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    New Islander trips

    Just got back from a trip on the Islander. They did not put out the kite. A few on the boat hooked some big fish at dawn, 100 pounds or so. Couple on the flatfall the rest on a sinker rig. I hooked one but did not land it. Reminder to self that when you drop down from 80 leader to 40 leader...
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    Just Booked Excel Trip

    Been on Tuna Wars trip 3 times. Great bunch of regulars on the trip. You will enjoy.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    The belly on this fish is so fat it looks like a slab of bacon!. Can't eat more than 3 or 4 pieces, it is so rich.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Was really impressed with crew. They are definitely 5 star. I wish I was chasing BFT every day too, but my freezer can't handle anymore fish!!!
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Love the Aztec and we were going to fish it but we had 12 from the Excel and American Angler could take us when we signed up.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    I was using a Daiwa Saltist 40 2speed on which I was able to install 500 yards of 80 pound MaxCuatro braid with Seaguar 40 pound Premier, and a Californian rod. 3/0 ringed circle hook.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Thank's D. We didn't limit out, most likely because captain saw a lot of bigger fish all around the boat and people didn't want to drop down on leader test in case they got one of the bigger ones to bite. That was my thinking, anyway.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Went out on American Angler from 24th to 26th, fishing 60 mile bank on 25th. First time on the boat and was impressed with everything except being stuck in the lower bunk. When your old, drinking and on a ship bouncing along under way, crawling out of the lower bunk to use the head 2 or 3...
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    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    I use the Costco gloves too. When reeling in I usually pinch the braid with my thumb and finger to create drag and make sure the braid is tight. Using just protection for the thumb results in finger cut. When I am going to reel in, I put the glove on. Take it off when going to bait tank...
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    33 Days!

    Friend is on the trip. Only BFT caught were on the kite, though there were several hundred yards of tuna crashing around the boat. Update: Total 8 BFT caught after he went to bed. Total for boat is 16 through this morning
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    33 Days!

    All BFT caught on Excel were on the kite.
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    Excel and 5 star

    Used them on my trip on the Excel. Not happy at all. They lost two tuna (had 15 but only got 13 back) and my grouper was placed in the bin of another fisherman. They promised to ship it to me the next day, but it never happened. Friend ordered gill and gut on all his rockfish. All fish were...
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    How to fish with shrimp.

    Sheephead like to nibble at the shrimp. When you feel it slowly lift the rod tip to hopefully induce a good bite.
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    Fishing Cedros Island

    Contact Big Al. He has a relationship with one of the outfits and you are dealing with US company
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    Are the Coronado Islands Closed and other islands..

    I heard all islands closed to any boat longer than 10 meters
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    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    I was on Excel and they picked up my whole fish at the landing. My friend's fish are just as bad, if not worse.
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    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    Those are YT. Some of the other fillets are worse and have a substantial portion of bloodline in the fillet.
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    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    No fresh water wash. I always open bag, wrap with paper towel to soak up the blood initially, then re-wrap with fresh paper and refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour changing paper towel once or twice before preparing for sushi or cooking. Didn't take picture of skin, but was about size of...
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    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    Here's a pic. I used Fisherman's Processing in the past, but decided to give Mario a try because of recommendation and Rosie's leaving. This fish has a strong odor. Smells like tuna from a can and leaves a strong odor on my hands. The outside of the bag shouldn't smell like fish, let along...
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    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    Had my fish processed there recently after Excel trip. Never again. Some fillet still had parts of skin, bags smell strongly of fish (inside and out). None of the fish is sushi grade anymore.
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    25ft 1991 Skipjack FB

    How many hours on the engine?
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    Line Winder?

    Run the braided line through a heavy book, maybe two on top of each other. Never had a problem with line being loose.
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    Offshore 10-5 Aztec, what went wrong?

    What went wrong is taking newbies on a tuna trip. Take them rockfishing instead. I hate newbies on a tuna trip
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    Fish Cleaning ! Out of Control

    Not when you regularly fish a boat and the price jumps from one trip to the next
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    Fish Cleaning ! Out of Control

    Last time I had the crew do a gill and gut it was the same price as fillet.
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    $7 fish cleaning?!!?!?

    Me too, unless they raised the price in just a month. When I went it was $5 for the small yellowfin and $15 for the 50 pound and up bluefin
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    Live Bait Circle Hooks with Rings Good?

    Always fish circle hooks with rings. Only lost 1 fish and all were hooked in the mouth.
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    Overnight boat ?????? which one

    Its not the boat, its the captain. Friend went on a trip and came back singing the praises of the boat. So we went on a trip the next week and booked this boat. There was a substitute captain and needless to say the experience wasn't that great for him or me.
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    Fake Newell's From Thailand ??

    That's called smuggling.
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    Which poppers for local Tuna?

    Got some sashimi bull poppers for upcoming trip. Should I change the treble hooks to a single?
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    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    If you think $7 for a fillet is bad, try a gill and gut. Same $7.
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    First String 2 day Monday 8/25...anyone else going or have experience on this boat?

    I went on the Pride Monday night for an overnight. After we got on some fish, the First String jumped on our tail and followed us wherever we went. At one point, if I had a jig I could have cast it onto their deck. They were close enough to cut our trolling lines at one point and Greg and the...
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    The look smaller than some of the trout I caught at SARL
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    Bluefin back OPEN in MX??

    Leaving tomorrow on the Pride. Thank god we got a chance for Bluefin!!!
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    Help with Bluefin Closure Comments

    Writing a comment re Bluefin Closure. Don't want to say anything inaccurate. So any comments or additional points that should be made are appreciated. I wish to comment on the proposal to limit/ban recreational fishing of Bluefin Tuna in California. I make no comment on any regulation of...
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    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    I suggest that a form comment be prepared addressing certain points. Then it can be copied and pasted by the members. In that way, inconsistent positions aren't taken. Also we need data to rebut their contention. For example, one point that can be addressed is bag limits. They argue that...
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    I suggest that a form comment be prepared addressing certain points. Then it can be copied and pasted by the members. In that way, inconsistent positions aren't taken. Also we need data to rebut their contention. For example, one point that can be addressed is bag limits. They argue that...
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    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    Seems unlikely that a US ban on Bluefin tuna would have any effect since the take is only 2 percent of the total take.
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    1 day offshore gear?

    Yeah, just talked to him again. He said he had it for 90 minutes. Then the deck hand took over. Was another 60 minutes to go the fish on board.
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    1 day offshore gear?

    Friend just got back from a 1.5 day on the Pacific Queen. Deck hands said to use 20 pound fluorocarbon and 1/0 hook with sardines. He was using 25 pound and said he got 2 large "yellowfin" over a 100 pounds. Took about 90 minutes to land each one. Those fishing 40 pound leader didn't get...
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    Info on the Native Sun

    I like the boat, but never had a lot of luck. I prefer the enterprise. Always get limits with Andy
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    Anyone wiling to give up spot on San Diego for Seawatch for cash Saturday?

    Never worry about tangles when you fish braid. Just cuts through the other clowns fishing mono
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    Aztec sport fishing

    No question they have a passion for trying to get the big fish. Also no question they have among the worst counts in the fleet. Even some of the crew are joking about consulting the Farmer's Almanac or a Ouija board to find out why they are not getting fish, when to fish and where. And I...
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    Aztec sport fishing

    I guess that explains why the captain says the paddy is loaded with dorado, yet take off for greener pastures after only 5 minutes and one bite.
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    Aztec sport fishing

    I fished it last week. Wouldn't fish it again. The fish counts aren't there and I will tell you why a little later. Regarding the boat, get there early, about 2 hours before departure, to make sure you get a good berth. There are some triple berths and you don't want to be on the bottom of a...
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    Thunderbird 1.5 Day 8/15/2013 GDOW

    Line nicked by braid, weakening it?
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    San Diego Hook Size

    Just got back from a 1.5 day. All fish caught on 2 J hooks. Bait was a little smaller than I expected.
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    Help me decide between Condor and Aztec

    Yeah, feeling kind of sorry we are leaving on the Aztec Wed. I wanted to get on the Pride but my friend's schedule would allow anything but the Aztec. Hopefully we get a trip with better than normal results.
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    1.5 Day: Aztec, Prowler, or Dominator?

    Never been on the Aztec. How big a tackle box can I get in their rack? I have one large one I like to use because it has space for an extra reel and extra spool. The small one only has 4 plano boxes.
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    1.5 Day: Aztec, Prowler, or Dominator?

    If I jinxed you, I jinxed myself. Going out the 21st
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    1.5 Day: Aztec, Prowler, or Dominator?

    Farmer's almanac says lousy fishing this week, but best fishing next week starting the 18th
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    1.5 day and gunny sacks?

    Never fished the Thunderbird but wanted to while James was the deckhand. Why don't you post a picture of the fish on ice. Settle the issue </really>
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    Looking to take friends of a friend out 8/3 LB

    Legal size bass has been slow, but it seems like every time I go out I get bit every cast by a 13.5 inch calico. I always use Seaguar fluorocarbon leader. In my mind, it makes a difference.
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    Sportboats out of LA/Long Beach

    I agree on Enterprise. Best day is Tuesday. Small crowds and you can park right next to the boat usually without charge. No dragging heavy fish and tackle a long way back to your car.
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    xrap help

    Well, only tried to get it to dive twice before the deckhand let me use one of his old beat up Rapala. However, while trying it would track straight but just would not go down. If 8 knots is too fast, I guess the promotional videos of people saying it works up to 13 knots are BS. Deck hand...
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    xrap help

    According to the deck hand, we were trolling at about 8 knots. Seems like that should be okay. The other Rapalas being trolled worked fine. I figured the plastic would break if I tried to "tune" it.
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    xrap help

    Rapala knot is what the deck hand used to tie it, but the loop is about 7 inches. I will try to tie it with a smaller loop. Rapala customer service said to "tune" it by bending with pliers, but didn't say what to bend and when I asked, they said take it to a dealer.
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    xrap help

    Got a magnum xrap 20 and tried it out yesterday (first time using one). Attached it with 50 lb mono with a 7 inch loop, same set up used with the other lures. Darn thing just skips along the surface. Do I need to do something different to get it to work right?
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    Bait caster or...?

    +1. Bait runners are really good.
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    I think there is a you tube video showing the Chinese braid breaking at half the rated strength.
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    Enterprise: Good times and bad...

    I fish the Enterprise all the time. Only been with Frank once. I like Andy and usually fish when he is the captain. I will definitely avoid the Enterprise when Frank is the captain because if I am not going to eat the fish, I am throwing it back and I deal with enough jerks at work. Fishing...