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    Best Time to SoCal

    I've done some research as to when is the best time to sell a boat, but the answers I have been finding are all over the map. Obviously the time of year will vary depending on which part of the country you are from, and boating seasons. Generally, when is the best time to sell a boat in Southern...
  2. Catalina CD

    Elite Chirp 7 Won’t Keep Memory

    I installed my Lowrance Elite Chirp 7 chart plotter/fishfinder about 2.5 years ago. It has worked fine ever since. Yesterday when I turned it on it acted like it was reset. Turned it off/on again with the same issue. All my info is gone, and just goes into demo/setup mode. Basically the constant...
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    What Is This Creature???

    Have seen hundreds of these floating around Catalina Island lately (not referring the the garibaldi). Body feels almost like a plastic water bottle. It's not a jelly fish. It actually has a fish-like mouth. Most seem to be around 7 or so inches long. Anybody know what the heck these things are?
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    Fish ID Please....

    Caught this while sand dab fishing in 300ft water off Avalon. Any ideas what it is???
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    Fathom 25N Casting Issues

    I have a Fathom FTH25NLD, and I cannot cast it without get a nasty rats nest! If I tighten the spool enough to prevent this, the drag is waaaaaay too heavy. I can't find a good balance. It's to the point where this reel is unusable. Must be missing something. Is there another adjustment I can...
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    Cast Nets for

    I'm sure a few of you have seen Rush on Local Knowledge use a cast net to catch bait fish while in Florida. Are they legal to use in SoCal waters? I'm assuming not since nobody here uses them. Just curious.
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    Rod Suggestion Needed

    Been wanting to get a serious tuna rig for a while now. Just found a couple used Penn Senator reels. One is a 114-H, and the other a Senator 6/0. Now I need some rods to match up with these. Something that can pull in a 100+ pound fish, and mostly used while trolling. Any suggestions?
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    Hoop Net...Best Knot to Use

    I decided to give hoop netting a try, and just bough my first 2 nets. What's the best knot to use to secure a rope to the hoop net harness? Just don't wanna lose my new nets to a poor knot. Any advice would be appreciated:-)
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    Evinrude E-Tec 115HP - Gas Usage

    I got a brand new Evinrude 115HP E-Tec installed onto my '89 Mako 171 earlier this year. Haven't been impressed with my gas milage. Been keeping track, and have been averaging 2.5 nmpg. After reviewing several performance reports, I should be getting twice the gas milage. Also noticed my...
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    Tides & Fish Bite

    Do you find it that fish bite better at low tide, or high tide? Tidal current is normally strongest at mid-tide, so maybe that's the best time? Just curious to see what other fisherman's experiences were with fish bite compared to tides.
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    I Hate Drones but.......

    This is interesting.
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    Outboard Motor Cable Wrap

    Need some ideas what to use to wrap the cables leading to my new outboard. My old motor had some plastic cable "wrap", but was in poor condition so I threw it out thinking it would be easy to find some more. We' I can't seem to find the stuff. Any ideas?
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    Frozen Squid Online?

    Anybody know where you can order frozen squid by the pound online? If not online, any place I can call to order? Everybody has run out here on Catalina Island. I'm sure plenty other places in SoCal are experiencing the same thing thanks to El Nino. Was hoping to find a source someplace that...
  14. Catalina CD

    California Central Coast - Fishing

    Just curious. What kind of fishing goes on along the central coast of California? I'm thinking not too much since the central coast fishing report forum is a bit thin compared to southern Cali. Anybody fish this area, if so, for what species?
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    Yamaha V4 115HP vs Evinrude E-Tec V4 115HP

    Plan to re-power the boat next year, and have it narrowed down to these 2. Which would you choose, and why? I haven't received any quotes yet, but I imagine the Evinrude costs more. What are some other advantages/disadvantages of these motors? Any advice would be appreciated...:D
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    Fishfinder/GPS Combo - Recommendations?

    I'm looking into getting a combo unit, and have no idea where to start. I've got a 17' Mako, and do most of my fishing around Catalina Island. Currently I've got seperate GPS & fishfinder units, which are 15 years old. Both are in dire need of replacement. I'm not familar with the new...
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    Any Dorado's around Catalina?

    Heading out tomorrow, and would like to target some do-do's. Will be heading out from Catalina, and was wondering if anyone was catching them nearby the island.
  18. Catalina CD

    Boat Ladder Recommendations

    I've got a 17' Mako, and would like to get a small/removable boat ladder for it. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Fathom vs. Squall

    Debating on which one to get. Besides one being metal (Fathom) vs. graphite (Squall), what are the differences between these reels? Which one would you lean towards? Plan on using it for general fishing around Catalina...yellowtail, halibut, sea bass, etc.. Any feedback would be appreciated:D
  20. Catalina CD

    Avalon Tuna Club Tour - 8/1

    Check this out. Tuna Club opens its doors only once a year. Very interesting tour. Highly recommend checking it out if you get a chance. Usually sells out, so get your tickets in advance!
  21. Catalina CD

    Caught Best Yellowtail...Twice!

    Took a couple buddies of mine fishing to the east end of Catalina yesterday. Trolling Rapala's, and 20 minutes in my buddy Adam goes bendo! Hauled in his personal best YT...about 35lbs. Took a few pic's of it. Fished a couple more hours with no luck. Headed back into Avalon, but wanted to...
  22. Catalina CD

    MLPA Violation - Penalties?

    Had a close call over the weekend. Got pulled over by DFG. Was trolling on the very edge of MLPA area front side of Catalina (Blue Cavern). I knew that the area was MPA, but just spaced out while I was trolling. DFG just gave me a heads up of where I was at. Made me realize how careful you have...
  23. Catalina CD

    Catalina - Any Squid Boats Around This Week?

    Just curious if anyone knows of any squid boats that will around Catalina this week. If so, do you know what channel they are on? I know there was one here over the weekend, but I believe they left.
  24. Catalina CD

    Rapala's...Leaders & Snap Swivels

    Is it necessary to use a snap swivel while trolling with a Rapala? Also, is a flourocarbon leader recommended if using braided line in this situation? Just trying to eliminate weak points. I would prefer to just tie my braided line directly to the Rapala, but wondering if this affects the lure...
  25. Catalina CD

    Catalina - The Red Buoy & Barber Polls...Where Are They?

    Fish Dope mentioned the "Red bouy" and the "Barber polls" to find bait around Catalina, but where the heck are they? I live here, and never have heard of these spots. Any thoughts?
  26. Catalina CD

    Farnsworth Yeller - 5.30.15

    My brother paid a visit over the weekend, and wanted to do some fishing. Headed over to Farnsworth. As usual, no bait around so we stuck to trolling with some Rapala's. Things were bleak for the first hour. Not many marks on the locator, no birds, and no other boats (odd for a Saturday)...
  27. Catalina CD

    Catalina - Where's The Bait?

    As some or most of you know, it's been tough to find fin bait around Catalina the past couple months. The lack of kelp beds has forced bait fish to deeper water, making them harder to find. There also isn't any squid around either. I know you don't feel sorry for me, but it makes it tough for...
  28. Catalina CD

    Securing Bait Receiver

    I use a 32 gallon trash can with a standard lid on it for a bait receiver. I get robbed of my bait almost every time I use it. Anybody have any suggestions as to how to secure something like this? I've got some ideas, but wanted to run it by you folks first.
  29. Catalina CD

    Fish Kill Bags - Suggestions Needed

    I'm in need of a fish bag, and looking for some suggestions. So far I have eyed up the Boone Monster bag, Reliable Fishing Products bag, and Canyon bag. Of course these are not inexpensive, so I'm doing some research before I buy one. Anybody familiar with these? Any pros/cons I should be aware of?
  30. Catalina CD

    How To Remove Plant Growth?

    My boat stays in saltwater (southern California) year round. I pull it out once a year. Of course there is all kinds of plant growth on my bait tank intake pump, and transducer. It's all dried up now, and difficult to remove using a brush. Is there is easier way to remove the plant growth...
  31. Catalina CD

    WSB Catalina?

    Any being caught around Catalina lately? If so, what are you catching them on...squid or fin bait?
  32. Catalina CD

    Yamaha 130 - Shift Issue

    I've got a '89 Yamaha 130 outboard. Was out on the water the other day, and suddenly it wouldn't shift into forward. It would shift into reverse just fine, but not forward. It would make a "grinding" noise as if it was trying to shift into gear but wouldn't. Thought I was going to be stranded...
  33. Catalina CD

    T-Top Suggestions Needed

    Thinking about replacing the center console T-top on my '89 Mako 171, but don't know where to start. Anybody got any suggestions?
  34. Catalina CD

    Catalina Halibut?

    Anybody been catching any halibut around Catalina? I've been trying the last couple times I went out, but with no luck. Tied into a nice YT, but I already got a freezer full of those. Just trying to figure out where the but's are hiding at.
  35. Catalina CD

    Which Marine Channels to Monitor?

    What are some good marine channels to monitor for fishing chatter? I'm normally fishing around Catalina Island (I live there), so I'm looking for chatter around this area. Do squid boats normally use the same channels? If so, what channel(s) are used to get in touch with them? Any advice would...
  36. Catalina CD

    Yellowfin Tips Needed

    I plan to head out and see if there are any yellowfin tuna lingering around. I've never fished for them, so I'm just looking for some basic advice. I have a general idea on how to fish for them, but could use a couple pointers if anybody has some.
  37. Catalina CD

    Any Tips for Catching Bait Fish?

    I've been struggling to make bait lately. Anybody have any tips for finding/catching bait fish? Normally I am using sabiki rigs. Should I be using something else? I've chummed with canned cat food, attached squid to my sabiki hooks, etc....with no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)
  38. Catalina CD

    Any Yellowtail Around?

    Just curious to see if anyone has caught any yellowtail around Catalina lately. Wondering if they have moved on yet.
  39. Catalina CD

    Where is "The Shoe"?

    I see a lot of folks mention "The Shoe" on this forum. Where is this? I'm assuming somewhere down near San Diego?
  40. Catalina CD

    Newbie Looking for Lingcod

    I'm still a newbie when it comes to saltwater fishing, and looking for advice on how to fish for lingcod. How/where do you begin to target lingcod? What should one use for bait? What depth do you normally find 'em at? Any feedback would be appreciate...:D
  41. Catalina CD

    Catalina...Where's the Bait?

    Has anybody had a hard time making bait around Catalina lately? I haven't had much luck the past few weeks at catching any bait fish. All my usual spots have dried up. Just curious if I'm the only one experiencing this. If not...what am I doing wrong???
  42. Catalina CD

    Spectra...What is it?

    I realize Spectra is a type of braid, but what exactly is it? What makes it so special? Do most of you out there use it? I've been using standard braid for years, but curious about the advantages of Spectra...if any.
  43. Catalina CD

    Bright Yellow Fishing Line

    I just purchased some Berkley FireLine, and didn't realize it was going to be bright yellow in color. Anybody use this color? Seems like it would be highly visible. Just curious if I should give it a shot, or just reorder some more in a different color.
  44. Catalina CD

    Where's the 277?

    Hope this doesn't come off as a stupid question. I'm very new to ocean fishing. When someone reports that the fish are biting off the 277, or 182, or 206...what exact do they mean? I know that they are referring to latitude/longitude coordinates, but how do you locate a spot with just one number?
  45. Catalina CD

    Batteries Draining Mysteriously

    I got a '89 171 Mako, with 2 batteries & a battery switch. My batteries kept dying, would recharge them, and would die again. Thought they were bad, so I got 2 brand new batteries. Went to use my boat this morning, and battery is completely dead...again. Can't figure out what is draining my...
  46. Catalina CD


    Anybody getting as annoyed with the winds around here lately as I am??? I live on Catalina, and have been trying to get out onto the back side for the past couple weeks. Seems like every other day there is at least a small craft advisory, if not gale watches/warnings. I can't complain too much...