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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Went out on American Angler from 24th to 26th, fishing 60 mile bank on 25th. First time on the boat and was impressed with everything except being stuck in the lower bunk. When your old, drinking and on a ship bouncing along under way, crawling out of the lower bunk to use the head 2 or 3...
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    Help with Bluefin Closure Comments

    Writing a comment re Bluefin Closure. Don't want to say anything inaccurate. So any comments or additional points that should be made are appreciated. I wish to comment on the proposal to limit/ban recreational fishing of Bluefin Tuna in California. I make no comment on any regulation of...
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    xrap help

    Got a magnum xrap 20 and tried it out yesterday (first time using one). Attached it with 50 lb mono with a 7 inch loop, same set up used with the other lures. Darn thing just skips along the surface. Do I need to do something different to get it to work right?