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    Cal Sheets

    Ian, if you go to the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach you can stop by his booth, meet the legend and his son......if that be of interest.
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    Spinner Conundrum

    Just remember Fishy you have a lower center of gravity; height is not always an advantage. I want to thank everyone who commented, shared their experience, made recommendations and why.....truly appreciate the time you all took to help me make a decision. I have picked up a Quantum Cabo 100...
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    Trip Selection Priorities

    Jeff, surprised #10 is so far down your list. I thought we meant more to you! See you in July.😎😎😎😎😎
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    WTB Large Nomad Wheeled Tackle Bag

    I have one available, but not going to ship. That being said, I will be at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show for at least three days, probably four. If anyone might be interested, please shoot me a PM. If no takers here, I will just put it up at the booth I am working.
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    Spinner Conundrum

    I knew I was going to hear about it! I really expected no less. Since all I fish are 2-speed conventional, I have a concern about my ability to fight an angry fish of size on a spinner. So I am going to see how I hold up on the July trip. If I find I can reasonably handle a sizable fish...
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    For Sale Mixed gear

    Please inventory the iron, may be interested, but not in the unknown.
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    For Sale Pelagic 6” deck boots

    I am a size 12, so do these run small or large? You going to Fred Hall in Long Beach? Interested if logistics can be worked out.
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    Spinner Conundrum

    So I am trying to decide whether or not to open up my wallet and purchase a new spinning reel. Knowing that my remaining years on the water are limited, I am balking at the idea of shelling out $600 up to $1000 for a reel that will see limited use. I do have a collection of Tiburons and...
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    Charlie Brown Christmas /Mustad Holiday Special

    What a difference a day makes. Placed an additional order for the 1/0 and 3/0.......should be set for a while now. Thanks again
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    Charlie Brown Christmas /Mustad Holiday Special

    Thanks for the extension. I picked up some Charlie Browns. Unfortunately you are out of stock on the 1/0 and 3/0 or I would have purchased additional packs.
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    Blue jb hollow braid

    Anytime you fish a colored line, be it braid or monofilament you run the risk of being labeled “that guy” when caught in a tangle. On the other hand, it certainly makes it easier to pick your line out and through the macrame. I only fish charters with folks I have fished with for several...
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    Prototype rod rack

    Height issues for adding and removing long rods, a bit difficult to access the rods in the middle. I like the rod racks that have a row on each side. please don’t get me wrong, your work is beautiful.
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    Best braid and why?

    Who makes Odyssey and who carries it?
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    SOLD Cabela’s tackle bag

    How many 3700 size boxes will the bag hold? 5 boxes shown in your pics, but the bag looks like it will hold several more. What are the bag’s dimensions?
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    SOLD Surface and Yo Yo Jigs $40

    So the price of the jigs increased from $50 to $60. Are they going up to $70 tomorrow?
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    For Sale Sold

    Free bump, great price, your location may be an issue, but can’t beat your price point!
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    Cheeky 50% off Boost

    Cheeky is offering 50% off all Boost reels, spools and triple plays; with free shipping within the USA. Only while supplies last. Use coupon code BYEBOOST. They are discontinuing their Boost line up and coming out with a new line of fly reels in January. Not affiliated in any way, just...
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    For Sale Cosmos Custom United Composites CE Wahoo Rail Rod

    There appears to be some confusion here, I think on Michael’s part. This listing is for the Wahoo Rod, last offered at $385. But Michael also has a listing for several reels, but they are listed at much higher prices. I believe his post of $465 shipped was meant to be posted with the reels...
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    Costa Rica

    I love Costa Rica, fished out of Quepos on a full day charter, but stayed inshore. Didn’t get the Rooster I was hoping for, but landed several species new to me. The boat also used Penns, but they hadn’t been serviced in quite some time, drags were horrible and mechanically they were challenging
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    Bump for some great reels at some great prices. Very responsive seller as well!
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    PM sent on gunmetal 10 SEa...
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    Black Friday heads up

    Not wanting to get into any pissing match, however, my dealings with Pelagic Outfitters have gone well.......with one exception, and that was due to manufacturing issues with one reel. It was delayed about a year as I recall. My option to continue waiting or get a refund. Both Pelagic...
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    For Sale Tiburon SST 7540, 8, 12, & 30

    Great prices, if I didn’t already have them, I would be tempted to grab two or three......GLWS
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    Who knows UC blanks?

    Get in touch with Fishdoggary
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    Black Friday heads up

    Are these the new and improved?
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    For Sale Surf Fishing Special

    Size of the waders may be nice
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    Failed at Tuna today on Liberty

    It is called FISHING for a reason
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    Maui Jim Sunglasses

    You can get a pair of MJs with switchable lenses.
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Regarding availability, where can they be purchased? Be interested in one in gunmetal.
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    SOLD SKB Backpack & Large Turners Tackle Bag

    wasn’t the sandwich/lunchbox cooler part of one of the Albackore bags?
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    Liquid Adhesive, Brush-On

    Thank you for your responses, ordered the double sided tape yesterday.
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    People who fish dark braid

    Back in the day I spooled up with green Power Pro, several reels as I had a bulk spool. One trip and done, learned a valuable lesson very quickly. You can’t see it, the other anglers can’t see it, and more importantly, the deckies can’t see it. Just asking for a cluster..... When I got home...
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    WTB looking for an old G C lure

    No opening! Knew they slayed the Barracuda, never thought to use them for Wahoo.
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    WTB looking for an old G C lure

    I believe I have three or skirts. Look like the one directly below the skirted one. If interested I can try and find them.
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    WTB Penn 1.5 Fly Reel

    I just happen to have a 1.5G, new in the box, and am willing to ship if you may be interested.
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    Liquid Adhesive, Brush-On

    So I got this wild idea to make my own Wahoo bombs. Have the heads, hooks, swivels and blades. Ordered the Mylar skirting material and 1/2” tape. Didn’t realize the skirting material didn’t have a self adhesive strip on it; I purchased the large rolls, a lifetime supply........duh. So I now...
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    Thawing our bluefin

    Personally, I thaw all my fish in the refrigerator, still sealed in the vacuum package. Always comes out well. Timing depends upon thickness of cut and the temperature your refrigerator. Why not take a trial run and see how long a sample pack takes?
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    SOLD Wahoo jigs n bombs - lot

    Yellowtail Dan scored on this package!
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    FREE Low Ball Offer Question

    This thread has been a real hoot. Too many variables in every selling situation. Is the asking price realistic to begin with? How long has the item been posted without selling? All offers to purchase should be made via PM: save yourself and the seller any embarrassment.
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    Intrepid 10 15 2020

    Stateroom can be a personal preference. Some folks like the bow, others the stern. Check the stateroom layout on the Intrepid’s home page, the graphic is fairly accurate. Staterooms closest to the stairs usually have good storage. I would be more specific but I am currently out of town.
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    SOLD Stewart Longboard

    Beautiful board, GLWS!
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    For Sale Bone acrylic and wood tuna jigs

    I am pretty certain you are well aware of the rules regarding posts under the classifieds......put a price on the items. Otherwise delete your post and post it on e-bay.
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    SOLD Makaira 10II SEA in gunmetal $380

    Greater chance of selling if you were willing to ship!
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    WTB Looking for Setyr Rods or Rogue Rods

    I have 2 or 3 Rogue rods, just what are you looking for?
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    WTB Euros and Swiss Francs

    Since inquiring minds need to know, I am in a river cruise, small denominations of Euros are needed for tipping bus drivers and tour guides on the various excursions. Well aware of the availability of ATM’s throughout Europe. They just aren’t generally available at some tour venues. I always...
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    WTB Euros and Swiss Francs

    Gene, I am anal in that respect. Redbeard and others will confirm.
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    WTB Euros and Swiss Francs

    Before making arrangements through the bank, any one have some Euros or Swiss Francs they want to part with? Heading back to Europe in December for the Christmas Markets. Let me know, TIA.
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    For Sale / trade Browning A Bolt 270 winchester

    If I lived reasonably close, this would have been gone already!
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    $1000.00 discount on Excel/Gallagher 10 day

    My son is getting married on Sept 28.......decisions, decisions!
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    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    I don't believe most escape hatches are designed with an eye on a possible Fire. They appear to be placed in case the boat is taking on water. I am waiting to hear what caused the fire, what was the source, and why it spread so very quickly. I do believe the LR vessel I fish has an all...
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    For Sale Single hook Surface Irons

    What is your price? Are you willing to ship? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Calcutta Jig Bag

    The issue with Wahoo Bombs is how they are rigged. Usually you have a length of leader, either wire, mono or fluoro; so how do you get that into the tube? Secondly, a lot of the rigging has the bomb head free sliding upon the leader. When you try to hang the bomb on the tube, the hook stays...
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    FREE Ads with no price. WTF???

    What’s that? Don’t you realize that I am entitled and I don’t have to follow the rules!
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    For Sale Backing down on saltwater fishing.

    Classified rules state that you must price items you are selling!
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    For Sale Shimano tyrnos 30ii looks and works brand new

    If selling, list your price! Willing to ship? Have you upgraded the drags?
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    Boaters Lost at Sea

    I don’t have much to add but read the boat had known mechanical issues. It was inherited from one of the fathers.
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    Torrance/South Bay - Who sells Makaira and PCH rods, please?

    What Makaira rod are you looking for, there is a slim chance I can help you out!
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    Fishing rod and tackle storage in garage options

    I have used most kinds of rod storage. Milk crates with PVC tubes have an incredible amount of capacity and take up little room. I also use other vertical racks that allow rod storage with reels attached. I have a horizontal rod rack on the ceiling of my man cave, but would never put a rod on...
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    Fish processing prices?

    Not trying to Jack the just need to fish the right trip on the right boat!
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    Fish processing prices?

    This thread can certainly be entertaining! Bottom line is that no one is forced to have their fished processed, aren’t forced to use a particular processor, aren’t prevented from processing their own fish. It is a free market system and you have the freedom to make the choice that works best...
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    For Sale SKB TACKLE BOX 7100 MODEL

    Totally missed or glossed over that. Thanks for pointing that out!
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    For Sale SKB TACKLE BOX 7100 MODEL

    Sorry, but I don’t see a price listed,
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    For Sale XTRATUF Flip flop

    Buy with confidence, seller worked with me while I was in Europe and we completed the transaction upon my return. Totally satisfied, would not hesitate to purchase from him in the future.
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    For Sale 12M ankle high deck BOOTS

    So they didn’t work for you, do they run large or small?
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    SOLD Tyrnos 20II by Shimano

    Have the drags been upgraded or are they still original?
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    Newbie Questions and advice

    Use the boat’s trolling and kite gear!
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    For Sale XTRATUF Flip flop

    X2, but for the 13, as I wear a 12
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    fishing hook inserting fishing swivel

    I would be interested in one of these presses if someone finds the link!
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    Great report Conner, you really captured the essence of our trip. The inclusion of your pictures just added to the experience. Already preparing for next July 11.
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    Wahoo on Intrepid

    Well, hate be a naysayer but I caught my Wahoo on a bomb. Capt Jimmy, green/silver. I also caught one on the troll with the boats DTX minnow, mainly pink!
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    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Done that trip three times already. The winds and seas always need to be considered when deciding where to fish. We like fishing Calicos at Putna Norte. Great write up, and congratulations on the BSB. Our group always manages to land a couple.
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    For Sale GRATE Wood Tackle Boxes

    Not trying to interfere but the trip leaves the morning of the 13th, maybe you two can have the meet and greet at the landing?
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    Choosing The Right Hook

    Go to is the 2/0 ringed flyliner.....always works for me. When in doubt, I always get the deckies’ opinion. Of course the size of the bait is a major consideration.
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    Crew Members Fishing

    First of all, communication is key. If the captain’s intent in, as stated above, to help get the fish to the boat, just maybe that could be covered during the safety seminar. As to the crew fishing, have never experienced that with the exception being the captain’s son. Never fished that...
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    Mammoth Lakes

    Release is great,
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    Rollers or rings help needed

    For what its worth, ring guides are a whole lot easier to maintain then roller guides.
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    SOLD Brand new Fishdog Customs, some rare, some not so rare

    Shucks......there goes the raffle! See you in a few weeks
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    First time with the 13 year old on the intrepid

    While I have had that experience on some 1 1/2 and 2 day boats, I have never come across any on any of the long range boats I have fished. Never seen any inappropriate material on the Intrepid in over ten years, but haven’t gone searching for any either!
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    For Sale 2002 gem cart

    Wonder how it works in the snow? Any heater? My guess is that the intended area of operation is in the warmer climates
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    WTB Salas 6x jr CHROME

    Have them field tested on the July 13 trip!
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    SOLD Brand new Fishdog Customs, some rare, some not so rare

    Maybe hold a raffle for them on the trip? $5 a ticket......probably take in more than the asking price!
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    Where to go in Sierras ?

    Just released, Mammoth Lakes Basin will be opening on Monday June 24!
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    Tired old lures

    I have fished those Owner pre-rigged fluorocarbon leaders and have yet to get a bite........don’t understand why!
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    For Sale GRATE Wood Tackle Boxes

    You’re so lonely you could cry!
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    JRI intruder for sale?

    There is a medium sized one for sale in the classifieds, if it hasn’t been picked up already.
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    For Sale Brand New Original Hooker Intruder Decided to keep it

    Oh, I bet there will be quite a few coming along, including mine. Just hope that the Wahoo will be there to play!
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    Jig Wraps and Case

    I have several different jig wraps available and one jig case. The jig wraps are the roll-up kind and the jig case is the Albackore one that fit into the Albackore tackle bag in lieu of a box. If any one might be interested, let me know. Can't seem to find these anymore and I am not using them.
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    Mammoth Lakes status/access

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Mammoth Lakes Basin road will not be opening before July 1 and possibly not until July 4. Lake Mary road will be closed!
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    Mammoth Lakes status/access

    Virginia Lakes just opened 9 days ago. Rock Creek Lake is open and ice free. The road to Mosquito Flats is still closed. Mammoth Lakes basin is still closed to vehicular traffic past Twin Lakes. Although it could be open soon.
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    For Sale Xtratuf 3 sizes

    Am I missing something? Where are the prices?
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    Hook Organizer

    Absolutely, if you need it, and someone has it, everyone is willing to share. Best trip ever with the greatest group ever!
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    Never saw that listing! But yes, you ate it big time at that price!
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    Hook Organizer

    Never a problem, I supply the hooks, you furnish the jigs!
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    For Sale Vintage Fishing Lures

    Nice collection for a glass enclosed coffee table shadow box.
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    Hook Organizer

    I use a two ring zip binder that is fitted with zip lock bags. Hooks are organized by size. Additional zip lock bags can be purchased at Bass Pro or Cabelas. The zip lock bags are a heavy vinyl
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    Pray for Jim today....

    I believe Fishybuzz posted an update elsewhere; Jim's surgery was a success, quadruple bypass. His heart is in good shape, great news considering his two recent heart attacks, but the plumbing needed updating. Quick recovery Jim!
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    Iron Man Lures

    I have a bunch, if any one is interested in purchasing any, send me a PM.
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    Cavio Irons

    You can purchase Caivo jigs online direct, with free shipping on orders $50 or more. The value is unbeatable and shipping is quick. Don't know if it is still going on, but jigs were on sale for $5 a pop........where you EVER going to beat that. Picked up 22 assorted at that price. Pot of...
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    Pray for Jim today....

    Jim, you wont see any of these until after your procedure, but please know the entire fishing community and BD brotherhood is with you during this procedure. We all wish you a quick and complete recovery. Tight lines in yor future!
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    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Somewhat familiar, due for hernia surgery and it was delayed three weeks due to elevated blood sugars. Nobody told me they were going to check my glucose level. Amazing what a red grapefruit marguerita can do!
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    Getting your fish home?

    Just a quick note on keeping your processed fish frozen.....DO NOT pack your frozen fillets with ice.......this will actually defrost your fish. You want to pack with DRY ICE, which is available just down the street from 5 Star. 5 Star has preached that to me for several years as I have an 8...
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    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Must not like something they see in his vital signs, so they are cautious and give it another day. Keeping Jim in my thoughts through out this event and recovery.
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    For Sale Shimano Torium50

    That Tyrnos 30 is a great buy. Has the drag been upgraded to Carbontex? If so, the reel is a steal, if not, easy enough to do yourself. GLWS
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    Getting your fish home?

    I have never had to deal with this issue myself, but I have to think all the major processors are quite familiar with this. I do know several people that use 5 Star and have their fish air freighted home, not as part of their luggage. Nice to have your catch well frozen prior to...
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    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Thanks for sharing Fishy, I was not aware of Jim's situation. Will definitely keep him in my thoughts and prayers. He has always been one of the good guys!
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    For Sale Maverick

    If you want to sell it, put a price on it!
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    WTB Rocket Launchers for SKB Box

    I have completed a transaction with a fellow BD's member, thank you STYX. I am constantly impressed with our BD's community. I know of no other community of like minded individuals who are so willing to share information and assist other members. In all my transactions through the...
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    WTB Rocket Launchers for SKB Box

    PVC wasn’t the problem, the type of screws was what I needed and I do thank you for that, much appreciated.
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    WTB Rocket Launchers for SKB Box

    Items located, once again the BD community comes through to assist a fellow member. This community continues to impress me. Thank you STYX.! I realize this is a long shot, but I figured I would give it a try......I have two months before I really need them. I know there are the SKB rod...
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    SOLD Jigs Tady & Salas lot of (25) heavy & lights

    David, I am a bit confused, are these available or is the sale still pending? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    For Sale Jigs & box

    The issue isn’t the pricing, it is picking the items up. If seller was in San Diego, it would probably be long gone. If I wasn’t 330 miles distant, I would have purchased it myself. I feel the seller’s pain!
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    SOLD SKB 7200 Long Range Tackle Box - Used

    Thank you Dirk, a simple and easy transaction, life is good. Now to pick up the rocket launchers!
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    possibility of coastal islands opening

    What David said. No benefit to the locals for opening it up to the long range boats, absolutely no incentive. I had heard mentioned that there was a possibility for long range boats to off load their anglers onto the local pangas, but have no idea where that went. That would be a win/win.
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    Mammoth Lakes status/access

    FYI, all the June Lake Loop lakes are open!
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    Cruising the Swap Meet

    I have picked up quite a few in miscellaneous lots I have purchased, but leery of fishing them due to the narrow tail. No Bueno on bigger fish. I did score a Candybar Starman at the Choo Choo Swap Meet a couple years back, $2
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    Considering they were $10 each originally, that is a pretty good price. Now if I was closer.....
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    Bob, clarification.......$20 for the lot, or is that per each?
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    WTB Plastic Utility Boxes

    Your best bets are walmart, Home Depot and lowes. Of course there is always the internet. Don’t bother with Harbor Freight, their boxes are okay for storage at the house as long as you keep their boxes flat.
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    SOLD Misc jigs

    Text and PM sent!
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    For Sale Vintage Killer Jigs

    Sent you a PM, offer is still on the table
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    What size boat/trailer for Toyota Tacoma v6

    Your towing capacity will increase nicely if you add the towing package. I have a 2011 Tacoma 4 X 4, V6, automatic and with the tow package I believe it is good for 11,000. The tow package on my truck included oil and transmission coolers. Your mileage WILL suck. As mentioned, about 10 mpg...
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    Boat Sinks Because of a Broken Trailer Axle?

    This is all speculation, but when the boat is on the trailer waiting for the flatbed, there is NO water exiting the stern, so either the drain plug is in place, or there is no water in the vessel. So at this point the trailer has a broken axle. When the flatbed attempts to relaunch the boat...
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    Employment Oppurtunity Okuma Fishing Tackle CSR Supervisor

    My thoughts exactly! Okuma is demanding quite a bit of performance from this individual, but their compensation scale shows a definite lack of consideration for the individual. You want an all-star, then you better be willing to compensate accordingly. The offered pay is not worth the...
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    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    So, legal to own, but not to this point?
  125. A

    Treble Hooks on Schnabels

    Thanks for the responses, guess I am going to keep them with the cut eyes!
  126. A

    Treble Hooks on Schnabels

    Can someone explain to me why so many treble hooks on Schnabel jigs have their eyes cut? I have had this experience with a few other “collectible” jigs as well.
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    Got the revenge on the line breaker fish!

    Thanks for sharing; never give up, never surrender!
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    RP - on a BFT bite...

    Excuse my skepticism, but it is April 1 and they found the Bluefin just after midnight.......
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    I took an Okuma spinner on an 8 day just to fish schoolies, but for some reason it had froze-up. Must have gotten a tad banged up while loading or whatever. I was fortunate enough to live relatively close to Ontario so took it over to have them look at it. Similar to other people's...
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    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    Frontier? Really Steve? More like God’s country! We have our little inconveniences, but well worth it for where we are fortunate enough to live!
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    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    I am surprised that no post includes the fact of the shipping lanes outside Long Beach harbor. If one gets caught in the shipping lanes and run down by a container ship, car carrier or other larger freighter, not going to be much left and that large vessel isn't going to feel a single tweak...
  132. A


    Package received Jake, well protected as usual. Always easy doing business with you, thanks!
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    Crowley Lake DFW Proposed Reg Changes

    The proposed new regulations for a year round fishery opens a whole can of worms for the Eastern Sierra as a whole, not just Crowley. Just think about angler safety and response times and access for emergency personnel equipment should someone get hurt or fall through the ice. Enforcement is...
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    Question: Additional rod holders on SKB 7200

    Wondering how that would work if you were going to open the top to access gear?
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    Guide to Catching Trout. Would Love Your Feedback

    There has been so much written on this subject, there really isn't anything new here. It has been done before and better, just go to the library. Trout primers have been written for hundreds of years.
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    PM sent......mark it sold!
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    For Sale Okuma Integrity; Fly Reel Spool, 1 5/6 b Spool -Spool

    Just a bit confused, is this just a spare spool or is it the reel and a spare spool?
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    SOLD Rockfish/Rockcod Jigs. Jax Jigs

    Best price I have seen......GLWS The quantity of jigs purchased will determine the size of the box needed; the more purchased, the increased likelihood of a bigger box being required.
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    WTB CB 112s 110s 200s

    For whatever reason, these have become quite popular recently. At the prices people have been paying, I transferred all mine into my safe deposit box. Good luck with your search!
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    SOLD fishing reel tyrnos 10

    Great little reel, very capable; but only if the drags have been upgraded to Carbontex!
  141. A

    For Sale Six Baitwrap Jigs.

    Patience is a virtue, it only takes one! Could be your pricing, could be too many heavies vs lights, could be the lack of variety; really anybody's guess. IMO you just need to give it more time, six hours is a bit too much to expect a sale.
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    Mammoth Zip Line

    Nobody raised their hand! They were using a tracked excavator with a pavement breaker attachment to break up the rock for the cable run, one operator basically said enough is enough and felt it was too precarious to continue. Did hear another operator took over though. Should be an incredible...
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    Mammoth Zip Line

    Gary, interesting as the last I heard installation had not been completed before ski season started. I didn't notice any cable in the video either. They have experienced some technical issues with the installation.
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    For Sale Lot of Candybar jigs

    Priced a bit better than the most current offerings.....GLWS
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    TRADE Old surface irons x12

    3 for one is just too much for me to bite, i’ll Hold on to my 7x’s
  146. A

    For Sale SKB 7200.Tackle Box

    Offer on the table, just waiting final decision.
  147. A

    TRADE Old surface irons x12

    So you are looking for three 7x’s for each of your jigs?
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    Plano Boxes

    I think these boxes are in all Walmart’s as they are listed on-line and you can order. I am in Wisconsin visiting my daughter and grandson and decided I didn’t want to pay shipping, so looked up local stock on-line....bought the 4 remaining 3700’s and the added 3 3600’s due to price point.
  149. A

    Plano Boxes

    I am a big fan of Plano boxes; use them for fishing, hardware, grandson’s Legos, and many other uses. I probably have 60 for fishing alone. If you live close to a Walmart, they are selling Prolatch boxes at more than 50% 0ff. They are in the fishing tackle, tackle box section. I found two...
  150. A

    For Sale Candybar 112 s & a 200 Candy Bar Lot

    Taking mine out of my gun safe and transferring to my safe deposit box!
  151. A

    For Sale WILD Hand Generator Bait Maker 1950s

    We have ways to make you talk........a step up from the "hot" hand arcade novelty!
  152. A

    SOLD $80 Grundens Ragnar 1/2 zip Jacket New

    Are you going to the Fred Hall Show? I will be there Wednesday through Friday
  153. A

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    If you are going just in hopes of finding a killer deal on rods or reels, you best look elsewhere. If you factor in your cost of parking and admission, not to mention your investment in time, then there just are not any. If you are looking for specials on iron, then you can definitely find...
  154. A

    For Sale Candybar 112 s Candy Bar Lot

    Worth the price to some one, and that is all it takes! Surprised me as well, I transferred mine to my gun safe
  155. A

    newbie needs gear recomendation for 10 day trip on The RP

    Should be a listing of recommended tackle and gear on the boats website.......great place to start. Then you still have 9 months to stress over your choices. Enjoy your trip, you'll be back!
  156. A

    SKB 7200 Tackle Box - New - $200

    PM sent. Didn't see this earlier as I was hospitalized after a ski accident. Cash in hand!
  157. A

    Best organizing ideas?

    Lou, you must be near the end of that bottle!
  158. A

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    You all are really missing out, certified snow removal folks are getting paid up to $60 per hour in Mammoth right now. Snow load is so great in Mammoth that they are predicting roofs will be collapsing and propane tanks are in danger as well. Even though roofs here are calculated to handle a...
  159. A

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    In an effort to help those less fortunate than myself, I have decided to offer a full snow experience weekend for only $350. You will be educated in and experience the fine arts of shoveling snow. Once you have mastered the intricacies of the snow shovel, you will graduate to the electric snow...
  160. A

    SOLD SKB 7100 found this

    Pretty good deal, even without the trays. Too bad I live in God's country or I would definitely be interested. Once listed on BD, it will move quickly.
  161. A

    Fred Hall Shows - SD or LB

    Long Beach, hands down, during the week without question"
  162. A

    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    Depends upon the bait and the size of the fish, but my go to has been Owner Ringed Fly Liner 2/0
  163. A

    Gun Servicing

    Showing some ignorance perhaps, but just what is an SX3, and what is the cost?
  164. A

    Gun Servicing

    Showing some ignorance perhaps, but just what is an SX3, and what is the cost?
  165. A

    SOLD ALL GONE! boat trailers, must take boat too...

    Congratulations........oh what a relief it is!
  166. A

    Hotel close by UCLA

    Have to go down to UCLA Breast Center on Thursday for a consult on Friday. Am totally unfamiliar with that area and am looking for suggestions on where we might be able to stay Thursday night. Any help is appreciated.
  167. A

    It's Here! Okuma's Blue Azores For 2019!

    When you look at their line capacity ratings, they are using really light line: 10#, 12#, 16#..........yet the drag ratings are at least double the line rating. I am used to the drag ratings being lower than the rated line. Think about a Makaira II SEa, you are spooling with 100# braid, the...
  168. A

    It's Here! Okuma's Blue Azores For 2019!

    Okay, am I ever confused. Why such high drag ratings with such light line? Seems off to me. What is the largest fish you would use theses for? Was considering for Wahoo, but the line weights shown will not work for Wahoo. Am I missing something?
  169. A

    It's Here! Okuma's Blue Azores For 2019!

    If this information is correct, then I hope they will be available at the Fred Hall Show. I am definitely interested and especially at the price points shown.
  170. A

    First Long Range Trip Looking for Tips and Advice Please!

    Totally agree, especially socks. During the year I put aside clothes for disposal on the trip, whatever there is that I can and done
  171. A

    Intrepid 8 day gear

    Lou, you are on the Jarvis trip, just moooch off Fishybuzz, or any of the rest of us; we are all willing to share. You have 7/8 assigned rod places, any extra go up front or up top.....I don’t believe 8 footers fit. No matter, it is going to be fun!
  172. A

    Snow with FWD.

    Okay, I live in Crowley Lake, just South of Mammoth, wife works in Mammoth. I drive a Toyota Tacoma double cab 4X4 and the wife drives a Subaru Forester. Neither one of us have ever put chains on, in six years of living here 24/7. My honest advise to you is to get a Subaru with their...
  173. A

    WTB bucktail jigs 02

    Apologize for the delay. I have eleven, from 2 ounce to four ounce. 2 white, 2 oz 4 blue/white 2.5 oz 5 chartreuse/white 4 oz Let me know your cell and I can forward a pic. All are new, never been tied on or fished. Willing to ship.
  174. A

    Options for stressing - online weather and current data

    I learned a long time ago not to stress over things beyond my control. The boat goes where it goes based upon the best judgement of the skipper. The conditions are what they are when I get there. Yes, I have been disappointed several times, but there just are no guarantees in life, even less...
  175. A

    WTB bucktail jigs 02

    I have a bunch I am willing to part with. I will get back to you with weight and colors, but it may be Saturday before I can respond again.
  176. A

    For Sale Hand gaff aka Fish Draggers

    Just curious, aren’t those the same as hay bale hooks?
  177. A

    WTB Old brass Krocodiles

    What is your price point? No need wasting people's time!
  178. A

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    I am patient, anybody know the price point? I can pick one up at Fred Hall or will order from Pelagic Outfitters or other source!
  179. A

    SOLD ALL GONE! boat trailers, must take boat too...

    No offense, but that just, doesn't seem like much of a bargain. When were those trailers last on the road, the boats in the water? I just see a whole lot of work to make them viable again.
  180. A

    For Sale Shikari Trout Spinning Rod (Custom)

    Was wondering the same thing! Pics show rod & reel; curious minds need to know!
  181. A

    Drags for the mak

    If I were looking for drag washers other than those from te manufacturer, my first stop would be Smooooth Drags, to see if they offer them.
  182. A

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    I fish for the joy of it. To me there is no comparison to throwing a jig, spoon, feather, fly or other artificial and getting slammed; doesn't matter if it is fresh or salt water. Why do I go Long Range? The camaraderie is a big draw. Talking shit with fellow anglers, nobody taking offense...
  183. A

    SOLD Jig Lots for sale

    The hammered Luhr Jensen jigs are Hopkins!
  184. A

    Nomad DTX report

    How many stocking dealers do you have there in Homer? lol
  185. A

    Socks, what do you wear?

    I prefer wearing sandals of some sort or a deck shoe sans socks. That being said I do bring throwaways along. Wear them and then toss them. Just helps with some chafing and some sun burn issues. Always put old socks to the side just for this purpose.
  186. A

    SOLD Intrepid 15 day... $4,000..... Jan. 12-27... Price slashed $3,000 firm

    At $4000 it was a steal, at $3000 it's a felony! Congratulations Soda!
  187. A

    Nomad DTX report

    So, all this being said, will anyone have them on special for Fred Hall? Been looking but haven't noticed many, if any, Christmas specials from the regular offerers!
  188. A

    SOLD Anvil case

    Greg, give us the dimensions and a shot of the inside. Also the weight, if known.
  189. A

    Nomad DTX report

    I know the charter masters, and, unfortunately, they know me! Going to be very difficult to walk off the boat with this jig!
  190. A

    SOLD Intrepid 15 day... $4,000..... Jan. 12-27... Price slashed $3,000 firm

    That is just the best deal ever Soda Pop and perfectly timed for the holidays. I would hope someone rises to this troll very quickly. I mean what's not to like?
  191. A

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    Ok, I know more isn't necessarily better, but if a three turn Uni works so well, would a four turn Uni work even better, or do other dynamics enter the equation? I do employ the three turn Uni, easy and quick to tie with great results.
  192. A

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    Thank you for the link. Ordered several sets from 1/2 ounce to 3 ounce. Nice that you can put them on and take them off without having to retie.
  193. A

    What if the worst happens?

    There are plenty of fishing destinations to experience with great fishing opportunities, the biggest drawback is fish processing and amount of fish you can fly home with. Costa Rica, Panama, various Mexican locations, Australia, New Zealand.......the list goes on and on. I would miss bringing...
  194. A

    First trip next fall

    Dylan, one thing I did forget to mention is that you want to go on a charter trip, NOT open party. This may be a tad more difficult to book, as they tend to fill up faster, but talk to the boat's office and the charter master if possible. I, personally, don't do combat fishing, and will not...
  195. A

    First trip next fall

    Every year is different than the year before. Under current conditions the later trips are getting better variety than the early ones. This year some fish didn't show in numbers until late Sept: I don't count juvenile or football size fish. All long range boats are good and the advice offered...
  196. A

    MAG BAY REPORT - 11/10/18

    Looking to fish Mag Bay in 2019 or 2020.....who do I reach out to for planning and making arrangements? Any one coming to Fred Hall Show in Long Beach?
  197. A

    For Sale Old school line winder

    It wasn't because it was too needs so many upgrades there are too many to list. Then you have all the rust and a lot of questions mechanically. Although powered by an electric motor, it is belt driven. The reel set is not very adjustable; there have been quantum leaps in...
  198. A

    For Sale Old school line winder

    I think it needs more than a motor
  199. A

    Shimano TLD 15...

    Another vote for upgrading to Carbontex drag won't be disappointed.
  200. A

    Wahoo bomb colors

    On my eight day in early Sept it was all about GREEN on the bombs. Pink and purple on the Raiders and other iron. Going to be making an attempt at making my own bombs in the near future. Just waiting for a couple more components to be delivered. Winter is coming!
  201. A

    Sourcing Willow Leaf Blades for Bombs

    David, thanks for the links!
  202. A

    Sourcing Willow Leaf Blades for Bombs

    where do you purchase the willow leaf blades for making bombs? Aware of Lure Parts On Line, but there must be other options! What about the barrel swivels used to attach to the Jobu hook? Have all the other pieces in hand, just need the blades and swivels. TIA for any assistance received...
  203. A

    Mylar Skirting Material for Bombs

    For those interested WTP sells pre-cut 100' rolls of skirts for about $65. One roll is about 200 6" skirts, 3" wide. Pricing depends upon color, but almost all are priced at $65/roll. I just ordered rolls of Hot Green and Hot Pink
  204. A

    Legal mag lock devices for ARs

    Unfortunately, Turners is not even remotely convenient.........then again what is? Price we pay living where we do! Typically it is the Internet or go without.
  205. A

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    Stayed there once, didn't see the "charm" in the place myself. Fortunately I have hooked up with a friend in El Cajon for the nights before and after my out great!
  206. A

    Legal mag lock devices for ARs

    Link to Hellfighter......please
  207. A

    For Sale Vertical Jigs 50% OFF

    You still gave assorted flat falls? Interested in two or three sets!
  208. A

    Which surface JRI?

    On my trip in early Sept the Yellowfin were hitting the JRI 4 on the sink, mint/white, every cast, then it got hoooed! Any of the mint combos work.
  209. A

    For Sale SKB box or trade.

    Live and learn, I always thought only the 7200 had the jig storage. So does the 7100 use smaller boxes or what is the difference? Call me confused!
  210. A

    For Sale SKB box or trade.

    The pictures are of a 7200. Note the jig storage on the right side. 7100 is smaller and does not have the jig storage!
  211. A

    Having fun without killing much.

    Thank you for your response, very much appreciated! A major reason I enjoy BD's so much is the willingness of so many members to share information and their knowledge; along with the entertainment value that so many posts provide.
  212. A

    SOLD 17 heavy jigs $75

    Shipping isn't too bad if you use the flat rate boxes.....doesn't rely on weight, only what you can fit in the box. Mailed and received several jig assortments this way with no issues. Flat rate shipping was made for jig fishermen!
  213. A

    Tired of waiting, making my own lure

    I was one of the lucky anglers on the Jarvis trip a year ago. Even luckier that I received an XL Intruder; finished in a watermelon pattern from Fishdoggary. Didn't get to fish it until this Sept when it went two for two on back to back trolling rotations. Both Wahoo made it to the gaff and...
  214. A

    Having fun without killing much.

    Curious, what size Jobu did you go with? I am going to be making some bombs for next season and I have not decided hook size yet, thinking 8/0.
  215. A

    Anyone know what these are just got 4 of them

    Trolled mine at the Rocks a couple of trips back, it went two for two on successive trolls. May not be "magic" but I found it effective. I did take a file to the hooks first and got them nice and sharp. Several Wahoo were picked up on the troll but mine was the first that actually got gaffed!
  216. A

    WTB Mountain cork reel bag

    What size? I have a blue one. Are you really in Alaska? Shipping could be prohibitive.
  217. A

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

  218. A

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    Gary........the Master......certainly makes it look easy!
  219. A

    Crimper Recommendation

    I was lucky and won the auction on ebay. If I hadn't been fortunate enough to win, then the lead from Sierraazuel about would have been my purchase point. Lowest retail price by far, not certain about shipping.
  220. A

    30/40 # mono help

    Really surprised that no one has mentioned Maxima!
  221. A

    Crimper Recommendation

    You will have to deliver.............just sayin'!
  222. A

    For Sale Channel lock long nose, duckbills pliers and cutters

    Your pricing is more than fair, if I didn't already own my custom wrapped set, I would be all over these. Great value!
  223. A

    Crimper Recommendation

    On tap for next year, but I would like to rig my bombs and jigs in leisure with all the time I have at home sitting on my ass!
  224. A

    Crimper Recommendation

    Looking for a good reliable crimper alternative to the Nicopress 17BA. Basically do one or two long range trips a year, so use is not that severe. Just returned from a trip and although witnessed numerous crimped in use, had a brain freeze and didn't ask that most basic question. TIA.
  225. A

    Mylar Skirting Material for Bombs

    I need to replace the Mylar skirting on some bombs, where is the best place to purchase?
  226. A

    Wahoo trollers

    Those are SWEET Jerry, can't wait for the re-release!
  227. A

    Wahoo trollers

    Those are SWEET Jerry, can't wait for the re-release!
  228. A

    SOLD Caivo krocodiles and plastics

    If you shipped, I would purchase!
  229. A

    For Sale Shimono Evair Sandals, Tan

    I have a pair of TAN Evair Sandals that have seen very little usage; one 8-day trip and only worn maybe three of those days. Size 11; just a tad small for my feet. $25 obo Will be in San Diego on Thursday afternoon, east county. Will be at the docks on Friday morning to get on board for an...
  230. A

    For Sale Custom fillet and hunting knives

    Some people may be hesitant due to your pricing. I just priced comparable custom knives at the Mammoth Art Show and the cheaper ones were $350 on up in excess of $500. Buy these, you get to have them personalized with type of wood on your handle and engraving.
  231. A

    SOLD 12 Lucky Craft Flashminnow 110 lures and extra

    Apologies, I went through your post 5 times and only now did I see your price hidden among the pics. Congrats on the sale!
  232. A

    SOLD 12 Lucky Craft Flashminnow 110 lures and extra

    So, what is your price? This isn't e-bay!
  233. A

    WTB Looking for Cheap Canoe for duck hunting

    You just using it to retrieve downed waterfowl? If you are shooting from it, it better be really stable or you're going swimming!
  234. A

    Tady 45 surface iron lot. Variety of colors, some old, some new.

    Something is definitely wrong if these are not sold already!
  235. A

    For Sale Various (12) surface Iron other Irons new.

    I just don't understand why some sellers are so set against shipping. They get paid fir their product prior to shipping, they aren't at risk. It increases the number of potential buyers exponentially, and with flat rate shipping boxes from the post office, the process is pretty easy. Why...
  236. A

    For Sale Various (12) surface Iron other Irons new.

    Steve, you mention a box in your original post, but there isn't a picture. What type of box is it? Just a Plano type tray or something different?
  237. A

    SOLD Estate Sale continued...balance of jigs moved to another post

    Bob, you're familiar with the old adage, "Go big or go home!" Heard these were effective on Wahoo in years past! Hope springs eternal!
  238. A

    SOLD Catchy Tackle Spinner Jets

    i have 4 Catchy Tackle Spinner Jets, new in packaging, NOT rigged. 2 Purple Mylar Skirt. 2 Black/Red Mylar Skirt $12.00 each....split shipping costs. Buy all 4, I will pay shipping. Sold pending p/u! Will update if things fall thru.
  239. A

    SOLD Berkeley Heavy Duty Line Metering Machine

    Thank you for pointing this factor out........I have a foot pedal rated for a drill motor, not certain of the amperage.
  240. A

    SOLD Berkeley Heavy Duty Line Metering Machine

    So couldn't you just add a foot pedal? Foot pedal plugs into an outlet and the motor plugs into the foot pedal, three way switch remains in on position.
  241. A

    SOLD Berkeley Heavy Duty Line Metering Machine

    So only a three position speed control.....that really seems odd. You would normally want to start slow and then increase speed as you fill the reel. Lack of control.
  242. A

    For Sale Various (12) surface Iron other Irons new.

    Glad to know I am not the only is in the header.....12!
  243. A

    Fish it, or Frame it?

    As fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday
  244. A

    Fish it, or Frame it?

    So I happen to have a virgin 9" Hooker Intruder. Am torn between taking it for the troll on my 8-day in early September, or just leave it enshrined at home! What say ye?
  245. A

    Need Braid in Sacramento, Any Suggestions?

    So your problem isn't really getting the braid, you want/need someone to spool it up for you!
  246. A

    SOLD Wahoo Bombs cheap

    18 bombs for $100......fantastic price. Just to help those who may be interested, what about shipping? GLWS
  247. A

    WTB Looking to buy Jigs, Surface Irons

    Good luck at $5 per jig. Ebay and swap meets are your best choices. If you have some patience and persistence you may be able to score on eBay or BD's, but if you hesitate, you are going to be left in the dust! Jigs these days are over $10, some over $25 and some still higher. I wish you...
  248. A

    WTB Looking to buy Jigs, Surface Irons

    You speak in generalities. What is your definition of a bunch? Define reasonable: $8, $10, $5? Your best option is to shop jigs and iron on ebay, go to swap meets or keep your eye on the BD's classifieds
  249. A

    WTB Looking to buy Jigs, Surface Irons

    What do you consider a decent price? I have several hundred, but iron has really gone up in price, not giving any of them away!
  250. A

    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Interesting read from a myriad of perspectives. That being said, I refuse to answer the original question. I enjoy fishing with the group on the charter I have fished the last eight years. Great boat, Great chemistry, good karma: don't need to spoil it with an unknown.
  251. A

    Fred Hall Deal For Mak

    Pelagic Outfitters
  252. A

    For Sale ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    Hey Junior Assistant Charter Master in Training, shouldn't all this gear be used as raffle prizes on your charter? Just sayin' would be legend!
  253. A

    LAX Long Term Parking

    How far from the airport is that? 24 hour shuttle service. If you have an addres, that would help me a lot!
  254. A

    LAX Long Term Parking

    Believe me, if I thought Uber was an option, but somehow I don't think that will work from
  255. A

    LAX Long Term Parking

    Have heard that parking in the long term lot at LAX is very difficult as the number of available spaces has been reduced due to converting a good number to employee parking. Leaving Thursday morning for Germany, any one have some suggestions. Get back at 9:00 PM, scheduled so will definitely...
  256. A

    SOLD Tiburon SST 20 Reel

    A real steal at your posted price, somebody got a bargain!
  257. A

    For Sale Jigs all size

    What make are the black and pink jigs? Doesn't appear that you are willing to ship? What other jigs? Could be interested, but you would have to ship!
  258. A

    Man cave is a mess!

    Thank you for sharing, now I don't feel quite so bad about the state of my man cave! Naturally the wife has a different opinion, but she is in Norway at the moment!
  259. A

    Wolf fish in Norway

    On her way home now, but she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Wants to go back and rent a car next time and enjoy more of Norway, has decided not to trek next time. So we may be visiting in 2020!
  260. A

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 20 SEa

    Fantastic reel, outstanding price, creative seller.......this reel should have a new owner already!
  261. A

    New Wahoo Trolling Lure

    That is correct, all the original dies were acquired, as well as passing on a wealth of informations!
  262. A

    SOLD jigs-SOLD

    Going to go FAST, especially the second lot. Really tempted but attempting to rein in the spending!
  263. A

    Wolf fish in Norway

    Seen Wolf Eels in Puget Sound, Washington while scuba diving, but they are much larger and extremely aggressive if provoked/attacked. Was instructed to keep a good distance. Wife is leaving tonight for a week+ trekking trip in Norway, land of her ancestors, grandparents. She is from...
  264. A

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    Situational awareness by EVERYONE is essential. Not always the fault of the person throwing the iron, if people around him/her are oblivious to their surroundings!
  265. A

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    One thought: Owner 2/0 Ringed Flyliner
  266. A

    Boarding Policies

    Then again, there always seems to be exceptions to the rule!
  267. A

    Bloody Decks Marketplace

    Naturally, can't be thin skinned on this site! If you error, your going to be called out! Part of the draw to the site!
  268. A

    Best choices for a variety trip?

    Quiet, trying to keep this a!
  269. A

    Best choices for a variety trip?

    Personally I like mid to late September 8 days!
  270. A

    For Sale Deps

    Put a price on it, it's the rules! This isn't an auction site. If you are selling something, you have to price it!
  271. A

    For Sale Jig lot(43)

    Like you really need more jigs!
  272. A

    Bloody Decks Marketplace

    Naturally I don't speak for everyone, but I was reminiscing the other day regarding all the items I have bought and sold on Bloody Decks. I have never met 99% of the buyers and sellers, and not likely to in the future. However, the trust I have in this community is without parallel. I...
  273. A

    For Sale Mackerel Slammer

    Not an auction site, put a price on it!
  274. A

    Pro Spec Fluorocarbon Back on Sale @ Trophy Tackle!!

    Ordered four spools to 150#. Now, anyone have any good sources for Knot2Kinky Titanium Wire?
  275. A

    Tyrnos Reels...

    Terrel, if they are all two speeds you got a great scored. The original drags are NOT okay. Shimano wholesaled their Tyrnos reels to Big 5, who then blew them out at the Fred Hall Show. Do yourself a huge favor and upgrade those drags to Carbontex. You will be so glad you...
  276. A

    Socorro Air Strip

    Rib injuries are tough. Unless you have experienced them yourself, you can't have a true understanding. I have injured my left ribs three successive years now. Things can be uncomfortable, but livable one moment, and then something slips or you tweak it just so and the pain index goes off the...
  277. A

    Tyrnos Reels...

    Upgrade to Carbontex drags by Smoooth Drag and you really have a higher end reel at a bargain price. Don't know what you paid, but by upgrading the drag the reel is smooth as silk. I have an 8ii and a 12ii and they are really fun to fish. I also own 6 Tiburon SST reels and 5 Makaira Sea...
  278. A

    WTB Newer Tahoe or Yukon and Out of State Smog Question

    To answer a few of your questions. You will need to get it smog certified, no question. If the vehicle is considered a truck, you will also be required to get an official weight certificate. Don't delay in getting it registered once it gets to California; penalties accrue after a specified...
  279. A

    A Different Sort of Jig Storage Question

    Brad, I really don't think there is a perfect way to organize one's jigs. As you state in your post, there are just too many variables to be considered. I am very fortunate in that my garage actually has a mezzanine level covering the rear third. Think of it as the bay for a single car. What...
  280. A

    SOLD Entire Lot Of Scuba and Dive Gear

    Nice touch, including that cell phone!
  281. A

    SOLD Shimano Tyrnos 30II two speed in great condition

    Tyrnos reels are really undervalued. They had issues with the stock drag washers, which soured their reputation, but if you upgrade the reel to Carbontex from Smoooth Drag, the reel performs smooth as silk. I have an 8ii and a 12ii and don't hesitate to fish either......they do perform.
  282. A

    SOLD Shimano Tyrnos 30II two speed in great condition

    Have the drag washers been upgraded to Carbontex?
  283. A

    For Sale Rod Wrapper, Carriage

    Change your title to include Rod Wrapper, will probably generate greater interest.
  284. A

    For Sale Old irons powerhouse kandee etc

    Definitely your MO! Seller is in HB as well!
  285. A

    For Sale Candybar House of Jigs

    Wait! Don't tell me; Fishdoggary!
  286. A

    SOLD 2 speed lever drag reels-proto type

    What rating Power Pro, how much capacity on each reel, drag ratings?
  287. A

    For Sale Berkeley Line winder

    I think you need to vacation in Mammoth and bring the line winder with you....sold if you do!
  288. A

    J rack or slide/saddle

    Agree with above, but I think the best combination are Hully Rollers and Kayak saddles. Easy to load and unload, strapping points at both. The one issue I have had with just placing a yak upside down on the bars was when I took them to Utah. Major winds came up, and that combined with highway...
  289. A

    FREE Moving to Wyoming

    If only I lived in the area......story of my life!
  290. A

    For Sale Anybody Recognize These Jigs??

    I have one or two, never fished them, but they are freshwater lures
  291. A

    For Sale Soft Science Shoes 2 pair

    I am interested, but concerned about just how loose a fit they might be. I also wear a 12.
  292. A

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    Personal limits. If I am having an off day, I mention it to a few of my fellow anglers and they will tag some fish using my numbers, problem solved. OH, and nobody I fish with kills rats.....time to rack the rods and find the "right kind".
  293. A

    Old fishing lures just found in storage locker! Anyone know the value?

    Personally I like the safety pins so you don't stick yourself!
  294. A

    SOLD SOLD Kimber Rapto 2

    If only I lived 350 miles closer!
  295. A

    Eastern Sierra 5/7/18

    May be speaking out of my hat, but I think trolling is the key to Crowley right now.
  296. A

    Hopkins with buck tails

    Which size Hopkins are we talking about here? Length/weight?
  297. A

    3rd Grip Pole Holster

    Hope springs eternal!
  298. A

    Eastern Sierra Trout Opener 4/28

    Didn't fish but here are my reflections from the weekend. Saturday was just gorgeous, clear skies, cold in the morning (28), but was shirt sleeve weather in the afternoon. May well have been cooler on the lake. Not too windy, just some gusts now and then. We did a good amount of business on...
  299. A

    SOLD New- Large rolling tackle bag

    I agree Brad, that is laid out pretty nicely. Jig tubes on the side and those pockets inside are both nice touches. GLWS
  300. A

    Eastern Sierra Trout Opener 4/28

    Current temperature is 65 degrees, it appears opener is goin to be gorgeous, but forecast has high at 57 degrees. No wind in the forecast currently, but we all know how changeable things are up here weather wise. Will provide another update on Thursday. Remember, if you are trailering a boat...
  301. A

    Recommendations on a reel cast Iron

    Here I thought this post was about cast iron cookware!
  302. A

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.

    So how much did that little stand set you back?
  303. A

    SOLD Bait wrap Jigs

    Wow, can't figure out why it took so long?
  304. A

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Every one has an opinion on the subject, but few if any minds will be changed through this thread. Laws are laws and some are better than others. Until they get changed we all are still liable if we choose to break any. If I choose to do 100 mph on the freeway and get caught, it really only...
  305. A

    Eastern Sierra Trout Opener 4/28

    current weather forecasts are predicting an awesome opening weekend with daytime temps into the 60's.......bring and wear your sunscreen. Nighttime temps into the low 30's which is quite manageable. If you are going to fish Crowley Lake, Long Valley Fire will be selling tri tip sandwiches...
  306. A

    Rocket Poppers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will ask you again, what is the special you are offering members of BD's?
  307. A

    SOLD Used SKB Large Tackle Box 7200

    Great, I do all the heavy lifting, don't receive any response at all, and then a Johnny come lately arrives at the party and gets the deal. Gotta love these classifieds.
  308. A

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH, SL30SH, and SL50Sh

    Checked inventory......I have a LD50H and a SL20SH (super high speed)
  309. A

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH, SL30SH, and SL50Sh

    I will check in the morning, but I believe I have a 20.
  310. A

    SOLD Used SKB Large Tackle Box 7200

    Let's rocket launchers, no boxes........I will offer $150, a fair price considering. I will be in Pasadena May 1
  311. A

    Jig Designation

    can someone please explain the thought process behind naming a jig a 6X or 7X but then having them in heavy and light versions? Why not provide each with its own unique designation?
  312. A

    On a positive note!

    Actually my tuna weighed 203, but it wasn't the jackpot fish. Jackpot was won by Jamie (fishordie) with a 221 # tuna. But I did take home the Seeker trophy. It was a tough trip, not everyone boated a fish. One of my biggest memories is the number of totes fishordie brought along on the trip...
  313. A

    On a positive note!

    I usually fish one particular charter trip each year. It is because of the people/friends I get to join at the rail, the boat is secondary. Scheduling doesn't always work out, and I have to jump on a different charter, but I miss my core group. I consider them all friends and between trips we...
  314. A

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Doesn't help those of us who happen to be geographically challenged. We pay a price for living in God's country...........although it can be very frustrating at times, especially when it comes to tackle purchases.
  315. A

    WTB Looking for Wahoo jigs

    So, just what do you consider "the right items"?
  316. A

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Kind of like Game of Thrones Book 6...........waiting and waiting and waiting.....
  317. A

    WTB UFO #3 chrome blue and green Mack finish

    I checked earlier today, prior to seeing your response. Probably have 10 to 12. Will communicate via PM if interested.
  318. A

    WTB UFO #3 chrome blue and green Mack finish

    I know I have several UFO 3's, don't know if any are mackerel pattern.
  319. A

    SOLD Shlopniks

    Would be interested in the two camo patterns shown in pics, in size medium. The one is blue and the other appears to be gray/blue. Let me know what you have, and how much for both...shipped.
  320. A

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Amateur, I was on a five day and they had to put a second chit sheet up wrapping into the galley......never saw this one individual without a beer in his hand....any time day or night......but then again he was never beligerent or out of hand. Then there is the time the water taxi had to be...
  321. A

    WTB Vintage surface irons

    Hope the OP has deep pockets!
  322. A

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    To answer the OP's question, yes, some anglers manage to get themselves blackballed from the boat. Do the boats share this information, not certain, but I wouldn't be surprised. Oh, any one here think the captain isn't in charge on the boat?
  323. A

    FREE Vented Gas Cans

    Can't beat FREE! Heck, those nozzle/vent kits are about $5 or more. I just installed two kits on my 5 gallon cans. These will be spoken for very quickly!
  324. A

    Upcoming Intrepid trip-Question

    I guess he answer really depends upon what you are looking for in your stateroom. Different people prefer different things. You want to be in the bow or the stern, you want to be close to the head, etc. But as mentioned, the two galley level staterooms on the Intrepid are normally considered...
  325. A

    Self-Guided Alaska Fishing Trip

    King fishing can be pretty good that time of year, Halibut fishing is stupid awesome. I have never had a tough day of big halibut fishing there yet. My wife had 4 over 100 last year in 3 hours. all on artificials and all in less than 100 feet of water. Lots of big ling and RF as by catch. I got...
  326. A

    Nomad Lures Are Here. These Lures Are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, I am curious. You keep posting under "Sponsor Specials", but I never see any mention of a special! Are you offering 10% off, 20% off, free shipping, or exactly what? If you are not offering a special, then perhaps this is the wrong place to be posting!
  327. A

    The Capt. Roy Rose "experience" / UC & Okuma sponsored trip

    I do not find the price out of line for an 8 day trip that time of year. I am already booked this year or I would seriously consider going. I have not fished the RP as of yet. I like trips in August/September as they usually get into the Wahoo better and you have a better chance at catching a...
  328. A

    Old stuff..........found in my garage......

    The Spoofers date from the late '50's. My brother and I won a handful each from Pierpoint Landing in a contest on Fishing Facts. If I smoke not mistaken the later Hoodwinks actually had red beads for eyes.
  329. A

    For Sale Shimano and Tiburon Reels

    Looking for the Tiburon's. Not listed yet or just an error in the post?
  330. A

    LEFT handed reels to chuck jigs and irons

    Komodo, Tranx, Lexa; they all have various models, so you have it covered. Which model works best all depends on how you plan to fish it: line capacity, drag range, etc.
  331. A

    How to guarantee little to no snow

    Alright, I live in Crowley Lake, 10 to 12 miles south of Mammoth and directly across the freeway from the lake. Last year we got hosed, the snow was higher than the floor of our deck and my snow blower couldn't blow it any farther or higher. So, I do my due diligence and go out and purchase a...
  332. A

    Fake Distress Calls to Coast Guard Arrest

    Wait, this perp is a convicted felon? I would certainly hope that he is not treated leniently. His hoax calls could have led to serious consequences if they resulted in delayed responses to actual emergencies.
  333. A


    I decided I needed some more JRI jigs and Jamie took good care of me! Much appreciated Jamie.
  334. A

    For Sale Xtratuf Boots Size 12 - $60

    Still available? If so! I will stop by on Friday!
  335. A

    Plano rod tube extends to 8.5 $20

    I will be working the show Wed through Sat!
  336. A

    Fred Hall worth!?!

    Shawn, shouldn't be any issue just taking cash, everyone attending has a wallet full of twenties, although they may not admit it!
  337. A

    Reel Maintenance Recommendations

    Just wondering why you wouldn't send them back to Okuma? Covered for 5 years aren't they?
  338. A

    Plano rod tube extends to 8.5 $20

    Never answered my questions about tube diameter and Fred Hall!
  339. A

    Gear Care

    Unfortunately, more than one!
  340. A

    Gear Care

    Based on my experiences, nobody takes as good of care of fishing equipment as you do yourself. I have fished Alaska, Nova Scotia and now Costa Rica. I have fished with some pretty poor equipment, provided by the owner/operator. K-mart reels.......really? Are you kidding me? Rods with...
  341. A

    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

  342. A

    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

    So where is Modicas Deli? I enjoy a good sub and I can get it inyo the show....a definite plus!
  343. A

    Tips and recomendations for Quepos Costa Rica

    Fishing until 11:00 am and then get picked up at 1:00 pm for the transfer to Quepos. Early, early morning wake up on Tuesday.......5:30 am
  344. A

    Rod rack alternative $20

    Get some foam pipe wrap insulation and put it over the horizontal arms. It will cushion the rods and also help in their retention.......really inexpensive as well
  345. A

    Lb fish supplies/ Caivo fred hall deals!

    What is the booth number?
  346. A

    How many Rods do you need?

    Only 5 set ups Chris! Your trip has only just begun. I have over 50 saltwater rods at the moment, and counting. A few are older and don't get used anymore. When it comes to reels, probably close to 30. Ho, Ho, Ho.......and I don't mean Santa! We won't even get into iron! I would take a...
  347. A

    Tips and recomendations for Quepos Costa Rica

    I am fishing a half day (5:30am to 11:00am) with Balazo Sport Fishing for Rainbow Bass on 2/27 on Lake Arenal and then a full day with Mirse Azulejo on 2/28 (7am to 4pm) fishing inshore. Made our arrangements through Central America Fishing.
  348. A

    WTB Hollow core splice kit

    Charkbait carrys them, as do other retailers. They will be available at the FHS as well, stop by the Shimano booth and they can tell you which booths. Charkbait has both their private label brand as well as Sato's.
  349. A

    Tips and recomendations for Quepos Costa Rica

    I will be in Quepos next week as well, and have a one day salt charter scheduled. Not really interested in the billfish scene, but DO want to catch a decent Roosterfish. I am planning on fishing inshore all day......hope the fish cooperate. I also have a half day lake charter scheduled to...
  350. A

    PCH Custom - Any Fred Hall Deals?

    The following exhibitors will have the UC rods: Bob Sands; Island Fishing Tackle and Fisherman's Access. I know Bob Sands is having a rod sale right now, contact Fishordie on BD's to see if they have the rod you are interested in.
  351. A

    SOLD 14 ft aluminum skiff with 15 HP Tohatsu

    Hopefully the answer is ZERO! I don't think folks have any idea how many boats have been lost on that crossing!
  352. A

    First Time LR

    I normally fish the Intrepid, but all long range boats and crews are very good. I would suggest a trip later in the summer for a better chance of a god variety of fish. I am fishing in Sept this year and really looking forward to it, 8 days.
  353. A

    For Sale Hogue stock/Howa

    Thanks Jim, I enjoy firearms but am not too knowledgeable about all the customizations and such. Just like things that go BANG!
  354. A

    For Sale Hogue stock/Howa

    Ignorant question, but does this stock fit all Howa rifles? I have a Howa 1500 in 7mm Mag, stainless barrel and checkered walnut stock.
  355. A

    WTB Rod socks (for 9ft rods)

    Pm some of the seller's on e-bay.......if they can make a rod sock 7' long, they can certainly sew one 9' long. You may have to provide some measurements though, especially regarding being wide enough for the guides to fit through!
  356. A

    Plano rod tube extends to 8.5 $20

    Two questions: what is the outside diameter; and do you plan on attending the FHS in Long Beach?
  357. A

    For Sale Uc rod

    Deck hand or reel seat? Can't determine from pics!
  358. A

    Fred Hall - Long Beach or Del Mar?

    From my personal experience, Long Beach is the larger of the two. Vendors seem to be better stocked and there are greater numbers of them. However, in recent years, certain stalwarts have dropped off the show floor. If you are going purposely to purchase, you may be disappointed. If you are...
  359. A

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    You people need to relax, it isn't the fault of Pelagic Outfitters. If they aren't shipped the reels, they can't fill orders. Just as a comparison, I believe a bunch of us pre-ordered an Okuma reel and then it experienced problems in production, think it was over a year before we received...
  360. A

    Intrepid - 15 day Soft Steel Trip report - Jan 27

    Great write up, especially appreciated your account of being hooked up to the fish from hell. It truly is amazing how considerate MOST long range anglers are to their peers.
  361. A

    Kevin Osborn

    Sam and Bill will take good care of you!
  362. A

    Owens River Trout

    I just heard that 1/4 oz Kastmasters have been picking up the Browns.
  363. A

    ****SOLD****** TLD

    Value is always in the eye of the buyer, not the seller. Supply and demand will help dictate price. It only takes one to complete the purchase transaction. Using a broad brush to paint disparaging remarks about your prospective buyers, certainly has not served you well. If you didn't know it...
  364. A

    All Swivels ARE NOT Created Equal... or are they?

    What is your source for the Spro swivels?
  365. A

    top gun 80: 3.5 day trip

    I have to agree with Lake on this one! There is a BIG difference between quantity and quality! I will take 5 quality fish over 20 footballs every single time. You want to catch a shit load of fish.......go fish the trout farms!
  366. A

    Okuma at FHS

    Will the Okuma booth at Fred Hall Long Beach have stickers available? The one I have in my rear window has passed its useful life. What was blue is now black and it is brittle from all the sun it gets. I am also getting a shell installed on the truck bed, so I need all new replacement...
  367. A

    Braid Rock Fish Jigs

    2 Sea Fox 60 gram. $4.50 ea 2 Thumper Squid 60 gram. $4.50 each 2 Thumper Squid 150 gram. $7.50 each 3 Thumper Squid 200 gram $11.00 each 5 Knock Off Thumper Squid 100 gram. $2.00 each $70.00 for the lot shipped......obo I will be at the FHS Long Beach Wed through Fri, possibly...
  368. A

    Rat Problem...22 or BB...???

    Agree with others that have posted already. For shooting, a pellet gun. However, as others have pointed out, rats are nocturnal, so chances of actually shooting them are not very good. Several good trap ideas here, puck the one you are most comfortable with. My guess is that they are...
  369. A

    2000 ferrari 360 modena (yes it's real!)

    Now that will get you to the landings in style, a real statement maker!
  370. A

    Costa Rica Inshore Fishing Report - Jan 2018

    Don't release those big Roosterfish from their pens just yet, give them another four weeks........just can't wait.
  371. A

    bypass kommifornia's internet ammo ban in 2018

    Curious, just how much are the fees involved? How often do you need to renew?
  372. A

    Scope Recommendation

    Not against this option. I have acquired several nice scopes through listings here!
  373. A

    Dolphin Motel toast

    Stayed at the Dolphin once, besides their great location, it just doesn't work for me. Fortunately I have found a place relatively close that allows me to flop, and then I just drive to the landing the morning of departure.
  374. A

    Panama Fishing Report Nov 2017: Rain, Wind, Rough Seas - And We STILL Caught Fish!

    Going down to Costa Rica at the end of February with arrangements made through Central America Fishing. I am targeting Roosterfish on a one day charter and then Rainbow bass on a half day charter. Really looking forward to the trip!
  375. A

    Scope Recommendation

    Just picked up a Ruger American Predator in 25-06. Looking for suggestions on the scope to mount on it. Something reasonably priced, not cheap (there is a difference). Will primarily use the gun for target practice initially. Thanks in advance.
  376. A

    Mossberg 500 with tons of ammo for sale

    Highly unlikely, but text the OP as he requests in his listing, his number is listed.
  377. A

    WTB: Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine back issues

    Apologies, 100% quilty as pointed out above! Must have had a brain freeze due to watching my three year old grandson. Either that or early onset Alzheimer's.
  378. A

    WTB: Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine back issues

    Contact Shawn Arnold directly, he is the publisher/editor. If anyone can help you out, he can. Search Fish Taco Chronicles as well here on BD's. By the way, be careful what you are asking for, the magazine does go back several years! I think Shawn was in high school when he started
  379. A

    How do you mark your reels/rods?

    I only fish charters where I know most of the other anglers. I used to mark my rods with orange electrical tape, but recently came across several copy cats, so now use red. I haven't added any identifying marks to my reels. Don't know of any losses on any of the charters I have taken, except...
  380. A

    Is the Long Beach Fred Hall Show worth the wait for deals?

    The FHS can be hit and miss. There are not as many really good deals as there were ten or even five years ago. Most of the deals involve extras as mentioned above; usually free spooling, sometimes a free rod. Recently the best deals have been offered around Black Friday, when there were 20%...
  381. A

    What do I have here

    Hooker Intruder is a highly sought after trolling lure. Known primarily as a Wahoo killer. Out of production for a number of years, very collectible and fetch ridiculous prices when offered on e-bay. They were available in at least three different sizes, the largest being the most desirable...
  382. A

    Need Some Advice on Sun Glasses for the Keys

    My optometrist recommends Maui Jims over all other brands. I just ordered my sixth pair. They now have a new lens, Hawaiian Blue, just had to have a pair with it. As mentioned above, you really want sunglasses that wrap to prevent sun penetration and make certain they fit close to your face...
  383. A

    Just wondering if...

    All I can say is, don't ask, don't tell!
  384. A

    For Sale: Rancho Buena Vista ($21M)

    If it has the fishing, is clean and has good food, anglers will come. We don't ask for or need that much to be happy. Just look at the operations on Isle de Cedros, very successful and anglers return year after year.
  385. A

    Source for Camper Shell?

    looking to put a camper shell on my 2011 Tacoma. Can any one suggest a good dealer in the Fullerton/Brea region? Will be in that area through Wednesday, but coming back down again in March for FHS. Thanks in advance!
  386. A

    What's a "Pro-Staffer" Free Trips?

    As an addendum to my earlier post, and in reference to "riding for free"! Yes, at times, there are some folks that get a free ride. At times it is because the operation feels that the "personality" helps to fill the boat in a significant way. At times the charter master(s) and sponsor rep(s)...
  387. A

    What's a "Pro-Staffer" Free Trips?

    Pro Staffers and others sponsored by the various manufacturers vary widely as to how they approach their representation. Some are nothing but shills and infomercials. Whomever they currently represent has the best, most awesome product. They change manufacturers with every shift of the wind...
  388. A

    What's the best way to makeover your old Irons jigs? Sharpen hooks, repaint?

    Little late to this thread, but if you want/need some one to recondition your jigs, paint, rings, hooks; all the above or just one aspect, you can't beat the work that Fishdoggary does. Think he has done close to 100 for me at this point, incredible work.......and it isn't even his day job!
  389. A

    Nikko Stirling 10-50X60 Targetmaster scope for sale

    Tom, picked the scope up from the Post Office this morning. We don't have Saturday delivery and the PO is closed as well. We are the unfortunate few. Everything came through well. The bottom of the box had a sluce in it width ayes, but the contents were perfect. The scope is a beast, going...
  390. A


    Happy New Year Jake! Don't think we will make it to midnight, but close enough!
  391. A

    Wish list fish.

    Roosterfish (targeting in a trip to Costa Rica in late February, along with Rainbow Bass) Peacock Bass Opah, but have to be realistic about the actual odds regarding hooking one.
  392. A

    Long Range Art

    Same question, certainly looks like a photo image to my eyes!
  393. A

    Tool recommendations (Split Ring Plier + Crimping Kit)

    Texas Tackle, XL, blue won't be disappointed!
  394. A

    what will you in the new year.

    Don't need anything that I can imagine. Pretty much prepared for anything I plan on encountering. But, having three or four days at the Fred Hall Show in March could definitely change things.
  395. A

    Whats in your LR box?

    Besides the basics, it is way to early to determine the details. Fishing is different every year. The cooperating species are different each year. The destination is different each year. Get your basics together: hooks, sinkers, leader material, tried and true jigs. You can get more...
  396. A

    3 weeks until douchebag-magedon

    Tried to purchase some ammo from Cabelas last week, sorry can't ship to Calif! Will be up in Reno in two weeks....'nough said!
  397. A

    Ken's Custom Reel 14 day trip opening

    I am thinking you will catch a happy wife! Enjoy!
  398. A


    Quick question Jamie, payment is due when placing the order, or when plucking it up at the show? Naturally, orders that require shipping pay in advance.
  399. A

    Earl Dunham Iron?

    in a lot of jigs I purchased, there is one stamped Earl Dunham on the bottom side. No other I'd marks. Any body know anything?
  400. A

    Best day(s) for Fred Hall Long Beach

    Jim, appreciate the advance notice so proper preparations can be made!
  401. A

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Fantastic added to hot chocolate as well. A nice evening relaxer!
  402. A

    Best day(s) for Fred Hall Long Beach

    You can check seminar schedules on their web site. During the week is absolutely the best option. Credit card fees cut into the sales margin, the issues may be self inflicted. I work a booth and we just use that little reader that plugs into your cell phone and never experienced any issues...
  403. A

    Nikko Stirling 10-50X60 Targetmaster scope for sale

    Sorry Chuck, just snuck in ahead of you!
  404. A

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Mine is a virgin, may or may not troll it in Sept!
  405. A

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Cris, you can try giving Bob Sands a Tackle a call, they were planning on carrying them. Don't know what is causing the delay, but I do know he is being kept very busy keeping up with demand for his JRI brand of iron. Perhaps, and this is just clutching at straws, he may be introducing them at...
  406. A

    Owner Pro Packs Ringed & Non Ringed

    Quantities of 2/0 and 3/0 Ringed Flyliners you have available?
  407. A

    Best place for Black Friday deal on Komodo as 463

    If you purchased from Pelagic Outfitters, call the shop and check on your order. I have always found them to be very responsive.
  408. A

    WTB cork puppy

    Bob Sands will ship......not a problem.
  409. A

    Does Braid Color Matter with Short Fluoro Leaders?

    Used moss green ONCE on a long range trip........never again! I only spool it on my baitcasters now.
  410. A

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    This must be relatively new. I have always sat on top during my kite rotations, not an option. Also happy to note that there is now a time limit. I ended the day in kite jail and was back in it at the start of the next day. Fortunately, that early morning kite resulted in a 203# Yellowfin.
  411. A

    Shark Abusers Taste Justice

    Let us hope that the charges result in convictions, and resulting punishment is severe!
  412. A

    Simple question

    X2.....exactly what I always heard. Good field of coverage and pellets are likely to pass through adjoining walks as a bullet would tend to do. Less collateral damage. If you really want a handgun, you have to ask yourself some basic questions: pistol or revolver, best caliber for your...
  413. A

    Hearing Aids

    I am on my third/fourth set of aids. People who do not wear them do not appreciate the challenges hearing aid wearers face on a daily basis. As mentioned by others, noise inputs one receives in group environments are just overwhelming. Everyone talking at once, surrounded by conversations...
  414. A

    Selling tackle

    I have sold a few rods and reels. Basically items I realized I wouldn't be using and better to get them to people who will use them: roller rods, 50w International, a few Avets and some TLD 2 sods. Would sell more rods but my location makes that a difficult proposition. Some of my older...
  415. A

    Jig ID?

    Clobber, Toro, them all.
  416. A

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - Nov 2017

    Trip is booked for February........targeting Roosterfish and Peacock Bass!
  417. A


    Pulling out all the stops I see. Great marketing! GLWS
  418. A

    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    I use the nitrile covered gloves and have never gotten a line cut. They are inexpensive and last a long time. You can get a box of a dozen at Costco, in season, for under $12. I always rinse mine out and let them dry....always bring several pairs along on the trip. Won't work for everyone...
  419. A

    Personal question, tackle boxes

    SKB boxes have their proponents and they are just about bomb proof. They are heavy even before loaded with tackle. Their main benefit is having the rocket launchers, but you then need a spot on the top rack, and that space is limited. Otherwise you place it on the deck. You need to add some...
  420. A

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving to the long range family strewn across the United States, from the right coast to the left coast, north to south; hoping you all are able to enjoy this time with family and friends and all those you hold dear. Everything in moderation, don't bust a gut with all the delicious...
  421. A

    Best place for Black Friday deal on Komodo as 463

    Check out Pelagic Outfitters and Jigging World. Not certain of the dates of their sales, but I have received e-mails from each. I have purchased my Komodo's from both.
  422. A

    Costa Rica?

    Wife and I are considering heading to Costa Rica in February during her winter break. Any one have any experience they would like to share? This will not be a fishing vacation, but I would want to target Roosterfish if the timing is right. If you have experience, please share!
  423. A

    Any body know where Baja Fish Gear went?

    Makes you wonder if they will be at the Fred Hall Show in 2018. They were always a pretty big presence.
  424. A

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    Thank you Cy, that is the link I was looking for.
  425. A

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    Cry, where did you get the clear tubing?
  426. A

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    Unfortunately I can't recall the link, but on another post on the same subject there is a link to purchase thin plastic clear tubing at a very affordable price. Personally, I have converted two soft sided cooler bags, which have hard sided inserts. I cut pvc tubing to length. The thin plastic...
  427. A

    Intrepid weights in....

    Considering the success the Intrepid enjoyed on this trip, it is really surprising to me how little notice it is getting. It just seems that unless you are a follower, you just aren't in the know........what a shame. Congratulations to Capt Sammy, the crew and especially the anglers...
  428. A

    WTB Vacuum Sealer

    Picked up a new one off eBay at a great price which included lucky as the seller accepted my offer!
  429. A

    WTB Vacuum Sealer

    Tony, I am a big fan of Costco, only issue is that the closest one to me is 150 miles distant. I am flying out of and into Las Vegas over Thanksgiving, so I will check it out then. Thank you for the heads up!
  430. A

    WTB Vacuum Sealer

    My Food Saver just doesn't pull as much vacuum as it did when new, so time for a replacement. Any body know of any good deals available right now? Checked Costco, nothing on sale at the moment. I don't do production processing, I let 5 Star handle that. Just want a nice strong unit for...
  431. A

    Hurry up and Wait

    They can't be gone before you get there as YOU are the bartender!
  432. A

    Hurry up and Wait

    Charter masters usually board first, for obvious reasons. Not everyone follows the rules, ignoring their boarding position and somehow getting their gear on board. Having experienced that phenomenon, I no longer fish that particular charter. I do enjoy the line up in the morning as it gives...
  433. A

    Scammer Alert!

    Original shipping label showing an expected delivery date of 10/4.
  434. A

    Scammer Alert!

    UPDATE!!! This morning I went to to pick up the last couple days of mail, and surprise of surprises, there was a box from Sergio. I had not received any further communication from him, and did not know he had shipped the jigs. I have been made whole and all is good, just took a month. I do...
  435. A

    How does the long range boat Kite fishing

    There are two rigs involved in kite fishing: one controlling the Kite and the other controlling the bait. You are fishing the rig controlling the bait. As Lake states above, it doesn't appear as if the bait has been released to start fishing.
  436. A

    Free rod holder

    Can't beat the price and it certainly seems looks functional. Folks can fix it up all they like. Too far for me to take advantage.
  437. A

    80lb spectra braid, 1000 meters, multicolor - $40

    If you can do $45 shipped, I will take it.
  438. A

    Eastern Sierra

    Very nice fish, care to share what you were throwing?
  439. A

    June Lake Loop 10/19-21

    That is really unusual, they are usually open until the close of fishing season, which is November 15. Had friends up and they were disappointed, went to Whoa Nelly Deli instead.
  440. A

    Scammer Alert!

    Last response was Oct 10! No replies since then.
  441. A

    Scammer Alert!

    i hesitated to post this but feel the community needs to be aware. Back at the end of September I purchased a lot of jigs from HaBottom!. He printed a shipping label on October 1, so I figure all is good.....NOT! As of this morning, the post office has not received the package. I have...
  442. A

    Packing clothes for a trip

    I looked up packing cube on e-bay. Seems they would work best in packing a suitcase. In my opinion, if packing a duffle, I think one of the bag variants work best. You can go to REI or other outdoor stores and get lightweight zippered bags for packing clothes and stuff, but they are more...
  443. A

    Packing clothes for a trip

    So, do you have a pic, or better yet, what about a link? Are the cubes actually boxes or are they some type of bag? TIA
  444. A

    Packing clothes for a trip

    I have never experienced an odor issue on any of my trips or with any of my roommates.......but then again we shower each day. It probably helps that we don't hug our fish after it is landed!
  445. A

    Packing clothes for a trip

    Great idea for traveling, but I just bring an extra mesh bag along on the boat for my "used " clothes.
  446. A

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Thanks Basil, just goes to show that there is more to consider than just the rating of the line. Just one more factor to take into consideration.....let my confusion begin!
  447. A

    Would this be a fair trade?

    Totally agree with kenstevens1, if both parties are happy with the transaction, then it is a fair deal. Multiple variables involved in the scenario: condition of all the pieces, reels are spooled with how much and what rated spectra, shipping? Let the two parties is in the...
  448. A

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Basil, did you transpose the figures? You filled the reel with 75 more yards of 100 lb than you did of the 80 lb? Wouldn't make much sense to go to 80 lb then!
  449. A

    Eastern Sierras 10/6-10/8 (Pic Heavy)

    If coming up the weather is getting cooler each day. Season is open until Nov 15. Temps were in the high 60's low 70's over the weekend, but down to 27 or cooler when rolling out of the bunk. The aspens are peaking right now, and as mentioned, their displays can be breath taking!
  450. A

    Best Long Range Boat

    Let's face it, each of us has their preferred boat, for reasons only known to us. I am impressed in THIS thread that there hasn't been any "boat bashing". Already mentioned is the poor quality of wifi. I really don't know if there is anything the boats can do to improve that situation, but I...
  451. A

    Relocating to Texas?

    Thank you, will take a look at Fairview. Just can't leave until the wife retires, I have been living it easy for nine years already.
  452. A

    5 Star

    Doug, I make my reservation with 5 Star immediately after returning from my trip.....never too early.
  453. A

    WTB 20' Triumph CC

    Keep looking, personally, having owned one, I think that price is a bit high. Admittedly I didn't read the whole listing to see all that is included. The motor is only 115 though. Not certain what the OP's price point is either, but suggest finding the Triumph Owners web site. Triumphs are...
  454. A

    Relocating to Texas?

    I know this isn't a fishing report, so if this gets moved I totally understand. That being said, the wife and I are looking at relocating to Texas mid-year 2019. We want to be near an international airport for travel considerations, so that appears to mean Dallas/Ft Worth or Houston. I have a...
  455. A

    Long Range FISHING Reports

    Since you asked, even if tongue in cheek, are you asking spinning or fly? 7' or 7 1/2' for spinning, at least 8' for a fly rod!
  456. A

    Weatherby Vanguard 30-06 with Leupold Scope $650

    Wow, if I lived a lot closer I would buy this from you, alas the distance is just too great!
  457. A

    ***Sold*** Miscellaneous Jigs

    Alain, I am going to pass at this time. GLWS
  458. A

    ***Sold*** Miscellaneous Jigs

    The flat rate boxes at USPS are a bargain when shipping jigs. I live in the Eastern Sierra and buy jigs all over the US. I also ship jigs to a friend in Southern California who is nice enough to refurbish them for me and ship them back. Wouldn't be doing that if freight charges were...
  459. A

    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    Personally I like variety. I have landed my cow, and that just isn't my cup of tea. I have NO problem with those that continuously go long for that elusive 300# fish,there is aot of enjoyment in the Chase, as well as disappointment. I don't want "small" fish. Never fish when they are...
  460. A

    ***Sold*** Miscellaneous Jigs

    If you would be willing to ship, these would be sold already!
  461. A

    Tackle Box stands?

    Pic sent, please confirm receipt. Instead of tuna cord, you might consider ratchet straps, just be careful about center of balance for "tipping" issues.
  462. A

    Tackle Box stands?

    Always try to help where I can. FYI he uses tuna cord for tying everything down, not pretty, but effective. Ends up looking like macrame done on LSD.
  463. A

    Tackle Box stands?

    I can send you a pic of the seat/stool, as I have a similar one in my garage, I use it for getting my ski boots on and off. Let me have your cell number and I will get it to you.
  464. A

    Tackle Box stands?

    I know someone who uses a plastic seat shower stool for his large SKB box. He lashes it to the side of the tackle rack. Actually at the perfect height for accessing his tackle and rigging his rods in the attached rocket launchers.
  465. A

    Avet 2 Speed Reels for Sale -SDS 50 - EX 30 - EX4/02 - All SOLD

    Sent you a PM regarding an interested buyer, he will contact you directly.
  466. A

    SOLD 13 Fishing Reels **UNLUCKY REELS**

    I think he requires something more sedate, like knitting!
  467. A

    Passport Paranoia?

    I always put my passport in my tackle bag. Have the passport card as well, but you can hardly make it out anymore. Can't speak for international air travel, but the passport card has always been accepted for domestic flights.
  468. A

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    Exactly!!!!! You just can't follow your line if you can't see it! Don't want to be "that guy"!
  469. A

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    We live, we learn! Went on a multi-day trip several years ago. Reels are spooled with that moss green Power Pro. Man did I catch an earful, NO bueno! First thing I did when I got home was stripped all that miss green of my reels and re-spooled with white. Only fish that moss green on my...
  470. A

    Scopace pills

    Just a quick note on Scopace pills. The only times I have gotten sick on a boat is after taking Scopace pills. I do not blame the Scopace, but believe it interacted with one or more of my prescription medications. Bonine works well for me, but I haven't used anything my last several trips...
  471. A

    Lacrosse fishing boots on sale.

    My Hamptons were delivered earlier today. I have heard the tales of just how comfortable they are, but had never owned a pair or tried them on. While they seemed a bit heavy "in hand" they are a dream on my feet. The insole is well cushioned, and the sole is thick. Probably the last pair of...
  472. A

    The one that got away...

    Anchored at Alijos Rocks and I hook a nice tuna, pulling drag and watching the line peeling off the reel. Takes me up to the bow and the deckhand has to unwrap it from the anchor line. Finally I am able to start gaining some line back and am steadily bringing the fish to the boat. All of a...
  473. A

    cedros.. coastal islands

    Chuck, I take it you had a great time and enjoyed yourself?
  474. A

    Lacrosse fishing boots on sale.

    That is one sweet deal! I haven't been wearing boots, but at this price point, crazy not to get a pair. Got mine ordered. Thanks for sharing, very much appreciated!
  475. A

    Sea Strike iron/jigs

    Not trying to quibble, but the top jig is a Straggler is it not?
  476. A

    R B JIGS--Collectors??

    Scott, see if has any listed in their extensive inventory of jigs. If so it gives you an idea of "retail" value. Just understand their prices are typically marked-up over what folks typically pay on BD's or ebay. I would be interested if you decide to sell. Chuck, you seem to...
  477. A

    Remember That Boat Someone Posted Pictures of Flipped on the Freeway?

    Instead of selling it, they should be paying some one to take it off their hands! The listing of damage, a lot of which is beyond repair, is quite extensive.
  478. A

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Plan ahead. Just check out your local Craigs List for people selling freezers. I have two refrigerator/ freezers and an upright freezer. They are all full. Going to Alaska tomorrow for a hunt/fish trip with my son. What to do if we are even remotely successful? I have been watching all our...
  479. A

    Old 60's vintage gear

    Gotta love those old wooden butt rods. Too far for me to travel, otherwise I would come pick them up. If nothing else, great decor.
  480. A

    Eastern Sierra 101: seasoned pros please weigh in....

    Silver lake will be full up with water. No issues on that count this year. Some large trout are caught on Rapalas at the outlet each year. Trolling works well. I have seen tubers score well on wooly Worms and Olive Matukas. Check in with the store/tackle shop for the latest. Silver Lake...
  481. A

    WTB basic fishing tackle

    Might be nice if you better defined your needs. Basic fishing gear can mean many different things to different people. 15# to 25#? 40# to 60##? Conventional single speed, two speed, star or lever drag, spinning? What are you planning on fishing for? The better you can define your needs...
  482. A

    Eastern Sierra 101: seasoned pros please weigh in....

    All the lakes on the June Lake Loop rent boats. Fishing is open until November, so no concerns there. Virginia Lakes is a drive but it is very beautiful and the back lake holds Goldens and Brookies. The lakes basin in Mammoth has a series of lakes you can fish. For the first time in a very...
  483. A

    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    I am very late to this but just need to share my experiences. From my first trip on the Wahoodad and Willy's Trip which was in 2008 if I remember correctly, I have fished the Intrepid exclusively. It isn't just because of the boat, but for all the experiences I have had while riding her...
  484. A

    For Sale- Shimano Tyrnos 2 speed Reels- 8 - 10 -12

    Hey Jim, things in Crowley are great. We are getting some weather with some rain, which is nice. Bluespalooza weekend in Mammoth so it is crazy in that town. Those Tyrnos reals are really great, I have two and fish them all the time....drags are smooth as silk.
  485. A

    For Sale- Shimano Tyrnos 2 speed Reels- 8 - 10 -12

    Very nice reels that are greatly under appreciated. Just one question, have the drags been upgraded?
  486. A

    Any Toyota salesmen here

    Just throwing this out there......have you tried going through the Costco automobile purchase program? They are like the 3rd auto dealer in the country in volume. Also, when buying out of state, you will need to jump through hopes before being able to register in Cali.......smog test...
  487. A

    Public Service Announcement

    Jim, while I initially read your post yesterday, I wanted to fully digest it before responding. I had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with you on that initial Intrepid trip many years ago. I hold quite a few fond memories regarding that trip, especially the group of anglers that composed...
  488. A

    Gone. Yellowfin Tuna Mount

    $100 and nobody has spoken up for this mount? Unbelievable! This price is an absolute bargain and it would already be on MY wall if I lived anywhere close at all. I certainly hope it finds the home it deserves soon.
  489. A

    Wts: EOTECH XPS 2-2

    Hook up! On the troll!
  490. A

    SKB 7200 with tackle

    If I was in your neighborhood I would buy it. Shouldn't be available too long at that price!
  491. A

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Dustin, I know of no other community of anglers that is as welcoming and with a willingness to share, both knowledge and equipment as that of the long range fishing community. All you need do is ask!
  492. A

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    For those interested in doing dinner together Friday night, please plan on getting together at the Vagabond just before 6:30!
  493. A

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    We can just leave it open and decide Friday night.
  494. A

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    Right now we have five for dinner. I am open to suggestions.....Bushman! Thinking about the Mexican place near the docks. At 5 I am not worried about having a reservation. Any one else have a favorite?
  495. A

    WTB Rod Socks

    Website for Batson is
  496. A

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    That does it, Fishy won't be able to sleep all week due to anticipation!
  497. A

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    Traditionally a group of us has gotten together for dinner on Friday night before our trip. Three of us are planning on continuing that event. No time or location has been determined at thus time. Not before 6:30 due to time and distances to be travelled. If anyone else is interested in...
  498. A

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    Gumbanistas? More like slackers! Step up to the plate people and post up.
  499. A

    WTB Shimano Jig Bag

    Similar, but taller, no pockets for accessories, padded vinyl exterior. Top flips open and shut but locks with a black plastic buckle. No shoulder strap, has rubber handle on the top and another handle on the side.
  500. A

    WTB Shimano Jig Bag

    TALL Shimano jig bag, soft sided, grey vinyl exterior. Inside dimensions are 13.25" H X 9.25" across the front X 4.625" across the side. The bag has two separate rectangular inserts, each with four adjustable dividers. Although the current configuration is optimal unless you have larger jigs...
  501. A

    WTB Shimano Jig Bag

    I have a Shimano jig bag I might be willing to part ways with...It does not utilize the tubes but has a hard plastic grid instead forming rows of squares. It is taller than most jig bags. I will be home later Sunday afternoon, if interested I will supply measurements
  502. A

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    Way more than ready! Will start sorting and packing when I get home from Wisconsin. It is going to be great times with long time friends, and looking forward to meeting those new to this trip. Anticipation.........
  503. A

    If you could only have 6 Jigs to throw this summer?

    Interesting insights! I live 8 hours north of San Diego, not a decent salt water tackle store within any reasonable driving distance. I have had to get very creative and now have many, many hundred in my collection.....and continue to purchase more when the price is right!
  504. A

    Map of typical long range destinations?

    X2.....I know that West Marine "used" to carry a good paper chart, but I was never able to find one in stock. Would really like to have one as well.
  505. A

    With All The Talk Of Closures...?

    You don't think you can get a variety of species on an 8-day trip? It all depends on the time of year. 8-day trips are NOT all about tuna and Wahoo, although nothing wrong with them. Personally, I will stay with my 8-day trips. I have been to Guadalupe, so I am familiar with both
  506. A

    Excel and 5 star

    If that is the case, wonder if it will expand to other boats.........would be nice!
  507. A


    Steve, everyone has a favorite sun glass manufacturer, as we all know. All I can tell you is that my optometrist prefers Maui Jims. Talk with your optometrist to see what they recommend/suggest.
  508. A

    Headed to Crowley for the first time....need a little help.

    Chris, my comment was not meant to be critical, just a confirmation. If the wind lies down you can easily get baked in this higher elevation sun. Temps could get into the high 70's, low 80's.
  509. A

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    That's the ticket! You can find for $10 on e-bay.....if taking the time is worth it to you.
  510. A

    Headed to Crowley for the first time....need a little help.

    Two anchor set up because of the notorious winds. Otherwise your boat just spins. I know a lot of people have better luck trolling. Water level is LOW and getting lower. LADWP can't take the water out fast enough. Warm? Try mid 70's. But always check the forecasts, this area is known for...
  511. A

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    Mine are made by Coleman, purchased on e-bay. If the tags are still on one, I will get you a part number. Search for cooler with hard insert. Let me know if I can provide additional assistance.
  512. A


    So, easy question; is it worth it to fish the Dynatrol, or should it just be part of the collection? Inquiring minds want to know! How effective is it? What distance back do you troll it?
  513. A

    FS: Rims n Tires

    That is a really fair price for that package. If you weren't so damn far away, I would probably take them off your hands.
  514. A

    Camping Van?

    Are there such things as camper vans? Not interested in an RV or adventure van. Just something the wife and I can travel around in, small stove/kitchen, place to sleep, and spaces to store gear (tent, sleeping bags, etc). Don't know if these are available turnkey or if you have to self...
  515. A

    FS: Rims n Tires

    Did I miss it......where is your asking price?
  516. A

    Looking for my own gear

    Good advise on buying used. You can quite a bit of excellent used gear here on Bloody Decks, but e-bay is also a good source. Do not buy blind, do some research and know what the item costs at retail. Seen a few sellers who want retail for their Bueno!
  517. A

    Crowley Report 5/13-14

    FYI......snowed about 3/8 of an inch this afternoon at Crowley.
  518. A

    Crowley Report 5/13-14

    Very nice to have a woman like that in your life......congratulations!
  519. A

    NIB Savage Gear TPE Manic Shrimp 5 for $15 shipped

    Honestly, I am really interested, but just can't pull the trigger. Can any one provide some real life experiences with these? I have seen one post about killing Sandies with the small size, but nothing else.
  520. A

    Shimano tyrnos 16 2 speed opinions or experiences

    Deleted, duplicate!
  521. A

    Shimano tyrnos 16 2 speed opinions or experiences

    OH, Nicholas, please be certain to grease those drag washers, but you have to wipe off any excess grease
  522. A

    Shimano tyrnos 16 2 speed opinions or experiences

    Shimano blew out all their Tyrmos reels through Big 5 several years ago. The stock drags were crap, but rather than fix the issue it was a business decision to wholesale them en masse. They then re-released the reel under a different name with proper drag opinion anyway. I...
  523. A

    Rod Bender RB X 15 and Tady GL

    Having a great day. Scored my first Dynatrol and took delivery today. The Dynatrol is labeled RB 18. Another jig included in the transaction is labeled RB X 15 with Rod Bender stamped on the flat side. Wondering if the RB on the Dynatrol is also representative of Rod Bender. The RB X 15 is...
  524. A

    Ebay Question

    Brad, Brad, Brad.....everyone knows you like to watch. If you "watch" on e-bay you can then quickly find that auction again by using the drop down menu under "my e-bay" on the top left and then clicke on watched items.
  525. A

    Sierras Opener

    Larry, a neighbor tried to fly fish McGee where it enters Crowley with little luck. The water is all muddy from the run off and Crowley Lake itself is quite cold. I heard 39 degrees mentioned. So the fish are still sluggish.........warmed up a bit in the afternoon. Air temps have reached 70...
  526. A

    WTB MAK 10

    Looking for a straight 10 or the 10SEa? If the SEa model contact Wildman, he had one for sale or trade.
  527. A

    Sierras Opener

    I live right across the hwy from the main gate, was down by their tackle shop both Sat and Sun....what would you like to know?
  528. A

    Bottom Fishing on a Long Range Trip - Tips and Ooops

    600' thank you! But going down with a dropper loop and bringing a Grouper on deck.....that is some really, really nice table fare.
  529. A

    Crowley Lake Opener 4/29 and 4/30

    If you will be fishing Crowley Lake this opening weekend, I encourage you to stop by Long Valley Fire's mobile kitchen which will be set up adjoining the tackle shop/store. We will be selling breakfast burittos, 1/4# hot drags and hamburgers, and our signature tri tip sandwiches. This year we...
  530. A

    WTB Mak 16sea

    I wouldn't be waiting too long. If you are looking for a steal of a deal, I doubt that it is ever going to happen. Best you can hope for is purchase new with the free spooling of braid. The MAK 16SEa is just too popular. Good luck with your search.
  531. A

    Need fishing reel covers?

    I received my 5 large covers today. Fit my Tiburon 8 nicely, snug on the Tiburon 20, but a good fit, a little loose on my Tiburon 7540 but certainly serviceable. The covers have some nice stretch to them. One nice feature is the closure strap covers the mounting screws and clamp....reaching...
  532. A

    Is the Halco 190 a close match for the Hooker, Intruder lure? Experience?

    I may be totally mistaken, but I believe tha Halco's are meant to be cast, while the Hookers are trolled.
  533. A

    Coffman cove - prince of wales

    Going there myself at the end of August. Hunting black tail deer is the first priority, fishing will be second. Spending a week
  534. A

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    John TFT, you are going to be everyone's favorite on the rail! Can't imagine how much that monster weighs. Please post video of yourself running down the rail!
  535. A

    Mak16 noise

    Yep, if you live in Glendora you really aren't that far from Okuma in Ontario. I had an issue with a spinner once, several years ago. Took it in, they took it into the back and handed it back to me five minutes later with the problem resolved. Actually nice that you live close by.
  536. A

    Crowley Lake Update

    East Walker flows are already faster and larger than I have ever seen; very close to crossing the road at several spots. In fact, the highway at the southern end of Bishop heading to Yerington has been closed due to rock slides on the California section of the hwy. Big water year doesn't begin...
  537. A

    Private Transfer of Firearms

    When there is a private sale of a firearm are there any other requirements besides completing the paperwork at an FFL? Does the buyer need to have a Handgun Safety Certificate or a Hunting License/Hunter Safety Certificate? Just curious, and a bit ignorant!
  538. A

    Update: Eastern Sierra

    I am doubtful that the Mammoth Lakes basin will be open for opening weekend. Twin Lakes is still covered with ice and Mary Lake road at Tamarack is over 6' deep in hard pack snow. Time will prove me correct or wrong. The June Lake Loop is now open, according to posts by Mono County and the...
  539. A

    Rock Island Auctions

    My guess is, and it is only a guess, is that you will need a FFL permit to purchase a "lot" of handguns. Especially in Calif.
  540. A

    Crowley Lake Update

    We had walked over to Crowley Lake on Sunday and there had not been any activity on the water. All the docks were still stacked up on shore and no one to be seen, except the mechanic barn. What a difference a few days make. Walked over this afternoon Zander almost all the docks are in the...
  541. A

    Red Rooster III WiFi

    Telephone.....check, tablet......check, laptop......check. Adds up very quickly, and people are idiots.
  542. A

    Red Rooster III WiFi

    Agree with the above posts. Typically the issue can be traced to folks NOT disconnecting from the wi-fi. Their devices are still logged in, but they are not using them. It is not enough to just log off from gmail, aol or have to terminate the wi-fi connection. Most folks...
  543. A

    Unusual or Rare Long Range Species Pictures

    Are Needlefish elusive today? We used to catch them quite frequently in the mid 1960's at the Seal Beach Jetty.
  544. A

    Found Ring for Lost Owner

    It might have evolved into the Glendale Rod and gun club. They used to meet at the Glendale Elks Club.
  545. A

    Need fishing reel covers?

    I am intereste in these reel covers, but never received a response to my post on Feb 17, or to a PM sent around that same time.
  546. A

    Eastern Sierra Update

    June Lake is now totally free of ice. The water level is rising but no where near the levels of 6 years ago, but it is still rising. I was at Big Rock Resort this morning helping to get their docks into the water. Water is very cold...duh...air temperature was 49 degrees at noon. Fairly...
  547. A

    Tyronos 8 and torium 20

    The Tyrnos needs to have the drags upgraded to Carbontex, available from Smoooth drag. I upgraded the drags on both the Tyrnos 2 speeds I picked up on the cheap and they sure like silk, very capable reels. Shimano blew them out through Big 5 as their original drags would not hold up. Once the...
  548. A

    New Breakthrough Sabiki Rig - Tangleless!

    Source? Where are you purchasing these?
  549. A

    Eastern Sierra Update

    When I came home from Reno a week ago, the North entrance to the loop was closed. I am skiing Mammoth this Sat morning, but will get back up to June and see just how far I can get from the South side. Don't expect Tioga Pass to be open anytime soon. Word is that once they do start working on...
  550. A

    Eastern Sierra Update

    Skied June Mountain this morning. Gull lake is still frozen with a small patch of open water by the marina. June Lake is about 25% clear up by June Lake Marina and the reed beds. Will try to get a look at Convict Lake later this week. If you have any requests, let me know and I will see what...
  551. A

    the makaira 16!

    Alan, is that a straight MAK 16 or a MAK 16ii SEa? Can't tell for certain but it looks like you are shifting between high and low gear.
  552. A

    Eastern Sierra Update

    The lakes are still frozen over. Some open water at McGee Creek on Crowley Lake, otherwise Crowley still is covered in thick ice. Going to need some cooperative weather and strong winds to open the lake up. Ice is so thick, we have not been able to hold ice rescue training. Gives you an...
  553. A

    "That Guy" roll call

    I have come across perhaps half a dozen "that guys" during my time on the water. No need to tell stories or name names. Suffice it to say that is why I choose to fish charters and particular charters. I am not an elitist, I don't care what your background is or what you do for a living, I...
  554. A

    8wt recommendations

    Interested in this discussion as well. My son's work will be taking him to Alaska for a week. While there he will have use of a guide and boat; I know, tough working conditions. So he wants to pack a fly fishing combo to fish salmon.....mid range cost wise....he was thinking 8 wt.
  555. A

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    regarding Wahoo vs Tuna. Personally I have caught far more tuna than Wahoo, so catching one is always a thrill. Totally agree that I prefer eating Wahoo more than Tuna, with the exception of that raw Tuna, soy and Wasabi.
  556. A

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Welcome aboard. About rail fishing, it depends upon the height of the rail and the length of your legs. I am 6' 4", as mentioned in a previous post, I straddle the butt of the rod and ride that sucker. Works really well for me. Arrive at the landing with a good attitude, be willing to learn...
  557. A

    Catchy spinner heads

    Yes, they are primarily Wahoo bombs. Rig them using wire, adding a hook and you are good to go. Might want to buy those and then sell them on e-bay. Look them up yourself!
  558. A

    Crowley Lake Trout Opener - Support Needed

    The items in the raffle are normally from local businesses and restaurants. So it isn't all fishing related. Lots of gift certificates. I have reached out to United Composites and Okuma hoping to get some higher end items. L A Police gear sent me two flashlights, one is rechargeable and a...
  559. A

    Catchy spinner heads

    I have a bunch that I can sell you. I will have to inventory them to let you know the skirt colors, all new, unrigged. Two purple/black, two pink/black. I also have one of each rigged along with an orange/mottled black that is rigged. All seven are in new condition. Make me an offer I can't...
  560. A

    Crowley Lake Trout Opener - Support Needed

    I am a member of the Long Valley Fire Department, and this year I am serving as president of the Long Valley Firefighters Association. Our department covers a huge geographic area with about 22 volunteers. Our area of responsibility starts at the Inyo/Mono County Line and stretches all the way...
  561. A

    SKB Rocket launchers - Help Please

    If my memory is correct, the SKB box is already tapped to receive the screws for the rocket launchers, so make certain you have the correct thread screws in the required length, stain less steel. The SKB launch tubes are thin walled Metal tubing. PVC will work, but will get brittle over time.
  562. A

    M & M Custom Rods

    They usually had a booth at the Fred Hall Show, don't know about this year.
  563. A

    Found a boat on the street

    This is BD's, total sarcasm and totally unforgiving. I would expect nothing less.
  564. A


    I think having 40,50 and 60 pound set-ups is overkill. Two of those at best. Remember you have weight restrictions and Rod restrictions if flying out of Ensenada. Also, what species are you really going to concentrate on? Only going to fish for Yellowtail? There are also White and Black...
  565. A

    Camping and fishing spots in NorCal?

    Can't speak to your fishing unless you plan on visiting the Eastern Sierra. However, if you are an AAA member they have maps for camping that you can get for reference and planning.
  566. A

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Craig, I have to tell you, for being a rookie you do an excellent write up. I have lived all your experiences before, and reading your report brings all those experiences back to life. For that alone I thank you. You definitely have a knack, I look forward to your second chapter.
  567. A

    All my fishing gear

    Brief description of what you have for sale does not equate to $600, or even close. Definitely going to need to provide more details/information.
  568. A

    Need fishing reel covers?

    I am looking for covers for my Tiburons. 4.75" W X 3.5" diameter 4.5" W X 3.25" diameter 4.25" W X 3" diameter Please let me know which of your sizes I need to fit and their cost. Shipping to 93546. I need a to of 4 covers with one more pending delivery. Thanks
  569. A

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Jerry's Hooker Intruder is still in the process, but not in the immediate future. Sometimes a business can be too successful. Right now Jerry is busy working on his jigs the get them delivered for the FHS. He has orders for 4,000. These demands keep him really busy and interfere with the...
  570. A

    WTS:okuma komodo ss 463p

    Oh well, here again, no shipping.
  571. A

    KNEE PADS for RAIL Fishing

    Alright, here is a visual for you. I am taller than most, so I found that the rail on the Intrepid is the perfect height for me. I stick the rod butt between my legs and ride it, being very mindful of what might be crushed. Can put a lot of pressure on the fish that way.
  572. A

    KNEE PADS for RAIL Fishing

    Richard, like everything else it is a matter of personal comfort/preference. Just go to Home Depot or Lowes and see their selection and what works best for you. Large variety of knee pads. Or you can opt for a knee pad similar to what is worn by wrestlers and volleyball players; they have an...
  573. A


    Can't contribute much to this conversation. When it comes to kite fishing, it is whatever the boat puts in the water and places in my hands.....always has worked for me and I don't stress over any of it. Certainly not what works for everyone, but simplifies my life and I like that.
  574. A

    Tranx or Komoda

    Already have Lexa 300 & 400. If I were to add a beast level wind should it be the Tranx or Komoda?
  575. A

    How do you set the hook fishing sardines?

    I wait until my line comes tight and then ramp up slowly........most often times hooked in the hinge of the jaw....j hook or circle hook. Let the fish set the hook.
  576. A

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    David, California is a big state, earlier this week it was -30 degrees here in Crowley, yesterday it was a balmy 3 degrees. We just chill in' in place.
  577. A

    The journey has begun!

    For those of you on the trip that I know, and also for those I haven't had the opportunity to meet as of yet.......may all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled. Go out there and slay your personal best, and then beat that with your next fish. If you are obsessed with Moby Dick, may you be...
  578. A

    Preferred Tackle Storage

    I have owned several backpack type bags. Truth of the matter is, I never used the backpack feature, just the shoulder strap. Much prefer the roller bag like the Okuma Nomad. SKB boxes are nice, but you need to be an Olympic weightlifter to haul it around; they are not light even when empty.
  579. A

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    The plastic tubing, having a thinner wall allows you to have more tubes in the bag versus the pvc tubing; you also get a weight advantage. PVC is less expensive initially, but you still have to cut it to length. These pre-cut plastic tubes are already the perfect length...just have to weigh...
  580. A

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    Apologies, what is the website for the plastic tubing? Can't discern it from the post unless it is uline.
  581. A

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    Exactly what I did. Made up two of them using 1 1/2" PVC. I think each cooler holds 11 tubes. Couldn't find the acrylic tubing at a reasonable price. Handy hint if you want to replicate this, make certain your cooler bag has the rigid insert! Keeps everything in place and you are able to...
  582. A

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    Always used 5 Star without any complaints. I have had same day service and waited a day and picked up frozen the next morning. Their cutters put YOUR tag number on every tray of cut fish for the vacuum sealing. Watched the process many, many times and never witnessed any variation. Very...
  583. A

    Sunline Fluorocarbon leader

    Been on the fence regarding Sunline, but thanks to the remarks on this post, I think I will pull the trigger. It certainly is very cost effective. Appreciate your comments Professor!
  584. A

    Fluorocarbon Source?

    Gary, I hear you. Unfortunately, will not be able to make it this year; spending that week in Belize!
  585. A

    Fluorocarbon Source?

    Need to purchase 60#, 100# and 130# fluoro for a trip in July. I have no local sources are anything remotely close here in Mammoth. Where is the go to source; Charkbait, Pelagic Outfitters, Cabelas? Has to be mail order or Internet. TIA
  586. A

    How many Rods do you need?

    All the previous responses apply. My first reaction was "two more than I already have", then repeat!
  587. A

    Keep going back

    I am on a trip in July, normally runs to the rocks, but it all depends on conditions when we depart San Diego. What keeps me coming back is the group of anglers I am fortunate enough to fish with. I consider them all to be friends, and as such the entire trip is very laid back and relaxing. I...
  588. A


    Dale, I think Ruger just released their American series in that caliber. They also have it available in their high end rifle as well.
  589. A

    Treble Hook Bonnets/Protectors

    Just a quick question, what size hook protector/bonnet should I be buying for the trebles on the typical Tady/Salas jig? Recommended source from whom to purchase? Could be a couple hundred or more!
  590. A

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Craig, don't be shy. This is a great group of anglers who are all willing to share their knowledge with you. You won't find a better classroom and you are guaranteed to have the most fun ever. Just relax and get your gear together as you travel down to the grounds...this is the time to ask...
  591. A


    Heading to Belize in February. An all inclusive resort right on the reef. We just plan on snorkeling and relaxing. Not the easiest place to get to, but hopefully it will have been worth it. Have to fly LAX to Houston to Belize, Southwest. If interested in more "details", please PM me.
  592. A

    New never used Irons

    OP sold his iron, received a better price and a local sale!
  593. A

    WTB - Tiburon SST30 gearset (Tiburon Built, Not Okuma)

    Brad, that is a really aggressive price for that SST30. Put it in classifieds and it will disappear quickly. OP, did you contact Cal Sheets? Just might be a good option and he may have other options available to you as well. GLWS.
  594. A

    How to store jigs with big treble hooks

    Before deciding upon the diameter of ABS or PVC decide how many jigs you are comfortable with hanging in the tube. If you choose a smaller diameter, it limits the capacity and the number of jigs you can have within the crate or box. A very cost effective method I employ is to use a soft sided...
  595. A

    I am Looking for an Okuma Makaira 20 or 16 II Sea

    Hey JC, I will let you LOOK at mine when you visit in two
  596. A

    What did i find?

    Totally agree, the lower section appears to be "windings" like those found on an armature.
  597. A

    Smart and Efficient Long Range Packing

    Jim, I used the Home Depot link provided and there are 3 different polycarbonate Husky boxes shown, one is 11" with 5 compartments, the other two are 11" and 7" but do not know if they have any dividers. Currently on sale, but in store only. I like the one with dividers, makes it more...
  598. A

    Smart and Efficient Long Range Packing

    Jim, not exactly certain if these will fit your bill, but Plano has several different sizes of nesting waterproof boxes. They can be purchased individually or a three pack of differing sizes. They also have one that is deeper. Home Depot normally puts the three pack on sale this time of year...
  599. A

    Cast Control: Andros 5 & 12 vs Other Reels - ?

    Nothing beats a well educated thumb!
  600. A

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    IF LR boats allow use of a drone, I would hope it would be limited to the boat's drone. I am with Fishy, I don't want to go on a trip where several anglers are all trying to use a drone.....chaos. Drones need space for take-offs and landings.....excuse me, can you please clear the rail so I...
  601. A

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    That added quite a bit of $$$$ to your trip......ouch!
  602. A

    Binoculars Leupold 10x50 Wind River NOS

    Pulled the 12 X 50's out of my mailbox this afternoon. Lightweight, sharp, crystal clear and lets in plenty of light. These go right up there with the 10 X 50's I purchased earlier. Thanks again Jack. I'd be interested in a nice spotting scope as well, but can not be overly expensive. I...
  603. A

    Binoculars Leupold 10x50 Wind River NOS

    Yes, interested in another pair as well. What do you have available in camo?
  604. A

    Happy Thanksgiving

    This as an appropriate place as any to pistol-up Thanksgiving wishes. To all my long range friends and fellow BD'ers, wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you are able to celebrate with family and/or friends. Spending ours in Wisconsin with our almost two year old grandson. Tight...
  605. A

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    Frustrated upon hearing this news, make no mistake about it. I wish nothing but the best for Sarah, the family and the existing 5 Star crew. What is frustrating is that some of the posts "hint" that they know exactly what is going on, and what is going to be included in the announcement. So...
  606. A

    Daughter is still at it. 720 yrd.

    Talk about throwing down the very spunky woman.....I love it. You man enough to keep up? give her a call, ought to make for some good reading.....and laughs.
  607. A

    Looking to Purchase Euros

    Here I thought Europe was unified on the Euro, turns out it is not. Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc. Euro is accepted at some places BUT NOT ALL. Will call the bank and AAA later this morning.
  608. A

    Looking to Purchase Euros

    Thanks all. Not certain my bank here would carry them, likewise for the local AAA office. But I will certainly check. Did get a pm from a fellow BD'r who has offered to part with some, not certain of just how many though. Have 260 Euros in hand from a trip to Paris 5 years ago, just need to...
  609. A

    Reel deal gone bad

    I hear you David. If I was in Mammoth, it would be different. Except for fishermen, there is NO tourism or idle drive-bys in Crowley Lake. We probably have the highest density of law enforcement per capita than anywhere else in the United States, not a bad thing. I have one across the street...
  610. A

    Looking to Purchase Euros

    Going to Europe in July, would like to pick up some Euros before leaving. If you world travelers have some lying around you want to exchange.....please contact me. Probably interested in at least 200 to 300 Euros.
  611. A

    Reel deal gone bad

    That really does suck, sorry for your loss. Move to Crowley Lake. Have had packages sit by the front door for a week undisturbed. A neighbor a block over failed to make certain his garage door closed, and it reversed and was open for over a week while on vacation, not a single item disturbed...
  612. A

    Long range gear, worth anything??

    take a couple of the leaders and uncoil them, see if they will straighten out. If so pull on them to see if the mono will hold up. You can always rig something up with a come-a-long to put some oommpphh to it without puuting yourself in harms way.
  613. A

    When Long Range and Life Collide

    Congratulations, so glad that all the stars aligned for you. That just doesn't happen too often. Live life!!!
  614. A

    Epic Trip to Twin Lakes and Convict this Week

    Levi just doing what dogs are supposed to do.....I support his efforts 100%. What fly pattern and size were you casting?
  615. A

    Epic Trip to Twin Lakes and Convict this Week

    Interesting locals is an understatement. They must have migrated from the Tiger Bar. Just part of the local experience/charm.
  616. A

    Weatherby Choice

    Thank you all for the input. It was a limited opportunity of building your rifle, fitting it with a Leupold scope and then a day and a half guided pig hunt. Sounded good, but with your input, I think I think I will pass if my number is called.
  617. A

    Weatherby Choice

    If you had a choice between a Weatherby Mark V Accumark or Lightweight, what would your choice be? You can also pick the specific caliber, which would you choose? Looking at an opportunity down the road and looking at input.
  618. A

    29 surface irons, 8 heavy irons

    Have PM'd seller, waiting reply. Fishdoggary was mentioned as well.
  619. A

    How does that lineup thing work again?

    Even when you are assigned a boarding position, I have seen that all go south. Just who is responsible for enforcement, the charter master(s) or the crew. Since that experience, I simply do not fish that particular charter any longer.....never again. OH, by the way, the same lack of...
  620. A

    heads up, for us old guys

    When I was very young, under 5, I had the worst case of chicken pox the doctor had ever come across. I developed shingles in high school, just the hives and sores around my waist. I have lived through many, many stressful things during my life since then, and fortunately have never had a...
  621. A

    41 irons

    Why am I NOT surprised?????
  622. A

    SUPER SEEKER 1X3. ( SOLD!! )

    Love your wraps......go Aztecs!
  623. A

    This was one lucky angler fishing for Wahoo

    Don't remember all the particulars but believe it was a 2 1/2 day trip. Cluster fxxk in the starboard corner and was handing my rod off to the decline. Missed communication, I let go my rod, he didn't have hold of it and kerplunk. Fortunately, it was wrapped up with another set up and it came...
  624. A

    FS jigs....Tady, ll sharp, salas, etc

    Yes they went to a good home, but their stay will be all to brief.......knew I should have boiled on this, but just committed to another lot of iron.
  625. A

    Transporting Rifles to Alaska

    Didn't you forget something? Like the external exposed wiring?
  626. A

    9 IRONS $45 shipped

    Priced right.....these will be sold before too long.
  627. A

    Transporting Rifles to Alaska

    Appreciate all the responses, even those that are tongue-in-cheek. I am known for my my sarcasm as well. Will check with airline, but figured someone had real life experience.
  628. A

    Transporting Rifles to Alaska

    what is the best way to get your rifle to Alaska if flying in? Take it with you on the plane or ship it to the lodge ahead of time. If by plane what are the airline approved shipping conta