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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Maybe you should look at the pictures more closely then. What else you got? This guy look like a diver to you? Trained in 86 so I got you by two years Bill. We should buddie up and do a 16 day trip on the Nautilus. Totally serious invitation buddy.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    You miss the part about the Mexican Navy guy spearing the lobster and passing it around to the passengers on the Excel who were invited on the island for a swim and a picnic?
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    The one pictured was speared by my Mexican dive guide. We all posed with said lobster at Clarion.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    One would think yet the captain of the Nautilus Explorer pictured here asked us to vote on diving at Alijos Rocks, or Mag bay for stripers. May return next year to dive Alijos when asked for a vote. Safety in diving would not discount Clarion being off the menu for the Nautilus, it was talked...
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    My will was going to designate a significant donation to Costa Rica if they had these at Coco’s Island to sink or fire shots across the bows of illegal shark fishing vessels from Indonesia and South America. Was also planning on donating the ammunition they would need to equip such gun boats...
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    This isn’t someone’s home it’s a fishing forum.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Eco tourism like diving and fishing can co exist is the short answer. Money changing hands is the longer answer that would take to much space to talk about here. They sure drained my wallet when I did my 16 day dive trip to every spot you all are complaining about not being allowed access to...
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    And why do you and 13 other people who agreed with you feel this way again?
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Then start a bidding war with the dive boats and offer up more money than what the divers are willing to pay. Mexicans response may surprise you and then the divers will be pissed off. Can’t please them all.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Satellite reporting FAD’s, ran into one recently. Keeps the poachers in check
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Same as it was two weeks ago, God dam Mexican scum who won't let us do what we do and our hands are tied to this one spot and everything else turned into a friggin biosphere with precedence given to divers. What's this world coming to? These monuments are everywhere Roca Partida, Socorro, San...
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    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Waste Management Policy thread jack
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    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Reading skills are a virtue.
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    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Good idea, I blew some thick ones into my paper napkin at the end of my prime rib meal and the mat was whisked away stacked up in a big pile. Hope none of the current customers come down with whatever I may of had. Good to know the crew is handy with these sponge downs and disinfectant rather...
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    Intrepid ?

    How do you leave 1/2 a like?
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    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Not related in the slightest to the title of this thread.
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    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Trying to stay on topic of the six items the Excel has deemed desirable to eliminate as noted in post #1 Sanitary paper Place mats were not included Having sqid strips stuck to you elbow when coming in the door. Might require a hygiene check so folks will want to sit next to you and enjoy your...
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    EXCEL new waste management policy

    The stuff you’re talking about isn’t happening at the dinner table.
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    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Who’s brilliant idea was it to do away with the paper (hygienic) place mats in the interest to stay green? The plastic mats in use now are rounded up after every meal and stacked up and set aside with no attempt to clean the butter and food particles, they get brushed off and set aside...
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    BloodyDecks is becoming the next.............

    The ignore member button functionality seems broken. Doesn’t allow entry of members name, and there are members I’d just assume get ground into chum.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Why? because the trip less permits and tip was over 7.5k. Knowledgable people spending this sum on a frequent basis recognizes what to expect drawing a fair comparison. Maybe we'll eat is a weak red neck response when that type of moneys on the table.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    I have been very fortunate to ride the following dive boats and fishing boats in the last two years and recognize what money will buy you. Red Sea Aggressor Okeanos Aggressor Raja Ampat Aggressor Maldives Aggressor Indo Aggressor Rock Island Aggressor Thailand Aggressor Royal Star Intrepid...
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Hope you guys get fed less cake and cookies in the mornings than our group was. Beware of the onion dip on day 6. These guys need to up their food came on a par with the Intrepid despite all their loyalists. Where are the berries and yogurt cups In the mornings? Did away completely with the...
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    Fishing in Egypt

    I have fished the Zambezi river for a few catfish and have seen large Nile Perch in Lake Victoria outside of Entebbe Uganda but have yet to fish in Egypt despite having been to Aswan dam and points between there and Luxor. May look into this African angler as it seems better than the Nile...
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    Excel' last trip

    I have gimpy looking toe on my right foot that I am sub conscious about so considering it’s a Pelagic sock I considered it a fashion trend thing but yeh it’s pretty lame but I was on vacation. I also forgot to zip up my pants in that picture which was probably more alarming. The thickness of...
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    Intrepid ?

    Your stomach will also thank you, the food alone will make you return. Ride on over a dozen fishing and diving boats a year and have yet to encounter a more competent chef than Brian and Chasen on the Intrepid. Our 15 day trip in Feb produced one of the most elaborate sea food buffets I have...
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    Excel' last trip

    Lots of cake was served in the mornings giving the boat a donut shop atmosphere for the health conscious individuals out there, didn't instill the come for the fishing stay for the food vibe other vessels have offered up to me. Had this been international clients on a dive vessel with similar...
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    photo test, image is showing up twice when I hit the full size button, why?
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    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    Arriving at Hurricane bank tomorrow at 1pm. Excel left Sat the 28th. Day 4 of travel today. No skinny’s up North from colder than normal water temperature. Back from this on the 13th. Fishing will start tomorrow. Royal Polaris 18 day trip March 14 thru April 1st. Should start fishing the...
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    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden boots

    Real tree gets it right for waterproof foot wear.
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    Guadalupe anyone?

    During the evenings we were passed out large soft sided albums or. books with hundreds of shark pictures and asked if any of the photos we took matched the photos in the biologists photo log. Several were a match and some were photographed and tagged previously. These efforts help marine...
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    Guadalupe anyone?

    Was on a cage trip last month with Nautilus Explorer and after watching this video the cage was identical to the four we used. So it’s incorrect to throw the dive operator under the bus for a single crazed out shark that went roque. Once again this cage in the video is not the issue.
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    Is this decafe??

    If it don’t bubble it ain’t worth the trouble
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    100lb+ fish?

    Lupe is best visited with a camera if it’s 100lb fish you want to capture. However this fellow will be waiting for 100lb donations you may care to make.
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    372 Super Cow caught on lower banks.

    Leaving the 28th for 16 on the big X and again in March for 18 days on the RP. Come on 17 nights and a wake up. Hope to get a shot at one of the big ones.
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    AA jackpot

    Went looking for a thread that would answer my question rather than start a new one. My 1st 16 day trip at 45 had me seeing a 65+ guy with a broken TLD 30 win the jackpot after much help from the crew. Didn't seem right at the time but was told you will be an old coot someday and this guy is a...
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    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Wrangling and fun times in the shark cages of the Nautilus Explorer two weeks ago at the Lupe.
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    Clothing for January 16 day

    Two clothing options I have seen for 16 day trips.
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    Broadbills Exist

    My cats helped eat the fish in my avatar and they were indeed a family. Congratulations on your catch. Last weeks Mag Bay action.
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    Broadbills Exist

    Hope that feeds lots of families.
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    Striped Marlin & Wahoo Dominate Baja Action

    Striped Marlin were putting on a show last Sat at Mag Bay. Everyone grab their mask and fins, way more fun than catching them.
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    Sharing some good fish photos

    Always carry a GoPro when snorkeling Mag Bay, you never no what will swim by.
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    Sharing some good fish photos

    Cedro’s sea lion was observed last Thursday waiting for next batch of fisherman attending fishing lodge.
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    Sharing some good fish photos

    Lupe Tax man spotted on Monday.
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    Do The Sportfishing Boats Ever Pay For Spotter Planes?

    One of the things that’s been on my bucket list since the 80s is to dive the Ningaloo Reef on the West side of Australia for Whale shark encounters with the help of spotter planes. So next June I’ll fly to Exmouth and transfer to my barefoot luxury beachfront Safari camp in the dunes of Cape...
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    Funny Boat Names

  47. raw66

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Thank god for two cancellations last week allowing this to happen, you scored.
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    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    The dive boats I patronize don’t do this service charge nonsense, nor do the land based operators I travel with. Probably be told not to let the door hit me on my way out to do my travel business with companies that don’t appear chintzy. Seems to me this is unique to this industry as other...
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    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    Just upset I will loose a bunch of points and was looking forward to increasing my balance for a statement credit next summer for a trip to Australia I can get free air with my accumulated points and the Excel isn’t doing me any favors helping me in this department but no biggie.
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    Restaurants near the landings

    Con Pane Rustic Breads and Cafe 2750 Dewey Rd Very close to Fisherman’s processing in Liberty Station. Best selection of exotic breads and chunky sandwiches.
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    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    Top tier cards pay great bonus dollars. The more I use my card the more I get back. Recently put 40k on a card for a Safari trip. Paid it off in full in 30 days, only did this for the quadrillions of points. In 3 years I have enough points for a 15 day trip paid in full. This is a serious...
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    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    Lucky to take several week long dive trips yearly and these operators never assessed CC fees. You pay extra for nitrox and gear rental on the boat but they don’t charge a fee for use a CC. I get why a smaller operation can’t absorb those costs like a fleet of dive boats can yet the land based...
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    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    Told by office all the boats do it. Didn't want to argue with Jason and will be mailing a personal check so no big deal. After 8-10 trips with these guys never once charged this fee. Not being charged a service charge for my payments to the Nautilus Explorer for a 16 day trip that I used a...
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    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    Food is more than just a little better than the other players in this sector. Glaringly better.
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    Sport boats and trash

    Need to remove the cellophane tape on the cardboard before you can toss it. Kills the time on the ride to peel tape off the cardboard as the cook usually brings it out from the galley. There is considerable tape on those food box's.
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    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Oceanic White Tips when not cage diving can be nerve wracking when your not sure if they have had lunch yet.
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    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    2 berths are open on The Nautilus Explorer 16 day November 9 thru 24th adventure departing Ensenada, these guys put shark week on the map. Prices start at $5595. The cage diving is only at Guadalupe. The balance of the trip is spent at Socorro for one week with conventional SCUBA for a full...
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    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    In the winter the larger female models show up. Ropey must have gotten a little carried away with his jumping maneuvers, considering this smaller male is a repeat offender if the log books of the Nautilus Explorer are to be believed. Their web site reveals the story of this sharks propensity...
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    Good Suggestions after the Conception Tragedy.

    DAN has raised $36,543 so far for the families of the Conception. Glad to make a donation this morning. If you wish to donate go to Conception Enjoy both hobbies and would be nice to know had this been a fishing boat that a bunch of divers would throw something down for “us” should...
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    Sad news, boat fire.

    on a dive boat yes indeed . All those computers every diver is carrying has a lithium-ion battery not to mention accessories like cameras and strobes. Tell a diver he needs to leave his toys at home and see how that goes. The computers use to be optional as folks were instructed how to use...
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    Sad news, boat fire.

    wrong click
  62. raw66

    Sad news, boat fire.

    The Los Angeles Times pointed out the cattle boat nature of the Conception, the boat had capacity for 48 divers but only had 34 on this trip. That is ridiculous and a poor mans game back then as it is now. Most divers including myself were not always well off enough to travel abroad to some of...
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    Sad news, boat fire.

    Recently while flying around Africa in small bush planes I was introduced to a hot sack the pilot carried up front for passengers with problematic batteries while in flight. As we were descending on a very hot and dry Okavango Delta in Botswana two of the passengers needed to avail themselves...
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    Long Range photos, lets see them

    This frog fish was trying to hide out in the East Pacific last year and deserves some recognition along with his pal the stone fish It was long range as these fish live in Costa Rica.
  65. raw66

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Why hasn't anyone speculated that by the 3rd day of diving these folks all had a minimum of two electronic devices that needed to be charged by the 3rd and final day of diving. The photographers probably had 4 devices. My dive computer carries a 36 hour charge as well as my Ikelite strobe with...
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    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    Check outdated or overworked charging stations.
  67. raw66

    Sad news, boat fire.

    With a 15 day trip coming up on the Nautilus Explorer to dive for GW's at Guadalupe this November I have absolutely no doubt the camera stations will be just as overwhelmed with tons of electronic camera gear. Back in the old days there were 3-4 divers with cameras. Nowadays everybody and...
  68. raw66

    Sad news, boat fire.

    As a diver and underwater photographer, one of the 1st things they tell passengers is not to charge any of your electronics including dive computers downstairs. There was a charging station very close to the galley with a shelf for the passengers to charge their strobes, go-pros, dive lights and...
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    Costello 6-day Long Range Trip on Polaris Supreme

    Despite this (edit) charter masters antics, was the boarding done honestly based on when individuals made their initial deposit? Or did he comandeer all the prime box locations for his family? It was already stated he took over one side of the boat with rods. Im thinking if the trip was a...
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    Sad news, boat fire.

    Sad day for everyone involved not just the company.
  71. raw66

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Sad day for Truth Aquatics.
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    Guadalupe Island trip report

    Looking forward to my 15 day trip to Guadalupe and Socorro this November on the Nautilus Explorer but it won't be for fishing, School bus size GW's and the chance to swim with other large sharks of the area is more adrenaline producing than what a rail rod can muster for me anyway. Hey David...
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    Royal Star Trip Report

    Stumbling passengers on dope?
  74. raw66

    Royal star Crew

    I don't often pull my dick out when customers are snapping photos but when I do they will have a barrel of laughs when they get home and go thru their images. Perception made after 4 years of 10 day trips each fall. Odd behavior didn't change a bit. Someone say this is the guy they let drive...
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    Spent 10 minutes looking at my contact details and setting menus. Cant see where I turn PM on or off. Checked privacy settings without finding a PM on and off option. Directions needed.
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    People are scum at times. Had the HOA president inquire about free fish from one of my trips. Said not a problem, however the free fish you desire does not clean itself and showed him my pink slip and explained how it all works. Would get him similar pink slip for what he wanted for free...
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    Had this arrangement with an acquaintance for 3-4 years where he would pay the processing and come down the day after the boat arrived and pick up whatever I caught. He was always told in very strong terms that the quantity of fish was not guaranteed and I make no apologies if the trip is slow...
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    Royal Star June 7

    Non sequitur A fallacy resulting from a simple conversion of a universal affirmative proposition or from the transposition of a condition and its consequent. A statement (such as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said. Example; We...
  79. raw66

    Royal Star June 7

    Get in line? Wonder if the guy who put up his deposit 4 months ago before anyone else is thrilled with this idea? Should you arrive after 3am will you be number 14 in line? I get it, this is part of the new evolved LR expierience were all suppose to treasure. I just don't get that the boat...
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    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    My Suunto Eon Steel dive computer that monitors tank pressure via Bluetooth transmitted from a pod connected to my tank displaying pressure and nitrox blend directly to my monitor without the need for an analog pressure gauge. Keeps everything streamlined.
  81. raw66

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    Banda aceh tuna fishing report should inspire you. Have 12 nights diving in the Banda Sea next week and Tuna fishing is very popular out of Banda ache. I depart from Ambon via Jakarta and hope to get some underwater videos of pelagic creatures. Seen dog mouths in Raja Ampat and the Rock...
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    Bag to carry clothes

    Never leave home without my Abercrombie & Kent
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    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    Sounds like you and my sister Mario would really hit it off. She is after all my only sister and has had a hard life. She fished for bonefish once but with your records and world travels she could learn a thing or two if she can keep her tongue out of your mouth. Mario has always like boys...
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    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    My sister Mario stopped by the other day.... People have made fun of my sister before because she has some hair on her upper lip but nevertheless she enjoys the company of men 100% and would like to go fishing but she doesn't no any boats where she will be accepted. When people try and poke fun...
  85. raw66

    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    Not one guy on my trip applied control of their baits and were not encouraged to linger on the upper deck, just go fish., they were all down below fly lining when it was their turn up, thus the problem. You and I seem to be the minority that would prefer the active responsibility part...
  86. raw66

    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    Getting treated as a child is a take away so the boats can blaze thru their rotations when they perceive their customers are bad candidates for kite jail. They do the time for you, aint right. Your removing the tap out factor when the boat fish's for you. Guys quit on the kite thus advancing...
  87. raw66

    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    Fishing the kite from the upper deck needs more clarification for some to decide for themselves if this is a valuable attribute on a LRB. My take on it is you can go about your business and continue fishing while the crew monitors your kite gear on the upper deck. I can see where this could...
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    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    Would ride the Intrepid for the food alone. Brian Torres and Chasen Keller should be giving food clinics to the other boats because they are setting the Gold standard at the moment. You won’t eat previous nights cake passed off as a snack or worry the slightest about having chips and goodies...
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    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    So what did the church rep do with the 1000lbs of fish laying at his feet? Were the fish trucked away to be cleaned by church members with sharp knives or did a processor agree to throw down some free services?
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    Oman fishing

    This June I will be diving for 10 nights in the Daymaniyat & Hallaniyat Islands along with in the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. Will be flying into Khasab Oman for the beginning of my trip. Oman offers pristine reefs, stunning deserts, rugged mountain landscapes, green oases, endless...
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    Cabo San Lucas Charters?

    Thanks for the link, will be in Cabo in November returning from a dive trip to Guadalupe and Socorro Islands and may look into their spearfishing options which I see they offer. Will be great excuse for 3 day layover and I was looking for something to do that was dive or fish related. I will...
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    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    Cleaned the fishing line from this gull washed up on the beach at Doheny last week but you can still see some stuck around his head but got most of it. Got bit for my efforts.
  93. raw66

    What was your fish of the Year?

    My fish of the year for 2018 was this giant Manta.
  94. raw66

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    This boobie bird in the Maldives had fishing line wrapped around its beak. It was so happy or famished from not being able to fish with its beak tied shut it stuck around and divers were taking selfies and trying to feed it. It stuck around like a mascot. I was very surprised it allowed me to...
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    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    Can’t get enough of the fun times Soda brings to the game, party, fish. Dave inspired me to take my first safari last year and enjoy discussing his many travels and exploits. Y’all just jealous you don’t get out and about like Mr Pop does. Glad to hear the reports because going out on "that...
  96. raw66

    Philometroide Seriolae Worn in Yellowtail and Whiteseabass (video)

    Just when I thought I had a handle on my latent Toxoplasmosis, Philometroide Seriolae rears its ugly head. Just the thought of Tachyzoites that convert into bradyzoites is some alarming news when you realize its goal is to form parasitophorous vacuole in your brain somewhere in the form of a...
  97. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Investment in hi-tech military protection against the steadfast Sea Shepherds splendid antics, loss of catch and a collapsed market for the meat makes it an astronomic a lost leader, only held in place by the Yakusa (who also contro Taiji) and some terrible old men sticking to a false tradition...
  98. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Clarion lobsters are the tastiest.. Looking forward to go diving there for a second time someday very soon. Maybe after my 15 day trip to Guadalupe with a week spent at Socorro this fall on the Nautilus Explorer. Whale poachers beware.
  99. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Look at the fiasco when biologists at the urging of oil companies off the central Ca coast relocated Sea otters to San Nicholas Island in the 80s. When the otters ventured South of Point conception the “friends of the Sea otter” got all worked up and insisted on the roundup and shipping lanes...
  100. raw66

    Passing of the Modern Fish Act

    To unite anglers with industry to speak with one voice? Maybe the oil company’s are included in those industries, like to no more about the industry’s their speaking of. Industry’s could mean a lot of things and come with deep pockets to keep fisherman out of perceived shipping lanes claimed...
  101. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Dolphins are targeted and if whales can be slaughtered with impunity so can dolphins but they aren’t in the spotlight at the moment as my use of “list”. Taiji dolphin slaughter 2018, almost forgot it’s been listed. Anything that requires cruelty and slaughter should not be a part of anybody’s...
  102. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

  103. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    When the wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone it benefited many species from trees to beavers because the wolves got rid of the deer that were over running the place so everything else began to thrive. Taking pressure off forage fish is not the result of wolfpack minke whales,Orcas,nor...
  104. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Because these guys will be next on their list, which they already are and you want your grandkids to swim with them and the joy that brings rather than view them as an annual slaughter event for food.
  105. raw66

    $3.1 million tuna

    If it were me I would have spent the 3.1 having lunch with Warren Buffet.
  106. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Science reveals what may have been God's reasons for declaring certain sea creatures unfit for human consumption. Clean fish are those that swim in bodies of water while unclean sea life is comprised mostly of predatory scavengers or bottom dwellers. The fish and sea life that do the ocean...
  107. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Deuteronomy 15 verse 9-10 9. These ye shall eat of all that are in the waters; all that have fins and scales shall ye eat. 10. And whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; It is unclean unto you.
  108. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    1993 Paul Watson claims in an open letter to the people of Norway that Sea Shepherd has sunk eight ships and rammed and damaged six vessels. In the same letter states the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a law abiding organization. We rigidly adhere to the laws of nature or Lex natura. We...
  109. raw66

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    Sent one guy out for a bucket of Fallopian tubes that were needed for the pitometer to function properly during an emergency November situation.
  110. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    At the very least, with the knowledge that their harbors are not impenetrable, this narrative of attaching beakons to their ships could be easily accomplished with a little research and the Japanese have now been put on notice that this is a possibility forcing them to spend tons on protecting...
  111. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    SS=Sea Shepherds but I get your drift.
  112. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Not explosive charges. GPS tag placed by dive team. Take the hide and seek out of the picture. Why should the SS waste tons of fuel and scratch their collective butts about where the Japs may or may not be whaling. The tag unbeknownst by the Japanese would track their every move. Then they...
  113. raw66

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    i have not given up completely on the possibility that the Sea Shepherds dive teams with rebreathers to avoid detection can place charges or GPS tags on these vessels in port after reconing their port security measures and find a way to catch these guys on the open ocean without wasting a lot of...
  114. raw66

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    It’s get em over the 1MC. On 1st day aboard ship was sent to retrieve a 250w fuse for a sound powered telephone. After 3-4 hours of going from shop to shop on the tender, I was informed their was no such thing but they all had fun watching me try and find one.sound powered telephones work by...
  115. raw66

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    Have a great trip Soda. Hope I won’t be needing this anytime soon. Needed it for a boat I was on in Komodo but the fleas were more of a concern and besides the cockroaches were already dead. Doesn’t work well with fleas.
  116. raw66

    Paul Carramao

    Blake will need to keep his dick in his pants however when customers are taking photos and check himself on photo bombs and then telling another passenger wait tell he gets home and checks his pictures. That’s not captain material. Pulling out his nut sack and bombing photos of the guests he...
  117. raw66

    Recreational Fishing Opportunities Maybe Threatened in Panama

    Lets write a note to the Sea Shepherds that I support monthly to go after rat bastards like this. They have a good sinking and ramming stats and could harrass the be Jesus out of these 13 purse seine vessels coming from Peru. This would make a great campaign for them.
  118. raw66

    For Sale ..... Intrepid 15 day... $4,000..... Jan. 12-27

    Could very well be. I won't form an opinion tell mid Feb when my trip returns.
  119. raw66

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Two pans of brownies for sure. All that other stuff can kill ya.
  120. raw66

    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    Trying to do my own research other than this site about this loss of the Clarion Island for fishing. Have entered numerous searches with Clarion, laws, fishing, regulations, please direct me to something that tells me definitively that Clarion Island Is off limits. I have not found any...
  121. raw66

    14 day trip report.....

    . Almost sixty days out to get 100% for the Feb ultra trip Thats a rather broad and all encompassing statement, I can become unruly after being fed a sodium rich diet after a couple of days, throw cake into the mix as a snack I may be one of those you decide is demanding because he wasn’t...
  122. raw66

    14 day trip report.....

    Will I need my convection hot plate and cooking utensils this Feb, I can whip up some killer steel cut oatmeal if necessary.
  123. raw66

    Shorter trips during the December Timeframe

    Venice? Who would have known? 22nd St. landing? Why Venice?
  124. raw66


    Sessions is gone can we get a vape lounge now, so some of us don't feel left out while the booze guys do their huddle thing? We can offer those guys infused beverages by Constellation Brands to go along with their Coronas.
  125. raw66

    14 day trip report.....

    Spent 90 some days on the water this year and only 30 were fishing. I was Emailed four seperate surveys for my diving trips and not a one for my 30 days of fishing. Why should it be any different for guys spending upwards of 5K per trip? The dive boat people want the surveys from their...
  126. raw66

    14 day trip report.....

    If instant oatmeal was involved I'm canceling my Feb trip.
  127. raw66

    14 day trip report.....

    Seems a little harsh for his honest contribution.
  128. raw66

    14 day trip report.....

    Cockroaches ain't so bad. In Indonesia they get the size of a small mice and when they die they sit on the deck for 8-10 hours before they are disposed of. Biting fleas infested by bathroom with several doing a dance on my sink. Compressor broke down eliminating Nitrox fills and zodiac runs...
  129. raw66

    14 day trip report.....

    Was it slower than the April trip? Time for you to unpack the safari gear and go play with mountain gorillas in Uganda. You got me off the couch to try that with your exploits. Rinse, wash, and repeat.
  130. raw66

    14 day trip report.....

    Under the circumstances I bet less previous nights desert cake was passed off as a mid morning snacks. Were potato chips factored out as a side dish at lunch or at the very least replaced with Kettle chips?
  131. raw66


    Well at least you don't wake up every day with no clue whats going to happen to your gear when you check out lucky you have sons/daughters/brothers/sisters to pass it on to. I recently at 65 dusted off my dive gear because finances haven't allowed me to dive since the early 90s, it also lessens...
  132. raw66

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    A good wingman should get a bigger cut of the jackpot loot I would give that anyway plus the15%. Just a thought, but would I tip the divemaster who led me to a manta feeding station when other teams descended and went in the wrong direction? Or tipping the forest ranger on Rinca Island to pet...
  133. raw66

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    UNESCO=Premier future live aboard dive boat destination. $50 per day park fee per diver. 7 day diving at Socorro is $450 permit. Nice piece of change dealing with divers rather than those pesky fishing guys is more than likely the Mexicans attitude, so the squeeze will continue as to Island...
  134. raw66

    New rookie hunter questions

    Glad I found the rookie hunter questions thread. Recently fortunate to go on an expensive safari where three single woman were part of the group. We did two daily game drives thru Kenya and Tanzania. We were hunting with cameras so this is why I'm asking this question in the "rookie hunter "...
  135. raw66

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    I went to Navy boot camp that is now called liberty station in 1973. Back in those days boot camp was 11 weeks and longer for those in an apprenticeship training program. As a recruit Yeoman it was my job to assign liberty to sixty men who all had wildly different aspirations as to their plans...
  136. raw66

    Charter boat deck hand etiquette/behavior

    When I go on a comparable week long dive trip with very similar pricing and attributes as a long range fishing trip of which I have done many of both and sit back and reflect on the crew’s work habits, food, and overall service in general I have to give it to the dive boats. Some would say I am...
  137. raw66

    Most 300lb,200lb,and 100lb YFT Caught in a Single Day

    Back in 2000 Capt Pat Cavanaugh ran a 16 day on the Excel. Recalled one at 345 and the other two very close. Can someone put names to these guys? So that’s a trip with 3 over 3.
  138. raw66

    Is there a guadalupe cage dive/fish combo?

    The only combo trips involve cage diving at Lupe and then 7 days diving at Socorro. The Nautilus Explorer runs 15 day trips starting in Ensenada and finishing up in Cabo where the boat returns. You got wet on 12 of the days with 3 days of travel. Lots of shark diving inside and outside of cages.
  139. raw66

    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Slightly off topic. I just got off the Indo Aggressor after a 10 day dive trip to Komodo Nat Park. The dead roach’s laying on deck were disconcerting in the fact they were dead. Would rather see the roach’s alive so I know all is well in the world. However I draw the line at finding dancing...
  140. raw66

    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Those carpets you stand on after showering are bath mats. Some people must think they are throw rugs and leave them wet laying on the floor until their mom or the crew rehang them so they dry out for next bather. Even if every guy was courteous and did the right thing by hanging the mat and...
  141. raw66

    Yellowtail on Lupe Sharkweek?

    15 days on the Nautilus Explorer for 5 days of cage diving at Guadalupe and then a week at Socorro 4 day dives and selected night dives offered. Leaves from Ensenada and returns to Cabo. My shark week will start this Saturday at Komodo National Park for a 10 night dive adventure before hitting...
  142. raw66

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    Bitten by a snipe once at summer camp. Around 10 at the time when the counselor’s showed us a bag with what turned out to be a roll of socks dancing around in the bag. They didn’t expect anyone to catch anything much less get bit by their fictional snipe. All the kids got their pillowcases...
  143. raw66

    A question for those who fly into SD.

    Your asking about the Lg Nomad reel bag specifically and appear apprehensive about its possible size being disallowed as a carry on? When not fishing I do some diving and have used my "Nomad" bag with the reel inserts removed as a carry on several times to haul along an extra wetsuit and some...
  144. raw66

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    I knew I’d take flak about this. Like arguing with people who still think the world is flat. It’s your cash, spend it anyway you want and I’m just another asshole with an opinion. If you waste your time talking to people who don’t listen, who do you think is going to care and if you should...
  145. raw66

    Boarding Policies

    Tried reading your question without a comma after boarding. Could this question be asked in a different way such as; Which boats let you camp out in front of the landing with your gear for three days as opposed to giving you a number when you pony up deposit. The RS was notorious about not...
  146. raw66

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    I am very lucky to have a second hobby of diving where the attributes of spending a week or longer at sea is identical to LRF in terms of costs as well and the controllable parts of the trip most importantly foods and quality snacks divers can gastronomically process without issues underwater...
  147. raw66

    A fellow Spear fisherman could use your prayers.

    Said a prayer and may hoping for the best for Byron Failed to see the date on this post irregardless hope he is up and about by now.
  148. raw66

    Joy Ride & Arrested

    He was hitting other boats while backing up.
  149. raw66

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Regarding pens; properly purged BHO product where the blasted material is given 72 hours in a vacuum oven to ensure no residual butane is not residing in the finished product, exceeding 130 degrees in the oven can result in loss of essential terpines and has to be reintroduced to the finished...
  150. raw66

    Marijuana on LR boats

    She's getting piped down from a BBC? Were Boatswains pipes or whistles one of the same? Piped down is a nautical term used by boatswains to quell rowdy situations. The BBC could stand for Boatswains bouncers community, Getting piped down could have other meanings like trailer hitch...
  151. raw66

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Those guys sporting Scopolamine Hyoscine transdermal patch's. 4.5 hour of liver metabolism with side effects that include sleepiness, blurred vision, dilated pupils and are not recommended in people with glaucoma or bowel obstruction. Some would find it alarming that other forms of...
  152. raw66

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    So I get this younger roomie on a ten day who starts blazing reefer down in the room. He's trying to school me on blowing the exhale smoke into a towel as I assume he believes this is somehow masking the odor and I try to politely suggest he consider the stern of the boat is probably better...
  153. raw66

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    I was turning my head while this was happening. Very good recollection of the event. I was debreifed or given a blow by blow on a daily basis so I can attest to the accuracy of this story. Didn't want to actually witness the event however as the person being described had other redeeming...
  154. raw66

    Upcoming Intrepid trip-Question

    Safari in September. Trip back to Coco's Island Costa Rica in June for another 10 days of diving. Komodo Nat Park in Bali Indonesia in July for 10 nights. Then on to Africa, Almost forgot a 17 day trip in a couple weeks on the big X. Need a trip of some nature for October but may just stay...
  155. raw66

    Upcoming Intrepid trip-Question

    Excel's Pelagic 17 day again, same one we did last year. That was a very tough trip, bound to be better this year, fingers crossed. Jump on that one again if you can.
  156. raw66

    Upcoming Intrepid trip-Question

    Hey Soda just booked the trip leaving Feb 1st yesterday, had I known your intentions would love fishing with you again. Was considering the Silent Jim run but to close to a trip ill be out on in Dec, have fun in BC.
  157. raw66

    Catch a 300# cow or your money Back........

    No fish money back with these guys. Need to fly to Northern Thailand however.
  158. raw66


    Meanwhile near the landing.
  159. raw66

    Penn Fishing Pole

    A decade back I recall some stuff like this. Shut it all down and now I live alone with my cat. Fish and dive whenever I want however. Just got off a charter with five couples and no other singles, that was hard to make small talk around the dinner table, that one.
  160. raw66

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Recent snack on the Okeanos Aggressor at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Need to be in for some diving however because fishing isn’t allowed. Take only pictures, leave only bubbles. LR food could be better compared to their equivalent in the live aboard dive boat business and I am paying roughly the...
  161. raw66

    Long Range Art

    Work by Peter J of Newport Beach. #262 personal best.
  162. raw66

    Intrepid Silent Jim's Baja Extravaganza 15 day .... Jan. 12-27

    Good luck David, was inspired fishing with you on the X last month, mostly about the Safari stuff. So I pulled the trigger with A&K for their "Wings over East Africa" for this coming September. Think it is the same thing you did a few months back. A tad pricey at 29K with a 6.5K single...
  163. raw66

    whats the scoop

    So with Clarion being closed for the time being just returned from a very slow 16 day trip with limited success at Hurricane and understanding what the other options/alternatives are. Sounds like quite a few are ok with this arrangement of a long boat ride just to see what's up and then work...
  164. raw66

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    Sub topic about a single bait vs chandelier when deploying bobber in a controlled courteous environment as mentioned in some of the previous posts? I hold to the theory a chandelier or small cluster of 3 fish swimming as a unit is more of a substantial bait presentation rather than just pinning...
  165. raw66

    Swim baits for larger tuna

    Bought a RonZ the other day. Figured a hoo would chase it on a fast retrieve. Maybe try it out on a drift or two for tuna. Can’t recall to many guys using these things. The lure caught me however and I am determined to hang something with it.
  166. raw66

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    I say we put Earth Island Institute under a microscope, they are already declaring a victory for the Dolphins and having a big party with the money that over 700 tuna companies have slid them money under the table to get safe labeling for. Who put these Berkley guys in charge?, send in the Sea...
  167. raw66

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    What I find alarming is the organization Earth Island Institute who's in charge or has agreements with over 700 tuna companies around the world regarding labeling of dolphin safe tuna. It should be noted that "Earth Island Institute" receives money from the companies it verifys. Wonder how...
  168. raw66

    Trokar hooks on big tuna?

    The Trokers for me anyway, appear to cause less stress on my selected bait fish, thus possibly giving the bait a longer life because of how stupid sharp these hooks are, you can really tell the difference when pinning on a sardine as opposed to other hooks. This bait in my estimation has a...
  169. raw66

    California two day fishing license for ten day trip?

    Are not Mexican fishing licenses the boats compel us to purchase for an individual trip good for a full year? If so can the front office of whatever boat I go on provide me with the documentation/license so I can use it within the year as and when I please and not be forced to purchase one on...
  170. raw66

    bobs sands 9 day on the shogun.who is going?

    Why would I go out of my way to admit I clobbered a guy because of my own poor fishing skills, It's self effacing humor and a way to keep myself in check and own the things I do. Slapping you with a baitfish is deplorable and I am not making humor about it, Were good but owe you more than a...
  171. raw66

    bobs sands 9 day on the shogun.who is going?

    Who might those in charge be? Monica at Shoguns front office when asked who the charter master was suggested Sal was making bookings along with their office. It was a combined effort. This further begs the question if the money that the shop is collecting in Van Nuys gets blended with the...
  172. raw66

    bobs sands 9 day on the shogun.who is going?

    Seriously Phillip how can you forget that guy who smacked you in the face with a big makrel. That was the standout moment in my fishing career for being a numbskull.
  173. raw66

    bobs sands 9 day on the shogun.who is going?

    Better keep track of your boarding order guys if Sal Valone has his hand on this charter, judges and other VIP's tend to board before people who had their money on the books longer but this may not matter to some of you guys. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  174. raw66

    Critters from Raja Ampat

    Located off the Northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia!s West Papua province Raja Ampat or the Four Kings, is an Archipelago comprising over 1500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo...
  175. raw66

    Long Range weather forecasts

    I'm hoping the Sirocco's leave me alone in the Red Sea in a couple of weeks. Little windy there now.
  176. raw66

    Critters from Raja Ampat

    Some underwater safari shots West Papua province
  177. raw66


    This comes as a surprise. So David those brown rockfish grouper looking type fish down at Clarion are just that "rockfish" and not officially grouper. Guys on the boat were calling them groupers and high 5s were going around?. Maybe they are just a brown type of rockfish because they didn't...
  178. raw66

    Excel or Intrepid??

    How about mystery green substance with lotus flower.
  179. raw66

    Excel or Intrepid??

    Soup days are my favorite.
  180. raw66

    Excel or Intrepid??

    How about offering a 1k tip at the outset for a 15 day trip with the understanding $50 will be deducted for each cookie platter served as a snack or the leftover desert from the previous evening was served. I'm down for this. When I spend 5 k for a dive trip I am not fed cake I start asking...
  181. raw66

    Excel or Intrepid??

    I would pick the boat that doesn't serve a cookie tray or the previous nights desert as a mid morning or afternoon snack. Whichever boat puts out the biggest veggie platter would be a no brainer for my selection. When as the years go by and no improvements in the quality of the snacks is...
  182. raw66

    Excel and 5 star

    Dam straight, I pay roughly the same prices for multiple live aboard dive trips each year and and never need to even carry my luggage to or from the vessels. As soon as I hit the airport of origin I am greeted by a yaught representative who will load all my heavy dive gear into my stateroom...
  183. raw66

    Excel and 5 star

    Pushing carts except the one with my gear is now a thing of the past. Can they wash my truck after two weeks sitting in the lot as well?
  184. raw66

    How to add pictures in posts

    Napolean Wrasse in Raja Ampat Indonesia part of the Sulu Archipelago. A few other creatures that appear to be close friends.
  185. raw66


    Can anyone comment on rates if traveling solo? Do they go out of their way to pair you up with another solo traveler to share a room. I'm concerned most guys go here with friends in tow and if no other singles are available you pay the full room rate but I may be misinformed. Sorry about the...
  186. raw66

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    And if you're lucky you may get to swim with this guy and some of his friends. Great idea if the bites slow and your board.
  187. raw66

    How to add pictures in posts

    GoPro files are to large to post. What's the solution? Do I need to upload the file somewhere else like YouTube or FB 1st?
  188. raw66

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    I told everyone but they didn't listen. Sure got lots of thanks for your presumptive comment but that's part of the drama play here isn't it?
  189. raw66

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Finding chef's and paying them a good wage must be a challenge for the owners of this boat. My 8 day trip a few years back to the Lupe saw a morbidly overweight assistant food preparer have words with the main cook and quit mid trip after sweating profusely over the silverware wraps. I wonder...
  190. raw66

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    What I find more rude is to visit your designated numbered 4 pole sanctuary up the side only to find not one but three rods belonging to another passenger handily stashed there because you decided to work on your gear or didn't utilize the area and left the area open briefly for a few hours...
  191. raw66

    "That Guy" roll call

    I suppose what happens in Thailand should stay in Thailand but if it's pictures you want.
  192. raw66

    "That Guy" roll call

    Got to be one of those stories worth listening to.
  193. raw66

    How many wahoo rigs for 15/16 dayer?

    1 trolling 1 bait 2 bombs 1 surface popper Like the Shimano Orca. Love to see one of those hit, Had mine out many times with no luck. Need to make that happen. Don't see to many guys tossing these things so I seem to be a pioneer on the trips I'm on. Wonder why more guys don't use them?
  194. raw66


    Maybe a Super Seeker Black Steel Graphite G6455XXXH-51/2AR/WO 80(100)130. Anxious to break this new stick in a few weeks time mated with a Mak30
  195. raw66

    "That Guy" roll call

    Question for the old timers? Ever since I started LR fishing back in the 80's all the boats I went on that still run today would tell their customers usually in the 1st crew cook, chef's introductions and meal call's speech that we will be making hot oatmeal every morning during the trip and...
  196. raw66

    "That Guy" roll call

    A couple years back did an 8 day on the Shogun with the Bob Sands group of which Sal Valone is the charter master and he took my deposit 8 months prior to the trip. Was given the #4 as a boarding number at the time of my 50% deposit. Upon arriving at the landing six months later I found out I...
  197. raw66

    "That Guy" roll call

    Maybe your missing the point why the guy didn't check in at the office. He new they screwed up shortly after he showed up and was reminded that this was a private charter with a limited load. Had them by the short hairs when they blundered by selling a ticket during that time frame on what you...
  198. raw66

    "That Guy" roll call

    Lets get back to the Fred Hall show where the boat hustled him a ticket many months out to make a sale. Did the boat in question call him up a month or so before the trip apologizing for their mistake at the show and offer up some alternative dates or a refund. The voucher was all he needed...
  199. raw66

    Seeker designations?

    It is the Black Steel and comes in at 5ft5. Plan to borrow a stick or two for an upcoming trip but thanks for the offer. Spent a good amount already on a backup Mak30Sea11, Trinidad 20a, and a Seeker Black Steel G 6470 for a nice 40# stick which Ill pair with that Trini. The Pacific Queen has...
  200. raw66

    Seeker designations?

    So I cant find the next level up in the 5.5ft rods that is more suitable for 130#. Do the rods go heavier than 6455XXXH? What ##s should I be looking for? Still need a couple more heavy all roller bearing rods that would be heavier than this designation. Will use this rod for 100#. Cant...
  201. raw66

    Seeker designations?

    Thought this forum area could answer this question. Just acquired a 6455XXXH-51/2 AR/WO 80(100)130lb. What does the AR/WO mean? 2nd, Bought this thinking it would be suitable for 130# stand up rod. Seeing this (100) in the center of he 80 & 130 makes me think otherwise and that I bought a...
  202. raw66

    Fred Hall show Long Beach March 1-5, 2017

    Is state tax collected from items sold at this shindig? Gonna order a $579 reel from Ebay with the knowledge I wont be paying one dime in sales tax. Local shop wants $40 extra for reel plus the tax. I asked if they would pay 50% of tax, said wont happen. If I could buy this reel for what I can...
  203. raw66

    Jx raptor at the lupe

    In prep mode, this must mean you burned thru lots of 60lb topshots. How many 60 & 80lb TS did you use on your trip?
  204. raw66

    Seeker OSP 1x3 Or 2x4?

    I would call Brett at Hogan's Tackle in Dana Point. He may not have it in shop but he tends to get things in quickly.
  205. raw66

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    The deck hand saved the day opening that thing up. Meanwhile great photo from Germany, Future king of Thailand out and about, I thought this might have been in Florida.
  206. raw66

    Seeker OSP 1x3 Or 2x4?

    The 2X4 OSP 7'3" 80-130 is designed to be used when drag settings fall between 25-40 lbs. I am not sure what the specs are for the 1X3. The 2X4 is very versatile, as I like the way Seeker rates some of if not all of their OSP line as to what the angler wishes to set his drag at. The line...
  207. raw66

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    Never buy an economy shark cage or parachute.
  208. raw66

    Backup rigs

    The location of these events precludes my ability to show them and my inept ability to post them up so they could be viewed probably worked to my advantage to avoid a tongue lashing. Double edge sword type of thing. Certain locations are not suppose to appear in back round type of thing even...
  209. raw66

    Backup rigs

    Maybe just as well for reasons I will explain later. Trying to be considerate of certain requests. I did think they would show up here just not for public consumption. I can show them to you in private later on the RS in a couple of weeks but showing them here may get me in hot water...
  210. raw66

    seeker 10 excel

    Hope he gets spooled when he makes it back and hope his property is out of harms way.
  211. raw66

    Backup rigs

    Part1; The toss in is at around 9 minutes in. Part 2 and 3 to follow.
  212. raw66

    Backup rigs

    1st time trying to put something on YouTube. Says it will take 1hour 27 minutes so hang with me.
  213. raw66

    Backup rigs

    I got a great one. File size is to large is the message I'm being given and I don't have a clue how to resize GoPro files. If someone can walk me through the upload procedure or how to post it.
  214. raw66

    How does that lineup thing work again?

    Its sometimes good to see how other dogs run around the same field and taking a chance with "iffy" boarding procedures can also reinforce your loyalty to your favorite vessel.
  215. raw66

    How does that lineup thing work again?

    In response to 2 posts up. I can just imagine the heavy tipping that happened after this experience when these guys called it a day with the boat for good.
  216. raw66

    How does that lineup thing work again?

    The subject of randomly placed backbacks being placed as markers has been brought up. Not sure about you guys if I saw that happening that backpack in question may not survive the trip and yes I have seen it happen yet held it to a decibel 2 level. Love it when some fool not seeing whats...
  217. raw66

    BD dating site ads

    Not sure those are chicks and the one that is has a father with a sick water buffalo that needs antibiotics back in her village.
  218. raw66

    How does that lineup thing work again?

    Many years back dive boats who had a reputation for giving short fills; under 3000psi for an aluminum 80. When the best you could hope for was bringing steel 72's and getting a 2600psi.air fill that you paid for. Guys were solving this problem by bringing 4-6 unneeded tanks filled properly at...
  219. raw66

    How does that lineup thing work again?

    I have seen worse offenders than the SKB 7200 with RL we cant be stigmatizing those guys or throwing them under the bus quite yet when there are worse offenders. Now you made me feel like shit because I own a model 7200. That's it I'm off to build my own tackle stand, can I lash it to the bait...
  220. raw66

    How does that lineup thing work again?

    Very profound working on that eye for space planning thing. In the meantime things seemed to drift to room assignments which never was an issue. So I guess the best answer is roll with it. I'm raw at this. I don't need no special space on deck or the island just the negativity that "others" in...
  221. raw66

    How does that lineup thing work again?

    I apologize for being spoiled in the past with boarding numbers based on when my deposit was taken. Boats can indeed all do what they wish in this regards. I am not lacking of the knowledge that guys would show up days in advance of a trip and literally chain their gear to the lamp posts at FL...
  222. raw66

    Favorite Long Range Trip Weather Forecast Sites?

    Now would be a good time to check out tropical storm/hurricane Roslyn brewing in the Pacific on windyty. Just click on show actual forecast and you will get some stunning animation. Hope this doesn't impact the guys out on the water.
  223. raw66

    Favorite Long Range Trip Weather Forecast Sites?

    https// is a very good site,
  224. raw66

    Bananas on long range boats>

    Its even worse if you bring canned bananas on a boat departing port on a Friday stuffed in a black briefcase and then proceed to open the cans upside down while whistling.
  225. raw66

    San Diego to Rancho Leonaro driving advice

    Catavina is indeed worthy of a stop however, like someone else mentioned about not driving at night. San Quentin is just North of El Rosario which is where the road doesn't hug the coast anymore and starts getting steep and narrow where you don't want to be at night. It may be best on your 1st...
  226. raw66

    Arm and hand cramps

    Turns out my ZICO coconut water has 440mg of potassium per 8oz serving. Way better than Gatorade without the sugar. Keep a case downstairs and bring a few extra to hand out if I meet someone I like.
  227. raw66

    While in Homer, Alaska last week...

    I can still remember a trip from around 82-84 where it was my 1st LR trip over 5 days. The only thing I can remember is the steam clams with drawn butter and garlic bread they served before the boat had left the bait receivers. Every thing else is a blank..
  228. raw66

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Glad I picked the 12 day option on the RS for a rocks kicker thrown in.
  229. raw66

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    After reading this I discovered I was short on a Mak 15. Cant let this happen. The other bases are covered. Was to busy couch thinking I would be holding a 80lb set up all day. Thanks for letting me know the 60lb was a go to set up as well. Great report. I have neglected to provide for...
  230. raw66

    3m shrink wrap vs other brands

    Just found out today shipment from Florida 10 days ago was delayed due to hurricane. So almost feel like deleting the post. These guys are still my go to guys until the 1st of the month anyway. I did find out Anglers Choice in SD has everything I need. I put the pressure on the unnamed shop...
  231. raw66

    3m shrink wrap vs other brands

    Thought I had commissioned a shop to do up 6 cow rail rods for me with grip overlays using the 3m product. They are foot dragging and offering up a different product other than the 3m shrink wrap which is what I requested. Dead lines are approaching and need plan B as the shop has had my rods...
  232. raw66

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    What worked for me is I found somebody who really loves fish and owns multiple chest freezers after explaining to him about the abundance of fish that you possibly may come home with or none at all, would he be able to pay 100% of the processing at .95lb and either make an investment in Ice...
  233. raw66

    Strength training for fishing

    LSD is the key. Long slow distance and try staying on your feet most of the day which is easier said than done in activities like walking consistently. My favorite feature on my phone is the "dashboard" that keeps track of every step I take. By the end of the day I like readings in the 15,000...
  234. raw66

    Larger YFT outside of SD

    Maybe I can jump on the $75 all day boat 5am to 5pm out of Dana Point and run into these guys at the rate things are going.
  235. raw66

    A Few Guadalupe Questions

    Some times guys get all pumped up for the Wahoo bite trolling around all day. As mentioned the hot YT action usually happens at anchor in the early morning hours or shortly after/during dinner into the early grey light. You might want to find out where the boat will be setting up for the...
  236. raw66

    A Few Guadalupe Questions

    Yes they are not line shy in the slightest and would be using your 130# rig for YT dropper loops. The extra drag will be appreciated that cant be achieved with your 50# rig and you will need to get them on the boat quickly as tax man takes bigger toll on the guys using 50# rigs for this...
  237. raw66

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    Their are opposing elements at play here. Some older guys strive to keep in shape so they can continue fishing for years to come. Younger guys can afford to skip a day here and there. Surprised this question was asked regarding 7-10 day trips as travel time isn't sufficient enough unlike a...
  238. raw66

    LR question -- kind of

    Jump on the exercise bike more frequently when your not fishing.
  239. raw66

    Want to fish Guadalupe?

    [email protected] days on the RP with 26 vs [email protected] day on the RS with 24+1. Wouldn't the extra 4 days for $400 that the RS provides make it the better value? Considering all the boats in this lineup of which RS is amongst this grouping offering 8,10,12, day trips this fall with the prospects of...
  240. raw66

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    I made this claim 1st Scold. LOL
  241. raw66

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    Still cant figure why the RS has 5 spots available for their 12 day Oct trip even after this word got out. Not complaining will be nice with a lite load of 18 . Last year this wasn't the case and all the boats involved in this permit process had their manifests fill up quickly. I wonder...
  242. raw66

    Oct 21st Seeker 12day, Royal Star

    Looking forward to this trip was trying to guess why it wasn't filling. Thought it could have something to do with a wait and see approach for those last five spots on the Guadalupe equation. Why cant we be told now that the permits are in possession for this trip? Simple yes or no. When...
  243. raw66

    Time for a time out...

    Sorta sounds like Cher's final concert however and will expect to see you back in no time, so my lurking will be more enjoyable.
  244. raw66

    Royal Polaris

    Was contemplating why the RS 12 day Seeker trip in Oct was not filling and has had 5 openings for several months now. It's peer group is not having this problem. Then it occurred to me that some are not convinced the Star will be holding court at Guadalupe this late Oct and are in a holding...
  245. raw66

    Fuel surcharge-Fuel rebate

    I have paid more fuel surcharges on diving boats as opposed to fishing boats. Back in the day we would sign up for the Begg Rock San Nick trip and end up at Santa Barbra Island and told that the weather was to rough to make the long run and never refunded the extra money we paid for all that...
  246. raw66

    Crew treats?

    Seeing crew members break out their French press in the morning along with their caffeinated head stash it occurred to me to check out Trader Joe's and they sell these individual pouch Brazil gourmet roast just add the hot water and wait type of bags. Not that any things wrong or unpleasant...
  247. raw66


    So I pulled the trigger and was dragged kicking and screaming to join face book and acquire 1 friend so I could view my favorite boat in the first place. One time I caught a big fish and was looking at someone's laptop and it proclaimed I had 174 followers on FB. I'm like WTF, my computer...
  248. raw66

    Name and diameter of SR/tubing used for beefing up your rod grips?

    I'm still going to need to put a thin skin on them to prevent that chewed up look they are starting to take on now. Possibly go with what the tackle store operator was advising which is a much thinner diameter sleeve but would improve the cosmetic appearance of the rods yet that 3m product...
  249. raw66

    Name and diameter of SR/tubing used for beefing up your rod grips?

    This will help tons. The 12 inch will be needed as well for the lower rod grip, David explained he acquired his on the fly thru an electrical contractor friend just didn't no the designation. Said it wouldn't come cheap so that 55 for an 18 inch sleeve sounds about right. Having them done...
  250. raw66

    Name and diameter of SR/tubing used for beefing up your rod grips?

    After admiring David Choate's reinforced grips on a large number of his big fish rods and asking about the name of the actual product and where it can be found he suggested I contact an electrician or electrical supply house where this product can be purchased. I cant search for something I...
  251. raw66

    Mid December 10 day?

    The RS has a late Oct 12 day that I signed up for wondering where that trip may be headed?. I have taken several 10 day trips with them in Oct and they were always variety type trips with less devotion to a cow hunt. When I ran into Tim coming back from a 1.5 day upon the Condor last month I...
  252. raw66

    Most Useful Freebies?

    5 gallon, and I cycle or change out 50% of the water weekly and will do a cycle next Wed. Will need to fix that PM thing.
  253. raw66

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Found some 7 day Betta food feeders. That still leaves 8 days of fish fasting on his part which I am not excited about. He is a very hardy fish and has survived some very harsh conditions when he was younger. Just sort of promised the little guy a better life and don't want the kids at the...
  254. raw66

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Need a good home for several unopened bottles of Jamaican rum and some aged wine I inherited but don't drink the stuff and was considering tossing the stuff until it dawned on me why not unload it on the boat and let the guys that enjoy this type of stuff go at it. Yet this move might be the...
  255. raw66

    Yellowtail at Alijos versus Cedros and Benitos

    Lots of drama did I mention one of my Mak 30 rigs went in the drink never to be seen again that night because it was ripped out if its clips by something. Joke was on me with a big dose of drama.
  256. raw66

    Yellowtail at Alijos versus Cedros and Benitos

    The entire boats tally for YT was 37 and over 20 of them were mine or handed off because so many fell ill and possibly to sick to fish. Age could have played a factor for quite a few on that trip as well.
  257. raw66

    Yellowtail at Alijos versus Cedros and Benitos

    When the Shogun announced 1st last and only call for dinner at the rocks last year and most all passengers were tuckered out from trolling around in the very hot sun that day for an occasional Wahoo, I wanted to see what I could scratch up on the bottom and skip the chow that last night before...
  258. raw66

    Excel Okuma trip openings

    Received an Email requesting some phone info from Jason. Asked if there was anything else I needed to know prior to the trip. He said it would board exactly like the Pelagic day after Thanksgiving trip where passengers were invited to board the afternoon before minus the catered dinner. It...
  259. raw66

    Excel Okuma trip openings

    I think its a very nice option that the Excel is letting us board the afternoon before. Less time my cat must spend at the pet resort, which is basically a giant closet my cat must stay in so I can go fishing. Lost my cat caretaker when she went back to college. Need to find a caretaker for...
  260. raw66

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    Excel in 3 weeks for 15 days Royal Star 12 day Seeker trip in Oct Excel Pelagic16 day in November 1.5 day on Condor last month for some nice yellows. Neighbor wants to go on a 2.5 or so mid summer trip. Yet to be determined.
  261. raw66

    Last Minute Prepping Tradition.

    Having acquired a betta fish sometime back and seeing him respond favorably to a larger tank has me searching for time release beta food that will keep the little guy alive for the 16 day cow trip. Now I could take him along with my cat to the pet hotel where they would keep an eye on him but...
  262. raw66

    Circle hooks

    Just bought six packs 5/0 6/0 7/0 ringed. These are the best hooks I have come across. The full designation TK619HR-5/0 HD ringed . Had to order them and wait for them to arrive. The non ringed version was sent out but the shop quickly got the requested ringed variety. I think what makes...
  263. raw66

    Suprise deal at the show...

    When one of their competitors is offering a free ride for a supercow they got to do something and in my opinion all the boats should follow the Intrepids lead in offering a free trip for anything over #300. In the meantime that reel deal sounds nice.
  264. raw66

    CONDOR Feb 27th 109 fat Colonet Yellowtail rocker

    It was a great trip. Filled the freezer again and some of the neighbors are quite pleased. It was a pleasure fishing with Ron for the 1st time.
  265. raw66

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Fluoro Diameter

    How does Mommoi Diamond brand flouro stack up? Acquired some #130 W/O from this Florida mfg recently in 25ft lengths. I guess ill be finding out soon enough because I don't plan on making a return, yet I was skeptical at point of sale but bought them anyway. Side by side with some Seaquar or...
  266. raw66

    Oh where art thou albacore?

    Westport is outrageous expensive for their offerings on last summer albie trips. Hit the rock/ling trip instead mid June for $130 a day. They went off after I left in July. They were getting $600 for a 1.5 day and you needed to bring your own food and bedroll. The 10-12 rock fish I caught...
  267. raw66

    Bluefin Jim

    "GYOTAKU" artist Peter J is on this trip and he deserves a cow or two. Made me a killer shroud or impression of my PB recently and highly recommend his work.
  268. raw66

    The Long Range Character thread.

    As long as were fronting off folks who like to drink more than we would consider Bill Moore took me under his wing last April and helped me immensely when I needed some terminal connections help. At times my requests were during hot moments during the fishing day and he was all about helping...
  269. raw66

    long range t-shirt question

    Where do patched jackets/hoodies #200/#300 club fit into this conversation? Got me a spiffy new Excel hoodie with 3 cow tags I am quite proud of. Think I will do what I have seen other's do with these what I like to call "scout jackets" and wear them briefly only while standing around the...
  270. raw66

    Trip Cancel

    Structured notes have replaced CD's. unless your happy with the 1%. More risk but having downside thresholds of around 15-20% makes these 1-3 year notes pretty hard to beat.
  271. raw66

    Getting Spectra Spooled

    I have had to turn down jobs I am not qualified to do properly or hired others maybe BS should embrace this philosophy. I always check my own parachute from now on. About to check sewing job and thread count on my new wingsuit, these guys told me their thread wont unravel mid flight.
  272. raw66

    Trip Cancel

    More giveaway swag was needed to hype the journey, failed to happen.
  273. raw66

    Getting Spectra Spooled

    I have been 100% guilty up until the last trip of not verifying the competency of big reel spectra that was put on reels I have purchased in the past. And yes I should have put down that book and checked the tightness of the line that was applied. In hindsight I recall several other cow trips...
  274. raw66

    Getting Spectra Spooled

    After discovering two of my reels were improperly filled by a shop necessitating letting the line out behind the boat. If you have had new line put on and are unsure whether it was done correctly this is the best remedy short of having the crew replace the line. I wouldn't assume anyone's...
  275. raw66

    Tackle Recommendations

    When purchasing reels, make absolutely certain that the person/s applying the line know what they are doing and put it on under plenty of pressure or none of what's being talked about hear will matter. A loose fill by a shop that sold you that new reel doesn't always know how to fill them or...
  276. raw66

    possibly over booked

    When a boat a year out for example the RS states their Seeker 12 day trip next Oct only takes 23 and still publishes that number, then by summertime that number climbs to 24 on their website and a price reduction is not taken, this is not inclusive to the overbook by 1 rule. Not picking on the...
  277. raw66

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    Seeker OSP 2+4 7ft 3" rail rod 80-130 Drag rated rod 25-40.
  278. raw66

    Happy Holidays and go get those cows.

  279. raw66

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    Loust gets my vote.
  280. raw66

    Here's you're sign....

    Always looking for good reading material Dave. Don't want to be lame as you put it. Wasn't it Dale Carnegie who said "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
  281. raw66

    Here's you're sign....

    Even with a boarding number of 1 or 2 that would allow me to take the prized corner tackle box destination on the starboard rear island of the Excel, certain guys I have fished with in the past I would not encroach on their usual tackle box destination should they be in attendance. but may have...
  282. raw66

    Hook design for tuna

    I would stay away from the 4x Mustads 6/0 ringed Demons or you could end up with this and possibly a lost fish.
  283. raw66

    Here's you're sign....

    "Extra rods should go up top". Hold on now, I like it up their rather than the islands for my box and rods. If my boarding number allows for it this is where I like to be, so I can sit down up there and get comfortable. These spots "up top" are not as coveted as the mad dash to the islands...
  284. raw66

    Jeff from Indy- Fishing as "good as it gets"

    Had I not spotted a loosely filled spool that "Bob Sands" tackle in Van Nuys Ca applied to two of my newly purchased reels from their establishment this monster would never had been caught. One of my newly filled Macs spectra imploded within the reel itself due to the soft squishy line when it...
  285. raw66

    Jeff from Indy- Fishing as "good as it gets"

    So who kicked who's butt? Excel has been hammering the cows.
  286. raw66

    Footwear recommendations

    Real Tree has some fine camo siliconized tennis shoes if you don't mind a little dampness. Sure a lot lighter than wearing boots for 15+
  287. raw66


    Wont be buying Mustad 4x 6/0 anytime soon they bend like butter. They need to remove the word demon at the very least. I will post a photo when I return, the wifi on this Pelagic trip wont let me transmit the photo. Straightened out like a pencil on a 400lb shark when you exceed 35lbs at...
  288. raw66

    Okuma Excel 15 day trip

    Currently a travel day on the big X, we should arrive Clarion tomorrow AM. Even though I am only 3 days into this 16 day trip the fond memories of big Al's Bulls and Cows along with your 1st annual Okuma trip are hard to forget and look forward to fishing with this stellar group again. I hope...
  289. raw66

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    Can we talk "ice chests" for a moment and fillet services if at all offered. Do guys bring 64 gal chests filled to the brim back on the plane? What's the portage costs for this? If several customers decide to take their fish home at the same time on the same trip, cant this overwhelm the...
  290. raw66

    Fish Sorting after a trip.

    This was news to me for the 1st time hearing how this arrangement works. On my trip about 20 people were with FP and the few remaining were part of a group with truck bed liners and were keyed in to their fish handling as the Capt actually discouraged guys from coming down to the boat to push...
  291. raw66

    Casting Spectra

    Is there a place for a Terez 70XH in Wahoo fishing? My thoughts are it is not stout enough to turn the hoo, yet I want to play around with this rod and think it would be a hoot to catch anything with what appears to be a flimsy light rod. Thick headed possibly to think this rod has LR...
  292. raw66

    Casting Spectra

    I thought that is why gloves are worn.
  293. raw66

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    So the spot you grabbed when you eagerly showed up for the bait making gets taken and you have to find another spot closer to the bow. Not a big deal unless your catching triples on each drop and two of them bounce off the deck before you make it back to the tank and find a line of guys. Then...
  294. raw66

    Unable to visit boats FB sites?

    When did this happen? Must have been in the last few weeks because up until then I could always view FB page of a boat with out being logged into FB, nor was it necessary to even be a member. My windows 8 laptop lets me view these boats FB page without FB membership. Only recently switched my...
  295. raw66

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    Anyone pay a single supplement if you couldn't convince your friends to come along? I should be asking if they go out of their way to make sure this doesn't happen by having you room with someone else or give you your own room if they cant find another single traveler and not ding you for the...
  296. raw66

    How to Clean/De-Oderize a Freezer???

    A commercial portable ozone generator left inside the freezer for a day or so. I had one many years ago made by Alpine. I was sold when a cotton ball soaked in ammonia did not give off a hint of scent when hit for 30 secs or so with the ozone. You could take your worst smelling sneakers and...
  297. raw66

    We are looking for a few GOOD FISHERMEN

    Check with these guys.
  298. raw66

    Spectra bunching up

    I was totally looking at it wrong when I over reacted to a job that was done correctly. The spectra was inserted the correct length after all and I was just plain out of my mind and or the spectra was bunching up giving me the illusion only 3" was inserted. Had I bothered to stretch out the...
  299. raw66

    Unable to visit boats FB sites?

    I have always been able to check reports and such. I thought it was isolated to just the Excel so I go and check the Intrepid FB site. Now after a second or two a message appears over a fuzzy screen telling me I must be logged in in order to continue. So has big brother clamped down even...
  300. raw66

    Spectra bunching up

    So one more time overthink when I nit pick the holding capacity and how you pointed out the inner spectra becomes one with the outer weave grasshopper. Just that three inch's makes me nervous and your right get it redone despite his assurances. I can play it off by offering him a labor...
  301. raw66

    Spectra bunching up

    This is what I thought. Maybe now I should be pissed that he probably figured I wouldn't pay any attention and this is what you get for buying one of the reels online and not from his shop and then have the audacity to take it in for a full price spectra fill. Also seems I have had this...
  302. raw66

    Spectra bunching up

    Had two new reels filled recently with 100 & 130 hollow and requested a loop in both setups. I just noticed the insertion to make these loops runs about 3in into the hollow core. Not being up to speed about how far one should insert these I am taking it at face value this is the correct...
  303. raw66

    Custom Calstar 775XXH Cow Rod SOLD

    Just picked up a Seeker OSP 2+4 7'3" Rail Rod 80-130# last week. Paid a hell of a high price. Should have got here sooner. Can I ask how much you were asking or got for this beautiful stick?
  304. raw66

    Spectra bunching up

    Having assorted crimps in my stash makes this a non issue. I get that point, should I bolster my supply from what I have indicated is my question? Bob Sands has served me well for his competency in making WO TS over the years, so the sourced matching materials is something I don't worry to...
  305. raw66

    Spectra bunching up

    Taking stock of my purchased wind on TS inventory for an upcoming trip. I don't like making these things on the boat or at home but hats off to those guys who do. My take is I may need a few more in the #130 category if it gets sharky. What would you add or take away? I also have an...
  306. raw66

    What thew hell was THAT!?!?!!!

    Remember the Chinese sub that shot off a missle a few years back off the coast of Ventura. Thought the dam thing was going to land in my backyard.
  307. raw66

    goin to baja next week...think again

    Bad ass site. Leaving on the 27th for Clarion & Shimada Seamount 16 days, got fingers crossed wont get blown away.
  308. raw66

    Shogun tackle storage question

    Why would I wait for the crew when the weathers up to secure my gear on top island rack? There have been times when the crew will take the upper hand usually after something happens, like a box takes a tumble. So were all a team and try and help others when they want to listen. Couldn't help...
  309. raw66

    Okuma Makairas

    Got a Mak 16 on order hopefully from the local merchant because I want to pay $$ sales tax and do the right thing and all. However it's been takin a frigin long time for him to get me something I could get almost overnight on E-Bay. Will wait another week for him to get it shipped from China...
  310. raw66

    Shogun tackle storage question

    What is there to organize when it comes to who paid 1st? Not a fan of lining up at midnight either but screw these chartermasters who rearrange the boarding order just to make points with their pals. When they were trying to fill the charter they sure as hell were happy when you were amongst...
  311. raw66

    GF770XH rating?

    I need a 2nd 775XXH within a few weeks time for a new Mak 1611 for a 80-100 rig. Pricey rod.
  312. raw66

    Shogun tackle storage question

    This exactly, out on deck one morning to see some big box's take a tumble by people in the game longer than me. I strap my shiz down. Funny how it rained cats and dogs one day and everyone was scrambling to wrap their soft paks in plastic. The guys that did have a spot on the coveted upper...
  313. raw66

    Royal Star Tiburon 10 day

    Hard to believe this trip has 22 openings for this Tiburon trip next year in Oct. Their following 12 day trip in Oct only has 7 spots left. Deposits haven't been made for that Tiburon trip in 2016 out of all those regulars seems suspect? The regulars on other boats have already put their...
  314. raw66

    Shogun tackle storage question

    My response to this situation was to book a 12 day on the RS next October. They let you line up old school like, yet they only had 8 spots open for this Fall trip, so I decided to skip all the drama of a group charter next year at this time.
  315. raw66

    GF770XH rating?

    The 775-XXH is 6" longer and rated for 80-130. The 770XXXH rods are rated for 80-180. Both seem well suited for #130. Any thoughts about between these two rods? I use my 775 for 80-130 TS and the 770 for #130 and up.
  316. raw66

    Shogun tackle storage question

    Once upon a time my boarding number on the Shogun went from #4 to #10 because of some cronyism on the particular charter I selected. I'll get it in writing next time as the unpleasantness of having a confrontation with a passenger over a guaranteed spot on the top rack of the island, that would...
  317. raw66

    Looking for advice on Costa Rica (Jaco & Dominical)

    Id like to know if my 8ft 6" Teramar TMC 86 MH would be allowed on the airline? Hey Josh you got me packing. Like you I don't have a clue about if I were only to bring two rods which ones to bring and are there length restrictions imposed by the airlines? It will take me a couple more years...
  318. raw66

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Having a tough time getting bit last April, David Choate "wahoodad" handed me his stick with a #90 YFT attached. I was bound and determined to pay it forward like David did for me when I was the hot stick. Was able to do what Dave did for me with a nice #30 YT to a deserving angler, I still...
  319. raw66

    Shogun 10/9

    That was sad indeed, I can feel the pain when the bill to replace it all comes. It was hanging in the corner strap "clipped in" for a good 10 seconds when something big must of hit it out of the clips. Or I did not fully engage the clips properly at 3am that night. I did manage 13 YT before...
  320. raw66

    Shogun/Bob Sands Tackle 8 day report

    It needs to be pointed out that Jamie gave his fish away to those in need at the end of the trip. Just when I thought a handoff was sufficient. Jamie makes it difficult to one up him on the human kindness scale.
  321. raw66

    Sales tax regarding online purchases

    Will not settle for a spliced addition of braid either but why do I feel that's all they will offer when I go in this morning? Shouldn't need to have this confrontation, got enough problems. Should have filled it correctly the 1st time tax or no tax.
  322. raw66

    Sales tax regarding online purchases

    Not being that attentive when I take a reel into a shop for a line fill can have its drawbacks. I requested my new online purchased Talica 12 be loaded with braid and then apply a 75-100yd #50 mono at my local shop. Upon assembly when arriving on the boat, it took me a minute to notice the reel...
  323. raw66

    Breaking News on fishing Guadalupe!

    Lets get this party started. As soon as they get a replacement cook that wont quit mid trip I'm on. I am available for immediate employment. My backrounds a little sketchy but I can cook a mean burger and serve it with a smile.
  324. raw66

    Report from the American Angler... Surprise

    I don't own flip flops for this reason. Safe fishing is not hating on some guys report. Ran into David yesterday at the docks when getting back in from the Shogun and he certainly wasnt wearing any cheesy ass flip flops As far as what it accomplishes, keeping people safe. Yes I'm selfish...
  325. raw66

    Shogun 10/9

    Got me a few yellers while folks were eating and sleeping. Thought more of the anglers would realize what was happening in the middle of the night but they were to exhausted after wahoo fishing I suppose and that turkey dinner probably put them down for the night. Only four other passengers...
  326. raw66

    Report from the American Angler... Surprise

    Say it aint so, those guys changed into their sandals for this "gag" shot. They honestly cant be this dumb, to go back early because some idiot sliced their foot open. Seems a little selfish on the anglers who choose to disregard this important safety component when Wahoo fishing even though...
  327. raw66

    Shogun 10/9

    I feel sorry for the Canadians on Friday, this is only storm on the horizon. When was the last time you saw a tropical storm/ hurricane track to Canada? It's sure to push a lot of fish in our direction.
  328. raw66

    Shogun 10/9

    The only mystery I see is why the boats been so mum about what's been going on since the 21st of last month. They got back on the 1st without any type of fish report. Then it occurred to me that being they were the "Monterey Bay Aquarium" charter, it's possible they were doing who knows what...
  329. raw66

    Shogun 10/9

    Just spoke with Christin at the office. It's on with an earlier departure time as well and they plan on calling all the passengers. YeeHah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  330. raw66

    Water temp on the ridge

    This ones the most current
  331. raw66

    Water temp on the ridge

    Found this a few hours ago.
  332. raw66

    Terez Rod

    This Terez rod I just got is 65-200pd braided rating 70XH would be put to better use as a #50 rig if I ran what length of TS? In your writing you mention using a med-light 20-50 braid rating Terez rod but you felt you would be pushing "that" rod to "its" limits with 50# outfit. Different rod...
  333. raw66

    Small fish...

    When larger YFT models are caught the fish can be gill and gutted and dropped in RSW preserving the quality of the fish and ultimately the finished product for whoever will be consuming the fish and would be worth your .85 per pound for very nice table grade fish. When the smaller fish are...
  334. raw66

    Intrepid report with Kevin Osborne

    Someone needs to put up a parking report for the next couple of weeks. With these high fish counts it's going to be next to impossible finding a spot on Oct 9 (for my trip)in that single lot. What once was the overflow lot a few months back looks like it was undergoing some type of...
  335. raw66

    Trinadad 16na

    Owning one with lots fish under its belt over the course of a couple of years, six trips or so. 50# braid and #30 pd TS. Remarkably easy to cast because of its narrow build. Not so much for long bait soaks far away from the boat but anything else is game. 1st choice for a #30 jig casting...
  336. raw66


    Anybody looking for a Shimano TLD 20 & 30 2 speed reel's. These suckers are getting a bad rap with all the spiffy new reels on the market today. Back in the day they told me this is all you will ever need. Probably be trash talking my Mac 30 II or Talica's in 2025, where as everyone wants one...
  337. raw66

    Its a turtle... no its a baby whale... no its a flounder... its a TUNA

    That's a flounder Jay, Jay look at.
  338. raw66

    Sales tax regarding online purchases

    Just got a nice Talica with free shipping and didn't pay a dime in state sales tax that the friendly local shop would have to charge me. So instead of just being happy about it and be on my way I dropped the rude question to the shop owner because id just as soon he make whatever profit there...
  339. raw66

    Telica 10 II or 12 II

    Just got back from filling my 12 II with #65 Jerry Brown and I went with the longer top shot. They say they only run theirs about 7ft. Maybe someday I will try a very short top shot but I think I will be comfortable with the 75yds I requested for reasons that are not entirely clear, besides...
  340. raw66

    Why keep such small fish

    Very well put. So I don't mind doing the catch and release thing providing the overzealous deck hand doesn't decide he wants to just cut me off if I don't want my fish. I want the hook and will bounce my small fish and toss it back in and let it grow for the following year. It's when they...
  341. raw66

    Why keep such small fish

    When you see this happening stop fishing and ask the Capt why he's stopping on these rats? I have and will stop fishing and make snide remarks to the passengers about their intentions of catching such small fish. Make a point of covering this on the way out. Have big time respect for Capt's...
  342. raw66

    Ken Bush 8-Day Pre Departure Dinner

    I bet the parking is hard to come by. The overflow lot wasn't around anymore when I was their during the summer. Got very lucky to find the one spot left in the lot. Hope I can find a spot in the lot in Oct. Usually the lot has lots of spots in Oct. Thinking this year may be different. Has...
  343. raw66

    Telica 10 II or 12 II

    When I inquired about 65# Power Pro at the shop for this reel, I was told the brand didn't matter and they didn't have any, should I find another shop that has it? Didn't want to question the authority of the well respected shop owner who has helped me a lot over the years but everywhere I turn...
  344. raw66

    Terez Rod

    What does rated for Power Pro mean? 65# spectra of any variety wont work? I asked a well respected shop guy and he said it doesn't matter but I didn't get that deep into it. I called the shop asking about Power Pro, said he didn't have it nor did it matter. I want to get it right when my...
  345. raw66

    Telica 10 II or 12 II

    You guys like the T bar power handles that are available for this model or are you leaving them stock?
  346. raw66

    Terez Rod

    Great then I made the right decision in the 1st place to pair it with my new Talica 12 II. and not have any higher expectations for this "one of their heaviest" rods to exceed anything other than #50. Should be a good match. Ill ditch my plans for using it on the heavier lines for the time...
  347. raw66

    Terez Rod

    I ended up going with the TZC70XH. This way I can use it for #50 as well as a #100 set up. There will be trips where I may want to match in with a higher line class. If it doesn't pair well as a #50 bait stick. Versatility. Not sure if it's well suited for a #130 bait stick however but I...
  348. raw66

    Terez Rod

    I am considering a Terez rod in particular the TZC66H, it also comes in the designation TZCX66H. I just purchased a Talica 12 II and plan on using it for 50# bait stick. Which of these two models do I want? Wahoo, YFT will be the targets.
  349. raw66

    trading for cans

    Will it blink?. I think these guys hitch a ride providing dental work for the fish or just try and suck it dry in some kind of parasitic way. Some poor lady back East found this in her tin.
  350. raw66

    trading for cans

    Sometimes you get a little extra.
  351. raw66


    Stopped by Bob Sands yesterday to get a couple of smaller "flat fall" flutter jigs for this trip. Ended up leaving the store with $130 in jigs. Jamie pointed out my Salas in the 6x & 3x was lacking and I also needed a handful of this and a handful of that. Oct 9th is just around the corner.
  352. raw66

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    Proctor & Gamble is the worlds largest adult diaper provider. Glad I bought those 500 shares, I just new something like this was going to happen someday and even get worse. Time for more shares maybe. This wont really start happening until the senior living center where you will be living...
  353. raw66

    will el nino affect the 15 day trips?

    The shape it takes could be yours to choose what you may win, what you may loose.
  354. raw66

    Cool Underwear

    I own a single pair of Fishwork's long pants that are very lite weight but are conventional pants with a front zipper and decided I needed a 2nd pair of something similar fabric wise, lite weight, sun protected with spf 50 fabric etc. I found a nice pair of pants by Columbia Sportsware the...
  355. raw66

    Excel/Gallagher 8 day strikes Gold, Pink, Silver, orange and black

    Great report Jamie, look forward to hearing even more of the details on the Shogun this Oct. Took some kids out once last year for their 1st time fishing. Trip went well for everyone and it was rewarding watching the kids faces light up while they were grinding away. Mostly handoff stuff but...
  356. raw66

    JRI Vagabond 8 Day October

    This will be happening before you know it. Be ready for it.
  357. raw66

    trading for cans

    Bring a scale and open the 5oz can and weigh the contents. Stories in the news lately about a single outfit short filling cans and if you have bought Starkist tuna you may be entitled to a rebate of sorts. Could also apply to these other sketchy canners. I would definitely verify the weight...
  358. raw66

    FAVORITE 10 DAY TRIP (Boat/Date/Why)

    Not much of a cook any time I get the full on meals and snacks these boats create some better than others I can be easily consoled on a slow day of fishing with whatever's cooking up in the galley will always put a smile on my face that I didn't have to think about where's my next meal going to...
  359. raw66

    trading for cans

    I never could figure that out, I could offer my cat the best fillets of almost anything from salmon,bft, wsb, yt, yft even fresh Wahoo. Steamed, baked, pan fried, it doesn't matter. She wont have any of it. Prefers the rendered Fancy Feast seafood variety stuff from Costco as well. That cat...
  360. raw66

    Health Related PSA for My Fellow LR'ers

    Just read an article about six reasons growing and having a beard is a good idea. #1 on the list was works great as a sunblock for your face. I got 3-4 spots I need to have the doc give me a referral to the dermatologist to have removed. Chances are he's going to say they view that as...
  361. raw66

    Jigs' lures and Fall flats.

    Not much talk about the 250g size being effective? I should arm myself with a couple of the 100g & 130g sizes as well. Seems all my trips have had some killer currents requiring heavy jigs so I didn't buy any variety of the smaller sizes. Got to get on it, yet I have a ton of other jigs I...
  362. raw66

    best time of year for LR fishing

    Nov thru April early May for lower zone cow trips if this is what you fancy. Lots more driving and a better shot at a larger model. Somewhat more patience is required as the trips are not always as productive as you would like them to be but you will never no unless you fish in that lower...
  363. raw66

    just booked first LR trip

    For me anyway writing down as many names as I can in a small notebook of my fellow passengers so I can get a crash course in trying to remember most guy's names by the end of the trip is a challenge for me. I like trips where everyone wears name tags for a couple of days. If you like your...
  364. raw66


    Cant wait. Jamie is a blast to fish with, he loves to throw jigs and along with Sal who has always offered the best of guidance for gear and still thinking about that Okuma Makira 1611Sea Sal's selling at the shop and how badly I need it to replace an old Shimano TLD 30 2 speed/circa mid 90's...
  365. raw66

    Neat addition to my gear

    Saw these passed about for slow trips. Gives you some comfort if you didn't do so well.
  366. raw66

    Neat addition to my gear

    Head gear on those hot days is important as well and wouldn't consider not wearing my WHAM-O fishing hat.
  367. raw66

    Nov. 8 day

    The San Pedro Long Range fleet has sent out the "Freedom" only to return on 8/29 with 120 YT and 16BF on their overnight boat. Don't believe they put out the food spreads the AA is known for however and chowing down on the great food they will undoubtably prepare for you will compensate if the...
  368. raw66

    Nov. 8 day

    Having a 8 day trip myself come Oct and this is how I feel about what direction they may go in. North or South? Went on a couple of multi day trips last month where on one trip we went into Mexican waters and just scratched. Ten days later on my second 2.5 day trip we stayed North between San...
  369. raw66

    Where are the tree-huggers?

    Were these the guys that declared the California sea otter was a separate species of sea otter than the one that appears in Alaska? Or was it the oil companies to free up the shipping lanes? Sea otters cant be regulated and eat 3/4 of their body weight a day in crustaceans so whatever happened...
  370. raw66

    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    Well, they can get all the pot they can stand, and stoners make a fine food source for hungry predators, if they can make it thru the searing fires and no water. Who new wolves would thrive in this type of environment?
  371. raw66

    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    Are "Timber wolves" considered more "badass" than regular wolves? That's what grandma told me about her walking to the schoolhouse in North Dakota around 1905. I asked her how she new the difference. Cant recall the answer.
  372. raw66

    new teramar rods

    I believe the Taramar rod I purchased is the mh, stored away awaiting an Oct 8 day. I have it matched with a Okuma Cortez with 50 spectra and 25# mono 100yds on top. I won the reel in a raffle and kind of want to put it to use. It's bigger cousin the "Cedro's" is a very capable reel and well...
  373. raw66

    (PART 2) - 7 day charter

    Leave your RS hoodie at home however.
  374. raw66

    What Gloves would you Recommend?

    Any time I decide I don't need no "stinking harness" is when I absolutely go with a left handed glove at the start and not near the end game. If my ageing body complains and decides to not try and put as much hurt on the said fish I stick with the standup gear and wouldn't need a glove. I...
  375. raw66

    What Gloves would you Recommend?

    The only time I wear a glove is if I am rail fishing something that's approaching the size of a cow and then only a left handed bicycle type glove. I use my left hand to grab the top of the reel while grinding with the right hand. I don't need to hold on to the rod anymore with my left hand as...
  376. raw66

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    What do you mean, "the crew had happy hours late in the day when the fishing was slow" hammered crew members, you got to love it. Out last Mon and Tues and very slow for the whole boat on the Islander anyway. Lots of driving and the troll fish were your mostly only op at the time. The...
  377. raw66

    Islander 3.5 day charter 7/39-8/2 should we fish US or look down south?

    I'm on the Islander trip before yours 2.5 days. Mon and Tue full days of fishing. Maybe we will be the ones the Cap will make his recommendations as to where to fish. I really don't care much, they feed you well on the boat and I need to get away. Just don't stop on rat yellows to fill sacks...
  378. raw66

    After hours Tuna on 12-18 day trips-The Puffers

    And the last thing we need is a bunch of Stoned dolphins showing up. You can probably lick them like a tree frog and have it be way better than a gin & tonic during happy hour. The tuna apparently think they are in Amsterdam of sorts. Wouldn't try it but they have a unusual effect on the...
  379. raw66

    fish cleaning on 2.5 thru 3 day trips

    Slamming the skinny's as well........ I got high hopes my friend. Lots of brilliance will be aboard my trip as well. Love fishing with Jamie and Sal Valone together on one boat at one time. These guys are fishing legends and will be all ears to pick up on any pointers these guys throw my way...
  380. raw66

    Will bite come on in July?

    2.5 day going out on the 26th. Hope all that warm water sends up some exotics. Leaving the 130# rig at home.
  381. raw66

    fish cleaning on 2.5 thru 3 day trips

    I need to make a reservation for an 8 day on the Shogun this Oct, so while I got them on the phone Ill ask about them coming down to meet the Islander next Wed morning. Great info about the slush box alternative at Fisherman's Processing now with color coded zip ties for the shorter range...
  382. raw66

    fish cleaning on 2.5 thru 3 day trips

    I enjoy the processors on many of my longer trips but generally on the shorter ones the crew will do the job and your left with some packaging to do when you arrive home and your done. This method I prefer for this duration of trip and enjoy breaking it down into meal size portions myself and...
  383. raw66

    Hey dog man Gary here wondering how they will treat my fish on these shorter trips phone is 818...

    Hey dog man Gary here wondering how they will treat my fish on these shorter trips phone is 818 704 8806. Thanks
  384. raw66

    fish cleaning on 2.5 thru 3 day trips

    In the past I have always relied on the boat crew to hand me a bag of fillets at the end of the trip. Heard this year any Bluefin has to be bagged up with all parts attached and it needs to be separated from your other whole fish or fillets. Are the YFT immune from this type of scrutiny and if...
  385. raw66

    After hours Tuna on 12-18 day trips-The Puffers

    Why don't the blue colored puffers work? Was told it was the wrong variety and to keep looking for the proper variety to no avail, so I tried the blue guy for a very long soak and couldn't get bit. I should have listened to the crew but the blue puffer seemed pretty bad ass.
  386. raw66

    Blue fin in Mexican water

    It's really amazing more people don't chime in who went after the BF's in Mexico a few years back. During that period all the parking lots were full and everybody was out there. That year I took 4-5 multi day to see the same tactics being deployed to fill sacks over and over and over. All...
  387. raw66

    Blue fin in Mexican water

    Lets have a discussion about the level of respect we showed as a sport fleet back in 2012 when we would do slow drifts within 100yds of some of those pens the Mexicans had going at the time. Multiply this by six to ten or more sport boats a day zig zagging thru the area where they were tending...
  388. raw66

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    How was it the same thing? A friend can meet me at the docks and accompany me to the processor and pay my bill if he chooses and keep the fish if I want to give it away to him.
  389. raw66

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    Nice to get a friend or two of the non fishing type to completely understand how the processors work in San Diego and be willing to pick up the entire tab for all your fish. Making such arrangements is not selling your fish but getting them into the hands of an individual who is a canning freak...
  390. raw66

    Kevin Lanier, June 11, Ocean Salmon Fishing-What you need to know to be Successful

    Planning a two day stay in Westport next week, arrive Tues 16th and plan on fishing the 17th. First time visit coming from Los Angeles and plan on staying in town for a couple of nights to try my luck at Salmon fishing, total greenhorn here. Will stay in the Northwest tell the 26th and will be...
  391. raw66

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    I tried some 91% iso/alcohol for this purpose wasn't strong enough. Going with small zip ties to hold the lead in place rather than rubber bands as the lead ends up sliding down the line staining it with the black adhesive. Not sure how a swipe of mineral spirits would impact the integrity of...
  392. raw66

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    The what to do with wet socks I find challenging. Toss them out, or try to dry them out in your stateroom or outside your door at night in the hallway hanging inside your boot is all I could come up with. Maybe take them on the upper deck in a mesh drying bag so not to stink bomb your roomie...
  393. raw66

    Taking Bluefin To Mexico in RSW

    Shouldn't have messed around a few years back fishing so close to the Mexican Tuna pens. If you ask me, we (US) brought this on ourselves and other reasons are being given as to why regs etc. I was on many trips where you could throw a rock and hit these pens. This is un courteous to the...
  394. raw66

    First storm of the season.

    Hey Dave if this one bombs when's your next trip?
  395. raw66

    Here we go…..You Ready?

    I prefer not to gloat. Ill leave that to the other guys who seem to get more pleasure telling the world how many trips they got on the books. The more people who know they are on the water is as important as the trip itself to them. Having a cadre of friends or admirer's on BD seems like it's...
  396. raw66

    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    Currents were running very strong when I was down there this month, not to mention in the wrong direction as well. Last day decided to do a dropper loop with a 36 oz sinker to overcome the ripping currents. Noticed that 18 oz lead wouldn't get you to deep even when dropping in at the bow and...
  397. raw66

    Open Spot 5 day on the Shogun tomorrow! CHEAP!

    Bob Sands /Sal Valome open. Will you be rolling on this trip?, if so I look forward to fishing with you Greg.
  398. raw66

    Open Spot 5 day on the Shogun tomorrow! CHEAP!

    Just called and changed my preference from a two person room to a three person room. Much more tolerable and the unused bunk can be used for gear storage. Glad I made this observation now rather than waiting tell October. Don't need a private room if the space is sufficient.
  399. raw66

    Open Spot 5 day on the Shogun tomorrow! CHEAP!

    Anyone know the surcharge for an unshared private stateroom on an 8 day with these guys? I know I can call the office but I don't relish the fact I may be sharing the room with two others. It's about $375 extra for the Excel on a 15 day run, so I cant imagine it would cost more than that if...
  400. raw66

    bottom fish location?

    The area in general looks like a nice place with lots of charter operations up and down the street. Nice day trip while visiting Seattle I suppose. Since I wont make the albacore season, I was planning on tugging on a Salmon or a big halibut. I may be in need of finding another angler so the...
  401. raw66

    Salty Dawg/Okuma Excel 15 day trip

    Intrepid? 20 threads down. You want us to send them a message in one of your soda bottles? This is the depart in a few days Excel Okuma trip. If we see the crew from the Intrepid somehow will say that Soda sends a big hello?????? Wrong fan base.
  402. raw66

    Music on Cattle boats

    They know it's difficult for you to leave your good shit at home and playing cool Led Zep and Doors music would send you over the top without a fat spliff to fire up? I have no idea just guessing.
  403. raw66

    What do you say when you get hooked up?

    eat it eat it eat it
  404. raw66

    bottom fish location?

    Just sent them my requested dates and asked if I can show up empty handed and get my fish shipped. Maybe I shouldn't have acted like such a dam tourist but I really don't want to fly to Seattle with rods in tow for one day of fishing. Sorry for this off topic post. Carry on.
  405. raw66

    First big tuna trip, first cow

    Had you stopped and made the morning coffee none of this incredible action would have taken place. Well earned.
  406. raw66

    bottom fish location?

    Planning a 10 day Seattle trip solo mid June. Not at all familiar with the local charters, So Cal native and would like to fish on a half day 3/4 day boat and info if I can have the fish processed stored and shipped to me at or near the landings similar to SD. Ca. Is their a Fisherman's...
  407. raw66

    Sea Lion Pulls Man Overboard in SD

    Let's not overlook those pesky Ca sea otters who eat 3/4 of their body weight a day in crustaceans. Not to mention they are identical to the Alaska Sea otter. Remember those nitwits that tried to re-locate an entire colony to San Nick Island many years ago and the otters didn't like their new...
  408. raw66

    Local Tuna Clubs

    So Tuna are forming clubs these days. This may work against us if they get to organized.
  409. raw66

    Glove advice needed

    Not sure what you all these things, at CVS recently looking for something in the band aid area. Small latex finger condoms or some such thing that come in a large pact of 50 or so. You just roll one down the finger or thumb of choice and your good. Plan on testing these things, they seem a...
  410. raw66

    Annual Mexican permit

    Am I to understand that I can purchase a Mexican excursion permit that will cover me for the duration of the Year? I have 3 trips planned totaling 38 days on the water, all SD LR. I'm accustomed to paying this fee upon departure on each of the trips I go on. I take it I can buy the permit...
  411. raw66

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    Not mention in the sense that others could determine where these things were actually placed. Came out wrong in my description. Sorry. Secret profile? Age, zip code, I didn't fill out the "tell us about yourself" part.
  412. raw66

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    Not mention in the sense that others could determine where these things were actually placed. Came out wrong in my description. Sorry. Secret profile? Age, zip code, I didn't fill out the "tell us about yourself" part.
  413. raw66

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    Not mention in the sense that others could determine where these things were actually placed. Came out wrong in my description. Sorry. Secret profile? Age, zip code, I didn't fill out the "tell us about yourself" part.
  414. raw66

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    Not mention in the sense that others could determine where these things were actually placed. Came out wrong in my description. Sorry. Secret profile? Age, zip code, I didn't fill out the "tell us about yourself" part.
  415. raw66

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    It was exciting to watch Tim and crew, fabricate out of PVC, burlap, a whole lot of glue, zip ties, 1200 lbs of cement, miles of rope, empty 55 gallon drums cut in two for cement anchors and deploy some (two) artificial reefs miles and miles and miles from anywhere last Oct. The secret...
  416. raw66

    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Seems a tad pricey for 30 guys.
  417. raw66

    Internet on LR Boat?

    The outernet will consist of hundreds of low cost, miniature satellites in low Earth orbit which will be receiving data streams from a network of ground stations. In June plans to develop prototype satellites and test out long range capabilities of WIFI multicasting is planned. So we may be a...
  418. raw66

    Internet on LR Boat?

    Do the satellites themselves covering the Pacific for this intended purpose of transmitting WIFI signals share any of the blame? Is their a human element in providing coverage such as shifts that must be manned to control these satellites and direct their course during what the "govt" considers...
  419. raw66

    Internet on LR Boat?

    Yep the internet can put a crimp on your trip if you let it. Like when the markets down 350 points on your day of departure and it's a Friday. Checking the markets every morning is a hard habit to break. Can a "stock ticker" be placed next to the stationary bicycle possibly?
  420. raw66

    Who is "That Guy"

    How about when a regular crew member on one of the top LR boats openly partakes of his high powered E-Vape in the galley and blows out giant clouds of vape on a daily basis when traveling. This doesn't bother me one bit because as a struggling non smoker I chew nicotine gum and use those vapes...
  421. raw66

    Salty Dawg/Okuma Excel 15 day trip

    34 days and a wake up!
  422. raw66

    Shogun Upstairs Stateroom?

    I don't like hearing the big reels that were not stowed tightly outside swivel in the rod rack outside the cabin and tap on the outside wall all night long. The big 50's will sway all night long and it sounds like someone is outside tapping on your wall all night and you must go outside and...
  423. raw66

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    Very nice. From looking at the picture of the lower hinge on the front door similar to SKB, the spacing between that and the box bottom possibly wont open on the islands without being elevated higher? Shims under the bottom but will that model fully open on a LR shelf without having to boost it?
  424. raw66

    Small reels vs big Reels

    The trips that exceed 10 days are usually billed as "cow trips" and more time is taken and needed to get to that approx. 950 mile area or so from Point Loma before a line ever gets wet. If these are the type of trips you wish to partake in and less emphasis on variety with the exception of...
  425. raw66

    Rod sling

    Told I need shoulder replacement, to far gone for rotator cuff repair. Want to hold off on that one. Every 3-4 months and sometimes right before the trip I get a cort shot and get help lifting my box up on the rack so as to not make it worse. I really tore it up loading one time on a ten day...
  426. raw66

    Mak or Talica 10

    Trinidad 16na is a great 30# Avet JX6/3 2 speed 40# Okuma Cedros csd12s star drag 40# I won the Cedros and Trinidad models two months apart on a couple of cow trips and have put them thru lots of dependable use. They were immediately delegated to 40# and I honestly love both of them. I was a...
  427. raw66

    Excel Yellowfin Tuna Videos

    I get the fact that 300# mono for terminal kite connections is the way to go with your junk hanging out of the water where it cant be seen by the fish boiling on it anyway, might as well go heavy. How about your other leaders when not on the kite is 200# in your bag at all or do you make all...
  428. raw66

    Any suggestions or advice for a fly down/ fly back - verses a ride down trip?

    What about all that qourmet chow 9 meals and morning and afternoon snacks when you cut out early? It's fend for myself when I get home, not that I couldn't spring for whatever grub I want. Sorta like being at a deluxe retirement facility 30 years before you need to check in and like what the...
  429. raw66

    LR Wahoo Trolling Lures

    I bought a Catchy tackle spinner large variety back in the 90's that I haven't deployed as much as I would like. I'm bound and determined to make it work. I always capitulate to a marauder when the time comes but hey those spinners gotta work.
  430. raw66

    Monofilament v. Fluorocarbon leaders for Big Tuna

    Any distinctions when prepping your kite rig mono or floro leaders since it's out of the water and not visible to the fish? I would think you would still want floro for the abrasion resistance but told all you need is mono for this type of application. How long of a kite top shot do you guys...
  431. raw66

    Any suggestions or advice for a fly down/ fly back - verses a ride down trip?

    Don't like leaving the fishing grounds 1.5 days early to take the handfull of guys back to Cabo and then another 3.5 days home for what your spending. A straight out 15 day trip with no fly options gives you more time fishing than a 17 day will or the same with the extra 2 days for travel. 7...
  432. raw66

    Dolphin motel

    Democratic ruling party's? All this time ive been blaming things on Reagan bringing down the unions when he sacked the flight controllers. That slowed my fishing down after unions far and wide lost their power in this great land. Had more money to spread around before that republican actor...
  433. raw66

    Dolphin motel

    It sure sounds like some of you guys are quoting the price for two people at the Dolphin not one. My reservation for a Sunday I made last night was only $65. And like was pointed out offers a weeks free parking to boot. The others don't offer this and translates to a $70 savings from the FL...
  434. raw66

    Tackle Bag Recommendation?

    Don't forget the lip on the island of all the LR boats if you go with the SKB. Your box wont open to access the drawers unless you get some PVC plugs with rubber cane bottoms that you jam up the bottom of the SKB tubes to raise it a couple of inches. Seen a lot of guys fail to do this and the...
  435. raw66

    Pl68 Do's and Don'ts for Yellowfin

    Sharks love these things as well, lost two on a ten day using them late at night. Makes me want to wire them but the consequence is you have to bring whatever size shark to the boat for a cut off and the bigger sharks will wear your ass out for the following day of fishing. For this reason...
  436. raw66

    Can't Help It...

    Ditto that, I meant the boat reports.
  437. raw66

    Can't Help It...

    Will be following your reports very closely as I'm leaving on their next run on May the 4th. That trip has six spots to fill, Fred Hall show should sell those spots for them they are hoping, Yet it would be nice to roll with a lite load of 20. Killed them last year in May and it wasn't as...
  438. raw66

    Dolphin motel

    Just called in a reservation for May 3rd for $65. They said they are not offering the free parking and or it is very limited first come first served. Sold adjacent property where they offered the parking or some such explanation. For me a $70 savings from the FL lot for trips over a week...
  439. raw66

    Dolphin motel

    Dam I better get used to higher prices from them? The neon sign out front always read $55? Yet a weeks worth of free parking always sealed the deal on long trips. I need to call them now for a reservation for May 3 for a 15 day trip departing May 4th.
  440. raw66

    Who is "That Guy"

    Had a guy on a 2.5 day always had to end up at my side while fishing live bait. He never seemed to have contact with said bait and didn't want to follow it by going under around others. I would do a long soak get out of the lineup and pin on a new bait, within a minute or two he was back next...
  441. raw66

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    I fished with Soda Pop once. I got my start on the movie "Summer and Smoke" with Doris Day but never attained full on celebrity status despite hundreds of other credits from old TV show's from 1959 thru 1972. Didn't attend reg school much mom was always taking me here and there for interviews...
  442. raw66

    Who is "That Guy"

    That or those guys bring 16 cases of booze and line it up along the hallways because it won't all fit in their cabins. You can spot this guy at the landing, he usually has several dozen plastic cups and a jar of olives. He proceeds to make all the passengers waiting in line a early morning...
  443. raw66

    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    I couldn't fathom the criticism I would get if I said what I think and seen work well. Hand speed at ripping your line off your reel fast enough when currents about to get your chunk down in the water column so it floats natural, don't just rely on your free spool. It's not bait fishing and...
  444. raw66

    Organizing your fishing stuff

    Seems like the stick jackets are a great method of hanging your rods from the brass grommet supplied in the end of those things and I've found them for the larger roller guides as well. Hanging the rods vs a rack is my choice. Not good if you like to have your stuff loaded and on display which...
  445. raw66

    Tips on Yellowtail for a beginner

    If your over a reef jigging so you feel your weight tap the bottom, bring it up a little and drop down and tap again, keep tapping if you feel a rocky surface. then bring it up 10 cranks or so. making noise with your weight hitting rock will attract fish. I've speared fish by tapping on rocks...
  446. raw66

    Highschool in 1970 & Highschool in 2015.

    Thinking back to 1970 of my time trying to study beaver in between listening to the teacher drone on. I guess that's why the kids have the smart phones today. If I had that technology back then I would be in the principles office constantly for trying to get a shot of that hottie in biology...
  447. raw66

    What is the accepted cost for whole YFT for tax purpose

    I was expecting someone to come along and declare that while it's all nice to give away fish to the needy and your frinds and such, they can be beholden to pay all the processing costs for that free fish your giving them.
  448. raw66

    recent problem with IPAD on long range boat

    Portable DVD player is all you need. Screw those stock reports and what the fuck is facebook?
  449. raw66

    How Many Wind On Leaders

    Doesn't the extra abrasion resistance that flouro offers make it a better choice all the time? or is it selected by the angler because it's invisible to the fish only, or a combination of both factors? Is the reason your using the flouro say 60% for the abrasion factor and 40% for the...
  450. raw66

    Planning a 2015 LR trip?... DON'T do the math, just go!

    Single with no family, what's a guy suppose to do when you get to that age where you realize that's passed you by and you get all choked up inside when you see these fathers bring their kids on the boats like my dad did with me. You live most of the year on these boats with the money you saved...
  451. raw66

    Time to get serious - leaving on the Excel Jan 14...

    Must get plenty dusty in Tucson to change your air filters or was that for your lab out back where you keep your home brew? Go kill em.
  452. raw66

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    Sorting out their latest accomplishments, that is all. I hope it's a wild success splashing down somewhere near Hawaii not Baja however but I could be wrong on that.
  453. raw66

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    I wonder if these cats will be using their Low Density Supersonic Decelerator again or is it getting a tune up?
  454. raw66

    Soft Steel Line

    Tony brought a line testing machine aboard the Intrepid last March to show the breaking strength of this line and explained the extrusion process as being a slightly smaller diameter as opposed to other lines in the same class. I drifted in and out of that conversation but had a chance to use a...
  455. raw66

    12/4/14- Excel on the 4th backup chasing it down

    This happened to me as well on my last Excel trip, unfortunately only 1 backup was needed. Now I have something else to chase or should I say look forward to someday yet those skiffs take up a lot of room on the upper deck. Less room for all the food. Seen a first young LR guy back in 2000...
  456. raw66

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    On the other hand; The NASA Mars Climate Orbiter, launched in 1998, burned up in the Martian atmosphere. A mixup between metric and US standard measurements in the controlling software caused the spacecraft to miss it's intended 140-150 KM altitude above Mars during orbit insertion, instead...
  457. raw66

    Which boat has the best food?

    Heard thru the grapevine one of the stoves went broken on the RP half way thru a trip and food service reflected such. Hope they fixed the burners......
  458. raw66

    So, with the price of gas/diesel going down.....

    While on a 2.5 day trip last summer (2013) we were motoring out of the harbor I found a very old RP price calendar sheet from the year 2000 in my tackle box. I was showing it to some of the guys on the boat and pointing out how a 17 day trip then was $3600 and it todays dollars would pay off...
  459. raw66

    Report for the 14 day Bob Sands/Davis Boats/R.P. Moo time Daqaritas adventure

    Great read this morning. Been meaning to stop by Bob Sands and see how Sal did. Jamie when your using your pl68s, do you attach a #200 leader and crimp this to your 130lb setup, or straight tie. I recently lost a couple on a ten day. My druthers tell me to put heavy leaders on them and crimp...
  460. raw66

    Thanks from a Veteran

    Get your breakfast on at Denny's after stopping at Starbucks for a cup of brew then head for Applebee's for lunch. Chili's will hook you up for dinner. Thanks for serving.
  461. raw66

    Trini 16Na or 16a for live vait

    I love this little guy. Won a 16na earlier this year in a raffle and it has served me well on several multi day trips and a recent 10 day. Set it up with 65lb spectra and then 30lb mono. Throws bait fish a mile from the boat and really performed well on several trips and with all my other...
  462. raw66

    RP going to Hurricane Bank

    My moneys on the third guy in the kite rotation.
  463. raw66

    Which Boat?

    Seems the Intrepid was wetter to me. The Excel has hindged skuppers or whatever their called that prevent getting sloshed, you may get doused at the bait tank on occasion if your not careful but sloshing water on the back deck isn't something I've seen after 5 or so rides with them, or at least...
  464. raw66

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    Hope you respect mine then if that's the case after a 15 day trip with the Intrepid last March. My only critical observations were about the food for what your spending. In fact I give the Intrepid higher marks than the RS in this department but both of these boats after several trips on each...
  465. raw66

    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    Not sure who your throwing that comment out to? What's not to like or dislike about it. Speaks volumes for trip planning what's not to like? In fact I was backing you up Mike when others were saying you were whining and a wolf pack was forming so I don't think your comment was directed at me.
  466. raw66

    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    Haters gonna hate on Mike and the folks that give "fork reports" of these trips. Last year I booked 3 trips totaling 50 days on three separate boats with an eye for the best grub. I concluded that what you can expect from a traditional 10 day trip meal wise and it looks something like this...
  467. raw66

    2nd Annual Saltydawg Rods 15 day on the Excel

    Last year Michael Folkes productions with Inside Sport fishing accompanied this same trip in May with two cameramen & shot tons of footage for a new Excel video. We were told that by the end of the year would complete their post production work and a new Excel video would appear. Haven't heard...
  468. raw66

    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    Buffet looks second rate not like what you see when you look at the Intrepids promotional videos. If that's the buffet Id ask for a refund and take the chance of being "that guy" for the rest of the trip.
  469. raw66

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    How is the baked bread, couldn't find any on my 15 day trip with these guys last March? I do recall the seafood buffet that was made famous by some of the Utube videos yet it failed to deliver as illustrated on the videos I was watching as to what to expect. Couldn't find half the items I saw...
  470. raw66

    Bob Sands/Davis Boats Royal Polaris Moo time Margaritas.

    How's Sal doing? I want him on several large cows by the end of the trip.
  471. raw66

    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    I don't think film crews from the likes of Inside Sport fishing who paid how much again for the ride and will only be fishing occasionally should have a shot at the jackpot. By the way where is that latest Michael Folkes production?
  472. raw66

    Right Place, Right Time

    If you substituted "if we" to "I hope" what would be acceptable?
  473. raw66

    Need advice for 14 day trip

    OK, the possibility of catching a Wahoo on a wired jig at night would outweigh the crazy struggle wrestling a 400lb shark to the boat? Having your body thrashed after what was already an exhausting day at the rail and you need to ration your energy for the duration of the trip. It occurred to...
  474. raw66

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    On the flip side to all of this LRWD talk, everyone so far has not experienced LRCD. Or otherwise put when your trip is cancelled due to lack of rich fucks. How about LRCNRF or loosely translated, long Range Cancelled No Rich Fucks. This aspect of LRWD is often overlooked by fishing...
  475. raw66

    Which boat has the best DVD collection.....

    My roommate had some great weed on a recent trip but I was way to afraid to partake as I recognize how much that stuff smells and it's next to impossible to be discreet smoking floral clusters of the marijuana plant on a fishing boat. Now with the evolution of the vape pen and all the...
  476. raw66

    Need advice for 14 day trip

    I recently lost a PL68 to a shark or something toothy after landing a couple of small yft at night on a 10 day recently. They work great at night if you light them up first. Had it on a 200lb flouro leader and it still was chewed away. Should I put a wire leader on the thing at the expense of...
  477. raw66

    Need advice for 14 day trip

    The GFGR700XXXH is rated at 80-180 and has worked well as a 130lb and up setup. I recently acquired a GFGR-765-XH rated at 6o-120 to mate with a Mac30Sea spooled with 135lb spectra and top shot of choice. Getting to really pull on this new 765 rod before purchase seems like it will be a more...
  478. raw66

    Excel May 15 day trip

    This beast slipped thru.
  479. raw66

    Intrepid first reports from the HB..

    Don't hurt your lady parts pushing carts.
  480. raw66

    Which boat has the best food?

    Intrepid memories, First couple are RS soup and Drew's crusted wahoo with capers and pecans served over a bed of squash. Where did I put those Excel shots.
  481. raw66

    Which boat has the best food?

    Can't find the url associated with my picture files. How does this work. I'm told to insert URL. Where do I find this?
  482. raw66

    Excel May 15 day trip

    The Dolphins were worse than the sharks last May. There were more sharks in March and was told the shark's would be worse in May. Didn't happen, but Justin needed to run to hurricane because the Dolphins wouldn't leave us alone and when we returned to Clarion they were waiting for us again...
  483. raw66

    Which boat has the best food?

    Very courageous to start such a thread. Excel does the job for me. Notice I didn't say in contrast to. After two 10 day trips on the Star and one 15 day on the Intrepid, 15 days on the Excel gets my vote without going into to much detail as to why. The RS gets top marks for bread making...
  484. raw66

    Roll call ..... Intrepid 15 day ..... Oct. 17

    So who's onboard the March 21st 15 day Blue Steel trip. At $5295 I expect homemade bread and more antioxidant fruit that the Intrepid put out on this trip last year. If they were to bring their dining standards on par with the Excel where all these things were in abundance without ever a...
  485. raw66

    2nd Annual Saltydawg Rods 15 day on the Excel

    Jump on in May. It was called Big Al's Bull's & Cows last year. This year it's Okuma sponsored. Maybe Saltydawg can jump on with some of those killer sticks of his. The spots would fill up fast if Okuma Saltydawg combos would be in the offing, great marketing and a raffle really something to...
  486. raw66

    2nd Annual Saltydawg Rods 15 day on the Excel

    Just talked to Jason and this trip wont be going. Moved my money to May however and will need the rest of the day to lick my wounds about the prospects of only ONE cow trip this year instead of the planned two.
  487. raw66

    Curious glance at the Long Range schedules

    The guys I have met on cow trips are a different mindset than the 10 day variety guys and will tell you so much. When I brought up the subject on a recent 10 day if the guys liked lower zone cow fishing not much of a response that catching a cow is a priority, they enjoyed the variety style...
  488. raw66

    Curious glance at the Long Range schedules

    Was told all the warm water the hurricanes pushed around has left big cows absent at the lower zone. This observation was made by a RS crew member while on a recent 10 day. Lite load on the Star's 1st ten day with only 19 roller's. Good for the fisherman but bad for the boat i'm guessing...
  489. raw66

    84 # Wahoo on the Star

    Sat morning can't come fast enough. This time on Sat should be at the bait receiver munching on a fat RS sandwich which if I choose the turkey I will sleep soundly for the following morning pursuit. Getting any meaningful sleep this Friday may be hard to come by. Thinking about getting down a...
  490. raw66

    How to rig kite connections??

    I wait to attach my Kite leader depending what's in the lineup for bait at the moment. I have seen multiple strategies calling for different style leaders on the same trip. Could be a double trouble sardine setup, or leader made for giant squid. If the bait is to be a flyer when it's your...
  491. raw66

    Is it o so true? Banned from bloodydecks? O YESSSSSSSS

    Well that's swell Jerry, I just got my new Okuma 30w Sea and am planning on using it as a kite reel as well. Looking for work as a pool cleaner in gated communities in Fresno to pay for my spectra but they seem few and far between. Do they even have gated communities in Fresno? Gotta love the...
  492. raw66

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    No doubt I will have no need for big setups like when the only target are cows on the lower zone trips when deciding what's appropriate for a 10 day variety trip. Some say take it all, you never know what you may get into. OK so ill just take one 130lb rig that may sit in the rack the entire...
  493. raw66

    Calstar 770XH

    Second season using two 770XXXH for my Penn 50's. Just purchased Mak3011-SEa and have set it up for 130# as well. I tugged on some rods at the time and ended up getting a 765XH that's rated for 60-120 line class. Even though the 770XXXH are rated at 80-180 line class and certainly get the job...
  494. raw66

    Excel May 15 day trip

    Sounds like a blast. I booked this same trip last May after stepping off the boat with a catch of a lifetime, 224lb YFT caught with backup gear after getting spooled with a 50w no less. Any hint as to the Okuma gear that will get raffled, this may help sell the six spots?
  495. raw66

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    Store your "gear" in the garage? She must be dam hot!
  496. raw66

    RP 10 Day

    I'm leaving Oct 4th on the RS for a 10 day so we can compare notes as to how it went after our trips. I sure hope that what some are calling tropical storm Polo may develop into something nastier in the next day or two. I thought they named these hurricanes with female names. What's up with...
  497. raw66

    MAK 30SEa or 50SEa

    To lug or not to lug?
  498. raw66

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    The owner of Alaska airlines is an avid long range fisherman and laid back guy, enough said.
  499. raw66

    Major Hurricane Odile - another one!

    Hope this blows over by Oct 4th
  500. raw66


    Chunk fishing from now on after watching them feed.
  501. raw66

    Anyone ever bring a VHF radio on a long range trip?

    Back in the day when I did a lot of diving, id pay up a fuel surcharge to be taken to a seamount called Begg Rock which is ten miles or so East of San Nicholas Island and harvest rock scallops the size of dinner plates. Was hit or miss with the weather when you could make it out there...
  502. raw66

    10 day trip destination logic for2014

    Just making the observation the last couple times out for multiple day trips this summer you could easily see the entire fleet were doing laps all day in the same area North of the boarder. Nobody blazing a fresh path. The 3/4 day boats were fishing next to the 5-7 day trips and was told...
  503. raw66

    10 day trip destination logic for2014

    Fall trips will commence next month where the advertised draw is a fishing experience where a run to the rocks is usually always included. If this fails to produce lots of other spots can be found 300-450 miles S of Point Loma. After seeing several of the premium long range boats on 3 to 7 day...
  504. raw66

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    I caught 4 WSB in Early June on the Dawn. I was only entitled to one at that time prior to June 15th so the three were distributed to other passengers, so everyone went home with some fish as there were people there that day that didn't catch any. I've also had it happen the other way around...
  505. raw66

    Does anyone want to know where the multi day sport boats are fishing

    This won't alter 10 day trips next month where the perceived destination are points South or pioneering to new areas that havnt been fished by the sportboats so far because of the schooly yft bite this year is so close to home I hope my ten day on the Star next month doesnt stay local because...
  506. raw66

    Fall-Winter trips booked.............. are you ready for Cow-Wahoo Fall-Winter season trips?

    Royal Star 10/4 thru 10/14 Excel SaltyDawg 2/17 thru 3/4 15 days Excel Okuma Reels Open 5/4 thru 5/19 15 days Excel Okuma Reels Open 5/4 --5/19 2016 15 days deposit taken
  507. raw66

    Pacific Queen 3/4 day 8/29th

    Was on the 2.5 day trip returning the 29th aboard the Queen and we got crap bait, so bad we had to return the end of the first day around 1am and get another load of crap bait (all with red spots, uncured big die off, each batch). Only brought home two for my time on the water as overall slow...
  508. raw66


    Try Con Pane Rustic breads and Café in Liberty Station and I recently had a pizza at Nova near the landing that was hard to beat. May give this Slater's 50'50 a try next Tuesday for late lunch before a 2.5 dayer on the Pac Queen.
  509. raw66

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    With all that's been said, what's an angler to do who has a 10 day trip coming up early Oct? What if the boat I am on starts behaving badly in the manner described in this thread?, or jam in next to the tuna pens on that 2.5 day trip on the Pac Queen leaving the 27th Think Ill go in and read a...
  510. raw66

    finger / hand injuries when fighting fish

    Saw an oldtimer a few months ago fishing sea bass with what looked like blue tape around his thumb but was the rubber tip of a pair of dishwasher gloves, cut off the tips if you want and slide down like a sleeve for the fingers. Looked like the way to go very reusable. This thread reminded me...
  511. raw66

    Which fish processor would you choose?

    Another feature I like is being able to make an advance reservation with "fishermans" anyway regarding my boat and return date, so if 10 guys or so decide at the last minute to go with one outfit your order will be processed 1st when they have a truck full to return to their business. Most guys...
  512. raw66

    Thinking of Buying a Kayak - Mirage Drive

    Will be living a short distance from Dana Point within a few years time and plan on getting a yak and mostly launching from that marina and points South. Have a standard bed GMC pickup. My reservations are can I handle it myself on and off a pickup and find out what type of cradle assemblies...
  513. raw66

    ? Thoughts and opinions

    Having a 130lb bait rig in case some big baits are made could be a deal breaker because they can be used on big gear and hooks/leaders interchanged for the kites if they are deployed. This type of rig may sit unused for the duration of a 10 day trip with the exception of your kite rotation...
  514. raw66

    Makaira SE, avalible in BLACK

    Just added a 3011-SEa and matched it with a 765xh Calstar Grafighter. Look forward to using it for sure next Feb and again in May on the Excel for some lower zone action. I bought it with the intention of having a 4th dedicated 130lb rig I could use on 15+ day trips. I have some old Penn...
  515. raw66

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    How many 130 lb fly line bait setups is sufficient for an early Oct 10day? Probably none but I hope to break in my new Makaira 3011SEa mated to a 765xh Penn Grafighter. I set it up already with the lower zone in mind, not so much for 10 day action but I sure hope I don't need to wait tell Feb...
  516. raw66

    GoPro underwater mounts, what do you use?

    Done all that with the mono pod, way to short to get anything underwater but good for sliding low along the deck. Usually the boat will have a broken or extra gaff 10-12 foot pole where you can mount your GoPro to and talk to captain if you can keep it upstairs on the roof when your not getting...
  517. raw66

    1.5 day boat recommendation

    Islander or Pacific Dawn
  518. raw66

    Some advice about checking in and boarding the Vagabond

    Sorry, I would line up at 3am for 10am departure if said vessel is not boarding by boarding #. You say you don't mind retying along the side while it's WFO and guys are coming up and down the sides with fish while your fixing your rig. Being behind the galley of sorts offers a nice wind break...
  519. raw66

    Mid-Week fishing???

    For an overnight or 2 day or less Ventura Sportfishing notably the Pac Dawn has been nailing the White Seabass this year, you might want to go up North or take in consideration for next year. White Seabass boat limits on three respective trips for me anyway with several handoffs. Tastes better...
  520. raw66

    Fisherman Blamed For Manhattan Beach Great White Attack

    It was pointed out these waters are considered "pupping grounds" for the white shark. Nobody seems to be pointing out this fact, according to marine biologists anyway. If restrictions are placed on pier fisherman shouldn't the swimmers who frequent this area need to take full responsibility...
  521. raw66

    72 Seabass on overnight Pac Dawn 7/9

    Think there were a few more than this for the crew but 72 was the official count. Several nice halibut came aboard as well. Took out a 1st timer and he had a blast. This boat's been on a role all year and haven't needed to do the San Diego tuna runs this year because the money and the...
  522. raw66

    Fisherman Blamed For Manhattan Beach Great White Attack

    Just heard the victim on AM640 KFI talk radio claim the fisherman were laughing about it after the fact and has a recording of it up on the beach. wants them to pay his medical bills. Who's going to pick up the doctors bills? If this indeed is a pupping ground for great whites and swimmers and...
  523. raw66

    Shark Fishing Etiquette

    "Shark attack victim seeks restitution from chum chucking fisherman" The guy who got bit claims the actual fisherman were laughing upon recognizing this guy was bit by a great white off Manhatten beach. The fisherman thought the swimmer pooped in his pants. The fish was very agitated and was...
  524. raw66

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    Pacific Eagle out of Ventura tonight for me. 16 spots (sold out) , looking forward to a another sea bass. Out on the Pac Dawn on a couple of overnighters and they always get limits of the white sea bass this year. Got a trip coming up with them in another week as well.
  525. raw66


    Nice trip, did they start baking bread again?
  526. raw66

    Anyone ever fish the Islander?

    First choice for a 1.5 day trip when taking some kids out for their first trip. Stateroom J has been reserved already for my late July trip.
  527. raw66

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Made squid up in Ventura last week and was rewarded with a couple of 8-10lb white sea bass fishing the Pac Dawn on an overnighter. Old timer told me once to bring some frozen giant squid like you can get in Chinatown when doing your long range trips and ask nicely if you can stash your small...
  528. raw66

    Fishing fitness?

    I like shooting hoop and putting in walking lap time 3-4 miles 5 days a week. Getting better at the 3 pointers from the corners but when I miss lots of chasing the ball down to the other end of the gym back and fourth it go's cardio gets max'd out.. Need to work in more arm and LAT routines...
  529. raw66

    2.5 day prices on Fishermans Landing Boats

    Just found out the Islanders running a Kayak trip at the same time and that is why the price reduction. My bad. Nailed a white seabass on the Pac Dawn last week in Ventura and everyone had their limits. Can't get back on their schd tell July however. Hoping the Fortune at 22nd St would do...
  530. raw66

    2.5 day prices on Fishermans Landing Boats

    Thur June 19th has the Searcher signed up with 10 spots taken at $795 vs The Islander going out the same day for $595 has yet to sell any spots, how does the business of all this work again? So I guess all those guys rollin on the Searcher are down with on the same day, same evening the...
  531. raw66


    Pass out gifts. Couldn't help myself. They are usually the one person most instrumental in getting people to go on said charter. However some trips just retain the name of the chartermaster and it's an open party charter. Back in the day these individuals had more of a following of dedicated...
  532. raw66

    2.5 day prices on Fishermans Landing Boats

    Yes, the Islanders a done deal rolling with them with a party of three at the end of July. Last summer I tried 4-5 multi day boats in the 2.5 range with the Islander being the most pricey. I was wondering at the time where they got off charging considerably more than the other boats running...
  533. raw66

    2.5 day prices on Fishermans Landing Boats

    When they bake bread and don't serve the standby "pork loin" or spaghetti with frozen garlic bread and fried spring rolls prices go up. I'm all for having the large Excel style salad bowl and hot home made bread to go with it than some scrimped together plates of grub the less costly boats...
  534. raw66

    Old School Penn Intl's

    Not sure if that's what it needs when a general teardown could be accomplished elsewhere. That was my question. If this is the case the experienced pro's at Bob Sands can attend to that. If it needs to be "tricked out" again by Cal is the question, he worked on it once and I was under the...
  535. raw66

    Old School Penn Intl's

    Great advice, complete tear down at Bob Sands or should I request he sends it back to Cal? The drag washers and free spool were modified when I first bought the Penn in the late 90's and had it in for service once or twice at Sands. What would Cal do to it now or is just a general teardown needed?
  536. raw66

    2.5 day prices on Fishermans Landing Boats

    Doing a casual search of Fisherman's Landing summer trips and noticed a $200 price difference between the Searcher $795 food but permits extra. The Pacific Queen leaves the same day with food and permits included for $600. The loads are similar so nothing ultra limited regarding these trips...
  537. raw66

    One tip

    Apply yourself.
  538. raw66

    Old School Penn Intl's

    Recently one of my 50W Penn's needed to take the plunge with another Penn 80W attached and was probably underwater for thirty minutes or so and half the line on the 80W had peeled off the spool before the little fishy gave up and called it quits. Next day we had to head home and I have not...
  539. raw66

    Old School Penn Intl's

    Two Penn50W & one 50S two speeds circa 96-97 taken to Cal's and are go to bait rigs for the lower zone. Yes I see plenty of others with newer nicer bad ass reels and will not bring myself to replace them. Five trips to Clarion with them and one on the books and these reels have served me well...
  540. raw66

    Goin on the "X". Deck boots

    Those Keens are great to fish in, just wrapped up a 15 day on the big X and the only thing about the Keens is you have to wash them every couple of days or spray them with vinagir and or not leave them in your state room less offend. As far as the Excel being wetter than the rest, cant say I...
  541. raw66

    Question which Trinidad should i buy?

    I recently won a Trinidad 16na and not sure where it will fit in on a 10 day trip. Dorado, smaller football size tuna, small yellows, maybe a wahoo.. The reel seems like tiny to me even with 65# spectra and 50yds or so of 30#. Could one spool it up with 40# and challenge small size bluefin or...
  542. raw66

    need help picking a boat for summer 1.5 day

    Islander if you've been spoiled by long range food this would be the boat to pick. Baked bread and other fine touch's made me think I was on a long range vessel. Also a good pick for a youngster and his mother to ride on a first trip as they have triple bunk staterooms and they fish hard.
  543. raw66

    Tropical Depression One-E may threaten Clarion next week

    After leaving there last week with a low fish count was planning on following the action of these two boats. Hope the Excel gets past this on their way down. At least the passengers wont go yearning for more food on the Excel and homemade bread is to die for. Wonder if the Intrepid revived...
  544. raw66

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    If a boat failed to have a code of ethics (regarding open party boat charters) to pull "rat yellows" so said 2.5 thru 3 day customer's can go home with some fish, I find deplorable and they make it worse by saying these "rats" were caught in Mexican waters so that makes it OK. I call BS, I have...
  545. raw66

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    Years back Taylor tackle in Canoga Park, nowadays Bob Sands.
  546. raw66


    I love fishing in my Keens on long range trips as opposed to the heaviness of boots and don't mind getting my feet wet in the process. However my roomie called me aside on my current 15 day after three days of fishing to advise me I needed to wash my new Keens that I had just acquired because...
  547. raw66

    I'm going Long Big X style

    I like Tim Ekstrom's reports. Makes me reflect on some old school English literature comps I had to do in High School. That dude can write a friggin novel involving the action of a single morning bite in a way I can eat up like candy. Like William Shakespeare in his delivery about the valiant...
  548. raw66

    How To Find Your Pictures

    Let me try. Its the posting GoPro stuff to YouTube and then linking the stuff back here. This necessitates either having a gmail account or google+ which I perceive to be HAL in 2001 Space Ody's which wasn't far off the mark with google being HAL lets just say it go's against my hippie data...
  549. raw66

    fishing clothing

    There's a surf/skate shop near the house filled with all kinds of useless yet desirable swag, funny hats, high tech flip flops, bling galore. While I am getting beyond the need for swag to fulfill my fishfullness, what happens next the Melton annual catalog arrives with more crap to consider...
  550. raw66

    Go Pro cameras not on approved list?

    After opening the gallery section and checking the drop down on cameras, saw about a zillion different ones. I guess its a bandwidth issue file size thing yet in todays high tech world and the popularity of these cameras, maybe i'm missing something but maybe it would slow down the site or some...
  551. raw66

    Okuma Cedros Star Drag

    BIG SHOUT OUT to Tony from Soft Steel for passing out two Cedros Star Drag Okuma's on the last Intrepid trip. I was the lucky winner of a csd12s Cedros which I quickly put to use after spooling it up with some 50#. I enjoyed using it on my trip and will put it to further abuse about 35-40...
  552. raw66

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Could someone post a valid link say for example from Script's school of marine biology would be a good place to start validating thru some scientific explanation rather than all this talk about the true age of large Yellowfins. While it is widely known thru research sailfish have a life span of...
  553. raw66

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    All I can say is WOW it doesnt get any better than this EPIC comes to.mind you may be wondering how I have the time to write this while a WFO Wahoo bite is to occuring and I am down for the count after getting taken for a rodeo ride for the last 96 hours and rest is needed irregardless what is...
  554. raw66

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Pork again for dinner twice now and pork tacos for lunch. Counting the bacon at breakfast thats five pork themed meals since Friday. Waiting for some fresh baked bread and possiby some fresh veggie snacks instead of the sugar snacks that have been provided so far. I am hopeing things improve...
  555. raw66

    Friends of Bill W. Long range trip 2015

    Not sure about this Dorothy group but reading page 69 of Bills book answers most of these questions.
  556. raw66

    Help: Ways to rig a Yummy Flyer?

    Also in the same predicament tough things to worry about. I became attuned to some of the same stories and ordered a 3 pack for two trips coming up shortly. The Intrepid next week and big Al's Excel trip in May both 15 day excursions where I've got big plans to incorporate these things every...
  557. raw66

    Tunadwr is now Soda Pop on bloody decks

    Also getting back April 5th and get the chance to fish with Soda Pop. This only gives me a month to rest up for Big Al's trip on the Excel departing May 7th. This is a long time to be stuck on land in between trips and may need to take a few runs on the Pacific Dawn in April to make life...
  558. raw66

    Go out tonight on the Pac Dawn

    two beers each for bd's who bring it up.
  559. raw66

    Go out tonight on the Pac Dawn

    Six spots sold so far. Need more anglers to come to Ventura Harbor tonight for this awesome offshore trip targeting Ling Cods, rock fish and you no the rest. Sign up. The boat will go out with less than their advertised load yet still needs more signups. $155 is the trip cost. Lets fill up...
  560. raw66

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    I heard there's a bad case of "rail rash" going around.
  561. raw66

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Intrepid; March 21st thru April 5th 15 day Excel; May 7th thru May 22 15 day Royal Star Feb 28th 2015 17day If you bring your own balloons was obtaining helium on the Excel a problem or did guys bring their own small tanks?
  562. raw66

    Tuna Donation

    Exchanging goods for services works for me. Kennel looks after kitty when fishing, refuses to take my money even when I come home empty handed on occasion as I have gifted generous amounts of sport fish to them this way. Hungry dogs to feed, I guess. Since these folks breed rabbits as a food...
  563. raw66

    Recommend a Charter/Party Boat in the LA area?

    I'm doing the Pacific Dawn next thurs out of Ventura Harbor, not far from LA. Pat Cavanaugh skippered the Excel for many years and will put you on fish. Great for an overnight trip!
  564. raw66

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Only 20 days 8.5 hours... Leave me a cow or two. Just placed my order for some gummy flyers. What's the best application/rigging for the flyers, another words when, where, and how are you using them? Thanks for the reports.
  565. raw66

    Trying to narrow it down

    Cant go wrong with the Royal Star during that time period. Tiburon engineering is a laid back group that book about half the charter every year. That's a 10 day mid Oct. I was very impressed with the meals as well, so much so I booked a 17 day trip already for 2015 with these guys leaving Feb...
  566. raw66


    :cow::rockin: Talk of cows made me dredge this up. Where's that full report?
  567. raw66

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Got a few Elmore Leonard novels lined up on a Kindle for what your describing. How is the bait holding up?
  568. raw66

    Excel State rooms

    I'm stoked, Jason just gave me a main deck stateroom #2 for my May trip because some regulars couldn't make it. A room with a view for a change.
  569. raw66

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Good luck on the trip! Which won out for boarding the vessel, the line that formed when you arrived or your boarding number? Been reassured by the Excell office you board by your number and NOT by standing in line. Just curious as going on Big Als trip in May and wonder if those guys that...
  570. raw66


    I live near Dana Point and have been down where the sport fishing and whale watching boats depart and have never seen this tackle shop. The sport fishing office at the wharf has an abbreviated supply of things and doesn't have any tackle to speak of yet to mention sandwich's. I've been along...
  571. raw66

    Dish vs DirectTV?

    ROKU device+$7.95 per month NETFLIX bill and a wireless network router can get most of your television needs met. If you think your missing out on something like lots of sports games or live news programs and your in love with the local news anchor woman then shell out the big bucks!
  572. raw66

    Tuna, Tuna, and Much More

    I need further comment on the "Teamwork" it takes in a hot tuna bite to overcome all the rail mounted rods? Are there strict rules about where customers can put their extra rods when not actively fishing or are they all allowed "1st come, 1st served" to store their rods when not in use along...
  573. raw66

    Thinking of getting on a 10 day trip off the Intrepid in oct/ nov

    I think the Intrepid had the best catch for large cows last year in early Oct on a 10 day near Clarion. It came with a cost and a certain amount of controversy regarding hurricane dodging and victory at sea antics but it paid off in spades for the guys on that trip. I was on the RS a week...
  574. raw66

    Get your Flu Shot

    What I found more distressing than this flu scare is that a recent BD passenger reported staph infection on both their legs while on his trip. Cant recall the boat but was recently posted. The insidious nature of staph has me more concerned than the flu about showering daily on long range...
  575. raw66

    This is cool , Daily Video updates from current Excel Trip 02/01-02/17

    Little rail hoggin goin on at 59 sec in wouldn't you say?
  576. raw66

    Older 50SW question

    My Penn's were purchased new in the late 90's and taken on a handful of trips, id say about 60 days total on the boats and fished hard maybe 20 of those days. I took the reels to Cal at the time they were new and was planning on taking the three 50's into my local accredited tackle shop for...
  577. raw66

    This is cool , Daily Video updates from current Excel Trip 02/01-02/17

    I hate guys that can do post production work of sick tuna footage while fishing at the same time. Great Job! Rolling with these guys again in May on the Big Al's Bulls and cow trip and this video has be going sideways. Don't forget to get some video of the food spreads as this is also a very...
  578. raw66

    RP coming in early-filled the boat

    You mean I have to go home and cook? Part of the draw, besides fishing is the food spreads only the LR fleet puts out. Some of us recognize we will not be fed the way we are accustomed on the 1.5 thru 2.5 day open party trips and go out of our way to get stuck at sea for the longest time we...
  579. raw66

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    I can guarantee in advance I will piss off some old established regulars on the Intrepid this March. My names Gary, wait for it... I have no reservations that by the end of the trip after I've collected the Jackpot and asshat award most of my gear will be tossed overboard and the only carts I...
  580. raw66

    No need to line up anymore for certain boats?

    Flash forward 20 years, dedicated drone table, frequency rotations. Guys will be showing up with Pelican box's stuffed with tech toys. Arguments about "oversized" drones cluttering the fishing area and overlapping wifi signals will be crazy at first. All fisherman will be wearing "google" or...
  581. raw66

    Thoughts/Questions on Big Bait Strategy

    I caught a large 205lb Jackpot cow once on the Excell back in 2000 that came in "heart hooked". Wasn't the exciting fight with the wide swimming death circles guys are looking for when they land a big cow. This tuna came in "dead as a log" straight to the boat. My 200lb chunk leader was...
  582. raw66

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    As a solo roller the most difficult time sometimes is at meal hour at second call when you plop down at a table and suddenly the other tables start filling up around you and your sitting alone because all the guys with their travel buddies are engrossed in stuff you aren't involved in and then a...
  583. raw66

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    I was on a 2.5 day trip last summer in the 90 mile zone on the Pac Queen when I saw a toylike drone with no one at the controls near our boat with no explanation. I pointed this out to some guys and they didn't seem to concerned of how it got there or where it came from. I could see no other...
  584. raw66

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    We need to change the subject to "best pranks" pulled on said trip and were they taken in jest?
  585. raw66

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    The Dolphin gives one week free parking if you spend one night and then it reverts to like $8-10 a day. This is still better than parking in the main lot. It's almost like getting a free place to stay and you can unwind a day before you leave.
  586. raw66

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    Great post Scott, I really liked what you itemized in gear regarding topshots and all the gear it takes to make that happen needles, glue, extra sleeves etc. You shook me out of my somebody will help me with that when I get on the boat mentality. Also your rec's on hook sizes was well taken...
  587. raw66

    Starting fresh...

    Much kudo's and a little off topic but how many and in which predetermined lengths of wind on top shots do you roll down with for one trip? Do you wait to apply them until finding out on the way down what other recent catch's were using or do you have them rigged before coming aboard the boat...
  588. raw66

    Medical Evacuation

    Seen this happen to a diver in the Sulu Sea on a trip I was on in the 80's we lost a day of diving to return the possibly bent diver to Palawan for evac. Considering the age of some of these guys on long range trips they should have a DAN inspired membership program for geriatric long range...
  589. raw66

    TTT..Seahawks in The SB!

    Considering every year they get some celebrity/s to sing the national anthem. I'm pleased to hear that this year Cheech and Chong were selected for this honor. However when I told this to a veteran recently, he reminded me that Marin was a draft dodger back in the day and that wouldn't sit...
  590. raw66

    Riddle me this....

    This is like if three fisherman paid $10 a piece for a room and were refunded $5 by the management. When the bellhop was told to go up to the room and give the $5 to the fishing guys he decided to just give each fisherman $1 each thus leaving him with $2. Well if each fisherman was refunded $1...
  591. raw66

    Tackle boxes

    Glad I found this thread, off to make this adjustment in elevation for some future trips. Had this problem with my softpack as well where I struggled to get the bottom plano box out. This thought has crossed my mind as a thing to do but was reminded about this just now, it's very apparent that...
  592. raw66

    No need to line up anymore for certain boats?

    I think the main reason a lot of the guys like the launchers is not so much it allows you to get to your rig in a hot bite because as some have pointed out you usually have plenty of time retrieving your outfit from the side rails. On short multi day summer tuna trips it hardly makes a...
  593. raw66

    VIDEO!!!! long range trip on the intrepid

    Going down on the March 21 Soft Steel, Okuma trip 58 days and counting. Love these reports.
  594. raw66

    No need to line up anymore for certain boats?

    I don't want to hear this, not after finding out i'm #11 boarding the intrepid, and #18 or #19 on the Excel. This means there's a slim chance ill get to use my new box the way it's intended to be used with the tubes where I can get at them. I believe the dedicated fanboys should get first...
  595. raw66

    No need to line up anymore for certain boats?

    Looking forward to a 15 day excursion on the Intrepid in March and also a 15 day trip on the Excel in May. My last 10 day trip on the RS had guys lining up at 3am the morning before the trip so they could get their tackle box's in the limited spots so they could take advantages of their rocket...