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  1. pascuale

    Cabo guides?

    I fished with Juanito and his son on the Panga "El Diablo Loco" last month. Great price ($200) and good times. Fishing was slow but they both are very good fisherman and worked hard. Download Whattsapp and call or te +52 624 205 4157 I saw that Jaime on The Jessica has been doing some...
  2. pascuale

    La Paz boat Rec'mds

    These guys have some swivel seats on their panga. Heard great things.
  3. pascuale

    Gonzaga Bay - April 6th and 7th

    Perfect, I saw it was a Pro Hunter Rankaru from you were using. Thanks!
  4. pascuale

    Gonzaga Bay - April 6th and 7th

    Nice report! How were you fishing the sierra? Jigs with wire? what slow pitch jigs were you using? Will be fishing with Juan next month.
  5. pascuale

    Loreto Hotels This is the place to stay. Super nice people and great spot. Fishing with Pancho Barracuda. [email protected]
  6. pascuale

    Offshore 7 April BFT Limits for the Polaris Supreme

    It sounds like its definitely in 1 day range because they fished into the dark on a night bite so the drive back may have not been too long if they had time to do that, or they came in late, which is very possible early season. On a 1 day, you may get that grey light bite in the morning but...
  7. pascuale

    Just got back from Zihuatanejo - again

    Man I love Zihuat but the fishing seems to be pretty tough these days. One of the most beautiful spots in Mex. I want to get down south a but more to Barra Navidad. Have you fished down there?
  8. pascuale

    Good reel for cal star 700xh

    How many setups will you have? Is this going to be an "All around Setup"?
  9. pascuale

    Cabo...July or august?

    July is usually a bit cooler than August. Fishing much better in August. Warmer water really moves in so do the hurricanes.
  10. pascuale

    Pedasi with Panafishing

    Great report. What was the deal with testing upon return to the US? You mentioned that you tested at Tocumen. Where in the airport and how long before your flight did you get there to test? Thanks!
  11. pascuale

    BOLA and highway 5

    Road is perfect. Paved the whole way but about a mile or 2. I went during covid and it was fine. No issues at all.
  12. pascuale

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    Maybe some of that $$ will go to enforcing the pinche gillnetters. Not likely but hopeful.
  13. pascuale

    San Carlos From March 16th to the 22nd

    Good luck on your trip and welcome to BD. Give us a report when you return.
  14. pascuale

    Cabo San Lucas yesterday 2/15/21 on El Diablo Loco

    We still had a blast. Cant expect much this time if year. The whales were literally just feet from the shore. It was cool to see. We will be back in July and Oct.
  15. pascuale

    Missing Person in Bola

    Edit: Fuck it ill be back. Once that fishing bug hits, nothing can stop it.
  16. pascuale

    Cabo San Lucas yesterday 2/15/21 on El Diablo Loco

    It layed down today but was DEAD! We fished north at Margarita. Jigged all day, then trolled the beach. One pinche Jurel Negro. Still a beautiful day. Those guys worked hard. I 100% recommend them. No boats caught shit. I told them you said hello.
  17. pascuale

    Cabo San Lucas yesterday 2/15/21 on El Diablo Loco

    Fished with him today. Bonitas and one Sierra. Wind was blowing. Will try again tomorrow. Good times with those guys.
  18. pascuale

    denis quesnell 1/17-22/21.sq.

    Dirty Dennis back at work.
  19. pascuale

    Thanks! Im fishing with Juanito this trip. Ill reach out to Edgar if we need help with the...

    Thanks! Im fishing with Juanito this trip. Ill reach out to Edgar if we need help with the vaccine. Its only $17 at our hotel i found out. so prob wont need Edgar but I appreciate it. What kind of tackle does Juanito have? Do I need to bring any?
  20. pascuale

    Back from 3 days fishing in Cabo San Lucas

    Nice trip report! Who did you fish with? We are headed down in a couple weeks. If you dont mind, PM me your guys info if we need to get to that clinic. Thanks!
  21. pascuale

    Covid Tests at Los Cabos Airport

    If you are concerned about the new rules coming home, I know almost all of the resorts are offering testing for guests. I have not heard anything about the airport offering tests. There are several small clinics that are offering rapid tests as well.
  22. pascuale

    Fishing loreto

    Many of the bigger hotels in Cabo are going to be offering on site testing. Im sure there will be places in Loreto as wel.
  23. pascuale

    BOLA- Captain Fernando needs help

    Thats awesome! Thank you.
  24. pascuale

    Anyone use East Cape Smokehouse recently?

    mine is in Panama but its probably 18x 8x 4 and 5 lb. The good thing about them is the consecutive seals without having to let it rest. We get a whole production line going and knock it out quick. I like to pat the fish dry with a paper towel. It seals better. They are great little machines.
  25. pascuale

    Anyone use East Cape Smokehouse recently?

    Another option if you dont mind doing it yourself is get the Gamesaver wingman, their presealed quart bags, and a 48 can soft AO cooler (or a 40 quart hard cooler). Find an air bnb with a chest freezer. The gamesaver wingman is small and lightweight, and can do 100 consecutive seals without...
  26. pascuale

    Deadheads for Christmas

    Yeah I used em in July at the bay. They work well for Yellows (heavys) and the light ones for Cabrilla. The "Brown Basterd" named by Capt Juan, killed em.
  27. pascuale

    BOLA- Captain Fernando needs help

    Please donate or share if you can. His daughter is in need of a crucial surgery. I know the guys here on BD can really rally to help our people down south. No little girl should have to go through this...
  28. pascuale

    1st Wahoo of the 2020 season

    Nice job, if you ever need another guy to pitch on expenses, id love to go. I can fish so no babysitting needed. But I do follow directions and help out anyway I can. Thanks Ethan
  29. pascuale

    magbay 11/2-3-4-5-6-7/20 fishing with cptn ruben duran.

    Those are some big Snook!! Nice trip, wish I could have been there.
  30. pascuale

    isla cerrevalo, outside

    Bait and switch. Toss back a live bait and that Marlin should light right up.
  31. pascuale

    Loreto; Mag Bay; East Cape

    Awesome report! So you rented in Loreto and dropped off at the airport in San Jose? Or did you drive back to Loreto? Who did you rent from and how was that experience?
  32. pascuale

    Anybody know: Road conditions mexicali to gonzaga

    I drove it about a month and a half ago and it was the best I have ever drove it. Newly paved south of the airport in San Felipe all the way to about Papa Fernandez. The worst part of the road was in San Felipe. We drove thru to LA Bay. The only dirt section was right at Gonzaga, then it turns...
  33. pascuale

    Shogun - Police

    They scored with Jeff Debuys! That is an incredible captain.
  34. pascuale

    New deadhead. Lure.

    Nice lure Denis!
  35. pascuale

    Jaime in Cabo?

    Awesome, ill check out instagram. Good luck on your trip!
  36. pascuale

    Jaime in Cabo?

    Has anyone fished with Jaime lately?
  37. pascuale

    open spot on Pegasus 1.5 leaving tomorrow night.

    Bummer you couldnt make it. I never saw this but i think they were full so hopefully you got a refund. Fishing was good!
  38. pascuale

    Offshore Pegasus 1.5

    Quick report: 7/30 return, fished 7/29 Just returned this morning on the Pegasus. Boat limited On BFT for 19 Anglers. Most fish in the 25-60lb class. 2 @70lb and 2 kite fish @150lb each. Fish bit pretty good in the morning and backed off around 1pm. Steady pick. Tons of fish out there I used...
  39. pascuale

    Offshore BFT, Dorado, and Yellowtail - July 26

    Awesome! What popper were you using?
  40. pascuale


    Ill fish with you anyday. When i was 16 we would leave at 2am in a panga out to the grounds with no electronics, only a compass. I fish Panama alot and they use a 40hp tiller, not even a compass in Pedasi, its crazy. We slay fish. Do what you must to catch fish. People have been across oceans...
  41. pascuale

    Bahia de los Angeles 7/3 to 7/6

    The checkpoint is by the local police. Get through early. We were there by 8am and they were not set up. Just the military. Thats not to say things havnt changed but I think thats your best bet. Make sure you get through before 8am. Maybe you will get lucky too.
  42. pascuale

    7/1-7/2 in BOLA with Juan

    Nice report. Thanks!
  43. pascuale

    BOLA June 28,29,30

    There a range of boats. Mostly pangas. Juan Cook has a Parker so its pretty comfortable and is about $500 a day plus depending on distance. Some smaller pangas go for $300 but you wont be fishing areas like Salsipuedes, etc. He is there through mid July I believe. Lots of great captains...
  44. pascuale

    BOLA June 28,29,30

    Released 100%
  45. pascuale

    6/21 tru 26/20 denis quesnel,dead head lures

    Beitos and the brown Deadhead killed the Cabrilla. Denis brought some killer wild game sausage and Elk. Nice meeting you guys!
  46. pascuale

    BOLA June 28,29,30

    Quick report Fished with Juan for 3 days with my wife. Caught plenty of tails and Cabrilla using Beitos and iron mostly. She caught the most fish of course. Even caught a Golden. Also used a couple of the Deadhead lures that worked very well (thanks Dennis). Various colors seemed to work well...
  47. pascuale

    LA Bay highway 5 today.

    We crossed at Mexicali West at 5am. As soon as you drive through park in the spots directly on your left (50 yards away). There is one big building right where you park. Walk up the small ramp to the doors and when you go through doors hang a left. Walk down the hall 50 yards and there will be a...
  48. pascuale

    LA Bay highway 5 today.

    Just drove down the 5 this am. Military checkpoint north of town waved through. No health check at all. We were through SF by 8am. No problems. Road was excellent. Made it to LA Bay from encinitas in 8 hrs with stops 2 families at our hotel towed boats and said no prob.
  49. pascuale

    Enrique daggett...June 22 2020 Dennis dead head lures..

    How was the drive down? Any issues at the checkpoints?
  50. pascuale

    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    Headed down the same day. Taking the 5 As well.
  51. pascuale

    Expired Passport???

    If you go and come back you will have no issue. They will tell you to not let it happen again. They wont prevent you from entering if you are clearly a USC. The worst that will happen is they will take you in to roll your prints to confirm. They may put you in secondary and ask you some...
  52. pascuale


    Thanks for the report!
  53. pascuale

    Big Roosters , Big Pargos , Lots of Marlin in Cabo....A lot of mullet showing as well. 5/21/20

    Awesome Denis! Headed to Baja in a few weeks hopefully. Cant wait to get down there and see what the fishing is like.
  54. pascuale

    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    See you down there. We will be there same time.
  55. pascuale

    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    Here is a recent report from a member on the Bajanomad board. Looks like my wife and I will be down at BOLA June 26-Jul2. Staying at Los Vientos and fishing with the "Juan and only" Juan Cook. Hope to see some of you down there. If anyone wants to jump on the Parker and share expenses a day or...
  56. pascuale

    Tailhunter Report April 5th, 2020

    Thanks Jonathan.
  57. pascuale

    Plano Jumbo Airliner, rolling rod case.

    I have this one and its great If you take trips with your buddies. I fit around 10 Saltwater rods in mine and use rod wraps to secure my bundle of rods (some right side up and some upside down) so the tube is more balanced. There is foam padding inside the top to protect the tips and I usually...
  58. pascuale


  59. pascuale

    C virus, flying to Cabo

    They went to Vegas then Cabo. So who knows where the got it. My wife spoke with them and they did not have to stay in hospital and are at home improving.
  60. pascuale

    C virus, flying to Cabo

    We have a friend who traveled to Cabo and Vegas last week and came home to Colorado. They felt sick and called the urgent care, answered some questions from doctors over the phone and the FIre department/medics were sent out to their home. They live in a rural area. They were both tested and...
  61. pascuale

    Loreto Yellowtail + Restaurant report

    Thats a killer trip right there. Who did you fish with and Where did you guys stay down there?
  62. pascuale

    Cabo 3/5 Report.....

    Hell yeah. Cant wait til Nov!
  63. pascuale

    La Paz recommedation

    I actually called up Gerardo from Tortugas. He is the Nicest guy. We booked with them for June. Not sure why Tailhunters prices were so high either. Im sure its because they really want people to book the packages, which seemed like a great deal too. I initially wanted to find my own hotel...
  64. pascuale

    La Paz recommedation

    I contacted both last week. Im sure they are both great but prices were a bit different for a day of fishing. FF wanted $335 a day for panga inc lunch, transport, and filleting, vac seal and freezing. Jonathan wanted $625for the day for panga no transport, or freezing. Didnt say anything...
  65. pascuale

    Driver for day trip to La Paz

    Driving down there is super easy. I used to rent from the big companies and it wasnt a problem just expect to pay for the insurance. A basic SUV right now is about $30+ Another $30 for insurance a day plus tax. I would figure $75 a day. This company includes everything in the price already and...
  66. pascuale

    Baja Chillin’

    Thanks Gary! I got Loreto planned for April, La Paz in June, and Cabo in November this year. Ill get you some reports when I go.
  67. pascuale

    Who to fish with - La Paz

    Excellent info thank you! Will check out La Perla.
  68. pascuale

    Who to fish with - La Paz

    Looking for updated recommendations on fishing operations, captains, hotels, restaurants in La Paz. Thanks
  69. pascuale

    Cabo 1/27 1/2 day Report......Grouper

    We just booked a place at Pueblo Bonita Sunset.
  70. pascuale

    Cabo 1/27 1/2 day Report......Grouper

    Nice! Saw your pics of all the tuna he showed me. 16 days straight?! Thats hardcore! Thanks for the report. Where do you stay when you go down? Its been 10 years almost since I have been down there. Trying to set up November.
  71. pascuale

    williamson lure for troll wahoo

    The Williamson Speed Pro 180 is the 100% top lure I use in Panama. It works great for Wahoo, Tuna, and any inshore species too. Stays pretty true and can troll at fast speeds.
  72. pascuale

    January on the Bay

    Good stuff! Thank you for giving back.
  73. pascuale

    BDLA- House for rent/lease

    Thats killer, once I move back to San Diego next year im totally in on this if avail then.
  74. pascuale

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden boots

    La Crosse 100%
  75. pascuale

    Phenix Axis HAX 820XH - $175

    Deal!! Great seller guys!! Jason is a solid guy.
  76. pascuale

    3 Sabre Tuna Sticks

    Are these all 30-80 line rating?
  77. pascuale

    Black Friday heads up

    I have bought gear from PO for years and overall they have been top notch. They offer discounts on reels that no one else does at times. One one occasion they sold so many Penn VISX reels that production on the reels was months behind, due to manufacturer. It took a long time for some guys to...
  78. pascuale

    Go Fish on Black Friday!

    Nice report. Those are some fat tuna!
  79. pascuale

    3-1/2 - Day Pacific Voyager

    Report??? I want to get on next year. Love the Pac V.
  80. pascuale

    Monterey Albies

    Cow Bluefin:)))))
  81. pascuale

    starfire, morro bay landing - 7/5/2019

    Beautiful fish. I may be moving to the Santa Cruz/Monterrey Area soon. A big change from So Cal Tuna. Besides Morro Bay, where is the best place to fish along this coast Alan?
  82. pascuale

    Maui Jim Sunglasses

    MJ's are great. I am rough with mine, break the lenses every couple years and send them back for replacement. $90 and either new lenses or a new pair. Great service. I like the Grey lenses overall.
  83. pascuale

    Fish 3 times the line test

    75lb BFT and 65lb BFT on 30 pLine Torium 20. 2010 or 2011 Dolphin 2. Freak School. We landed 19 fish, no one had heavy gear. 235 BFT on 80lb JB Solid Avet HX Raptor last year. Ate a sardine
  84. pascuale

    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    I may be wrong but I think that 265 a couple years ago was caught on a dark Green KKPono Lure trolling.
  85. pascuale

    CR report

    Thanks Chris!
  86. pascuale

    Cedros Island Trip 2020

    Thats what I like to hear.
  87. pascuale

    Cedros Island Trip 2020

    Love doing the drive down to GN. Then if its going off in LA Bay you can make a pit stop on the way back and slay some October Dorado! But im sure you are fished out by then. How is the package difference without the airfare?
  88. pascuale

    Cedros Island Trip 2020

    Im down to go
  89. pascuale

    Cedros Island Trip 2020

    Looks like every date is booked up with a charter. Did you get a charter spot?
  90. pascuale

    105 FOOT BOATS

    Well said, me either
  91. pascuale

    105 FOOT BOATS

    Swell is generated by wind or sometimes other events like earthquakes but thats rare. Lets say a large southern hemisphere storm with sustained 30-40 mph winds below Tahiti generates a 8-10 foot swell. In the storm area the swells will be close interval like a washing machine but as the swell...
  92. pascuale

    Cebaco Bay Panama

    I have a buddy who fishes there several times a year and wont go anywhere else. He loves the place.
  93. pascuale

    Mag Bay Lures Mag Track - report

    No problem John!
  94. pascuale

    Mag Bay Lures Mag Track - report

    Message me for a discount code if you are going to pick up any of these.
  95. pascuale

    Flying Hub 2 Wahoo

    Jigging for those AJ's was using a speed jigging technique with Shimano butterfly jigs 200g size. We were using Penn fathom 25's with 60lb braid to short flouro leader. The Wahoo hit a dead mackerel. It took one long run and usually you can leave the drag rather loose and guide them in after the...
  96. pascuale

    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    I would think a big spreader bar Probably not a good idea. Bringing in a spreader bar after a strike, the trolled lines need to get in quickly. There will be 20+ lines going out on the slide, whether bait, bombs, etc. That spreader bar will be a recipe for the mother of all tangles as all those...
  97. pascuale

    Pedasi 6/3-6/7

    Off the beach. Just go down to Arenal beach.
  98. pascuale


    We Used the Mag Trak in Panama and it was deadly. No doubt it will work well on the skinnies at the ridge.
  99. pascuale

    UPDATED Seaguar premier, blue label,threadlock,maxcuatro

    Have purchased from Jordan before. Excellent seller. Great communication. Just picked up some heavy Flouro and its on its way.
  100. pascuale

    Flying Hub 2 Wahoo

    Fished out of Hubbards Marina in Johns Pass, St. Petersburg area on the Flying Hub 2 on Saturday 9/7. This boat takes up to 15 passengers on a 12 hour trip 60-80 miles. 2.5 hour run time each way. The boat caught limits of big Amberjack, some grouper, snapper, and a big 70lb Wahoo on a pitched...
  101. pascuale

    Great Sellers

    Ironmike is just a really nice guy as well. Always offering to help guys with old gear, fix or wrap rods, and just a positive contributor. BD Member Award for Mike
  102. pascuale

    Great Sellers

    Boxturtle JordanAlamo Thomasfishing Johndtuttle
  103. pascuale

    Mak 10 SEa on Amazon for $390

    DO NOT BUY. Watch the videos at the bottom that someone posted. Reels are shrink wrapped and upon opening are junk $10 reels. Fraud reels.
  104. pascuale

    Black Hole Cape Cod 450 gr Jigging Rod

    I have this rod and killed some big YFT with it in Panama. Excellent Rod.
  105. pascuale

    Yankee Capts The King of Queens 8/19 to 8/22

    Man couldn't wait to see the pics as I read and scrolled down. Hopefully you can get a few up.
  106. pascuale

    WTS: Phenix Megalodon 800H - Awesome Popping Rod

    Great question. Probably because 99% of 2-piece popping rods come with a case/sock. The Phenix Meg is one of the only popping rods that does not come with one. GLWS
  107. pascuale

    Penn 40 NLD2

    Let me know what you got. Need it for panga captain in Panama. Thanks BD.
  108. pascuale

    SOLD Avet hx raptor

    Dont give up! Stay away from overnights, get on a 2.5 on the PQ or Aztec. It will happen. I got a 230 on my HX Raptor on straight 80 JB, live sardine last year. I had put in alot of time. Glad I had the line capacity. Dont give up.
  109. pascuale

    FX-2 500N Boss Fury

    Looking for a friend in Panama. Heading back down in a few months. Let me know what you have available. Thank you!
  110. pascuale


    Fished the Tuna Coast area last week 7/1-7/4. Had a great time as usual. Lots of football tuna the first few days and some smaller dorado. Humback whale season is in full swing there. There are whales everywhere. The last day we found the dolphin and connected with some slightly larger grade...
  111. pascuale

    Less Boats Out, but Fishing still consistent

    Awesome report, thank you!
  112. pascuale

    Enchiladas Verdes

    Suizas bonitas
  113. pascuale

    Flying HUB ll First of its kind

    I give all the footage to Josh. Not sure where it goes. Thank you.
  114. pascuale

    Flying HUB ll First of its kind

    Awesome Bob, thanks for putting that video together. That was footage I took on the gopro.:)
  115. pascuale

    Offshore 7/1/19 Grande

    These killed the tuna in Panama. Im sure they would work really well here on these BFT. Solid hooks stock. They are sinking kind of like the sp but without the lip. Excellent price too.
  116. pascuale

    2 spots 3.5 day Top Gun 80

    SOLD- thank you all for the kind words and interest.
  117. pascuale

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day June 30 discount

    SOLD- Thank you all for your help.
  118. pascuale

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day June 30 discount

    Had a couple of guys ready to take the spots. One couldnt get the dates off and there was some confusion with the other. No big deal. Surprisingly still available. All of these seem to have fallen thru. Just to clarify, you are paying me $300 for each ticket deposit ($600 total) that cost me...
  119. pascuale

    2 spots 3.5 day Top Gun 80

    Surprisingly still available. All of these seem to have fallen thru. Just to clarify, you are paying $300 for each ticket ($600 total) deposit that cost me $525 ($1050 total). The remaining balance of $525 per ticket is due at the boat. So the total price for your ticket is $825 instead of...
  120. pascuale

    2 spots 3.5 day Top Gun 80

    Thanks guys, i wish I could go. If it were a 1.5 Id probably go with it selling out but people have to plan for a 3.5 more and it leaves on a Sunday (i never fish the weekend) so light traffic out there hopefully. Should be a killer trip. Shon is working on it and there are two right behind him...
  121. pascuale

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day June 30 discount

    Thanks Gary, got a couple guys checking on schedule now. Pending.
  122. pascuale

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day June 30 discount

    Yeah its a bummer, only applies on trips up to 1.5 days I believe. Anyways, its 60 days for this trip. No refund unless it fills up.
  123. pascuale

    2 spots 3.5 day Top Gun 80

    I have 2 spots departing June 30.Trip is 3.5 days, killer boat and includes meals. Limited to 25. Unfortunately I cant go do to health issues. I cant get deposit back ($525 each) unless the boat fills up. There are only 11 signed up right now so it may be a very light load. If someone wants both...
  124. pascuale

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day June 30 discount

    SOLD- Thanks BD members! I have 2 spots on this trip. Trip is 3.5 days, killer boat and includes meals. Limited to 25. Unfortunately I cant go do to health issues. I cant get deposit back ($525 each) unless the boat fills up. There are only 11 signed up right now so it may be a very light...
  125. pascuale

    Wahoo fishermen

    Great info here. I caught 11 last year on the Indi on bombs. Speed was the trick. And green was the color. Jimmy bombs rigged with 150lb flouro. Wire was just as productive. What really worked well for me was to wait for the trollers to go off and toss my bomb off the corner (just an underhand...
  126. pascuale

    Fun day trip Playa Herrdura/Los Suenos Sunday

    Looking good buddy! Nice report.
  127. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Just checked bags. Took an airliner tube. They didn't even ask for $$. Edit: the lady who checked me in ended up sitting behind me on the flight. She said she would have charged but the system was down. Lucky i guess.
  128. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Yes im leaving today. Ill see you at the lodge on Tuesday night. My buddy flew from LAX yesterday and he said they tried to charge him but he was ready and complained, refused to pay. They let him go.
  129. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Ha, Ill see you there buddy. We are fishing 23,24,25
  130. pascuale

    Offshore Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Don Killing it on the BFT as Usual
  131. pascuale

    Offshore Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Those guys have a strong work ethic. Thats why I love the PQ. They don't cut corners. I saw a post of another boat today that was so misleading saying "Got a report the boat hooked up and the fish chewed up the boat but they only landed 4." Meanwhile they post some old photo of 7 fish in the...
  132. pascuale

    Seaguar Premier 50 yard spools

    Bump for a great seller, killer prices on this flouro. Thanks Rob
  133. pascuale

    Accurate reels fs

    Ill take em if anything falls through. Thanks Tom!
  134. pascuale

    WTB- Talica 10ii and 16ii, (or maybe 12) Phenix......

    Thank you for the PM's guys. I found what i needed. BD comes through as always.
  135. pascuale

    Tacos de papa con queso y crema

    Tacos de papas con crema sabores!
  136. pascuale

    Saragosa 10k and avet hx

    Must be some nice spectra. GLWS
  137. pascuale

    WTB- Talica 10ii and 16ii, (or maybe 12) Phenix......

    Found Let me know what ya got. Thanks
  138. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Good luck Alan. In my experience, it all depends on the day and the lack of knowledge from the counter person and if that lack of knowledge either helps you or screws you. We will see. When are you headed back to PSFL Joey?
  139. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Good ideas and yes, just gotta bite the bullet sometimes.
  140. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Yeah, Luckily I live in FL. Bummer on the new charges. It was always great that they catered to fisherman. $75 each way is reasonable but $150 is a lot. Sent an email to [email protected] Do the same and ask for it to be escalated or you will just get a generic reply. They need to know...
  141. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Well, just spoke with Copa. Every time i call I get a different answer. It appears that whether you fly Business or not Doesn't matter. I was told by Carlos that its $150 each way if your rod is over 62 inches! What rod is less than 62 inches?! He said, "your rods dont colapse?" Then I spoke...
  142. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Yeah, just wait til about the 12th and youll get an email as long as business isnt booked up. Then there will be an amount you can enter. For your flight it will be like $200-500. Im sure if you bid $300 you will get it.
  143. pascuale

    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    Nick, I know "Pescador" told you he didnt pay but he may have booked his trip before the fees went into effect or he may have flown business class. Im confident you will be charged the $150 each way. Remember that about a week before the flight they will email you something to bid on a business...
  144. pascuale

    Where are you from Chris? Ill be back in San Diego June 30. You wanna meet up and call me some...

    Where are you from Chris? Ill be back in San Diego June 30. You wanna meet up and call me some names in person thats fine by me. Ill be at the docks June 30.
  145. pascuale

    Offshore 4/20 Poseidon full moon bluefin bite

    When did I say Id rather eat good food than catch fish?! You would like to spend 2 days on a boat with a sandwich? Tell me your "great party boats" that dont serve good food in FL, lol. San Diego boats back in the day still blew away any FL Boat. Ive lived here 6 years and can say the only boat...
  146. pascuale

    Offshore 4/20 Poseidon full moon bluefin bite

    Well, I just went on a boat here in FL where they actually will hold your fish until you tip 20%. These guys made $100 from each of 18 passengers for a 1.5 day trip! 2 deck hands, working 4 hour shifts. Fucking bottom fishing too! No wide open tuna bites. All they did was dehook snapper...
  147. pascuale


    Those Beito Pro Hunters are awesome lures.
  148. pascuale

    We're Not in Cali Anymore

    Been here n FL 6 years from San Diego. After 2 summers you will get used to it. I dont even notice anymore.
  149. pascuale

    Recent reports on Coiba area , Hannibal bank, Montousa

    There has been some good tuna fishing the past couple months but it is usually pretty solid fishing almost all year round. The last week has really heated up. I have been going since 2010 and have honestly yet to have a slow trip. There seems to be good fishing still today. I think there were a...
  150. pascuale

    Yankee Capt Pulley Ridge Lite 3.25.2019

    Hey James, send me info on your trip. Ive been wanting to fish with Greg for a while. Im in Tampa.
  151. pascuale

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Lol, thats unreal. Because you were wearing shrts?!! I was almost going to fly American because they dont charge for rods. Guess im not doing that. Have flown Copa for several years and all of this baggage policy is new stuff. $150 Each way sucks. How was your trip? Did you fish Pedasi again or...
  152. pascuale

    Truline TNT or XR7 cobra

    How do I Identify a TNT? I have some blanks/rods that were cut at the base by original owner. I could never tell what they were. None over 7 foot. But one is rather heavy like a solid 40-60lb stick. Unfortunately I live in Tampa and have not been able to hook up with anyone back in Cali yet. I...
  153. pascuale

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Thanks David! Thats the info we were looking for. I take it his tube was $150 each way?
  154. pascuale

    Yankee Capt Pulley Ridge Lite 3.25.2019

    Wow, bummer to hear this. Thanks for your honest opinion.
  155. pascuale

    Phenix BD Hybrid 760MH - $240 Like New!

    $400 rod for $240. Not a bad deal. I cant believe this has not sold Jason. In another 2 months this would sell quick.
  156. pascuale

    Daiwa Saltist LD30 -2

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Daiwa Saltist LD 30 2-Speed. 10/10 mech 9/10 cosmetically Approx 250 yards 65lb JB solid 50 yard topshot of mono (50lb) Caught a yellow and sat on a shelf. No box $175 shipped
  157. pascuale

    Los Suenos - Condo Deal!

    Welcome to BD. Sounds like a steal of a deal. LOL
  158. pascuale

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Hey Nick, Who knows. I hear they changed the policy and are charging $150 each way for rods but also heard they were not. IDK lol. Time to fly a different airline.
  159. pascuale

    Phenix BD Hybrid 760MH - $240 Like New!

    Bump for a good man and a horrible fisherman
  160. pascuale

    Why fish the Florida Middle Grounds

    Great report Bob!
  161. pascuale

    East cape-Hotel buenavista fishing report March 08

    Great idea introducing the crews!! Thank you. Cant wait to get back to the East Cape.
  162. pascuale

    Quepos, CR Report Mar 6-9

    Thank you for the awesome report! Chris has that place dialed in pretty well. Super cool of him to share the experience.
  163. pascuale

    Saragosa 8k or 10k SW and lower end popping rod

    Thank you for the offers. Still looking.
  164. pascuale

    Saragosa 8k or 10k SW and lower end popping rod

    Looking for a setup for a buddy who New to the sport. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  165. pascuale


    Nice El Juan. Miss that place.;( A couple old ones of Snoopy Rock at Punta Final. The Sunset from the beach at Punta Final looking north towards Alfonsonas. A couple pescados. Some big cabrillas I speared from Snoopy.
  166. pascuale

    Please Delete. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 760MH

    $250 and a kick in the ass for the Black Diamond?
  167. pascuale

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - Feb 2019

    PSFL probably Chombo.
  168. pascuale

    The Florida Middle Grounds in March

    Always a nice write up Bob. Hope you are feeling better. I was on one of the recent trips and we were all worried about you. My family is praying for you. Thank you for your contributions.
  169. pascuale

    Please Delete. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 760MH

    Ill likely take it if you dont sell it on here.
  170. pascuale

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - Feb 2019

    Thank you! Headed down in May.
  171. pascuale

    Please Delete. Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 760MH

    Ship Hybrid to Florida? Those things are badass!
  172. pascuale

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - Feb 2019

    How was the fishing Jay?
  173. pascuale


    Sure! No problem. Its a beautiful place and we can't wait to go back. I told Santiago if the warm, clean water was somewhat close I wanted to go deep for big tuna. We went 50 miles and got a nice hookup on bait but it didnt stick. Still got a nice tuna (pic) but no vaca. Next day we went 3/5 on...
  174. pascuale


    Santiago and Adan Valdovinos on Gitana 1 and 2. [email protected] For Santiago Tell him Ethan said hello. Went last year and had a blast! Stay at Hotel Aura Del Mar.
  175. pascuale

    The Florida Fisherman ll does 1/2 day

    Captain Garett is the man!
  176. pascuale

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    On the way back they make you wrap your cooler in plastic now. You can bring your iwn roll or pay $15 per cooler at the airport. Last time my cooler weighed 25 kilos. They told me to take fish out until it hit 23. I take fish out and go wrap it at the wrapper. The guy makes sure it weighs 23. I...
  177. pascuale

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Ok so under the special luggage you will find sports equipment. You can fly with a Rod tube up to 115 inches as one of your 2 free checked bags. No extra cost. It says 2 fishing rods, a tackle box, and fishing boots count as one bag. However, i fly with the Plano Airliner tube with 10 rods and...
  178. pascuale

    YT, YFT, BFT trip schedule/timing.... Which month is best?

    Late summer august, sept, oct. usually more pelagics, fishing kelps for Yellowtail, Dorado, YFT. Late september usually less crowded as well. A 2.5 -3.5 gives you time to fish different areas as well, which is nice. Cant recommend the Paq Queen more but if its smaller grade fish they are...
  179. pascuale

    RIU Playa Blanca Panama

    What ^ said, spot on.
  180. pascuale

    Rod, reel, line, leader recommendations?

    Yeah you will have fun. If you want something slightly bigger for the Bill Collector, maybe a Mak 16/20 or Vis16/20. I was going more budget for the other suggestions. But those Penn NLD30/40 are awesome and can handle big fish. If you get a Makaira or Vis series, go with 100 or 130 350yds and...
  181. pascuale

    Rod, reel, line, leader recommendations?

    Great option is a Penn Fathom 30NLD 2-speed ($259) Filled with Jerry Brown solid in white. Use 65lb braid and a short topshot of 30, 40, 50, or 60 dependeng on what its needed for. Can change out that short 4 foot quickle depending on cpmdituons. Then a fathom 4NLD 2, with 100 braid. Use an...
  182. pascuale

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    FG works for me. Got this little guy on a sardine Nov 6. 80/80 Avet HX Raptor. 225. Kicked my ass!
  183. pascuale

    Accurate Valiant BV2-500N

    Excellent slow pitch reel! Love mine
  184. pascuale


    Loreto Pam has operated a fishing charter operation for almost 20 years if im bot mistaken. Maybe longer. Of course Sea Shepherd threatens her economic security. Hey, i know these locals have to make a living but it sure as hell aint gonna be raping our ocean with gill nets. If they cut up one...
  185. pascuale


    Cool, lets kill whales because....hey its legal in Iceland. There are no vaquita left and Gill netting for Totoaba in the SOC is depleating fish populations all along the upper gulf. Sea Sheperd whether tree huggers or not are the only ones doing shit to save our oceans and you gotta say, "hope...
  186. pascuale

    LaCrosse Hampton Boots

    Hey Ron, Sent you a PM
  187. pascuale

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    I remember when there were no Palapas there. That place was so awesome. Cactus Point had a huge cactus. Clamming in the back bay at low tide. No gates or fences. Im sure its still great but I stopped when the road started just past Puertecitos. Sure do miss it.
  188. pascuale

    Tony Pena: RIP

    You will be missed Tony. Rest in peace.
  189. pascuale

    Fanatastic Trip In Panama

    Great report!
  190. pascuale

    Looking for a Panama Charter

    Id hate to go all the way to Panama and fish with an operation that may save a couple hundred bucks but not take you where you need to go. Assuming you are wanting to fish out of Boca Chica. If you didnt know better you may think it a good idea to get a panga to fish out of Boca Chica to save...
  191. pascuale

    Bali , Indonesia fishing report

    Awesome report. thank you for sharing this with us. I could not find much information about fishing there and was told its all fished out as well. looks like there are some prospects.
  192. pascuale

    grouper jigging in Florida

    Awesome Kil! Fishing has been pretty good lately. ARS thick.
  193. pascuale

    Best Heavy Spinning 2 piece under 300

    There are multiple 2 piece rods on the market that can kill massive fish. The Majority of popping rods are 2 piece and use a butt joint. Not sure why you would want a two piece rod that breaks 50/50 on the blank? That defeats the strength of the blank entirely. Is that what you are referring to...
  194. pascuale

    Best Heavy Spinning 2 piece under 300

    Jigging World Ghost Hunter. Very well made and very strong. They are having a 15% off sale right now as well. I would get a 200g. There is a 300g as well but I think the 200 will be perfect.
  195. pascuale

    Looking for a reel to handle 200lb.+ fish.

    Visx 20 or Mak 20. Dont need a 50. I wouldnt want to carry around a 50 at the rail and a 20 can handle big fish. I caught a 230 BFT on bait on an Avet HX! Probably wont even use it anyway on a 10 day. I didnt use my Visx 20 or 16 on the 10 day I went on in Nov. JMO
  196. pascuale


    Bienvenidos a Mexico!
  197. pascuale

    50 or 65 braid for Yellowfin Popping

    Curious, how does the hollow cast? I would think it would flatten and give more resistence in the air than solid.
  198. pascuale

    PV or Cabo for inshore fishing

    East Cape warmer water usually in May. Can be some excellent Gallo fishing as well. Or Gordo Banks panga area around San Jose. Sometimes water still very cold in Cabo. Cool thing is that if you look at a temp chart a couple weeks before, you can usually see how the cold water from the Pacific is...
  199. pascuale

    LaCrosse Hampton Boots

    Yes, unfortunately they discontinued the Hampton boot. I have tried to find 12 everywhere. No luck.
  200. pascuale

    FG knot test

    Excellent finish to the fg. I was trying to figure out a better finish than two overhand knots. Love the fg.
  201. pascuale

    LaCrosse Hampton Boots

    These really are the best deck boots Ive ever had as well. They run slightly small so get one size up but they are so comfortable. I just used em on a 10 day and had no foot issues after killing my feet for years with xtra tuff, rugid shark, shimano, west marine.
  202. pascuale

    Huge 39 hour Florida Fisherman ll CATCH

    Thanks Bob! I don't see a Rainbow runner?
  203. pascuale


    Mag Bay 16 works great.
  204. pascuale

    Gonzaga Thanksgiving Week.

    Bad idea, wind can come up quick.
  205. pascuale

    Punta Cabras

    You can get a panga in Erendira at Castros. Good rock fishing, yellowtail, and wsb depending on time of year. There are two ways to get to Cabras, through Erendira or the Punta San Jose route. You will likely come in through Erendira and pass right by Castros.
  206. pascuale

    Wahoo Rod for my wife, Phenix Pandora PdX-760h

    Had a great time with you as well. I will hopefully be on the 2020 trip:))
  207. pascuale

    Wahoo Rod for my wife, Phenix Pandora PdX-760h

    Hey Matt, Not sure about Pandora, guess its the pink version but.... I used my Phoenix PHD 700xh paired with an HX Raptor for bombs on our trip and it was perfect for me. Got 7 on bombs in one day! And it was my first day ever fishing bombs! The PHD is the Black Diamond Hybrid. Long enough to...
  208. pascuale

    What to do between noticing you are crossed and the arrival of a deckhand?

    Yes! Tips together prevent hard angles and saw offs. Especially if multiple fish on.
  209. pascuale

    What Spectra HXJ Raptor?

    80lb, def not 65 if u want a chance at a cow imo. Saw a few heartbreak casualties on 60 leader last week. I got a 230 Monday on Bait, 80/80, HX Raptor. Needed the line capacity and def at least 80. Wish I had a bigger setup.
  210. pascuale

    Wahoo is always a hot topic....things I learned

    Not bad, not bad.:)
  211. pascuale

    Wahoo bomb colors

    Green, just got off a 10 day. Green, Green, Green.
  212. pascuale

    Panama Advice Needed

    $90 plus fuel plus tip. Usually $150-175 plus tip for the day.
  213. pascuale

    Mak 20 or VISX 20 - Silver

    May have VISX 20 100lb JB solid after my trip. Be back Nov 6. Have not used. Pm if interested.:)
  214. pascuale

    Tapping the brains trust of SDLR re: Shipping rod tubes as baggage.

    Flown about 30 flights with this tube to Panama, mex, and San Diego. TSA may inspect as I usually see tsa tape on the outside that says inspected. However, i have never had a single broken guide or any damage. You can fit around 12 rods. I usually stuff a tshirt or towel down at the bottom first...
  215. pascuale

    Few spots left on 360 tuna trip on new buccaneer

    Sick trip! Let me know about the next one. I may come out.
  216. pascuale

    Offshore Skippies and a surprise

    Oh man Bob they are a mess. You dont want those things anywhere near you.
  217. pascuale

    Offshore Skippies and a surprise

    Nice report. Great job on release. Never heard of a Mola eating a bait or lure. But keep trying. Once you get one on your boat you will regret it . They have about a 1/2 inch of slime that protects their skin. Nastiest shit Ive seen. Had to take one out of a net that tangled it up...
  218. pascuale

    BNIB penn fathom 40 2 speed

    wow great deal on this NLD2
  219. pascuale

    Melton's Tackle 10 Day - Indy

    Matt and Matthias, this is my first trip on the Indy as well. Flying out from Tampa, originally from San Diego. Fished with Jason (Bob1825) a couple years back on the Shogun. Looking forward to meeting you. Getting closer!!:))
  220. pascuale

    August FAD trip

    Make friends with Chris in the post above you :D
  221. pascuale

    Wahoo trollers

    The El Plomero is very good and the Cencero as well. One is a cowbell style and the other a heavy lead head. highly recommend.
  222. pascuale

    Popper Jig Choices

    Sick setup!
  223. pascuale

    9/15-9/16 Mag Bay--- lots of tuna, wahoo and dorado

    Ive never even seen a Bonita. Ive seen a solid 20lb Bonito one year fishing at Cortez Bank. Biggest damn thing. Couldn't believe it.
  224. pascuale

    9/15-9/16 Mag Bay--- lots of tuna, wahoo and dorado

    Thanks for the great report!
  225. pascuale

    Popper Jig Choices

    Heru Skipjack 90 or 120
  226. pascuale

    8/3 -8/5 | Puertocitos and Gonzaga Bay Trip

    Nice Sam, good plan. Its hot as hell down there as well. October is one of my favorite months in Gonzaga.
  227. pascuale

    8/3 -8/5 | Puertocitos and Gonzaga Bay Trip

    Any report from this trip?
  228. pascuale

    Promo Video

    Killer Video! Thanks for posting Jay
  229. pascuale

    0r trade Mint Daiwa Isla 5000H

    Hey Jorge, I have a Black Hole Cape Cod Special 8'0 Its in great condition but has slight indentation on eva grip in a spot from a rod holder.
  230. pascuale

    Panama Advice Needed

    Hey Doug, I go to Panama Sportfishing Lodge. Same fishing as the other lodges in Boca Chica, better prices, great service as well. For some guys money is not a major issue but I have to really shop around. When I get a group together John Usually offers a very reasonable rate, especially at...
  231. pascuale

    Costa Rica options

    Second this
  232. pascuale

    Jigs for Panama?

    Will do. 10 day is Oct 27. Curious to see how they will work on Yellowtail, etc.
  233. pascuale

    Jigs for Panama?

    They are awesome. I just stocked up for my 10 day on the Independence and Panama. There is also a 220g glow that would probably be awesome for those BFT.
  234. pascuale

    Jigs for Panama?

    Your jigs should work fine. I would leave the knife jigs at home however. I use these Zcraft cyclops alot with a red 3 inch squid skirt attached to the assist. They work great and are a good price too. I get them from For some reason the snapper especially love the red. I tend to...
  235. pascuale

    Tamarindo ?

    Fishing looks pretty good lately. Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna.
  236. pascuale

    Heading to Nicaragua Next Week
  237. pascuale

    Golfito Gold Tuna 40 -90 # class

    Oh yeah its expensive down there in relation to Baja Pangas. Difficult to get fuel out there to those remote spots. Thats great info. Thank you!
  238. pascuale

    Heading to Nicaragua Next Week

    You will be right next to playa Colorado. Hit up Matteo Blevins from Nica Tima Surf. He lives right there and knows everyone. He can point you in the right direction or get you a panga for simple inshore if you wanted. Tell him Ethan said hello. Hes from San Diego. Search FB and send a message.
  239. pascuale

    Golfito Gold Tuna 40 -90 # class

    Thats awesome!! Soundd like a killer trip. What does Beto charge?
  240. pascuale

    Gulf States vs Long Range YFT / Hoo's - First Hand Experience

    Would love to fish with them. Killer trip right there.
  241. pascuale

    Gulf States vs Long Range YFT / Hoo's - First Hand Experience

    Did a 3 day out of Venice a couple years ago. Had a great time despite weather. It was a charter with 8 of us. Tons of Blackfin, and our limit of Yellowfin. I believe the limit was 2 or 3 per person for the trip, so be aware of that if you are looking to bring home a bunch of sashimi. I didnt...
  242. pascuale

    200/200 Club?

    Thats not me, wish it was!! Its my dream too. You can catch them in Indian Ocean, South Pacific, Southeast Asia I believe. Usually around reef atolls usually in water less than a few hundred feet deep.
  243. pascuale

    200/200 Club?

    Anyone part of the 200lb Dogtooth Tuna club? :D
  244. pascuale

    Glow paint for jigs

  245. pascuale

    Glow paint for jigs

    Hang flatfall and apply paint with brush or finger is fine. Doesnt need to be pretty. Nice thick coat. Let dry overnight. Keep blacklight in pocket snd charge for 30 seconds every few minutes on the boat. Stays nice and bright. Does not come off easily.
  246. pascuale

    Solid ring ball bearing swivels

    These are super strong rings. The Texas Tackle barely ipens the # 9
  247. pascuale

    Spearfishing is hard! 8/7/18 Solana Beach Report

    Sam, sent you a PM.
  248. pascuale

    Offshore Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    All good buddy, plenty of kooks out there. You killed it.
  249. pascuale

    Offshore Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Oh thank you! Ive never caught a tunafish myself. You should write a book about fishing. Make sure to find a good editor.
  250. pascuale

    Penn Fathom 40NLD 2 speed - new or used.

    Right now on ebay everything is 15% off
  251. pascuale

    Heru Poppers

    Pesche Extreme is great! Ive ordered Heru Skipjack 90 and 120, also Heru Tuna 80 a few times from them.
  252. pascuale

    Tropic Star: July 27-Aug 3

    Sounds like an amazing trip! Im sure your daughter will never forget those memories.
  253. pascuale


    Sounds like a killer deal!
  254. pascuale

    Valiant BV2-400

    Would the BV2-500 be a better choice for 40- 50lb top lupe reel?
  255. pascuale

    Progear Violator V22

    That Fathom with the upgraded handle is sweet!
  256. pascuale

    Pristine Torium 20

    Great reel for these tails, yellowfin, and dorado moving in.
  257. pascuale

    Offshore Late report- Jumbo Tuna got me!

    Man that must have been an adrenaline rush! Thanks for the report Michael!
  258. pascuale

    Offshore They're out there! Any day now!

    Cool report, thanks for sharing!
  259. pascuale

    Guadalupe is a go! Leaving Saturday.

    Im pretty sure they are there now. Have fun!
  260. pascuale

    Suggestions for taking my new 7'6" Viper and Invictus on airplane

    Maybe the boxes get easily damaged because of the size, who knows. The plastic is pretty indestructable. Its been tossed around for a few years now on 20 flights. Wheels still intact, no issues. I also ship my rods back to san diego in an irrigation pipe from home depot at times. You can prob...
  261. pascuale

    Suggestions for taking my new 7'6" Viper and Invictus on airplane

    Yes,mine was same. Got it for $69 on amazon. Package damage. Was fine
  262. pascuale

    Phoenix rod warranty

    Was there a defective rod anywhere in the discussion?
  263. pascuale

    Suggestions for taking my new 7'6" Viper and Invictus on airplane

    I have this one (airline telescoping tube) and use it to go to Panama all the time. Used it on 10 trips so far. It expands up to 10 feet i think. Long enough anyways. Fits about 10-12 rods but I usually put 8 in it. I wrap the rods in rod wraps so they stay tight. Then I pack the end with a...
  264. pascuale

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    I know Billy is a heck of a fisherman and I hear he is a great guy. Hope to fish with him some day. Glad you had a great trip and slayed the fish! :))
  265. pascuale

    Phoenix rod warranty

    You said that you broke it! It didnt break because it was defective. You cant go crash your new pickup truck and take it back to Ford and say, "Give me a new one". You are lucky they were nice enough to give you a new rod for $65. I love my Black Diamond Hybrids and have never had any problem...
  266. pascuale

    Best Mainland Mexico Ports for Catching Wahoo

    You fly into Loreto and they pick you up and drive you to Mag Bay.
  267. pascuale

    Best Mainland Mexico Ports for Catching Wahoo

    See post above. Contact Toby El wahoo loco which will now be "No Tuna No Chinga".
  268. pascuale

    Best Mainland Mexico Ports for Catching Wahoo

    See my post "Former wahoo loco". Being refitted right now. Should be an awesome boat. Toby is partnered with the Osunas from what I understand. They will run trips out of Mag Bay still as well likely in the fall. Ill let Toby chime in. It should be pretty cool with Danny running the boat over...
  269. pascuale

    Whats in your LR box?

    Dont ever get on any boat without a henway. Super important!
  270. pascuale

    Whats in your LR box?

    Going on my first 10 day in Oct on the Independence. Great advice on here from everyone. Been fishing everything up to 6 day so far. One question I have is about the wahoo bait. What size wire and brand? J hook or circle? welded ring for connection to spectra or mono? Size ring? I hear a lot of...
  271. pascuale

    SOLD on ebay now

    Don's lures have slayed the mahi, sails, and Marlin down in Panama. Great lures.
  272. pascuale

    Best Mainland Mexico Ports for Catching Wahoo

    Well, havent heard too many big numbers of hoo out of PV, def not Zihuatenejo in big numbers, Oaxaca not in big numbers. More like occassional catch. But I may be wrong. Just have bot seen much along lines of wahoo in reports and i have never caught in those places. Seems like the best places...
  273. pascuale

    FS Shimano Stella SW8000HG

    Price drop to $750.
  274. pascuale

    panama recommendation inshore

    Closer to 5 depending on traffic coming out of the city.
  275. pascuale

    panama recommendation inshore

    Oh lol, I was wondering! I thought, "thats a short day of fishing". So much to see in Panama. How long is your trip? Maybe you could entice your family to visit Pedasi. The whales are there right now right off the beach too. Check out hotel Casa La Jagua. Thd fishing is great and cheap. Just a...
  276. pascuale

    FS Shimano Stella SW8000HG

    Bump price drop $800
  277. pascuale

    panama recommendation inshore

    He runs bigger boats. Panama City is not like Cabo. There is big $$ there, what i mean is you probably wont find a panga. Big money in Cabo too but you can fish off the beach there and catch fish. Panama city is inside a huge bay sort of. The water is usually green. The fishing that is generally...
  278. pascuale

    panama recommendation inshore

    Call Richard, He can set you up with a charter in Panama City. Typically the fishing is better on the Pacific side. I wouldnt bother in San Blas. The Best fishing is outside of panama city several hours drive on the Azuero Peninsula, or Gulf of Chiriqui. However, the water can change this time...
  279. pascuale

    panama recommendation inshore

    Where will you be in Panama?
  280. pascuale

    FS Shimano Stella SW8000HG

    sold please delete thread. Thx
  281. pascuale

    Yankee Captains - Pulley Ridge/Dry Tortugas

    These guys have an awesome boat and take a limited load. They do Pulley Ridge as well. They do some really cool trips. I live in St. Petersburg and have wanted to do one of the long range. They are out of Tarpon Springs. You would fly into Tampa and its a 20 min drive. Right next to Clearwater...
  282. pascuale

    Rodless Heresies: Fishing for Wahoo All Wrong!

    Thanks for the write up Jim. Going on my first 10 day in Oct on the Indi. Cant wait.
  283. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    Sent him a message
  284. pascuale


    The price is getting high for Jellowtail and tacos.
  285. pascuale

    East Cape Report 7/4-7/8

    Wow! Fish of a lifetime right there!!!
  286. pascuale

    Come on down with us next year. I get a great deal at Check it out...

    Come on down with us next year. I get a great deal at Check it out. Check out the prices and ill shoot you an email with our trip itenerary for next May. All inclusive. Fishing days are from 6:30-5pm or so. Looong sore days. Ive found that 3 full days is good. Price...
  287. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    Come on down! Ill send a PM
  288. pascuale

    East Cape Roosters and Tuna Question

    Hey Rocky, i sent you a message.
  289. pascuale

    Saw your post about East Cape. I have fished Baja my whole life and started going to Panama 8...

    Saw your post about East Cape. I have fished Baja my whole life and started going to Panama 8 years ago. The fishing blows the east cape away. So many tuna its ridiculous. We do several trips a year to Panama Sportfishing Lodge However if you do go to East Cape, i...
  290. pascuale

    Popping Rod - Phenix or Blackhole Nano

    Have a Black Hole Cape Cod Graphite 8'0. Will be in San Diego this Friday thru following Tuesday. Used a couple times on small yellowfin in Panama.
  291. pascuale

    Heru Skipjack 60g Pencil Poppers

    These heru poppers are some of the best
  292. pascuale

    Hey Almud, How many spots did you want?

    Hey Almud, How many spots did you want?
  293. pascuale

    Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge

    Nice!!! Im already booking my dates for next year.
  294. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    I have always had the bigger grade in June also. I guess they were there a few days prior but took a break. We did have a 125+ on a popper lost at color but none of the cows. Great place.
  295. pascuale

    Glow coating Flat Falls

    Buy this from Amazon. Simply paint your jig or flatfall with thick coat. Just use your index finger and smear it on. Doesnt have to be pretty. Let hang dry overnight or at least a few hours. Get a small blacklight flashlight for the boat. Keep in pocket and use blacklight to charge your jig by...
  296. pascuale

    Prayers appreciated

    Praying for your family Tom.
  297. pascuale

    Mint Torium 20HG

    Still for sale?
  298. pascuale

    Mint Torium 20HG

    How bout 110 and a burrito up your a$&!!
  299. pascuale

    Mint Torium 20HG

    $160 and a burrito before we get on the boat.
  300. pascuale

    Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    Just think how many kids we can get fishing with BD donations. So awesome!!
  301. pascuale

    Black Marlin at Isla Cerravalo

    Why did you shoot a Marlin? Just curious?
  302. pascuale

    Looking to chase BFT

  303. pascuale

    Targeting Grouper And Snapper

    Thanks Bob! Great report. I went out on The Flying Hub 2 yesterday and it was a blast.
  304. pascuale


    Rey Aguirre has a Panga rigged to the 9's with very good gear, outriggers, etc. in Puerto Escondido/ puerto angelito area. He operates Los Reyes Sportfishing. He catches some monster tuna, dorado, sailfish, marlin. I follow him on Facebook (Rey Aguirre) and instagram #losreyessportfishing...
  305. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    Thanks John. We always have a great time. See you next year!
  306. pascuale

    Penn 50VSX w/Tiburon Handle $400

    Line alone is well over $100. Killer price for a top of the line reel.
  307. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    Steve its an amazing place. Let me know if you want to come along some time.
  308. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    Awesome lol
  309. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    Lol sorry accidentaly hit post before pics were uploaded. We caught a total of 60 YFT (mostly released), 22 Dorado (Mostly released) , and 7 Red Snapper.
  310. pascuale

    PSFL and Tuna Coast

    Just returned from a week fishing the rich pacific waters of Panama. My Brother Alex and his friend Aaron met us in Panama City from Santa Cruz, CA. The first few days were spent fishing the Tuna Coast off of the Azuero Peninsula approximately a 5 hour drive from the city. Here we fish on...
  311. pascuale

    Guatemala Volcano.....Casa Vieja?

    Glad you guys are ok down at Casa Vieja. How do volcanoes differ from Tonga/fiji to Hawaiian Islands?
  312. pascuale

    Trip Decision

    Rice Bowl is a chartered trip put together by some great guys. They have sponsors snd givaways as well. Guadalupe is an amazing place to go. You will likely have a great time on any of tbe trips and have a shot at some beautiful YFT at Guadalupe as well as some monster yellowtail.
  313. pascuale

    Trip Decision

    I did a Rice Bowl trip and had a great time. Those guys are super cool and it was a great group to fish with. Im sure they will be going to The Lupe at least.
  314. pascuale

    Huge Florida Middle Grounds and Beyond Catch

    Try the 12 hour fast boat Flying Hub 2. Takes about 14 and gets you to the same grounds in 2 hours or so. The 39 hour is great IF you get an inside bunk in the AC and there are not 50 people shoulder to shoulder. Just my honest opinion.
  315. pascuale

    General Info on the Independence

    Im in I right below M. Hopefully its not as hot.
  316. pascuale

    Osuna's New Fishing Machine

    Got a trip in the works if you want in:). Late March 2019
  317. pascuale

    Big boy reel

    Also think about holding that thing all day while fishing. Much easier to hold a lighter reel all day. Bit of a difference in weight between a 30 or 50 and a 16-20 size. Doesn't seem like much until holding all day. My first 10 day is coming up but a couple years ago I built one of my first rods...
  318. pascuale

    Baja Adventure Co. Fishing Reports

    Awesome video. Welcome!
  319. pascuale

    Juan Cook is at it again

    Nice El Juan!
  320. pascuale

    Fun Fishing at PSFL(Panama Sportfishing Lodge)

    Nice trip John! Cant wait to get down to the lodge in a couple weeks. Hopefully we can fish together soon.
  321. pascuale

    Osuna's New Fishing Machine

    Looking good! Is that the Wahoo Loco?
  322. pascuale

    Key largo party boat or charter recommendations

    Here is the link to the Bud N Marys Party Boat Nick Stancyk has a great reputation as well. I have not fished with him but he catches some very large fish.
  323. pascuale

    Key largo party boat or charter recommendations

    I think the fishing is a little better out of IslaMorada just down the road and Mahi is good in July. Fished out of there a couple times. Not cheap but much better shot at getting those kids a fish of a lifetime than a party boat. Ive found that the Party boats in Florida are not that great...
  324. pascuale

    What are your top 3 boats for 1.5 day?

    Regular open party Pac Queen-New Lo An- Aztec (Lots of great others). LR style 1.5 comfort choice but still reasonable $ Islander Mostly Charter Pac Voyager- Apollo - Top Gun 80
  325. pascuale


    Thanks David! Great seller. Great communication.
  326. pascuale

    ViSX16 or Tac20ii

    Good info. Thanks!
  327. pascuale

    Looking for Clearwater area party boat

    I second Walter. The absolute best option for a day of fishing without chartering your own boat is the Flying Hub 2. It will take you and 12 guys to the area the overnight boats fish in a couple hours 60-90 miles. Im not sure why Hubbard's didn't mention it, it could be because you are coming...
  328. pascuale

    Advise on 1 1/2 to 2 day trip

    1.5 day Pacific Queen. Book now. Just checked schedule and they have one July 29 Sunday. I really like the boat and crew on Pac Queen. Just a great short range operation thats comfortable as well. Bring a towel for shower, one other good perk.
  329. pascuale

    ViSX16 or Tac20ii

    Yeah interesting. I was in Kens last year and bought a Mak 16 that had 50lb braid on it. I asked him to take it off and fill with 100. He said, "no, ill just splice it to the 50". He explained that theres really no need for the heavy line until that fish is straight up and down, so its important...
  330. pascuale

    ViSX16 or Tac20ii

    Go with 100 braid and fish 80 leader or 60 if needed. Don't want to fill with 80 and be stuck fishing lighter leader if you run into something where its needed. Imo
  331. pascuale

    Incredible tuna fishing on a mothership at PSFL on May 8 - 12, 2018

    Nice Kil! The Heru Skipjack 120? John runs a great operation down there. We are going next month. Going to be taking my new Cape Cod.
  332. pascuale

    Daiwa BG8000

    Whatever you do, do not get a Tsunami unless you want the rod to break on a 10lb fish. I have ben doing a ton of popping in Panama the last 8 years. In 12 trips using Black Hole Challenger Bank, Cape Cod Nano, OTI Tuna Sniper, and Jigging World Ghost Hunter rods; I prefer the Ghost Hunter. They...
  333. pascuale

    Shimano Rod for saragosa 10000

    Jigging World Ghost hunter 150 or 200 depending on size of fish but 150 will handle tuna up to 125lb comfortably. Super light, well made, super strong.
  334. pascuale

    Ride share Cabo week of 10/14/18

    See if fishing is better over at Gordo Banks at that time. If you can get over there its another option to get away from the Cabo crowd. Gordo Banks Pangas.
  335. pascuale

    Where to spool line

    First off, I asked a question about a tackle store where I could get line spooled. I did not ask for a lesson on how to spool line at home and why it is more economical. I guess you have never been spooled by a large fish. When the spectra is spooled correctly with proper tension it packs...
  336. pascuale

    Where to spool line

    Thank you for the info. Looking for a shop that can wind spectra with machine as lays right and with proper pressure to maximize amount. Appreciate your help however.
  337. pascuale

    Where to spool line

    Looking for a good tackle shop that can spool spectra onto a reel in the Santa Cruz/ Los Gatos area if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you!
  338. pascuale


    Sent PM
  339. pascuale

    Los Barriles Fishing Report

    Great place, enjoy!
  340. pascuale

    Sayulita in July

    Danny Gomez has a nice Blackfin now too. You need to go a bit further for the big boys usually. Great captain. He is out at the Islands/corbetana hunting tuna as we speak. Best way to get ahold of him. Should be back soon
  341. pascuale

    madscad in gonzaga bay.

    Nice El Juan!
  342. pascuale

    Hook recommendations for local bft

    Caught this guy on 25lb old torium in 2009. No BFT around and we were in the middle of no where and 50-120lb ers charged the boat. D2 one day. Caught two fish. Kicked my ass. No one was prepared and everyone got spooled.:cheers:
  343. pascuale

    Zihuatanejo 4-21 and 4-23

    Thats Awesome! cool video, especially the sails at the end.
  344. pascuale

    Help Chartering a Full Day Trip in Sept. 2018

    The 3/4 day boats fishing the Coronado Islands within the zone (12 miles) need a passport. The 1.5 days fishing offshore do not unless they are fishing within 12 miles of the coastline. Might as well just tell friends to get a cooler of beer and rent a rowboat at Lake Dixon if an overnight is...
  345. pascuale

    Help Chartering a Full Day Trip in Sept. 2018

    x2 on the at least an overnight 1.5 day for pelagic. While you have a good chance in September on a full day trip, you will be doing a lot of driving at 12-15 knots out to the fish during that time. If you do an overnight you will do all the drive out the first night while you are sleeping and...
  346. pascuale

    Zihuatanejo 4-21 and 4-23

    Yeah Santiago and Adan tag and release billfish, fill out the tag form and give to you to mail in to the billfish foundation when you return to the states. Pretty cool as I don't think anyone else but maybe Ed does that. Have fun in November!
  347. pascuale

    Zihuatanejo 4-21 and 4-23

    Yeah call up Jamie at and tell him you need a few tuna, mahi lures. Mean joe green and purple worked well. Cedar plugs, and get two williamson speed pro 180's. The tuna love em.
  348. pascuale

    Zihuatanejo 4-21 and 4-23

    Request to stay in rooms 16, 17, 18, or 19 as they are the highest up and have the most amazing views. You may want to request it now as thats a busy time. Super nice place if you have not stayed there before. Massages on the beach in front 200 pesos ($12). Fish with Santiago Valdovinos or Adan...
  349. pascuale

    Zihuatanejo 4-21 and 4-23

    Lol, Yeah it was so nice down there. No problems, no issues. Everyone was super friendly and helpful everywhere we went. We fished 12 miles the second day and nailed the sailfish and smaller tuna on porpoise. The first day I wanted to go deep in search of bigger tune. We ran 50 miles to a temp...
  350. pascuale

    Gordo Banks Report 4/21-4/22

    Awesome trip! Love fishing Gordo Banks Pangas.
  351. pascuale

    Rod pairing for Saragosa 10k

    Ghost hunter 150
  352. pascuale

    Zihuatanejo 4-21 and 4-23

    Just returned from a family trip to southern Mexico. Flew into Zihuatanejo on Friday and stayed at Aura Del Mar. Super nice place with incredible views of the bay. Fished Saturday and Monday with Santiago Valdovinos at Gitana Sportfishing for a few nice tuna up to 45lb and several Sailfish...
  353. pascuale

    Muy Grande Mahi in Guatemala

    Beautiful. Thanks for the report!
  354. pascuale

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    Yeah, ive been a customer for 8 years. No response to calls, emails, etc. Bummer.
  355. pascuale

    Looking for information on fishing in Mexico

    Four great options- 1.) Cabo is easy and fishing can be great. Benefits are lots of great restaurants and touristy things to do for the family as well. Easy to get to from So Cal and fairly inexpensive to have a chance to get on some good fish. tons of places to stay and plenty of great...
  356. pascuale

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    Lame situation. Im in the same boat.
  357. pascuale

    An amazing early season bite.

    Thanks for the report from THIS week John!
  358. pascuale

    Backordered VISX

    I ordered a VISX20 from PO as well Nov 20 and still haven't received it.
  359. pascuale

    Need help on poppers

    Depends on if you are fishing Bluefin (Halco 160 or 195) or small yellowfin, dorado (135). My favorite are the Heru skipjack 90 and Heru Tuna 80. They are hard to find though but I know you can get them from out of France. They work very well. You may be able to find them in the...
  360. pascuale

    St Pete Beach

    Great! I have been here for 6 years and am originally from Encinitas. St. Pete Beach area is nice. While it will be busy, the weather will be beautiful. Great fishing as well.
  361. pascuale

    St Pete Beach

    Where are you guys staying? Should be nice weather. If you have a rental car go spend the day at Ft. Desoto (15 min drive). There is an old fort there and some very nice beaches on the island. Have dinner at the Middlegrounds (fresh fish, good food). Go to Mazzarros italian Market for lunch one...
  362. pascuale

    Kauai Trolling lures

  363. pascuale

    Cabo or East Cape

    Tio Pablos!!
  364. pascuale

    jigging and popping at Panafishing Lodge in Panama

    Awesome report Kil! 51 roosters is a stellar day.
  365. pascuale

    NEW Riffe Mid Handle Series Speargun w/ Riffe Horizontal Reel and Line - UPDATE TO $750 obo

    Ryan, Try Ebay. I used to sell my Riffes on ebay and always got good prices. Just build a box to ship, kind of wrapping in s long piece of cardboard and wrapping with duct tape to secure well. Always worked great. May get more buyers there.
  366. pascuale

    Which bunk on the PQ?

    62,61 behind stairs, extra room under stair case for bags
  367. pascuale

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Headed to Zihuatanejo, Guerrero In April. Super Stoked.
  368. pascuale

    Cubera Bottomfishing Tactics

    Those are a couple beasts. Glad they will be getting some rest for a while. May he be slaying big boys in his fishing hole in the sky. We actually tried slow trolling with a planer over the reef and on the strike had drags almost locked. Used the boat to pull em away from the rocks.
  369. pascuale

    Thoughts/ experiences on the Eclipse (Tommahawk), Pacific Queen, and Condor?

    Had good fishing on the Condor but The Queen is just top notch in that range (1-3 day). Drew has put together a great crew of guys to run his boat and they do an exceptional job. No shitty attitudes, just professional nice guys. There are showers onboard which is rare for the overnight fleet...
  370. pascuale


    Sick, sent u a message Karl.
  371. pascuale

    Crocodile Bay Resort New Years Family Vacation

    Awesome trip report. Thanks Jason!
  372. pascuale

    Panama mothership at PSFL in May 2018

    Amazing Lodge, should be a killer trip. Ill be there in June.
  373. pascuale

    New OTI Jigging and Popping Rods

    I love my OTI Ocean Extreme. Good luck with sale
  374. pascuale

    Fishing in December

    You guys should do a trip on the Flying hub 2 out of Hubbards Marina. The boat is super fast and takes 12 guys. Its a big fishing platform also. They also have private charters on the Flying Hub I as well, another super fast boat with an excellent crew. Fishing for grouper can be very good at...
  375. pascuale

    Offshore 37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    Greg, Way to go buddy! Tried to get on for Monday but sold out. Ill be n tbe Pac Queen. Havent fished with you in years but used to back in the day after Islandia closed down. Killing it!! Ethan
  376. pascuale

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 day

    1.5 day. Aztec had 18 Big BFT yesterday up to 270 plus 40 yft up to 70lb
  377. pascuale

    Yellowfin & Grouper

    So badass! good for you guys. Anytime you need an extra crew member to help out/ pay for fuel etc, Im in. Just gotta drive up from Tampa.
  378. pascuale

    BIG TUNA? We have those to in Guatemala too. 11-3-2017 Reporte: Sails Call

    Looks incredible! How often do you come across Tuna on Porpoise like that? I know you guys target the Sails mostly but Im sure the Tuna are common if you are looking for the them.
  379. pascuale

    East Cape/Las Barriles Oct 29 report

    Awesome report! Glad you had fun. Trino is probably a bit older and fatter these days. Occassionally we would have to go wake him up because he would sleep in after too many cervezas the night before im guessing. We always caught fish though.
  380. pascuale

    Florida fishing is on fire and the hunting is great

    Super fun boat to fish on. Its great to get out to the Middle Grounds in a couple hours instead of 6-8 on the big boat. Obviously less guys on the boat= better shot at a nice gag on each spot. Coming home the same day makes it even better. Anthony is a great captain as well, Rich is an excellent...
  381. pascuale

    Florida fishing is on fire and the hunting is great

    Thanks Bob! Nice shot of me there with a Firetruck Red Grouper on the Hub 2.
  382. pascuale

    Share panga on 10/29 at La Ribera?

    Hope it was a good day. Keep us posted.
  383. pascuale

    1-2 extra rooms in Troncones house Dec 10-17

    Good waves and good fishing.
  384. pascuale

    Surf Doc 5 years passing

    Saludos Surf Doc!
  385. pascuale

    Puertocitos help!!Stolen GPS

    Gone to Baja above
  386. pascuale

    Share panga on 10/29 at La Ribera?

    Hey Murph, I fished with Trino often about 10 years ago. He is a great fisherman and will find the fish. Have a blast. if you see a gringo name George (Jorge) in town, tell him I said hello.
  387. pascuale

    Anyone at Rancho Grande- Gonzaga Bay

    Try the message board. There will be someone there who can help. Good luck
  388. pascuale

    Shorefishing tips maui for honeymoon 11/2 11/10

    Where are you staying?
  389. pascuale

    Thetis Bank Mag Bay outfitters. These guys can hook you up
  390. pascuale

    Cabo this Saturday

    Fishing is gooood! Charter a boat and get some!
  391. pascuale

    Guadalupe Night Fishing

    Caught these at night last year. 100-130lb line, big hook, big bait. 2-speed from the start, rod on the rail, wind like hell!!
  392. pascuale

    Quick Report CR FADs

    Incredible Chris! Anytime you have an extra spot to help out and share expenses, let me know. I will be down in a heartbeat.
  393. pascuale

    Offshore Gonzaga Bay

    Walk the shore casting early in the morning or at sunset. Have a cerveza while waiting on the beach and watch the roosters push bait up. If you have a boat with live bait capacity and can find macs early in the morning, slow troll em along shore line (good place to catch bait is in front of...
  394. pascuale

    My La Bocana fishing report.

    Looks like an awesome trip. What a great idea to take guys down there that have no Baja experience, or do but want to go with someone who knows the place. Thank you for the report.
  395. pascuale

    Offshore 3 Grand days on the Grande 9/15-9/17

    Glad you had a good trip! Sounds like the crew was working hard for your charter group. Thank you for the report.
  396. pascuale

    Offshore Gonzaga Bay

    Have been fishing there since about 1989. There are sails, Mahi, and even Marlin offshore. I have personally only caught Mahi but have seen photos of the other species. The farther north you go in the Sea of Cortez, the closer to the Colorado River= more sediment and less water clarity. I would...
  397. pascuale

    Offshore 3 days that lasted forever

    we got ours back last night too. Went out to SD to catch a BF on the 3rd, had to come back early and evacuate.
  398. pascuale

    Offshore Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    Take it for what its worth. I grew up fishing many of the San Diego boats and worked on a couple. There are many boats that provide great service in the 1-3 day range that are open party. It is easy to get burned out and sick of some customers as a crew member. But that is absolutely no excuse...
  399. pascuale

    Fishing Report Gulf of Chiriqui 9/4-9/6 PSFL

    Awesome Mslick! Love that place. Looks like another great trip.
  400. pascuale

    Offshore Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    I rode the boat last week as it was between them and the Prowler. Buzz has always ran a good operation on the Prowler but I thought I would try the Grande again as I had not fished it since Scott "The Codfather" (lol) ran it back in the day. What a mistake! NEVER again. What a joke of an...
  401. pascuale

    Offshore 3 days that lasted forever

    Did the same the other day on a 1.5. Absolute shit weather, bait rolled, and the boat was a piece of shit too. Crew couldnt care less. Trash overflowing and blowing away, not even a deckhand on the tank for more than 5 minutes. Captain would meter a school and tell the deckies to throw some bait...
  402. pascuale

    Offshore 2 1/2 Charter tuna trip aboard the Relentless

    Good price for a 2.5 day. Good luck on your trip!
  403. pascuale

    Copa Airlines Perishable Baggage Restriction during "high seasons"?

    Thanks Darrell. So no coolers were used on Copa International flights to and from the U.S.? Just Domestic Copa flights?The guys who flew Copa International used cooler bags carried on? I received an email back from Customer Service regarding the issues. But like you said, i think it just depends...
  404. pascuale

    Jigging World Sale this weekend

    Two great companies having Labor day sales. Jigging world Ghost Hunter is a great all around popping rod that doesnt go on sale often. Pelagic outfitters has great service and spools you up free when you buy a reel. Codes are below.
  405. pascuale

    Michoacan spearing

    Ticla is an awesome place. I remember staying in hammocks in an old lady backyard around 1996 when I was in high school. The plant growth was prevalent there then (not sure how it is now) but there were 8 foot plants everywhere. The lady made tortillas with it even. Some of the best waves in...
  406. pascuale

    Rods & Reels F/S

    Bump for Grandpa Ray, one badass dude.
  407. pascuale

    Copa Airlines Perishable Baggage Restriction during "high seasons"?

    Darrell, With your situation flying Copa during the no perishables months this may work well. When I go I use no ice or dry ice. We bring a vacuum sealer (foodsaver wingman) that is light and compact. Vacuum seal your fish and deep freeze. Upon leaving if staying the night in Panama City, stay...
  408. pascuale

    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Thanks for the report Toby!
  409. pascuale

    Copa Airlines Perishable Baggage Restriction during "high seasons"?

    I have also found that the rules seem to apply for whoever is working that day. I have had alot of problems with the rod tube from Tampa. I always carry the baggage policy.
  410. pascuale

    Rods & Reels F/S

    Thank you for the reel Ray, and the extras as well!
  411. pascuale

    Copa Airlines Perishable Baggage Restriction during "high seasons"?

    Yeah there are a couple months that they will not accept oversize baggage (rod tubes) or fish. We have avoided going during July, August for that reason. Who knows though, a couple packs for the ticketing agent may help to change the policy. You can also use a carry on cooler bag like one of...
  412. pascuale

    Newbie to Crimping?

    Got a trip next June with a few spots. Fishing Hannibal Bank area.
  413. pascuale

    Newbie to Crimping?

    No not for slow 5-8 mph speed Or Ill make you a few for $5 each Dennis. I need to make a few more anyways.
  414. pascuale

    Newbie to Crimping?

    Just use lighter wire there or heavier flouro. No 300lb unless using a big brass expensive lure. We use the williamson speed pro 180's. Buy some 175lb 49 strand by high seas tackle. Diameter is .91mm. Choose crimps that are .93 or slightly bigger. Main rule, better to get more bites and lose a...
  415. pascuale


    Get well soon Bob, I have fished out on the Florida Fisherman with you a few times. You must be important if you can lay claim to the best bunk on the boat, lol. It is always a pleasure to see you out there on the ocean doing what you love and also reading your reports. Thank you and keep them...
  416. pascuale

    Hi Dan, Sorry for your loss. My Dad is a career Marine, Grandfather too. Im not sure what the...

    Hi Dan, Sorry for your loss. My Dad is a career Marine, Grandfather too. Im not sure what the situation is on selling the rods, etc but I am looking for Harnells and maybe a heavier stick for big tuna. What are you asking for those? Thanks, Ethan
  417. pascuale

    Star Rods B50/100RSHC all roller trooling rods

    Model number is in the Title, B50/100RSHC. They are 50-100lb rated. I texted Tom for pics and he responded right away. They look like nice rods at a good price. Turned out I need non-roller for a friend so didn't work out. Someone will get a nice deal.
  418. pascuale

    FS Truline Green LH7 Rod-Reduced

    Thanks. Thats all i wanted to know. Good luck with the sale!
  419. pascuale

    FS Truline Green LH7 Rod-Reduced

    Nice rods! Just curious, when you say "refinish", what exactly do you mean? Just stripping the rod and how do you refinish the blank? I aquired a few Trulines that appear to be cut at the base so no longer have writing on a few. Just curious about the best way to preserve the glass or refinish...
  420. pascuale

    Talica Rental?

    That garage is the best looking thing in Bakersfield!
  421. pascuale

    Pan-Tex Invitational 2017 - 5th Annual

    Great report! Thank you.
  422. pascuale

    Contacts for San Quintin Charters

    El Juan should be able to help, or you can just go with him, one of the best and a pleasure to fish with. Very comfortable Parker. But if you are looking for a panga he is always willing to help you out. Great man. Stay at Jardines. Juan Cook 616-109-6877 [email protected]
  423. pascuale

    Five days on the Top Cat with Capt. Shane and Juan. Unforgettable!

    Awesome John! Cant wait to see the pics.
  424. pascuale

    wanting to go to central america fishing....

    Thanks for the info Tony!
  425. pascuale

    wanting to go to central america fishing....

    Sounds good! Cant wait to hear the report.
  426. pascuale

    wanting to go to central america fishing....

    Wow, that sounds like a killer plan That whole area all the way up to Pinas looks pretty untouched. The one place, just one place is Isla Malpelo. If you ever go, let me know, lol. Looks like the Guadalupe Island of Colombia.
  427. pascuale

    wanting to go to central america fishing....

    Thats a pretty awesome offer Chris. You have had some incredible fishing in CR. I have checked out Bahia Solano as well and really want to get down there. Did you have the chance to fish there or just check out the area?
  428. pascuale

    Talica 8ii, trinidad 16na, lexa 400hd 8.1, penn fathom 60, talica 20 trolling combo

    I will take seeker if someone wants Talica if the price is right
  429. pascuale

    wanting to go to central america fishing....

    Hey Eric, Give me a call and we can talk 760-845-3084 Or email [email protected]
  430. pascuale

    wanting to go to central america fishing....

    Im sure there will be some guys to chime in here shortly but Nicaragua is not as good as Costa Rica or Panama in terms of fishing. At least in the southern areas near San Juan Del Sur because of the strong offshore winds. I have hear that it is better up north. You will have a very hard time...
  431. pascuale

    Panama Sport-Fishing Lodge Report

    Hey Karl, How are ya buddy? Not sure where Chris got that thing. Can probably find on Amazon im sure.
  432. pascuale

    Panama Sport-Fishing Lodge Report

    Absolutely! Just heard about the new flights. I had forgotten what it was like to have such good service. What a great trip.
  433. pascuale

    Panama Sport-Fishing Lodge Report

    Lucho is the man! Sorry we didnt get together this trip. We will soon.:)
  434. pascuale

    Panama Sport-Fishing Lodge Report

    Awesome Jason. Ill get in touch when I get back. Its a killer place.
  435. pascuale

    Panama Sport-Fishing Lodge Report

    Just returned to Panama City after an epic trip out to the tuna coast and a last minute stop to PSFL thanks to John De La Cruz accomidating my two buddy's and I. Fishing wasn't too hot on the Azuero Peninsula but managed some smaller tuna, and a nice wahoo from the local pangas...
  436. pascuale

    Bucktails in Baja?

    Friends dont let friends use bucktails
  437. pascuale

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    The Crew was awesome when i fished the Shogun. Aaron actually took the time to talk to you and talk about fishing, etc. Jen was super nice in the office as well. The food was awesome as well. Its funny how all the shit comes out when the weather is up and the fishing is bad.
  438. pascuale

    Los barilles 5/9 to 5/20

    Such a cool place to go. While there go check out the little town of Santiago and see the zoo and have lunch. Pretty cool little town and fun day trip.
  439. pascuale

    Panama questions

    Fly Copa and you can bring a rod tube up to 115 inches as one of your two 50lb checked bags. No Problem with customs. Pack lures, hooks, reels, etc in another checked bag. Make sure you bring a copy of the baggage policy. Fishing gear is located under "special Baggage" section. I have not...
  440. pascuale

    Cooler Size?

    Hey Al, 70 quart way too big. Only need 40qt for 50lb of fish. We take hard coolers every time if bringing any tuna back. stay at marriott finisterre in city night before flight. Each room has full size refrigerator and freezer.
  441. pascuale

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    How can we help John?
  442. pascuale

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    Not as splid as a mak 16 but fished it fine at the Lupe for 125lb fish. Shogun uses these as their boat setups. Ill fish 80solid with a short 60 flouro topshot any day at the lupe. A Mak 16 may be more solid but for cost effectiveness I think the 40NLD is perfect for the lupe as an 80/60 reel.
  443. pascuale

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    Been 7 times now and love it but I am still a tourist. I do keep a few fish to eat as well and when i caught the Tuna in my Avatar with John Dela Cruz at PSFL what I didn't eat went to the local school. Just saying that whether its Panama, East Coast, West Coast, Keys, or wherever, we gotta...
  444. pascuale

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    Thanks for the update Alex. It is funny when some dude from Arizona goes on vacation fishing to another country and all of the sudden knows more than a guy who was born there and has lived there his whole life. I stand behind protecting any fishery and the information you provide is greatly...
  445. pascuale

    March Report from El Rio Negro Panama's TUNA COAST

    Good fishing. Thanks for the report. :)
  446. pascuale

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    THats some old man and the sea shit! Killer story
  447. pascuale

    HELP! Tatuava or WSB?

    WSB 100%
  448. pascuale

    In La Ribera 4/25 to 5/1, any panga captains to recommend?

    I second Trino and his son. Been fishing with them for 15 years now. Jorge Bergin can also set up for you. [email protected]
  449. pascuale


    The 40 is a great reel. Great value too. But the frame is much lighter than a Mak.
  450. pascuale

    NEW Released Accurate BV500 Reel Sweepstakes

    Im all in!
  451. pascuale

    WTB Shimano Torium 16 new model

    I have a 20hg that is the same size as the old 16 in pristine condition. It has zero marks or scratches. Never caught a fish and filled with 50lb Mamoi blue diamond braid. $190
  452. pascuale

    Torium 20hg, Torium 16/Seeker American 270H-CT 8" Combo

    Torium 20HG With box and clamp Loaded w/65 spectra Flylined one bait. Not a scratch Costmetically 10/10 Mech 10/10 $190 Shimano Torium 16 Loaded with 50lb braid Cosm 8/10 Mech 8.5/10 With Seeker American Series Excellent condition $225 Items will be at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach...
  453. pascuale

    Recs for Inshore Fishing Nicaragua

    Sounds fun! I tried to fish in San Juan Del Sur when I was there but it was just too windy with those offshores. Good for getting barreled on the surfboard but couldnt catch much fishing. I hear the northern pacific region gets really good. Feel free to shoot me a pm if I can help.
  454. pascuale

    Recs for Inshore Fishing Nicaragua

    I would use something with a bit more line capacity than a jig master. I would hate to lose a bigger fish to lack of line or too light of line. While light trolling with 30lb should suffice for most fish inshore, a big Dorado, Wahoo, or Cubera would cause a likely loss. I would go with the...
  455. pascuale

    Any recommendations a Ranch Leonero?

    You are going to have a blast! Make sure to check out Tio Pablos in town. Great place for a drink and some good eats. Wish I could remember the boat names for you.
  456. pascuale

    Recs for Inshore Fishing Nicaragua

    That setup should work fine for the inshore species down there. The Penn rods are questionable but should work fine and you won't worry about getting them beat up on a panga. Light trolling gear from a panga. I would use a bit more mono on the top shot if you are trolling as the braid can cause...
  457. pascuale

    Shimano Best Popping stick for Stella 20000

    come to the Fred hall show. Black Hole will be there and you can pick up a rod from Kil Song a the booth. Check the Fred Hall forum at the top and there is a link from Black Hole. Let Kil know what you are looking for and Im sure he can bring to show.
  458. pascuale

    K&M ...a San Quintin RUSH!

    Nice getting those newbies out to shoot some tails. Thanks for sharing your gun design pics too. Hopefully the BSB is the only one in a lifetime. Im sure it tasted great! :) Thanks for sharing.
  459. pascuale

    Juan San Quintin

    Congrats Juan!!
  460. pascuale

    Looking for shoreline guide in Panama

    Call Carlos Crognales or try him on whattsapp. He is in Canas on the Tuna Coast. English guy who has lived there for a while and has good connections. 507-6244-5339
  461. pascuale


    Yes, I have been following on Facebook as well. Reports daily from the lodges.
  462. pascuale

    Torque 25 star drag- WTS BNIB

    Sold to Chrislarson757. Excellent buyer and extremely courteous. Fast payment. Thanks Chris!
  463. pascuale

    Cooler Size?

    Yeah, don't fly in panama lol. Rent a car or get a driver. If you need a good driver within the city or anywhere, Tony Rocha is great, speaks perfect english if needed and can help you with anything you need. [email protected] Also, the dollar rent-a-car in El Cangrejo is a great place to...
  464. pascuale

    Cooler Size?

    There ya go, first hand info on the vinyl. The canvas can get smelly if you don't rinse and let dry.
  465. pascuale


    Im pretty sure that if you want to post reports from one of the lodges then you must pay the BD fees. I think there was a fine line between reporting and promoting and many of the lodges decided not to pay and this was implemented because there were some companies (not necessarily in this forum)...
  466. pascuale

    SOLD.....spinning reel for sale

    QUOTE="tugasangler, post: 4265060, member: 189138"]Surprised this is still around YEah, this thing is sweet. Cant believe it hasnt been picked up yet.
  467. pascuale

    Trulines for sale or trade

    How long us that bxm? Just curious because I have one that looks just like it, thick glass like that. Beautiful rods.
  468. pascuale

    Torque 25 star drag- WTS BNIB

    Brand new in box- 275 shipped to lower 48. Located in Tampa. Paypal gift.
  469. pascuale

    Panga/Super panga recomm. for 4 - San Jose Del Cabo

    $250 is cheap amigo. Im sure you can negotiate anything. I had to once in LA Bay when I was 19. We literally only had $145 left plus exactly enough calculated out for gas and tolls home. Canned mexican tuna with corn in it to eat lol. The shit you do to fish when you are young. We got a panga...
  470. pascuale

    Cooler Size?

    I would just go for the 48 can AO canvas just to be safe. That way you can add more if you want. I assume you are flying Copa from Florida so you'll have two free bags up to 50lb including a rod tube up to 115inches as one bag. Make sure you bring a print out of the baggage policy as none of...
  471. pascuale

    Cooler Size?

    Those AO coolers are awesome!! They are very durable and can be used for many purposes. Lunch on the boat, extra ice for boat, keep stuff dry on boat, carry on cooler for fish. They clean well and are a great value. I got mine on Amazon with prime for $60 with free shipping. The 48 can is pretty...
  472. pascuale

    Cooler Size?

    36 quart We bring the small gamesaver vacuum sealer from foodsaver. I process fish at beginning of trip if you can. For example, if you can get the fish you want to take home in the first day or so which shouldn't be hard in Panama, get it in the freezer so it can get solid. When leaving, lay a...
  473. pascuale

    Cost Rica and Central America fishing in July

    Hannibal Bank big tuna that time of year. A little more rain but some big fish. Pedasi is fun for inexpensive no frills panga fishing. Smaller tuna, dorado, wahoo, sails, etc. Pm if you have any questions. Tony Pena is a wealth of info as well.
  474. pascuale

    Feedback regarding the Shogun

    Great crew! I went on my first trip this year and it was a blast. The food is waaaay too good. Make sure you bring some larger size pants. Just great service, no bad attitudes.
  475. pascuale

    Report from Shogun Guadalupe trip 12/26/2016

    Nice Taylor! Thanks for the great report!
  476. pascuale

    Race to Guatemala 12/17-21

    Killer report! Looks like an amazing place!
  477. pascuale

    Wtb Spinning popper rod

    Ghost Hunter 150 from Jigging World. 15% off right now too for their holiday sale. Rated for bigger fish than the spinfisher 7500 can handle.
  478. pascuale

    Penn 12 vsx

    Now thats a badass reel!
  479. pascuale

    Accurate Reel Giveaway!

    My buddy Zach and I caught this yellow coming out of mission bay at the end of the harbor jetty. I saw some bait on the surface and chucked a salas 6x jr. let it sink, wind, wind, wind.....hookup!!!!. Must have been in 15- 20 feet of water. Pure Stoke.
  480. pascuale

    Guadalupe YT

  481. pascuale

    Guadalupe YT

    Perfect setup with 100-130 mono topshot, 7/0 7691 SS Mustad for the big shad baits. Bring 3, 20 oz torpedoes and 3, 24 oz. Drag almost buttoned down. Any way they can pull drag you will prob get rocked. Low Gear.
  482. pascuale

    Panama Sportfishing Lodge

    Awesome John! I hope to make it down soon.:) Sounds like you have been busy with the new fleet! I may stop by for a day or two in June.
  483. pascuale

    Sayulita Fishing over the 2016/17 Holidays

    Call Danny Gomez. One day with him much better than 2 days catching small pargo.
  484. pascuale

    Tougher fight 90 lb bft at tanner bank or 90 lb yft at Guadalupe ?

    I have caught some big YFT in Panama and off LA in the Gulf. I also did a 6 day to the Lupe in Nov. A 90 pound YFT at the Lupe fought much harder than the other mentioned locations. I had one fish we lost to a pulled gaff that was mean. This fish had insane head shakes, would charge the boat and...
  485. pascuale

    Panama Sportfishing Lodge

    Still in business last I heard. John got a mothership to add to the fleet. I fished with them about 5 years ago and John ran a great operation. I had trouble getting a response last time I tried so not sure whats going on. Looks like the season is just getting underway down there.
  486. pascuale

    12 Days of Christmas Sale @ Pelagic Outfitters

    Nice thanks Chris! That knife roll with dexters is a steal.
  487. pascuale

    Torque 25

    Price drop to $260
  488. pascuale

    Torque 25

    Still avail
  489. pascuale

    Torque 25

    Bump still available and will ship. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal gift. $280
  490. pascuale

    Pelagic Outfitters Annual 5 Day Black Friday Sales Event!!

    Thanks for the reels and the killer deal Chris!
  491. pascuale

    Torque 25

    Still available with price drop.
  492. pascuale

    Pesca Panama, Fishing Report

    Thanks for the great report! Keep em coming Capt. Mike!
  493. pascuale

    Torque 25

    BNIB TRQ 25 Star Drag. Bought for Lupe trip but ended up getting another 2-speed. $260. Pick up in Encinitas or ship to lower 48. Cash or paypal. Price drop $SOLD SOLD
  494. pascuale

    Panama Bound

    Go get em Jay! Cant wait to hear the report!
  495. pascuale

    Starting 'em off

    Nice Fish! Good job Dad!
  496. pascuale

    Super moon over Guadalupe

    Thanks Jeff and Tom!
  497. pascuale

    Super moon over Guadalupe

    What size sabikis were you using for bait at night? Any other tips on yellowtail fishing that worked? Squid?
  498. pascuale

    Big Ass Wahoo in Asuncion today!

    No wahoo pics with Juan and the banana hammock? :rofl:
  499. pascuale

    La Bocana BCS

    Sick report! Mucho take it ese mang!
  500. pascuale

    East Cape near Palmas de Cortez boat for 5 + 2 kids

    Try Mark's email [email protected] U.S. call or text: 310-308-5841 GPS: 23.659216, -109.696201
  501. pascuale


    Yes sir! Smugglers cove! Dont hang there at night. One time we were out fishing outside of Punta Final, no boats in sight. All of the sudden about 500 meters away a nuclear submarine surfaced. Wtf?
  502. pascuale


    Yeah, There is also one south of Punt Final before calamajue.
  503. pascuale


    Nice Report Juan!! Was that little lake south of the bay (Gonzaga) or in one of the islands?
  504. pascuale

    East Cape Fishing Report

    Nice report!
  505. pascuale

    Red Rooster III in PV

    They picked up a 193 and 254 in the last couple hours.
  506. pascuale

    Rods, reels and tackle sale

    Great deals and excellent seller.
  507. pascuale

    Time to head to Casa Vieja!!!

    Wow! Thats incredible fishing!
  508. pascuale

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    Oh no!! Bummer. Ive been in Florida for a couple years. That place was great. Looks like its fish tacos from Mitch's or a Cali burrito from Adalbertos.
  509. pascuale

    Looking for best family vacation/fishing resort?

    Oh and you can have all of your fish processed, vacuum packed, smoked, or whatever you would like at east cape smokehouse.
  510. pascuale

    Looking for best family vacation/fishing resort?

    East Cape Rancho Leonero Or Palmas De Cortez East Cape much nicer than Cabo. Fly into Same airport just different directions. Little town of Los Barrilles is super quiet but safe. Both resorts are fishing resprts on the water with nice pools, etc. Great food, great fishing, great safe beaches...
  511. pascuale

    SDJ 9/25-9/30 Gordo Banks Pangas Report

    Nice!!! Love Fishing with GBP.
  512. pascuale


    Nice report Juan!! Damn I gotta get down there. La Reina tambien!
  513. pascuale

    Rod Inventory Blowout Sale

    Thanks Chris!
  514. pascuale

    Magdalena Bay Trip

    Thanks Toby! Workin on next year.
  515. pascuale

    Panama opinions

    Hotel Playa Cambutal can hook u up with a panga too. $200 I think. Should be good wahoo in April from what I have heard. Tony knows more than anyone seeing how he named it lol.
  516. pascuale

    Panama opinions

    It depends on where you are fishing as well. The Tuna Coast gets very strong offshore winds during Dec-April but the Gulf of Chiriqui does not.
  517. pascuale

    Wahoo and Sword

    Hey Bill, Thanks for the report. Looks like you have been killin the fish up there! Im headed to the Middlegrounds tomorrow. If you ever need an extra guy to go offshore, let me know.
  518. pascuale

    Panama opinions

    June-Oct is wet season but awesome fishing and not windy. Late Dec-May can get very windy. Go in April.
  519. pascuale


    Lingasarus!!! Monsters!!! Way to go Juan.
  520. pascuale

    Coupon Code for Savings!

    Best shop there is. Always my first choice.
  521. pascuale

    Fishing is on fire!!!! Reports from some of the boats

    So do the Royal star and Intrepid have permits for Guadalupe too? Looks like the RP had a pretty incredible day yesterday down there.
  522. pascuale

    Yo-zuri Fluorocarbon ON SALE!

    Worked fine for me in Panama for fish up to 50lb
  523. pascuale

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    Its across the street from the landings on Rosecrans. Best subs around, hot pastrami, philly, meatball, etc. I usually grab one before jumpin on the boat.
  524. pascuale

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    Ill bring the giant tuna to the island:) We will have to meet up at Gus' for a sub before getting on the boat.
  525. pascuale

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    Good luck guys! Ill be on Nov 11, 6 day.
  526. pascuale

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    Looks like the Shogun added a couple trips for Jan/2017. Check out the website.
  527. pascuale

    Old guy but New guy introduction

    Welcome to Florida Kevin and Cyndi!
  528. pascuale

    Halco Max 130

    They also came out with a bigger 190 model with single hooks. Ill be trying them out in Panama next month.
  529. pascuale

    Fishing Guide Gonzaga Bay

    Usually right in front of the palapas just south of the houses at Alphonsinas, early. Right off the beach. Also cactus point.
  530. pascuale

    Fishing Guide Gonzaga Bay

    November usually yellowtail at San Luis or trolling the points around Punta Final with rapalla cd-9 in purple black work well. Grouper, pargo, maybe sierra. Watch for north winds.
  531. pascuale

    Puerto Vallarta - Dhamar w/ Danny Gomez

    Danny is the man! Fish of a lifetime!! Congrats.
  532. pascuale


    Nice Juan!! Great report.
  533. pascuale

    Deadly Newton.

    Wow! What a bummer. How can you deny a boat seeking refuge from a hurricane?!
  534. pascuale

    Fishing Guide Gonzaga Bay

    You can try Papa Fernandez Camp too when you get there. Bring iron, sabikis for macs/bait, bucket with aerator (will keep a few baits alive for dropper loop grouper), deep diving x-rap cd-20's. Couple cans of cat food chums up the bait pretty good. Oct-nov pretty good fishing after water cools...
  535. pascuale

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Is that super mutu a circle hook? Thank you for the awesome report!!!
  536. pascuale

    East Cape Fishing Update

    Suerte Bill, Stay safe and make sure to stock up on cerveza.
  537. pascuale


    Man that is a killer deal!!!
  538. pascuale

    Puerto Vallarta in mid-October

    Danny is the man.
  539. pascuale


    Thanks for the info. Had no idea they were named after thd boats. So they were made in the 80's or 90's most likely? I know the other is a neptune and the small one is a jig used ofor jack poles but wanted to see if you guys had any more info. Thanks
  540. pascuale


    Any info on these? Have not seen them before. Thanks
  541. pascuale

    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    Cool to read this post from last year during El Nino. From what I hear, its been a pretty eic season down in BCS this year.
  542. pascuale

    I want to take a trip to fish the popper!

    Casita Margarita is a great little place in town in Pedasi. Check it out online.
  543. pascuale

    MAG BAY REPORT - August 23, 2016

    I just rigged and skirted these guys. First one looks similar. The last pic are ferro jets. I guess it was a company that used to be around in the 70's. They look pretty cool though and will hopefully work.
  544. pascuale

    MAG BAY REPORT - August 23, 2016

    Thanks Juan, If we have an extra day I will contact Ruben for inshore fishing. Hope you are doing well.
  545. pascuale


  546. pascuale


  547. pascuale


    Is there a way to tell the model of a black Truline on the butt end? I have one thats about 6 1/2.
  548. pascuale

    MAG BAY REPORT - August 23, 2016

    Hey Bill, Thanks for the report. I am working on setting up a trip for next year with Toby and Bob. I was curious about those big lead heads you were using. They look to be about 4 inches long. Are they pretty heavyso you can troll high speed? I have a few similar that are about 32oz. Anyways...
  549. pascuale

    Pacific Voyager 3 Day 8/28-31 two last-minute openings.

    Now thats gonna be a killer trip!
  550. pascuale

    Offshore Islander Seeker Open 8/20-8/23

    Love the Islander. Sorry for the tough fishing.
  551. pascuale

    Saltiga Star Drags

    What would you guys go with to fish 80lb braid for those Lupe YFT. I hear the star drag casts better. Is the star drag a single speed? What is the new model? I appreciate the help.
  552. pascuale

    Easiest Way to Travel to Baja for Fishing

    Thanks Toby! Getting a group together for Oct/Nov.
  553. pascuale

    Best panga in PV

    Danny Gomez on the Dhamar. He is the man.
  554. pascuale

    Craigslist post

    I don't think I would use most of that gear on any boat let alone a LR boat but thought someone may find something they like.
  555. pascuale

    Craigslist post

    Saw this stuff on Clist in bay area. Not sure if any of you guys would be interested but thought I would pass it along. Looks like some cool old boxes, etc.
  556. pascuale

    $100 Turner's Outdoorsman Gift Card Giveaway!

    All done and thanks for hooking all the kids up Dan!
  557. pascuale


    Thanks Dan. I bought some lures from a guy and he said he had some trulines and old sabres. Im going to look this weekend.
  558. pascuale


  559. pascuale

    Magdelana Bay Reports More Wahoo

    I gotta get down there
  560. pascuale

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    Panama, Coiba/Hannibal Bank region hands down
  561. pascuale

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    Columbia? Where do you fish in Columbia? Pacific? Would love to hear more about it.
  562. pascuale

    A Few Guadalupe Questions

    Cant wait Jason!
  563. pascuale

    Lady Power And Much More

    Eddie needs to smile lol.
  564. pascuale

    Any open party trips overnight or full day in Orlando?

    The small amaco jacks are pretty good. Any bigger than 15 lb, usually filled with big nasty worms. But a lot of people love to smoke them and make fish spread.
  565. pascuale

    K&M ...a San Quintin RUSH!

    So wheres the fish pics?! Cant leave us hanging like that.
  566. pascuale

    Any open party trips overnight or full day in Orlando?

    Hubbards marina near Tampa in madeira beach does a pretty fun 39 hour trip to the Middlegrounds about 100 miles out. Fishing is mostly grouper, snapper, kingfish, black fin tuna
  567. pascuale


    Thats Juan for the record books. Great report
  568. pascuale

    Marlin ON! And Tuna too.

    Nice! Blackfin or YF?
  569. pascuale

    RenegadeMike makes the cover of Western Outdoor News

    Borax huh? Does it harden the ballyhoo real well?
  570. pascuale

    The newest member of the 200 lb. Tuna club.....................

    Lol, i looked em up. They look pretty badass.
  571. pascuale

    The newest member of the 200 lb. Tuna club.....................

    Posting photos of 100 pound fish and calling them 200 is BS. Stuffing a dorado with lead sinkers to win a tournament, well that is just disgusting. Keep doin the right thing Mike. I hope to fish with you down there someday.
  572. pascuale

    Baja travel agent They have always been very helpful and knowledgable.
  573. pascuale

    Okuma Rod and Reel Giveaway!

    Dorado- Pedasi, Panama June 2016
  574. pascuale

    The Occasional Mystery Fish

    Opah on the kelp?
  575. pascuale

    RenegadeMike makes the cover of Western Outdoor News

    Nice work Mike! That daisy chain rigged with ballyhoo looks like a pain in the ass to set up.
  576. pascuale

    RP is on em good at Guadalupe

    I thought it was funny. Obviously not serious.
  577. pascuale

    RP is on em good at Guadalupe

    Oh boy
  578. pascuale

    Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay

    The winds can definitely come up quick there. I would probably want an 18 ft boat.
  579. pascuale

    Amazing Grouper bite in MagBay

    I gotta get down there.
  580. pascuale

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    Sounds good Jason! 22 guys aboard the Shogun is going to be a killer trip. My first Rice Bowl Charter and looking forward to it.
  581. pascuale

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    What trip are you on Bob? Im on the Nov 11-17
  582. pascuale

    Offshore Get Out Those Downriggers - Bluefin

    power down, Get out the drone and drop baits on foamer.
  583. pascuale

    Only need 2 hours in Guatemala!

    Thanks Chris! Looks awesome. I hope to get down there someday.
  584. pascuale


  585. pascuale


    I need a boat, looks like you got a nice one. Ill trade you.:))
  586. pascuale

    Castro's Fishing Camp?

    Captain Juan Cook is excellent. He has a 23 Parker, super comfortable ride to fish on. Stay at Jardines, beautiful hotel and awesome food. I was just down there last week. Great yellowtail fishing and wsb should be there any day.
  587. pascuale

    Offshore BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    Don killing big bluefin again! Whats new, lol. Thanks for the killer report.
  588. pascuale


    Bull Dodo in Pedasi June, 2016.
  589. pascuale

    How do u fish the sinker rig BFT?

    Rubber band and torpedo 2-4 oz a few feet up from hook.
  590. pascuale

    ethan,alex&matt,san quintin bay.

    El Juan, We had a great time fishing with you amigo. LA bay next June if I can get back west. Glad I got the recommendation to fish with you. Top notch operation in San Quintin.
  591. pascuale

    Best price for online saltwater tackle?

    Pelagic Outfitters. Chris is a great guy and they will spool you up with line of your choice including braid when you buy a reel. I believe they still do anyway.
  592. pascuale

    capt Chichos Jurasic YFT big 400

    Wow!! Was Chico out of a lodge?
  593. pascuale


    I did call the office and was told that Mexico has the paperwork and it has not been returned yet. Shogun has done everything possible and is just waiting for a response. I wasn't sure if any of the guys on here had any other info. Thanks.
  594. pascuale


    Anyone know if the Shogun got permits for the Lupe yet for the fall trips?
  595. pascuale


    see you soon Juan! will bring rapalas.
  596. pascuale


    any updates on Guadalupe permits for thr boats that have applied this year?
  597. pascuale

    Any Ho with some Gyro's?

    I can spot all day and have great eyes. Use to work on tuna boats in college and love spotting kelps. Will be in SD July 2-14 if you want to fish. Ethan
  598. pascuale

    BLACK HOLE rods not labeled right?!?

    You could try messaging kilsong but he never responded to my messages a month ago.
  599. pascuale

    Crew treats?

    Extra boat dikes, new staplers for fish tags, socks, ice cream bars, $$$
  600. pascuale

    Best Panga Palmas De Cortez

    Cuyuyo was always awesome.
  601. pascuale

    Guadalupe Island. Which boats are permitted?

    Which trip are you on Jason? Im on the Rice Bowl Nov 11.
  602. pascuale

    Offshore First bluefin cow

    Mini cow Nice work Matt! Fish of a lifetime!
  603. pascuale

    Happy Fathers Day from Casa Vieja Lodge!

    Wow incredible! I cant even imagine having a day like that.
  604. pascuale

    Visa for heading to San Quintin-best way to get it

    Being former BP I will tell you that Customs Agents can see exactly which vehicle or individual last came through (and every other time) and every detail of info about that vehicle or individual including date, time, and Lane. If you continue to go thru the ready lane it will eventually come...
  605. pascuale

    Spearfishing BFT?

    My buddy has 3 over 200 so far
  606. pascuale

    LA BAY,6-9-10.WIDE OPEN.

    Nice report Juan. You may never go back to San Quintin, lol!
  607. pascuale

    Jaco half-day boats

    Yeah, I was skeptical but it tasted good fresh. Ive seen some monster worms in Amberjack here in Florida and guys love to smoke em and mske fish spread. I just cant do it after seeing those worms. The Toro was really good though but I can see it getting fishy quickly if not eaten fresh.
  608. pascuale

    Nerly lost my hall pass!

    Glad it worked out. That would have been such a bummer.
  609. pascuale

    Jaco half-day boats

    Good story, glad you got to go. Those are Jack Crevalle, Toro, yellowfin Jack. Super strong and fun to catch. Thank you for the report. How did they taste to you? I had always heard bad things but I thought it was excellent fresh.
  610. pascuale

    Poppers & Stick Baits

    May want to take the $18.99 price sticker off your Toro Tamer's before asking $25 each.
  611. pascuale

    Wtb: trolling wahoo lures

    Not sure if you wanted bombs or trolling but these are both good trolling and brand new never used. Top is a Bomber about 10 inches with big, with VMC hooks, rigged with cable by Pelagic Outfitters. Second is a Lure made by a guy in Ft. Lauderdale with a removable weighted head for easy...
  612. pascuale

    Blue Fin Trolling Rant

    Half the time the trollers are out to waste time and keep anglers interested until captain finds a school that wants to bite. The last thing they want is one angler hooked up to a 150lb troll fish for an hour while everyone else stands and watches because 300 yards of line are off the reel...