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  1. CMonster01

    Headin' over

    Try Mama's for dinner if you are looking for fresh locally caught fish and strike out getting your own. Not so bad there.
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    New to Oahu Fishing

    Go get white bread from the Loves downtown (day+ old stuff cheaper). Chum the water and look for what comes up, smaller fish and predators. You may be surprised at what likes white bread (NOT brown). Then setup for what is there. I prefer rising tides for shoreline, and often apex bite is...
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    Skirt color suggestions for these heads?

    I like that kind of Odagiri head, but it's light. Strikes marlin, ahi and especially mahi (I have an old beater hacked and cracked one that mahi still nail) regularly for me, but I noticed 3 skirts tend to slow the bite on them. I think use 2 skirts even though there are 3 tie slots.
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    Question: 21 Ali'i Kai Weight

    If it helps, my friend uses a Nissan Titan to tow his Ali'i Kai at the same size, but his boat is modified and has an extra heavy trailer.
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    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Gee, I guess I'll have to get out fishing instead of looking at this thread for entertainment. Absolutely hilarious. Are there any records set on this one?
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    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Wondering when the boat owners are going to chime in.
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    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Hey, don't hijack the thread. There are pros and cons of fishing Mexico/Baja and Hawaii. Focus on Charlie. Much more fun to read.
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    Trolling on Full Moon Phase?

    I think the full moon phase is not a terrific time to troll deep sea. Not saying you won't catch anything (just got a 150 lb. or so black marlin yesterday on Sweet Kimi and the moon is big), but not my favorite time. I believe the currents rip faster so harder to get bait pockets, and the...
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    kaneohe bay ? tips

    9ft. boats are kind of tiny - I guess you are not going too deep, so I don't know if right or left matters as much as tides. Rising tides seem to be good for inshore luck. When the oama are here try getting some and drift. Or you can slow troll reefs with the transparent blue plastic the J&E...
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    Fluorocarbon or Mono

    Some comments here say reds/pinks turn dark at depths. Not quite accurate. Yes, solid pink/reds turn darker to about 100 ft or so (completely dark) in sea water. Solid materials reflect reds from the materials' surface. However, translucent (see-through) materials can filter out other...
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    Yellowfin vs Force vs Knife

    Don't think I would get a kami or yellowfin - they kind of scare me downhill. Forces are great except for uphill pounding and some windage issues. I heard talk that Force Maine was working on a better uphill ride, but I have not been on a new one with any improvement. Of those you mentioned...
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    Aftco gaffs SUCK

    Bruiser fish, nice goinig Jeff. At least you and Matt didn't get dragged in the water yet.
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    Ahi Fever - Needs help

    Yet another rule they are stuffing down our throats without proper notice and hearings. This cannot be legal.
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    Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish

    Tempura style works for me.
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    Handline question

    Ok so now the how to part: Needed: 1 SS wire (or pig iron) strong enough not to bend when line is tensioned, 1 trolling snap swivel (french clip style), 2 pieces of wood mounted approx. 3 ft high and able to be secured so that tensioned line will not move them, 6 wall hooks (like the kind...
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    Handline question

    Long story so bear with me. Darned computer will not let me upload pictures and make a description. Tried 3 times. Now I am trying to do it separately. Attached pictures are finished products with chafe guard, crimps, and how I set up the rig attached to the cleat with a bungie. I don't...
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    Handline question

    I braid the mono I strip out of reels into hand lines (only the good stuff after you get rid of the worn out layer on top), about 30 yards max per hand line. I also make them shorter at 15 yards. I rig it with bungie cords to absorb the shock along with nylon to attach to back cleats. Braided...
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    Banks 4/29

    Nice Jeff. When are you taking Ken and me out with you and Matt?
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    Oh what joy... how to clean boats, as if we don't do that too much for my taste. Brasso works as well for rust stain removal with a brush. But both Brasso and Barkeepers (a bit more powerful) are mild acids. Some stains can be removed with toothpaste and a brush, which is a mild abrasive...
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    Nice blackfin

    I saw a Carolina 35 at Ko'olina for sale... kind of looks nice. Forgot the broker who is handling it.
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    Boat Run Honolulu to Kahalui

    When Pailolo gets nasty, you may want to consider another Maui port. My opinion, if the weather closes down (presuming heavy trade winds), consider heading for Lahina via South side of Lanai. Keep a weather eye during transit from Sand Island to Lanai (waves can be a bit problematic), stay...
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    Types of tackle?

    Interesting thread. One thing that was not mentioned: if you go with senators or the cheaper stuff, the drag changes when you get smoked (literally, gear oil flying out, etc) by a big fish. Heat expansion and contraction in those star drags so it's not consistent. Gold reels like shimano...
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    Boat Options, Opinions Wanted! (heres your chance)

    Never rode on Shamrocks, but looks like what the ladies like. Looks familiar... I think I saw it in a tournament last year. Having said that, I second advice from others here: the weather rarely cooperates. There is a reason why our local boats are made the way they are - a good day for us is...
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    St. Patty's Day Marlin

    Nice fish. Yet another shrimp like bait. Been getting pounded by lots of aku and stuff on shrimp colors lately. Wonder if the ahi are going to do the same when they get here in force?
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    Why Tuna hang with porpoise

    I think it's coincidental that they feed on similar species; they do have superior location ability, and since the porpoise are very intelligent, they learned to work with the tuna to hunt. Kind of like dogs flushing out birds for human hunters. My thinking is the porpoise wait until tuna...
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    Boat Options, Opinions Wanted! (heres your chance)

    Agree with beauchat. Kind of have to decide if you want to get a fishing machine or a comfortable boat so the ladies can go to the head without crying. I think also avoid gasoline engines - having been stuck at sea before on different gasoline vessels, I don't want to repeat that. If you are...
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    Starwind work appaling *photos*

    I like the ride on ali'i kais, so this is a shame. Looks to me like the hull was poured in rain, with several layers bubbling and de-laminating. I don't know the ratio of resin used, but it looks too grainy to me. I think this is a sad piece of work - I don't think it should be salvaged...
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    Trolling speed?

    Kind of subjective. I think it varies with weather, how the wake looks, what is put out and knowing what speeds are currently taking bites. Sorry, not a specific answer, so it may be of little immediate use. However, I start with thinking about what lures to put out in the prevailing weather...
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    Waianae update ?

    Blue salmon on the center.
  30. CMonster01

    Waianae update ?

    Went Weds to CO circa daybreak. No birds no marks, just rough weather. Nothing bit, so we left quickly. Passed by V on the way, saw small bird piles here and there. Went to pinacle, got a 531 lb marlin (estimated by measurements). Saw massive bird pile (looked like aku) as we were bringing...
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    looking for hawiian style white marlin lures

    I like 9 in. Odagiri smokers (5 holes, I prefer fish head ones) for that. If set right, especially on corners, I think they are consistent marlin producers around 100 +/- lbs, like whites. Can't troll really fast with them, but they work well enough at slower trolls say between 6-8 knots...
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    Bill proposes to ban plastics from boats

    Lunacy. Has anyone on that agenda from Clayton Hee to whomever ever been on a boat? Obviously too much time on their hands when they have no money to spend on wasteful things.
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    Are super ninja heads better than other fish heads?

    They work like other lures, but supposedly they are harder to destroy. I have no problem with running them. I routinely get pissed off when a resin head cracks to the point it can't run anymore, and I have not seen that happen to super ninjas yet. They come with a stopper and are already...
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    lure question

    Yea only in Hawaii would fishermen think Gay Bob isn't an adult joke. Dirty monkey? I modified it a bit. I use (1) purple/black stripes clear belly, (2) black/red/yellow stripe and (3) mavis. Matches my purple silver head better.
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    lure question

    Don't forget clear gay bob, superman, black salmon, blueberry, blackberry, mango, froggy, dirty monkey and plenty more.
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    Need Help Finding Tiger Sharks on Oahu

    Absolutely sure they come outside turtles. Of course, we typically fish and have bait and whatnot in the water. Maybe it's a seasonal thing, like pupping or something. Anyhow, if I recall correctly, the last time I saw a tiger there it was last year, April, I think. Late summer I saw one off...
  37. CMonster01

    Need Help Finding Tiger Sharks on Oahu

    I've seen them on several occasions around Hawaii Kai. 10 ft. size or so. I think they appreciate a turtle meal, so if you know the surf spot "turtles" it was outside that slightly deeper, say 60-120 ft. depth. Odd though, we once spoke with the tourist divers onshore who were fairly close...
  38. CMonster01

    Poachers BUSTED and Recorded - Hate My iPhone

    Hmm.. I think lay nets are supposed to have tags and floats identifying them as well. I too am hesitant to call the darned DLNR number because I normally get the recording and if anyone gets sent out it's too long after the fact or nothing gets done; I was told once that since the officer...
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    HI to CA fish translations please!

    Some more: Hebi - spearfish Kajiki - marlin (in addition to above) Humuhumu or just humu - triggerfish (in addition to above) Akule, aji - goggle eye, big eye scad Kawakawa - bonita (or is that bonito?)
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    Is there a public ramp at Ko Olina?

    Yea the Phonecian (spelling?) ramp is hard to use unless you drive the boat on and off without tying up, no ADA compliance for public access facilities, the restrooms are rarely cleaned, and there are people fishing around and walking on the ramp while we are backing down. Where are those...
  41. CMonster01

    Gettin Jiggy Wit It

    I was down in Fla. a while back, and those head socks are common there deep sea, so don't feel too stupid wearing them. I've been meaning to get one, but was thinking it would be too hot for here. Were you baking in it?
  42. CMonster01

    New to Hawaii

    I suggest starting with a few books on how to do it local style, like Jim Rizutto's classics. Also a good idea to go to the Hawaii DLNR/DAR website to look at the fishing regs., restricted zones, etc. You can at least see our major game types there. You will need a freshwater fishing license...
  43. CMonster01

    Top Fishing Supply Stores on Oahu

    Good suggestions previously, especially Hobbietat (Butch really knows his stuff and caters to very particular people), but don't forget Charlie's and J&E. Both have great selections especially for light tackle (shoreline or kind of shallow), but I think J&E has more selection and the ladies...
  44. CMonster01

    Some red stuff

    Hey nice going, Jeff. Did I see some gindai in the picture as well?
  45. CMonster01

    SORE ARMS round 2

    You're killing them. Good catch. Wish I could get out there.
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    Nice catch Jeff.
  47. CMonster01


    Now that looks nice.
  48. CMonster01

    R.I.P. Devin

    Sad to see that happen to anyone let alone a close friend. Condolences to you and the family.
  49. CMonster01

    Kaneohe via HK 22 Nov

    Last time I went Kaneohe side we got 30 rats on the surface until we got bored and moved. Deep wasn't producing. Sounds similar now. Maybe change in plans to leeward side.
  50. CMonster01

    Kaneohe via HK 22 Nov

    Was MM active? Heard it was last week with shibi. Planning to go there Thurs.
  51. CMonster01


    That's a huge project. I remember those engines... can be very smoky. Boat looks clean and lean though. Good luck.
  52. CMonster01


    The Ala Wai fuel station has it as well.
  53. CMonster01


    Min Plastics (847-1511) is good with project type work, but they are not the cheapest. I have them fabricate light fixture covers that are not made anymore, so plex sliders should be simple for them. You can also try Hawaii Plastics Corp. (841-3358). They are usually cheaper, but have limited...
  54. CMonster01

    Best charter on Oahu?

    Given that it's December (not peak) and probably more consistent fishing around FADs, I would consider Foxy Lady (Haleiwa side) in addition to the others mentioned. They are experienced at working the FADs in their backyard.
  55. CMonster01

    Start Up Gear

    Smudge is dead on. Ahi come up on the ledge, not to mention marlin (we used to get them in green water sometimes back in the 70's - have not heard of it happening on Oahu for a long time, but it still might). Marlin sometimes hit hooked tuna as well and bugger light tackle here. Anyhow, I...
  56. CMonster01

    Banks sunday

    Nice catch. Need to pay for the past maintenance expenses with that one.
  57. CMonster01

    Just a little help on Oahu

    If you want an easy stops, sports authority (ward center area) or wall mart (close to ala moana). If you want the best...J&E (the ladies know what they are talking about) and Hobbietat (Butch is a great fisherman so he knows what to do and what you need) are my favorites, but you'll probably...
  58. CMonster01

    Boats For SALE?

    Yea. Goosh's boat is the flybridge force across the street. The father's boat is the 20ft. Hard for them to run two boats regularly.
  59. CMonster01

    Boats For SALE?

    Try contacting Ghoosh (spelling?). They have a 20 ft Reinell for sale.
  60. CMonster01

    Banks 10/14-10/15

    Nice catch. But where there is ehu... their bigger cousins often lurk. You were probably in the zone. What did the bottom marks look like?
  61. CMonster01

    Diver Down

    Anyone know the boat name involved?
  62. CMonster01

    Why We Have No Fish

    Jeff (JeffHi): I defer to your experience, since you are a tuna tagger and I think BETs are more of a location specific species (e.g., like hanging out a seamounts).
  63. CMonster01

    what type of coggins lures?

    I am surprised Coggins did not reply to your question, as he visits this site regularly. Anyhow, he shows up at various locations in Hawaii selling lures direct, and I hope he will be at Lahina during the Halloween tournament series like he was last year.
  64. CMonster01

    Why We Have No Fish

    I also disagree with the data interpretation that our tagged fish are caught here, so we can protect a "local" tuna fishery. I think the tuna are tagged at various buoys and then caught at the same buoys very shortly thereafter. The recovery is inherently local, as they have not had the chance...
  65. CMonster01

    West side desert!

    Jeff, did you do a banana check? Not like your boat to come back with nothing.
  66. CMonster01

    Regarding the full moon

    If you want to read basic research, here is some food for thought.
  67. CMonster01

    TSUNAMI Watch

    The last time we got a warning I was out bottom fishing with my friend and the HK ramp had very strange waves piling up on each other and pushing water levels higher until the ramp and more were covered with water. Outer currents on the ledge were strange too when we were fishing.
  68. CMonster01

    FL lures vs HI lures

    If you are going to be out here, bring the Iland lure and some for a few friends. If you find the purple/pink combo, I would be happy to relieve you of that burden. I know several guys out here that get blasted on that one regularly (marlin and ahi), but strangely enough, not other colors as...
  69. CMonster01

    30' Mosquito

    I loved the ride on those old mosquitos. Brings back memories of the 70's.
  70. CMonster01

    Bloodydecks Sticker

    A Sonny Arita head (opihi shell)? If so, VERY generous. If it has the rattles, even better.
  71. CMonster01

    labor day Hilo marlin - 750+

    Great marlin! I thought Suisan was closed?
  72. CMonster01

    Trolling Speed?

    Before changing pitch on props, and if you have 3 blades, I would try going to 4 blades. I think it does wonders for the wake and vibration.
  73. CMonster01

    Current Line Goop

    I flew over a bloom last month coming back from Kauai. Makua side had a central bloom, and kind of a star or flower like pattern radiating from there in various directions along current lines. Not the same pattern or color as that plankton bloom above. So I think ahi were making babies...
  74. CMonster01

    Trolling Speed?

    I have noted that "the right" trolling speed seems to vary somewhat. I guess it's part of keeping up to date with friends out there. Some days the bite is better slower, sometimes faster.
  75. CMonster01

    Current Line Goop

    Ahi eggs is my guess
  76. CMonster01


    Not bad for a shakedown run. Once your friend gets the hang of his new Hatteras, should be good fishing. Good going.
  77. CMonster01

    What's for Breakfast around here...

    Yikes, the fatal Banana Curse! Banana check the new guys. No exceptions. Had 2 banana episodes so far this season. One was an averted banana trip; check at dock was positive for CA guy induced bananas (yes, he said he knew no bananas ahead of time and decided to bring them anyway) and we got...
  78. CMonster01

    Shimano Torsa

    Yea. I went with the Tallus. Good sensitivity with powerline and stuff on it, and it has backbone to yank um.
  79. CMonster01

    Shimano Torsa

    Now I thought you worked with the tuna tagging guys? No wonder the poor little Shimano is dying so fast. I have an old Daiwa Saltist 40H with powerline, but I don't pound on it as much as you would. Anyhow, I am looking forward to bottom fishing and Kona crabbing some. You know jigging bouys...
  80. CMonster01

    Maggie Joe 1,245 lbs Marlin Pics

    That is one huge fish. Congrats to the crew and angler. If I could only freeze it for a tournament...
  81. CMonster01

    "rubba hooks"

    Yea, sometimes we can't stop rubber hooks. Fish strike in many ways and they do not intend to get hooked; always chances for foul hook ups. Winds and wave patterns slack the line and the line has elastic properties anyway. You can get less elastic brands, but hard to re-spool just because of...
  82. CMonster01

    Hawaii Kai 8/26

    Not going this weekend. Have to keep Karate training going, since I got behind doing tournaments. Hopefully going Weds. and then in Hooters tourney (not sure of that yet).
  83. CMonster01

    Hawaii Kai 8/26

    Laying low or the new wife making you stay away from fishing? Congrats on tying the knot and nice going on the fish as well. You and Matt are killing them. Your boat is looking a heck of a lot better with the new paint job. Just got 1 marlin Pokai side, saw ahi in the water and saw a cargo...
  84. CMonster01

    Stolen TICA reels/Bent butt poles

    Just so I can keep my eyes peeled, what kind of rods were they? Special markings/color?
  85. CMonster01

    Makapuu Ledge

    Nice going Jeff. I like that area for ono too... consistent there...but normally got stuff around 20 lbs there. Yours was huge for that place. Anyhow, I am guessing you got the leak fixed in exhaust system so you are going full bore now. Going hunting Kauai channel Monday and probably Weds...
  86. CMonster01

    Banks 6/28

    Good going. All you were missing was a marlin for the broom. Ok humble guy, what was that screaming strike that got away Matt told us about? Any marks on the lure?
  87. CMonster01

    Shack tournament 2009??

    At least your boat catches fish. And if you think your boat's ugly, try seeing my ex swimming. Children cry, point and run away. Just kidding. Good luck in the shack.
  88. CMonster01

    The Blocks

    I rarely have problems checking out what is brought in, so long as I have my boots and it's not too late. Mr. Mele (security guard) is a good guy to know.
  89. CMonster01

    Coral Reef Fishing

    My father did the same for me when we had more fish on the reefs. Here is where I took my kids to get them familiar with fish and fishing: (1) the concrete jetty by 1st lifeguard station between the area they show the movies (with beach volleyball area) and the next concession/bathroom...
  90. CMonster01

    Might need a crew...

    Hey why not that kid from the UH who posted the other day? Forgot his tag.
  91. CMonster01

    Yellow guy(s)

    Matt and I were commiserating on the phone, but you guys stuck it out until they bit. Way to stay in the game. You guys deserved it, especially with the long ride to/from to Hawaii Kai.
  92. CMonster01

    driving from oahu to off lanai...what would u run?

    I would run small stuff until I got where I wanted to go, like nothing over 7 inches, heavier/better tracking, and set a pattern that is more resistant to tangles than otherwise. The weather can get pretty sloppy going that way. Would not want to deal with something huge if the the idea is...
  93. CMonster01

    Moon Phase

    I don't know what other people think, but I don't like new moons for bottom fishing and I prefer not going trolling around full moons. Personally, I think the best correlation is to tides (influenced by sun and moon together). One fortnight cycle seems to have a period where the tidal currents...
  94. CMonster01

    surf fishing on northshore

    For what it's worth, my two cents. Number one: check the Hawaii DLNR website (should be under DAR, dept of aquatic resources) for fishing regs, because Northshore has restricted/regulated areas. If you are not familiar with the surroundings yet, a fairly safe place to go (presumes your setup...
  95. CMonster01

    Even if you don't KILL it...let us know!!

    Hey Jeff, you want to talk bad luck? At least you got out there and got some fish. You must have heard from Matt that we couldn't even start the darned truck to pull the boat today. Had to pick up stuff to fix it instead of fishing. Didn't sound like the fish were biting anyway today, so...
  96. CMonster01

    Cruising around the island of Molokai

    I don't like anchoring at Kalaupapa overnight. Waves can be a bit hairy unless it's a calm night. Maybe make it really special and go banks, to lee side of Lanai, to Maui following the lee weather as best as you can (a bit long, but it can be done in 1 day). Fuel and overnight at Maui. Head...
  97. CMonster01

    Fishing Kauai

    Oh yea, I forgot: it's been almost 40 years since I went freshwater there, but I got largemouth at Lake Waita (I think that's the correct spelling) and sneaking around smaller cane field lakes where we were not supposed to be (I was just a kid). They also have peacocks at Waita, but I think...
  98. CMonster01

    Fishing Kauai

    Try looking at our Hawaii DLNR website for fishing regulations and maybe you can determine some areas you would like to try from that site.
  99. CMonster01

    Surf fishing in maui

    Just a thought: you may also try taking the ferry ride from Lahina to Lanai for the fishing day. The place is a lot less populated and less fishing pressure on shore.
  100. CMonster01

    Surf Fishing Turtle Bay Oahu

    I go on the left side (as you face the water) of the hotel, by the bungalows. Casting is easier on that side for me. Sinchan is right...very sharp rocks. Keep a close eye on your kids. My friend lost toenails and got bloody feet there just walking around. I prefer diving there for octopus...
  101. CMonster01

    Why trailing hooks are a gamble!

    Hey Jeff: Are you Matt's partner on what used to be the Little Toot you folks just got? Matt just said his partner got a hook stuck in his foot the other day while he was watching. If so, hope you guys worked out the bugs on the mechanical stuff. Heard you also got a larger (30+lb) ono...
  102. CMonster01

    Why trailing hooks are a gamble!

    Yike. Sorry to hear anyone getting hurt fishing. I have not gotten a hook through the foot yet, but I did get one in the ear and one in the hand. (note: I wear boots a lot if I am baiting or know I am chasing mahi that day, so that helps). I saw a couple friends get nailed in the foot right...
  103. CMonster01

    Fishing Sat?

    Generally, contact channel is CB 23, but most people use direct connect to talk about what is really going on (Nextel). Best to join a fishing club in your area to get info networks going, like the one at Pokai (WBFC I think that is it...they do the annual Ahi Fever tournament) very good...
  104. CMonster01

    Props to Sweet Kimi - nice marlin picture

    Pacific blue with a mutant beak. Looked like it broke off somehow in the past.
  105. CMonster01

    Props to Sweet Kimi - nice marlin picture

    Because Capt. Dave on Sweet Kimi is shy and humble, he isn't going to post this. I'm too ugly to be shy and too stupid to be humble, so I have no qualms. Kudos to Mike, Preston, Pete (left to right) and Dave (peering out from behind the big marlin) in attached picture from early February...
  106. CMonster01

    show me your lures!!!

    Nice old D. Odagiri smoker head. I must have lost several to ono chomps. Lots of marlin cracks on those kind on the corner, but I don't get much production from ahi piles with them.
  107. CMonster01

    Ahi Fever Tournament 2009?

    Don't know if you got one, but Roys in Pearl City has the new application. Roy called Friday to tell me to come and get it.
  108. CMonster01

    Oahu in July - any suggestions?

    You are right; North shore can be rougher. Similar species, but it depends on where the bite is best...last year we had a consistent ahi bite off of leeward/South side (sometimes toward Kauai) and Magic was unburdening the habitat from supporting quite a number of ahi. Suggest you check out...
  109. CMonster01

    Oahu North Shore in March

    You can get hooks and terminal tackle at J&E Fishing Supply (amazingly good selection there) and those ladies there know exactly what to get for the kind of fishing you want to do. Tricky to find them if you are not local, but I suppose you can look it up with mapquest or some such.
  110. CMonster01

    Marlin Charter Out of Kona

    :cool: Nice catch. Coincidentally, I was out fishing with the Polu Kai lure makers around then and they told me Capt. K. got a grander on their lure in Madiera. I guess some guys have all the luck or skill or something.
  111. CMonster01

    Marlin Charter Out of Kona

    Capt. Kevin Nakamaru on Northern Lights has a grander in every ocean he fished in, and my friend who fished with him got 13 ahi in one day. Great captain, very professional.
  112. CMonster01

    Oahu fishing: asking for tips

    Now that is a long trip. Plenty of time. Freshwater: not much on this island, so consider Kauai. Requires a lisc. The freshwater lake with ready access on this island that I can think of is Lake Wilson in Wahiawa. Peacock bass there is kind of unique, and there are other gamefish there...