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  1. Catalina CD

    Endeavor Surface iron WSB.

    WSB on a surface iron...that's epic in itself!
  2. Catalina CD

    Dog on Deck 07.06.20

    Mad Max dog...perfect boat buddy!
  3. Catalina CD

    Heading to Cat for 5 day trip

    I'm fortunate to live here on Catalina. Yes...the boats have been thick around here making it a bit tough to fish, but fish are being caught. Good chance Long Beach Carnage will be selling the squish outside Avalon harbor. You can pick them up on channel 11. Good luck!
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    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Nicely done...especially catching one like that on the frontside of the island. Rare sight.
  5. Catalina CD


    Cut the hook off at the eye and push it back up thru the skin. I’ve done it before...not fun...but much less invasive that cutting it out.
  6. Catalina CD

    Big halibut surprise

    Nice barn door!
  7. Catalina CD

    Red Tide Longevity

    Never had luck fishing in clear water. Fish seem to prefer a little color...some...A LOT of color.
  8. Catalina CD

    Buddy boating today

    Nice boat! I sure love my Steiger. Always fun to see fellow Steiger Craft owners on the west coast.
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    Best Time to SoCal

    I've done some research as to when is the best time to sell a boat, but the answers I have been finding are all over the map. Obviously the time of year will vary depending on which part of the country you are from, and boating seasons. Generally, when is the best time to sell a boat in Southern...
  10. Catalina CD

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    I live in Avalon, and had several local friends see this in person Tuesday. It’s legit. The picture is a bit deceiving...not as big as it looks. Didn’t hear how much it weighed. My buddies estimated around 215lbs.
  11. Catalina CD

    Elite Chirp 7 Won’t Keep Memory

    I installed my Lowrance Elite Chirp 7 chart plotter/fishfinder about 2.5 years ago. It has worked fine ever since. Yesterday when I turned it on it acted like it was reset. Turned it off/on again with the same issue. All my info is gone, and just goes into demo/setup mode. Basically the constant...
  12. Catalina CD

    What Is This Creature???

    Have seen hundreds of these floating around Catalina Island lately (not referring the the garibaldi). Body feels almost like a plastic water bottle. It's not a jelly fish. It actually has a fish-like mouth. Most seem to be around 7 or so inches long. Anybody know what the heck these things are?
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    Catalina, Friday, 4/6

    Fishing has been real tough out here lately. Hoping it turns around soon, but unlikely due to the lack of squid around.
  14. Catalina CD

    Catalina Island 16,17,18

    That's what it's aaaaaalllll about! Nice job.
  15. Catalina CD

    White Seabass Head Drop-off Locations with Freezers

    Can't help you with the WSB information you're looking for Charlie Cat, but I can tell you that you got a little something there on your bottom lip...LOL
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    MDR - rockfishing and a Mako

    Oh man...that mako is a perfect size for eating. Did you keep it? One of my all time favorite fish to eat.
  17. Catalina CD

    Fish ID Please....

    Ding..ding...ding...I think we have a winner! Thanks.
  18. Catalina CD

    Fish ID Please....

    Caught this while sand dab fishing in 300ft water off Avalon. Any ideas what it is???
  19. Catalina CD

    Shark fishing

    That mako would be worth a tow. Hoping to catch a mako myself this summer. I'll take a mako or thresher over a tuna any day. Great eating!
  20. Catalina CD

    Catalina Conditions

    Yes...east. Water was dirty.
  21. Catalina CD

    Catalina Conditions

    Hey...let me brag a little bit there Charlie. I can rarely do so;)
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    Catalina Conditions

    I went out on the backside yesterday for an hour...and got this guy. They were there!
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    Fathom 25N Casting Issues

    I have a Fathom FTH25NLD, and I cannot cast it without get a nasty rats nest! If I tighten the spool enough to prevent this, the drag is waaaaaay too heavy. I can't find a good balance. It's to the point where this reel is unusable. Must be missing something. Is there another adjustment I can...
  24. Catalina CD

    Make Your Old Ritchie Compass Look New Again

    I've gotten the bubble(s) out of my Ritchie several times very easily by adding mineral spirits to it. There is a screw you simply remove to add the mineral spirits with a syringe. 1-2-3 lickity split!
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    Cast Nets for

    Well...I guess that answers my question. Appreciate the feedback guys...thanks:D
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    Cast Nets for

    I'm sure a few of you have seen Rush on Local Knowledge use a cast net to catch bait fish while in Florida. Are they legal to use in SoCal waters? I'm assuming not since nobody here uses them. Just curious.
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    Am I using FishDope wrong?

    Yes...mostly with the offshore stuff. It at least gets you pointed in the right direction rather than wondering aimlessly trying to find tuna. It's useful for inshore/island stuff too. It's expensive, but I feel it's worth it.
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    Am I using FishDope wrong?

    A buddy I fished with all the time had a subscription, so didn't really need it. I plan to get a subscription this year.
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    Weather for 3/3/17

    I use Windy.ty mobile great!
  30. Catalina CD

    Am I using FishDope wrong?

    I currently don't have a FD subscription, but did last year. It worked great on my iMac, iPhone, and iPad. You're using the FD app for your iPad...right?
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    Saturday Morning Yellows at Cat 2/25

    Good to see the larger models are making a comeback. Job well done!
  32. Catalina CD

    Anything at Cat West End?

    Dead Sea here....
  33. Catalina CD

    Need reliable Wind forecast web sites.

    I'll second Windy.ty. FishWeather is another good one.
  34. Catalina CD

    Back Side of Cat, Farnsworth

    Not much going on over here other than bones & rockfish. Winds over the weekend has likely pushed anything that was lingering out.
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    Rod Suggestion Needed

    Been wanting to get a serious tuna rig for a while now. Just found a couple used Penn Senator reels. One is a 114-H, and the other a Senator 6/0. Now I need some rods to match up with these. Something that can pull in a 100+ pound fish, and mostly used while trolling. Any suggestions?
  36. Catalina CD

    Evinrude E-Tec 115HP - Gas Usage

    Sorry for the late reply here. Took forever to get a guy to clean to bottom of my boat, and then for me to find the time to get out on it. Bottom was pretty bad...barnicle's & fur. Got 'er cleaned up, and my numbers are back to normal. Haven't had a chance to measure gas mileage yet, but I'm...
  37. Catalina CD

    Hoop Net...Best Knot to Use

    I decided to give hoop netting a try, and just bough my first 2 nets. What's the best knot to use to secure a rope to the hoop net harness? Just don't wanna lose my new nets to a poor knot. Any advice would be appreciated:-)
  38. Catalina CD

    Evinrude E-Tec 115HP - Gas Usage

    Not sure...waiting he hear back from the mechanic that installed it.
  39. Catalina CD

    Evinrude E-Tec 115HP - Gas Usage

    WOT comes in just under 6,000 RPM at 32 knots.
  40. Catalina CD

    Evinrude E-Tec 115HP - Gas Usage

    I got a brand new Evinrude 115HP E-Tec installed onto my '89 Mako 171 earlier this year. Haven't been impressed with my gas milage. Been keeping track, and have been averaging 2.5 nmpg. After reviewing several performance reports, I should be getting twice the gas milage. Also noticed my...
  41. Catalina CD

    Catalina???? got that right. Worst I've ever seen. Impossible trying to use live bait. Much better off trolling with Rapala's.
  42. Catalina CD

    Catalina Suprise 8/18

    That's too awesome! How far off the east end were you when you hooked this thing?
  43. Catalina CD

    Offshore 8/4 newport to 14 mile

    I did the same thing yesterday. Hit the 152, 277, 14 Mile, and Avalon Bank...all for naught. Lots of life, but no tuna. Gotta wait it out a bit I guess.
  44. Catalina CD

    7-23 Sat Farnsworth

    I live here on Catalina. Definitely not a misprint. It was nasty with a captital nast out there on the seas this weekend!
  45. Catalina CD

    Wintertime Dropper Loop + Spanish Mack = Fat Summertime Yellowtail

    Caught all my best fish on Spanish mack's...bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail, halibut, name it. Always work great for me:)
  46. Catalina CD

    Catalina 5-15

    I was out there too, and (barely) noticed the boats sans lights. WTF are these guys thinking?!?! A danger to them, and everybody out there.
  47. Catalina CD

    Tides & Fish Bite

    Do you find it that fish bite better at low tide, or high tide? Tidal current is normally strongest at mid-tide, so maybe that's the best time? Just curious to see what other fisherman's experiences were with fish bite compared to tides.
  48. Catalina CD

    I Hate Drones but.......

    This is interesting.
  49. Catalina CD

    Catalina Sunday May 1st

    Yup...been pretty dead over here lately. There were some WSB that were caught a couple weeks ago, but those seem to have moved on. Not much to fish for at the moment other than rat yellows, calico's, & rock fish.
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    Outboard Motor Cable Wrap

    Thanks, but I already tried that. It's doesn't quite work out for my situation. Too wide.
  51. Catalina CD

    Outboard Motor Cable Wrap

    Need some ideas what to use to wrap the cables leading to my new outboard. My old motor had some plastic cable "wrap", but was in poor condition so I threw it out thinking it would be easy to find some more. We' I can't seem to find the stuff. Any ideas?
  52. Catalina CD

    Frozen Squid Online?

    Anybody know where you can order frozen squid by the pound online? If not online, any place I can call to order? Everybody has run out here on Catalina Island. I'm sure plenty other places in SoCal are experiencing the same thing thanks to El Nino. Was hoping to find a source someplace that...
  53. Catalina CD

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    That's my dream fish! Congrat's!!! Yes, where were you at? Hoping to see some of those toads make it to Catalina over the next couple months. Just need to get the squid to find their way here.
  54. Catalina CD

    California Central Coast - Fishing

    Just curious. What kind of fishing goes on along the central coast of California? I'm thinking not too much since the central coast fishing report forum is a bit thin compared to southern Cali. Anybody fish this area, if so, for what species?
  55. Catalina CD

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    I love sheephead! Haven't targeted them in years. This thread is making me hungry for them again.
  56. Catalina CD

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Yes...thanks for the helpful video! A lot of people say ling's simply hangout in rock holes waiting to "pounch" on their pray as it swims by, which I'm sure is partially true. This proves differently. Swimming around in open water. Interesting.
  57. Catalina CD

    On the water (slip) halibut report

    Nice flatty! Glad to hear they are finally coming out of the wood work.
  58. Catalina CD

    What a nice surprise long beach 11/29/15

    Wow! That's awesome, and great to hear. Hoping for a good WSB season.
  59. Catalina CD

    Yamaha V4 115HP vs Evinrude E-Tec V4 115HP

    I'm actually good friends with the outboard mechanic/dealer here on the island. He has given me his opinions on both. Don't think he would push me either way since he is getting the sale regardless. Interesting to hear the Yamaha's at Toyon are lasting longer. Appreciate the info, this is very...
  60. Catalina CD

    Yamaha V4 115HP vs Evinrude E-Tec V4 115HP

    Plan to re-power the boat next year, and have it narrowed down to these 2. Which would you choose, and why? I haven't received any quotes yet, but I imagine the Evinrude costs more. What are some other advantages/disadvantages of these motors? Any advice would be appreciated...:D
  61. Catalina CD

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    I'm lucky enough to live here in Avalon, and can safely say you won't have a problem getting a mooring. It does get busy here over the holidays, but not too busy in the harbor. Yes, weather can be a factor regarding mooring availability so be aware of that. Otherwise, hope you can make it!
  62. Catalina CD

    Fishfinder/GPS Combo - Recommendations?

    It's sold thru Amazon from a company called Get Feet Wet Navigation, which is a 3rd party vendor. They are actually based out of Moorpark, CA, so it is local. They have a similar return policy as West Marine. Best part is that this unit with the 50hz transducer sells for $599 on West Marine, so...
  63. Catalina CD

    Fishfinder/GPS Combo - Recommendations?

    Found even a better deal on Amazon. Got the Chirp 7 with the 50hz transducer for only $450!
  64. Catalina CD

    Fishfinder/GPS Combo - Recommendations?

  65. Catalina CD

    Local Wahoo, What's the Skinny as of 11/10/15

    Pretty sure they are all gone after this front went through earlier this week, but I'm not necessarily an expert.
  66. Catalina CD

    Fishfinder/GPS Combo - Recommendations?

    What makes the 50hz option better over the 83hz?
  67. Catalina CD

    Fishfinder/GPS Combo - Recommendations?

    Hah! Ironically, the Elite 7 is the one I was looking into last night. Any other suggestions?
  68. Catalina CD

    Fishfinder/GPS Combo - Recommendations?

    I'm looking into getting a combo unit, and have no idea where to start. I've got a 17' Mako, and do most of my fishing around Catalina Island. Currently I've got seperate GPS & fishfinder units, which are 15 years old. Both are in dire need of replacement. I'm not familar with the new...
  69. Catalina CD

    Its a turtle... no its a baby whale... no its a flounder... its a TUNA

    "There's still some good meat on that fucking fish kid!"
  70. Catalina CD

    Offshore 9/20 14 mile bank area - YT, Dorado, Turtle

    Had the similar thing happen on Saturday. Found paddy 4 off Catalina with 3 Dodos. Nice catch. Been trying to find Do-do's near the island for a while now. Were you about half way to Avalon Bank from Avalon? Trying to determine apporoximately from your photo.
  71. Catalina CD

    Any Dorado's around Catalina?

    Heading out tomorrow, and would like to target some do-do's. Will be heading out from Catalina, and was wondering if anyone was catching them nearby the island.
  72. Catalina CD

    Boat Ladder Recommendations

    Who makes that? Do you have the dimensions. Might be a bit too wide for that space on my boat.
  73. Catalina CD

    Sting ray tackle tips?

    Never heard of anyone fishing for sting rays. I catch bat rays all the time while fishing for halibut, and find them to be a nuisance. Do you eat them?
  74. Catalina CD

    Boat Ladder Recommendations

    I've got a 17' Mako, and would like to get a small/removable boat ladder for it. Anyone have any recommendations?
  75. Catalina CD

    Fish Dope and Others

    This is good to hear! I'll be looking forward seeing this. Thanks for the head up:D
  76. Catalina CD

    Fish Dope and Others

    I purchased FD this year, and won't be doing it again. It's a great site, but only seems useful for off-shore fishing. I don't do a whole lot of off-shore fishing, so it doesn't prove useful to me. Not saying there is anything wrong with...just not for me.
  77. Catalina CD

    Fathom vs. Squall

    Debating on which one to get. Besides one being metal (Fathom) vs. graphite (Squall), what are the differences between these reels? Which one would you lean towards? Plan on using it for general fishing around Catalina...yellowtail, halibut, sea bass, etc.. Any feedback would be appreciated:D
  78. Catalina CD

    Avalon Tuna Club Tour - 8/1

    Check this out. Tuna Club opens its doors only once a year. Very interesting tour. Highly recommend checking it out if you get a chance. Usually sells out, so get your tickets in advance!
  79. Catalina CD

    Best Vacuum sealer under $400, need recs

    I've had this for nearly a year problems. Works great!
  80. Catalina CD

    Cat Yellows???

    Zoo is right! It's been a parking lot out there on the weekends. Actually so bad it makes it very difficult if you're trolling. There isn't enough room to avoid other boats from crossing your lines. No too bad mid-week.
  81. Catalina CD

    Caught Best Yellowtail...Twice!

    Took a couple buddies of mine fishing to the east end of Catalina yesterday. Trolling Rapala's, and 20 minutes in my buddy Adam goes bendo! Hauled in his personal best YT...about 35lbs. Took a few pic's of it. Fished a couple more hours with no luck. Headed back into Avalon, but wanted to...
  82. Catalina CD

    catalina island boats

    Contact the private charters anyway. Many times they might have just 2-3 guys going on a charter, and can always add you to make a foursome. They do it all the time. It's a win-win since it will save the other guys going some dough. Scotty does a great job here. Tell him Jamie sent you...
  83. Catalina CD

    MLPA Violation - Penalties?

    How did it get reduced? Did you have a lawyer, or was the judge just in a good mood:-) Any other penalties? I've heard potential probation, or even jail time. However, I realize that would be highly unlikely.
  84. Catalina CD

    MLPA Violation - Penalties?

    Had a close call over the weekend. Got pulled over by DFG. Was trolling on the very edge of MLPA area front side of Catalina (Blue Cavern). I knew that the area was MPA, but just spaced out while I was trolling. DFG just gave me a heads up of where I was at. Made me realize how careful you have...
  85. Catalina CD

    Catalina - Any Squid Boats Around This Week?

    If there's news to me. Wish there was. Been extremely tough to make fin bait out here all year.
  86. Catalina CD

    Catalina - Any Squid Boats Around This Week?

    Just curious if anyone knows of any squid boats that will around Catalina this week. If so, do you know what channel they are on? I know there was one here over the weekend, but I believe they left.
  87. Catalina CD

    Catalina Wed/Thurs/Fri report

    Mike's a good guy. Sweet gaff job! You weren't gonna lost that little guy...:D
  88. Catalina CD

    Rapala's...Leaders & Snap Swivels

    Is it necessary to use a snap swivel while trolling with a Rapala? Also, is a flourocarbon leader recommended if using braided line in this situation? Just trying to eliminate weak points. I would prefer to just tie my braided line directly to the Rapala, but wondering if this affects the lure...
  89. Catalina CD

    Help needed - missing dog on the backside of the westend of Catalina

    I happen to live on Catalina. Would probably be best to contact the Catalina Conservancy to see if they have spotted your dog.
  90. Catalina CD

    Catalina - The Red Buoy & Barber Polls...Where Are They?

    Fish Dope mentioned the "Red bouy" and the "Barber polls" to find bait around Catalina, but where the heck are they? I live here, and never have heard of these spots. Any thoughts?
  91. Catalina CD

    Farnsworth Yeller - 5.30.15

    My brother paid a visit over the weekend, and wanted to do some fishing. Headed over to Farnsworth. As usual, no bait around so we stuck to trolling with some Rapala's. Things were bleak for the first hour. Not many marks on the locator, no birds, and no other boats (odd for a Saturday)...
  92. Catalina CD

    GWS at Catalina

    Yes...they are wise to hangout around Catalina. They have an unlimited sea lion buffet spread out for 'em. Nice seeing them around.
  93. Catalina CD

    Ultra WSB

    VERY NICE! Where were you at?
  94. Catalina CD

    Catalina - Where's The Bait?

    Yes, been using plenty of lures. But nothing works better than live bait...especially if you're trying to catch a WSB:)
  95. Catalina CD

    What weather App do you use for your cell phone ? They have a great app, but it doesn't have marine weather on it. However, I just have a link to their web site marine forecast posted to my cell phone's home page. Gives you the info you just mentioned, and the best's free!
  96. Catalina CD

    Catalina - Where's The Bait?

    As some or most of you know, it's been tough to find fin bait around Catalina the past couple months. The lack of kelp beds has forced bait fish to deeper water, making them harder to find. There also isn't any squid around either. I know you don't feel sorry for me, but it makes it tough for...
  97. Catalina CD

    5-10 BIG BUT

    Damn dude...that's a dandy. Congrat's!
  98. Catalina CD

    Catalina 5-1-15

    Yes. Long gone are our nice calm winter days. Haven't had completely calm day around Catalina in weeks...:_shopping
  99. Catalina CD

    Securing Bait Receiver

    I use wire twisted about a dozen times to secure the lid to the handle on one side, and the other side it tied with rope. A sea lion would have be very creative to undo this, but you never know.
  100. Catalina CD

    Securing Bait Receiver

    I like that!
  101. Catalina CD

    Securing Bait Receiver

    That was actually one of my ideas. Still need to attach it to the boat, so a rope leading to it will always be exposed. It's worth a try.
  102. Catalina CD

    Securing Bait Receiver

    Sorry...guess I should have been more specific. Stolen by some asshole fisherman. I live in Avalon, and have my boat on a mooring here. Other guys desperate for bait will got through people's receivers, and steal your loot! It's sad...but very true:hali_parkutuli:
  103. Catalina CD

    Securing Bait Receiver

    I use a 32 gallon trash can with a standard lid on it for a bait receiver. I get robbed of my bait almost every time I use it. Anybody have any suggestions as to how to secure something like this? I've got some ideas, but wanted to run it by you folks first.
  104. Catalina CD

    Rpt.-Thur.- 04-23-75 Catalina Tails on the Ducky!

    How deep of water did you catch those yellows in?
  105. Catalina CD

    Tsunami yellowtail

    Hah! That's too funny. Those are definitely just plain old yellow's.
  106. Catalina CD

    Making Up For Lost Time - Catalina Report - 3/31/15

    Wow...that is an amazing report, which you always do a great job of providing! How deep of water were you in when you caught these?
  107. Catalina CD

    Fish Kill Bags - Suggestions Needed

    Thanks Pelican King for referring me to this thread. Very helpful. I agree PCH...I think I'm gonna go with the Reliable.
  108. Catalina CD

    Fish Kill Bags - Suggestions Needed

    I'm in need of a fish bag, and looking for some suggestions. So far I have eyed up the Boone Monster bag, Reliable Fishing Products bag, and Canyon bag. Of course these are not inexpensive, so I'm doing some research before I buy one. Anybody familiar with these? Any pros/cons I should be aware of?
  109. Catalina CD

    How To Remove Plant Growth?

    My boat stays in saltwater (southern California) year round. I pull it out once a year. Of course there is all kinds of plant growth on my bait tank intake pump, and transducer. It's all dried up now, and difficult to remove using a brush. Is there is easier way to remove the plant growth...
  110. Catalina CD

    WSB Catalina?

    I too was hanging around the V's Saturday...the dead sea indeed. Not even any sea lions hanging around.
  111. Catalina CD

    Big tuna caught off of or around H.B pier.

    This makes me curious. I was fishing for halibut about a week ago on the front side of Catalina with my father-in-law. We were using Spanish mack's for bait, and he hooked into something huge. Made a incredibly fast run out to deeper water, and spooled 300 yards of line in less than 2 minutes...
  112. Catalina CD

    WSB Catalina?

    Just do these crabs affect the squid?
  113. Catalina CD

    WSB Catalina?

    A couple have been caught recently by some locals, but nothing to brag about. Just curious of anybody else have seen any around here.'s a bit early, but we all know this won't be a normal year. I'm thinking they'll be here very soon...if not already.
  114. Catalina CD

    WSB Catalina?

    Any being caught around Catalina lately? If so, what are you catching them on...squid or fin bait?
  115. Catalina CD

    The Killer Whales were back today... and did damage

    Wow...good to see, and great pic's! Wish someone would tell those whales to swing through Catalina Island. They would have a giant buffet served up nicely here!
  116. Catalina CD

    Getting Things Dialed- CAT report

    Did you catch any of the YT's on the frontside? Just curious if they are still around on the front.
  117. Catalina CD

    T-Top Suggestions Needed

    Pulled the trigger on a Stryker. Seem pretty solid. Plus the got a great winter special. Got the T-Top, E-box w/speakers, 2 mounts, and 5 rod rocket launcher. Not to mention to free shipping. All for just under $1,200. Looking forward to have a real t-top on my boat!
  118. Catalina CD

    T-Top Suggestions Needed

    I'm leaning towards the Fishmaster. Seems to be pretty solid, and have received a lot of intel about it on a different web forum.
  119. Catalina CD

    Yamaha 130 - Shift Issue

    It's very difficult (an expensive) to pull my boat here living on Catalina Island, which is what I really need to do to take a good look at the issue. I plan to pull it out next month. Guess I'll have my mechanic give it a once over then. I'm thinking it is a bad shift cable. Just hope it...
  120. Catalina CD

    Yamaha 130 - Shift Issue

    I've got a '89 Yamaha 130 outboard. Was out on the water the other day, and suddenly it wouldn't shift into forward. It would shift into reverse just fine, but not forward. It would make a "grinding" noise as if it was trying to shift into gear but wouldn't. Thought I was going to be stranded...
  121. Catalina CD

    T-Top Suggestions Needed

    Thinking about replacing the center console T-top on my '89 Mako 171, but don't know where to start. Anybody got any suggestions?
  122. Catalina CD

    Catalina Halibut?

    All good suggestions. Definitely will try in the shallows next time out.
  123. Catalina CD

    Catalina Halibut?

    Anybody been catching any halibut around Catalina? I've been trying the last couple times I went out, but with no luck. Tied into a nice YT, but I already got a freezer full of those. Just trying to figure out where the but's are hiding at.
  124. Catalina CD

    R.I.P. Catalina Harbor Patrol

    I happen to live here in Avalon, and unfortunately witnessed the tragic death of the harbor patrol officer. His name was Tim Mitchell, and I knew him quite well. Was the most terrible thing I have ever seen. Hearts go out to him & Bruce...another Avalonian that was killed. Living here you get to...
  125. Catalina CD

    JAN 1/2 Day Charter, any suggestions??

    Can always target halibut. My favorite time of year to fish for them is January/February. Attached picture is from a few years ago. Caught during first week of January.
  126. Catalina CD

    JAN 1/2 Day Charter, any suggestions??

    Can always target halibut. My favorite time of year to fish for them is January/February. Attached picture is from a few years ago. Caught during first week of January.
  127. Catalina CD

    large weird looking rock cod

    WTF?!?! That is weird. Didn't realize yellers ever went that deep...and dined on crabs. Guess this El Nino has 'em all messed up. Oh well...nice catch anyway!
  128. Catalina CD

    Which Marine Channels to Monitor?

    What are some good marine channels to monitor for fishing chatter? I'm normally fishing around Catalina Island (I live there), so I'm looking for chatter around this area. Do squid boats normally use the same channels? If so, what channel(s) are used to get in touch with them? Any advice would...
  129. Catalina CD

    Black sea bass

    They must be making a nice comeback. I too was halibut fishing a couple weeks ago, and I believe I hooked onto one. Lost whatever it was before I got it to the boat. Another guy had caught a black seabass in the same spot a couple days before, so that's why I was thinking it was another one...
  130. Catalina CD

    How To Deal With Sea Lions Stealing Your Catch?

    They are annoying, and not thinning out anytime soon. Sure wish a pod of orca's would migrate through Catalina. They would have a feast!!!
  131. Catalina CD

    Catalina 12/6

    I'll get working on that...:D
  132. Catalina CD

    Catalina 12/6

    Nice job! Good to see some decent yellow's are still around. I happen to live here on Catalina. Yes, things have been quiet around here. My favorite time of year. We love our tourists, but it's nice to finally get a break. I was out all day yesterday (8 hours) on the back side, and only saw 1...
  133. Catalina CD

    Sea Monster on Video

    I think it's kinda cute...
  134. Catalina CD

    Newbie Looking for Lingcod

    Well, with the help of this forum, I caught my first lingcod yesterday! 22" on the nuts, so just barely legal...but a keeper none-the-less. My phone died, so I wasn't able to get a pic. Gonna have it for dinner tonight. This is what makes fishing fun:) Thanks guys!
  135. Catalina CD

    Yellowfin Tips Needed

    Good advice there Gary. I've been slowly getting to know a few of the guys from the Tuna Club. Hope to be able to join one of them fishing someday.
  136. Catalina CD

    Yellowfin Tips Needed

    Problem is when you live here on Catalina, you don't have time to fish during the summer since everyone is so busy. It's a big catch 22 living here & trying to fish. Had been trying to get some off-shore fishing in just after summer, but couldn't find anybody to join me (everybody has their own...
  137. Catalina CD

    SMB Grand Slam...Sort of

    Crazy how you caught that butt like that. How deep of water were you in?
  138. Catalina CD

    Yellowfin Tips Needed

    I plan to head out and see if there are any yellowfin tuna lingering around. I've never fished for them, so I'm just looking for some basic advice. I have a general idea on how to fish for them, but could use a couple pointers if anybody has some.
  139. Catalina CD

    Any Tips for Catching Bait Fish?

    I've been struggling to make bait lately. Anybody have any tips for finding/catching bait fish? Normally I am using sabiki rigs. Should I be using something else? I've chummed with canned cat food, attached squid to my sabiki hooks, etc....with no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)
  140. Catalina CD

    Any Yellowtail Around?

    Just curious to see if anyone has caught any yellowtail around Catalina lately. Wondering if they have moved on yet.
  141. Catalina CD

    Where is "The Shoe"?

    I see a lot of folks mention "The Shoe" on this forum. Where is this? I'm assuming somewhere down near San Diego?
  142. Catalina CD

    Rpt.-Sat.-11-08-14 SCI Reds on the chew!

    Great report! What did you catch the lingcod on? Fin bait, squid, lure???
  143. Catalina CD

    Newbie Looking for Lingcod can't be anymore specific than that:D Thanks Captain!
  144. Catalina CD

    Newbie Looking for Lingcod

    "where are you fishing?" I'm fortunate to live on Catalina, and that's where I wish to target them.
  145. Catalina CD

    Newbie Looking for Lingcod

    I'm still a newbie when it comes to saltwater fishing, and looking for advice on how to fish for lingcod. How/where do you begin to target lingcod? What should one use for bait? What depth do you normally find 'em at? Any feedback would be appreciate...:D
  146. Catalina CD

    kick his ass seabass 10/24/14

    Wow...didn't know any WSB were around? That is a dandy. Congrat's!
  147. Catalina CD

    Yellowtail in Two Harbors

    Nice toad! Did you catch that right in Isthmus harbor? I assume so since most of that area outside of the harbor is MLPA.
  148. Catalina CD

    Catalina...Where's the Bait?

    Has anybody had a hard time making bait around Catalina lately? I haven't had much luck the past few weeks at catching any bait fish. All my usual spots have dried up. Just curious if I'm the only one experiencing this. If not...what am I doing wrong???
  149. Catalina CD

    Spectra...What is it?

    I realize Spectra is a type of braid, but what exactly is it? What makes it so special? Do most of you out there use it? I've been using standard braid for years, but curious about the advantages of Spectra...if any.
  150. Catalina CD

    Fishing southwest end of Catalina

    Damn it Geoff...I can't hideLOL
  151. Catalina CD

    siwash hooks for megabaits

    Don't you guys get nervous using split rings? I've lost a few fish in my time due to split rings opening/straightening out. Are there some that actually hold up?
  152. Catalina CD

    Bright Yellow Fishing Line

    I just purchased some Berkley FireLine, and didn't realize it was going to be bright yellow in color. Anybody use this color? Seems like it would be highly visible. Just curious if I should give it a shot, or just reorder some more in a different color.
  153. Catalina CD

    Fishing southwest end of Catalina

    Tons of yellowtail around the Palisades area, which is just southeast of Silver Canyon. Just look for the parking lot surrounding the squid boat there every morning. Almost too easy!
  154. Catalina CD

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Yes...nice catch! Nothing wrong with keeping what you caught. Now I'm hungry for some fish taco's...:drool:
  155. Catalina CD

    Where's the 277?

    Well...that's a big 'ol ask and you shall receive. So, these are just "spots" that earned these numbers? Appreciate the help there Aggro...this link is great!
  156. Catalina CD

    Where's the 277?

    Hope this doesn't come off as a stupid question. I'm very new to ocean fishing. When someone reports that the fish are biting off the 277, or 182, or 206...what exact do they mean? I know that they are referring to latitude/longitude coordinates, but how do you locate a spot with just one number?
  157. Catalina CD

    Rpt. Wed.-06-18-14 Catalina Calicos!

    I think I saw you Wednesday morning. Was fishing near Hen rock in my 17' Mako. I just so happen to live here on Catalina, and you're right about it being feast or famine. Wished I had been on the back side that day. Friend of mine ran into quite a few yellowtail & seabass that day back there. Oh...
  158. Catalina CD

    Batteries Draining Mysteriously

    Zincs are fine.
  159. Catalina CD

    Batteries Draining Mysteriously

    I installed it a couple months ago. Would always turn the boat battery switch completely off before I had the radio. I now leave the switch on to maintain the radio memory. I'm assuming the radio is the problem, but memory shouldn't drain a brand new marine battery. Did a little...
  160. Catalina CD

    Batteries Draining Mysteriously

    Radio is wired through the power block.
  161. Catalina CD

    Batteries Draining Mysteriously

    In the water.
  162. Catalina CD

    Batteries Draining Mysteriously

    Yes, I have a battery switch. Takes about a week to drain the batteries.
  163. Catalina CD

    Batteries Draining Mysteriously

    I got a '89 171 Mako, with 2 batteries & a battery switch. My batteries kept dying, would recharge them, and would die again. Thought they were bad, so I got 2 brand new batteries. Went to use my boat this morning, and battery is completely dead...again. Can't figure out what is draining my...
  164. Catalina CD

    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    You by chance got that number...?
  165. Catalina CD

    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    Give Scotty a call. He's a friend of mine here on Catalina, and has his own charter business. Does a great job of finding fish!
  166. Catalina CD

    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    Nice work! Very jealous. I moved to Catalina from Minneapolis 7 years ago. Still learning this whole saltwater fishing thing. Been out on both sides of the island, but not much luck lately. Problem is bait. If you live here you have to make your own. Wish there was a bait barge still here to...
  167. Catalina CD


    Yeah...I'll admit. I'm a bit spoiled in that regards...:-)
  168. Catalina CD


    Anybody getting as annoyed with the winds around here lately as I am??? I live on Catalina, and have been trying to get out onto the back side for the past couple weeks. Seems like every other day there is at least a small craft advisory, if not gale watches/warnings. I can't complain too much...
  169. Catalina CD

    Lazy Afternoon at Catalina - 5/3

    Nice! I live here on Catalina, and I think you get more fishing in around here than I do. Well done.
  170. Catalina CD

    Great Fishing: Monster Ling Cod on light gear!!!

    Correct...just curious of general area. Trust me...I know fisherman must earn their secrets:) I appreciate the advice. Hope to learn a lot more from this forum. Thanks!
  171. Catalina CD

    Catalina Reds - 12/15

    I actually live on Catalina, so I can appreciate this thread. Had same reaction to the weather that day. Didn't think I would get out due to the small craft advisory, but ended up being a beautiful calm day. The wifey & I were on the west end as well, but didn't have the luck with the fish like...
  172. Catalina CD

    Great Fishing: Monster Ling Cod on light gear!!!

    Where were these caught? How deep of water were you in? Saltwater fishing is all new to me, and I'm desperately trying to learn. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.:cheers: