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    Offshore Is this common on the tuna grounds?

    Pretty damn inconsiderate if you ask me. Most of the fleets skippers recommend during the galley huddle, to fish no lighter than 30lb. And prefer 40lb. Because of the same type of scenario (hours on a fish). No excuse.
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    1.5 Day: Aztec, Prowler, or Dominator?

    Pay a little more and go on the SHOGUN. Awesome boat, crew, food. Nice staterooms, comfortable. I used to fish on Prowler. Great boat and skipper, but kinda tight quarters. shogun is truly long range style. They even pull out the kite rig on 1 1/2 day trips.
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    Marina Del Rey 39 yellows

    More like 39 yellowfin croaker and 4 lizard fish
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    1 1/2 or 2 day trip

    1 1/2 day gives you more bang for your buck. Shogun is a great boat. Very beamy ( wide) and great crew. Food is always great too.
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    Bolsa Chica Yellowtail from jetty

    King harbor Redondo Beach in the 80's .yellows were thick in the harbor when AES power plant pumped hot water into the harbor.
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    Anyone know where I can catch something ?

    Whatever you do, don't bother with rocky point area. No current, no conditions, cold water
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    Redondo Special...Not so Special Today

    I have nothing but good things to say about Redondo sport fishing. Sure, in the recent past things were pretty screwed up. But thanks to the new ownership , who actually treat their customers with respect, this place is really turning around. As far as the bait situation goes, look this a...
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    Offshore Bait Rolling

    I went on a 1 1/2 day last week and was surprised by the way the bait was loaded at the bait dock. No scoops. Just buckets! One after another they handed the buckets into the wells. I'm sure it made a difference. Although some of our sardines rolled, most stayed in decent condition through the trip.
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    Offshore Bait Rolling

    I went on a 1 1/2 day last week and was surprised by the way the bait was loaded at the bait dock. No scoops. Just buckets! One after another they handed the buckets into the wells. I'm sure it made a difference. Although some of our sardines rolled, most stayed in decent condition through the trip.
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    Marco polo sheep open ??

    Thanks alot for the info.
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    Marco polo sheep open ??

    Hey guys. Traveling in Russia next year. Any body know if Marco polo sheep is open? (tajikistan)
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    Offshore what color feather for trolling

    I don't bring trolling gear anymore. Use what's onboard. If you're just dying to use you own stuff, bring zukers or clones- purple/black, green/yellow (zucchini).
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    Offshore Monster Blue Marlin caught after 28 hour battle...WOW!

    Million dollar fish. Shoulda saved this one for the biz we.
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    Good Mud Marlin Bite in MDR

    Hey guys. Just an FYI for everyone. The small rays are on the bite in marina del rey harbor. 4 Oz pyramid sinker swiveled to 40lb. 2 ft. Leader, 4/0 long shank hook and frozen squid. Great fun for the kids! good luck on the bigger models(20-40lbs) though.
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    Offshore My 3rd Offshore Trip and still SKUNKED!

    Sounds like someone's due for a WFO bite. Don't worry . Stick to the basics,use your fluorocarbon, pick out a good bait. Don't be afraid to try a different boat. They all have experienced captains, but watch the counts and see who's consistent. When all else fails, PRAY!!
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    Offshore Wide open on SHOGUN- 9/11 to 9/13

    I 'd love to tell you to bring your mega baits or spectra with flouro. Top shots etc. But I'm telling you now.... These fish ate anything. After getting 4 on 25 lb. I switched to 40 and they ate it just as well. But generally, 2/0 ringed circle hook, tied to 25lb fluorocarbon and straight 25lb...
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    Offshore Wide open on SHOGUN- 9/11 to 9/13

    Hey guys. Just got a 1.5 day on the shogun. 1st Class operation al the way! captain Bruce, Tommie and crew were the best. Early departure (4:00 pm) put us in the zone (140 miles) at 6:00 am. It didn't take long to find the YFT. 1st real stop of the day- WFO ! limits before noon. A few nice...
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    Offshore Eclipse 1 1/2 day - Bad Timing

    Sorry to hear that, but the 1.5 day trips are slaying the YFT at 140 miles. I just got off the Shogun (1.5 day). Bruce has been leaving the dock @ 4:00 pm. Allowing for more fishing time.
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    Offshore Tuna Pens

    The bite has shifted to the area of fish at 120 miles. It's been solid yellowfin with a few kelps giving up a couple dorado and small (5lbs.) yellows.
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    Offshore WSB still on the Squid beds in Hermosa?

    oh yeah. I did catch a 40lb bisquit in the kelp at rocky a couple days ago...50lb kelp cutter rig w/ 6/0 aki twist and fresh dead.
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    Offshore WSB still on the Squid beds in Hermosa?

    There are no WSB / squid nests at Hermosa- period.
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    Offshore Tuna Pens

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Offshore Tuna Pens

    Hey guys. last year the only place to get the BFT to bite was near the pens. Are the pens still there and anyone had any luck at them this year?
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    Fished Kona 4-18-11

    Been there... a few times. Even in Kona the skunks come out . Try scheduling your next trip towards the end of July. More opportunities. More bites.
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    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    Awesome catch. So many guys have been fishing real hard for years to get a fish like that one, i.e. Ralph Mikkelson, but have come up short. Truly a special fish. Congrats !!
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    redondo special 1/2 day PM Yllwtail

    That really sucks, man. I had to go all the way to San Diego and overnight to get some tail. And they were 5lbs. kelp paddy fish!! f***'in awesome on a 1/2 day boat. Go get em again tomorrow while they're still there.
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    Kona charter recommendation?

    Fo da ahi, IHU NUI wit McGrew. They fish the "greenstick" rig (birds) real effective. They know how to raise fish.
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    Blue Fin on a Halfday

    The landing didn't report BFT on the 1/2 day. Straight rockfish in the am. Mixed bottom critters in the pm. They did have a showing of mr. T, though in the pm. Hmmm.
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    Blue Fin on a Halfday

    P I C T U R E ? ?
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    Rat Yellows and Toad Bonies breezing in King Harbor

    dude.... i'm sorry. you're right. must have taken a wrong turn at PCH. Silly me...
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    Rat Yellows and Toad Bonies breezing in King Harbor

    Hey guys. Took my boys down to the pier just to mess around with perch and small calicos, when out of nowhere comes this breezer of yellows (all about 5-10 lbs) must have been close to 10 fish. Thought I was having a flash back to 1979 when yellows were thick in the harbor. 15 minutes later...
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    Local WSB Bite For Real???

    Hey guys. I heard they got a bunch of slug WSB on the Redondo half day boat yesterday. Anybody know the details??
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    Redondo Bonito

    thats a good sign. Haven't caught bonito in there in years. Has edison turned the bubblehole back on or what?
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    Got Tuna?

    way to go brah. nice ahi. good boat.. good crew. if you fished with a Holtz, you're with good people. Caught many nice blues with his dad Mike back in the 70's on the old "Lei Aloha" and recently on "Jun Ken Po".
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    Best charter on Oahu?

    Just some friendly advice. Try to bypass Kawalo Basin (closest boat harbor to Waikiki) and drive a little bit to Pokai Bay. There you'll find better charter prices and shorter boat rides to the fishing grounds. I learned this the hard way $$$$$$ ! Good luck.
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    Offshore Prepare for a boat ride. Albies Heading for Japan

    Ditto. Found a kelp with a bunch of birthday baloons on it (on the Mushroom). It was loaded with the little 5lbs. yellows. The only BFT was a grey bite that morning for 8 20-25lbs. class BFT.
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    Offshore 1 1/2 Day Trip On The SHOGUN

    Hey Guys. I just got off a day 1/2 trip on the Shogun. That's right. The Shogun. A boat that usually fishes long range is running the shorter trips right now. We ended up fishing the Mushroom on an almost eerie day. Flat calm conditions, socked in with fog, and no other boats around- all...
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    yellowtail off a pier??????????????

    the bones arent there like they used to be. Mainly because Edison stopped pumping that hot water into the harbor like they did 20 yrs ago. you can still catch em though. Once in a while.
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    yellowtail off a pier??????????????

    that is SICK!! i've caught yellows in King Harbor before(in the early'80s) that weighed 5-10 lbs. But that fish is crazy. Good job!
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    great fish & hot chicks!!

    Dude.... without pics I'm imagining you and a big bucket of hot kentucky fried....
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    Fished on the Pursuit off of 22nd Street

    The Pursuit is undoubtedly one of the best full day boats in the LA area. And the captain, John Woodrum, is one of the hardest working, knowledgable guys out there. Sounds like you picked a bad day..... What can you say? Just get back out there tomorrow.
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    forget da cat, brah. look in to the legality of dat milf's bikini bottom.
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    Spool'd in Kauai!!!

    Don't even worry about it, brah! At least you got to see the fish. Back in the early eightys I fished with my dad on the Kamali Kai Too out of Pokai Bay, Oahu and we had a strike on the 130 lb and got spooled! Never even saw the buggah. It makes for some good "what ifs" , but its something...
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    Pursuit WSB Today.. How Big???

    Hey guys! Anybody know the details of the WSB caught today (Mon.) on the Pursuit???
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    4 lost at sea (includes 3 NFL Players)

    How freakin often is a boat of this quality going to capsize. It must have been over-loaded. Still, just a horrible tradgedy....
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    yeah, but what's he gonna do the next game?
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    USC Football Recruits

    daaaaaaaaaaamn. You sure ripped him a new one. And so eloquently....
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    USC Football Recruits

    class of '86 checking in !!
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    USC Football Recruits

    Basketball players are all pussies until they make it in the NBA!!
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    that was a SICK fall-away by Kobe.
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    Circle Hooks For Inshore/Island Use ?

    If using owner circles is GAY then I don't wanna be straight !! Just don't tell my wife and kids. But seriously, circles don't come unbuttoned. Once the hook is set, that fish aint coming off!
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    Circle Hooks For Inshore/Island Use ?

    Hey Guys. I was fishing the sand bass on a local half-day boat recently and the captain asked me why was I using a ringed mutu (Owner 4/0) circle hook. I scatched my head and wondered what he meant. I always fish a ringed mutu for pretty much all applicatons, including on the larger Cat...
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    Which Calstar with an Accurate 197

    thanks guys... Appreciate the wisdom. Looks like I'm gonna cough up an extra c- note for the XL. (Ouch).
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    Which Calstar with an Accurate 197

    Hey Guys! Santa's bringin me a Boss 197 x for Christmas, but I'm gonna need a rod to go with it- something that'll cover all the bases (bass, yellows,barries) 15-20 lb. class. Will it work with a 900L ?
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    12-3-08 Catalina Island report aboard the Pursuit

    nice report. I've been waiting to see if the squid is going to show up, but even so, the water temp is getting down there. Looks like the yellows have taken off.
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    Best Inshore Reel

    AVET all the way!!! The SX or SX 2-speed. Very versatile, strong as hell. you can fish straight 15-20lb mono inshore or load it with 50lb spectra with a top shot of 40lb mono and fish tuna offshore. Its bad ass!
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    Finest Kind?

    Finest Kind is a reputable outfit. In fact, its hard to go wrong with most of the "big boats" in Lahaina. But, in my opinion, If you don't wat to pay a premium for a fancy boat( Bertrams, Hats,Merritts,etc.) there's a well-known capt. by the name Dave Rocket who runs the "Halcyon" in Lahaina...
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    Redondo skiffs

    Bonito fishing in King Harbor died off quite a few years back when Edison stopped pumping hot water from their plant into the harbor. Back in the day, bonito stayed year round because of the constant 65-70 degree water. In the fall, you could catch 8-15lb. YELLOWTAIL from the rocks next to the...
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    What's a "greenstick" ?

    whoa!!! Incredible stuff. I'm surprised its not used more extensively in Cabo/Baja, with all the big money jackpot tournaments down there. It's definitely a technique worth putting in my arsenal. Thanks for the info.
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    What's a "greenstick" ?

    Hey guys. I read in HFN that some of the most sucessfull guys who fish ahi in Kona ( like McGrew and Carlton on IHU NUI) are using the greenstick. Anybody know what it is and how you fish it?
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    Guaranteed to put a smile on your face...

    That's what you get when you lace that bonito bait with a little VIAGRA. Viva Langosta!
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    Forget The Bones- Where Are These Cat. Yellowtail !?!

    I wonder why the yellows haven't gone off yet this fall. Hmm... Could it have somthing to do with a shortage of squid? Aren't the squid usually in by now ? What's up with that ?
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    KONA Charter

    Some advice... Save your 700.00 bucks and come back in the middle of July. Somewhere around the full moon phase. Thats the best time to bring youngsters. They have a way better chance at hooking a bigger and wider variety of fish.
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    Asian Bait Release Ritual ??

    Hey guys! I pulled up to the Marina Del Rey bait dock a couple days ago for a couple scoops of 'dines and saw something unusual ( to me anyway). This Asian lady, who obviously wasn't dressed for fishing, was handing the attendant wads of cash, what honestly looked like $ 1,000 bucks and he...
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    10-15 Catalina Island

    Hey! Nice photos and report. Did you guys see any signs of yellows?? I'm hoping that 20-25 lbs. stuff will start biting again....
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    Perfect Weather...Perfect Yellowtail Conditions...No Boat!!

    Hey!! Anybody know why the Pursuit crew was a no show today at the docks? No explanation was given at the landing. A replacement boat was offered, but alot of guys, including myself, had to pass on it. We fish the Pursuit because of the excellent captain, crew and knowledge of Catalina...
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    PURSUIT out of 22nd St. 6/25/08

    Hey, nice going! I was there too ! That was a pretty decent day. I caught a few nice bass, but no yellow like you! I was on the bow thowing a green/yellow 7x when you hooked your yellow. Was that on the mint 7x ?
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    Why No Sport Boat WSB??

    Maybe I'm just way off or something, but why in the hell aren't the open party boats getting in on the wsb season that just happens to be going on right now. Is it an exclusive species (wsb) that has to caught from a six pack ? Whats wrong with scheduling a 3/4 or full day trip to leave the...
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    wakiki fishing venture

    Stay away from Waikiki/kawalo Basin. Strictly for tourists. You will pay through the nose for a charter. Head up to Wainae Harbor, about a half hour drive.
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    catalina yellows are in....Almost

    just a note. Saw lots of breezing fish today. Chased them down, metered them, but they wouldn't bite. No luck yet on the spots. The fish just haven't settled in yet. Should be soon.
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    Marlin April 15th

    No natives or villagers are getting that fish. That fish went straight to the wholesale market and is being eaten at some sushi bar in tokyo right now.Someone made some money from that fish! Don't worry about taking that marlin. Thats a great experience. Just let the next one you catch go-...
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    Topless Fishing Charters in Kona ?

    Hey Guys! I read a story about a topless charter operation in Florida. Sounds like a hell of a business model. Anybody heard of this kind of thing in kona?
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    Spring Break fishing report

    Way to spend time with the youngster-times he'll never forget. And quit whining about your boat. When I had to sell my 20' skippie a few years back because of my divorce , I had plenty of days like that, dealing with a-holes on the cattle boats. It just motivated me to get my shit together...
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    Costa Del Mar... Any good ?

    oh yeah ? I've heard of 'em, but don't know a hell of a lot about sunglasses. What's a ballpark price range for them ?
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    Costa Del Mar... Any good ?

    Hey guys. Does anyone know anything about sport optics (sunglasses) ? I'm looking to buy a pair of Costa Del Mar "Blackfins" that are supposedly non-slip. Are they worth $ 140.00 ?
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    Aloha Airlines is no more...

    Too bad, but Hawaiian Air is next. Too many low fare "shuttles" out there and too few routes for Hawaiian. Hope I'm wrong...
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    Need help with fishing trip in the LA area

    By the begining of april, the catalina island white seabass bite may or may not be full swing. I'd say your best bet would be to get on a full day (overnight) or 3/4 (10 hr.) day trip. Try 22nd St. Landing in San Pedro, or Long Beach/ L.A Harbor.
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    Marlin Charter Out of Kona

    When I'm in kona, I like to fish with the more established captains/boats. Some of the best in Kona are: McGrew Rice on the IHU NUI. He specializes in AHI, and works his butt off. Another very experienced captain is Mike Holtz on the JUN KEN PO. This guy has fished Kona for something like 25...
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    Why no more Kona Pier weigh-ins ??

    Hey guys. After fishing Kona many times over the years, I've always left wondering why, or whose decision was it to stop weighing- in fish at the old Kona Pier. I think it added to the whole experience- for fishermen and tourists alike, who came out to see all the big fish weighed-in. There...
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    Kona VS Kauai fishing

    The one thing about fishing Kauai is that the water is very rough- nothing like Kona. But, on the other hand, Ive caught many big ahi over there ( 150-200lbs.). For variety, Kona's the first choice.
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    Should I spring for the Trini 20 dc??

    Hey guys! I need some advice. Is the new Trinidad with the micro chip worth $ 750.00, or is it just a gimmick? Some guys are saying its for the "coffee grinder" guys who can't cast worth a damn.
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    Where are the yellows this year???

    Hey! Has anyone even seen a sign of yellowtail at the west end/backside lately? By this time last year we were into some great bites on the 8-15lb. stuff.
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    Is Kona Fished-Out???

    Howzit Charlie ! Hey, do you know if Dave Rockett is still chartering out of Lahaina? I fished with him many years ago on the "Halcyon" and we just killed the ono. Real good fisherman.
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    Is Kona Fished-Out???

    Thanks for openning my eyes! I had no idea! I guess I'm thinking of the old days when you could charter a top boat like "Black Bart" (Bart Miller's old boat) for $ 350.00 a day!!
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    Is Kona Fished-Out???

    its gotten painfully expensive... try $ 750.00 for a full day. Oouch!!!
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    Is Kona Fished-Out???

    Hey Guys! Just got back from Kona, on a Thanksgiving trip with the wife and kids. I decided to charter a boat out of Honokohau Harbor for a full day. Great Captain and crew, nice 42 foot boat and beautiful calm conditions. The only thing missing was any sign of fish!! Now, I've fished Kona for...
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    question about Avet Fit and Finish

    I have 10 avets in purple. The ony problem is 3 of them are violet, 3 are deep purple, and 4 are lilac. The whole spectrum of the color. But it don't really matter, they work fine
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    Problem With JX 6/3 Freespool

    Help guys! I took my jx apart to clean and lube and now I can't get the reel to freespool without applying moderate pressure to the drag pre-set knob. This fixes the problem until I return the lever to freespool. Any ideas? Thanks. P.S.- Love the reels. I have 8 of 'em at last count.
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    Fishing Kona In Mid Nov.

    Thanks for the tip capt. Charlie. Sounds like I just found good boat/captain. I'll let you know how I do. Again, thanks! -Tom
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    Fishing Kona In Mid Nov.

    Thanks for the info, Jeff.
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    Fishing Kona In Mid Nov.

    Hey guys. I need some help. I havent been to Kona since I fished there in the late '70s, early '80s. Any of the "old school" skippers/ boats still around? I think the boat I fished was the Kona Seafari with Tomo Rogers. Is he still around? Thanks guys.
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    When is the best time to fish at Loreto

    Go soon! The longliners are quickly wiping out the fishing there.
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    PV Tournament Animal House

    Hey everybody. Let's all just get over killing small blue marlin! The Mexicans have gotten Way over it. They're getting ready to wipe it all out. Lactate over the prospects of that!
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    PV Tournament Animal House

    Hey! Nice fish. When are those guys down in P.V. gonna start releasing some of those smaller blues. Not to bust your chops, but the situation in Mexico looks pretty bad now with the longliners wiping out everything in sight. I think we sportsmen should start setting an example for the...
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    Offshore 7/12 the real story

    yeah, looks like this stuff stopped biting for now. Let's hope it's back up and biting over the weekend.
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    Offshore awesome albie bite on the PROWLER (7/9)

    Don't know about all that. He must have taken some anger management classes or something.
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    Offshore awesome albie bite on the PROWLER (7/9)

    If anyone wants to fish albacore, theres one word- PROWLER. Cpt. Buzz and crew did an excellent job. I finished with 6 bait fish!
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    where'd the albies go ?

    I'm scheduled to go on the prowler monday, but now I dont know. Have these schools split? What do you guys think. Should I wait or go ?
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    Offshore June Tuna in Oregon! The video!

    very inspirational and well done!
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    HX In Purple ?

    Has anyone seen any HX in limited-run colors like purple yet?
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    Problem With Accurate 270 Pre-set

    Maybe someone can help me out. I took my new 270 out for the first time yesterday. Today i'm cleaning the reel and I go to back-off on the pre-set knob and it won't budge- completely frozen. Am I doing something wrong? What's the deal?
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    Williamson Baits in Kona?

    Anybody ever try these realistic replicas on Kona blues/ahi ? They have an aku model thats supposed to swim pretty good. :confused:
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    Going to Oahu in early April-need recommendations

    Try to stay away from the tourist traps in Honolulu ( Kawalo Basin Dock). You will definitely pay a premium. Best bet is to take a short drive (30 min.) up to Pokai Bay. There are some good boats/skippers up there, and they fish some very productive ahi (yellow-fin) areas as well as marlin...
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    Kona in june

    There are still some top captains/boats in Kona (Honokohau Harbor). One of the best and most experienced is Mike Holtz. He's on the " Jun Ken Po". An excellent boat. Another legendary captain is Peter Hoogs on the " Pamela". Most Boats in Kona charge $ 700.00 for a full day charter (7:00-...
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    Is spectra really necessary when fishing locally/ Catalina? I've always gotten away with straight mono and flourocarbon leaders. Spectra-schpectra... Whats the big deal, eh ?:confused:
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    What color Avets do you have ?

    8 AND ALL IN GRAPE!!! Awesome!!
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    Clicker on my 4/02W

    I had the same question when I bought mine. But its all good. Anything as powerfull as that reel is gonna make a little noise. The best analogy ive heard about Avet reels is that they are the HARLEY- DAVIDSON of fishing reels.
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    For anyone who appreciates top-notch customer service, product knowledge and awesome prices this the place to go. Kudos to Ed and Sam. You've got a customer for life:notworthy
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    Anybody Have a PURPLE EX4 wide??

    Im looking for a new/newer EX4 wide in purple. I'm willing to trade a gold EX4 wide (new in the box). All my other Avets are purple.
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    Green Avets

    sav-on tackle in Santa Fe Springs has em in green.
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    Green Avets

    Sav-on tackle in Sant Fe Springs has em in green. Theyre near the corner of Orr-Day and Telegraph, 1 block from the 605 frwy.
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    Green Avets

    Sav-on Tackle in Santa Fe Springs has em in green. Corner of Orr-Day and Telegraph. 1 block from the 605 fwy.