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  1. Grouchomrk

    Commander 1.5 day San Clemente Yellowtail (April 18) BAIT WRAPS Sponsored

    boat was Dolphin 2... we spent 6 months in boat yard and put in over 300K to give you a fantastic fishing machine
  2. Grouchomrk

    2.5 Day on the Eclipse - Bait Wraps 4/16 - 4/19 Canceled. Moved to the Commander

    Not on the Eclipse or Commander. FYI. No fuel surcharge. IF fuel is over $4 a gallon, fine. We try to make our trips as all inclusive as possible, it is a HIGHER ticket price, but you save in the end and always know what you are paying for.
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    Charkbait 2 day on the Eclipse

    We look forward to fishing with you. It is our annual Offshore Exploratory trip, and the trip last year that started it all for the SoCal fleet on the tuna... we hope to replicate that again this year... Tight Lines and Sharp Hooks~ Capt Mark
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    Offshore Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Haha Nice!! I told him it would get bit!!! Thank you for coming out with us
  5. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Oh, did Ross get one on that Diamond Jig!?!?!? LOL...awesome!!!!
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    Offshore Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Thanks for the post and write up Don. Hell of a nice Yellowtail to start the day off on!! Glad you had a good trip on your old girl... Thanks for posting Pictures Bob... Robert, where is your write up? LOL. For tackle guys, I highly recommend 50# on the Dropper loops and YoYo irons. Heavy Irons...
  7. Grouchomrk

    BdeLA 10-24

    was that all you caught in 9 days? did you fish any other days?
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    Offshore Rpt.-08-24-14 A 2 day trip on the Eclipse!

    Thanks for the report- and for everyone who came out with us. Sorry I couldn't make the trip- fatherly duties call first! Also, thank you for clarifying the fuel surcharge and bait issue- the bait haulers are doing their best, and we are doing ours. Unfortunately fishing is an expensive...
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    Offshore Thieves on long range boats?

    Thanks to all who replied to this thread. It is a very serious issue and one that would never go unaddressed on 99% of Sportfishing vessels in the Southern California fleet. Normally I wouldn't even respond to this type of post. But several of our awesome passengers have called or emailed me...
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    Commander Fishermans Landing

    Thank you
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    Commander Fishermans Landing

    Yes, Chris and I purchased the vessel. The boat has an extensive history, and was recently named the Dolphin II, previously known as the Predator, Producer, Red Raider and lastly, it is the original Cat Special. The first, before the Eclipse became the Cat Special. We are going to be offering a...
  12. Grouchomrk

    Bottlenose dolphins with WSB- 3/15/2013- Eclipse

    In 20 plus years on the water, I have never seen this...Bottlenost Dolphins with White Sea Bass... pretty incredible.... They saw this aboard the Eclipse today on our 4.5 hour whale watch trip with Pacific Nature Tours... I thought you guys might dig this... I haven't caught a seabass in a...
  13. Grouchomrk

    Offshore IT'S NOT OVER...Eclipse 1.5

    Thanks for the report and thanks for comming out fishing with us! @CommingIn Heavy- can you post video to our FB page as well? I would be very appreciative! @Bryan- you've been on 2 really good trips with us this year! I was stoked for you- thanks for riding with us all these years- good seeing...
  14. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Is the Season Over :(

    Your weather is going to be nice for your trip, Nick.... you guys are gonna get em...
  15. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse 1.5 Dep Sunday 10/6- CharkBait!

    We have a 1.5 departing Sunday 10/6 fishing Monday the 7th- Only $265 including permit, $250 if you already have your permit. Remember, you wont miss the MNF game or any baseball playoffs- we have DirecTv! This trip, along with a few others are offered only through
  16. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse 2.5 Day Leaving Oct 11th

    You can book on this trip limited to 22 guys on our Website Only! $565 includes food for 2.5 days fishing Fri and Sat returning Sunday the 14th! look forward to seeing everyone there! Only 9 spots left!!!
  17. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse 1.5 departs 9/30- $250!!!

    Tony- did you book? we are sold out, but have another one next Sun night! Don't wait- it will fill... I will book you for $225 incl permits, if you want to go... call me at 619-518-8701 Mark
  18. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse 1.5 departs 9/30- $250!!!

    load is 28- but have a limited load 2.5 departing Oct 11th! Thanks guys- please post pictures adn reports! both on here and Facebook Capt Mark
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    Eclipse 1.5 departs 9/30- $250!!!

    Guys! Fishing is unbelieveable right now! Eclipse has a 1.5 day trip departing Sun Nite 9/30 for only $250!!! if we put alst spots on Seaforth website, price will jump to $295- so book online at to get in on this great offer!!! Capt Mark
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    Offshore Medevac from Eclipse

    Hi All, Hope everyone is having a great time fishing! I thought you all would like to see this video. unfortunately we had to Medevac a passenger last Friday from Eclipse. The USCG apparantly "Go Pro'd" and put on YouTube the very next day. Patient was taken to UCSD and released later that...
  21. Grouchomrk

    Fishin help! Bos- Florida in May!

    Doing a boat delievery from Gloucester to Pt Everglade,FL from April 28th- May 14th. Gotta stop for fuel and provisions along the way, and have no idea about where to fish Would be willing to give a free trip or two on The Eclipse for some good sound advice, tips, technique and fishing...
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    Capt Rick said they were 15-20# Tight Lines and Sharp Hooks, Capt Mark ps.- I have 2 openings for a 2 day charter this sat and sun!!! Call me at 6195188701 to get aboard!!!
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    Eclipse Sportfishing Announcement- September Sizzle!!

    <CENTER><TABLE id=VWPLINK width=595 bgColor=#ffffff><TBODY><TR><TD style="FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; COLOR: #000000; FONT-SIZE: 8pt" width="100%">Having trouble viewing this email? Click here </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></CENTER> <TABLE style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff"...
  24. Grouchomrk

    Big Hammer 2day

    hey guys- just got back from a trip to the East coast... game plan? catch lots of calico bass! and big ones too!!!! we'll play it all by ear, but SCI calico bass bite has been great, so Im sure I will start there. maybe go to Nic the second day? clemente the second? Cat if the SEABASS
  25. Grouchomrk

    day and a half this weekend

    Jeff- we changed to 1 day trips this Sat and Sunday- FYI Mark
  26. Grouchomrk

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Rob- if fish are close we will definetly fish the first afternoon out! I will most likely run that trip. I love 12pm departures... also the last day is just like fishing a one day trip, except you are on the grounds first thing in the morning. Or if weather is an issue, or you had great fishing...
  27. Grouchomrk

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Gents, thanks for feedback... Pete, come out with us sometime Smoker.... we have Directv on the boat, so we canwatch the Dodgers beat up on everyone this summer! :) Tight Lines and Sharp Hooks!!!
  28. Grouchomrk

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Gentlemen, Here's the rub, and I'm going to let this rest.... We are not SELLING you anything or arguing a point. We just know what things we would want to do. And really, since we are the experts in our field, it warrants more consideration. We merely offer the trip. If it works for you...
  29. Grouchomrk

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Tim- Outstanding questions, thank you. From a boat owners standpoint, its a wash profitability wise. More often than not, we run 1.5 day trips to fish the afternoon bite. It really gives passengers an incentive to ride the boat and get rigged, relax and fish an afternoon bite and a morning bite...
  30. Grouchomrk

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Juan- never say never LOL! Its an opportunity for more fishing time. Generally speaking, when Albacore bite in the afternoon, you are are the grounds all day with no real bites until late. The first day offers that opportunity on an inverse 1.5 dayer. Similar to the early or grey bite if you...
  31. Grouchomrk

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Wanted to weigh in on this... My business partner suggested we started doing this in the summer. Can any of you answer this question? When is the best bite for albacore? Affternoon! Its what makes the 1.5 day trip so popular. But many times, our boat schedule dictates that we return from a 1.5...
  32. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse May schedule

    Hey guys, Thank to all of you who have ventured out with us aboard the Eclipse this spring. I am posting our May schedule, and I hope to see you guys out there! Talked to Capt Rick and he reported very good calico fishing, once again today. Should set up nicely for afternoon fishing on the...
  33. Grouchomrk


    Lloyd, Thanks, man! Much appreciated. Billy- I might have, I don't know... I can't remember anymore-LOL- but I will answer and hopefully get them booked with you on your trip. THANK YOU for the referral! Lonnie, It seems I am one of the onl;y ones that likes those type of 2.5 day trips. Wwe do...
  34. Grouchomrk


    Gents, Thank you all so kindly for your comments. just to note, A/C is being added, and should be complete by months' end!!! Jason- Nice pic of Pez Gallo- just got back from East Cape- 2 trips for 0!!! I guess thats fishing! Gotta go back and get my PapaGallo! Feel free to contact me with any...
  35. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    Thanks Gene, Is there a contact person there? is it owned by a fisherman? Mark
  36. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    Hey Everyone, We need some work done to the Eclipse, and who better to give work to, but fellow fishermen!!! We are looking for a carpet guy- both for the boat, and in my home. Potentially a carpenter- Anyone who might sell used restraunt equipment, as well. If you are interested...
  37. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Eclipse Charter- 2010 Dates available

    Hey Everyone, I didn't know where to post this... please repost in proper place if I'm misguided. You guys can sign up for our email list via our website as well. I will have our multi day schedule out sometime in Feb- hopefully. We are excited for 2010 and I would like to thank all of you who...
  38. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse- Big Hammer Calico bass/YT 2.5 day

    FELLAS,- fyi- Gale winds- so we moved the trip to next week- so if you still want to go next wek- Big Hammer is bringing tons of swimbaits and leadheads!!!
  39. Grouchomrk

    Eclipse- Big Hammer Calico bass/YT 2.5 day

    Guys- we have a 2.5 day Calico bass special- departing Seaforth tues 10/27 at 8pm returning 10/30 in the am. I talked to Jody on the Voyager and James on the Grande- both had outstanding yellowtail fishing at San Martin Island last 2 days! Weather looks good, and the load will be light! Price...
  40. Grouchomrk

    Has anybody fished on the Eclipse out of Seaforth

    Guys, thanks for the kind comments- Dave, I like the bananas, Chris likes the cream pie...LMFAO!!! We are back in the water,and running- we have trips thru October, and I am hoping to target the Cortes Bank, if the tuna are no shows- if tuna is slow, thats where we will be heading on 1.5- 2.5...
  41. Grouchomrk

    SCI Smackdown Yellows Lings and Mixed Batch 9.24.09

    Admittadly, I am jealous! Nice day onthe water, those days are my favorite- Chris fished with us a few weeks back- you're right about him. Great kid, good stick and not cocky!! Good goin on your day!
  42. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Eclipse Overnite 9/16

    Hey guys, I read your posts and I just wanted to address the isues directly. First off, I am sorry about the overbooking on your trip- that was an error on our part. This is not a regular practice aboard the Eclipse and we had a total of 32 passengers aboard. There was a miscommnication, and I...
  43. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Eclipse

    Guys- Fish are up and biting! The Long Range guys found a new body of fish, and it sounds like the real deal. The fish in the 1.5 day range were up late yesterday, and the boat that got on them had 60 fish in the last 2 hours of the day!!! There will be coverage down in that area today, look for...
  44. Grouchomrk

    1.5 day on Eclipse- Sat nite

    Hey Guys, If anybody is interested, we are running a 1.5 day trip Sat nite returning Monday am- price is $195 including permits. We will be fishing offshore looking for yellowtail and tuna.Call me for a Bloodydeck special if you can get 3-4 guys together. Cell- 619-518-8701 Tight Lines and...
  45. Grouchomrk

    Introduction to Eclipse Sportfishing

    Tom, Our website is in the process of being developed and should be operational by weeks' end. i will post a link when it is done. Thank you!
  46. Grouchomrk

    Introduction to Eclipse Sportfishing

    Gentlemen, Thanks again for all your support. I am speechless, but here goes anyways Jason, believe it or not, I do remember that conversation- and I am glad that I was a positive influence in your fishing life. I hope that on Eclipse we can further solidfy that relationship and offer that...
  47. Grouchomrk

    Introduction to Eclipse Sportfishing

    Gentlemen, Thanks for your time and input. We just purchased Direct TV for the vessel today along with an awesome Bose Speaker system and XM radio. We will be doing the parent/ kid trips for sure, I will have a better idea on schedules beginning of April. As far as Harry and Sarkis on the boat...
  48. Grouchomrk

    Introduction to Eclipse Sportfishing

    Hello Everyone, Sorry this has taken us so long to post. I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself and Chris Switzer as the owners of the Eclipse at Seaforth Sportfishing in Mission Bay. The vessel was formerly the Renegade, and before that she was the Cat Special. Many...
  49. Grouchomrk

    New Long Ranger

    Congrads. Keep him away from my daughter...
  50. Grouchomrk

    Tommy's THE Man

    One of my clients in Yuma, AZ ordered a bunch of good stuff from Tommy- and he was impressed by not only the quality and freshness of his fish and shellfish- but the customer service he recieved. Thanks Tommy! When I recommend people, I sure like it when they live up to their rep!
  51. Grouchomrk

    Stupid Hurts!!!!

    I am so glad other people in California feel like I do!!!
  52. Grouchomrk

    Fish with Wahoodad on the Pacific Queen

    I must be chopped liver, I didn't get a mention! :food-smiley-014:
  53. Grouchomrk

    Poole Book

    Everybody and anybody who's ever picked up a rod and reel, needs to read this book. Not only does it pay due homage to a man, whom is undoubtably the most respected man amoung his collegues, but to learn the history and sacrafices that allow us to pursue our love of fishing. I read the...
  54. Grouchomrk

    Home Improvements

    do you take credit cards?
  55. Grouchomrk

    Offshore 8/16 Report Pacific Queen Overnight

    Thanks for comming foshing with us. You and your buddy are some funny guys. Your buddy is downright hilarious. We look forward to taking you fishing again. Captain Mark Gillette Pacific Queen Sportfishing
  56. Grouchomrk

    Sunday - Fisherman III with Lil'Salt & LilSharkster

    Way to get the kids onthe water, Shell
  57. Grouchomrk

    Offshore I am Fired Up!!!!

    Spring is here, and I am fired up this morning! I was out on the PQ this weekend, and will give you a little repport here. Our first day we fished the Rojos. Probably the best fishing I have ever seen on those things. As far as numbers and size, it was phenomenal. We went into San Martin Island...
  58. Grouchomrk

    marauders...which ones ??

    Hey Dayle, I think I can count on one hand how many fish I have seen caught on the Mega Bait ones. They look great, but performance and production is poor. Maybe you'll get lucky, and catch a big fish with them. I hope you do. But overalll I would stick with the Braid and Yozuri models.
  59. Grouchomrk

    gulp squid???????

    Dropper loop, and 12/0 Easy Baiter Hooks. Gulp! Sqiuds seem to catch more Grouper, Larger Reds and Lings. THe Gulp! grubs in white seem to be what reds prefer overall. See Hoose's PQ report onthe Offshore reports from last week. Good luck. Tight Lines and Sharp Hooks
  60. Grouchomrk

    marauders...which ones ??

    At that price, buy as many as you can afford. Especially in the Black/Orange and Tony the Tiger. My favorite sleeper color for wahoo, especially later inthe long range season, as we have been dragging jigs all over thier heads for a month is the Skipjack pattern in the Largest size. Skins love...
  61. Grouchomrk


    It is good to see that we all have the one thing in common that makes us the people that we are. We love to fish and we beckon to the call of the water. I do not know Josh, but he seems to be doing a helluva job. And David is arguably one of my favorite people to fish with. David represents the...
  62. Grouchomrk

    Pyramid Lahontan's Part II

    Hey Brad, been to the local lakes lately? I am going to be in town Sat- Wed. Let's go troutin'. I mean we can't compare to Bruce's epic adventures, but we can try. I'd love to catch those fish Bruce is fishing, those fish are outright goregeous. I'd go with Bruce for sure if thsoe things eat...
  63. Grouchomrk

    Pyramid Lahontan's Part II

    Do they bite the Bouyants? I'll go with you next time ol' buddy...
  64. Grouchomrk

    Pyramid going off!!! 3/27/06

    How big was his big fish, Shell? Sounds like he will finally go to Lyons' & O'Haver....
  65. Grouchomrk

    Offshore Pacific Queen / Gulp sponsored Cod Trip 25/26th

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the positive feedback of my mistress, the Queen. I have to settle the EZ Baiter hook delema here. Bill likes the 10/0, I truly perfer, and do not fish any other size but the 12/0. Even when fishing sculpin on a half day trip, the 12/0's will hook more fish. These fish at...
  66. Grouchomrk

    Catalina WSB

    Well I hope this encourages some fellas to get off the beach. The water right now is way too cold, and much too early in the season to fish 5 fathoms. Not to say that you cannot catch these ghosts in the shallows now, but I do believe odds are better in the deeper water. Thanks for the replies...
  67. Grouchomrk

    Catalina WSB

    I worked out on the light boat Meridian this last week. While I did not fish for WSB due to current conditions, I would like to offer this bit of advice to all potential PB's going to the island soon. What my observation is that most guys are fishing TOO SHALLOW!!! We are making squid in 30- 40...
  68. Grouchomrk

    2/11 Lake Poway, nice fish

    Reid had to get you back for all those big TUNAS this fall. Uh huh, Yeah. C'mon. When are you gonna call ol' Razor out to the Trout pond. I took my wife a few weeks back, we fished the same method. She go the biggest fish. I guess the ladies always do. Take care boys.
  69. Grouchomrk

    Viva France!

    Anybody that knows me, knows I think that is some real funny shit right there!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  70. Grouchomrk

    Frank's day as a Chili Cook-off Judge

    I haven't laughed that hard in a long while. Thanks.