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  1. Grouchomrk

    Bottlenose dolphins with WSB- 3/15/2013- Eclipse

    In 20 plus years on the water, I have never seen this...Bottlenost Dolphins with White Sea Bass... pretty incredible.... They saw this aboard the Eclipse today on our 4.5 hour whale watch trip with Pacific Nature Tours... I thought you guys might dig this... I haven't caught a seabass in a...
  2. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse 1.5 Dep Sunday 10/6- CharkBait!

    We have a 1.5 departing Sunday 10/6 fishing Monday the 7th- Only $265 including permit, $250 if you already have your permit. Remember, you wont miss the MNF game or any baseball playoffs- we have DirecTv! This trip, along with a few others are offered only through
  3. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse 1.5 departs 9/30- $250!!!

    Guys! Fishing is unbelieveable right now! Eclipse has a 1.5 day trip departing Sun Nite 9/30 for only $250!!! if we put alst spots on Seaforth website, price will jump to $295- so book online at to get in on this great offer!!! Capt Mark
  4. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Medevac from Eclipse

    Hi All, Hope everyone is having a great time fishing! I thought you all would like to see this video. unfortunately we had to Medevac a passenger last Friday from Eclipse. The USCG apparantly "Go Pro'd" and put on YouTube the very next day. Patient was taken to UCSD and released later that...
  5. Grouchomrk

    Fishin help! Bos- Florida in May!

    Doing a boat delievery from Gloucester to Pt Everglade,FL from April 28th- May 14th. Gotta stop for fuel and provisions along the way, and have no idea about where to fish Would be willing to give a free trip or two on The Eclipse for some good sound advice, tips, technique and fishing...
  6. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse Sportfishing Announcement- September Sizzle!!

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  7. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse May schedule

    Hey guys, Thank to all of you who have ventured out with us aboard the Eclipse this spring. I am posting our May schedule, and I hope to see you guys out there! Talked to Capt Rick and he reported very good calico fishing, once again today. Should set up nicely for afternoon fishing on the...
  8. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    Hey Everyone, We need some work done to the Eclipse, and who better to give work to, but fellow fishermen!!! We are looking for a carpet guy- both for the boat, and in my home. Potentially a carpenter- Anyone who might sell used restraunt equipment, as well. If you are interested...
  9. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Eclipse Charter- 2010 Dates available

    Hey Everyone, I didn't know where to post this... please repost in proper place if I'm misguided. You guys can sign up for our email list via our website as well. I will have our multi day schedule out sometime in Feb- hopefully. We are excited for 2010 and I would like to thank all of you who...
  10. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse- Big Hammer Calico bass/YT 2.5 day

    Guys- we have a 2.5 day Calico bass special- departing Seaforth tues 10/27 at 8pm returning 10/30 in the am. I talked to Jody on the Voyager and James on the Grande- both had outstanding yellowtail fishing at San Martin Island last 2 days! Weather looks good, and the load will be light! Price...
  11. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Eclipse

    Guys- Fish are up and biting! The Long Range guys found a new body of fish, and it sounds like the real deal. The fish in the 1.5 day range were up late yesterday, and the boat that got on them had 60 fish in the last 2 hours of the day!!! There will be coverage down in that area today, look for...
  12. Grouchomrk

    1.5 day on Eclipse- Sat nite

    Hey Guys, If anybody is interested, we are running a 1.5 day trip Sat nite returning Monday am- price is $195 including permits. We will be fishing offshore looking for yellowtail and tuna.Call me for a Bloodydeck special if you can get 3-4 guys together. Cell- 619-518-8701 Tight Lines and...
  13. Grouchomrk

    Introduction to Eclipse Sportfishing

    Hello Everyone, Sorry this has taken us so long to post. I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself and Chris Switzer as the owners of the Eclipse at Seaforth Sportfishing in Mission Bay. The vessel was formerly the Renegade, and before that she was the Cat Special. Many...
  14. Grouchomrk

    Tommy's THE Man

    One of my clients in Yuma, AZ ordered a bunch of good stuff from Tommy- and he was impressed by not only the quality and freshness of his fish and shellfish- but the customer service he recieved. Thanks Tommy! When I recommend people, I sure like it when they live up to their rep!
  15. Grouchomrk

    Offshore I am Fired Up!!!!

    Spring is here, and I am fired up this morning! I was out on the PQ this weekend, and will give you a little repport here. Our first day we fished the Rojos. Probably the best fishing I have ever seen on those things. As far as numbers and size, it was phenomenal. We went into San Martin Island...