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  1. sandiegofisherm

    Calcutta 100 Calcutta 250

    The 100 80 bucks 250. 100 bucks thanks i can email Pics new system can't upload
  2. sandiegofisherm

    seal shirts for sale

    ok fellas I made a few shirts gonna sell what I heve left ,most of u have seen these around . Its been a few years but going to start again , great stocking stuffers 20 bucks let me know don't have many 619 948 8348 tony . The pic on my avatar is whats on the shirt l,xl,2xl thanks oh...
  3. sandiegofisherm


    Looking for 9 foot teremar 15 - 30
  4. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 858

    seeker 858 rod with cork handles (not cork tape) also has trigger handle in near new condition sorry no pics but you wont be dissapointed 100 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 pick up in chula vista thanks
  5. sandiegofisherm

    truline dynamo ul 50

    really dont know what this is worth ? But im open to offers or trades this is a ultra light 5 foot rod that honestly should be put in a collection, but if you want to use it thats ok to , tony 619 948 8348
  6. sandiegofisherm

    11'6" long rod

    11' 6" conlon long rod custom wrapped its in great shape ,pull on fish from the second row 120 bucks or trade for curado 200e7 in great shaape call tony 619 948 8348 i lve in chula vista
  7. sandiegofisherm

    truline and seekers

    Truline Dynamo deluxe ap 75 7 foot 9 inches 140.00 near new SOLD Truline dont know the model # on it but its a 30 # stick 7 foot 3 inches 90.00 near new sold seeker 665 h 6 foot 9 inches 80.00 some scratces on blank blue seeker 270 h 7 foot 3 inches 110.00 brand...
  8. sandiegofisherm

    180 l baymaster

    Brand new never been out of box, never fished , sitting in my garage for 19 years 50 bucks , put it on the shelf or use it for bay call tony 619 948 8348. pick up in chula vista
  9. sandiegofisherm

    2 custom light rods $50 each

    I have 2 custom rods 6-10 # 6 foot 1 the other is 8-12# 7 foot 1, they both have triggers they are seekers , great bay rods call tony 619 948 8348 live in chula vista 50 bucks each
  10. sandiegofisherm

    do they make these still

    does penn make these still?
  11. sandiegofisherm


    I have a 6 rack smoker i hardly use anymore , I will sell for 50 bucks or trade for small r2- d2 round looking ones and some beer thanks tony 619 948 8348 SOLD homies
  12. sandiegofisherm

    corvalus 400 50 bucks

    brand new in box 50 bucks call tony 619 948 8348
  13. sandiegofisherm

    panga rod seeker 665 65.00

    custom wrapped panga stick seeker 665 it measures 4 foot 9 inches long 65 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 preffer pick up sold
  14. sandiegofisherm

    shimano corvalus 400 70 bucks

    Brand new hasnt come out of box . 70 bucks and i will put 15# ande line on it . call tony 619 948 8348 live in chula vista , like i said brand new thats why i am not putting up a picture
  15. sandiegofisherm

    banish faisalsulmaan please

    ax him please
  16. sandiegofisherm


    I want to sell this smoker paid well over 100 bucks , I dont smoke that much any more .going to get a smaller smoker ( brinkman ) 50 bucks will work thanks tony 619 948 8348
  17. sandiegofisherm

    rock cod special 9-0 with old school rod

    rock cod special with rod and rail plate all in xcelent condition 75 bucks call tony 619 948 8348
  18. sandiegofisherm

    19 pitch prop

    Guys just wondering if anybody has a 19 pitch prop for a merc 200 opti i can borrow for a couple of days ? I currently have a 21 and i cant get my rpms above 5000, so i want to drop to a 19 and see if that is my problem thganks again tony
  19. sandiegofisherm

    alternator shop ?

    We had isssues on the boat on saturday with battery alarm going off and only showing 10.8- 11.3 on meter , ran one bat dry put 2nd on and got us back to dock , ? is does anybody know a alternator shop in san diego that can bench test the alternator ? and rebuild or get me a good deal on a new...
  20. sandiegofisherm

    Generator,windlass, and big ass rapalla and popper

    1500 watt gen powermate , 120 volts works great , a little loud but great for camping or at home when power goes out 80 bucks Windlass 450 came off my 22 foot cudy works great 150.00 Rapalla and popper for show , rap is 30 inches long and pop is 16 inches long rap...
  21. sandiegofisherm

    anchor windlass

    Its a powerwinch 12 volt model 412 in great shape used came off 22 foot cuddy i use to have 200 bucks live in chula vista 619 948 8348 tony . will not ship , this might even work for a hoop puller lowered125.00
  22. sandiegofisherm


    I have a casket that we use for holloween , I dont need this one anymore , have a newer one and 2 is to many , now guys somebody lived in it for 34 years he was exumed and cremated to be buried on east coast, i cleaned it well and now its just rusty but looks cool , If you want your house to...
  23. sandiegofisherm

    travis at his 21st b-day

    Well we ended up going to Ballast pub in point loma to celebrate capt travis first bar experience , As all great buds everybody gave travis a drink of there choice , rum and coke , a bunch of jaegar (sp) bombs ,car bombs , long Islands ,beer ,whiskey sours , and uzzo shots it was cool had fun...
  24. sandiegofisherm

    newell 220-5

    great condition has spectra 35# 70 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 pick up please chula vista price dropped 60.00 bucks
  25. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 540 jig stick

    540 8 foot 6 inches custom wrapped 70 bucks , call tony 619 948 8348 thanks
  26. sandiegofisherm

    20 inch kids bike

    very nice kids bike for free needs some loving care and your kid will be styling live in chula vista tony 619 948 8348 first to call gets it i am home but not on computer all day
  27. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 670 7 foot spinning rod

    670 american classic maybe used 3 times 60.00 call tony 619 948 8348
  28. sandiegofisherm

    standard horizon radio

    standard horizon radio near new condition ,does not come with the mount for it 60.00 bucks call tony 619 948 8348
  29. sandiegofisherm

    670 7foot s

    seeker a670 7 foot s spinning rod 20 (30) 50 # americam series rod very little use 75.00 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 chula vista
  30. sandiegofisherm


    sounds like a newell great shape 75.00 call tony 619 948 8348 in chula vista sold
  31. sandiegofisherm

    2 shimano baitrunners 6500

    for sale 2 6500 baitrunners in great shape 1 needs handle cap other than that awesome shape , deal fell apart , 110.00 for both dont ask to go cheaper, I live in chula vista ,619 948 8348 tony also i will be at grossmont high school later this afternoon can meet or other than that...
  32. sandiegofisherm

    rock cod rig

    Sealine rock cod special 9-0 loaded with 80 # mono comes with 6 foot heavy rod with rail plate striper roller guide in back and roller tip I believe the rod is an old truline but i aint no expert on that but does look like my other trulines I will take 125.00 pick up only live in Chula...
  33. sandiegofisherm

    youth football pop warner / american youth football

    Our season starts on saturday against Alpine junior pee wee , we have been practicing 5 times a week for a month ,its time to play who elses kids are playing youth football
  34. sandiegofisherm

    bay fishing with kids ig surprise

    My buddy wanted me to go with him on his skiff and take the kids so i said sure , look for halis and bass so we set up on the jetty drifting for halibut tide started to move so i started to throw plastic at the jetty small bass , then a legal checker kids having fun pulling on bass 8 pound...
  35. sandiegofisherm

    coax cable

    trade for 30 pack of coors light probably 400 feet of cable call tony 619 948 8348
  36. sandiegofisherm

    665h seeker rod 70 bucks

    got the camera back so here are some pixs 665h i believe custom wrapped 6 foot 6 inches ,perfection guides , hypalon, reel seat, near new 70 bucks also have some coax cable full box its alot 30 pack coors light call tony 619 948 8348
  37. sandiegofisherm

    seeker blank cjb 80 f

    composite cjb 80 f blank for sale 50 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 no shipping
  38. sandiegofisherm

    seeker 665h 70 bucks

    I have a seeker 665h i believe cant remember pulls sme as my 665h i have , custom wrapped with perfection guides ,reel seat and hypalon , rod is 6 foot 6 inches near new conditions you wont be dissapointed. I would say this rod is rated 30# to 60# perfect for flylining or yo-yoing call tony...
  39. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    10 foot ulua jig stick 93 h near new condition custom wrapped and has cork 100.00 bucks need it gone sold also i believe its a seeker 665 rod in near new condition 70 bucks pick up in chula vista call tony 619 948 8348
  40. sandiegofisherm

    coax cable

    I have about 300 feet of high performance quad shield coaxial cable swept to 3ghz thats what it says on box , box looks full and says 500 feet but im guessing 300 but could be more if you want to bring me some beer coors light and pick up in chula vista that would be great call tony 619 948...
  41. sandiegofisherm

    10 foot ulua

    10 foot ulua just like new only used a few times by buddy of mine custom built call tony 619 948 8348 130.00
  42. sandiegofisherm

    new stainless hoop nets

    Well after losing some conicals this year it was time to make some , after seeing a fellow bd'er make some out of rebar we thought we should make some out of stainless, shouldnt rust and also adds a little more wieght for staying on the bottom better when tide is rippin , so my bro made these...
  43. sandiegofisherm

    2 tixs for sea world

    The only catch is you have to use them by thursday the 31st so if you are in from out of town or you want to take your kid this will be perfect I hope somebody that really could use them would use these tixs please call me tony 619 948 8348
  44. sandiegofisherm

    daiwa 2 speed reel 130.00

    sld 30 2 speed back up for 130 bucks call tony 619 948 8348 chula vista
  45. sandiegofisherm

    2 speed reel for 120.00

    Daiwa sld 30 2 speed reel mech 9-10 cosm 7-10 killer deal 120.00 new 60# ande line also newell c332-5 in great shape just serviced at kens 30# p-line 70.00 sorry no pics call tony 619 948 8348 rather u pick up thanks no trades
  46. sandiegofisherm

    shimano tiagra 16 2 speed

    reduced 225.00 tiagra 16 2 speed has boat and lure rash but it is great reel itshould be serviced but letting it go for call tony 619 948 8348 sorry does have 85# spectra on it and 80 # top shot , does come with reel clamp
  47. sandiegofisherm

    newell, daiwa

    Newell s338-5 like new 80.00 also daiwa sealine sld 30 2 speed mech sound, cosm paint is rubbing off a little 135.00 pick up only please i live in chula vista tony 619 948 8348
  48. sandiegofisherm

    shimano tigra 12 2 speed

    Tiagra 12 2 speed has some boat rash on side plate and very little on top but works great pick up only 250.00 call tony 619 948 8348 sold thanks travis
  49. sandiegofisherm

    avet lx and newell s338-5

    avet lx 4.1.1 silver now 120.00 like new newell s338-5 now 90.00 like new i live in chula vista 91911 tony 619 948 8348 dont want to ship
  50. sandiegofisherm

    daiwa sealine sld 30 2 spped and penn 712z

    daiwa sld 30 2 speed cosm 6-10 mech 9-10 awesome reel 150.00 penn 712 z spinning reel it is near new condition 45.00 please no trades i live in chula vista pick up only call tony 619 948 8348
  51. sandiegofisherm

    avet lx, and newell

    avet lx 4.1.1 reel like new 125.00 newell s338-5 100.00 no trades pick up only please tony 619 948 8348 I live in chula vista (san diego ) thanks for looking sorry pixs belleow
  52. sandiegofisherm

    pro gear cs 500

    pro gear cs 500 125.00 firm pick up only also i dont know how i got this but i dont have room for it okuma convector reel 30.00 bucks i live in chula vista tony 619 948 8348
  53. sandiegofisherm

    abu garcias and penn 500,s

    i have 3 abu garcia ambassadeur reels blue 550 plus 15.00 sold silver 5500-c 15.00 sold red ? 5500 15.00 sold penn 500 red 20.00 500 black 20.00 200 black 20.00 also super seeker 30-60# 85.00 call tony...
  54. sandiegofisherm

    got 4 but

    but lost 3 nets guys if anybody finds please pm me ,san diego bay they are eclipse , blue with white striped rope , the floats have blue and red stripes with numbers on them , and a bait tube made out of abs pipe , thanks again fellas , to the hooping the current was rippin early set our hoops...
  55. sandiegofisherm

    super seeker,pro gear 2000, calcutta 700,black steel graphite

    shimano 700 levelwind reel in exc shape 100.00 sold pro gear pacifica 2000 original handle 65.00 bucks sold pro gear pacifica 2000 accurate wiffle ball handle 80.00 bucks sold black steel gaphite rod g660xf 15-30 # rod exc shape 120.00 sold super seeker rod xcjbf60 30 -...
  56. sandiegofisherm

    black steel graphite

    g660xf 6 foot black steel graphite rod it is in excellent shape 130.00 pick up in chula vista call tony 619 948 8348
  57. sandiegofisherm

    calcutta 700 level wind

    I have a calcutta 700 with live bait handle that i havent used in probably 5 years it is in great condition ,no box or clamp I will look for clamp but dont count on me finding it i will take 125.00 bucks would rather you pick up in chula vista (san diego 91911) but i will ship at your cost...
  58. sandiegofisherm

    electronics and bait tank upgrade

    friend of mines buddy wants to upgrade all his stuff new boat wants better stuff wants one place to do it all , wants a fair price and not get the run around let me know guys thanks tony
  59. sandiegofisherm

    pro gear cs 500 - 6-1 ratio

    real claen only use it for rock codding just serviced by kens loaded with 55 # spectra to the top 400 yards + or - bad ass reel will post pics later call tony 619 948 8348 110.00
  60. sandiegofisherm

    coronados tomorrow need 1

    need 1 guy for tomorrow to fish islands leave my house by 5.15 am ,be back at my house by 3.30 pm watch little league world series bring your beer and drinks and food , permits (both ) and about 50 bucks for fuel and oil and own gear not to much please call me today before 10.30 pm or will...
  61. sandiegofisherm

    trolling rods

    have 2 rods one is a diawa 5'6"rod rated for 40-100# 70 bucks second rod is a seeker cal-coast special 5'6" bf 655h 30-80 # 100 bucks call me at 619 948 8348 tony
  62. sandiegofisherm

    forschner knives

    I have some extra knives they are 6 inch boning knives great for filleting fish its all i use. red ,blue and yellow handles 20 bucks i have probably 7 knives left tony 619 948 8348 in chula vista
  63. sandiegofisherm

    sealine trolling rod for 80 bucks

    40 - 100 # stick pick up in chula vista 619 948 8348 tony
  64. sandiegofisherm

    new padding finally done

    We finally had these installed last night finished up in time for the tournament no more kness getting beat up , big cushion for the fish hold , cushion for the built in cooler , see you guys out there tomorrow
  65. sandiegofisherm

    kenmore fridge trade for (30) pack

    Its a white kenmore fridge perfect for garage dont need 3 of them its amed size worked great when unpluged 2 months ago will plug back in to get it running again i live in chula vista 91911 home all the time will take 30 pack of coors light tony 619 948 8348
  66. sandiegofisherm

    life jackets and other stuff

    free life jackets 2 orange 1 life vest small kid or small adult all in good shape,sand spike adjustable , fanny pack 3-4 tackle boxes go in it perfect for surf fishing , back pack chair- tackle storage for now maybe more stuff later live in chula vista 619 948 8348 tony pick up only
  67. sandiegofisherm

    need 1 for tomorrow

    will be fishing the flats at ib all us waters, will need lic be at my house at 5 am dont bring to much gear bring beer if you want ,i do drink on boat and your snacks . be back at home by 3-4 pm kid has football practice , no kooks please around 20- 30 bucks in fuel call tony 619 948 8348...
  68. sandiegofisherm

    who has the mattress hook up in san diego

    need a mattress for my daughters bed i know there was somebody here that hooked up a few people thanks tony
  69. sandiegofisherm

    hard to put in forward gear?

    changed filters checked linkage all looked good put in reverse all good and smooth, put in forward very hard to put in gear and and take out ? put in nuetral forward and reverse very easy and smooth all linkage moves great , never ever has it been hard to move into gear ????
  70. sandiegofisherm

    garage door install

    need somebody to install a garage door opener in chula vista reasonable or take fishing , or cash please let me know tony 619 948 8348
  71. sandiegofisherm

    overnight tonight 12/05(producer ) 105 bucks

    leaving tonight fishing the finger bank for cod super deal here guys need maybe 2 guys or gals 105 bucks permits and meals included not included tip fish cleaning and drinks tony 619 948 8348
  72. sandiegofisherm

    Overnight cod trip on producer fishing dec 6th

    reduced 120.00 need 2 I have an overnight freezer cod trip on the producer out of h&m landing in san diego , we will leave friday the 5th around 9-10 pm fish saturday the 6th and return about 7 pm saturday cost is 145.00 includes permits , breakfast , lunch ( carne asada)...
  73. sandiegofisherm

    electrician in san diego

    Kathy's friend from work needs and electrician ( 8 and waring road ) 1/2 house no power shitty part kitchen area . does not just want to look in yellow pages .would like reliable person and fair price
  74. sandiegofisherm

    for a limo

    need a limo for sat the 22nd for Iannas b-day , would rather give buisness to somebody on bd than somebody i dont know 3- 4 hours afternoon in chula vista so it has to be a limo from san diego please feel free to call me 619 948 8348 tony
  75. sandiegofisherm

    hitch reciever

    I need a hitch reciever for my bronco (93) mune broke , need one that goes on to the frame not the bumper if you guys know a place let me know
  76. sandiegofisherm

    happy halloween

    Heres some pixs of halloween at the house , we had ton of kids lots of friends and neighbors mucho food and beer , finally closed garage at 3.30 am enjoy the pixs
  77. sandiegofisherm


    I seem to be seeing less fish reports on BD , or are they going to fish dope ? just wondering if I have to pay 150 to get fish info , Now its late in season to pay 150 when i really dont give a shit about temps in jan -march how about you guys giving a pro rated price till the end of...
  78. sandiegofisherm

    Need 1 to fish tomorrow 7/25

    Looking for one more to fish tomorrow 7/25. Be fishing with me and my buddy Austin. Need to meet at my house in Chula Vista at 3:30-4 am. Share fuel, bait, ice, etc. Your share about $100-120. Bring own food/drinks. Bring own gear, I have trollers. The plan is to fish the inner banks...
  79. sandiegofisherm

    price of fuel going to affect your fishing this years tournaments?

    How many of you are not going to fish any of the remaing fishing tournaments because of fuel prices ? especially the off shore tourneys , yellow tourney, tuna tourney, make a wish, big fish tourney ,marlin tourney.and what ever is in between , just wondering
  80. sandiegofisherm

    Achmed the dead terrorist

    YouTube - Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist
  81. sandiegofisherm

    Free Pro Challenger Reel for a kid

    I've got a ProChallenger 12TR reel that I'd like to give away to a kid. Maybe someone who was affected by the fires, or loves to fish but can't afford a reel (and is too young to have a job). Reel was only used once; no scratches. Does anyone have a rod to make this a complete setup? PM...
  82. sandiegofisherm

    free 3/4 day tickets

    please read first ! I have 2= 3/4 day tickets for h&m landing with rod rental included $160 value we would love to give these away to a mom or dad with a son or daughter to go fishing Now we would like to give these to somebody that has been affected by the wildfires , has run into some...
  83. sandiegofisherm

    Dinner invite to a displaced family

    We've been fortunate enough to be out of harms way and we'd like to help out. We'd like to invite someone whose been displaced and staying in a shelter/hotel to our house for a home cooked dinner. Bring your family, we've got kids aged 11 mo, 8, 12, and 13 they could hang out and play with...
  84. sandiegofisherm

    3 Day Trip $300

    A last minute cancellation were trying to fill. 3 Day Labor Day Weekend Trip includes all meals on the Dominator out of Seaforth Landing, leaving tonight and returning on Monday night. $300, plus permits (if needed) and jackpots. Call Tony (619) 948-8348
  85. sandiegofisherm

    mex border will be closed on friday the 31st

    Fellas I know alot of you guys are heading south on friday the 31st (tomorrow), the highway patrol wiil be closing the freeway heading south into mex at 8.30 am ,san ysidro and otay for aprox 4-6 hours nobody will be allowed into the border you will be detoured back north , so just a heads up...
  86. sandiegofisherm

    3 day labor day weekend

    3 day on the dominator 500.00 Departs friday august 31st Returns monday september 3rd Does not include permits ( 15 a day = 45) Includes Meals , some beer (keg ) hard liqour for cocktails, rod giveaway each day...
  87. sandiegofisherm

    july 4th 3/4 day trip

    hey guys we will have a 3/4 day on the fisherman 3 out of h&m landing have about 6 spots open price is 85.00 bucks only 30 people on boat fish for sand bass early then look for yellows at islands , boat leaves at 6 am let me know if you would like to go call tony 619 948 8348
  88. sandiegofisherm

    1.5 day trip canceled ( get well soon pete )

    our 1.5 day was cancelled today due to some minor details , and also pete having surgery today , we all wish pete a get well fast wish because we need him on the water with us fishing , hope you heal fast pete
  89. sandiegofisherm

    vacume bags (cheap)

    heres a sight that sells these real cheap ,have to buy alot but cheap should last a year or 2 VacMaster Vacuum Sealer Bags: 3 MIL Pouches Grain Mill Nutrimill Bosch Mixer Bosch Mixers Wheat Flour Grinder Mills Family Grain Mill Best Buy Ultramill Ultra Mill 3 MIL Nylon/Poly Vacuum...
  90. sandiegofisherm

    extra banquet tickets

    I have 3 extra guest tixs call me 619 948 8348 tony sold
  91. sandiegofisherm


    anybody got a hook up for sunglasses? arnette or kaenon? thanks
  92. sandiegofisherm

    plumber needed in chula vista

    my parents need somebody to unclog there tub in chula vista any hook ups, I can pay or , trade in seal product, fishing trips ,??? please let me know tony 619 948 8348
  93. sandiegofisherm

    all right whos in the $300 side pot?

    Team lipripper is going to be in sidepot who else ??????
  94. sandiegofisherm

    more ????s

    Well I have a question ???? after captains meeting , I think every boat that after the meeting and untill last one leaves in morning, should be checked before it goes out to fish, whos to say somebody fishes day before and keeps fish on ice , turns it in on day of tourney , I know everybody...
  95. sandiegofisherm

    3 day pac voy in august

    putting this up for a freind jim , he has a 3 day on pac voyager out of seaforth it leaves sunday the 20th at 10pm returns wed the 23rd price is 650.00 + permits and jack pots filleting and beer, food and fuel surcharge included. great time of year to get into exotics , his name is jim cannon...
  96. sandiegofisherm

    castros phone #

    hey guys amybody have castros # thinking about making a trip down there soon
  97. sandiegofisherm

    2-dat charter on dominator1st and 2nd

    1 maybe 2 spots left on dominator this weekend its a 2 day trip,we will leave on friday the 30th and return sunday the 2nd , the trip will cost 340.00 bucks . includes meals,permits,fuel, there is a rod giveaway each day ,only 22 people on boat let me know 619 948 8348, tony
  98. sandiegofisherm

    2 day special on dominator 5-26 5-28

    I still need a few more spots to fill , we decided that we will let 2 spots go for a parent and son or daughter go for a reduced price , we want to keep our future interested in this wonderfull sport. parent pays full price 360.00 and only 180.00 for there son or daughter , thats only 540 for 2...
  99. sandiegofisherm

    Memorial Weekend 2-Day $360

    We have a few spots open for a Memorial Weekend 2 Day Charter on the Dominator. This is a limited load trip, 22 max, plenty of rail space. The cost is $360 and includes food and permits. Drinks, Fillets and jackpots are extra. We will be leaving at 8PM on Friday May 26 and returning...
  100. sandiegofisherm

    May 15th

    I took my buddy joe on monday to get a thresher since he took me and Ianna last monday , his turn on the lipripper , so we left with no hurries and no worries , but our gps wasnt working so we didnt even know our own cordinates , but we knew the area I wanted to fish ! cruising about 25...
  101. sandiegofisherm

    tourney ?

    Whos fishing the tournament saturday? we are pre fishing today
  102. sandiegofisherm

    garage door help ?

    one of my springs broke need help ?
  103. sandiegofisherm

    liprippers bachelors party

    well boys , it was very interesting last night , I hope this does not get pulled so everybody can enjoy and say goodbye to lipripper (pete) they had a taco stand 2 blackjack tables and plenty of adult beverages, and the entertainment was real cool. so I hope everybody enjoys them :food-smil
  104. sandiegofisherm

    2 day spot open on pac voy

    1 guy bailed on me , :jo: heres the skinny 2 day 400 bucks , we leave friday the first of july return saturday the 3rd of july , included is food ( CHEF JEFF) PERMITS, SEEKER ROD GIVEAWAY EACH DAY, not included is beer soda and fish cleaning, we will also have a carne asada at my house in...
  105. sandiegofisherm

    B-mans first fishing trip

    Decided to take my neighbors 5 year old fishing for the first time, she is also a single mom so this was good for him, he was really pumped up for this . we got on the fisherman III for the afternoon run on saturday, it was super flat no wind really great. we started to catch some sandbass , and...