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    Marco polo sheep open ??

    Hey guys. Traveling in Russia next year. Any body know if Marco polo sheep is open? (tajikistan)
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    Good Mud Marlin Bite in MDR

    Hey guys. Just an FYI for everyone. The small rays are on the bite in marina del rey harbor. 4 Oz pyramid sinker swiveled to 40lb. 2 ft. Leader, 4/0 long shank hook and frozen squid. Great fun for the kids! good luck on the bigger models(20-40lbs) though.
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    Offshore Wide open on SHOGUN- 9/11 to 9/13

    Hey guys. Just got a 1.5 day on the shogun. 1st Class operation al the way! captain Bruce, Tommie and crew were the best. Early departure (4:00 pm) put us in the zone (140 miles) at 6:00 am. It didn't take long to find the YFT. 1st real stop of the day- WFO ! limits before noon. A few nice...
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    Offshore Tuna Pens

    Hey guys. last year the only place to get the BFT to bite was near the pens. Are the pens still there and anyone had any luck at them this year?
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    Rat Yellows and Toad Bonies breezing in King Harbor

    Hey guys. Took my boys down to the pier just to mess around with perch and small calicos, when out of nowhere comes this breezer of yellows (all about 5-10 lbs) must have been close to 10 fish. Thought I was having a flash back to 1979 when yellows were thick in the harbor. 15 minutes later...
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    Local WSB Bite For Real???

    Hey guys. I heard they got a bunch of slug WSB on the Redondo half day boat yesterday. Anybody know the details??
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    Offshore 1 1/2 Day Trip On The SHOGUN

    Hey Guys. I just got off a day 1/2 trip on the Shogun. That's right. The Shogun. A boat that usually fishes long range is running the shorter trips right now. We ended up fishing the Mushroom on an almost eerie day. Flat calm conditions, socked in with fog, and no other boats around- all...
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    Pursuit WSB Today.. How Big???

    Hey guys! Anybody know the details of the WSB caught today (Mon.) on the Pursuit???
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    Circle Hooks For Inshore/Island Use ?

    Hey Guys. I was fishing the sand bass on a local half-day boat recently and the captain asked me why was I using a ringed mutu (Owner 4/0) circle hook. I scatched my head and wondered what he meant. I always fish a ringed mutu for pretty much all applicatons, including on the larger Cat...
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    Which Calstar with an Accurate 197

    Hey Guys! Santa's bringin me a Boss 197 x for Christmas, but I'm gonna need a rod to go with it- something that'll cover all the bases (bass, yellows,barries) 15-20 lb. class. Will it work with a 900L ?
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    What's a "greenstick" ?

    Hey guys. I read in HFN that some of the most sucessfull guys who fish ahi in Kona ( like McGrew and Carlton on IHU NUI) are using the greenstick. Anybody know what it is and how you fish it?
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    Forget The Bones- Where Are These Cat. Yellowtail !?!

    I wonder why the yellows haven't gone off yet this fall. Hmm... Could it have somthing to do with a shortage of squid? Aren't the squid usually in by now ? What's up with that ?
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    Asian Bait Release Ritual ??

    Hey guys! I pulled up to the Marina Del Rey bait dock a couple days ago for a couple scoops of 'dines and saw something unusual ( to me anyway). This Asian lady, who obviously wasn't dressed for fishing, was handing the attendant wads of cash, what honestly looked like $ 1,000 bucks and he...
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    Perfect Weather...Perfect Yellowtail Conditions...No Boat!!

    Hey!! Anybody know why the Pursuit crew was a no show today at the docks? No explanation was given at the landing. A replacement boat was offered, but alot of guys, including myself, had to pass on it. We fish the Pursuit because of the excellent captain, crew and knowledge of Catalina...
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    Why No Sport Boat WSB??

    Maybe I'm just way off or something, but why in the hell aren't the open party boats getting in on the wsb season that just happens to be going on right now. Is it an exclusive species (wsb) that has to caught from a six pack ? Whats wrong with scheduling a 3/4 or full day trip to leave the...
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    catalina yellows are in....Almost

    just a note. Saw lots of breezing fish today. Chased them down, metered them, but they wouldn't bite. No luck yet on the spots. The fish just haven't settled in yet. Should be soon.
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    Topless Fishing Charters in Kona ?

    Hey Guys! I read a story about a topless charter operation in Florida. Sounds like a hell of a business model. Anybody heard of this kind of thing in kona?
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    Costa Del Mar... Any good ?

    Hey guys. Does anyone know anything about sport optics (sunglasses) ? I'm looking to buy a pair of Costa Del Mar "Blackfins" that are supposedly non-slip. Are they worth $ 140.00 ?
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    Why no more Kona Pier weigh-ins ??

    Hey guys. After fishing Kona many times over the years, I've always left wondering why, or whose decision was it to stop weighing- in fish at the old Kona Pier. I think it added to the whole experience- for fishermen and tourists alike, who came out to see all the big fish weighed-in. There...
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    Should I spring for the Trini 20 dc??

    Hey guys! I need some advice. Is the new Trinidad with the micro chip worth $ 750.00, or is it just a gimmick? Some guys are saying its for the "coffee grinder" guys who can't cast worth a damn.
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    Where are the yellows this year???

    Hey! Has anyone even seen a sign of yellowtail at the west end/backside lately? By this time last year we were into some great bites on the 8-15lb. stuff.
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    Is Kona Fished-Out???

    Hey Guys! Just got back from Kona, on a Thanksgiving trip with the wife and kids. I decided to charter a boat out of Honokohau Harbor for a full day. Great Captain and crew, nice 42 foot boat and beautiful calm conditions. The only thing missing was any sign of fish!! Now, I've fished Kona for...
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    Problem With JX 6/3 Freespool

    Help guys! I took my jx apart to clean and lube and now I can't get the reel to freespool without applying moderate pressure to the drag pre-set knob. This fixes the problem until I return the lever to freespool. Any ideas? Thanks. P.S.- Love the reels. I have 8 of 'em at last count.
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    Fishing Kona In Mid Nov.

    Hey guys. I need some help. I havent been to Kona since I fished there in the late '70s, early '80s. Any of the "old school" skippers/ boats still around? I think the boat I fished was the Kona Seafari with Tomo Rogers. Is he still around? Thanks guys.
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    Offshore awesome albie bite on the PROWLER (7/9)

    If anyone wants to fish albacore, theres one word- PROWLER. Cpt. Buzz and crew did an excellent job. I finished with 6 bait fish!
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    where'd the albies go ?

    I'm scheduled to go on the prowler monday, but now I dont know. Have these schools split? What do you guys think. Should I wait or go ?
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    HX In Purple ?

    Has anyone seen any HX in limited-run colors like purple yet?
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    Problem With Accurate 270 Pre-set

    Maybe someone can help me out. I took my new 270 out for the first time yesterday. Today i'm cleaning the reel and I go to back-off on the pre-set knob and it won't budge- completely frozen. Am I doing something wrong? What's the deal?
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    Williamson Baits in Kona?

    Anybody ever try these realistic replicas on Kona blues/ahi ? They have an aku model thats supposed to swim pretty good. :confused:
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    Is spectra really necessary when fishing locally/ Catalina? I've always gotten away with straight mono and flourocarbon leaders. Spectra-schpectra... Whats the big deal, eh ?:confused:
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    For anyone who appreciates top-notch customer service, product knowledge and awesome prices this the place to go. Kudos to Ed and Sam. You've got a customer for life:notworthy
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    Anybody Have a PURPLE EX4 wide??

    Im looking for a new/newer EX4 wide in purple. I'm willing to trade a gold EX4 wide (new in the box). All my other Avets are purple.