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  1. Avon Rover 310 RIB

    Avon Rover 310 RIB

    Avon Rover 310 RIB Dinghy Very clean Hypalon and fiberglass ridged inflatable boat by Avon. Model is a Rover 310. Has a flat floor and can take up to a 15hp outboard motor. While it does have some age, the boat is clean and holds air for days. There are some wear areas that are highlighted in...
  2. jigstrike

    Roti-Molded Skiffs

    Patent issues IIRC.
  3. jigstrike

    Marine forecast for San Diego / Coronados this coming Sunday

    That forecast is for the entire so cal watwrs out to 30 nautical miles. But if you click or tap on one point of the map, it will give you a point forecast for where you want to be. Click a point on the border just morth of the islands [doeant forecast for points below border] and you get a...
  4. jigstrike

    FMM issues

    If you are going by water for a day, IIRC, you dont need a TIP
  5. jigstrike

    Boat registration on aluminum skiff questions

    Not hard in my experience.
  6. jigstrike

    clean bay skiff 18' panga - offer him $5k

    Looks like its still for sale though
  7. jigstrike

    Project inflatable and decent Jetski trailer

    Bill of sale only. Never registered boat when new. Trailer was bought of CL a few years back and never registered by me either.
  8. jigstrike

    Project inflatable and decent Jetski trailer

    $400 Hydro force 10 ft pvc inflatable from Costco. Was fixing it back up after bwing leftboutside for a while and just as I got everything done, we get a little sunshine qhich heata up the full of air tubes aland the seam fails, so I am done. You can use for parts or reglue. Intial failure...
  9. jigstrike

    Boat hunt advice needed

    IMHO, a smaller boat that allows you to keep it in tip top shape and run for little money is the best thing. No need to fish 3 or 4. Just need room for 2, maybe 3. Find a guy with a bigger boat that is expensive to run. Fish inshore in your boat and offshore on his. You will find that time...
  10. jigstrike

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    This is why I am stoked. Cant use em in mexico but now I have a good reason for a new toy!!
  11. jigstrike

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    There are over 300 way points, but thats for the curve from Canada down. Wierd thing is, last way point of the 100 fm curve is well north of the border, even though the other fathom curves in the CFR go all the way south. What happens then?
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    SCUBA speaking rockfish‐ lets set up a trip!

    Thanks. PM sents
  13. jigstrike

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    Its the deepest we can go in CA. Recently as shallow as 50 fathoms.
  14. jigstrike

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    Now that rockfish is open to 100 fathoms I cant wait to try new spots that have been off limits. 2 weeks and few days until the opener. Then its taco time! Anybody else looking forward to it?
  15. jigstrike

    Bow Nav Light Options

    There are lights that mount on the bow rail so you could likely run the existing wire through an exit fitting and up the rail. There are also flush mount lights that could be in the hull. I think separation between the all around and the running lights would be a good thing.
  16. jigstrike

    Splash well woes

    Pics would help, But no need for HDPE, plus 5200 wont like it IIRC. If its a round hole you want to cover then make a disc (actually a donut) instead of a square. I would use a piece of ply well covered by epoxy and call it good. But coosa board would work better at resisting rot. How big is...
  17. jigstrike

    Claw Anchor for Channel Islands

    Most crusing guides recommend a 7 to 1 scope for over night anchoring.
  18. jigstrike

    Small Gas Tank That Doesn’t Balloon

    All the new ones are designed to ballon, its how they cope with pressure changes without venting fumes which is a form of air polution. And you will likely need a new fuel hose with a special valve to accomodate that.
  19. jigstrike

    1986 Robalo R1800 for sale / SOLD!

    How much would a new version of the motor installed on the new boat cost? Might be able to sell it and do that as boats are going for a lot right now. Take really good pics and start there. IMHO.
  20. jigstrike

    22'/23' foot backyard build V Hull Dory

    Thanks for the updates. Thinkingbof building one as qell. How does she do in a following sea?
  21. jigstrike

    Looking for transducer

    Post in the electronics section
  22. jigstrike

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    I was spearing them off Zuniga jetty in about 50 degree water and was being lazy and not cutting the spines and one on my stringer poked me in the foot. Luckily my foot was pretty numb from the cold water so it didnt hurt until later as my foot thawed out.
  23. jigstrike

    SCUBA speaking rockfish‐ lets set up a trip!

    Really? Thats the best you can do? If you want to insult/make fun of me, you're really going to have to do better than that. Weak.
  24. jigstrike

    SCUBA speaking rockfish‐ lets set up a trip!

    No worries. Wouldnt want to dive with anybody who isnt bright enough to see the risks in this disease anyway. Diving is dangerous enough as it is. Maybe you'll get lucky and avoid the virus. Not that you seem to care, but I wouldnt wish it on anyone, no matter how short sighted they are
  25. jigstrike

    SCUBA speaking rockfish‐ lets set up a trip!

    I need to get back in the water and slay some rock fish, sculpin and lings [open all year to divers] but my big boat is waiting on the mechanic and I am stuck on land. Anybody need an experienced boat hand to go diving? Fuel, food, cleaning up etc. I pay my way and know the drill. This...
  26. jigstrike

    Storing an 1801 in SD

    call around the marinas. Small boat slip space is often available and surprisingly cheap by comparison. Start with Driscolls in Mission bay and see if they have a side tie space.
  27. jigstrike

    Fuel Tank, I don't wanna die

    To lower air polution, new tanks dont vent as the warm up in the sun and use a hose with a special valve. They actually swell up when the temperature rises and thw preasure insude increades but are designed to do so.
  28. jigstrike

    Fuel Tank, I don't wanna die

    Do you have one of the more recent ones that are designed to swell up? They are so ubiquitous I am pretty sure theyvare safe, or elese there would be a lot more fires, etc.
  29. jigstrike

    Zodiac FC470

    Is this still for sale?
  30. jigstrike

    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge
  31. jigstrike

    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge

    An example of a turnnkey replacement engine from a remanufactered block os about 8700 If your current add ons [carbs, pumps. Etc] are good and you can do the assembly you can get a reman block...
  32. jigstrike

    Testing Water: Parker 1801, with Yami 115

    I was thinking extended the fence forward to cover the area you already have. Probably not allowed but qorth a look
  33. jigstrike

    Testing Water: Parker 1801, with Yami 115

    Can you fence it in? Might be an affordable solution.
  34. jigstrike

    Saltwater newbie trying to pair a rod w/ lexa300hd

    Proteus rod by Daiwa
  35. jigstrike

    1988 18' Stringari PH

    Great work. Wife says I gotta sell the big boat first or I would be driving north right now. GLWS.
  36. jigstrike

    Truck bed drawer box

    I had these in the back of my Nissan for tools and stuff. Approx 4x5, exact specs in the pics. 2 long drawers inside a big box. Box is 18mm baltic birch ply. Draws are 1/2 ply of various types. Has held up qell, but i am going a different direction. Slides well even full of tools just from...
  37. jigstrike

    For Sale: 25’ 1973 Potter Seacraft Pocket Sport Fisher

    Beautiful boat. Hopefully for me its still around when my Tiara sells. GLWS.
  38. jigstrike

    1970's Wellcraft 17 center console questions

    I just saw a wellcraft CC for sale on line that looks like its probably a 1970s era 17 ft. Looks like a good candidate for repower. Anyone have experience with one? Something to watch for? Thinking of getting a cheap hull but new everything else.
  39. jigstrike

    Marine shaver pro gel coat peeler

    I forgot about this. Yes it is still available.
  40. jigstrike

    Sea Explorer 16 - planing speed and trim tabs

    curious how dropping 20hp made it better. Weight?
  41. jigstrike

    Hull Cleaning Diver Recommendations - San Diego Bay

    I use aqua force. No issues
  42. jigstrike

    Jetski Fishing Mentor/buddy

    Thanks. Good to know others have just dove in head first as well
  43. jigstrike

    Suzuki Df140/150

    There is a 2019 etec 150 for sale in the parts section asking 9900. Etec being canceled by brp may be an issue, but if you wheel and deal, you might get a motor at 2/3rds the price of your new suzuki and $5,000 is a lot of fishing trips. Should still be reliable and save gas versus your yamaha.
  44. jigstrike

    Suzuki Df140/150

    Qhy waste $2,000 for speed you are probably never going to use
  45. jigstrike

    Jetski Fishing Mentor/buddy

    At 51 I may be kinda old to be asking for a mentor, but I am seriously considering a fishing ski and dont know where to start. Likely putting my big boat up for sale soon and downsizing to something in 22 to 26 size. But I wuld also like to try a ski. The lower operating cost and quick trip...
  46. jigstrike

    Re-upholstered exterior upholstery

    Looking good!! I need to get that done on my boatbso I can sell it.
  47. jigstrike

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    If they could make a profit on less bait, they would be happy to do so. The economics of labor and everything else means hey have to make a minimum per transaction or it just doesn't work. Private boats are a big part of the business but we probably wouldn't be enough on our own. Its the...
  48. jigstrike

    32’-37’ Tiara Open or similar

    If you are still looking I have a 3000 Open [2005] and may be going on the market. DM me
  49. jigstrike

    35ft panga boat for sale with two Yamaha 300hp

    Down here, the feds dont auction off siezed pangas. They crush them. Smugglers were buying them at auction amd running them again. Surprised that didnt halpen to this boat. Probably because it was a state beach
  50. jigstrike

    Has anybody ever had this problem before?

    I had a similar problem and couldnt figure it out for a long time. Eventually a very small leak in the water jacket was discovered. Unfortunately it was by the guy buying my boat. He was looking over the running engine for like 20 minutes before he found it. And when I saw it I understood...
  51. jigstrike

    Marine shaver pro gel coat peeler

    Sorry for the delay Got lost in all this lockdown stuff. If you are still interested here are pics
  52. jigstrike

    Marine shaver pro gel coat peeler

    Yes it is. Still.on the box it was shipped in. Would love to get my money back from it to build a cnc router.
  53. jigstrike

    Prototype rod rack

    Learning how to use a cnc router and came up with a design for rod storage. This is the first prototype. This one holds 25 rods w/out reels. Next one will be only for 16 and the rods will be closer together. I have it on a dolly but will be going to casters, just need different screws than what...
  54. jigstrike

    Drydocking Baja

    Berkovich Marine in La Paz.
  55. jigstrike

    Vacuflush sanitation system service

    They lose prime from a leak. Three ways it can leak easy are the bowl seal, the pump, or the hose. I have been chasing down mine and after a new bowl seal, a pump rebuild, new gaskets on the vaccum tank I still have a leak in my 14 year old hoses between tank and head. I do not look forward...
  56. jigstrike

    Cedros confusion

    Brown Field is located on the border and adjacent to the Tijuana Airporr. You can access the TJ airport from there if you are a ticketed passenger by using the cross border express or CBX. Some also use a van to drive to Ensenada and fly to Cedros from there.
  57. jigstrike

    Choclate rods and some good loaner types too

    Update. Six rods are left. 80 bucks for all 6. Mostly beater boat rods but all look fishable
  58. jigstrike

    Choclate rods and some good loaner types too

    I have 10 rods I want to get rid of. Some are older brown rods. Moster are later and range from the 70s to 90s probably. From left to right Brown unlabeled troller, guides are corroded. 15 Brown rod labeld lamiglass 15-40 wrapped by "The Reel Thing" eyes are old, but look smooth bronze...
  59. jigstrike

    Small boat trailer

    Not gonna sugar coat it. This thing is worked, rusted and cracked. Coupler is fine, young wheel looks good. Bunks seem ok. I got it with a free boat. Cant believe I made it home. Just come take it if u want it. No papers. No holds. Also on CL. 12034 Mill Pitrero rd. San Diego 92128
  60. jigstrike

    Good older reels cheap

    Got some reels lying around I am never going to use so I want them gine, cheap. Penn 500s, $25. Mechanically fine. Spool it and fish Penn 60 Long Beach. $30. I rebuilt this reel a few years ago but maybe used it once. Penn 545, with Tiburon handle and bar $50. Just opened it up today and all...
  61. jigstrike

    Sport boats and trash

    Cardboard, glass [prefilled with h20] or food scraps all seem fine to me. None of that is bad for the ocean.
  62. jigstrike

    Livingston 14 Customization

    Whatever work you have to do to turn it over is probably less than the time it will take on the back pain from an upside down sand. If I have learned one thing on boats its that the long way is often the shortest way. In mount that motor and flip that boat if you have room for the boat, you...
  63. jigstrike

    Trip advice

    More days is better. You relax much more in the longer trips. 15 schoolie tuna is still a lot of fish. If you can take the time, spend more on a boat and less at work.
  64. jigstrike

    Come on Saturday

    I feel you Gene. I'm pretty much the same. Leave Tuesday for an 8 day trip. And it's my 4th time with the same group. Super excited to go.
  65. jigstrike

    Lobster or shark Bait

    Gone. Thanks Mario
  66. jigstrike

    Lobster or shark Bait

    I have a half freezer of frozen bait that I need to get rid of. Its sardines that were left over from trip, bagged and frozen along with bonita trimings and heads, etc. I am going for an *day next week and need my freezer space. I am in the Sabre Springs area of San Diego, near Poway Pm me
  67. jigstrike

    18 degree deadrise for inshore

    Might. If I set it up with a tiller, it will have a chicken post for sure
  68. jigstrike

    Flats boats and solo skiffs inshore CA?

    Not going to be a flat bottom boat, just a flats style skiff. I have seen some 14 ft glasspar types, but probably still to shallow a v for you. I always thought a layout with wide side decks that leaves a big square open in the center would be best for one of those boats. Hope it goes well for...
  69. jigstrike

    Flats boats and solo skiffs inshore CA?

    Will do. I keel vacillating between designs. Cant make up my mind. Maybe a bateau GV 13 or FS 14 or as Dix if this will scale down?
  70. jigstrike

    18 degree deadrise for inshore

    Looking at some alternate boat designs to build for inshore use. Will NOT go paddy hopping. La Jolla or Pt. Loma kelp for diving and fishing. This is designed with an 18 degree deadrise on the bow and flattens to 5 degrees at the stern. Not a boat to haul ass in rough stuff, and wet with low...
  71. jigstrike

    Flats boats and solo skiffs inshore CA?

    Anybody use one of the micro skiffs designed for FLA flat water or a solo skiff to fish our kelp beds? Looks like it may be possible to launch at La Jolla like the kayaks, but then again maybe not. Thinking about building one from
  72. jigstrike

    16ft aluminum boat with 90hp 2 stroke

    You also need to think hard about your safety. One nice wave over the transom and you may have too much weight back there and go under or even just over. Swamping often leads to capsize as the weight of the water pushes your stern down, then as you head back you muscle to a side and that puts a...
  73. jigstrike

    16ft aluminum boat with 90hp 2 stroke

    Insurance may be void if that is over the CG rate for the boat. Also, if you hurt someone with that boat, going to be a lot easier to show you were negligent if speed or the motor had anything to do with it. I would sell the motor and power down
  74. jigstrike

    Help needed with electric water pressure pump

    Some where in time my dad taught me that if an electric pump failed to start the electric motor could be stuck so you tap on the motor body a bit and it frees it up. The problem I have is I dont know why this works, so I dont know or understand what is wrong inside the electric motor and if or...
  75. jigstrike

    Selling Boat- Fishing Gear Must Go

    I want the rod holders. Will pm
  76. jigstrike

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    I was not aware of that. Thanks for updating me. It really makes it even more scary. 15 minutes from "everything seems fine" to "inflames so bad we cant rescue people and have to jump onto the water." I wonder if most of us dont want to acknowledge just how fast a fire can engulf things, just...
  77. jigstrike

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    The best safety features are the ones that prevent an accident from happening. With the Conception fire, from the information available anyway, it sounds like there wasnt a roving crewman up and about and checking on things. I have often run into the roving crewman at night in the LR boats I...
  78. jigstrike

    Modifying an aluminum rod holder arch

    I bought an arch with rod holders for the back of my hard top. Its 6 rod holders on a curved length of aluminum with mounting pads at the ends. The angle of the mounts isnt correct for my hardtop. Any suggested welders in the San Diego area to remove and reinstall at the proper orientation...
  79. jigstrike

    Slightly used Naval boat

    Price? Do you have any pics of the console?
  80. jigstrike

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    My fault. I got it backwards somehow.Will fix it
  81. jigstrike

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    I want to echo what was said above about the valve on your through hull fitting for the bait pump. You need to have a ball valve there. [If you dont know, what you have there is a gate valve. A ball has an arm you turn to close or open] Last thing you want is a hole in the boat you cant close...
  82. jigstrike

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    That makes some sense if the distinction was personal injury vs cargo loss or loss of the ship. I could easily see that insuring against injury wasnt available but that the risk of a PI type judgment was increasing at that time. Perhaps that the distinction that was missing. Otherwise, you are...
  83. jigstrike

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I was on your side a bit untill this. Marine insurance is about 1,000 years old. Lyolds has been around for hundreds of years, definitely before 1851. The British had exported the marine insurance idea to India by around 1700. At least according to brief google search you look pretty wrong on...
  84. jigstrike

    Finally gonna upgrade .. which boat?

    I know its short, but I would look at this and then spend 5k in new electronics.
  85. jigstrike

    Powerful Portable Batteries

    Check out bruce schwabb batteries for info on battery systems and something called carbon foam batteries. It's not just capacity but also charging rate and how much you can discharge a battery that should be considered
  86. jigstrike

    Getting Bait Early

    If you have the crew make bait while you wait. You can always chunk it if you dont have room
  87. jigstrike

    Fishing sinker and lure molds

    PM sent
  88. jigstrike

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    15 years Met many a friend here. Team Filthy (RIP) is missed. If its safe enough to fish from, who cares how it looks, go fish. BOD. But I always wondered who had the time and inclination to do all that editing
  89. jigstrike

    Garmin will not mark fish.

    You want to use low chirp offshore for deeper water. High chirp is for shallower water
  90. jigstrike

    Skippy W/ Farallon houset

    Have a look at this. It's a hardtop with soft sides and looks like a steal.
  91. jigstrike

    1985(86) skipjack 24 open

    Really great boat at a good price. GLWS.
  92. jigstrike

    Yamaha 70hp 2stroke outboard - no forward gear

    When I had a similar problem on an outboard it ended up being the cable had stretched. Which I only found out after having the lower unit pulled off. Lesson learned, always check the cables first
  93. jigstrike

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    And seal them with primer sealer or paint before you carpet and make sure you seal the bolt holes, or at least dip the lag screws in something before you attach. That will help extend the life
  94. jigstrike

    Lowrance hds 12 gen 3

    Still available?
  95. jigstrike


    I may want the hds 12. PM me if you want to work ot out between willdoggy and me.
  96. jigstrike

    Recommended stand alone fish finder?

    Boat is 2006 and has a Raymarine 120 setup with radar and autopilot. For everything but fiahing this set up is perfect and I dont need to change. So rather than spend 4000 on a replacement I was thinking of adding a standalone fish finder. Looking to spend under 1000 and have some kind of 3d...
  97. jigstrike

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I sent in an email, but I also read the plan. It is clear that reconfiguration of the parking lots west of the ramp is being proposed, but it wasnt clear that the parking lot to the east, the trailer parking, was being suggested for reconfiguration. Also, the parking lot spaces are to be...
  98. jigstrike

    1972 Safari 28 - Excellent Condition - Rare Family Cruiser- SOLD

    What is the actual LOA? The way the marina would measure it. Need a boat 29 or under
  99. jigstrike

    Achilles SPD 4-FL

    Achilles SPD-4FL dinghy. $365 Very very clean and holds air well. You could take this straight to the docks today without doing a thing. Aluminum floor. Will take up to 8hp engine. The details: I picked this up when searching around for parts for another boat. Floor was missing as were the...
  100. jigstrike

    NEW Columbia PFG Super Bahama fishing shirts [XL]

    Forgot to return these on time. Too big for me. Short sleeve, hot weather fishing shirts rated spd 30. Original price is $55, so asking $20 [each]. Or trade for similar new shirts in large [preferred to selling]
  101. jigstrike

    looking for 29-35' sportfishing

    I have a 2006 Tiara 3000 open for sale. Listed with Big Bay Yachts
  102. jigstrike


    Not mine but people here are often looking for these.
  103. jigstrike

    Thru hull cooling - yay or nay?

    Are you asking about a a thu hull valve set up, or exchanging heat from engine to the sea thru the hull itself, e.g. a keel cooler?
  104. jigstrike

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    You're right, but I was really referring to the idea if someone directing traffic or policing the docks. No way they would add that and not start charging a fee. If course they probably would eliminate that after a few years but keep the fee. Bastards
  105. jigstrike

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    You can also use aluminium tape and that reflective bubble wrap to make a bag that goes around your cooler. If you rool down the top and make it air tiht as well can really improve ice holding time
  106. jigstrike

    Fastest Offshore boat 21-23ft

    How about a RIB? Not the best to fish, but really fast. Or a jetski set up fishing? Buy 2 and buddy boat.
  107. jigstrike

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    Putting up with this in San Diego is the downside of free launch ramps
  108. jigstrike

    A gorgeous 2006 Tiara Open Express!!!

    Twin 8.1 liter crusader efi gas engines.
  109. jigstrike

    Anyone familiar with the Zodiac FC 470?

    I may be able to get one of these for 1,000. Was wondering how well they do with the roll up aluminum floor. Have had a similar size boat with solid floor and it was great. Would be a dive and spearing boat
  110. jigstrike

    Outboard recommendations

    Whatever motor that meets your needs and quality level AND is serviced by someone local with good hours. Dont want to have to drive all over for service
  111. jigstrike

    Older Grady’s white

    Dual Console boats built on fishing hulls are seeing rising popularity. The new Pursuits are really awesome. They are even building some larger ones with mini cabins for overnight
  112. jigstrike

    Achilles spd4 inflatable [10 ft] $250

    Older Achilles inflatable dinghy. Very clean, ready to go. No messy oxidation, no need for you to scrub. Has oars and oar holders. Be on the water today. NO LEAKS! I bought this to fix up. Spent a long time cleaning it, got 98% of the oxidation and dirt. But the original wood floor was shot so...
  113. jigstrike

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    Arima makes a very seaworth small boat and that could be an excellent choice. You could also consider a PWC/jetski.
  114. jigstrike

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    One way to make the most of it would be to ensure you have a schedule that will let you get back to the boat and out soon after this lesson, before you forget everything. You also might be better off, even with a slight upcharge, with 2 half day sessions so you can digest the first, practice...
  115. jigstrike

    WEST system 105 resin

    I have a bout 1 quart left on a gallon can, 105 resin. No hardener. I now use a different brand. I am near Poway.
  116. jigstrike

    Mariner 2hp outboard condition unknown

    Came with stuff I bought. Dont want to deal with it, don't it need it. I know nothing about it. 619 218 6475
  117. jigstrike

    Steering wheel help

    Could also check if the rod at the end if the cable is bent. That can make it quite difficult .
  118. jigstrike

    P 14 runabout to fishing skiff

    Second stringer roughly flat. Transom about 90 percent cleaned. And a photo of my favorite tool Keeps the dust from the eyes and lungs
  119. jigstrike

    P 14 runabout to fishing skiff

    Transom, sole, stringers are out. Ground down the remnants of one stringer. Most of the edge of the sole also ground out. Use concrete cup and dust shroud on my 4.5 inch angle grinder on the stringer, worked well. Besudes the stringers, couple spots of floor to cut out where the tools didn't...
  120. jigstrike

    P 14 runabout to fishing skiff

    Got this for free. All I wanted was the trailer. Cant seem to give away the hull. So I started to tear into it. Going for a tiller set with lots of room for dive and fish gear. One big center seat and storage area/bait tank like a candlefish 13. So far I have the stringers out, the transom out...
  121. jigstrike

    Redoing a deck on small runabour

    I picked up a small runabout and since I cant seem to give it away, I started repairing it. Deck and stringers are completely shot. Will be glassing in a new deck. Area under the deck isn't that large or deep so I was thinking of using a pourable structural foam [8lb] to fill the whole...
  122. jigstrike

    14 ft fiberglass runabout skiff

    Bump Somebody save me from redoing this floor!
  123. jigstrike

    14 ft fiberglass runabout skiff

    Picked this up for the trailer, dont need the project. No papers. Can deliver in San Diego County for 40 cents a mile one way. This boat was in Ramona under a tree for years. Needs rub rail, floor and stringers, and cleats and lights. Transom actually appears solid, but the glass is coming...
  124. jigstrike

    Bag to carry clothes

    I have found that it is more important how its packed than what bag you use. My wife got me to use packing cubes and I have to say they are awesome. By separating things and keeping them organized I can easily get to what I need and unpack into the closet in the dark.
  125. jigstrike

    SKB 7100 *

    I have one I bgreat shape. PM me
  126. jigstrike

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Did you de wax before you did the grinding? Even very old hulls can have wax leftover from curing and grinding without cleaning can drive it down into then hull.
  127. jigstrike

    Apex 8ft Rib

    Sold. Thanks
  128. jigstrike

    Apex 8ft Rib

    Bump for edits
  129. jigstrike

    JBL Woody Magnum, elite series. $300

    Needs new bands . Asking $300 (in the title)
  130. jigstrike

    JBL Woody Magnum, elite series. $300

    This is the modern M-8 triggered woody magnum. It's been in the water only a couple times since new, but its probably 8 years old. Has one defect, the JBL symbol was burned in upside down, LOL. I am in San Diego, near Poway
  131. jigstrike

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    Having owned an Arima, I can say that you are making an excellent choice. The low deck makes cleaning it a challenge, but it lowers the Center of Gravity and makes the water easier to reach. That and the moderate V make for one stable boat. It will plane at a lower speed than a deeper v. I...
  132. jigstrike

    1984 Wellcraft Sportsman price drop $5500!!!!

    Length and pics from the deck showing the layout and transom would be great
  133. jigstrike

    Apex 8ft Rib

    I fixed up the RIB today. Had some damage from drifting into the rocks at Catalina after coming loose in the night. Ready for a new home. Not pretty but tubes holds air and should stay attached to the hull. 8ft hypalon by APEX. Fiberglass hull, with hollow floor. Needs a hull plug. Have the...
  134. jigstrike

    Servicing tilt/trim

    Also, those cylinders can be serviced. The unit is removed and the caps are removed with a spanner wrench. Then you redo the seals and make sure there is enough oil
  135. jigstrike

    Del Mar 13

    Dont do a console. That is a tiller boat. Tiller outboard means no remote controls to break and no steering to break. Mount a u shaped chicken bar and mount your electronics to that. Use a mid boat bait tank or farther up to keep the nose down. Simple is best
  136. jigstrike

    Same HP with a smaller inboard?

    Looking at an older twin onboard Tiara. Has carbureted 350 v8 engines that are rate at 260hp. Doubt they still out that out after 30 years. So I would buy with planned repower in mind. Now I can tell you from experience that Tiara really crams things in to maximize a boat. Well made but not...
  137. jigstrike

    liveaboard slip for a 50'

    Driscoll's was full of "Sneak Aboards" when my skiff was there. Doubt you could pull it off in other marinas as easily or as widely, but it does happen all over. You cam also live aboard on a mooring, but that's a whole other world. I am sure it's a mix of great people and real problem...
  138. jigstrike

    SKB 7100 Large size Tackle Box

    Not going to Long Beach, sorry PM responded to.
  139. jigstrike

    Marine shaver pro gel coat peeler

    Used marine shaver pro gel coat peeler. I bought it off Ebay to restore a whaler, but sold it just now so I don't need this tool. Comes with a new set of blades. These retail for 1000. I paid 525 with shipping and just want that back. PM me.
  140. jigstrike

    Husky 42 inch tool box canopy

    Bought this at an auction cause it was real cheap and lists for $299. Just trying to make a quick buck and pass on a good deal. $99 and it's yours, but please tell me you saw it on BD, or I will assume you saw it listed for more. PM me here. Heavy Duty 42 in. 0-Drawer Canopy Top Tool Chest in...
  141. jigstrike

    SKB 7100 Large size Tackle Box

    This is still in my garage awaiting a new owner. PM me here and I will respond ASAP. [An Poway is in San Diego County, just east of the 15 and the 56]
  142. jigstrike

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    Tiara or a newer Pursuit would probably make you both very happy, but you cant trailer one. Most are Express style, so you may want a tower, but there is usually a fishing cockpit seperate from the lounge and helm area. They have been making a 30 to 33 ft Tiara, with a few design changes here...
  143. jigstrike

    13 ft whaler and trailer (motor is now sold) $500

    Here are the pics. Like I said, it's a project but no rush to sell so price is firm. Motor in pictures below has sold, boat and trailer is now $800 and if you bring me back the trailer I can refund $200
  144. jigstrike

    13 ft whaler and trailer (motor is now sold) $500

    Now only $500 because I want to skip over it and do another project. Have pink for boat and trailer. Ready to tow now. 13 ft whaler. Gel is coat is shot. Have not weighed it. Has been sitting outside in trailer for a long time. Last time on the water was probably 2001. Trailer is painted...
  145. jigstrike

    Now only $299. 1992 Yamaha 40 HP remote, power trim and tilt, long shaft, with controls

    Motor starts up but has low compression in all 3 cylinders and doesn't "pee" the cooling water. So it needs a head gasket and or rings as well as water pump service. Trim and tilt goes up, but not down. Probably the switch or the wires, but I dont know. $450 with the controls. Pretty firm...
  146. jigstrike

    7 day fishing trip for 2 needed

    While LR may be preferred, you can always go panga fishing somewhere in Mexico for 3 days of fishing for about that price.
  147. jigstrike

    Fiberglassing Tools

    Talc is also useful as an epoxy filler for fairing putty
  148. jigstrike

    What is the best way to remove old failed gelcoat

    Just saw a video where they removed gelcoat qith a harbor freight pneumatic scraper and a razor blade. No damage toninderlying surface, but was carbon fiber. I wonder if regular glass could handle this. I might have to try it, cant cost that much
  149. jigstrike

    Rec fabricator?

    Are you looking for one of those u shape things that is both davits and the a ladder when deployed?
  150. jigstrike

    Removing hull color?

    If its gel coat, not without grinding it down and redoing the hull. Paint you could strip to the old gel coat, but you would still have to sand down some as the gel coat is porous. The least amount of work is probably repainting, assuming the surface is currently good shape. It's all in the...
  151. jigstrike

    Anybody ever pull up your boats deck?

    Cant see any reason to seal the aluminum with anything. It self seals by oxidizing. Most aluminum boats dont get painted. It looks ugly down there but Ibdont see damage in the photo. Just filth from bio growth I assume
  152. jigstrike

    Anybody ever pull up your boats deck?

    There are a couple different things going on here. You need to keep moisture out of plywood to prevent the mold and rot and you also want to keep the bilge dry. To deal with the plywood, it needs to be sealed. The best way to seal it is to epoxy it. Vinylester resin is a second choice. Seal...
  153. jigstrike

    Plywood Skiff

    Ask and you shall receive. This just popped up. Buy it so I dont. My wife would be so pissed if I got another boat like this
  154. jigstrike

    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    I might have to buy several of those. Thanks for the heads up.
  155. jigstrike

    What is the best way to remove old failed gelcoat

    Its gel coat. Its crazed really bad.
  156. jigstrike

    Plywood Skiff

    Cheap is lumber yard skiff. Nothing cheaper IMHO that is worth building
  157. jigstrike

    Plywood Skiff

    If you cant find one, get a precut kit from b and b yacht design or from and assemble yourself. Probably the fastest build would be a lumber yard skiff from old wharf dory. Use MDO [not MDF] and sikaflex qod some paint. Designed to be built from standard lumber yard wood. 16 and...
  158. jigstrike

    fiberglass deck

    Kiwi grip is a great choice
  159. jigstrike

    What is the best way to remove old failed gelcoat

    I have an old whaler with a completely failed gelcoat. Boat is probably 40 years old. I want to strip the gel coat off and paint it [probably linex] as this is going to be a dive and fish and dinghy use. I was thinking I would use a 40 grit flap wheel on a 4.5 inch grinder and add a dust...
  160. jigstrike

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    Run from the Force. That whole thing is worth the value if the trailer minus the cost of diposal of the hull and engine. And if you still buy it, don't put a dollar into it unless you are prepared to repower it. Then sit on that m I'll bet and run it until the force dies
  161. jigstrike

    Mediterranean 38 Sport Fisher $99,000

    Gary, it will have room for all your rods.
  162. jigstrike

    Moving up: boat advice

    I had an Arima 17 and lived the lower planing speed. Great boat.
  163. jigstrike

    1992 Yamaha 40 HP remote, power trim and tilt, with controls

    This motor has been sitting on my Dad's old whaler and in his yard for a dozen years or more. We got it used, installed it, test ran it, and then never really used the boat. I picked it up yesterday. If you want to buy it before I clean off the tree sap and I change the plugs, the lower unit...
  164. jigstrike

    What happened to The Bight magazine?

    I really am pissed about this too. A lot of people paid upfront and nothing has been delivered. I know sometimes things dont work out, but I have to assume the biggest expense is printing and mailing so if nothing has gone out, where is our money? However, let me be clear that I have no doubt...
  165. jigstrike

    Fishing Advice for Kona Hawaii

    Try the hawaii reports forum
  166. jigstrike

    How To Handle Old Fuel

    You might check with your local household hazardous waste drop off. Ours required gasoline to be in approved gas containers and you had to leave them behind at the drop off. Old portable tanks might be a cheap way to go.
  167. jigstrike

    Bottom paint and boat repairs

    My advice as well. No brainer
  168. jigstrike

    Surface Iron - Tips and Opinions wanted

    I would go with a lexa 400 on a proteus rod. My set up works awesome, way better than a standard ok conventional reel, at which I am mediocre at casting.
  169. jigstrike

    Survey / buying process questions

    And that deal is probably subject to a survey and if defects are found the price will have to come down or the buyer will walk. I would not deal with this dealer again. He sounds shady
  170. jigstrike

    Fresh water pressure pump

    Whale universal automatic fresh water pressure pump. Never installed. 4.8 gpm 40 psi 12v 12 amp fuse. The current model lists over $200 and $190 at Defender. So let's say $95. Its basically new old stock. 3/4 inch NPT male inlet/outlet PM me here. Can ship in your dime
  171. jigstrike

    SKB 7100 Large size Tackle Box

    Box just went back up on market. It's a size 7100 ajf as pictured. Sorry for any confusing guys. Price still the same and still worth it
  172. jigstrike

    Kit panga

    Can probably get a well built Ensenada panga for 6000. But this looks like a cool option anyway. Finish off as fancy or simple as you want
  173. jigstrike

    SKB 7100 Large size Tackle Box

    Deal fell through. Back on market
  174. jigstrike

    Danger boat

    Saw this boat on craigslist. There's no way this is a safe install.
  175. jigstrike

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    They are all gone
  176. jigstrike bastard!

    Even if it passes through before that, the rains are going to do some damage U think and the runoff is going to suck.good luck
  177. jigstrike

    Prices reduced! Rods-truline,sabre,seeker !found a ring!

    It's all a lie made up by the diamond monopoly to sell diamonds. If she wont marry you when too poor for a ring what's going to happen when times get tough.
  178. jigstrike bastard!

    I am leaving Tuesday on the SOA for an 8 day. Wonder if we are going to fish bluefin at SCI, Cortez and Tanner. Maybe we can make Guadalupe before it hits?
  179. jigstrike

    Best grease and oil products? is the place to find great reel service "how to's" and all you need to know about everything reel service.
  180. jigstrike

    Californian Tri-Helix 709 XH

    Landed a pretty nice Marlin on mine down in Cabo.
  181. jigstrike

    Which blank to replace a kencor swbt rod?

    Rod got broken by accident and I want to replace it for owner. But they dont make them anymore. What would be comparable to a Kencor K SWBT 900 xh 9ft x 1 sec 20 to 50 lb? Thanks
  182. jigstrike

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    To any of the builders or wanna be builders on this thread I have a stack [over 40] of 1/2 inch baltic birch panels that are just shy of 24"x24" that I need to get rid of. Similar panels at rocker are 15 bucks. I would unload mine for 2 to 3 dollars and would do trade. I got them at an...
  183. jigstrike

    All for 1 price tackle box

    Cleaning up the garage and have consolidated all my tackle into trays and just a few boxes. I want these to go so I am offering all 4 pieces for $25. Crate mate [crate not included] 3 wood boxes Text me at Six one nine 2 one 8 six 4 seven 5
  184. jigstrike

    7’ 30-60# rod

    To be honest I never really pay attention to that. I just ask the guys at squidco to show me a rod to use with x reel at y lb line for specific purpose z and buy what they reccomend. That said, from what I find on the net it's a fast taper based on the true line tnt. PM me and come pull on it.
  185. jigstrike

    7’ 30-60# rod

    I have a seeker pinhead tnt 30 60. Cork handle. I am asking $175. PM me. I am near Poway
  186. jigstrike

    Alps upgraded power wrapper BNIB $380

    Still available. Price is $380
  187. jigstrike

    Rods [Seeker, Sabre, and others]

    Model is Ph tnt 7 ct 30-60. I'll take $175 which is about 100 off the out the door price from Turners.
  188. jigstrike

    Casting and retrieving halcos and rapalas

    I know that Halcos and Rapalas worked well trolled. How successful are the cast vs surface iron?
  189. jigstrike

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    If you dont really push the range you might consider a gas big block. Lighter, much cheaper, quieter and with the new cruise controls really easy in a following sea, dont need that extra diesel torque to stay where you need to be. Haven't heard of a gas mpi exploding. Love my Crusader 8.1l...
  190. jigstrike

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    Faster reel but use the longer handle arm mounting hole and upgrade to an offset handle from Alan Tani or similar. The improvement in hand to reel connection is often overlooked.
  191. jigstrike

    Cloudy Plexiglass Windshield

    Perhaps whatever is used for the cloudy headlights on cars might work. Same type if plastic, no?
  192. jigstrike

    Rods [Seeker, Sabre, and others]

    Kuman and sabre are sold. Seeker pinhead tnt now also available
  193. jigstrike

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    2x If you upgrade the rod a bit it can also be an excellent yo yo set up. The drop can be a little slower with the level wind but all you have to do is crank on the retrieve.
  194. jigstrike

    Alps wrapper NIB

    See my post in the rod wrapping section.
  195. jigstrike

    Alps upgraded power wrapper BNIB $380

    I bought this one year ago and still haven't had time to use it. So I am offering it up for sale. I just opened the box today to get the packing slip. I also have a bunch of old rods that need re wraps if interested. I am near Poway [San Diego]. PM me and then we can text.
  196. jigstrike

    Rods [Seeker, Sabre, and others]

    Sabre now sold. Thanks Jim
  197. jigstrike

    Rods [Seeker, Sabre, and others]

    Sabre still for sale. Measure 8ft 8 inch
  198. jigstrike

    SKB 7100 Large size Tackle Box

    Buyer's trip fell through so he cant pick up and now it's back on the market PM me
  199. jigstrike

    Rods [Seeker, Sabre, and others]

    Thinning out about a dozen rods. Seeker Stealth STL 8030 8' CT $100 Seeker Pinhead TNT 7ft cork 30-60 $175 Sabre Golden Rod,. 8ft 8 inch unknown line weight probably a 20 to 40 rod. Custom wrapped. Picked up at a garage sale with one guide missing. Now its repaired, dont need it. $85 [sale...
  200. jigstrike

    Old school wood box

    Too many boxes. $20 PM me here with number I am near Poway Will trade for a popper or some jigs
  201. jigstrike

    Wood Long Tange style tackle box

    Dont know who made it. Hardware is a bit rusty but functions. Well used but still solid. $50 PM me here with phone number. I am near Poway.
  202. jigstrike

    SKB 7100 Large size Tackle Box

    [Edited for clarity] 7100 size box by SKB. Had this on a couple trips. Decided to switch bigger trays for going back and forth between my private boat and long range. Excellent condition. 2 original trays and 2 replacements included. $175. I'm near Poway. PM me here with number
  203. jigstrike

    Seeker Pinhead TNT

    I have one for sale. PM sent
  204. jigstrike

    Please exercise caution my friends

    Thanks Dave for bringing this out in the open. Very important discussion and I agree with your admonitions about posting pics and statemwnts. I just want to go one step further and encourage all fishermen to show as much restraint as possible, and only taking as little of the resource as they...
  205. jigstrike

    Best way to introduce newbies to offshore?

    If they all are willing to clean hard and pay their share you may find a willing and sympathetic private boater by posting this in the boat ho section. Having young guys to lift shift and scrub is sometimes needed. Lots of older skippers out there whose own kids are too busy with young families...
  206. jigstrike

    DIY wheelchair motor pot puller. Who has mastered this?

    For the wheel, maybe a spray on bed liner or duraback, or the rubber grip paint. Also you could use a strip of the non skid tape they put on stair.
  207. jigstrike

    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    If you have a problem, it may not be covered by insurance since you seem to clearly know that this is too much weight and motor. I dont know if it's over the hp rating for the hull, but that can be another problem. Be careful.
  208. jigstrike

    Help with Wahoo bomb repair

    I will be on an 8 day on the SOA in October and I assume we will be getting into wahoo. I have several bombs from a friend that he in turn inherited from his grandfather. They need new hooks and maybe some other repairs to be fishable. I plan on JOBU No. 8 hooks. I cant decide between wire...
  209. jigstrike

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    I has to be easier and cheaper to just go to a trailer place and have trailer lifted a bit off the axle and have your ball lowered a bit. Should work just fine. If that's going to be more than about 1500 bucks, buy a power trailer dolly. It will lower the ball and raise the back end but by...
  210. jigstrike

    Size outboard for 18ft aluminum?

    Some boats rate a max hp under CG rules that is way more than needed. Thwre is also the question of use. Flat lake and bay or lots of chop? How far is the run to the fishing grounds, swell? I had a 17 ft boat that rarely ran over 15 knots although we could do 25 because we operated close to...
  211. jigstrike

    Looking for some direction - newbie

    Older Tiara would a great fishing and leisure combo. They have been building a quality boat for a long time and for the same owners. Many brands are simply named purchasedbjn a Bankruptcy court. In the last 7 years or so, Tiara as a brand has moved away from fishing capabilities because the...
  212. jigstrike

    Raymarine a128

    I have a older c series with the dsm300. I want to upgrade but Ibdont want to spend the 3K it takes for a new 12 inch display. I can get a factory refurbished a128 for 999. This would add chirp which I want for inshore and diving. And still fit my space. And will support a thermal camera, which...
  213. jigstrike

    Anybody familiar with these?

    I could really use the brackets on the transom for a set of dinghy wheels I have. Can I pay you to ship them to me?
  214. jigstrike

    Looking to develop a core group of anglers that can join me on the hunt!

    I am over at Intrepid Landing between H and M and SD Marine Exchange.
  215. jigstrike

    Looking to develop a core group of anglers that can join me on the hunt!

    Little late to this party but I too need to start a list of anglers, maybe even just fellow boat owners who need crew I have a tiara 3000 open, and can fiah with 3 or 4 others depending. Could use just one for doing a little shake down trolling tomorrow around 11am for a few hours. Better...
  216. jigstrike

    Honda VS Evinrude

    When in doubt, choose the one with the closest, well regarded, and easy to use service. One that has room for you to drop the boat off and isn't a pain to access or get to relative to boat storage, your house and work.
  217. jigstrike

    How much would you pay for indoor boat storage?

    Thinking about building a large garage for myself on a piece of property near Downtown Ramona. Looking to maybe add one space to help offset my costs. If you had your own private enclosed bay with a bit of room to maintain your 25 to 30 ft trailer boat, what would be a reasonable rent? Power...
  218. jigstrike

    16’ fiberglass skiff
  219. jigstrike

    Why Not Pangas ?

    The OP wanted to know why they aren't used more. Number of reasons. 1, availability, not easy to get. 2 snob factor. Pangas are simple but Gringos tend to add stuff to make them more like Gringo boats and that drives up the costs or they just dont like how simple and rough they can be. 3. Speed...
  220. jigstrike


    Achilles sg156 with a 40hp. Small yes, but low maintenance and super simple. Sometimes dove 4 tanks in a week when I had that boat.
  221. jigstrike

    75$ Kencor magna ocean series 8ft 15-40

    If you can get it to san diego, I'll pay 85.
  222. jigstrike

    Help with coolant flush

    I have twin 8.1l crusaders. These are MPI GM big blocks. They use dexcool. After I drained the system to do the risers and also repair a heat exchanger, I ended with dexcool sludge. Either from air in the system or some other issue. So I am trying to drain and clean it. The cleaning part from...
  223. jigstrike

    Adding a trolling motor to grandbanks eastbay 38'

    Do you have a generator? Elco make excellent electric outboards. You also might be able to hook electric motors to your shafts via pulley and be able to have steerage. They have get home setups on the slower trawlers like that, not sure if the high speed shafts will do
  224. jigstrike

    Slipped Boat Owners: How often for washing / detailing?

    I thought I could do it myself when I bought the boat. But just could not keep up. Now have it cleaned every 2 weeks. I also have a canvas cover that goes from hardtop to stern. That really help keep it up. I can rinse off the dust and pull back the cover and go. I had mine off for a while...
  225. jigstrike

    Irrespective of Captain and Crew, Which boat is the fishiest?

    Some boats do raise fish better than others. I searched a bunch and still cant find the article I read some years back about tuning an albacore trollers for a specific vibration frequency that caught mom or fish. I am sure there are better sounds and worse sounds to get fish.
  226. jigstrike

    Free Lead, not easy, but free

    My dad has an old sailboat. It's a North American 23. According to it has 800 lbs of lead ballast. The boat is free to anyone who can remove it from the property in Vista. It's on a trailer but . . . All the tires are flat and over 40 years old. It's a 2 axle trailer, one hub gave...
  227. jigstrike

    San Jose del Cabo, next week.

    Going to be fishing 3 days next week with Gordo Banks on one of the cruisers. Anybody else from BD going to be there? Hopefully the wahoo and the dorado show up.
  228. jigstrike

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    Ginger can work, but IIRC, you need to let it build up in your system. The science seems to support ginger as effective.
  229. jigstrike

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    These wristbands work great for my buddy whi always otherwise got sick. We have 4 on our boat for guests
  230. jigstrike

    Clean Way Fuel

    Screens on the airvent corrode and block things too.
  231. jigstrike

    Advice for qeeknof June 25.

    Have 3 days to fish the week of June 25. Starting in San Jo's Del Cabo, so was thinking 3 days with Gordo Banks. Just 2 guys. Can't decide Panga or cruiser. Whay will we get from a cruiser besides being warmer when head out? Not looking for bill fish or tuna. Want freezer fillets. Also...
  232. jigstrike

    Lots of inexpensive older reels in great shape.

    Decided to make a whole new ad and list prices for each reel. Will update later as I can't do all right now. Note, a lot of these reels have upgraded drags and parts, but I dont remember and dont qant fo take them apart. If you show up with cash however I can put together Newell gears and...
  233. jigstrike

    Volvo AQD 40- ceased. head removed. what next?

    I am sure the BD peanut gallery will jump on me but . . . Have you considered changing to gas motor? Lighter, easier and cheaper to do maintenance, could probably get a new or new rebuilt for under your budget Trade offs are range and torque. A well done modern install should be pretty...
  234. jigstrike

    Jigmaster, 113h, 114h and lots of others CHEAP

    Tiburon framed yts with stainless guts and other goodies. Interested?
  235. jigstrike

    Where to go, last week of June, southern Baja?

    Thanks guys. I will keep that in mind. This time we got a great deal through Alaska airlines and will fish SJDC.
  236. jigstrike

    Jigmaster, 113h, 114h and lots of others CHEAP

    Cheapest on Ebay seems to be 85 so how about 75. I should have 4 of them.
  237. jigstrike

    Jigmaster, 113h, 114h and lots of others CHEAP

    To clarify, by Newell parts, I mean parts for penn 500 and 501 reels like bars, reel seats, and spools. No stash of Newell parts for their reels
  238. jigstrike

    Starcraft i/o to outboard center console

    Also, you need to move the supports over to the stringers. Putting them into the floor, IMHO, is asking for disaster. You are point loading it. The stringers will spread that out.
  239. jigstrike

    Jigmaster, 113h, 114h and lots of others CHEAP

    I have a ton of refurbished or well maintained reels. Thought the whole family was going to need stuff, so I got a ton of it and did a lot of reading in about doing real work and ended up with way too many reels. I have penn 500, 505, 114h, 113h, and even 99 size jigmasters . Lots...
  240. jigstrike

    Starcraft i/o to outboard center console

    Looking good but I see one big problem. The stainless belts and the aluminum are not going to do well together. I would make sure you have nylon bushings and nylon washers on both sides to separate the metals and prevent corrosion. Especially in such a critical area. Or go have it welded.
  241. jigstrike

    Where to go, last week of June, southern Baja?

    Looks like I can get the last of June to go fishing. Anywhere from La Paz to Cabo. Thinking 3 days of fishing. Simple accommodations, probably Panga, pulling on fish more than cruising for a single big one. Have done Gordo Banks Pangas from San Jose a number of times, could go back. Palaps...
  242. jigstrike

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    If they got into a big Dorado bite, there would be a lot of extra tags floating around. At most, you can posses 6 dorodao at 2 per day,and 3 days. But they account for 15 of your 30 tags, leaving you with 9 extra tags.
  243. jigstrike

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    DING DING DING!!! We have a winner. Dont you think every captain who might have let this happen on their boat is now scared shitless of this happening to them? This will bring all the boats into compliance [most IMHO were there already] pretty effectively
  244. jigstrike

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    I would add to my above that on a smaller private boat, where it's a team effort, boat limits is my choice. The guy driving is fishing too, so is the guy with the gaff. Or on charter where we put all the fish together and go to a single processor and everybody gets an equal share.
  245. jigstrike

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    I'm going to wade back in on this and offer a theory about fines to the passengers . . . They didn't cite the passengers because they couldn't prove the violation against them. My defense would be, I didn't catch that fish, someone else put a tag on it thinking I wanted more fish. Maybe I...
  246. jigstrike

    What's the vibe on the Royal Star Blackwater trip late June?

    Thanks. Its not combat fishing so much as an aggressive, must kill, must win, must fish attitude that some boats have that I want to avoid. If I ever get yelled at by a skipper for losing a fish it will be the last time I ever set foot in their boat.
  247. jigstrike

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    I like to catch my own fish and would rather the hot stick guys sit down and let me catch up
  248. jigstrike

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    In only got to see a couple episodes of Let's go Fishing but it was always what I compared other shows to. It was just fun to watch.
  249. jigstrike

    What's the vibe on the Royal Star Blackwater trip late June?

    There are a couple spots left and I may be able to swing this trip but I'd like to know if it's going to be laid back or aggressive, cooperative or combat?
  250. jigstrike

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Bullshit More like a stand up guy. This kind of over limit fishing is wrong and bad for all of us Show some respect for the rule of law. It's what separates this country from a lot of other places. Want to live in a place where everybody violates environmental laws just because they can...
  251. jigstrike

    Trailer & DMV Question for Kailua Kona, HI.

    Put this in the Hawaii reports forum. It's more of an all things Hawaii forum.
  252. jigstrike

    Hollow steel trailer preservation?

    I have heard of people pouring in paint after sealing it up, then draining it to paint the insides. But if it's a used trailer that's already been in salt I doubt the level of protection that might give us worth the work.
  253. jigstrike

    Chicken or Egg - slip first then boat or other way round?

    "We're full. Maybe we can put you on the wait list. What kind of boat is it? Oh, a newer boat that's all nice and shinning and expensive. Maybe I can work you in somehow and move some other goats around . . ." At least that's what my conversation with dockmasters seemed like to me.
  254. jigstrike

    What happened to The Bight?

    I too would like to get what I paid for.
  255. jigstrike

    Gluing Aluminum to Fiberglass

    The WEST system books detail a method where you drill a small hole slightly larger than the bolt but using an Allen wrench, remove foam in much larger diameter under the skin. You fill the whole area with thickened epoxy and then tap that.
  256. jigstrike

    Gluing Aluminum to Fiberglass

    They make stainless toggle nuts often used for putting seat mounts in decks, but I would be worried about through bolting in that area, because whalers can be so thin skinned (designed that way). It would be work but I would glass in pads of wood the screws into or class in metal pad and then...
  257. jigstrike

    Gluing Aluminum to Fiberglass

    Can you bolt the plates to wood and then epoxy down the wood?
  258. jigstrike

    Spectra as anchor rode?

    I'd use as much 3 strand as I could before going to the spectra just to guarantee the stretch. There are also anchor shackles and other things that can add stretch. It's basically a big bungee cord you attach to the anchor line, create a slack , then attach the other end, you now have stretch
  259. jigstrike

    New boat to me!

    IIRC the direct course from long beach to mission bay is mostly offshore anyway. The coast curves significantly more than you might think. I know San Diego to Newport Beach is 99 percent beyond any kelp or boilers. You should be able to plot it on the gps.
  260. jigstrike

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    As to how to repair, I would clean the area 3 to 6 inches on each side of the gouge before I did any repair. I would use Acetone and lots of rags and proper safety gear. Get as much of the wax as possible off before any sanding. There is wax from the mold process years later that will affect...
  261. jigstrike

    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    Mine have all said silicone spray.
  262. jigstrike

    Diesel exhaust grime from big trucks on boat.

    I find that with my boat, a good wax makes it's possible to just rinse it off. We have a lot of airplane and navy related soot in San Diego bay. Doing something halfway always bites me in the ass, so have the boat detailed and waxed or do it yourself, then just hose. I bet the one time detail...
  263. jigstrike

    Bottom paint advice

    Remember to be safe when dealing with this stuff. Its paint loaded with extra poison. When sanding. A mask is mandatory, that paint dust is nasty stuff. I would also use a paper suit, keep the dust off you and yiur clothes and your washing machine. And make sure you clean it up well, keep it...
  264. jigstrike

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    I would be very suprised if he sold that noat for anything close to that price, and if he did, I doubt the buyer would be happy a year later. A much better deal would be this one Or this one, the trailer is...
  265. jigstrike

    Upgrade Older Internationals?

    Great reels for big heavy line, trolling, fighting chair or bent butt. Wouldnt want to fish stand up on party boat with one. But put it in the corner and hook a big mako and its the bomb (proof).
  266. jigstrike

    Radar Arch 200.00

    How tall is it? Can I slide a small dinghy under it? Considering for my Tiara 3000 open
  267. jigstrike

    1957 Glasspar Del Mar Restoration

    If you cant get those out in one piece, you might want to make some patterns from them before you pull them out. That way you can install new stringers and easily plane down the tops to the right hieght
  268. jigstrike

    Second transducer and stand alone chirp unit

    I have a Raymarine classiec e120 with a dsm300. Rather than change this display and radar, etc, i was thinking of upgrading to a cp370 sounder for this unit and adding a 9inch or so chirp side structure 3d type unit with a seperate transducer. That way I can find detailes structure in...
  269. jigstrike

    I need the works and have no idea what to get

    10K is my total max. doubt I can go above 6. Was hoping for a 3K system, but that aint gonna happen in 12 inch
  270. jigstrike

    I need the works and have no idea what to get

    Current boat has a single 12 inch multi function Raymarine display, auto pilot, radar, and two small display units, one is slaved to the auto pilot and the other is switchable to various screens. The unit is from 2006 and is now a legacy unit so they don't support it and it wont work with...
  271. jigstrike

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    I would take the driver to small claims. You have proof of value and proof of liability. Get a judgment and let her fight with the insurance. If you have a judgment they have to pay up. I got hit once and it took a while to get my car painted at the dealer. Needed a rental for longer than...
  272. jigstrike

    2004 31' Tiara Open

    I have an 06 Tiara 3000 open with factory hard top. Very similar boat, love my 8.1l engines too. Fishing or cocktail cruise, that is why Tiaras hold value so well Anybody who picks this up is going to be very happy and its priced right too. I like the cabin layout on your boat better. Wanna...
  273. jigstrike

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Its downswell ability is trade off to it's up swell abillity, maybe he will need that more one day? Not saying Radons aren't good upswell, just that the hull was originally optimized for one thing. Who knows what conditions one will face, you have to play the odds.
  274. jigstrike

    Orcas on the chew

    Orcas love sea lions. There should be some videos online.
  275. jigstrike

    Registering Mexican panga in Mexico

    Assuming your spanish is good, I would try the nearest port captains office.
  276. jigstrike

    long range newb

    Post this in the long range forum and you will get more replies.
  277. jigstrike

    Is light tackle really ethical when there is kelp involved?

    This is an actual question, not a disguised statement. I really dont have an answer and would love to hear what people think. I was just thinking about light tackle fiahing for big bass at a place like Cedros or Guadalupe, a place with big fish and thick kelp. If you fish light mono and the...
  278. jigstrike

    Skiff trip

    If you want catch and release calico fishing, Guadalupe would be the bomb. We couldnt get past the 8lb bass to catch the yellows when there last June.
  279. jigstrike

    Shipping your booty...

    Longer trips board around 10 am, so you probably fly in the night before. And you can flyback late the day you come back in so . . . Pack your clothes inside a duffle then inside a cooler you can check. Saves a checked bag. Ask either your motel, the boat office, or your processor to hold your...
  280. jigstrike

    8 Day trip in Mid-June

    Big yellows at Lupe last June, just not big numbers. With 8 days, IMHO, you'll probably fish the ridge for yellows. That naja special, backed up with some 80lb spectra and a long top of 40 lb mono could probably catch 90 percent of the fish.
  281. jigstrike

    Gearing up for Colonet

    I'll be there. Looks like I need to add another rod and reel to the quiver. 40nld2 with 60lb top should crank em in.
  282. jigstrike

    Opinions on Grand Banks Eastbay 38?

    If you go with an express and want to do surfung and fishing in the same trip or fishing and island exlporing, make sure you have the money to install roof tacks for the boatds or dinghy. Surfboards on the bow or a dinghy on the bow are a total bitch to see over and really make it hard to drive...
  283. jigstrike

    Opinions on Grand Banks Eastbay 38?

    You might look at Tiaras. Also read the David Pascoe article on has vs diesel (google it). Tiaras are well made but they cram so much in that working on it can difficult. If I upsize from my Tiara 30, I'd have a hard time choosing between a 36 Tiara and the 34 mainship. Single diesel ease vs...
  284. jigstrike

    FIshing Cabo San Lucas

    Gordo banks pangas
  285. jigstrike

    FIshing Cabo San Lucas

    panga, cruiser or a big mo fo? What is your budget?
  286. jigstrike

    Baja fish maps on super clearance

    Saw this deal on the westmarine site. 90 percent off.
  287. jigstrike

    Clearance prices on xtratuf boots

    Westmarine has clearance priced certain xtratuf boots down to $82.88 They are the 12 inch legacy boots with the "special" pelagic interior print and either yellow or blue trim. Otherwise look like standard 12 inch xtratufs, which IIRC never go on sale.
  288. jigstrike

    A small dose in 2 weeks

    Trying to survive fishing withdrawls so I got myslef a small dose lined up in 2 weeks by aigning up for the 2.5 on the Vagabond. Yellows and rockfish, which I'd rather eat than tuna anyway. Better service those levelwinds.
  289. jigstrike

    Free fuel caddy.

    Gone to Gary
  290. jigstrike

    Free fuel caddy.

    14 gallon fuel caddy. Never really used it. Replaced original hose a long time ago but it may need some work to keep from leaking. Text me at six one nine two one eight six four seven five. In san diego, near scripps poway pkwy
  291. jigstrike

    Whats in your LR box?

    I like flexible fabric bandaids instead of finger tape. Just have to replace more often. Braid scissors and nail clilpers. Sun screen, something to clean it off your hands so it wont ruin the bait smell, something to clean your sunglasses. And dont forget the opposite of exlax like pepto
  292. jigstrike

    Buying advice - 30-36ft boat, +/- flybridge, single or twin screw

    A big question is do you to run at higher speeds. Will you be satisfied at displacement speeds? I have a twin engine 30 ft Tiara open express. I love the layout, i love the twin engine maunuver ability. Surfing and space and cruisability, you might want to consider a sailboat, especially a...
  293. jigstrike

    What happened to The Bight?

    Was wonder myself as I had a subscription from fred hall laat u5ear and was wondering where it was.
  294. jigstrike

    One for the SD Bay tomorrow?

    If I had the time, I would have come just to check out fiahing your rig. Might be getting rid of the big boat and wouldnwant something like yours. Always impressed by that boat
  295. jigstrike

    Local tuna reel 20-40lb

    The fathom 25n ld 2speed is great for bigger grade fish when you need to put the pressure on in low gear. The lexa 400 with mostly spectra is a great surface iron reel and can also yo yo well and even do bottom fish The saltist 30, 35 and 40 are great bang for the buck with the smaller...
  296. jigstrike

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    I have had good luck with all my bd hoes. So far, no deadbeats. A few have been late, shit happens. One didn't have a licence. And some haven't clicked well. But all have paid up. And 2 of my best friends ever are guys I met through BD that I still dive and fish and hunt with and would lend...
  297. jigstrike

    Hobie power skiff (not mine, on CL)

    Normally I wouldnt do this, but guys are always looking for these, so I thought I would post it up here. Not may ad, just a heads up as there are not a lot of eyeballs the monterrey bay craigslist.
  298. jigstrike


    Good to see Alan up and fishing.
  299. jigstrike

    Dry boat storage in Cabo San Lucas

    I have been thinking about todos santos too. Sounds like it has a cooler micro climate. If you are there for a week you can always move the boat via water to better fishing if needed.
  300. jigstrike

    Dry boat storage in Cabo San Lucas

    Switch to la paz and try the bercovich marine yard. Or wet store a boat you ca sleep on and skip the condo?
  301. jigstrike

    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    Fabric bandaids. Flexible and cheap, you just go through a few each day
  302. jigstrike

    Recommendations on San Jose fishing guides?

    Andb if you need crew I fly down and fish with you :D.
  303. jigstrike

    Recommendations on San Jose fishing guides?

    I would call gordo banks pangas and talk to Eric about hiring one of his skippers.
  304. jigstrike

    Polaris Deluxe ????

    The old Q 105 runs hunting trips from Kodiak. Floating base and they dinghy you to shore for some remote hunts. Saw it on a hunting TV show
  305. jigstrike

    Dry boat storage in Cabo San Lucas

    I'd talk to Eric Bicston who runs Gordo Banks Pangas. Charter out your boat when you're not there maybe?
  306. jigstrike

    10 year evinrude warranty... mighty tempting

    A warranty is only good if you have a place that you can take the boat tobget serviced. I bought a tohatsu tldi but the selling dealer lost his one tldi mechanic and the other local service provider didnt have room for me tobdrop the boat off on my schedule, no yard space for waiting or...
  307. jigstrike

    The San Diego, 3/4 day trip

    Another angler already gave the trip rundown, I just want to talk about the boat. Crew says that they will be in the yard next month for annual work. But if you look around the boat, you would think they got out of the yard from annual just last month, its that well maintained. 3/4 day boats...
  308. jigstrike

    The "San Diego" 11/20

    Definitely a fun trip with an outstandung crew. As fellow passenger in this trip I cant say enough food things. Made sure to tip the deck before we even started to help look after my son. He can do a lot on his own and lives to fish, but they really went the extra mile and I got to fish too.
  309. jigstrike

    Offshore TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    Thanks for such a great report. It was fun read. Glad you got your local big bft. And the guys who wanted mexico still got a major load of reds! Too cool.
  310. jigstrike

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    Are you going to maintain it, or have it done? I would find the mechanic you plan to use, make sure he has room for you, and then pick based on what you can have serviced. If you need a certified mechanic for a engine that doesn't have one for 60 miles, its go8ng to get pricey. Next is the...
  311. jigstrike

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    I think I want a crusing sailboat now. Wife would kill me, but man that would be a blast.
  312. jigstrike

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    Hooka diving Clarion for lobster? Is that a tickle stick or a pole spear? Private yacht trip?
  313. jigstrike

    Be Careful Out There

    Here is a short run down of the rules. What fishbones means when he says port to port is that both vessels must turn to thier starboard side which causes them to pass the othwr vessel down the port side, i.e. pass port to port.
  314. jigstrike

    2017 Excel Merritt 10 Day

    Congratulations Mark! Really awesome fish. So stoked for you. 200 and 300 lbs passed in the same trip. Good thing thats onlynpart of what makes a trip or you'd have to stop going!
  315. jigstrike

    Go to rig 3-5 day trip

    40 lb set up. Penn 25n ii speed or penn baka special on a seeker 6480 for winching them out of the rocks or a a 7 ft bait rod.
  316. jigstrike

    June 5 day

    Last year our 5 day in June had really tough fishing. With Cedros closed the only reliable fishing was in the ridge, way too far. Boat even offered us a free day to extend the trip for the same cost so we could make a farther run, but too many people could6nt change thier plans. We fished...
  317. jigstrike

    Custom Hawkins 10 skiff

    You brought back a 2 year old thread to harsh on the guy about fishing offshore in a boat, that if you read the thread you would know wasnt even posted for being used offshore? Kinda douche like, no? Are you going to post your boat for sale now that you had 1 post?
  318. jigstrike

    24' Hawaiian Mosquito rebuild

    Fantastic build. Love it. My hat is off to you, sir.
  319. jigstrike

    Penn 99 question

    Didnt see Wai's reply for some reason. So really mine is redundant. What he said. A true penn 99 uses the penn 60 gear and washers. A lot smaller than the jigmaster. However the jig master sideplate will fit a 99 and you can make a jigmaster into a 99 width reel which was really popular in...
  320. jigstrike

    Be Careful Out There

    Exactly what I was getting at. No business manning the helm if you are clueless.
  321. jigstrike

    Be Careful Out There

    Autopilot can be a scary thing. My guess is that Bertram was on auto. Someone who isnt familar with a boat and been run through what to do would probably grab the wheel to change course and panic when nothing happens because the autopilot is engaged. I've had to double check the pilot myself...
  322. jigstrike

    Be Careful Out There

    I never run above hull speed at night. Not only is there risk of colliding with another boat, there is also the risk of floating debris. I really want to hear how this happened. Even the right of way boat has a duty to avoid a collision.
  323. jigstrike

    Pathfinder bay boat Self bailing drain issues

    How big are the drains? Pics of both deck opening and where it exits the hull would help. Probably just need to snake the drain with a stiff wire like a fish tape.
  324. jigstrike

    Offshore Tuna on a dinghy

    I think all the guys mouthing off about the size of the boat really lack an understanding of sea worthiness and what is required. Length doesn't make a boat better. It CAN make a boat better, but hull shape, form stability, comfort ratio, and many other factors all effect the sea worthiness...
  325. jigstrike

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    That is so cool. I would definitely look into buying one when it hits the market. If it can be built into the tank?
  326. jigstrike

    what size pump for bait tank?

    Pump is more than enough. Here is a good treatment on fill rate:
  327. jigstrike

    Floor mat

    Mine seems fine after I did it. No water gain. Do it.
  328. jigstrike

    Has calif gas changed mixes?

    The vent on your tank is plugged. Had the same issue once. Gas would come shooting out when the flow stopped too. Not good. Probably corrosion in the screen.
  329. jigstrike

    Hot Rail!

    Best of BD post right there. Well done.
  330. jigstrike

    Yamaha engine service going rates

    With parts mark up, and book time not actual time, sisposal fees and taxes it can add up pretty quick.
  331. jigstrike

    Part for Penn 875LC?

  332. jigstrike

    Great potential Seaway project

    I thought the lifeguard boats were crystaliners and powered by twin 454 gm blocks.
  333. jigstrike


    I like being able to have my radar overlay on top of the chart plotter so annontegrated unit would be better IMHO. My unit is about 10 years old, raymarine e120. You could definitely get a whole set up like mine used. However the newer fish finders are jist too sweet. Cant wait to upgrade mine.
  334. jigstrike

    Packing clothes for a trip

    On a related note, my wife got me some packing cubes and they are great. At first I thought it would just be extra weight, but I can unpack my big bag in 20 seconds by keeping things in the cubes and I dont need to see inside the dark cabinet, just pull-out the cube. And I find that by...
  335. jigstrike

    Front windshield help

    Ebay has one from a larger boat, might fit. Factory might still have some and proline is still in business.
  336. jigstrike

    Which 115 hp outboard?

    The one with the most accessible service place.
  337. jigstrike

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay

    I would guess that EB has surveillance cameras, its a retail business with lots of cash, gotta keepban eye on the shrinkage.
  338. jigstrike

    What kind of boat to buy for cruising a bit and fishing more....

    A Tiara 31 would be a great boat for 4. Lots of room to fish and still set up to cruise or go for the 36 if you want more space. You should read the various reviews on boats by David Pascoe that are posted on line, lots of good information on older models.
  339. jigstrike

    Five Star Fish Processing

    You should read Drew's response and reconsider this stance.
  340. jigstrike

    donkey? is it the right term

    Congrats to the fisherwoman behind this. I'd rather catch this than a cow. Great job.
  341. jigstrike

    Collapsible iron rod for air travel?

    I've seen an 8 ft 2 pc varmac rod at Squidco.
  342. jigstrike

    Need 1, maybe 2 for friday 9/29

    Email sent. Welcome aboard
  343. jigstrike

    Need 1, maybe 2 for friday 9/29

    No school Friday. Leaving early (4 am to 6 am, tbd) Friday morning from slip on Shelter Island. US waters, maybe just LJ but maybe Tuna depending on reports. Me, my 10 y/o and a neighbor teen who pinheads on the Dolphin. I will cover 3 shares of fuel and bait. These boys love to fish...
  344. jigstrike


    Gordo banks pangas is awesome
  345. jigstrike

    Deck boot recommendations

    I tries dozens of boots over the years and now that I have xtra tuffs I wont buy any others. I dont like the new atylea however, juat the classic boots. They have more toe room and are great on my twisted foot high arches
  346. jigstrike

    Livingston Build

    It doesnt look like you did any prep before you added the reinforcement. Did you sand off the gel coat on the bottom before you laminated that on?
  347. jigstrike

    Best eating----- Calico Bass or Lingcod?

    Down . . . Very far down. I dont keep em n or shoot em.
  348. jigstrike

    Is this an ok combo for socal tuna

    Standard overnight tuna is usually in the 20lb to 40lb class. And mostly on the lighter side at that. The current big blue fin that require 50 to 80lb line are not typical, year in amd year out. If I were staring from scratch, I would get a 15 to 40lb class rod about 7 ft, with star drag reel...
  349. jigstrike

    Best eating----- Calico Bass or Lingcod?

    Ling cod over calico Sculpin over lingcod
  350. jigstrike

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    You keep asking about growth and chlorine. Groth isnt the problem, its the salting up of the cooling system and metal damage caused by electolysis and corrosion. To prevent growth it will need anti fouling paint. One can also wrap a trash bag around it to stop sunlight to minimize growth...
  351. jigstrike

    19 cc skiff

    Plywood and a flat bottom, you dont need that big of a motor. Especially with the loss of surface area from the well. Its more like a 17ft boat with sponsons that a 19ft hull. If you look at you will see that his big pacific dories are powered with a lot smaller engine...
  352. jigstrike

    shimano torium 30 hg - a quick look inside

    What he ☝said!
  353. jigstrike

    Need atvleast 1 for friday inshore point loma

    Fishing my 30ft Tiara. 10 am to 5pm. Need at least one guy prefer 2. Split fuel and a scoop. Still some yellows near the whistler. Pm me
  354. jigstrike

    Looking for Friday fishing partners experinced, ready, willing and able.

    This Friday, inshore 1/2 day 10am to 5pm on my boat, sliped on shelter island . I need 2. Plan to start at the whistler trolling for yellows and work north. Plan b is rock fish and plan c is to run up to La Jolla. Will of course depend on fishdope and swell. Pm me
  355. jigstrike

    Offshore what not to do 9-14 181-43-9

    That would only happen if the feds controlled the fishery. Could you imagine what a cluster fuck that would be? Sacremento is bad enough. A federal fishery would be a nightmare, IMHO.
  356. jigstrike

    Reel Choice

    Got one for my last long range trip. Love it. And the price is better than the avet or accurate. Really a great reel for 40lb yellowtail.
  357. jigstrike

    Side Mount Rod Holders. Tell me the good ones

    You could copy the sport boats. Replace the bottom of thw current set up with a shelf about 3 inches wide, but with an outer lip of 1x 1/2 to keep the bottom of the rod from slipping out, the another strip near the top of the console with a shload of the sport boat type black rubber rod...
  358. jigstrike

    New in box Rapalas cd 14 mag and cd mag 18

    I am in San Diego. I can ship. Pm me an offer.
  359. jigstrike

    Help with spreader bar

    Thanks guys. That helps. Now I am looking forward to using it. Here is a pic if that helps
  360. jigstrike

    Help with spreader bar

    I just picked up a small spreader bar in a load of tackle I got an auction. I have never used one before. Its a tailchaser 18inch lite steel bar. Was thinking of trying it Sunday on the YFT on the 371. Can anybody tell me how to set it up or trill it? Did the search thing and read a few...
  361. jigstrike

    New in box Rapalas cd 14 mag and cd mag 18

    I have 8 rapalas for sale. All are brand new in box. I bought an auction lot and dont need this many. Cd 14 mags are $11 and cd 18 mags are $13 Colors [Cd 14] Dorado x3 Sardine x2 Green back [Cd 18] Mullet Purple Mackerel Priced per each above, shipping on your dime or all of them shipped...
  362. jigstrike

    Need crew for Sunday 9/17

    Right now i have a full list. Thanks BD
  363. jigstrike

    Need crew for Sunday 9/17

    Still need 1 more
  364. jigstrike

    Looking for Friday fishing partners experinced, ready, willing and able.

    Usually I fish Fridays, but this weekend I have a rare Sunday open to fish but no crew. And this time can leave at 0'dark:30, which is rare. So if any of you Friday candidates want to fish this Sunday, PM me. That way if it works out, we will be ready for future fridays. So far one other BD...
  365. jigstrike

    20' Radon needs new motor

    The cost difference has to be tens of thousands of dollars. Thats a lot of new electronics, fuel and other people servicing your boat. I'm guessing you will spend twice as much time on the water with the repower vs the outboard.
  366. jigstrike

    Sunday 9/17

    Check out my post in the offshore planning section. Not sure if I am going to Coronados, La Jolla, rockpile or offshore yet but need crew for sunday. Read the post , then Pm me.
  367. jigstrike

    Need crew for Sunday 9/17

    Need crew to fish Sunday. Offshore, coronados, rockpile or La Jolla depending on the bite this week. Departure time tbd. Boat is a 2006 Tiara 3000 (30 ft). Looking for 1 to 3 others. Various skill levels and experiences are fine, but will give prefwrence to experienced boaters and fishers...
  368. jigstrike

    Looking for Friday fishing partners experinced, ready, willing and able.

    Looking for the same thing, maybe we switch boats sometimes? I have Friday's off after 9am, but sometimes can leave the house at 7am--stay at home dad and have to get the kids to school. Babysitter picks em up kn griday so back whenever. My boat is a 30 ft Tiara, docked on shelter island...
  369. jigstrike

    Need More Torque

    The only problem with annold n penn is the spectra getting caught between the spool and side of the reel. And maybe try a 309 instead. Its a level wind but uses the same gears as the 500/501 so you can put a newell 5 to 1 set in it, and there is also the 5 stack drag set and lots of stainless...
  370. jigstrike

    Need More Torque

    Another reason you cant get what you want is the physics of the problem. If you want the same input power you cant get more torque without reducing the speed of rotation. A longer handle effectively increased the power input by raising the diatance traveled by your hand per rotation.
  371. jigstrike

    Kicker bracket question

    2 stroke motors tend to be lighter for a guven hp rating so thatbisnprobably what he was reffering to. But a 9.8 hp tohatsu 4 stroke is still under 90lbs and probably fine. If you look at this bracket from westmarine...
  372. jigstrike

    Panga Marine Marquesas

    If you want a panga, then simply clicknon the name of the post above me by cortezpirasea and find his posts on getting one byilt in Ensenada. That way you will have one built for local conditions in the Open Pacific. The lack of deadrise doesnt mean that they are only inshorw or flat water...
  373. jigstrike

    Extreme Heat

    Off shore it shouldnt be that hot
  374. jigstrike

    The Overnight Problem

    What he said above . . . The big numbers are small fish. If they fished next to a 3 day trip then I would bet the first 2 days were looking for quality fish and the last day was to put some numbers on. Overnight boats will get into the fish as some of the better size tuna move north. Its all...
  375. jigstrike

    Which Boat? daughters first multiday

    American Angler or Spirit of Adventure.
  376. jigstrike

    Friday 8/25. San diego. Late start

    Looking for a one to three fishermen for this Friday. Will not leave shelter Island before 930 am (dropping the kids at school) and could push that even later if needed so ask. Looking for a low stress run inshore trolling for bones and yt, not enough time and too much $ to run offshore. Based...
  377. jigstrike

    Offshore Saturdat 8/19 181 and ridge

    Left the slip on Shelter Island around 4. Grabbed a scoop of healthy baits and headed west. Had some numbers from FishDope and headed out tonlook for a kelp. Had tobstay in UD waters as one passenger had no passport so we couldnt appky for visas. At grey light we we short of our numbers as I...
  378. jigstrike

    Seeker (x2) pinhead bh89 ct / stl 8030 8 ct / Californian CA270C-8

    Three rods I dont use. 1st. Seeker Pinhead 8 ft 9 inch, cork handle rated 15 to 30. SOLD 2nd. Seeker Stealth. 8030 8ft. Rated 25 (30) 40. Cork handle.MGC series. $110 3rd. Californian by Penn CA270c-8. 8ft rated 12 to 30. Cork handle. $99 All rods are in good to excellent shape, with just a...
  379. jigstrike

    Offshore Kelping turned Trolling - 8/15

    I too have had the treble hook to the hand injury. Luckily for me it was in the meaty part below the little finger. Reault is I have removed all middle bait treble hooks and only fish one at the tail. Trying to take out two treble hooks from one fish is just too dangerous.
  380. jigstrike

    Offshore Ali would be proud

    That is seriously funny shit. Thanks.
  381. jigstrike

    Avet, Daiwa and Shimano reels

    Bg is long gone. Have a silver 40 though. Can do 90 on it.
  382. jigstrike

    Places to stay San Diego

    Marina Hotel combinations include Dana Inn, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, Bahia Hotel, Loewes Coronado, Humphreys Inn. There is Also. Sheratin on Harbor Island right next to those marinas.
  383. jigstrike

    Places to stay San Diego

    Dana Inn may also have a slip for your skiff. The Dolphin Motel, right across from thenlanding has ground floor, very plain rooms, but cheap. Parking may be an issue however. With a 20 ft skippy, I would really consider splashingnon day 1 and just paying the 25 bucks a night or so for a guest...
  384. jigstrike

    Truck Stolen SD overflow

    Park at the Dolphon Motel. They seem to keep a good eye on things and way more foot traffic in the area
  385. jigstrike

    Help Outfitting New Boat

    Jigmaster reels or old Sealines and ugly stick rods if you are short of funds and need multiple set ups. Best prices star drag trolling reels are IMHO daiwa sealine 400h and 600h reels. A little on line research and you can upgrade the drag, fill that 600h with 80lb and wind any fish to the...
  386. jigstrike

    How many hours do you put on your boat a year?

    A lot of places are seasonal. Run the boat 5 hours out of an 8 hour day for 10 straight Saturdays in the summer and you have 50 hours. Miss a few for vacation or baseball or a wedding and maybe you run 30 hours, at least on the engine. I wish I could put 50 hours on mine, just too much...
  387. jigstrike

    Fix or sell the boat?

    The lower the maintenance, the more time you will have to fish for a while. You're probably a few years from family trips based on my experience. A thrashed older boat, that is solid but ugly doesnt need waxing or lots of cleaning. If the the equipment is reliable, off to fish you go. Anything...
  388. jigstrike

    San Diego Marinas

    I am at Intrepid Landing. L I cation is great. Marina is new. No real amenities. Parking is minimal but seems to be enough. Driscolls in Mission Bay is inexpensive and run by a great dock master but its got older wood docks and assuming its like before, no amenities. Lots of parking I liked...
  389. jigstrike

    Lead for trade

    I have 27lbs of lead in various shapes that I will never use. Would like to yrade it to someone who pours there own for 8 weights of 1lb each, so about a 3 to 1 trade. I'm near poway. Six one nine 218 six four 75 (text me)
  390. jigstrike

    Anyone have a yamaha trim cylinder tool I can rent? SD

    I figured out that the same sierria replacement fit multiple motors, and then started looking at the units. Wasn't able to find the crossover numbers, had to look at parts and decide.
  391. jigstrike

    Anyone have a yamaha trim cylinder tool I can rent? SD

    Also, most of the Japanese outboards use the same unit manufactured by showa. Parts cost can vary across brands for essentially the same part. For example the plastic resivoir costs twice as much under yamaha as tohatsu.
  392. jigstrike

    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    Boat length is not everything. Hull shape vs the conditions and reliability of the forecast are probably more important. Add to that gear for the conditions like doul weather gear and how easy or not it is to operate the boat and do you have thw time amd energy to go slow. All of these are...
  393. jigstrike

    Quiet Fish Day but I found a Thresher (boat that is)... 7/8/17

    That's what I was thinking. Another thing is a long hose slung over the stern as you move forward siphoning water out. Just be careful to pull it up when you stop
  394. jigstrike

    What are you towing with?

    Its not what you can pull, its what you can stop. I would consider an old truck or suv as a tow vehicle and a smaller daily driver. Lots of older high mileage v8 suvs out there that were mom taxis but could pull a boat and be had for cheap.
  395. jigstrike

    Guide reccomendation needed

    I have done a search but have not found a good answer to my question. I am looking for the "best" guide for my needs which are . . . I bought a wrapper. I have a bunch of garage sale rods that need new eyes. These are basic boat rods mostly 15 to 40lb. I plan on just wrapping them in black...
  396. jigstrike

    Cheapest Rod/Reel Suitable for 20-40 lb YT, YF, BF, DODO

    Sealine 50h or penn 500 on an ugly stick. Pm me and Ill set you up.
  397. jigstrike

    Wrapper wanted with Alps upgraded chuck

    So I am ready to pull the trigger and have decided I want a Alps wrapper with the upgraded alps chuck, but would conaider another brand with the same chuck. So if anyone has a machine like that available in San Diego, or shippable. Let me know.
  398. jigstrike

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Its pretty cool. Fishing Lupe this year and really tough fishing on really great superb quality yellowtail and when a big fish boils kinda far from the boat, people move out of the way and call for the guy they know can cast out that far to try and get it. No fighting to get that big fish...
  399. jigstrike

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    This is why I really like the Alan Tani trip. We don't tag yellows or tuna, we just fish and share the bounty at the end. All the fish go to one processor and we tell them if we want fish. Lots of team work and help on that trip.
  400. jigstrike

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    I had my sea sickness band watch thing with me on an 8 day, I didn't need it but another guy did. Saved his trip.
  401. jigstrike

    Bringing new life to old outriggers

    I had the same issue!. Seat is a wierd size and the plastic hinges broke. Found a seat with stainless hinges, swapped em out. Saved a 100 bucks. Regarding the OP and the outriggers, i had similar issue with the fiberglass tank for my pool filter. I just spray painted them. Paint bound up the...
  402. jigstrike

    Power rod wrapper reccomendations wanted

    Looking to buy a power rapper. I have heard that some have better chucks, etc. but dont know which ones. Looking for ease of use. Will probably be doing lots of repairs or rewraps of old rods for myself vs fancy wrap work. Have been to the bd class a few times , cant make it with my schedule...
  403. jigstrike

    Fully rigged flying gaff with aluminum handle

    Back for sale. Note that it is barbless. New low price of $85 cause I want it gone
  404. jigstrike

    How do you prevent getting sunburned from the neck up ???

    I stop shaving a few weeeks before a long trip. Full neck beard helps a lot. Have used some no name buff too.should be more consistent My doctor is married to a fishing boat capt. She is always on my case about the underside if my chin and feont of my throat. Says lots of guys on the water...
  405. jigstrike

    Offshore Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    Also the processors arent there until the scheduled arrival.
  406. jigstrike

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    It almost makes me want Pres. Trump on the trip just to hear him describe how huge that fish was.
  407. jigstrike

    It's that time again.

    SAC is still working on Cedros. May be ipen in a month. Lupe fish may get better.
  408. jigstrike

    Galley Grub

    I get perfect rice in under 10 minutes and you cant spill it if the boat takes a big swell. Rice and fish with with a fresh salad. Great dinner.
  409. jigstrike

    Galley Grub

    If you are leaving on a 1.5 or longer and ask me to show up and leave at 5pm or 7pm you better be prepared to feed me. At least have a pot of chilli or pasta and meat suace. I hate showing up well before dinner and being told the galley doeant open for 12 hours. I wont come back.
  410. jigstrike

    700-1,000lb mono in socal?

    You might try a spearfishing shop. They make mono shooting lines of 300lb or more. Might not have 700lb, but worth a phone call. James and Josephs in San Diego is one of the best.
  411. jigstrike

    Surface iron reels

    I have been fishing of and on for 40 years. Dont get enough time to really practice throwing iron. Almost gave up on conventional style and almost went to a spinner. Then i pairdd my lexa 400 qith an appropriate proteus rod for my recent 5 day. Damn! I looked like a complete expert. Not on...
  412. jigstrike

    Tackle Storage

    I hate paying for tackle boxes, so I hopw it works . . . But . . . Cant tell but does it have any metal parts? They dont last if not bronze or stainless imho. On multi day trips you load with the carts so roller bags arent any easier than non roller How are you going to organize the tackle...
  413. jigstrike

    dropper loop to fly line

    Probbaly going to echo a number of the above but here you go . . . 1. Use 2 rigs. 2. No need for flouro on dropper loop, eapecially bottom dwellers. 3. Tie a surgeon's loop with a short tag. Put the hook on the loop. Splice lighter line on the tag, like 15 lb, can use the Colin's knot, and tie...
  414. jigstrike

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    I too was on this trip. As to what jigs, my guess is that a 7 day will run to the ridge and not to Lupe due to the better quantity of fish ridge trips have been getting vs what we had at the island. We had some amazing size YT but not enough of them. Also most of the fish came on dropper or...
  415. jigstrike

    WTB a flying gaff.

    I have one. Will pm with pic
  416. jigstrike

    Interesting report from the Royal Star

    That wasnt up when I made my post. Looks like good weather. Hope it holds. I think we are in for a beating on the way there. Looks like the fishing is better than prwviously as well.
  417. jigstrike

    Interesting report from the Royal Star

    I understood the report to be that they were fishing on the 11th
  418. jigstrike

    Interesting report from the Royal Star

    They left on the 10th after 10am and by the afternoon of the 11th had great conditions and a good grade of YT on board accorsing Brian's report. No mention of location. Is Cedros open, at least for them? Find another spot within 30 hrs steaming from San Diego? Maybe we won't be bashing all the...
  419. jigstrike

    EXCEL fathers day 5 day JUNE 16

    Leaving on a 5 day Tuesday morning and I am fearing the same thing. Bad swell and getting blanked don't sound like fun. And if we go to Lupe, IIRC we cant fish for lings or reds anyway
  420. jigstrike

    Fish blood stains on clothes...???

    This is the way to think.
  421. jigstrike

    How long before we see a mothership operation for Cedros?

    Our 5 day isnt going to Cedros next week because of the closure, so its in effect at some level
  422. jigstrike

    How long before we see a mothership operation for Cedros?

    Like almost every cruise ship in the world. I cant think of one that is US flagged, but I dont hear people ranting about safety. We do a great job at a lot of things in this country but thinking no one else doea anything well or good is just bigotry.
  423. jigstrike

    How long before we see a mothership operation for Cedros?

    I'm not talking mothership with its own skiffs, I think one that brings rich American clients down to be services by local pangas. Think about it, no flying in puddle jumper, unpack once in your stateroom. Rig up atuffbon the way down, quality eats. One could even do longer trips that use...
  424. jigstrike

    Working on proper mindset for next week.

    I just looked at the weather report for the outer water. Oh fuck me. I think halibut and rock fish taste great and a 5 day freezer filler would be just fine with me.
  425. jigstrike

    How long before we see a mothership operation for Cedros?

    I have to think that the next evolution of long range will be Mothership trips to Cedros in purposefully built/modified craft. If Cedros is a port of entry, no need to stop in Ensenada. And since you do wnter a foreign port, no need to be US flaged.
  426. jigstrike

    Working on proper mindset for next week.

    That sucks on the cancelled trip. Scheduling vacation can be really hard for some folks too. Volaris out of TJ to Cabo for a couple days of panga fishing?
  427. jigstrike

    Working on proper mindset for next week.

    So Tuesday I leave on a 5 day, the charter on Spirit of Adventure. With Cedros closed and Guadalupe inconsistent I'm working on reminding myself its fishing and not catching. Cause Im not thinking we are going to be catching a lot. The Independence is below Cedros--I assumed the...
  428. jigstrike

    Fully rigged flying gaff with aluminum handle

    I love estate sales. Pompanette flying gaff, about 8 ft long in total. Rugged with rope and wire, looks all set to go. Seems similar to the aftco gaffs Clean and in good shape.. Now only $85
  429. jigstrike

    Seeker Classic Series BSC 670-7ft.

    Pawn shop find. This rod is near mint, no boat rash, no corrosion. Has a 05-03 manufacture date, but looking at it you'd be suprised. Had a reel attached that I wanted but I dont need another rod in this class. Pic of guide is how they all look. Tip has slight off color. $125. You wont be...
  430. jigstrike

    Sean schools the Old Man at Catalina 6/5 to 6/8 - big yellows!

    Nice report! Congrats to Sean on a great fish, especially with 25lb.
  431. jigstrike

    Fishing the coast south of SQ, outside the biosphere

    And I'm not talking just south of SQ. There are miles and jiles of goast between sq and bahia Tortugas that arent in the biosphere
  432. jigstrike

    WTB - 2 anchors - Bruce/Claw style 20ish lbs

    Try Minnie's marine surplus in Costa Mesa
  433. jigstrike

    Fishing the coast south of SQ, outside the biosphere

    While Cedros is great, and if we cant fiah there on a LR boat, I will be bummed, I don't see why trips dont try the coast and inatead run for 'lupe. Theee seems to be miles of coast outside the biosphere and south of San Quentin. That has to have some decent fishing, right? Anyone fish this...
  434. jigstrike

    Jigs. Heavy yo yo. Salas and others

    Its late for me, just saw this. Will text conatct you in order in the morning. If Kenny doesnt want them all, Mike can have em.
  435. jigstrike

    Rupp Single Spreader Tournament Outriggers

    No bases. Sorry I am in San Diego, near Poway
  436. jigstrike

    Graphtech rods?

    Its a 10 year old thread.
  437. jigstrike

    Rupp Single Spreader Tournament Outriggers

    Wife says make them go away so now 350. Any less amd I use the fittings to make other stuff.
  438. jigstrike

    Avet, Daiwa and Shimano reels

    Bump. Will ship on your dime with paypal
  439. jigstrike

    Marauder type lures

    These are marked G C Bonzi. From and estate sale. Appear to be well made. Don't have muchbuse for them. $25 each.
  440. jigstrike

    Jigs. Heavy yo yo. Salas and others

    34 jigs. Several 6x jrs, several cristy no 2. Can ship on your dime. $100
  441. jigstrike

    Avet, Daiwa and Shimano reels

    Clearing out more stuff and changing directions in a couple things. Avet lx 6/3. SOLD Shimano TLD 20 2 speed with Toburon frame. This thing looks brand new. I havent fished it yet and decided tobgo a different way. $275 Daiwa saltist ld35 2 speed. SOLD Daiwa saltist bg 40h. From a bunch I...
  442. jigstrike

    Rupp Single Spreader Tournament Outriggers

    Lowered price to 550. Come and get 'em
  443. jigstrike

    mexican waters closures ??

    If the fish at sci are quality fish and i do as well as mex waters, not sure I care
  444. jigstrike

    Rupp Single Spreader Tournament Outriggers

    These are unassembled right now. For how they should look, google it. I am starting to clean them up. You can see in the pics the sifference between uncleaned and cleaned up. With aluminum in this condition the only way to make them "perfect" would be to de anodized, sand out the pitting...
  445. jigstrike

    Cleaning really dirty vynil seats amd bolsters

    I have a boat slipped in San Diego and I didnt cover the seats for a while, which was a big mistake. With all the jets at the airport and the navy helicopters we get lots of black soot on our boats down here I am discovering, at least thats the reason people have given me. I dont have before...
  446. jigstrike

    Anybody familiar with these?

    Can you point out more specifically what you see and why that means its gonna pop for thise of us that dont know? Also, i think it might be the light and shadows that makes it look dirty and therefore trashed.
  447. jigstrike

    Where to buy heavy krocodile spoons?

    I have some and I dont use them. Pm me if interested.
  448. jigstrike

    Rupp Single Spreader Tournament Outriggers

    Used outriggers. Have been disassembled for shipping if needed. Some corrosion and pitting, but fully functional. I bought these used and have not installed them on my boat. Most of the hardware is there from the looks of things. Just not the direction I want to go. New retail is over 4,000...
  449. jigstrike

    Marine Plywood

    Medium density overlay or MDO. Used for signs but has minimal voids and water proof glue just like a marine grade Try frost hardwoods in san diego off mirmar road.
  450. jigstrike

    Straight west anybody?

    Didnt read you right. Apologies if I offended you. Just want to catch fish
  451. jigstrike

    Straight west anybody?

    You have to go west if you want to head north. Reno is west of Los Angles. Thats thw whole point. The fish are west of us, they just get closer to the coast as you go north because the coast runs west as it goes north.
  452. jigstrike


    I am in San Diego near Poway
  453. jigstrike


    New lower prices
  454. jigstrike

    Boat's been sitting for 6 months, what do I do?

    I went to Catalina for the lobster opener in October, came back and filled up the tanks and parked the boat in the slip. Havent run it since. If i put new fuel and water seprators in should that be enough? Polish the fuel? Add an octane booster? Diy fuel polish? A gasoline rated pump and a...
  455. jigstrike

    Where can I get fresh dead Sardines? or Can I get fresh dead packed Sardines?

    Asian market in your area will have frozen deans for less than the bait dock. I buy it all the time for chum or bottom fiahing
  456. jigstrike

    Straight west anybody?

    Was wondering if anyone has been on a trip that just headed west like 200 miles. Should be albacore out there somewhere. Maybe 300?
  457. jigstrike

    Offshore May 1 Oside report

    The electric wrist bands work well amd she can stay awake for the "slow fishing" time
  458. jigstrike

    Options at Guadalupe Island?

    Might be a thread jack but as OP I totally agree. Music while fishing would be great. Would probably have to be a lot of classic rock given the age and gender of your average long range fisherman.
  459. jigstrike

    8 day long range gear help ...

    I think all the boats have on their websites lists of suggested gear based on the length of trip. Read them all. Even then I would echo the rent or borrow advice. Why spend the huge amount of money required until you have done some of the fishing and see if you like it. If he wants to bring...
  460. jigstrike

    Options at Guadalupe Island?

    I have been on ling range trips to Lupe twice. Both times the quarry was Tuna and we anchored where the sea ran between the island and a huge rock or islet. I assume this ia THE PLACE when fishing the island. Especially tuna. I was wondering if anyone has been on trips that explored the island...
  461. jigstrike

    Getting ready for the Lupe

    I have to wait until June for my SOA trip amd so I am jealous. We too may head there, who knows with so much of the coast closed or poasibly closing. As long as there are no local sport fishing operations on Guadalupe to upset, it might become an all around go to destination for more than Tuna.
  462. jigstrike

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Ap, This topic is as hashed here as the tiping and jackpot topics in the the other sections. Guys who didn't want it rehashed should just STFU and politely suggest a link to old thread. So read the old threads and then make your own decision. Hopefully it's not your last long range trip...
  463. jigstrike

    Engine driven marine refrigeration system

    Nice talking to you today. Have your local buddies hit me up
  464. jigstrike

    Bottom Fishing on a Long Range Trip - Tips and Ooops

    I have never seen a trip advertised as deep drop bottom. Maybe a freezer filler, but not a tue deep drop, lets explore 600 ft. I'd love to go on one
  465. jigstrike

    Bottom Fishing on a Long Range Trip - Tips and Ooops

    Not planning on being "that guy" was only when there wasnt anybody tuna fiahing. Like at night. Or if we did a drff for reds. With Cedros likely closed, who knows what we will fish on a 5 day in june?
  466. jigstrike

    Bottom Fishing on a Long Range Trip - Tips and Ooops

    I totally love doing this too. But dont have the experience, not enough trips. Great idea for a thread. Hope to learn a lot. Will be fishing the SOA this year, which has rod holders on the stern so was thinking about a bent butt trolling rod and some kind of old school level wind filled with...
  467. jigstrike


    Thanks for that info. I have corrected my post above. Had not seen that. Will spread the word.
  468. jigstrike


    Found this thread. Sounds like they were getting the run around from the navy. But I understand the belt and suspenders approach. Doesn't matter if you are right when the guys in armed patrol boat are ordering you to leave.
  469. jigstrike


    I WAS WRONG HERE. YOU NOW NEED A TIP IF INSIDE 12 MILES. CHECK THE CONSPESCS SITE. HAS THE REQUIREMENTS. Why do you need a TIP? If you are not nringing your boat into mexico and keeping her there, you dont need one. Just fiahing Mexican waters from San Diego does not require a TIP. It requires...
  470. jigstrike

    Jig Bucket -

    I put smaller diameter bucket inside the larger one. Hung jigs on the small bucket, jigs go between the two buckets, then fill the center with stuff.
  471. jigstrike

    Repower questions Yamaha/Evinrude

    7 year old etec could be approaching end of life. I belive Shad Burke posted a while ago about clients having trouble getting over 2000 etecs vs way more than that on 4 strokes. Pm him or search it.
  472. jigstrike

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    76 lb yft at Guadalupe. Private boat without the risk of tangles, should be able to handle a pretty big fish.
  473. jigstrike


    NEED CASH SO LOWERED PRICES Lots of reels, all are aervices and ready. Penn 112h ($85), tiburon frame, upgraded 5 stack drag, aftermarket handle 309 ($40) chrome spool, excellent shape Surfmaster 100 ($85) tiburon frame, upgraded 5 stack drag, steel gears. Surfmaster 100 ($35) original...
  474. jigstrike

    Jigmaster setups for loaners, newbies and backup

    New lower price. 65 each. All three for 180.
  475. jigstrike

    Repainting Outdrive (looking a bit beat up)

    1000 grit sounds too smooth. To give tooth for the paint, I would use no more than 400 and probably 220
  476. jigstrike

    Jigmaster setups for loaners, newbies and backup

    I am near Poway, in sabre springs, just off the 15. Rod with cord is a 7ft calypso 30 to 50. Cord is just on the upper handle. I have better rods and can add newell seats and bars to these, but the cost will go up
  477. jigstrike

    Boat trailer needed

    Sometimes it cheaper to buy a trailer with a boat already on it. Lots of sun damaged and neglected boats in the inland empire on good trailers.
  478. jigstrike

    Jigmaster setups for loaners, newbies and backup

    NEED CASH SO REELS NOW ONLY 40 EACH OR 55 WITH A ROD. ALL 3 FOR 150 I have 3 jigmasters with rods for 75 each. Reels are excellent shape, no service needed and I am happy to dissassemble them in front of you to prove it. Each comes with rod, i have a few to choose from. 7 to 8.5 ft. 15 to...
  479. jigstrike

    Nesting dinghy

    Nesting dinghy. 11 ft. Have it listed on CL for 850, but my BD price is 750. Built in 1987, this 11 ft 3 inch fiberglass dinghy stores compactly inside itself at 77 by 53 inches. A great way to have a hard dinghy im limited space Complete sailing kit. Foils and sail are in excellent condition...
  480. jigstrike

    WTB: Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    This guy has the Japanese model
  481. jigstrike

    Life jackets

    Was going to ask for 5 bucks. But if you need them, just come get them.
  482. jigstrike

    Davis rocker stopper set up

    These are from dad's long gone sailboat. I'd keep them for me, except the wife would never let me anchor anywhere I might need or want them. Its flat or nothing for her. Sold for 10 to 20 apiece on line. Here are 6, with a non stretch rope for 20 bucks
  483. jigstrike

    Trailer fender, weld on, never installed

    Another project part I dont need. 2ft 8 and 7/8 INCHES by 6 inches wide 15 bucks. Pm me
  484. jigstrike

    Engine driven marine refrigeration system

    Major price drop. 350 for all the parts. Could have you own RSW.
  485. jigstrike

    On line boaters garage sale.

    Sure. On your dime. If you want a bunch of it, flat rate usps would be easy and probably the best $
  486. jigstrike

    On line boaters garage sale.

    Sabre Springs is in San Diego, near Poway just off the 15 between Poway Rd and Scripps Poway prkwy
  487. jigstrike

    Free 4 hp outboard

    Old johnson 4hp. Frozen from sitting at dad's house. Prop is plastic and sun damaged, that is why its thrashed. Near Poway. Come and get it.
  488. jigstrike

    On line boaters garage sale.

    More stuff Everything here is just a buck or so. I just want it gone.
  489. jigstrike

    On line boaters garage sale.

    Lots of stuff from years of being a boater. Dad sold his boat and what I donet need is for sale, cheap. Par city water regulator, 3 Abi hatch lock, 3 Braid rod holder, 9 Prop 8.25 x 5, 6 Prop, misc, 1 Stainless rail fittings, 1 buck each 12 volt receptacle, 3 Mar 10a radio noise filter, 4 Nylon...
  490. jigstrike

    17' BW montauk re power

    What type of motor is available locally from someone who can service it and has room for you to easily drop the boat off without having to take half a day off work to be there? I loved my Tohatsu 90 tldi, but my local service provider just didnt work for me. Small shop, no room to store boats...
  491. jigstrike

    E etc owners

    This might be the most important advice. I loved my Tohatsu, but the difficulty in having it serviced ruined it for me. Small shops with no space for my boat made it hard to drop the boat off for service. And everybody missed the leak in the water jacket that was probably there from day one...
  492. jigstrike

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    What's really sad is politics that are nor even related. There is no extra road tax on off road diesel fuel the boats buy. The whole premise of this thread is just plain wrong.
  493. jigstrike

    Early June Trip. What can I expect

    The SOA trip will be great no mater where we fish. See you there Mark.
  494. jigstrike

    Non skid deck

    Kiwi grip
  495. jigstrike

    Wanting New 30 lb setup

    New I would do a daiwa sealine x or a salroga bg40 Used Jigmaster with newell gear set and newell bars and standard drag. It will work well for 30lb, easy to fix and all the rest of the money can be spent on a really really nice rod. Or an older sealine 50h, aluminum frame Seriously, you will...
  496. jigstrike

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    I was able to get a tiburon grames tld 20ii for only 225. A little heavier than an hx or makaira 16 but the price was right and worth the trade. Now I have another 200 for a good rod that matches
  497. jigstrike

    Father/son fishing get together

    I'd like to meet up with other fishing dads around San Diego with kids the same ages as mine. My youngest is the one that loves fishing. He is 9 and in 3rd grade. Meet up to fish local or offshore. My boat, your boat, it doesnt matter. I have no issues running a boat as I grew up in a...
  498. jigstrike

    Penn Jigmaster

    I'd probably trade you 2 jigmasters for the gift card, depending.
  499. jigstrike

    So. Cal. 13 Ft Boston Whaler for local waters????? Anyone have one and do this

    If it is just you going fishing, have you considered a PWC/jetski? On the boat side, if you are capable, you could probably build a much better hull for what you want in a skiff and that will fit in the garage. Try or for plans and kits. If you are stuck on...
  500. jigstrike

    Paint question

    There are a bunchnof spatter type paints. Zolatone is one. Its multi color spatters hide imperfections
  501. jigstrike

    Offshore 4/1 on the Old Glory

    Flat fall as we ran up on the school
  502. jigstrike

    Early June Trip. What can I expect

    My first long range trip was a late May early June trip in the American Angler 12 ywars ago. We had yellows, yft, a shot at bft amd albacore. An awesome trip. The next year I did the Catchy tackle trip, one week later, same thing. Took a trip to Guadalupe or two after that thwn took a break...
  503. jigstrike

    Honda outboard lowering problem

    Your tilt and trim pronably looks this. The reservoir is the thing on the upper right side. If motor is engaging its probably low fluids or seals on the hydraulic cylinders...
  504. jigstrike

    Offshore 4/1 on the Old Glory

    Just the one tuna. Long day for the rest of us.
  505. jigstrike

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    Anybody have experience with the generic braid they sell on ebay? Appears to be a lot cheaper.
  506. jigstrike

    Offshore 4/1 on the Old Glory

    Trip was advertised as a 1.5 to Colnett with a 7pm friday departure. Capt. Kley took a poll of the passengers and decided to head offshore for YT and BFT instead. Found a kelp around 9am with all we could want 5 to 7 lb YT. Then kept hunting for Tuna. Only landed one, a 110lb bruiser of a bft...
  507. jigstrike

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    I was reading something Alan Tani wrote about these and he noted that the smaller tld20 was probably less likely to fail because the narrower spool would put less torque on a similar strength frame. So I can see how the 50 would be even worse.
  508. jigstrike

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    I think a tld20ii with a tib frame could be the ticket if priced reasonably. Saw an offer on ebay for almost 500 for frames only, guy is smoking something. You could get a new reel that weighs less and pumps out more drag for that.
  509. jigstrike

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    Most of my trips, the fish can be handled on 40lb to 60lb class stuff, and I have that. My only 80 lb class reels are my trolling set ups from my boat, 6/0 class star darg reels with 80lb mono. But our June trip may head to Guadalupe, and the possibility of triple digit size fish exists. I...
  510. jigstrike

    Trailer wiring question

    The best way to avoid the problems is to use a light bar, but that adds anothwr step to laoding and inloading from the trailer. Second best way is to use marine grade adhesive heat shrink connectors and to run a ground wire from the plug all the way back to each light, so three wires per...
  511. jigstrike

    Suggestions for an Overhead Storage Box

    There is a spray paint meant for plasrics. And there are also bond coats taht are like super primers
  512. jigstrike

    2017 is On the Way.......

    They (IBS) have a 4.9 rating on yelp. You guys should definitely flag them over there. It'll help a lotbof people avoid this shit sandwich
  513. jigstrike

    Suggestions for an Overhead Storage Box

    Rough it up and spray with plastic paint. Id be afraid that the hard ware would rust so id change to stainless
  514. jigstrike

    Suggestions for an Overhead Storage Box

    What shape are you looking for? A cooler would be light and they have hold down mounts for them and wouldnt look off in the marine environment What kind of gear? If it absolutely must be dry, you can put it in dry bags then in the box. Westmarine has fiberglass deck boxes but they are...
  515. jigstrike

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Tom 47 San Diego/Poway My boat or yours . Boat is Tiara 3000 open. Twin gas 30ft express. No smoking. Limited alcohol is fine. Drunks are not invited back. Only get about a mile a gallon so we need a few huys to make it worth the fuel Long time boater, sailor, diver and fisherman, but new to...
  516. jigstrike

    "That Guy" roll call

    One thing about that guy, he cant dance. 29 other guys on the boat, all doing a nice slow dance up toward the bow, the one they call the tuna shuffle. But not that guy. He cant slide left or right, he just sits in one place. But God forbid he has a fish, he will dance then and expect you to...
  517. jigstrike

    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    Glad I'm not the only one who has forgot the boat keys.
  518. jigstrike

    Wtb. Calstar gf 700h. 700xh or 7465ML

    Looking for one of the listed rods for yo yo fishing. Have a reel or 2 already. Im in San Diego. CASH Pm me
  519. jigstrike

    Rent Rods, talk to me

    Some of the LR boats have free gear. Usually seeker and calstar rods with appropriate 2spewd reels. At least the last time I was on the Angler it did. The Fishmanslanding boats charge for gear from what I recall.
  520. jigstrike

    What's the best crowbar for YT yoyo jig fishing, 700h?

    Going on a 5 day in June. Have gone on similar trips before. Usually I focus on reels and pick a rod on the right line class, but would like to step up my rod aelection game. Since I forsee a lot of YT fishing with iron, I want to start there. My 40 to 50lb YT setup will be either my penn...
  521. jigstrike

    Using a marine surveyor or not?

    Dpends on if you know enough. Engine survey is seperate. You should be able to come up with a checklist and do your own survey, test every system.
  522. jigstrike

    Want to restore 13' Whaler

    Fish it first. Then do it. You will learn what you want done by fishing it. Ugly boats get bit just as well as shiney boats
  523. jigstrike

    San Diego area pour your own weights?

    I am in San Diego, near Poway. I have 20 lbs of Scuba weights I want to make into bottom weight. And I often find more in my foraging. Looking for someone with the equipment who wants to show me how, help me out in exchange for somw of the lead. Dont want to invest in the molds if I dont have to.
  524. jigstrike

    Looking for Definitions of Terms to Screen Rods

    Thanks for this thread and the responses. Like the OP, I am trying to understand rods. But some of what has been said leaves me more confused. For example A 6465 xxxh is the manufacturer's designation, but it really doesnt tell me, as a learner, what I need to know to pick the right rod for a...
  525. jigstrike

    Livingston 14 re-power question? 30 vs 40 hp

    What is the weight of each motor? I assume the etec is the lightest.
  526. jigstrike

    What's the best marine swap meet to unload gear

    Pm sent. We will be there
  527. jigstrike

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    There is a glasspar 16 on CL down here in san diego that was converted to a console and its like 350 or so. Can spend your $ on engine and electronics if you dont mind a project
  528. jigstrike

    Engine driven marine refrigeration system

    You could probably use these holding plates to refrigerate a fish hold.
  529. jigstrike

    To AIS or not

    I would think that tranamitting your AIS to ships is more important than receiving it. It helps them see you.
  530. jigstrike

    What's the best marine swap meet to unload gear

    Helping my dad clear out his garage. Lots of unfinished projects and some nice condition but older boat gear. Listed it here on the classifieds but was looking to find a swap meet. Is the Chula Vista swap in May still pretty big?
  531. jigstrike

    Need a trailer fab welder

    Nobody near me in San Diego?
  532. jigstrike

    Engine driven marine refrigeration system

    My dad bought this for his cruising boat and never got around to it before he sold the boat. Looks like the full system and includes a diy manual. Compressor, heat exchanger, what looks like a dryer, holding plates, hoses, firtings, refrigeration control, remote thermometer, pulleys, mounting...
  533. jigstrike

    Lowered price 1979 Yamaha commercial fishing boat

    Boat was for sale here about 5 years ago. Might be able to get some info from previous owner.
  534. jigstrike

    Need a trailer fab welder

    I need a new 17ft steel c channel trailer. have plans for a boat trailer, I have an axle with hubs and springs,, and a tounge. i have i can even do a majority of the cutting with my metal chop saw But need someone who can weld it up nice and square and strong. Reccomendations?
  535. jigstrike

    1990 Isuzu Pickup Truck. 4x4

    This was the spare truck and occasional skiff puller. Getting a bigger SUV. wiould probably make a great juntimg or camping truck. Only 97000 miles. Runs great but leaks some oil. 2900 bucks.
  536. jigstrike

    Thursday 10/27 Mission Belle

    For his birthday I'm taking my 9year old out for a 3/4 day along with his best friend and best friend's dad. So far we are the only ones on the boat and they need a few more. Weather is looking good, so get out there and fish. "Thursday NW wind 5 to 10 kt. Patchy fog before 11am. Mixed...
  537. jigstrike

    Re power question

    I would buy the one that has a dealer and aervice center that is convenient for you. Not just aomeone qho can do the work, but someone who can do warranty workwithout having to drive all over or lomited on qhen you can bring the boat in.
  538. jigstrike

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    Buy this one, Put in new electronics and spend the reamaining 25 to 30 thousand keeping it running in primo shape and having other people polish it. That way you will have no stress about it
  539. jigstrike

    Plywood Decking -Sole replacing questions.

    Stainless screw are great, but as noted they have an issue when completely covered in the absence of oxygen. Alternately, you may try coated deck screws. The real bond of this repair is the resin glueing the floor to the stringers and cross pieces. The screws are function more like clamps to...
  540. jigstrike

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    My wife is in compensation for a tech company, stock options are a big part of their compensation and retention planning and she paid for the boat so "Pacific Option"
  541. jigstrike

    Help planning a pump install

    I want to set up a pump to run on its own battery overnight and keep the bait tank flowing at anchor. I want to use a rule 500 that pull 2.5 amps. If I want the battery to last 12 hours, then i need a 30amp hour or hreater battery, right? Its to keep the lobster alive in the bait tank overnight...
  542. jigstrike

    Plywood Decking -Sole replacing questions.

    Some good advice here. But one thing is missing. In your first queation you mentioned leaving a gap between the floor and the hull side. That is not correct. You want to fill any such gap with thickened epoxy and then fillet and tape thia joint for atrength.
  543. jigstrike

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    I hope this gets everyone to step up their safety game.
  544. jigstrike

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    planning a slow (6 knot) night crossing to Catalina from San Diego for the lobster opener 3 guys. 2 of us awake at all times with staggered watches. 1st shift (7 to 10), guys 1 and 2 2nd shift (10 to 1am), guys 2 and 3 3rd shift (1am to 4 am), 3 and 1 4th shift (4am to 7am) 1 and 2
  545. jigstrike

    Vht 12 holding tank

    Vacuum flush? If the pump is running all thw time, then there isnt vacuum and you have a leak somewhere or the pump is qornbout and not producing enough vacuum
  546. jigstrike

    Boat upgrade ??

    If most of your trips are in the sea of cortez then why not a panga?
  547. jigstrike

    I got yelled at for breaking the law S Shores ramp

    Sounds like he was right, you thought the sign didnt apply to you. Who cares what other people do? You have to do what is right. Seriously, you should examine your response. I think that on reflection, you'll see that you tried to bully him back because you were embarrassed by your own...
  548. jigstrike


    Do some searching here. I belive the guy who builds Anderson boats has given some advice before on making polyester stick to plywood and it was all about proper sanding with the right grit. Also look for posts by 40grit, he knows what he is doing. Epoxy is better, will stick easier, but costs...
  549. jigstrike

    Small 17 Ft. Center console steering cable issues

    Its probably not the cable, its probably the helm unit itself. BTW, I dont beleive there is anything like a Certified Boat Mechanic. Yes they can get certified for the engine by the maker, but that doesnt mean they know all the other stuff or have an understanding of how other systems work.
  550. jigstrike

    Jump from sail to power?

    D what you want with the boat, but I would vehemently disagree that the engine cant drive it to near hull speed by design. My dad had a 35 ft sailboat and we could drive it close to 7 knots with the same atomic 4. Its a 30hp engine and ahould be more than enough to move it along at 6 knots. Did...
  551. jigstrike

    Jump from sail to power?

    But he said he was fine with 6 knots and doesnt have a lot of money, ao he could keep what has and save money. Just saying the answer to his needs might be what he has.
  552. jigstrike

    Jump from sail to power?

    The rule of thumb is that a boats max hull displacment speed in knots hould be 1.34 times the sq root if the water line in feet. A Cal 29 has a 24 ft water line, so lets round up to 25 for a sq root of 5 x1.34 or just about 6.5 knots. So if you are only goin 3 to 4 you are under powered or...
  553. jigstrike

    How to waste your warranty and take it in the shorts.

    Today I sold my old Arima. And I had to let it go very cheap because we discovered a problem with the motor. Seems the block was leaking water. A few years back I took it in, and there was some unexplained salt buildup. No reason was found, so I let it go. Now I belive that the block had...
  554. jigstrike

    1985 Arima Sea Ranger 17, 2010 tohatsu 90hp tldi

    Wife bought me a 30 ft Tiara. She rules. She makes the dream.
  555. jigstrike

    7/28 Octo-fecta at NI - aka screw the BFT

    This guy is looking for a 20ft defiance I will take a fishing trip as my finders fee
  556. jigstrike

    Transom Mount Rod Holders

    Can those end mounts rotate to change the angle?
  557. jigstrike

    1985 Arima Sea Ranger 17, 2010 tohatsu 90hp tldi

    Deck has been redone with kiwi grip so its all good. But its in storage so i have to look for pic. Has some scotty rod holders. X2
  558. jigstrike

    1985 Arima Sea Ranger 17, 2010 tohatsu 90hp tldi

    Bump. Need it gone guys. Come and get it.
  559. jigstrike

    Registration for New Boat - Coast Guard vs DMV

    If you register a boat you wilk have to pay rhe sales tax at that time. With documentation CA will still get you, but you have a year from sales date to file the return
  560. jigstrike

    1985 Arima Sea Ranger 17, 2010 tohatsu 90hp tldi

    $8,000 Boat is ready to go out. Trailer has new hubs. Engine has approx 300 hours. Not pretty, well used, but still solid. Old thread is here Got too long so i reposted. Wife wants it gone...
  561. jigstrike

    Ideas for carry a SUP on the hard top

    I have a 30 ft Tiara Express with a hard top. I want to put the wife's SUP up there while underway. The side rack on the railing is just too much windage. Probably just put some really well backed eyes for tie downs and then put foam under the board, but maybe someone has a better idea?
  562. jigstrike

    WTB Honda 90 outboard

    I just saw a 90hp 2014 etec on craigslist
  563. jigstrike

    Harpoon for local BFT giants

    Bow and arrow is legal for most fin fish, including tuna. Not sure there is gear strong enough, but its legal
  564. jigstrike

    The Reasoning Behind RGC Depth Limit Restrictions

    I think it was also an ease of enforcement issue. Follow the 50 fathom curve. No fishing west of that, at least for rockfish. Now we can fish 350, but you get the point.
  565. jigstrike

    Parking for the RP

    The Dolphin Motel offered parking at inw point.
  566. jigstrike

    Old brass boat cleats

    Try Minnies marine surplus in costa mesa. Lots of old boart parts
  567. jigstrike

    WTB Trolling reel san diego area

    Refurbished single apeed penns for 75 bucks.
  568. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Still for sale. 8400. Has two new trailer hubs. Great weekend to buy a boat.
  569. jigstrike

    Crew treats?

    Thanks for the info guys. Its early in the season and 8 day not double digits trip but I am sure it will all be apprwciated. And I plan on tipping as well, but always good to start off on the right foot. Especially when the cost is about 2% of the trip ticket.
  570. jigstrike

    Inshore - Fishing the 'Pipes'

    Depends on the pipe. The pont loma pipe covered with rock. The structure is about 15 ft high and 30 to 45 ft across, trapazoidal. Lots of fish congregate all around and in the rocks. Treated sewage comes out offshore in like 500 ft of water. No you cant swim into this pipe. Others, it...
  571. jigstrike

    New 22lb Plow anchor

    If I was closer I'd have bought it. Coming to San Diego this season?
  572. jigstrike

    Where are the glow-back tuna irons?

    I bought a blue chrome at Westmarine last week. Not my normal tackle shop but I had coupons. Seemed to have plenty
  573. jigstrike

    Shelter Island ramp renovation

    There are other ramps in the bay you can use during this process. They are a bit farther south in Chula Vista and National City. Hopefully they will divert some patrol resources to those areas during this time pwriod.
  574. jigstrike

    Crew treats?

    A friend used to work the overnight boats. He said the best treat was when someone brought them non boat food. Given how good the food isnon a long range trip, that cant be the right thing to ingratiate (sic) yourself to the crew. I have read "a case of redbull" but couldnt tell uf that was...
  575. jigstrike

    This Friday, 6/24 Royal Polaris, who is going?

    Headed out Friday and I cant wait. Have 9 set ups and cant really thin it out anoy more. From 20 to 80lb with 4 at 40lb sweet spot. Been a while since I could fit in 8 days. Lot has changed but YT still bite jigs tied to 40lb string. Going to relax, recharge, fill my freezer and share the...
  576. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Everything runs good. Starts right up. Mechanic who inspected it for a possible buyer noted a fault code in the computer (from an overheat alarm, I fixed the cooling issue, didnt clear the codes out) and he thought there light be a problem where power head meets the midsection. Also thought the...
  577. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Boat still available. Running well. Have a report from mechanic inspection with what they think it needs.
  578. jigstrike

    Wahoo set up for upcoming 8 day

    Looks like the Angler is on the wahoo on its currwnt 8 day trip. Which means my 8 day Royal Polaris trip that leaves in a week has good chance if getting on some wahoo too. Problem is, I have never fished for wahoo. Always to early or otherwise nit the right time and place. Have only caught...
  579. jigstrike

    Trolling and loaner reels to gear up your boat.

    I have a box of reels I was going to take to a swap. I've been collecting them slowly over time and fixing and refurbishing them and was foung to fill a table. If you need trollers for your boat, I have dawia sealine 400h and 600h and penn 113h and 114h reels. To loan out to buddies I have a...
  580. jigstrike

    What is it about 40lb set ups?

    Trying to pick what to take on my 8 day and I realize I have 5 reels that all fish 40lb really well. A baja special, an avet lx 6/3, two saltist 40 size, and a lexa 400. Not to mention several penn113h and sealine 400h reels. I think there might be something wrong with me, or 40lb really is...
  581. jigstrike

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    No. Since your fish would be dead by that point I find the suggestion quite off putting and unsportsmanlike. However the boats usually fish for boat limits in my experience so one need not stop fishing.
  582. jigstrike

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    Its 5 fish of anyone type per day so for 3 days ots no more than 15 of any one type. Dorado and i belive bill fish have special rules. For dodos its only 2 per day 6 max and the 2 count as 5, kinda like saying 1 dodo is 2.5 tags of your 30. And trading sport caught fish for anything is not...
  583. jigstrike

    Clamp on rod holder help

    You can also turn the clamp to match the angle and mount them on the uprights
  584. jigstrike

    Do I need to rent a heavy rod for a June 8 day

    I have rods amd reels with the drag and torque to fish up to 60 lb (2 speed avet lx with 80lb spectra backing) or 80lb (single speed diawa 600h all mono) I'm leaving on an 8 day on june 24th. Some of the boat sites suggest a 2 speed set up for 120lb. I know there are some big BFT out there...
  585. jigstrike

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    I am local to San Diego. When I go long range, and I could even load the fish on my boat and head out into the bay to clean them and sumpt the carcasses, I still to have them processed. One trip i was able to come home to an empty house and set a 4 ft peice of plastic on my kitchen island...
  586. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Got it all running good. Simplw misalignment of water pimp and tube. Prospecrive buyer has mechanic appt. foe wednesday. If we cant reach a deal i will post and detail any engine report
  587. jigstrike

    Any suggestion boat storage and launch in SD

    The Chula Vista Marina would add a lot of time as it is in the south part of the bay away from the mouth. Plus he would be driving farther south on the freeway to get there. I belive sdboatworks has a storage yard thats only a half mile to the shelter island ramp.
  588. jigstrike

    Nerly lost my hall pass!

    Royal Polaris leaves 6/24.
  589. jigstrike

    Nerly lost my hall pass!

    Some of you have lives like mine. If the wife consents and the rest of your life aligns correctly and you get a hall pass last minute to go fishing for 8 days, its pretty much those 8 days and not another. Too much scheduled stuff to movw around. So when I got my hall pass yesterday for an open...
  590. jigstrike

    Permission granted: wife okays a last minute 8 day Mahoney Mcvey on RR3

    The wife just told me I can go on an 8 day in 2 weeks. Website says the RR3 has spots on Mahoney McVey trip so I called the office and left a message. Can't wait until Monday to pay and confirm my spot. Very stoked about going. Haven't done 8 days since spring of 2007. I was so bummed...
  591. jigstrike

    Rod holder fill and repair

    A tapered plug of plywood would work. You will have to make the hole larger at the top and shape a plug to fit. Epoxy seal it beofre installing. There is a WEST system pamphlet on hull and deck repair that covers the technique.
  592. jigstrike

    Good 30 lb setup

    Save the money. Buy a jigmaster, used. Or a saltiga bg40
  593. jigstrike

    Hard Top instead of canvas ?

    If you really want cheap why not use some tarp material from harbor freight. Get a gromet kit, fold the edges and seal with gromets and tie it on with tuna cord
  594. jigstrike

    Outboard cooling problem

    I didnt do the pump, just took the lower end off and took it in to have it looked over and they did a tear down and then the pump (thought we had buated reverse, turns out we just had cable stretch). Butaybe keybis missing. Thought i lined it all up right. Either way it looks like i have to...
  595. jigstrike

    Outboard cooling problem

    My outboard is 2010 90hp tldi. Has a flushing port. If i run it attacjwd to flyshing port all ports spit water. But in the water, it wont pee and overheats. Brought it home. Pull thermostat out to check it. Run on ear muffs without thermostat to see if thermostat was blocking and still no...
  596. jigstrike

    Picking a last minute June trip, help

    Might actually be able to get permission and money to go a trip at the end of the month. Looking at the Royal Polaris 8 day that leaves 6/24 or red rooster 8 day that also leaves that day. Or maybe the 6 day on the Polaris Supreme that leaves 6/26. I have been on half a dozen long range...
  597. jigstrike

    Short term slip needed in Long Beach or Orange County for July

    looking to take my Tiara up to Long Beach for about a month. Want to o do multiple trips to Cat in that time and it's just too far via water from San Diego and wife wants to camp out on the boat at a different Marina. Anybody have advice or experience in renting for month? Maybe a short term...
  598. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Bump. May be able to show it off on the water Sunday afternoon. Pm me.
  599. jigstrike

    Cabo fishing-help

    Gotdo banks pangas
  600. jigstrike

    Utah spike cow reccomendations

    Neophyte hunter looking to book a utah spike or cow elk hunt as a learning experience and fun trip (if fun is defined as hiking 40lbs of meat out of steep country and then doing it again) Any reccomendations of a guide or outfitter?
  601. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Dropping the price to 8900. Lets get this thing out fishing!
  602. jigstrike

    KiwiGrip nonskid deck.

    Not raise a dead thread but . . . I did my old Arima with Kiwi. Easy to do over the worn nonskid and looks great. If I ever redo another boat i will kiwi grip. Ita just too easy.
  603. jigstrike

    Anybody up for a Socal road trip to squirrel country?

    They would do as much damage to the field as the squirrels
  604. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    The wife wants its gone and she wants some cash now so come make me an offer. Its already under priced as it is.
  605. jigstrike


    If you are socal and interested in squirrel shooting, checknout my thread under gun talk.
  606. jigstrike

    Anybody up for a Socal road trip to squirrel country?

    Looking for other socal (San Diego area for me) shooters who might want to make a road trip up to ground squirrel country and use up an few hundred rounds helping ranchers with thier problem. A location closer to Socal would be fine if you know of one that is a similar target rich environment...
  607. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Winter is now over. Boat buying season is here. Lets make a deal.
  608. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Winter is over. Time to get her sold. Pm me to come see it.
  609. jigstrike

    Arima Sea Ranger 17 w/ 2011 90hp Tohatsu TLDI for $9800

    Not yet. Only one guy came to look do far. Have another one scheduled for Wednesday. Come and get it befote the fishing takes off again..