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  1. mhatz1

    Accurate Bx2 500 narrow

    I have a Accurate Bx2 500 narrow reel for sale. Mech and appearance is excellent. $450.00 obo.Pick up in I.E. text is the best way to get a hold of me. 909-556-3731 thanks mike
  2. mhatz1

    just got back from La Paz

    We fished for three days with Baja pirates. it was slow the first two days and then the last day was great. biggest bull I caught was 39 pounds.
  3. mhatz1

    Headed to LaPaz

    Thanks Guys, I will post some pics when I get back if I do any good. Tight lines
  4. mhatz1

    Headed to LaPaz

    Has anyone been to La Paz in the last week or so. I'm headed down there next week and need a fish report. Thanks Mike
  5. mhatz1

    Mostly vintage surface and heavy iron / jigs

    Thanks Steven, The lures look great. Thank you
  6. mhatz1

    Rods for Sale / EX Ulua / Super Seeker / Graphite USA / Phenix / Calstar Graphiter

    Erik, if the gusa is still for sale I'll take it. I will be in L.B. Sunday evening text or call me 909-556-3731 thanks mike
  7. mhatz1

    Airmar transducer P66

    I have a 10 pin Airmar transducer for Furuno electronics Part #525ST-PWD. transom mount. $50.00 obo E-mail is the best way to get a hold of me ([email protected]) Thanks MIke
  8. mhatz1

    Looking for reel bag for 6 reels

    I have a albackore bag that will hold at least 8 reels. it measures 21 1/2 x 11 x 9. lmk if your interested can text you some pics. 909-556-3731 thanks Mike
  9. mhatz1

    Airmar transducer

    I have a 10 pin P66 Airmar transducer for sale part# 525st-pwd. I only had it on my boat for a short time. $50.00 O.B.O. The best way to get a hold of me is to text me @ 909-556-3731 or E-Mail me ([email protected]) thanks Mike
  10. mhatz1


    Wow, So she made a mistake. Welcome to the BD Fshmojo. Don't mind all the negative people they just hate being showed up by a Women. Lol Tight Lines :) Free bump ttt
  11. mhatz1

    BUD Rod and Reel / Giant Wall Mount Lure / Dorado Mount

    The skin mounts I seen have a clear coat of varnish or some other coating to help in preserving the mount. The fiberglass are very smooth and the hole mount is very light. lmk thanks Mike
  12. mhatz1

    FT SKB tackle box

    I have a phenix phd-700xh. let me know if your interested. my e-mail is ([email protected])
  13. mhatz1

    23 Rods

    any gusa rods?
  14. mhatz1

    FS Phenix Hybrid 700xh

    any time Robert.
  15. mhatz1

    FS Phenix Hybrid 700xh

    I have a Phenix Hybrid phd-700xh factory wrapped rod for sale. Only thing wrong with the rod is 2 scratches on the reel seat from the rod clamp screws(see pics). My email is [email protected] this is the best way to get in touch with me. Sold
  16. mhatz1

    Wtb: 2 phenix hybrid rods in excellent condition

    I have a phd-700xh that I have been thinking of sell. Factory wrap. it has 2 scratches on the reel seat from the rod clamp screws.
  17. mhatz1


    Could you send me some pics of the rod. ([email protected]) thanks Mike
  18. mhatz1

    La Paz

    Does anyone know how the fishing is in la paz this time of year.
  19. mhatz1

    Phenix rod wrapped by moon

    I had Moon wrap this Phenix psw 700h. He did a great job. Thanks again Moon.
  20. mhatz1

    Need a rod wrapped

    I just had Moon wrap me a Phenix rod and he does great work.
  21. mhatz1

    Graphite USA Blanks

    Is there a way to tell the difference?
  22. mhatz1

    Lobster puller and rack

    Nice hoop rack and puller Scott. That's a great way to keep the deck clear. I think you are going to need more aluminum. Free Bump
  23. mhatz1

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    I never know what I'm going to catch, But I know with my new dauntless it's no problem.
  24. mhatz1


    That's a good start Ed, I will be out of town till Monday. Any Question E-mail me, [email protected]
  25. mhatz1


    Sorry Mike, You were forth in line. Mark was the first one in line. Both rods SOLD
  26. mhatz1


    Hi Lance, I will be there. Good to hear from you. see you on the boat
  27. mhatz1


    I have 2 Phenix hybrids for sale: 888mh Deckhand black and blue cord. condition 10/10 SOLD 838mh Deckhand black and purple cord, condition 9/10 SOLD
  28. mhatz1


    I have set of 3 single speed Accurate reels for sale. 197 4.6:1 gear ratio, 270 4.6:1 gear ratio, 870n 4.6:1 gear ratio I have had a bunch of PM's asking how much I want for the set. All three reels were taken to accurate and been completely gone through. There is no scratches, nicks or...
  29. mhatz1

    SKB Rod Tube .. Used once

    Thank you. It was great meeting you. Tight lines
  30. mhatz1

    phenix black diamond psw700H

    If you don't get any bites on the trade let me know what you would sell it for.
  31. mhatz1

    WTB Smitty Rod Belt

    Thanks luan, i'll pm you the next time i'm coming to the O.C.
  32. mhatz1

    Rod butts and T- Bar handles

    That's a lot of butts.
  33. mhatz1

    WTB Smitty Rod Belt

    small or large day belt
  34. mhatz1

    WTB Smitty Rod Belt

    Looking for a Smitty rod belt, The Small or large day belt. Text me a pic and how much you want. 909-556-3731 Thanks Mike
  35. mhatz1

    30.06 ammo

    I have 23 rounds of mixed 30.06 ammo. SOLD
  36. mhatz1

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 700 X4H

    Joel, If it falls through with nick. I take it
  37. mhatz1

    Bait/Fillet Board

    It was a $100.00 then Chris show me the link so I changed it to $75.00 obo
  38. mhatz1

    Bait/Fillet Board

    thanks chris, price reduced
  39. mhatz1

    Bait/Fillet Board

    I have a Fentress Marine Bait/Fillet Board. It measures 32" Wide by 12" Deep. Comes with rod holder mount. SOLD
  40. mhatz1

    Phenix Hybrids & Calstar Rods

    Thanks Eric, Last Phenix is sold. Still Have a Calstar 100 J
  41. mhatz1

    Phenix Hybrids & Calstar Rods

    Bump. Only 2 rods left
  42. mhatz1

    Phenix Hybrids & Calstar Rods

    Bump, prices reduced
  43. mhatz1

    Phenix Hybrids & Calstar Rods

    I will be going to the fred hall show on Sunday. or I can ship any of these rods.
  44. mhatz1

    Phenix Hybrids & Calstar Rods

    **SOLD** Doing a little spring cleaning and going to sell the rods I haven't use in a while. All Rods are factory wraped and in Excellent condition. Pm me for pics. All prices are O.B.O. Not Give me your best deal. If your serious make me a resonable offer, If your lowballing Don't bother...
  45. mhatz1

    Accurate pliers

    I want them just short on funds at the moment.
  46. mhatz1

    Reel Bags/Harness/Day belts (Butt Plates)

    I interested in the day belt with the gimble size is it.
  47. mhatz1

    Heavy long range Tuna Sticks. 130lb++ class

    I have a calstar 760H. all roller, line test 50-130. pm me if you are interested
  48. mhatz1

    Windon top shot jig

    Thanks Garrett, That was fast shipping and it looks great. Many thanks and tight lines. Mike
  49. mhatz1

    Phenix Hybrid

    Would you be interested in a PDH836L.
  50. mhatz1

    Windon top shot jig

    Hi Garrett, Will you ship and do you take paypal.
  51. mhatz1

    Phenix PHD660X3H 60-130

    Thanks Chris, Just recieved the rod and it looks awsome. I will put it to good use.
  52. mhatz1

    Ruger M77 7mm mag

    Thanks for all the comments. I have alot of memories with this old truck gun. Brent ur right about this gun, it's not a wall hanger But I put alot of meat on the table with her. I decided not to sale her. Thanks all
  53. mhatz1

    Ruger M77 7mm mag

    yeah, The safety is on the tang. I will post some better pics tomarrow.
  54. mhatz1

    Ruger M77 7mm mag

    ]]I have a Ruger M77, 7mm mag. This is the first M77 model made so I think it might be called the mark 1.It is sightless and has the ultra light barrel. A leupold 3x9 vari-x IIc is mounted on it. I have been out of the gun scene for a lot of years and would like to sell the combo but not sure...
  55. mhatz1

    Smitty Pad & Braid Belt

    What part of LA r u in and what size is the belt
  56. mhatz1

    Calstar West Coast Rods

    I have 2 wc 665xh line test 40-100 in excellent condition. let me know.
  57. mhatz1

    Phenix Rod & Daiwa Reel

    What colors is the hand grip, or please post pics
  58. mhatz1

    Fishing shades

    Maui jims, polorized. Cuts the sheen on top of the water, great glasses
  59. mhatz1

    Accurate ATD 50W

    I have a SX raptor in gold, Avet Pro ex 4/02 and two Calstar 655xh trolling rods. let me know if your interested in any of these rods or reels.
  60. mhatz1

    Avet And Calstar

    Pm's answered
  61. mhatz1

    Avet And Calstar

    I have a reel and a couple of rods that don't get used anymore. Avet Pro EX 4/02, serviced last year, A few very small scratches,Hasn't seen water since. $300.00 o.b.o. OR 2- Calstar WC-655 XH RS/RT, In great shape. $300.00 o.b.o for the set
  62. mhatz1

    Grundens / Gage Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Gage Fish On Jacket valued at $150

    "Grundens", Keep you dry even when your hands are full.
  63. mhatz1

    Phenix hybrid- Phd 700x2h or 700x3h

    Looking to buy a Phenix rod Phd 700x2h or 700x3h. send me a private message and we can go from there. Thanks
  64. mhatz1

    Rotations Pet Food presents - Caption Contest Ending Jan 30, 2012

    Hey man, What are u looking at? Your not feeding me rotation dog foood
  65. mhatz1

    Phenix 760h & 700xh

    Thanks Ian For the nice rod.
  66. mhatz1

    Birthday lobster, Sd Bay - got some

    Nice job and happy Birthday.
  67. mhatz1

    SKB Reel Locker

    Jake do u have any pics
  68. mhatz1

    bug hunting on the jig strike 11-27-11

    It was fun hooping with you chris and you take some great pics too. I had to wait till tonight to eat mine. they were awsome. hope we can hoop together again it was fun. Hi jay, you can call h&m landing and they will fill you in on the details. The crew on the Jig strke have it down.
  69. mhatz1

    Phenix 700H/Avet JX 4.6

    will you spilt them up. I may interested in the rod.
  70. mhatz1

    bug hunting on the jig strike 11-27-11

    Last night my cousin and I went out on the Jig Strike and did some bug hunting. I just want to say thanks to the captain and crew they have it dialed in. I picked up 3 keepers and my cousin picked up 5. flat conditions and nice temps made for a good night.
  71. mhatz1

    phenix rod for sale

    robert can you post some pics.
  72. mhatz1

    Trindad 20A, Phenix 700XH, Phenix 869H, Custom Shikari

    is it a 700 h or xh and is it factory wrapped. thx
  73. mhatz1

    Accurate 870n 870 2 speed 270 2speed

    Nice reel and best wishes to you and your new baby.
  74. mhatz1

    Phenix Hybrid 700x3

    Allen, What r u looking.
  75. mhatz1

    calstar grafighter GFDH 800ML

    I stand corrected, I went to charbait and there it is. I wonder why calstar doesn't have it listed on there charts. Well any way Alex if you don't find it and want a 800m pm me.
  76. mhatz1

    calstar grafighter GFDH 800ML

    Hi Alex, R u looking for 800L or a 800m, Calstar does not make a 800ML according to there charts ( Take a look. I have a 800M Line Rated 20-40 deckhand X-wrap over cork. That I will part with. Let Me know.Mike
  77. mhatz1

    Accurate 270 silver and black L.E.

    Hi Frank, I'm in Colton,Ca (so cal) I going to look at one tomarrow here in the local area if it's not what I'm looking for I will get back with you. Whats the condition and gear ratio and is it complete, Rod clamp,box, paperwork.
  78. mhatz1

    Accurate 270 silver and black L.E.

    Looking for a Accurate 270 Limited edtion. I have heard it called black acid wash or black splash. You can pm me or text me @ 909-556-3731
  79. mhatz1

    Offshore Bait tank or bust

    I had a 32 gal kodiak oval tank on my 24' and it worked well with a 750gph bait pump. Good luck with your project.
  80. mhatz1

    Phenix Hybrid 760 H $ 300

    Is it custom wrapped or factory wrapped and can we see some pics. thx
  81. mhatz1

    Jigs Jigs jigs

    Thanks Bob, Great stuff it will not last long. Hope to see you on a trip one of these day.
  82. mhatz1

    calstar grafighter rod all roller

    Hi John, Thanks for the response. All my rods r factory wrapped just trying to keep them alike. Thank you
  83. mhatz1

    calstar grafighter rod all roller

    Looking for a factory grafighter all roller rod 40-100, 50-130 let me know what you have. thanks Mike Rod Found, Thanks to all that pm'ed me. Tight lines to all of you out there.
  84. mhatz1

    shimano trinidad tn30

    bump- reduced price
  85. mhatz1

    Sport Chalet shimano trinidads on sale

    I have a TN-30 with spectra already on it look at my ad on page 2
  86. mhatz1

    shimano trinidad tn30

    price reduced first $250.00 gets it
  87. mhatz1

    Accurate limited edition red splash

    Hi Tommy, I seen a accurate ATD-12 on ebay in the red limited you are looking for. If you come across a 270 in the black and silver let me know.
  88. mhatz1

    shimano trinidad tn30

    I have a tn 30 for sale mech 10 out 10, cosmet 9 out 10. This reel is in great shape. Comes with box,paperwork and clamp. will post pics later they will not upload or email me and i can send you some. ([email protected]) Pick up in I.E. or we can meet. $250.00 O.B.O. I will be in Orange...
  89. mhatz1


    Thanks Jack, Nice rod I'll try to get it bent this summer.
  90. mhatz1

    2005 24' Bayliner 242ec

    SOLD, please remove
  91. mhatz1

    Calstar,Seeker,Penn rods for sale

    Thanks josh it nice meeting you, Enjoy the rod.
  92. mhatz1

    Calstar,Seeker,Penn rods for sale

    Hi Ron, I know it's the wrong way, Lol your rod is here and waiting for you just let me know.
  93. mhatz1

    Calstar,Seeker,Penn rods for sale

    I will be going to lax tomarrow so if anyone is interested in a rod or rods let me know and we can meet
  94. mhatz1

    Calstar,Seeker,Penn rods for sale

    Thanks Brett, Enjoy that rod it was great meeting you.
  95. mhatz1

    Calstar,Seeker,Penn rods for sale

    Thanks ray, It was great meeting you.
  96. mhatz1

    Calstar,Seeker,Penn rods for sale

    Here's what I have for sale. All are factory wrapped except for the x-wrap I put that onand are in great shape: prices reduced Calstar:all sold Seeker: Black steel G-980-8 ct, Deckhand x-wrap over cork,8', Line rating 15-25-40 $120.00 Seeker Classic series: Sc 270H-8-8ct, Deckhand...
  97. mhatz1

    Accurate Reels

    pm sent on 870
  98. mhatz1

    Phenix Black Diamond 869H

    I have a calstar bwcdh 690 jc rated 20-40 9' if u r interested let me know.
  99. mhatz1

    2005 24' Bayliner 242ec

    I have a Bayliner 242 EC for sale it is in Great condition. I am the original owner This is a great weekender to go to the island or offshore. She is turn key, I just had a full service done and is ready to go fishing The Boat: length-24' Beam - 8'5" power-5.7 mercuiser outdrive- Bravo 2...
  100. mhatz1

    7mm mauser ammo

    still available, federal-175 grain, 1 box 20 rounds. pm me
  101. mhatz1

    Reels of dad's when he passed away

    I agree with Bob, Go to e-bay and type in vintage fishing reels. that might help you get some kind of idea what they are worth.
  102. mhatz1

    7mm mauser ammo

    If any one can use this ammo it's FREE to who ever wants it.
  103. mhatz1


    the guys over at fishing boats unlimited in costa mesa have done some great work on my boat.
  104. mhatz1

    7mm mauser ammo

    I have a box of Federal 7mm mauser ammo (20 rounds). Make me a offer if you can use them. Pm me is the best way to get a hold of me.
  105. mhatz1

    Tropic Star Lodge - Caption Contest Ending Feb 2nd, 2011 at 5PM

    What are looking at punk?
  106. mhatz1

    Tropic Star Lodge - Caption Contest Ending Feb 2nd, 2011 at 5PM

    What do you mean no smoking here?
  107. mhatz1

    X-Wrap ?

    I used electrical tape and wrapped the handle first then used the x-wrap over the tape. Worked great doesn't move at all.
  108. mhatz1

    Calstar 900XL!

    I have a 900 xl 10-25 deckhand style x wrap over cork. Let me know if u r interested. Mike
  109. mhatz1

    Accurate Special Edition

    thanks tom, it was great to meet you and thanks for a great reel.
  110. mhatz1

    Graphite usa,phenix,calstar, rods

    the calstar 760m, is it factory wrapped or is it custom.
  111. mhatz1

    Avet MXL MC cast

    what color is the reel
  112. mhatz1

    shimano talica,trinidad,pheinx,calstar

    Jose, Does the 760h have a reel seat or is it deck hand style
  113. mhatz1

    O/B and I/O Props Half Off

    u have any stainless bravo two props. if so what size and how much.
  114. mhatz1

    Accurate 197 limited edition

    i'm interested, where do u live.
  115. mhatz1

    phenix and shimano set ups..and some calstars..

    got the pics jose. It's not what i'm looking for. thx here's a bump
  116. mhatz1


    Tom, did you get my pm?
  117. mhatz1

    red riser hoop puller, 2 kodiak tanks

    chris, I am interested in the puller where do u live.
  118. mhatz1

    22' Triumph 215 CC

    rob did you get my pm. mike
  119. mhatz1

    Fishing Rod Racks

    kingboard is that like starboard ? and if so, how much are they.
  120. mhatz1

    pacific edge bait tank

    Can i get the measurements. Thanks Mike
  121. mhatz1

    Seeker Black Steel 270H-8 CT

    Hi kimbo, I'm in Santa Ana right now it's 6:10 pm and I have the rod of you want to see it. Let me know.
  122. mhatz1

    Seeker Black Steel 270H-8 CT

    I also have a SC 270H-8ct xwrap over cork for a $100.00 I will be in the OC tomorrow if you want to meet and take a look at them.
  123. mhatz1

    Seeker Black Steel 270H-8 CT

    Would you be interested in a black steel G980-8ct xwrap over cork.
  124. mhatz1

    Phenix, Shimano Terez, Calstar...

    the 909 xh is it the deckhand and can i see pics.
  125. mhatz1

    Seeker BCSW 807 and Phenix PSW-807

    do u have any pics of the phenix
  126. mhatz1

    51" Dorado Fish Mount

    How much does the mount weigh and is it flat on the back
  127. mhatz1

    SKB & Bowen's tackle boxes

    I'm interested in the skb, what city do u live in and when could I take a look at it. Mike
  128. mhatz1

    Assorted Jigs, Tady Salas Megabait UFO

    Thanks again Ward, I will put them to good use. Mike
  129. mhatz1

    Phenix 809XH and Fin Nor 16H

    If you don't sell it in a combo I would interested in the rod alone.
  130. mhatz1

    Phenix Rods and Accurate Reels

    they are in mint condition, thanks again steve. very fair and easy to deal with. mhatz
  131. mhatz1

    Bow anchor roller

    If you get out to the I.E. at all or close to, I have one off my 24' bayliner that is in great condition i will let go fo $20.00
  132. mhatz1

    La Paz or Loreto?

    I went to la paz in early august and had a great time. Landed a 50# bull dorado my new personal best. Call leonard at Baja Pirates great rates nice 21 ft center consels to fish from a nice hotel to stay in.
  133. mhatz1

    Phenix Rods and Accurate Reels

    Steven, could I get some pics and a list of what u have left.( [email protected])
  134. mhatz1

    large skb tackle box

    Looking to buy a small skb tackle box, Reasonable price and good condition.
  135. mhatz1

    WFO Offshore Tackle Bag For Sale

    Ryo does this bag have a internal frame. Also could I get the demensions.
  136. mhatz1

    Bait tank

    is the 45 gal tank still for sale, let know i'm interested
  137. mhatz1

    Calstar, Penn, Accu-Rite, Tady

    do u still have the gaff, if so can u post a pic
  138. mhatz1

    Baja Pirates of La Paz 08-16-2010

    Thanks, They taste great and fought great. I just wanted to say thank you for a great week of fishing. Everyone with the pirates fleet are really nice and had a great time. Hope I can make it down there next year.
  139. mhatz1

    Calstars, avet, accurate

    what r you asking for the lx.
  140. mhatz1

    Avet, Trinidads, Calstars

    How much for avet and do u have any pics.
  141. mhatz1

    some toys that i want to sale

    Im iterested in the rods when can I take a look at them.
  142. mhatz1

    Custom Calcutta Gaffs

    Good looking gaffs, Can you make one using rattan instead of bamboo. A 8' and how much.
  143. mhatz1

    need to identify this frame

    good point Mark, thanks
  144. mhatz1

    need to identify this frame

    The frame is exactly 2" wide. The diameter is the same as a 140. With that said I think it's a penn 145 frame. Thanks everyone I really appreciate the help in figuring this out. Now I guess I buy a 145 reel to put this on or sell it.
  145. mhatz1

    need to identify this frame

    On the box someone wrote with magic marker 99 and that is all that is on the box. I have never post any pics on here how do I do that.
  146. mhatz1

    need to identify this frame

    I bought a accurate frame at the fred hall show and the box said penn 99 but when i got home and tried to put it together and it was way to small so I put it next to a penn 140 and the diamaiter is the same but it is about a 1/2 inch narrower. Is the a 145 or 146 ?
  147. mhatz1


    never mind just seen the small print that it is sold sorry
  148. mhatz1

    Tiburon Frames, sideplates, spools.

    Ray,let me know what you have left.
  149. mhatz1

    shrink tube wrap

    On ebay he is baja 2851, Go on ebay and type in a search for jaws reel covers and look in his store he has 32" pieces for $11.99 + shipping
  150. mhatz1

    Aftco Gaff

    David, If you still have the gaff on wensday I would like to come down there and check it out.
  151. mhatz1

    Seeker/Newell P332 P447

    is this rod a black steel or a super seeker and do u have any pics
  152. mhatz1

    Off shore bait tank 45 gal.

    If it is still for sale, Can I get measurements.
  153. mhatz1

    Penn 50TW and Calstar 100J

    What's the condition of the you have any pics.
  154. mhatz1

    Ladder back helm chair

    Can I get the measurements.
  155. mhatz1

    AVET MXL 6/4 Two Speed NIB

    who pulled your chain hill top??
  156. mhatz1

    AVET MXL 6/4 Two Speed NIB

    Does this reel have the mc cast feature.
  157. mhatz1

    wanted!! 23ft. caddy cabin

    Hi Gilbert, I have a 2005 bayliner 242ec that I have have been thinking of selling to buy a biger boat.I am the original owner,She has a 32 gallon bait tank, furuno 1650 gps/ FF,Furuno 1715 24 mile radar,5.7 mercruiser,Bravo 2 outdrive, Custom rocket launcher (ten rods),vhs radio, About 65 hrs...
  158. mhatz1

    RODS and REELS

    Thanks George,Nice reel, It was a pleasure doing bussiness with you.
  159. mhatz1

    RODS and REELS

    call me 909-556-3731
  160. mhatz1

    RODS and REELS

    George do u still have the avet or is it sold ?
  161. mhatz1

    custom calstar 6480-L

    do you still have item #2 and would you consider $80.00