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    Programing an electric tach

    6 sparks per revolution? That would be a total of 18 sparks per Rev. (3 Cyls). I will check my SN, but it sure seems high! I should have tried all options during lobster season...waiting to pull pots.
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    Programing an electric tach

    I made the mistake of googling it, even more confused! I guess I will have to try all options, until I find an idle speed of 1100-1200 RPM. Thanks to all who shared the info!
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    Who fishing the Tribute tonight?

    Can't wait to hear of your success!
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    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    I assume Bronze is stronger? Harder to work with? Less toxic, or is it the smoke from the flux that is toxic?
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    Offshore 4/14 Shogun 1.5 Report

    Thanks for the report, you will get em next time! ( and a real bed)
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    Sturgeon fishing in Sf bay

    Fukishima ray.
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    Programing an electric tach

    So with this tach, it only lists a handful of programable options. Each choice is how many sparks per revolution. 1 spark for 2 revolutions is an option I will try. Thanks, I hope it works! Hard for me to conceptualize!
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    Programing an electric tach

    this one has 3 cylinders-I understand the 4 stroke vs 2 stroke concept, compression/ignition stroke, and a exhaust stroke. I do not know how many cylinders fire on a revolution. Do each (or all 3) fire for each revolution?
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    Programing an electric tach

    I have a 40 HP 4 stroke Mercury (ELPT EFI) and bought a digital electric tach/hour meter. It asks how many sparks per revolution, as the sensor wire wraps around one plug wire. I am unsure of this answer. I am trying to see how the boat is propped-hoping to be around 6000 RPM at WOT. I have...
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    Texas hogs

    That Ken Onion works great! 18 degrees does it! Nice looking meat! Congradts!
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    Inshore Aloha Spirit 4/12

    Fishing in Mexico, "rope attached to a body"! Nothing to see here folks, wind um up!
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    Inshore Lajolla today 4/11

    Women and seamen do not mix anyway.
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    Inshore Lajolla today 4/11

    You must be refering to "fruit" beers? Pineapple, peppers, whatever, Don't fruit my beers!
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    Offshore 9 mile Rockfishinnnn 4/1

    Thanks for the posts on this, more friggin rules to try and follow...
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    Inshore La Jolla today 4/9

    Did you tell him you were a BD member?
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    Bayrunner Hull Corrosion

    I was wondering if you used the 2 part West Marine fiberglass filler? Hard as hell, but unknown about how it would work on metal. Probably better on the inside.
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    Boat maintenance ( no trailer)

    Nice to see...
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    Bayrunner Hull Corrosion

    Did they align with the marks on the outside?
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    Bayrunner Hull Corrosion

    I do not disconnect my 2 batteries, but they are in plastic boxes. I shut them off at the perko. I think (guess) a little spotting is normal, my westcoaster has some, but is pretty clean. I wonder if it can be polished out. Do you worry about inside the hull electrolysis from fish hooks and...
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    1.5 day trip in June boat recommendations

    What about the Legend? 1.75= $400+
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    Maui Jim Lens Advice

    Good info! I will look into this! Thanks!
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    Maui Jim Lens Advice

    Costa told me they do not have replacement lenses for my hammerheads, "discontinued". I saw hammerheads listed as a "new" style for sale in west marine's catalog! Won't buy costas again due to no cust. service!
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    A Guestimate on the Spearing Season

    Yeah, thanks for the thought! Tough to predict, but food for thought. YT on patties is probably already happening. LJ looked clean this morning, wind&sea area looked blue at low tide. Flatties and resident YT, and WSB probably happenning.
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    Offshore Half Day AM on the New Seaforth 4-6

    Got to lookup gaff vs net! Nice report!
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    Bad Dog May 12 w/pic

    It was El Hefe-We took photos which were posted about the whole thing. The Coast Guard had to come and bail him out. Mex navy almost grabbed it... they had the balls to fish the pens when they were inside! We asked them if they were metering any fish..
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    FMM Help

    I assume this is a dumb question, but I am new to this FMM process, and want to learn. Is this only in spanish? No english version? I do not speak spanish, and filling this out would be challenging.
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    Maui Jim Lens Advice

    Costa offered me -$30.00 a $260.00 pair, which I did not know how they fit.
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    Maui Jim Lens Advice

    I have bought many pairs of Costas, 580P & G. The customer service dept. has not been helpful, ever. I have hammerheads which I bought less than a year ago, in 580P plastic lenses, which I thought I could swap out for 580G. (I think there is a difference between 400G and 580G!) They tell me, the...
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    Offshore sunfish can you eat them like Albacore

    Wow, thanks for the report! Any Pics?
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    GLWS! Hope you get some takers-I hope your mexico trip was good. Have you seen what a rebuild...

    GLWS! Hope you get some takers-I hope your mexico trip was good. Have you seen what a rebuild would cost? Maybe someone can give you an estimate without spending too much $$. YT at the islands.
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    Next Swap meet?

    I think you are right, I was told this weekend for the marlin club.
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    Islands 3/31 surface iron yellow

    That's how its done! Wonder how big the ones that got away were! Any dog problems?
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    Wax, compound, buff etc.....

    How would you go about making it like a mirror?
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    Wax, compound, buff etc.....

    Any one have intel on aluminum hull polishing? I have seen some really shine. My 15' will not be as big of an undertaking as the 40' er! Thanks!
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    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    When you give the plastic bag of documents to the feds, are they copies or the orgionals? This is all good info! I probably won't go much, so a $5.00 biosphere bracelet would be best. I am a 1/2 hour from the border, but would rather not enter into mexico by land.
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    Coyote hunting in San Diego-is it possible?

    Thanks for the tip on OnX, it looks like a cool app.
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    Great shot, badass fish!
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    2020-21 Lobster Season Recap

    Looking forward to it!
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    2020-21 Lobster Season Recap

    Next year I will be collecting data in a log! Snoozed this year! That was a good tip, should have done it!
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    2020-21 Lobster Season Recap

    Great report, great season! Interesting you found a new honey hole, I thought you had every one figured by now! If I may ask, did you find this by bottom finder, deduction, word of mouth, or just trying a new untested spot? (PM if you want!) You have a nose for the bugs! Funny, my wife does not...
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    Don’t forget to send in your lobster harvest report card or do it online!

    I think this will get you to the link-
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    Bay / Harbor End of season San Diego Bay

    I bought an Eyoyo with a 9" screen, 100' depth, and led/uv lights. About $260.00 and it works very well! We were finding structure on a FF, and could drop the camers and see shelves and caves, with lobster eyes glowing! Sorry about the delay, the new format threw me off!
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    Inshore The last night before the last night

    Great job reporting thruout the season! Love seeing the other areas producing up there, looks like a remarkable fishery, (buggery)! Thanks!
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    Ropeless Traps

    All you have to do is call it? "Here boy" "good trap, good trap"! What a crock, out of control! Where do I sign to stop this? Who do I call? Thanks for the heads up.
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    Coyote hunting in San Diego-is it possible?

    Where does your info come from? I doubt it, but will check.
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    Cost of Navonics app

    I was looking at getting the Navonics app on a pad, after seeing the pad is GPS activated. I thought the cost was $15.00, but now I see the cost is $199.00. Am I wrong? I thought the relief shading would be great! Big difference, still worth it? Are the phone apps and tablet ones priced...
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    Boating from San Diego to Mexico FMM

    The only spanish phrase I know "por favor no me violes en grupo"
  48. tunakillerjoe1

    Boating from San Diego to Mexico FMM

    What is that, like $48.00? Is it per person, or total? The TIP permit is $45? (good for 10 years?) Biobracelet, Mexican license, good to go? Insurance?
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    reprogram mmsi number

    I believe this to be true-
  50. tunakillerjoe1


    Sorry bout the misdirection. A quick look seemed loke a match! You have great info for the op!
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    Bay / Harbor End of season San Diego Bay

    No, probably should have! The jetty was a zoo! We moved to the quiet spots after being mobbed. Reminded me of the scene in "Jaws" when all the towns boat population went out after the shark! Probably need to buy 2 scoops for bait next year!! Good luck!!
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    You can have halibut only one way

    Marinate for 1/2 hour in orange juice, with a little lime. Rinse, finely mince macadamia nuts, make some honey butter. Apply the honey butter to cold meat, roll in the macadamia nuts. Bake at 350 , pull just before completely done. I have seen worms near the abdomen, some are clean.
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    Google it! do these work?
  54. tunakillerjoe1

    Inshore Izors 3/12 and great new navigation solution

    I hate the idea of staring at my phone when on the water! LOL! Probably drive right past boils and patties squinting at the screen looking for a "remarkable bottom"! I do have an older pad....hmmm....again, good information! Thanks!!!
  55. tunakillerjoe1

    Bay / Harbor End of season San Diego Bay

    Started a bit late, 5ish, and tried to get 1/2 scoop, but it did not look to be enough (again!), ended up getting a full scoop. WTF! Got 2 nice ones, 5 total even with the insane crowds! Hoopers everwhere! Chucking hoops right on top of my sets, many dorks out there. I left after getting a...
  56. tunakillerjoe1

    Bay / Harbor Bugging out for the last time this season.

    Nice work! Good size for the season ending session! San Diego was not as good. I got 5, with 2 nice ones, but was out till 2;30 AM. Very crowded, way too many people out! Beautiful night-but it's over!
  57. tunakillerjoe1

    Inshore Izors 3/12 and great new navigation solution

    Good information! I was wondering about the Navionics app being used on my phone. Can you get the shaded relief also? I have a small boat, so I may not have room for a larger screen. You have extra room up there! I have a 9" monitor NO GPS for an UW camera that I bought. Maybe that will work. I...
  58. tunakillerjoe1

    Coyote hunting in San Diego-is it possible?

    Does anyone in San Diego have any ideas about coyote hunting in San Diego, or within an hour or so drive? Any desert areas, (plaster city, anywhere near Tecate/Campo?) foothills (Warner springs, kitchen creek, backcountry) or info on what can be legally hunted on? (BLM, Cleveland forest?) I...
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    WSB starting up!

    I wonder what it looked like in the water with all those slugs around! That is a catch! Nice work, lots of cleaning!
  60. tunakillerjoe1

    FN 30-06 1952 vintage

    Cool birthyear too!
  61. tunakillerjoe1

    Racherita shooting range

    What about los coyotes indian reservation? Maybe???
  62. tunakillerjoe1

    March 12-Friday possible?

    I do not think the storm will clear till sat-sun. I thought about going out friday too. I guess you don't know till you go! With all the cost and bs with going to mex., it would be a shame if the conditions shut it down. (IMO) Be safe!
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    Osprey Global TA10 40X50MDG/IRF Tactical Scope Signature series

    The link did not work, maybe this one will help-
  64. tunakillerjoe1

    Making another rifle stock.

    Looks very nice! Like to see it assembled when finished!
  65. tunakillerjoe1

    Bugging out AGAIN! 3/6

    Nice work and good karma! Nice sized bugs too! Catalina I assume?
  66. tunakillerjoe1

    WSB starting up!

    This is the time of year for the WSB to pop up! Go Get em! (picture from the past)
  67. tunakillerjoe1

    Alaska Spearfishing(And rod and reel) Charters

    What are the divers targeting there?
  68. tunakillerjoe1

    Inshore 3/1 LJ

    Thanks! What camera set up was that!
  69. tunakillerjoe1

    Whats the weirdest/strangest thing that's happened to you while fishing in Socal/Mexico?

    I was on a spearfishing trip on one of the big boats out of H&M, headed to Cortez for a few days. Left at 9 PM, and in the galley on the way out the harbor, when we were getting the talk on how the trip would lay out, the boat started listing very hard to one side after a loud Bang!! Everyone in...
  70. tunakillerjoe1

    You can only fish for 1 from this list

    Lizardfish, Mullet, and Black Sea bass! No, really, Yellowtail, Bluefin, White sea bass..although, seeing the blue flash of a Dorado slamming your bait is right up there too!
  71. tunakillerjoe1


    Damn dirtbags- they will be caught and pay the price one day-
  72. tunakillerjoe1

    Bay / Harbor SD 3/4 hoop

    Must have gotten luck x 2- the light could be seen, barely on the short roped one. I hit MOB when the rope broke on the second one, and dropped that diamond head right on it! I have a underwater camera which may be useful in finding lost pots in the future. I wonder if you drained the bay how...
  73. tunakillerjoe1

    Wow, gonna need a bigger boat

    I wonder if the meat was rotten. By the time you get all the pictures and such, hard to keep a fish that big on ice or cooled!
  74. tunakillerjoe1

    Bay / Harbor SD 3/4 hoop

    Also an idea, a rod, (a stout one) is not bad to have in case your floats get pulled under, or the line is short! I was not paying attention and moved hoops deeper without paying out more line. The result was a flashing light 5' under the surface! My friend Mark had a rod, so we hooked it and...
  75. tunakillerjoe1

    California - Proposed Reg Fee Change

    It takes me 20 min to be in the water spearfishing, or 1/2 hour to take out my boat. When I catch fish, I can process them in my yard, and smoke them. Hooping for lobster on a quiet beautiful night is right in my backyard! The desert is an hour away. The mountains are an hour away. I do like...
  76. tunakillerjoe1

    California - Proposed Reg Fee Change

    Hows the Bluefin fishing there? Crappie?
  77. tunakillerjoe1

    lobstering san diego

    I do not think so, I think you get chased off. Not 100% sure, though. There is a ferry that still runs there, by the resturants.
  78. tunakillerjoe1

    Bay / Harbor SD 3/4 hoop

    Thanks for the report, better luck next time!! Last year the end of the season was good!
  79. tunakillerjoe1

    Tuna Crab plastics?

    Thank for all the ideas. I figured I was not the first to want this!
  80. tunakillerjoe1

    Tuna Crab plastics?

    Yeah, no one has caught a bft or yft or yt with "tuna"crabs inside! No one said anything about offshore anyway. Just thinking of match the hatch.
  81. tunakillerjoe1

    Tuna Crab plastics?

    Found it! Ordered from Discount Tackle! Z-MAN GT3-359PK6 Baby Goat 3"" Hot Craw 6 Pack, one Size I looked all over before posting too!
  82. tunakillerjoe1

    Tuna Crab plastics?

    I saw someone post a tuna crab plastic on a post a couple of days ago, but cannot find it now. Anyone know of these? May give it a try-thanks!
  83. tunakillerjoe1

    First pull limits on the Sherminator.

    Thanks for the report! Seems like folks did well even with the moon-
  84. tunakillerjoe1

    Inshore Narcos spinylobster

    Did you buy or make the squid? Nice job on the bugs!
  85. tunakillerjoe1

    Wow, gonna need a bigger boat

    5 people and add 1000? lbs-at least the seas look calm, so far..the pulley looks tied off high, adding leverage to bend/break it! I guess somehow you manage!
  86. tunakillerjoe1

    Painting Iron

    I saw some squid-like wraps for jigs at Turners yesterday. No idea how they work, looked cool though.
  87. tunakillerjoe1

    Hook size on sibiki

    I have a 6'10" sabiki rod, and I still have to cut and retie the packaged rigs! PITA! They are too long to allow me to reel up to the end.
  88. tunakillerjoe1

    Food recs for offshore

    Shrimp-lobster cocktails, for sure. Pretzels, maybe kfc crunchy breasts if solo for hooping. Pt. Loma seafood smoked fish.
  89. tunakillerjoe1

    Cost to service/replace impeller

    Easy to do yourself, and have it done right!
  90. tunakillerjoe1

    Frozen Texas Fish

    Wow- crazy cold!
  91. tunakillerjoe1

    There's a few less WSB off Pt. Loma today...

    Great photo, nice post! Ghostbusters!
  92. tunakillerjoe1

    Love birds hooping spinylobster

    Heading out tonight for twin harbors!
  93. tunakillerjoe1

    Love birds hooping spinylobster

    Nice job taking groups out to get bugs! Even Bernie got some! You seem to be steady on getting them-wish my boat was large enough to do Cat safely.
  94. tunakillerjoe1

    Is Fish Dope worth it????

    What about LOBSTERDOPE? Same idea, but contributors can give intel on where they were successful, and others can pay a fee to see it. I think I am on to something here! Contact me if you want to start a gofundme account or go in on a startup of some kind! Please note: obvious sarcasm and this is...
  95. tunakillerjoe1

    Night on SD bay-slow...but a couple!

    Thanks everyone! We had a military patrol boat drive right thru our 10 hoops, did not cut any off. Just cruzing around. I recently purchased a Eyoyo camera with a 9" screen, 24 leds, IR, and 100' of cable. Unknown model, about $280 on Amazon. It seems to work well, great at night. I think the...
  96. tunakillerjoe1

    Night on SD bay-slow...but a couple!

    FYI-I was not "being cheap", but by experience a 1/2 was all that was needed. I guess I will buy a full scoop, then a scoop and 1/2, then 2! BTW, the floor scraper-wooden bottom bucket worked very well for dicing up the bait! The camera was a color version, adjustable led brightness. Showed the...
  97. tunakillerjoe1

    “Icing on the cake” at the island

    Some nicer ones in there! Great job!
  98. tunakillerjoe1

    Night on SD bay-slow...but a couple!

    Left at 4PM from SI, got a half scoop, worst short scoop I have seen yet! Did not fill the 10 bait cans I had, we had to only fill 3/4 to even hoop. Lame. How does one handle this? We were already a ways away from the barge, hate to go back and complain. Many half scoops usually gets you a fill...
  99. tunakillerjoe1

    Snow with FWD.

    If you want to have great chains, (when you actually need them) check out Thule chains. CG9, CB12, CD10. Goes on so easy, off so easy, you won't hesitate when everyone else is struggling. Done Big Bore a million times, and the Highway patrol has you put them on when there is no snow around! Take...
  100. tunakillerjoe1

    Coleman propane heater

    Screaming deal, these are rare, hard to find! I have one I am holding on to-works great! Great for camping too! GLWS!
  101. tunakillerjoe1

    2 used props for beer

    Any model, Mfg. #s? Dia., pitch? Might get more replies! I have a merc 40HP from 2003, will have to check the specs-
  102. tunakillerjoe1

    New sportboats coming soon?

    Sorry, not just the 50 cal, a MK38 25mm chain gun! Even better!
  103. tunakillerjoe1

    New sportboats coming soon?

    The 50 cal would be handy for patty poachers, dirtbag seals, or just breaking up the boredom of a slow bite! Our tax dollars at work, retire a fine vessel after 6 years.
  104. tunakillerjoe1

    Gotta be a good story here

    That spot will be red hot when the tide comes in. Gotta wait it out!
  105. tunakillerjoe1

    A night at the island

    Quality stuff! Nice work!
  106. tunakillerjoe1

    Racherita shooting range

    Have you gone to South Bay gun and rod club? Off 94 E-nice outdoor place. Sorry, do not know of any in Ranchertia!
  107. tunakillerjoe1

    Baiting for lobster -- my way... whats yours?

    Looks like it works! I use a floor scraper to chop and a bucket with a wood bottom. The cut off funnel looks like it works too! I wonder if a wire saw would save you chopping with a knife! Or if the lid had blades that would chop when you close it? A sawsall with a long blade?? Nice work!
  108. tunakillerjoe1

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    Spearfishing off Bird Rock (before MILPAS), shot straight down on a big ol sculpin. It bent the tip so removing it was a pain, and I got poked. I was by myself, and after a few minutes, I felt the venom creeping up my arm. I kicked for shore, and felt like it was overcoming my system. My whole...
  109. tunakillerjoe1

    Looking at underwater fishing cameras-ideas?

    Yeah, the gofish has some quirks. To get live feeds you need to float a sending unit of some kind. I guess I would rather mess with a cable to bet a hot feed.
  110. tunakillerjoe1

    Horseshoe Sculpin and Halibut

    Yeah, but Montana has a lot going for it too!
  111. tunakillerjoe1

    Underwater fishing camera?

    Thanks, I pm'ed him.
  112. tunakillerjoe1

    Fujinon Stabiscope Sold

    Sorry-no harm intended! GLWS!
  113. tunakillerjoe1

    Fujinon Stabiscope Sold

    Is $3750.00 correct price? Bought/ repaired for $1964.10 in '17? Did they double in price during this time? just asking, thought it may be a typo-the invoice looks like it was for a repair. GLWS!
  114. tunakillerjoe1

    HR 127

    Wow, crazy stuff! They have to interview/evaluate your former spouse about your mental stability to own a gun? $800.00 permit? $150,000 and 25 years ?
  115. tunakillerjoe1

    Underwater fishing camera?

    Thanks for the reply, I am thinking real time. The lag time-recorded/viewed later means you cannot mark any viewed structure, or actual bugs. I think it would be useful on patties too.
  116. tunakillerjoe1

    Shore sharks

    SCI, san clemente island?
  117. tunakillerjoe1

    Looking at underwater fishing cameras-ideas?

    After seeing some video from GregAndrew of YT eyeing his mack, I am looking for an underwater camera, ideally HD, reasonable lights, infrared and white, that will go 80 or so feet deep. Live, not taped and reviewed. A larger screen, maybe 9", a decent battery 8 hrs +. I have seen Eyoyo 1000TVL...
  118. tunakillerjoe1

    Underwater fishing camera?

    After seeing some video from GregAndrew of YT eyeing his mack, I am looking for an underwater camera, ideally HD, reasonable lights, infrared and white, that will go 80 or so feet deep. A larger screen, maybe 9", a decent battery 8 hrs +. I have seen the Eyoyo 1000TVL, does anyone use these or...
  119. tunakillerjoe1

    A bit of under water Yellowtail Porn

    You got me going on underwater cameras, any chance you can show your GoPro setup? How many LEDS? Infrared too? I am looking at Eyouo 1000 TVL 9" screen setups, so you can (Hopefully) see live! I assume you had to wait to look at it before seeing the yellows? Thanks!
  120. tunakillerjoe1

    A bit of under water Yellowtail Porn

    What camera do you use? I was looking at a gofish at LB Fred Hall (in March just before this covid crazyness), but have not pulled the trigger yet. Your video inspired me. Wild how they just look at the mac as if it was a piece of kelp! Thanks!
  121. tunakillerjoe1

    Scientific lobster question

    I have thought of saving the head -carpace for sheepies, but I think if you are stopped, you could get busted. Unsure. I heard of putting a bag of lobster parts on your anchor chain and baiting chunks. Big gear, get ready.
  122. tunakillerjoe1

    The Southern Angler book by Brandon Hayward

    The end of Feb. works for me. Text me and I will give you my address.
  123. tunakillerjoe1

    The Southern Angler book by Brandon Hayward

    Sorry, you are in three rivers! Give me your address, and I will send it. If you want to pay shipping, (paypal?) I will let you know how much.
  124. tunakillerjoe1

    Mission bay shorts 1/26

    Lobster pot or hoop net?
  125. tunakillerjoe1

    The Southern Angler book by Brandon Hayward

    You can have it. I ordered "The Local Angler" on Amazon and they sent this older one. It is signed too! How do you want to pick up?
  126. tunakillerjoe1

    Scientific lobster question

    By law you cannot "tail" lobsters. The have to be lept "in the round, intact, for mesurement". But I am sure plenty of folks do. Some freeze the tail in ice, like a friend of mine. Another rinses it and wraps it (saran wrap and papar towels) before freezing. All are not cooked. All have the...
  127. tunakillerjoe1

    The Southern Angler book by Brandon Hayward

    Do you want to read it, or purchase it? Where are you at? I can get it to you to read if you will return it when you are done. Or, if you want to keep it, we can work something out. I am in san diego, utc. Maybe swap something?
  128. tunakillerjoe1

    Large/XL storage system for termnal tackle plastics needed. Best one?

    That looks like it would work- what about sat? I am in utc. Maybe tomorrow?
  129. tunakillerjoe1

    Large/XL storage system for termnal tackle plastics needed. Best one?

    Boat, mobile. I guess I could do a wheelie. I have 2 seperate soft ones now, plastics, scent in one, the other is more offshore. Hooks, swivels, lead, and jigs, flatfalls, ahi, megabaits, iron. Fluro, everything else. (Release desenders, cutters, dykes, sabakis.) I guess I am looking for 1 big...
  130. tunakillerjoe1

    The Southern Angler book by Brandon Hayward

    Is this what you are looking for? Joe 858 226-4105 San Diegot
  131. tunakillerjoe1

    XL tackle storage system 5 trays

    Looking for a XL storage system with 5 3700 trays, or something similar. Flat storage of trays if possible, Got a ton of tackle-let me know! San Diego 858 226-4105
  132. tunakillerjoe1

    Large/XL storage system for termnal tackle plastics needed. Best one?

    I am looking for a big storage system that will hold 5 3700 boxes flat, plus the usual other stuff. (Scents, fluro, cutters, lead.) What systems are best? I would rather go soft box, but would consider either. Ideas, suggestions? I got a ton of tackle....thanks!
  133. tunakillerjoe1

    Scientific lobster question

    It is a system for sealing holes in the shells from the inside, and it is like purple epoxy. I drip some on the ground when I am cleaning them, just to see it and remember, and it lasts months. Very strong stuff. If you (or a sheepshead) punctured a hole in the shell, this would ooze out and...
  134. tunakillerjoe1

    Just Curious..... Why Do They Put The Steering Wheel On The Right Side Of Boats?

    It has to do with which hemisphere you are in and the coreolus effect. As the water spins one direction in your toilet, the boat and steering wheel will follow. Remember, north is always left, so turn right to go south, depending on which hemisphere you are is, and which direction is ahead of...
  135. tunakillerjoe1

    4x4 / Camping / Fishing

    Big Bear has both-Jawbone canyon? Great place-That sends me back..Got to be stuff around Arrowhead too.
  136. tunakillerjoe1

    Big Bay 1-21-21

    Thanks for the report, it is pouring rain right now, should be good for the redistrobution!
  137. tunakillerjoe1

    New Gaff build

    Looks good! How did you secure the gaff tip in the bamboo?
  138. tunakillerjoe1

    Need advice on what feathers to get please

    +1 These and a cedar are the standard. Plenty of variations, color and size, daisy chains big ol marlin soft heads, bait-o-matics, micros, resist the urge to get too many! I have a problem in this area-I still have acrylic cedar plugs from SQC! Memory lane-
  139. tunakillerjoe1

    9 Ft Cast Net

    Maybe someone will buy it for decoration only. LOL!
  140. tunakillerjoe1

    Dana Slow Monday

    He looks like he is ready for a real rod n reel!
  141. tunakillerjoe1

    Squid from markets for fishing?

    Hey, what markers are there on squid blocks from local markets (99 ranch etc.) to look for for acceptable fishing bait? I know if it is available live, freezing it without rinsing it is good. What is the best place for frozen? Thanks!
  142. tunakillerjoe1

    Popped my cherry at the island tonight

    Great crawl going! Nice work!
  143. tunakillerjoe1

    Ammo in San Diego for sale

    GLWS! Can't find ammo at this price!
  144. tunakillerjoe1

    3-turn surgeon knot for floro to mono?

    Interesting! I have been calling the three turn surgeons knot a Seguar! Love the 3 turn surgeons knot, it has held up and never failed! Did not use the True Seguar much, but I may try it more. I was confusing the surgeons "loop" knot and adding a third pass. Thanks for straightening me out...
  145. tunakillerjoe1

    3-turn surgeon knot for floro to mono?

    I have only been tying the second one, which I was taught was the seguar. Great knot for mono to fluro. I saw the first way as a second way to tie it, but it is a different knot. Did not like it. The triple surgeons is different from both. The first 2 require pulling all the tag/fluro leader...
  146. tunakillerjoe1

    3-turn surgeon knot for floro to mono?

    The seguar knot is tied 2 different ways, but the knots are different. One twists the loop 3 times before the push thru, the other pushes thru the loop 3 times, the better connecting knot IMO. They look like the surgeons, (kind of), but are better for connecting. Unsure how they hold up on braid.
  147. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping 1/5

    I cut the big tails so it cooks evenly. Usually quarters, otherwise the outside overcooks and the middle is under. They are a pain to remove!
  148. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping 1/5

    Nice job, thanks for the report! Big bug! Any weight taken? Looks to be 6+? Nice!
  149. tunakillerjoe1

    Fishing Boat Shows

    We did Fred Hall LB in March, just got in before the $hit hit the fan. Got lucky! I doubt there will be any shows for a while. too bad!
  150. tunakillerjoe1

    1/5/2021 Ester

    Foggy early? Thanks for the view!
  151. tunakillerjoe1

    Big Bay 1-1-21

    Sorry to hear about the dogs invading, I assume the bait cages were white, push on lids? A wrist rocket would he a help. Thanks to both of you for the reports!
  152. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobstering in Catalina

    Wow! I had to respond! Jonelli, there are plenty of cool folks here, willing to help out. I have had some share spots, but I doubt you will get many to help you until you reevaluate your approach (AKA attitude!) I have had folks here share their spots with me, we have fished together, and scored...
  153. tunakillerjoe1


    Cannon gyros
  154. tunakillerjoe1

    Post rain lobster

    Here is Sandyego after it rains, the raw sewage from mexico pours directly into the ocean and migrates north. I believe hundreds of thousands of gallons yearly.IB is closed at least a third of the year from raw sewage pollution from mexico.
  155. tunakillerjoe1

    Post rain lobster

    Last season I made it a point to Hoop the big storms. I sat thru big rain and winds, over and over, but did not see any big kill days. maybe it was just me, maybe I was too early, or should have waited a day for the move. I was concerned about electricity zapping me, but there was plenty of...
  156. tunakillerjoe1

    Sick Bluefin edit courtesy of YETI

    That is a bunch of fish to keep cold and process! You could not miss! Great to see, thanks!
  157. tunakillerjoe1

    Promar Lobster Nets..

    $60.00 for all 6? Screaming deal! GLWS!
  158. tunakillerjoe1

    Avet sx🤙

    New post above for an sx in sc.
  159. tunakillerjoe1

    13ft whaler restoration

    Does getrot work on foam? Great on dryrot wood.
  160. tunakillerjoe1

    No bugs and down a license plate

    That sucks X 2- next time you will get them! (Both the low life thief and the bugs!)
  161. tunakillerjoe1

    SD Bay Hooping-Round Two 12-26

    They certainly are good luck charms! Nice work, thanks for the report!
  162. tunakillerjoe1

    OB pier GWS caught recently?

    Maybe shark is like beef. It needs to age a bit before it becomes prime"! LOL! A waste, not a fan of 7gills, but still...should have given a couple of hundred pounds to a homeless person! Man eating shark!
  163. tunakillerjoe1

    Mackeral in Sd bay

    I tried on wed and did not find them by the barge. Had to go to Lj, still thin.
  164. tunakillerjoe1

    Hoop Hoop Horray!

    230 ft? First plastered female I have seen. Good job!
  165. tunakillerjoe1

    OB pier GWS caught recently?

    It was a bad picture I saw, however, it did not look like a 7 gill. It looked like a baby white. The mouths are different. Having been harrassed by 7 gills, I know the difference. Either way, another fish story...
  166. tunakillerjoe1

    OB pier GWS caught recently?

    Makes sense. Probably not very good eating-
  167. tunakillerjoe1

    OB pier GWS caught recently?

    Hey, one of the idiots I work with showed me a picture of a large baby GWS that was supposedly caught at OB pier last week. Looked to be 200#+, maybe more. Walked it onto shore. I told him whoever caught that could be in big trouble for messing with that shark, but he shrugged it off. Anyone...
  168. tunakillerjoe1

    Fish the coronados tommorow

    Send a follow up report!
  169. tunakillerjoe1

    SD Bay Hooping 12/18

    Thanks for the inspiration! Gotta make room in the freezer-
  170. tunakillerjoe1

    MB dec 16

    You see them in fish markets around town, bluewater etc. from mexico. They should have WORK printed right on thier sides!
  171. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Fishing from a small boat

    The gas is right by the spark! Just sayin...
  172. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Fishing from a small boat

    It can be done! 15' Westcoaster- been 20 offshore a bunch of times.
  173. tunakillerjoe1


    How long one smokes is directly related to how large you cut the fish chunks. The larger, the longer. My friends cut small pieces for a dip they make, and only smoke a few hours. I like a big ol chunk, (see pics above) which may take all day (9 hrs +) I trim all the bloodline out, and leave the...
  174. tunakillerjoe1

    Boat clubs

    There are a bunch of posts about freedom from the past on here.
  175. tunakillerjoe1

    For Sale-Vintage 25 Cal Pistol Italian Made, $100

    What about transfer thru the proper FFL as a curio/relic? That mother is old!
  176. tunakillerjoe1


    +1 on the Pitbulls-
  177. tunakillerjoe1

    SD Bug Friday night

    King tides this mon- tuesday! Maybe this will kick things up!
  178. tunakillerjoe1

    SD BAY Crawl 12-9-20

    Nice job, nice Bug! Empty ramp, late?
  179. tunakillerjoe1

    SD BAY Crawl 12-9-20

    Thanks for the report, sorry to hear about the duldrums! It will get better...
  180. tunakillerjoe1

    Need lobstering/hoopnetting hints

    I think fresh bait, cut works best. (my 2 cents) A bucket with a floor scraper works for chopping, maybe throw some plywood in the bottom. Plenty of info out there, and here. You have the idea, fishing structure, or holes, Mission Bay or San Diego. You can make great bait cages out of black PVC...
  181. tunakillerjoe1

    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    That is indeed a "spot"! Nice work, great fish! Thanks for the report! Would (also) like some generic tips on fishing for big lings!
  182. tunakillerjoe1

    9mm AR upper

    See recent post from cartridgecalls-many choces for around $600-
  183. tunakillerjoe1

    Winter halibut fishing.

    Good intel, thanks! I am switching gears to fish Halibut and need to refine things. My friends stayed out all night fishing WSB for nada a few years ago, but stuck around in the early AM and switched gears to Halibut, with impressive results below! All fatties, other guys fishing right next to...
  184. tunakillerjoe1

    Still hope for bugs in Long Beach!

    If you want to share your bait method, can you pm me? I have my own technique and home built cages! Thanks!
  185. tunakillerjoe1

    A little Dab will do You - DP 11.29.20

    Sevengill? Nice dabs- thanks for the report!
  186. tunakillerjoe1


    I got mine for $5500, but put some $$ into it. Like the 40 hp power tilt, have taken it offshore with the right weather (a must). It is a 15', but wide. Sips gas, great for hooping and/diving/fishing. The 9.9 seems too small, I have a friend with a 25 on a 14' and it works well too. Can beach...
  187. tunakillerjoe1

    Materials that are fluorescent / glow in the dark?

    Dive shops or online should have a Trident product ( item # PA55) that is a gear marker, which I have used. Check it out..
  188. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Action on the ridge

    Flares, MMSI (that works), EPIRB, flotation devices, handheld, back up GPS, ditch bag. Oh yeah, and luck!
  189. tunakillerjoe1

    Yellows off the beach 11/29

    Ya done good, brother...
  190. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Action on the ridge

    Weird view of the coast...
  191. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Action on the ridge

    Wow, I wonder what happened? Nice job helping them out! They did not say what happened?
  192. tunakillerjoe1

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    So there are fish cops roaming around offshore? I wonder if a drone spotted you. I supoose you could argue it was not identified clearly...
  193. tunakillerjoe1

    Just the tip

    Thanks, good mojo!
  194. tunakillerjoe1

    Just the tip

    Those are nice ones! Good job, I am sure the kids loved it! Details?
  195. tunakillerjoe1

    Fat Ol' Drum in Texas

    Did you eat that guy? Nice work!
  196. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Another super!

    How do you keep a fish that size propperly chilled for such a long trip? Nice work!
  197. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore YT and Dorado 11/17

    Looks like a nice day! Good job!
  198. tunakillerjoe1

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    True... I was at LAX and they said $300 for 500 of 9&40. Did not ask about anything else.
  199. tunakillerjoe1

    Diesel engine fire - 5 min disaster

    Damn! Lucky no one was hurt!
  200. tunakillerjoe1

    Getting through snotty seas

    We were out sunday at the 371. Left at 1:30 also to mb.It looked like we would have to go slow too, but we were able to trim the motor and tabs and go 17-20 kn. Got up to 25+ when we could see Pt. Loma. In by 4. A little poundy at times, but backed down to avoid big hits. We were in a freedom...
  201. tunakillerjoe1


    You did not get the full 49 lobster limits for 7 peeps? Well, there is always next time! How did you put the 8 go id numbers on the floats? Good job! I work in an OR too. Plenty of crabs..good effort!
  202. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping last night 11/14

    Promar also sells clip on weights for line mgt., I saw them at dana landing (in San Diego)
  203. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore The 371 yesterday, you know..

    Tons of great marks, we probably did not chunk enough!
  204. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore The 371 yesterday, you know..

    Rolled to the 371 yesterday am, left at 7. Nice scoop of healthy bait, calm beautiful morning. Started picking up paddies above the 302, threw out a couple of trollers, got hit fast by skippies. More paddies, got a couple of nice dorado, bunch of rat YT. (Most released) The wind came up a lot by...
  205. tunakillerjoe1

    Shooters in San Diego

    PM sent
  206. tunakillerjoe1

    Found Pro Mar XL Heavy 36" Hoop Net

    Nice of you to try and get it back to the owner! How many bugs were in it?
  207. tunakillerjoe1

    Hook advice

    I am an owner guy. A full spectrum is not to big to carry, and you can match what is working. Some prefer ringed, some back the knots off for a similar effect. A 2/0 gorilla is a std. for me, if the bait and target fish will handle it.Gorilla light, flyliners are available for downsizing. An...
  208. tunakillerjoe1

    Lost my lower unit yesterday

    Bummer, but could have been worse! The bugs will be waiting...
  209. tunakillerjoe1

    11/11-Hooping in LB harbor

    Stick with it! Are you cutting up the bait? How long are you soaking for? Setting before sunset? I did well earlyer in the season, but stopped for a bit. Plugged up on lobsters and salmon! (For now)
  210. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 11/02/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #14 scored 2 BF

    Well done! Seems like your planning paid off! Dicey but well executed! Congradts!
  211. tunakillerjoe1

    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    Broke down one time on a freedom boat, the fuel filter cap became loose, sucking air. 4 hour wait, 5 hour tow in. I was hesitant to pop the lid on someone else's boat. The time constraints seem to be the biggest negative factor, to me.
  212. tunakillerjoe1

    Cuttin bait for lobster

    +1 on the floor scraper. I used to cut by hand, scissors and or knife, but a BD member told me about this method! Good idea with plywood to keep from busting out the bottom. I got mine at ace hardware-
  213. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Game Changer 450???

    That is only 125 lbs off-still a pig! (or cow)
  214. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore newby on the 371

    Thanks for the report! What is with the dogs offshore? I see them everywhere now, stealing fish. Did not used to be like that-
  215. tunakillerjoe1

    182 lately?

    I was there a week ago, dry dry dry. No patties, no life.
  216. tunakillerjoe1

    Air travel with firearms.

    Stupid question, where are the mags/ammo during all this? Full mags, not in the weapon? Empty, outside the box? Ammo? Locks on the pistol? What about disassembly (taking the slide off?) Thanks!
  217. tunakillerjoe1

    Buggin with bug rider

    Nice work, you seem to have it down! Getting done early is a bonus!
  218. tunakillerjoe1

    More Lobster, Sd Bay 10/23, lotsa late crawlers.

    Nice work! Got em! Were there lots of other hoopers?
  219. tunakillerjoe1

    Bugged in LBC

    How many hoops do you run on a yak? Were others hooping?
  220. tunakillerjoe1

    Portable solar panel

    I like the goal zero panels, and charge a weego jump starter. The 3 panel system charges the lamp they make also, (lighthouse 250) which lasts for a long time! They have AA battery packs also for charging.
  221. tunakillerjoe1

    Catalina fishing & hooping 10-16/10-17

    Thanks for the report-clean cat bugs!
  222. tunakillerjoe1

    Catalina 10-14 and 10-15 The old men and the sea

    Great report, quality bugs! Nice work! I like the "only" got 4 keepers on the first pull!
  223. tunakillerjoe1

    Crawl marches on...

    Good job, you northern boys seem to be killing them!
  224. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore S 371 - Limits YFT

    Congradts! Thanks for the report!
  225. tunakillerjoe1

    WTB boat cover for 15' Valco westcoaster side console

    Thanks, got the "B" size, it covers the boat and my 40hp. $50.00-
  226. tunakillerjoe1

    Why does a vhf radio stop working ?

    My handheld worked like crap attached to the 6' antenna. I still carry it. 5W is not enough, I installed a 25W system with GPS and an MMSI registered. Seems to PU a long ways. I did have transmission problems, I think from a power shortage. It measured fine at the connection, but would not...
  227. tunakillerjoe1

    Harbor Hooping

    You can make your own from bait scents available everywhere, Walmart for sure. Sticky, oily, long lasting-
  228. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore lobster buoy ideas???

    Love the straight bait chopper thing! Where does one get that? I have a mixer blade, could probably sharpen it with a grinder! Also, I love seeing the different setups too! I heard Poly rope is a bitch if it gets wrapped up. I am looking at getting rid of my 1/4" setups. What other versions of...
  229. tunakillerjoe1

    Catch and Cook | The Meanest Thing in Creation

    Louvar is one of the best fish I have eaten. Solid white, firm, the best!
  230. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster License Question

    I put a similar line of questions in another post on "gifting" of bugs. I agree with Hooops, $10.00 to save a bunch of pain. Do it right. But "in theory' if the passenger just sat there, no card or Licence, he could be "gifted" bugs? I know...tell it to the judge! I would never do anything like...
  231. tunakillerjoe1

    Gifting lobsters

    How would anyone looking know if you purchased them, were gifted them, or caught them? I am just curious how the whole thing is administered! This is in response to the question a couple of posts down about two people on a boat, only 1 has a licence, and one is hooping. It seems weird, but I...
  232. tunakillerjoe1

    WTB boat cover for 15' Valco westcoaster side console

    Looking for a boat cover for my 15' Valco Westcoaster side console. Does anyone have suggestions on a brand of company for this? Anybody have something that will fit that they want to sell? Can't seem to find anyone who make them forr the side C. versions. Rather not spend the bucks on custom...
  233. tunakillerjoe1

    Beware of Hoop net Poacher off La Jolla

    Wrist rocket with 3/8 Ball bearings for ammo. 1/4 flies faster, but not the same impact. Backs quite a wallop, quiet, cheap, legal. Can be used for many pests. Probably even more fun if they have a wound prop and are disabled! By the way, the slingshot ammo is now behind the counter at Turners...
  234. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping at its best

    Strong work-thanks for the report!
  235. tunakillerjoe1

    Alien Bug Breeder - catch and release

    Good job- I have let a few big boys go myself! That one is a toad!
  236. tunakillerjoe1

    Easy limit 10/8

    Nice work! Thanks for the report!
  237. tunakillerjoe1

    10/9 Kelp Buggin

    Thanks for the report-good luck!
  238. tunakillerjoe1

    Gifting lobsters

    So I see another post about lobster licences, and have to wonder. What is the legal way to "gift" lobsters? Does the person receiving them have to have a a licence? A report card? Documentation of the gift? Can they receive "gifts" from more than one person? I understand the "possession of 7...
  239. tunakillerjoe1

    Challenge to CA assault weapon's ban allowed to continue

    Gun manufacturers will not make a special microstamping version for Calif., they will not add any for fear of removing 3 existing. Wheel guns will be the only thing available.
  240. tunakillerjoe1

    Seal Proof Bait Cages - Fail

    Never tried short sets! I wonder how DH gets the intel they leave?
  241. tunakillerjoe1

    I love Sunday evenings in Long Beach

    San Diego bay/launch ramp was a zoo too. Does nobody turn off their headlights picking up the boat at the ramp? Get a clue- Quite a show, Lame...
  242. tunakillerjoe1

    Seal Proof Bait Cages - Fail

    I clips both ends of the tube down to the cage, and plug them with cut bait, just like the pic shows. My bait tubes have a grate on the bottom for a bigger scent trail. The holes are big enough so the bugs can stay interested. I ended up with 4 nice ones in about 4 1/2 hours. We only got 1...
  243. tunakillerjoe1

    Best chance at a keeper size YFT?

    YFT and yellowtail are different fish. Your chances of picking up a tuna in LJ are thin at best. You certainly could pick up a big yellow (tail) in LJ. Pick your weather window carefully, and head offshore, maybe with a sharp eyed fishing buddy. Maybe see about setting up a buddy boater to stay...
  244. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster season coming up-ready?

    Friggin Divers! Never pulled one out of a trap or hoop, no need! I have many commercial friends, and could never "fathom" taking one out of a hoop. I am sure there will be bugs all over, just have to go find them. Strange fact-if you twist their tails off they will grow back! Crazy! Please feel...
  245. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Mid week report

    Nice gut shot! Got 'em! Less meat wasted! Good job! Thanks for the report! You will get the tuna next time...
  246. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Where's the Bigeye?

    Try trolling for bigguys in hillcrest-
  247. tunakillerjoe1


    32.4667° N, 119.1667° W my best spot.
  248. tunakillerjoe1

    Your best bug last season?

    Heck yeah! Nice bugs! Nothing too big last season, maybe this one! Got a 8.5 diving a couple of years ago-can't seem to find pics! Tick tick tick...
  249. tunakillerjoe1

    I fished today 9/17

    How did you prepare the cormorants? Thanks for the report!
  250. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster season coming up-ready?

    It won't be long! Got your game face on?
  251. tunakillerjoe1

    Late LJ 9/10 YT Spear report

    Nice report! Solid fish, solid shot! Congradts!
  252. tunakillerjoe1

    Water pressure gauge install Merc 40hp 4 stroke 2003

    Has anyone done this install for checking the water pressure with a gauge? Part # 91-79250A2 from Quicksilver. It speaks of a Poppet valve on some models. Not sure if I even have a Poppet valve. Is it worth looking at this number, or the stream? Mine runs fine, replaced thermostat and impeller...
  253. tunakillerjoe1

    Advice please!--21' Westcoaster--Open Deck/Tiller?

    Sounds like you would be moving backwards, IMO. Sitting in the back for more space does not sound like a good trade, vs a CC. Lot of boat in the way of seeing ahead-patties/boils/birds. Seems like too much weight in the back. I have a 15' westcoaster and love it!s
  254. tunakillerjoe1

    Long Beach Halibut 9/7

    Nice job! Be careful of a dog grabbing that from you! Just enough room...
  255. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Sci Supercow 9/3

    Great job, fantastic report/fish! You guys need a bigger tape! LOL!
  256. tunakillerjoe1

    Proper way to charging dual batteries?

    I was wondering the same thing. I put my Perko to "all" and attach my charger to one battery. How is putting the positive on one and negative on the other different? Thanks!
  257. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Did the damn thing 9/3

    How big was that one? Congradts, thanks for the report!
  258. tunakillerjoe1

    Coronado's 8/22 Red, White and Ling

    Dang, that white looks huge! Thanks for the report!
  259. tunakillerjoe1

    Amazing Coronado Island Fishing

    Congradts! Good job getting your first one! Thanks for the report!
  260. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 8-20-20 About time

    Long run! Looked like nice weather-what was the name of the 6 pack? "About time?"
  261. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Royal Polaris 2.5 8/19-22

    Nice report, great job! Could have been a dodo instead if the YT! How much did they charge for processing all that fish? Looks like a plugged freezer!
  262. tunakillerjoe1

    WTF is in my YellowTail?

    Was it dense, hard, or mushy, soft? Was there an entry hole?
  263. tunakillerjoe1

    Maiden voyage that gave me a fucking heart attack

    Glad my hand pump helped out flyliner- The weather turned to crap! (Maybe it was my small boat syndrome) No harm no foul!
  264. tunakillerjoe1

    Coronados 8/18 & 8/19

    Nice looking water/fish! I thought it would be crappy on Tuesday, I tried to go to the 9 but the wind was up. Looks like glass behind you guys-nice job!
  265. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Kelps holding

    Those flying fish are worth some $$$$! I wonder if you could chum them up with cat food, and net them! $30.00 each.. Thanks for the report, did you spear the dodo?
  266. tunakillerjoe1

    Mercury 60hp Stuck in Gear

    On my 2003 merc 40 hp 4 stroke, there is a clip on the front left bottom that is a release when removing the lower unit. Pain in the butt to find, unclip, and reclip. I used a bent coathanger as a special tool.I do not know if this will help, but mine would not shift unless this clip was in the...
  267. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    SME blocked it! What a ripoff.
  268. tunakillerjoe1

    Nothing happening today, wind came up!

    I had thoughts of trying the 9, Windy and predict wind said it was going to be very calm today-NOT TRUE! Nice early, but around 8 AM it started to blow, Hard! Turned to crap early, no way to try outside in my 15' boat. They are dredging the end of the north side channel in MB, 3/4 of the channel...
  269. tunakillerjoe1

    Solo run 8/17

    Stay Seal! Float! Very well trained! Baby BSB, can't see the spots! Sounds like fun, thanks for the report!
  270. tunakillerjoe1

    Late start but lots of laughs

    LOL! 2 hours late? My friend offered 2 possibilities for a "friend?" who showed up 1 hour late; ridicule/insults all day long, or pay for gas for the day! Nice options, gas was the winner!
  271. tunakillerjoe1

    Coronado Islands August 17, 2020

    Good job, the wind came up today!
  272. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore VAGABOND Aug 7-10

    Wow, thanks for the brief update!
  273. tunakillerjoe1

    Does anyone have more info on Diver run over at the 312?

    More info in the OP inshore reports, RIP fellow diver-....
  274. tunakillerjoe1

    Old Yeller at Cat

    Good job, nothing in the stomach! Skinny bellys!
  275. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore SAVE your gas, 8/9/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #11, first skunk

    That sucks, but you have been killing them all season! Cold water roll shut down the bite?
  276. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    Pay for the tackle? How big was the crew (how many people), and did they spend time glassing /looking for foamers and patties? If you do not mind me asking, what did you give them that received a cool response? No fish = somebody not doing the homework, for the most part! (I know, it's fishing!)
  277. tunakillerjoe1

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Boats seem to migrate towards other boats with dive flags. I have been almost run over while diving many times by boats not paying attention, or who do not care. Lifeguards too! It happens almost every time we dive Pt. Loma or La Jolla. My friend was run over at Catalina, nearly severing his...
  278. tunakillerjoe1

    what can you do with "old gas?"

    For the 8 year, Desert pallet party-I wonder if Tannerite would ignite it? The military burns unused jet fuel all the time! The 1 year is useable in autos. Maybe a little Lucas additive! Be safe!
  279. tunakillerjoe1

    Spark plug opinion

    What was the gap of these? In spec? Blow out the area around the plug with air before removal to assure nothing drops into the cyl when the plug is removed. Probably not to big of a deal for boats, just a habit for me. Gapping is essential- they come out of the box different. Learn how to...
  280. tunakillerjoe1

    Does anyone have more info on Diver run over at the 312?

    Message in the inshore reports for San Diego. Diver run over and killed by boat at the 312. Does anyone know what happened? How tragic-condolences...
  281. tunakillerjoe1

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    I guess it is north of here, where is the 312 located? Do not see it on my maps-
  282. tunakillerjoe1

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Sorry to hear this. "live boating" a diver is common. Hard to say why this happened, maybe the diver was coming back to the boat and was underwater, the driver put it in gear and went looking for him? Maybe he was getting dragged by a tuna with breakaway gear and the boat was following too...
  283. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 8/2 Humble Pie

    Exactly, hang in there and it will "turn"! Thanks for the report!
  284. tunakillerjoe1

    Marking kelp

    Where do you get those? Pre rigged?
  285. tunakillerjoe1

    No one blasting these slug BFT?

    The store in Solana beach is 1/2 Pelagic, 1/2 James & Joseph dive shop. Great place, very good place to get set up. Plunk down some plastic and get it done!
  286. tunakillerjoe1

    Ghosts & Goats

    Lol, I should have read it more closely!
  287. tunakillerjoe1

    Ghosts & Goats

    The ocean looks glassy, nice work! Squid I assume?
  288. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore The little whaler that could

    Nice job! Gaffing that solo must have been a chore! Congradts!
  289. tunakillerjoe1

    Radio Signal bad?

    So, a quick follow up-problem solved! The power from the battery measured 12.88v at the battery, and 12.7V at the feed to the radio. There was not enough power drop to cause this to shut off. However, I rewired the power from the power block, which I did not want to do, but the radio now works...
  290. tunakillerjoe1

    Spearfish/Diving map

    Most shops have old school maps with the MILPA's marked. West Marine, Dana landing. Does your boat have electronics that show maps? You can plug in the coordinates in a GPS and make sure you avoid the areas. Big $$$ if you miss. Try...
  291. tunakillerjoe1

    Couple questions...

    I believe open circuit means no continuity/pathway contact, and no resistance means pathway contact with no (or very little) resistance. Two different things-
  292. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 7/24 BFT and Classy Sport Boat Interaction

    Never heard of such an interaction! Congradts and kudos to the Sea advent. 80- good karma!
  293. tunakillerjoe1

    Couple questions...

    So the 4' Shakespear Galaxy (3Db) should not read open circuit, but should read no resistance?
  294. tunakillerjoe1

    Radio Signal bad?

    Thanks for all the info! I checked the voltage drop while keying at 25W, and it dropped from 12.88 to 12.5V. I think I will replace the power wires with larger Diameter today, just to be sure. Should I hook it up directly to both batteries? I go direct, rather than use the power block right next...
  295. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Bluefin Video

    Nice work, solid fish! Thanks for the report!
  296. tunakillerjoe1


    I believe this allows direct (DSC) communication from the radio too. I got the MMSI number from the Coast Guard and tested this aspect too, without using the panic (distress) button. There should also be a "test" method. I believe you only get 2 tries at putting the MMSI number in the radio. Not...
  297. tunakillerjoe1

    Couple questions...

    More good info, I posted on the other radio not working thread! I will chase it down, What specific numbers are "a low resistance"? Thanks again!
  298. tunakillerjoe1

    Radio Signal bad?

    Great info, and sorry if my quest for more info on this hijacks this thread! I have a problem transmitting on 25W only, an Icom M-330 radio. 1W works fine, but on 25W, the screen goes blank, all power drops out (soft keys lights go out too) and it reboots. It has worked for 6 months perfectly on...
  299. tunakillerjoe1

    Free diving equip

    Sorry, I am told this is all gone!
  300. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Birthday bluefin 7/14

    Nice work and Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow, hope to bump into them! Congradts!
  301. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Grace of God.....

    Nice work! Lucky #13 too! Great job and great memories!
  302. tunakillerjoe1

    7/11 Mixed bag. SD/PL Kelp

    Thanks for the report-nice work! The calico looks raw, how long did you soak it? Just curious-
  303. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Epic week

    More ice! Nice job, thanks for the report!
  304. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore The Pegasus returned this AM with 7 bluefin 1 at (((340lbs)))6 at 120-140 lbs.on their 1.5 day trip.

    I wonder what they would charge for processing that size fish! How many Lbs. would one expect back? (what is the % of yield?) 70%, 50%?
  305. tunakillerjoe1

    9 mile bank or no 9 mile bank

    My impression is the 9 is hit or miss. We went thru it a week ago and it was quiet, but did troll in some dolphin schools for nada. A few other boats were also there, we did not see anyone bent. I think you just have to be in the right place at the right time, like any spot. I am waiting for...
  306. tunakillerjoe1

    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    Basically the same-I have used a Seguar knot and left tags that keep the egg from sliding down also.
  307. tunakillerjoe1

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    Always put up a dive flag when fishing a patty by yourself-keeps wake-suckers off.
  308. tunakillerjoe1

    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    I guess I am the only guy using tuna rings? The weight stops at the ring, and does not slide down to the hook, and with careful deployment, the egg will not slide up much. No need to pinch anything on the line, and the egg still moves, giving the line feel to pick up a bite.
  309. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 6-27-2020, zone 390-302, trip #6, BF #19

    Nice job, you seem to have it down!
  310. tunakillerjoe1

    Is it illegal in Calif to spear a swordfish?

    It can be done- this skinny little Italian guy did it way back when!
  311. tunakillerjoe1

    Is it illegal in Calif to spear a swordfish?

    Very interesting! I get that they are bad asses, and can kill you. Did not know it was illegal. I will have to stop shooting the others too! LOL! This clip shows the unprovoked, bad intent of swordies-
  312. tunakillerjoe1

    Mako sharks are so bad ass!

    Damn! 800+ Makos a half hour out! !
  313. tunakillerjoe1

    Is it illegal in Calif to spear a swordfish?

    So in another forum, someone stated it is illegal to spear a swordfish, (with a speargun), as commercial guys spear them out a boat legally. I have never heard of this being illegal, and will do some research on this. Any ides if this is true? One would be in great danger by doing this, as they...
  314. tunakillerjoe1

    Izors and a Swordie!

    How do you figure? You can spear them from a boat, just not man to fish in the water? I will have to look that up, can you provide where it says this?
  315. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Offshore 226/302 6/22

    The birds look different on the two paddies! Nice work, they will reload!
  316. tunakillerjoe1

    Best 15 foot ocean fishing boats ?????

    I have taken it out many times past the 9 mile, roaming north south. Figure with the right conditions around 20 miles each way. Every time I close the garage door it just barely fits in! (but fits perfectly!)
  317. tunakillerjoe1

    Best 15 foot ocean fishing boats ?????

    15' Valco westcoaster, 40 hp 4 stroke, small bait tank, swing away trailer hitch. 10 miles per gallon.
  318. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Yummy Flyer vs Dead Flyer for Bluefin (video)

    Nice shot of the blood splattering! Good vid!
  319. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Into the Depths 6/16

    Toads! Great memories, great photos too! Congradts- good times!
  320. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 371 and Hidden

    Could have been the PB report- next time! Thanks!
  321. tunakillerjoe1

    LUND / Aluminum boats - your opinion??

    Looks like this-
  322. tunakillerjoe1

    LUND / Aluminum boats - your opinion??

    I have valco westcoaster 15' with a 40hp 4 stroke mercury, side console. I do not feel like I get beat up, this boat is perfect for local, lobster, and I even take it offshore past the 9 mile bank. Have not done the islands, too much paperwork! I do not doubt it would be great to do the islands...
  323. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 6/10 & 6/11 Just keep skipping

    Round 'ol tuna! Nice effort, nice fish, nice report! Sizes?
  324. tunakillerjoe1


    How do you process the lobster?! Hopefully no meat is wasted-That looks great! Maybe come October?!
  325. tunakillerjoe1

    No one blasting these slug BFT?

    Thanks, I know only of nice yellows coming in off of patties. I figured some spearfishermen may want to post a pic or 2 of the jumbo bft shot at the "local" spots! Let the games begin!
  326. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Damn, nice job getting it, and getting it in the boat! Congradts!
  327. tunakillerjoe1

    A good day 5/30

    How many folks runs both batteries at the same time (on a switch) or only run 1 battery? I run only 1 and keep the other one for starting, just in case. They are always topped off prior to departure. Is this a standard? I think a jumper pack is probably a good idea too-
  328. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/29

    I wonder if airlines, dining establishments, retail stores, or anywhere people may gather have to have such medical insurance? Hopefully the requirements can me overcome and everyone can move on with fishing!
  329. tunakillerjoe1

    No one blasting these slug BFT?

    I was just asking if there are any spearfishermen shooting the jumbo tuna locally with break away gear. (Not even possible with bang sticks?) Knowing most spearfishing guys are secretive about everything, I just was seeking general info, if need be, just for myself. I noticed this spearfishing...
  330. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    126# on 40#? Nice job, must have taken a while! Kudos-
  331. tunakillerjoe1

    No one blasting these slug BFT?

    I won't tell anyone!
  332. tunakillerjoe1

    No one blasting these slug BFT?

    Just wondering if anyone is shooting the jumbo BFT gracing our waters lately? Pm me if you wish to remain secret. Go get em'!
  333. tunakillerjoe1

    Fenders out

    It is probably not having a crew. Just driving! It is a sign for lameness...
  334. tunakillerjoe1

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    Pm sent! This could work out!
  335. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Fishing Mexican Water Offshore Question

    I was under the impression there was a TIPS for $45.68, FMM for $22.35 with all the people on boards names, Mexican insurance, a Bio bracelet for $20.00 and a Visa needed. Am I wrong? I have been thinking about trying the islands too, but a lot of paperwork seemed to be needed!
  336. tunakillerjoe1

    First Boat Guidelines

    I decided to finally get my own boat. Storage is a major consideration. Towing and how far you wish to safely go are next. Get ready for added expences. I ended up with a 15' valco westcoaster, which is perfect for me. Sure, I wish I could go further, more bait, more people, but also much more...
  337. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 5/9 at the 43

    One of those blowups on the popper will stick-good report!
  338. tunakillerjoe1

    Red Tide Longevity

    My girlfriend from years ago said her red tide lasted about a week.
  339. tunakillerjoe1

    Sunglasses for SD waters

    Costa's for me. I have dark and light versions. They fit my face, (you have to try on a bunch till you get one that fits, no gaps). The hammerhead, Blackfin, Howler all fit me well. A bit pricy, but I have found they last. 580G or P (Glass or plastic) are great optics. I wear plastic when I ride...
  340. tunakillerjoe1

    Launch ramp pictures??

    South shores in Mission bay? There must be another up north-
  341. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 5-3 9 mile report

    Nice tiger tuna! Thanks for the report, I assume there was a ton of brown water?
  342. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Looking for a buddy boat (San Diego)

    It is going to be a mess! Midweek may work.
  343. tunakillerjoe1

    Just for the halibut, please help!

    I am no expert, but I think folks use a Carolina rig with a sliding egg for both, with squid or live bait. I have an octopus looking jig from Joe's jigs that looks promising too...
  344. tunakillerjoe1

    Boat trailer - 18’ clean title - 12’ outriggers?

    I saw 12' riggers listed for sale at the top of new listings-$700.00
  345. tunakillerjoe1

    4/11 Fishing SMB in Rough Conditions + Underwater Footage at 160' (Video)

    I almost bought a Gofish UW camera at Fred hall LB. Anyone used one of these? It looks like it does not flop around as much- Cool stuff, though! Good report, good to see!
  346. tunakillerjoe1

    Looking for Aluminum Fab, NO Weld, Small Piece

    I wonder if heating it would help it bend-
  347. tunakillerjoe1

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    Great info all, thanks! Going to get one, which one? I may make my own with some plywood- save some bucks!
  348. tunakillerjoe1

    Trailer jack Issues

    I guess the cheaper version is the FU!
  349. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    B-b-buy Bushwood!? You can cut the albacore into strips and fish for BFT! Maybe they were big flying fish! Time will tell...
  350. tunakillerjoe1

    Here....a Fish Report!

    The cop? (Mel) dies later-"you can't shoot a cop! Who said you ever was one!" Thanks for the report, sounds like an adventure!
  351. tunakillerjoe1

    Trailer advice (bunk supports)

    Any ideas on galvinizing paint to protect the metal that is exposed?
  352. tunakillerjoe1

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    I assume you had to drill holes to mount it? I am a bit hinky about punching holes!
  353. tunakillerjoe1

    Trailer Tie Downs - Looking to upgrade

    Be careful with the ratcheting ones-you can develop enough force to do damage.
  354. tunakillerjoe1

    Trailer jack Issues

    I do not know if this fixes the frozen screw aspect, but it seems cool. From Fred hall LB, uses a drill-
  355. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Covid19 tuna spike

    Nice job smoothing down the bolt! You must have a lathe? It may not be too long, I would guess the beaches/ocean will be one of the first rollbacks.
  356. tunakillerjoe1

    Quarantine can't stop a good time! lol

    You should get extra points for filleting skills-
  357. tunakillerjoe1

    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    Thanks for the scoop-e-mail sent! Probably won't help-we are screwed!
  358. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Stolen Boat San Diego

    Damn shame, low life theives! Hope it is recovered quick!
  359. tunakillerjoe1

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    Thanks all, I do not have any porposing or problems out of the hole. It seems like a lot of folks run these plates, and for a few bucks I thought why not? I will probably not go with it, the enemy of good is better! Thanks again!
  360. tunakillerjoe1

    New boat for use in so cal

    I thought with all the cool pangas seen on the beaches around here after dumping off their human payload, the Homeland security or border patrol would auction them off. I asked, they bulldoze the hulls, so they do not get reused by the smugglers again. I wonder what happens to the motors...
  361. tunakillerjoe1

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    Hey, I have a 40 Hp 4 stroke outboard on my 15' valco westcoaster. I was thinking of adding one of those fin/dolphin foils to my setup. Any reccomendations, and info on what gains I can expect? Do I have to drill, or are there ones that bolt on and work. Also, what about a stainless blade...
  362. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 2019 Offshore - reason for my best season

    Turn surface clarity to medium or high. Clarity =Gain?
  363. tunakillerjoe1

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    Same here, saw it was open on Tuesday, planned for a Sat run-too good to be true!
  364. tunakillerjoe1

    Any place that will accept ammo delivery now?

    I heard Gunfighter tactical on Miramar Rd., but is could be just a rumor. I wonder if Don Guzzler is doing it?
  365. tunakillerjoe1

    SD Pipe 3/31

    Thanks for the report- nice work!
  366. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Going out Tuesday 3/31

    Thanks and nice effort, you never know!
  367. tunakillerjoe1

    Info on pepper park launch ramp

    Is this also known as Tidelands? I saw Tidelands is closed.
  368. tunakillerjoe1

    Super late report...from somewhere up north

    Nice look, thanks for the thought! Have to go there!
  369. tunakillerjoe1

    LJ Last Saturday

    Nice to see- good for the noodle-Thanks!
  370. tunakillerjoe1

    Mission Bay Closed?

    It seems to me to be about just blindly following arbitrary rules or orders that do not make sense, and are infringements illegally administered. Ain't knocking anyone else, (except maybe the idiots who went out in droves last weekend and caused this!), just keeping the rules/sanity in check. My...
  371. tunakillerjoe1

    Anode question

    Sunset marine is open and has a bunch. I was just there.
  372. tunakillerjoe1

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    I would say my normal instinct would be to test the system and sneak out at 3-4 AM and see who is monitoring it. HOWEVER, that would be just like "The idiots that went to the beach over the weekend pissed off the mayor". I do not want to give cause to them overreacting any further. I do not...
  373. tunakillerjoe1

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    I saw in another section Dana in MB is closed. No word on SI (yet)-
  374. tunakillerjoe1

    Ok to pass time

    Wow, nice numbers! I went only 12 times, for 29 bugs. (1 time for double limits) I released 2 legal plastered females, had a run of 5 in a row blanks (6 total). The blanks messed with my head and I did not go for a month. 2.41666 avg. First year hooping, learned some stuff, but have a ways to...
  375. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9 mile bank 3/22

    Just wondering, when you jumped in, did you see the Dolphin? My experience is they never show themselves, no matter how thick. You never know when you will bump into tuna! Nice effort, The wind must have made it tough for spotting patties-
  376. tunakillerjoe1

    Does anyone actually know? Launch Ramps, etc.

    How would they actually close the ramps anyway? Driscoll is private, so they can do what they want-
  377. tunakillerjoe1

    Lost Hoop SD bay channel near sub base point Saturday night

    It was off the red buoy directly across from the SI launch, did not measure any rope, but had a PVC pipe holding a stand up float-that was Tuesday night!
  378. tunakillerjoe1

    Lost Hoop SD bay channel near sub base point Saturday night

    I saw that one, stand up PVC light directly across from the launch. Thought someone had set a single one .
  379. tunakillerjoe1

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    I thought the Gov said "go fishing"! Must have misheard him..
  380. tunakillerjoe1

    Costco Corona Shit Show

    The dog food diet sounds....(wait for it) Ruff! Although the seafood kibbles make a nice breakfast mix with cereal! I wonder what she would have asked you if you had T.P....
  381. tunakillerjoe1

    Best Fuel Stabilizer

    Is Lucas injector considered a stabilizer? I use that every tank, hopefully it does not sit so long it degrades!
  382. tunakillerjoe1

    Last bug run of 19-20 season

    PS- just finished the online report card. Got it out of the way so I do not forget and have to pay their blood money!
  383. tunakillerjoe1

    Last bug run of 19-20 season

    Congradts, you got the last run in! Did it pour on you? Weird they were males, mine were 90% females, all plastered! (unfortunately!) Time to shift gears to lizardfish and whatever else eats the hook!
  384. tunakillerjoe1

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    Today I buttoned down and stored all the traps and re-washed the boat. (In the rain again!), it has been a remarkable year for my first year hooping. I learned a ton, with help from BD friends (shout out to all who helped-Doghouse26, Rodrage, Madrugador, Billy L., Flomar), Every little bit of...
  385. tunakillerjoe1

    SD Bay 3/14 - lotsa bugs out

    3 lights, must be towing something. Oh, that's right, 3 vertical whites-Did it seem like the crawl happened late? It did for me on Friday.
  386. tunakillerjoe1

    Don't vote Democrat.

    Flair gun qualifies as a gun, I guess. Who gets shot with a gun that shoots felt pens? Maybe if they a bad guy needs some pizzazz or panache, it would be appropriate.
  387. tunakillerjoe1

    Lost Hoop SD bay channel near sub base point Saturday night

    I bring a troller with a diamond jig, just in case. Snagged one first cast down by the bridge earlier in the year.
  388. tunakillerjoe1

    Newport Buggin

    Wow, lots of drama but still scratched out bugs! Nice job!
  389. tunakillerjoe1

    3/13 - Hunting and Gathering: not at the store

    Great work, great memories with the kids!
  390. tunakillerjoe1

    Last Lobster Trip of The Season!! SD Bay 3-14

    Nice work, was this yesterday (Sat night?)
  391. tunakillerjoe1

    Thick rain hooping Friday the 13th

    Went out in Sd bay regardless of the weather, poured heavy for a few hours! First drop at 6 PM, nada the first 1.5 hour soak. Went 0, 2, 2, 3, and 0 for the night. Got 3 in 1 pull, carpet bombed the area for a Large Morey eel and a short. Weird, getting a three and then none, but it was at an...
  392. tunakillerjoe1

    Self-imposed exile

    Forgot pics
  393. tunakillerjoe1

    Self-imposed exile

    Nice work-again! They seemed to be crawling...poured rain here, gnarly downpour. others out hooping regardless, would like to hear how they did! Ended up with 5, let 2 females plastered go-
  394. tunakillerjoe1

    Crowded buggin tonight

    3 works, nice size! Hearing about the crowds sucks-The desert should be nice and tacky soil-
  395. tunakillerjoe1

    Last bugs of the season

    Nice work! Did you have to endure much rain? You seem to have it wired-
  396. tunakillerjoe1

    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    Tick tick tick....My guess (sadly) is they will pull the plug. Same with the gun show this weekend, again, sadly. Crazy times... good time to be out fishing alone, except for the weather, and lack of fish! Minute by minute events are canceling. I went to Long Beach, smart or not. I work in...
  397. tunakillerjoe1

    Ban Coronavirus

    My gal has Lime disease, I'll be fine-
  398. tunakillerjoe1

    Last bugs of the season

    I will probably try Fri night, Sunday nite. Ideally, Wed nite too, well before the midnight closure. Doghouse's report is not too inspiring, however! Wish I had a spot where you could get limits 8- 10 times in a row! I will call out on the radio to see who is out. Hopefully the weather will...
  399. tunakillerjoe1

    That's one for the books.

    Thanks for the post! Good info! You don't see those too often!
  400. tunakillerjoe1

    Quick trip with the son-in-law

    Nice work, again! Very consistent!
  401. tunakillerjoe1

    Personal Best Bug this season

    Nice work, the big males are moving in! Big heads!
  402. tunakillerjoe1

    SD Bay Hooping w/kids

    Nice job, cool bringing the kids! Nice job getting bugs, nice quality!
  403. tunakillerjoe1

    This Is Bad, Right?

    The good ones float, chuck them in the the water to test them-
  404. tunakillerjoe1

    Stranded swimmer while bugging Mdr

    Nice effort! Did you get bugs too?
  405. tunakillerjoe1

    Who has the KOH Report?

    There is a whole thread under fishing chit chat.
  406. tunakillerjoe1

    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    What I saw was not crappy, but unfamilar each time.
  407. tunakillerjoe1

    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Do it again on a "Sunny" day, could not have had worse weather! Pics of what is being auctioned, more info! Good luck! Great cause-
  408. tunakillerjoe1

    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    Is Carefree the other club? I spoke to someone who was from the other club, different hours mentioned. Having been on Freedoms boats, they do provide ice blocks, which is nice. You have to learn the electronics each time, (not too big a deal). No night hooping/no early morning departures, no...
  409. tunakillerjoe1

    What model is this boat?

    Nice score! Farralon was my guess, but i am no expert! Good luck, keep posting the rebuild!
  410. tunakillerjoe1

    King of the harbor on the spot report

    Dang, nice job! it is still on!
  411. tunakillerjoe1

    Go get em...

    Thanks for the report,in the rain and nasty weather too!
  412. tunakillerjoe1

    Fulton HDPW340300 (Fold-Away™ Weld-On Hinge Kit, 3" x 4" Trailer Beam, Raw Finish, Rating 7,500 lbs.)

    Are you in San Diego? I bought mine at a trailer place in lakeside. FE trailers
  413. tunakillerjoe1

    Slack tide crawl tonight

    Oh yeah, King of the Harbor!
  414. tunakillerjoe1

    Slack tide crawl tonight

    The crabs are on the move! The spider looks just like the one I got Tuesday night! What is KOTH? Nice work!
  415. tunakillerjoe1

    Just one bug last night, but got the skunk off!

    Went out in SD bay last night around 3 pm, 4 sets, first one at 4:15 Pm, one around the point in the ocean, south of the reserve. Great weather, turned up the tunes and enjoyed it, 59 degree water, incoming tide which turned around about 8pm. Some smelt mixed in with the bait? Maybe 15 (Barely)...
  416. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Signs of bluefin

    Did you see the post below yours?
  417. tunakillerjoe1

    Some people are stupid

    Boat name? I am sure there are some suggestions-thanks for the post, and late season hope!
  418. tunakillerjoe1

    Long beach early crawl 2/15

    Nice job getting them late! Nice example of a "plastered" female bug-
  419. tunakillerjoe1

    On the water LB bug report

    Nice work! Deep or shallowish?
  420. tunakillerjoe1

    9 mile bank 2-8-2020

    Need a nice red ale
  421. tunakillerjoe1

    2 Drifts 4 Baits and 2 Fish

    Are those lats and lons?
  422. tunakillerjoe1

    Fish Art

    Bill Boyce for photos-
  423. tunakillerjoe1

    South 9 and Islands 2/6

    Did they stop and inspect you? Thanks for the report!
  424. tunakillerjoe1

    Long beach bug

    Thanks for the report! 1 is better than....
  425. tunakillerjoe1

    Tuna Spotted on the West Grape!

    They should not let fish drive in that condition.
  426. tunakillerjoe1

    Update-02-03-20 The Power of Prayer!

    Great news! You are on your way...
  427. tunakillerjoe1

    Coronados 2/1

    Nice job, looks glassy! No crowds!
  428. tunakillerjoe1

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    So sorry to hear of your wifes setback, stay strong! I work on a heart team and recognize all is not in our hands. I hope she rebounds quickly, but it may take time. Hang in there, take care of yourself, so you can be there for her. If there is anything I can do to help, any information I can...
  429. tunakillerjoe1

    Steering wheel fit

    Dang-looks great!
  430. tunakillerjoe1

    2003 Mercury 4 Stroke 40HP EFI Shifting/Throttle issue

    You can do some of the easier stuff yourself, and save some money at the dealer, if you have reasonable mechanical skills. The fuel filters are easy, is the fuel fresh? Plugs are also easy, make sure to gap them first. Look over everything to assure there is nothing disconnected. The Merc...
  431. tunakillerjoe1

    2003 Mercury 4 Stroke 40HP EFI Shifting/Throttle issue

    I have the exact same time without any issues like you have. Have you done any maintainence, such as fuel filters, plugs? Just a thought for starters-Are you in San Diego?
  432. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    Just a thought on painting the end caps-do you think the scent from the spray paint will be a deterrent to the bugs? Leaving them may be better for piece of mind! I sprayed a bunch of flex-seal on mine, but am worried the strong scent will hurt my chances. I even soaked them in Sardine...
  433. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I hear the dogs have can openers, and know how to use them!
  434. tunakillerjoe1

    They're Still Crawling

    Good to see-there is hope! Thanks for the report!
  435. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    Nice work, drilling is boaring. Did you use wire to attach them? Slip on or screw on? I stayed away from white, as I saw others post the dogs can see them better in white. I sprayed my white ones black with flex seal, but worry about the residual scent from the spray. I wish I was organized...
  436. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I decided to bite the bullet and make some PVC cages that will keep the dogs out. At the top is the old slip on version, with the new bigger screw top version below. Second is what is needed to make them, (I found Ace hardware actually had what I needed, not Home Depot). Bottom is the finished...
  437. tunakillerjoe1

    Bug rider for for rent *Video added!*

    I wonder how small of a PFD they make-not much fat to float! Nice vid, we have similar setups! (not similar luck/skill!)
  438. tunakillerjoe1

    On the spot LB hoop report.

    Nice nice, good live reporting!
  439. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    Dang! Good intel- bad dogs-go home! Crazy they figured this out! I am pissed, and it did not happen to me! I wonder what deterent could be used..
  440. tunakillerjoe1

    So Tommy are we fired?

    I quit doing business with Tommy, and Catalina, Tommy was too big of a jerk for me to continue to do business there. I used to go there when they were smaller, Tommy was humbler. Now, I would do without than go there. Too bad!
  441. tunakillerjoe1

    VIDEO - Hooping LBC

    I won't tell! I just wanted to see setups, and ways to do it. I should have seen it on my phone when I had the chance. Snooze, ya loose-
  442. tunakillerjoe1

    1-21-20 3/4 day

    Wow, the ocean looks pretty flat! I thought there was a swell. Good report, thanks!
  443. tunakillerjoe1

    Not Sword Fishing Report

    On the spot, with people who know how to fish! Wish it was like that every time! Congradts!
  444. tunakillerjoe1

    VIDEO - Hooping LBC

    Weird, I looked at the clip on my phone yesterday, not there today when I wanted to see it on the bigger screen. Why? New site issues? Hoped to check it out-
  445. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping with my son

    Thanks for the report, nice job spending time with family! (and getting bugs!) You folks must have some better prime territory up there, they are still around!
  446. tunakillerjoe1


    Thanks for the report! I thought the legals were all gone! Nice work-
  447. tunakillerjoe1

    Gail Force 1-18 Catalina Hooping

    Sounds like a good trip!
  448. tunakillerjoe1

    Local fish smoking

    Agreed, it is rewarding and fun to do, not too expensive to get into. Refining techniques is another thing, but not insurmountable.
  449. tunakillerjoe1

    Slack tide bugs

    Thanks, I was wondering if you, and the other successful lobster killers were our there last night. I spoke to 3 other boats-guys but no BD guys. The water was very clear, I looked all over Zuniga for signs of a crawl, not 1 bug anywhere! Felt like I was diving. Slack tide made it easy to get...
  450. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Ensenada 1-12

    Red n yellow, nice job!
  451. tunakillerjoe1

    Slack tide bugs

    Went out last night, first set at 4:15pm. Fresh dinos, sd bay. Pulled at 5:15, by the reserve, for nothing. Dropped at zuniga (bay side) for nada. Could see into the water with a dive light, no bugs seen anywhere! Made 6 sets, for a few shorts total. FIFTH skunk in a row! Many boats out hooping...
  452. tunakillerjoe1

    My 12 year old niece hangs out with bug rider

    So easy even a 12 year old can do it! I will have to get back out there. Sort of backed off after 4 in a row blanks. Nice job showing her the ropes, and hoops! Go girl! What $$$ will she take to show me your spots! (Not really!)
  453. tunakillerjoe1

    Big ups to BD member “The Slider”!

    "Catching up" with old friends, great quality bugs! Well done!
  454. tunakillerjoe1

    Still picking away

    Nice work-nice report! King tides, full moon! There is sure seem to have the spots down! Congradts! I am jealous-
  455. tunakillerjoe1

    Old Lead-Head lure

  456. tunakillerjoe1

    Klamath 16ft Center Console-San Fernando Valley

    Bump, looks like a deal for someone with skills!
  457. tunakillerjoe1

    The wife smelled skunk

    You are not saying that just to make me feel better!? It certainly happens-
  458. tunakillerjoe1

    Rpt.-01-02-20 Bass in 2020!

    Getting it going early! Thanks for the report!
  459. tunakillerjoe1

    Short trip

    What could have been! Who knows! Happy New year!
  460. tunakillerjoe1

    Kill bag repair ?

    I had a bag/zipper blow, Pelagic would not touch it, or give me the name of where they got the zippers from. They said something about the bags being discontinued, if I remember correctly!
  461. tunakillerjoe1


    Screaming deal-
  462. tunakillerjoe1

    Best Crawl of the Season

    Nice job, congradts! Gotta book now!
  463. tunakillerjoe1

    I was brought back down to Earth

    Nice work, glad to hear you got 8, but I also went out sat. First set at 3:30 pm, pulled around 5:15. Nada. 5 more sets, different areas, nada. Fourth straight trip for blank. Very depressing. Not even a short. Going to take up sewing.
  464. tunakillerjoe1

    Cover the cost n hoop off my boat in Long Beach

    Thanks Allen! I am always up for learning more about hooping! 858 226-4104
  465. tunakillerjoe1

    Live bug report straight outta Long Beach!

    Whoohoo! Go get them! Drooling...
  466. tunakillerjoe1

    Cover the cost n hoop off my boat in Long Beach

    I'll pm you, got blanked for the fourth time in a row in SD bay. I have tues-Wed off. Would like to see some bugs! (And learn) Unsure if it's me or a depleted fishery in sd bay. Sounds like a good time!
  467. tunakillerjoe1

    Christmas Eve bugs on the Sherminator

    Nice job! Time well spent!
  468. tunakillerjoe1

    After the storm crawlAfter the storm crawl in Long Beach Harbor now two sets no

    Nice job, what depth did you find them? Thanks for the post!
  469. tunakillerjoe1

    Record time buggin at Cat! 12/21/19

    Nice job and Merry Christmas! Great job getting them? What depth? Way to go! You da Mang!
  470. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping before and/or after rainstorms?

    I got skunked the last 2 times I went out, both in storms. I cannot attribute my lack of success specifically to the storms. These were 3 weeks ago and a couple of weeks ago. The south wind did cause me to seek a sheltered area rather than stay in the mouth of the channel. I have heard that the...
  471. tunakillerjoe1

    Small bowling ball before the storm

    There is nothing wrong with releasing big old bugs! I have released many big ol guys, and girls, without remorse. You have to respect something that has avoided capture for 40-50 years. I hear folks saythey are tough once cooked, but I suspect they tried to cook the tail whole, which is...
  472. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster taco Tuesday

    Nice work again! looks awesome!
  473. tunakillerjoe1

    Small bowling ball before the storm

    So you were the mystery guy!? Luck dude! Good luck charm too-
  474. tunakillerjoe1

    Skunked twice

    One keeper is Ok! Good job, back at it!
  475. tunakillerjoe1

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Thanks for the report, and hope! I would like to one day move from bragging about skunks to bragging about limits!
  476. tunakillerjoe1

    Skunked twice

    Wise advice! Thanks!
  477. tunakillerjoe1

    Skunked twice

    So if I am correct, the spots you worked could re-populate and be great, productive spots in the future, with different conditions? Or, It could be an area where there are undesirable features or depth? I guess if you had good luck in the past at the same spots, one may revisit them. I would...
  478. tunakillerjoe1

    Bayrunner Questions

    For what it is worth, I have a small (15') valco westcoaster, which works well for me. It is not a stand up, no upturned bow like the bayrunners. I needed a small boat I could slide into a garage. It has a mercury 40 hp 4 stroke which gets 10+ mpg. Two seats, no tiller, small bait tank, perfect...
  479. tunakillerjoe1

    Found hoopnet

    I can identify the lobsters in it! Was it new and fresh or old?
  480. tunakillerjoe1

    Skunked twice

    Thanks for the report, sorry about the lack of bugs! I think the anticipation of the hunt is part of the whole picture too. At least I tell myself that! You will be back, getting them again, just a lull.Thanks for all the intel...
  481. tunakillerjoe1

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Oh! Looked like a crab on top!
  482. tunakillerjoe1

    One guy, Two Rods

    Nice work and pics! Was this the bite off MB 1 mile?
  483. tunakillerjoe1

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Hey, did this post disappear?
  484. tunakillerjoe1

    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    Nice work, so much for the full moon crawl naysayers! I would love to see pics!
  485. tunakillerjoe1

    The Crawl Goes On...

    Noticed in some of the pics, female bugs that are plastered. To each their own...
  486. tunakillerjoe1

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    He needs to have an "accident".
  487. tunakillerjoe1

    The Crawl Goes On...

    To be clear, I thought the prices were good! I was considering a trip to Cat. but my boat is too small. I will book in the future-too bad the regs do not allow for 5 hoops per person on board! It sounds like fun, and not too expensive!
  488. tunakillerjoe1

    Catalina Bones & Bugs 12/11 to 12/13

    Thanks for the report, good job! Can the bonies heads be used for bait?
  489. tunakillerjoe1

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    Good job getting some, the sealion needs to be removed. That could have been very bad. What time did you start?
  490. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster bait question

    Boy, the DFG does not make any mention of specific baits you cannot use, at least from my brief research. Anyone have any specific info? I cannot find any mention, just the same old site.
  491. tunakillerjoe1


    I thought a gay fish was a rainbow trout! WSB are badass, IMO-
  492. tunakillerjoe1

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    Who expects to go on someone's boat and set the rules? Nuts....I would offer if you do not agree, then buy your own boat, and invite whomever you want on board, and abide by their preferences. If you do not have any rules, it sounds like a boatload of clusterfu$%ery. Weird read...
  493. tunakillerjoe1

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    I have thought about dragging my boat up there to try something different, and maybe learn something. My usual days for hooping are Tuesday and Sat. night. Seems like Rob has proven successful at finding the bugs. This is very generous offer, and I guess it will save me towing up there. I will...
  494. tunakillerjoe1

    Anthony’s shoe repair fixed my kill bags!

    Good to know, I had a guy in Clairemont try to do a zipper on mine, but ended up with velcro - the large size zipper was "unavailable"
  495. tunakillerjoe1

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    Nice report! This big swell will be a game changer! Nice grade of fish!
  496. tunakillerjoe1

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Dang, nice job again! I must suck at hooping!
  497. tunakillerjoe1

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Oh, after re-reading this, I see you took it to your local guy to do up-a good idea!
  498. tunakillerjoe1

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Nice work, and nice kitchen skills!
  499. tunakillerjoe1

    Salmon heads?

    Tried a couple of heads from West marine last night, $3.50 ea, along with my regular bait PVC tubes, sardines with catfood, and got nothing in 6 sets! I have to be doing something wrong...
  500. tunakillerjoe1

    Can’t get it out of my head

    I have this affliction also, (bad) but after getting blanked again last night, I am confused about what is to come in the future. I can't go on like this, gotta figure something out.
  501. tunakillerjoe1

    The Crawl Goes On...

    I looked at the prices for these trips. I was surprised!
  502. tunakillerjoe1

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Like on deadliest catch? LOL!
  503. tunakillerjoe1

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    So if I "bomb your pots after you leave" I will get more lobster? Just kidding, thanks for all the intel, I do not want to be "that f-ing guy". I am in need of knowledge!
  504. tunakillerjoe1

    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    All good observations. I thought I heard something about the specific spectrum of light attracting them. Maybe just the rave ones.
  505. tunakillerjoe1

    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    I know this has been gone over in years past in BD, but why not ask? I saw these small glow sticks at party city, and thought about stuffing one in the bait cages. Anyone tried these? I know, the enemy of good is better! I thought in dirty water...maybe?
  506. tunakillerjoe1

    Good night on the OB pier

    Great work from a pier! Nice sized!
  507. tunakillerjoe1

    New lobster record

    Nice job, nice bug! Thanks for the report!
  508. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster hunting in the rain ???

    Good luck, I guess it would matter if you are going ocean or bay. I went the bay in the rain, the last two times, last Tuesday night and a week before,and was skunked. Probably just bad luck. I thought the same thing about the lobsters not being effected by rain. I have heard about being...
  509. tunakillerjoe1

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Thanks, do you use tidal coefficient too? I look for all of the above, moon phase, tidal flow, incoming,outgoing, swell not so much, being in the bay, but how do you know when to pull quicker? I plan on diving too, and see what is going on. THANKS!
  510. tunakillerjoe1

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    Way to get them! So no problems with seals trying to get your bait? I am surprised by the short soak times. Thanks for the report!
  511. tunakillerjoe1

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Nice job! Looks like 35' of rope laying there..just the one?
  512. tunakillerjoe1

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Thanks for the helpful ideas. I do have a good time, music and shrimp coctails, and I am certainly not giving up! I may take a stab at mission bay, probably less pressure! I have a friend who chucked out some large square safes in a harbor up north years ago, they fill up with big bugs every...
  513. tunakillerjoe1

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Ok, This is my first year hooping, I have been diving 50 years, grabbed a bunch of bugs. Hooping has been hit or miss! SD bay, I have easy limited, (early in the season), and been skunked the last 2 times. I use fresh dinos, cut, in PVC tubes, sometimes with sardine lube or cat food. Depth...
  514. tunakillerjoe1

    Found 2 nets in SD harbor

    Thanks for the info on the tourney, 17.5=2.5 # avg! Nice, wish my skill/luck was that good!
  515. tunakillerjoe1

    Found 2 nets in SD harbor

    I would take 5 for 7#, I got skunked last night in the rain! No crawl....
  516. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore No tuna, but indeed YT

    Good job, thanks for the report! YT still on patties! Ready for spearing, too bad the weather is turning...
  517. tunakillerjoe1

    Found 2 nets in SD harbor

    What were the big bugs in the tourney? Big totals? Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread!
  518. tunakillerjoe1

    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    ????? "Walking the beach"?
  519. tunakillerjoe1

    What are You really Thankful for? Please share how you've been blessed and let's keep this rolling.

    All good things, friends! I work in an operating room helping assure all those titanium rods go in perfect! I am stoked to hear of folks getting fixed up. I am thankful for all of you sharing your knowledge, making my trips more productive! Thanks to BD, good health, and every day, every trip...
  520. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster on11/23

    Nice work! Thanks for the report! Happy Thanksgiving-
  521. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping SD bay, Sat, 11/22

    Cooked pic looks like a female? Other pics the tail looks narrow, male-ish. A beast!
  522. tunakillerjoe1

    Hooping SD bay, Sat, 11/22

    Nice job! On a yak? San Diego or north? Got to be a ton of head meat! Congradts!
  523. tunakillerjoe1

    PB halibut from the surf

    Plastics, nice work!! Enjoy!
  524. tunakillerjoe1

    SD BAY deep drop Lobster 11/17

    Dang, nice job! I went out last night and did not bump into any!
  525. tunakillerjoe1

    HALIBUT CLASSIC suffers huge loss with tragic death!

    Condolences for your loss of a good friend. Life is short, we all think we will be around for...whatever! (but some of us are wrong!) Enjoy every day, every minute....
  526. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I have used tubes thus far, and have cages galore unused. I have not been harrassed thus far, and plan on trying a couple of cages today. They seem like they would spread scent better.
  527. tunakillerjoe1

    Bugs at cat

    Great job, where is the 7 lb'er? How do you cut them in half like that? Band saw?
  528. tunakillerjoe1

    Sharing some good fish photos

  529. tunakillerjoe1

    Sharing some good fish photos

    She is clearly getting better- nice pics!
  530. tunakillerjoe1

    Check Out my Trophy Tail

    After it dries, Get-rot or west marine systems stuff works well, my 2 cents-Nice work!
  531. tunakillerjoe1

    Invite from the Bug Rider

    Nice work getting them! Does not appear to be fogged in! They were out on a full moon! Anza is a long way from lobsters..again, nice work, thanks for the report!
  532. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    More info, thanks for the feedback! I think with the fog, (again, does the moon light have an effect in fog?) I will not be going tonight. This will surely make for a better night for those who do go! I think I will change the following- longer, earlier first soak. I saw someone post they only...
  533. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster Hooping 11/20

    Nice work! Looked like some fog moved in?
  534. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing the intel! It looks like it will just get better from then? (later rise, less %?)
  535. tunakillerjoe1

    Bug rider at it again

    Nice job...again!
  536. tunakillerjoe1

    Measuring Lobsters the Right Way

    The "hanger" theory is interesting, I am not willing to risk it with the man.I cannot say how many "legal" ones I have thrown back-
  537. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    Good info and ideas gents! I have only used PVC tubes (white) and not had any seal problems yet, in SD bay. I have cages too. We did have one hanging around by the opening to the sporties (actually by Tom hams lighthouse, I think) but no damage.Would like to see the results of the 5/5 study...
  538. tunakillerjoe1

    Saturday nights alright for fightin'!

    Just one day...not enough!
  539. tunakillerjoe1

    Costa Sunglasses

    Inside one of the stems.
  540. tunakillerjoe1

    Costa Sunglasses

    Does it say what model on the stem? Looks kinda like a blackfin.
  541. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Bft 11/2

    Thanks for the update!
  542. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Super Cow 11/1/9

    What about the story? Toad of a fish...nice work!
  543. tunakillerjoe1

    Broken record Lobster report, 11/2/2019.

    4 hour+ soak? Seems to have worked!
  544. tunakillerjoe1

    Saturday nights alright for fightin'!

    I would guess around 7-8 lb bug-Nice job, letting it go- probably 50 years old!
  545. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster on the crawl , SD Bay 10/26...

    We were out Tuesday night in SD bay too, current, no shorts, got 4 nice ones. Nice night, but slow for us. Went from 5-11:30ish. Had a trap disappear somehow, marked with GRATTEAU on the float if found. 858 226-4105
  546. tunakillerjoe1


    Turners or west marine
  547. tunakillerjoe1

    Bug rider

    Nice work! MB or SD bay?
  548. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Megamouth Shark, and fishing report

    Very very rare-good job capturing it on film! One more for the books-
  549. tunakillerjoe1

    Smoking fish question.....

    Size/thickness of the fish changes the time for smoking. I like bigger chunks, skin on, but I have friends who do smaller pieces in a lot shorter time. The way the grain of the fish is placed in the smoker makes a difference too. You can squeeze the fish to feel it firm up when done. Mine are...
  550. tunakillerjoe1

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    Not to troll, but a lot of meat left on the YFT-just saying... probably a gall bladder-
  551. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9/27/19 - Offshore for Lobster Bait

    I work in an OR and I have been saving bloody bait for months! Cheap and easy...LOL!
  552. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9/27/19 - Offshore for Lobster Bait

    Whoo hoo! 9 1/2 hours till the opener!
  553. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9 mile- 302 on a snotty day

    Bad south wind, out of Pt.Loma, went into the $hit south, took a pounding. Got to the lower 9, found a huge school of porps, tail slapping, working SE. Big whales jumping completely out of the water friggen nuts! Got 1 nice YFT (20#+) on 20# # 2 on birds going off. Had 2 other pickups, for...
  554. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Finally found some dodos

    The boards are a twist, lights and everything!
  555. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Sat— Mon Tuna report.

    Good work! Don't give up, reap the benefits!
  556. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Son's first tuna

    Nice job! Good work!
  557. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Wow! Nice report! It's head looks like it ate a grenade! Quite a story! Congradts!
  558. tunakillerjoe1


    The gaff can be replaced, keep the memories-and your hands! Good job!
  559. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9/21/19 Limits of YFT for 2

    Nice report, nice story! Congradts! Hopefully he cleaned fish while you did the boat/gear. Nice to have someone related to fish with!
  560. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    Thanks for the report- nice to see troll fish and bigger line!
  561. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Hmmm. Basking or bluntnose 6 gill? Overall length?
  562. tunakillerjoe1

    Older Aluminum deep hull fishing skiffs

    They make 22' boats too. Small, but.....
  563. tunakillerjoe1

    Peaceful Day Rockfishing 9mile 9/14 and a Few Questions

    Maybe someone should start a lobster hoop net thread! I am also ready to start! Same ambusher traps, been stockpiling bait, eating the last of last years bounty. <2 weeks!
  564. tunakillerjoe1

    Small smoker for beginners

    I used to use brown sugar and salt, but switched to Kikomans teriyaki sauce, to soak overnight. (Too easy!) I baste with a Kikomans glaze when the smoked product is coming off the grill, slightly warm. I guarentee there are some great soaks out there, anyone want to share?
  565. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Skippies

    No, no! You are getting it wrong! Skippies are for hoop net bait for Joe! No pokie, no smoking! Bait, thats it! (Kidding, never tried either!) Tiger tuna...
  566. tunakillerjoe1

    Older Aluminum deep hull fishing skiffs

    No gregor fans?
  567. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Skippies

    Skippies make good lobster bait. Just saying. Anyone with an extra skippie, call me., text me. Trying to load up on hoop net bait. Joe 858 226-4105
  568. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9/14 bluefin

    Good job! I like cutting the BFT into strips and use it for catching skipjack!
  569. tunakillerjoe1

    BFT and YFT their back!

    Salted fish? Do tell...
  570. tunakillerjoe1

    Small smoker for beginners

    Mahogony chunks are my favorite.
  571. tunakillerjoe1

    Small smoker for beginners

    Check the post for BFT jerkey a few posts down. I have pics of the ones I used, charcoal, water tray, 3 racks. I thought it was made by smokey Joe, but it says Char-Broil H20 Smoker. Used the hell outta them- easy-
  572. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Big Girls 9/13

    Wow! Nice work! Great when a plan comes together! Those are pigs!
  573. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Not a bad decision

    Wow, nice job! I was wondering if inside had anything going on! I decided to stay home and dial up lobster traps. Wrong call!
  574. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore No luck on the tuna

    Thanks for the report, fog sucks. (Along with no fish!)
  575. tunakillerjoe1

    GO ID's and lobster buoys

    So if I own 10 hoops, I can put my GO# on all 10, and add the GO # on 5 for whoever I get to fish with me?
  576. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    Sounds like the same report from a Dr. friend of mine, J.C.! Were you fishing with Jeff? Nice job, way to work it out!
  577. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore No luck on the tuna

    Full moon does not help.
  578. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 302 Almost limits.

    Nice work, does it seem like the full moon is shutting it down a bit? More ice for sure!
  579. tunakillerjoe1

    Bluefin Jerky Recipe

    Here are the before and after, for smoking. Red is BFT, (in smoker) on top of the plate, and YFT is black, (in smoker) bottom of the plate. I baste them with a glaze when they come off the smoker (warm), and they drink it up, keeping them moist. I may have to try jerkey next time! How does it...
  580. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Outstanding tuna bite

    Never seen 17lb fluro before! Hard to keep all those bags of meat cold! Good job handing off fish..
  581. tunakillerjoe1

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Did it ever get out?
  582. tunakillerjoe1

    Bluefin Jerky Recipe

    There really should be a whole section on these different styles! Gotta say, I think you gotta smoke it, the smoke is an important part of the curing.I am a fan of mahogany, oak, pecan, hickory for smoked fish. I use bigger chunks, which take longer. (6-8 hours) pictures coming-thanks!
  583. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Limits tuna monday 9-9-2019

    Nice work, good report! Killed 'em!
  584. tunakillerjoe1

    Tax man came to play

    I wonder if the scars may be from an Orca? Nice size!
  585. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore San Clemente

    Sorry to keep the steing going, but how long were you on a fish like that? They all are huge toads! Congradts! Keeping them cold would be tough! Thanks for raising the bar!
  586. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Fishing for bluefin in a war zone

    I think I saw you out there, we were the only 2 out there, glassy conditions.Trolled for nada...mine is a 15' westcoaster 40hp.
  587. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Fishing for bluefin in a war zone

    I love seeing the subs pop up out there, wonder what the meter mark looks like!
  588. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Epic 2 Day on the Outer Limits. WFO BFT 9/4-9/6

    Biting 50#! That's more like it! Nice grade of fish, nice report!
  589. tunakillerjoe1

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    I guess the atrium cave is in the reserve, so no lobsters. It faces SW, so coming up from the islands does not figure.Would have to make a right turn, in the swell.
  590. tunakillerjoe1

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Sounds like the guys! Thread the needle! They were probably tired from staying up all night. Look for a fish report from them! That cave has to be full of lobster, just saying...
  591. tunakillerjoe1

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    At least they missed the point! It is a long drive from the islands-you need a little shut-eye! What if they had hit another vessel...crazy lame!
  592. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore South of the 302

    Toads-nice work, thanks for the report!
  593. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Quiet 9 mile

    I will get the timing right-
  594. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9/3 Big BFT - YFT Limits and a short boat ride

    Great job, right place, right time, right skills! A couple of toad BFT! Nice work!
  595. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Quiet 9 mile

    Rolled up and down the 9 today, good bait, (mb), reasonable seas, no traffic, only metered 1 school at the north end, with some porpise.sounded like the 101-425 was working.Hit and miss on the radio. Is the 9 ever wfo? My cedar has some miles, no love yet! Ready for the killing to begin!
  596. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Solo BFT 9/2/19

    "I ain't got nobody, that i can depend on"Carlos Santana- good job, go it alone!
  597. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore lost your boat?

    I wonder how long it was before he noticed! Pretty pathetic- was it the bottom scratcher?
  598. tunakillerjoe1

    Deck paint-does anyone know specifically what this is?

    Looking at touching up my deck paint, any ideas what this is specifically? Generally? Need to touch up the edges, not the flats-Thanks in advance!
  599. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Tuna 371 302 9-1-2019

    On a spinner, do you flip the bail when the gaff lands? Water looks glassy, nice job!
  600. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9/1 north 9 mile bank

    (I know it sounds crazy, but) maybe try a sportie? No cleanup, they generally do put you on fish, especially now. Just break out the plastic, research which boats NOT to go on, and relax and enjoy! Just a thought-
  601. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I have heard of Argon being used in drysuits-
  602. tunakillerjoe1

    Dive Boat 'Conception' burns and sinks.....

    Wow! Just saw this on CNN too. What a terrible thing to happen! 3 am, fog, it kept re-igniting. Very sad...
  603. tunakillerjoe1

    Mag Bay nice Dorado

    How did you shoot that dorado while that guy was holding it, without hitting him!
  604. tunakillerjoe1

    Mag Bay nice Dorado

    Nice job! Nice choices for dinner!
  605. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Yellowfin east 226 8/31

    Hope to see more kill reports! Nice job!
  606. tunakillerjoe1

    Going out 9/2/19 from SD any intel would help!

    There are some nicer grade fish kicking a$$ on the lighter string. Good effort, good report, good luck!
  607. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Marlin hook up???

    Someone hooked a marlin at the 226 on Monday, in the afternoon, on the Producer, on bait. Tail walked, jumped, busted off (no doubt light line!) , but still pretty cool. Striper, I would guess, but was busy with a BFT so could not check it out.
  608. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Friends are eating well this season

    Lined them up according to roundness at the boat club! Nice!
  609. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Around the 226 8-28. Only got two, but one was a biggun5#

    Quarter those bigger fish and you won't lose meat! Nice job getting them!
  610. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Thur 29- 9 mile bank

    Good report, nice to see them so close! In before 2 with 11+ fish!
  611. tunakillerjoe1

    Liberty 8-28

    I got a 42# BFT on 20# fluro Monday, but I would start with 25 and move down. Size 2 mutu light circles worked for the YFT, but some broke/straightened out. I wish I could have used my usual Owner 2/0 Gorillas! I tried flyliners but did not get bit.
  612. tunakillerjoe1

    Liberty 8-28

    Just my 2 cents, the producer (also) seemed to make sure the kids were bendo-
  613. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Sportie report-rare good behavior?

    I think it is a #2 owner mutu circle, not gamatsu (mispelled). I also used #4, but no photos-
  614. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Sportie report-rare good behavior?

    Pics of the small wire hooks tomorrow.
  615. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Sportie report-rare good behavior?

    The kids were stoked! Happy to see this-cool kids!
  616. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Sportie report-rare good behavior?

    Went out overnight on the Producer, ended up at the same spots as the rest of the fleet-302-226. Tried glow-in-the dark flatfalls from 2:30 am-4 am, no luck. Big Mako 300lb+ came thru attracted to the light. Caught 2 YFT 15+ to 20 lbs lbs on bait before 6 am, picked away for 5 YFT total. Handed...
  617. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Weather/swell/wind forecast

    Predict wind seems to work too.
  618. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Good Time Tuna Fishing

    San diego boat and ski club cutting station-AKA the old folks home! We built the other washing station, cleaned a ton of fish there!
  619. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 8/21 WFO YFT on the Producer

    We fished the same area/parking lot yesterday, saw the producer there along with the fleet. Ugly green water-throwing a ton of bait seemed to be the trik, along with light line.
  620. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore YFT Meter Marks

    Good stuff, as I am trying to set up my Garmin Echomap 50s also. My transducer is a small transom mounted one, unknown (at this time) which one. I will use this advice too, thanks!
  621. tunakillerjoe1

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    I booked a LL for 30 on sunday on the producer for $250 +, leaving 9 pm sunday back monday 6pm. Just bumped into it.
  622. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    Mola's and GWS are frequently mixed up.Very similar.
  623. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Limits ( oediv )

    Ballpark where? Looks like the 302- (lol!)
  624. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore A Parrot heads dream (8/19-The Producer)

    Good info, I am headed out on the same boat Sunday. Hopefully they get into a better bite-thanks!
  625. tunakillerjoe1

    My first Thresher!

    Nice job, whereabouts? (General area)
  626. tunakillerjoe1

    Deformed BFT

  627. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore First one for 2019

    Nice job, nice to have options!
  628. tunakillerjoe1

    Gail Force & Triton BIG YELLOWS!

    Thanks for the report-nice grade of Fish!
  629. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    I guess a clear definition of "Salvage" from them would be useful.
  630. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 8/13

    Great job, nice size fish!