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  1. robertebaker

    Baja Squalls Slow Baja Fishing

    Great report. Thanks.
  2. robertebaker

    Baja Yellowfin Bite Bigtime

    Thanks for the report
  3. robertebaker

    Baja Sur Weather Slows Fishing Action

    Great report. Thanks.
  4. robertebaker

    Wahoo Dominate

    Nice report. Thanks.
  5. robertebaker


    Great report and beautiful pictures once again.
  6. robertebaker

    Big Catalina Yellow Tail

    Your girls are really cute!
  7. robertebaker

    Mag Bay in September

    I recommend Ruben Duran for the estero fishing 011-52-613-131-5263 from the US.. You might be able to catch a snook plus about 10 or 12 other varieties of fish. Bob Hoyt has a boat that can take you to the Thetis Bank for Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna and Dorado. Also rent an ATV from Bob and have them...
  8. robertebaker

    32 days fishing in bahia de los angeles.

    Great report. Love the Cabrilla fishing there.
  9. robertebaker

    Baja Stripers Linger

    Great report.
  10. robertebaker

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Yea. The Hacienda was a grand old hotel. Classic Mexico with a parrot in the lobby and on a hot day they would put a wet towel around your neck and put a margarita in your hand while you registered. Sure do miss it. Gone forever.
  11. robertebaker

    Bahia report for June 2-9.

    Americans can carry guns into Mexico. When?
  12. robertebaker

    SQ Updates???

    Check out Baja Bytes in Spotlight.
  13. robertebaker

    Murder in Bay of LA

    How sad. I've had many fun trips to Baja with friends, wife, daughters and grandkids. RIP.
  14. robertebaker

    From Sierra to marlin, Baja byte heats up

    Great report. Thanks.
  15. robertebaker

    Las Arenas on fire with huge roosters!

    Great report. Thanks.
  16. robertebaker

    Looking for a Cabo Panga

    Is Renegade Mike still around?
  17. robertebaker

    Yellowfin & Bluefin Dominate

    Great report. Thanks.
  18. robertebaker

    Favorite eateries in Loretto

    Yea. The Clam Shack is right on the beach. Great location. Happy 4/20. Smoke one for me.
  19. robertebaker

    Baja Sur winds slow spring arrival

    thanks for the report.
  20. robertebaker

    SQ weather update

    Go eat at Mei Lings. Best Chinese food I know of.
  21. robertebaker

    San Quintin general questions ?

    All he captains in San Quintin are good. Juan just happens to be my favorite. Great at finding fish and very entertaining.
  22. robertebaker

    San Quintin general questions ?

    I love San Quintin. Probably not the best time to go, but better that not going. There are great places to eat there.Ask Juan. All the advice given is right on.
  23. robertebaker

    Spotted Bay Bass Fishery in SQ Bay?

    Never caught a spottie in SQ. Was with Juan once when he caught a nice King Salmon (that sucker was way lost). Caught some of the Broomtails. I hope they get established. Didn't know they were there and I wonder how long they have been there.
  24. robertebaker

    2hrs south of San Felipe, Baja

    Love to catch and eat those Cabrilla.
  25. robertebaker

    Broomtails from the beach in San Quintin.

    Yea. We caught a few from The Old Mill Dock in October. Delicious. Juan said he knew they were there, but nobody usually catches them. Are they normally found in that area?
  26. robertebaker

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Yes the Grey Whale thing is incredible. I've heard it's the only place on earth where the whales swim up to the panga and you can pet them. We also saw them breeding in the Laguna. I felt like covering my grandkid's eyes. Haha.
  27. robertebaker

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    I've driven to Baja at least 60 time in the past 12 years. Probably 10 or 12 more before that. Never had a problem, never saw a problem, never talked to anyone who had a problem. Never been pulled over by a crooked cop (lucky I guess). Many great fishing trips with friends and family. Sometimes...
  28. robertebaker

    Baja Drone takes one for the Vaquita

    Bastards. Get a Predator Drone.
  29. robertebaker

    12/30 O'95 year end bluefin trip

    Great father/son story. Happy New Year.
  30. robertebaker

    Yellowfin and dorado for Christmas

    Great report. Thanks.
  31. robertebaker

    Baja exotics bedazzle visiting anglers

    Another great post Gary. Juan Cook's post about the sardine seiners is especially sad. Gary.
  32. robertebaker

    Playa San Rafeal & Punta San Francisquito Beach Fishing

    Ruffo. Great pictures and report. What a great trip.
  33. robertebaker

    Yellowfin tuna dazzle at East Cape

    Thanks for the report
  34. robertebaker

    Truck camper restrictions?

    I suggest checking with Discover Baja to verify this information.
  35. robertebaker

    temporary closure of the San Ysidro El Chaparral border will take place for southbound vehicular tra

    I;'m heading to San Quintin Tuesday. I hope the mess is cleared up by then.
  36. robertebaker

    Baja confronts Lidia and fishing resumes

    Thanks Gary. Nice to read about "neighbors helping neighbors".
  37. robertebaker

    Oldman sees black

    Nice fish Alex. Black Seabass is on my bucket list and I don't have one yet. I love fishing at the island. It is a beautiful place.
  38. robertebaker

    Rooster's and Hoo's keep it interesting...

    Thanks for the report.
  39. robertebaker

    Baja Summer Surprises

    Great report. Thankyou Gary.
  40. robertebaker

    San Quintin.

    Yea. I fished there Monday with Juan and 2 of my grandsons It was their first time. We mostly fished bottom down by Soccoro in 70' to 80' of water. The bottom fishing was excellent and my grandsons were stoked. Juan is an excellent teacher with the kids. We tried trolling at the mouth of the bay...
  41. robertebaker

    Swordfish, yellowfin, snook while dorado disappoint some

    Thanks for the report. I hope the hurricane pushes some warmer water up toward San Quintin for next weekend.
  42. robertebaker

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Was Ruffo with you? That would explain everything.
  43. robertebaker

    June surprises promise a hot July

    Great report. Thanks.
  44. robertebaker

    Baja dorado back...

    Thanks for the report.
  45. robertebaker

    Baja blossoms finally...

    Great post. Thanks.
  46. robertebaker

    SQ Updates?

    I'll be there with my 2 grandsons and fishing with Juan On July 17. I can hardly wait for them to have the experience.
  47. robertebaker

    Yellowfin explode while other species struggle

    Great report. Thanks Gary.
  48. robertebaker

    fish report at san quitin or cedros?

    Yea, Captain Juan is the man.
  49. robertebaker

    La Salina

    Thanks for the report Ruffo.
  50. robertebaker

    Baja roosters crowing...

    Nice report. Thank you.
  51. robertebaker


    Looks like you hit the weather perfecto. Hope there was a bar there.
  52. robertebaker

    Fred Hall and SQ

    Juanannette is dreaming "I'm gonna need a bigger boat!"
  53. robertebaker

    Marlin missing from the spread

    Loved the Blue Whale tail shot. In San Ignacio they call that "Cola!'
  54. robertebaker

    Fred Hall and SQ

    Sorry I missed that one.
  55. robertebaker

    Juan San Quintin

    How is everything going with the new baby El Don Juan? How does Arlett like her new baby sister?
  56. robertebaker

    Juan San Quintin

    El Juan, Congratulations to you and Maricela.
  57. robertebaker

    Cabo on the Jessica

    Lookin good Ruffo.
  58. robertebaker

    san quintin,weather,protests & fish.

    Great report and pictures as always.
  59. robertebaker


    Great report and photos. Wish I could have been there.
  60. robertebaker

    Mixed bag in spite of odd weather

    Thanks for the report. It's a shame about the peso and fuel prices. The common Mexicans are always getting screwed.
  61. robertebaker

    A final week to remember closes 2016

    Great report. Thankyou.
  62. robertebaker


    Trumpfish??? Watch out for them. They will build a wall.
  63. robertebaker

    Huge tuna offshore...roosters in suds...Merry Christmas

    Great report. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  64. robertebaker


    Rounding them up and caring for them will be very expensive. I don't understand why the Mexican government can't use that money to increase enforcement. I'm sure some of you guys understand better than I.
  65. robertebaker

    Dorado in time for Christmas...

    Thanks for the report. Sad to hear about the drug and gang violence. I hope it doesn't scare away tourists and fishermen. I know the Mexicans depend on the business.
  66. robertebaker


    Looks a little cold. But it still makes me Juan to go fishing.
  67. robertebaker

    More Biosphere Reserve info Saturday Morning

    Thanks for the report. Good news about the biosphere (I think). I hope it is effective.
  68. robertebaker

    LA BOCANA,11/7-13,GREAT FUN.

    Looks like a great trip. Too bad Ruffo and I couldn't make it.
  69. robertebaker

    It's November and it ain't over yet

    Great report. Thanks.
  70. robertebaker


    I figured Ruffoi would cream his jeans looking at those pictures.
  71. robertebaker


    Snugglers cove is on the Pacific side. I was there Juance.
  72. robertebaker

    La Bocana BCS

    Very nice. Mucho take it easy, pinche guero.
  73. robertebaker


    Great post and beautiful pictures. I think you win the prize for best photographer in Baja. No one has better posts than you.
  74. robertebaker

    October finishes with a flourish

    Great report. Thanks.
  75. robertebaker

    Gonzaga report

    Nice new avitar.
  76. robertebaker


    Nice lings. We had a great time on Friday. Thankyou.
  77. robertebaker


    Those Golden Grouper are beautiful!!! What is in picture #7? Is that a grouper/cabrilla?
  78. robertebaker

    Mag Bay light s up...

    Great report.
  79. robertebaker


    Yea. I know Bob. And I'm going next week to SQ. I was hoping to come down to Mag soon, but my health is not cooperating. You get the houseboat down there?
  80. robertebaker


    WOW is right . Good eating. See you next week.
  81. robertebaker


    How do we go about it? I'm sure there will be lots of participation. Why don't you start a new thread with a different title. May be something like "Get Rid Of the Bait Seiners".
  82. robertebaker


    If you are on a long range sportie out of San Diego, don't anchor on his high spot!
  83. robertebaker

    Baja Bytes report on Sunday this week!

    Great report. Beautiful pictures.
  84. robertebaker


    You guys are looking good. Beautiful Cabrilla. Trying to make it to SQ for September 30th. My 69th birthday.
  85. robertebaker

    Royal Polaris 3-day.

    Then you didn't fish San Quintin. Good.
  86. robertebaker


    Insane reds with an insane panguero. Yum, yum.
  87. robertebaker

    San Diego to San Quintin

    If you miss the turn off for Tecate in Ensenada you can take the road from Popotla to Tecate. Great road and well worth avoiding TJ.
  88. robertebaker

    Oldman getting a head in san quintin...damm seals

    So Alex, How do you like living in SQ now that you've been there a few months?
  89. robertebaker

    SJD Black Marlin

    Well said Ruffo. Good to see you on Bloody Decks. Kevin. Ridem Cowboy.
  90. robertebaker

    2 Days Charter on the First String

    Where do they plan to fish?
  91. robertebaker

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Of course you're right. Just dreaming
  92. robertebaker

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    I'll just keep wishing. Legalize marijuana in the US and I'd like to see what happens to the cartels. I know there's other drugs too, but I wonder how it would be affected by legal marijuana. Wow! I'm off the subject now.
  93. robertebaker


    Alright El Juan! What a party. I didn't know it was coming up.
  94. robertebaker

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Some folks just refuse to understand what "Our area" means. That, unfortunately is why a 40 mile zone around San Quintin for sporties will be necessary. Any chance seiners could also be forbidden in this area?
  95. robertebaker

    WSB beginning to show up in San Quintin...

    Juan, You look heavier there. Were you?
  96. robertebaker


    Are you sure the baby crab wasn't male. I know you always like to check out their penis.
  97. robertebaker

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Fileted at the dock and packed like you want. A lot of folks like to vacuum pack. I just use zip locks and that works good for several months (fish doesn't last too long in my freezer.) Bring a large cooler. I always fill one up.
  98. robertebaker

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Yea. Drive down to San Quintin and stay at the Old Mill, Jardins or Don Eddies. Fish with the locals in a panga - It's a blast in a panga.Shower up when you're done and have a nice dinner at The Old Mill, Jardins or Don Eddies. There are also some good places in town. (the best Chineese food I...
  99. robertebaker

    Tropical storm "Javier" fails to dampen Baja hot bite

    Great report. Glad they were able to work it out in San Quintin.
  100. robertebaker

    Rosterfish inside Mag Bay

    What is the last picture? A Dolphin? Where were the Roosters? At the Entrada?
  101. robertebaker

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    I've seen it happen several times. The SQ pangas will cooperate with each other and get in an orderly line to drift over the high spots and everything goes fine. Then a San Diego boat will pull right up to the same high spot and anchor. The pangas can't drift over the spot any more and they have...
  102. robertebaker


    Some Bluefin were biting in Southern California yesterday. Up to 100 pounds I hear.
  103. robertebaker


    There are baboons in San Quintin? I know one named Juan.
  104. robertebaker

    Big yellowfin tuna and roosters frazzle anglers

    I thought they were from Vista and the shirt came Rancho Buena Vista High School. "Hook Em Horns"!
  105. robertebaker

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    Juan flew over the Cuckoo's nest.
  106. robertebaker

    suggestions for central Baja for 4Runner & Yak - BOLA, Gonzaga, Rene?

    Have you thought about Mag Bay. The esteros have incredible fishing and bird life.
  107. robertebaker

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    Your fucking neighbor is a prick. Bad karma on him. It will come back on him.
  108. robertebaker


    Very nice Juan. Hope to see you soon.
  109. robertebaker

    Fair tip

    I always go 20%
  110. robertebaker

    WGO Gonzaga Triggerfish and Wind

    You're not the only Juan who likes to fish Cabrilla.
  111. robertebaker

    Japanese in the Sea of Cortez?

    I read the Log to the Sea of Corte. The trip itself took place in 1940. And the Japanese were there and Steinbeck was appalled at how much fish they wasted.
  112. robertebaker

    Japanese in the Sea of Cortez?

    My friend just got back fro Loreto/Puerto Escondido. She said the fishing was not good. The locals are blaming the Mexican government for letting the Japanese come in and rape the Gulf. (We've heard this before. But then it was usually true.) What's the word on the street?
  113. robertebaker

    The BIGS are in the house

    Great report. That Rooster is HUGE.
  114. robertebaker


    Biggest Cabrilla I ever saw Juan. How big is that? A 30 pound light?
  115. robertebaker


    Beautiful looking trip. Jimmy didn't make it. I'm working on my legs. Maybe next trip.
  116. robertebaker

    dying sea of cortez

    I have been to Assuncion, La Bocana and Abrejojos and seen how well they manage their resource. What is the history of the Co Ops and where are they headquartered?
  117. robertebaker

    Naysayers choke as Baja bite begins

    Great report. Thanks.
  118. robertebaker

    Chica Dulce Scores her 1st YT on Iron!

    That is too cool. She does look STOKED! Beautiful girl. maybe you should post on "Fishin Chicks."
  119. robertebaker

    Looking for Midriff/Bajo Norte Info

    Ruffo, Do you know anyone who goes on Tony Reyes trips? They might know.
  120. robertebaker

    Gonzaga Military Inspection....Approved!

    I thought they didn't like to have their pictures taken.
  121. robertebaker

    Please Help Coco

    Does anyone know when Coco moved there and why. I guess he loves it.
  122. robertebaker

    Juance Upon a Time in Gonzaga

    Great trip. You pricks had to pick the only week of the year I couldn't go.
  123. robertebaker

    Best Boat to fish In East Cape?

    We fished on the Cortez Cowboy in March ( Cabo 35) out of San Jose del Cabo. A real first class operation. There were 7 if us and we all fit just fine. Not cheap, but an excellent boat.
  124. robertebaker

    cabo Sheephead

    That's a big goat.
  125. robertebaker

    Sea of Cortez suddenly stirs

    Good report. Two Cabrilla on one lure. Pretty cool.
  126. robertebaker


    Nice cabrilla! When are we going?
  127. robertebaker

    JASON & BREE,3/28-9,TAILS SQ.

    The Pacific Queen caught limits of Bluefin today.
  128. robertebaker

    JASON & BREE,3/28-9,TAILS SQ.

    That's a great story. The guy and his daughter. Lucky guy. That weather looks nasty.
  129. robertebaker

    otter off La Jolla

    Next we'll have Polar Bears.
  130. robertebaker

    road trip bahia de los angeles&santa rosalillita.

    Great report Juan. I've got a BOLA sunrise pic of yours framed on my office wall.
  131. robertebaker

    Any reports for San Marcos Island?

    what's up with the old hotel?
  132. robertebaker

    RIP Mama

    On our way to San Ignacio to whale watch February 2012.
  133. robertebaker

    RIP Mama

    I just tried to post this, but it seems to have disappeared. I just got word fro Juan Cook that Mama Espinosa passed away today. I was fortunate to have met her about 4 years ago when I was at the restaurant with my family including grandkids. She was certainly a special, grand lady. May she RIP.
  134. robertebaker

    RIP Mama

    just got word from Juan Cook that Mama Espinosa passed away today. I was fortunate enough to meet her when I was there with my family including grandkids about 4 years ago. She was certainly a special lady. May she RIP.
  135. robertebaker

    Sketchy weather slows bite for some

    Nice Report..Thanks.
  136. robertebaker


    Yea Kevin. I want to see how you did today. I hope you got to give the saddle a work out!
  137. robertebaker


    That saddle looks way cool! Had a great time with you Kevin. You tried EVERYTHING. I would highly recommend you to anyone. I've never fished from a better boat. I'm sure Mr. Marlin won't believe me but I didn't have a hangover. Fucked up stomach and couldn't sleep the night before.
  138. robertebaker


    Great thread and pictures Juan. I had a great time. As far as the picture of me giving birth to a water bottle; FUCK YOU! Although if you had wanted to, you could have taken much less flattering shots of me that day.
  139. robertebaker

    Castro Camp

    On the West side.
  140. robertebaker

    wind 7-9,swell 7-9,water 62.9,clear&blue&SQ.

    Good report. The water conditions are fantastic. See you Thursday in TJ.
  141. robertebaker

    Castro Camp

    I also recommend going to San Quintin. I go there often and always enjoy it. Half the time I take my wife and dog. I like to stay at the Old Mill. I like the room called "Casa Rosa". Larger than the others and has a kitchen with a refrigerator and stove. It's rustic but quaint and on the water...
  142. robertebaker


    Good report. What happened to The Fishing Fool? You lost 11. WOW! Were they commercial fishermen?
  143. robertebaker

    Football...tuna still continues in Baja Sur

    Thanks for the report. Any snook?
  144. robertebaker


    Luiz and Luiz huh? Supposedly George Foreman had seven sons and he named them all George.
  145. robertebaker

    Magbay Report

    how many people does the houseboat sleep comfortably?
  146. robertebaker

    Magbay Report

    Long Beach and Del Mar?
  147. robertebaker

    Magbay Report

    Bob, Are you still going to do the Fred Hall Show? Long Beach, Del Mar or both? Definitely want to book the mother ship with wave runners in October or November with Juan Cook and hopefully Ruffo if his back gets better.
  148. robertebaker


    A no drinking sign won't last long.
  149. robertebaker

    Baja Summer of 2016

    Yeah. I did Rancho Leonero in August of 2014. Water wad too hot. About 87 degrees. La Bacana is a really cool place.
  150. robertebaker

    What's the real deal with rental car insurance?

    Discover Baja phone number is 619-275-4225. Cabo sounds damn good right now. Or did you mean Colorado. Too cold.
  151. robertebaker

    What's the real deal with rental car insurance?

    I get insurance from Discover Baja. I don't know if they cover rentals.
  152. robertebaker

    Bahía de los Ángeles---03-january-2016

    Way to go Joel. Feliz Ano Nuevo.
  153. robertebaker

    mr larry"hansome"hansen,la bocana,

    Very generous of you to feed the fur bags. Beautiful fish and pictures.
  154. robertebaker

    Generous of you to feed the fur bags. There sure are some pretty fish there.

    Generous of you to feed the fur bags. There sure are some pretty fish there.
  155. robertebaker

    New road off of Highway 3

    Hopefully that will speed things up getting through Ensenada.
  156. robertebaker

    Baboom on winter calicos

    That's pretty crazy. Baboons catching Calicos.:frehya2:
  157. robertebaker

    JOURNEYMAN - Last Year Was Not As Good As It Gets

    The guy on the right in the last picture sure looks like Cain from the Success
  158. robertebaker

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    She can hold that fish better than I could. I bet she was pumped. Very cute. Best "Fishin Chick" of the year.
  159. robertebaker

    Thanks for the memories

    I enjoy your reports. Keep up the good work.
  160. robertebaker


    When are we going to see Cuba Sportfishing?
  161. robertebaker


    Great post Juan. I thought your ex wife was also flat.
  162. robertebaker

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    Enough about the ditch bag. What happened to the people and the boat?
  163. robertebaker

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    so did they find the boat?
  164. robertebaker


    I like that idea. "Young Guy" better not fall off any docks anymore. His back is fucked up now.
  165. robertebaker

    How is the road?

    Great shape. A little construction north of Santa Rosalia, maybe a mile or 2, but very good overall. Drove it a month ago.
  166. robertebaker

    New to Bloody Decks

    Muy bien.
  167. robertebaker

    Magbay Report

    What is the most convenient way to fly to Loreto from the Vista/Oceanside area? LA., San Diego, Tiajuana, Carlsbad?
  168. robertebaker

    Magbay Report

    Bob, We sure enjoyed our stay with you and Dianna. Your hospitality is overwhelming. Next time down we want to do the wave runners too. Rufoo should be with us next year. If you can, post some pictures of wave runners in the estuaries.
  169. robertebaker

    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    I fish Baja often. The officials there are much more reasonable. The Ferderales are much more polite than the Border Patrol, and the Fish and Game officials there don't USUALLY engage in this kinda of bull shit. What a bunch of assholes!
  170. robertebaker

    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    What a dick. He could have easily given you a warning.
  171. robertebaker


    Nice pictures Juan. I'll come down for Rufoo's sushi.
  172. robertebaker


    YES It WAS. Check that one off. What a great trip.
  173. robertebaker

    Anyone else see that thing in the sky saturday night?

    We saw it in Mag Bay coming back to Lopez on a boat. Looked like it was about 3 miles away down low over the island.
  174. robertebaker

    Mucho Take it Easy -- LB to BOLA (pic heavy)

    Great report and awesome pictures Matt. That Wahoo will be delicious for a long time. Will be there November 10th.
  175. robertebaker

    Anyone ever fished Calamuaje?

    I was going there about 4 years ago. We stopped at Coco's and he said there were narcos there so we didn't go.
  176. robertebaker

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    Great story and pics. Fishin Chick material.
  177. robertebaker

    HOWE HIGH IS THE WATER JIMMy,its 5 foot high and rising,SQ.

    Nice tails! That's the spot where Juan caught the Salmon last year.
  178. robertebaker

    wahoo tri-fecta 9/26

    Incredible year!!
  179. robertebaker

    Pegasus Fishing boat catches 2 wahoo's

    NICE! Were you using wire leader for the Wahoo?
  180. robertebaker

    Mag Bay

    Any Mag Bay reports? Water temps, etc.?
  181. robertebaker

    Baboom,,oldman killeth

    Very cool. Do me a favor and show Juan how to catch the WSB.
  182. robertebaker

    Wrong turn at Cedros

    Way to be Kathrine!!!
  183. robertebaker

    Bahia Asuncion

    Check out La Bocana.
  184. robertebaker

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    Absolutely gorgeous. So are the fish.
  185. robertebaker

    Any San Quintin fish reports?

    Fished the tournament last Saturday and didn't catch anything to talk about. Some White Sea Bass were caught up to 61 pounds. But it seems that the fish are up around Oceanside.
  186. robertebaker


    Wasn't there some "drama" about the biggest fish?
  187. robertebaker

    Restaurants in SQ

    Mission Santa Isabella and Mi Lings.
  188. robertebaker

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    Good on you. I fished out of Oceanside yesterday and just caught calicos and sandies.
  189. robertebaker


    Looks great Juan. How do the WSB bite on the full moon? Will be down soon.
  190. robertebaker

    What are the best stops/gas stations on the way to San Quintin?

    Matt. Haven't heard from you in a while. How you be?
  191. robertebaker


    Had a ball Juan. See you soon. Rufoo will get us the dates for Mag Bay soon.
  192. robertebaker

    Fishing San Quintin

    Ask Juan. He will set you up with a good guy with a panga.
  193. robertebaker

    Oldman baboom first flatty

    Very nice. I'll be down on Saturday and fish with Juan Sunday or Monday. Hope to meet you then.
  194. robertebaker

    mas bella bahia de los angeles.

    Hey! This isn't the Spanish speaking forum.
  195. robertebaker


    But he has such GREAT looking legs!
  196. robertebaker


    WOW! What a great SQ day. How's your lower end?
  197. robertebaker

    Fishing from a sailboat- Catalina

    Nice. What do you do when the fish takes you around the boat? Aren't the shrouds and stays in the way?
  198. robertebaker

    Joel's Sportfishing BoLA

    Rufoo. No Los Vientos, huh?
  199. robertebaker

    Unicorns and Rockfish in BoLA

    Thanks Ruffie. Let me know.
  200. robertebaker

    Iron Wood

    This is on Highway 1. Correct?
  201. robertebaker

    BoLA 5/10-16...Who's Gonna be There?

    Call me with a report when you are back. Good luck on the Yellowtail Tunas:cool:.
  202. robertebaker

    Iron Wood

    There's a bar at the prison.
  203. robertebaker


    That is a PRETTY fish!
  204. robertebaker

    Iron Wood

    Thanks Rick. I thought the prison was south of Mulege. Is it north of town? Did my wife and I meet you and your wife at the Old Mill in SQ a few years ago?
  205. robertebaker

    Iron Wood

    Heading to Mag Bay in November. Where is a good place to buy some nice iron wood carvings. I bought some just south of Mulege about 15 years ago.
  206. robertebaker

    San Carlos Mexico

    San Carlos in Baja? Hotel Brennan is nice.
  207. robertebaker

    lings and reds. oldman killeneth

    Very nice. Temp break indicates that there is 68 degree water 10 or 15 miles off shore.
  208. robertebaker

    old man baboom on reds

    Old man made Baja Bytes.
  209. robertebaker

    old man baboom on reds

    Ruffo. If you go let me know.
  210. robertebaker

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    You senor, certainly know all about that!
  211. robertebaker


    Willy looks a little chilly. How does triple tail taste?
  212. robertebaker


    Good one Juan. What the F***does hijodesupinpon mean???
  213. robertebaker


    Looks great! Old Man sure has a great smile. How long is he at the Mill For?
  214. robertebaker

    Long Range at its best aboard the Royal Polaris

    Great video and music. Will accurate be in Del Mar?
  215. robertebaker

    Questions about traveling to and fishing SQ.

    SB are usually at their best in late July and August. Fishing license is good. Bring passports and stop at the border and get visas. I like the Old Mill because it is on the water. Jardines is very nice. I prefer fishing with Juan c
  216. robertebaker


    Yea. Chris Kyle's got nothing on El Juan.
  217. robertebaker


    Maybe it was MOBY the Dick. At Laguna San Ignacio the Mexican guides call that condition "Pink Floyd".
  218. robertebaker

    jimmy & friends,sq.

    Way cool. I want to be there when Jason is. How'd he do with freebird on acoustic?
  219. robertebaker

    BABOOM in San Quinten....

    Is that the rock you showed me where Tito sunk a Panga getting too close? It was underwater when I saw it.
  220. robertebaker

    San Quintin - Awesome

    WSB! Nice one. Tino was looking ghood on the guitar.
  221. robertebaker

    BABOOM in San Quinten....

    Nice report. Where are the "breakers"? At the entrance to the Bay?
  222. robertebaker


    Great pictures. Looks like perfect weather.
  223. robertebaker


    Nice post Juan. Feliz Navidad to you , Maricela and Arlett. See you soon.
  224. robertebaker

    K&M Sportfishing wishes you all a great Christmas & New year

    Feliz Navidad to the Catians and everyone else in SQ.
  225. robertebaker


    Great pics Juan. You look good with the dead fish too. I just talked to Rufoo and we're going to try to get down in about a month. I hope the weather is good. Feliz Navidad.
  226. robertebaker

    The road to San Francisquito

    Art, What's your email address?
  227. robertebaker

    The road to San Francisquito

    I thought I was Pinche Guero. You must know Juaquin in La Bocana. What a cook. I've never had Pulpo anywhere as good as he makes it.
  228. robertebaker

    The road to San Francisquito

    Thanks for all your input fellow Baja lovers. I've got a late model Ford Explorer, 2 wheel drive and I carry emergency supplie for it. Sounds like we should be fine. has anyone driven from the South through El Arco? Ideally we'd like to do a loop trip and see it all. Thanks again.
  229. robertebaker

    Great Stand up fishing tuna video

    Great video. Thanks. What's the music?
  230. robertebaker

    The road to San Francisquito

    I will be in the Bay of LA in June and I would like to drive to San Francisquito and check it out and go out in a panga. I know there is more than one road. Is 4 wheel drive necessary? Are all the roads in and out reasonably passable? Where should we stay and who to fish with? Thanks for your help.
  231. robertebaker

    Thankful for Baja

    Great report. Thankyou. You always have a great time with Juan.
  232. robertebaker

    1st time driving down to Ensenada for fishing.. Any tips

    Cross back at Tecate. Much shorter wait and a pretty drive.
  233. robertebaker

    Bahia Asuncion Fishing Report for November....Wide Open YT Bite!

    Damn long rangers. Give them the Captin Juan welcome.
  234. robertebaker

    Need recommendations for pangas in San Quintin

    I vote for Juan. But they are all great guys. I know he caught some White Sea Bass and big Yellow Tail a few days ago.
  235. robertebaker

    Salmon caught in San Quintin?

    I was there when Juan caught it. He said it was a King. He caught plenty in Alsaka, so I'm going with King.
  236. robertebaker

    San Quintin w/ Capt Juan 9/20

    Great! I'll be fishing with Juan on my birthday next week.
  237. robertebaker

    SQ next weekend

    Take plenty of 6 ounce torpedo sinkers.
  238. robertebaker

    San Quintin - Awesome

    No problem with fishing gear or fish. I always return norht through Tecate. Normally quite a bit quicker.
  239. robertebaker

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    I've been fisng with Juan for 8 years and I've been on 3 trips with him to Baja Sur. As far as the American willingness to travel there, the guys that drive down will continue to come. We ALL have a great respect for Juan and all the people in San Quintin. As far as the Royal Polaris and other...
  240. robertebaker

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Well sail El Juan. Carry bottle rockets on your boat.
  241. robertebaker

    Fun in SQ

    I got a feeling I'll never se them again.
  242. robertebaker

    Fun in SQ

    Nice WSB. Your sushi was great. Good luck in the tourney. Have Drew tell you the chewing gum story.
  243. robertebaker


    Juan, See you tomorrow. Mike, I always get my fish filleted and I never have a problem at the border. Coming back going north, I like to cross at Tecate. Shorter wait.
  244. robertebaker

    The legend of Captain Juan continues... SQ

    I'll be fishing with Juan on Monday. I hope we have half as much luck as you guys did. Great trip
  245. robertebaker


    Wow! What a day. Nice Juanstimating. See you Sunday. Hope your not Juanstipated.
  246. robertebaker

    flying mantas,bahia.

    Incredible shots Juan.
  247. robertebaker


    Great trip Juan. Jimmy and I had a blast.
  248. robertebaker

    Traveling with the Dog to Baja

    I don't get one. They are expensive and are only good for a short time. And, I've never had a problem. Discove Baja told me that if the US Border patrol sees a colar with tags on it, they are good with that. They have never taken a second look at my dog. I take her once or twice a year.
  249. robertebaker

    Bahia de Los Angeles, circa 1960

    Wow. That is just too cool. Thanks.
  250. robertebaker


    I think we all enjoy the "Juanglish".
  251. robertebaker


    Any whaled sharks around? I've never seen one except in pictures. Does that cost extra?
  252. robertebaker

    Used to love Cabo

    When they fucked up the Hacienda, I quit going.
  253. robertebaker


    Beautiful fish. so did Jaime and his wife come down and fish with you? Cool.
  254. robertebaker


    Great pics Juan. See you in two weeks. Jimmy tells me that Maricela is a little cranky in the heat!
  255. robertebaker


    Looks like fun. We'll have to try it.
  256. robertebaker


    Wow. It's off the charts for May. BSB, WSB YT, Halibut. Incredible.
  257. robertebaker


    Nice to see the ghosts show up early.
  258. robertebaker

    the only way to cap youre limmits,sq.

    Great day for Halibut. I spoke with Jimmy and he said someone stole a bunch of their Halibut fillets. I don't know where it happened. Assholes.
  259. robertebaker


    Great pictures Juan. That's a lot of good tasting fish. Fly to Kona and Marlin fish with me and my buddy nest Friday. We need a photographer on board.
  260. robertebaker

    best service in San Quintin?

    I agree with Rick. Juan will make your trip.
  261. robertebaker

    Baja Driving Question

    There is a detour north of Ensenada, but the pavement is good and it's not a big deal. Don't let it worry you.
  262. robertebaker


    Great looking fish Juan. Good job. It's been raining here all day.
  263. robertebaker

    San Quintin Jan 18,19,20 2014

    Juan, Don't give away all your secret spots!
  264. robertebaker


    Good looking lings Juan. Great photography as always.
  265. robertebaker


    Great day there amigos. There's Spanglish and then there's Juanglish.
  266. robertebaker

    winter yellowtails sq.

    Great pictures. Thanks Juan.
  267. robertebaker


    OK. There's some pictures.
  268. robertebaker


    Great trip Juan. Where are the pictures?
  269. robertebaker

    Road closure alert...

    I don't think towing a boat would be a problem. You just exit at the off ramp from the toll road at La Mission and it puts you right on the free road to Ensenada. Smooth and easy.
  270. robertebaker

    Road closure alert...

    I drove to San Quintin Sunday. The detour was well marked and only caused a minor delay. No big deal. Came back yesterday through Tecate and the wait was 3 minutes.
  271. robertebaker


    Can we still get through on the free road?
  272. robertebaker

    Tuna corrals

    It's gotten totally out of hand. Legalize drugs and outlaw the tuna pens.
  273. robertebaker

    Where to retire in Baja

    Catavina is a nice little desert oasis. I think there might be a place available there now since "two peso Andy" got deported.
  274. robertebaker

    any one know a good pogerro in punta abreojos

    My choice would be Domingo in La Bocana.
  275. robertebaker


    Thanks for the report. Will be there in sabout 10 days.
  276. robertebaker

    RedHot Sportfishing Cabo Report

    Beautiful girs...and fish. Thanks for the report.
  277. robertebaker

    San Quintin 10/4-10/5

    Thanks for the report. Great pictures.
  278. robertebaker

    Stolen Panga!!

    Good luck. I hope they catch the thief.
  279. robertebaker


    It don't get no better than that!
  280. robertebaker


    Great report and photos as always. That ling might just win the turney. See nyou Friday.
  281. robertebaker

    Bloofin Limits 8-6

    Great report. Congratulations on a epic day.
  282. robertebaker


    Good looking tuna. Be down soon.
  283. robertebaker

    San Quintin August 2n - 4th

    Very nice report. Thankyou.
  284. robertebaker


    It was great to hook up with George and the other Mount Carmel grads after 50 years. What a great way to have a high school reunion!
  285. robertebaker


    Thanks Juan. I had a great time. Now for great eating.
  286. robertebaker


    Nice report Juan. See you soon.
  287. robertebaker

    Rancho Leonero Fish Report by John Ireland

    Thanks for the report. Great pictures.
  288. robertebaker


    Great report and beautiful pictures.
  289. robertebaker

    El Regalo gets it done

    Thanks for the report. Great pictures.
  290. robertebaker


    Beautiful sunrise shot! Great report.
  291. robertebaker

    BOLA June 12-16

    Thanks for the report. Looks great.
  292. robertebaker


    Congratulations. Great pictures.
  293. robertebaker


    According to my search the world record cabrilla according to the IGFA is: grouper, spotted (cabrilla) (Epinephelus analogus) 22.31 kilos (49 lbs 3 oz) Cedros/Nativad Islands November 18, 1990 I know ther are differences of opinion about whether it's cabrilla or grouper. Anyone else know?
  294. robertebaker


    That Cabrilla in the first picture is HUGE! That must be the 21 pounder. Those shorts a real cute. Where the hell did you get those? The golden grouper is beautiful. I've never seen one before.
  295. robertebaker


    Thanks Juan. I had a ball. I'll never forget the trip around the island. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The food was better than anything you could buy. l
  296. robertebaker

    BOLA fish report?

    I'm going tomorrow to fish Saturday and Sunday. Look for a post by Juan Cookm.
  297. robertebaker

    BOLA June 6-9

    I cross at Tiajuana going south, but coming back north I take the road from just north of Ensenada to Tecate. It's Hwy 3. The wait at the border is almost always substantially shorter and it's a pretty drive. If you take Hwy 5 you will be drivinhg on some bumpy gravel for part of the trip. BOLA...
  298. robertebaker


    Great report and photos Juan. Those lings are huge.
  299. robertebaker


    Great report juan. See you in BOLA in 3 weeks.
  300. robertebaker


    Great report and pictures.
  301. robertebaker


    Great job Juan. That is some GOOD eating. I've heard it said that SQ nis one of the best bottom fishing places in the world. I wonder if that's true. It's certainly consistant.
  302. robertebaker

    Gonzaga bay and driving Baja ?

    The last time I drove it it was a bumpy, gravel road, but totally passable. Maybe not good with a trailer. It's be 2 or 3 years. I don't think it has changed.
  303. robertebaker

    Loreto- Springtime Yellows Abound!

    Thanks for the report. Great images.
  304. robertebaker


    Thanks for the report and the pictures Juan.
  305. robertebaker

    San Quintin Halibut

    About 3 or 4 years ago my buddy and I were out with Juan at the island. My buddy caught a 49 pound halibut on the bounce ball. What a monster.
  306. robertebaker

    San Quintin Halibut

    Juan often uses the bounce ball which can be very effective.
  307. robertebaker

    rick woodslay in san quintin,wide open.

    Great post and pictures Juan. The weather looks great.
  308. robertebaker


    I thought that might have been a world record. How do you certify a record breaker in San Quintin to be recognized by the IGFA?
  309. robertebaker

    what border crossing?

    Going south through San Diego and Tiajuana is no problem. Coming back north, cross at Tecate. It's a much shorter wait to get across the border. There's a good road, Highway 3. The turnoff from Highway 1 is about 8 miles north of Ensenada.
  310. robertebaker


    Looks like fun - but a little chilly.
  311. robertebaker

    Cerralvo Island

    Very nice. Looks like you found the secret spot.:rofl:
  312. robertebaker


    Great pictures as always Juan. Good to see you and Maricela and Arlett Monday. Giong to the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach tomorrow with da Ranger and Downtowne Browne. I'm sure we'll be planning the BOLA trip in June. You need anything from the Fred Hall Show?
  313. robertebaker


    Those lings make my mouth water. Beautiful photos.
  314. robertebaker


    Looks beautiful. Way to go!
  315. robertebaker


    Great shots Juan. However, your woredrobe could use some help!
  316. robertebaker

    Contacts for fishing San Quintin

    I know that Kelly gets a lot of praise deservedly so. But Juan is my favorite to fish with.
  317. robertebaker

    One week in San Quintin in early April

    There's an oyster farm in San Quintin. Just ask for directions. It's easy to find. A few years ago I bought 4 dozen oysters there fo $10 if I remember right. We ate them that evening and they were incredibly good. Right out of the bay just a few hours earlier.
  318. robertebaker

    Need Help - Bachelor Party Ideas in Mex

    There is a gringo in San Carlos on Mag Bay who owns a nice house with a couple of guest houses and some nice boats. His name is Joe. There is a Mexican fishing guide who works for him named Enrique. Enrique can be tracked down through Emelia who owns the Hotel Brennan. Joe can have you picked up...
  319. robertebaker


    Great report Juan. It looks like the church is completed now.
  320. robertebaker

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    Great video and story telling. I've been on that area of beach where you got stuck. It too me back. Thankyou.
  321. robertebaker


    I'll be checking manana.
  322. robertebaker


    Beautiful pictures again. Are those mangroves at Laguna Manuela? Are you sure you didn't touch the sand dollar??
  323. robertebaker


    Those are GREAT Osprey pictures.
  324. robertebaker


    Beautiful shots. What did Stan dier of?
  325. robertebaker


    Looks like much fun. Great photos.
  326. robertebaker

    La bocana fish report.

    Excellent post and pictures. Thanks.
  327. robertebaker

    San Quintin This Weekend- you going?

    The Old Mill and Jardines are both good places to stay. Jardines is newer and more modern. The Old Mill is on the bay and has "charm".
  328. robertebaker

    New East Cape Marina Now Open.

    How did the marina fair in the storms?
  329. robertebaker

    BOLA Report 10/15-10/18

    Thanks for the report.
  330. robertebaker


    Looks beautiful. Hope to get down there in a couple of weeks.
  331. robertebaker

    Polaris and veinte cinco- La Bocana fishing

    Sushimi at Joaquin's sounds great. Have him fix some pulpo. Incredible! That Parker is certainly the "civilized" way to fish.
  332. robertebaker

    Asuncion before and after the Storm Paul

    Great pictures Shari. Thanks. I heard Mulege got hammered.
  333. robertebaker

    More San Quintin pics

    Thanks. Looks wonderful.
  334. robertebaker

    Retard in the harbor

    Gotta love a story with a happy ending.
  335. robertebaker


    Good post Juan. Glad to see you figured out the lap top. That's a nice whoo and the weather looks nice.
  336. robertebaker

    Tecate Border Returning

    I've heard of this, however it hasn't happened to me in 4 crossings this year. The girls at Discover Baja advise to tell the cop you want to go to the station. If the commander or judge or whoever it is at the station says you have to pay, then you have to pay. If it's a bogus stop, the cop is...
  337. robertebaker

    Bahia Asuncion

    Great photography. Is that little settlement in the second picture San Roque?
  338. robertebaker

    SQ Photos

    Great pictures Doug. I was there 2 weeks ago and fished with Juan. We filled the box with Yellow Fin, Yellow Tain, Reds and Lings. Great times. So good to see the fishing getting back to normal after a couple of dismal years.
  339. robertebaker

    Driving to El Rosario Visa Question

    Yes you do need visas. You can get them at the border and they are free for 7 days or less. Sometimes the Mexican Immigration guys will tell you that you don't need them unless you go past Guerro Negro. That's not correct. I usually just tell them I'm going to Mulege for 7 days and there is no...
  340. robertebaker


    Wow! It's red hot in SQ Juan. You sure you want to go to La Bocana right now? The weather looks great. I don't think it's going to stay that way for long though.
  341. robertebaker

    Late report 10/3 at El Coral

    Nice bunch of fish. Thanks for the report.
  342. robertebaker

    Mag Bay, Oct. 3 - Catch and Release Wahoo

    Great report and beautiful pictures. The water looks spectacular.
  343. robertebaker

    San Quintin Produces Again... whats in my hand? **VISA REQUIRED??**

    Immediately after crossing the border, stay in the right lane and just as you are passing the big "carport" turn right and park under the carport. It's a bit awkward, but not too bad. Immigration is in the office closest to the border. It's pretty easy once you get parked.
  344. robertebaker

    Abreojos 9/16 thru 9/24

    Great report and photos. What a Brrom Tail!
  345. robertebaker

    Sign Petition for Mother Vessel - Erik

    I thought there were more than 5 guys missing.
  346. robertebaker


    Great trip Juan and excelent pictures of da ranger and "downtown Browne".
  347. robertebaker

    Sign Petition for Mother Vessel - Erik

    Did divers recover them from inside the boat?
  348. robertebaker

    SQ. What are you waiting for??

    Great to meet you and Veronica. Sounds like you won't have any problem getting her to go out with you in the future. Maybe we can hook up in La Bocana in November and fish together.
  349. robertebaker

    SQ. What are you waiting for??

    I was down with a couple of buds and we went out with Juan Cook on Sunday the 23rd. The WSB had slowed a lot the day before we got there so we went with Juan's advice and went out for tuna. We found a school of dolphins about 10 miles out of the bay and we got five YFT to about 25 pounds under...
  350. robertebaker

    Asuncion Fishing Report

    Thanks for the post Shari. Great pics.
  351. robertebaker

    The Bachelor Party of a Lifetime!!

    Great post Matt. Sure looks fun.
  352. robertebaker


    Looking fantastic. See you Saturday afternoon Juan. Can't wait.
  353. robertebaker


    Way to be Juan. I hope the bite keeps going for 10 more days. See you then.
  354. robertebaker


    Beautiful fish. See you on the 23rd.
  355. robertebaker

    Going to Baja in about 10 days - Rosalilita

    Punta Rosarito has great surfing and there is a big tide pool on a minus tide that has a lot of halibut in it. Check out "Baja Catch". I don't know of any pangas there, but I've only been there a couple of times.
  356. robertebaker

    MR RICH ROSE,KRYS&GEORGE,AUG 30,31&sept1st

    Great report Juan and of course great pictures too.
  357. robertebaker


    Wow. That looks great Juan. That picture of the sunrise is absolutely spectacular. Possibly your best that I've ever seen. I gotta get down there with or without da ranger!
  358. robertebaker

    Magbay Update

    The ocean look beautiful.
  359. robertebaker

    122 pound opah cought today in SQ.

    Very nice Juan. I'm working on da ranger and hope to get down in a week.
  360. robertebaker

    SQ 9/1-9/5

    Yea. Come on juan. Post some pictures! You're sluffing off on us.
  361. robertebaker

    Looking for a Good fishing guide in BOLA

    I also like Joel Senior and Joel Junior. Both are excellent guides and fun to be with. Ask Joel Junior about his education. Impressive.
  362. robertebaker

    Authorities near Punta Arena STRIKE BACK!

    GREAT news. I hope they keep it up. Don't need their crap in Baja or anywhere else for that matter. But I think this sort of thing might be a little easier to control in Baja.
  363. robertebaker

    travel visa

    According to Discover Baja, if you go past Tiajuana you should have one. If you get in ans accident or have a medical problem you will need one. You can get the 6 month variety at Discover Baja and then just stop in Immigration just as you cross the borde into Tiajuana and get it stamped.
  364. robertebaker

    San Quintin Smorgasbord - WFO

    Great report Rich. Your photography is beautiful.
  365. robertebaker


    Great idea on the limits Juan.
  366. robertebaker

    ........SEABASS IN SQ.......

    Great news Juan. Maybe I can get down while they are still around.
  367. robertebaker


    Great report and photography Juan. Great to see tuna and dorado finaly.
  368. robertebaker

    Last week in BOLA

    Grest photography!
  369. robertebaker

    Personal Bests - Fishermens Fleet Report

    Andy might just change his mind about leaving now.
  370. robertebaker

    Bahia Asuncion Fishing just keeps getting better

    Very nice report Shari. Maybe I'll get down there in November.
  371. robertebaker

    San Quintin 240

    Nice tail! Good job Doug.
  372. robertebaker

    Mexican Insurance experience

    Discover Baja is great. They can help with just abpout anything you want to do in Baja.
  373. robertebaker


    Where you at Tommy. I m in Vista and I'll send some stuff down for juan Cook if I can get it for you in time. But if I can't make it happen today, it can wait till another time no problem. Thanks.
  374. robertebaker

    BOLA 7/28

    Gets my blood going! But 280 feet? Ouch.
  375. robertebaker

    Big Blue succumbs during battle on East Cape

    Wow! Nice fish. A shame it died, but?
  376. robertebaker

    28' center console and quad stolen, two held up @ gunpoint @ Las Arenas

    I'm hoping to do Bocana in late October. Juan is supposed to be there with the Parker. I went whale watching at Laguna San Ignacio in February with my grandkids. We stayed at Kuyima and it was absolutely first class. Awesome! Try it.
  377. robertebaker

    Lend me your ear.... a San Quintin Tale with a WSB twist

    Great report Rich. Great to see a nice big WSB. I hope there are more on the way.
  378. robertebaker

    28' center console and quad stolen, two held up @ gunpoint @ Las Arenas

    Nice Butt. Must be over 50 lbs. I've done 3 Baja trips this year. One whale watching and 2 fishing. All great. You doing La Bocana this year?
  379. robertebaker

    28' center console and quad stolen, two held up @ gunpoint @ Las Arenas

    Well put Matt. Where is the old avitar? Coolest tatoo I ever saw.
  380. robertebaker

    First Rooster Fish Pics

    Very nice. Tha's a happy looking dad and son.
  381. robertebaker


    Captain Juan is my favorite although they all have good reputations. He's been driving a Parker this summer which would probably be best if there are four of you in one boat.
  382. robertebaker


    Great report and pictures once again Juan.
  383. robertebaker


    That was a great day Juan. Thanks for introducing my nephews to a good day in San Quintin. That was Matt's first ever salt water fish. A little different than trout fishing.
  384. robertebaker

    What's the biggest waste of 20 Pesos???

    When I went through in October it was 10 pesos. It's 20 now?
  385. robertebaker

    ........ERIC,ERIN & BRETT IN SQ....

    Looks like a fun day. See you Sunday Juan.
  386. robertebaker

    Big Bear to BOLA 6/15-6/25

    What a great trip you had with your boys. Really great report. Thanks.
  387. robertebaker

    Great BOLA Fishing!!

    Beautiful, big fish. Looks like a great trip. Love that place.
  388. robertebaker


    Some of those taikls were really nice. Actually they all were. Hope they stay around until the 17th. I hope the Blue whales do too. They are beautiful to see.
  389. robertebaker

    How much fish can you bring back?

    So thge gal that sent us to secondary was just on the rag, and the agent in secondary made up the "50 pound rule". I'm of the opinion that the Border Patrol does not have a minimum IQ requirement. Sometimes we are treated with respect, but other times they are just assholes.
  390. robertebaker


    Try FISHCO on the highway on the right in San Quintin. I think they have one week licenses which might work out better. Good luck. Post a report. I'll be there in 3 weeks.
  391. robertebaker

    How much fish can you bring back?

    Two weeks ago my buddy Jim and I were crossing back to the US at Tecate after 2 days of fishing in BOLA. We had a beautiful trip with great weather and excellent yellowtail fishing. The Border Patrol agent asked how much fish we were bringing back. She didn't ask about anything else which I...
  392. robertebaker

    Erik found by San Felipe

    Do you know what depth it is at?
  393. robertebaker


    Great thread Juan. I felt like I did it all over again. Don't forget to schedule the big WSB's for me and my nephews next month in SQ.
  394. robertebaker

    Opah caught in San Quintin

    That's an absolutely beautiful fish. Excellent job Ernesto!!
  395. robertebaker

    Current BoLA conditions

    Just returned from a 4 day trip to the Bay. Fished with Joel Junior - great young man and excellent captain. First day made pretty good bait after some patience. Fished the south east end of the big island and caught a bunch of tails possibly up to 35 lbs (look for Juan Cooks thread when he gets...
  396. robertebaker

    Current BoLA conditions

    I'll be down Friday afternoon with 2 buddies and fishing Saturday and Sunday. Staying at Guillermo's.
  397. robertebaker

    Bahia de los Angeles June 2-3

    Igor's number from the US is 011-52-200-124-9271.
  398. robertebaker

    Bahia de los Angeles June 2-3

    Will look forward to your report. I'm heading down there on June 8 with 2 buddies and fishing with Joel Junior on the 9th and 10th. can't wait.
  399. robertebaker

    San Quintin, anyone? Looking for advice

    I agrre with all the above. And I also like Captain Juan. I believe all the captains there do a good job.
  400. robertebaker


    That's a lot of good eating. And they were in the Bay?
  401. robertebaker


    Great post Juan. And beautiful photos yet once again. Did you see Russ in Mulege?
  402. robertebaker

    planning trip san quintin

    Take your passport. Good idea to get a visa. Definately have a current Mexican fishing license. The fishing in San Quintin gets better in late June and July.
  403. robertebaker

    San Quintin - Fishing visa

    At Discover Baja they tell me you actually are supposed to have a Visa anywhere south of TJ. They are frre if you stay less than 7 days, but the immigration officials in TJ at the border will agrue with you that you don't need one north of Guerrero Negro. And they don't like to give out the free...
  404. robertebaker


    Great news.
  405. robertebaker


    I had a terrible experience in San Carlos. I was at a guys house who was having a party. I didn't know it, but he had some beautiful hookers flown into La Paz then had them driven to his house. It was real scarry!:rofl:
  406. robertebaker

    The Oldmill Hotel in San Quintin

    Welcome back Nancy. I hope you and Jim had a great trip. And Stan is right. Walking past the Old Mill all fenced in was depressing. Hope to see you before too long.
  407. robertebaker

    bite is on II loreto Castnreel

    Way to be! Bring on the pictures.
  408. robertebaker

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    If you go to Guillermos, don't get a "back" room. Make sure you're facing the ocean. Guillermos certainly has the great location, but they aren't always "customer oriented".
  409. robertebaker

    jimmy & the lingasours,in sq.

    Nice lings Juan. Will be coming through SQ on Sunday with the family. Hope to see you then.
  410. robertebaker

    Whale Watching

    I'd like to go to San Ignacio in March and go whale watching one day and hike to some Indian cave paintings one day. I tried Kuyima, but they want a minimum 3 night stay in the cabins. It sounded cool because you stay right there and hear the whales at night. But I don't have the luxury of that...
  411. robertebaker

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Feb. 5

    Great report. Some nice looking catches.
  412. robertebaker

    ..........LA BOCANA,Y,BOLA...........

    Yea, if you talk to Andy for about 10 minutes (or let him talk is what I really mean), it can be entertaining if you are in the right frame of mind. He's got all kinds of halucinations. Marilyn Monroe, ape boy in a Tarzan movie, a huge ranch in Brazil, Howard Hughes and more. But about ten...
  413. robertebaker

    ..........LA BOCANA,Y,BOLA...........

    Maybe I'll just borrow your harpoon on our way through SQ on the way down.
  414. robertebaker

    ..........LA BOCANA,Y,BOLA...........

    Beautiful pictures as always Juan. Was that section of road south of Catavina still torn up and nobody working on it? Gretchen and I plan to go to Laguna San Ignacio next month to whale watch. I'll let you know when we'll be in SQ so we can say hi and see the bambina. Might fish on the way back...
  415. robertebaker


    I've been there but I haven't fished it. The bottom fishing there seems to be pretty good from what I hear and see. I think it's about an hour past Ensenada, maybe a little more.
  416. robertebaker

    Highway 1 Accident/Insurance outcome

    Let me know when you're going.
  417. robertebaker

    Highway 1 Accident/Insurance outcome

    Hey Matt. Hope to see you in La Bocana abain. Maybe in 2012. Happy New Year.
  418. robertebaker

    .....OOGIE BOOGIE.....IN SQ.

    Great mix of fish. Huge Reds. Snake bit on reds but catching lings ain't bad at all. Beautiful photography as ususwal. Happy New Year Juan.
  419. robertebaker

    Highway 1 Accident/Insurance outcome

    There aren't very many places on Highway 1 where you can actually pull off on the right. Usually no shoulder.
  420. robertebaker

    Fishing in Asuncion 11/30

    The smiles on your boy's faces say it all. Too cool!
  421. robertebaker

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    Congratulations on the baby girl Juan. She looks cute in the picture.
  422. robertebaker

    Mag Bay, Nov. 25 - Wahoo Actions Slows - Marlin Pick up the Slack

    Great report and beautiful photography. Thanks Bill.
  423. robertebaker

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    Thanks for the report Rcih. Great pictures too.
  424. robertebaker

    WFO yellows at the 240!!

    Very nice Rich. Great pictures and it looks like great weather.
  425. robertebaker

    Great shots as always Juan. Did Juaquin have any pulpo this trip?
  426. robertebaker

    Hwy 1 construction

    In October I drove to Baja Sur and the highway was torn up about 20 miles north of Guerro Negro. The gringos in Mulege told us the contractor had run off with the money and no one knew who would finish the work or when. On the way north I paid closer attention and sure enough there were no...
  427. robertebaker

    Baja Norte Freshwater

    Matt, Check with Juan Cook. He's done some fresh water fishing in Baja Norte I think.
  428. robertebaker

    .............MR JAMES PRUITT...........

    Great shots Juan (what a suprise). Those lings look good too.
  429. robertebaker


    Great trip Juan. I'm ready to go again and get those Wahoo!
  430. robertebaker

    K&M roadtrip.....southern baja

    Where is that? Kinda looks like the Wall.
  431. robertebaker

    Mag Bay report 10/6/11

    Are you guys concerned about the hurricane?
  432. robertebaker


    Great job Juan. The pulpo looks tasty. Reminds me of the one Juaquin made for us. Where'd you see the Osprey (that is an Osprey isn't it?)
  433. robertebaker

    .....XSLNT FISHING IN SQ......

    Great report and excelent pictures Juan!
  434. robertebaker

    Best Day Ever - Suprise Trip to Cabo - A Fishing Story

    Great story. Very well writen. Beautiful pictures too. I've always heard good things about Mike. Fishing with him might be enough to get me back to Cabo after 6 years away.
  435. robertebaker

    Rosarito Jimmy Good Fishing

    Juan, Where's the pictures you said you would post?
  436. robertebaker

    Ensenada or San Quintin

    I love to stay at the Old Mill. It's got charm and is on the water. The Molina Viejo restaurant is right next door and so is the ramp. But check with the owners (Jim and Nancy) before you go. I was there about 10 days ago and they were talking about shutting the place down for the winter at the...
  437. robertebaker

    Post tournament

    Great job Jaime!
  438. robertebaker

    keep your eyes out for my rod

    Where did it go missing?
  439. robertebaker

    Baja road info

    Thanks for the update Doug. Heading down to Mag Bay for my first time with Juan Cook in October and will hit La Bocana for a couple of days on the way back up. Any tips on where to stay or who to fish with in Mag Bay? Thanks.
  440. robertebaker

    ..........ROSARITO JIMMY IN SQ........

    Great batch of BIG reds and a happy looking kid. That's what it's all about. And a blue whale to boot. Great trip.
  441. robertebaker

    Family fishing in Asuncion...GAME ON!!!!!

    Izaak is growing like a weed and very handsome!
  442. robertebaker

    Asuncion Fishing Tournament & Traditional Fiestas

    Looks like a lot of fun Shari. Hope to see you and Juan and the gang in October.
  443. robertebaker

    Fishing in Oct?

    I'm planning a trip to Mag Bay and La Bocana/Abreojos in early October. It's supposed to be "on" about then. We'll see.
  444. robertebaker

    BoLA is the greatest place EVER..

    I got a one year license at FISHCO in San Quintin. I think I only paid $32 for it. It was definately under $50. Very nice tacle store.
  445. robertebaker

    Broken boats and Tuna

    Great family picture.
  446. robertebaker

    Updates on San Quintin????

    Fished San Quintin Sunday with my buddies and Juan Cook. The wind finally laid down so the weather and sea conditions (except the SST) were good. Nothing on the surface, but filled up the big cooler with bottom dwellers. Dinner was great last night.
  447. robertebaker

    Updates on San Quintin????

    Well, I'm getting there tomorow and I plan to drink it all.
  448. robertebaker

    BoLA is the greatest place EVER..

    Yes it is. Have a great time.
  449. robertebaker

    .......XSLNTE FISHING IN SQ.......

    Great looking reds, Juan. See you Saturday. It would be a treat to see Blue whales. They are incredably huge. Are you going to charge extra for the whale watching?
  450. robertebaker

    Sign Petition for Mother Vessel - Erik

    Done. I hope this does some good.
  451. robertebaker

    Check this out!

    Doug, That is incredable. Thankyou.
  452. robertebaker


    Thanks for what you are doing Blanca. It's very kind of you.
  453. robertebaker

    Full Freezer!

    Very entertaining!!
  454. robertebaker

    San Quintin Sea Trial/Rockfish

    Nice mess of fish. What's up with the water temp?
  455. robertebaker

    Border saftey

    I grew up in South Central Los Angeles. I've never seen anything in Mexico that even comes close in the last 45 years.
  456. robertebaker

    Floating Grouper

    Scooped up a live 5 pound trout floating in Lake Mojave about 40 years ago. I saw a game warden and asked about it. He told me they sometimes do that after spawning. Just tired. Otherwise the fish was fine. Ate it with no ill effects.
  457. robertebaker

    San Quintin update

    There is an air strip there and there's bus service. I drive there several times a year and there is never a problem. Just don't cross the border at 3 or 4 AM. The fishing's great in the summer. I stay at the Old Mill Hotel (rustic, but clean and charming and right on the bay and next to the...
  458. robertebaker

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    Outstanding report and gorgeous photography. Art is right. You should hook up with Captain Juan and do a Baja Book. Someone needs to do a Baja calendar this year in honor of Carlos Fiesta.
  459. robertebaker

    bringing my boat to Baja

    The Discover Baja travel club is very helpful. They have very reasonable insurance. You may save enough just on insurance to pay for your membership. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great asset.
  460. robertebaker

    I want to fish Mexico!!!

    I like San Quintin. It's an easy drive and the summer fishing is pretty good. In a couple of weeks the White Sea Bass should be biting and they sometimes get over 50 pounds. Several other varities of fish will be biting also. All of the captains are known to be good. My personal favorite is Juan...
  461. robertebaker

    going to BOLA in a week and need a good pangero.

    I fished with Joel Prieto on June 23rd and he worked his but off and was very knowledgable. Try [email protected]
  462. robertebaker

    San Quintin panga prices

    Juan charged me $300 on Saturday. We got a nice load of halibut. It was great.
  463. robertebaker

    BOLA 6-9-2011 JC Classic

    I'm heading down to fish on the 23rd. Any recent reports?
  464. robertebaker

    My family is in SQ

    Patrick, Please let us know. I'll be there next week.
  465. robertebaker

    Cheevato 5/28-6/4

    Great report. Looks like a great trip. Jouquin sure can cook!
  466. robertebaker


    Could I make a donation to help with the bikes. I could send you a Western Union. Does that work?
  467. robertebaker

    Tecate Border Crossing?

    Crossing at Tecate is the only way to go. Tiajuana sucks. If there's still road construction on hwy 3, you can take the toll road from Ensenada to Tiajuana. But get off at the Puerto Nuevo exit and take the free road to Popotla, then take the four lane highway from there to Tecate. I avoid the...
  468. robertebaker

    Where to for White Seabass this season????

    El Ranger es bien. Es en New Orleans ahora. But when the butts bite, we'll be in SQ muy pronto.
  469. robertebaker

    Where to for White Seabass this season????

    Juan isn't that great on halibut. Last year the biggest one we got with him was only 48 pounds.
  470. robertebaker


    Great looking reds, Juan. I had the pleasure of seeing a blue whale up close one time. Incredibly huge! So were those reds. Will be seeing you before long. Here's to a great summer with lots of YT,albies, WSB, dorado, et. al.
  471. robertebaker

    Bay of LA yellows. Old report last July.

    Thanks Chris. I'm planning a trip in June, so this is whetting my appetite.
  472. robertebaker

    Where to for White Seabass this season????

    Yea, I like fishing with Juan too. Great guy.
  473. robertebaker

    ....james,JAPPRUETT,in SQ.

    Looks like it's getting to be but time. Be down soon.
  474. robertebaker

    Rpt-Weekend Excursion to Rosarito, Ensenada, La Bufadora!

    It sounds like the sentricard line. Was it? I got in it by mistake last year. Not good.
  475. robertebaker

    Mag Bay

    Hola Juan, How's the weather? It's nice here.
  476. robertebaker

    Mag Bay

    I'm planning a trip to Mag Bay in Navember and I haven't been there before. Any suggestions on accomodations or who to fish with? Thanks for your help.
  477. robertebaker

    Deckhand Needed for San Quintin / San Martin

    Get Juan Cook if you can. He's great in every way. Entertaining too.
  478. robertebaker

    mexico rookie

    I agree that joining Discover Baja is the way to go. It will more than pay for itself in insurance alone. They are a wealth of information and getting your paperwork through them is sooo much easier than getting it when you cross the border.
  479. robertebaker

    mexico rookie

    I personally like to fish with Captain Juan Cook in SQ. Great guy, perfect english and puts you on fish. If your lucky enough to hit the White Sea Bass, he can really find them. I never have trouble with US dollars in San Quintin, but in BOLA I've been given an "unfair" exchange rate. I usually...
  480. robertebaker

    ..........MEN AT WORK...........

    Beautiful photography Juan. I think the new camera is a definite plus.
  481. robertebaker

    Catavina fish report?

    "One peso Andy" will take you out in his panga.
  482. robertebaker


    Way to be Maricela! We'll hire you to take us out from now on.
  483. robertebaker

    La Paz Manta Ray Slaughter

    I was in La Bocana in October and was favorably impressed with how they manage their fishery. The coop there seems to manage it well.
  484. robertebaker

    Baja for New Years

    Great photography of Mulege. You're gonna give Juan a run for his money.
  485. robertebaker

    Sad news from Bay of LA

    How about Western Union?
  486. robertebaker

    .......HAPPYNEW YEARS........

    Happy New Year to you and Marisela too, Juan. Great photos! I will enjoy seeing what you can do with the new camera.
  487. robertebaker

    80# Grouper, Abreojos & Bocana

    Great video. Great job, beautiful fish!
  488. robertebaker

    .........TINKNOCKER IN SQ......

    Great job you guys. Stan, your pictures are very nice too.
  489. robertebaker

    ......BILL"CHILLYWILLY" IN SQ.....

    Great report Juan and absolutely spectacular photography!
  490. robertebaker

    3 days of wind in Asuncion!

    Stan, They had deisel at the little gas station in October. I guess it's gone now.
  491. robertebaker


    Great job. Your persistance paid off. Who coulda thunk it from the weather here.
  492. robertebaker


    Great pics. Looks like nice weather.
  493. robertebaker


    Looks like a great trip Juan. Awesome pictures as always. The picture of the osprey is great!
  494. robertebaker

    12,for 20,running & gunning,in sq.

    Great job Juan. Looks like another fun day. At last, huh?
  495. robertebaker


    Great job, Juan. Weather looks great. Might have to come down with Steve afterall.
  496. robertebaker

    Is there anywhere to get Tourist Cards in US?

    I get mine from Discover Baja and get it stamped in Tiajuana. I tried getting it stamped in Ensenada once, but the customs official wouldn't stamp it unless I paid him $25.00.
  497. robertebaker

    WOOO HOOO Yellowtail limits today...finally in Asuncion!!!!

    Thanks foir the report Shari and Juan. Hope to be back soon.
  498. robertebaker

    BOLA OCT 6,7,8,9th

    Great report. Thanks. I'll have to check out Daggets. I wasn't very happy with Guillermo's when I was there last week.
  499. robertebaker


    Scott, It wasd truly an incredible trip. I agree that the people of Baja are some of the friendliest on earth, but Asuncion and La Bocana is "over the top." Hire Juan for your guide and you too can have an unforgettable experiuence.
  500. robertebaker

    Captain Juan fishes with Capt.Juan in Asuncion

    Shari, Congratulations on your new grandson. He is very handsome. Thanyou so much for your incredible hospitality. It was a profound treat to meet you. And the Calico fishing with the two Juans was awesome. Your husband sure know those waters in the Asuncion area and was very kind and friendly...
  501. robertebaker


    An awesome trip it was. What a culture shock to get back home after being in those fishing villages. What struck me the most were the people and their friendliness. I've never been in the company of such friendly, happy people. We met Juan Che and within 2 minutes he was treating us like family...
  502. robertebaker


    Great pictures Juan.
  503. robertebaker

    19 for 23,taILS IN SQ.

    Wow. Way to be Juan. The weather and the water look great. See you Saturday afternoon.
  504. robertebaker


    Good job Juan. See you next Saturday.
  505. robertebaker

    Good times in La Bocana

    Lookjs great Derek. Juan and I will be down that way in 2 weeks.
  506. robertebaker

    beergoggles,on the yellowtail in sq.

    That'll work. I'll pick up some lures today.
  507. robertebaker

    beergoggles,on the yellowtail in sq.

    You guys had a great rip in a lousy year. I love fishing with Juan. He's the best.
  508. robertebaker


    I swear we get treated with greater respect and professionalism at the Mexican military check points than by our own border patrol. Some of those people are total jerks.
  509. robertebaker


    Gooid job Juan. See you in a couple of weeks.
  510. robertebaker

    theres reds for U in sq.

    Juan, What's that in the last picture? A dolphin?
  511. robertebaker

    Bahia Asuncion Community Web Site

    Diana, Thankyou for your detailed response. And thanks to Stan for his input. I am getting more excited about coming down every day. I should get there about October 3rd and I'll look forward to meeting you then. I'll be coming with Juan Cook from San Quintin. Bob
  512. robertebaker

    Bahia Asuncion Community Web Site

    I'm coming to Asuncion in early October for my first time. I would like information about the hotel and fishing. I'm looking forward to reading the history of the community. Thankyou.
  513. robertebaker

    La Bocana day 1

    Not a bad day for the cold weather. I'll be there for my first time in early October. Any tips about the place and the fishing?
  514. robertebaker

    San Quintin Fishing Trip/ Any Reports?

    I saw Juan Cook caught a nice yellow tail yesterday.
  515. robertebaker

    gringos in Sq day 2 BABOOM

    Nice blue ling. Juan is a great captain and a great guy all around. I always have a good time fishing with him and he always finds fish. And he works his butt off all day long.
  516. robertebaker


    Nice WSB's. See you Saturday afternoon, Juan.
  517. robertebaker

    Seabass in SQ with Capt Juan

    Way to be Juan. I hope we get em Sunday!
  518. robertebaker

    Heading to SQ tommorow

    If Juan Cook is available, he's my favorite captain and he has extra gear.
  519. robertebaker


    Great report, Juan. Good of you to post that for your friend Jaime. Hope you and I do as well on the 29th.
  520. robertebaker

    Abreojos Trip

    I am planning a trip with a couple of friends to Abreojos in October. Have never been there and wondered if anyone who's been there recently has any advice about fishing, camping and accomodations, or fishing boats and guides.
  521. robertebaker


    El Juan, Nice halibut. You know how to catch em. Bouncy ball? Hope the water warms some by next week. I'll see you then and I'll have the picture of the ramp from 1970. Bob
  522. robertebaker

    16.12 miles off cabo san quintin,ALVACORE.

    Way to be el Juan. I looked for your hat at REI, but all they had was dark brown. See you Saturday.
  523. robertebaker

    halibut and calicos,in SQ.

    Way to be Juan. We'll hope conditions improve by the 27th. See you then.
  524. robertebaker


    Nice fish Juan Where did you get them? At the sand bar?
  525. robertebaker


    See you tomorrow, Juan. Hoping for halibut Wednesday.
  526. robertebaker

    48.74,25.50,HALIBUT IN SQ.

    Check the picture of the fish being gaffed. That's Juan gaffing a 48 pound halibut and taking the picture with his other hand!
  527. robertebaker

    48.74,25.50,HALIBUT IN SQ.

    What a great trip with Juan. Yellow Tai8l and WSB are next on the menu. You never miss with Juan.