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    For Sale 26' Anderson Custom Boat

    Beautiful. GLWS.
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    For Sale 47ft Jeffries custom sportfisher

    Bump for a cool boat. Here she is in action:
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Are you currently having yours converted to an OB?
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    Rail Dawgs Available

    Like, a whole weekends worth??
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    That would be pretty easy to figure out if you wanted to put in the time. The drag increase is linear as the spool shrinks with line going out. You could put marks on the side of the spool denoting when the drag has increased by 25/50/75/100%. All you would have to do is measure and mark the...
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    You’re mixing up gear ratio of the real and final drive line ratio. The former is fixed, but the latter changes with how full the spool is.
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    Show me your blackman boat

    Looks like a Seaway not a Blackman
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    New Complete Electronics Package

    Do you feel like having both the structure scan and the B 175 HW is that helpful v. going with just one or the other? I'm going to be looking at making this decision in the next year as I outfit a new boat.
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    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    Benelli Montefeltro
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    Guadalupe anyone?

    Holy Unibrow Batman!
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    Calstar vs Seeker

    That’s sorta backwards. Most would say you should fish the more forgiving rod with braid to get back some shock absorption you lose by eliminating the mono. All braid with fast rods = more pulled hooks.
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    Parker 2520 XLD

    The performance bulletins on the 425 don’t really look any better than the 350.
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    Parker 2520 XLD

    Unless the boat will plane on one motor, the twin is just a really expensive/heavy kicker.
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    REBUILD: Hawkins Performance Surf Craft

    I believe Hawkins still has the original mold for the 12’ and there’s a semi-sanctioned 2nd mold in the backwoods of Montana. It’s probably easier just to get on the list for a new JEM 12’ from Anderson’s though. Not sure if there’s still the Hawkins 10’ mold anywhere??
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    Inflatable PFD Question

    The auto inflate is helpful in the event you are unconscious (either because you passed out and fell off the boat, or hit your head and get knocked out in the process of falling off the boat).
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    Refrigerator Tripping GFI outlet

    I tried cleaning out the coils on the old one before replacing it. Didn’t help. Now it’s a brand new fridge tripping it.
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    Electrician in South OC

    Thanks. Sounds like replacing the GFI is my project for the day. No, this started before we got any wet weather. Would it be ok to replace the GFI with a standard outlet, or is that a bad idea? Thanks again.
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    Electrician in South OC

    I had a big Best Buy GC so the new fridge only cost me $200 outta pocket. The old one was oooold and getting tired anyways.
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    Refrigerator Tripping GFI outlet

    I believe the code changed in ‘08. I’m in San Juan Capo. The house was new construction in ‘16. I’ll try replacing the GFI and go from there.
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    Refrigerator Tripping GFI outlet

    I thought about that. Is it just as simple as replacing the outlet with a non-GFI one? Any safety issues with doing this? There are other GFI outlets on that circuit, but this outlet is the one with the reset button.
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    Refrigerator Tripping GFI outlet

    I don’t have a choice. All garage outlets must be GFI per code.
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    Electrician in South OC

    It was an old fridge. I just replaced it with a brand new fridge. The new fridge is tripping the GFI too. I haven’t noticed any significant changes in my electric bill. I could try replacing the GFI, but it’s only 3 years old.
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    Electrician in South OC

    Any electricians out there that service South OC? I’ve got a garage fridge that is tripping the GFI outlet.
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    Refrigerator Tripping GFI outlet

    Any electricians out there that can help me out? For the past 2 years I’ve had an old fridge in the garage plugged into a GFI outlet. Per code, all the outlets in the garage are GFI. A couple months ago the fridge tripped the GFI. I’d unplug it, reset the GFI, plug it back it, and it would...
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    Mak 15T Questions

    What are thoughts on the 15T as a yo-yo reel? Too slow or fast enough? How ‘bout if you had to pick between a 15T and a Tesoro 12 for yo-yoing donkey yellows?
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    WTB 16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson

    That must have been quite a while ago. I’m pretty positive Anderson’s no longer has any interest in selling bare hulls. But, I guess it never hurts to ask.
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    WTB 16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson

    There’s a project Wilson 20 on CL SB.
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    Ice chest / fish box

    I don’t know about Jeff, but Ed is looking for help:
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    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Beautiful boat. I bet she eats up a head sea. What’s she cruise at? How’s she do downswell? Those downeast lobbies always looked like they would have scary bow steer to me.
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    Okuma Komodo

    Get Off My Lawn!
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    Keep fishing or not ?

    That's how you catch strippers (and gonorrhea).
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    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    If I was gonna spend new Parker money today on a 23' boat for SoCal fishing, I'd get a 23' Farallon with the flush walk around pilothouse. I think that is the prime layout for our SoCal fishery. Not to mention better ride and construction/fit/finish than a Parker.
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    I agree with that statement. Just wondering what would be the downside to just spooling up with JB 100 instead?? Anything besides cost? Are there any technical advantages to JB 80 over JB 100?
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Why the hell does anyone bother with the JB 80?
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    No they aren’t. They’re saying it has greater line pick-up with the same gear ratios.
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Gear ratios don’t change with how full the spool is. The IPT will change, but not the gear ratio. 1 turn of the handle still makes the spool turn the same number of times regardless of how much line is on it.
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    What’s a good drag setting for Okuma Mak 20

    Double what you set it on with a full spool.
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    Dash ideas?

    Just put everything on clappers. Frees up a ton of dash space.
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    Stringari photo collection

    Saw you on the 5N in SJC. Looked clean. Nice score. Has a lot more bow flare than the 18’s.
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    For Sale 26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    It’s amazing what 2500lbs will do to smooth out the ride. It’s also not just about transom deadrise, but how that deadrise carries forward. You also sit closer to the bow in the Parker so you feel it more.
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    REBUILD: Hawkins Performance Surf Craft

    How you like it as a ranch skiff compared to your old Radon 15'?
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    Suzuki 200 4 stroke vs. Yamaha 200 4stroke?

    They’re weak for a 200, so they’re really just a more expensive 150. The Yammie 150 is an outstanding motor however.
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    Suzuki 200 4 stroke vs. Yamaha 200 4stroke?

    Wrong. The 350’s have the flywheel issues.
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    Mak 15T Questions

    Nice. How’s the feel/balance? I’m worried it’s kind of a beefy reel for such a light rod.
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    I want a parker BUT?????

    Almost all of the 23' purpose built wake boats are pushing 6000lbs.
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    Mak 15T Questions

    Would the 15T be too much reel to pair with a US 80 Predator for 60lb duty?
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    Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

    It’s usually too tough. Marine stadium and maybe parts of mission bay would work. Otherwise, Elsinore.
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    I want a parker BUT?????

    Guys pull each other on surfboards/wakeboards with Greenough 17’s (90hp outboards) all the time. No reason a 2320 can’t do it. Spring for the 300 on the back(but the 250 would be fine too).
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    Davis Boat Owners

    Maybe that’s why Harold likes the G2’s for these conversions. Torque monsters especially through the midrange.
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    New boat that just came in.

    Which dealer did you get it from? What are you going with for power?
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    New boat that just came in.

    The 2250 ultra centre cab is my new dream boat. But, if you have the budget and don’t plan on towing it much then go 2750.
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    Efficient, stable, Trailerable... The soon to be Hobie Trimaran You seen this one?
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    For Sale NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    If you look at the brochure posted above, it shows both single and twin diesel inboards as options.
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    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    Here’s a screenshot from the 2019-2020 CA DFW sportfishing regs: Can you please cite the law that says tuna must come ashore whole? Not trying to argue, just want to make sure I stay on the right side of the law. To me it looks like you could cut up your cow using the above guidelines in...
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    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    Did you use it?
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    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    Then how is it that the sporties can fillet tuna at sea? I’m obviously missing something.
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    Fishing related art / photography

    This site does an “Artist Spotlight” every couple months. A lot of good ones featured over the past couple years. Just dig a little on the BD homepage.
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    Who is losing their boat?.....

    I guess she actually did care:
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    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    This is probably the coolest aspect of this method of rigging.
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    Who is losing their boat?.....

    I’m pretty sure there’s a build thread for that boat on here.
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    For Sale 26' Radon project

    Doh, thought he was talking about Hotsticks. Yes the original one this thread is about is a triple.
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    For Sale 26' Radon project

    Pretty sure that’s a 24’ not a triple. A clean triple is the unicorn of Radons.
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    For Sale 26' Radon project

    More info/pics please.
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    Parker MPG on 2520

    The mod V v. deep V makes a big difference. Better mpg but worse ride.
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    Opah On The AA!!!!

    Widely considered to be one of the best eating fish in the ocean.
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    For Sale Parker 2820 Sport Cabin

    I'll take it for $5,000. Who should I make the check out to??
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    For Sale Slightly used Naval boat

    Just in time for duck season.
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    Raymarine radar reading upside down?

    Just turn it around.
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    For Sale 2004 Parker 2320

    Why did the motor need a new power head at 110hrs???
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    Sad news, boat fire.

    Stainless steel box in a shady place in deck.
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    WTB Skippy W/ Farallon houset

    While it’s not a Farallon house, there is 20’ Skippy on CL SB with a custom house on it.
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    Sad news, boat fire.
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    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    Not sure if the boat had a nitrox system on board, but all the dive equipment/compressors/tanks adds another element of potential ignition/combustion sources not found on a regular LR boat.
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    United Composites Elite Series

    Only pulled on the XF but that will be my 20lb stick of choice. (800XF).
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    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Talk about your double entendres.
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    For Sale Boston Whaler 18' Guardian Honda 135hp four stroke 213 hrs and Galv trailer

    Does it have any deck scuppers that drain to the splashwell (or anywhere for that matter), or does it just have that funky Whaler through hull deck drain system? What's the story on the red patches on the gunnel? Is that just old paint, or is it gelcoat issues? In the 2 pics of the boat in...
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    Mercury Levels

    So now do you guys get taller when it's hot out??
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    For Sale 2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    Who did your shirts? Those are awesome.
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    If you watch Cinderella backwards, you get to see a delightful movie about a woman who gets put in her place.
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    New Tattoo

    My girlfriend got a tattoo of a seashell on her thigh. If you put your ear on it you can smell the ocean.
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    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Both of those look like Subway started a spin off Mexican fast food chain.
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    RTIC cooler reviews?

    I've got 2 of the soft side ones (20 and 30 I think), and they are very nice/well made. I've heard the hard side rotomolded ones have some durability issues, but no personal experience with those.
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    where to buy Fraser Mariner binos ?

    They worth the premium over the technostabi 14x40's?
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    Best washdown pump

    Also doubles as a bilge pump.
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    WTB Boston Whaler Outrage 18 or 19

    Any additional pics would be very much appreciated when available. Thanks.
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    WTB Boston Whaler Outrage 18 or 19

    Thanks. Do you have cruise/WOT speed and fuel economy numbers with that power plant? Just confirming this is the commercial "red dot" hull correct?
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    WTB Anderson Greenough 17

    I'm sure they do. Some extra weight on a small boat can be a good thing. I'd just be very concerned about water intrusion and rot on a 30+ year old ply boat. No matter how well they originally built it, there's a lotta years in the interim for various owners to have drilled holes/made...
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    WTB Boston Whaler Outrage 18 or 19

    Tempting. Has the fuel tank been looked at for the typical corrosion issues on these?
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    WTB Anderson Greenough 17

    Wow, that 18' in SC looks clean and good price. That Wilson in WA seems like a really good buy as well. Were the SB 18x8 hulls molded or glass over ply?
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    Joystick control for Riviera 37 with Cummins B370

    Assuming it’s a twin straight shaft diesel boat, I don’t think anyone.
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    Any New Tern Models Coming Out?

    Don’t think anything’s been published yet, but I’m guessing capacity is pretty close to the equivalent Valiant.
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    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    Payload is the other issue. Towing near max usually puts you over the truck's payload rating unless it's just you and no-one/nothing else in the truck.
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    BFT foamers; who, what, when, where, why?

    How bout an 80g or 100g FF cast and retrieved without letting it sink?
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    Hx raptor rod

    I think the CX80 Raptor would be the best fit for the reel. The Centaur was actually originally made to be paired with a HXW Raptor 3spd.
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    15T Silver VS. Gunmetal ***pics***

    The matte black looks great, but I bet it'll rash up real bad.
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    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    Bad idea. That'll only make them hungrier.
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    For Sale Radon for sale!

    Sold a while ago and is currently getting restored by the new owner.
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    Anyone have issues with their tern?

    Did they tell you what the problem was, and what they did to fix it??
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    Anybody fly Volaris airline to Mexico?

    Worst travel experience of my life was due to Volaris. I’ve got a buddy that flies to MX regularly and swears by interjet.
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    2017 2500hd duramax Leveling kit

    Call up CJC Offroad in Bellflower and see what they recommend. They do a lotta great HD truck builds.
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    Soft Steel, why so few retailers?

    If those are accurate, why do they even bother to make the 50lb line??
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    Uc rod for east coast

    tip is nice and light but great backbone. Don't hesitate to call them up at UC. Very helpful
  103. K

    Wunderground weather

    You'd think somebody would've let them know early on that "pound me too" was not the best name for an anti-sexual harassment movement.
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    Uc rod for east coast

    The Tilefish was made for pretty much exactly what you want to do. The heaviest swimbait finatic rod is also built off the tilefish blank.
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    Factoring waves, swells, periods and boat size

    As a general rule, as long as the period is twice (or more) the swell height then conditions are favorable. Wind under 10 knots is no biggie either.
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    20-25lb live bait rod

    UC 800XF
  107. K

    UC Raptor vs Predator

    Raptor is a little bit heavier, but more importantly it’s faster/stiffer and meant to be railed. The Predator has more bend to it. What you wanna use the rod for?
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    Best Way to Remove Boat ID #s

    Try Goof Off
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    Saragosa 25K Spooling Recommendations

    Hey Lou, "Super Sano" is just an old guy term (popular with the 1970's surf bum crowd) that means super clean/neat/tidy/well done.
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    Drum Anchor Winch - anyone have one of these? Review?

    An Australian boating mag did a test on the various drum winches. They’re very popular over there. The Lone Star put the other brands to shame. It’s on YouTube.
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    Farallon boats deadrise

    The walk around Farallons are the perfect design for CA fishing boat.
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    Farallon boats deadrise

    Davis is a Radon hull. Build quality on both is top notch.
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    Farallon boats deadrise

    The weight difference makes a difference. Plus, it’s not just Deadrise at transom, but how that Deadrise carries forward that will dramatically affect the overall ride quality.
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    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    What yard is doing the work? Nice collection of Radons in the background.
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    For Sale 18’ Stringari Skiff - Blackman $15,499

    Is this boat solid glass or glass over ply?
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    For Sale 18’ Stringari Skiff - Blackman $15,499

    I believe Stringari originally worked for Blackman before going off on his own. These Stringari’s are very similar in design to the Blackman 20’s.
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    For Sale 1983 20’ Shamrock Pilothouse, $16,000

    Wonder if you could stuff a Cummins 4bt in there??
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    For Sale 1983 20’ Shamrock Pilothouse, $16,000

    Perkins diesel was an option from the factory.
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    Custom built cat

    Just curious why 90’s? Assuming the PH model will weigh more and twins are always less efficient/more drag. Would 115’s be better?? I’m loving the lines on the PH. I’ll be calling soon to get some info on ordering one.
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    San Diego Fish ID

    You mean a Jessie sMullet
  121. K

    San Diego Fish ID

    Good eating?
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    Here on BD he goes by @teunis van os He’s posted a fair bit about his boats.
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    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    That boat was ordered that way by the owner who is going to use it a whale watch boat . . . so no need for speed. That boat ordered in a normal cofiguration would be big twins.
  124. K

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    I've heard this will work to get Macs fired up when making bait just as good as pet food chum.
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    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    If you must stick with an I/O, see if Konrad is an option.
  126. K

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    The thought is to create commotion at the surface like a scared bait ball to get the tuna to come up to investigate.
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    Truck/Boat purchase.

    Nothing yet, but the pieces are finally coming together in a meaningful way to make a move later this year. What do you tow your 22’ with?
  128. K

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    What sorta problems will you run into from not letting it warm up/short tripping with the Cummins?
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    Truck/Boat purchase.

    Was all your towing in and around VT and SB county, or did you pull up/down the Camarillo grade much? I’m trying to decide whether to go 1/2 or 3/4, and that hill is the thing that keeps sticking out in my mind on runs from OC up there to hit the northern CI’s.
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    Truck/Boat purchase.

    I prefer to keep the trailer weight less than or equal to truck weight. I know that’s being conservative, but harder to have the tail wag the dog when the tail is smaller than the dog.
  131. K

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    The limiting factor with the 1/2 tons usually ends up being payload not towing capacity. Make sure tongue weight + gear + fishing buddies doesn’t put you over the edge. And make sure you’re looking at the specific configuration of the truck you’re getting. A 4x4 Laramie crew cab will have...
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    For Sale 2004 Cabo 35 flybridge

    Man I love those 63’s. Why not take it the whole way yourself? Isn’t that the point of a boat like that?
  133. K

    The New Thunderbird

    Did they order up some 27’ gaffs in case you hook one from the bow?
  134. K

    MXJ use

    Yup great for 20-30lb general use.
  135. K

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    Pricing puts it right inline with an Anderson Greenough 21, which I'd imagine will be it's main competitor in this market. Don said it feels like a 24' while underway. Boat is 20'7" rubrail to rubrail (bow to stern) plus the bracket. It's got one in the back just infant of the transom. If...
  136. K

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    Here ya go. Don told me it was 5800lbs on the trailer with 80gal of gas in it. It topped out at 43mph with the 250 on the back. He told me around another 5k for an overhead open back cab on it. Such a killer boat. The cabin is ridiculously big for a 20’er.
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    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    I was asking about the Stringari's.
  138. K

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    So F'in cool. Do you have a shot of the stern area from outside the boat?
  139. K

    What is the best way to go to have a boat shipped across the country?

    Did they hoist it on/off his trailer, or did he dunk it?
  140. K

    2007 blackman outerbanks

    I don't know, but I want it.
  141. K

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    Do they do that well in the chop?? I know they are heavy, but they have almost no deadrise.
  142. K

    Best trip to start kids

    The Dana Point boats run pm 1/2 days that are specifically targeted for kids.
  143. K

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    It'll be a needle in a haystack but a Radon 18' would be great.
  144. K

    Useful Modifications

    That’s why God invented trim tabs.
  145. K

    Which Avet for My New Jig Stick?

    For 40lb you’re looking at either MXJ Rap or standard JX.
  146. K

    Rod for Avet HXJ?

    What you gonna use it for. I like the HXJ paired with a UC Predator for yo-yo. Nice quick retrieve with a narrow spool. The rod has backbone for days but the tip is forgiving enough when the fish hits the high speed jig.
  147. K

    Small fish and big bags of ice...

    Costco = 20lb bag for $2.39
  148. K

    Refinishing deck need help with priming/paint

    It’s called Soft Sand and is readily available.
  149. K

    Outfitting boat for fishing

    Nick Tharpe. El Tiburon Sportfishing. He is a BD’er and there’s a build thread on this site.
  150. K

    Outfitting boat for fishing

    20ft skippy would be no problem. One of the charter captains in SB runs a Minn Kota on his 25’ Anderson with great results.
  151. K

    Outfitting boat for fishing

    Bow mount trolling motor.
  152. K

    San Elijo lagoon project

    My wife told me to stop acting like a flamingo, so I had to put my foot down.
  153. K

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    I pulled it straight from the Toyota website. Different trims and configurations will have different tow ratings and payload capacities. So, if your driving a SR5 4x2 double cab, you will be able to tow more than the limited crewmax in my example. The tundra is a great truck (although due...
  154. K

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    Lotsa guys towing with their Tundra's. I have no doubt the truck can pull a 2320 confidently, but here's some numbers for ya: loaded 2320 + 8000lbs as noted above Tundra limited Crewmax 5.7L 4x4 Max Towing = 8800lbs (no problems there) Max Payload = 1520lbs 1520 - 800 (tongue weight) = 720lbs...
  155. K

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    If only towing a few miles to the ramp a 1/2 ton will be fine. But longer distances or significant hills etc. and I’d want a 3/4 ton. As a general rule, I prefer to keep trailer weight < tow vehicle weight. The other issue is GVWR. Even though 7k lbs is well within tow specs, put a few big...
  156. K

    First stupid question of the year!!

    You'd think they woulda been smarter than to name it the "Pound Me Too" Movement.
  157. K

    Questions on making squid

    Look for purple seagull shit on the shoreline rocks. That’s from eating squid. Gives a clue as to where they might be.
  158. K

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Pretty sure he liked ambergris not whale meat.
  159. K

    2nd Avet Reel SXJ or JX

    What he said
  160. K

    M Ceramic coating

    Seems like it'd be a great option to apply to a new boat that wouldn't require a ton of labor intensive prep work to keep it looking new.
  161. K

    M Ceramic coating

    A lot of discussion on it over at THT along with suggestions for marine friendly products. Seems like it provides nice results for boats as well.
  162. K

    2 speed for yo-yo reel?

    I like the HXJ for yo-yo due to the extra narrow spool.
  163. K

    New star drag

    It's an asian clicker.
  164. K

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Did you look at Riddle too?
  165. K


    Kingfish is a king mackerel, not a Wahoo.
  166. K

    I know I'd been scared

    Here’s an interview with her about the whole thing.
  167. K

    Nomad DTX report

    Slight derail: Anyone had any luck trolling these locally for the usual YT, etc. or is this more of a Wahoo only lure?
  168. K

    Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizers

    This is what they're putting on most of their new builds:
  169. K

    Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizers

    The current generation of active fin stabilizers work at rest. They are being outfitted on most new Nordhavns
  170. K

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    So, he used that 26 mold to make a red 29' mold, and then a green 22' mold after that. I heard the red mold ended up in Monterey, but no idea what happened to the 22' At least that's what it looks like in the (apparently) defunct Highliner Blog.
  171. K

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Very cool. There are certainly worse spots to be in life. Jeff should track down Sven Anderson and get the highliner 22 mold since it doesn’t look like Sven is doing anything with it.
  172. K

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Really curious - why are you having the new 29'er built when you already have an insane 29' Radon?? Just really want the OB's? Any ideas if Jeff has any plans to start producing anything smaller (20-22ish feet) in the not too distant future?
  173. K

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Jeff Hull in Ventura has acquired the mold for a Radon 29' and is in the process of laying up hull #1. His work is outstanding so that's another option. You pay sales tax on where you live and where the boat will live - not where you buy it.
  174. K

    Parker 2540

    My only concern would be if you plan on fishing the rough stuff, that the open bow could act as a scoop and flood the boat - most likely to happen in a running down swell scenario. That being said - I think it would have to be pretty ugly out to get into that kinda position.
  175. K

    SOLD Reduced Custom Chris Craft from builders of Cabo and Magbay Yachts

    If you do can you give me one of your 37 other boats??
  176. K

    SOLD Reduced Custom Chris Craft from builders of Cabo and Magbay Yachts

    Wow that 2nd one is cherry. Definitely a cruiser not a fisher though.
  177. K

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    Careful. This is only true if you are capable of doing the lion's share of work yourself. If you have to pay someone else to do it, you are gonna end up paying essentially the same as if you just bought the nicer/more expensive boat in the first place. It just costs a given amount of money to...
  178. K

    Plier Identification help

    Ok so which specific set of Channellocks are you guys using. They have about 20 different diagonal cutters, and I don't see "duckbills" on their website.
  179. K

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    A 23' Farallon with a flush walk around deck and OB bracket is nominally more expensive than a new 2320.
  180. K

    Show us your Steiger Crafts

    Farallon for the win
  181. K

    When you only have one live bait remaining

    The Chovie Condom
  182. K

    For Sale New 25' Super Panga Custom Built Yamaha F115XB Aluminum Trailer

    For whatever reason, it’s fairly common to see trailers like that on the East Coast (esp FL).
  183. K


    Instead of a traditional bait tank, how bout a 6’x6’ square made up of 1.5” pvc pipes stuck together to make a grid of “sardine tubes”.
  184. K

    Radoncraft 18

    Dude, not cool talkin about a man’s daughter that way.
  185. K

    Different pt.II- purple giraffe - RCJB84H

    Giraffe skin/Tortoise Shell. Super Cool.
  186. K


    What do they fish with traps in HI?
  187. K

    Ball grip to ball grip

    Gayest thread title ever.
  188. K

    Is my boat ready for Bluefin?

    Sorry, but it's not as cool as this one:
  189. K

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Nice! Is there room to sleep in there, or is it just storage space?
  190. K

    Panga Marine Marquesas

    Don't you catch flak from the animal rights activists for that sorta thing??
  191. K

    Anderson/Greenough 19, Price Drop 37.5k

    Grenoughs are all cored hulls so they're very light and it's also a very efficient hull shape. G17's are rockets with 90's and I doubt the 2 extra feet of hull turned this one into a dog.
  192. K

    Rainshadow RCJB84H. Different

    Looks awful. I suggest you send it to me immediately so you don't have to look at that hideous rod any more. ;):D
  193. K

    New F300 - Making Oil

    Water will actually sink to the bottom
  194. K

    New F300 - Making Oil

    This is a pretty popular topic over on THT.
  195. K


    Hmmmm. Seems a bit underpowered.
  196. K

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Didn't ask. Was too busy drooling over the 26' walk around with twin OB's.
  197. K

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I talked to them at this last Fred Hall. I was told only the 32' can be done with a direct/V-drive (this is for a new build). I know some the older smaller sizes are out there with direct/V-drive set-ups.
  198. K

    How to fish the Flat Fall

    Hook limit only applies while rock fishing or salmon fishing.
  199. K

    Wilson mould

    The Wilson based "Highliner" mold now resides in Monterey Bay.
  200. K

    WTB Greenough, del mar, radon skiff

    That Radon-ized 13’ Whaler is back on the market and just had fresh gel coat sprayed. Check the PAYC IG account for details.
  201. K

    Drainage for Parker 2120

    Sounds like a smart design. :shake:
  202. K

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    So how was trip? Any feesh?
  203. K

    Fish kill bag recommendation

    That’s an epic boat.
  204. K

    Lobster cleaning video on BD?

    Go to YouTube and search for it. The link on here doesn’t work.
  205. K

    Parker vs Davis rock harbor

    You have one of the finest ocean going trailerable boats ever made.
  206. K

    How do you catch flying fish?

    Anybody tried to “fly”-line one?? Ok sorry, I know that wasn’t funny.
  207. K

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    Where are you getting Kwells from these days that will ship to U.S.? The usually online pharmacies have been outta stock for a while now.
  208. K

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    Sounds like an awesome time. Unfortunately I’m workin Friday and can’t bug out for the whole weekend. I’m lookin at gettin on the water Sunday though. Have a blast. Awaiting the report.
  209. K

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    What exactly is your schedule?
  210. K

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    Wanna pick me up on the way Lou??
  211. K

    For Sale 21 Maritime

    Wow. Diggin’ it.
  212. K

    Glass pros refit

    Saw this boat on CL this week. Trying to flip it??
  213. K

    Tranx 400...

    CE 900 Monster
  214. K

    Repowering with Yamaha F425 XTO

    Comes in right around 1000lbs
  215. K

    UC CE80XF for Jack

    That’s my favorite 20lb stick.
  216. K

    What happened to The Bight magazine?

    Back around December I emailed Brandon to ask the same thing. He said that due to his charter business growing rapidly and some other issues that the Fall issue was delayed but should come out early 2018. Still waiting for it . . . I love the mag. Hope it's not gone forever.
  217. K

    Need rod suggestion for avet jx raptor

    Tilefish or Predator depending on if you like faster or slower action
  218. K

    WTB WTB 22ish/24 radon/Anderson

    there’s a 24’ Radon on CL right now. “Water Line”.
  219. K

    For Sale 1985 18' Stringari SOLD

    Awesome lookin' boat. How's it ride offshore with such a shallow deadrise? I bet it's great on the drift. What's cruise speed and economy with that powerplant?
  220. K

    Trim tabs on BW Montauk

    Tabs will always help
  221. K

    United composites CE 900 monster OR United composites CE 90 monster for throwing surface iron?

    CE 900 monster and CE 900 Del Mar combo would be perfect.
  222. K

    One of My Favorite all time ads on CL

    That’s almost as good as this one:
  223. K

    Power Pro Maxcuatro Braid

    The lower carrier count is always gonna be coarser than a higher carrier count. It’s the trade off for the smaller diameter. Not to mention the thinner line will cut more than a thicker line even if the same carrier count.
  224. K

    Long rod for jumbo bft

    UC CE 900 Del Mar. That rod can pull harder than you can.
  225. K

    24 radon

    Ya doesn't look like a lotta "belly" in that pic, but I'm assuming it's just the way the photo was taken.
  226. K

    24 radon

    Ya, my understanding was that Don stopped selling bare hulls long ago after some very questionable backyard builds took place on his hulls. Can’t blame him.
  227. K

    24 radon

    Ha. That’s exactly where my mind was going.
  228. K

    24 radon

    Nice! Is he gonna do the rest of the build-out himself? Can you share what Don charged him for the bare hull?
  229. K

    UC Rod 60#

    The 80 is pretty damn light too.
  230. K

    Which Weather Forecast Source is most accurate for So. Cal?

    Generally want to see the period at least 2x swell height.
  231. K

    Spectra to swivel/ring knot

    I think that initial double overhand to make the loop is only adding an unnecessary weak point that will break below line strength. This looks worse than a standard Palomar to me because of that.
  232. K

    WTB seaway

    Wow that's cool! 21' Inboard Cummins Diesel. Take my money!!
  233. K

    Coconut Oil Fish Fry

    Just use bacon grease and chase it with a Lipitor. Problem solved.
  234. K

    smoothest spectra?

    the higher the strand count the smoother it will be. How 'bout Slick 8?
  235. K

    Reel for UC80 Predator- Avet JX G2??

    HXJ’s are great yo-yo reels. If mostly bait then I’d go JX
  236. K

    Reel for UC80 Predator- Avet JX G2??

    Go Raptor. A lot more reel for not a lot more $. HXJ is another option.
  237. K

    24 radon

    Noice! Looks like a “big” 20fter. What’s the beam?
  238. K


    I always thought that color was called “Don’t ask Don’t tell”
  239. K

    1979 Skipjack 24 open outboard conversion

    How many hours on your G2? Any issues with it. Impressive numbers!
  240. K

    Physical Training Ideas

    That actually sounds like great cross training for fishing
  241. K

    Physical Training Ideas

    Get on a balcony with your rod/reel and a 30lb weight at the end on the ground. Reel it up and down for a couple hours/day.
  242. K

    30# socal set up

    Low pro reels for casting scenarios (jigs, etc.). Round conventional for bait.
  243. K

    30# socal set up

    The non-raptor SX's are really 20lb reels. That being said, I think it should work just fine for the majority of our local fishing. MXJ is the perfect all around local SoCal reel. Raptor SX's will do 30lb no problem.
  244. K

    Anyone recognize this Wilson 26

    Konrad is the only drive that won’t turn to dust behind a Cummins.
  245. K

    Stringari photo collection

    I really like these. How do they handle? Does the heavy hull make up for the shallow dead rise? Are they wet? Ride similar to a Blackman 20?
  246. K

    Need different jigstick...

    UC CE 900 Monster
  247. K

    What happened to The Bight?

    Haven’t heard anything new since December when he said the new issue would be delayed. Love the mag. Hoping it’s just late.
  248. K

    Yamaha Oil Recommendation

    I don't think the manufacturer can mandate that you use their own oil to stay within warranty, just as long as you use oil with the same specs. I think using Yamaha products may just save you a headache if you have to make a warranty claim.
  249. K

    Need new V-both cushions Dana Point

    Arrow Marine Canvas is right there in the harbor.
  250. K

    Retractable and Adjustable Airmar TM260 Transducer

    The smaller Stabicrafts have a similar set up.
  251. K

    Flat Fall jigs

    Never thought I’d see a bridled flat fall. So how’d it work?
  252. K

    UC Tilefish- Predator- Monster

    Monster is more a 40lb stick and the Predator more for 60lb. Both are “slower” than the tilefish.
  253. K

    Girth not length.

    Hobie power skiff. Livingston.
  254. K

    Belly hoop / small tower on 25 footer

    That’s a cool boat.
  255. K

    Perfect day to hit the water

    Man, it’s pretty short period too. LOL
  256. K

    Paint new North River OS or go bare?

    The point of an acid wash is to clear the oxidized aluminum in prep for primer/paint. Aluminum forms an oxidized later almost immediately when exposed to air. If you’re not going to paint it, then there’s no point to the acid etch.
  257. K

    Seeker OSP rail rods

    How’s it compare to the new CX80 Raptor? Heard it’s a bit heavier than the 76 Raptor.
  258. K

    Shamrock Pilot House CC, what do you think?

    I always liked those. Total Popeye boat. Fish ability of a CC and protection of a PH. I’d try to find one with the diesel in it.
  259. K

    Sea Sport Outboard conversion- PIC HEAVY

    Nice. How did the ride change going from I/O to bracketed OB?
  260. K

    Olive Branch Nightmare.....

    Looks like waves (think Billabong logo). :appl:
  261. K

    Moving my new ride to SD

    Sounds a little underpowered. :D
  262. K

    WTB 17' to 19' center console bayrunner

    The same one that was recently for sale or is this a new one? Power?
  263. K

    WTB 17' to 19' center console bayrunner

    I'd also consider a Whaler Montauk or 18/19' Outrage. There's a few listed right now.
  264. K

    Dana Point Harbor Patrol

    Well, if they privatize it then I call dibs on that Farallon.
  265. K

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Once you get her splashed and dialed lemme know. I’ll come down and be a ho.
  266. K

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    You gonna slip this one Lou - or still pull it with the 4Runner?? :D
  267. K

    New UC Tilefish Jr?

    They now make it in 8’ as well as the 7’6”
  268. K

    20 ft Wilson Lobo gave me the ideal, this is what happen.

    If you ever want to sell this thing please let me know. :appl:
  269. K

    Flat Fall jigs

    Anybody tried running some multi strand wire as a bite leader with the FF’s?
  270. K

    Boat Loan Advice

    I’ve heard good things about Lightstream. How bout a HELOC?
  271. K

    Wolverine Tilefish

    That makes my head hurt - but it F’n amazing.
  272. K

    24 radon

    That wouldn’t be bad. Would put it in the same ballpark as a new G21.
  273. K

    24 radon

    Any word on what his “entry level” price point will be?
  274. K

    23 ft Uniflite Salty Pup

    I’m guessing it sold sometime in the last 5 years.
  275. K

    24 radon

    Ya, I know he’s been working on the mold. Not sure if hull #1 has even been popped from it yet. I’m sure someone here knows.
  276. K

    Minn Kota trolling motor and parker 2320

    Ya, haven’t seen him around in a while. @Nardo
  277. K

    Minn Kota trolling motor and parker 2320

    Get in contact with El Tiburon sport fishing. He’s also a Channel Islands guy that has one on his 25’ Anderson.
  278. K

    3D printing boat parts?

    There are some public libraries that provide access to 3D printers.
  279. K

    3D printing boat parts?

    With 3D printing you have to pay close attention to the material you are printing in. If the part will be subject to any significant stress, you need to make to make sure to have the appropriate print media (which isn't always cheap) and a printer that can work in that media. Many of the...
  280. K

    What is the best windlass to buy?

    Anyone have any thoughts on a drum style winch like Lonestar?
  281. K

    Graphite USA????

    Neither line is "better." Just different. The GUSA do tend to be lighter, but the CE's are by no means heavy. Both lines are premium.
  282. K

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    There's some discussion about this right now in the long range forum. Multiple accounts of these spices slipping. It's OK if the solid is significantly higher test than the hollow, but going the same or lighter solid into hollow and the solid just isn't fat enough for the hollow "finger trap"...
  283. K

    Parker 2530 Rocket Launchers WTB

    Not real close to you, but Dan Shannon up in Paso is a wizard with stainless
  284. K

    For Sale 26' North River 130kOBO

    Awesome boat. How's the G2 been treating you? Any issues?
  285. K

    United Composites 30# 8' blank

    If 7’6” is not out of the question I’d go for the Tilefish Jr.
  286. K

    anyone know how to run a jet boat on the hose?

    Sorry, I’ve only got experience running hoes on a jet boat - not the other way around.
  287. K

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    I’m not sure how you can say it’s a ridiculous test. Same boat, same conditions. One engine clearly yielded better performance than the other. Could you prop down the Yammie even more until you eventually got it to plane? Sure, but then you lose all your speed and performance when running both...
  288. K

    Braid to Mono/Fluoro: Winners and Losers

    That cinch is less critical if you’re able to maintain a siginicant amount of tension the whole time you’re wrapping the spectra around the leader like you can with that tool.
  289. K

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    I think you’re right. It’s pretty widely accepted that the i4 F200 is a dog, and is really just a more expensive F150 (which is a great motor). I would love to see a test like this pitting the i4 200 against the F150. I am impressed with the etechs though. I’ve been looking hard and can’t find...
  290. K

    Profile Boats - aluminum anyone ?

    Those do look like carbon copies of Stabicrafts. I know stabi has at least 1 dealer up in WA. Prices seem inline with a comparable glass boat.
  291. K

    Buying a 295 CC World Cat in Florida

    Glacier Bays are displacement cats. That equals best uphill ride, but most pronounced weird cat quirks like tracking down swell, leaning out in turns, and abrupt rolling motion. Just about every other cat builder makes planing cats which have a more conventional ride. Planing cats tend to either...
  292. K

    SOLD 2004 31' Tiara Open

    What’s economy like with the twin big blocks? If your gonna have gas power, those crusaders are the way to go.
  293. K

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Ok, maybe my comparison was a bit off base. Wasn't trying to knock Faralln or anything. If you're looking for that kind of detail, why not call up both places and ask them directly? They'll give you better answers than a bunch of BD keyboard warriors. If you do make those calls, please...
  294. K

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Don's boats are painstakingly and beautifully made. Over built with supreme attention to detail. No knock against the other 2 builders at all, but comparing a production Farallon to a custom DR Radon isn't really fair. I've never seen a Force in person, but they are highly regarded in HI...
  295. K

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    What's the cost comparison on converting the diesel to a V-drive vs. doing a bracket/double outboard conversion?
  296. K

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Checkout the build thread by @beardog629. He turned a 23’ into an outboard powered 26’. Thing turned out beyond badass.
  297. K

    How To Easily Cook Perfect Lobster Legs In The Microwave

    And here’s another cool trick to get the most outta your bugs:
  298. K

    How do you mark your reels/rods?

    You could try peeing on them.
  299. K

    First Custom Pilot House on a 177 Tahiti Skiff

    Nailed the lines on that cabin. :cheers:
  300. K

    any one got these deck lights on their Parker 2320 SL

    The most common solution for the under gunnel lighting are the LED rope lights.
  301. K

    Boat Junkyard/salvage ?

    Sink it and have your own top secret bass/bug spot.
  302. K


    I've had AJ crudo at a high end Italian restaurant - was not impressed.
  303. K

    How Bad is Gold ?

    I prefer women that like pearl necklaces.
  304. K

    Old radon

    That’s one of my favorite small Radons.
  305. K

    Andale' andale' ariba ariba!!

    Nice! Next he needs a Slow Poke Rodriguez (Speedy's cousin - look it up) slow-pitch rod to match.
  306. K

    Tuna spikes

    I would consider making the handles a bit more ball shaped or at least fatter on the back end since you're pushing them in from the back, not holding them like a knife.
  307. K

    Old radon

    Ya, that was originally made for fresh water. That being said, it would make for a cool bay/inshore boat. It's almost like a "jumbo" Radon 15 with that bottom. raise the deck height up to be flush with the gunnels in the bow and stern and boom, custom SB commercial flats skiff/bass boat.
  308. K

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    Was the HO 6.7 only in the 3500’s - or do any of the ‘11-‘12 2500’s have that engine option?
  309. K

    Parker 2520 or Duffy 26

    What conditions do you typically encounter? That Duffy will be great upswell, but I could see it being a broach machine coming downhill.
  310. K


    I dig the argyle dragon scale
  311. K

    92 Davis Cortez - Repower and Refit

    Killer. Has the ride changed at all since the conversion? Always lots of opinions out there regarding throwing a bracket on a boat originally designed as an I/O.
  312. K

    OB conversion for my 20 Blackman

    NICE. What made you decide not to turn the bracket into a hull extension like on the 23' you did?
  313. K

    21 Gregor

    The pilot house is cool, but the basketball hoop you mounted to the stern is really badass.
  314. K

    Buying advice - 30-36ft boat, +/- flybridge, single or twin screw

    First rule of surfing Cojo: Don't post pics of surfing Cojo.
  315. K

    21 Gregor

    Mark's Plastics is popular choice for windows, and they're local to you.
  316. K

    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    Is it essentially a trimaran, or does is come together into a cathedral style hull in the stern? Does it plane or is it a displacement design? Either way, pretty F'in cool.
  317. K

    1969 Skipjack 20ft open

    This is going to be the most badass Skippy 20 open in history.
  318. K

    What happened to The Bight?

    Heard back from Brandon. The Bight is still alive and well. They just had to push the Fall issue back to early 2018 due to some unrelated issues and a busy charter season.
  319. K

    19' Radon project.

    This might be a good option for those looking for a smaller Radon:
  320. K

    What happened to The Bight?

    Anyone know what's going on with The Bight magazine? No new Fall issue. No news on their website or FB page. Tried to email Brandon with no response. It'd be shame if it was outta publication. It's such a well done and entertaining magazine. I had visions of filling a bookshelf with all...
  321. K

    SOLD 2014 20' Wilson Pilot House

    To my knowledge, nobody is making true Wilsons anymore. The last mold made it's way up to SF where it became the foundation for Highliner Boats made by Sven Anderson. Things seemed to be going strong for a while, but now it's been a year without any update on their website. I'm not sure one...
  322. K

    Why no "West Coast" popping rods?

    WC rods tend to have a softer tip that transitions into more backbone as you get into the rod. A true popping rod has a stiff tip to more easily impart the "popping" motion but then more parabolic through the mid section so you can still cast well. I think they tend to be shorter due to the...
  323. K

    United Composites 25# bait rod

    I really like the CE 800 XF though it may be more at home at 20lb.
  324. K

    50-60 lb rod suggestions

    US 80 Predator all day long.
  325. K

    19' Radon project.

    Can you tell him not to make it a raised caprail. The flat caprail looks soooooooo much better.
  326. K

    Bait Tank - Size/Shape

    I'm sure the height can easily be changed for slightly custom size.
  327. K

    WTB radon/Anderson skiff

    Mark, WTF??? You just got that 29' and now your having Don build a new 16'????? You have a sickness sir. :D And I'm very jealous.
  328. K

    Anderson 22

    New would be just 100-125K for the basics. Waitlist about 2yr before they start your build.
  329. K

    Simple question

    In terms of "over-penetration", slow heavy rounds are much more likely to over penetrate than fast light rounds. A sub-sonic 45ACP is MUCH more likely to kill someone in the next room over than even a 5.56 AR15.
  330. K

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    Just do a search for 13ft whaler. There's a whole build thread. He did it up like a flats poling skiff
  331. K

    who wants to go 50/50

    Something tells me if you can afford a 1 million dollar boat, you could probably afford a 4 million dollar boat.
  332. K

    who wants to go 50/50

    No, this is where it's at:
  333. K

    JX Raptor question

    You're gonna love it.
  334. K

    who wants to go 50/50

    The price was reduced by 100k. Not to 100k.
  335. K

    JX Raptor question

    I like them both pretty equally but for different applications. The Tilefish is faster which I think makes for a better bait stick - especially deep dropper loop. The sensitive tip really lets you feel everything going on with the bait. The Predator is a little slower, and is great as a yo-yo...
  336. K

    HX Raptor

    You think a Centaur with an HXW Raptor filled with 100lb is a good "do it all" 100lb rig? Enough capacity for the kite but still light enough to stand at the rail all day? I don't have the need for multiple set ups this heavy so trying to piece together 1 good set up to do it all reasonably...
  337. K

    JX Raptor question

    #1) Tilefish #2) US 80 Predator
  338. K

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    I don't think going from your current boat to a 30' skippy is gonna give you what you want. Flybridge and more V is gonna undo anything the extra beam gives you in terms of stability. I think a 32-34' express style sportfisher is your best option (Albin, Tiara, etc.). Although it won't give...
  339. K

    Calstar 875H vs UC RCE Monster 800

    If you prefer the faster action, then also look at the UC US80 Monster. They are less parabolic than the CE's. I like UC, the recoil on those blanks is incredible.
  340. K

    20 ft Wilson Lobo gave me the ideal, this is what happen.

    One of my favorite all time hulls. Please give a run down of how the ride compares before/after the bracket as well as performance #'s. You hear so much on both sides about what a bracket conversion will do to a boat. Very interested to hear your experience. Killer boat.
  341. K

    Unscientific Fg vs RP Test

    I've noticed that too when I've tied it in weak line just for practice. I think the tag and main line braid get smashed together at that point and it cuts through itself.
  342. K

    24' Hawaiian Mosquito rebuild

    That's all sorts of badass right there.
  343. K

    Small boat/skiff options

    Hobie powerskiff or Livingston
  344. K


    You must be an absolute beast of a human if you got the Del Mar to bend all the way to the handle. Granted I've only pulled on the 900 not the 1000, but I would walk way with multiple hernias if I tried to get it to bend like that.
  345. K

    14' Mini Jet boat build 200hp

    Now that sir, is fuggin' badass.
  346. K

    United Composites CX76 Centaur for Fran

    That marbling is awesome!
  347. K

    Defiance Admiral 250 Questions

    The forward sloping windows are on the San Juan models which have an extended pilot house at the expense of less cockpit. They currently produce both configurations. The early ones had some issues with low deck height and underwater scuppers, but that was corrected years ago. I've crawled all...
  348. K

    Dream boats

    I'll take that 34' Radovich for sale on here.
  349. K

    Anchovy rod

    +1 for the UC CE 800xf. Awesome 20lb chovy chucker.
  350. K

    Where are all the good deals on Parkers?

    Screw the Parkers - jump on this thing HEX:
  351. K

    20' Radon needs new motor

    Assuming you're referring to Nick's boat? That thing is badass. I'm sure you're right about this, and that's why they tend be a match made in heaven for a shaft driven diesel. I'm guessing it's due to the weight of these hulls and the belly up front, otherwise you would think the fact that...
  352. K

    20' Radon needs new motor

    So, I know the prevailing wisdom is the Santa Barbara hulls don't like brackets (at least in terms of ride quality). Does a transom mounted outboard still ride similar to the I/O? It seems like the COG stays pretty much the same with the weight directly on the transom. I feel like that still...
  353. K

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Yes the motor runs fine on regular but it will de-tune itself to 250hp when you run it on 87.
  354. K

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    No. Flywheel issue is unique to the 350 which is a V8. The 300 is basically the 250 motor running a hotter tune and requires premium fuel
  355. K

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    This one is tied with the one Barrett did as most badass 13' Whaler in history. :worship:
  356. K

    Stringari photo collection

    Strong work on the gel coat restore! Wet sand or just buff and polish? :cheers:
  357. K

    Follow the sport boats?

    What's the commercial market for bonito? Cat food?
  358. K

    Need new engine in my 20 foot Skippy

    Which Yammie is on your boat? Those are some impressive #'s. I'm a big fan of OB Skippy's.
  359. K


    I think in another thread someone coined those "barbed wire JTOB's". The red in this one is sick, and even though the crouching tiger hidded dragon isn't always my favorite deco wrap, this one is freakin' insane!!
  360. K

    Anderson vs Radon 26 foot range

    Are you planning on ordering a new one, or a resto-mod on an older hull?
  361. K

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    That rod is the same blank as the US80 Tilefish.
  362. K

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    I like it better upside down. Forward facing windows with a spoiler :devil:
  363. K

    Thinking of going all Braid next year.

    Deckhands don't like dealing with spectra as its way more likely to cut them when working a tangle. As a result, they are far more likely to cut your line than try to untagle it.
  364. K

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff?

    The Hawkins and Hobie won't beat you up the way a tri-hull Whaler will. There are also way fewer around than millions of Whalers so there's that cult following "cool" factor too. Livingstons are rad little boats. Look at what the guys in HI do with those things.
  365. K

    Which UC 7'-7.5' rod for 40# bait?

    Try the Tilefish Jr.
  366. K

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff?

    There's a Whaler 13' on CL that was redone by Radon complete with cab and belly added to the hull.
  367. K

    pilot house for my Blackman 20

    When I saw the title I thought you were making a mini version for your 23' turned 26'. This is still cool though. Love the lines on these Blackman 20's. Would love to hear your performance #s. What's the Powerplant?
  368. K

    Livingston 14 Sea worthy ?

    Livingston 14's are pretty popular in Hawaii where guys have them rigged up for fishing ahi in very gnarly conditions. It should do well for you. There are a few on CL HI right now to give you some inspiration.
  369. K

    Fishing after abdominal surgery?

    Additional thoughts: Let's say you plan to fish with 30lb so running 10lbs of drag. Go tie a 10lb weight to your rod and pull a few times and see how you feel. Also keep in mind that standing on a boat (even a sportboat) requires constant work from your core muscles maintaining balance. Even if...
  370. K

    Fishing after abdominal surgery?

    I'd try and target some smaller fish for this first or second trip - probably not smart to go pull on one of these cow BFT just yet. Definitely listen to your body while you're out there. An abdominal binder or even a simple belt like warehouse workers wear is probably not a bad idea. I would...
  371. K

    Bay water related skin issue?

    It's actually mycobacterium ;)
  372. K

    21ft crystaliner center console Yamahaf250

    There's another one on CL right now set up with a (non-running) straight shaft diesel in it for 5k. Talk about awesome. (No affiliation)
  373. K

    Aftco vs Boston kites?

    You can get some pretty damn big ones at any party store. You can even get one sporting your favorite superhero :rockin:
  374. K

    Aftco vs Boston kites?

    If going the balloon route consider using a big mylar instead of latex. They'll hold helium for weeks if not longer.
  375. K

    Seized Choke Tube

    This happened to one of my hunting buddy's Benelli's. Took into a gunsmith who did the old heat it up trick. First shot the following dove opener the end of the barrel blows open just like Elmer Fudd's gun with Bug's finger in the barrel. Looked like a 1/2 peeled banana. Careful with heating...
  376. K

    21ft crystaliner center console Yamahaf250

    Former long time boat builder in Costa Mesa during the "fiberglass alley" days. Made a lot of the lifeguard boats that are still in use as well as some very nice sport fishing boats. Well made, highly regarded, and increasingly hard to find.
  377. K

    Taking daughter out for the first time

    Yep. It'll be right next to the Dramamine.
  378. K

    Taking daughter out for the first time

    Go meclizine instead of dramamine (trade name is Bonine). It's less drowsy and works as good or better. Like was said above: 1 the night before and another an hour before launch. You can try the wristbands too for a little added voodoo.
  379. K

    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    They're only going on days with little to no wind, loooooong period groundswell, and chartered boats big enough to put 3-4 skis and a tender on the deck.
  380. K

    Anderson/Greenough 19, Price Drop 37.5k

    Add to the above: -custom hand made -not that many out there (30ish G17's and just this 1 19') -2 year wait list for a new one -cult following.
  381. K

    How to make a Yummee Flying Fish "Cow Tuna" Kite Rig

    I have no idea. Hopefully someone can chime in with that info. I don't see how dangling yummies from a greenstick is any different from dangling them from a kite though.
  382. K

    How to make a Yummee Flying Fish "Cow Tuna" Kite Rig

    I've been wondering about Greensticking these big BFT's. Anybody out there doing it?? If so, success?? There's a thread from a couple years ago where somebody was talking about getting all set up, but no follow-up.
  383. K

    Anderson/Greenough 19, Price Drop 37.5k

    Awesome. Do you have any pics of the interior?
  384. K

    UC Platinum vs Tilefish

    The UC's pretty much all fish "best" at the upper end of their ratings. If you're trying to get away with one that will fish the lower end of its rating well then look more toward the CE line or at least one of the US rods with a slower action as the softer tip will be a little more forgiving...
  385. K

    UC Platinum vs Tilefish

    The tilefish rods are pretty stiff/fast action. The regular tilefish is way too much rod for 20lb. In general I prefer something a little more forgiving for the light line. The 800xf is a great 20lb blank - nice bend but not too noodley like the mega
  386. K

    18.5 wahoo offshore

    Also, -year of hull and motor -cruise and top speed -mpg at cruise -any soft spots -current registration on boat and trailer? -title in hand? Thanks.
  387. K

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Mama's on Maui is da kine for sure. For the more budget oriented: Tacos Lucero in the Ensanada fish market.
  388. K

    Which Avet should I purchase?

    MXJ with MC.
  389. K

    Boat Shirt Design Poll

    Nice. Who did the design and printing?
  390. K

    Rod choice for big poppers

    UC CE900 Del Mar
  391. K

    Create My Dedicated Chovy Set Up (Please)

    I've got my next "Chovie Chucker" set-up planned out. It will be a UC CE 800XF with a Saragosa 6000. Schoolie YFT lookout.
  392. K

    20 ft Wilson

    He's got more pics on his first for sale thread go this boat.
  393. K

    20 ft Wilson

    I love this thing. Unfortunately a couple years too soon for me otherwise it would be mine.
  394. K

    20' Blackman

    What's the beam?
  395. K

    3 United Composites US70 Wahoo Jr's

    Nice! What are the specs on the Wahoo Jr? Is that a newer blank?
  396. K

    Show me your blackman boat

    Are the 20's and 23's the same hull aside from the length, or do they have different beams/whole different hull design?
  397. K

    Splash well/ bait tank?

    Have you tried calling Bill? I like the way you opened up the boat a little.
  398. K

    Flat fall set up

    Anybody tried a length of multi-strand wire instead of the heavy fluoro for abrasion resistance? Are these big BFT that line shy? My understanding is that the flatfall bite is more of a reaction bite anyways so it might not matter and chew-offs would be a relative non-issue.
  399. K

    20LB Rod Suggestion...?

    Try a UC CE 800xf. Really nice 20lb blank.
  400. K

    Shaver Lake or Huntington Lake

    Huntington is prettier.
  401. K

    tax on a out of state boat hull purchase

    I believe if you can prove you paid sales tax in another state then you do not have to pay CA sales tax.
  402. K

    Show me your blackman boat

    So thanks for everyone that chimed in on how Blackman's ride and why they are the way they are, but that was stuff I already knew. Can anyone chime in, and answer my original question which was: Do the 20's and 23's ride the same as the 26's - is it the same hull just cut down a few feet...
  403. K

    Show me your blackman boat

    So I know the 26's (and the Billfishers in particular) have a bad wrap for getting squirrelly headed down swell. Do the smaller hulls like the 23's and 20's have the same issue?
  404. K

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    Well, I think bow steer/broaching is a possibility in any hull that has a relatively sharp entry that tapers back to lesser V at the stern. Obviously there are other nuances in hull design that can make this better or worse, and these are over my head as I'm nothing close to a naval architect...
  405. K

    Starting a new project soon

    I'm pretty sure that one was hiding up in the PNW somewhere. 19ft'er?? Is that a mold? If so, can I borrow it wen you're done? ;)
  406. K

    Tundra crewmax-best way to transport 8' + rods?

    Sliding rear window?
  407. K

    WTB: CC w/ casting deck

    Can easily do a trolling motor on an 18' Whaler.
  408. K

    What Boat Can Go Where in California

    Your definition of self bailing deck is wrong. A self bailing deck (aka wet deck) is one that sits above water line and water drains overboard via scuppers - no bilge pump required. Relying on bilge pumps to keep water out of your boat is exactly what you don't want in an offshore boat.
  409. K

    For sale 20 Wilson

    Any additional pics of all this? I've been through your build thread. This is one of my favorite hulls.
  410. K

    For sale 20 Wilson

    Bunks stuffed up under the pilot house or no?
  411. K

    Pilot house in front of Dana Landing

    I talked for a while with the dealer at FHS (just for shits and giggles - way outta my price range). The hull is solid glass and the house is cored. I'll take mine with a Cummins, bow thruster, and tower thank you.
  412. K

    Pilot house in front of Dana Landing

    I checked it out at LB FHS. Awesome rig. Also available with a big single diesel on a shaft.
  413. K

    which Avet to fish 20# & 30#-40#

    If you wanna fish >40lb then the JX Raptor is a better choice (albeit significantly more expensive).
  414. K

    United Composites CP vrs CE question

    Pull on a Predator before deciding. Awesome blank.
  415. K

    Best tasting wild caught tuna is...

    Raw = BFT Seared = YFT
  416. K

    Seeker Blank Choice for Surface Iron...?

    The SJ90F is technically a surf/jetty blank (hence the "SJ") so look in that section of their blank list. It's entirely possible that it is no longer produced with shuffling around of Seeker ownership these past few years, but I'm not a good one to ask about that. The CE900 Monster is a killer...
  417. K

    United Composites CE 800 Wahoo

    Tell me about it. I picked up a US80 Predator and I swear that rod damn near floats - in air!
  418. K

    United Composites CE 800 Wahoo

    I can't speak for the Wahoo, but I did pull on a 900 Del Mar at FHS and it has a definite shut off around the 1/2 way mark. It's a MAN's stick no doubt about it. Almost gave myself a hernia pulling on that thing. The UC's really are impressive. The 900 Monster has a nice moderate bend but I...
  419. K

    Keep my teak or go with Starboard or something else?

    You can do 100% Tung oil also. It takes a looooooooong time to dry but will leave almost a hard protective shell once done (a few coats is best) yet retains that teak oil look.
  420. K

    Taking kids fishing

    Try a PM 1/2 day. The Dana Point boats are a little more "touristy" than the SD fleet and have spinning rental gear which will make for less headaches.
  421. K


    Does that mean you will be selling your 19'?
  422. K

    24 Skippy pilothouse

    I've seen it in Dana Point dry storage. No idea if it's still for sale.
  423. K

    A couple for Tuna Tom's quiver

    Awesome w/ killer marbling! I pulled on a predator blank at the FHS. Damn that thing is impressive. I neeeeeed one!
  424. K

    Opinions on UC rod ratings?

    The general consensus is that UC's can easily fish the top of their ratings. That being said, the advice above is spot on with regards to pulling on 'em with the drag set. I pulled on a lot of UC's at their FHS booth. I left super impressed. Time to expand the quiver.
  425. K

    Looking for Great 8' 30# rod

    UC Tilefish Jr although it's 7'6"
  426. K

    2010 Radon Signature 22 or DR22

    Which one? The grey one or the white/blue one??
  427. K

    Which UC rod for Tranx 400?

    Original 500 size Tranx for the Del Mar. Tranx 400 on a 900 Monster and another 400 on one of the heavy swimbait finatic blanks.
  428. K

    Monohull v multihull

    Thanks. Now I need to go change my pants after seeing that Lumacat.
  429. K

    Glass vs Graphite Composite

    With the advent of spectra lines that don't stretch (especially when running to a short Flouro leader which also doesn't really stretch), glass rods have had a bit of a renaissance. You need some give somewhere in the system to keep from pulling hooks. If it's not coming from the line then it...
  430. K

    Custom Skiff

    In addition to the cabin it has also had some radon style belly added to the hull
  431. K

    Thoughts on a Old School Rod

    What lb test do you like to fish on the 610?
  432. K

    Once I Had "Cat" I Won't Go Back. 3rd Time the Charm

    Absolutely beautiful. Do you have any footage of the boat in rough conditions. Cats are excellent in wind chop but have a reputation for not behaving in following seas. Would love to hear your experiences in your 3 boats over the years.
  433. K

    Rod recomendation for Daiwa Lexa 400 HSP

    One of the heavier UC swimbait finatics.
  434. K

    Another project 20 ft Wilson

    What's the benefit of the drum winch v a traditional windlass?
  435. K

    United Composites US85XF

    Love the argyle look with the gold over the dragon scale.
  436. K

    "Quiet" boat ramp locations/times - San Diego area

    South shores would be a good place to practice
  437. K

    United Composites model breakdown

    I'm confused by your statement that CE's are too soft for fishing jigs/irons. Is it a fundamental difference in the style of jig/iron fishing on the E v W coast because WC jigsticks are traditionally all glass and more parabolic in action. The CE Del Mar gets all sorts of love as WC jigstick.
  438. K

    Reel for uc del mar?

    I like the idea of a Tranx on that rod
  439. K

    CX 76 Raptor for the Kola Chaser

    I love all your builds but this one is particularly awesome. I agree the colors work together so much better than they "should".
  440. K


    Nice. Can see my old house in the background. Skiff, is that a 115 Yammie on the back of that G17 that just got the overhead addition? That thing must absolutely fly with that many ponies on the back of that hull.
  441. K

    Slo-Pitch jigger

    Looks great. I'm not super familiar with slow-pitch technique. Why the trigger reel seat on a rod that's not gonna be casting?
  442. K

    28' Henriques

    Bad-Ass. I think you would be hard-pressed to find more boat (or better boat) in that size range at that price
  443. K

    WTB, 25-28 outboard powered, quality, cuddy or pilothouse

    I would be all over the Etec Blackman if I were you.
  444. K

    Rod Help for Andros 5iia

    Tilefish for 50lb or Tilefish Jr for 30lb. UC's like to fish at the top of their line rating.
  445. K

    HXJ Raptor - Line Question

    Ho Lee Fuk! That one looks like it made the swim over from NZ.
  446. K

    New G2's??

    Neptune's Fart maybe?
  447. K

    Chunk Bait Maker?

    a quick google turned up the "nicer dicer"
  448. K

    10' rod suggestion?

    What lb test are you guys using on your UC del mars? Rating is a little high for the traditional 40lb surface iron set-up.
  449. K

    10' rod suggestion?

    The Seeker SJ90 also makes a killer jig stick.
  450. K

    Meet Maverick.......

    Can't say I blame. She's one hell of a boat. I look forward to seeing your continued progress.
  451. K

    Flushing engines

    Salt Away says not to flush with fresh water after the Salt Away. They say it continues to dissolve salt just sitting in there and you shouldn't flush it out.
  452. K

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Ugly :frehya2:
  453. K

    10' rod suggestion?

    UC Wahoo or Del Mar
  454. K

    Private boats to fish Guadalupe?

    I have zero experience making 100+ mile runs out into open ocean, so here's a (naive) question for you guys. Do you expect the sea state to get worse 180mi off the Mexican coast than it does say 10mi off the coast of Hawaii? Guys make decent runs off the islands in boats smaller than 24' all...
  455. K

    Once I Had "Cat" I Won't Go Back.

    Look at the one on the Shamrock 20 PH (there's one in the classified's right now). Also look at the one Freeman did for a while.
  456. K

    Suggestions on 8' spinning tuna popper blank....

    How bout the UC sidewinders. Check out the one Trelikes just built on here.
  457. K

    1966 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar repower

    Very cool (and super clean) boat. Hey if something's worth doing, it's worth over-doing.
  458. K

    Yellowfin apparently like junk

    Do you still eat the fish??
  459. K

    crazy rare fish

    I know. And to think she's leading in the polls.
  460. K

    Beacon West Coast-- Surf, Fish, Hunt.

    I dig the light house logo
  461. K

    Plywood Decking -Sole replacing questions.

    Don't many boat builders remove the screws prior glassing to avoid the screw corrosion issue all together?? I could swear I saw the Andersons talk about that at some point.
  462. K

    Now this guy knows how to sell a boat! Sick boat, but probably the greatest CL ad ever. (No affiliation)
  463. K

    Hit a mola mola.

    That makes a good case for a kelp knife.
  464. K

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    Man. I LOVE this model and this one is CLEAN. GLWS!
  465. K

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    Bloodydecks: Where passion meets pissin'
  466. K

    The Bight

    Or just get a subscription. No reason to drag your Dr. and pharmacist into this. :frehya2:
  467. K

    1979 20' stringari skiff project boat

    Trailer included? Trailer in working condition? Any more pics? You're really tempting me with that price.
  468. K

    wtb 23' Seacraft

    There's a yellow "scepter" model on OC CL in Fullerton. The 70's-early 80's are the "Potter built" hulls which are widely regarded as some of the best riding small boats ever made.
  469. K

    Leader on the flat falls

    Anyone doing a short length of wire on the flatfalls, or does that mess with the action too much/too visible for these picky BFT?
  470. K

    Who here fishes UC

    I'm considering a 900 Monster for my next 40lb jig stick. Would you recommend the US or the CE? Would like to be able to throw a variety of jigs - mostly 7x and 45's but would be nice if they threw the lighter jigs too.
  471. K

    First build Calstar 775H

    I'd be proud of that was my 100th wrap. Sick tiger!
  472. K

    I think we need bigger bait...

    That's the ocean's version of a Tur-duck-en
  473. K


    Give them a call. The phone number and email are on their "website." Or shoot bbbill a message here on the board.
  474. K

    18' Dory

    That is a Panga hull that got a full treatment Andersons.
  475. K

    Yoyo Set-Up

    Anyone tried a UC Zeus blank for our west coast style yo-yo?
  476. K

    18' Dory

    Do it up like this one!
  477. K

    Rod for Avet HXJ

    UC Tilefish
  478. K

    Yoyo Set-Up

    I'm considering the Tilefish for my next Yo-Yo set up but I was concerned the 8ft length would be a little much on the Yo-Yo. You don't find it to be an issue?
  479. K

    Jump from sail to power?

    Arima or C-dory
  480. K

    I/O to Outboard Conversions Photos

    I love the 20 open Skippy's w/ OB-bracket conversions, and Beardog's boat is just on another level. It seems like some hulls really like this set up while others develop bad porpoising problems when the weight of the motor is moved way back like that. Does anyone out there have some insight as...
  481. K

    Modern jig slinger

    UC CE900 Monster with a Truth SM if you wanna go outside the box
  482. K

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Just plain perfect in every possible way. That is very definition of a West Coast Sportfishing boat.
  483. K


    Skiff, please stop posting all these pics. Every time you do I get closer and closer to making a terrible financial decision. :D
  484. K

    UC CE 1000 Delmar

    10' 100lb stick = I better get to the gym
  485. K

    UC CE 1000 Delmar

    Lots of positive feedback on this blank. After pulling on it, where do you think it's sweet spot is (since the rating is so broad)?
  486. K

    23' Blackman..not mine... but a way good start to a project!

    Wow, great platform in great shape. Do these smaller Blackmans (20-23') have the same squirrely downhill ride as the 26' Billfishers, or do they handle those conditions a little better?
  487. K

    UC CE 1000 Delmar

    Del Mar is heavier action than the Wahoo. These new jig stick blanks have finally made their way onto the UC website.
  488. K

    Stringari Repower

    I really love these stingaris and yours looks awesome. How's the ride in some chop? Looks like a very shallow deadrise at the stern.
  489. K

    1st Time Boat Suggestion

    Decide how much/far you really plan on trailering. If 90% will just be to your local ramp then go bigger (like 25'). If you really wanna go from SD to SB on a regular basis to chase fish then sticking closer to 21' is the way to go.
  490. K

    Truth SM for throwing iron

    I've been wondering the same thing. They now make a LGN reel too. If they made a LGN star mag now that would really be a killer west coast iron reel. Would love to hear some first hand accounts of how these work.
  491. K

    Meet Maverick.......

    Sorry to hear that. You did a great job reviving her. I wish I was in a place right now to consider taking her off you hands. Good luck with everything.
  492. K

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    Check out the Seeker SJ90F as well. One of the foremost custom rod wrappers on the West Coast swear this is the best jigstick ever made.
  493. K

    Old School Calstar 196-8'

    :rockin: Love the way those colors work on the tiger
  494. K

    AVET MXJ 1/2-speed or Truth Sg Reel

    I also love my MXJ. Since you are new to conventional gear, get one with MC to reduce the inevitable spaghetti nests.
  495. K

    Dropper loop set up

    That's a good method too but unless you have a looooong rubber band it still places your mainline right down on the rocks.
  496. K

    Dropper loop set up

    I like that approach as it allows you to run lighter line to the weight so if it gets snagged you can just re-tie the weight without losing the whole rig
  497. K

    United Composites US80 Tilefish for Josh

    What's he gonna be using it for. All I've heard is how good that blank is, but I can't figure out what it was designed for. Not long enough for a true jig stick, but on the long side for yoyo, and not really a rail rod either. Just a really good 50lb bait stick?? Killer wrap as usual.
  498. K

    comfy deck shoes while fishing

    Teva makes some shoes for wakeskating that look like the illegitimate love child of a pair skate shoes and slice of swiss cheese.
  499. K

    Stringari photo collection

    Are these Stingari's pretty similar to the Blackman 20's? The hull form looks very similar to my untrained eye, but I'm sure I'm missing the details.
  500. K

    red crab for dinner

    Word on the street from a former tuna seiner deckie (those guys end up eating some weird chit out there) is they are extremely salty. Fresh water soak or boil before they hit the sauté pan might help.
  501. K

    I need a new trailer...which do you recommend?

    Just go with coilovers
  502. K


    I assume that's gonna be leaning post/bait tank combo on the G17? How many gallons? What's the plan for power, it looks like twins with the wide splash well?? I'm really liking that one.
  503. K

    2006 Parker 2520 'Dawn Patrol' 10 Year Transformation

    Where did you get your "Dawn Patrol" decals made up?
  504. K

    Tuna Crab solution, I hope!

    The different color paints smell different! :D
  505. K


    ^^ Ultimate SoCal inshore fish boat. G21 with that walkaround would be the ultimate SoCal offshore fish boat. Why no lip on the bow of the He-Man G17? I would think that would be even more important on an open boat like that??
  506. K

    What Is Your Opinion on This Type of Boat ?

    If money were no concern, a Freeman 33 pilot house would be the ultimate west coast fishing boat.
  507. K

    Looking for a boat with 10 foot beam or less

    Wow what a killer Blackman at a reasonable price. Especially with that power package.
  508. K

    JX Raptor or HXJ for local 50lb yoyo/dropper loop setup?

    Which one would you pick and why? Drag ratings and capacity are pretty similar. I need a good 50lb set-up for the above applications. Mostly targeting deep water yellows but will probably get some use for deep water rockfish as well. I'm thinking I'd go with 80lb braid to 50lb mono top shot...
  509. K

    What size Flat Falls and ColtSnipers?

    I like the smaller flat falls for offshore/paddy work. The slower sink = more time in the zone. Opposite applies if I'm targeting fish close to the bottom. Seems like the early season tuna tend to be keyed in on smaller baits as well.
  510. K

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    So long awesome story short: That boat was essentially stripped down to fiberglass, completely dismantled down to the hull, and rebuilt to CABO level standards. The green matches their big CABO sportfisher. Do yourself a favor and go through that whole thread. Very cool on many levels.
  511. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    I like how you opened it up. Looks good, and seems like it's more functional and less space capsule. would love to see some cockpit/cabin picks of that classic.
  512. K

    Barn find in Lompoc

    Ya, that's really good stuff. It's used to paint naval ships and offshore oil rigs. They also have some products which make great garage floor coatings (but pricey for sure).
  513. K

    Too many hooks?

    Oilager's reference specifies "inland waters". I think in the salt there is only a hook restriction when rockfishing??
  514. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Sweet skiff. The last 3 they've pumped out (Canyon's, Danny's. and this one, and probably a few in between I don't know about) have all turned out so killer. I really like the "condensed" splash well on this one to squeeze every square inch of usable deck space out of it. Did he consider...
  515. K

    For sale Skipjack 262 diesel $44,000.00

    Might be easier but it just wouldn't be the same (and you'd miss out not having those pics of ur boat in the red rocks).
  516. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Well at least they have good taste in boats. Do they come up for auction ever?
  517. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    LOL. Ando 22 for Lake Castaic? Isn't that like driving the kids to soccer practice in one of these:
  518. K

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    So, I know you really want a diesel (I'm a huge diesel fan myself, but I think those motors belong in a shaft), but have you seen the 1980 24 Skipjack Opened thread. On that rebuild (Yammie F300 on a bracket) he's seeing 2.8mpg at cruise. With all the added space both above and below decks I...
  519. K

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    There's some talk in the "Meet Maverick" thread in the Check out my boat forum regarding 6bt's w/ stern drives. They make it sound like a great set-up. . . for the stern drive repair shops/dealers.
  520. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Bump for my favorite thread on the internet. Skiff, and recent spy photos (or splash day photos) of the latest Greenoughs?
  521. K

    For sale: 2 60hp 4-stroke Suzuki outboards 2005

    How bout you keep the motors and I'll buy the boat they're attached to? ;)
  522. K

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    I agree. Keep saving and when you get out there get yourself a Freeman 28 :drool: with your small fortune.
  523. K

    Cold fish box

    The long range boats use RSW so I don't see why there would be a problem aside from actually getting it cold enough to freeze. Ideally salt water fish should be kept in salt water to avoid osmosis and degradation of the meat.
  524. K

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    If your primary concern is range then why not still consider an OB conversion and add a 2nd fuel tank in the existing engine compartment? High torque diesel on a V-drive would be awesome but you could buy a new boat (or 2) for what that conversion would cost.
  525. K

    Rainshadow RCLB80M for BDOutdoors raffle

    Love that marbling look!
  526. K

    Building A Custom 28' Aluminum Boat

    That's some impressive work to be doing in your garage. :cheers:
  527. K

    For the orphans

    That Mex flag tiger is so freakin cool.
  528. K

    Blackman 23 Pilot House

    Are you getting that blue one on CL? If so, congrats. That thing looks awesome.
  529. K

    Custom Fishing boat Catamaran radar sonar auto pilot 50g bait tank and more 25k

    Very cool. Is it a displacement or planing cat? How does it handle a following or rear quartering sea? Many cats are excellent in a head sea but get a little weird in the above conditions. What year was the hull made and who made it. GLWS.
  530. K

    Meet Maverick.......

    Why doesn't a Cummins 5.9 make the list? The more I see Maverick the more I like that color scheme. That light blue stripe and deck really set it off.
  531. K

    How Long to Get Out of SD Harbor?

  532. K

    advise ?

    Riddle boats also look like really nice HI made boats. Based on a Radon hull.
  533. K

    What would you buy ??

    How 'bout this one?
  534. K

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Just wen through this thread start to finish. Such an incredible transformation and awesome workmanship. I would love to see this same treatment applied to a skippy.
  535. K


    Or how 'bout if Canyon and I both order one at the exact same time maybe we can get a 2 for 1 special?? And you can just apply the G17 trade in value to both boats ;)
  536. K

    1998 16' CDORY Angler - $15,000

    Very cool little sled. Right up there with a Greenough 17 but at 1/2 the price.
  537. K


    Damn Bill. I'm digging the lines on the Double Edge. Very similar to the Salsipuedes. So mean/sinister looking.
  538. K

    Got in to them yesterday.

    Nice hunt and beautiful dog!
  539. K


    Very nice boat. Can't believe nobody has snatched that up yet. Current asking price?
  540. K

    Braid vs Mono Size. 50lb Braid with 40lb topshot?

    I would keep the mono rating under the braid rating just to make sure that the mono breaks first so as to not loose the braid which is considerably more expensive. If the plan is to use it primarily with 30lb I think you would actually be better off with the non-raptor mxj. The raptors don't...
  541. K

    Really Close Call

    Time to look into that bayonet mount.
  542. K

    Dana shore fishing?

    Yes. It's at 9th/10th St. as you're driving up PCH.
  543. K

    Roosters holding tight in the IV

    Nice Haul. Mixed bag hunting/fishing is my favorite kind of trip. What kind of dogs are those?
  544. K

    Best small boat for SD?

    I wouldn't let close quarter maneuverability issues deter you from seriously considering the shamrock. True it's not quite as easy as an outboard or I/O but with a little practice it won't be too difficult, especially considering it's still just a 20ft boat. The vast majority of ski boats are...
  545. K

    Best small boat for SD?

    That shammy is an awesome little sled. So versatile. Very offshore capable but easy to store and trailer too. That price seems more than fair too (no affiliation, I'm just a sucker for a nice inboard/shaft boat).
  546. K

    Furbag Population in Trouble

    I bet they taste fishy.
  547. K

    Honda 225 vs. 250

    Make sure that perma-trim isn't on there upside down :D
  548. K

    Chovy chucker

    Do you clip on the clothes pin so that it is pinching the line itself, or just inside the loop in the end of the line with the line sliding freely in that notch in the clothes pin? Relative noob here who grew up trout fishing on spinning gear and I really want to improve my casting ability on...
  549. K

    Xtaero Boats Build Thread (Baja Outboard)

    That's one beast of a bow rail. Nice job on the cabin lines.
  550. K


    I know many others have said it before me, but man the Andersons sure know how to design & build cabins. The lines on the Maverick, Rock Steady, Lowrider, Salsipuedes, and that seafoam/grey 22' above are pure perfection. It just doesn't get any better than that. Hey Bill/Ed: why don't you guys...
  551. K

    1968 Boston Whaler Menemsha redo...

    How's the 115 on gas compared to the 90 (assuming both are pushing the same hull)? Any real downside to stepping up to the 115 aside from initial cost?
  552. K

    1st 4 0f 15

    Less is more. I really like these.
  553. K

    New calstar build

    Killer tiger!
  554. K

    Which Avet Reel?

    MC is great if you'll be casting with the reel ( I love my MXJ MC), but if the reel is gonna be your trolling rig I would skip it.
  555. K

    18' radon

    There's one right now on CL Hawaii. Same 18x8 SB built hull configured as a center console. He's asking 10K IIRC.
  556. K

    17' SurfSki

    Here ya go skiff:
  557. K

    Radon 24 V drive project

    Ya, I've remember his posts on the other site talking about running it on his homebrew b100 biodiesel. $12 for a Cruz trip ain't too shabby. So what kinda economy and speed is he pullin with >200 diesel HP pushing that super efficient 17' hull??
  558. K

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Such a killer job. Coulda/shoulda come from the factory like that.
  559. K

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Reminds me of my buddy's neighbor that has a Hummer (H1). He had a bumper sticker made that said "Relax hippie, it's biodiesel" just so he wouldn't get harassed when he drove through OB.
  560. K

    Radon 24 V drive project

    Did you guys ever see/hear performance numbers after your G17 Wasabi was converted to a Yanmar 4BY3 by its new owner? At 150hp and well over 500lbs that seems like a lot of motor to stuff into 17'. I'm really curious if the results are as impressive as you got with Andale.
  561. K

    Toyota hookup???

    So now that you've had it for a few days and already put a few hundred miles on it how do you like it? I'm going to need to swap my King Cab Nismo Frontier out for something with a real back seat in order to cart the kids around. I really like the 4Runner TRD pro but I'm having a hard time...
  562. K

    Radon 24 V drive project

    So he's got a 500mi range at cruise?? :eek:
  563. K

    Radon 24 V drive project

    Bill, The single inboard diesel/v-drive is such a killer set-up especially with a walk-around engine box. Makes me wonder why Ed went with straight shafts on his personal Greenough's. Seems like the v-drive would be even more helpful on the smaller boats to improve the shaft angle?? Maybe...
  564. K

    Hum drum week

    I really like the cork tape grip but still with a reel seat. I wonder why you don't see that more often (except on some surf rods).
  565. K

    Possible New California State Record Wahoo??

    Anyone catch the fish count from the Legend 3/4 day yesterday? 29 Wahoo for 10 anglers. That is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.
  566. K

    WTB geenough 17'

    Congrats on the new ride. I'm sure we'd all love to see some on water pics and a report on how she goes.
  567. K

    WTB geenough 17'

    I don't think anyone was implying that it's not set-up well or that it's a bad boat, just that it's not the same hull (at least from a dimensions standpoint) as an Anderson built Greenough 17.
  568. K

    WTB geenough 17'

    I couldn't find any real specs on that hull but based on the photos it doesn't look nearly as beamy as an Anderson Greenough (7'10" at the stern IIRC).
  569. K

    WTB geenough 17'

    He's selling that cuddy panga?? I loved watching that thing come to life over on spearboard
  570. K

    Custom Refit 35' Albin Command Bridge

    Love that dark hull. Is it gelcoat or LP?
  571. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Bill, Do you have any pics showing the deck space on the "Wasabi"? I know Ed still has a ton of deck space on "Andale" but I'd think the doghouse would eat up a lot of what's available on a G17 (at least compared to the splashwell for an OB). Having that clean wide open transom would be...
  572. K


    And whoever beholdin those, beholdin 2 ugly rods. JK, I actually think they're alright. I'm really diggin the cord grip on the one.
  573. K

    Wanted radon

    Lack of deck space is the biggest issue with that boat. Open back pilothouse would also be a little better for fishing. Definitely a kick ass surf/dive boat though.
  574. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    What color is that new G17? In 1/2 the pics it looks bright blue and in the other 1/2 (harbor pics) it looks more greenish??
  575. K

    Radon 24 V drive project

    Can't wait to see this next project take shape Ed. If Andale is gonna need a new home to make your new dream a reality you let me know.
  576. K

    What rods for mxj's?

    I've got one on my Seeker Pinhead 1268-8 that I really like. Nice affordable option so I don't cry too much if it gets banged up on the cattle boats.
  577. K

    1979 21' radon must sell fast $12.000 RUNS Great Ready to fish This sums it up pretty good
  578. K

    1979 21' radon must sell fast $12.000 RUNS Great Ready to fish

    Ya kinda odd that it has that early Radon "dip bow" but then says Radoncraft on the PH which is what Harold Davis' early boats went by IIRC. Either way pretty hot deal.
  579. K

    Securing my Bait Tank to the Deck?

    I would think something like the inserts they use on snowboards would fit the bill. Just drill some shallow holes and glass em in.
  580. K

    Mckee craft 18 pulse pilot house build

    Ya, great lines with that raised bow. Part of me really wants to order a bare hull and have Andersons or Jeff Hull finish it with the full pilothouse treatment.
  581. K

    Mckee craft 18 pulse pilot house build

    That exact Riddle 19 is currently for sale on CL Hawaii
  582. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Is that blue more or less the same navy blue as Mas Olas? Are those dark gelcoat colors a bitch to maintain and keep looking nice? Are they more prone to chalking/fading than lighter colors?
  583. K

    The new Dodge Boat - Best way to waste $50k

    Man that really does suck. I love that he has his windshield wipers going though :rofl:LOL
  584. K

    24 radon

    That pic of your Radon is hilarious because with that light in the background it looks like the boat has inspector gadget style helicopter blades.
  585. K

    24 radon

    I was at that playground 2 blocks south with my kids. The wife and I decided to cruise around and look at houses on the way out since it's a nice neighborhood and low and behold I stumble on that nice Radon hull just sitting in that lot begging to be drug back to SB and brought back to life. If...
  586. K

    24 radon

    I'm not quite at the point in my life where I could undertake a ground-up bare hull project. Plus a 27' is a little more boat than I want for a long time. Still curious though. That'd be awesome if someone else here can jump on it.
  587. K

    24 radon

    Since we're talking about vintage Radon's, does anyone have any info on that hull that's sitting in the vacant lot on the 1400 block of Lake Dr. in Cardiff? I've only seen it from the road. It measures out to 27' on google maps.
  588. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Ed's boat is indeed pretty bad-ass. Can you guys that have a lot experience with these boats (Ed, Skiff, Gernsey, etc.) comment on the portability/towability of the G21's? Obviously the G17 is pretty much the ultimate when comes to an easily towable, ultra-portable boat that's still capable of...
  589. K

    Grady-White CC Boat Purchase

    Congrats again Lou. I'm happy for you and your family. After you get them out a time or two let me know when you wanna head out to the local banks. Bait and fuel on me. -Your favorite 'ologist ;)
  590. K

    18ft Stringari - $25000

    Care to elaborate? I love the G-17's and that's the first time I've ever really heard anything negative about their ride. I gotta admit these Stingari 18's look pretty sweet as well.
  591. K

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    That thing looks incredible Canyon. Congrats. Care to share a little about the configuration/rigging you decided to go with and what you'll be using the boat for primarily? Since the possiblities are close to endless on these little custom rigs I'm trying to gather as much insight as possible...
  592. K

    Windlass for 21 foot boat?

    Anybody have any opinions/thoughts on the drum/spool style anchor winches that are popular with the commercial guys? I know they are popular in Australia and make them for boats all the way down to 15ft. I don't think I've ever seen one on a private boat though.
  593. K

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Pelican King: Go to the thread Canyon linked a few posts up. Or if you're really serious give Anderson Custom Boats a call.
  594. K

    Ideal Boat for So Cal Waters

    I think the great thing about the Andos, Radons, or really any other custom builder is that you are getting an extremely well made boat that can be configured any way you like it. CC, walk around, closed PH, whatever and with whatever power set up you like tailored to the kind of fishing/diving...
  595. K

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Nice! Thanks SurfSeeker. Ask and you shall receive I guess. That one is set up pretty much exactly how I want mine. If you have any more pics of that boat PM 'em my way! It's got the caprail board boxes and twin OB's. I'd just tweak the lines on that PH a little bit. I'm envisioning a...
  596. K

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Awesome. Thanks Skiff for helping me get my G17 fix until I have one of my own some day. What's the long oval cutout for in the port side dash of both these boats? I'm really dying to see a G17 with a forward sloping windshield. I think I've only seen that on a couple G21's. Ok sorry for the...
  597. K

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Speaking of which, did that G17 splash yet?? Any recent photos since the couple skiff posted months ago? I plan on ordering my own G17 in a couple years and I love to see all the new ones they've been cranking out. I agree Canyon's has the best lines I've seen yet.