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  1. canyonman


    An important message from the Viking Management Team: Attention Viking Anglers, First off, on behalf of everyone here at the Viking Fleet, we pray that all of you and your families are healthy and safe through this whole pandemic. For those of you whom have lost someone, we share your pain, and...
  2. canyonman

    Deep Drop Tile Fish Trip

    Deep drop trip of a lifetime except we go every year. This year we have 2 spots. Long range east coast style on the Viking Starship. Fishing the Far East canyons. Lydonia welker oceanographers hydrographers in search of giant tile and wreckies. Last weekend in June Plus George’s cod and...
  3. canyonman

    Penn 16 visx (silver)

    For sale a brand new in box Penn 16 visx silver loaded with JB hollow 100. Bought it never used it. Spooled by Pelagic Outfitters. 575$ plus shipping Sold
  4. canyonman

    Oakley Mainlink w/ Blue Prizm Polarized Lenses

    Pair of Oakley Mainlink black frame with mirrored blue prizm polarized lenses . Worn once, just don’t use them. Comes with soft case and a carry bag. 100$ plus shipping
  5. canyonman

    36 hr Canyon Trip

    What's up fellow bloodydeckers. I'm putting together a 36 hr canyon trip on the Brooklyn 6. A 110 ft party boat based out of Brooklyn NY. We will be fishing for tuna ,swords,mahi and maybe some tiles. This is still in the planning stage and a price is being worked on. I'm planning on going with...
  6. canyonman

    Independence 15 day after Thanksgiving

    Last minute I know. Good friend who's on this trip every year has sudden work issues can't make it. He's looking to sell his spot at a nice discount. It's a great trip with a great group of guys. Latest reports are great Anyone interest ed pm me.
  7. canyonman

    WTS Custom 765 M

    Looking to sell a custom calstar 765m all rollers wrapped by Yo's. Aftco reel seat. $175 PM me here or text me at 917 279 9715
  8. canyonman

    Shimano Tiagra 12 and Penn Inte

    Selling a shimano tiagra 12 topless baker frame free spool and bearing work done by Cofe. 80 lb solid JB. $325 Also a Penn International 16 topless tiburon frame 80 lb solid JB. $300 If interested pm me or text at 917 279 9715. PayPal friendly . Thanks
  9. canyonman

    Misc. iron for sale

    Various jigs for sale. Take the entire lot for 100$ plus shipping .
  10. canyonman

    super seekers

    anyone know when the super seeker 2X4 will be available for purchase?
  11. canyonman

    long soaks , short soaks

    i wonder if anyone can give any info on whats considered a long soak vs whats considered a short soak when fishing with sardines
  12. canyonman

    gusa rods

    i am thinking about wrapping a gusa predator 7' 50 -80 for my new 16 int. any opinions or suggestions thanks :eyepoppin
  13. canyonman

    760 xh

    I am wrapping a calstar 760XH. I was wondering what opinions people had on this blank for the big stuff??
  14. canyonman

    big fish rod

    I am getting ready to wrap a 100# rod. Any body have any suggestions for calstar blanks in this class. I was looking for something 6 ft . Thank you.
  15. canyonman

    penn 30 wide

    I was thinking about getting penn 30 wide done by Cal for cows next year can it handle it or what?Death_To_