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    Totally off Subject but Important at least to me.

    Thank you for your service, Doc. You've always been an inspiration to me... Bobby~
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    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Well, it's official---We just sold the last of our fishing gear! Thanks to everyone in the BD community for helping us to be successful for so many years. We'll miss all of you...and maybe now I can actually get some rail time of my own:) Bobby~
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    Another price drop on the last fish mount to sell off in our shop--Blue marlin is now only $400!!! Bobby~
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    We just dropped the asking price of the only fish mount we have left---the blue marlin is now $550 obo... Bobby~ 714-957-1408
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    Berkley Line Winder - Fishing Line Winder

    JUst sold it... Bobby~
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    Berkley Line Winder - Fishing Line Winder

    Still have this line winder up for sale. Dropping price to $300 obo.... Bobby~ 714-957-1408
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    Rod Holder - Fishing Rod Holder

    SOLDAsking $45 for this standup fishing rod holder will hold up to 22 fishing rods. Dimensions 35" x 36" x 18.5" PHONE CALLS ONLY - Store does not have voicemail. Monday thru Friday 10-7 or Saturday 10-6 Closed Sunday No text, email, or voicemail 714-957-1408
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    Berkley Line Winder - Fishing Line Winder

    Berkley Line Winder, this line winder has been used in a retail environment at Glenn's Rod N Gun (Glenn's Tackle) in Costa Mesa. Only being sold because the store is closing its doors. Price dropped to $300 obo PHONE CALLS ONLY - Store does not have voicemail. Monday thru Friday 10-7 or Saturday...
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    Dorado is sold. So that just leaves the 11' blue marlin up for grabs...who wants it? Bobby~
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    You're welcome. And I'm glad you like it! Bobby~
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    Just sold the albie. Only the blue marlin and dorado are left on the wall... Bobby~
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    Yellowtail has sold and the roosterfish is sold pending payment. Don't miss out on what we have left... Bobby~
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    Call us at 714.957.1408 and make an offer-- or just come on by:) Bobby~
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    These are "Or best offer" prices. Come on down, check these pieces out, and make a reasonable offer. Thanks everyone, Bobby~ 714-957-1408
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    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Thanks Charlie! It was a great time fishing with you on the "Q". Come on down and see us before we close up for good- probably end of November:) Bobby~
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    Don't forget, we open at 10am and will be taking calls for these items then... Bobby~ 714-957-1408
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    We're Shutting Down and Need to Move These Out These fish mounts are perfect for your man cave, restaurant, bar art or as they've been used as wall art for our tackle store. If you have fishing themed man cave just imagine the looks on your friends faces when the walk it and see a 450LB Blue...
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    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Pics of the fish mounts will be in the classified section on this site later this afternoon. Bobby~
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    Halloween Scene Weave

    That's just freakin' rad! Great job ... Bobby~
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    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Calstar & Shimano rods still left on the racks--Oh yeah, the racks are for sale , too:) Bobby~
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    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. And we really would like to thank all the people who have come by to say good-bye. You will be missed. We're still gonna be here until the end of November selling out the inventory and store fixtures...Anyone need a new fish mount for their wall? hehehe Bobby~
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    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Jake, thanks for posting. I'm gonna miss this industry a bunch. Randy & Dave, the fishing side of the shop died last year- just not enough customers to keep it going. We tried the whole E-commerce deal, but it's a tight business selling on the web. So, we shut that down several months ago. The...
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    30% off

    Thanks Mikee! I'm gonna miss this industry... Bobby~
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    30% off

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone:) Bobby~
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    Calstar Not answering their phone -- Broken rod!

    Make sure to call them from 8am-2:30pm mon-thurs.
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    Blanks on sale

    Thanks Striper05! We have some Calstar BTG and Graphiters as well as Super Seeker and Phenix Hybrid blanks left. Call for availability @ 714.957.1408 Bobby~
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    Sale at Glenn's

    Just a reminder, we will be open normal hours (until 6pm) today Aug. 31st... Bobby~
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    Calstar Rod Sale At Glenn's

    Thanks for all the support through the years, BD'ers! We still have a bunch of these Calstar rods left in the rack at reduced prices... Bobby~
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    Sale at Glenn's

    It has been a long time, Dave. Hope to see you soon! And thanks to OP for letting all our friends here at BD know about the largest sale we've ever had... Bobby~
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    Rod Wrapping Thread Sale

    Striper 05 ,thanks letting everyone here know that we're blowing out our ProWrap thread inventory. Much appreciated;) Bobby~
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    So, it looks like we're gonna go 2 directions with the furniture on these rifles: black synthetic and the others will be walnut. They will have DSA upper receivers. Thanks for all your posts, everyone... Bobby~
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    I hear an online only store (for most of us) back east was selling theirs for $1799. The ones we are looking at having built will be $1750 with wood furniture and a bit less for synthetic. The receivers and barrel and some other hardware will have a nearly scratch-free coating that previously...
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    Russ, I haven't talked to you in ages---good to see you're still around. I hear that sometime in the 80's most of these rifles were produced with black synthetic furniture. I'm leaning towards getting one in this configuration and one with walnut. Anyone one else have an opinion they would...
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    We've decided to hook up with a company to build us some F.A.L.s. These rifles will be California and Federally compliant (in case anyone is wondering). I.E. no more than 10 foreign components and at least 7 American made parts. The receivers will be from Israel and in metric configuration...
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    my latest incarnation of my m-4

    Awesome build! Looks like all the best stuff added;) Bobby~
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    BNIB Shimano Tiagras

    Is the 50 a model Tiagra 50W LRS-A? Bobby~
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    C&M/AcidRod Closed Wednesday 7/25

    Sent a prayer for you, Colleen;) Get well very soon, sweety!!!! Bobby~
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    First Tiger Wrap

    Very nice...and not just for a 1st tiger! That's one to be proud of if it were your 100th!!! Monster Energy color idea: Black nylon or NCP, metallic green(lighter or medium-not very dark) and a light green nylon or NCP bottom. Top wrap use the same black nylon on top and 2 sacrificial threads...
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    Quick shotgun question

    I'd suggest getting the 870, as well. Upgraded mine with a side saddle from Tac-Star ($30) and a recoil reducing buttstock from Blackhawk($115)...just a thought Bobby~
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    Score one for the good guys.

    That IS awesome! Gotta love a story like this one.... Bobby~
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    WOW...Finally! I know they have had this in the works for a loooong time. Sounds like a bitchen operation!! Bobby~
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    New weave and survey

    Awesome work, as ALWAYS Doc! Bobby~
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    What guides would you recommend

    I suggest American Tackle Titan turbo guides. Their designation is NITR. We've been using them for years... Bobby~
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    Formal handgun training

    I suggest FTA(Firearm Training Associates) in Yorba Linda. Great people over there and very knowledgeable... Bobby~
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    ar15 mag release

    Kevin, Bring it by our shop and we can take a look at it for ya. Probably an easy fix... Bobby~ 714-957-1408 Glenn's Rod 'N Gun 1145 Baker St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 P.S. Open from 10-7 m-f, Sat. 10-6
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    A bit of Gun Porn

    Awesome weaponry...even better prices! Great find... Bobby~
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    phenix blank

    Suggest you start with 300 grit fine and work your way down to 600 wet sand... Bobby~
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    I really like shades of brown, green and red on lighter colored blanks. Just a thought... Bobby~
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    Anybody interested?

    I would love to drop by!!!! Miss seeing ya and swapping stories. Most Sundays will work for me, Doc. I'm doing the 6 day a week thing at my shop these days... Bobby~
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    My new dog and rat killer

    That thing looks sick!!! Awesome build he did for you... Bobby~
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    quick access safe/lock

    Gun Vault biometric. One button to press and swipe a finger---it's open. Programable for several different fingers. There are a couple different models to choose from. A front loader which is good for on top of the bed stand or under the bed. Or the top loader which fits nicely in a drawer. Bobby~
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    Happy "Real" Birthday Dawg!!!

    Happy B-day bruddah!!! Bobby~
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    Stripping a rod completely

    I'll start off by suggesting whichever method you use to be careful and go slow. It sucks when I get in a hurry and gouge the blank or over heat it. There are several different ways to remove the old thread and flex coat. I begin by holding a razor blade at about a 45 degree angle to the blank...
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    Opinions appreciated

    X3 on satin finish... Bobby~
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    My New Baby Is On Her Way Home

    Roger that! Aim Point red dot and light/lasers already in stock... Bobby~
  56. BakerStBobby2

    My New Baby Is On Her Way Home

    This IS an AWESOME wheel gun! Maybe when I get caught up on bills after this expansion of my shop, I will have one... Bobby~
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    GLOCK shooters.

    MSRP is $679...any price below that I suggest he jump on it. Bobby~
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    I finally gave in!

    Chris, I've got some lower parts kits in stock. Also have the buffer tube kits and Prince Convertible BB's Give me a call... Bobby~
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    Calstar "candy Corn" 770XH

    Thanks Bill! I've been super busy at the shop with the new Gun section. I still wrap a little bit, but it's hard even finding time to apply finish to rods. I am glad to see you're keeping busy, too!!! Bobby~
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    Calstar "candy Corn" 770XH

    Uber cool!! Love that color combo you used... Bobby~
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    Bought a new toy

    That should do its job! Beautiful rifle and nice choice... Bobby~
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    40 lb 8 foot

    I think the NSGs are discontinued(I might be wrong, however)? New 'tangle free' guides to replace them are the MNSGs,I think... Bobby~
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    Mt new 686+

    Nice choice!!! Bobby~
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    Gun sales must be off the chart !

    We can help you out, Saluki! Give me a call... Bobby~ 714-957-1408 10am-7pm m-f, 10am-6pm sat
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    Looking for blank recommendation.

    Take a look at what has to offer in the Rainshadow line. Plenty of great choices there. Bobby~
  66. BakerStBobby2

    what size thread to use

    If you like the way a D-nylon thread looks, but want to use an A-NCP thread over can simply coat the 'D' thread with your rod finish and the 'A' thread won't fall in the gaps of the thicker thread when wrapping over... Bobby~
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    Gun sales must be off the chart !

    In & out in 20 min. Thanks for the 686 plus, see you in 10 days. Thanks for coming in, Mike! Bobby--are you also having trouble getting re-stocked? Allen, Some items are available almost everytime I order, some take a while. I've started to see a run on weapons optics and scopes on my website...
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    Gun sales must be off the chart !

    There are small gun stores that have great prices, too...Many times no lines at the counter at all. Just a thought... Bobby~
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    FFL Dealer/Individual

    We can handle that for ya if Costa Mesa isn't too far a drive for you... Bobby~ Glenn's Rod 'N Gun 714-957-1408
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    New Carry Pistol

    Great choice! Anyone looking to save $$$ on a firearm, the site he used is awesome-- Pick your weapon and your zip code, find the lowest price... Bobby~
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    New 1911 would be nice to have

    Novelty... Bobby~
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    Mildrum Carbide Tips

    Mildrum tops are gonna be hard to find. American Tackle does make carbide tips and these are available. I think the classification is CWWT (or CWT)... Bobby~
  73. BakerStBobby2

    Scope Choices

    There's the Redfield Revolution 4-12x40, as well. Owned by Leupold and also made in America. Super clear glass and very affordable! Bobby~
  74. BakerStBobby2

    comments on a AR build for yotes

    Like the others have stated, 24" bull is a beast to carry around. I'd prefer 24" for long distance(400yds+) target shooting, myself. If you plan to hunt yotes with an AR-15 style rifle, I would suggest a barrel an M4 in 16-18" w/1in7 twist. This configuration is great up to 400yds with the right...
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    Thanks Acid Rod!

    Colleen, Julie and Mark are always helpful whenever I need anything, as well! Bobby~
  76. BakerStBobby2

    Local Gunsmith

    Don't get any work done on that M2 until you bring it by my shop for me to take a peek at it........ Bobby~
  77. BakerStBobby2

    new gun, winchester M1

    Looks awesome! Have fun shooting that bad boy!!! Bobby~
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    Dude doesn't mess around....

    Gotta LOVE Texas... Bobby~
  79. BakerStBobby2

    My best picture of the show....

    That IS a great pic!!! Looks like you guys are having a blast!!!! Bobby~
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    Otis cleaning systems

    Great for 'travel', but not the 'go to' cleaning kit on my bench, just saying... Bobby~
  81. BakerStBobby2

    Epic cool but fail

    I'll pass on that one in 30-30...but what if they make it 45-70??? and stainless???? then i'll think about it;) Bobby~
  82. BakerStBobby2

    SS 3X5 guide question

    Here's what I've done on these rods---25, 20, 16, 16, 12, 12, 12, 12, with a tip that has a size 12 ring. It is possible to add a 16 or 12 if you want 9 guides on that beast, but I've found 8 is plenty. Do a static test to make sure you've got the right number of guides and you'll be stylin'...
  83. BakerStBobby2

    Well the fun has begun

    Looks like you're having a great time already, Doc! Keep the pics rollin' in... Bobby~
  84. BakerStBobby2

    Correct Way To Burnish Wraps

    I find metallic thread the most difficult to burnish. The best thing for me is to pack the wraps as i go and use my fingernail or a plastic burnishing tool to correct small errors once that wrap is done. I use the back of a razor blade on nylon thread with little problems, but the metal of the...
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    My new toy...

    Super Bitch'n!!! Bobby~
  86. BakerStBobby2

    Extending a rod handle

    Scott, The two shops around LA I can recommend are Performance Tackle in Los Alimitos and Baja Fish Gear in Lomita. Either of these 2 shops should be able to help you out if you don't want to tackle this project yourself... Bobby~
  87. BakerStBobby2

    tips for apply epoxy?

    D2 seems to level out best for me... Bobby~
  88. BakerStBobby2

    Zombie ammo

    ... But what if the zombie outbreak/invasion happens and you don't have THESE bullets to protect yourself?? hahhahhaa... Bobby~
  89. BakerStBobby2

    Costa Mesa- gun show this weekend.

    CU there, Paul... Bobby~
  90. BakerStBobby2

    Which 40 should I get?

    My customers love the Sig's more than any other pistol mfg. we carry. It doesn't mean you will, juz a thought. Sig, CZ, H&K and Beretta... Try them all out! Bobby
  91. BakerStBobby2


    Another thing to think about is the S/A Howa .308's floor plate can be changed out to accept a removable 5 or 10rd magazine. Action is smooth and the Hogue over-molded rubber stock is very durable in the field... Bobby~
  92. BakerStBobby2

    MLPA areas for your chart plotter.

    Dean, Thank you for posting this. I've had a bunch of customers that are totally confused about the MPA's and this info will help them out. Keep up the great work!! Bobby~
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    Biggest rifle round in the world?

    WOW!!!! Fun stuff... Bobby~
  94. BakerStBobby2

    Why Public Ownership of Firearms Should Be Revoked

    Scary...but not surprising when I think back to my son's H.S. years and listening to what his dip-stick 'educators' were spewing... Bobby~
  95. BakerStBobby2

    Job Security......

    Looks like Jim Upton holding the paperwork in the background... Bobby~
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    I love women with guns

    Glad to see her late husband taught her to use the scatter gun 1st. One dead idiot... Bobby~
  97. BakerStBobby2

    Phenix 7004xh

    Why not use it? I haven't heard any negative feedback. Maybe someone else has and will chime in. I'd suggest either Fuji HB style guides or AmTack NITRs. Both are very durable and will last longer than SS ringed guides in most cases. Eight guides will do fine, but 9 won't hurt. If you're using a...
  98. BakerStBobby2

    What's out there?

    David, Can you find a local dealer that supplies Rainshadow blanks? They are very nice and a bit less costly than Calstar... Bobby~
  99. BakerStBobby2

    Should i finish a sanded blank?

    X2. I'd suggest you wrap it the way it is... Bobby~
  100. BakerStBobby2

    I will see your Bill Batson and raise you a bunch.

    Doc, don't feel too bad about the whipping you took. Bill beat us both on the 'river card' in big pots. Better to be lucky than good, huh Bill? hahha, JK. Mr. Batson's name is never associated with anything but kindness and generosity in this industry. Glad to know such great men as you, Doc...
  101. BakerStBobby2

    Color Preserver Over NCP ?

    It's always best to try out a few different ways (paint, no paint, cp, no cp, thread finish) on a similar color piece of rod to find out what works best for you. Just a thought... Bobby~
  102. BakerStBobby2

    Cork Wrap

    Seine twine or butt cord wrap where the reel will sit will give you a larger diameter, as well... Bobby~
  103. BakerStBobby2

    Thanks to our Soldiers

    Awesome job! Greater cause... Bobby~
  104. BakerStBobby2

    Gudebrod back.

    Big X4 on this one... Bobby~
  105. BakerStBobby2

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanks Doc! Glad to know you and thankful I can call you my friend... Bobby~
  106. BakerStBobby2

    speaking of acetone

    Ok, what are the best type of gloves to use when applying acetone or DNA? I know latex gloves dissolve quickly after exposure to acetone in my experience. Bobby~
  107. BakerStBobby2

    Introduction and a question

    Welcome Brian, The OC Rod Building Class that I held for a few years at my shop has come to an end. Maybe someone else will step up and hold the same type of thing someday around here... Bobby~
  108. BakerStBobby2

    Any of you gun collectors interested in a...

    PM sent... Bobby~
  109. BakerStBobby2

    belt disc sanders

    I use a belt sander, i think it's 4" wide belt, rested on my leg (belt for shaping the ends of hypolon to round them off. I use this tool on grips before I install them. Been doing it for years and it's just what I know and was taught. Shaping the middle of hypolon or EVA would be much...
  110. BakerStBobby2

    tiger wrap help needed

    Start the base wrap with regular tension. About 1/4" into the wrap, loosen up to very little tension. Then tighten back up 1/4" before the end of that wrap. That way when you move the threads around to form a pattern, the threads won't come undone at the ends... Bobby~
  111. BakerStBobby2

    A Job At a Rod&Gun Store

    Our hours are 10am-7pm (m-f) and 10am-6pm (sat). Come by anytime to pick up an application... Bobby~
  112. BakerStBobby2

    Our Help is SERIOUSLY needed.

    Prayers sent up for ya, Silvia. I'm a firm believer that prayer and a super positive attitude kills cancer... Bobby~
  113. BakerStBobby2

    Fade to Black

    Spectacular thread and finish work, Steve! Come see us when you get back from your trip... Bobby~
  114. BakerStBobby2


    Oscar, If you are ordering online I'd suggest 25, 20, 16, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10 with tip w/size 10 ring. That way you know your line will clear the front of the fore grip. Just a thought... Bobby~
  115. BakerStBobby2

    need some help Please..

    Once I learned to coat each layer or wrap of thread with thread finish (some call it epoxy), I realized any size thread can be wrapped on saltwater rods for a base, middle or top wrap. This allows me to use A over D without issue. Most freshwater rods and all fly rods I use A, however. These...
  116. BakerStBobby2

    Is there really any money to be made rod building.

    X100 I am have decided to piece out the custom rods at my shop (after 29 years) and go a different direction with my shop. I really suggest you rethink this idea.... Bobby~
  117. BakerStBobby2

    Blank recomendations

    Calstar GF850M, Seeker SS-CJBF85, Phenix PHD869XH...Any of these would be great 8.5' blanks for 30-40# string. I'd suggest you head over to Baja Fish Gear and pull on each one to determine which will fit your needs best. They've all got a little different feel and action... Bobby~
  118. BakerStBobby2

    Guide Compliment For Railrods

    Raildwags are some of the most durable foregrips for railrods on the market. I think the 'gay' comment was directed to the fact that rod was acid wrapped... Bobby~
  119. BakerStBobby2

    Guide Compliment For Railrods

    I believe 8 guides is the minimum on a 7 foot rail rod, especially if you use the lower framed HB series from Fuji. Face it, you absolutely don't want the line rubbing the blank nor huge line angle from guide to guide with the high drag setting most of us use while fishing for cows. 25, 20, 16...
  120. BakerStBobby2

    What's Your Favorite Reel Seat

    IMO Alps Centra-Lock are the best for heavy rods. When you put the reel in those seats there is no slop at all. You can't tighten an Aftco ARS seat enough to keep it from sliding around. Also the Aftco collar nuts come loose a lot faster during a fight with a big fish than the Alps do (at least...
  121. BakerStBobby2

    Is this all I need?

    Rent another 130# and 100# set up! Hope the TLD 20&30 you are taking have been converted to Tiburon aluminum frames and the larger drag plate. Face it, you're going 'elephant hunting'...bring the BIG GUNS! Just a thought... Bobby~
  122. BakerStBobby2

    Cork handles

    PM sent... Bobby~
  123. BakerStBobby2

    Now hiring!!!

    Bumped..again. Getting real close to opening up the gun section.....We still need those hard working employees. Bobby~ Glenn's( Rod 'N Gun ) 714-957-1408 10am-7pm m-f, 10am-6pm sat.
  124. BakerStBobby2

    Good & Quick Gunsmith in OC, San Gabriel Valley?

    Mark, Try Bolsa like Jason suggested.... Bobby~
  125. BakerStBobby2

    Guide set up question

    My suggestions would be the BNLG(using up to 30#) or BH-NLG's(great for 40...and higher if you ever want to use them on a rod rated to 60#) on the conventional. 9 guides with the set being 20, 16, 12,12, 10, 10, 8, 8, 8 and a size 8 ringed top. Spinner I'd go with BSVLG sizes 40, 25, 20, 16, 12...
  126. BakerStBobby2

    guide size selectin

    Chris, When using a small baitcaster for saltwater applications, I usually start with a #16 stripper.Most 7'rods will get 9 guides plus tip. I always match the last guides with the ring size of the tip. So, if I'm using a tip with a #6 ringed top, 16, 12, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6, 6, 6...Tip with an 8...
  127. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod Building Class Has Ended...

    Rene, You were a huge help on the Make a Wish rods last year! Thanks again to everyone!!! Bobby~
  128. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod Building Class Has Ended...

    Looking for a wholesaler that carries them, John. Bobby~
  129. BakerStBobby2

    Now hiring!!!

  130. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod Building Class Has Ended...

    Thanks to everyone for all the kind words... Doc, I'm sure we can set up a time and move some fixtures around in the front of the shop for a future special visit/seminar if you are still willing to give up some to pass along a bit of rod crafting knowledge. Capt. G, I know/hope you were joking...
  131. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod Building Class Has Ended...

    Just wanted to let everyone know I've decided to stop holding these 'classes' at my shop. It's been an awesome time getting to know all that attended and helping newbies to learn the art of rod building! To all those who sacrificed their time doing seminars and helping with the classes I want to...
  132. BakerStBobby2

    Custom Rods

    Did you try Baja Fish Gear in Lomita yet? I hear they have a well respected wrapper over there now... Bobby~
  133. BakerStBobby2

    Alps Guides

    I'm not sure of the official line rating, but I've used them on a bunch of rods for customers that were using up to 60# with those guides. They've worked out great... Bobby~
  134. BakerStBobby2

    The Tide Has Turned - MLPA Disapproved !

    Major kudos to Bob Fletcher and the UASC. It's a huge win for ALL the other people fighting the MLPA process as well. But the fight will have to continue on our side. As others have stated ---it's not just going to 'go away' with this ruling......... Bobby~
  135. BakerStBobby2

    A Job At a Rod&Gun Store

    Bill, Thanks for the reply. It is getting harder and harder to afford to live here. So, I know what you mean. Opening up a new gun/shooting supplies section at my shop might just keep us going here in the OC... Bobby~
  136. BakerStBobby2

    Now hiring!!!

  137. BakerStBobby2

    A Job At a Rod&Gun Store

    Glenn's Tackle/Rod 'N' Gun in Costa Mesa is now hiring! Call or come by... Ask for [email protected] Glenn's Tackle 1145 Baker St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 714-957-1408 10am-7pm (m-f) EDIT!!! Gun store experience no longer a requirement for applicants
  138. BakerStBobby2

    First archery buck

    Very nice!! Bobby~
  139. BakerStBobby2

    Marbling practice

    Pool ques..., reel seats,gaff handles, net handles, flag poles...anything round is good. Plus reel parts like side plates and handles... Bobby~
  140. BakerStBobby2

    Now hiring!!!

    Ed, We've rearranged the shop just enough to fit ALL the fishing gear to the front and moved some of it into wasted square footage that used to be behind the counter. Back 3rd of the shop will be the Gun store. If things go well, I'll buy out the shop next store and expand later... Bobby~
  141. BakerStBobby2

    Now hiring!!!

    Ha ha, Dylan! Wish I could have worked at a gun store to put myself through college, too!!! Unfortunately we need the most experienced personnel available. Bobby~
  142. BakerStBobby2

    Now hiring!!!

    Glenn's Tackle Shop---soon to be Glenn's Rod 'n Gun--- Is now hiring experienced personnel in the shooting sports section of our store. Give us a call if you're motivated and have excellent people skills. Ask for Bobby! Bobby~ Glenn's Tackle Shop 1145 Baker St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626...
  143. BakerStBobby2

    3M cold shrink for sale SOLD

    Sold! Send them on up... Bobby~
  144. BakerStBobby2

    In Action!

    Great to see bent rods......FINALLY. Good job, Steve... Bobby~
  145. BakerStBobby2

    Need help finding a guide

    I've got them, Bill. Give me a call at the shop tomorrow and we'll get one sent out to you... Bobby~ 714-957-1408 (10am-7pm)
  146. BakerStBobby2

    Niffty new gadget

    John is a class act and has invented a bunch of things for us in the this happy little industry. These new driers will come in handy for lots of applications for sure! John, If you get a chance come pick up the piece you left behind at my shop the day you showed them to me.... Bobby~
  147. BakerStBobby2

    handles and grips

    Really cool of you to let us know about how you use the marine rope, Steve. I'm glad to see you post your work up here again!! Bobby~
  148. BakerStBobby2

    Couple of favorites

    Spectacular thread work, Mark! Keep on posting these beauties... Bobby~
  149. BakerStBobby2

    Reel seat size for a RCLB80XL

    I know Bill is correct about the #22. If you want smaller, email Mark or Colleen at and they'll let you know if a #20 will fit... Bobby~
  150. BakerStBobby2

    Penn Saber Facelift

    Really nice work, Jimmy! I think those guides are titanium oxide coated SS. Mark and Colleen at sell black SS Pac-Bay replacements if any of your guides break... Bobby~
  151. BakerStBobby2

    Intro - New Member

    Great work!!! Welcome to BD... Bobby~
  152. BakerStBobby2

    Need Help on clean sharp edge of finish

    I make sure not to have a lot of finish on the brush for making those straight lines at the edges of wraps...Just enough of it on there to get saturation and to go completely around one rotation. Also, just do your best to hold the brush steady while the rod spins and if you do get an uneven...
  153. BakerStBobby2

    Wow........found my very first custom rod!

    CORTAC!! Now that's a 'blast' from the past. California Tackle (original Sabre rod co.) had some company bottle it up for them. It was called Fullerplast in the larger size containers. When the EPA had decided to ban the shit, we found the last 2 gallons in SoCal out in Ontario. Dad loved to lay...
  154. BakerStBobby2

    First post

    Welcome Joey! Great handle work, dude... Bobby~
  155. BakerStBobby2

    Gudebrod, on a come back?

    ....EXACTLY! I put up with Gudebrod's twisted thread for way too long. Not all were twisted coming off the spools, but enough of them to make me want to pull out my hair on countless occasions... Bobby~
  156. BakerStBobby2

    Railrod fore grip?

    Does Bill sell his Rail Dawgs separately? Or are they only available on his custom rods?? Bobby~
  157. BakerStBobby2

    Gudebrod, on a come back?

    They've actually got some competition out there, finally. With ProWrap's 80 something colors and Bullard's blacker than black, they'll have a hard time winning back a lot of seasoned wrappers, IMHO... Bobby~
  158. BakerStBobby2

    Heat shrink size choice

    I always use the smallest size that fits. I also lay down a thin layer of Stabond rubber cement over the area that it will cover, as well. That way it won't slip over time... Bobby~
  159. BakerStBobby2

    AC's 800H

    Super clean, Steve! Love the scales... Bobby~
  160. BakerStBobby2

    Fenwick 16810

    Chris, Give me a call after 10am Pacific time and I'll see if I have a Pac-Bay or Fuji seat that will work for you. Bobby~ 714-957-1408 10am-7pm (PDT)
  161. BakerStBobby2

    Fenwick 16810

    Chris, Can you find out from him what the diameter of the rod blank is where he wants the reel seat placed? Bobby~
  162. BakerStBobby2

    Rods for WTC

    Can't wait to see the pics of the soldiers faces with their new sticks in hand! Great cause, Pat!! Bobby~
  163. BakerStBobby2


    It can be a real bitch to wrap those inlays with such precision. Great job, the simple ones can sometimes be the ones with most headaches...(from my experience)lol Bobby~
  164. BakerStBobby2

    Dragonscale variation.....

    Classy!!! Bobby~
  165. BakerStBobby2

    So what is the going rate...

    At my shop we have basic labor costs by length of the blank. Longer rods require more guides so the labor is more on a 9' stick over a 7'er. Then the you have to decide if you want any fancy work done like weaves, marbling, cross wraps or tiger wraps. Everyone has a little different rate for...
  166. BakerStBobby2

    30mm or 1 inch tube...

    Thanks for all the info everyone. You've all been been helpful. I'm leaning towards a 14X-40 or 50 VXIII now... Bobby~
  167. BakerStBobby2

    Congrats-Jim Trelikes

    That's awesome Jim and Randy!! WTG.... Bobby~
  168. BakerStBobby2

    30mm or 1 inch tube...

    Thanks Jason. I was under the impression I should go with something a little more powerful than a 14X zoom for shooting out to 800+yds with 308 168gr-175gr match ammo. The 6.5-20x50 from a few different makers is in my price range. I'm not arguing, just asking... Bobby~
  169. BakerStBobby2

    30mm or 1 inch tube...

    Thanks for the info on the Vortex scopes, Gerry. Bobby~
  170. BakerStBobby2

    30mm or 1 inch tube...

    Looking to replace the cheap scope on my SPS700. Probably gonna spend about $700-$900 retail on new glass. Nikon Monarch 6.5-20X-50 is in my price range, but what is my real disadvantage(if any) of a 1 inch tube scope for out to 800yds? I'm just target shooting from static positions with this...
  171. BakerStBobby2

    Which fuji nsg's

    Have to agree with Matt on the guide choice. I really like the HNSG's for 40-60# sticks. Another important part of picking the guides is getting the right number of guides for each of these rods and guide placement. We are having a class tonight in Costa Mesa at my shop if you would like some...
  172. BakerStBobby2

    Specs for 900XL

    1/2 to 2.5oz, IMO Bobby~
  173. BakerStBobby2

    Local to fullerton

    There's Taka's in Anaheim, The Longfin in Orange and a little shop in Costa Mesa ;) Bobby~
  174. BakerStBobby2

    A new "Oh Shit" moment

    ...I hate when that happens... Bobby~
  175. BakerStBobby2

    Old Truline 36 vs....

    Thanks guys... Bobby~
  176. BakerStBobby2

    Old Truline 36 vs....

    ...mid-80's GGII B36? What's the difference in these blanks? Got a few guys wrapping for me, and I've run out of things to do today...So I'm rewrapping an old Truline for myself. Built a lot of these old sticks for people over the years, but don't quite remember what the 'GGII' designates... Bobby~
  177. BakerStBobby2

    Rod guides to choose

    Totally agree with Randy here. The cost of the Titans and SIC's far out weigh the aggrivation of repairing SS guides... Bobby~
  178. BakerStBobby2

    OC Custom Rod Builders

    Actually, we're pretty limited on the sizes and colors now of hypolon. Black is the only 'color' we have in every size now... Bobby~
  179. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Blanks

    I get mine at Glenn's ;) Bobby~
  180. BakerStBobby2

    OC Custom Rod Builders

    Tip will not need to be replaced unless it was epoxied on. If you still need someone to re-build the rod, please contact myself or any of the other well known rod builders from this site directly... Bobby~
  181. BakerStBobby2

    vintage rod refinish

    Thanks Randy! Jerr, we'd be happy to help you restore your old sticks... Bobby~ Glenn's Tackle Costa Mesa, CA 714-957-1408 (10am-7pm, m-f)
  182. BakerStBobby2

    Want to build an 800XH

    Steve, Most of my customers have been using AmTack Virtus Ringlock NIRLVH guides for 40-60# line lately. The frames are titanuim, so very light and corrosion resistant. The Nanolite rings are super hard, too... Bobby~
  183. BakerStBobby2

    A broken Calstar 700XL

    Matt, If you do need to replace the blank Calstar has been super cool to us in cases like these. Twice blanks have snapped on me while setting up the splines. Tackle Specialties not only replaced the blanks, but the rear grips and reel seats as well since they were already coated with epoxy...
  184. BakerStBobby2

    Marbling Made Easy

    Really cool of you guys to do this!!! Can't wait to view the DVD... Bobby~
  185. BakerStBobby2

    Recommendation for Calstar tip repair

    YW. Come back anytime... Bobby~
  186. BakerStBobby2

    cord weave and repair for Rich

    Very nice basket weave, Brent! Great job... Bobby~
  187. BakerStBobby2

    Guides for BTG 6480

    Either the NIRLVL or NIVLS would work just fine for 40#... Bobby~
  188. BakerStBobby2

    Rod building Questions???

    Matthew, Thank you for your service and welcome to rod building scene. I'd suggest you piece this new rod together. Can you give us a little more info on what type of stand up/trolling you'll be doing with the new stick? Like, are you fishing from smaller private boats or bigger charter boats...
  189. BakerStBobby2

    After pictures

    Thank God it just broke at the tip like that. Sucks, but very repairable. Jim is a GREAT rod builder and can fix it to look like it never happened... Bobby~
  190. BakerStBobby2


    Besides offering money as a gratuity, you could find out what his favorite beverage is and get him(or her) some of that...Just a thought Bobby~
  191. BakerStBobby2

    Questions about building a graphiter 850m

    I'm pretty sure you won't get anymore leverage wrapping it acidrod style. Leverage or lack-there-of comes from the length of the rod, not which direction your guides face. However, acidrods do pull nicely! AmTack, Alps and Fuji all make really good inserted 'ceramic' inserted guides... Bobby~
  192. BakerStBobby2

    Questions about building a graphiter 850m

    I almost always use corktape under X-tubing for a little cushion. Little bit of rubber cement over the corktape before sliding the tubing on to prevent slippage after shrinking it on. I'd suggest you avoid the SS ringed guides, as I repair them 5-1 over inserted guides at my shop. Just a...
  193. BakerStBobby2

    2 color twist thread

    Holland used to make it , too. Maybe try a search for that stuff, as well... Bobby~
  194. BakerStBobby2

    Need a rod

    If you go with a Calstar fiber glass or Rainshadow RCLB blank, that would save you a little cash. Here are some rough figures: Blank: $75 Fuji seat: $12 Hypolon grips: $15 Fuji BLNG guides: $20 Butt cap & wind check: $3 Labor: Maybe wrap it yourself... There's always ways to save a little bit on...
  195. BakerStBobby2

    Cal star GG

    The Calstar GG factory rods are made with BTG blanks. Only 8 foot versions they make are the 270-8H(15-40) and 6480(30-60). They do have 7' 196-7(10-25) and 270(12-30). Either would be great 20# bait sticks... Bobby~
  196. BakerStBobby2

    Difference in the action of these blanks

    Exactly! And if you can't decide, or have no shops around to pull on these blanks before you purchase them...I'd suggest you mix it up. Maybe get a GF770XH (80#), a 2X4 (100#) and a GF770XXXH(125#). Just a thought... Bobby~
  197. BakerStBobby2

    How/which finish to use on a Calstar 700-M ???

    Here's what I do and suggest: CP all colored thread with Threadmaster Chromaseal (2 coats) CP black and metallic thread with Bullard CPXtra (2-3 coats) Bullard D2 for thread finish (as many coats as needed so that thread is covered when dry) Alcohol torch to remove bubbles in finish while on the...
  198. BakerStBobby2

    90 J downsize

    The problem with cutting a rod down is you might hate how it feels after ya chop it. I suggest you cut from the butt of the rod. If you don't like how much you cut off, you can always extend the butt section and then cut an or so off the tip 'til you get the action you like. Just a thought... Bobby~
  199. BakerStBobby2

    Recent Tiger

    Awesome colors and effect, Doc.... Bobby~
  200. BakerStBobby2

    2 Day Trip - Can I make do with tackle that I've got?

    G, Best advice I can give you is change out your line on your reels right before the trip. It's the only thing between you and the fish, and since you're using mono on the reels it's pretty cheap insurance. The way the fishing has been the last couple years, you'll need every advantage if you...
  201. BakerStBobby2

    2-eyed, 1-tailed, swimming, purple Seeker CJBF90M

    WTG Brent! Very clean work... Bobby~
  202. BakerStBobby2

    A few recent rods.....

    The black & yellow one's my fav! Nice work, Ken... Bobby~
  203. BakerStBobby2

    Sabre Rods/California Tackle's old Coke Machine

    We bought California Tackle's old Coke machine just before they went out of business back in the 80's. It was the machine either in their lobby or break room. It's been here at our shop ever since, and we are now rearranging the shop so there is no more room left for this here. It's a model from...
  204. BakerStBobby2

    Blue tiger for light tuna

    WTG Brent! Great job on the tiger... Bobby~
  205. BakerStBobby2

    A few color combo ideas from recent builds...

    There's always a method to my madness. Still a couple months until I have to hand over the rod wrapping duties, however. So, I'm sure I'll have some more cool stuff to post B4 I'm done... Bobby~
  206. BakerStBobby2

    Penn Squall Reel

    Thanks, Tuna! Bobby~
  207. BakerStBobby2

    Penn Squall Reel

    Anyone know where these new Penn reels are produced? I checked Penn's website, but could not find info this.... Bobby~
  208. BakerStBobby2

    Penn Squall Reel

  209. BakerStBobby2

    Reel for 15 lb-20 lb

    Is the Penn Squall another 'made in china' item? Or proudly made in the U.S... Anyone? Bobby~
  210. BakerStBobby2

    A few color combo ideas from recent builds...

    I'll post it up when I get closer to finishing the remodel for the new section of the shop. Lots of fun stuff coming!!! Bobby~
  211. BakerStBobby2

    A few color combo ideas from recent builds...

    Thanks man! My signature wraps aren't as fancy as a bunch of other wrappers on this site, but at least I have a style :) Tight wraps and clean, smooth finish is all I try to achieve. Use the correct amount of guides, appropriate sizes, set up the sticks to spline and make sure to clean off...
  212. BakerStBobby2

    A few color combo ideas from recent builds...

    Ohhhhhh yes I can! Something's goin' on with my back lately and what I have planned for the shop, I won't have any time at all for rod work. We'll still be doin' customs and rod repair, juz other quality wrappers doin' it besides me... Bobby~
  213. BakerStBobby2

    A few color combo ideas from recent builds...

    Thanks everyone. I've been super busy at the shop, Bill. Rearranging the shop completely for a new adventure. More to come on that note... BTW, Tim J. wrapped the guides on the 1st rod. I'm gonna retire from wrapping soon and trying new wrappers out to see how they are... Bobby~
  214. BakerStBobby2

    A few color combo ideas from recent builds...

    Here are a few pics of guide wraps from recently completed rods. Just thought I'd share a little bit... Bobby~
  215. BakerStBobby2

    Will there be a West Coast Custom Rod Show this year?

    Well, Ventura is an awesome town! But a bit far for most people in SoCal. OC is centralized from LA and SD and attendance the 1st 2 years there was, great, IMHO. October was not the right time of year, either. Football games, fishing season winding down and people saving $ for Christmas...
  216. BakerStBobby2

    80lb set-up

    John, If the customer is not going to be fishing from a fighting chair no aluminum uni-butt is needed. As for guide sizes for a 6.5' rod like you originally had a question about, I suggest a WO47, HD51, 2 HD31's and 3 HD 41's. If you decide to go 6', drop to 2 HD31's... Bobby~
  217. BakerStBobby2

    SS 1x3's and a 6480

    Great Job! Super clear and level finish work, your reveals are straight equal length, and the colors all work really well together. Great job on all these sticks!!... Bobby~
  218. BakerStBobby2

    4 Wooden Rod Racks

    All 4 sold! Thanks BD'ers... Bobby~
  219. BakerStBobby2

    4 Wooden Rod Racks

    One sold, 3 left..... Bobby~
  220. BakerStBobby2

    Need help choosing a blank

    Good ol' Calstar 665(20-50#) would be a great choice, as well. Old Skoool durable fiberglass meat stick... Bobby~
  221. BakerStBobby2

    4 Wooden Rod Racks

    We decided to buy some new rod racks for the shop, so the old ones need a new home. They're 48.5"wide, 48"tall and 12" deep. Each hold 23 rods per side(46 total). We're letting them go for $50 each or $175 for all four. Pick up only, please... Bobby Glenn's Tackle Shop 1145 Baker St. Costa Mesa...
  222. BakerStBobby2

    Purple Nerple in a photo box

    That's a really cool looking stick, Bill! Love the purple abalone almost as much as the wind check. Great job... Bobby~
  223. BakerStBobby2

    Thanks Randy

    Excellent job, Greg! Randy is a class act... Bobby~
  224. BakerStBobby2

    Guide suggestions for Calstar BT530 jig stick

    That's exactly the guide set up I'd go with. Costs around $40 for that set... Bobby~ edit... NBRLS are the guides meant to say...
  225. BakerStBobby2

    Guide suggestions for Calstar BT530 jig stick

    AmTak NBRLS guides have very similar frames to the Alconites, but a better insert and 316SS constructed frames. Their Nanolite insert can be compared in hardness to SIC for about the same price as the Fuji BMNAG's. Very popular guide at my shop these days, Brent. Bobby~
  226. BakerStBobby2

    Off Rod building, REEL INFO

    I've got a BX2-500 and 2 600's. Best 40 and 50# reels I've ever used... Bobby~
  227. BakerStBobby2

    are GG blanks similar in action to SS ?

    JB, The GG's are Calstar's new factory rod classification. They are made from their new BTG series blank. They're very similar to the old fiberglass models and quite a bit more parabolic than the Super Seeker(SS) blanks, IMO. SS shut off closer to the tip. They are my most popular blank as of...
  228. BakerStBobby2

    Which Guide?

    What size string you gonna use on the stick? If 12# or lighter I say use all single foot guides. 15#-20#, I'd go with a double foot stripper and single foot the rest of the way. And if 25# or heavier stay all double foot. I think the black frames are kinda 'old skoool', jmho... Bobby~
  229. BakerStBobby2

    I have a few questions about wrapped handles?

    Besides how cool they look and the advantage of placing the reel anywhere you want on the handle, I think they cast better. Instead of the 'action' of the rod being 'shut-off' at the top of the reel seat, the rod can flex all the way through the handle when loading(casting)...Maybe someone with...
  230. BakerStBobby2


    Super cool stick! From start to finish an awesome job!!!! Bobby~
  231. BakerStBobby2

    Static Test Seeker 220

    Steve, Like the others stated, maybe use 11 guides. This will keep the spread(distance) between each guide closer so that your problem will be solved... Bobby~
  232. BakerStBobby2

    Random Cross Wrap

    It's not the camera...Problem is the background is in focus and the rod is not. You'll figure it out... Bobby~
  233. BakerStBobby2

    Dragon scales and moonbeams

    Really bitchen!!! Bobby~
  234. BakerStBobby2

    Tiger cure

    It's good and hot in SD this week so 12 hours of cure will be fine if mix it correctly... Bobby~
  235. BakerStBobby2

    want a rod built

    Matt, Many people have built their custom rods completely at mt shop on Wednesday nights. I can show you how you can have one done in just a few weeks(or we can show you how to make a 'hand wrapper' and finish it at home)... BTW, 'class' is free! Bobby~
  236. BakerStBobby2

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tango down! Bobby~
  237. BakerStBobby2

    want a rod built

    Matt, You can save a lot of money if you build it yourself. Just a thought... Bobby~
  238. BakerStBobby2

    How many is a lot?

    Personally, it's not about how many rods I can get done in a week. It's more about getting them ALL done on time. My best or worst, lol, backlog was 4 months several years a ago. Had 64 on order and someone asked me when I was going to stop taking orders. I told them NEVER!...I wanted a 2 year...
  239. BakerStBobby2

    Truline D-8 redo & CPXtra reveiw

    Awesome Bill! Would you mind letting us(me) know how you apply CPXtra to the blank? I'm thinking of switching over to this stuff for refinishing jobs... Bobby~
  240. BakerStBobby2

    Shipping fees

    Sent a one piece 7' rod blank and components to Montana from CA, insured for $300 through USPS...$22 last month. Just sayin... Bobby~
  241. BakerStBobby2

    One can of OBs

    Glad you're back to your old tricks, Doc!!! Keep showin' off, I always love to see your work... Bobby~
  242. BakerStBobby2

    In Remembrance....

    Sorry to hear about this , Steve. The rod looks great, man... Bobby~
  243. BakerStBobby2

    guides and tip for a Calstar 270H

    NHRLT's from AmTack are the tips that match those guides very well, IMO. Bobby~
  244. BakerStBobby2

    The Humblest Thank You.

    Glad to hear you're still around after all that shit, Doc!!! Bobby~
  245. BakerStBobby2

    best tackle shops in the OC area!

    Dude, we're right up the street from you! If we don't got don't need it!!! Bobby~
  246. BakerStBobby2


    Glad to hear Doc's feelin' better! Bobby~
  247. BakerStBobby2

    Reel seat for Talica 12 II

    Alps Centra-Lock in Tico finish looks and works great with the Tallicas. Clamping is not a problem with that seat, either... Bobby~
  248. BakerStBobby2


    Don't know about a list of suppliers, but here's a great site Bobby~
  249. BakerStBobby2

    Guide Wraps

    Beautiful fade work! Top notch... Bobby~
  250. BakerStBobby2

    chevron wraps??

    Blaine, Here's a helpful tip that I was taught years ago. After you make your 1st pass of thread, stop and make sure where the thread intersects at each point are all lined up (on both axises). it's easy to move the threads at this point. If these 'crossings' are off a little or not lined up...
  251. BakerStBobby2

    Fuji HBSG OR HNSG for 1x3

    That's what I'd do... Bobby~
  252. BakerStBobby2

    MNSG or NSG for a GFX700M?

    Either one of those sets of guides will work just fine for that stick. I prefer the MNSG's personally because they are lighter and look so cool. Also, use 8 or even 9 guides on it. 7 just won't cut it IMO... Bobby~
  253. BakerStBobby2


    32" is the most popular length for cord or corktape handles at my shop... Bobby~
  254. BakerStBobby2


    Finally! Talked to Leon on Thursday and asked him to make BTG's 196-8, 270-8, 2708H in addition to the 6480....we'll see(fingers crossed) Bobby~
  255. BakerStBobby2

    Need help with tuna blank

    I did the same thing with my GF700M from way back. Wrapped it, fished it and sold it. If you're gonna go with a Graphiter, might wanna look at the GF700ML(20-40). I'd suggest another 30# blank, however. The Calstar BTG 870 is less money ($70 or so)and very forgiving... Bobby~
  256. BakerStBobby2

    New Fun Weave

    Killer stuff, Doc! I look forward to a day when I can wrap rods 'just for fun'....=) Bobby~
  257. BakerStBobby2

    Need help with tuna blank

    Both of these are excellent choices for 40# string. The 765XL is a little slower tapered which makes it a bit easier on the lower back. Just a thought... Bobby~
  258. BakerStBobby2

    Fuji HBSG OR HNSG for 1x3

    The HB's would be my choice for 80#. I suggest the HN's for 40-60# string... Bobby~
  259. BakerStBobby2

    Bullard metallic purple

    Looks really bitchen, Jim!! Love the way the wave and overwraps go together... Bobby~
  260. BakerStBobby2

    Steel vs composite guides

    Most of the ceramic guides are lighter and flex more than SS ringed guides. Which will help to prevent wraps cracking at the feet of overwraps. If you want to stay super economical, around $20 a set, Fuji BNLG's are good guides up to 40#. Step up to a better insert like the Alconites and spend...
  261. BakerStBobby2

    Power Wrapper

    I use a CPW. You can get one with a drying motor, too. It has plenty of speed and power for shaping grips, as well... Bobby~
  262. BakerStBobby2

    Steel vs composite guides

    X2 Been repairing rods for many years. All I can say is i replace SS ringed guides about 5-1 over inserted guides. Just a thought... Bobby~
  263. BakerStBobby2

    What is your favorite and least favorite...

    Best parts: Removing the sacrificial thread on a tiger wrap. Completed rod pick up(the look on their face). The last coat of thread finish on each rod. Watching people get better and better at this craft... Worst part: Straightening guides. Removing the sac. thread only to find out that tiger...
  264. BakerStBobby2

    my new hide out and a a live bait rod..

    Peter, I'm curious as to why you had to coat the entire rod? Bobby~
  265. BakerStBobby2

    Aftco Lite Rollers

    It is important to make sure the epoxy fills the gap under the guide wrap. Saturation will occur best if no CP is used and the epoxy is flowing well. Once it starts to get get tacky, it won't penetrate well... Bobby~
  266. BakerStBobby2


    Kyle, What I do on double and triple wrapped saltwater rods is measure each guide(end of foot to the other) before I wrap the base wrap and then add an inch. For example a size 20 guide may be 2" long, add one inch and that base wrap is 3" long. The size 16 may be 1.7" long, that base wrap will...
  267. BakerStBobby2

    So a guy walks into a bar........

    I'd strip it off, sand it down, refinish and wrap a name wrap in that spot... Bobby~
  268. BakerStBobby2

    Aftco Lite Rollers

    Ya, that's as far up the foot i wrap them... Bobby~
  269. BakerStBobby2

    Tiger theme high school rod

    Now THAT'S a tiger wrap!!! Wraps and colors look killer... Bobby~
  270. BakerStBobby2

    660H Rebuild

    Great re-wrap Steve! Finish came out super smooth, as usual... Bobby~
  271. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Suggestions

    Unfortunately I think 3/4" ID on the ferrule will be a bit small for a Calstar or Seeker heavy tuna blank. Unless you will be cutting a bunch of the blank off the ass end of it... Bobby~
  272. BakerStBobby2

    Everything but Shamrocks.....

    The OB's a couple at a time on each side of a center thread are cool enough. But, damn they look awesome tripled up in a fade pattern. Totally off the chart, Jim... Bobby~
  273. BakerStBobby2

    Rod building gets like a job when....

    Can't be worse than 209-yellow, 411-pink and 221-orange.......10 rods all at the same time. Yeeeuuuuuuuck! Bobby~
  274. BakerStBobby2

    Phenix 868MH

    Super cool cross wrap, Lupe!!! Bobby~
  275. BakerStBobby2

    Jigstick Suggestions?

    Another great choice is the Calstar BTG690-J. It's made right here in SoCal and cost less than $100 in most shops. I used a D-8 for tossing iron for years too, but just couldn't wing them out there like the guys using 9-10' sticks. Retired it and built one of these BTG's (same as a BT, except...
  276. BakerStBobby2

    Rod building gets like a job when....

    Bill, All I can say least the color blind customer picked you to wrap is new sticks. Count the $... Bobby~
  277. BakerStBobby2

    I need ideas from the "crazy" people

    John has a great idea here. I'd slice some EVA lengthwise and epoxy it into place. Then coat over EVA with your thread finish (epoxy) of choice. Leave it beautifully black or marble it...Just a thought Bobby~
  278. BakerStBobby2

    New Build for my fishin buddie

    Very nice, Doc! Bobby~
  279. BakerStBobby2

    Gold Leaf and Cord Weave project

    Spectacular! Great job.... Bobby~
  280. BakerStBobby2

    So my uncle is a d-bag.....BUT

    Thanks for the tip, Scold! Bobby~
  281. BakerStBobby2


    Cool dragon scale, Oscar! Bobby~
  282. BakerStBobby2


    John, Did you mean a GF7470XH? Bobby~
  283. BakerStBobby2


    GF700XH great for 60# GF770H great for 80# ...My.02 Bobby~
  284. BakerStBobby2

    Scales and swirls

    Classy stuff ryt there! Bobby~
  285. BakerStBobby2

    "Soup's On!"

    Outstanding! Can't get over how great your marble work is.... Bobby~
  286. BakerStBobby2

    Flex Coat CP with solids in it

    Same thing happens to me, even the epoxy has them lately. So I switched to D2 rod finish and Thread Master CP. No solids in their finish at all, plus it's way more clear.... Bobby~
  287. BakerStBobby2

    Applying Epoxe On A Rainy Day

    From what I've seen in my own experience and from what I've read on the rod building boards heat, or lack there of, is more of a factor in curing time than high humidity... Bobby~
  288. BakerStBobby2

    Thanks to all who have contributed...

    Pat, Let me know when you would like me to build another for the cause. Bobby~
  289. BakerStBobby2

    Setup Question

    Ron, I use the titanium Virtus Ringlocks on many(most lately) of my customers rods. The guide designations that I go by are this: NIRLVL and NIRLS for up to 40# line, NIRLVH for 40-60# and NITR(turbo, not ringlock) for 80# plus. Hope that helps... Bobby~
  290. BakerStBobby2

    LIT-UP (Version Two)

    Killer looking CKW wraps! Guide wrap colors are off the hook, as well! Gorgeous set, you do great work... Bobby~
  291. BakerStBobby2

    Need Help again.

    here's the pic?....dammit, i don't know what i'm doin wrong. my pic won't load up here.....Sorry guys. Bobby~
  292. BakerStBobby2

    Need Help again.

    Here's one I thought would be great to have on the board of my son, Mitch. We were protesting Arnold and I caught my kid looking kinda sad while he was thinking of all the fishing spots we're gonna lose. Sent it to your email, too, Doc. Bobby~
  293. BakerStBobby2

    Need Help again.

    Sent ya 4 pics of my kid and me from a couple trips... Bobby~
  294. BakerStBobby2

    Looking to get a quiver of Phenix rods

    Not in my opinion. They have more of a continuous arc which makes them more parabolic than the standard ones. From what I've seen, they're pretty awesome! Find a shop close to you that carries both and check out the actions side by side to see which YOU prefer... Bobby~
  295. BakerStBobby2

    Looking to get a quiver of Phenix rods

    Calico Kelp Cutter (8' or 9')-- PHD869XH(65# PowerPro) 20lb live bait-- PHD836L 25lb live bait-- PHD837ML 30lb live bait-- PHD939MH 40lb live bait-- PHD760H 50lb live bait-- PHD700XH(760XH for better casting) Best recommendations of Phenix blanks I have for ya. I like Hybrids for the parabolic...
  296. BakerStBobby2


    Very classy looking color scheme. The old gold really matches well, too. Great job wrapping as usual... Bobby~
  297. BakerStBobby2

    Double duty 80lb stick??

    Eric, For me 6'6" rods are the longest heavy rods I've used while panga fishing. Since I'm not casting very far from those small boats 7' rods just aren't needed. And the 6.5' rods will do the job on a long ranger as well. So, I'd suggest you look at one of these 3 rods: SS-CTSF63XXH(6'8" blank...
  298. BakerStBobby2

    Eye Repair

    If you 'weld' the rings back on the frames you'll most likely ruin the rod. The heat will transfer down to the blank and weaken it dramatically. Replace the broken guides or like stated above, get them ALL replaced. Bill Havens(Saltydawg) is a popular rod builder on this site and is close to...
  299. BakerStBobby2

    Long Fade / 800H

    Wrappin' it 'Old Skool'!! Great job... Bobby~
  300. BakerStBobby2

    Update on Japan Earthquake.

    Prayers sent up...
  301. BakerStBobby2

    Guide Selection Help

    Fuji HNSGs are a great choice. I'd stay away from SS guides, too. I repair a good number of rods at my shop and the ratio of broken SS guides to inserted guides is about 5-1.... Bobby~
  302. BakerStBobby2


    I paint it on by hand(brush), not while it's turning on the dryer... Bobby~
  303. BakerStBobby2


    I mix the epoxy very slowly, i pour it out onto a flat surface and hit it with a heat gun for a few seconds to pop the initial micro bubbles. Apply finish to the wraps and pop the ones that appear during rotation period on my drying rack with an alcohol torch. When I see there are some...
  304. BakerStBobby2

    dragon on a phenix...

    Tiger pops, wraps are straight as an arrow, feather inlay is awesome! Great job all around, bro... Bobby~
  305. BakerStBobby2

    Saltiga 15???

    Theo...don't stop there, go buy a lotto ticky or 2! Lucky man 2day.... Bobby~
  306. BakerStBobby2

    Grafighter 800H or 800XH

    Zack, I'd suggest two rods instead of one. The SS-CJBF80H for 40-60# bait and the Calstar BTG90-J for 40-50# iron. 8' rods just don't throw jigs far enough in some situations, like when you need to cast more than 75yds. That's what I'd suggest your friend go with... Bobby~
  307. BakerStBobby2

    tuna stick..

    Cool stuff, man! Bobby~
  308. BakerStBobby2

    6480 Vomit Rod

    Much better choice with the pink! Your finish work is smooth and super clear- great job, Erika!! Bobby~
  309. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar 800XH 50-60# spinning rod?

    Either the Phenix Hybrid PHD809XH, Super Seeker SS-CJBF80XH or Calstar GF800XH will do the job for the application you mentioned. Blank diameter and cost are the deciding factors you'll have to think about... Bobby~
  310. BakerStBobby2


    One thing that I noticed when using a nuker on my epoxy is that you have to be super careful not to overheat it. If ya do it will set off VERY fast. I decided to skip that process and just blow out the bubbles with the alcohol torch while it spins on the dryer... Bobby~
  311. BakerStBobby2


    The ones at mudhole are AmTak. MSRP on the NITR 25 is $49.95 I think the titanium turbos from acidrod are made by PacBay (not 100% sure). But I do know that acidrod does not sell AmTak... Bobby~
  312. BakerStBobby2

    1x3 and 3x5

    You're stylin'!!!... Bobby~
  313. BakerStBobby2

    Looking for help

    Here's a pic of it...I think he has a book out there on it, might be wrong on that tho. Google Jim Upton dragon master, might help you find what you're looking for.... Bobby~
  314. BakerStBobby2

    Looking for help

    Look up Jim Upton. He IS the dragon master... Bobby~
  315. BakerStBobby2


    Oscar, Are the titanium turbos on acidrod's site made by Fuji? The other titanium guides on that page look a little light for the size line you will be using on that stick. Maybe Mark will chime in on this...He sells tons of Fuji guides and knows the 'ins and outs' of the new Fujis far better...
  316. BakerStBobby2

    760XH or 7465H for live bait/tuna rod?

    The 7465H will cast better than the 760XH....the GF770XH will cast even better! Bobby~
  317. BakerStBobby2

    How many coats do the pros do??

    Same here.... Bobby~
  318. BakerStBobby2

    opinions on the new black daiwa saltists

    For the money, the new BG Saltist star drags are the best thing goin! The Saltist lever drags are problematic. If you really want a nice small lever drag stick with the Daiwa Saltiga LD, Accurate BX(2) or the Shimano Talica... Bobby~
  319. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Bond set up time

    X2... Plus you can check the residue of epoxy from your mixing surface or cup after several hours to see if it's hard or not. Bobby~
  320. BakerStBobby2

    Ridin' the wave...

    It REALLY looks great once ya got the finish on it!... Bobby~
  321. BakerStBobby2

    Chic rod

    Come on down, Dondo!...Do people actually still shop at F.H. in HB??? lol Bobby~
  322. BakerStBobby2

    40# Tuna Rod

    Zach, I believe the HBSG frames are a bit stiff. The HNSGs are silicon carbide inserted and ring locked like the HBs. They are better suited for 40-60#, IMO.. Bobby~
  323. BakerStBobby2

    American tackle vs Fuji guides

    Actually, I made a mistake. The Fuji H-NSG guides compare to the NIRLVH for 50# string. The HBSGs are better suited for 80-130# rather than 50#... Bobby~
  324. BakerStBobby2

    Question for the pros

    ...reminds me of the set up Quint, from the movie Jaws was using in the fightin' chair. An old Fenwick with those Mildrum rollers... Bobby~
  325. BakerStBobby2

    Diff between a GF850H & GF800H

    The 700, 800, 850 and 900 series blanks are baitcasting rods. The 'H' stands for 'heavy' in these series rods. Usually 40-50# works best on the 'H' rods on these. Whereas the 755, 760 and 765 series rods are for trolling and heavy bait sticks for larger tuna. The 'H' in these are better used for...
  326. BakerStBobby2

    40# Tuna Rod

    The 24 will fit it(99% sure). Could use the 26, I'm positive that will fit.... Bobby~
  327. BakerStBobby2

    American tackle vs Fuji guides

    HBSG Fuji and NIRLVH AmTak are both great guides. I prefer the NIRLVH ring locks because they use titanium frames that will never corrode. Plus they are super friggin' light. Bobby~
  328. BakerStBobby2

    Phenix "Sportcoat Special"

    Really cool looking colors! The tiger does have a 'calico' theme to it, very nice... Bobby~
  329. BakerStBobby2

    The Bird

    Gorgeous! Another masterpiece... Bobby~
  330. BakerStBobby2

    Seaweed Soup

    Absolutely incredible! The butt wrap is idea is gonna get stolen (hope you don't mind) soon as I can learn how to marble =) Bobby~
  331. BakerStBobby2

    check these super seekers out

    Those are gonna give you some great thread color combo choices! Great idea going with purple... Bobby~
  332. BakerStBobby2

    40# Tuna Rod

    The SS-CJBF65H blank comes 6'8". The longer the blank, the better it will cast. It's a great 40-50# rod! For the length and line size you can't go wrong with this choice... Bobby~
  333. BakerStBobby2

    Publishing the Wave Wrap

    That's so awesome, Dan! Way to go, dude!!! Bobby~
  334. BakerStBobby2

    Pulling on Hypalon?

    Min, There are many good ways to install these grips already mentioned. You don't need to buy an air compressor for this. If you can make it to our rod building class tomorrow, bring your it by and we'll show ya how how to install it. OC Rod Building Class starts every Wednesday at 7pm... Bobby~...
  335. BakerStBobby2

    1st Closed Wrap

    Really cool stuff right there!!! Keep it up... Bobby~
  336. BakerStBobby2

    Basket Weaving night in the OC

    It's been a while since you dropped by , Mike. Come on down sometime soon, doood!! Bobby~
  337. BakerStBobby2

    3x5 for Fishybuzz

    That's level finish work you did there, Bill. Very clean... Bobby~
  338. BakerStBobby2

    how many guides on a seeker csw 1008

    I usually go by length plus 2. So 12 guides and a tip on a 10 footer. But, as always, static test to see what works best for you... Bobby~
  339. BakerStBobby2

    thread tensioner

    Fishing Rod Building Supplies They have them for sale there... Bobby~
  340. BakerStBobby2

    Basket Weaving night in the OC

    You're welcome anytime, Dave! Bobby~
  341. BakerStBobby2

    The "Wave" Wrap

    Thanx for showing the way to achieved the effect, Dan! Gonna give it a try now... Bobby~
  342. BakerStBobby2

    The "Wave" Wrap

    That's really cool! Similar underwrap as a dragon scale? I'd love to see pics of the underlaying thread.... Bobby~
  343. BakerStBobby2

    Basket Weaving night in the OC

    We only stock about 1/3 of what Acidrod carries... Bobby~
  344. BakerStBobby2

    Fred Hall Show Bound..........

    Killer!!! Bobby~
  345. BakerStBobby2

    Basket Weaving night in the OC

    Here are some pics from this weeks 'class'. Tim was starting his second basket weave and Chad had one done that he decided to split and wrap the cord on 'straight' where the reel will sit. These butt cord weaves are time intensive, but very rewarding once done! Enjoy the pics... Bobby~
  346. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Project--to protect our right to fish

    Capt. G, I suggest you give Paul 'Rojodiablo' Romanowski a PM here. He's been involved with fighting the MLPA process from its inception. I've worked very close to him on numerous ventures during this whole process. I asked him about where these funds should go to give us the best bang for our...
  347. BakerStBobby2

    Clear Coat on Rods

    What I have done for my customers that have problems such as this is to heat the rod finish up with a heat gun and gently scrap off the softened finish. It takes quite a while because if you over heat the rod, you're screwed. If you gouge the rod, screwed again. Then a light sanding and the...
  348. BakerStBobby2

    How can you help fight the MLPA???

    Another way to help is by bidding or purchasing one or more of the 10 rods that BD rod builders will be donating! More details to come.... Bobby~
  349. BakerStBobby2

    A Bullard Bonanza of Blue......

    Killer rod, Jim! Bob's gonna love that one!!! Bobby~
  350. BakerStBobby2

    Dropper, Surgeon's or three way swivel

    I like that variation of the Seaguar knot the guy tied in the video. The double surgeons is very good, as well. The loop on the surgeons loop can be cut like his was if ya wanted to do that. Either way, just use a rubber band at the end of the tag end to attach your torpedo sinker. That way if...
  351. BakerStBobby2

    Gator Theme Rod

    Nice build! I especially like the pic where the sun hits the orange, kinda like a sunburst!!! Really cool... Bobby~
  352. BakerStBobby2

    Operation "Keep Our Rights To Fish Our Coastline"

    Just talked to Mark and I like the way this is progressing. I will be personally wrapping 2 of the sticks between my custom orders and will have them done by the deadline. There will be at least one rod that ANY of you guys can lend a hand working on. Show up Wednesdays @7pm at my shop. Seasoned...
  353. BakerStBobby2

    Spotty Question?

    Tomorrow very early is a good bet.... Bobby~
  354. BakerStBobby2

    question: building a Baja Boomer

    I would suggest the guide set up you are talking about---WO47, HD51, 41, and two 31's. It's a great line up of guides for this stick with the reel you'll be using, either the 30 or 50... Bobby~
  355. BakerStBobby2

    A call out to BD rod forum members...

    I'm down for building a couple rods for this one! Capt. G, let me know if you need me to find some blanks from our local companies. I've been involved in trying to beat this MLPA bs for a couple years now by attending meetings, protesting former governor Arnold and leading a caravan of...
  356. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar 655 H

    665H is rated 30-80#...So with spectra fishing line you can use a much smaller reel like a 12 0r 16 with 65# spectra backing and 50 or 60 top shot... Bobby~
  357. BakerStBobby2

    What size thread?

    I use any size thread a customer wants for any wrap(base, middle, or top). I simply apply epoxy between each wrap. That way i can wrap A over EE if I needed to... Bobby~
  358. BakerStBobby2

    Super Seeker 2x4 Rail Dawg

    Excellent.... Bobby~
  359. BakerStBobby2

    Coat of finish on underwrap or just CP?

    It will not hurt the strength of the wraps at all to coat over the base wraps. And it will make wrapping your over wraps much easier, too... Bobby~
  360. BakerStBobby2

    RAINBOW TIGER WRAP - Finally Finished

    Really nice looking work! Great idea doing each guide a different color... Bobby~
  361. BakerStBobby2

    Not really rodbuilding, but there is a part on how to remove fisheyes...

    John, you have waaaayyy too much time on your hands :frehya2:
  362. BakerStBobby2

    Color Preserver

    Yeppers.... Bobby~
  363. BakerStBobby2

    Who makes a butt joint blank?

    Kencore used to make 2 piece blanks that were joined very close to the butt like you're talking about. Try finding one online somewhere, coz they're out of business here in socal... Bobby~
  364. BakerStBobby2

    One for the 'Big Game'....

    Looks just like a jersey! Nailed it.... Bobby~
  365. BakerStBobby2

    Stainless Steel Guides and Occasional Spectra??

    Never seen spectra groove SS yet.... Bobby~
  366. BakerStBobby2


    AmTak Titan Turbos NITR guides. They have titanium frames which are very light weight and will never corrode. Super hard Nanolite inserts give them great line durability... Bobby~
  367. BakerStBobby2

    What Would You Charge?

    Yep, I charge 10 bucks per...maybe i should raise my rate to 11.50 juz to be cool ;) bOBBY~
  368. BakerStBobby2

    Doc Ski's Father Passes Away

    R.I.P. Poppa Ski.... Prayers sent up for the whole family
  369. BakerStBobby2

    SS-cjbf100 guide questionss

    I suggest 12 guides plus tip on that rod. With the reel you're putting on it I'd start with a #20 stripper guide and go down to either an 8 or 10 to match whatever tip ring size you get. Something like 20, 16, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 8 with an 8 tip ring. More 12's & 10's if going with...
  370. BakerStBobby2

    Super Seeker 2x4 Rail Dawg

    I really like how the blues transition on this one , Bill. Great job... Didn't know the 'rail dawg' came in different diameters. Those look like they'd work great! Bobby~
  371. BakerStBobby2

    My first day of attempting rod wraps. (couple pics of my suckage)

    If you wanna keep that new rod very light, go with the split grip eva. It's way lighter than hypolon....If weight of the rod is not an issue, I like to work with hyp much better. Juz an opinion... Bobby~
  372. BakerStBobby2


    Damn that sux!!! I hate it when that happens... Bobby~
  373. BakerStBobby2

    My first day of attempting rod wraps. (couple pics of my suckage)

    1st off, there is NO failure there. You just started and it gets way easier the more you do! I can see from the pics that where your wraps end it's a little higher on the blank than the middle of the wraps. That comes from wrapping too loose. Looks like you need to wrap a little tighter and get...
  374. BakerStBobby2


    Is PC-7 a seven minute epoxy? Bobby~
  375. BakerStBobby2

    what would you do ?

    You're problem is finding a factory Shimano rod that is actually on spline. On such a light rod it won't make a difference 99.99% of the time from my experience. Now custom rods...hell, we make sure to get them balls on accurate. Bobby~
  376. BakerStBobby2

    60lb rig on a 6 day?

    X2! Better to have it and not need it, than need it not have it. I have started yo-yo'ing with 60# with a BX2-600N (juz one app for 60# string). Forkie slayer!!! Bobby~
  377. BakerStBobby2

    HXW Raptor or Talica II 25 on a 2x4?

    Another vote for the ATD30 here. Fill it up 80% with 100 JB hollow, splice 50yds 130H and the 50 yds 200# hollow for clean connections to 100-130# flouro. Yes, it's more money than the other reels. But, they're tested and tough as nails. JMHO... Bobby~
  378. BakerStBobby2

    Ordering the right parts for my blanks.

    I'd suggest going down to Orca's rod building class in SD on Tuesdays or come to the OC class at on Wednesdays. Lots of guys to help steer you in the direction. If you can't do that, think of what each rod will be used for and what reel will be used on each stick and give Fishing Rod Building...
  379. BakerStBobby2

    Phenix 809XH

    Wraps are tight and super clean! Spectacular job with your finish work, as well! Top notch work all around.... Bobby~
  380. BakerStBobby2

    Fun With Crosswraps

    Great lookin' stuff, Donnie! Keep up the great work... Bobby~
  381. BakerStBobby2

    best guide for live bait

    AmTak Virtus NIRLS or NIRLVL great up to 40#, NIRLVH great for up to 60#. All 3 are ringlocked with titanium frames and Nanolite(compare to SIC in hardness) inserts.... Bobby~
  382. BakerStBobby2

    Pac Bay RW3 XL

    Drop by class tomorrow, Ben. Tyler bought one of those 2 weeks ago and was going to customize a new thread carriage for it. He's at class 99% of the time and you could ask what he's doing or is going to do... Bobby~
  383. BakerStBobby2

    Red, White & Blue 2X4

    Great color combo! The red met does look great on those blanks!!! Bobby~
  384. BakerStBobby2

    Fuji BHNLG vs. BNLG-H

    The BH-NLG's are the heavier ones. Just fine for 30-50# string. The BNLG-H's are the same as the lighter BNLG, but just have a thicker insert. Get them while you can, Fuji has discontinued that line of guide... Bobby~
  385. BakerStBobby2


    Really nice! Keep up the hard work... Bobby~
  386. BakerStBobby2

    gg 690j vs gg90j blank

    The GG690-J is a great 30 AND 40# jig stick. I use it for both of these line classes. The GG90-J requires more casting speed so that the rod will load up to toss iron. Personally, I don't have great casting speed with 9' and longer sticks so I experimented using 40# on the 690. Casts great and...
  387. BakerStBobby2

    Blank selection

    Like ray suggested, take a look at what Fishing Rod Building Supplies has to offer from Batson/Rainshadow... Bobby~
  388. BakerStBobby2

    Phenix 908MH-B and 909H-B

    The MH is a great 25-30# stick, the H is great for 30-40#. Toss light iron or live bait with both!... Bobby~
  389. BakerStBobby2

    Some of the best rod art in the world.

    Thanks Don! Doc, your work has been inspirational for years. From your weave work that I 1st saw in the early 80's to your tiger wraps you've been doing lately...You keep amazing the rod building world with your awesome skills. Thanks for being a friend and mentor!!! Bobby~
  390. BakerStBobby2

    Rule Of Thumb

    X2 on the adding 1" to the measurement of the guide foot...It comes down to personal taste, however... Bobby~
  391. BakerStBobby2

    Dorado Slider Preview

    Very nice color combo! Good job wrapping, too... Bobby~
  392. BakerStBobby2

    Quick Tiger Question could wrap 2 white and 1 black under wrap threads (and more coats of epoxy like Tim said) and do a top wrap of 3(one of them being black) threads with 2 sacrificials and leaving the black... Bobby~
  393. BakerStBobby2

    Cold weather epoxy application

    I've been using the Pac-Bay epoxy mixer for over a year now, too. I heat up the metal mixer with a heat gun for about 15-20 seconds. I HAVE overheated it a few times. Didn't melt the cup, but you know right away if you've heated it too much because it will smoke when you drop it into the finish...
  394. BakerStBobby2

    Phenix 809XH

    You're right on the money, Steve. I'd use and suggest that blank for 40-50# to my other customers. Although Robert Wynn and Jeff at Phenix claim it will handle 60 with no probs... Bobby~
  395. BakerStBobby2


    Now THAT'S a classy looking stick! Very nice job on the color combo and the wraps. Excellent work... Bobby~
  396. BakerStBobby2

    I subbed for bill this week

    What, no pics??!!??.... Bobby~
  397. BakerStBobby2

    Butt Length?

    Dan, Will you guys be using just a belt? Or a belt & harness? Bobby~
  398. BakerStBobby2

    What should i add to the arsenal?

    Some ideas for 50-80# sticks for 7day trips and longer out of SD: 50# wahoo bomb/raider jig- Super Seeker SS-CJBF80-H 50# jig stick(Yellowtail)- Calstar BTG90-J 50# fly line- SS-CJBF70-H 60# yo-yo/- Calstar GF765-ML 60# fly line- SS-CJBF70-XH 80# dropper loop- SS-CJBF65XH 80# fly line/slide...
  399. BakerStBobby2

    Oooooollld Fenwick re-build w/ copper dragonscale

    Dig those old skool looking colors! Great job, Jim... Bobby~
  400. BakerStBobby2

    First Fish of 2011

    That'll do, i guess...hehehhe NICE GERMANIAN!!! Bobby~
  401. BakerStBobby2

    thread size

    One under and two over is what I do on most of the rods I build... Bobby~
  402. BakerStBobby2


    Ya might wanna hit up the SD or OC rod building classes. Both are free, too!!! SD meets on Tuesdays and OC meets on Wednesdays... Bobby~
  403. BakerStBobby2

    Score one for the "Rail Dawg"

    Glad to see Bill having fun! I'm not jealous, nope...ok yes I am! Bobby~
  404. BakerStBobby2

    RCLB and Purple Throop

    Looks really good! Love tigers, great choice!! Bobby~
  405. BakerStBobby2

    Blank for a 40# Panga stick

    Calstar 755H will do a kick-ass job on those forkies down there... Bobby~
  406. BakerStBobby2

    Guide selection

    I use 8 guides on that rod. Using the Accu12 on it, these are the size guides i'd suggest- 40, 30, 25, 20, 16, 12, 10, 8 and a tip with an 8 size ring. Guides style depends on your budget, simple as that. Spectra won't harm most guides with inserts... Bobby~
  407. BakerStBobby2

    NCP thread and epoxy

    Like Mark said, ncp thread does allow epoxy to soak in. So, it will not be weaker than nylon. That's my experience anyways.... Bobby~
  408. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Guild fishing Trip!!!

    Count me in! I'll be riding shotgun, tho...;) Bobby~
  409. BakerStBobby2

    guide wrapping

    Try to make it down to our OC Rod Building class on Wednesday evenings at 7pm...You'll learn everything one needs to know about basic rod wrapping, and it's a free class! Bobby~
  410. BakerStBobby2

    Blue tiger

    Looks really nice, Michael! Tigers are soooo much fun... Bobby~
  411. BakerStBobby2

    Freespool, Silvia Davis, JTrelikes

    Great Job, Steve!!! Bobby~
  412. BakerStBobby2

    Need your Suggestions/Help

    It's lifetime warranted. Take it 2 where u bought it, and get a new one. Or mail it off 2 Shimano American Corp. in Irvine and they'll ship you out a new one. The number for them is 949-951-5003 Bobby~
  413. BakerStBobby2

    Rainshadow RX8+C865

    Looks great! Nice tight wrap job... Bobby~
  414. BakerStBobby2

    SJ 90F and I'm done for 3 weeks

    Bitchen color combo, the dragon scales wrap is really cool too!!! Good luck on your trip... Bobby~
  415. BakerStBobby2

    Crosswrap Thread Size

    I've done them with different sizes. They usually look great. Try one to see how it works out. if you don't like it...just cut it off and try something else. Can't hurt to try it a bunch of different ways at all... Bobby~
  416. BakerStBobby2

    40# stick

    I'll toss in a vote for the Super Seeker SS-CJBF80...Plenty of tip to toss iron and all the balls to put the screws to moss backs... Bobby~
  417. BakerStBobby2

    Thank you ALL

    You're a class act, Bill. Thanks for all the help throughout the years! Wishing you an even better 2011... Bobby~
  418. BakerStBobby2


    Great color combo, Mike! Hope to see you make it back to Wed. nights soon, dude!! Bobby~
  419. BakerStBobby2

    guide suggestion for a grafighter 700m?

    Alps XN's, Fuji Alconite(BMNAG, I think), and American Tackle NBRLVL's(Nonolite inserts & black SS frames) are all around the same price. Pick the ones you think will work the best for your taste, as they are all very good guide choices. Bobby~
  420. BakerStBobby2

    Branchin' Out...

    It's great looking work, Steve! Keep it up, bro... You're getting really good! Bobby~
  421. BakerStBobby2

    guide suggestion for a grafighter 700m?

    Brent, What's your budget on the set of guides for this stick? Bobby~
  422. BakerStBobby2

    what would you have done?

    Good job, Chad!!! One less asshat on the loose, at least for a lil' while, because of what you did! Bobby~
  423. BakerStBobby2

    Rail Dawg prototype rod complete

    Great idea, Bill. Hope it catches on for ya... Bobby~
  424. BakerStBobby2

    Crosswrap #2

    Nice and straight, very nice job! Bobby~
  425. BakerStBobby2

    Got fire?

    That is some really nice thread work! An excellent job... Bobby~
  426. BakerStBobby2

    Perfection Guides...

    There's a good reason Calstar and Seeker don't use them on their factory rods anymore---ton's of breakage. Pac-Bay or American Tackle both make good SS ringed guides... Bobby~
  427. BakerStBobby2

    oc rod building class

    You betcha! Every Wednesday unless notified here otherwise... See ya here! Bobby~
  428. BakerStBobby2

    Pink on Pink

    Great job, Denis! She should be one happy camper using that stick... Bobby~
  429. BakerStBobby2

    Holiday gift for a friend's Dad...

    Really nice job, John! I was blown away with the wooden handle and your marbeling work. Keep up the great work... Bobby~
  430. BakerStBobby2

    Phenix Hybrid 700XH

    Really nice work, Lupe! The cross wraps are awesome and the finish work is top notch! Your friend should be very happy... Bobby~
  431. BakerStBobby2

    Christmas Gift is DONE!

    CKW is killer!!! Great job there... Bobby~
  432. BakerStBobby2

    New rod builder needs help

    I used Flexcoat for 28 years...Tried many different brands that came along, but always went back to it. However, I've tried D2 and have now switched to it as my #1 favorite. It flows very well and is more clear than flexcoat. My .02 Bobby~
  433. BakerStBobby2

    Jig tosser

    Pink & gray is very early eighties! I love the 80's!!! Nice build, Bill... Bobby~
  434. BakerStBobby2

    Guide selection for jig stick

    Titanium turbos, like the American Tackle NITR's are very light. I've wrapped them on my BTG 690-J and they work great. The fact that I use a Daiwa Saltist 40 reel, it's not a super tall reel like a 500 or 600 series Newell, and the rings on turbos sit higher there is no need for a huge stripper...
  435. BakerStBobby2

    Guide selection for jig stick

    I use 10 guides on most 8' conventional rods. If you can afford it, go with the SIC guides. That's what I would do... Bobby~
  436. BakerStBobby2

    NCP Thread question

    It will darken more w/o cp after epoxy is applied.... Bobby~
  437. BakerStBobby2

    Custom build questions ??

    I'd suggest you do your homework before picking a wrapper. There are a bunch of awesome wrappers on this site. Don't go cheap. Remember, you get what you pay for...usually :) Just a thought... Bobby~
  438. BakerStBobby2

    couple more handles

    The tiger is awesome! Great job.... Bobby~
  439. BakerStBobby2

    CP compatability

    You could coat the underwrap with finish epoxy and then put any cp you want on the overwraps..... Bobby~
  440. BakerStBobby2

    Dragonscale / Tiger Wrap.....

    Jim, you've opened up an entirely new can of worms with this one... Looks killer, too! Bobby~
  441. BakerStBobby2

    7465XH Dragon scales

    I like the dragon scale a lot!!! Great job, Bill... Bobby~
  442. BakerStBobby2

    Soldiers receiving rods

    Awesome!!!! No words describe how proud I feel looking at these pics, Pat, except AWESOME!! Let's do this again sometime soon... Bobby~
  443. BakerStBobby2

    A few Sooper Seekers

    Spec-friggen-tacular!!! Lovin' the green... Bobby~
  444. BakerStBobby2

    Acouple more 770XXHs, Twins

    Very nice, Bill! Bobby~
  445. BakerStBobby2

    Fun build

    Killer lookin rod, Doc! I really like the over wrap color you went with on the guide wraps... Bobby~
  446. BakerStBobby2

    Which Rod to Buy

    Shimano Tallus rods are in the low $100's. We sell tons of those! Warranty is excellent, too. Calstar West Coast fiber glass rods can be had in the high $100's... Bobby~
  447. BakerStBobby2

    lightweight surf blank

    Maybe check here Fishing Rod Building Supplies ? Bobby~
  448. BakerStBobby2


    Afcto Wind On rollers (WO's). Start with a WO47, an SHD 32 and 2 WO22's. Use their 316 or 314 roller top, whichever fits best... Bobby~
  449. BakerStBobby2

    Retro Calstar 530

    Thanks for the props, Marc! But, I that's stretching it a bit...Yes, come on down and we'll get you started on yer next project or 7.... Bobby~
  450. BakerStBobby2

    Okay G, you started this! Cuddling on a beach....

    I kept waiting to see if that fish thief would bite her nose off... damn! watched the whole thing to see some f***ing blood and nothing!!! lolololololololololol.....With all due respect, maybe Elephant seals aren't the lazy fish thieves we know harbor seals and sea lions to be;) Bobby~
  451. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar 770XXH with tuna skull

    Sick! Just sick, Bill!! Great Job.... Bobby~
  452. BakerStBobby2


    With that reel used on that rod, i'd start with a size 20, 16, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10 , 8, 8, 8, 8, if the tip ring is a size 8. That's 11 plus tip. If you go with a tip that has a size 10 ring--20, 16, 12, 12, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.... Bobby~
  453. BakerStBobby2


    Depends on the reel size and tip ring size. What reel you gonna use on it? Bobby~
  454. BakerStBobby2

    Retro Calstar 530

    Thanks everyone!!! Hope he like it, too.... Bobby~
  455. BakerStBobby2

    Rainshadow GCB70MH shit! I'm happy when my cord work comes out lookin' good. These grips are incredible... Bobby~
  456. BakerStBobby2

    RFS Rod presentation at BAMC

    Can't wait to see the pics, Pat!!!! Bobby~
  457. BakerStBobby2

    My first 2 Marbling attempts, as well as a bunch of other rods

    That blue&yellow chevron is really cool!!! Bobby~
  458. BakerStBobby2

    What's you fishing sob-story?

    I used to charter a 60' boat out of Sandy Eggo a few years back. It shall remain nameless to protect the innocent...I got such great prices on the boat that I was able to charge the passengers less than most boats to go on 1-2 day trips. AND still made a little profit, too! Well, one trip the...
  459. BakerStBobby2

    Retro Calstar 530

    Brad from HT Lures ordered a Calstar 530 done in super retro 70's colors with a little sparkle metallic thread to make it pop. Used Fuji Alconite guides and multi-colored brown butt cord with a turks (thanks Chad!). Base wrap is tan (290 C-ncp), middle wrap of met. bronze (9541-D) and a top wrap...
  460. BakerStBobby2

    perfection guides

    X2 Bobby~
  461. BakerStBobby2


    I'd start with a #25 as a stripper at least. The last guides should match the ring size of the tip. For example, if the tip ring is a 10... 25, 20, 16, 12, 12, 10, 10, etc... Not sure how many guides you wanna use.....sooo many different ways this could go. Bobby~
  462. BakerStBobby2

    Think Blue..........

    There are more than one wrapper that sings the BLUES when checking out your work;) Another satisfied customer... Bobby~
  463. BakerStBobby2

    finish epoxy question

    Home Depot has heaters on sale for between $30 and $50 that work really well to heat up small rooms and garages. There's a huge difference in curing time in a room that is 40 vs. 70 degrees. Just make sure you watch your circuit breakers as these space heaters can blow them if you set the heat...
  464. BakerStBobby2


    Very nice detail work on the grips and the metal wind checks really make it look 'custom'. Excellent work... Bobby~
  465. BakerStBobby2

    Another 770XXH rail rod

    Very cool looking tiger. Great choice of blank AND guides! Another satisfied customer in the waiting.... Bobby~
  466. BakerStBobby2

    Help with Calstar Blanks

    Well, the 6455 series has a faster taper to it than the old 655 series. I think they pull harder on the tuna, but also harder on you. Can you shed some light on the type of tuna you will be targeting on your next trip? Like cow fishing on a long range trip, or smaller stuff on shorter trips. Do...
  467. BakerStBobby2

    Cold Shrink option(s)

    ...Can't wait to hear about this newer stuff! Bobby~
  468. BakerStBobby2

    Can someone help withshrink wrap

    Jake, I use the smallest size that fits over the desired area. I lay down a very thin layer of rubber cement over the area and then slide the shrink tube over the glued area then hit it with a heat gun. I make sure to keep the gun 6-7" away from the tube and rotate the rod as I heat it up. DONT...
  469. BakerStBobby2

    halibut rod recommendations

    Can you find out any info on the size of the 'butts they catch, depths they drop down, stuff like that? Bobby~
  470. BakerStBobby2

    New Here - Hi All

    Ron, I've had top wraps of a tiger come out looking like shit, too. It left an impression or tiny grooves in the epoxy after I took that top wrap off. Instead of sanding them out I just epoxy over it. BTW, i find the thicker the epoxy(more coats) gets between the top and base wraps of a tiger...
  471. BakerStBobby2

    guide spacing

    I use this as a starting point: 3.25" from tip ring to center of 1st base wrap 3.5" from 1st guide to center of the 2nd guide, then... 4" 4.5" 5" 5.5" 6" 6.5" 7.5" This is 9 guides plus tip. It's a great starting point for all the 7' conventional rods I build. Then you simply tape the guides on...
  472. BakerStBobby2

    New Here - Hi All

    Welcome to the show, Ron! Post those pics when ya get a chance. They even let me post mine here, so don't be bashful about sharing your work.... Bobby~
  473. BakerStBobby2

    Astronomy Domine

    That one is really bitchen, Jim! Amazing work... Bobby~
  474. BakerStBobby2

    Crooked wraps

    1st off, are you grinding the feet of the guides down to sharp point? Bobby~
  475. BakerStBobby2

    The Birthday Rod (my 1st)

    Looking good! They get easier and more fun the more you get into it!!! She's gonna love it... Bobby~
  476. BakerStBobby2


    Just wanted to let everyone know there will be no 'class' this Wednesday, Nov. 24th... See ya'all next week. Have a great turkey day!!!! Bobby~
  477. BakerStBobby2

    I've Got New Respect For Weavers

    That looks killer, dude! You have waaaay more patience than I suppose like Dan said it will get easier next time! Keep up the great work... Bobby~
  478. BakerStBobby2

    Two things

    Abe and Robert Shaw (Quint from "Jaws")...;) Bobby~
  479. BakerStBobby2

    What do you recommend?

    I'm now using Prowrap thread as my Gudebrod replacement. 80 colors of nylon and ncp plus over 30 colors of metallic. Sizes A & D. It's working well for me... Bobby~
  480. BakerStBobby2


    Mark & Colleen at Fishing Rod Building Supplies had some blanks they were blowing out a little while ago that were very inexpensive. It would be a good idea to look there, too.... Bobby~
  481. BakerStBobby2

    Custom SeekerStar

    Gabriel should be very happy with what you did to this set up. Ya did a great job!!! The tiger looks killer in those colors, too!! Bobby~
  482. BakerStBobby2

    Guide sizing

    The website says it is a 13... Try to get the smallest ring you can, though. A ten would be nice, if an 8 is not possible... 20, 16, 12, 12, 10's the rest of the way down. That's what I'd do.... Bobby~
  483. BakerStBobby2

    Guide sizing

    That's a crazy big tip. Have fun wrapping!! Bobby~
  484. BakerStBobby2

    Guide sizing

    Size 20 would be the stripper I'd go with. Get 10 guides and do a static test. Then try it with 9 guides. If 9 is enough to keep the line off the blank under full load, less wrapping involved for you! Plus you'll have one less guide to buy for the next rod ;) Are you sure the tip is size 13...
  485. BakerStBobby2

    Guide sizing

    That all depends on what reel you'll be using. A super tall reel will require a taller stripper(closest guide to the reel seat) guide. What reel ya gonna pair with it? Bobby~
  486. BakerStBobby2

    HAAAAALP!! Chuck question.

    I use something very similar to that chuck on my CPW. Give it a try, if the rod dosen't slip, you're golden! If it does spin or slip, you could just wrap the outside of the rod with masking tape (the blue painters tape) to secure it to the chuck. I do it that a lot, and it works fine for me...
  487. BakerStBobby2

    Guide sizing

    What is the ring size on the tip you are going to use? I use the same size guides towards the tip as that tip ring size... 9 guides will work, most likely, but I usually use 10 on an 8' rod. Bobby~
  488. BakerStBobby2

    RFS Rod Presentation

    Looks like it was a great time! Way to go, Pat!!! Bobby~
  489. BakerStBobby2

    Saluki's Christmas rod

    That is just all sorts of wrong....but funny as f***!!!! Should have put a black pu$$y on as a butt cap..... lmao Bobby~
  490. BakerStBobby2

    A couple of Seeker Stand-ups for a Marine vet

    Beautiful sticks! WTG Randy!!!... Bobby~
  491. BakerStBobby2

    age a cork question

    You could sand the rest of the cork and let it age naturally. Just a thought... Bobby~
  492. BakerStBobby2

    Bait rod

    The Rainshadow RCLB 80-L is slightly more expensive than the Calstar 270-8(or H) if you wanted something with even more backbone, JMO... Mark at should have these and the Calstars in stock... Bobby~
  493. BakerStBobby2

    Spiral wrapped Black Hole rods

    The trip just got back 2 days ago. They did not target big fish...kind of a joke to go on a 10 day this time of year and have 95% of the guys only wanting to fish the smaller species, in my humble opinion. The 7'er will be loaned to a few other guys throughout the rest of the season and I will...
  494. BakerStBobby2

    Soo.. I broke..

    You probably won't be able save the reel seat, but the guides can be saved-no worries there. Get a butt cap that fits the new blank you choose-those are definitely inexpensive... Bobby~
  495. BakerStBobby2

    Almost feel sorry for the fish.........

    Just goes to show that you don't have to cross wraps, weaves or tigers on a stick to make them look bitchen. Straight edges, no thread gaps and a clean finish job on all of these. Great job, Jim! Bobby~
  496. BakerStBobby2

    Super Seeker 63XXX

    Spectacular as always, Roostermon! Keep rollin' out those beauties... Bobby~
  497. BakerStBobby2

    Spiral wrapped Black Hole rods

    Yeah, the 450g. jigger bent all the way to the butt cap. If we did not place the stripper so close to the reel seat and wrap it backwards, the line would have rubbed the foregrip. Since that one looked so cool, we did the same on the 70 as well... Bobby~
  498. BakerStBobby2

    Spiral wrapped Black Hole rods

    I got a chance to wrap up a couple acid rods for Divegod1 that he wanted use for cows on a recent 10 day. One is a Black Hole 70 that will be a rail rod, the other is a B.H. Cape Cod 450gram jigger. Never built any acid rods, so this was a treat! I kinda like them... Anyways, here are some pics...
  499. BakerStBobby2

    Another couple CKW's

    Those are awesome!!! I like the way the second one looks kinda wavy... Bobby~
  500. BakerStBobby2

    ProWrap Thread

    It's not as dark as Gudebrod's black. However, it is consistent in its shade of black all through the spool. Bobby~
  501. BakerStBobby2

    D-8 tiger wrap

    Thanks everyone! Bobby~
  502. BakerStBobby2

    ProWrap Thread

    I've tried it. No twist, no frays. It's worked great in all my tests so far... Bobby~
  503. BakerStBobby2

    Black Hole in action

    Looks like it loads nicely. Can't wait to see pics of it in action!!... Bobby~
  504. BakerStBobby2

    Thread size question, please advise,

    Similar to what Jim said, just put a thin coat of finish over each wrap. That way you could use any size base wrap with A as over wraps... Bobby~
  505. BakerStBobby2

    D-8 tiger wrap

    I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with nothing really killer looking to put up here. But here is an old D-8 that I wrapped for Jose L. with a pretty nice looking tiger. This one REALLY moves a lot with the 5 coats of flex coat I used over the base wrap. You can't see that, but it's one that...
  506. BakerStBobby2

    770XXH & 770XXXH

    The tigers are KILLER!!! Great job..... Bobby~
  507. BakerStBobby2

    "Black Hole" Cow Killer

    Great looking stick! The colors are awesome...Have a kick-ass trip!!! Bobby~
  508. BakerStBobby2

    How I spent last weekend...

    Make sure they give you the sexiest physical therapist in the place! It makes the pain hurt less- don't know how it works that way, I just know it to be true.... Bobby~
  509. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar 800L VS SS ?

    The blank I prefer for tossing bait w/25# is the SS-CJB 80F. I cut 2" off the tip...It's been my 2nd most popular blank for custom rod builds behind the SS2x4 the past 2 years! Bobby~
  510. BakerStBobby2

    "What makes a good rodbuilder?"

    Great topic, Randy. One of the 1st things I tell the guys and gals at our rod building workshop is that a razor blade can be your best friend. I say that because if a wrap sucks (wrong placement, wraps are too short/long, inlay not centered, gaped thread, loose wraps, discolored thread from...
  511. BakerStBobby2

    Daiwa Saltiga 2spd Lever drag reels

    They ARE killer reels! We have the 35 coming soon, too!!! There are more 2-speed options than you can shake a stick at these days... Bobby~
  512. BakerStBobby2

    Seeker CBW 658

    Very nice, super tight and straight! always!! Bobby~
  513. BakerStBobby2

    X wrap

    I've seen black, red, blue and green...but no multi-colored x-tube. Good idea, tho! Bobby~
  514. BakerStBobby2

    Kona Mike Back and in Hospital

    Glad Mike is back home! He's one tough dood!!! Bobby~
  515. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar GF770XH Rail Rod

    Looks awesome, Randy! My favorite colors are 50 nylon and 50ncp. I stocked up years ago in case the die batch changed...then i 'lost' that bunch of thread and ordered more...then Gudebrod took a dump and I ordered the last I could find. I must have the market cornered by now :) Bobby~
  516. BakerStBobby2


    Aaron has a good point about the speed not always needing to be super fast at all. The question is will the baker 20 hold enough line for a big tuna? Probably not a cow size(200# plus). I'd use the Accurate 50 loaded with 100 hollow JB with a splice of 130# to allow ease of connecting 100# floro...
  517. BakerStBobby2

    Lay off of my "red, white and blue" suede shoes!

    That's soooo cool, Silvia! Bobby~
  518. BakerStBobby2

    Another RFS Rod

    Excellent work by both Randy and Pat! Killer job guys!!!!.. Bobby~
  519. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar 6470

    I think the seeker 70M feels just a bit lighter than the 700-m calstar... Bobby~
  520. BakerStBobby2


    One more...7 day June 2009 Bobby~
  521. BakerStBobby2


    Leaving Newport Harbor 2008... Bobby~
  522. BakerStBobby2

    Best Casting Reel

    Noah, What size line are looking to use on the reel? Both of these reels are great for using 20#, but you said you wanted to throw iron? I use 30# or even 40# for chucking jigs, myself. The Saltist 40 is my reel of choice coupled with a rod quite a bit heavier than a 700xl(15-20#rod). I use a...
  523. BakerStBobby2

    Fancy fish dragger for a buddy

    Very cool looking gig! Bobby~
  524. BakerStBobby2


    Get a new one...special offers going on ryt now! Bobby~ 714-957-1408 10-7 (m-f)
  525. BakerStBobby2

    Any Rod Builders in north county?

    I believe the guys at the SD rod wrapping class prefer 12y/o scotch to'll need a few bottles.:rofl: Bobby~
  526. BakerStBobby2

    Turbo guides

    I like to use turbos for 80# and heavier, myself. Either American Tackle NITR, Fuji HBSG or HBNG. These Fuji's are replacing the old LRSG & BLRLGs, I believe. On lighter and faster rods when using shorter reels, the #20 is usually fine if spaced out correctly. But like Randy stated, the #25 is...
  527. BakerStBobby2

    Ladies RFS Rod

    The checker board wrap blew me away, Randy!!! Great work, even greater cause... Bobby~
  528. BakerStBobby2

    Blue Lami Tog Slayer

    Super bitchen! Great color combo to go with awesome thread work!! Off the hook... Bobby~
  529. BakerStBobby2

    Bullard purple / blue 6470 Seeker

    Awesome work, Jim! I love to check out your marbeling work evertime you post!!! Bobby~
  530. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar 6470

    I use the SS-CJB80-F(20-30) for me 25# bait stick. I cut 2" off the tip and it feels perfect to me for that line size... My SS-CJBF70-M(25-40) is my 'go to' 30# bait stick... Bobby~
  531. BakerStBobby2

    jigstick blank

    I've got an SS-baby ulua and an ss-cjbf100 new at the shop. Come by and make me a deal! Bobby~
  532. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Guild Fishing Trip...

    Count me in for the Aug.3rd trip for sure! Come by next Wednesday to pitch the trips at the 'class'... Bobby~ Gotta start me new set of Super Seekers & Phenix Hybrids now..........
  533. BakerStBobby2

    Bombs away...

    John, nice looking bombs! PM sent... Bobby~
  534. BakerStBobby2

    Gunmetal Avet SX

    Buy it new! call for our low prices!!! Bobby~ Glenn's Tackle 714-957-1408 10am-7pm
  535. BakerStBobby2

    (2) Avet SX 2-Speeds `

    Gimme a call for prices on Avets. Bobby~ Glenn's Tackle 714-957-1408 10am-7pm(pdt)
  536. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Guild Fishing Trip...

    can i bring my 2x4? I'm in... Bobby~
  537. BakerStBobby2

    Diamonds and Pearls

    Beautiful work! Bobby~
  538. BakerStBobby2

    Nuthin' Fancy - GF700M

    Very nice work, Jerr! Your customer should be stoked with that rod!!! Keep up the great work... Bobby~
  539. BakerStBobby2

    Truline D7

    Classic! Nothing like an old Truline... Bobby~
  540. BakerStBobby2

    Couple cow killers and bass stick

    The rods look great, Bill! The yellow, red & black combo is one of my all time fav's... Bobby~
  541. BakerStBobby2

    remove a reel seet

    X2...Exactly what i do. And once it's removed, I heat the remaining epoxy and what ever the rod builder used as shims with a heat gun (torch if your real careful) to soften it all up. Then scrape off the epoxy with an old fillet knife and hit the area with a wire brush wheel on my grinder to get...
  542. BakerStBobby2

    non ceramic guides for braid

    REC makes some pretty nice guides that will work for ya... Bobby~
  543. BakerStBobby2

    Rod's for two Marines

    That's some really nice camo right there, Michael! Keep up the awesome work... Bobby~
  544. BakerStBobby2

    Batson TEAM >>Thank you

    Bill, your aluminum reel seats are the best on the market! I really appreciate your great customer service!!! Bobby~
  545. BakerStBobby2

    Carbon fiber rods

    Very cool looking sticks, Ritchie! Sounds like a great line of blanks, as well... Bobby~
  546. BakerStBobby2

    RCLB80XL "Blues"

    Great job, Steve!! Bobby~
  547. BakerStBobby2

    Rod and Tackle Show thoughts 2010 or War and Peace.

    Doc, I have to tell ya that just hanging out with you after the show for 5 minutes was the highlight of my weekend. And having some of my work displayed next to yours in the rack is an honor I'll never forget. Thanks for everything you do!!! Bobby~
  548. BakerStBobby2

    Rod show thoughts.......

    Great post, John!! It was great seeing you and Mary at the show, too! I got to meet Pat Helton, but totally forgot to run over to the Bullard booth to introduce myself to Sylvia. That was a bummer when I was talking to Doc when tear down was nearly over and I realized I had a brain freeze the...
  549. BakerStBobby2

    Special rod for a special company

    Great work, Doc! Can't wait to see it tomorrow, and all the others everyone has built for your display rack!!! Bobby~
  550. BakerStBobby2

    Final Prep.

    Yep, do what Mark said. Save the WD-40 for getting gum off the bottom of your shoes- about all that 'stuff' is good for. JMHO... Bobby~
  551. BakerStBobby2

    Rods for Soldiers, Seeker BS 706-S

    It's an 'S' glass spinning rod blank -designation BS706-S. The blank is OD green and is rated 8-20#. I think it will be an awesome 10-14# stick! Thanks for the props, peeps... Bobby~
  552. BakerStBobby2

    Another for the show-RCTB60H

    Is that electra you used for the base wrap? Love it!! Bobby~
  553. BakerStBobby2

    Rods for Soldiers, Seeker BS 706-S

    I heard about the Rods for Soldiers program a few months ago and decided to help out by making this spinning rod for the cause. Did it in red, pearl and blue just to be a little different. Hope the guy or gal that gets it loves it and fishes the hell out of it! This is the last of three rods I...
  554. BakerStBobby2

    Fishing for the "Q"ure, A rod in pink!

    Here's a Calstar BT870 that will be on the October Q-105 2-day women's fishing trip to raise money for breast cancer research.Some lucky lady will win it that trip!(or bid for it, not sure really). It will be on display this weekend at the WCCR&T Show in Pasadena! Didn't think pink could look...
  555. BakerStBobby2

    I'm coming

    It was nice talking with you yesterday, Pat. Look forward to meeting you handing you that rod! Have a safe and blessed trip out... Bobby~
  556. BakerStBobby2

    Bill Batson's "BLING" for the Show

    Awesome work, Rooster!!! See ya Saturday... Bobby~
  557. BakerStBobby2

    Rod for the show

    That's my fav weave that you do, John. I'm gonna have to pick out a new 'project rod' for you to put one of those on !!! See ya Saturday!!! Bobby~
  558. BakerStBobby2

    pro wrap thread

    I've used it a little lately. Only have nylon size D to try so far, haven't used the 'NCP' version yet. It has less twist to it than Gudebrod and some other newer brands out there that I've tried. Flexcoat CP works great with it and no issues with Flexcoat or Threadmaster finishes to speak of...
  559. BakerStBobby2

    One for the show..

    That's a really nice job you guys did on the chevron! See you at the show!!!! Bobby`
  560. BakerStBobby2

    Phenix Blanks Grip Options worries Bobby~
  561. BakerStBobby2

    FL75 Super Seeker w/ bronze pigments...

    Truly amazing work, Jim! The pigments really do the blank justice... Bobby~
  562. BakerStBobby2

    Rainshadow Vertical Jigger for ME!

    The marbeling looks great!! See you next class... Bobby~
  563. BakerStBobby2

    help me pick a blank?

    If you would like a really nice blank and not too spendy , look at the Rainshadows on this site Fishing Rod Building Supplies Bobby~
  564. BakerStBobby2

    One for myself

    Very cool!!! Bobby~
  565. BakerStBobby2

    Good Evening

    Welcome aboard, Bubba! Nice tiger, too... Bobby~
  566. BakerStBobby2

    beginner question

    Robert, do you have an idea of what you will replace the EVA and reel seat with? Bobby~
  567. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Builders Roll Call - Showtime

    I'm building 3 for the show- One as a show door prize, one for breast cancer research and one for Rods for Soldiers. I don't know where Mark will want to display the door prize stick, but you can have the other 2 for sure to show off! Bobby~
  568. BakerStBobby2

    question about my new deckhand rod

    I use Stabond. It's rather expensive, however... Bobby~
  569. BakerStBobby2

    2.5 day on the Pac Star 9/17-18

    Way to go, Mike! Thanks for posting.... Bobby~
  570. BakerStBobby2

    question about my new deckhand rod

    I would also make sure to measure the butt end of the rod and purchase the smallest x-tube that will fit over that part of the rod. If you get a piece too large in diameter, it won't shrink all the way down to your corktape. I use a very thin layer of rubber cement on the corktape before...
  571. BakerStBobby2

    Door Prize at the WCCRS...

    Thanks everyone! I'll have 2 other rods to show off at the show. One I'm making for the Q-105's 'Q For the Cure' 2-day breast cancer awareness trip and a Rods For Soldiers stick. I'm bit Bobby~
  572. BakerStBobby2

    My new King Mackerel Rod

    Not bad at all, dude! The color combo is really cool, too... Bobby~
  573. BakerStBobby2

    Two more Seekers

    Very nice!!! Bobby~
  574. BakerStBobby2

    First Closed X-Wrap

    That looks awesome, Steve! Bring it by the shop if ya can so I can get a look-see up close. Great job,Doood... Bobby~
  575. BakerStBobby2

    12-25 8' Stick?

    Super Seeker SS-CLB806...My 1st choice Bobby~
  576. BakerStBobby2

    Door Prize at the WCCRS...

    Here is a rod I just finished that someone will win at the West Coast Custom Rod Show on Oct.2nd & 3rd. It's an American Tackle Viper AVGC 70MH rated 25-40# 7' bait stick. I went with a split gripped corktape/x-tube rear and CT/x-tube fore, Fuji seat and American Tackle NBRLVL stainless steel...
  577. BakerStBobby2


    Looking really good, Steve! Keep up the awesome work... Bobby~
  578. BakerStBobby2

    My first cord weave handle

    Looks really awesome! Can't wait to see the guide wraps.... Bobby~
  579. BakerStBobby2

    Another quick one!!

    Another gem, Steve! Great work.... Bobby~
  580. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar Grafighter 700M

    Killer looking stick!!! Bobby~
  581. BakerStBobby2

    Now this is "Grown Man Gear"

    We carry them. All I've got is an F-120 at my shop ryt now. It's sold, but you can stop by to check it out and we can order you one if you like it... Bobby~
  582. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Setups

    Even if you use a 12" rear with a gimbal and a 16" fore, there is plenty of room for those 4 guides. It comes down to personal preference on the rear grip length, of coarse. Since you won't be casting these rods, it's only important how it feels when you're harnessed in...whereas a casting rod...
  583. BakerStBobby2


    I like the AmTak Titan Turbos(NItr's) with an All American roller top. Zero corrosion and light as hell. Bobby~
  584. BakerStBobby2

    Pearly Tiger marlincasters........

    Your attention to detail is what I really love about your work, Jim. These are second to non, as usual!... Bobby~
  585. BakerStBobby2

    9 years later I'm still pissed..

    "We'll never forget"...I know I won't...Thanks for posting, John. Bobby~
  586. BakerStBobby2

    CP test pics.

    Thanks for posting,Doc!...I'm leaning from flex coat to chromaseal for my personal choices lately. Bobby~
  587. BakerStBobby2

    custom calstar

    If you wanna come by after the weekend, I'll be at the shop M-F from 10am-7pm. We can check it out and see if it's salvageable. Bobby~ 714-957-1408 during shop hours
  588. BakerStBobby2

    M.A.W. Rods by O.C. Rod Builders....

    I thought they'd NEVER get done................but we pulled it off! Bobby~
  589. BakerStBobby2

    M.A.W. Rods by O.C. Rod Builders....

    Thanks everyone!!! A few of us will be at the awards banquet on Sunday to deliver these dudes. Hope to see a bunch of my fellow rod wrappers there!!!! Bobby~
  590. BakerStBobby2


    Wooops, sorry. I saw your 'handle ' here and just thought you were gonna put the Alps on the 690-J. I can tell you that I have not built a Rainshadow 8' rod, yet. However, I have sold quite a few of them that guys were using Alps on and there have been zero complaints. Bobby~
  591. BakerStBobby2


    I've made some for customers and they all think they're great on that stick! Bobby~
  592. BakerStBobby2

    Am I ready??

    Check out the Rod Building Materials 'sticky' thread close to the top of this list of threads on this Rod Building page. That's a good start. Good luck and thanks for your service! Bobby~
  593. BakerStBobby2

    Some basic crosswarps

    Straight as can be...awesome job, as usual! Bobby~
  594. BakerStBobby2

    M.A.W. Rods by O.C. Rod Builders....

    Thanks to all the guys and gals that helped out building these sticks! John Mahan spent more time than anyone doing the weaves, great job John! Chad tied up the cord for the chain wrapped butt sections on the trollers and at least 20 others helped out wrapping the guides. Some of you came from...
  595. BakerStBobby2

    1st closed x-wrap

    Very cool colors and nicely done! Can't wait to see it with some finish over it... Bobby~
  596. BakerStBobby2

    A Few Different Tigers by Fireboy

    Those are awesome looking! My fav is the gold, black w/garnet on me some great ideas. Thanks for posting!!! Bobby~
  597. BakerStBobby2

    Seeker 670 Dorado theme/colors

    Looks really good, Bill! Keep up the great work... Bobby~
  598. BakerStBobby2

    Call to Arm to BDers

    Awesome idea!!!!!!!! Hope all the details can get worked out on that one... Bobby~
  599. BakerStBobby2

    MAW final 5

    Bitchen!!!! Instant collectibles for sure!!!! See you guys on Sunday... Bobby~
  600. BakerStBobby2

    More Candy Corn

    Looking really HOT!!! Great job... Bobby~
  601. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar Baja Boomer ????

    Well, it's not real easy to tell what the the blank is after already built. However, the tip size on a Baja Boomer is a 14. Take a look at the side of the tip roller and there will be a number on it. That is your tip size. The blank will only fit into the top 3"(roughly) of the uni-butt, and the...
  602. BakerStBobby2

    Candy Corn BTG 670

    Thanks everyone!!! Capt. G, you can get this cord from Fishing Rod Building Supplies Bobby~
  603. BakerStBobby2

    15-30# rod.....

    Yes. It will be stronger w/o CP as well... Bobby~
  604. BakerStBobby2

    Another for the Gridiron

    Very cool weave, dude! Do you plan on having the NFL set done by Oct.2nd??? lol Bobby~
  605. BakerStBobby2

    AJ's Rod

    Awesome!!! Great work, he should be very happy with that... Bobby~
  606. BakerStBobby2

    rod repair..

    If you send it to Shimano in Irvine, they might replace the whole rod....Some of my customers have taken rods that have broken guides to them and got this result. Bobby~
  607. BakerStBobby2

    Candy Corn BTG 670

    Good looking stick Bobby, candy corn descibes it good, tell the truth, did ya lick it to see if it tasted like candy corn? Yes, but don't tell no body..... Bobby~LOL
  608. BakerStBobby2

    Unibutt/Aluminum Butt Install

    The blank rod butt gets epoxied inside the removable ferrule on the top of the unibutt. Don't forget to set the spine(spline) and line up the blank and butt... Bobby~
  609. BakerStBobby2

    Candy Corn BTG 670

    Here are a few shots of a rod I just completed for a customer. It's his son's 1st custom rod and he did an awesome job picking out components and thread colors, IMO. It's a Calstar BTG670 with candycorn butt cord handle and Fuji alconite guides. He picked out orange(221-c), yellow(6778-c) and...
  610. BakerStBobby2

    some new rods using Bullard Pigments.

    Your marble work always amazes me, Steve. Awesome job!!! Bobby~
  611. BakerStBobby2

    For my WCCRS display it is!

    Excellent work, Raymond!! Can't wait to see it on October... Bobby~
  612. BakerStBobby2

    Can anyone recommend a rod wrapper in oc/la

    Steve, PM replied... Bobby~
  613. BakerStBobby2

    Long awaited rod #3

    Tiger has so many cool parts to look at, It's remarkable!! Bobby~
  614. BakerStBobby2

    Jigging Master 300 gram

    Incredible!!! Awesome cross wrap... Bobby~
  615. BakerStBobby2

    Stupid Question..

    Steve, You could always come on by the class tomorrow and we can figure out what you want there.... Bobby~
  616. BakerStBobby2

    Agent Rod Update

    The wrapping looks really good, but I am even more impressed by the cord work on the handle! Great work... Bobby~
  617. BakerStBobby2

    Guides and gimbal

    I build 95% of these rods for my customers using the Titan Turbos with All American roller tops instead of ringed tops. These tops have a huge opening for the line to run through and are super tough against abuse and line wear. Bobby~
  618. BakerStBobby2

    Phoenix black diamond hybrid question ????

    You should be very happy with it. All my customers that have them love these blanks... Bobby~
  619. BakerStBobby2

    Truline Triplets

    Great job all around, Bill! I love to see the old Trulines back in action... Bobby~
  620. BakerStBobby2

    CCRF website is finally up & running

    Sounds like a killer product...PM sent Bobby~
  621. BakerStBobby2

    Tiger with spot burnishing

    Maybe you should rig up a conveyor belt to display...Observer stand here and watch the tigers dance across the table!!! lol...Might actually be a good idea, tho...... Bobby~
  622. BakerStBobby2

    More tigers

    Never get tired of seeing these, Doc. Keep 'em comin'... Bobby~
  623. BakerStBobby2

    Charlie Brown RCLB80L

    Awesome rod, Steve! What color combo did you use on the tiger? Bobby~
  624. BakerStBobby2

    Rod blank quality?

    Seeker, Phenix, Calstar and Rainshadow are all high quality blanks. My customers are happy with any of these... Bobby~
  625. BakerStBobby2

    One for Joker

    When did you get all bitchen at doin' tigers??? Awesome job!!! Keep up the great work.... Bobby~
  626. BakerStBobby2

    Thread C ncp 326

    Mike, I just got a bunch of Gudebrod in. There are a bunch of the old batch of 326-C that you are lookin for...... Bobby~
  627. BakerStBobby2

    Circle Jerks rod

    Great job, Erika! Bobby~
  628. BakerStBobby2

    Lil Red Fish

    Looks really nice! Great job keeping the cross wrap straight, too... Bobby~
  629. BakerStBobby2

    Tuna Stick Guide Spacing

    There would really not be enough room for a WO47, 2 SHD32's and 2 WO22's plus top(what a set of WO Aftco roller guides usually is). I use the 5 WO guide set up for a 6' rod. Try the spacing out that I told ya about in the previous post and see if 4 guides works for you. Five of these guides...
  630. BakerStBobby2

    Keep the camo comin'

    Jim, Is that an open tiger? I see on the base wrap what looks like 720 or 001, then it switches to 441? I'm just wondering how ya got that effect if it wasn't an open wrap... Bobby~ looks awesome!
  631. BakerStBobby2

    G-Loomis S782

    Very nice work, Jim! Dig those metallic wind checks... Bobby~
  632. BakerStBobby2

    Tuna Challenge

    Good job, guys! The cord work is really cool!! Keep up the awesome work... Bobby~
  633. BakerStBobby2

    Talk about Customer Service!

    Mark, Colleen and Julie are awesome!!! No doubt about it, great customer service... Bobby~
  634. BakerStBobby2

    Tuna Stick Guide Spacing

    You will only need 4 of those WO's to build this rod. A good starting point would be from the tip to center of 1st base wrap 6.75", then to each center wrap-7", 8" and 9.5". Do a static test with that guide placement and go from there. Not only do you not want the line to touch the blank, you...
  635. BakerStBobby2

    Tuna Stick Guide Spacing

    Is it a set of HD rollers or WO? Bobby~
  636. BakerStBobby2

    ncp,nylon,fish hawk silk stuck please help

    I also make sure the CP has had at least 12 hours drying time before applying epoxy. This will prevent the CP from 'mixing' with the epoxy and you shouldn't get a cloudy look in the epoxy this way.... Bobby~
  637. BakerStBobby2

    Blank suggestion for GT's??

    Phenix PHD700XH Hybrid is a beast of a blank. Rated 30-80# line and is a bit of a slow taper which a lot of guys like for spinning rods. Bobby~
  638. BakerStBobby2

    Ultimate calico rod... List your favorite two

    My old favorites are the GUSA80xf for my light line applications and a Seeker CBW809 for the 40# string... My customers are now buying Phenix rods and blanks these days, however. Bobby~
  639. BakerStBobby2

    Sudden relevation

    It looks like a great base wrap for an open tiger wrap!!! just an idea... Bobby~
  640. BakerStBobby2

    American Tackle or Fuji Guides

    I have had zero(at least unknown) failures on all the customs in which I've used American Tackle guides-both Titan Turbos & Virtus ringlock. In that respect I have no issue with them. I love the titanium frames because they will never corrode nor rust, plus hardly weigh a thing! On the Fuji...
  641. BakerStBobby2

    Are there any 9 foot bass rod blanks out there?

    Just one, the 9' swimbait blank is still up for grabs. I'm wrapping the 7' bait stick as a door prize at the WCCRTS in October... Bobby~
  642. BakerStBobby2

    Truline D 8 Resurection

    Loved my old D-8! Glad to see you bring this one back from the dead...nice job!!! Bobby~
  643. BakerStBobby2

    Which reel for 40# (Maybe 50#) - Part 2

    I say get the Bx2-400 for 40# and the Bx2-500 for 50#...just a thought and what I would do.... Bobby~
  644. BakerStBobby2

    Are there any 9 foot bass rod blanks out there?

    Thanks for calling, dude! You are more than welcome to come check out the blanks anytime, too! Don't have to wait til 'class' starts... Bobby~
  645. BakerStBobby2

    Are there any 9 foot bass rod blanks out there?

    OC Rod Building Class is every Wednesday evening at my shop in Costa Mesa. Give me a call... Bobby~ 714-726-1697 8am-10pm(cell)
  646. BakerStBobby2

    Seeker 809 4 axis chevron

    Really nice looking rod, Bill... Bobby~
  647. BakerStBobby2

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge Rods

    We're nearly done with these rods, but still a little wrapping left to do. We will be wrapping a bit more of the guides tonight during rod class. If you can show up, please do!... Bobby~
  648. BakerStBobby2

    Calstar GF7465H Spiral Roller

    Super tight as always!! Another great looking rod, Randy... Bobby~
  649. BakerStBobby2

    rod fogging

    I've seen something like what you are talking about on customers old rods. We put a coat of flex coat over and it solved the 'cloudy' problem everytime I've tried... Bobby~
  650. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Show Give aways.

    Looks like it's starting to come together there, huh Doc? Great job you and Mark are doing with this whole idea of Toys for Tots incorporated with the rod show, too! I just set up the handle on the a raffle rod for the show while I was at the shop today! It's gonna be something a little...
  651. BakerStBobby2

    Need opinions for a new blank

    In that price range I'd check out the Rainshadow blanks at Fishing Rod Building Supplies Bobby~
  652. BakerStBobby2

    SS 2X4 & BTG690-J

    Thanks Erika! The size of thread that works best for tigers is up in the air from what I read. There's a guy over In Japan that does some totally bitchen tigers and most of them are in C or D... Once I start using A thread as a standard(or at least a little), I'll give you my opinion on what is...
  653. BakerStBobby2

    SS 2X4 & BTG690-J

    I can show you how no problem, just come by and put a few wraps on the M.A.W. rods and you WILL know how...;) They're aren't hard to do at all, really... Bobby~
  654. BakerStBobby2

    which phenix blank for throw'n iron?

    The 909H for 30 is ideal, especially on larger grade fish. All the backbone you'll need right there... Bobby~
  655. BakerStBobby2

    SS 2X4 & BTG690-J

    Thanks Nick! The 720-c is actually medium gray. It does look white in the pics, tho... Bobby~