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  1. Capt Devo

    Dana Wharf review Oct. 2019

    Perfect family friendly landing and don't pass up Turk's afterwards ! RSW
  2. Capt Devo

    Dont know where this belongs....

    I would of kicked he ass when the boat got in
  3. Capt Devo

    San Clemente, Tanner, and Cortez

    Nice having along the rail bunks !!!
  4. Capt Devo

    Actual 40 pound tuna .

    That's a BFT Dude ??
  5. Capt Devo

    YAY Pegasus!! RESCUE

    Fake News.....Navy Seals would simply tie Tow Lines to their bodies and make the short 20 Mile swim to shore boat and all !! Semper Paratus Pegasus Crew !! Fun Fact: A few years ago the first Coast Guardsman successfully graduated BUDS/U.S. Navy Seals in Coronado, Ca I'm trying to think what...
  6. Capt Devo

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    When Gavin left you should of driven up in front of him back and forth for a good while this simple and legal maneuver will disable All his Fish Finders
  7. Capt Devo

    Dana Point Tuna Hunt 10/3 All High Spots/Mack Bank

    My Wednesdays Fish Dope code group report was spot on you always miss it by a day right? ! If you are not a subscriber check the Let's Talk Hook Up for your discount code and always Fish Hard Fella's awesome gang!
  8. Capt Devo

    Cow Bell Tuna

    Capt Greg at Port San Luis invented that rig but used it to limit out on XL Albacore not Rat Tuna....Cush and SkipOSon sold out on them.
  9. Capt Devo

    Friday Fail/Oceanside to Ridge and Out

    Give Oceanside a second thought tomorrow 6AM Great Sardines Thank you! Tip Him!!! Game plan hit the Lower Ridge and work my way up 182/181 and out Weather was a bit sloppy all day but Fishable for my 20footer The Ridge has lots of Life... birds whales miles of MicroChove/Terns No big secret...
  10. Capt Devo

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Don't die till you eat the Heart...
  11. Capt Devo

    9/21/19 Limits of YFT for 2

    Anything else you are leaving out?
  12. Capt Devo

    9/20 Bluefin near the 289

    Looks like one of the two I lost last week...
  13. Capt Devo

    WFO YFT Skippies - New Lo An Charter

    I always called it a Lift Pole...
  14. Capt Devo

    Swing and a Miss... North 9 and 178

    Monster Swordfish sounds like a MicroBrew...
  15. Capt Devo


    Joe Biden has plenty to spare!
  16. Capt Devo

    9/21 Dana point

    Yep.....I wonder what would happen if you pitched a Live Squid out in front of them?
  17. Capt Devo

    Dana Point report 9/14

    Love Bonito especially smoked nice day.... thanks
  18. Capt Devo


    Yep my Thur excursion in now on hold
  19. Capt Devo

    Tuna 0 Marlin 1

    My Wed trip out of there may go on hold I was waiting to get this update from the Ridge......Thanks
  20. Capt Devo

    Oside Nada 9.16.19

    It is always dis concerning when there are Tumble Weeds blowing around the parking lot. I was thinking about going on Wed-Thur but more out to 43bank. I got screwed by the closure one year so thanks!
  21. Capt Devo

    Wed-Thur? Any updates Oceanside/Offshore

    Trying to pull the trigger on my next run offshore anyone? Tuna still offshore North County Weather What they snapping on Or go next week ?
  22. Capt Devo

    Small smoker for beginners

    I use both put then ad more at 4hours
  23. Capt Devo

    Small smoker for beginners

    Those who said Little Chief please stand up. Order yours online It's an electric smoker for FISH ONLY (not meant for cuts of meat) They have 4- 12inch by 12inch racks spray them with Pam Soak your wood chips overnight which you should buy in bulk Line your dripping tray with foil This is a...
  24. Capt Devo

    Not a bad decision

    People still eat that s..t when there is Fresh Tuna everywhere? JUST KIDDING.....You are the smart one in the crowd !! When I am out there looking at fuel gauge and empty kill bag I want to be
  25. Capt Devo

    Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    Did it have one of my Live Bait Hooks down it's throat?
  26. Capt Devo

    25 Mosquito rebuild Kauai

    How did you get that big scratch on the side?
  27. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Fires/Damage Control If you own a Passenger for Hire Vessel in today's environment simply send your Crew Prospects here to Marine Industry Fire/Damage Control School in Seattle, WA and take the write off it will "most likely" become a USCG requirement now anyways...thanks to the Heroic M/V...
  28. Capt Devo

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Wow......Off to change my shorts.
  29. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Good come worries we know what you are driving at and hope everyone gets heard on this subject and things become safer because of every ones input on this nightmare.....Thanks!
  30. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Yes! And these same Fire Hoses are on the sides of the same Cabin/Main Deck that the Crew jumped down too safety without getting burned.They "could of fought this Fire" if they acted fast because the Engine Room was operating and the Fire Pump and 3-Class B Fire Extinguishers and the Fire axe to...
  31. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    The two fires hoses run off a 120/240volt 40amp Fire Pump located down in the Engine Room....which was not on fire! The ON/OFF Switch is located just inside and above the Engine Room door entry as well as the (WDP) wash down pump switch. This is the standard sport boat/crew boat application...
  32. Capt Devo

    9/12 - 302 to South 9 - YFT and BFT

    You have a Kind Heart for me it's always better never to be the "Big Radio Hero" it's the same as inviting Homeless People into your home for a free BBQ just to be told you are doing it all wrong, you will soon be ripped off as well. I send my personal friends who have Small Children aboard to...
  33. Capt Devo

    Oceanside to Lower SCI Ridge out 45m ( BFT Tonnage)

    Oceanside Bait at 7am great cured Dines 2 Hour run due South Flat Calm and OC 10am 1 boat on the Horizon The Lower Ridge As I closed in to many schools too choose from all BFT Went to huge Foamer of 30lb-40lb fish Tossed out Dine and dropped in in the rod holder Grabbed the Stella 80 fl launched...
  34. Capt Devo

    Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    You are a Genius for nailing the new standard for the SD Fleet. Do notice that these Failures of Command coincide with the heavy use of Cell Phones? For every asshole you catch texting or watching porn at a traffic signal there is another asshole on a boat that barely missed running into you...
  35. Capt Devo

    Condor 9/9 emergency

    Exactly how my Grandfather died and with a Yellow on the end of his line at North Island.......The Crew tried as well!
  36. Capt Devo

    Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    There is a lot more to this story when you do comparison shopping as soon as you hit the dock at the end of the trip. The Easiest Thing a Sport Boat Captain can do is to plant his boat right smack dab in the middle of the fleet "even if there is nothing biting" thus ensuring that his group will...
  37. Capt Devo

    Oceandide 95 1.5 day 9-7

  38. Capt Devo

    Bed bugs on boats

    Such a self inflicted injury to bring them into your home I have a friend that hired two separate Bed Bug Specialist only to have to tent his 2 Million Dollar house buy all new beds and then to find out later that that Contractor had broken 30 roof tiles and damaged the Tar Paper Underlayment...
  39. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Some of you guys are starting to sound a lot like this:
  40. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    All that the Licensed Crewmen and Drug Tested Deckhands needed to do was to have some First/Second Degree "we tried to save them burns" to show for their rescue attempts and they may not of been so Utterly Ruined for not setting their required Anchor Watch/Roving Patrolman for this they will...
  41. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I still stick with my theory that either the galleys Ice maker, Freezer or Refrigerator had a faulty Copper Coil and all the "oderless refrigerant" leaked out and down into the Bunk Room. This theory would explain away why everyone below deck became unconscious so fast and then a possible...
  42. Capt Devo

    BFT being BFT

    That's more like it! Where did you launch out of and can I borrow the Tady?
  43. Capt Devo

    What makes a Good Safety Speech?

    I have a feeling now that the Safety Speech will have to Morph into something where each passenger has to sign a piece of paperwork saying that they understand the Coast Guard Approved Safety Procedures "even before" the boat leaves the dock. Expect some major changes next season.
  44. Capt Devo

    What makes a Good Safety Speech?

    In light of current events with the M/V Conception I thought what heck I will do Search here on BD and find the Best of the Best Safety Speeches before leaving the Dock. I was surprised that there were none but maybe there could be one out there that would rise to the occasion of earning a...
  45. Capt Devo

    Breaking Tuna (video)

    Nice spot there General I would of put that fancy anchor of yours anchor down!
  46. Capt Devo

    50 Foot Crew Boat aground off Dockweiler State Beach

    Who has the red and white ones it isn't C&C Offshore maybe Ship Services?
  47. Capt Devo

    50 Foot Crew Boat aground off Dockweiler State Beach

    I can't help myself but to use these pictures of my Incestrial Lovers any chance I can I apologize Devo.
  48. Capt Devo

    50 Foot Crew Boat aground off Dockweiler State Beach

    It was on CH 9 News Live snot from chopper of red and white aluminum crew boat sideways in the surf at DockWeiller two guys milling around on deck waiting for a tow off. They said they would have more on it but didn't update story. Maybe they got the engines started I don't know maybe they were...
  49. Capt Devo

    50 Foot Crew Boat aground off Dockweiler State Beach

    Looks like an Off Shore Crew and Oil Supply Boat hard aground at Dockweiler State Beach I'm sure someone here will fill in all the blanks. No injuries so give this one a break you know who you
  50. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Why not try to give this crap a rest for a day or two..........more info coming out Monday on the Conception be glad to just be happy and healthy still able to fish on this Sunny SoCal Day enjoy it here!
  51. Capt Devo

    A true gentleman

    If you want to catch limits and throw them back go fishing with Corey and that a fact!
  52. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Someone here needs to take a breather go outside get some fresh air say maybe even try surfing as there is a swell and or fishing for fish instead, there is I whole World out there "you know who you are" other than playing Raymond Burr on Ironside it is a beautiful summer afternoon why waist it...
  53. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    To keep this thread alive longer then best to jump in the Uber.....good night
  54. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Crickets ?
  55. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    On Larmo......I can easily ignore or engage him....give it a try! Banning him would be like banning Trump from Twitter just because some people can't stand him. This Thread is about the 17 lost lives in the Duck Boat Disaster my thinking all along was the Captain missed his opportunity to...
  56. Capt Devo

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    The Captain says the verdict is still out on the Conception Disaster but Equipment Failures like this one just yesterday back East and posted in the link below can happen on the Safest of vessels at Sea as well. If your vessel takes a Beating at have to check over everything when you...
  57. Capt Devo

    A true gentleman

    That's why I call him the General, listen to Corey and save sometime!
  58. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Rick seem to have a strong "Safety Culture" I would say that myself as Master of 45 large boats oil crew and sport fishing that they all have there own personalities I have learned the hard way never to trust any of them as they will ruin you if you let them.
  59. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Yep most likely the highest rank of authority to be found on these issues here on BD plus I am tip toeing right and I can easily put myself right in the Captains Chair.
  60. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I understand and respect what your saying but imagine the smell of 34 sweaty bodies crowded into a bunk room hold under deck with no windows has to be well ventilated usually by AC.
  61. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I always respect your views year after year here on BD I would just like say to you that what is the guaranty that the Genset will restart when shut down at sea or on anchor....why would you risk it that close to the reef of a rocky Island way offshore the Genset keeps the boats system alive?
  62. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    The Owner orders that his boats shut down the Generator at night on their 75' Dive Boats is total Just find me all the other Dive or Sport Boats this size that will shut off the Genset and let their food and days catch thaw out and spoil overnight and end up draining out their main...
  63. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    After 45 years as Captain on all these types of passenger vessels of up to 200 Gross Tons from Astoria, OR to South of the Mexican Border for me comes down to this in my humble opinion: *A heavy "refrigerant gas leak" in the Galley Refrigerator/Freezer or AC Unit leading to compressor...
  64. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    There was no one awake and on Watch to notice these possible electrical faults/fires in the Galley: *Electric Grill, stove and or oven accidentally left on (grease fire) *Refrigerant gas loss/drain then compressor overheat galley refrigerator *Main Circuit breaker overload/fault burning galley...
  65. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Wait till they retrieve the "Black Box" till you judge everyone.
  66. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Or ask where are the Black Boxes?
  67. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    NTSB/CG Check the position of the knobs on the oven, stove and grill when you can. I think there had to be "a lot of heat" going on long before the fire started with the air conditioning pumping fresh air into the bunk room one noticed what was going on right above there heads till it was to...
  68. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Yep it was my brother Capt Greg K and Capt John D aboard the Marauder out of Avila that pulled you out of the water could of ended badly. When he got there you guys were floating around a burning hulk.
  69. Capt Devo

    Where are the fish?

    Ask your Salt Water Guide Captain David Hansen!
  70. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I think the galley stove would be all Electric the outside BBQ would of been the Propane source and any fumes in the engine room would be diesel so they wouldn't necessarily have to have the detectors you mention. Plus there is Gasoline for there inflatable stored somewhere above deck as well...
  71. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Let's be civil about this gang for now I would nix the propane switch the BBQ to Charcoal Briquets and leave the fireworks show to the professionals.....finger pointing at this point is not helpful for all we know someone could of been cooking a batch of Meth.
  72. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    There is usually a well marked bunk room "Escape Hatch" at the forward most end leading up to the galley and one each Fire Extinguisher per ladder way but some safety items requirements are Grandfathered "in or out" like the Engine Room Automatic Fire Suppression $ystems on some boats.
  73. Capt Devo

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Without smoke/fire suppression alarms in the engine room and galley or a Deck Watchman the fire may have had the chance to explode out of control. One could "speculate" a lack of adequate fire escape routes leading topside as problematic we will find out at some point if there were bunk room...
  74. Capt Devo

    9/1 Oceanside-209-312-182

    Yep I was next up out of Oceanside to fill my freezer here on Tues now I need to rethink......thanks.
  75. Capt Devo

    Bed bugs on boats

    If you stay at a Hotel or Bunk Boat strip down in the garage and run right up to the shower.....leave your luggage outside and wash and spray everything that has to go back in the house. Once you get bed bugs your whole house is screwed over and you will need new beds.
  76. Capt Devo

    KFBK Bob Simms Outdoor Show Large Albacore

    For those who wake up early and have an AM Radio or Alexa there is a 4 hour Let's Talk Hook Up Style Show on AM 93.1 IHeartradio in Northern Cal with Moderator Bob Sim's. A report out of Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg Friday had sea temps up to 10 degrees warmer than usual. Sport boats are reporting...
  77. Capt Devo

    Bed bugs on boats

    Only way to kill the Bed Bugs is to have your boat tented same goes with houses.
  78. Capt Devo

    North bar butts and a biscuit. 9/3/19

    Why is it called a biscuit?
  79. Capt Devo

    Pride incident

    That's right .....Make Tuna Fishing Safe Again
  80. Capt Devo

    Great day 8-29

    It gets tense if your buddies paid for part of the bait or fuel so I don't take a dime anymore. I prefer to find my own fish when possible and am fine if someone else cruises in on me uphill very very slowly. September is my month to slay South out of Oceanside....reports to come.
  81. Capt Devo

    Pride incident

    Yes Sir... I would of swam over and beat him to an inch of death because I am a good Dad!
  82. Capt Devo

    Great day 8-29

    Fishing solo rocks....much more relaxing than taking out my expert buddies. They cry like little babies if I won't drive right up on top of and poach everyone who is in any kind of a stop. These experts insist on chasing down every boat on the horizon and must be in middle of the fleet even when...
  83. Capt Devo

    Pride incident

    If he had hit my Son in the eye with that lead weight.....very bad ending for him.
  84. Capt Devo

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Even I get a backlash now and then!
  85. Capt Devo

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    When they pull that shit on me I wait till they leave then I simply set a Zig Zagging course a "safe distance right in front of them" turn for turn my prop wash will blank screen all there fish finding electronics.....they will soon have their well earned major melt down! Don't get mad get...
  86. Capt Devo

    Son in laws first tuna.

    As fast as you can turn off the gate valve and plug in or spice the two wire connectors and turn back on the gate valve. But I have the wash down running inside the bait tank and when I run water circulates which helps.
  87. Capt Devo

    8/22 Yellowfin (+ tips for success)

    Fluro is like premium gas versus regular unleaded they both work great but some engines are more picky than others.....go figure! If the fish are hungry they don't care.
  88. Capt Devo

    8/22 Yellowfin (+ tips for success)

    This guy knows how to do the report...just the guts of it! Thanks dude
  89. Capt Devo

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Cartel related could be full of blow regardless it should have a beacon on it as there are so many people that feel totally safe full throttling offshore at night even during whale season; they will get out of your way dude.... ya right.
  90. Capt Devo

    YFT Chum? Anything other than live stuff?

    Just buy an extra half scoop of sardine then bag it up and put it in your cooler use it for chunking and save the extra in your freezer.
  91. Capt Devo

    Son in laws first tuna.

    Spare beer and a bait pump are the most important of necessities to store onboard in case of an emergency in that order of course. If I hear the smallest inconspicuous of sounds coming from my pump I will change it out immediately as there only trustworthy for about a year. If you buy the...
  92. Capt Devo

    302 YFT! Thanks to Hardcore!!!

    The U.S. Navy doesn't even allow our General Cory near their Submarines, you would be surprised how many Sunday Sailors would simply drive right over the top of a Nuclear Submarine. Sadly it's may only a matter of time till the U.S. Navy gives us the finger and closes down San Clemente Island...
  93. Capt Devo

    302 YFT! Thanks to Hardcore!!!

    That's because they know Corey is the General !
  94. Capt Devo

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail (video)

  95. Capt Devo

    Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Limits ( oediv )

  96. Capt Devo

    Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Limits ( oediv )

    Good times good friends great action and lot's of good memories Kudo's fellas!
  97. Capt Devo

    SCI Smelly Salmon Grouper!

    This guy totally gets it.....even leaving the slime and scales on adds to overall spoilage!
  98. Capt Devo

    8.17 - 267, 209 277 152 not happening yet

    Good intel thanks.....I hope to look on Weds
  99. Capt Devo

    YFT- casting to crashers, got some 8/18

    As long as the Pooch approves I do as well.
  100. Capt Devo

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Hanapa'a!! Jeez Captain you don't need to set the hook on me 10 times like the tunas on your fishing videos.....OK I got it Mr. Hooker it's all good no olive leaf, I won't be your new friend either so there.
  101. Capt Devo

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Just a suggestion Cory get your Captain's License and start charging Bare Boat Fees to your passengers as you fish hard and you know how to "set those Circle Hooks" like nothing I have ever seen anywhere else. Like Dan Hernandez people seem to enjoy your style and popular tuna/yellowtail posts...
  102. Capt Devo

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Feeding the whole neighborhood......I rather release um!
  103. Capt Devo


    A classic SD break especially in the winters south swell but crowded by the aggressive Local Kooks high on drugs beware.
  104. Capt Devo

    Yellowfin Invasion!!!! 8/16

    10/4 Captain you will have incoming traffic off the stern/bow of your North/South compass heading as well as your fishable position of Easterly due Westerly location of your compass rose perimeters. That's Navy jargon for here we come!
  105. Capt Devo

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Great news Captain the important thing is you can get some sleep and worry about your boat work later. Everyone is safe good job as a Coast Guard Veteran I say you did good today!
  106. Capt Devo


    These are the most valuable of the reports.....thank you thank you thank you!!!
  107. Capt Devo

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    A 23 foot fishing skiff that is not yours floating off one of the Channel Islands have never ended up in a Salvage Lawsuit it is petty to steal a skiff because the unfortunate owner is not on it. The owner has the pink slip not some ill informed Kook wanting a free boat just because the owner...
  108. Capt Devo

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Hey what's a matter with feeding the crab's and lobsters big deal all Harbors in the World stink that's what Harbor's do. If your filleting outside the Harbor the Surfer's have to watch out for Sharks. The Sealion's I am told are very upset about all this carcass dumping too because it...
  109. Capt Devo

    Rigging Flying Fish Q:

    Unless you make your own there all frozen if your lucky enough to find them at all but the treads you want on rigging are all over Utube. Can you image live baiting one on a foamer?
  110. Capt Devo

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    I triple Heavy Duty Trash Bagged one of mine and put it in a dumpster behind a local restaurant here in town. But some brain dead Homeless Person had to rip it open to see what was inside, the smell was unimaginable they had to close the outside seating area for three days.
  111. Capt Devo

    Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Welcome Marko so glad to have you aboard looks like you have the skills necessary for slaying one of our So Cal Gaint Bluefin Tunas here on our coast There are a couple boats out of SD looking for an extra hand when you get here look up the M/V Prowler or try the M/V Invicta both perfect...
  112. Capt Devo

    A bunch of 300+ pound Bluefin landed.

    We're going to need a bigger freezer!
  113. Capt Devo

    Boat Hull cleaning

    Sorry I couldn't resist but you get the best in-tell here whether you want it or
  114. Capt Devo

    Boat Hull cleaning

    Great Fish Report !! How many Barnacles did you end up with and how big were they, did you get them at your slip or offshore? Did you get just Barnacles or were there Mussel too? Were there more on your Bow or were they thicker under your Stern? Did the Bottom Cleaners use a Plastic Putty...
  115. Capt Devo

    Fishing Etiquette ( video )

    Is this just one of your fishing videos? Anyways once school starts back up it will mellow out in a hurry. If your fishing the bottom straight up and down it shouldn't really matter if someone does a drive by on you. The rest of this is typical BS and should be expected every time you leave the...
  116. Capt Devo

    O'side to 181 7.30.19

    Let's Talk BS Hook Up says it was wide open everywhere? Thanks !!!
  117. Capt Devo

    8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    I always run my Chum Bag 100 feet behind me using the cheap yellow/poly pro floating line. Then when a brain dead idiot runs it over I send out 100 more feet into there props.Usually people see it at the last minute and get all huffy when have to hit full reverse. They will pick up a bad...
  118. Capt Devo

    Wind prediction

    Don't rely on they don't make sense half the time !
  119. Capt Devo

    Increased San Clemente Island Closures

    No Iran is the next target then the Tuna Seiners !
  120. Capt Devo


    I heard they were going to build a Gulf Coast style Boat Barn so your stuck selling your trailer and then if you want your boat on a busy morning good luck getting it down.......huge mess.
  121. Capt Devo

    DP Boat Ramp parking FULL

    Full at 11am and this with poor fishing....Total Disaster times 100! If they go thru and build a 8 story Gulf Coast style Boat Barn you still have to store your trailer some where and what happens when everyone wants there boat down at the same time there's no room at their dock and you still...
  122. Capt Devo

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    I got you Buck I'm on your side all the other boats had near limits I'm told by the guy at the Bait Dock. Just don't Tip the Crew next time unless you get your
  123. Capt Devo

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    I agree with you as cleaning the boat is an "hour and a half" of hard work and sweat plus the Deck Hands have made a fortune already this season on all the previous trips to the Islands. I'm sure the break was well needed!
  124. Capt Devo

    Coronados 7/25

    Don't you have anything else to add....jk Thanks
  125. Capt Devo

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    I'm sure Captain and Crew were glad not to any catch fish and not make any money, it was probably the Captain's first time running the boat by himself or he just didn't want to get the boat dirty. Captain's can only be either Hero's or Asshole's, what do you think yours was?. He did like...
  126. Capt Devo

    Oceanside Tuna?

    I remember when I was Second Deckhand for Captain Dave Reynold's Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf in the summer 1973. They were some very boat shy 30lb Blue fin that made a brief showing on the edge of the San Onofre Kelp Bed in June. And the closest one I remember being caught was by Steve Lasarge at...
  127. Capt Devo

    Oceanside Tuna?

    You know it is wide open when there are tumble weeds on the launch ramp.
  128. Capt Devo

    To windy said it was out of the Northwest at 5
  129. Capt Devo

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    How do you know it was really some random guys on the radio?
  130. Capt Devo

    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    I could just be me but the Saturday-Sunday Offshore Let's Talk Hook Up Fish Reports always seem to conflict with each other. For instance Captain Dave's Sunday's Report on local Offshore to the Channel Islands was the exact opposite of the way Captain Mark Wisch of Pacific Edge had explained it...
  131. Capt Devo

    7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    You would think that there would be some Yellowtail, Bonito, Barracuda or school of large Mackerel or something to fish for on the long ride into the beach. But it may as well be just a warm Winter day out and back to the old deep water Rockfish Grounds's a dead sea just 12...
  132. Capt Devo

    Weds's Zip Oceanside to 181/182/42 and Back

    Yep but 20 more miles South means an extra 40 miles plus to the round trip I hold 40 gallons and no one was doing a Smoke Hold that direction today... but yep your right it aways!
  133. Capt Devo

    Weds's Zip Oceanside to 181/182/42 and Back

    If you prefer launching from Oceanside in search of what we had last July it wasn't there today. The big clue this morning at 6am was that the Harbor was a Ghost Town the launch ramp was deserted I should of went home. The bait dock is hurting for customer so I give a $20.00 tip on my half...
  134. Capt Devo

    Boat flipped at SCI

    Fishing offshore is Jeff's life someone should do his Go Fund Me? His best friend Brad and I helped Jeff when he got this boat from some guy back East. Strange situation as he runs lot's of extra anchor chain for a boat that size and he installed a heavy duty bow roller to run it. Knowing Jeff...
  135. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    You can upgrade your lost tackle to there new surf fishing rods and reels for limited load Pacifica Corbina and Yellowfin Croaker Specials a surf fisherman's dream trip!
  136. Capt Devo

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    Yep.....There total visionaries there next trip as an overnight Corbina and Yellowfin Croaker Special a limited load. BYO Sand Crab's, Mussel and Clam however.
  137. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Brad Brad was out and about surfing Trestles earlier this winter but haven't seen him around this spring I am sure he has more than paid his debt to society. He's not like the Capt of the Exxon Valdez or Andrew he just hurt his family more than anything.....hope he is allowed to come back if...
  138. Capt Devo

    7/2 tough day for tuna. G/W sighting.

    Spear fishing then the shark shows up?
  139. Capt Devo

    looking for deckhand

    Call the Pacifica crew.
  140. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    The main take away from 29 pages of this is.....To simply take away the Auto Pilot and the Captain's Chair even Captain Andy Narcolepsy can't fall asleep standing up?
  141. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Well said.....just stay awake on your wheel watch.... the crew of the Mayflower had the same rules why mess with perfection.
  142. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    It's a shame that the Coast Guard required Roving Deck Watchman didn't give a shout upstairs after they passed the harbor mouth.....stellar operation? Thank you Moderators..... lot's of helpful information still coming out so the public can make informed decisions about there safety!
  143. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Thanks...I admire your interest in the matter Larmo but for all practicality the San Diego sport fishing season is "limited to about 4 to 5 months" a year. What you propose would be much to complicated and expensive for mostly High School Graduate's on there 1st 2nd or 3rd Issue Master's...
  144. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Your rambling diatribes are mostly merit-less and make it more than clear that the Auto Pilot was at fault as it was driving when the M/V Pacifica grounded on the beach near the Harbor on the morning of June 29 2019. Please stop building your tortured and pathetically transparent liability case...
  145. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    A new Coast Guard requirement would be to simply put a moratorium on the use of Auto Pilots and Captain's Chairs on there Certificate of Inspections and require the crew to Hand Steer-Standing Up. Lastly Captain Frank is blameless you Pinhead he's not the fleet babysitter sounds like the...
  146. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    You just have to be Smarter than the Job....not to complicated.
  147. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Good point they make Airline Pilots stay awake why not Coast Guard Licensed/Inspected and Certified Passenger Carrying Vessal's too... well said.
  148. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Yep.....Well said!!! I think a little judging is OK however as whom with every and all State of the Art Marine Electronics at their disposal in 2019 and on a clear morning drives into a Life Guard Tower on the beach next to the Harbor in the month of June the very beginning of the fishing season...
  149. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Dude it's only June and they can't keep their eyes open for the passengers safety WTF?
  150. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Yes I have in fact I am on my Issue 8th Masters License/200 Ton working Offshore Oil Rigs and Sport Fishing at Landings from Monterrey, Morro Bay, Avila Beach, Channel Islands, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, Dana and Bill Pooles Second Captain in the early 80's I always just...
  151. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Total losers tail between there legs little Captain sleepyheads.......hope the Coast Guard pulls there Licenses and Certifications until they catch up on all their quality sleep time! There not going to be able to get insurance after this disgrace as well. Dudes just Set Your Radar Watch Circle...
  152. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Over worked what a joke??? Then get out of the business already!
  153. Capt Devo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    There is Zero excuse this is a disgrace on whole the SD Fleet especially months after the Prowler fiasco. These so called SD Highlighters belong at the boat ride at Disneyland. Captain Bill Poole put it best if you can't handle the long hours your in the wrong business. The United States Coast...
  154. Capt Devo

    Boat flipped at SCI

    Someone said this was Captain P Jeff out of Dana Wharf/Boardroom II it happened shortly after the Navy made him pull anchor in the Cove which had been closed CH16 .....but I have not confirmed which Jeff from Dana PT it is. Looks like a Maritime 25 but there are a few of them out of Dana. It...
  155. Capt Devo

    Boat on Rocks SCI

    Anyone else see that Maritime 25 on the rocks on SCI didn't have a scratch on it?
  156. Capt Devo

    Liberty Killed it...

    The distance that must be afforded on the drift is of particular importance in the code of etiquette it is often that novice fisherman do not yet fully recognize the potential danger in crossing in front of or behind another vessel. The nearest vessel should be no more the 100 yards buffer zone...
  157. Capt Devo

    Liberty Killed it...

    In Hawaii they call them Remora's
  158. Capt Devo

    Mussel Farm

    I usually don't share when I crap my pants but I am always glad when others do as it helps saves me time and money on trip good luck next time and thanks dude.
  159. Capt Devo

    PQ Heartbreaker

    Fishing is typically not all about catching fish, it is punctuated with long periods of waiting and major heart break sometimes. These large fish are always problematic as lines get tangled fish get under the boat and sharks can arrive. Gaffing a fish that has been brought to the boat calls for...
  160. Capt Devo

    My first yellowtail ever - video

    Finally back at Dana Landing but awesome dudes
  161. Capt Devo

    Another Mission Belle 4/15 postAgain just a couple of yellows here

    Best report ever that's the Way to Roll....Brian and Franko are awesome and you are right it is always that the fish bit wide open the day You are #1 Dad!!!
  162. Capt Devo

    What Island do your bros live on I might move to Kauai and bring over my center consul....

    What Island do your bros live on I might move to Kauai and bring over my center consul....
  163. Capt Devo

    Yep hay Stacking Rods is low class BS that was a good reply!!!!!!!!!1

    Yep hay Stacking Rods is low class BS that was a good reply!!!!!!!!!1
  164. Capt Devo

    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    Hay Stacking Rods against a sharp metal bow pulpit is cluster fuck and sportboat is spelled sport boat....just saying.
  165. Capt Devo

    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    That's whats so funny it is "no extra effort at all" to not have to move everyone's expensive rods we simply spot scrubbed the cabin when we rinsed the boat off with fresh water back at the dock. Bill Poole insisted this on our "short trips" on the longer trips we would move the rods a few at a...
  166. Capt Devo

    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    When all the passengers are off the boat we bleached the decks and scrubbed the sides of the cabin usually on the way to the fuel dock or back but never with passengers aboard... why is that bad?
  167. Capt Devo

    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    It's reasonable because the boat has to be hit with fresh water back at the dock anyways no good deck hand is going to be a big cry baby about taking 10 minutes to hit the cabin sides after everyone is off the boat. It's much easier because you don't have to worry about "over-stacking" and...
  168. Capt Devo

    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    Yes..We always saved the sides of the cabin to do at the dock it takes 10 minutes simply leave there rods alone. Risky to use bleach with passengers on board, its never worth the risk of getting it in someone eyes or ruining there clothes! If my rods were pinned against that sharp stainless...
  169. Capt Devo

    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    Typical Open Party BS Cleaning the boat on the way in is standard on a long run home but I didn't let my crew move the rods along the cabin for this reason: The passengers don't like "anyone" touching/bundling/stacking and most importantly "relocating" there gear it causes damage. Plus it only...
  170. Capt Devo

    April 6-7 Salmon

    Boats completely booked with 1 fish limits when they can get out past the break waters Santa Cruz/Moss Landing south to Monterrey.
  171. Capt Devo

    April 6-7 Salmon

    Catch the Out Door Show before Let's Talk Hook Up every Saturday morning at 5am-8am on AM-KFBK 1530 Sacramento with Bob Simms it is at the bottom of the dial next to Korean Station. The moderator Bob Simms is a famous guy up there and they cover the entire Central Coast the Delta and every Lake...
  172. Capt Devo

    1090 radio Fishing show Off the Air?

    $$$$$$$ stupid
  173. Capt Devo

    any update on the Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision?

    Simply going by USCG Safety Office "past history" and not taking my word in anyway expect this outcome. With the marine casualties involved expect both of the Captain's who were actually the Captain's "on watch" to be reprimanded with the "give way" vessel's Captain taking a huge hit loosing his...
  174. Capt Devo

    Trolling with lures for Sea Bass and Bonito - Kayak Fishing

    Ya ya it is a big one ya ya git da fishes in da boat ya ya.....finga da hymem
  175. Capt Devo

    Sea Lions Owned

    Sorry someone already got bad It's in Canada they may have different rules up there.
  176. Capt Devo

    Fried Chicken & Marlin

    good job
  177. Capt Devo

    Cleaning Your Fishing Hat

    Soak it in bleach for two days then put it in the trash can.
  178. Capt Devo

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Sep. wrap-up.

    Thanks for taking your time to post this. I look forward to my move to Molokai when my son leaves home to join the Air Force. Save me some fish!
  179. Capt Devo

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    This could be good news for all on board in the day of $1000.00-plus rods and reels holding $400.00 of fishing line.on them,.sounds like they have someone on there side.
  180. Capt Devo

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    I hear you Boss but we're talking Trueline Rod's$$ here, having said this your a good man Larry for taking your time on this!
  181. Capt Devo

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    Fishead: Your Tackle Shop can vouch that they filled the $700.00 reel on your $700.00 prized Trueline rod using a store copy of a dated work order and or receipt."If you lost yours" have them include all the relevant rod and reel value information on there "pick up's and drop offs"...
  182. Capt Devo

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    :Singin_In Please resist any urging' s to start back up with the "Locked" Prowler Tread :Singin_In
  183. Capt Devo

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Yep just ask the crew of the Marauder at Port San Luis Sport Fishing Avila, Ca back in the 80's on the Albacore grounds when they put the trolling feathers out in the morning and soon found out they lost someone over the side on the way out 4 hours earlier. The deck hand said that he was not a...
  184. Capt Devo

    What happened to the Prowler?

    There is a 12 Volt Battery under the Dash specifically for the VHF Radio also in all the video and still pictures you will find that if you look at the stern that the manifold for the Genset is pumping raw water also the some above and below deck lights or on. Lastly the Coast Guard will gladly...
  185. Capt Devo

    What happened to the Prowler?

    San Diego Sport Boat Operators this is your shot across the bow for random Licenses, Certifications and Inspections, tear your own vessel apart before the Coast Guard does. It would be safe to say that the entire fleet is now under the Coast Guard Marine Safety Officer's Microscope for the near...
  186. Capt Devo

    What happened to the Prowler?

    The back is broken in front of the bait tank which spells total loss theses boats of not all that expensive so the insurance company will probably want to send it to a land fill after it is no longer a crime scene.
  187. Capt Devo

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Dude did you see the pictures......the Prowler is scrap.
  188. Capt Devo

    What happened to the Prowler?

    What speculating? That Prowler was hit on her starboard side? That Attessa was holding a southerly course until turning to port? That Prowler wasn't showing up on AIS? That is pretty well established and figuring out various possible causes of the collision, and how each might have been...
  189. Capt Devo

    What happened to the Prowler?

    San Diego Sport Boat Fleet: This is "your" shot a cross the bow for the San Diego Fleet to anticipate stepped up Marine Safety Office LA/LB randoms for inspections and or boarding's for all Licensed, Certified and Inspected passenger vessels. Find time to tear your own vessel apart before the...
  190. Capt Devo

    10/18 liberty 3/4 day limits of fun! Baby fish

    This is exactly why I always recommend using bigger bait, what are they charging to clean those size models $2 per? Good eats!
  191. Capt Devo

    Need Oceanside Harbor Offshore Dope/sorry

    Thanks it is so tortuous trying to pull the trigger from my house Dana Pt as it is a lot of work from start to finish even on a 20 foot cc good to know about the rat YF big YF is what I wanted OK mission Bay. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  192. Capt Devo

    Need Oceanside Harbor Offshore Dope/sorry

    Sorry for dumping this here but I am running out of time this week to pull the trigger. When I have to Solo on my center console i predominantly fish out of Oceanside and go South about 30-40 miles but there has been Zero Oceanside Dope here on BD. Two things OS/Bait Schedule and any first...
  193. Capt Devo

    9 mile skippie madness 10/14

    MCRD Launch Ramp the Military Veterans Dirty Little Secret And yes Skipjack is awesome.... I just sprinkle on a little salt and pepper wrap them in foil and pop them into the trash
  194. Capt Devo

    What are the best gloves for LR Fishing?

    There handy for feeding spectra back on to your reel.....Promar has them....don't just buy one pair it's nice to have some dry ones
  195. Capt Devo

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Here is what happens when you report this to the Coast Guard: They take down all the names and numbers then they meet you at the dock then they tear every ones boat apart from bow to stern. Then you are left with thousands of dollars in fines for the most trivial of things like tears in life...
  196. Capt Devo

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Ya think so......nope as long as all the passengers get early limits and have there fish cleaned there is no stress at all $$$$
  197. Capt Devo

    Condom bank or bust!

    Hey just look at the bright side....................hum never mind.
  198. Capt Devo

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    He's right about this....doesn't pay to be a Hot Head huh Captain? I just go as far away from this shit as I can but that's just me after 40 years of this. That casting range rule is stupid BS just go find something else.
  199. Capt Devo

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    What?....Have you seen an Alaskan Pursein/Drift Net Salmon opener? You can throw the rule book out the window just push the other boats off with your gaff or boat hook. The Coast Guard doesn't referee fishermen they expect you to use common sense. If you complain to them they will probably meet...
  200. Capt Devo

    Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

    As long as everyone is fishing up an down on small grade fish it isn't that big a deal as long as the passengers are behaving. It looks a lot like the private boater was probably there at the same time as the sports the crew's were probably laughing at the absurdity and just don't care looks...
  201. Capt Devo

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Don't waist the Coast Guards time......find out who there insurance company is and complain to them it is a huge burn If they really did something dangerous which I didn't see in your video. If the there passengers left the boat happy then they will say you were at fault if they had an off trip...
  202. Capt Devo

    70-100lb yft on porpoise in us waters

    What stickbait did you use, how warm was the water and what color, what was in the tuna's belly, were they Dolphin or Porpoise what were the numbers and what is corroded with tuna mean.........what are you hiding come clean Aaron?
  203. Capt Devo

    Now that is a big Bluefin Tuna

    Did they release it? 400#
  204. Capt Devo

    Rpt. 09-26-18 O-95 1.5 Day, YFT Limits, A DoDo, JP!

    Sounds like you didn't have to sign a waiver.............
  205. Capt Devo

    La Jolla seal assault.

    You got you 357, 302 30 06 and your obligatory seal bombs.....
  206. Capt Devo

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    I think he meant like he's going to fight you? Like first round knock out?
  207. Capt Devo

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Will you be willing to sign one of your waivers first?
  208. Capt Devo

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    This Pinhead is one of there boat scrubbing Dead Heads don't respond to the troll it's just a waist of your time! I can just see it......did everybody sign there BFT waiver?
  209. Capt Devo

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Have a close look at the Eyeballs, milky white maybe the RSW blew a fuse?
  210. Capt Devo

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    This is close to the end of an 24/7 epic summer season the owners and crew of the Constitution are totally burned out by now and make more money going South for Skipjack and YFT. Now is a good time for some of the burn outs to park it for the season and start there yearly boat maintenance. By...
  211. Capt Devo

    Bait issue, but not fish issues 9/23

    When your bait pump lets out one little squeal......get a new one
  212. Capt Devo

    Fish processing reccommendations

    Where and when did you catch them.... how big where they.... what were the chewing on..... how was the weather..... how was the you have any more killer pictures .....dude great report !!!
  213. Capt Devo

    Dana Point Bonita and 14 Mile 9-24

    Nice Bonita to they taste the same in my........
  214. Capt Devo

    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    Tell your Son nice Tuna dude........Good Dad! But he needs the obligatory Zinc Oxide on his nose and bottom lip Mama will be mad if he comes home fried......
  215. Capt Devo

    Yellowfin (Friday 9/21)

    Just so you know Captain it is totally illegal to sell your Skipjack or any other sport caught fish unless you have a State of California Deportment of Fish and Wildlife Commercial Fishing License for everyone on board and for your boat. Captain I would be very careful selling your Skipjack on...
  216. Capt Devo

    Little sloppy

    Custom Panga gets wind whipped.....maybe me on Wed
  217. Capt Devo

    Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    There are long distances between the BFT grounds and the below the 425 YFT grounds. There Dead Heads probably wanted YFT to top off there freezes before this all comes to a wind driven halt. There's tons of spots on the bft target boats but I do share your pain $$$$$
  218. Capt Devo

    Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    Did you fish Halibut at the bait dock or was that off limits to?
  219. Capt Devo

    Solo Seshion Success Video

    Cool I'l triple and say Fintastic
  220. Capt Devo

    9/18 Sea Adventure 80 Trip Report

    Dan!!!!!!! Your the Man !!!!!!! Any room left on your next Dan Hernandez Charter?
  221. Capt Devo

    9-18 9- hidden to hide me

    I must be me but it doesn't look all that bad out there your Icin Glass is dry???? How much was your EBIERB?
  222. Capt Devo

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    When I was in the Coast Guard all we brought back was the plastic
  223. Capt Devo

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    You may not agree but here is the down and dirty:
  224. Capt Devo

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Chinese like there giant clams, whale sharks, Mola Mola/Sunfish, any sharkfins, any baby fish and they never bring there garbage back to the dock some people say? And they rape all the Marine Sanctuaries and came close to getting a permit to fish Mexican Waters the same way a few years back.
  225. Capt Devo

    Larger grade Bonita off Newport

    I love those grande Pacific Bonitos, but those little Bonita's are just as tasty........... Bonito Recipe: Just the clean meat Fry in butter Bacon fat Garlic salt That's it..........................
  226. Capt Devo

    Coronados Bluefin/Bonito/Seals 9/11 & 9/13

    I have no idea where the yellows have gone. Only got one small one. Tons of bait all over and hard to keep the bigger Bonito off your lures. When you are Yellows are inside of the Sealions:mad:
  227. Capt Devo

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    They were off Oceanside on Weds I tried to put them on a fishy patty no call back on CH11............? Wonder how they did
  228. Capt Devo

    BEWARE Launch Ramp Closed 9/16 Oceanside Harbor BEWARE

    i GOT BURNED LAST YEAR..........Thousands of dollars of tackle sitting there while I ran off to get my truck, nothing got ripped but many new grey hairs during that long walk:mad:
  229. Capt Devo

    BEWARE Launch Ramp Closed 9/16 Oceanside Harbor BEWARE

  230. Capt Devo

    25 Miles Out of Oceanside Report 6am-3pm

    Mike get back to us if you can, my report was pretty clear..... Offshore 25 miles South of Oceanside but anyways what did you and your boy end up with yesterday hope you two slayed them !!! I'm going the distance all the way to the "Blue Fin Grounds" solo Wed leaving early any buddy boaters...
  231. Capt Devo

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Fish my Kite all you want just stay away from my Green Stick......say the Hawaiian's LOLLOL
  232. Capt Devo

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    I won't go unless it is calm on a Tues-Wed-Thur but that's just me, but having said that I see a lot of epic Sat-Sun reports......go figure
  233. Capt Devo

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    Crap! I just remembered I'm brining Dorado I forgot that step not to late......thanks. Here's is the undisputed and best brine bar none* 2 cups brown sugar 1/4 cup salt 1/2 cup soy sauce or teriyaki 1 cup pineapple or apple juice 3 bay leaves Ad some Coke during the last 3 hours only*** Soak...
  234. Capt Devo

    Dodo Thursday Oceanside

    Be glad I left those for you..........great report. On the pump if anyone is listening if you hear just one weird squeak from you bait pump change it out
  235. Capt Devo

    09/08/18 The Salt shaker finds em early

    What nobody works
  236. Capt Devo

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Back to etiquette: Having run all manner of sport boats from Monterrey to San Diego and all points in between I have learned this. People can't help themselves with there radio for instance I have friend I take with me on my rig who is a good fisherman and he has his own boat but I always...
  237. Capt Devo

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    Ya a lot of skip left in parking lot someone said........good smoked give it to me!!
  238. Capt Devo

    Offshore/Islands report 9/12

    Oh yea, I found a tiny baby porpoise out floating - kind of a bummer. Never seen that before. I roll pro life sad to see this
  239. Capt Devo

    1 skippy

    They went 25 Miles Out of Oceanside
  240. Capt Devo

    25 Miles Out of Oceanside Report 6am-3pm

    I worked on all the boats there plus many others in Monterey, Morro Bay, Avila, Sana Diego also ran many oil and supply boats up and down the coast. Yes Reel Fun is there oldest boat.
  241. Capt Devo

    25 Miles Out of Oceanside Report 6am-3pm

    The big Fish Billy's shatter fiberglass if you miss so I do it like that is that OK
  242. Capt Devo

    25 Miles Out of Oceanside Report 6am-3pm

    20' Custom Fishing Skiff by Trophy, Pacific Edge and Rail Makers. The thing around my neck shuts off the motor if I fall overboard MOB/ $300.00 can save your life Plan full day patty of hopping 6am Along side the receiver all my mixed sized sardines did well in the warm water 25 miles South of...
  243. Capt Devo

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    How to get the most out of a loaded patty that you found: 1) Never take your eyes off the horizon don't let the radio be a distraction mine is on 16 2) Once you find a patty "mark it" but don't race towards it.....look around for fishing boats 3) Do some random turning going away from the patty...
  244. Capt Devo

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Not funny the DOJ has there hands full over turning the last Presidential Election
  245. Capt Devo

    SCI Big Blue Tunas. 9-7-18

    Go stick with your 10lb Calico's...........:D
  246. Capt Devo

    Private Boat Life - September 9th - 390 and Beyond

    Thank you for the report you big trader....... how are the Cheese Burgers on that rig?
  247. Capt Devo

    Private Boat Life - September 9th - 390 and Beyond

    oops sorry double post....anyways thanks for the report
  248. Capt Devo

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    There was probably another loaded Patty a few miles away just laughing at this drama
  249. Capt Devo

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    I think he did it because you have a Parker?
  250. Capt Devo

    Not much 09/08

    Ever consider changing the name of your boat, sometimes that helps.
  251. Capt Devo

    What the Hell is biting here? Marine Traffic South Pacific

    Marine Traffic website: W146'26........ S07'50 There has to be 500 fishing boats in general the vicinity...we're doomed?
  252. Capt Devo

    Thunderbird on CBS

    Extra extra large gunny sacks?
  253. Capt Devo

    O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    Some guys were feeding there left over Skippy's to that famous Oceanside Bull Sea Lion named Rambo apparently it eats seal bombs for lunch but please don't dump yours in the parking lot they are Soooooo Goooood smoked...yum!!. Get a Little Chief Smoker $120.00 Amazon
  254. Capt Devo

    Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    Where is it ????????????/
  255. Capt Devo

    Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    They Took it down????????????/
  256. Capt Devo

    Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    More Like Wheres the Video????????????????????/
  257. Capt Devo

    Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    Looks like he is poaching Wilson Cove at the same time though it seems they took it down WTF Hansen?????????????
  258. Capt Devo

    How to Fight & Land a GIANT Bluefin

    Good times Dave!!!!
  259. Capt Devo

    Shimano Grandson's Flatfall Knots Tutorial

    What do they call these here in San Diego and who really invented them I was wondering? He calls it the Sekkusu o motte iru koto sakana dekimasu Knot?
  260. Capt Devo

    How big is this fish

    Did you release it?
  261. Capt Devo

    Cow BFT - Labor Day - San Clemente

    Can you repeat all that for the learning impaired.........
  262. Capt Devo

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Sir BD is a family website why are you always bullying Captain Dan's Kid's fishing trips threads.... now you are just bullying and trolling everyone else here in the BD family that likes Dan so it seems. And why do you keep ensuing such profane and dogmatic animosities you can go fish the bow...
  263. Capt Devo

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    I was but the big fat rats here on Camp Pendleton visited my boat this week....why me!! The upholstery and some wiring and all my fillet bags?
  264. Capt Devo

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    I know what a sick perv, is he ever un-chaperoned around small children where does he work do they know about his Dogmatic Inclinations?
  265. Capt Devo

    Great White on paddy at 14 Mile Bank 8/23

    I just got out of the water onetime and a 14 footer swam under the boat, that was it for me no more grove left.
  266. Capt Devo

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Your just Trolling to keep this tread alive.
  267. Capt Devo

    Batchlor party success NLA

    Congratulations and Happy Bachelor's Day nice Tuna hope you get lot's more... :D
  268. Capt Devo

    Catalina 9/1/18 Backside Looking for Cows

    Next time will be your glory day..........thanks for taking time to post this I assume you are tired.
  269. Capt Devo

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Don't worry Dan I know your busy helping with the upcoming Kid's Fishing Trips so I will handle the peanut gallery. Larry...Captain Dan and the Legend crew and everyone else do there best to keep the tasty catch cool and wet and fresh but the fish have to be brought above deck from a...
  270. Capt Devo

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    I call total BS on that one Brandon maybe you should be asking how many hook and hand has Captain Dan given to his Inter-City youth groups children the poor forgotten masses and what have you done for our future anglers?
  271. Capt Devo

    Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    Get all you want in there parking lot before they go south on you.
  272. Capt Devo

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Thanks Dan and for those that don't know these trips always fill up fast and are very Kid and Family Friendly! Dan does a wonderful job on all of his Charters.
  273. Capt Devo

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Great boat and there galley with the lunch special the double cheeseburgers with extra bacon, cheese and grilled onions I can just hear it now ....Dan your burgers are ready!!! Good Times and Great job Captain Hernandez good luck on the next trip Sea Adventure 80 are there any spots left and how...
  274. Capt Devo

    Did not expect this

    Yep Bold #7 is spot on.... just listen to those mindless brain dead idiots on NBC CBS ABC just screwing up everyone's weekends with there daily and dead wrong weather forecasts because they never go outdoors. Best to poke your nose out of the harbor and if need be drift Halibut or fly line...
  275. Capt Devo

    1.5 Day Wrap-up Report - Killed 'em

    How big was the Calico just kidding epic Tuna.....Nice yellows to did the wind/rough weather push you into the Island or was that the game plan?
  276. Capt Devo

    Holiday Weather Forcast...becareful

    600c184f6b9997ec2fad0a30999614e6.mp4 Check with your weatherman before heading out, my guy is really good......... Be careful and Happy Labor Day!!!
  277. Capt Devo

    Windy , tight, and rough.

    Looks like a windy W/E
  278. Capt Devo

    Did not expect this

    Don't drink that cool aid brother......ya it's going to rain tomorrow. But Windy is not looking good long term....45kt gust in front of Long Beach already 25 on the tuna grounds 35 at channel islands
  279. Capt Devo

    Did not expect this

    Thank you for the fuel saver, hit it after Labor Day like I am waiting to do.
  280. Capt Devo

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    Just be glad you don't suffer from the debilitating effects of PTSD/post traumatic stress disorder... Mark is obviously not intentionally trying to bother anyone it seems he has taken up a passion for the sport as an outlet for his dogmatic inclinations. Hoping he will continue to post but over...
  281. Capt Devo

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    Wow Steve Erwin lives on but this is a long reply by you give me a minute to cue up our National Anthem and grab a ice cold Patriot Lager. OK Steve.......Mark didn't cut the fins off any of his sharks like the people from_____always do by the millions did he, so by comparison Mark...
  282. Capt Devo

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    I support and show respect for our veterans whoever they are and whenever I can. I dare you to take a real deep swipe at those we all know about that buy only the sharks fins before you pick on one guy from Texas who is more than obviously still learning, trying new things and having fun at the...
  283. Capt Devo

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    No one from Shimano would dare show up in Marks neck of the woods.......... Good job Mark everything is OK but try to take it easy on to much of that over spray and thank you for your service Sir.
  284. Capt Devo

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    Only one mention so far (Mhanson59hb) here of the real shark fin soup killers.
  285. Capt Devo

    New lo ann 2 day this Thursday

    Wish I could I just ran into two of there passengers this morning at McDonald's they had one shy of crew limits because someone counted wrong. Mostly flat fall fish up to 250# with 350# crashing around I was told.
  286. Capt Devo

    1 mako 1 yellow tail at 209

    Yep, I think that little dude in the picture is a juvi mako........ his little pecker(s) are still growing :D Was still growing
  287. Capt Devo

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    I will go first: He didn't want to leave it in his truck.
  288. Capt Devo

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    Thank you Captain for taking the time to share your fish report also very glad you didn't ram into the Black Rhino during that squall or capsize from that rouge wave... please load up on some more of that Hi-Octane fuel you seem to be smoking and keep this stuff coming there haven't a lot of...
  289. Capt Devo

    send pic to [email protected]

    send pic to [email protected]
  290. Capt Devo

    Anchoring at Coronados?

    Come on guys wait and settle this one at the dock
  291. Capt Devo

    1 mako 1 yellow tail at 209

    What does that mean if I may inquire Sir
  292. Capt Devo

    Nomad scores!

    Great Report Captain well done.........your mottly crew killed it.. congrats!!!
  293. Capt Devo

    topless Tuna 1/2 dayer on the 9.... 9/09

    More like a big fat Cow BFT Tuna :cow:....MOOOO well done crew!!!
  294. Capt Devo

    1 mako 1 yellow tail at 209

    Wait just a moment there Captain you got to know that there are those out there that can't help but to pass judgment over your days catch or they may just share some kind off color remarks about your legal sized Mako to just tell them you released it like I always do.... it helps to...
  295. Capt Devo

    Excel 3 Day Report Aug 2018

    Managed that fat one on your 3-day that is a Keeper good job!! The rest of the one day over-nite fleet managed limit YFT/Skippy/SM-Dodo SM-Yellow fishing down and out a ways it says on the FD website but no biggies like that....sweet!
  296. Capt Devo

    One the loneliest number

    More like Drink Um and Sink Um
  297. Capt Devo

    Great White on paddy at 14 Mile Bank 8/23

    If your just spear fishing and not bothering them they will leave you alone they don't want a bony human in a wet suit when they can simply grab a big fat seal.
  298. Capt Devo

    Starting to feel like a failed

    PFD's good Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  299. Capt Devo

    New Lo-an 8/21

    The Deckhands sound like they deserved big tips.
  300. Capt Devo

    SCI Hunt

    NOAA may say it is because of Man Made Climate Change.
  301. Capt Devo

    SCI Hunt

    Sorry Fellas I don't roll that way. Heritage SC?
  302. Capt Devo

    SCI Hunt

    Ask the cook if she will marry me
  303. Capt Devo

    Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    Wow thats great what were you using for bait?
  304. Capt Devo

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    What size kill bag do you have?
  305. Capt Devo

    POS drivers

    Never mind I thought it said POS Divers
  306. Capt Devo

    Should have been there yesterday...

    Thanks for taking the time to post this intel as it really helps those planning to follow your foot prints later in the week.
  307. Capt Devo

    Redondo Beach Offshore

    Thanks for taking the time to pick up the Ocean Killers!
  308. Capt Devo

    8/21 bluefin grounds

    Did you try live Squid?
  309. Capt Devo

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day - YFT, Skipjack + 1 Bigeye

    Absolutely love the eye candy on the last page of this report, who is she?
  310. Capt Devo

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day - YFT, Skipjack + 1 Bigeye

    It does have the pectoral fin length of a Big Eye but the fin very rigid looking and the body colors match up more to a YFT just a quirk of nature. If you stick you finger in there ass you can feel around for the the longer rounded liver lobes on the B/E
  311. Capt Devo

    9-Mile Bank

    Great report thanks!
  312. Capt Devo

    8-20-18 Lots of looking 240 mile roundtrip

    I know it's like saying to the whole World that you shit your pants
  313. Capt Devo

    358 miles of skunk

    What no pics just kidding who brought the Bananas?
  314. Capt Devo

    8/18 LJ Dodo

    God job dude nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  315. Capt Devo


    Why isn't that in your kill bag?
  316. Capt Devo

    We might have the same boat? mine is a 183cc 2009 Trophy I bought at Hipp $20'000 Marine can you...

    We might have the same boat? mine is a 183cc 2009 Trophy I bought at Hipp $20'000 Marine can you send a pic?
  317. Capt Devo

    Aztec & Mustang, 2 Brothers, 8-14 & 8-16

    You will need this Skipjack Recipe: Put a big fillet of Skipjack skin down on a double piece of foil sprayed with Pam Lather both sides with Mayonnaise Dust lightly with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper corns Just a dash of Lawrys season salt and garlic powder Diced onions sprinkled on top...
  318. Capt Devo

    302, 371, UHB

    [QUOTE=" I missed the gaff and lost the first one my boat had on and then landed a second before someone decided to dive in the water.... you know the rest. Those pesky sealions try seal bombs then drive off.
  319. Capt Devo

    Bloodiest deck ever! What species tuna is this?

    Southern Texafornian Offshore Fishing Reports
  320. Capt Devo

    Bloodiest deck ever! What species tuna is this?

    It's a Mine Field! You got your toe stabbers, deicers, slicers and pokers then the net to scoop your toes up to put on ice for the drive to the hospital.
  321. Capt Devo

    Overnight On The Dominator

    Hey Fin's in the Bin the Chinese tried to buy half of Long Beach Harbor 20 years ago and almost pulled it off. I think if the Crazy Rich Asians and or Middle Eastern Developers have more than enough pocket change to massively redevelop this entire area. That's why the Port of San Diego's...
  322. Capt Devo

    Overnight On The Dominator

    I am confused so what would you have done differently ?
  323. Capt Devo

    Dorado limits x2(U.S. waters)

    I'm just like you guys I throw the adult breeders back too and load up on the spawn, nothing more flavorful than the 1-2 year old USDA Grade A Mahi Mahi steaks! Awesome job Captain wish I had your luck I mean
  324. Capt Devo

    One good patty and one lame patty share!

    Yep there way worse than Sealions...Say that is a killer Dog Toothed Yellowtail.
  325. Capt Devo

    Pacific Quest crashed

    They are totally screwed if they can't show to there insurance company and the Coast Guard why they were in "so close to shore" that they wouldn't have time to set anchor if they were to ever lose power. The Coast Guard will want to know and ask if there Log Book shows that they had an outside...
  326. Capt Devo

    Pacific Quest crashed

    Good call I can think of two reasons for this what do you think?
  327. Capt Devo

    Pacific Quest crashed

    Very sad.
  328. Capt Devo

    Pacific Quest crashed

    Sleepy crew... what do I know.....just sad!
  329. Capt Devo

    8-11-18 SCI to the 43 Spot

    Great job on the Kelp's Sir sounds crazy 200 pounds of ice but it would be a disaster to drink warm beer that would ruin your day huh?
  330. Capt Devo

    8-11-18 SCI to the 43 Spot

    Is that all your ice? good report thanks
  331. Capt Devo

    Bluefin on the plastic squid thing 8/11

    Hogan's just now has a Mad Rush on them...great ploy to get rid of all his old crap?
  332. Capt Devo

    What bird is this

    Yep that's what happens...I brought hummingbirds ashore you have to hang them in gunny sacks or they will die for some reason?
  333. Capt Devo

    What bird is this

    Pacific Slender Beaked Pelican with a belly full of cigarette lighters and plastic straws............tastes like chicken some say, so what else did you catch?
  334. Capt Devo

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Why you bent over......put the rod under your arm and short stroke it.
  335. Capt Devo

    8/3 371/425

    Try launching out of Mission Bay instead of Dana Wharf next time unless your into that long fuel burning round trip South but glad you got them great report thank you!!!!
  336. Capt Devo

    Quick Report out of Dana Point 8/4

    You would't know this from listening to the AM Radio on weekends thank for the fuel saver.
  337. Capt Devo

    SAT 8%4

    Thanks for the fuel saver! If this spotty fishing continues were all screwed I just got my fuel bill for 3 trips...ouch. August will fly by fast then the days get shorter. I think it could be best to wait it out unless you get you gas for free. I have had three of these trips and right when I...
  338. Capt Devo

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    If and when these BFT cycle out of reach there will be a lot of boats for sale, the good ones are safe only time will tell.
  339. Capt Devo

    Would of Should of Could failure from the 43 and back Oceanside

    My report is for 7/1 Oceanside to the 43 and back with only one patty holding but I don't think I was patient enough. Pictures are this very best way to rub in your face proof positive that the thousands of dollars of time and material you spend that you are a Highliner not a buger eating...
  340. Capt Devo

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    Ya no one thinks there bait is hungry the E-Brothers cure there long range bait this way.
  341. Capt Devo

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    No 43 proper but my buddy overnited behind Clemente on a Grady White and got a 209 on the Flat Fall but well out of my zone.
  342. Capt Devo

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    Yeah thanks I'm going to try live squid next time.
  343. Capt Devo

    6am Oceanside to 43 back to Oceanside 4pm

    It's more fun when they are hungry did you try live squid?
  344. Capt Devo

    6am Oceanside to 43 back to Oceanside 4pm

    The bait gets hungry when held in the receivers they can't feed so they will perk right up with potato spuds this is no secret right guys?
  345. Capt Devo

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    20" center consul fishing solo/ Oceanside Bait has killer small green sardines BUT feed them Potato Spuds after they settle and more will live! Started at the 43 it was a complete Dead Zone the only life was bird-less dolphin schools. Worked back in 1100am to 400pm found 10 good size...
  346. Capt Devo

    6am Oceanside to 43 back to Oceanside 4pm

    20" Center Consul/ Started at the 43 a Complete Dead Zone! Headed back at 1100am at 23 miles out at 300pm I found the one patty out of the 10 that was holding anything at all. A cloud of 30 12 pound Dorado! and some small yellow but metered some larger marks however. After 7 passes in the...
  347. Capt Devo

    Jumbo tuna behind SCI 7/29

    Yep it's a dead sea in that area inside zone best to just stop on only fishiest of patties I guess?
  348. Capt Devo

    Oceanside 7-22

    Thanks for the heads up!!
  349. Capt Devo

    Oceanside to the Barn Kelp

    Nice Keepers they freeze well to there the best!
  350. Capt Devo

    Emergency small craft missing

    No what I meant was they keep track of there expenses and can get it back by fining you if you are negligent let me clear that up right now, Sea Tow and Boat US does most of there non emergency heavy lifting.we tax payers pay the brunt of this kind careless nonsense this is the fish report just...
  351. Capt Devo

    Emergency small craft missing

    Don't worry they will get the rescue effort bill from U.S. Coast Guard Group San Diego/ accounting office and will have to pass the new California State Boating and Waterways Safe Boating Class/boat drivers license that will be mandatory for us all in 2020/22 A Decorated Marine Colonel once...
  352. Capt Devo

    Emergency small craft missing

    Your more than welcome and very glad your loved ones are OK I felt sorry for you my Son and I took the CA Safe Boating Class I highly recommend it, Please sell the boat and reimburse all of us taxpayers for the Coast Guard Search and Rescue effort we payed for I am sure they were adding up the...
  353. Capt Devo

    14 mike bank 7-20

    Great advise! Divers are the exact same as Sealions would you call in a Sealion? There is never a need to be the big radio hero with total strangers plus you could of caught those fish on your next trip out you will never know. Sounds harsh huh well these guys and all there buddies listen in...
  354. Capt Devo

    Fished the 43

    Where were the seiners yesterday
  355. Capt Devo

    7-19 43 and beyond

    We were watching you to, better luck next time!!!
  356. Capt Devo

    Bluefin tomorrow parker 2320 outta dana point

    I get it Sir Trophy's suck point well taken I have felt more welcome at Lake Havasu then at the docks here in SoCal some Veteran's don't have enough money for Parker's I just won't go out here anymore I wouldn't want to be an embarrassment.
  357. Capt Devo

    Bluefin tomorrow parker 2320 outta dana point

    Trophy made a hose and go 19 footer for 4 years and dropped it as per low sales in Florida
  358. Capt Devo

    Bluefin tomorrow parker 2320 outta dana point

    Hope the fish finally move up the line so we all save fuel it is expensive wow!!
  359. Capt Devo

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Pablos's are around in the summer!
  360. Capt Devo

    7-19 43 and beyond

    Small Poppers worked for my limit but was following the seiner
  361. Capt Devo

    “The Year of the Cow”

    You have to know everyone hates you but you still have to rub it in our wounds, There are people in serious therapy because of your report please tone it down a notch or two.
  362. Capt Devo

    Looking for a few like minded fisherman

    Dude heads up your diffidently a smart person and have a great boat but anyone you take is going to annoy the shit out of you!! And will hate you and want their money back if they don't catch one.
  363. Capt Devo

    Going Offshore this week and looking for the A Team Players!

    Your putting way to much pressure with all the technical stuff...just be at the right place at the right time and have fun even if you fail........Capt Devo 7-18
  364. Capt Devo

    What's the deal with

    I can't understand him, what did he say?
  365. Capt Devo


    Old saying Capt Rick Doesberg on the Fury out of Dana at the end of the day (your either a Hero or an Asshole) Another one he said about drinking beer (the first one goes down hard the rest go down like water) Check for Bananas
  366. Capt Devo

    Tuna on a dinghy

    Big balls nice Tuna good job this is great!
  367. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    You all realize that the boats that can't do Whale Watch don't make a dime 5-6 months out of the year, only the 99.5% pad your galley tab our rig the JP I hope.
  368. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    This Tread was never Hijacked at all now we're getting somewhere Beer! $2.00 buck's for Domestic and $3.00 for Imported, I would pay more for the boats still using ice. Oh yes on the original thread..don't go JP or bring a camera that way you get the biggest fish.
  369. Capt Devo

    Does San Diego have our own killer whales pod

    Ask Todd Mansur at Dana Wharf (949)496-5794 maybe Dolphin Dave down there too if he is to not busy to talk
  370. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    I'm pretty sure your not allowed to bring your own ice cooler they take up to much room, most of the day boats do a good job wetting the fish down the better ones if not RSW have crushed ice that I like better.
  371. Capt Devo

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Wives tales sir
  372. Capt Devo

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Try Banana's: They go down easy come back up easy and taste the same both ways
  373. Capt Devo

    FYI Costco has their FOODSAVER on sale 99.00 newest model

    Zip-Loc vacuum bags at Wal-mart are a lot more bullet proof and hold up much better than Vacuum-Pac bags which leak!
  374. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    Last thing I promise way back in the day at Port San Luis Sport Fishing in the 80's we had an all Japanese family strawberry farmers charter.. great fishermen. During a the wide open Albacore bite with Capt Jon Sato on his 65 foot Marauder, right in front of me this guy reaches into someones...
  375. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    Sad when you have to snip you mark on the gill plate or tail too, some guys swear on the wire ties on the tail but you can cut those off, I would rather just fish?
  376. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    I love when the Deck Hand lays out the winning JP into (2) separate stacks
  377. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    You can also scratch your initials on the skin with your pliers or nip points in the tail and or stick a glow stick up the fishes ass.
  378. Capt Devo

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    What a mouth this guy has he is too much of a Booger Eater to know that the sport boats did him a big 10 scoop favor on those paddy's, he just didn't wait long enough to reap the rewards. His crew probably didn't pay a dime so they had to listen to his crazed bullshit all day long and spot clean...
  379. Capt Devo

    First String Sportfishing?

    He still is.
  380. Capt Devo

    First String Sportfishing?

    Brad is taking care of some personal health problems hopefully he will get everything worked out for the sake of his children and himself..There is a process in which he maybe able to get back up to the bridge if he chooses to so just pray for him. Brad more than deserves our continued support.
  381. Capt Devo

    Have a safe fishing trip on the Pacific

    Boat: Skiff....Lol
  382. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    The Jack Pot rules should of been posted in the galley: Jack pot sign up ends before the boat starts fishing You must hook and land your own fish with limited crew assistance Only the "crew" can help run the fish down the rail, assist with over/under tangles and run the rod under the anchor...
  383. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    So sorry friend let's try to un-ring this bell your striking so fruitlessly. Captain's don't like private talks it makes them feel like they did something wrong. Also where do you get the audacity to ensue such apidatious balderdash about ones punctuation?(one question mark not two).
  384. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    It's not easy to decipher because it sounds like you were raised on a Squid Farm when the boat hit's the dock the first thing the Crew tells the Captain is if they got the JP or not. If the Captain has a good reputation he will never have anyone ever come up to have this private talk or it will...
  385. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    Amen my friend further complicating things are the non RSW Boats up the Coast a little ways that let there Catch and Release jack pot anglers to keep there big fat Calico's alive in the bait tank while Joe Blow has his in an Archaic $3 Gunny sack only being allowed a quick soak in the live well...
  386. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    You missed the point my friend the Captain is upstairs driving home and let's the crew deal with JP hoping for a good tip a" Professional Sport Boat Captain" will simply fire this God like crew you refer to, there a lot of good honest guys waiting at the top of the dock for a spot. I would give...
  387. Capt Devo

    Shady overnight trip

    So the best part of not entering the Jack Pot and leaving your Camera at home is that it ensures you catch the Biggest Fish. Having said that if you do enter the jack pot watch for the following: Last call to sign up for jack pot should be announced on the PA before leaving harbor After Last...
  388. Capt Devo

    10/6-10/8 weekend offshore trip and fallen angler

    O checking pulses on all the sleeping would of saved his life. The crew were not short passengers the crew's roving patrol/head counts were spot on. Those below and on deck were dead or alive they don't take manditory pulses. The crew is fine as this man could of passed 5 minutes before the 3rd...
  389. Capt Devo

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    I knew he was a Professional Kook when he said Just another lost Puppy, come here boy we will wipe our Butt for you too Mr. Professional.
  390. Capt Devo

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    N36 05' 36 W115 05' 43 Kooksville, NV
  391. Capt Devo

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    I would rather go alone and pay for everything than have to go Puppy Dog the Sport Fleet just so your buddy's don't start crying there getting ripped off and that's the only place the fish are. Find your own fish Cry Babies it's a big ocean?
  392. Capt Devo

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    From the mouth of a Puppy
  393. Capt Devo

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    Does his name start with a........? I just stop fishing when that happens it's so lame, but the guys who think they are sooo hard core are the worst puppy's.
  394. Capt Devo

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    Don't waist your breath they don't care, there answer will always be that they were far enough away I call them puppy's.
  395. Capt Devo

    what not to do 9-14 181-43-9

    Same here last Wednesday no Mexican license so I did the same for everything you just said. Looking to go to MB then South weather permitting 9/25-28
  396. Capt Devo

    WFO Yellowfin Tuna...Like a Broken Record!

    Man and they have a fit up here in Dana Point when you don't throw back your 15 inch Calico on the half day boat.
  397. Capt Devo

    Tribute 4/9 Offshore

    Go fish Rock Fish Skippy.
  398. Capt Devo

    Tribute 4/9 Offshore

    So professional to see the Captain put the hammer down so fast and move off the Yellowtail nursery as soon as he saw the babies. Class act Skipper some Boats load up on these Trout and charge good money to clean and bag them to get a buck or two, glad for the skippers outstanding morals!!! I'd...
  399. Capt Devo

    Dana 209/181

    Bummer you had the correct mentality to release all those little babies, but they grow fast so don't feel guilty!
  400. Capt Devo

    Dana Pt 4/1/2017

    Hey neighbor so sorry I lost my Dad 5 years ago expect plenty of ups and downs if it will help, you can take me Tuna fishing soon.
  401. Capt Devo

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    Good job but save some room in that freezer it's not fishing season
  402. Capt Devo

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    What where you raised on a Squid Farm? Enviros isn't even a word, the fish was a good catch those guys are famous. Bloody decks mate.
  403. Capt Devo

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    Not so true bro: I'll be first on board with the new Stop killing Micro Yellowtail and Dorado and Tuna Regulations. If you can bounce them there too small. The only people ratting them out to F&W where the sorry souls that didn't catch anything that day and another Landing.
  404. Capt Devo

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    Shame on those judging; you are the same people caught dumping all of your last years freezer burned fish that you wasted on trash day also so sad and embarrassing to catch you running around the neighborhood with your chest pumped out before dark trying to dump your "overkill" off on to your...
  405. Capt Devo

    Limits Yellowfin Tuna for Two Dana Point 7-24 (video)

    Perfect net to use also I carry a soft landing mat and through everything back since I started using the "field blood test kit...............I have been checking the mercury these fish are loaded with it the same high levels of White Croaker and Pacific Barracuda, eat them sparingly. So fun to...
  406. Capt Devo

    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Thanks we are all in this together!
  407. Capt Devo

    Dana point Bass

    Good catch my favorite eating fish, see a the show.
  408. Capt Devo

    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    When your on your 7th Issue get back to me but what do I know? I made it clear failure or negligence to proved for effective lookout the most commons of accidents land or sea. ". Just slow down it's whale season, you don't need to run down the pelicans and cormorants and very important it get's...
  409. Capt Devo

    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    It was an accident no one wanted it to happen but it did, if you have had a close call on the freeway and you got a second chance then stop Judging I'm more than sure they would of done things differently. Especially you guys running around day or night with your face stuck into a radar, GPS or...
  410. Capt Devo

    Good Day.

    No it's time for a bigger boat, well done.
  411. Capt Devo

    Comment by 'Capt Devo' in media 'IMG_1753[1]'

    I wish I could mount that bad girl.
  412. Capt Devo

    ANY 181 REPORT

    Will be out that way tomorrow
  413. Capt Devo

    1st Deer! Youth Mule Deer Hunt Success

    I love America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  414. Capt Devo

    Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report

    So~ What was Hansen doing with all that fish on a delivery ? he can't get um here.................I don't get it. Devo~ : ) Cast and blast !
  415. Capt Devo

    do i have to turn on my navigational lights when i stay over night at catalina?

    No not your Nav Lts..................but yes to the anchor Lt just get a D-cell 360 degree anchor Lt at W/M and tape it to your longest rod if your that worried about a restart in the 15 watt Anchor Lt on for 6 hours won't kill a battery.
  416. Capt Devo

    New Personal Best Yellowtail for me on the Spectra of course!

    Awsome...........................good work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  417. Capt Devo

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Just another fat fuck the chicks laugh at. No offence to any of my fat fuck friends.
  418. Capt Devo

    John's Personal Best

    Less fish for everyone else, why don't you just die : )
  419. Capt Devo

    Got my first ticket. Any way of fighting?

    Just tell the judge you let it kept floating back up..the birds were trying to kill it.. you renetted it..put it in a pucket to revive it and had evey intention of returning it once it was revived..rub some onion in your sons face before your appearence..done deal.
  420. Capt Devo

    Fishdope or 976-B I T E

    Just call the guy's at the fuel's free ???????????????
  421. Capt Devo

    motion sickness (scopace/dramamine)

    Banana's...........they go down easy they come back up easy and they taste the same both ways.
  422. Capt Devo

    Went out on a Full day from 22nd st Landing

    No tip............stiff on the jackpot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  423. Capt Devo

    The Sea Horse out of Dana Wharf needs a Second Captain

    I ran that thing for's a good boat and things will get better soon I hope.
  424. Capt Devo

    You know the fishing sucks in SD when...

    No you guy's year is the Big El Nino..........Dah ?
  425. Capt Devo

    Where are the paddy Yellowtail?

    So funny no one can remember 3 year spurts of nothing followed by a few years of good fishing...................Strong El nino's are not a good trade off as they and the Humbolt Squid reek havok on to our local spot fishing, dead kelp beds spawns that die.................. But having said that...
  426. Capt Devo

    You know the fishing sucks in SD when...

    Some of us need to lose the " I can feed my entire neighborhood mentality " if you give fish to people who give you nothing in return I just simply think you can't complain about slow fishing again.
  427. Capt Devo

    7/31 Who needs Albies when?

    Thanks for the lat lons i will tell you how it was later.
  428. Capt Devo

    We went the distance for the Albacore

    D~ So what did you guy's try for out there and how was the fishing and what kind of bait and food and everything, was it a good trip ? Just kidding I just know how much Dave Hansen loves to repeat himself PS Sounds like a very cool group..............hang on to them...
  429. Capt Devo

    Dana Point White Sea Bass Sum Fun

    Chris can and has done a lot better than then that Hag Fish...........I would rather bone the bass.
  430. Capt Devo

    San Onofre barn kelp Major.................Crack up : )
  431. Capt Devo

    San Onofre barn kelp

    Glad fish was in good hands would of been proud of you.