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  1. Jettycat

    macbook pro $275!

    How old is it? text me 619-723-6508
  2. Jettycat

    Pacific Boat trailer 23 feet $1400

    I’ll check the numbers and post thanks
  3. Jettycat

    Pacific Boat trailer 23 feet $1400

    I didn’t, came with the tires,previous owner put them on last summer. I was going to use the trailer for another boat but am staying with a single axle.
  4. Jettycat

    Pacific Boat trailer 23 feet $1400

    Pacific galvanized boat trailer. 23 feet. 5 new tires. 4 disc brakes not working. 5 lug tires. rides smooth. Side guides. $1600 text 619-723-6508p
  5. Jettycat

    20’ boat trailer

    I’ve got a good one listed here on bd
  6. Jettycat

    Boat trailer for 18-22 foot boat

    From the bow stop to the rear cross bar is 18 feet. It prolly has 6 inches to move up. More like 12-18 inches if you moved the trailer jack.
  7. Jettycat

    Boat trailer for 18-22 foot boat

    Galvanized Boat trailer for 18-22 foot boat. Good condition. Needs brakes or not depending on vehicle. 1500 Text 619-723-6508
  8. Jettycat

    Boat trailer galvanized

    Galvanized boat trailer for 18- 22 foot boat. Good shape tires are pretty good. Needs new drum brakes. Text me if interested 619-723-6508 1500.00
  9. Jettycat

    Sea Ray 230 good engine out drive aluminum trailer

    Been sitting needs batteries, tires and once over. Was running great. Trailer is aluminum.mercruiser 5.8 good outdrive trim tabs. Needs to go in 24 hours. Have papers but they need to be sent from South Carolina 1500$ obo !!! Make offer
  10. Jettycat

    Looking for a boat shipper

    Try uship.. I just had a boat shipped from Texas. Got a bunch of bids came out at a buck a mile. Uship offers extra insurance. Pretty cheap.
  11. Jettycat

    2001 Mercury Optimax 135HP Twin Outboard Engine Motors

    I hit you up on Craigslist you didn’t reply. I guess post here when you decide to split Them up.
  12. Jettycat

    2006 Mercury Verado 200hp

    Isn’t this still for sale?
  13. Jettycat

    Offshore 371-425-hidden and hollywood

    Great detailed report. Thanks. Posters with issues need a box of tampons better yet a case! ⚡️🤙
  14. Jettycat


    Fish on!!! The douche bags and their tidbit bullshit comments can suck it. This is a fish report forum. Nobody posts reports anymore because of these desk Jockeys. Thanks for the report. Classic.
  15. Jettycat

    Anybody fishing off of Carlsbad?

    Looking for a canyon report. Or oside bonies? Thanks
  16. Jettycat

    Islands 5 -11

    18 foot whaler with a 90. Won’t sink. Can fish tuna, islands whatever. If you get the guardian version it rides better. My 2 cents
  17. Jettycat

    Looking for fish report finding ads

    These Fucking ads are ridiculous . Makes the site suck. What adblocker works?
  18. Jettycat

    1963 Chevy pick up $5k

    Truck is in La Jolla. Text 619-723-6508
  19. Jettycat

    1963 Chevy pick up $5k

    More pics
  20. Jettycat

    1963 Chevy pick up $5k

    63 Chevy c20. 350 engine cam, headers, custom radiator, new steering box, power steering, new brake upgrade, new suspension, exhaust and more. Super strong motor. The bad. Needs tranny. Priced used 800 installed 1250 for rebuild installed at AB truck recyclers . Super cool truck. Little rust.
  21. Jettycat

    Boat trailer for 23 foot boat $500

    Yeah, Here’s the pics I just took with the boat off. Hope someone can use it. I got another trailer With zero rust ready to last another 20 years!
  22. Jettycat

    Boat trailer for 23 foot boat $500

    Heavy duty commercial Boston whaler trailer for sale good tires, good winch, good trailer Jack. Brakes don’t work. Pintle hitch. Trailer is very rusty but still works You can text me 619 -723–6508
  23. Jettycat

    Aluminum trailer

    Hey Bloodfart, My IQ is longer than yours. Hahahaha
  24. Jettycat

    Great Trailer

    Can you send me a pic of the bow stop mount. I want to see how far back it can slide. I’m looking for a trailer but my boat is a 22 1/2. Thanks
  25. Jettycat

    Aluminum trailer

    I’ll offer 2k cash. Thanks
  26. Jettycat

    Crows nest / spotting tower

    Speed rail easy, can be folding or removable Aluminum
  27. Jettycat

    Friday ho late start wanted

    Amyone interested in fishing tomorrow late start around 930. I have a 22 foot whaler guardian with a 200 hp Honda looking to get some yellowfin. You can text me or call me 619-723-6508 I have to take my kids to school in the morning head down to La Jolla pick up my boat get fuel and meet at...
  28. Jettycat

    Retired Navy Looking to Wet Line - Fri 30 Aug

    Hey man, I am debating on going out tomorrow with a late start out of mission bay. I drop the kids off at school 7:30. Then I would be driving south, pick up boat, get fuel,and be at the launch ramp around 9:15 9:30. Still need clearance from the wife. That comes late afternoon. You would pick...
  29. Jettycat

    Offshore 8-27 YFT 17nm off Mission Bay

    Thanks, a report with numbers! Every other report is just ego shit with pics.
  30. Jettycat

    20 ft tandum axle trailer

    Copy, It’s 20 total length. Other wise I would be all over it. I have a Honda 200 and a commercial whaler so the stern is pretty heavy to be hanging off that far. Thanks for looking out
  31. Jettycat

    Trailer for 22’ or welder.

    Hey there, Looking for a trailer for my 22 foot whaler. If some one knows a good cheap welder that knows trailers that could work too. Current trailer is unsafe. Thanks
  32. Jettycat

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Hard to see where your going when your eyes are closed. What if there was a 6 foot swell?
  33. Jettycat

    Offshore 6/28 Abbreviated Report for 425, 371, 302, Upper Hidden

    That’s a great report. Finally a real report with information and no long winded BS. Thanks
  34. Jettycat

    Raymarine Dragonfly -5 PRO sonar/gps $225

    Brand New Dragonfly 5 Pro new in box. Never installed looking for something bigger. Let me know Thanks You can text me 619-723-6508
  35. Jettycat

    2002 Yamaha hpdi 2-stroke

    That’s a good deal
  36. Jettycat

    Free Boat Storage (Oceanside)

    Hi there, I think I private messaged you not sure if it worked. My name is Eric Mcilroy Aka Mac. I live in Carlsbad and the city is no longer letting me keep my boat at my house. 22 whaler guardian with a 225honda and an offshore bait tank. So I have been looking for a spot. Let me know...
  37. Jettycat

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    That’s some creative writing!
  38. Jettycat

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Awesome thread! Patty fishing is tough stuff. I used to hate any boat from Dana Point. Coming from Diego it seemed the Orange County attitude of take take take was in full effect from the Dana Point boats. Now it’s the same everywhere and I am just left hating or catching. Turns out catching is...
  39. Jettycat

    82 Evinrude 140 parts motor

    82 Evinrude 140 blew a cylinder last week. 120, 119, 120, 30 psi not sure what’s wrong. If you need parts for this motor carbs lower unit whatever come buy this motor. $250 It’s on the boat so you will need cherry picker or a friend to help load. Thanks
  40. Jettycat

    1998 Twin Yamaha 225 OX66 for sale

    I sent you a messsage. Thanks
  41. Jettycat

    Older beach rod

    Lost my favorite old school beach rod. Looking for another. 9ft or longer. Had mine for 25 years it was a one piece 11 footer. Had a camping accident with the kids and drove to the hospital with the rod on top of my van oops. Drove the freeway looking for it no dice. So if anyone has a cool...
  42. Jettycat

    Custom Glaspar Skiff

    Oh man, selling the olive jay! That’s a great little skiff.we have hammered the fish with that boat. Someone will be stoked. San Pedro Slayer!
  43. Jettycat

    Boat Horn

    What's the diameter of the compass? Thanks
  44. Jettycat

    Bait tank,

    Thanks for the reply. I just the tank I was looking for. Appreciate your help.
  45. Jettycat

    Jack plate or transom extension for 225hp

    Thanks a lot. That Vance product is what I'm looking for. My transom is straight but I like the idea of starboard to keep some water out, may have to look at that.
  46. Jettycat

    Jack plate or transom extension for 225hp

    Hey all, I need a 5 inch transom extension. Can be fixed or a jack plate. New used motor is a 30" Thanks 619-723-6508
  47. Jettycat

    Bait tank,

    sold my Parker and my 45 went with it. Now I have a whaler with no tank. It had my 45 offshore so it's set up for that. Anyone with a tank let me know. Any condition, I can fix it if it's cracked or something. Have cash. 619-723-6508 please and thanks.
  48. Jettycat

    Parker 2520 sport cabin

    I'm sad to see her go. Giving up a lot of comfort and space Going back to my 22 ft whaler. It's just too much boat when you fish alone or with kids all the time . Someone will be stoked!
  49. Jettycat

    Parker 2520 sport cabin

    1995 Parker 2520 Sport cabin Modified v Twin 2004 Honda 130's 560 hours Boat is in great shape and a true fish killing machine. Offshore bait tank Wash down Basic lowarance finder/gps Rod holders Trim tabs Icom radio Great boat. Load rite trailer galvanized Needs brake actuator No title for...
  50. Jettycat

    WTB Parker 2320, Stieger,

    Not exactly what you want but, I have a 94 2520 sport open cabin, Twin 2004 Honda 130's 400 hours. I like the open cabin because I fish alone and with kids. 28k Eric 6197236508
  51. Jettycat

    Trail rite 10000lb random trailer

    trail rite 10000lb trailer painted steel. Older model. Still in pretty good shape. Good tires. Had a 24 cabin cruiser on it. $1000. 2 5/16 ball. Not much rust, good bunks needs new wood and carpet on guide rails. Eric 619-723-6508 Trailer is In Carlsbad
  52. Jettycat

    Trailer needed

    I have a 10000 lb trailer that will work. It's an older trail rite. Just pulled a 24 foot cabin cruiser off it. I was gonna use it for my Parker 2520 but, my trailer is still good enough. Tows good. Has 3 good tires one is a little worn. I think the brakes work. 1000 bucks Let me know Eric...
  53. Jettycat

    Offshore Stop crowding the sport boats! Grande report 8/31 & 9/1

    Don't crowd the sporties! Fuck.... Yeah right! They crowd everybody, every time, everywhere.
  54. Jettycat

    inquiry for you salts out there.

    Follow the water temps
  55. Jettycat

    WTB: Bait tank.

    Getting ready to sell my Parker and bait tank goes with it. So I need a good bait tank for my whaler. 40-70 gallons. Any make will be fine. Please let me know if you have anything You can call or text 619-723-6508
  56. Jettycat

    2016 Suzuki df200apxw $13,000 obo

    Do you have your offshore 50 ? Looking for one.
  57. Jettycat

    Boat Help

    27 whaler offshore Best SoCal boat . Has it all.
  58. Jettycat

    Offshore 8/31 Oceanside

    Roger that, Hopefully this cloud cover makes them chew, I'll be out Thursday as well. Can't launch till after I drop the kids off at school! See ya out there!
  59. Jettycat

    Offshore 8/31 Oceanside

    Yeah. Been a good zone lately. Thanks for the update. I listen to the radio everyday when not fishing, and the bite has been a bit tougher this moon phase. Still some action. Catalina has had the best yellowtail year possibly ever, may be a really fun option.
  60. Jettycat

    Offshore Oside 8-25 bait report and kelp fish lost.

    Just a heads up for those going tomorrow, Oside had only mackerel at 8am. They said bait got contaminated and died off. Heard people on the radio that got the bad deans and they were bummed. We fished a couple hours at Barndoor for 2 farmed yellowtail. Lost them to the kelp after two epic...
  61. Jettycat

    Offshore Started a flotilla today!

    That's how a deck is supposed to look. From the fish to the empty's. Awesome.
  62. Jettycat

    Advice on kayak fishing

    Yep, bring a sabiki to make macks then slow troll them. Use the 65 pound braid with 40 leader to get them outa the kelp. Have fun.
  63. Jettycat

    Offshore Oside daycare program Tuesday

    Oside daycare Tuesday. Took the kids out to 33.07 117.34 for some great fishing. Chunk and live bait. 7 year old daughter got her first tuna. She did great. Listened better than most adults. 11 year old son is becoming an awesome deckhand. What a great year to get the kids stoked on fishing...
  64. Jettycat

    Offshore YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    Reports with no numbers or locations are useless brag posts. Thats an awsome report. Thanks
  65. Jettycat

    Offshore What's in a 65 lb Bluefin stomach caught at the 9 on July 3

    It's catching that important, not filleting jackwads. Nice beast.
  66. Jettycat

    Help needed - missing dog on the backside of the westend of Catalina

    We will be camping at little harbor this weekend , I'll ask around, and keep my eyes peeled. Hope for the best.
  67. Jettycat

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Obama lovers. Everybody gets what they didnt earn. 600 for a 2 day? Socialist fishing trips.hahaha.
  68. Jettycat

    Going out of Oceanside for three hours cleaning at 9:45 AM Thursday anyone interested

    Just Buy bait 619-723-6508. Three hour paddy hopping. Frikin auto correct.
  69. Jettycat

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Many true fisherman are related to Pirates. If fishing with Pirates isn't for you matey, mabey its time to invest in your own boat. Aarg.
  70. Jettycat

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    Look how the gaffs makes asses of themselves.
  71. Jettycat

    Anybody wanna fish Sunday at the 209 Oside.

    was thinking of fishing. Kids have soccer and i dont want to fish solo. I was thinking About fishing the 209. Look around. I have a 25 parker twin honda 130's. Weather should be okay. Im checking it now. Let me know.can be down at the launch ramp 5am or later. Must know how to fish,paddy spot...
  72. Jettycat

    Offshore Wahoo on the 267

  73. Jettycat

    1978 46 hatteras near mint

    Yeah thanks, the pics just post that way, they are normal when I post them. I am kind of cyberlame.
  74. Jettycat

    1978 46 hatteras near mint

    46 hatteras, twin Detroit 871's , new electronics, auto pilot, davit, dingy. Radar, holds 900 gallons has 700 in it now, super clean 800 hours on boat. Less on trans, engines. Lots of works has been done. Ready to go. Set up as marlin boat so no bait tank, but has barely been fished.can cruise...
  75. Jettycat

    Parking spot needed 25 parker

    I have a parker 25 and I looking for a secure spot to park it. Carlsbad, oside area, or mission bay point Loma area. Let me know what you have, could get free fish or in on a couple trips. Let me know Eric 619-723-6508
  76. Jettycat

    Boat parking needed

    Hey there, looking for a spot to park my boat for a couple of months or longer. it's a 22 ft whaler. I don't need water access or anything but a spot to park it and access it every once in a while. coastal north county preferred. Please let me know if you have anything not sure about price...
  77. Jettycat

    Yamaha 225 four stroke ob

    What year is the motor? Thanks
  78. Jettycat

    Offshore Penetrator 9/10

    Great boat and captain, best 6 packer.:hali_olutta:
  79. Jettycat

    Trailer rental wanted

    Looking to rent a trailer for about two weeks to just park my boat on while my trailer gets fixed. Boat is 20 feet. I am in north county. Let me know:hali_olutta: Mac 760-908-4129
  80. Jettycat

    Fishing, surfing on the Lost coast explorer Panama

    Here is the link to anthony's pics of the trip I think the surf pics are in the begining and from like 200 to 400. Good pics though and fun trip The password to view is balboa Take care
  81. Jettycat

    Trailer for 25 foot boat

    Looking for a trailer for my 24.6 boat. Painted or galvi, I just really need a trailer my boat is on blocks and I need to get it moving, Thanks Eric 619-723-6508
  82. Jettycat

    Fishing, surfing on the Lost coast explorer Panama

    Yeah it started out at 1850 a person then went down. I think the minimum at the 1850 price is 10-12 people, We had a pretty big crew thats for sure.
  83. Jettycat

    Fishing, surfing on the Lost coast explorer Panama

    Beer is free! They supplied like 30 cases and bring your own booze. Food water snacks also included, Plenty of sashimi and ceviche. We surfed a couple different hollow beach breaks a left point reef called wavepark with a resident croc, a right called grizzly's kinda like windnsea, shifty...
  84. Jettycat

    Fishing, surfing on the Lost coast explorer Panama

    Okay here are the pictures, added to the post. best deal in town. Good times
  85. Jettycat

    Fishing, surfing on the Lost coast explorer Panama

    Just got back form a trip on the Lost coast explorer. Fishing and And Surfing out off Coiba Island. Great trip, stay on the big boat and we had 3 skiffs to use. 2 25 foot aluminun and a panga. Surfed every morinng then chased the Tuna every afternoon. Got tuna up to 100lb and excellent...
  86. Jettycat

    Trailer needed for 25 foot boat

    Hey all, Need a trailer for a 25 foot rib. let me know what you have, serious buyer, cant spend more than 2 grand. Any trailer considered I can fab a little if needed. Thanks Jettycat 619-723-6508
  87. Jettycat

    25 hp merc xd

    Great running and in good shape merc 25hpxd 80's motor i think. Serviced by Sunset marine. Looking for a good home. I need a 15 hp If you have one and would like to trade. 750$ or best. Thanks, Eric
  88. Jettycat

    Wanted 15 hp outboard buy or trade for 25hp

    Hey all, Looking for a 15 hp. For my aluminum. Must run good and be in good shape. I have a merc 25 in great shape I would like to trade I can cash out. Thanks 619-723-6508
  89. Jettycat


    They have no budget to enforce it anyway stupid bastards.
  90. Jettycat

    Depoe Bay Tuna (Pictures)

    My bro commercial fishes up there and said the longfin have been going off up there. Good catch.
  91. Jettycat

    Offshore where to catch Mackerel

    try under the lights near the police dock
  92. Jettycat


    I dont know, Must have been commercial guys or salvage dudes. That boat looks precariously perched for a joe schmoe private boater to attempt to board and then take the booty back through those rocks and surge back to the boat. Only a truly experienced everyday type of waterman could safely...
  93. Jettycat


    Mowron is a quote from Animal for the islands. Make sure your radio is working and the bildge pumps and go for it. Fuck the party boats the islands are a great place to learn. Expect to catch fish., What kind, Be ready for all local species. Slow troll bla bla bla. hope you work it.
  94. Jettycat

    Squid boats off La Jolla

    Squid isnt Always the almighty bait. Its the shit for the whites, but you dont really need to bother with it if you just want to go catch some calicos and rockfish. SD fish arent really that used to eating squid. Its a good investment at 60 bucks if your going for Whites or yellows. 60 bucks is...
  95. Jettycat

    Offshore Limits for 4 mahis and some yellows

    Responsible sportboat HahAHAHAH! Thats a laugh. Why dont dont you just save them for the seiners.
  96. Jettycat

    Messing around on the inside.

    Anyone who doesnt get the humor in the post is truly a fucking retard. Any day on the pond is a good one. Water is alot cooler on the coast right now. Lets hope it warms up a little. Classic replies to you your post. Those replies make me wonder about how some people make it through life. Just...
  97. Jettycat

    964lb. mako

    Looks like frikin JAWS for god sake.
  98. Jettycat

    Offshore 7/4/07 Freedom Fish

    Most are 72 some 69 scan for others but 72 is the norm good luck
  99. Jettycat

    5/24...Rock Pile, Middle, Pukey, 9 Mile

    The best is frozen paintballs, Freeze them rock solid, they work better that way.
  100. Jettycat


    Why cant people shut the fuck up and Let people figure things out on thier own. If you cant figure it out, keep fishing till you learn something.
  101. Jettycat

    Need More Power

    Might want to check your charging system on your outboard. I was having the same type problem. I was charging but not full output.
  102. Jettycat

    Lobsters anyone?

    If you have the nets and a truck I have A 22ft whaler. My van is in the shop and I want to go grab some lobsters. So let me know. Oh yeah I am in o'side. jettycat:cheers:
  103. Jettycat

    Offshore Skunked Thursday

    Ill bet money more than half of the negative response is from people who have fished someone elses paddy. Whether there has been one boat on it or 15 boats on it. My paddies have been poached nearly every trip for the last three years. Sporties are the worst.
  104. Jettycat

    Offshore Spanked the Yellowfin, dodos 9/15

    F the sporties, keep em to yourself till your holds are full. Way to stick to the plan till it paid off.
  105. Jettycat

    Offshore ?

    Well what was it?
  106. Jettycat

    Double Hooked fish,,, who gets it???

    Deeper hook usually gets it, Happend to me with a JP dodo a couple years ago, I had the deeper hook and the other guy was a rookie and crying like a bitch, So we rock scissor papered for it and I still won. Shoulnt of counted for JP but it did.
  107. Jettycat

    How high can my tuna tower be?

    Wow, nice pic. So I guess if I am goin to make it myself I may ass well make it fold down. I would hate to space out and rip it out, which for me would be real easy since i get overly amped to fish. Thanks
  108. Jettycat

    Skipjack OB Conversion?

    My buddy did a 20 some years back. It was a flybridge 20. The only problem was that with the big engine gone the boat was very unstable. I coulnt believe the difference. The Iinboard got better mileage than the outboard. But it did make a nice open deck.
  109. Jettycat

    How high can my tuna tower be?

    What are hieght requirements. I want to put a tuna tower on my whaler. And want to know if it will have to fold down or not. Thanks
  110. Jettycat

    Looking to buy my first boat.

    Get a whaler, Try a revenge, cuddy and good fish space. I have a gaurdian 22, last boat was a 18'6 guardian. Commercial duty. I go anywhere in my whalers. cc's dont have much storage but handle ruff conditions any day of the week, and still keep you dry.
  111. Jettycat

    Need advice on boat.

    I say its an older boat, older engine. 7500$ tops. Run her till she dies. Could get a couple years. Even then oly 2000$ to rebuild. Screww the repower, cost too much. Just make sure to low ball, too old for 10g's
  112. Jettycat


    If thats a 40lb dodo i am a monkeys uncle. Good job on the fish though.
  113. Jettycat

    Local Largemouth Hot Action from the Shore

    Whoopdy fuckin doo, Save it kook. I had a 15 bass day at a private pond in fallbrooki this weekend and it wasnt worth shit cause my bass were that big.. Big secret bro. All the lakes are starting to go off. Just pick one.
  114. Jettycat


    Autoclub, great rates and reliable.
  115. Jettycat

    Pavers anyone?

    Hey all, Sent you emails or PM's. Just let me know your contact info and we will set up an appointment. Anytime for the most part. Takes about an hour, weekends,after work,daytime. Just let me know when is best and we will hook it up. Thanks
  116. Jettycat

    Pavers anyone?

    Systems Paving.Pavers installed at your home. Insane deals for Fishing freinds. for pics and info. These are lifetime gauranteed pavers. Let me know if interested. Jettycat __________________
  117. Jettycat

    Evinrude 150 VRO?

    I have the vro 150 and I disconnected vro, plugged it and now i mix the oil in the tank. I NEVER have to worry about getting an airbubble in the vro tube and blowing my motor. Reliability is the key to any motor, get rid of the weak link.
  118. Jettycat

    The fucking prick who killed the BSB in LJ

    Why if he feared for his life did the lifeguards see him and his buddies doing high fives. He soulda been in shock, or just shot it and left, then as osoon as they got it onboard they speed away. These guys are terrorists of the ocean. What now my son will have no chance to see or catch and...
  119. Jettycat


    Sounds good, I have been freshin it alot this year. I have been fishin private ponds for the most part. Got a barret rese in april, should be fun. Havnt got any real lunkers yet, hoping Ill break the 5 lb mark soon. As soon as the salt goesa off I probably will have a hard time getting to a body...
  120. Jettycat


    Jiggs what up, mac daddy here. nice 1 1/2 pounder, hahahahahaha. Looks like things should start going off soon. See ya on the water.
  121. Jettycat

    evinrude 200 4 strokes

    I know I will be stoked, I just want it to made by a four stroke moto company from japan. I am trying to move some money around to the engine fund. Let me know when your twins arrive. Jettycat
  122. Jettycat

    evinrude 200 4 strokes

    I have a line on these and I heard they are made by suzuki, any one have anyu experience with them. They have good prices for 4 stroke and if they are suzuki I may get one. jettycat
  123. Jettycat

    people on paddies

    Sorry my venting hurt some of your feelings. These arent the rules, the gold reels dont mean shit, unless they shut the bite down. Most people on this site fish well. Thats why I put the "you know who you are". Getting defensive or pissed or whatever cause i seem to get ruined by real nice...
  124. Jettycat

    people on paddies

    Its amazing to see 20-75k dollar boats that are out for albies, with all there good looks and electronics tuna towers and gold reels. (You know who you are.) All these guys out for tuna, see one guy on a paddy far away. These same guys with it all get so jealous of the one guy fishing the paddy...
  125. Jettycat

    nice yt bite monday

    Great bite on the bigger yellows around middlegrounds. Ended with limits of very nice yellows, Farmed some good ones. Boils everywhere, Partyboats suck!!!!. Great memorial day. All fish on slow trolled sardinas. Good Luck
  126. Jettycat

    Offshore Albacore off the 9 Mile Bank!!

    I dont know how long some of you been fishin, but the 9, 439, 187, Have a very long list of great catches. Tuna In them parts has been going on for as long as them seas been blue. Jettycat
  127. Jettycat

    Offshore Ensenada FREE launch ramp

    Thats some good Info Thanks, Hope to see you there soon. Jettycat