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  1. pascuale

    BOLA- Captain Fernando needs help

    Please donate or share if you can. His daughter is in need of a crucial surgery. I know the guys here on BD can really rally to help our people down south. No little girl should have to go through this...
  2. pascuale

    Jaime in Cabo?

    Has anyone fished with Jaime lately?
  3. pascuale

    Offshore Pegasus 1.5

    Quick report: 7/30 return, fished 7/29 Just returned this morning on the Pegasus. Boat limited On BFT for 19 Anglers. Most fish in the 25-60lb class. 2 @70lb and 2 kite fish @150lb each. Fish bit pretty good in the morning and backed off around 1pm. Steady pick. Tons of fish out there I used...
  4. pascuale

    BOLA June 28,29,30

    Quick report Fished with Juan for 3 days with my wife. Caught plenty of tails and Cabrilla using Beitos and iron mostly. She caught the most fish of course. Even caught a Golden. Also used a couple of the Deadhead lures that worked very well (thanks Dennis). Various colors seemed to work well...
  5. pascuale

    LA Bay highway 5 today.

    Just drove down the 5 this am. Military checkpoint north of town waved through. No health check at all. We were through SF by 8am. No problems. Road was excellent. Made it to LA Bay from encinitas in 8 hrs with stops 2 families at our hotel towed boats and said no prob.
  6. pascuale

    Who to fish with - La Paz

    Looking for updated recommendations on fishing operations, captains, hotels, restaurants in La Paz. Thanks
  7. pascuale

    Flying Hub 2 Wahoo

    Fished out of Hubbards Marina in Johns Pass, St. Petersburg area on the Flying Hub 2 on Saturday 9/7. This boat takes up to 15 passengers on a 12 hour trip 60-80 miles. 2.5 hour run time each way. The boat caught limits of big Amberjack, some grouper, snapper, and a big 70lb Wahoo on a pitched...
  8. pascuale

    Penn 40 NLD2

    Let me know what you got. Need it for panga captain in Panama. Thanks BD.
  9. pascuale

    FX-2 500N Boss Fury

    Looking for a friend in Panama. Heading back down in a few months. Let me know what you have available. Thank you!
  10. pascuale


    Fished the Tuna Coast area last week 7/1-7/4. Had a great time as usual. Lots of football tuna the first few days and some smaller dorado. Humback whale season is in full swing there. There are whales everywhere. The last day we found the dolphin and connected with some slightly larger grade...
  11. pascuale

    2 spots 3.5 day Top Gun 80

    I have 2 spots departing June 30.Trip is 3.5 days, killer boat and includes meals. Limited to 25. Unfortunately I cant go do to health issues. I cant get deposit back ($525 each) unless the boat fills up. There are only 11 signed up right now so it may be a very light load. If someone wants both...
  12. pascuale

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day June 30 discount

    SOLD- Thanks BD members! I have 2 spots on this trip. Trip is 3.5 days, killer boat and includes meals. Limited to 25. Unfortunately I cant go do to health issues. I cant get deposit back ($525 each) unless the boat fills up. There are only 11 signed up right now so it may be a very light...
  13. pascuale

    WTB- Talica 10ii and 16ii, (or maybe 12) Phenix......

    Found Let me know what ya got. Thanks
  14. pascuale

    Daiwa Saltist LD30 -2

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Daiwa Saltist LD 30 2-Speed. 10/10 mech 9/10 cosmetically Approx 250 yards 65lb JB solid 50 yard topshot of mono (50lb) Caught a yellow and sat on a shelf. No box $175 shipped
  15. pascuale

    Saragosa 8k or 10k SW and lower end popping rod

    Looking for a setup for a buddy who New to the sport. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  16. pascuale

    FS Shimano Stella SW8000HG

    sold please delete thread. Thx
  17. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    Just returned from a week fishing the rich pacific waters of Panama. My Brother Alex and his friend Aaron met us in Panama City from Santa Cruz, CA. The first few days were spent fishing the Tuna Coast off of the Azuero Peninsula approximately a 5 hour drive from the city. Here we fish on...
  18. pascuale

    Where to spool line

    Looking for a good tackle shop that can spool spectra onto a reel in the Santa Cruz/ Los Gatos area if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you!
  19. pascuale

    Zihuatanejo 4-21 and 4-23

    Just returned from a family trip to southern Mexico. Flew into Zihuatanejo on Friday and stayed at Aura Del Mar. Super nice place with incredible views of the bay. Fished Saturday and Monday with Santiago Valdovinos at Gitana Sportfishing for a few nice tuna up to 45lb and several Sailfish...
  20. pascuale

    Jigging World Sale this weekend

    Two great companies having Labor day sales. Jigging world Ghost Hunter is a great all around popping rod that doesnt go on sale often. Pelagic outfitters has great service and spools you up free when you buy a reel. Codes are below.
  21. pascuale

    Panama Sport-Fishing Lodge Report

    Just returned to Panama City after an epic trip out to the tuna coast and a last minute stop to PSFL thanks to John De La Cruz accomidating my two buddy's and I. Fishing wasn't too hot on the Azuero Peninsula but managed some smaller tuna, and a nice wahoo from the local pangas...
  22. pascuale

    Torium 20hg, Torium 16/Seeker American 270H-CT 8" Combo

    Torium 20HG With box and clamp Loaded w/65 spectra Flylined one bait. Not a scratch Costmetically 10/10 Mech 10/10 $190 Shimano Torium 16 Loaded with 50lb braid Cosm 8/10 Mech 8.5/10 With Seeker American Series Excellent condition $225 Items will be at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach...
  23. pascuale

    Torque 25 star drag- WTS BNIB

    Brand new in box- 275 shipped to lower 48. Located in Tampa. Paypal gift.
  24. pascuale

    Torque 25

    BNIB TRQ 25 Star Drag. Bought for Lupe trip but ended up getting another 2-speed. $260. Pick up in Encinitas or ship to lower 48. Cash or paypal. Price drop $SOLD SOLD
  25. pascuale

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    Looks like the Shogun added a couple trips for Jan/2017. Check out the website.
  26. pascuale


    Any info on these? Have not seen them before. Thanks
  27. pascuale

    Craigslist post

    Saw this stuff on Clist in bay area. Not sure if any of you guys would be interested but thought I would pass it along. Looks like some cool old boxes, etc.
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  29. pascuale


    Anyone know if the Shogun got permits for the Lupe yet for the fall trips?
  30. pascuale


    any updates on Guadalupe permits for thr boats that have applied this year?
  31. pascuale

    Looking for a ride July 2-14

    Ill be back home in SD July 2-14 and would love to get a shot at these Bluefin. Have all my own popping gear, can cut fish fast, clean boat, and share expenses. Dont drink or smoke. And Ill bring some killer breakfast burritos. Thanks guys. Ethan 760-845-3084
  32. pascuale

    Gear for 6 day Nov

    I have a 6 day Guadalupe (hopefully) trip in Nov on the Shogun. This will be my first trip over 3 days. I have a Mak 16sea and an Avet Hx Raptor. For rods I have Calstar G700xxh and a Phenix PHD X2H. Both reels are new. Should I have them tuned up by Ken's in O side? What should I string them up...
  33. pascuale

    Gear for 6 day Nov

    I have a 6 day Guadalupe (hopefully) trip in Nov on the Shogun. This will be my first trip over 3 days. I have a Mak 16sea and an Avet Hx Raptor. For rods I have Calstar G700xxh and a Phenix PHD X2H. Both reels are new. Should I have them tuned up by Ken's in O side? What should I string them up...
  34. pascuale


    Where do you guys buy your octopus skirts for skirting lures (marlin, tuna, etc)?
  35. pascuale

    Where to buy poppers

    Can anyone tell me where i can buy a couple Heru Skipjack poppers? Jignpop website says they have none. Thank you.
  36. pascuale

    Panama Reports?

    Any reports from Panama lately? will be headed to Pedasi in June and may try to fish out of boca chica for a day or two. Getting pumped!!:beerbang::beerbang:
  37. pascuale

    Pedasi Report Oct 15-22

    Sorry for the late report guys and gals. I want to thank all of you for the helpful information prior to the trip. It was 3 dudes and my girlfriend who had never even left the country. She was so stoked. Good flight down on Copa. The airline attendant told me the rod tube would be an extra...
  38. pascuale

    Daiwa Saltist LD35HSH NIB

    Never used or spooled. Brand new. First $250 takes it and i will ship as well. Paypal only/
  39. pascuale

    Saltist LD30 2 Speed

    NIB never spooled or fished. Has all components. Retail $299. First $250 takes it. I am in Florida and will ship. Paypal only.
  40. pascuale

    Pedasi Report

    Short report. No pics uploaded yet but will update when I return to the states on friday. Fishing has been a lot of fun the past couple days. At the 20-25 mile range there are some really nice size Dorado in the solid 40-50 range with many other schoolies in the 12-25. Day one for group of two...
  41. pascuale


    Im heading down there Thursday and was wondering if there were any recent reports from the area. Thank you!
  42. pascuale

    WTB- McMahon Clips

    WTB- McMahon Clips and crimp protectors/rubber boot for making trolling harness for YoZuri Bonitas. I cant find them anywhere. See pics
  43. pascuale

    Pro Gear Reel Clamp for 541

    Can anyone help me with where I can get a reel clamp for the 541? I have the hardware just not the clamp itself. Thank you.
  44. pascuale

    For Sale: TN20 Gold-$280

    Selling this Gold TN20 for $280, includes shipping. Paypal only. Stock drags. Used on a few trips. Cosmetically-9.0 Mechanically-9.5 Great condition. A couple scratches.
  45. pascuale

    Trinidad TN20

    selling Trinidad 20 Gold. Has a couple minor scuffs. Used on a few trips. Dont have a cue how to upload pics and a couple are the same but oh well. Enjoy. $300 Thank you!
  46. pascuale

    Hotel Panama City

    We will be staying in Panama City for a night on the way back and were wondering where to stay in the city and if there are any hotels that will let you put fish in their freezer overnight before the flight. I know Veneto is one of them but was looking for something a bit different this time...
  47. pascuale

    Popping setup

    New to popping and headed down to Panama next month. Ive heard a good starter setup would be a saragosa 10000 ans a Terez XH 7'2 Or a Okuma Cruz or Makaira popping rod. What would you guys suggest?
  48. pascuale


    We are heading down Oct 15 for a week. I was wondering what type of fishing to expect. What is essential to bring. I know there are traditional pangas but we may want to head offshore for some larger species. Can anyone recommend a larger boat?Also accomidations? Thanks for the help
  49. pascuale

    WTB: Penn 4/0 or 6/0 left hand

    Looking to buy a Senator 4/0, 6/0, or Baja Special. Looking for a good grouper reel for a buddy in Florida. Must be left handed made in USA. Thank you! I am in Florida now but will be back in San Diego Aug 20. Can pay shipping or pick up. Thanks guys!
  50. pascuale

    Charter Spot Aug 20-30

    Hi guys, Im looking for a 2.5 -3 day spot between Aug 20-30, 2015. Please let me know if you have any openings. Thanks Ethan
  51. pascuale

    Monster Snook TB

    My good buddy Barry of Gulf to Bay Charters Just sent me this pic of one of his clients on a 4 hour charter fishing Tampa Bay. This fish was caught this morning.
  52. pascuale


    Moved to Tampa Area/ St. Pete about 2 years ago from San Diego. I'm looking to find a boat that needs a crew member to share expenses and fish offshore. I've been fishing my whole life and have fished plenty here in Florida. I can fish, fillet, and scrub a boat. Just looking to get out in the...
  53. pascuale

    GPS Program

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a GPS program that I can use to log multiple coords at the same time and transfer to Garmin that is Mac compatible? 6 pages of coords seems to be taking a load of time to log. Thanks
  54. pascuale

    Friends of Bill W.

    Looking for friends of Bill W. for Baja fishing. PM me if you happen to know him. Tight lines.
  55. pascuale


    I will be in the San Juan Del Sur region for a week Feb 1-9 with the lady. I wanted to get out fishing for at least a day offshore or inshore. Any info on Captains or what to expect at that time of year is greatly appreciated. Ethan
  56. pascuale

    10 days Okuma gear

    Hey Guys, Planning a 10 day next year. Purchased a Makaira 16SEa. How should I have this spooled up? Would this reel be my bigger setup for a 10 day and handle Cows with a rail rod? If I bought two more additional setups (Okuma), what should I go with for a Long range Trip that will give me...
  57. pascuale

    Captains in LA BAY

    I know Igor Galvan is probably the best Captain down there. Does anyone know his contact number? also any other good recomendations? thanks
  58. pascuale

    LA BAY Report??

    Anyone have any reports from LA Bay recently? Thanks
  59. pascuale

    Dolphin III

    Hey Guys, It looks like this hurricane may push in some new decent water hopefully and keep the fish around for a while longer. The Dolphin III is running trips tonight Wed, Thursday, and Friday nights. They are a for Sure go with super light loads. I am going to get out on Thursday or...
  60. pascuale

    Dolphin 3

    Dolphin 3 Tonight!!! There are only a few signed up and its f**kin good right now!!! Lets get out there and slay the fish! We only need a few more to go and this will be a super light load. This new hurricane off baja is pushing in some new water from down south and there will hopefully be an...
  61. pascuale

    KAHUNA Sept 16 Report

    After a long drive from SD to Santa Cruz with my mom who came along:_diarrhea_:, picked up my brother and headed for the Kahuna at Moss landing. Got the right gear ready thanks to you guys and headed out to sea on a fast, comfortable boat. Thank God I got one of 4 bunks because I had been up...
  62. pascuale

    Kahuna on Sunday?

    Good morning guys, Ill be fishing on the Kahuna out of Moss Landing for Albis on Sunday the 16th. I am taking my mom and brother (who lives in Santa Cruz). The trip leaves at 3am and returns at 11pm and cost $300. Thats awhole lot of $$ for a trip without even live bait. I wanted to see what...
  63. pascuale

    50% off half day on

    Just saw this on, $32 including tackle. If you are a half day guy looks good.
  64. pascuale

    Need a spot

    need an open spot leaving sep 14 friday or sept 13th thursday. Anyone have any spots on a charter? 1.5-3.5 day? Thanks
  65. pascuale

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    Anyone else heading out on the Dolphin III tonight on the overnight? I just called the landing and it is a definite go with only 5 guys signed up so far. I just checked 976-tuna and several boats are already in some good bluefin fishing this morning!! Its gonna be a light load, would be cool...
  66. pascuale

    Good Bluefin Fishing!!!!

    The Voyager reported limits of bluefin by 730am this morning on an overnight. The Dolphin III looks like they have an overnight tonight with no one signed up. We probably need 12 or so to get the boat to go. Lets get on the Dolphin III tonight!!! Its gonna be good tomorrow! Fish are at 65-70...
  67. pascuale

    Boat ho!

    I live in San Diego but visit my brother in Santa Cruz frequently. Looking to jump aboard and slay some albis out of Monterrey or SC. Been fishing a long time and can gaff, fillet, and pay share of expenses. Worked as a deckhand for a few years. Let me know if anyone can help out.
  68. pascuale

    Fishing Report PV

    Anyone have any recent reports from PV, El Banco, etc? I will be down there on Thursday fishing with Danny Gomez. Cant Wait? How is the weather?
  69. pascuale


    They are having another sale. Just booked March 10-15 2012 from tj to pv for $77 rountrip. They are having a sale to mex location for march 2013.
  70. pascuale

    Fishing St. Petersburg??

    Im in St. Pete beach for the next couple months and was wondering how the fishing is in the area. I know the fishing is much better on the Atlantic side and hopefully I can get over there too. Im from San Diego and have fished my whole life. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks Ethan
  71. pascuale

    need a beater

    My buddy's car engine blew up and he is looking for something cheap that can make it to work and back. Doesnt matter what it is as long as it runs. If anyone has anything, please let me know. Thanks Ethan
  72. pascuale

    Bahia Asuncion

    I booked the beach house at Juan and Sharis place in Bahia Asuncion in Baja for October 12-18th, 2010 about a year ago and cannot go. I already put down the deposit of $200 for the house and its all booked up sept, oct, nov when the Yellowfin are around as well as wahoo, and yellows, dorado...
  73. pascuale


    Awesome fishing at Panamasportfishing lodge for 2 days by myself. Got into some huge Tuna. Report and pics to come when I get home. Sickest place ever! Staff is awesome, and the fishing is absolutely unreal.
  74. pascuale

    Boat ho For Panama

    ill be down in Panama/Costa for my honeymoon from June 7th-21st and will be fishing for two days at Panama Sportfishing Lodge on the 16th and 17th. Its a pretty penny but some of the best fishing in the world. Im looking for someone to share the boat with for those two days to help with the...
  75. pascuale

    Where to stay in San Quintin

    Whats your opinion on the best place to stay while in San Quintin? and the best places to eat?
  76. pascuale

    Fishing June

    Will be in Panama in June at Panama Sportfishing Lodge with the lady for our honeymoon. Ill be fishing 2 days if anyone wants to share the boat with me. June 16th and 17th should be the dates. Ethan
  77. pascuale

    Fishing partner needed

    Heading down to Panama sportfishing lodge with the lady for our honeymoon in June 2010 and planning on fishing 2-3 days. Was trying to see if anyone might be down there that wants to share a boat for a couple days. Thanks
  78. pascuale

    Rod building classes in San Diego?

    anyone have any info? Thanks Ethan
  79. pascuale

    Just saw this on Craigslist if your going to Maui

    6pack Voucher valued at $1000
  80. pascuale

    White seabass

    My buddy Joe sent me this pic of last week. I guess he speared a big White by the looks of it. In San Diego. Dont know the details.
  81. pascuale

    East Cape tackle suggestions/ Basics

    I was wondering what the basic package for East Cape Right now. What test flouro for Stripers, What lures are working best for dodos, etc. I have bee there a bunch but i always forget something essential plus bait size and conditions are always changing. What are the must haves without buying a...
  82. pascuale

    Check this shit out!

    BajaNomad Forums - "Peace, Love & Fish Tacos"
  83. pascuale

    Mayor of Rosarito on KUSI about recent violence

    KUSI NEWS - Good Morning San Diego - Video - South of the Border Safety
  84. pascuale

    Fishing Australia and New Zealand

    Im heading to both spots in November (Gold Coast, Cairns, Auckland) and was wondering if anyone could provide some helpful info about fishing in these areas. Im looking for some kind of party boat fishing if possible or an inexpensive charter. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  85. pascuale

    Light load overnight

    The Dolphin II has a super light load tonight open party. Theres only 11 signed up. Im working on the boat. Last week we had a 2 day with 12 guys. Greg will go if theres 10. Just thought some of you guys might want to take advantage of it. Islandia is 619-222-1164 oh i think its $160
  86. pascuale

    Wanna share a panga sun at Castros

    My buddy and I are going to Castros this weekend. We have a boat for sunday and there are only 2 of us. Anyone want to share a boat?
  87. pascuale

    need a job

    Im 24 and graduated from Point Loma Nazarene last May with a Business degree. I have fished my whole life and worked on boats as well. I know this board is a great place to make connections and network with guys who have the same interests. I am responsible, punctual, hard working, and conduct...
  88. pascuale


    Going to east cape tuesday and will report as soon as possible.
  89. pascuale

    Offshore Dolphin II 2 day

    Left wed night for my brothers bachelor party trip and thought, "were gonna eat shit". The fishing had been horrible for the past week and a half. I work on the boat so we only had 4 crew members and me. Woke up in the morning and knew i had to find the majic kelp and i was looking real hard. At...
  90. pascuale

    2 Day

    This wed 8-23 fishing thursday , friday. I need to fill 5 spots and will charge $300 bucks which includes fuel surcharge, and permits already. It also includes beer. It is on the Dolphin II out of islandia. It is also limited to 20 but will probably have less than 18. I gotta fill these so call...
  91. pascuale

    2 day Dolphin II- $375 - repost

    I still have 6 more spots...come on guys, jump on this. I have a 2 day charter on the Dolphin II out of islandia leaving august 23rd, fishing the 24th and 25th. The price of $375 includes all permits, fuel surcharge, and Beer. yes, Beer. I work on the boat so I worked out a great deal from...
  92. pascuale

    2 day Dolphin II- $375

    I have a 2 day charter on the Dolphin II out of islandia leaving august 23rd, fishing the 24th and 25th. The price of $375 includes all permits, fuel surcharge, and Beer. yes, Beer. I work on the boat so I worked out a great deal from Greg. It is limited to 20 and I need to fill 10 spots...
  93. pascuale

    K&M San quintin

    Anyone have the contact info or website for Kelly Catain in San Quintin? Thnka
  94. pascuale

    Kona Report

    Took off with the girlfriend from Maui last Thursday to fish with Captain Jim and Hirize for my birthday. As hirize already reported, we were fortunate to not go on Friday because of the huge storm cell that came in. Saturday we were off in the one day window of nice weather. Had a great time...
  95. pascuale

    Beach fishing Maui Report

    Well... After moving to Maui 5 months ago and not being able to fish on a boat due to......well, not having a boat, I decided to take up Ulua Fishing. I went last Saturday night with some frozen Tako (octopus) to ulua Beach on the southside near wailea. Paddled the baits out with my Kayak...
  96. pascuale

    Fishing maui

    I just moved to the island and have no way to fish. I brought all of my gear and have been fishing from shore. If anyone has any hookups or wants to go fish some time, let me know. Paying $800 for a boat to troll around all day and have them keep my fish is not worth it. I worked on the DII this...
  97. pascuale

    San Quintin Sept 3rd

    Quick report. Fished the don eddies for one of the 2 days. Fished with K&M on the big boat, a custom 27 ft amato with 225 yam 4 stk. It was a sick boat. Basically we caught the only eligablefish on the first day, a 12.6 pound dorado. The water is nasty and blue water is 18 miles but we pulled...
  98. pascuale

    Need help

    Im moving to Maui with my girlfriend On Sept. 8th and have need a jobhook-up over there. Im 23 and just graduated with a Business degree from point Loma Nazarene. Im working on the Dolphin II this summer. If anyone has any advice or hookups let me know. I can send you my resume etc. Any help is...
  99. pascuale

    moving to Maui

    Movin to Maui Sept 8th. I just got my business degree and dont know what the heck im gonna do fo work over there, I have just always wanted to go. Any ideas on where to live and work? How is it being a deckhand over there? Can Haoles get deck jobs? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Ethan
  100. pascuale

    O-Side Patty 7-6-05

    Took the tin boat 8 miles off the golf ball in search for some nice water and possible yellows on patties. Got a very late start and left the harbor at 1pm with some very upset bait which needed some oxygen badly from the shit colored water in the harbor. Got 3 miles out and the water was...
  101. pascuale

    Offshore Dolphin II Overnight report

    Ran an overnight on the Dolphin II. Jig stops for a few bait fish in the am. Things picked up at 80 miles from the point. Had a few stops for 10, 15, and 20 fish before we limited out and headed home. Captain Greg ran the boat and the Dominator bought by Pete Giacalone is running starting this...
  102. pascuale


    Fished out of Leonero on the east cape for 2 days caught 3 stripers and 4 tuna. We baited about 20 stripers in 2 days but alot of them were not hungry. Fished yesterday and the previous on the Panga Leonero Nuevo with Ramiro. Hes a younger more aggresive captain that didnt seem to settle for...
  103. pascuale

    Big Halibut

    i dont know if this pic will work but this halibut was caught yesterday at a North county Lagoon. 48lbs i heard, Massive! Maybe I can email one of you the pic and you could post it.
  104. pascuale

    Motor Question

    Ok Guys, I bought an 89 johnson for 300 and took it to Sunset and the guy said it had alot of missing parts on the back end which keep it from kicking up in reverse (springs, pins, etc) and that it would cost $125 in parts and another $170 in labor to fix. He said it runs well but could use a...
  105. pascuale

    Who to fish with?

    Heading to La bay on the 25th after some whale watching in scammons lagoon. Im staying at camp gecko with my girlfriend and need some advice about who to fish with. I know prices range from 130 and up for a panga but only having a couple days to fish (26th and 27th), I want to make sure I get a...
  106. pascuale

    Loreto rpt wed.

    Finally got a break from the wind and went to the opposite side of isla carmen for slower than shit fishing. Man, Ive had more productive days on the afternoon la jolla half day. Not shit for the whole 8 hours of fishing. This could be the last time i come to loreto. but the food is good and so...
  107. pascuale

    Loreto rpt short

    Down in loreto right now and the wind is howling, Yesterday landed one nice yellowtail in the 30 pound class at san bruno reef. A couple boats did well at pulpito (3+ yellowtail), but overall its really spotty. Today, well it sucked, wind, whitecaps, waves, no fish whatsoever. Tomorrow is...
  108. pascuale

    89 johnson 15hp

    I just bought this motor which was on a sailboat for 300 bucks. it started up after about 30 pulls, was spittin but didnt wanna idle by itself. i know this is very broad but do you guys know if a motor that old can be fixed up and back to superb running condition considering there are no major...
  109. pascuale

    Loreto March 5th

    Planning a trip to Loreto in early march and need some advice on who to fish with, where to stay and what tackle to bring for this time of year. Any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks Ethan
  110. pascuale

    bait tank

    any ideas on fixin a built in bait tank for a 14 ft aluminum crestliner out of water (meaning, how can I test to see if it works without burning up the pump)? Sorry guys its my first boat and I dont know shit yet. The tank is a built in side tank/fish hold (fresh water) and the power works but i...