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    What is an upvote ?

    Bd, please also give us access to delete our accounts. I think that's the next step. Bye.
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    Best price on Reliable Kill Bag?

    I got one from turners a couple of years ago half price for$90
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    I up-voted you like a homosexual.

    I up-voted you like a homosexual.
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    Saw some big white boobies

    Pics or it didn't happen
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    And doxed. The left is not at all tolerant to opinions that are not their own.

    And doxed. The left is not at all tolerant to opinions that are not their own.
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    Down Voting, what does it mean?

    This is a really stupid update for the site. If we're turning into fb it might be time to leave bd.
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    Mercury marine has a new $77000 outboard

    I think it looks good!?
  9. SovietBear

    Mercury marine has a new $77000 outboard

    Kinda disappointed to hear they're quiet. I want a v12 to sound like a raped ape.
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    Defiance yellowtail craig's list

    I don't think it's a scam, but $39K is not "Priced to sell"
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    2001 Cape Craft 22CC W/ 2008 Optimax 150

    I have the same motor. It's a fantastic motor. Great on gas and doesn't require the maintenance of a four stroke.
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    1997 Hydra Sports 20 ocean, 2007 E-Tec 200HO

    Etecs are two strokes but better in my opinion to four strokes. Less maintenance, less weight, more torque, and in some cases better gas mileage than four strokes.
  13. SovietBear

    Rockfish reg changes

    Lower them if it makes you feel better(they don't live). I let them float. I sleep fine. There is NO shortage of reds.
  14. SovietBear

    Rockfish reg changes

    Birds will be stoked on the new vermilion limit. CA is retarded.
  15. SovietBear

    2320 Parker w/ tower

    Helluva deal with that etec
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    Offshore Fishing from a small boat

    that's such a BAD idea. LOL. you have no business going offfshore with that rig. don't push your luck. I mean that constructively....but really. Not good.
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    1969 23 ft Chris-Craft Lancer

    Always something with these "deals"
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    Proline boats, good or bad? In the market and need help

    Lol. Who keeps resurrecting these old posts? I need to start looking at dates.
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    Proline boats, good or bad? In the market and need help

    treat the Force like junk, offer whatever you think the hull is worth. No more.
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    Aerial footage of Calico Bass and Barracuda eating the jig

    that was cooler than I thought it would be....
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    Offshore Fishing from a small boat

    Makes me want to move to Louisiana...tired of crowded CA. Was that a ghost ship at the end? Freaky! Also, there was some decent swell by those oil rigs towards the end. Good day fishing!
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    Best lake in sd to fish

    You want to get a record LMB? dixon, Hodges and maybe wolford. All have caught very close to the world record.
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    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    I really got you all worried about the exif data huh (2 posts)? Your iPhone apparently has gps turned off for photos, so I think you can sleep tonight and not worry about me stealing your spot. =)
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    Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    299 is really low hours. I will say nothing about OP's asking price. If I was going to crap on asking prices, there's probably something I could say about every boat on this board. You can tell when the fishing sucks cause everyone has to get all worked up about stupid shit.... GLWS.
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    Stringari Pilothouse for sale on CL

    legit, figured it would be gone quick with that config. Outboards are sooo much easier. IMO, inboards are why a lot of boats sit on this board and don't sell...
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    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    no gps info in the exif data...damn...
  27. SovietBear

    Stringari Pilothouse for sale on CL

    I'd rather have the outboard. I saw that add too. I think it will be gone fairly quick. Looks nice.
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    Offshore Action on the ridge

    Tow's are stupid expensive. If you're reading this and don't have tow insurance, stop what you're doing right now and buy it. It's like $170/year and a cheap tow is $1500. Most tow's are more....
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    18ft RadonCraft new post

    I take back what I said. I know nothing about that specific boat. It sounds like it has a lot of glass and a house so 38mph could very well be the top end. GLWS
  30. SovietBear

    18ft RadonCraft new post

    Maybe check where it's sitting on that bracket. Might be too high? Post a side pic and we can help. That boat should run like a raped ape with a 200. 45-50mph
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    She's legal

    tell me about these threaded barrels...
  32. SovietBear

    Single vs Twins

    you know what I'd do with a million bucks?
  33. SovietBear

    Last day luck!

    I'd mount that.
  34. SovietBear

    She's legal

    I've been shooting subsonics lately because I'm a considerate human and haven't had a jam. I've heard of this yuma river😉
  35. SovietBear

    She's legal

    I have 2 acres. Don't need to take her anywhere. I wouldn't worry though. During freedom week drums flowed into ca like Mexicans.
  36. SovietBear

    She's legal

    I bought the 110 clip during freedom week....$65? The strike force foldable stock was $115 I think bipod. Cheap, $25? scope. 4x16, $55 Clip is legal due to when I got it. Not legal now. Stock is legal, "26.5 overall length. Rimfire has to be 26. Oh, I paid $225 I think at turners for their...
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    She's legal

    My other bolt action .22 has more kills than all my other guns combined. This one needs to play catch up.... Overkill it is 😁
  38. SovietBear

    She's legal

    So far it doesn't jam like the one in my ar. I'll report back when I have more time with it.
  39. SovietBear

    She's legal

    Haven't seen your "dog" in my yard sir...
  40. SovietBear

    She's legal

    Behold the coyote killer. 10/22 Uh huh.
  41. SovietBear

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    I'd bring this up in court, you may get some leniency. The law is retarded. California is retarded.
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    Remember folks. The ONE reason your boat doesn't sell is the PRICE. Asking $$$$$$for a Radon,.....? People aren't totally stupid.
  43. SovietBear

    17 ft 4 radon

    $52k is what's involved. Lol
  44. SovietBear

    Offshore Mpa infraction

    Please don't forget that schwarzenegger carved up or coast with this bullshit. This will be his legacy.
  45. SovietBear

    Offshore 10/6 425 Farmers only

    Any action at the pens?
  46. SovietBear

    300 HP Mecury Verado Outboard Boat Engine

    There should be a year sticker on the motor, next too the sn.
  47. SovietBear

    Classic 1971 Ski Boat 17'

    Someone will buy that boat for$2k. Just be patient.glws
  48. SovietBear

    Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    Do your research on this hull. It has a bad rap for a reason.
  49. SovietBear

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    Ugh, the yearly thread...
  50. SovietBear

    1989 Baja Bayrunner 22ft $10,500

    5-8k those motors are really old
  51. SovietBear

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Definitely the school girl skirt, spandex anything, and booty shorts.
  52. SovietBear

    Strange sonar marks offshore near 371

    Could be mermen😬
  53. SovietBear

    Opening soon 😊

  54. SovietBear

    New to saltwater

    Garlic soaked marshmallow
  55. SovietBear

    Don’t buy Robalo San Diego

    Lotta douche bags on cl. Be careful.
  56. SovietBear

    Caught 70+ Pound Catfish With Bare Hands - A River MONSTER!

    Looks like fun. You missing any fingers? Lol
  57. SovietBear

    Seattle on fire

    same thing happening to a white dude.... where's the outrage?
  58. SovietBear

    Seattle on fire

    He pistol whipped a pregnant chick then robbed her... Let's all remember this pillar of the community.
  59. SovietBear

    Seattle on fire

    Take fentanyl/meth= get heart attack. The "independent"autopsy (paid for by the family) was done looking at the original autopsy video that stated cause of death was a heart attack.
  60. SovietBear

    Seattle on fire

  61. SovietBear

    How to ball park a rebuild budget?

    There will be good deals in the coming months I predict.
  62. SovietBear

    San Diego full day boats $200

    The price isn't terrible, but they aren't counting on your ability to do math. There will be 60 still.
  63. SovietBear

    Offshore Got. Two

    Thanks for the ten day old report.
  64. SovietBear

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    you appear to be the one calling names(now you're calling me an idiot too)? There is a limit to constructive criticism of how the gentleman handled the fish. I believe that limit may have been exhausted.
  65. SovietBear

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    yellowfish26 you are what is wrong with BD. I think there would be more people who post if it wasn't for your type.
  66. SovietBear

    Offshore 9/19 Wide Open

    Thanks for sharing
  67. SovietBear

    Offshore Oside report 8/6 and tuna ID needed

    damn nice YFT. I'd say 80# is a conservative number. Next time length and girth!
  68. SovietBear

    Oceanside 95 today

    The sport boats are not getting them this year. We are killing them on private boats.
  69. SovietBear

    Wahoo ....coming soon !

    Interesting we had a bait but in half on a pady too.... Was thinking a seal but never saw it.
  70. SovietBear

    Oceanside Score

    I'd be pissed if I booked an expensive long range boat and they sat 6 miles off Oceanside.
  71. SovietBear

    Dropper loop reel

  72. SovietBear

    Wide open tangle

    What's the shitter look like?
  73. SovietBear

    Offshore Bluefin from a kayak?? Attempt No. 1

    Hell, I'll drop you off out there in the zone.. That's cheating. Paddle from shore return to shore. Do it.
  74. SovietBear

    Offshore Bluefin from a kayak?? Attempt No. 1

    It would be awesome for a yakker to catch one. What's the plan so it doesn't turn to mush on your blisteringly fast yak ride to shore?
  75. SovietBear

    Offshore June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    So much info can't. process....
  76. SovietBear

    Two weeks and counting down

    Ask in two weeks
  77. SovietBear

    Dana Point Kelp Patties

    Paddy hopping in may. Wow.
  78. SovietBear

    LaJolla Best Yellow to Date!

    Ill take that over a bft any day
  79. SovietBear

    San Diego 3/4 day - April 3rd

    Nice grade fish. The sd is the fishiest boat in the fleet.
  80. SovietBear

    advice on local marlin needed

    What did you get him on? Sight fishing? Congrats.
  81. SovietBear

    Offshore quick dodo run...

    Good job. I'll be at then next week when weather isn't as shitty.
  82. SovietBear

    Some great local action!

    Nice. Bounce the little bones...
  83. SovietBear

    Offshore Big Dodo to be had

    that big one will haunt my dreams.
  84. SovietBear

    Offshore Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Bro chill. Thank you for the report. There someone said it. Feel better? Want a hug?
  85. SovietBear

    Offshore Fishdope Spotter Plane pics 9-5-2014

    I thought it was the "hair" that made swordfish Elvis?
  86. SovietBear

    Offshore OPAH ! BANG BANG!

    That's a fishy boat glws
  87. SovietBear

    Lowrance elite-5 hdi school me

    I've had this ff for 3 years. I think i suck at seeing stuff on it. School me on how to set it up and read it.
  88. SovietBear

    Offshore BFT Still Around

    x2 on the avatar upgrade you got there...
  89. SovietBear

    Offshore Paddy Poaching

    It does look like he's on the other side of "your" paddy....
  90. SovietBear

    Offshore Rubbr Ducky hits Oceanside-Monday

    77?! That seems really warm? Is your thermometer legit?
  91. SovietBear

    Quick question...

    Does the Oceanside bait receiver have a website?
  92. SovietBear

    Offshore hard work

    That swell must be 7 or 8 inches at least!
  93. SovietBear

    Offshore BOAT FIRE !!

    Holy crap. Putting a better extinguisher on my boat tonight.
  94. SovietBear

    Offshore big patty

    Did you give her a name?
  95. SovietBear

    Offshore 7/19 Epic Part 2???

    i know that spot! thanks for the intel.
  96. SovietBear

    Biscuit and the inshore grand slam with my boy .

    those are some donkeys for sure. Good job getting OTW pics while the fish are lit up instead of cheesy driveway pics.
  97. SovietBear

    Offshore BFT ban in Mexico

    paint the fins yellow...
  98. SovietBear

    I'm hooked! (literally…)

    Balls out why have you done that many times? Aren't you supposed to be hooking fish?
  99. SovietBear

    Big Calico

    In Soviet Russia this bait.