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    (4) Saltiga Blast 4000/4500 lot.

    These were my backup reels. The poor mans Saltiga. All made in japan. Parts are mode interchangeable between the catalina and saltiga. All show signs of use cosmetically. Normal usage marks like on the rotor arms from spinning. Lips are all clean. Scuffs on bottom of reel. Rod holder marks on...
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    Fs: (2) JDM Daiwa Ryoga C2020PE-H Bay Jigging reels

    #1 Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-H M 9+/10 C 8/10 Heavy duty BJ model, more drag than above standard 2020 model. Centrifugal brakes. Synchronized levelwind. Has box usage marks $330 shipped #2 Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020PE-H M 9+/10 C 8.6/10 Heavy duty BJ model, more drag than above standard 2020...
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    Fs: (2) Saltiga Z 6000, SOM NL 6000 spool.

    #1 Saltiga Z 6000 M:9.5/10 C:8.5+/10 no explanation needed, legendary workhorse reel. Has box and pouch. minor marks, but great to use. 30kg drag. Made in japan Buy both z6000 ill include the spare SOM 6000 spool $550 shipped. Drop $500 shipped #5 Saltiga Z 6000 M:9.5/10 C:8/10 no...
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    saltiga Z30.

    as title states. hopefully a good one i can use right off the bat with no problems. needs to be shipped to 11214 and pay via paypal.
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    new, never used. JVARIANCE 4/0 narrow complete reel, nice!! power handle and upgrades

    new, i never used it since i built it. comes with clamp. has senator 4/0 internals. new,3 position stainless steel power handle. YES, STEEL, not aluminum. feel the power! id be damned if you can bend it while winching something from the deep. new, 3 stack smooothie drags + drag plates new...
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    Penn 113H 4/0 , need it for cheap!

    title states it. looking for a working 4/0. please pm which you have, condition, and price. the cheaper, the better =D =D thanks.
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    bnib : abu big game, high speed narrow, BG7000HSN

    this one is just sitting here. dunno why. itd be a great bugger 15-20# reel to play with. this BG 7000 HSN has the gold sideplates and gold spool. NOT the black sideplate one, this one uses the push button, not freespool lever (which sucks IMO) its about the same capacity as a 6500, but...
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    saltist 20H.

    looking for a useable reel. beaten is fine. as long as the drag star doesnt have problem which some batches did. going to use this on the surf. so its gonna get thrown around the truck anyways. i use paypal and need it shipped to NYC
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    wtb: abu 7xxx levelwind or ct or weird throw togethers.

    ya topic states it. letme know condition, prices, pics.
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    wanted. pro gear cs500 , newell p229f p220f

    im looking to get one or other for my cousins bday preference in that order. show me what you got!! i dont mind used reels either. edit- i just added the cs501 to the list. and thatll go to the top. so my preferences are CS501 CS500 Newell P229F Newell P220F
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    penn 525 gs NOT MAG

    looking for two shipped into NYC. will pay via paypal. please drop me an email ooeric at optonline dot net as i do not frequent this board as much as others.
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    daiwa slx30sha

    so i was fishing, before i started to pack up my stuff to leave. i give one good cast without bait to relevel my line neatly i cast, pop~! sinker snaps off the swivel.. yes the swivel. and i get a nice backlash i untangle all that crap and proceeded to reel my line in. i get a scrapping...