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  1. jigstrike

    Project inflatable and decent Jetski trailer

    $400 Hydro force 10 ft pvc inflatable from Costco. Was fixing it back up after bwing leftboutside for a while and just as I got everything done, we get a little sunshine qhich heata up the full of air tubes aland the seam fails, so I am done. You can use for parts or reglue. Intial failure...
  2. jigstrike

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    Now that rockfish is open to 100 fathoms I cant wait to try new spots that have been off limits. 2 weeks and few days until the opener. Then its taco time! Anybody else looking forward to it?
  3. jigstrike

    SCUBA speaking rockfish‐ lets set up a trip!

    I need to get back in the water and slay some rock fish, sculpin and lings [open all year to divers] but my big boat is waiting on the mechanic and I am stuck on land. Anybody need an experienced boat hand to go diving? Fuel, food, cleaning up etc. I pay my way and know the drill. This...
  4. jigstrike

    Truck bed drawer box

    I had these in the back of my Nissan for tools and stuff. Approx 4x5, exact specs in the pics. 2 long drawers inside a big box. Box is 18mm baltic birch ply. Draws are 1/2 ply of various types. Has held up qell, but i am going a different direction. Slides well even full of tools just from...
  5. jigstrike

    1970's Wellcraft 17 center console questions

    I just saw a wellcraft CC for sale on line that looks like its probably a 1970s era 17 ft. Looks like a good candidate for repower. Anyone have experience with one? Something to watch for? Thinking of getting a cheap hull but new everything else.
  6. jigstrike

    Jetski Fishing Mentor/buddy

    At 51 I may be kinda old to be asking for a mentor, but I am seriously considering a fishing ski and dont know where to start. Likely putting my big boat up for sale soon and downsizing to something in 22 to 26 size. But I wuld also like to try a ski. The lower operating cost and quick trip...
  7. jigstrike

    Prototype rod rack

    Learning how to use a cnc router and came up with a design for rod storage. This is the first prototype. This one holds 25 rods w/out reels. Next one will be only for 16 and the rods will be closer together. I have it on a dolly but will be going to casters, just need different screws than what...
  8. jigstrike

    Choclate rods and some good loaner types too

    I have 10 rods I want to get rid of. Some are older brown rods. Moster are later and range from the 70s to 90s probably. From left to right Brown unlabeled troller, guides are corroded. 15 Brown rod labeld lamiglass 15-40 wrapped by "The Reel Thing" eyes are old, but look smooth bronze...
  9. jigstrike

    Small boat trailer

    Not gonna sugar coat it. This thing is worked, rusted and cracked. Coupler is fine, young wheel looks good. Bunks seem ok. I got it with a free boat. Cant believe I made it home. Just come take it if u want it. No papers. No holds. Also on CL. 12034 Mill Pitrero rd. San Diego 92128
  10. jigstrike

    Good older reels cheap

    Got some reels lying around I am never going to use so I want them gine, cheap. Penn 500s, $25. Mechanically fine. Spool it and fish Penn 60 Long Beach. $30. I rebuilt this reel a few years ago but maybe used it once. Penn 545, with Tiburon handle and bar $50. Just opened it up today and all...
  11. jigstrike

    Lobster or shark Bait

    I have a half freezer of frozen bait that I need to get rid of. Its sardines that were left over from trip, bagged and frozen along with bonita trimings and heads, etc. I am going for an *day next week and need my freezer space. I am in the Sabre Springs area of San Diego, near Poway Pm me
  12. jigstrike

    18 degree deadrise for inshore

    Looking at some alternate boat designs to build for inshore use. Will NOT go paddy hopping. La Jolla or Pt. Loma kelp for diving and fishing. This is designed with an 18 degree deadrise on the bow and flattens to 5 degrees at the stern. Not a boat to haul ass in rough stuff, and wet with low...
  13. jigstrike

    Flats boats and solo skiffs inshore CA?

    Anybody use one of the micro skiffs designed for FLA flat water or a solo skiff to fish our kelp beds? Looks like it may be possible to launch at La Jolla like the kayaks, but then again maybe not. Thinking about building one from
  14. jigstrike

    Help needed with electric water pressure pump

    Some where in time my dad taught me that if an electric pump failed to start the electric motor could be stuck so you tap on the motor body a bit and it frees it up. The problem I have is I dont know why this works, so I dont know or understand what is wrong inside the electric motor and if or...
  15. jigstrike

    Modifying an aluminum rod holder arch

    I bought an arch with rod holders for the back of my hard top. Its 6 rod holders on a curved length of aluminum with mounting pads at the ends. The angle of the mounts isnt correct for my hardtop. Any suggested welders in the San Diego area to remove and reinstall at the proper orientation...
  16. jigstrike

    Recommended stand alone fish finder?

    Boat is 2006 and has a Raymarine 120 setup with radar and autopilot. For everything but fiahing this set up is perfect and I dont need to change. So rather than spend 4000 on a replacement I was thinking of adding a standalone fish finder. Looking to spend under 1000 and have some kind of 3d...
  17. jigstrike

    Achilles SPD 4-FL

    Achilles SPD-4FL dinghy. $365 Very very clean and holds air well. You could take this straight to the docks today without doing a thing. Aluminum floor. Will take up to 8hp engine. The details: I picked this up when searching around for parts for another boat. Floor was missing as were the...
  18. jigstrike

    NEW Columbia PFG Super Bahama fishing shirts [XL]

    Forgot to return these on time. Too big for me. Short sleeve, hot weather fishing shirts rated spd 30. Original price is $55, so asking $20 [each]. Or trade for similar new shirts in large [preferred to selling]
  19. jigstrike


    Not mine but people here are often looking for these.
  20. jigstrike

    Anyone familiar with the Zodiac FC 470?

    I may be able to get one of these for 1,000. Was wondering how well they do with the roll up aluminum floor. Have had a similar size boat with solid floor and it was great. Would be a dive and spearing boat
  21. jigstrike

    Achilles spd4 inflatable [10 ft] $250

    Older Achilles inflatable dinghy. Very clean, ready to go. No messy oxidation, no need for you to scrub. Has oars and oar holders. Be on the water today. NO LEAKS! I bought this to fix up. Spent a long time cleaning it, got 98% of the oxidation and dirt. But the original wood floor was shot so...
  22. jigstrike

    WEST system 105 resin

    I have a bout 1 quart left on a gallon can, 105 resin. No hardener. I now use a different brand. I am near Poway.
  23. jigstrike

    Mariner 2hp outboard condition unknown

    Came with stuff I bought. Dont want to deal with it, don't it need it. I know nothing about it. 619 218 6475
  24. jigstrike

    P 14 runabout to fishing skiff

    Got this for free. All I wanted was the trailer. Cant seem to give away the hull. So I started to tear into it. Going for a tiller set with lots of room for dive and fish gear. One big center seat and storage area/bait tank like a candlefish 13. So far I have the stringers out, the transom out...
  25. jigstrike

    Redoing a deck on small runabour

    I picked up a small runabout and since I cant seem to give it away, I started repairing it. Deck and stringers are completely shot. Will be glassing in a new deck. Area under the deck isn't that large or deep so I was thinking of using a pourable structural foam [8lb] to fill the whole...
  26. jigstrike

    14 ft fiberglass runabout skiff

    Picked this up for the trailer, dont need the project. No papers. Can deliver in San Diego County for 40 cents a mile one way. This boat was in Ramona under a tree for years. Needs rub rail, floor and stringers, and cleats and lights. Transom actually appears solid, but the glass is coming...
  27. jigstrike

    JBL Woody Magnum, elite series. $300

    This is the modern M-8 triggered woody magnum. It's been in the water only a couple times since new, but its probably 8 years old. Has one defect, the JBL symbol was burned in upside down, LOL. I am in San Diego, near Poway
  28. jigstrike

    Apex 8ft Rib

    I fixed up the RIB today. Had some damage from drifting into the rocks at Catalina after coming loose in the night. Ready for a new home. Not pretty but tubes holds air and should stay attached to the hull. 8ft hypalon by APEX. Fiberglass hull, with hollow floor. Needs a hull plug. Have the...
  29. jigstrike

    Same HP with a smaller inboard?

    Looking at an older twin onboard Tiara. Has carbureted 350 v8 engines that are rate at 260hp. Doubt they still out that out after 30 years. So I would buy with planned repower in mind. Now I can tell you from experience that Tiara really crams things in to maximize a boat. Well made but not...
  30. jigstrike

    Marine shaver pro gel coat peeler

    Used marine shaver pro gel coat peeler. I bought it off Ebay to restore a whaler, but sold it just now so I don't need this tool. Comes with a new set of blades. These retail for 1000. I paid 525 with shipping and just want that back. PM me.
  31. jigstrike

    Husky 42 inch tool box canopy

    Bought this at an auction cause it was real cheap and lists for $299. Just trying to make a quick buck and pass on a good deal. $99 and it's yours, but please tell me you saw it on BD, or I will assume you saw it listed for more. PM me here. Heavy Duty 42 in. 0-Drawer Canopy Top Tool Chest in...
  32. jigstrike

    13 ft whaler and trailer (motor is now sold) $500

    Now only $500 because I want to skip over it and do another project. Have pink for boat and trailer. Ready to tow now. 13 ft whaler. Gel is coat is shot. Have not weighed it. Has been sitting outside in trailer for a long time. Last time on the water was probably 2001. Trailer is painted...
  33. jigstrike

    Now only $299. 1992 Yamaha 40 HP remote, power trim and tilt, long shaft, with controls

    Motor starts up but has low compression in all 3 cylinders and doesn't "pee" the cooling water. So it needs a head gasket and or rings as well as water pump service. Trim and tilt goes up, but not down. Probably the switch or the wires, but I dont know. $450 with the controls. Pretty firm...
  34. jigstrike

    What is the best way to remove old failed gelcoat

    I have an old whaler with a completely failed gelcoat. Boat is probably 40 years old. I want to strip the gel coat off and paint it [probably linex] as this is going to be a dive and fish and dinghy use. I was thinking I would use a 40 grit flap wheel on a 4.5 inch grinder and add a dust...
  35. jigstrike

    1992 Yamaha 40 HP remote, power trim and tilt, with controls

    This motor has been sitting on my Dad's old whaler and in his yard for a dozen years or more. We got it used, installed it, test ran it, and then never really used the boat. I picked it up yesterday. If you want to buy it before I clean off the tree sap and I change the plugs, the lower unit...
  36. jigstrike

    Fresh water pressure pump

    Whale universal automatic fresh water pressure pump. Never installed. 4.8 gpm 40 psi 12v 12 amp fuse. The current model lists over $200 and $190 at Defender. So let's say $95. Its basically new old stock. 3/4 inch NPT male inlet/outlet PM me here. Can ship in your dime
  37. jigstrike

    Kit panga

    Can probably get a well built Ensenada panga for 6000. But this looks like a cool option anyway. Finish off as fancy or simple as you want
  38. jigstrike

    Danger boat

    Saw this boat on craigslist. There's no way this is a safe install.
  39. jigstrike

    Which blank to replace a kencor swbt rod?

    Rod got broken by accident and I want to replace it for owner. But they dont make them anymore. What would be comparable to a Kencor K SWBT 900 xh 9ft x 1 sec 20 to 50 lb? Thanks
  40. jigstrike

    All for 1 price tackle box

    Cleaning up the garage and have consolidated all my tackle into trays and just a few boxes. I want these to go so I am offering all 4 pieces for $25. Crate mate [crate not included] 3 wood boxes Text me at Six one nine 2 one 8 six 4 seven 5
  41. jigstrike

    Casting and retrieving halcos and rapalas

    I know that Halcos and Rapalas worked well trolled. How successful are the cast vs surface iron?
  42. jigstrike

    Alps wrapper NIB

    See my post in the rod wrapping section.
  43. jigstrike

    Alps upgraded power wrapper BNIB $380

    I bought this one year ago and still haven't had time to use it. So I am offering it up for sale. I just opened the box today to get the packing slip. I also have a bunch of old rods that need re wraps if interested. I am near Poway [San Diego]. PM me and then we can text.
  44. jigstrike

    Rods [Seeker, Sabre, and others]

    Thinning out about a dozen rods. Seeker Stealth STL 8030 8' CT $100 Seeker Pinhead TNT 7ft cork 30-60 $175 Sabre Golden Rod,. 8ft 8 inch unknown line weight probably a 20 to 40 rod. Custom wrapped. Picked up at a garage sale with one guide missing. Now its repaired, dont need it. $85 [sale...
  45. jigstrike

    Old school wood box

    Too many boxes. $20 PM me here with number I am near Poway Will trade for a popper or some jigs
  46. jigstrike

    Wood Long Tange style tackle box

    Dont know who made it. Hardware is a bit rusty but functions. Well used but still solid. $50 PM me here with phone number. I am near Poway.
  47. jigstrike

    SKB 7100 Large size Tackle Box

    [Edited for clarity] 7100 size box by SKB. Had this on a couple trips. Decided to switch bigger trays for going back and forth between my private boat and long range. Excellent condition. 2 original trays and 2 replacements included. $175. I'm near Poway. PM me here with number
  48. jigstrike

    Help with Wahoo bomb repair

    I will be on an 8 day on the SOA in October and I assume we will be getting into wahoo. I have several bombs from a friend that he in turn inherited from his grandfather. They need new hooks and maybe some other repairs to be fishable. I plan on JOBU No. 8 hooks. I cant decide between wire...
  49. jigstrike

    Raymarine a128

    I have a older c series with the dsm300. I want to upgrade but Ibdont want to spend the 3K it takes for a new 12 inch display. I can get a factory refurbished a128 for 999. This would add chirp which I want for inshore and diving. And still fit my space. And will support a thermal camera, which...
  50. jigstrike

    How much would you pay for indoor boat storage?

    Thinking about building a large garage for myself on a piece of property near Downtown Ramona. Looking to maybe add one space to help offset my costs. If you had your own private enclosed bay with a bit of room to maintain your 25 to 30 ft trailer boat, what would be a reasonable rent? Power...
  51. jigstrike

    Help with coolant flush

    I have twin 8.1l crusaders. These are MPI GM big blocks. They use dexcool. After I drained the system to do the risers and also repair a heat exchanger, I ended with dexcool sludge. Either from air in the system or some other issue. So I am trying to drain and clean it. The cleaning part from...
  52. jigstrike

    Free Lead, not easy, but free

    My dad has an old sailboat. It's a North American 23. According to it has 800 lbs of lead ballast. The boat is free to anyone who can remove it from the property in Vista. It's on a trailer but . . . All the tires are flat and over 40 years old. It's a 2 axle trailer, one hub gave...
  53. jigstrike

    San Jose del Cabo, next week.

    Going to be fishing 3 days next week with Gordo Banks on one of the cruisers. Anybody else from BD going to be there? Hopefully the wahoo and the dorado show up.
  54. jigstrike

    Advice for qeeknof June 25.

    Have 3 days to fish the week of June 25. Starting in San Jo's Del Cabo, so was thinking 3 days with Gordo Banks. Just 2 guys. Can't decide Panga or cruiser. Whay will we get from a cruiser besides being warmer when head out? Not looking for bill fish or tuna. Want freezer fillets. Also...
  55. jigstrike

    Lots of inexpensive older reels in great shape.

    Decided to make a whole new ad and list prices for each reel. Will update later as I can't do all right now. Note, a lot of these reels have upgraded drags and parts, but I dont remember and dont qant fo take them apart. If you show up with cash however I can put together Newell gears and...
  56. jigstrike

    Jigmaster, 113h, 114h and lots of others CHEAP

    I have a ton of refurbished or well maintained reels. Thought the whole family was going to need stuff, so I got a ton of it and did a lot of reading in about doing real work and ended up with way too many reels. I have penn 500, 505, 114h, 113h, and even 99 size jigmasters . Lots...
  57. jigstrike

    Where to go, last week of June, southern Baja?

    Looks like I can get the last of June to go fishing. Anywhere from La Paz to Cabo. Thinking 3 days of fishing. Simple accommodations, probably Panga, pulling on fish more than cruising for a single big one. Have done Gordo Banks Pangas from San Jose a number of times, could go back. Palaps...
  58. jigstrike

    What's the vibe on the Royal Star Blackwater trip late June?

    There are a couple spots left and I may be able to swing this trip but I'd like to know if it's going to be laid back or aggressive, cooperative or combat?
  59. jigstrike

    Second transducer and stand alone chirp unit

    I have a Raymarine classiec e120 with a dsm300. Rather than change this display and radar, etc, i was thinking of upgrading to a cp370 sounder for this unit and adding a 9inch or so chirp side structure 3d type unit with a seperate transducer. That way I can find detailes structure in...
  60. jigstrike

    I need the works and have no idea what to get

    Current boat has a single 12 inch multi function Raymarine display, auto pilot, radar, and two small display units, one is slaved to the auto pilot and the other is switchable to various screens. The unit is from 2006 and is now a legacy unit so they don't support it and it wont work with...
  61. jigstrike

    Is light tackle really ethical when there is kelp involved?

    This is an actual question, not a disguised statement. I really dont have an answer and would love to hear what people think. I was just thinking about light tackle fiahing for big bass at a place like Cedros or Guadalupe, a place with big fish and thick kelp. If you fish light mono and the...
  62. jigstrike

    Baja fish maps on super clearance

    Saw this deal on the westmarine site. 90 percent off.
  63. jigstrike

    Clearance prices on xtratuf boots

    Westmarine has clearance priced certain xtratuf boots down to $82.88 They are the 12 inch legacy boots with the "special" pelagic interior print and either yellow or blue trim. Otherwise look like standard 12 inch xtratufs, which IIRC never go on sale.
  64. jigstrike

    A small dose in 2 weeks

    Trying to survive fishing withdrawls so I got myslef a small dose lined up in 2 weeks by aigning up for the 2.5 on the Vagabond. Yellows and rockfish, which I'd rather eat than tuna anyway. Better service those levelwinds.
  65. jigstrike

    Free fuel caddy.

    14 gallon fuel caddy. Never really used it. Replaced original hose a long time ago but it may need some work to keep from leaking. Text me at six one nine two one eight six four seven five. In san diego, near scripps poway pkwy
  66. jigstrike

    Hobie power skiff (not mine, on CL)

    Normally I wouldnt do this, but guys are always looking for these, so I thought I would post it up here. Not may ad, just a heads up as there are not a lot of eyeballs the monterrey bay craigslist.
  67. jigstrike

    The San Diego, 3/4 day trip

    Another angler already gave the trip rundown, I just want to talk about the boat. Crew says that they will be in the yard next month for annual work. But if you look around the boat, you would think they got out of the yard from annual just last month, its that well maintained. 3/4 day boats...
  68. jigstrike

    Need 1, maybe 2 for friday 9/29

    No school Friday. Leaving early (4 am to 6 am, tbd) Friday morning from slip on Shelter Island. US waters, maybe just LJ but maybe Tuna depending on reports. Me, my 10 y/o and a neighbor teen who pinheads on the Dolphin. I will cover 3 shares of fuel and bait. These boys love to fish...
  69. jigstrike

    Need atvleast 1 for friday inshore point loma

    Fishing my 30ft Tiara. 10 am to 5pm. Need at least one guy prefer 2. Split fuel and a scoop. Still some yellows near the whistler. Pm me
  70. jigstrike

    Help with spreader bar

    I just picked up a small spreader bar in a load of tackle I got an auction. I have never used one before. Its a tailchaser 18inch lite steel bar. Was thinking of trying it Sunday on the YFT on the 371. Can anybody tell me how to set it up or trill it? Did the search thing and read a few...
  71. jigstrike

    New in box Rapalas cd 14 mag and cd mag 18

    I have 8 rapalas for sale. All are brand new in box. I bought an auction lot and dont need this many. Cd 14 mags are $11 and cd 18 mags are $13 Colors [Cd 14] Dorado x3 Sardine x2 Green back [Cd 18] Mullet Purple Mackerel Priced per each above, shipping on your dime or all of them shipped...
  72. jigstrike

    Sunday 9/17

    Check out my post in the offshore planning section. Not sure if I am going to Coronados, La Jolla, rockpile or offshore yet but need crew for sunday. Read the post , then Pm me.
  73. jigstrike

    Need crew for Sunday 9/17

    Need crew to fish Sunday. Offshore, coronados, rockpile or La Jolla depending on the bite this week. Departure time tbd. Boat is a 2006 Tiara 3000 (30 ft). Looking for 1 to 3 others. Various skill levels and experiences are fine, but will give prefwrence to experienced boaters and fishers...
  74. jigstrike

    Friday 8/25. San diego. Late start

    Looking for a one to three fishermen for this Friday. Will not leave shelter Island before 930 am (dropping the kids at school) and could push that even later if needed so ask. Looking for a low stress run inshore trolling for bones and yt, not enough time and too much $ to run offshore. Based...
  75. jigstrike

    Offshore Saturdat 8/19 181 and ridge

    Left the slip on Shelter Island around 4. Grabbed a scoop of healthy baits and headed west. Had some numbers from FishDope and headed out tonlook for a kelp. Had tobstay in UD waters as one passenger had no passport so we couldnt appky for visas. At grey light we we short of our numbers as I...
  76. jigstrike

    Seeker (x2) pinhead bh89 ct / stl 8030 8 ct / Californian CA270C-8

    Three rods I dont use. 1st. Seeker Pinhead 8 ft 9 inch, cork handle rated 15 to 30. SOLD 2nd. Seeker Stealth. 8030 8ft. Rated 25 (30) 40. Cork handle.MGC series. $110 3rd. Californian by Penn CA270c-8. 8ft rated 12 to 30. Cork handle. $99 All rods are in good to excellent shape, with just a...
  77. jigstrike

    Lead for trade

    I have 27lbs of lead in various shapes that I will never use. Would like to yrade it to someone who pours there own for 8 weights of 1lb each, so about a 3 to 1 trade. I'm near poway. Six one nine 218 six four 75 (text me)
  78. jigstrike

    Guide reccomendation needed

    I have done a search but have not found a good answer to my question. I am looking for the "best" guide for my needs which are . . . I bought a wrapper. I have a bunch of garage sale rods that need new eyes. These are basic boat rods mostly 15 to 40lb. I plan on just wrapping them in black...
  79. jigstrike

    Wrapper wanted with Alps upgraded chuck

    So I am ready to pull the trigger and have decided I want a Alps wrapper with the upgraded alps chuck, but would conaider another brand with the same chuck. So if anyone has a machine like that available in San Diego, or shippable. Let me know.
  80. jigstrike

    Power rod wrapper reccomendations wanted

    Looking to buy a power rapper. I have heard that some have better chucks, etc. but dont know which ones. Looking for ease of use. Will probably be doing lots of repairs or rewraps of old rods for myself vs fancy wrap work. Have been to the bd class a few times , cant make it with my schedule...
  81. jigstrike

    Interesting report from the Royal Star

    They left on the 10th after 10am and by the afternoon of the 11th had great conditions and a good grade of YT on board accorsing Brian's report. No mention of location. Is Cedros open, at least for them? Find another spot within 30 hrs steaming from San Diego? Maybe we won't be bashing all the...
  82. jigstrike

    How long before we see a mothership operation for Cedros?

    I have to think that the next evolution of long range will be Mothership trips to Cedros in purposefully built/modified craft. If Cedros is a port of entry, no need to stop in Ensenada. And since you do wnter a foreign port, no need to be US flaged.
  83. jigstrike

    Working on proper mindset for next week.

    So Tuesday I leave on a 5 day, the charter on Spirit of Adventure. With Cedros closed and Guadalupe inconsistent I'm working on reminding myself its fishing and not catching. Cause Im not thinking we are going to be catching a lot. The Independence is below Cedros--I assumed the...
  84. jigstrike

    Fully rigged flying gaff with aluminum handle

    I love estate sales. Pompanette flying gaff, about 8 ft long in total. Rugged with rope and wire, looks all set to go. Seems similar to the aftco gaffs Clean and in good shape.. Now only $85
  85. jigstrike

    Seeker Classic Series BSC 670-7ft.

    Pawn shop find. This rod is near mint, no boat rash, no corrosion. Has a 05-03 manufacture date, but looking at it you'd be suprised. Had a reel attached that I wanted but I dont need another rod in this class. Pic of guide is how they all look. Tip has slight off color. $125. You wont be...
  86. jigstrike

    Fishing the coast south of SQ, outside the biosphere

    While Cedros is great, and if we cant fiah there on a LR boat, I will be bummed, I don't see why trips dont try the coast and inatead run for 'lupe. Theee seems to be miles of coast outside the biosphere and south of San Quentin. That has to have some decent fishing, right? Anyone fish this...
  87. jigstrike

    Marauder type lures

    These are marked G C Bonzi. From and estate sale. Appear to be well made. Don't have muchbuse for them. $25 each.
  88. jigstrike

    Jigs. Heavy yo yo. Salas and others

    34 jigs. Several 6x jrs, several cristy no 2. Can ship on your dime. $100
  89. jigstrike

    Avet, Daiwa and Shimano reels

    Clearing out more stuff and changing directions in a couple things. Avet lx 6/3. SOLD Shimano TLD 20 2 speed with Toburon frame. This thing looks brand new. I havent fished it yet and decided tobgo a different way. $275 Daiwa saltist ld35 2 speed. SOLD Daiwa saltist bg 40h. From a bunch I...
  90. jigstrike

    Cleaning really dirty vynil seats amd bolsters

    I have a boat slipped in San Diego and I didnt cover the seats for a while, which was a big mistake. With all the jets at the airport and the navy helicopters we get lots of black soot on our boats down here I am discovering, at least thats the reason people have given me. I dont have before...
  91. jigstrike

    Rupp Single Spreader Tournament Outriggers

    Used outriggers. Have been disassembled for shipping if needed. Some corrosion and pitting, but fully functional. I bought these used and have not installed them on my boat. Most of the hardware is there from the looks of things. Just not the direction I want to go. New retail is over 4,000...
  92. jigstrike

    Boat's been sitting for 6 months, what do I do?

    I went to Catalina for the lobster opener in October, came back and filled up the tanks and parked the boat in the slip. Havent run it since. If i put new fuel and water seprators in should that be enough? Polish the fuel? Add an octane booster? Diy fuel polish? A gasoline rated pump and a...
  93. jigstrike

    Straight west anybody?

    Was wondering if anyone has been on a trip that just headed west like 200 miles. Should be albacore out there somewhere. Maybe 300?
  94. jigstrike

    Options at Guadalupe Island?

    I have been on ling range trips to Lupe twice. Both times the quarry was Tuna and we anchored where the sea ran between the island and a huge rock or islet. I assume this ia THE PLACE when fishing the island. Especially tuna. I was wondering if anyone has been on trips that explored the island...
  95. jigstrike


    NEED CASH SO LOWERED PRICES Lots of reels, all are aervices and ready. Penn 112h ($85), tiburon frame, upgraded 5 stack drag, aftermarket handle 309 ($40) chrome spool, excellent shape Surfmaster 100 ($85) tiburon frame, upgraded 5 stack drag, steel gears. Surfmaster 100 ($35) original...
  96. jigstrike

    Jigmaster setups for loaners, newbies and backup

    NEED CASH SO REELS NOW ONLY 40 EACH OR 55 WITH A ROD. ALL 3 FOR 150 I have 3 jigmasters with rods for 75 each. Reels are excellent shape, no service needed and I am happy to dissassemble them in front of you to prove it. Each comes with rod, i have a few to choose from. 7 to 8.5 ft. 15 to...
  97. jigstrike

    Nesting dinghy

    Nesting dinghy. 11 ft. Have it listed on CL for 850, but my BD price is 750. Built in 1987, this 11 ft 3 inch fiberglass dinghy stores compactly inside itself at 77 by 53 inches. A great way to have a hard dinghy im limited space Complete sailing kit. Foils and sail are in excellent condition...
  98. jigstrike

    Life jackets

    Was going to ask for 5 bucks. But if you need them, just come get them.
  99. jigstrike

    Davis rocker stopper set up

    These are from dad's long gone sailboat. I'd keep them for me, except the wife would never let me anchor anywhere I might need or want them. Its flat or nothing for her. Sold for 10 to 20 apiece on line. Here are 6, with a non stretch rope for 20 bucks
  100. jigstrike

    Trailer fender, weld on, never installed

    Another project part I dont need. 2ft 8 and 7/8 INCHES by 6 inches wide 15 bucks. Pm me
  101. jigstrike

    Free 4 hp outboard

    Old johnson 4hp. Frozen from sitting at dad's house. Prop is plastic and sun damaged, that is why its thrashed. Near Poway. Come and get it.
  102. jigstrike

    On line boaters garage sale.

    Lots of stuff from years of being a boater. Dad sold his boat and what I donet need is for sale, cheap. Par city water regulator, 3 Abi hatch lock, 3 Braid rod holder, 9 Prop 8.25 x 5, 6 Prop, misc, 1 Stainless rail fittings, 1 buck each 12 volt receptacle, 3 Mar 10a radio noise filter, 4 Nylon...
  103. jigstrike

    Father/son fishing get together

    I'd like to meet up with other fishing dads around San Diego with kids the same ages as mine. My youngest is the one that loves fishing. He is 9 and in 3rd grade. Meet up to fish local or offshore. My boat, your boat, it doesnt matter. I have no issues running a boat as I grew up in a...
  104. jigstrike

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    Anybody have experience with the generic braid they sell on ebay? Appears to be a lot cheaper.
  105. jigstrike

    Offshore 4/1 on the Old Glory

    Trip was advertised as a 1.5 to Colnett with a 7pm friday departure. Capt. Kley took a poll of the passengers and decided to head offshore for YT and BFT instead. Found a kelp around 9am with all we could want 5 to 7 lb YT. Then kept hunting for Tuna. Only landed one, a 110lb bruiser of a bft...
  106. jigstrike

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    Most of my trips, the fish can be handled on 40lb to 60lb class stuff, and I have that. My only 80 lb class reels are my trolling set ups from my boat, 6/0 class star darg reels with 80lb mono. But our June trip may head to Guadalupe, and the possibility of triple digit size fish exists. I...
  107. jigstrike

    Wtb. Calstar gf 700h. 700xh or 7465ML

    Looking for one of the listed rods for yo yo fishing. Have a reel or 2 already. Im in San Diego. CASH Pm me
  108. jigstrike

    What's the best crowbar for YT yoyo jig fishing, 700h?

    Going on a 5 day in June. Have gone on similar trips before. Usually I focus on reels and pick a rod on the right line class, but would like to step up my rod aelection game. Since I forsee a lot of YT fishing with iron, I want to start there. My 40 to 50lb YT setup will be either my penn...
  109. jigstrike

    San Diego area pour your own weights?

    I am in San Diego, near Poway. I have 20 lbs of Scuba weights I want to make into bottom weight. And I often find more in my foraging. Looking for someone with the equipment who wants to show me how, help me out in exchange for somw of the lead. Dont want to invest in the molds if I dont have to.
  110. jigstrike

    What's the best marine swap meet to unload gear

    Helping my dad clear out his garage. Lots of unfinished projects and some nice condition but older boat gear. Listed it here on the classifieds but was looking to find a swap meet. Is the Chula Vista swap in May still pretty big?
  111. jigstrike

    Engine driven marine refrigeration system

    My dad bought this for his cruising boat and never got around to it before he sold the boat. Looks like the full system and includes a diy manual. Compressor, heat exchanger, what looks like a dryer, holding plates, hoses, firtings, refrigeration control, remote thermometer, pulleys, mounting...
  112. jigstrike

    Need a trailer fab welder

    I need a new 17ft steel c channel trailer. have plans for a boat trailer, I have an axle with hubs and springs,, and a tounge. i have i can even do a majority of the cutting with my metal chop saw But need someone who can weld it up nice and square and strong. Reccomendations?
  113. jigstrike

    1990 Isuzu Pickup Truck. 4x4

    This was the spare truck and occasional skiff puller. Getting a bigger SUV. wiould probably make a great juntimg or camping truck. Only 97000 miles. Runs great but leaks some oil. 2900 bucks.
  114. jigstrike

    Thursday 10/27 Mission Belle

    For his birthday I'm taking my 9year old out for a 3/4 day along with his best friend and best friend's dad. So far we are the only ones on the boat and they need a few more. Weather is looking good, so get out there and fish. "Thursday NW wind 5 to 10 kt. Patchy fog before 11am. Mixed...
  115. jigstrike

    Help planning a pump install

    I want to set up a pump to run on its own battery overnight and keep the bait tank flowing at anchor. I want to use a rule 500 that pull 2.5 amps. If I want the battery to last 12 hours, then i need a 30amp hour or hreater battery, right? Its to keep the lobster alive in the bait tank overnight...
  116. jigstrike

    How to waste your warranty and take it in the shorts.

    Today I sold my old Arima. And I had to let it go very cheap because we discovered a problem with the motor. Seems the block was leaking water. A few years back I took it in, and there was some unexplained salt buildup. No reason was found, so I let it go. Now I belive that the block had...
  117. jigstrike

    1985 Arima Sea Ranger 17, 2010 tohatsu 90hp tldi

    $8,000 Boat is ready to go out. Trailer has new hubs. Engine has approx 300 hours. Not pretty, well used, but still solid. Old thread is here Got too long so i reposted. Wife wants it gone...
  118. jigstrike

    Ideas for carry a SUP on the hard top

    I have a 30 ft Tiara Express with a hard top. I want to put the wife's SUP up there while underway. The side rack on the railing is just too much windage. Probably just put some really well backed eyes for tie downs and then put foam under the board, but maybe someone has a better idea?
  119. jigstrike

    Crew treats?

    A friend used to work the overnight boats. He said the best treat was when someone brought them non boat food. Given how good the food isnon a long range trip, that cant be the right thing to ingratiate (sic) yourself to the crew. I have read "a case of redbull" but couldnt tell uf that was...
  120. jigstrike

    This Friday, 6/24 Royal Polaris, who is going?

    Headed out Friday and I cant wait. Have 9 set ups and cant really thin it out anoy more. From 20 to 80lb with 4 at 40lb sweet spot. Been a while since I could fit in 8 days. Lot has changed but YT still bite jigs tied to 40lb string. Going to relax, recharge, fill my freezer and share the...
  121. jigstrike

    Wahoo set up for upcoming 8 day

    Looks like the Angler is on the wahoo on its currwnt 8 day trip. Which means my 8 day Royal Polaris trip that leaves in a week has good chance if getting on some wahoo too. Problem is, I have never fished for wahoo. Always to early or otherwise nit the right time and place. Have only caught...
  122. jigstrike

    Trolling and loaner reels to gear up your boat.

    I have a box of reels I was going to take to a swap. I've been collecting them slowly over time and fixing and refurbishing them and was foung to fill a table. If you need trollers for your boat, I have dawia sealine 400h and 600h and penn 113h and 114h reels. To loan out to buddies I have a...
  123. jigstrike

    What is it about 40lb set ups?

    Trying to pick what to take on my 8 day and I realize I have 5 reels that all fish 40lb really well. A baja special, an avet lx 6/3, two saltist 40 size, and a lexa 400. Not to mention several penn113h and sealine 400h reels. I think there might be something wrong with me, or 40lb really is...
  124. jigstrike

    Do I need to rent a heavy rod for a June 8 day

    I have rods amd reels with the drag and torque to fish up to 60 lb (2 speed avet lx with 80lb spectra backing) or 80lb (single speed diawa 600h all mono) I'm leaving on an 8 day on june 24th. Some of the boat sites suggest a 2 speed set up for 120lb. I know there are some big BFT out there...
  125. jigstrike

    Nerly lost my hall pass!

    Some of you have lives like mine. If the wife consents and the rest of your life aligns correctly and you get a hall pass last minute to go fishing for 8 days, its pretty much those 8 days and not another. Too much scheduled stuff to movw around. So when I got my hall pass yesterday for an open...
  126. jigstrike

    Permission granted: wife okays a last minute 8 day Mahoney Mcvey on RR3

    The wife just told me I can go on an 8 day in 2 weeks. Website says the RR3 has spots on Mahoney McVey trip so I called the office and left a message. Can't wait until Monday to pay and confirm my spot. Very stoked about going. Haven't done 8 days since spring of 2007. I was so bummed...
  127. jigstrike

    Outboard cooling problem

    My outboard is 2010 90hp tldi. Has a flushing port. If i run it attacjwd to flyshing port all ports spit water. But in the water, it wont pee and overheats. Brought it home. Pull thermostat out to check it. Run on ear muffs without thermostat to see if thermostat was blocking and still no...
  128. jigstrike

    Picking a last minute June trip, help

    Might actually be able to get permission and money to go a trip at the end of the month. Looking at the Royal Polaris 8 day that leaves 6/24 or red rooster 8 day that also leaves that day. Or maybe the 6 day on the Polaris Supreme that leaves 6/26. I have been on half a dozen long range...
  129. jigstrike

    Short term slip needed in Long Beach or Orange County for July

    looking to take my Tiara up to Long Beach for about a month. Want to o do multiple trips to Cat in that time and it's just too far via water from San Diego and wife wants to camp out on the boat at a different Marina. Anybody have advice or experience in renting for month? Maybe a short term...
  130. jigstrike

    Utah spike cow reccomendations

    Neophyte hunter looking to book a utah spike or cow elk hunt as a learning experience and fun trip (if fun is defined as hiking 40lbs of meat out of steep country and then doing it again) Any reccomendations of a guide or outfitter?
  131. jigstrike


    If you are socal and interested in squirrel shooting, checknout my thread under gun talk.
  132. jigstrike

    Anybody up for a Socal road trip to squirrel country?

    Looking for other socal (San Diego area for me) shooters who might want to make a road trip up to ground squirrel country and use up an few hundred rounds helping ranchers with thier problem. A location closer to Socal would be fine if you know of one that is a similar target rich environment...
  133. jigstrike

    Recommendation needed for Texas hog hunintg

    I'd like to get away from it all for a bit and go hunt some hogs. So much is made of the Texas hog pooulation that I thought I would try it. Any good outfitter recommendations? Might try the central coast of CA as well. But the Texas experience will be different I'm sure. Maybe a night...
  134. jigstrike

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    When your kid is front and center in 2 out of 3 pics on the front page of the landing website, ( you should get a discount on your next trip. All I have so far is freezer full of fish, an 8 year old who is stoked on fishing, and big credit card bill. Maybe it can be like...
  135. jigstrike

    Taking the kid to Colnett, need some adv

    ive fished Colnett a couple times, but it's always good to refresh your information. And this time I'll be taking my 8year old along so I have some new challenges. For me it's about him fishing, and he did great last month on his first tuna overnight ear, so I am sure he will do even better on...
  136. jigstrike

    How do I check weather for a Colnett trip?

    Kid wants to do a rock fish trip on a day and a half boat, but i dont have a site for swells and wind for that far south. Dont want to go if the weather sucks, he might lose his love of fishing. Any help?
  137. jigstrike

    85 Arima Sea Ranger with 2011 power

    Boat is in San Diego, checknout my post in the main boat classified.
  138. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    PRICE DROP AS OF APRIL 25 to $8900 is a 1985 Arima Sea Ranger. In late 2010 I repowered with the 2011 model 90 hp TLDI. Gives you the fuel use and lower noise level like a 4 stroke, but with the weight and torque of a 2 stroke. Plus you don't change oil. Currently running a pretty flat prop...
  139. jigstrike

    Who wants to dive rockfish ansd lobster

    My dive buddies have moved or gotten too busy with work so I need to add one or two. Most of my diving is scuba for rockfish or lobster. Usually my buddies search for lobs and I just look for fish. Mostly in the point loma area or zuniga jetty since my boat is slipped in sd bay, but I will run...
  140. jigstrike

    Rockfish spreader bars?

    I have seen spreader bars for halibut and was wondering if anyone has ever built one for rock fish. Scanned the net and saw some pretty elaborate glow tube set ups but no bar set ups.
  141. jigstrike

    If you have spots, I have a boat

    Do you have spots? I have a boat. Im looking to plan a rockfish trip or 2 this winter. Nice Tiara, we can run 200 miles round trip but ofcourse only if we have a few guys to split the fuel bill. If you have spots and dont want to run alone or sold your boat, lets talk. I can even put gear...
  142. jigstrike

    Which side of los cabos, Pacific or Cortez for this warmer water

    From reading the reports it seems like the warm water we have this year in the shole eastern pavific is alowing the fishing down in Cabo. I like to fish pangas out of san jose del cabo but was windering if the water might be just a bit cooler amd more active on the cabo san Lucas and pacific side?
  143. jigstrike

    Need to find a blank closest to Kencor 900xh swmbt

    We had a little accident yesterday on my boat and the tip of a rod got snapped. Wasn't my rod and I want to replace it, but it's not made anymore. It's a Kencor 900xh swim bait rod. What blank would be most similar in performance? and it was 6 to 8 inches of tip so rod definitely won't...
  144. jigstrike

    Point loma whistler afternoon troll

    Fished the whistler this afternoon. Teolled a couple feathers and 2 small x raps. Finally got a small yellow as we moved to deeper water after 2 hours Unfortunately i got snagged by the treble hook deep in my hand. And while dealing with that we wrapped a pot and lost use of one engine. So...
  145. jigstrike

    Need 1 or 2 for Friday point loma, late start

    I will be going out Friday mid day to fish the whistler and green tank area. Will probably just be for bonita and black skipjack and macks for lobster bait but a yellow might show. Plan is to troll along the kelp line. Probably wont buy any live bait. Might stop and drift for rockies if you...
  146. jigstrike

    How do I rig dead Macks for trolling?

    If my macks die from bait tank failure should I: A. Put them whole on double hook rigs with a skirt, or B. Strip them out, fillet with tail, hooks, no skirt, or C. Somwthing else Havent had much chance to work with theae baits before nor troll for marlin and wahoo like we now have
  147. jigstrike

    Buddy boat, friday 10/2 fishing from san diego to catalina.

    Headed to Catalina to fish the lobster opener. Leaving late thursday or 0 dark 30 friday so we can fish on our way there. Any body else going and want to work together?
  148. jigstrike

    How does an outboard bracket affect ride?

    Can anyone with experience xonfirm that full flotation outboard bracket really does make the boat ride like a longer hull? What would be the longest bracket for a 17 to 19 ft hull? I am thinking of an old glasspar and doing it up like the Hawaiian guys so I have a cheaper local boat than the...
  149. jigstrike

    Where to have my heat exchanger rebuilt in San Diego

    Heat exchangers both have a leak. Need them rebuilt. Once I get them off, where should I take them?
  150. jigstrike

    Anyone ever use a Gregor or balcony for a dingy at Catalina?

    was wondering if anyone has ever used a large aluminum boat as a dingy while at Catalina and what the downsides might be. Besides not wanting to run it into your boat like you can with an inflatable. Thought a big one would be great to fish without dropping the mooring or spending the gas from...
  151. jigstrike

    Share the hunt on friday 9 18

    Headed out friday mid morning. Hope to clear the point by 1030 and head for the north 9 and maybe out to the ridge. Hail me on 72, Pacific Option is the boat name, if u have info and I will do the same.
  152. jigstrike

    To troll or not to troll?

    We havent had a lot if luck on the troll lately. Wondering if I ahould akip the trollers and power up to cruise and cover more ground and just hit every paddy I can find? First year where I have find the fish and its a lot to get right while burning a gallon a mile
  153. jigstrike

    need 1 to 3 for Friday 9/11 late start from SI

    My regular crew is out of town so I thought I might meet some new fishermen and see who can fish with me on Friday. Need at least 1 and nor more than 3. I dont fish regualr fishing hours. Im a 45 y.o. stay at home dad who fishes when the kids are in school. I have to get the kids to school...
  154. jigstrike

    Need hwlp on how to clean bonito for smoking

    Got into the Bonito yesterday. Bleed them ASAP and iced. Have never cleaned or cooked them before. I filleted them like other fish and left skin on. Plan is to have a friend smoke them. They seem to have a set of bones down the side. Should I loin them out like tuna? Or can we just pick the...
  155. jigstrike

    9/7 pt. loma. drop off. bonito

    Great luck today on bonito. Trolled the drop off area and green tanks and back to whistler. Basically circles and figure 8s in thst area about 125 ft. Could have stayed for more if kid felt better. Green and yellow tuna clone was hot ticket. A few doubles when winding in the unbit lures...
  156. jigstrike

    looking for others dads (or moms) for father son overnighter charter

    Want to organize an overnighter for october that will be parent and child pairs. Great way for your young kid to get in thier first overnight trip. I will be taking my 8 year old. The idea is that dad (or mom or grandpa or uncle joe etc.) is there to help the youngster fish and can only soak a...
  157. jigstrike

    Anyone use a Sears 12ft fiberglass for a dingy?

    if you have spent time checking out boats on Craigslist, you will have seen a Sears fiberglass boat that's 12 ft long. Sometimes under the game fisher name, or Ted Williams. I was thinking of picking one up to use as a dingy for Catalina. I need something big enough for a family of 5 anybody...
  158. jigstrike

    Mechanic needed for slipped boat in San Diego

    I have a 30ft Tiara with twin Crusader 8.1's and PSS shaft seals. Im finding lots of salt in the wngine room near the seals so i think something is leaking and spraying water underway then the water drys with the engine heat leaving the salt. Plus i dont have anybody set up as my mechanic...
  159. jigstrike

    Offshore 7/22/15 9 mile bank YFT

    Short-- One YFT of good size on the troll (orange rapala) Long version-- Left the dock at Shelter Island at 10 am and picked up 2 scoops of big sardines. Plan was to head west south west from the point toward the border and the southwest US corner of the 9 mile bank then head north. Stopped...
  160. jigstrike

    need welder to repair cast aluminum housing for tilt and trim

    I let electrolysis get to my trim unit and it now has an area of severe pitting. Rwplacing the unit is over 1000 bucks so I want to repair it and rebuild the tilt trim unit. Anybody ever had this done? I was told that welding cast aluminum can be difficult.
  161. jigstrike

    Offshore 9 mile bank bluefin 7/11/15

    Took the Tiara on our first trolling adventure. Nothing fancy, just wanted to get out on the water. Left the dock around 8am and headed out of San Diego Bay west south west toward the upper 9 and the Mexican border. Put out the jigs about 5 miles from the point. Got one fish on blind strike...
  162. jigstrike

    Rod building classes or training and equipment for newbie?

    I am thinking that I want to learn how to wrap a rod. I seem to pick up a lot of old blanks with the old fix em up reels I like to buy and was thinking that simple wraps on some would be a great addition to fixing up old penns. But I don't have the foggiest idea of what to get for tools or how...
  163. jigstrike

    Help me with these trulines.

    I picked up two rods at the thrift store. Neither had any writing on the blank, but both have rubber butt caps that say "Trueline" on one side and "Dynamo" I think other. I assume that means they are Trueline blanks, any other way to tell? Both appear to have been custom wrapped at some point...
  164. jigstrike

    penn 114, ready to troll, $75, in San Diego

    Basic and tough. Cleaned, greased, oiled, drags all ready to go. Text me at six one nine two one eight six four seven five
  165. jigstrike

    Jigmasters, penn 500 and penn 505hs

    I just have too many Jigmasters, these need to go. I bought a bunch over the last year for use as loaner reels on my new boat and simply have too many now. Plus I like fixing old ones and so I need the $$ to go buy more. Both of these are recently cleaned up and serviced. Drags are good...
  166. jigstrike

    Refurbished and ready Penn 114h (x2) w rods

    PRICE DROP. Now $100 each I have too many trolling setups. Need to move these to make room and put the money back in the fishing kitty. The rods are basic but seem well made with roller tip and stripper. The reels are both Penn 114h reels with a couple differences between them. I...
  167. jigstrike

    Need soda blasting on my trailered boat

    i have a 17 ft boat that has 2 coats of bottom paint and a bunch of growth from sitting unused and un scraped in the slip for six months. Sounds like soda blasting would take it down to the barrier coat. I'm trying to clean it up to sell. Have a new boat and this one is sitting in my side...
  168. jigstrike

    Who is headed out for a week in mid June?

    i noticed that the Shogun has a very undersold trip in June but it's still a definite Go, Penn Fishing University 8 day that still has 15 spots left out of 25. Suddenly the wheels starting spinning about how I could pull off going on the trip. So far I have been an American Angler loyalist on...
  169. jigstrike

    Kids on a 3 day trip.

    My young son wants me to take him on a trip with me. I was thinking a 3 day trip on the American Angler. What the youngest you have seen on a trip and how did it work out? He is almost 8 and pretty big for his age. Lexa 400a with a 7 ft graphite stick and dad as his personal deckahnd. And a...
  170. jigstrike

    Need fishing buddies with experience finding fish

    I have a 2006 Tiara 3000 open. I am comfortable running the boat for cruising and diving, but I need help finding fish and understanding what I am seeing in my FF. So if you have experience running a boat and finding fish i have a full tank of fuel. It's a ray marine multi function display...
  171. jigstrike

    sand dab spots off Point Loma?

    Want to load up the kids on dabs. Have a family of takers for all we can catch. Looking for a good spot off Point Loma. Boat is slipped at Shelter Island and I want to save fuel.
  172. jigstrike

    help trouble shooting my vhf

    I have a raymarine unit that is about 9 years old. I was out on saturday and after hearing a navy pon pon pon I realized i had heard nothing else all day. I doubt it was lack if traffic. What should i look for? Antenna bracket worked loose trip before and antenna fell back onto the roof with...
  173. jigstrike

    mono or floro for leader with lings?

    Any reason to fish floro leader for lings? Not for color but for abrasion. Fishing spectra 65lb with w lexa 400 which can pull 25lbs of drag. Figure 50lb mono is strong enough abrasion wise without affecting bite much since lings are so agressive.
  174. jigstrike

    Need help planning a trip south on 2/6, 2/7 and maybe 2/8

    I'm not new to boating have had a boat for years but recently stepped up froma 17ft Arima to a 2006 Tiara 3000 so with the range and comfort I now have I want to do more than just run out to the local kelp. I have a hall pass for the whole weekend of feb 6,7, and 8. weather willing Id like to...
  175. jigstrike

    Need a rod for my new Lexa 400

    Just got a lexa 400. I want to fish it for YT and for Bottom Critters (spectra) and looking for a good rod recommendation. I don't really know how rod design affects fishability so school me if you want.
  176. jigstrike

    Need name removal (vinyl stickers) reccomendation San Diego

    I need the old name off my boat so I can pu a new one on. Since its documented and I want to use it, this needs to be done ASAP, like Monday. Boat is slipped but I have a swim step to work from. Numbers in pretty good. Tried the heat method and need to try the 3m eraser. Trying to get ready...
  177. jigstrike

    Need a diver for hull cleaning, San Diego

    Looking to step up to a larger wet slipped boat and so I need to add a diver to my monthly expenses. I dive, but don't want to spend my time cleaning the bottom. Anybody here have a diver they are happy with? Probably will be keeping it in mission bay at Seaforth Marina or Mission Village
  178. jigstrike

    Yacht club for fishing in San Diego?

    I'm looking into joining a yacht club in San Diego that has a good population of fisherman and divers. I'm a member at MBYC but really not as into to sailing as much anymore, though I still like to do it. So if you have had experience with any to the clubs in the San Diego area, I'd love to...
  179. jigstrike

    old school iron

    Don't know anything about them. Came In an old tackle box. 25 shipped.
  180. jigstrike

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    Almost had a trip busting cluster muffin on my hands yesterday because I spooled up my spectra alone. As I have read, and now experienced. Spectra needs to be put on tight. If you can compress spectra on your reel by pushing with your finger, its not tight enough. I spooled some on a reel by...
  181. jigstrike

    Offshore Saturday 8/2: Tuna on the New Lo Ann in US waters

    I fished the New Lo Ann on Saturday. We were in US waters and judging by our return course and speed we were some where west north west of point loma about 25 miles. The fishing was outstanding. I landed 7 including 4 BFT. Largest fish on the boat, not mine, was 36 and he was not in jackpot...
  182. jigstrike

    cal star 665 semi custom fisherman's landing wrap

    Calstar 665 rated 20 to 50lb. Blue and gold wrapped by fisherman's landing tackle. It's in great shape. I picked it up used and have not fished it. Priced to move at $95 I'm near Poway and can meet up within reason Pm me or text to six nine 2 one 6four7five.
  183. jigstrike

    Daiwa AG 7000x graphite spinner (20-40lb) w carbontex drags

    This reel was in a tackle lot I purchased and I don't need it. I took it apart and made sure everything was clean and well greased. I switched out the Teflon drags for new carbontex drags from Smoothie drags and installed them with Cal's drag grease. The spool shows capacity ratings from 20...
  184. jigstrike

    2 Penn Senator 113h $65 each, fully serviced and new drags

    I have bee fixing up some reels after reading up on Need to sell to get other reels to play with. Everything in these reels has been serviced and well greased, they are probably smoother than new in the box reels. New carbon fiber drags with Cal's drag grease One reel has the...
  185. jigstrike

    $25 wood tackle box

    Part of a lot of fishing tackle I picked up for the reels. Not large, but a cool old school box. Measures 9" tall x 16" wide x 7.5" deep. Also have a slightly larger one for same price. Pm me here on BD I'm near poway
  186. jigstrike

    Help me set up for Cuyamaca in July

    I need help! Taking my sons to Lake Cuyamaca in 2 weeks. Staying in the condo because it's cheaper than renting an RV and I don't want to tent camp without the wife along. The boys will want to fish and I know nothing about freshwater so let me know how to set up, and what parts of the lake...
  187. jigstrike

    Mid August fish Homer or Seward and with whom?

    Looking at going up to Alaska in mid August and taking the family around the Kenai peninsula in an RV. The itinerary has us in both Homer and Seward as places I could take a day to go fishing. I have fished Homer before but it was 20 years ago. I would love to take the kids out (6 and 8) and...
  188. jigstrike

    Need help in estimating costs on updating an older boat

    Wife and I have not set the budget yet, meeting with accountant tomorrow but we are looking at getting a larger family boat. I have been spending a lot if time online looking at boats and think our best choice is an express. I think I want a tiara around 30 ft. Smaller boats won't sleep 4 and...
  189. jigstrike

    "Dude, don't over think it, just go fish"

    Been getting ready for my first trip in several years. Rebuilding supplies mulling over changes in reels. Got this advice from guy behind the counter as I was going over my list of rods and reels. He was spot on. I could probably fish this whole trip with one rod and reel if I had to and I...
  190. jigstrike

    Saltist 2 speed reels anybody?

    Are these real any good? Sounds like a bargain performer.
  191. jigstrike

    40lb line class go to set up recommendations

    The last few times I went long (2 spring 8 day trips) or medium (2 summer 5 day) trips it seemed that if I had to fish just one rod it would be a 40 lb line class set up, preferably in a 2 speed. What has really changed since I went out last is the acceptance of fishing with all spectra and 6...
  192. jigstrike

    What's the best soft window material?

    I really want a boat with a pilot house and glass so I can rain-x the thing but so many used boats have soft vinyl instead. So what kind of soft or semi rigid material works best. And by best I mean can be treated or polished to bead water and see through the spray? I know rain-x itself is...
  193. jigstrike

    American Angler June 17th 5 day, what do you think we will be fishing?

    Just got the spouse to ok the trip and will be booking in the morning. This is my 4thtrip on the AA but I haven't been for about 5 or 6 years. Anybody have an idea of how things are shaping up out there? It's a month away and spring is always unpredictable. From last year's posting its looks...
  194. jigstrike

    how much braid do you realy need when fishing live bait?

    During the most recent Bluefin run, it seemed to me that fishing spectra with a very short flouro topshot had become an accepted method of tuna fishing here in so cal. Not saying no one fished mono, just that many people now fish almost straight spectra, myself included. The main benefit of...
  195. jigstrike

    You want to go. The Chief MLK Weekend. Join me!

    I am going on the 2.5 day trip on The Chief that leaves Friday the 17 and gets back early Monday morning. For many this is a three day weekend and an excellent time to go fill the freezer with rock fish, links and maybe a yellowtail. Let's make sure this trip gets off the dock!!!!
  196. jigstrike

    Three day weekend freezer filler

    Just a reminder that for many, the weekend of the 18th is a 3 dater for Martin Luther King day. The Chief has a 2.5 that leaves Friday and comes back Monday. No missing work and you still have time to recover before you go to the office the next day. This is one of my few windows of fishing...
  197. jigstrike

    Info needed on newer 26 ft Striper

    Wife has mentioned she may be interested in opening up the wallet for a new boat. I have sen a few newer Stripers with glass enclosures/ pilot houses and cuddy cabins. But I am unfamiliar with the boats and if they are well made or not. And before you say Parker or Radon, I would love to...
  198. jigstrike

    West Coast hull advice 20 to 25 feet

    I am looking for some input on choosing a hull for a project and trying to pick the "best" hull for San Diego. Radons are a great hulls, but they are designed for running down swell under load! As in back to the ventura coast from the channel islands loaded down with the catch. Most offshore...
  199. jigstrike

    If fluro is invisible underwater, why not use 80lb?

    I was thinking, which can be dangerous, that we go for light line for two reasons. First, that fish can "see" the heavier line. Second, that heavier line increases the drag on the bait fish, leading to unnatural movement. But if I fish a short six foot fluro leader on 80lb spectra I have...
  200. jigstrike

    Anybody ever done a 5 day at New Years trip?

    Looking for a trip that might fit my schedule, I notice that the Polaris Supreme has a 5 day trip between Christmas and New Years. Most other boats are all going long at this time , mostly 12 day trips. How is the fishing in the 5 day range at that time of year? Although I have always wanted...
  201. jigstrike

    Sunday night, fishing Monday on the Cortez

    Just booked me and my dad. Nothing to report or add, just so stoked to be fishing that I had to share.
  202. jigstrike

    Set ups for the current mixed bagof overnight fish?

    Going overnight on Sunday, fishing Mondaon the Cortez out of Seaforth and i am trying to get everything put together. Don't like to bring too many, but don't want to have the wrong stuff. A few weeks back when it was all bluefin and larger grade, you could fish 40lb all day be set, for the...
  203. jigstrike

    Searcher info and reviews?

    I have done 4 trips on the American Angler and love the way Brian and Sam treat their customers, especially the it's your vacation vibe. I have never been on the Searcher, but they have an opening where I might have some availability so I was wondering what the vibe as on that boat. Thanks Tom
  204. jigstrike

    Great fishing 8/11 with Danny Gomez on Dhamar

    Fished yesterday with Danny. He is an awesome and hard working skipper who really knows his stuff. We had 7 strikes and boated 5 sailfish before our day was half over. And these were some of the biggest fish i have ever caught. Missed on bull dorado during that morning troll, they were...
  205. jigstrike

    Offshore Tun pens and more 7/28 on the Pide

    I want to give a Capt. Greg and the Pride crew the compliments they deserve. This is the best, hardest working, most helpful crew I have seen. They reall are the best. Beginners will be well taken care of an experienced anglers will still have their fishing improved. We started at the...
  206. jigstrike

    Legend , Grande or Pacific Queen?

    These are my three choices for next Tuesday night fishing Wednesday. Haven't been using the fleet in a while so not sure who to pick.
  207. jigstrike

    Spearguns for sale

    Guns are sold
  208. jigstrike

    Need interior of cuddy redone

    My cuddy has carpeted sides in the interior and the carpet is shot after 20 years as are the cushions. Who is a good person in San Diego for this type of work? Thanks
  209. jigstrike

    'Nados 1-10-11

    Left Mission Bay late morning (11 am by the time we hit the channel) and headed for the Coronados. Drifted near pukey point in about 200 ft, but only hooked up one taco fish and rest were sanddabs. After letting the dabs go, we moved in to a pinnacle right near the island for a couple drifts...
  210. jigstrike

    Lower 9 for rockfish Monday

    Heading out Monday to take the college age nephews on thier first fishing trip. Going to try rockfish on the lower 9. Any decent numbers would be appreciated. If you're going to be out there, let me know
  211. jigstrike

    Dorado in October La Paz or Los Cabos and full moon or new moon

    I want to take my dad down to baja for some Dorado. From my research October is a great month for Dorado in La Paz. Given conditions this year, would that still hold true or should we go south to Cabo? At first I was thinking of freediving in La Paz and so I was planing for the weekend of...
  212. jigstrike

    will a different prop help me and which kind?

    I have a 70hp tohatsu and my boat is a bit under powered. I can get up on plane but sometimes its hard to do so against the swell. And when weighted down with divers and gear, the engine lugs down and slowly spins up to speed as we plane out. The trip before last I could only plane on an...
  213. jigstrike

    Will a Doelphin or similar help me?

    My boat has trouble getting up on plane. Its a new to me boat with a 70hp motor. Its within specs, but I think that a 90 is much more common on this hull. Yesterday, against the tide and after shifting passengers to the bow, we could not get up on plane. Later on the return we were able to...
  214. jigstrike

    2007 Achillies SG 156 dive/fish inflatable w 50hp TLDI

    For sale: 2007 Achillies SG 156 Inflatable (15’ 6”) 2006 50HP Tohatsu TLDI 2007 Pacific trailer Price $6800 (about half of the new price and only 3 years old) This is a great dive boat. I have moved up to a cuddy cabin for my small children, otherwise I would not be selling...
  215. jigstrike

    Skipjack 20 open width as trailered

    I'm looking at getting a 20ft (or so) boat and the Skipjack 20 open is now leading the pack as my boat of choice. I just measured my fence opening and noticed that the gates make the actual available opening 7 ft 9 inches. Anybody out there with a skippie know if this is wide enough to get at...
  216. jigstrike

    Need ballpark figure on full i/o repower

    I'm looking at 2 boats. One is outboard/other is i/o drive. I can look up the price an outboard and guestimate the install, but have no idea on price of having the i/o and engine repaced in the boat. Its a Vovlo 275 so may not need new drive, but what does a 4 or cylinder i/o repower run these...
  217. jigstrike

    Free skiff

  218. jigstrike

    Work/Bay/Hooping Skiff $175

    I have a 15-16 ft flat bottom dory skiff I need out of my garage. I built it from plans for a working skiff called a Lumber Yard Skiff. I used exterior chines which were sealed with fiberglass tape set in epoxy Old Wharf Dory Co: Fishing, Work and Pleasure Skiffs and Boats Its a bare bones...
  219. jigstrike

    La Playita Resort and Gordo Banks Pangas

    I have fished w/ Gordo Banks Pangas once before and had a greta time, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to use them again. Was thinking about a "just fishing" trip w/ my dad and staying right by the panga area at the La Playita Resort- Would love to hear comments from anybody else who has done...
  220. jigstrike

    Best time/place for Dorado

    I want to take my dad and my Uncle on a fishing trip. Looking for 3 days of panga fishing in either Loreto, La Paz, East Cape, or San Jose Del Cabo. Mostly becasue you can fly to 3 of those places pretty easy and I know getting a ride to the east cape form Cabo or La Paz is pretty simple...
  221. jigstrike

    Need soemone to take me fishing in PV July 15th or 16th

    Hey y'all I need to book a 1/2 day (6 hours) out of the PV area for either July 15 or 16th--or around then. I have emailed or pm'ed a couple guys already with no response. Since they are reputable, I will just assume they are busy or not interested in a short day, but maybe somebody else...
  222. jigstrike

    American Angler 8 Day June 7

    Only a little over amonth to go!!! I can't wait. I have 2 avet 4/0 ex 2 speeds (50 and 60 lb) a pro gear 545 YTS (40lb) a Penn 4/0 YTS (Tiburon Frame Newell gears) (40 lb) an 6/0 single speed (80 lb and trolling) my trusty jigmaster 30lb 4 new calstars of various degrees and about 50...