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  1. omartish

    07-29-30- 2015 Bahia Del Los Angeles Report.

    Tks for that yellowtail, Mojo de Ajo, it was the best!
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    07-29-30- 2015 Bahia Del Los Angeles Report.

    Great times had by all, epic trip!!!
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    Good talking with you at the dock, I will hit you up if I have questions about my rig

    Good talking with you at the dock, I will hit you up if I have questions about my rig
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    2013 Big game hunting plans?

    Coyote hunting until March March, Hog hunt in Colinga Yuma for the Dove Opener Putting in for an Idaho Mule Deer Hunt, If we dont get drawn for the hunt we want, then Im going to AZ for Couse deer Putting in for Kern or Goodale, but I will get my awesome 2nd choice D16 tag. Im not going to...
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    8yr old Son calls in first Yote

    Yes I did,that trip is going to be fun
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    8yr old Son calls in first Yote

    I know I haven't poked my head around here in awhile, but I'm still around slaying the critters. Don't let jephs fool you, I sent him the link.
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    8yr old Son calls in first Yote

    I went camping this last week. Like always I take my hunting gear and hunting buddy. My son recently got his hunter's safety course and has been dying to get a yote for himself. Well he has missed a few, no big deal. The day of this hunt, he wanted to try calling. To encourage his love...
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    A-22 Buck Down!

    That is Badass you are taking your son out. He will be an animal in the field. Good job dad.
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    Vermonster has a song!!

    the best line is "I need to spend more than 45 minutes in the woods"
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    there are two places to hunt with 100% kill rate. They are both "canned" hunts but depending on what you are looking for these are options. Big Horn Ranch in riverside and there is a place in Descanso for youths only. Contact DENO he should have the name for the place in Descanso. Tejon is...
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    D16 2 deer in three days

    Congrats, that sounded like a great hunt! two deer one day with a third legal deer near by!
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    Putting a Friend onto two local Deer

    Ya, I have been MIA for awhile, Im going back to college and I bit off more than I can chew. Three classes, wife, kids and work. All of that is killing me.
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    No dink...D16!

    WOW, there guy. There is some paranoia on my part. My paranoia comes from the amount of time that you have been spending with Deno:hali_olutta::loverz:. Sorry Surfnkill it is confirmed you have been replaced. That paisa on youtube doesnt look anything like Deno. But I am paranoid about people...
  14. omartish

    Ugh.... of all the years....

    I heard he was off the mountain by 1:00. Do by your post 3 to 4 hours you got started at about 09:00. Come on dude! If you work at it for 2 full days including first light for both and you will fill your tag. You have to work for it.
  15. omartish

    No dink...D16!

    congrats on a great hunt and a better deer. Deno and I were talking and you should take his advice on posting! Just my opinion.
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    Putting a Friend onto two local Deer

    We all know that there is a huge black cloud (called not getting in the field) that hangs over vermonsters head. Deno, was telling me, "Dude if you get vermonster a deer you will be a BD legend." I laughed and thought about it, but declined fearing that his lack of scoring bad luck would rub off...
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    I would have to say the rut is on, also. I was near julian when I glassed up two does, then a monster buck came out and began to chase the does.
  18. omartish

    Putting a Friend onto two local Deer

    Your RIGHT, if he knows where that is at, he has no excuse! ! Wait a second, you cant shoot a deer from the computer:rofl:
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    Putting a Friend onto two local Deer

    About six months ago, I talked a buddy into hunting again. He had not hunted in about 18 years and was way overdue. Anyhow, I told him to put in for a Doe Tag. He was lucky enough to draw one so he bought a D-16 tag also. Opening Day rolls around and I take him out to one of my spots. I made...
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    Our new Coyote Killer

    you did pay too much for that Trijicon Accupoint. great piece of glass, I want one
  21. omartish

    4/17/2011 Afternoon coyote hunt

    Well, Im a SD Pig expert and I have shot at least 100 of those bastards. Just ask Deno he will lie for me:waglleybooty:
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    President's Day Weekend

    Just so everyone knows, deno is a closet tree hugger.. .. and he is one of those granola eating freaks who want to house break a yote.
  23. omartish

    Contest awards party

    All I got to say, Is I suggest Team 1 is not allowed to :hali_olutta: for being loosers. That is their punishment.
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    President's Day Weekend

    Well. . .. while most of you were home (last weekend) in your nice warm houses getting rained on, my family and I went camping in Imperial Valley. Deno was out that weekend also. But I can never get him to yote hunt with me though. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img...
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    I love the answer Kurt, you hit the nail on the head with feed worms. On a serious note you can skin them. I have a few SD yote pelts and they are awesome. People dont realize how nice their pelts can be. his pelt was nice. Man that 223 did some. . . .alot of damage. I hide it from the...
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    I figured I would try and get a SET in right after I got out of work. I have been struck with the Yote Fever and there is no cure until about May. So I went out to area I like to hunt (notella mountain:waglleybooty:). Before I get in to the area I want to call, I caught some movement up and a...
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    Valley Yote Hunting 12/6/10

    Federal TRU 223 55 grains. Shoots straight, kills clean It sounds like you have a decent set up any luck with the Montana Yote? I retired my Jack in the Box to big and cumbersome. I rock this little decoy I found on you tube. It fits in you pocket and kicks ass. Lets try and hook up...
  30. omartish

    Valley Yote Hunting 12/6/10

    A set is an area you chose to call for coyotes at. The "set" includes, location, calls, time spent on session ect. More gun. . . . that is only a high powered 22 . . . . . . . . . . called 223 The first set was electronic then we switched to hand calls.
  31. omartish

    Valley Yote Hunting 12/6/10

    Went out to the valley to hunt some yotes today. 1st set was at about 615 in the morning. less than two minutes into the set and I see a yote hauling ass into the call. I hear a gun shot from my buddy Jerky. Im thinking what the hell, why didnt he wait until it stopped before shooting. Now...
  32. omartish

    need advice

    mikeylikesit, a shotgun is a good choice, but becareful. Make sure you wife is comfortable using that weapons platform. Shooting a 12ga with a pistol grip only is a son of a bitch. Most women will not dig it. My wife shoot more than the average. She started hunting and has shot dove...
  33. omartish

    11-7-10 Coyote Hunt

    dude ur a yote slaying machine. Congrats. Im going to respond to you Post your Varmit kills thread once I get my photos together. Im known to slay a few dogs myself.
  34. omartish

    AR15 (CA model)

    Becareful buying AR’s that people have built themselves. There is alot to take into consideration when building a rifle. I don’t want to bore everyone with a post that is too long to read. Bottom line is people watch You tube and they think they can build a rifle. They buy the cheapest...
  35. omartish

    Guiness record or just unprepared?

    That means you will have to get away from the computer:waglleybooty:
  36. omartish

    Remington Poll

    El torro hit the nail on the head. All of my remington 700 have Timney triggers in them. You can order them direct and have set to what ever poundage you want. Dont go less than two pounds because they will slam fire at times.
  37. omartish

    Hunting Boots?

    I have worn Danners for over 15 years. One hell of a tough boot. But for hunting and hiking Asolo Fugitive. Danners suck compared to this boot. This has been the best wearing boot I have ever had. I will only wear another boot during very cold weather.
  38. omartish

    Deno's Colorado Deer PORN

    Here is a monster buck (at least in my and Deno's book). Deno almost creamed his pants and claims it is a 30 inch buck. I shot some HD Video of this bruiser. My guess is 26 inches wide with perfect symmetry. In the video it does not appear to wider than his ears. Average mulies ears are 22-24...
  39. omartish

    Wife's first blood G13 opening day doe

    not as hardcore as she is. Now all I have to do is have her gut and pack out her own animals and I would have it made.
  40. omartish

    2010 Elk hunt weather sucked!! But had a blast, here are few pics

    Deno Im begining to worry about you. You have used this term too much during this trip. :rofl::waglleybooty: IM A ROBOT Anyhow the trip was a blast aftert all. You should had heard me bitching and complaining about how Im going to stop Elk Hunting prior to getting on top of that mountain...
  41. omartish

    Wife's first blood G13 opening day doe

    Let’s start off with shaking that skunk off my back from my Colorado Elk Hunt. Deno and I, the whole camp came back with nada. We returned back from CO on Friday 10-22-10. As everyone knows the D-16 and G13 opener was the following day. My wife (new to hunting) took her hunter’s safety...
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    HEY! ! ! ! ! ! !, I like granola:rofl:
  43. omartish

    9-11-10 Coyote Hunt...

    Congrats, on one hell of a yote hunt. I never thought about starting early with the lights. Were you doing all of the calling in the morning or was it throughout the day? How hot was it? It did not appear the heat bothered them too much with all that action. Good job
  44. omartish

    10 yards to close...

    Cool story, I kinda think that is why we are all into the this sport. Oh ya and to kill some shit also.
  45. omartish

    coyote 8-28-10

    Frigging outstand! ! ! I love that exit wound. Were the other yotes with this one young? What time did you set up and did you only do one set for the day? Thats it, im not leaving the house anymore without my calls.
  46. omartish

    Last Call Tejon Ranch

    I drove that pass twice this weekend and was wondering if there was any pigs that close to the freeway. I would have loved to say I saw ya, but it is tricky to scan hillsides and deal with freeway drivers. Congrats on the pig.
  47. omartish

    Nevada buck

    The picture with the buck and you on the rocks kicks ass. congrats that trip look awesome.
  48. omartish

    3 points... My team is in the lead

    LMAO, I was trying to get multiple points for my yote also. This year is going to be a tuff one for those critters, I'm going to try and put a big dent into their population. Congrats on the 6 bow yotes, that is outstanding.
  49. omartish

    predator calling

    Fishingkid, as many said, stay at it. Mergrath is right about keeping it simple, but these animals are highly intelligent. Stay away from the barking right now unless you know what type of bark you are sending. Yote have their own language and you could be shuting them down. Barks and howl...
  50. omartish

    Slow start on the yotes for 2010

    You will have some problems with that AR, but that Federal round does a number on them.
  51. omartish

    Slow start on the yotes for 2010

    I have been around, I just had a busy deer season and been tied up with work and the family. But the schedule is loosening up.
  52. omartish

    Slow start on the yotes for 2010

    Side note: I only have two yote for this year, anyhow here is my last coyote adventure. On <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:date>02-08-10, Jerky, another friend and I, went to <st1:place>Imperial Valley</st1:place> to hunt some yotes. Let me tell you, the hunt...
  53. omartish

    Deno's dad just plugged a nice one

    12 deep but only four hunters?
  54. omartish

    Where the hell are the reports?

    Pictures of what Shocktower? I didnt shoot. But here you go anyhow. Now you really can call bs because his was last years photo.
  55. omartish

    Where the hell are the reports?

    I went out today, started at 1100 and planned to glass all north facing slopes for bedded animals. I was out with my best friend (5 yr old son). Sat down, first spot and started glassing. Rifle not chambered, range finder not out, front objective on the scope not set, shooting stixs not ready...
  56. omartish

    first hunt first shot first deer

    Man, that thing is a BRUT :eyepoppin ! ! ! You must be proud, your son rocks.
  57. omartish

    yesterdays coyote report with video

    That video was dope, I might be up in Kern County at the end of the month. Do you have anything planned?
  58. omartish

    So, Which tags????

    Deno and I sent out for our tags for Elk in Colorado. The unit is a give me for tags. Then we applied for the Kern River Heard Hunt (CA. D-16 is second choice). We have alot of points hopefully we will draw. Im debating to put in for AZ couse deer again. Most likely Im going to, the hunt...
  59. omartish

    Lets see your....

  60. omartish

    Float tubing the bay with son

    I think I only got to reel in one fish. He handled all of his and I passed most of mine off to him.
  61. omartish

    Float tubing the bay with son

    On 05-07-09, a friend, my 4 year old (soon to be 5) and I went float tube fishing in the bay. We used ghost shrimp for bait on an out going tide. Over all not too bad, about 15 fish total. Lauch site Preparation Sandbass bendo on a spottie
  62. omartish

    04-16 WFO Salton Sea report

    It was hard to leave a wide open bite, but as you can see the kids where DONE and Deno had to leave for AZ.
  63. omartish

    Thanks madbuck22

    Can wait to see your harvest posted
  64. omartish

    just a little fun with birds

    Yotes and Bobcats at night, quail during the day. How could you go wrong. How is the euro mount coming along?
  65. omartish

    Record Size

    Spiny Mole Crab<WBR>2007/Nov05-2007/index.html
  66. omartish

    Have a kid i'll help you get turkeys

    That is Stupidest, Forrest Gump I mean stephen43 How is this for stupid. This yote came into my call no less than 200 yards from camp.
  67. omartish

    Have a kid i'll help you get turkeys

    Dude you are stoked congrats and post your hunt with you dead birds. I already have one. I have to pull it out of the closet and dust it off. Madbuck :urno1: your doing a great thing and it was cool to read bloodyjacks post.
  68. omartish

    Have a kid i'll help you get turkeys

    Cool for Sdhunter, it would had been cool to see his post on this thread stating why they should get the hunt JMO.
  69. omartish

    They grow so fast...

    She going to be just a bird dog? Or you also going to use her for yotes? I guess that is the new truck, huh.
  70. omartish

    Have a kid i'll help you get turkeys

    Mergrath, here are a couple more photos of some bulls we pulled out of the same area.
  71. omartish

    Have a kid i'll help you get turkeys

    I will PM and try and arrange a day for next week:hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli: Here are some more photos There is my favorite "Little Deno Special Bag"
  72. omartish

    Have a kid i'll help you get turkeys

    Bro I have to give you mad props for that offer. It takes one hell of a man to give up a hunting spot. All I have to say is...... Hook a brother up!!!!!! I hunt with my four 1/2 year old all the time and I would love to shoot a turkey with him. I have never turkey hunted and really know...
  73. omartish

    Decifer this? Bueller?

  74. omartish

    San Diego Wild Hogs

    Good intro in the BD bluepointbkslyr. I’m glad your I.Q. score is over 10 and you were able to figure out what Notella meant. You are pretty sharp guy maybe that is why you get the big animals. There are two reasons for putting Notella as a location. One, if you say where they are every...
  75. omartish

    San Diego Wild Hogs

    Mergrath here is a map to help you stumble across Mt. Notella. By the way I know of three Mt. Notella's, be prepared because you are going to have to wear a blindfold and drive a quad at the same time in Colorado;.)
  76. omartish

    San Diego Wild Hogs

    Jerky, You are not taking about these SD WILD HOGS, are you! :eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin
  77. omartish

    Double dogs

    Congrats on the dogs, good luck getting that needle out of your arm. Addicting is an understatment.
  78. omartish

    Ripping Lips 02-11-09 (largemouths)

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:lol Yeah it is the same pond.
  79. omartish

    Ripping Lips 02-11-09 (largemouths)

    On <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:date>02-11-09, I met up with some friends late afternoon. We had our kids once again and went out for some bucket mouth fishing. I have to say today has been the best day I have ever fished. My four year old son has hooked and...
  80. omartish

    Pig , goat and sheep hunting..

    Your right that place is the best for a young kid who needs his or her first kill. Someday soon, I will be there with my son. It is a canned hunt! I have video somewhere of deno slapping one of thier pigs in the ass.
  81. omartish

    Bassing 01-28-09

    That place is just a puddle of a pond. I promote catch and release there because of the size, yet there are a lot of people who take more than their share from there.
  82. omartish

    Good season

    Man, You and your son killed too much stuff this year. Im jealous. My season was good two, one mulie, one couse and I dont know how many yotes and I dont know how many limits of dove. Tell your son I said he rocked this year. My little one has a couple more years before I let him run...
  83. omartish

    Questions about Coyote Hunting

    The yotes should be pairing up right now. The hottest call for this time of year are coyote vocalizations. Dont get me wrong the rabbit distress will still get them. Yotes only breed one time a year and they are not far from denning up. Just my opinion but 22LR is light for a yote and I...
  84. omartish

    Bassing 01-28-09

    It was a pond
  85. omartish

    Hog hunting in SD?

    There are a few in the county but like sluester stated, last I knew they are still on the res. good luck and let us know what you see.
  86. omartish

    ? for coyote hunters

    I hunt my deer area for yotes, I havent notice any problems with the deer changing their pattern, it is not like im there every day. Remember on thing about yotes they will eat fawns every chance they get. you are better killing the yotes than worring about scaring deer. Good luck.
  87. omartish

    Bassing 01-28-09

    I took my 4 year old son out at about <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:time>3:00 p.m. Met up with two other friends +kids for some largemouth fishing. The water temp was cold and the bite was slow, compared to warmer days. None the less pull out 6 bass. One was...
  88. omartish

    First Yote

    congrat on the yote, I had two come down wind of me yesterday, no shots. As you stated nothing beats hand calling yotes, but i love my foxpro.
  89. omartish

    Good news, bad news

    I have one of those.
  90. omartish

    Coues Buck

    Congrats on the Coues, especially with a bow. What unit were you in.
  91. omartish

    Carnage 1-9,10

    Man you are killin the ducks! ! ! ! Are those foxes still around?
  92. omartish

    Varmint hunters... I need scope advice..

    3X9 by 40 you cant go wrong. That is what I have mounted on my rem 700 and I have killed my dogs than I can count with it and never had any issues. Let us know what you get.
  93. omartish

    Ghost story

    spooky, tks for sharing.
  94. omartish

    Where we going this weekend?

    going camping and Im going to try and put some fur on the ground. watchout yotes. Deno someday:_smack_:
  95. omartish

    First baby for me, born Nov 1

    Nice looking dizzaog dog, so where have you been. First a new pad and now a dog. When I read the title and thought you and the wifey had a baby. Anyhow get at me and lets put some fur on the ground. Late
  96. omartish

    question for coyote callers

    It all depends on how they were howling. Coyotes have their own language and it has been interpreted to an extent. I wasn&#8217;t there to hear them so I can not tell you what they were saying. For the most part long barks followed by short howl are referred to challenge howls. Short barks...
  97. omartish

    One Jack, Two Squeaks

    Today I went out with my son to try and bag a yote. We only did three stands with no takers. We saw about 20 jackrabbits and a couple of squeaks. I shot two ground squirrels and one jackrabbit. I might go out soon and not even try to call, just shoot the Jacks. ffice:office"...
  98. omartish

    Happy New Years Eve Dog Down

    Wheels, your stoked bro. Nothing better than scoring when you have the kids. It makes them understand what the hunt is about. Im going to try and get a couple on friday. Congrats on the dog and the great time you had with your boys.
  99. omartish

    Bow Hunting?

    Any good bow, will work both for rabbits and deer. You will just have to change broadheads for small game point of heads. You need to go to a shop to get sized up. I bought my bow from Performance Archery a few years back. They use to let you shoot some bows prior to buying. Be ready to...
  100. omartish

    IV Dingos

    Sluester shoot me a pm and I will take care of those dogs and foxes. It was all dried up. Nothing to worry about.
  101. omartish

    More ducks

    Congrat on the quacks, that is a nice haul. Your dog looks stoked also.
  102. omartish

    IV Dingos

    On <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:date>12-27-09, Jerky and I headed to the <st1:place>Imperial Valley</st1:place> to hunt for the Elusive IV Dingo (wiley coyote). Many have heard about them but few have seen them. First thing in the morning we were driving to...
  103. omartish

    Which Varminter?

    Go with the 700, the action is great. If the trigger is bugging you, drop a Timney Trigger into it. You can order them from the fractory with what trigger weight you desire for $129. You can never go wrong with a remington. Good luck and let us know what you are getting. Replacement...
  104. omartish

    One More For The Books

    You just let me know where? Im always down to shoot yotes.
  105. omartish

    One More For The Books

    No, but I almost disconnected and drove down there for a double,doubleLOL
  106. omartish

    One More For The Books

    On <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:date>12-18-2008, I went camping with the family in <st1:place>Imperial Valley:lux:</st1:place>. Let me tell you it was Muddy, Muddy, Muddy. Anyhow I always take my varmint rifle and calls. I did three sets not far from...
  107. omartish

    pig hunting

    You cant go wrong with the 30-06. Remember it is also a Nato round so ammo will always be around, even when Obama takes everyones guns.
  108. omartish

    San Diego County Varmint Callers

    Lawrence, this is the club I was talking about.
  109. omartish

    sierra hunt 12-12 and 12-13

    The photos are awesome. Sounds like you had a great time.
  110. omartish

    All dogs go to Heaven

    :hali_ruahahaha::rofl:true story.
  111. omartish

    .243 sighting in

    try the corelok 8o grains. guns are picky when it comes to different ammo. Thats one reason why you always site your weapon in again when you are shooting different ammo. That also true for same ammo with different lot #'s
  112. omartish

    Alberta Hunt 2 for 2

    both of those are great mulies, congrats
  113. omartish

    All dogs go to Heaven

    If I would tell 223 is the perfect coyote round that would start some shit on this thread. I love that round for yotes, other popular rounds are 22.250,remington 17, 243 ect. I guess what you are looking for is a small bore rifle. It all depends if you want a pelt after you shoot the animal...
  114. omartish

    All dogs go to Heaven

    At least have that thing ready or that d-12 qaud ride u want to put together.
  115. omartish

    All dogs go to Heaven

    I just finished overhauling on my Remington 700/ 223:D. This task was accomplished with major help from Jerky (thanks bro:urno1:). That is another post in itself. It is now shooting ½ groups at 100 yards, no problem! That is with regular factory ammo also. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  116. omartish

    Ever hunt a cow with antlers?

    talk about a trophy, that whitetail is cool as hell.
  117. omartish

    Decent D-16 buck

    Congrats, that thing is a toad.
  118. omartish

    Went duck hunting

    Congrat on the ducks. Hopefully I will get out before the seasons ends.
  119. omartish

    Easy Peezy Couse Deer Hunt ;)

    :hali_ruahahaha: Hey Tim.......:finger: Fuckers:supergay::supergay::supergay: :finger::finger: After that sumo squat to get that bastard of off the ground, I guess. But I think you guys are still gay for checking out my ass. Especially you Deno, good looking out BUD...
  120. omartish

    Easy Peezy Couse Deer Hunt ;)

    Thanks to all, That would be a good archery spot, but it is a bitch getting down there, but not impossible. That unit had ponds everywhere. I must had seen at least 10-15 from the road alone. All of the canyons also had small pools of water. I was suprised with the amount of water in...
  121. omartish

    Elk hunt report

    congrats on the Bull he is a toad in my book. I drove through that unit on my way home.
  122. omartish

    Easy Peezy Couse Deer Hunt ;)

    This is a long story but it is mine, enjoy. :hali_blablalba: Jerky and I applied for a late season, pre-rut Couse Deer Hunt in Unit 36. This was my first Couse Deer Hunt and I did not know what to expect. Jerky has hunted the area, more than a few times over the last 15 years...
  123. omartish

    WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. omartish

    38 yds.

    Congrats, dude. Hardcore to be out there in the rain.
  125. omartish

    a good yote is a dead yote

    I know, i was joking. I was LMAO when I read the easy peezy part so I had to repeat. again and again.
  126. omartish

    Imperial Valley Hunt

    It is a tuff hunt at nigt also. Will you be by yourself or do you have a parnter. Im not going to hunt down there until med December. I will be down there camping with the family the weekend of the 19th. I will probably jump on my quad and crank out a few sets by cam
  127. omartish

    a good yote is a dead yote

    "Eazzy Peezzy"uh come on, give us yote slayers a little credit. Those bastards can be Eazzy Peezzy and they also can just be damn hard. Set up is key. Those fookers like to come down wind. Especially if they have been called before and busted a hunter during the act of calling. Congrats on...
  128. omartish

    Daughter 1st Ram(long)

    Congrat on the hunt. Sorry about not getting back to you about the taxi info. My buddy never returned my call. Are you going to mount it. How much was it. It will still be a couple of years before I take my son to bag his first animal. Once again Congrat and tell your daughter she did an...
  129. omartish

    Topo Maps?

    Madbuck22, tks for the info I just called them, but it was a big negative on the maps Im looking for.
  130. omartish

    Topo Maps?

    Does anyone know where to get good USGS 1:24 scale Topo Maps. The reason I need these maps or for the MGRS Grid Coordinates that are incorporated in them. I just found out today that Map Centre 7576 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92111 Phone: (858) 278-7887 Closed their doors for...
  131. omartish

    Whale wars another PETA thing

    P eople E ating T asty A nimals Someone is going to die on that show.
  132. omartish

    15 yds.

    Congrat on the buck, job well done.
  133. omartish

    A Legal Question...

    I agree, I dont think the bison gave Consent.
  134. omartish

    Bowhunters beware.....

    You should had wrote down a plate and just forward the info to the DFG. They would have done a followin up investigation. They could had been legit like you said, but chances are they were not.
  135. omartish

    Stupid Deer Newb Question.

    You really can not go wrong with camo. I will be out couse deer hunting next week 36B and I will have on camo. If nothing else you may glass up a deer you might have to stalk within shooting range.
  136. omartish

    new Rem 700 270

    V2 3X9X50 will be perfect for that rifle.
  137. omartish

    Good rifle for Elk(in the timber)

    Hayman did you have an encounter that makes you think you should change your rifle? I go elk hunting every other year for the most part. I hunted thick timber, but i yet have to shoot an elk in it. My buddy Deno is always fucking around in the timber and he has shot elk in the stuff. He...
  138. omartish

    Just got my 2007 Elk Mount

    I went down to the taxidermist I use and I picked up my elk mount. I had it mounted with a hard turn to the right while bugling. The pictures dont do it no justice. I only wish I would have mounted my first elk (the bigger of the two) in that position. (Mergrath you still thinking about that...
  139. omartish

    coyote hunting

    loknload1, I have never done riverside before. Check out this forum. It is dedicated to varmit hunting. I have been on this forum for a little over one year. They guy who runs it is Cranky Farmer. I have hunted with the dude and he is a great guy. You will get you answer there for...
  140. omartish

    Taxidermist recommedations San Diego

    Where are you hunting? If it is that place in Riverside, they recommend a local taxi. A friend of mine had a goat done through them for about $250 dollars. It didn’t look to bad for the money. I like some people take my stuff to Lyons and Ohaver. A goat through them is going to run...
  141. omartish

    Hunting Etiquette...vent!

    Sorry to hear about your shit, bro. Just remember on thing. Every yahoo tree hugger who resides in San Diego only visits on of two different areas when they go to the mountains in SD. One is no fun state park Cuyamaca and then there is the Rec area of Laguna. It has been the better part...
  142. omartish

    D-16 Buck Down

    Congrat bro, I think I might grab an A-22 tag this year. We will see.
  143. omartish

    Another D16 buck

    D-16 is San Diego County. They never fill the tag quota. I believe they issue 3000 tags every year. The success rate is usually less than 7%. It is a tough hunt. congrats on the buck any d-16 animal is a trophy in my eyes.
  144. omartish

    2008 Kansas Archery Buck Report(pics)

    congrat, that thing is a pig
  145. omartish

    Second season upland success

    Congrats, I will be out there shortly for the 2nd dove season. Good looking dog.
  146. omartish

    I've got the spirit of the wild inside of me!

    Dude you are a non-stopping hunting machine. Congrats
  147. omartish

    Father, Son D-16 Buck (the finished story)

    Well let me start <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:time>4:00 p.m. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Like any good varmint hunter, I took all my calls and decoys. I pulled over the side of the road and crested a small hill and began a set. Less than 5 mins in, I see a yote...
  148. omartish

    Father son Texas Hunt. My sons first buck w/Pics

    That was a great post and great time out with your son. I like all of the pics you inserted to show the good times. I also like the pic with the bloody deck shirt.
  149. omartish

    G-1 Late Buck

    Nice buck, I hate moutain lions
  150. omartish

    Slaying the Large Mouths

    O.K, O.K. Im not telling anyone nothing. :shakin::food-smil
  151. omartish

    Public land maps California

    this is the best place to get your maps. They will have every map you could possible need and if they dont have it, they will get it. Also for any one who hunts out of state, this is were to buy you topo maps.
  152. omartish


    I was wondering if anyone got a buck opening weekend? congrats
  153. omartish

    Best Trail Cam Pic Ever

    This was sent to me from a friend. I dont know the orgin but it is cool as hell.
  154. omartish

    1st duck(s)

    congrats for you and your son. I had mentioned duck hunting to my son and he wont stop bugging about it. We are going to hunt later in the season. I still have deer to chase.
  155. omartish

    San Diego Deer Hunting (1 down)

    If you are nice enought to me, I will give you the MGRS coordinates for my spotting rock and an azimuth of where the buck has been spotted more than one.
  156. omartish

    San Diego Deer Hunting (1 down)

    Well this hunt started in February. I was out hunting coyotes with two friends. Well during the conversation I told one, &#8220;If you apply for a doe tag, I will guarantee you one. Money back guarantee.&#8221; I figured I would offer the money back guarantee since it wasnt going to cost...
  157. omartish

    Slaying the Large Mouths

    I might be able to hook up a couple of brothers, but a hole like this, I literally mean a hole, could be over fished easy. That is why I catch and release everything including blue gill.
  158. omartish

    Cleveland Deer

    I thought the same. lol
  159. omartish

    Slaying the Large Mouths

    Last week I went out with my son, a friend and his daughter. We drilled the bass, I forgot how many. Anyhow, we also went out yesterday and drilled 6 more, forgot my camera. So I know you guys are calling bullshit, but I do have a couple of photos from last week Today, I went out for about 2...
  160. omartish

    Does A22 suck more than normal this year?

    I just got an email from a buddy of mine. He sent me a pic of a nice 4X3. He took the photo from his ground blind and he said the buck was under his tree stand. He has seen the same animal 4 times this season. Just a matter of time before it all comes together.
  161. omartish

    Here Piggy Piggy!

  162. omartish

    Why Duck Hunting is better than being in a relationship.

  163. omartish

    AZ Yuma dove hunt

    yeah I saw that beast (the one you tow with). You were parked almost right infront of me a few roads away. You were facing east a couple of stalls away from the river right.
  164. omartish

    AZ Yuma dove hunt

    My camera is not water proof, come on give a brother a break.
  165. omartish

    AZ Yuma dove hunt

    I was on Bluegill road, in the blue hauler, sorry I missed you. I probably will take you up on the offer next year:food-smiley-014:
  166. omartish

    AZ Yuma dove hunt

    Went to AZ for the dove opener. This was my first dove hunt and I didn’t know what to expect;). Well I can say I’m hooked. I went hunting with Jerky and his crew. We hunted one of his spots in Yuma. Day one Limits in about an hour. I was hogging:oinker: the birds:2gunsfiring_v1:. It was...
  167. omartish

    D-16 Scouting Report

    You're lucky becuase you get to scout while working and getting paid, the best of both worlds. Is that a forked horn? He is pretty wide for a local No tella.
  168. omartish

    D-16 Scouting Report

    Now we are talking. I enjoy smacking yotes more than I do with deer. The dogs dont want to play with me right now. I have tried a few set with nada, coming in:Bawling_e Deno tells me he is trying to recruit you on an out of state Elk hunt? If you are serious, you better keep the quad for...
  169. omartish

    D-16 Scouting Report

    I figured you are. Dont let the cat out of the bag
  170. omartish

    D-16 Scouting Report

  171. omartish

    D-16 Scouting Report

    Last year while coyote hunting I promised a friend if he applied for a doe tag I would put him on one. Well needless to say I already opened my mouth so now I need to follow up. :imdumb: It was about 7:00 am by the time I started to glass. There was a fog hanging over the mountain top (No Tella...
  172. omartish

    Offshore Radio Control

    Amen, The theory about the cost of fuel most likely will not work. You still have yahoos at home drinking in their driveways sitting in their boats asking for radio checks and fish reports. Stay off the damn air if you are not on the water. This topic has been bugging me for years. When...
  173. omartish

    bakeries in san diego

    New York Bakery 245 Main St El Cajon (619) 334-5164
  174. omartish

    oil hits $139 a barrel

    I already was at a 1/4 tank. He forgot to mention the big one dollar tip for an outstanding $60
  175. omartish

    Proudest day of my life! W/ pix 04-13

    These are the best days. congrats on the bass and tell you boy to keep up the good work.
  176. omartish

    New Predator Caller

    I also have the Fox Pro, no complaints her. I use it with the Jack N the box decoy. Those dogs lock onto that decoy like you cant imagine.
  177. omartish

    03-29-08, 5 largemouth and some Blue gills

    He was still in diapers. I would hook them up and let him reel them in. Now all he wants to do is cast out and reel in by himself. It does not allow much fishing for me, but I have enough fish under my belt. Now its his turn. We started at just about two years old. He is 3 1/2 now.
  178. omartish

    03-29-08, 5 largemouth and some Blue gills

    I took my three year old son out, to rip some lips in a pond not to far from my house. I was fly lining whole night crawlers. Ended the day with 5 bass and a handfull of blue gills. My son had a blast. He is going to be a slaughtering machine. All were released in good health for another day...
  179. omartish

    Bow fishing (for all you bow hunters)

    Looks a little dangerous to me. check it out - Bow Fishing
  180. omartish

    Rattle Snake Pictures 03-08

    Sorry about that dude. That was the first time I seen, Elk and Ibex in the valley, so I thought they may be protected.
  181. omartish

    Rattle Snake Video 03-08

    I usally do, but someone had to leave some heat at camp with the wives. Deno refused to leave his gun. So I left mine with my wife to protect his wife. Good looking, FRIEND.
  182. omartish

    Rattle Snake Video 03-08

    Deno said, "So I let my friend at work edit the video of me shooting the snake and this is what I got back. :imdumb: Damn Deno, I guess you are one hell of a shot. :ashamed: To bad they werent there to see the magic in person. Your good guy, really good. The...
  183. omartish

    Rattle Snake Pictures 03-08

    I seen the photo of the hat he found. I knew when I left there was something missing. That's ok, I will catch up with u guys later.
  184. omartish

    Rattle Snake Pictures 03-08

    Deno you forgot to mention the bobcat that I had shot. You guys should see the elk herd they have in the valley also. Here is my son re-acting the MONSTER CAT that got away. It is a fishing story, but I...
  185. omartish

    a set of calls for next year...

    Camp and the cab of a pick up truck is not the hills:shakin:
  186. omartish

    a set of calls for next year...

  187. omartish

    1st squeak shoot of 2008. Paso Robles CA

    Thats not true. It would just have several holes in it like swiss cheese. Just ask the buck from three years ago. Come on deno my last buck was one shot one kill.
  188. omartish

    Calf killers DEAD w/pic 2/23/08

    Yeah he maybe correct. Just because it is deemed legal per state law, doesnt mean they are not violating federal law. Becareful.
  189. omartish

    1st squeak shoot of 2008. Paso Robles CA

    Thanks for the video, LMAO watching it. Good stuff. They home made shooting sticks werent doing you any justice? LOL
  190. omartish

    lets see your biggame kills for 07

    One Elk 2 Bobcats 1 Grey Fox 14 Coyotes
  191. omartish

    Dog vs Mountain Lion

    Your wrong, it looks like the tiger won.
  192. omartish

    Dog vs Mountain Lion

    YouTube - Dog vs. Mountain Lion - Who will win?
  193. omartish

    anyone do those 3d puzzles?

    What was it, It doesnt look as bad as my bobcat:rofl:
  194. omartish

    Painting Rifles (check mine out)

    No I just left it with the krylon. My stock is going on the better part of a year painted. No chips or scratches. Was the 10-22 a trial run? Or is that the rifle you were debating about painting. I like the leaf pattern you used, it kicks ass.
  195. omartish

    Painting Rifles (check mine out)

    This is Jeph's glock, shotgun and Ak whats up now:gayfight:
  196. omartish

    Painting Rifles (check mine out)

    looks great Im going to buy three shades of pink, we will paint your gun this weenend. I was thinking about the painting the 6x47 instead of the cz.
  197. omartish

    being hunted

    I seen the original copy of that photo is a hunting/ tackle shop near Olympia WA. It was taking from a game camera in WA.
  198. omartish

    Painting Rifles (check mine out)

    [COLOR=black]Are u sure you had dropped a moose with that?:hali_ruahahaha: I can swear I have that same rifle in .177 cal
  199. omartish

    Painting Rifles (check mine out)

    No clear coat. I kind of thought about the solvent issue. But at $4 a can of paint, it wont cost anything to touch it up.
  200. omartish

    Painting Rifles (check mine out)

    For anyone who wants to paint their rifles similar to mine this is how I did it. Let me start with before and after photos. Black stocked rem 700 with leupold scope. As you can see the black stock, scope and sling stand out like a sore thumb. The stock painted only The entire rifle...
  201. omartish

    First Grey Fox

    The season is nearing an end quickly. I have seen them in the Imperial Valley and had shot at them there. Good luck.
  202. omartish

    First Grey Fox

    PM sent
  203. omartish

    First Grey Fox

  204. omartish

    First Grey Fox

    Short storyShort story<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<font" /><st1:time Hour="13" Minute="30"><FONT face=Arial>1:30 p.m.</st1:time><FONT face=Arial> Let me tell you, the skunk was on our backs. I began to really think that jeph doesn’t hunt, he just tries to lure...
  205. omartish

    First Grey Fox

  206. omartish

    Bobcat down!

    Mine was aleast 500 yards, What are u talking about. congrats on the cat. I havent tried to nail one with my bow yet.
  207. omartish

    yoter pics

    Nice size dog, What the story with the half tail. You took home the fleas huh?
  208. omartish


    I know your pain brotha. All I hunt is public land. Congrat and sorry. Sorry that you are probably going to be hooked on coyote hunting for the rest of your days. Once again congrats.
  209. omartish

    Breaking in a new Hunting Partner

    When I previewed that post I thought the same, So I edited it to read different. Sorry about the heart attack.
  210. omartish

    Breaking in a new Hunting Partner

    On ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com01-30-08</st1:date>, I was at home with my 3 ½ year old son. He tells me he wants to go hunting, so off to the hills we go. 10 mins into my first stand, I look behind me and this is what I find. He had fallen...
  211. omartish

    01-26-08 Predator Report

    I was promised a good time. I thought it was kinda of weird when he was laughing when he said I would score. :imdumb:
  212. omartish

    01-26-08 Predator Report

    [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]On Saturday I woke up at about 230 am and I was on my way to Jerky’s house for a predator hunt in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<font] [FONT=[/IMG][SIZE=/><st1:place>Salton...
  213. omartish

    01-26-08 Predator Report

  214. omartish

    Three Coyotes Down

    There was only one other trailer within miles. I wont hunt if it is a busy weekend. No matrer what the conditions I never shoot at skylined animals. Im shooting a 223 remintion 700.
  215. omartish

    Diesel/Gasoline... Banks Power...MORE Power And Mileage?

    I was never one to do my homework. I have an 06 dodge des. I have the edge package, banks exhaust, K&N air filter, and a new torq converter. What else would I want or need. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> My tranny temp...
  216. omartish

    She's a ....

  217. omartish

    Saluki you're the man, nice looking girl you have there.

    I think there is a case of IDENTITY THEFT going on:confused:. Just a couple of days ago she was my girlfriend:hali_parkutuli:. Oh and the ID THEFT thing Saluki, workout every day? and hung like a horse? :D :cheers: You guys should hear Jeph422's deam about her:D. Just playing bro, I...
  218. omartish

    Nissan Titan vs. Toyota Tundra

    My wife has an 02 tundra with about 100k miles. Never had one problem. Toyota makes a good vehicle. I hate driving it, its the wife's truck (girly truck) I have an 06 dodge diesle that can tow a skyscrapper. My brother has an 06 titian, that is a bad ass ride. If I had to choose betwen...
  219. omartish

    Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Let's See...

    Well I seen the challenge:confused:, worked the problem to get my answer:imdumb:. Then I read the post and seen others answers had done the same thing I did. Then I thought I just wasted 1/2 of my life for nothing:hali_parkutuli:. Thank you. Well here it is anyways. 7 ladies = 14 legs 7 ladies...
  220. omartish

    Does Your Cat Drive you Nuts?

    Im giving my cat away, any takers?????:rofl:
  221. omartish

    Lunch with Sneekee....

    OMG:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Dont worry gents Heath Ledger is dead and there is no more broke back mountain. :gayfight:
  222. omartish

    .17 hmr rifles..

    Here is a link for a review on the 17hmr caliber. It is about 10 pages long with pics. This dude shoots everything under the sun with it. He is comparing ammo not rifles.. I heard a rummor that they(DFG) are going to ban hunting coyotes with this caliber for 2008. I have not looked into it...
  223. omartish

    quick predator report with pic

    It took you long enough to post the pics. Anyhow congrat on the cat. He is almost as big as mineLOL. The background in the photos is awesome.
  224. omartish

    Three Coyotes Down

    That turtle is poking his head out. Always
  225. omartish

    Three Coyotes Down

    That fence had been falling down for the last two years. It's not like this trip had been planned for 3 months and like I had to request time off of work to make it. Good looking out anyhow. Dont let your fellings get hurt:hali_parkutuli:
  226. omartish

    Three Coyotes Down

    I found a 'yote recipes. I havn't tried them yet, but read 'em through, it's the best way I can imagine to eat a coyote... ===== OAK SEASONED 'YOTE - marinade the coyote meat overnight in you favorite marinade. - meanwhile, soak two oak planks in salted water overnight. - fire up the grill...
  227. omartish

    AZ bonzai run part duex

    Congrats on the hunt. Awesome photos. I hope that deer get harvested before any infection sets in.
  228. omartish

    Three Coyotes Down

  229. omartish

    Three Coyotes Down

    3 Dogs in the dirt, Short story I went camping with the family and shot three coyotes and missed one fox. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<font size=" /><o:p></o:p> <FONT face="Times New Roman"><FONT size=3><FONT color=#000000> <FONT face="Times New Roman"><FONT...
  230. omartish

    AR Triggers

    Is that a federal or state law?
  231. omartish


    Nice hunt dude. Sounds like you guys had a great time.
  232. omartish

    What's the way to go????

    I have to agree with the 38. A good ol wheel gun, point shot. You dont have to worry about chambering or limp wristing ect. cant go wrong. Im speaking from experience also. I have dealt with my fair share of “Home invasions” and burglaries while people or home “Hot prowls”. The...
  233. omartish

    pic of deer skull from last week

    Next time one of my animals hit the ground Im sending the skull out to you. Hopefully I will be able to put a coyote in the dirt this weekend.
  234. omartish

    come here dogings

  235. omartish

    come here dogings

    I went out last night. I had a lot of action no shots. I called in five coyotes. I just could not get them within range. Night hunting is a bitch. I also called in a cat? I caught a quick glimpse of it, after it was hanging around for a second and circling us, I want to say It might had...
  236. omartish


    they have a store here is SD. If they dont have want you want they can get it. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=581 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width=5 bgColor=#d9d9a5></TD><TD width=571 bgColor=#d9d9a5 colSpan=2></TD><TD width=5 bgColor=#d9d9a5></TD></TR><TR><TD width=5...
  237. omartish

    Shooting rabbits?

    Do tell
  238. omartish

    First BOBCAT

    Hey bro it looks like you'll be hanging out with me. Chuy doesnt get out of the house too much these days. :food-smiley-014:
  239. omartish

    Pictures of Bulls Locked up and story.

    Deno you poser. The way your post reads, everyone thinks your the hero. I dont remember elk being in southern SD. Man you better stop drinking beer before you post things.
  240. omartish

    First BOBCAT

    Your out of control. It wasnt attacking livestock, unless you consider illegals as livestock. I thought we rehersed this, "Border patrol told me they had seen that cat stocking illegals. They were worried about their (illegals) well being and asked me if I would do them a...
  241. omartish

    First BOBCAT

    Im shooting a remington 700, chambered in 233 with a leupold scope. The round was a winchester 223, 45gr varmint round. Santa Cluas hit the nail on the head this year.
  242. omartish

    First BOBCAT

    I just finished up with skinning my first bobcat. Well I have been varmint hunting for several years and killed several animals, but never a bobcat. After seeing all of Jephs 422 kills/cats I began to inquire about them. ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  243. omartish

    The value of a CCW Permit.

    You local Sheriff can issue a CCW permit that is good for the entire state. Different Sheriff agency have different critria for what they deem justifiable to issue the permit. They will do a background check, fingerprints and application. After that is said and done and all money is...
  244. omartish

    Anyone ever fish the canals in Imperial Valley?

    what type of rigs do you use for the cats? slider sinker with a leader? The canal was super clear for the most part. The fish would see you and swim off. Do you suggest to spot fish or just soak a bait.
  245. omartish


    Karl, you dont have anyone fooled.
  246. omartish

    back from TX....lots of Varmint shootin' with pics!!

    Did you ask Santa for that pillow? Looks like you guys kicked serious ass. Congrats. And it is apparent that you are stoked about the badger. Congrats again. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  247. omartish

    5 year old kills 400+ lb bear

    That is awesome. I surprised they air that, with all of the tree huggers in this country.
  248. omartish

    King Ranch Buck caught in fence and rescued

  249. omartish


  250. omartish

    your favorite varmit and pedator gun

    I use a .223 with a Winchester 45 gr JHP round. On 98% of the dogs that I have shot, the round would enter and not exit. Perfect for pelts, one small hole. For the other two percent the damage was un-real. If you hand load :ashamed: you can tweak the loads to do what ever you want. Here...
  251. omartish


    Does this count
  252. omartish


    Good luck, I cant wait to see the pics. :Exploding_Smiley:
  253. omartish

    Help a Brother Out!!!!

    Done deal.
  254. omartish

    Bat Rays??????????????

    Mud Marlin? I use a 3 to 4 oz sliding sinker on a 2 1/2 to 3 foot leader, 30# test line. The area I know that has the most consistent bite is in the San Diego bay just north of the bridge on the San Diego side. You will need a boat, since you cant fish off of the Crosby Street pier. Fish at...
  255. omartish

    cheap electronic varmit call

    Here is the Link to Al's page. Varmint Al's Hunting Page
  256. omartish


  257. omartish


    I can play nice with the animals.
  258. omartish


  259. omartish

    BLM and YOUR tax dollars

    I thought that Hollenback was ran by the state. Is Hollenback just west of Honeysprings near the intersection of Otay Lakes Road and the 94. If it is, then this info may correct, if not Im talking out of my ass. I just talked with (4 days ago) a federal fish and game agent (not BLM). He...
  260. omartish


    Deno is always looking for a drinking partner. I dont pound them that much, but when I do stand by to stand by.
  261. omartish


    Here is another link. Deno you can post you near death encounter on it. Coyote Attacks on Children
  262. omartish


    We will hook up, when you get back from texas.
  263. omartish


    [quote=jephs422;839277]SD county is legal for spotlighting, but take a look at your maps to see which areas are 9v or less and which are unlimited voltages. Remember that in 9v areas you must have your feet on the ground, i.e., no shining from the truck. Omar, hop on eBay and grab a Q-beam...
  264. omartish


    LOL I wouldnt expect to hear anything different. I laughing my ass off right now.
  265. omartish


    Yes it is.
  266. omartish


    Yes it is.
  267. omartish


    Im going to start shopping for a light and some red lenses.
  268. omartish


    I need to start hunting at night. Im dicking around calling during the day and Im lucky if I get a crack at one animal.
  269. omartish


    Nice Picture DENO? Is that the coyote that was going to attack your son. Lucky for you son you were carrying a glock .40. That photo looks like a 223 to the neck. But how would I know that. LOL
  270. omartish


    Steve check out this site of damage that coyotes cause. Im not using this as justification but they do destroy livestock. Coyote Predation - Photos As you mentioned coyotes are predators and part of an ecosystem. But in every ecosystem you have checks and balances. What hunts and keeps...
  271. omartish


    Dude that thing is huge!
  272. omartish


    I hunt coyotes all the time. Sunday I did three sets. I had one sneek in on me at about 120 yards. I caught it after it had seen me. I took two shots on the run. missed. Today I did two sets. On the second set I seen one coming in at about 350 yards. I think i started to howl to early...
  273. omartish

    do you carry a side arm

    No it was not a HAM hunt. Deno your my boy, but you need to grow a pair and leave the handgun at home. Just because we live in the county that is documented as having the most negative mountain lion encounters for the entire state of California, doent mean anything. No matter what you...
  274. omartish

    do you carry a side arm

    Your right, it is illegal to carry any type of firearm when archery hunting in California. No excemptions, not even Law Enforcement. :Death_To_Above:
  275. omartish

    Montana 6 by 7 Bull Elk

    I have to agree. I've tried to drag an elk with four guys, it wasnt happing. It took three to roll it over down hill, just to gut it out.
  276. omartish

    Another Coyote down

    Dont get me wrong, I have shot a couple with my 300 win mag.
  277. omartish

    Another Coyote down

    I use a Winchester 223, 45 gr JHP, high velocity 3600 fps. This round is all cooper and it usally enters and does not exit. But for some reason I had two dogs substain heavy damage. This dog took two rounds and was extreme. :deadhorse
  278. omartish

    Another Coyote down

    You cant see it from the camera's angle but the left side of the entire neck was blasted out. I use a 223 and this only happened twice to me. Because of the heavy damage to the pelt this ended up being a gag decoy for some unsuspecting hunter's in camp
  279. omartish

    Another Coyote down

    I went deer hunting with my 3 yr old son this weekend. Needless to say, it wasn’t much of a hunting trip as it was a camping trip. I took my coyotes call with me, like always. I talked my buddy Deno (sucker) into watching my destroyer while I did a quick set near camp. I was probably 200...
  280. omartish

    Another Coyote down

  281. omartish

    Offshore 7/12 the real story

    Dude, maybe you are right about taking your gaff to that dude’s jigs and him being a fucking asshole. But cursing him out over the radio is unacceptable. I’m out there fishing with my young son and he hears all of this going on. What kind of example are “you” or even “us” showing...
  282. omartish

    Offshore 7/11 182 Albies

    waterdog 88, thanks for the info. I will be out there tomorrow.