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  1. Rye

    WTB Newell 553 or equivalent

    need something with a fatty base for a 9'6 cal star 20-50. Damn thing is like 4" in diameter! Headed out on trip Friday, need local pickup tomorrow (07/09/15) I'm in Hermosa. Let me you what you got!!!! Thanks
  2. Rye

    Trolling Set-up

    My buddy just built me my first trolling rod. Being that I won't be using it to often, any suggestions for an affordable, quality reel??? Thanks for the tips.
  3. Rye

    Costco gun safe

    Anyone have any input on the Sports Afield 6033 that Costco has for $750 shipping included. I couldn't find any reviews. The safe is made by Heritage Safe Company. Seems like a good deal, but I'm a little unsure of quality. Thanks in advance!
  4. Rye

    Costco gun safe

    Costco has a Sports Afield 6033 Executive Vault for $750 shipping included. Anyone have any insight on these? I guess Heritage Safe makes this model for Costco. Seems pretty good? First big safe purchase. Thanks for any/all input!
  5. Rye

    1998 Ford F-150

    98 F150 for sale. Original owner. 78,000 miles! Super clean inside/out. 4.6 liter V8, automatic. 3 door with shell & liner. Tow package. Sliding rear window. AC, power locks/windows. 6 CD changer. $7,500 OBO
  6. Rye


    Hey guys. I have a few truline blanks that I'm getting wrapped. I'm having trouble finding any original style decals to match my set. Does anyone have any for sale, or have any info on where I can get some. thanks
  7. Rye


    Hey guys, I recently was able to get ahold of a few truline blanks. I am looking for the lams to make the rods match my set. (the one with the fishing hook holding up the baby in diapers) Let me know if I can get a copy! And yes they are originals, and no, I don't want to sell them! Thanks!