san diego, mission bay boats or san diego bay boats are good to go
  350. sandiegofisherm

    RPM for a Honda 225

    5500 rpms and what was your speed ?
  351. sandiegofisherm

    newell s338-5

    Never happen you wont be invited on our skiff
  352. sandiegofisherm

    RPM for a Honda 225

    dereck look at the bracket on your motor should see a tag on there ,it tells you what it wieghs,year , and wot rpms
  353. sandiegofisherm


    and forgot to put on the helmet
  354. sandiegofisherm

    Taking Cub Scout Den Fishing . . .

    deek i can go with you if you have room we fish the bay always . it aint a slam dunk but you have to fish the tides so let me know ok
  355. sandiegofisherm

    My 1st Yellow Tail for The Year 2/15/10 NADOS

    good job bro see you on the water
  356. sandiegofisherm

    coax cable

    trade for 30 pack of coors light probably 400 feet of cable call tony 619 948 8348
  357. sandiegofisherm

    best 30-40# jigstick reel?

    with your small hands you need a master micro reel
  358. sandiegofisherm

    Need a "dirt" guy to scrape and haul some dirt

    shit he must drink alot less beer than me , oh well
  359. sandiegofisherm


    good man
  360. sandiegofisherm

    665h seeker rod 70 bucks

    thank you romel nice meeting you
  361. sandiegofisherm

    665h seeker rod 70 bucks

    i would say 30-60 # range
  362. sandiegofisherm

    665h seeker rod 70 bucks

    got the camera back so here are some pixs 665h i believe custom wrapped 6 foot 6 inches ,perfection guides , hypalon, reel seat, near new 70 bucks also have some coax cable full box its alot 30 pack coors light call tony 619 948 8348
  363. sandiegofisherm

    seeker blank cjb 80 f

    so whats up you gonna pick it up or what
  364. sandiegofisherm

    Gettin ready

    Dont forget your boat sled , your trailer is very important check your bearings,trailer bunks. lights,axles,tires,fenders and so on , best of luck
  365. sandiegofisherm

    seeker blank cjb 80 f

    let me know whats up
  366. sandiegofisherm

    seeker blank cjb 80 f

    romel i will be home most of all day tomorrow you about 20 minutes from my house call me later 619 948 8348
  367. sandiegofisherm

    seeker blank cjb 80 f

    not heavy 15 25 # stick
  368. sandiegofisherm

    seeker blank cjb 80 f

    composite cjb 80 f blank for sale 50 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 no shipping
  369. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 665h 70 bucks

    I have a seeker 665h i believe cant remember pulls sme as my 665h i have , custom wrapped with perfection guides ,reel seat and hypalon , rod is 6 foot 6 inches near new conditions you wont be dissapointed. I would say this rod is rated 30# to 60# perfect for flylining or yo-yoing call tony...
  370. sandiegofisherm

    Cruz International

    joe what up bro
  371. sandiegofisherm

    Very interesting ........really!

    very cool story frank thanks
  372. sandiegofisherm

    Poway kids derby

    very nice young man way to go
  373. sandiegofisherm

    Furuno Repair

    whats wrong with it? i think its phantom marine under coronado bay bridge or the one on shelter island drive but trhey send it to forunu in wasshington
  374. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    it says 10 foot 93 h is the model
  375. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    i believe they are black perfection guides
  376. sandiegofisherm

    Prop Shop ?

    that aint no bullshit travis was pissed so was i with the bass tourney coming up , i think i would go to pacific props david its closer to your work homie
  377. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    10 foot ulua jig stick 93 h near new condition custom wrapped and has cork 100.00 bucks need it gone sold also i believe its a seeker 665 rod in near new condition 70 bucks pick up in chula vista call tony 619 948 8348
  378. sandiegofisherm

    30gb ipod video (classic ver.) for tadys...

    you dont have enough hair on your pussy to throw a 10 foot ulua lassie
  379. sandiegofisherm

    SD bay bass tourney, who's in??

    hey marcus we will see you down at shelter island in the morning, we dont go that early , we get coffee in the morning ,some breakfast , roll down about 5.15 5.30 they wont start till close to 6.30 so we will sleep in a little longer than you guys
  380. sandiegofisherm

    30gb ipod video (classic ver.) for tadys...

    i cant stand people who have no word , and that aint how you do buisness punk ass, i agree:_smack_::_smack_::_smack_::_smack_:
  381. sandiegofisherm

    30gb ipod video (classic ver.) for tadys...

    first you offer some cash , then you say you dont have enough , then you ask if i can wait till friday i say cool then you flake , kid you need to grow up a little bit
  382. sandiegofisherm

    Built-in Entertainment Center

    damon go to chula vista 5 north to palomar east right side there is an am pm across the street same side you will see a place that does custom cabinets real reasonable
  383. sandiegofisherm

    30gb ipod video (classic ver.) for tadys...

    I thgink this kid post to see what kind of response he gets because he sure dont follow through ,he's flaked on me twice
  384. sandiegofisherm

    best pliers

    Go to sears and get the diagonal cutters 25 bucks after they wear out take them back and get a free replacement
  385. sandiegofisherm

    30gb iPod video (classic ver.) for a Penn 500l jigmaster?

    dude dont ask for gear or trades if your not going to follow through , you already flacked on 2 of our offers
  386. sandiegofisherm

    newell p332

    85 bucks shipped
  387. sandiegofisherm

    Hipp Marine

    jim I use hipp all the time they are great ,if you go to hipp talk to robert tell him you know me and ianna , but alot of people will tell you for yamaha robbi gordon at i think boating dynamics
  388. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    droped to 130 bucks or i will keep it no lower than this gary you still want that forschner knife
  389. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    great deal also was built by danny waye( sp i believe ) BEST IRON FISHERMAN in cali
  390. sandiegofisherm

    16" Boys bike. Like new

    brenen will take it richard so every time travis comes over he can still ride it let me know first in line
  391. sandiegofisherm

    thoughts on this bayrunner before buying please

    i think thats a good offer unless you want to buy a kayak for 200 bucks
  392. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    not a super seeker
  393. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    priced droped 150.00
  394. sandiegofisherm

    coax cable

    gone to the hook
  395. sandiegofisherm

    GPS Issue

    x2 i had same problem and i changed both connections the one on ant and the one on unit worked perfect
  396. sandiegofisherm

    coax cable

    I have about 300 feet of high performance quad shield coaxial cable swept to 3ghz thats what it says on box , box looks full and says 500 feet but im guessing 300 but could be more if you want to bring me some beer coors light and pick up in chula vista that would be great call tony 619 948...
  397. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    10 foot ulua just like new only used a few times by buddy of mine custom built call tony 619 948 8348 130.00
  398. sandiegofisherm

    Boat trailer

    Paco it will rust , you are better off finding a galvanized trailer
  399. sandiegofisherm

    Newell 332

    reggie call me 619 948 8348 tony
  400. sandiegofisherm

    Where to Get Rebar Sizes 9-11

    go to rcp brick and block national city, lemon grove, santee, or any home depot rebar is real cheap
  401. sandiegofisherm

    Quit smoking

    grow some balls and quit , just dont smoke if you dont want to , if you relly wanted to you would
  402. sandiegofisherm

    new stainless hoop nets

    dave and it was tireing watching the kid work hard
  403. sandiegofisherm


    happy b-day mike hope you enjoy with your family bro
  404. sandiegofisherm

    new stainless hoop nets

    Thanks guys these nets are the first ones the next set will not have the rings for the harness , top ring is good enogh for the harness , Yes these will be more pricey but will outlast the promars , and yes we also hate the hook on the bungie getting stuck with the other hoops Cant...
  405. sandiegofisherm

    new stainless hoop nets

    Well after losing some conicals this year it was time to make some , after seeing a fellow bd'er make some out of rebar we thought we should make some out of stainless, shouldnt rust and also adds a little more wieght for staying on the bottom better when tide is rippin , so my bro made these...
  406. sandiegofisherm

    Limits 1/9/10

    yea what she said
  407. sandiegofisherm

    Free parking

    I dont have to pay 25 bucks at the charger game for parking
  408. sandiegofisherm

    Tailgating Food

    Get some carnitas , rice,beans tortillas,salsa, and make some fat ass tacos or burritos and some cold beer ,fuck I might take that on sundays game
  409. sandiegofisherm

    Whale Watching?

    hey kyle you guys running today? Iannas is taking care of james and she will go watching with you guys if you run , swing on by homie
  410. sandiegofisherm

    2 tixs for sea world

    gone to gary
  411. sandiegofisherm

    2 tixs for sea world

    The only catch is you have to use them by thursday the 31st so if you are in from out of town or you want to take your kid this will be perfect I hope somebody that really could use them would use these tixs please call me tony 619 948 8348
  412. sandiegofisherm

    $300 4 person charter, Puertecitos BCN

    is she the capt ? im in oh boy
  413. sandiegofisherm

    Spicy Quail Tortilla Soup~Texas style~

    got picks of finished product?
  414. sandiegofisherm

    Christmas Mud Marlin

    thats way cool , merry christmas
  415. sandiegofisherm

    Prime Rib

    Jim is it done yet , Merry Christmas
  416. sandiegofisherm

    Nephew got in a bad crash tonight.

    Im glad he is ok bro prayers sent
  417. sandiegofisherm


    merry christmas Tommy and thanks for all the goodies you have given us all year my gtod bless bro
  418. sandiegofisherm

    Should I get a harness?

    it wouldnt hurt having a harness you will be happy you have ,we always have one for the big boys
  419. sandiegofisherm

    daiwa 2 speed reel 130.00

    sld 30 2 speed back up for 130 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 chula vista
  420. sandiegofisherm

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    i dont think he is being truthfull with this
  421. sandiegofisherm

    My Dog Thinks He Is Human.

    c-mon gary put some underwear on that boy
  422. sandiegofisherm

    Congrats Ianna Gilbert on the ATHT Victory

    Thanks again guys , we fish hard and every once in a while the good lord shares the bounties with the poor , hey how we fish on the rose what a dream to be on that ! we fished next to you by the bait recievers for a little while , vance give me a call bro
  423. sandiegofisherm

    Swivel on PL68?

    you should get new friends , listen to the first 2 replies these fellas know there shit
  424. sandiegofisherm

    Congrats Ianna Gilbert on the ATHT Victory

    thanks to everybody for the kind words, yes i am always proud of Ianna , we will give details when mike does his report , thanks again to mike to put on a great tourney , see you all at the bay bass tourney
  425. sandiegofisherm

    Check this out...

    thats bad ass
  426. sandiegofisherm

    After Thanksgiving Halibut Tournament November 28th

    Wow all this finger pointing,we cant change what happened,it is what it is ! I look at this as an unfortunate accident with a loss of a boat not lives. Mike did all he could to inform us on all conditions and reminded us to remember all of our own individual limitations ...
  427. sandiegofisherm


    starting to rain in chula vista its 10.45
  428. sandiegofisherm


    mike whats up for tomorrow? we still a go looks shitty outside , they calling 7-12 outside smallcraft advisery already in place
  429. sandiegofisherm

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    so what happened to the prizes? or is this going to be swept under the rug
  430. sandiegofisherm

    2 speed reel for 120.00

    no problem tim call me ok
  431. sandiegofisherm

    2 speed reel for 120.00

    Daiwa sld 30 2 speed reel mech 9-10 cosm 7-10 killer deal 120.00 new 60# ande line also newell c332-5 in great shape just serviced at kens 30# p-line 70.00 sorry no pics call tony 619 948 8348 rather u pick up thanks no trades
  432. sandiegofisherm

    INDY vs. Balt

    yes sir
  433. sandiegofisherm

    I got kid problems. Please vote so I can prove a point

    tim by all means if he gets pissed at you for reading his text ,and you can keep him out of trouble you are doing the right thing You are there to be his friend but foremost you are a parent first ,and if you are pissing him off you are doing the right thing that just means you aint letting...
  434. sandiegofisherm

    Fiji/Samoa fishing info

    hi betty ,wats up
  435. sandiegofisherm

    Lobster Diving w/ Speargun?

    .you are in deep shit if there is a hole in the lobster , you can only take lobster by hand if diving
  436. sandiegofisherm

    shimano tiagra 16 2 speed

    reduced 225.00 tiagra 16 2 speed has boat and lure rash but it is great reel itshould be serviced but letting it go for call tony 619 948 8348 sorry does have 85# spectra on it and 80 # top shot , does come with reel clamp
  437. sandiegofisherm

    G Loomis Pelagic Series

    take 30 pack of beer ? or penn 500?
  438. sandiegofisherm

    Nice Newell reels (One brand new)

    why do you have a poll if you are selling the reels you been doing some shrooms or what :smoking33::smoking33:
  439. sandiegofisherm

    newell, daiwa

    Newell s338-5 like new 80.00 also daiwa sealine sld 30 2 speed mech sound, cosm paint is rubbing off a little 135.00 pick up only please i live in chula vista tony 619 948 8348
  440. sandiegofisherm


    be safe and have fun
  441. sandiegofisherm

    Colnett boats?

    pac voy hands down
  442. sandiegofisherm

    Tweakers got all my tools

    sorry to hear about whats going on joey , wish i had tools bro i would give them to you , keep the faith bro iy will get better and do it for the kids
  443. sandiegofisherm

    single limit but lost hoop

    I hope somebody finds and returns , i lost 3 with name ,phone # and i put it on bd and its been 3 weeks
  444. sandiegofisherm

    shimano tigra 12 2 speed

    Tiagra 12 2 speed has some boat rash on side plate and very little on top but works great pick up only 250.00 call tony 619 948 8348 sold thanks travis
  445. sandiegofisherm

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    this is really getting ugly and sad , jese man up to your responsabilities or just tell every body what is going on ,dont shy away from this thread we do see you respond to other threads here on bd , i also think somebody else needs to run this event next year
  446. sandiegofisherm

    avet lx and newell s338-5

    avet lx 4.1.1 silver now 120.00 like new newell s338-5 now 90.00 like new i live in chula vista 91911 tony 619 948 8348 dont want to ship
  447. sandiegofisherm

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    i agree with you gill
  448. sandiegofisherm

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    im glad you said something because nobody has notified me about recieving my prize , and i also donated some knives that i hope somebody can use , so jess whats the deal ?
  449. sandiegofisherm

    daiwa sealine sld 30 2 spped and penn 712z

    daiwa sld 30 2 speed cosm 6-10 mech 9-10 awesome reel 150.00 penn 712 z spinning reel it is near new condition 45.00 please no trades i live in chula vista pick up only call tony 619 948 8348
  450. sandiegofisherm

    avet lx, and newell

    sorry here are pixs
  451. sandiegofisherm

    avet lx, and newell

    avet lx 4.1.1 reel like new 125.00 newell s338-5 100.00 no trades pick up only please tony 619 948 8348 I live in chula vista (san diego ) thanks for looking sorry pixs belleow
  452. sandiegofisherm

    Tie the anchor line to this boat?

    tie it to your foot :fighting0061::fighting0061:
  453. sandiegofisherm


    thanks mike cant wait
  454. sandiegofisherm

    Need Help on bending aluminum tubing for arch

    thread is over 2 years old :imdumb::imdumb::imdumb::imdumb:
  455. sandiegofisherm


    manny was taking a shower when during the 7th inning
  456. sandiegofisherm

    pro gear cs 500

    sorry here are pixs
  457. sandiegofisherm

    pro gear cs 500

    pro gear cs 500 125.00 firm pick up only also i dont know how i got this but i dont have room for it okuma convector reel 30.00 bucks i live in chula vista tony 619 948 8348
  458. sandiegofisherm

    Texas Open!! Long Distance Casting Comp.

    that video was sick bro
  459. sandiegofisherm

    abu garcias and penn 500,s

    the abus are sold to buddahead
  460. sandiegofisherm

    abu garcias and penn 500,s

    i have 3 abu garcia ambassadeur reels blue 550 plus 15.00 sold silver 5500-c 15.00 sold red ? 5500 15.00 sold penn 500 red 20.00 500 black 20.00 200 black 20.00 also super seeker 30-60# 85.00 call tony...
  461. sandiegofisherm

    got 4 but

    but lost 3 nets guys if anybody finds please pm me ,san diego bay they are eclipse , blue with white striped rope , the floats have blue and red stripes with numbers on them , and a bait tube made out of abs pipe , thanks again fellas , to the hooping the current was rippin early set our hoops...
  462. sandiegofisherm

    Looking for 25' Skipjack....

    contact fishbones here on bd his friend is selling a bad ass one
  463. sandiegofisherm

    super seeker,pro gear 2000, calcutta 700,black steel graphite

    sold the 700 and the other pro gear all i have left is the super seeker rod
  464. sandiegofisherm

    super seeker,pro gear 2000, calcutta 700,black steel graphite

    sold one of pro gears original handle and also the black steel
  465. sandiegofisherm

    super seeker,pro gear 2000, calcutta 700,black steel graphite

    shimano 700 levelwind reel in exc shape 100.00 sold pro gear pacifica 2000 original handle 65.00 bucks sold pro gear pacifica 2000 accurate wiffle ball handle 80.00 bucks sold black steel gaphite rod g660xf 15-30 # rod exc shape 120.00 sold super seeker rod xcjbf60 30 -...
  466. sandiegofisherm

    black steel graphite

    g660xf 6 foot black steel graphite rod it is in excellent shape 130.00 pick up in chula vista call tony 619 948 8348
  467. sandiegofisherm

    calcutta 700 level wind

    I have a calcutta 700 with live bait handle that i havent used in probably 5 years it is in great condition ,no box or clamp I will look for clamp but dont count on me finding it i will take 125.00 bucks would rather you pick up in chula vista (san diego 91911) but i will ship at your cost...
  468. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Fish report and Bonito Recipe

    i think you are a 69 air turd and a dumb ass
  469. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Fish report and Bonito Recipe

    what a dick :finger::finger:go to allcoast nothing wrong eating bonita or skipjack it taste very good
  470. sandiegofisherm

    electronics and bait tank upgrade

    friend of mines buddy wants to upgrade all his stuff new boat wants better stuff wants one place to do it all , wants a fair price and not get the run around let me know guys thanks tony
  471. sandiegofisherm

    pro gear cs 500 - 6-1 ratio

    real claen only use it for rock codding just serviced by kens loaded with 55 # spectra to the top 400 yards + or - bad ass reel will post pics later call tony 619 948 8348 110.00
  472. sandiegofisherm

    mega bait going under

    :Kick_emoticon::Kick_emoticon:mega bait went out of biz 2years ago
  473. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore One Last Try 302,230

    BAD ADVICE that might work at the lake bro but not out in the open ocean, what is it with people who think they dont need gps or radar to go fishin , you should not even fish the bay when the fog rolls in if you dont have radar , always be safe guys you are responsible for everybody on the boat
  474. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore 226, 302 And SW Near The 230 on 9-23-09

    are you insane running in fog with out radar , or even at night risking your life and the people that are with you , remember the skipper is the one responsible for everybody on the boat if anything happens , im glad you cuaght fish but are 5 tuna worth hitting a big ship and getting hurt
  475. sandiegofisherm

    Posts Being Deleted

    but stan the chargers won
  476. sandiegofisherm


    hey ass didnt call me ? what up . i have had ryan roll 40 -60 feet from me because he owns the pacific ocean and the islands , but really dont know if he was running the boat today ?
  477. sandiegofisherm


    dodgers finally have a sub par season in the west and you are bustin our balls , dodgers will choke like that 2 dollar whore that swollowed my meckos
  478. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Light Line YFT @ 302

    wow very nice bro , bringing him up right
  479. sandiegofisherm

    Refrig fixer? small units

    ron call these guys ask for rafa they are on main street 423 2916 mine was not cooling at all and they fixed it for 95 bucks
  480. sandiegofisherm

    Where to get boat T-shirts made?

    have travis talk to dom at casta
  481. sandiegofisherm

    MLPA mobilizing event Sat Sep 5th Head Count ????

    sorry i will miss this one guys , have pop warner game so soory fellas
  482. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Killed them on the Producer

    It was a 1 day trip sorry no camera guys but the fish chewed hard i even put 3-0 hook on the 80# troller and they bounced on the boat fast ,it was all about 15- 30# fish the dorado all about 15# we had to leave early done fast now its time to bag the fish , gary ,art swing on over for some fish...
  483. sandiegofisherm

    Protecting cork?

    put shrink tub ,i use x wrap . you have to replace cork every few years
  484. sandiegofisherm

    coronados tomorrow need 1

    thanks guys be out tomorrow, still lookin for 1
  485. sandiegofisherm

    shipping lanes

    its bad enough that i have to deal with our kids spelling on homework and then get adults that post shit like this , my response is the ocean
  486. sandiegofisherm

    coronados tomorrow need 1

    need 1 guy for tomorrow to fish islands leave my house by 5.15 am ,be back at my house by 3.30 pm watch little league world series bring your beer and drinks and food , permits (both ) and about 50 bucks for fuel and oil and own gear not to much please call me today before 10.30 pm or will...
  487. sandiegofisherm


    easy boys the coach used the # 4 pitcher they have , so they would not use the #1 or #2 pitcher they have , this is when it really counts in the semi finals , i do agree the bats sucked but rather they had a shitty day yesterday hitting then tomorrow
  488. sandiegofisherm

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    jesse thats cool stuff bro, i have plenty of knives so please let somebody else have it , but i will take the cert
  489. sandiegofisherm

    OK Who bought it?

    you mean that top heavy son of a bitch :gaygroup::gaygroup:
  490. sandiegofisherm

    Fresh Back from CABO My daughter get's her FIRST Dorado / Marlin

    very nice troy , looks like great times bro , we might go out next week
  491. sandiegofisherm

    Reels and Rods

    prick call me first
  492. sandiegofisherm

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    lets tell the boys to get plenty of bonine or dramamine well prepared wil save alot of hassles
  493. sandiegofisherm

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    how about somebody taking thiere fillet knives and set up a filleting station for these fellows and the fish they catch and bag them in ziplocks
  494. sandiegofisherm

    dropper loop floro to mono connection...

    i use it all the time , i do 7- 9 turns so there is even wraps on each side of the loop then cut loop off never ever had a problem with it slipping or failing . and its what i am comfaterable with great knot
  495. sandiegofisherm

    trolling rods

    have 2 rods one is a diawa 5'6"rod rated for 40-100# 70 bucks second rod is a seeker cal-coast special 5'6" bf 655h 30-80 # 100 bucks call me at 619 948 8348 tony
  496. sandiegofisherm


    it says bluefin not big eye
  497. sandiegofisherm

    Salazar Family Garden has Gone Wide Open HARVEST

    i would love to see both of those:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  498. sandiegofisherm

    Furuno 1650

    keep it on manuel and keep adjusting it till you are satisfied , dont return to auto , i think i also have the vhs casette
  499. sandiegofisherm

    OceanTop T-Top $600 or best

    I cant believe it aint gone yet thats a killer deal
  500. sandiegofisherm

    Looking for 6 more people to join Long Range Tuna/Albacore

    it was long range they aint back yet :rofl::rofl:
  501. sandiegofisherm

    forschner knives

    yes i do call me 9488348
  502. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore solo to 43 for full box of yellowtail and a hitchhiking mako

    Randall funny shit there boy :rofl::rofl: dont worry about those fucksticks that are talking out there arse, fuck that mako should taste great grilled and a little vino yummy
  503. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore W. BFLY 080109 How Big Is This Fish

    i would say 120 --- 140 # nice fish congrats
  504. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Ye Olde Butterflye 1.5 Day

    great job jack thats pretty cool
  505. sandiegofisherm

    satalite phone rentals??

    pm agua chico he always gets them from pb
  506. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Legend 1.5 day bad trip

    while im not a fan of the boat i would not talk this crazy shit and especially if you just joined the board to talk shit .:ashamed::ashamed: but as you said a handfull of guys caught half the fish , so maybe you just dont know how to get a good bait , did you pick it off the ground after...
  507. sandiegofisherm

    forschner knives

    yes i do if you send me a check to tony gilbert 452 montcalm st chula vista ca 91911 i will ship it to you 25 bucks
  508. sandiegofisherm


    squidco has them for under 60 bucks
  509. sandiegofisherm

    20 HOUR SERVICE BILL $$$$$$$$ 885.00

    I agree to a certain point mike , but i believe 20 hour service is required, it was on our merc . but you know if you guys want to do your own stuff thats cool, but if something happens and they ask you who did the work on it and you say i did they are just going to roll the eyes and...
  510. sandiegofisherm

    20 HOUR SERVICE BILL $$$$$$$$ 885.00

    well if its still under warranty you have to pay what they say we would have to pay about 900 bills every 100 hours for service for the merc untill warrany ran out if you dont you void trhe warranty then you are fucked
  511. sandiegofisherm

    Sea of Cortez with Tony Reyes

    its gil marlin not gil martin you tool
  512. sandiegofisherm

    Where the ??? is Hidden Bank

    pual the hidden bank is 31 54 00 117 30 00 the san salvadore is 32 19 00 117 54 00 stop at squidco with joey or one of the tackle shops they have the san diego offshore banks chart it shows all the off shore stuff and in shore also , also west marine carries it also
  513. sandiegofisherm

    2 stroke or 4 stroke quandary

    2 strokes are meant to be run hard they are top end motors , run them slow and they will load up on you , i run our 200 merc 2 stroke hard all the time and it runs great and still get about 3.5 mpg's
  514. sandiegofisherm

    Mexican fish fry pan

    john i believe they sell the pan only also. i will check for you today
  515. sandiegofisherm

    Mexican fish fry pan

    naples and 3rd ave chula vista
  516. sandiegofisherm

    forschner knives

    chuck thanks for the patch its bad ass , and yes fellas i have about 10 more
  517. sandiegofisherm

    Mexican fish fry pan

    john i have one came with burner , i paid 89 bucks + tax here at gonzalez market they have a bunch
  518. sandiegofisherm

    I'm fishing Thursday 07-23-09

    jay we will start at 302 then southwest be on 72
  519. sandiegofisherm

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    me and ianna will take 2 put team lipripper down on the list guys if for some reason there is a gal that wants to fish ianna can help her out very cool thing this is
  520. sandiegofisherm

    I'm fishing Thursday 07-23-09

    be out also jay lipripperyou doing the triangle or going further south
  521. sandiegofisherm

    Wash Down pump

    had that prob once make sure that the pump is the lowest you can put in the bilge , has to be at water line or a little below , trust me i have 2 pumps they both work and one is in garage
  522. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore went long / caught fish

    pat on the back or what do you want ? give up the # s or general location pics are awesome but its not like its wide open all the the help would be appreciated
  523. sandiegofisherm

    I broke My Seeker!

    thats some funny shit there boy:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Call joe at seeker explain what happened to him see what he can do for you , most likely rod is toast , all manufacturers now charge you 40- 45 bucks to replace warrantied rods which is still better...
  524. sandiegofisherm

    Fishin Sunday 7-19

    good luck bro
  525. sandiegofisherm

    Stuff for the RP Crew

    take them some porn keep them busy on slow days
  526. sandiegofisherm

    forschner knives

    I will ship for another 5 bucks
  527. sandiegofisherm

    I finally finished the Boat " Witness Protection" and Splashed it TODAY !

    great job bro , you will enjoy see you next week
  528. sandiegofisherm

    forschner knives

    I have some extra knives they are 6 inch boning knives great for filleting fish its all i use. red ,blue and yellow handles 20 bucks i have probably 7 knives left tony 619 948 8348 in chula vista
  529. sandiegofisherm

    sealine trolling rod for 80 bucks

    40 - 100 # stick pick up in chula vista 619 948 8348 tony
  530. sandiegofisherm

    Beat Charlie Moore TV Show

    i missed it also damn , you have another copy mags ? or are they going to show it again ? let me know
  531. sandiegofisherm

    Would you support a change in pricing for Open Party Boats?

    so you are saying they should make it cheap enough for everybody to go fishing and have a good time and break even , so what about there mortgage ,car payments ,insurance , go eat dinner with there family ,have a beer , what a fuckin tool you are , i bet you do buisness not to make any...
  532. sandiegofisherm

    good albacore recipe??

    can it , also smoke some and then can it wow its great , try some pesto on it , garlic and butter, its good
  533. sandiegofisherm


    dont know what a newell looks like :rofl::rofl: thanks kyle
  534. sandiegofisherm


    got to ask travis how much:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  535. sandiegofisherm

    Albacore rod

    you are fine with that rod i have killed many 30 - 40 # fish on a seeker 858 and a 908 rated 15- 25 # no spec needed unless fishing guadalupe or farther just set drags accordingly fish wont rock you in 5000 feet of water fish 25# you will be fine
  536. sandiegofisherm

    Curado 200, Newell 229, Cardiff 400

    hey russ sure you wont ship ? i will take the newell if you will ship it to san diego? i will pay shipping
  537. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Producer overnight

    hey me and my daughter fished also with jimmy and frank, yea real slow seemed the talk on the radio was afternnoon bite from the other captains yea the paddy was a lifesaver ,ianna got sawed off twice me once , but she managed 1 yellow, it was fun hanging out with joe (turbo) and his wife and...
  538. sandiegofisherm

    Tell me something good about 2000 Merc Optimax 225's

    we have 03 200 opti 2 stroke on 22 cc seapro and we havent had any problems over 900 hours on motor and still working great , we just put in 238 miles on it saturday for tourney and burned 64 gallons very good mileage
  539. sandiegofisherm


    thanks tommy that is some good fish thanks for the hook up will see you tomorrow ,
  540. sandiegofisherm

    Warm water Cold water break

    wait till july fellas spoiled a couple of early years of cathing fish and you expect it all the time like its been said patience july it will come
  541. sandiegofisherm

    San Felipe Corvina and more ....

    very nice kevin looks like kids had a great time , now its time for tuna
  542. sandiegofisherm

    Fishing reels, lures, rods for sale!!!

    scott best of luck you are doing the right thing , i have had ianna since she was 2 and its the best thing that happened to me , she fishes with me all the time and she is damn good has lots of world records to prove it , always keep in mind that its about your boy not you or his mother and try...
  543. sandiegofisherm

    T-Top addition on "Side Money"

    looks like a real skiff killing mo fo know congrats bro
  544. sandiegofisherm

    SCI yellows - BDYO

    good job boys , it was slow overall , team lipripper only scratched a35 # bluefin and a bonita that was it , see you all at the banquet
  545. sandiegofisherm

    new padding finally done

    pete will call you after capt meeting and talk about our game plan LOL no hurries no worries
  546. sandiegofisherm

    kenmore fridge trade for (30) pack

    sorry fellas its gone , thanks again for looking
  547. sandiegofisherm

    new padding finally done

    thanks guys , this guy does good work , only thing is he has lots of work and you have to be a little patient with him , but pete worked out a deal with him , swapped work . but i think the bid was around 900 bucks installed , that was 10 pieces of padding , and yea troy wait till they get closer
  548. sandiegofisherm

    new padding finally done

    We finally had these installed last night finished up in time for the tournament no more kness getting beat up , big cushion for the fish hold , cushion for the built in cooler , see you guys out there tomorrow
  549. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Producer Overnight-6/21

    no kyle he is a little dark dare hoomie, se you guys tonight
  550. sandiegofisherm

    Additional $$$ on fishing trip

    fish another boat that dont charge bunk fees , not all of them charge bunk fees
  551. sandiegofisherm

    kenmore fridge trade for (30) pack

    yea sdge does it here in dan diego just would like to see it go to somebody that can use it , i used it fo 4 years in my house got a bigger one
  552. sandiegofisherm

    kenmore fridge trade for (30) pack

    Its a white kenmore fridge perfect for garage dont need 3 of them its amed size worked great when unpluged 2 months ago will plug back in to get it running again i live in chula vista 91911 home all the time will take 30 pack of coors light tony 619 948 8348
  553. sandiegofisherm

    what does it stand for?

    thought it was hoss and miller =katheryn millers father
  554. sandiegofisherm

    Who's in List!

    we,s in
  555. sandiegofisherm

    question about rattling sound when key is turned on

    have a 200 had that problem it was the key sticking in the start position would not go back to on position i just make sure it goes back every time i start it
  556. sandiegofisherm

    AVET LX 4:1 Silver

    did you recieve payment?
  557. sandiegofisherm

    need help finding a 12' sec of pipe

    ask your homie cuda LOL heard he's a pipe laying mutha fucker he's the guy they were talking about in pulp fiction LOLLOL
  558. sandiegofisherm

    life jackets and other stuff

    free life jackets 2 orange 1 life vest small kid or small adult all in good shape,sand spike adjustable , fanny pack 3-4 tackle boxes go in it perfect for surf fishing , back pack chair- tackle storage for now maybe more stuff later live in chula vista 619 948 8348 tony pick up only
  559. sandiegofisherm

    owner ringed or non ringed gorilla hooks

    you know ianna and i will outfish peeps with designer hooks
  560. sandiegofisherm

    owner ringed or non ringed gorilla hooks

    i got a pro pack of 3-0 ringed mutu =28 2-0 ringed mutu = 6 4-0 ringed super mutu= 8 all circle hooks will trade straight up for 1 pro pack of 2-0 flyliner ringed hooks let me know
  561. sandiegofisherm

    Extra large light Irons

    there is a guy that sells those kinda of jigs at kobeys swap meet or spring valley not hard to find sells lots of fishing stuff
  562. sandiegofisherm


    thanks bro grillin some tonight ,
  563. sandiegofisherm

    Offshore Rough as hell but managed something

    hey john you are right it was shitty , on the way in my electronics kept turning off, it was slow down or keep them off , so we kept them off, nice fish your boy sure wasnt moving to fast at the launch ramp, tell your boy slickers work well LOL
  564. sandiegofisherm

    BarelyLegal 31MAY Coronados First Yellowtail for boat

    hey randall cool hanging out on sunday. glad you got the first yellow on the barely legal, weather sucked ,i hope it starts to get better .again congrats on the yellow bro
  565. sandiegofisherm

    Rods for sale

    lets talk about the seeker rod call me tony 619 948 8348
  566. sandiegofisherm

    The Turd's bay stick started.

    why you take my colors homie
  567. sandiegofisherm


    I wouldnt know
  568. sandiegofisherm

    need 1 for tomorrow

    will be fishing the flats at ib all us waters, will need lic be at my house at 5 am dont bring to much gear bring beer if you want ,i do drink on boat and your snacks . be back at home by 3-4 pm kid has football practice , no kooks please around 20- 30 bucks in fuel call tony 619 948 8348...
  569. sandiegofisherm

    who has the mattress hook up in san diego

    need a mattress for my daughters bed i know there was somebody here that hooked up a few people thanks tony
  570. sandiegofisherm

    keg system

    lowell , I have an older kegerator works awesome ice cold beer has all connections ,I got new one ,was looking to trade for a beer jockey box or 150.00
  571. sandiegofisherm

    Where can I buy a stainless piano hinge??

    call k surplus in national city
  572. sandiegofisherm

    hard to put in forward gear?

    gotcha will do on sunday plenty of time then, thanks again todd
  573. sandiegofisherm

    hard to put in forward gear?

    thanks guys fixed itself , started motor and ran it for 10 minutes ,also lubed cables ready to go , thanks again
  574. sandiegofisherm

    hard to put in forward gear?

    changed filters checked linkage all looked good put in reverse all good and smooth, put in forward very hard to put in gear and and take out ? put in nuetral forward and reverse very easy and smooth all linkage moves great , never ever has it been hard to move into gear ????
  575. sandiegofisherm

    dropper loop

    on the 20 do more turns i do 9. 7 turns on 25 or 30
  576. sandiegofisherm

    Thresher Charter Sunday 5/10

    who would charter a trawler ? they suck for fishing
  577. sandiegofisherm

    Big Thanks to........

    not a problem , travis is a good kid . travis has helped me out alot around the house, just glad we could fix it and get him home
  578. sandiegofisherm

    Where's Mr. T?

    you da shark guy
  579. sandiegofisherm

    Unhelpful report

    we still eating some of those reds you and travis brought over , and it was 4 lings because we just ate one , i am going to secret spot on thursday, thanks again for the eats fellas
  580. sandiegofisherm

    Wanna get a boat from Jacksonville

    i see road trip holmes
  581. sandiegofisherm

    Whats the best way to fine tune and iron?

    agreed just buy new ones
  582. sandiegofisherm


    call me fool
  583. sandiegofisherm


    happy b-day gary
  584. sandiegofisherm

    I'm finally BUYING A BOAT!!!

    if you are buying a 82 sea ray the loan cant be to much, not bustin balls but i agree take time and find something with an outboard , there is alot out there for a good price good luck
  585. sandiegofisherm

    T top question

    have them put the rocket launchers on the front of t-top and correct on not to lean them to far back, also wrap around glass for the wind
  586. sandiegofisherm


    sorry for your loss jim
  587. sandiegofisherm

    ahi trips

    what sre da ones you going on bro , i will call u tomorrow
  588. sandiegofisherm

    garage door install

    need somebody to install a garage door opener in chula vista reasonable or take fishing , or cash please let me know tony 619 948 8348
  589. sandiegofisherm

    You think you have it bad...

    no thats to small
  590. sandiegofisherm

    Donate $50 or more and win this at the FHS

    im kicking one of these also xxl black hoodie
  591. sandiegofisherm

    Donate $50 or more and win this at the FHS

    somebody donated to have you so dont hate , and besides you dont have to give , and tommy has done more for people he dont even know with his good deals on the seafood he provides for us , and not to mention the work he is doing for us to keep our fishing grounds open for us and you to keep fishing
  592. sandiegofisherm

    Bait Barge Tips?

    5-10 bucks a couple carne asada burritos some microwave popcorn and a couple of soda pops
  593. sandiegofisherm

    father son/daughter offshore charter/interest

    well you must not have kids then , read post title before sounding like an ass
  594. sandiegofisherm

    which one

    we use sea tow , havent had to use it , but cant beat the price free we have won 3 years in a row 1 year membership at the bay bass tourney
  595. sandiegofisherm

    Need a Canvas Guy

    call hanleys jim and vicki at 619 479 7511
  596. sandiegofisherm

    Best reel for the money, keeping reelliability in mind

  597. sandiegofisherm

    My daughter (7) went Hooping for the first time

    you really make alot of sense there pal to many pabst or what
  598. sandiegofisherm

    My daughter (7) went Hooping for the first time

    im glad she got to share at school very proud papa
  599. sandiegofisherm

    counting hours, days, weeks

    rub a few out :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  600. sandiegofisherm

    Mo Betta is soooooo old.........

    felicidades frank , best wishes
  601. sandiegofisherm

    Valentines Day in San diego Bay

    gary where is the pixs of your hot wifey
  602. sandiegofisherm

    My new project boat.

    nice ride kid , lets set it up right for the tourneys , tell me when you are ready , i will probably swing bie tomorrow
  603. sandiegofisherm

    Valentines Day in San diego Bay

    cool gary kids are growing up fast bro
  604. sandiegofisherm

    3/4 Day with H&M Landing

    mikey and crew are great thats the boat i go on when i go on 3/4 , glad you had good times and got plenty of taco meat
  605. sandiegofisherm

    Someone who does canvas top work.

    try hanleys canvas in spring valley 619 479 7511 ,jack and vicki
  606. sandiegofisherm

    any Force Mechanics here?

    I would run it untill it gives out take care of it as much as you can , then replace it
  607. sandiegofisherm

    Looking for Flight Instructor

    stick to police academy
  608. sandiegofisherm

    Positive Thoughts For a BD Friend

    mags get better so we can go fishin
  609. sandiegofisherm

    Beat Charlie Moore...boat help

    I had a blast I had the chicks with bolt ons and they are cool as fuck , all 3 girls kept me on my toes :urno1::urno1::urno1: thanks for the opportunity to give shit to charlie and meet cool peeps , mags when you want to fish the bay or outside
  610. sandiegofisherm

    How to stop my Grandpa from Driving???

    I agree let him drive .remember 1 thing you take his driving privelages away ,thats like taking his freedom away ,then you will see depression set in and a pissed off attitude at the family he will make your life shitty , and then guess who is going to have to drive him around probably you ...
  611. sandiegofisherm


    hey you back in chula ?
  612. sandiegofisherm

    Charlie Moore continued...

    left you a message on your answerring macine at your house
  613. sandiegofisherm

    San Diego Anglers Bay Bass Tournament this Saturday (24th)

    we going to pre fish in an hour or so , I wonder if it will be raining tomorrow
  614. sandiegofisherm

    Anybody up for a friendly Superbowl Pool ??

    mike you be at the bay bass tourney , I can give you money then
  615. sandiegofisherm


    i be by tomorrow tommy