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  1. mongo75

    1968 Luhrs 25’ project

    I almost finished my 68 luhrs project, sane exact boat. Miss the old girl, never got her wet.
  2. mongo75

    25' Luhrs Flybridge project, new drive train and 95% of parts to finish

    Hey guys haven't been on in a while as I'm busy at work and after breaking down I need money for repairs, so I'm looking for offers on my boat. Some of you may have seen the progress on her in the boat forum. Here's what I have for it; - hull completely stipped to bare glass, new 1.5"...
  3. mongo75

    Anyone want to barter services?

    I'd love to hire an electrician. I'd also love to hire a woodworker, glass guy, and painter too. Problem is I can't afford their rates. So I just learned how to do it all on my own. Yeah it helps that I do glass and paint on helicopters and know how to rebuild engines, and run 12v and 120v...
  4. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Thanks agian everyone. Too bad I'm doing this dumb ass RIMPAC thing with the Navy out in Hawaii, in between Oahu and the big island. I did go out with a Marine staitoned at Kaneohe Bay and we brought in some Mahi and bonito. But 2 months from home is 2 months lost on not working on my damn boat...
  5. mongo75

    Replacing Melamine doors on my boat

    hey Deb I gotta table saw in my garage buried under a bunch of shit hehe- you're more than welcome to RSM and make a mess.
  6. mongo75

    perko flush for volvo D4 diesel

    Minnies in Newport has all kinds of new and used fitings, or you can try ebay too.
  7. mongo75

    local parts source's

    Try Smokies machine / speed shop in Oceanside 760-433-9770- seems to be one of the last high performance places around, well for domestics anyways. If they can't help you there's an old school carb shop right behind them, and they also have an in house machine shop. I take all my shit there to...
  8. mongo75

    Chevy Big Block Outboard???

    Well anything can be done with enough time and money. I'd love to see it in action.
  9. mongo75

    Aluminum fuel tanks

    Great work so far- wish I could get my kids to be so helpfull! Keep us posted!
  10. mongo75


    Here's my latest post on my cabin, a bit bigger than what you're looking at doing, but I just went with 5/8" ply sides, 1/2" roof, and covered the exterior in 1708, and another coat of 6oz to make fininsh sanding easier. But damn epoxy is hard shit...
  11. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    No new progress- back at stinkin' work and we gotta go to Hawaii fron June to August, so not gonna get anything major done for a while. But yeah my neighbors are pretty cool- probably because they know they get to go on it when it's done for putting up with my shit for the past few years LOL...
  12. mongo75

    Skipjack 28 "Paddy Hopper II" gets a new fuel tank

    Great post David- giving me inspiration to keep my shit going. Now that you're done, since you're local you can be at my place to help me sand in about what, 20 minutes LOL??
  13. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Sorry for the lack of pics and update- as you all know glassing is slow laborious and boring work LOL. Yesterday I installed the bow plank / anchor rest. THis thing is solid oak, I glassed it to make it water proof, and it also has a slot that the SS anchor holder goes into. It's a bitchin...
  14. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Damn I am tired. I laid the rest of whatever needed to get done today, about another 100 sq ft or so, maybe more. Then my buddy came over, we dropped his fuel tank did a modification, and finished the day off at Ruby's and aimlessly wandering around Target for an hour. In egards to the 4:1, 5:1...
  15. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Hey Mark, I'm using epoxy from Crystaliner (at $300 for 6 gal kit) and was doing 4:1, but between the heat and running outta catalyst, I backed it down to 5:1, and it's working wonderfully. Gives me more time to work, but still get's tack free in the sun in about 2 hours. I've been using the...
  16. mongo75

    Free overhead engine gantry

    I used this one time to drop a Chrysler 440 and velvet drive into my Luhrs. It's pretty damn strong and is 12' high, 10' wide, an the base is 8' from for to stern. It's got over $100 in metal brackets along, and all you gotta add is your chain hoist and fix one cracked 2x4 (I dropped it moving...
  17. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Hey Josh perfect advice! I maintained a good chemical bond on the roof and starboard side of the cabin, but I did it in 2'x10' sections at a time LOL. As long as I mixed it 5:1 instead of 4:1 it was good to go. Here are some pics, nothing fancy, just kinda showign what got done. Tomorrow I...
  18. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Hey guys- not much to report- just glassing the topsides like you did Josh- 1708 for strength and 6oz for easier finishing. I actually mix just enough, maybe a bit under, and I use a paint pan to help keep it cool. Unfortunately there's really no way I can keep the damn thing covered rom the sun...
  19. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Damn Chinese fire dril- so far today I laid about 60 sq ft of 6oz cloth- and y'all know how how it was! I had to mix the epoxy somewhat cold so it wouldn't kick too quick, got close the first time. That shit is too expensive to waste!
  20. mongo75

    Yikes Termites on my Skippy!

    Set fire to it.... JK, wishin ya luck bro, and don't park next to my tinderbox LOL!
  21. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Well, I am sitting here watching Deadliest Catch, sore as all hell. As seen, yesterday I cut the sliding window holes, and today I dropped the engine and tranny package in. It took me about an hour to set up the wood gantry I previously made in parts. Once it was good to go, I wrapped chain...
  22. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    THanks for the invite Dennis, I'll have to take you up on that! Man, I shoulda stayed home today- there was some kinda "Goth" Convention or some crazy shit going on today- so every FREAK in Orange County was at Disney Land today- WTF!?!?!
  23. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Well, off to Disneyland for the day- family time is a bit more important!
  24. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Trouble is, I gotta spend prtty much the whole summer, mid June to mid August, in Hawaii. We got some training to do out there. Yeah HI is cool and all, but with the El Nino we're supposed to be having and the boat not done yet, I'd almost rather stay home with the family and work on the boat...
  25. mongo75

    Starcraft gettin there!

    Looks great, so much cleaner!
  26. mongo75


  27. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    I tell ya guys it feels good to get back here on BD and actually doing something to get her ready to kill fish. Today I had to go to both kids soccer games, so that held me back til after about 2pm before I could do much, but I got the windows cut out today, and they fit well. I just gotta put...
  28. mongo75

    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Well I last left off before I went to Iraq in Jan 09, came back in late August. I've done a few things since then, not much just kinda prime the interior and lay a coat of paint inside. Well, I got tired of not having time to do shit to it, so I said fuck it- and took a week of leave. I got it...
  29. mongo75

    Need two engine stands for a week

    David I gotta nice 4 point wheeled stand I had a 440 on, your more than welcome to just borrow it. You can come pick it up, if you need it I can have it to you on Monday, unless you need it this weekend. I keep it on base and can grab it today of need be. I'm right up the street from Lowes in...
  30. mongo75

    Need ballpark figure on full i/o repower

    I'd rebuild it myself- done it to a Chevy 350 for less than a grand for rebuild kit and machine shop costs. New everything except crank, rods, and valve train. I'm actually gonna put to test the 12' overhead wood beam gantry I built this weekend dropping a Chrysler 440 in my Luhrs. If it works...
  31. mongo75

    holes in the hull

    I got a buddy that lives in Wagon Wheel, off Oso Pkwy in South OC that'll do it for ya. he's a ceritified aircraft welder too. Email me if interested [email protected]
  32. mongo75

    Multiple fuel tanks and switching between them

    I think he's running gas, but if you had diesels, you "should" be able to get away with a simple 4 port solenoid like they used to have in the Ford pickups that had 2 tanks. Edit- ya beat me to it David... Here's a crazy idea- not too sure about the legality of it, but you in theory could...
  33. mongo75

    need trailer advice

    Can anyone beat $40 an hour for welding repair?
  34. mongo75

    With my boat.

    I got one better Gil, I can do a precision blow with a little rolld and shaped C4, and I'll pay him the $10 an hour just to record it LMFAO!!
  35. mongo75

    1969 Boston Whaler Katama

    I gotta chime in here on the two batteries thing- on my last boat, I had two batteries, but ALWAYS had it on one or the other, not both. Reason being, if your alternator takes a shit and you're not watching the gauges, the ingintion will run the battery dead before you know it, then your fucked...
  36. mongo75

    My First Boat

    That's one nice first boat! Have fun!
  37. mongo75

    Services- handyman, mechanic, towing...

    I figured this would go here. If you guys ever need a jack of all trades that stands by his work, please check out my site! Thanks! Danny
  38. mongo75

    Commisioning of USS Dewey in Seal Beach-3-6-2010

    Thats pretty cool- your boy should be a plank holder then!
  39. mongo75

    Diesel Vibration

    Of course you want to do a oil analysis before buying. That'll rule out any fueling issues that can cause vibration. Are the ysmoking at idle, or just off idle? that would be indicative of a injector issues. Although those vibe issues at a certain rpm seem to lean more toward a bent prop, or...
  40. mongo75

    Transom work.

    If you need a bigger rudder, I know Minnies has them. The rudder that came with my 1968 Luhrs was so corroded I'm sure it woulda leaked like a sieve. I got a bigger blade at Minnies for like $65 to fix the problem of corrosion AND give me hopefully better manuvering in O'side harbor. But if you...
  41. mongo75

    Transom work.

    Andrew, your local to me in RSM. Bro, bring it to me and I'll do it for a screaming deal. I've done this before on my Bayliner when I went from a OMC stringerdrive to a Cobra, and nevermind the fact that I make structural repairs on helicopters ofr a living. Call me up 949-616-0210.
  42. mongo75

    Oceanside 2/19

    At least you got a half price ticket. The first time out of Helgrens with my wife (girlfriend at the time) we went out for slimesticks, and on the 1/2 day boat I think about a total of 10 went over the rail for the whole boat. The boat hardly moved all day, which got a bunch of us disgruntled...
  43. mongo75

    Best place to have bottom paint done in OC

    Hey if all else fails, you can try the Valspar bottom paint at Lowes. I bought a quart the other day for about $33. For what I'm doing (cosmetic, covering the nasty old green shit) it'll be good enough.
  44. mongo75

    Squid Lights ?

    I'd just run them off the house and start the engine every hour or so to recharge the house batteries for whatever application you get. As long as you can start the engine you'll be ok.
  45. mongo75

    Help Help! 1972 Skipjack 20 open

    What's so wrong with it? I see the block needs to be mounted (it's canted right now obviously) but from what I see it's mostly cosmetci right? Your best bet would be to take everything out that you can, give her a good cleaning, and then you can address any concerns whether it be cosmetic or...
  46. mongo75

    need trailer advice

    Ya'll need a trailer rebuilt- I can do it for you as long as its not a major hurry, and if it is I can take leave. I've worked on the last two trailers I had with no problems. THe last one I got off a fellow BD'r that was 22' long. When it was all said and done, I made it 28' long, replaced the...
  47. mongo75

    Stainless gas tank?

    I hate that Inca site- they got just about any tank you'll ever need, but you can't buy it- WTF???
  48. mongo75

    deck cracking and floor paint?

    I know you want to fix it right, but in the interim to keep the rain out of the cracks you could alway mix some 5 min epoxy and bush it on the cracks. That'll hold til you get the fix you want for it. But I do like the idea of a colored rhino lining. Anyone know how much it cost to cover a deck...
  49. mongo75

    Weight of Skipjack 25 Sport Cruiser?

    I doubt that weight is correct- my 25' Bayliner Cabin cruiser weighed about 6500 on a 30' mdoifed mobile home trailer LOL. I pulled it with a '97 F-150 w/5.4L just fine. But if your in doubt of your trucks abilities, look for a cheap used 1/2 tom or 3/4 ton pickup. Before I fixed up my current...
  50. mongo75


    I want to repaint the nasty flaking green crap on my 42 year old bottom (damn that didn't sound right LOL) and was hoping to find someone with prefereably black bottom paint left over they want to part with. Please let me know if you got some, how much, and what you want for it. Thanks! Danny...
  51. mongo75

    Underwater lights

    Definitely cheaper that other stuff out there....
  52. mongo75

    Who tows with a Dodge 1500

    I used to tow a 25' Bayliner and the whole trailer weighed in at 5500 lbs, with a 97 F-150 5.4L. I'm sure your newer truck won't have a problem towing 23' pilot house. Check the owners manual, you're probably good up to about 8,000 lbs with the class 4 or 5 hitch.
  53. mongo75

    Anybody got boat stands to rent / loan?

    I called O'side Marine and they wouldn't do it. I'll keep checking, but I do have some steel on standby if I need to burn up some stands....
  54. mongo75

    Black bottom paint

    I need some black bottom paint so I can paint over the nasty green shit I currently have. I figured that'd be easier than removing the old bottom paint on my trailer boat. The cheaper the better! [email protected]
  55. mongo75

    Anybody got boat stands to rent / loan?

    I need to put my 25' Flybridge on stands so I can fix a couple of thru hull holes (shoulda done it before I put it on the trailer) and do the bottom paint at the hobby shop on base. I was gonna use 55 gal drums, but since I've added weight to her (it was on drums originally) I want to do it...
  56. mongo75

    Anyone have a Furuno 1622 radome laying around ?

    i know it's plastic, but with a good roughing up and cleaning, epoxy will adhere to damn near anything. I've fixed plastic before with epoxy, and while it's not as good as a new part, it will hold up.
  57. mongo75

    Anyone have a Furuno 1622 radome laying around ?

    David- I'd either try ebay, or just bring it by my place in Rancho and I'll glass it for free- you'd be surprised what 6oz and 5min epoxy will fix!
  58. mongo75


    I bought a 3500w from Harbor Freight a while back for like 4130 on sale. I currently use it for rebuilding the damn boat it's supposed to go in at a remote location using my running truck for power. But when it's done I'll probably use it in the truck or get another one. As long as you get thick...
  59. mongo75

    What's it cost to rebuild a Velvet drive?

    WOW, I was thinking of doing it for only $200 labor plus parts.
  60. mongo75

    What's it cost to rebuild a Velvet drive?

    I've rebuilt my own and it runs like a top. I was just wondering what the shops charge to do this?
  61. mongo75

    Got my boat (part 2)

    Are your tower tubes steel? I can't tell from them being painted. Just looking for ideas from my project.
  62. mongo75

    generator installation

    Here's an idea for a small dry stack- let's say the average exhaust on these small gennys is what, maybe 3/4"? what if you took a 1.5" thru hull, and then welded an extension pipe to it, and ended it with a 90* fitting and an extra 3-4" running up from that, leave the top open. Next weld an...
  63. mongo75

    OK, who got rescued today @ LJ

    Fucking assholes- they put other peoples lives at risk when it's obvious they shouldn't be out there.....
  64. mongo75

    84 johnson 7.5hp- chokes itself w/ exhaust

    My buddy had the same issue with a 5.5 Zuke on his sailboat. He was too lazy to rebuild the damn thing so we just raun it w/o the cowl and got a headache from the exhaust fumes..... I'd just get a gasket kit and fix it right. If you can't find the right kit, light cardboard would work...
  65. mongo75

    towing another boat??

    I towed a 19' boat from a corner cleat of my 25' Bayliner one time into O'Side harbor, it did just fine. I kept the line about 20' long so I wouldn't be making a hazard in that damned crowed ass area. As long as you go slow enough to be safe, you should be fine towing from a corner, just might...
  66. mongo75

    Electric sport fisher

    I applaud thier innovation, but this has no real life practicality for a off shore fisherman. if you want to go "green" the most viable option would be to used a diesel generator like in locomotives (or those silly little Prius cars) and even then with only a small generator, in keeping with the...
  67. mongo75

    Mass to Horsepower Ratio

    I once had an OLD frigin 3hp, the kind with the built in gas tank. It took my 25' Bayliner up to about 3 hp. I just used it for a back up that thankfully I never had to use.
  68. mongo75

    Thanksgiving Report Puerto Vallarta

    Great pics Dennis, looks like you guys had a great time!
  69. mongo75

    I need a 1.25" shaft for my inboard- anybody got one?....

    When I got my project 25' Luhrs, it came with a 80" shaft for the v-drive. Well, with me dropping in a bigger engine and longer 72c velvet drive, the engine is now too close to the rudder arm. SO, I am looking for a straight 85-90" 1.25' SS shaft for my boat. Anyone got one, or know where I can...
  70. mongo75

    Using a pressure washer to strip fuel tank paint?

    I wound up using a grinder with a 4" flap brush, works great! I was too lazy to move all the shit I had blocking my pressure washer last night.....
  71. mongo75

    Using a pressure washer to strip fuel tank paint?

    I got two old slightly corroded aluminum tanks that I need to slip and repaint. I was wonder if it would be faster to try to strip the old cheap paint with my pressurewasher instead of sanding it off? There are no fumes whatsoever, and the structural integrity of the tank is fine- I just want to...
  72. mongo75

    generator installation

    I thought about the same thing, and was thinking to just run it through a thru hull over the side. My only concern would be how how would it get the fiberglass, and what would you use to run it to the thru hull?
  73. mongo75

    Adding a Second Station

    Allen, can expalin what the dual control box thing is? I need to add a second station as well, already have hyd steering. I'm just not sure how to combine the throttle and shift cables w/o them binding.
  74. mongo75

    Has anyone "leased/rented" or "sub-let" their boat before? Partnered with anyone?

    Chris- where are you storing your boat now, on base? I would just keep it stored on base with a good tarp, and don't worry about it. I kept mine on Pendleton for 7 months in Iraq and had no problems. Unless you got a friend you would trust your life too, I would feel alot safer keeping it safely...
  75. mongo75

    Federal Ni-Bral cupped props, 28x29

    UPDATE- I got them checked at Wilmington prop, and the said they need balance and repitching to true them out. I have no need for them- so if you can use them, let me know what you can offer for them, otherwise I'll scrap them by Dec 1st.
  76. mongo75

    Trailer Question(maybe dumb ?)

    $4600 for a new trailer?? Holy fuck that's rediculous! I bought a 22' trailer, a bunch of steel, and made it a 29' trailer (lots of cutting, welding, and grinding) for my 25' Luhrs. Everything was new except for the frame, I rebuilt the actuator, and got new tires for the truck and put my old...
  77. mongo75

    Velvet drive not turning- WTF!?!?!

    I was kidding about the beers LOL, of course I mighta had a couple, but I know from experience what can happen, so I know to keep it to a minimum hehe.... just glad it's all done!
  78. mongo75

    boat carb or car carb?

    Thanks for the clarification, and explaining WHY they are different!
  79. mongo75

    1971 Skipjack 20 open OMC OD / Chevy 350

    I'm on my 3rd project boat, and although for what I've put into this current hole I coulda had a nice used one by now, I enjoy the torture, and take pride in the good quality work I do. Of course I learned a bit more on each subsequent boat, but if your like me (broke) but can do repair work...
  80. mongo75

    Velvet drive not turning- WTF!?!?!

    OK, well I got to wondering WHY whenever I put the tranny back on, that I ALWAYS manage to get it to mesh with the flexplate on the first try??? SO, I lift up the inspection flap on the bellhousing, put the tranny on, and lo and behold, the damn input shaft doesn't go it!! I figured out that I...
  81. mongo75

    Velvet drive not turning- WTF!?!?!

    Last night I took it apart, found out that I had the drive clutch plates in the worng order, so I flipped them, got the clutch spring on the right way, and put the damn pump on with the arrow pointing the same way as the crank rotation, and put a pressure gauge on the point indicated in the...
  82. mongo75

    Sprung a leak... Again

    There ya go- Skip you're the man! Take advantage of his service!
  83. mongo75

    1969 Alglas sportfisher

    Is it the carb itself that is too tall, or just the flame suppressor? I had a short suppressor on my last engine that was half the height of my current one. Ebay rocks for stuff like that! Keep the pics coming!
  84. mongo75

    Sprung a leak... Again

    Like the others said, stop drill the crack with a 1/4" drill, grind the crack down till you have about 1/16" to 1/8" of daylight showing, make sure it's beveled / feathered on both sides, then glass it on both sides with epoxy, at least 4 layers per side 9dependng on thickness) til it's as...
  85. mongo75

    Velvet drive not turning- WTF!?!?!

    Thanks again Carl! I've been reviewing the VD manual, and I can't see anywhere I may have screwed up. The only thing that makes me question my rebuild is because when you turn the input shaft, the output turns with it, and you gotta really hold on to the output shaft to make it stop turning when...
  86. mongo75

    Velvet drive not turning- WTF!?!?!

    Hey Carl, thanks for the input. I have it filled just over the FULL mark, and I am not getting any flow, not through the cooler, nothing. I actually took the linkage off, and with a pair of pliers rotated it past both stops with the engine running to make sure it wasn't just out of adjustment...
  87. mongo75

    29' fiberglass offshore sportfisher. Possible new production line?

    Doesn't look like a bad boat, but I'd like to see no engine box. I got tired of tripping over the one in my last boat.
  88. mongo75

    Velvet drive not turning- WTF!?!?!

    I installed the pump both ways, and nothing changed- I guess I might have to actually take it somewhere to get it looked at..... I'll take any suggestions on either what to do, or who to take it to....
  89. mongo75

    Velvet drive not turning- WTF!?!?!

    I rebuilt my velvet drive by the book. The pump is mounted so it turns in the same direction as he flywheel according to the arrow on the pump. I mounted it to my 440 today, and the damn thing won't spin, at least with any speed, it may turn a little, but like 10 rpms..... It has plenty of ATF...
  90. mongo75

    Heading Sensor Installation

    I have the same unit, but I also have other parts that go with it.
  91. mongo75

    Cracked and delaminated fiberglass

    I second stripping and relaying epoxy. Yeah cheap is nice, but one pin hole letting water in and you wind up having to re-do it later.
  92. mongo75

    Anybody got a gantry I can use to install my engine?

    The reason I was looking for a overhead gantry is because I have the engine and tranny mounted on angle aluminum mounts, and have to first drop it between the stringers, mark the location, then take the angles off, drill all the holes for the angle to the stringer, and then put it all back...
  93. mongo75

    New or Used

    yes, please change the nasty pic you got up. That shit is stupid scary!
  94. mongo75

    Anybody got a gantry I can use to install my engine?

    I want to install my Chrysler 440 & velvet drive package this weekend, and normally I do my work on base at the hobby shop, but the 9' beam is too wide to fit under the gantry cranes they have. I am considering building my own out of 4x6 and a harbor freight chain hoist, but if someone has maybe...
  95. mongo75

    26' Striper WA with 5.7L I/O

    Your basic smallblock Chevy 350, very dependable and super easy and cheap to get parts for. Never owned a Striper, but I do know they are bad ass boats. I would say you'd probably get about 2-2.3 mpg at near WOT. Take the leap!
  96. mongo75

    Search underway for survivors of military aircraft collision by San Clemente Island

    Yeah no shit it's been a bad week- we just lost a Cobra and a Huey less than 2 weeks ago in Afghanistan, another mid-air. Even worse, is that those guys were due home in less than a week!
  97. mongo75

    tower material

    SS is good, but it is alot more subceptable to cracking that aluminum
  98. mongo75

    Search underway for survivors of military aircraft collision by San Clemente Island

    UPDATE- They have officially called off the search for surviviors and are now assuming the search for wreckage. Ya know as shitty as this whole thing has been, it could have been worse. My boys were escorting 2 CH-53's (jolly green giant type helos) with I think 11 souls on each. So again, this...
  99. mongo75

    Search underway for survivors of military aircraft collision by San Clemente Island

    If anyone does happen to find out it was some shithead in a dingy that got in trouble, please, please, let me know where to find him........
  100. mongo75

    Search underway for survivors of military aircraft collision by San Clemente Island

    Thanks Mike, I do hope the aircraft are found, but as far as survivors, I'm not going to "paint a rosy picture" for anyone out here.
  101. mongo75

    Search underway for survivors of military aircraft collision by San Clemente Island

    Hey guys, the Cobra pilots were from my unit, I appreciate all your prayers at this time. We lost two great Marines, and a I lost two friends, one I've know over 8 years. Semper Fidelis.
  102. mongo75

    Can i tow a Striper 2301 o/b with a truck towing capacity of 5,000lbs?

    Buy an American truck that'll get you around safely. Them little japanese things they call "trucks" don't even hold a fuel mileage advantage over US trucks anymore. I bought a F-350 diesel C/C longbed for a decent price. That way I can tow anything I can afford.
  103. mongo75

    1969 Alglas sportfisher

    That's cool that you can fit a straight shaft in there. My Luhrs is a v-drive, and even then the 440 I'm dropping in is gonna force me to raise the deck a few inches over stock. Projects are a pain in the ass, but once done very fullfilling, and you also know every inch of the damn thing! Who...
  104. mongo75

    Boat burned and sunk at Bisbees today!

    Damn, anyone hear what casued it?
  105. mongo75


    I can't find a pic of a 29' but it looks like it'd make a nice Lobsta boat! My dumb ass would bite if I didn't already have a project.
  106. mongo75

    Great OMC Stern Drive Repair Shop

  107. mongo75

    Where Can I Find a Fiberglass Swim Step/Platform

    I built on out of 2x2 pine I glued and screwed together, then ran it through a planer to about 1.25" thick, cut some cool slots in it and beveled the edges, and then glassed it all around and bolted it to the ss frames I had laying around. It worked great, cost me less that $100, and it's lasted...
  108. mongo75

    Great OMC Stern Drive Repair Shop

    Can you just get the kit and do it yourself? I did it myself on my Cobra and saved a lot of $$$$
  109. mongo75

    Are your rod holders bolted or Screwed on?

    Bolted- asking for cracked gel coat with screws.....
  110. mongo75

    Incredible Bertram 31 for sale - Check out this thread!!

    OK, I lied when I said I'd NEVER rebuild another boat after the Savannah II is done. A Bertram 31 is my friggin dream boat. I'd give my left nut for one! Alot of guys don't agree with the price, and while yeah, it's alot for anyone these days, for the devout Bertie follower, that price will sell...
  111. mongo75

    replace my omc transom seal

    Yeah, IIRC, all you gotta do it take off the triangle shaped caps on the sides of the pivot pins, and then I think 2 bolts hold a half circle cap over the pivot pins. You just gotta support the leg with a cherry picker or strong son hehe, and it should come off enough to pull the gasket off. Of...
  112. mongo75

    replace my omc transom seal

    Hey Deb, I'm guessing it's either an electric-shift or stringer drive/800 series OMC with the big rubber seal? I hate to say but I'm pretty sure in order to replace that you need to pull the drive leg and then just remove the bolts holding the aluminum ring to the transom. Do you have the means...
  113. mongo75

    1969 Alglas sportfisher

    Lobo- there's rally not much to mechanics. I'm self taught, but with a good set of tools and a manual or instructions, there's not much you can't do!
  114. mongo75

    HELP! My rebuilt velvet drive is tighter than a virgin!!

    Thanks Ben, yeah so I do have a counter-rotating mill. Not sure about the CR velvet drive though.
  115. mongo75

    1969 Alglas sportfisher

    Nice looking boat, I love the smooth lines on her. What kinda engine did it have before?
  116. mongo75

    bait bag vs bait tank.............

    My buddy had a bag on the back of his sail boat, and the fuckin seagulls would actually sit on the frame and try to catch dines as we were fishing! Provided some entertainment with a slingshot though....
  117. mongo75

    HELP! My rebuilt velvet drive is tighter than a virgin!!

    Oh believe me, I built it by the book- I'm not fucking around with something that important so I can break down 30 miles out! I think it's just the seals and everything fitting together so tight, just needs to be broken in. Also Dennis, I understand that the pump has to be clocked to allow...
  118. mongo75

    Single Side Band Operation

    Hell I'd just run a 10 meter radio with a 500 watt linear on both ends and talk to home like that.
  119. mongo75

    HELP! My rebuilt velvet drive is tighter than a virgin!!

    I'm "hoping" it's normal for the drive to be pretty damn hard to turn since I just rebuilt it, and the seals need to be broken in, right? Also, the damn pump has me confused- my engine, when looking at it from the flywheel, turns LEFT, so that's an counter clockwise, or opposite, or left hand...
  120. mongo75

    Update on the "TANK"

    Damn I love seeing her! And like other said- way friggin better in person!
  121. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    If anything, I'll just keep the 440 Chrysler I currently have. I could always just add the extra return fitting to my tanks and cap them, so that way if I ever convert to diesel all I gotta do is run the plumbing. That'd give me a chance to save up and part together a 5.9 or something. I went on...
  122. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    WOW, alot of guys are really agains t gas engines in boats LOL! Maybe I just build them right, or get lucky, but I've never had a problem with a gas engine in my last two boats. But I am seriously considering this Perkins, because I'd love a Cummins, but I think it's a bit too big, and Volvo and...
  123. mongo75

    boat junk yard?

    or ebay......
  124. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    The guy just emailed me saying he also has a Perkins 6-354T for under $2000, which is kinda in my range provided I can move my Chrysler 440 and a set of props I got for sale- so that just throws another monkey wrench in the works, decisions decisions.....
  125. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    Again I wish I could get a diesel- I just bought 47 gals of fuel for my truck yesterday that cost me $112. Doing the math, that comes to $2.35 a gal. BUT it's b100 (100% biodiesel) which my truck loves, but some hard-headed folk are reluctant to try. Anyone interested in where to get it, pm me.
  126. mongo75

    Does anyone sell Ethanol-free gas ?

    How about putting a valve in the tank vent line, so after done running for the day you can shut the valve, and thusly keep outside air from entering the tank? I know some would say it needs to "breath" but a tank not exposed to direct sunlight should not flex much if at all, so there's no need...
  127. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    I did some more research, and I think I've decided to just keep the damn 440 over the 6.2. The 440 makes almost twice the hp AND tq than the 6.2 does. Granted the 6.2 is more stout and I can get fuel cheaper, I still want to get out of the harbor and actually get that boat on plane, and I'm not...
  128. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    Alan, that sounds about right to me too. Just found out the engine I was considering is the 6.2, not the 6.5 ugghhh, I guess that pretty much ends my argument. I'd still like a diesel though. Anyone got an old 6v53 for sale LOL!!
  129. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    Dang, good arguments both ways. The least of my concerns is a gas explosion- that rarely happens to someone who maintains his engine/fuel system. As far as maintenance on a diesel, I am self trained on the 6.5GM from fixing the damn things on my teams Humvees in Iraq, they are real easy to fix...
  130. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    No I just gotta wait to see if the guy still has it available. Although an oil burner is more economical and longer lasting, my concern would be the reduced speed of a N/A diesel, but I guess I could always set the alarm earlier... And Dennis, you got me pegged brother- I just need to hear...
  131. mongo75

    Need help deciding- gas or diesel?

    I already have Chrysler 440 ready to drop into my 25' flybridge Luhrs. BUT, lets say if I could get a GM 6.5 non-turbo for it, which would be better for me? I really can't get out much, but I can get diesel a HELLUVA lot cheaper than gas, I mean way cheaper..... so what would you guys do?
  132. mongo75

    Know a GOOD stringer when ya see one?

    sorry multiple reply...
  133. mongo75

    Know a GOOD stringer when ya see one?

    Yeah, using a quarter is the same principle. It may not work as well on a wood structure as a quarter does on fiberglass / honeycomb composites, but you are looking for an area where the sound is different than a known, good area. Like on my boat, I got a few areas of cheaply made ply, and...
  134. mongo75

    side scan fishfinder

    How deep do these units go as far as the side scam capability?
  135. mongo75

    Know a GOOD stringer when ya see one?

    I would take a quarter, and tap any composites you are concerned about that you can reach with it. As you may know, good composite will give a nice sharp rap, whereas any delamination or rotten wood will sound very dull. That's the quick way I check for delam on helicopter honeycomb composite...
  136. mongo75

    Remove shaft cuppler

    Glad ya got it off Dennis! I'm using one too, I'll worry about it in a few years (after it even gets wet.....
  137. mongo75

    What's better- 3 or 4 blades??

    Thanks Dennis, sounds like the plan- yeah, I guess I really would have no problem spending money later LOL....
  138. mongo75

    What's better- 3 or 4 blades??

    I was looking at one on ebay for a decent price, but the bad thing is that I have no idea what this boat is capable of. It had a 360 in it and came with a 16x14, so I'm guessing the new 440 can swing an 18x16 no problem??? It's only another what, maybe 400-500 rpm that I'm sure the 440 can pick...
  139. mongo75

    What's better- 3 or 4 blades??

    I gotta 25' Luhrs pushed with a Chrysler 440, should weigh in around 6,000 lbs or so and I want to make about 30mph. I been reading, and everyone says a 3 blade is faster, but would I see any benefits from a 4 blade prop that would make it better to use?
  140. mongo75

    Are alternators directional?

    thanks again guys- let me get the engine running again and I'll throw a multi-meter on it to make sure it's not the gauge, and then go from there.
  141. mongo75

    Are alternators directional?

    Thanks Ben- anywhere local to get one?
  142. mongo75

    Are alternators directional?

    My Chrysler 440 is left- hand rotation (don't ask me why...??) and I bought an right hand alternator (the cooling fins show it to be a RH) for it a while back on ebay, before I realized what rotation it was, and when I ran the engine on a stand to break it in and function check it, the voltmeter...
  143. mongo75

    Federal Ni-Bral cupped props, 28x29

    UPDATE- they are 2" tapered shafts. I'll post pics later today. I called a prop shop in SD today, these go for $2700 EACH brand new, but I'm not looking for anywhere near that!!
  144. mongo75

    Federal Ni-Bral cupped props, 28x29

    Sorry for the late response guys- haven't been on in a few days. I'll get back to you today when I go home, or you can call my cell at 949-616-0210. They are Federal equi-poise cupped props .
  145. mongo75

    Federal Ni-Bral cupped props, 28x29

    I got a set of left and right hand Federal Ni-Bral equi-poise cupped props that were spares on a 55 footer. They are in excellent shape, taking offers.
  146. mongo75

    How to organize my rods for $50.

    Great work, and I can say from experience that you will want to bungee the hook side, and being bald it hurts 2x as much!
  147. mongo75

    1988 OMC Cobra w/a 5.7

    Funny how people bash the Cobra drive- Volvo bought the patent from OMC and that's how everyone has a nice Volvo SX drive (or whatever they call them) The OMC CObra drives are just as reliable as the Mercs and Volvos, as long as you maintain them, but that goes for anything..... I had one, and...
  148. mongo75

    And now to clean out the gas tanks... ?

    Hey where you guys getting Startron? I need some for my trucks jacked up fuel system!
  149. mongo75

    Who buys props?

    Thanks everyone!
  150. mongo75

    Who buys props?

    I gotta set of LH/RH 28x29 Federal Ni-Bral cupped props, and was wondering if anyone needed a set thi size, or is there a prop shop in SD or OC that'll buy them? And no, I refuse to sell them to that old skinflint Ernie Minnie, so please don't even suggest him! Thanks!
  151. mongo75

    Anyone ever try NAPA for paint??

    Hey thanks Warren- I think I'll try it in the cabin first to see how it pans out, then if it turns out good, fuck it, I'll use it on the whole thing. I'd love to use Sterling, Imron, or the other good products, but if I can achieve my desired results AND save a few bucks then all the better.
  152. mongo75

    Anyone ever try NAPA for paint??

    Heatwave? What heatwave LOL? I don't know if it needs a clear coat or not, but that would definitely be something to look at.
  153. mongo75

    Anyone ever try NAPA for paint??

    I was just tossing around ideas on paint- now that' I'm back from that shithole desert, I'm looking again at paints to use. I was just curious, I wonder how the $100 a gal NAPA 2 part poly would hold up on a boat? I figure if it holds up on a car, at $100 a gal, it's cheap enough to repaint...
  154. mongo75

    Epoxy and fiberglass

    Anyone got some left over 2 part epoxy for sale, maybe some lightweight glass like 4 or 6 0z? I can get stuff from Crystaliner, but with the wife outta work could definitely use a break on the price! I'll be back from Iraq after the Labor Day weekend to pick anything up if y'all offer it. I need...
  155. mongo75

    bait pumps

    Not to hijack the thread, but what size could I use for a 30 gal tank, an 850 or so?
  156. mongo75

    Where do you buy your boating/rigging supplies?

    EBAY!!! I'm restoring my third boat now, and I bring up West Marine, and ebay. I find what I need on ebay, then compare the price on West Marine. Which ever is cheaper after either taxes or shiping, gets the nod. YO won't find everything you need that way, but I've definitely saved alot over the...
  157. mongo75

    My New Jetski Fishing Rig [Honda Aqutrax]

    Now that's ingenius! A real fisherman doesn't let anything stop him! BTW- that marlin looks like a shark took a chunk outta it!
  158. mongo75

    Witness Protection Drew first Blood in I.B Kelp 8-2-09

    Looks like a great day bro- congrat on breaking her in, and taking your kid out too! Life long memories there! Did you just grab a clump of kelp and tie off to it? Good idea!
  159. mongo75

    W. BFLY 080109 How Big Is This Fish

    Hey at least he released it- maybe he didn't know?? I wouldn't. What do they taste like? Always wondered what I'd do if I caught one....
  160. mongo75

    Anyone ever rhino-line their boat?

    I've been tossing around the idea of getting my cockpit rhino-line'd once my boat is restored. I saw a CC do it on another forum and it looked tits- was wondering if any of you guys ever had it done, and what might it cost per sq foot?
  161. mongo75

    Flybridge or Full Cabin??

    Hey Gary- thanks for the well wishes. I get home in about 3 weeks, and after the family gets sick of having me around again, I can get back to finishing the restore. Do a search in "check out my boat" for "Savannah II" and check out the progress thusfar. Again deployments put a damper on my...
  162. mongo75

    Straight Inboard?

    Get an Arneson surface drive- the best of both worlds a straight 90* shaft.... except you then have the venerable PETA fish releas mechanism having off the back.....I'm looking foward to getting my 25' Luhrs (v-drive) in the water, but a little leary of how it'll perform when my last two boats...
  163. mongo75

    ratheon radar scanar???

    They're gear driven- I opened mine up in my garage to test it, and it worked prety good, showing the neighbors houses and such- plus I'm "snipped" so I don't care about frying my boys LOL....
  164. mongo75

    Question for Cabo 216 owners

    Any good American 1/2 -3/4 ton will do the trick. I used to tow my 6500 lb trailer with a 97 F-150, and it did just fine. Now I got a 99 F-350 CC LB dually, I can tow whatever I want.
  165. mongo75

    What should I do here??

    Well, not too sure about the webbing effect, while my reason for buying it IS to fish, I figured I'd make the cabin a little more "homely" feeling for the family. I'm leaning toward glassing and painting white. As far a gel coat, I saw it done, and it seems to be a pain in the ass, shooting it...
  166. mongo75

    Bottom paint- remove, or paint over?

    Uhh, duhhh, thanks David LOL- damn I forgot I already asked that. Any suggestions on what grit to use?
  167. mongo75

    Bottom paint- remove, or paint over?

    On my 1968 Luhrs 25'er, it's bottom painted. Seeing as how I plan on keeping it on a trailer, I don't need bottom paint. Would I be better off just painting over it with black bottom paint, or sand it all off and just paint it the same color as the top sides? I gotta take the boat off the...
  168. mongo75

    What should I do here??

    As I get nearer to coming back home from Iraq, I'm starting to think about working on my project boat the "Savannah II". One of my biggest concerns is how am I gonna finish the interior of the cabin? I already know I'm gonna carpet any exposed fiberglass hull areas, but what about the cabinets...
  169. mongo75


    Man what a great day! One more fisherman hooked for life LOL! Can't wait to bring my boy out one day.
  170. mongo75

    Just off Dana.

    Great catch and even better release! Go back and catch him again one day.
  171. mongo75

    The Domes

    I remember one day killing the sandies at less than 20' down. I went 10 for 10 at one time, having to release a lot. Those days are the best!
  172. mongo75

    New to me Skipjack 24 open

    Be carefull if you ever rebuild it- the ceramic washers can crack pretty easy and at what, $80 a pop, plus time, can get aggrevating. Great drive though! Have fun.
  173. mongo75

    Replace hydrolic trim hose on volvo penta cobra sx

    You "can" take the hoses off, I've done it before, but it is such a bitch!! You need a few different length wrenches of the same side (I think they're 3/8"??), maybe even a crows foot, and a lot of patience!!
  174. mongo75

    Pro's & Cons of Outboard Versus Inboard Moter?

    I vote for I/O also- pats are way cheaper, you can rebuild an engine yourself with basic tools, the drive with maybe a few special tools, and like was said before- the torque off the line gets you up pretty damn fast in a bigger boat. The boat I'm building now is an inboard, shaft driven gas...
  175. mongo75

    1st ever Yellowtail (7/15 late report)

    Haven't caught a yellow yet, but lots o' blues in NY. And if it taste better than a greasy old bluefish, I'm there!!
  176. mongo75

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    I didn't read the whole post, but I can't wait to get the fuck outta this shit hole country and get home to do some fishing!! GySgt Danny Jones Ramadi Iraq
  177. mongo75

    Boat left in water for 6 months BLISTERS? Buy or NO?

    Awesome post Dave - thanks for straightening that out- too many make a moutain out of a molehill when it come to blistering.
  178. mongo75

    What kinda throttle controls do you guys prefer?

    thanks Greg, cause I do see myself with some tight spots.
  179. mongo75

    New screen, old radar?

    Can I use my old Raytheon radome with a new LCD screen, instead of the current CRT screen?
  180. mongo75

    What kinda throttle controls do you guys prefer?

    Hey everyone, thnaks for the advice, I think I'm gonna go with the single stick setup. I can't afford electric though, so old school it is. Hey Dennis, thanks for floowing up on my project. These damn deployments have a way of making your work come to a screeching halt LOL. However since it's...
  181. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Hey Josh- what kinda carpet are you gonna get in the cabin? Any new pics bro?
  182. mongo75

    What kinda throttle controls do you guys prefer?

    I need to get a throttle control for my single engine inboard. On my last boat I had 2 stick Morse (I'm partial to Morse) and while at first it was kind of a pain in the ass to shift, and then use the throttle, I got used to it and it worked fine. Now I'm wondering for my new boat, should I...
  183. mongo75

    my 1969 Searay project boat

    Looks good man, I know how much of a PITA it is- when I get back from this shit hole country of Iraq in late august, I gotta do my whole boat- fillign in new glass and finish sand..... not looking forward to it!
  184. mongo75

    Started building the boat today...

    Yeah I hear ya, the 350 will do ok, but you got what, 20k on the tongue LOL, but shit it works!
  185. mongo75

    Started building the boat today...

    How's that dually do pulling the boat?
  186. mongo75

    Need a new Epirb

    FIxed mount are nice if you can afford BOTH fixed and PLB, but there's always a slim chance if the boats going down that it could get tangled in a line, or if she goes down top first, it may not release at all. Out here in Iraq we get issued PLBs, and I think that says alot about how important...
  187. mongo75

    Can I run 12 and 24 volt power?

    I gotta couple of freebies I could use on my boat, but they take 24v power. Now since I plan on running 2 house bateeries anyways, is there a way I can both run two in series for 24v power, and isolate one for 12v? I keep going over it in my head and I can't figure a way to do it. Thanks
  188. mongo75

    Sick tow vehicle

    That is a sick truck- don't listen to all the fucking haters.... Ford makes a fine product, and I'll pull my by hand trailer before I ever put a foreign piece of shit in front of it..... Here proof- look whats pulling this big ass 4 axle trailer- a FORD F-450.
  189. mongo75

    large trailer boats- how high ?

    When I built my first boat, I later welded a cheap tower on it in my driveway out of 2" muffler pipe. Cheesy but sturdy as hell!! Anyways, AFTER it was on, I then consider the height LOL, and luckily it was right at 13'6". I tell ya, the first traffic light I went under made my nuts shrivel, but...
  190. mongo75

    large trailer boats- how high ?

    If you look at a lot of inboard boats, you'll find mostly ski boats, they usually have a piece of steel flatbar under the prop. On my trailer I welded a piece from the crossmember nfront of the shaft to the last crossmember, to protect the prop. Better to air on the side of caution, because if...
  191. mongo75

    Sick tow vehicle

    You could tow anything towable that anyone could afford with that thing!
  192. mongo75

    "End of the Line" is almost ready

    Man I am so jealous! I hope to one day own a 31 Bertram, those babies are just classic and will never go outta style! Have fun!
  193. mongo75

    Should I keep or remove bottompaint?

    thanks bro
  194. mongo75

    trailer safety chains

    Leo beat me to it- yeah they should hold the tougue if for some crazy reason the trailer comes apart from the truck, but they also need to be strong enough to pull the trailer as well. On my trailer, even though the boat is still being built and the trailer currently weigh only 5200 lbs, I have...
  195. mongo75

    MARINE WOOD in San Diego

    "Marine" wood is nice if you got the extra money for it, but if you use a good grade ply from Lowes or HD, it'll work fine as long as you fully encapsulate it with resin. Either wood will swell if it gets wet....
  196. mongo75

    Glacier Bay Cats.. Must read

    Thanks for the post- it's great to hear about the good stories too!
  197. mongo75

    My house flooded, now what?!?!!?

    Update- I just talked with the wife and the pack up company, they'll be out here tomorrow. I think it might be easier to have the insurance company just handle everything. The only thing(s) I wanted to do was rip up the floor (I heard they charge about $3 sq ft to rip up) and save myself the...
  198. mongo75

    How Many Of You Have Left Bait In The Bait Tank

    Man this thread is friggin funny!! Once I went fishing on the HB pier on Saturday at about 5 am in August, and finally called it a day and got home to Aliso Viejo about 2 am Sunday, too tired to clean out the truck (and left over squid bait) so the next day I'm in the house doing honeydo's all...
  199. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Damn bro she looks freakin SAWEET!!!
  200. mongo75

    My house flooded, now what?!?!!?

    Well, long story short, the wife, kids and myself come back from Wally World after being gone for about an hour on Saturday night. I pull up in the drive, and theres water fucking streaming down the driveway!! Come to find out that the hot water line to the front bathroom faucet popped out of...
  201. mongo75

    Should I keep or remove bottompaint?

    thanks, so sand an repaint it is. Dave, where'd you get that Proline stuff?
  202. mongo75

    Fix or repower?

    Yeah you can part it out, but if you like the boat, I'd stick with just replacing what you need to, and at least try ebay for parts before you dump it (I thought it needed a rebuild when I last posted) I look at it this way, yeah you can sell it and buy another boat with possible unknown...
  203. mongo75

    Should I keep or remove bottompaint?

    I can't afford to keep my baot in a slip, so there's no need for bottom paint. It currently has a ugly looking coat of worn out green bottom coat, and if I were to keep it, I'd just paint over it with black bottom coat. If I would get "considerably" more effeciency from removing it and...
  204. mongo75

    Fix or repower?

    You can rebuild a small block Chevy for about $1000, and that includes all the machine work, and good quality parts (pistons, intake) I rebuilt the 350 in my last boat, and had 10-1 pistons, Edelbrock intake, and rebuilt the Quadrajet carb myself, and it ran tits!! Do it yourself, save money and...
  205. mongo75

    More pics of the Savannah II

    Sorry for not returning you're posts guys, I was on vacation out in NYC. So far the latest progress is only glassing the entire exterior except for the sides and aft of the cabin (ran out of epoxy) so once I get another umm,, 5 gals or so I can finish that. I already started filling the weave...
  206. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Damn Josh, a little late on the reply LOL. So far today I've layed about 200 sq ft of 1708 and about 5 gals of epoxy, well 4.75 not counting the quart that got cooked because I wasn't working fast enough..... I hate 1708!!!!
  207. mongo75

    2003 ford exscursion-tow vehicle

    It's a great tow vehicle, but you'll probably get about 10mpg empty, and 7-8mpg towing. If that's what you're sold on (as compared to a diesel) then go for it. HOWEVER, if you just want a tow vehicle, then even a F-150 w/ 5.4 V8 can tow 6000#. If you do get get the Ex, I'd look into swapping the...
  208. mongo75

    Need a bait tank cheap

    Bro, since you name your boat White trash, do what I did on my first boat- take a 30 gal trash can, build a frame around it with 1x4's and 2x4's, bolt it to the deck, and then run your plumbing. It was a bit wet, but that shit worked fine for my first boat (21' er)
  209. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Thanks for the motivation bro! This weekend I'm gonna try to install my v-drive box and lay about 225 sq ft of 1708 on the old girl. You can come up to the OC and bring your roller!!
  210. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Now if they only had you on Gilligans Island, you coulda patched up that damn hole on the SS Minnow....
  211. mongo75

    4 Blade Prop Question

    Well, they cost more, but you will get better response, less vibrations (if that's even an issue) but you will lose a bit of top end, but probably not noticeable.
  212. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    WTF Josh- you time to build a friggin boat, but no time to post more pics?? I'm raising the bullshit flag LOL
  213. mongo75

    Flybridge or Full Cabin??

    Using cans would be cheaper than buying sheets LOL. I've decided to go flybridge, windows on the side only, and a second station on the cockpit deck so I can troll and stay on the fish w/o going up and own all the time.
  214. mongo75

    Skipjack 20 rebuild 9/1/07 report 2

    Bob, thanks for that link. THe prices are pretty good, and they got some excellent tips for first timers, and even old dogs could learn from that site.
  215. mongo75

    Skipjack 20 rebuild 9/1/07 report 2

    So hows that project goin LOL
  216. mongo75

    glue for laminating teak?

    I'd go with epoxy- yeah teak is oily, but if you rough up both mating surfaces it's gonna stick great. Also try to clamp the shit out of it if you can, or put a lot of weight on it, and when dry just sand the stuff that oozed out.
  217. mongo75

    popa_pescarul tries again to buy a boat...

    Man what a fucking assclown- sorry that you wasted all that money on the trip but at least you got some quality time with the wifey. For him to nt be willing to agree to those extremely reasonable terms, he musta been fucking hiding something!!
  218. mongo75

    Where to get fiberglass supplies in North County?

    Change of plans- the boss saysi can take off early, so I guess it's off the Crystaliner, right after I do so recycling to pay for what I buy hehe
  219. mongo75

    O'side Harbor Halibut

    Thanks for the tips bro, I'll have to try that soon. I try the Camp Pen Marina (I work here) and usually it sucks. I'll keep an eye out for that rock!
  220. mongo75


    You should beat that fucker with the gaffs! Sorry about the engine taking a shit, but you still killed them!
  221. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Jim, everytime I see that pic of the 6'4" Russian and the 2'2" Ping Ping guy, I wonder how far could I chuck his little ass LOL
  222. mongo75

    Where to get fiberglass supplies in North County?

    Thanks Lou, that's who I was gonna go with originally, and I just might make the trip anyways.
  223. mongo75

    Where to get fiberglass supplies in North County?

    I need microballoons, epoxy resin/hardener, cabosil. But I want to pick it up today, hence looking for something near by. HOWEVER, for the right price I could wait ;)
  224. mongo75

    Where to get fiberglass supplies in North County?

    I'm sure everyone's watching Josh's restore tutorial on Check out my boat, and he told me he's getting stuff from SD somewhere. However I'm trying not to drive that far from where I work (Camp Pendleton) So can anyone point me somewhere closer to Pendleton that won't gouge me too much? I need...
  225. mongo75

    Marine Plywood

    Fun job, I did it myself (glassing over a OMC stringer drive) and used 2 sheets of 3/4" ply, as long as it's encapsulated well, you shouldn't have any issues using regular Lowes ply.
  226. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Josh, when you glassed the house, did you wet out the wood first so it wouldn't soak up what you rolled on the 1708, or was that not a problem? Also, what kinda rollers did you use? Looking at the prices of resins, I "unfortunately" have to go with epoxy and paint it (vice ISO and gelcoat)...
  227. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    MORE PICS!!!!! BTW- how the hell does one post pics with writing between them? I'm computer stupid....
  228. mongo75

    Fishing a pod, correctly?

    THanks Arnie!
  229. mongo75

    Fishing a pod, correctly?

    Thanks I needed the info myself too! I always wondered though- how come (a) the dolphin never bite bait or lures (are they too smart or is it just too small an offering?) and (b) don't dolphin eat tuna? And if so, why do the dumb bastards hang out with the bigger fish. Just trying to educate...
  230. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Thanks again Josh, at least i work on Pendleton so I should be able to take a long lunch break and head down there one of these days. Oh yeah, the company I was thinking about is Crystaliner in Costa Mesa
  231. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Thanks for the tips Josh- I'm doing my 3rd restore now, but this is the most in depth, and your glass jobs look awesome so I figure it never hurt to get more info! I'll check out that site you told me about, I was going to use a place up in Newport but they're freakin closed on the weekend...
  232. mongo75

    Wear your protective eyewear.....

    fuck I got goosebumps uuuullllhhh
  233. mongo75

    HUGE Mantis

    WTF? I get flagged for posting a link to some umm, err, not in compliance with the rules ladies, and this shit doesn't???
  234. mongo75

    Oops....................... sorry.

    Man that was fucking GREAT! I woulda put up with the smell just to see them hurling!!
  235. mongo75

    And you thought you had back yard pests...check this out.

    I'd shoot them with a pellet gun just for shits and grins- that'll fucking keep them away from my prized petunias LOL
  236. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Hey where are you getting all your glass supplies? I gotta do the same thing to cover 310 sq feet on my restoration. I already got a bunch of 1708, but I was thinking of one layer of 1708 and fairing with microballoons, but after seeing what you did, I'm considering going the 1708-mat-6oz route...
  237. mongo75

    Need rub rail suggestions

    Yeah I was actually up there last Saturday and kinda looked around. I don't remember seeing anything worthwhile. I bought a 2gal epoxy primer kit and called it a day. I can't leave that place without buying something, even if most of Ernies shit is overpriced for the condition it's in.....
  238. mongo75

    Need rub rail suggestions

    Thanks Leo, I saw those guys online before, and man they got fuckin' EVERYTHING at that place! I'll give them a shout-
  239. mongo75

    Can you run 2 fishfinders at one time?

    I kinda had the same idea- I got an old CRT simrad that i was told to keep until it died, becasue it's suppoed to be pretty kick ass.... BUT it doesn't have speed or temp on it, so I figured I could get a 50/200 xsdcr for it, and then get a Humminbird for the GPS/temp/speed. Then I would have...
  240. mongo75

    Need rub rail suggestions

    I've been looking around for what I can use for a rubrail for my project Luhrs. The edge is basically the glass hull, with 1/2" glassed over ply on top, even with the side of the hull. One company quoted me $550 for some nice PVC edge material, but I'm wondering if I can do the same or better...
  241. mongo75

    More pics of the Savannah II

    I found a 10' lenght of 1" copper pipe yesterday and got a $40 refund at Lowes yesterday so I spent anoth $12 and got 2 sheets of half inch ply for the roof. SHHHHH- don't tell my wife I spent more money LOL. Pics to follow....
  242. mongo75

    Adapter for transom shield????

    Andrew, you can plug both those hole with a sheet of plywood, a gallon or two of epoxy, and some fiberglass for about $100-200 depending on how thrifty you want to be. Its a little time consuming, but if you're not looking to spend a months mortgage payment, then I'd look into doing it myself. I...
  243. mongo75

    kook's on the 182 tue's

    Could someone please educate me on the proper way / edicate for fishing a pod? I've seen tons while sharking, but I've never done it before, and would like to know how to so when my damn boat is done I won't fuck up. PM if you want. Thanks
  244. mongo75

    9/10 Go Here, Do This

    Great day! I'm keeping an eye out for a nice boat, small hole needs repair, recently reupholstered.....
  245. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Safety glasses are for sissys!! Why do you think we got two eyes? One's a backup! LOL
  246. mongo75

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Damn bro- great job! I did the same thing to a 22' trailer I had, but made it into a 28' trailer. I can appreciate all the friggin grinding dust, weld burns, blood and sweat that goes into that kinda project. Now you definitely got peace of mind rolling down the road. And keep pluggin away at...
  247. mongo75

    Out drive tilt

    Well you could safely dip it, then turn it one, no sparks will come out in the liquid, and it still should run. Yeah it sounds crazy, but I'd try it if I had to.
  248. mongo75

    More pics of the Savannah II

    Today I gled and screwed the two corner panels on as planned. Since I took a lot of strength out of the structure due to cutting of the old corner, I also took 3 6x6x3/4" pieces of poplar (the poor mans hardwood) and epoxied them and stuck them in a vice overnight. Today I cut them into 45*...
  249. mongo75

    Gunwell repair? Wood

    Lowes sells oak and poplar, both good easy to use hardwoods. Home Depot probablt has the same. They all come from the same distributor in SoCal
  250. mongo75

    More pics of the Savannah II

    Here's more pics as promised. This goes through what I did to take the sharp edge off the forward edge of the cabin, and replace it with a nice radius on the edge to match the edge of the glass bridge. I took 1/4" ply and made slits in it every 1/2" just about 3/16th" deep so I could bend it. I...
  251. mongo75

    Gunwell repair? Wood

    Yeah it looks like that bow stop is what's chweing up your spray rail. How about while you're gonna lenghten the tongue, reworking it to incorporate a 6" roller?
  252. mongo75

    Gunwell repair? Wood

    Yeah Kerry, I was kinda tossed about what wood it was, from my comp it looked like wet pine, but now that you mention it, it could be mohagany, maybe even a red oak?
  253. mongo75

    More pics of the Savannah II

    Thanks again everyone for the compliments- it keeps me going!! I'm actually going to only put windows on the side of the cabin, and keep the front cleen kinda like the bigger boats, but I will paint a nice black strip on the front to get the wrap-around window look, maybe.... It's actually a...
  254. mongo75

    Gunwell repair? Wood

    Well it looks like the hull is glass, and the spray rails are made outta wood? Looks like you have 2 laminations of pine board (1x3 I'd guess) It also, from the pic, looks like the port sprayrail is covered with a thick layer of white stuff- plaster maybe?? Anyways, if I were you I'd fix it...
  255. mongo75

    182 Ablies 9/7/08

    WTF is a Resses dolphin? Is it kinda in between a dolphin and an Orca? I almost ran on of those damn things over heading back to O'side a few years ago, scaredthe shit outta me....
  256. mongo75

    Warrior Fishing trip Sept. 04.2008

    Damn I wish I woulda known about the trip. But it's great to know that there are lots of good folks out there who really appreciate what "we" do. Thanks Karl! Semper Fi!
  257. mongo75

    Day of The Oceanside Bass

    I'm pretty sure it is, you're supposed to net them and take the hook out if possible, if not cut the leader as close as possible and release it.
  258. mongo75

    whats your favorite set up for light tackle dodos and tuna?

    Damn, so I guess nobody uses a good old Penn anymore?
  259. mongo75

    Gunwell repair? Wood

    Yeah post a pic- wood's easy to work with.
  260. mongo75

    More pics of the Savannah II

    Thanks Jay, yeah it's starting to come together finally. This weekend I made some nice radius corners for the forward cabin, so the lines match the flybridge and look better, more factory. I'll post more pics later.
  261. mongo75

    SD epoxy resin source

    There's a guy that sells epoxy fairly reasonable in SD on ebay. Just do a search for epoxy, and click the "nearest" option
  262. mongo75

    More pics of the Savannah II

    Here are some shitty cell phone pics. I finally got all 4 sides on the cabin, and I put the pulpit on it just for looks, not yet fastened down. All I got left for the cabin is the roof (2 sheets of 1/2" ply) and then I gotta smooth and fair the inside edges, and then paint. I plan on putting...
  263. mongo75

    My decks are finally bloody!!!

    Great kill Chris, umm, I mean Sir! OOHRAH!
  264. mongo75

    Rustproofing the oil pan

    A lot of guys that have problems with thier Superduty oil pans (in the salt belt) swear by POR-15. Excellent stuff!
  265. mongo75

    Boat paint?

    I'd fill the scratches first with Bondo, not JB weld- JB has ferrous metal in it, and may cause corrosion. A good LP will hold a small amount of Bondo to the hull.
  266. mongo75

    300 lb SWORD!

    Excellent friggin catch! Yeha, you need to post more details!! How far out, how deep?? NFIO my ASS!!
  267. mongo75

    How heavy of an engine can you put in a 25' boat?

    I'd have to go with a V cylinder block due to deck hieght, so even if I could afford a 6BT that's outta the question. I could work a 6.5L in no problem, and I'm pretty sure that the SBC exhaust bolts right on (I think) so that could be a viable option. I already have a brand new 440 for her, but...
  268. mongo75

    How heavy of an engine can you put in a 25' boat?

    I was looking at a marine 6v-71, and while dimesionally it's about the same size (a bit higher) it is a hell of a lot heavier. I wouldn't have to chamge any of the drive though as the only thing I'd really be gaining is mpg. I'm thinking though that it might be too tall now that I found out how...
  269. mongo75

    launching out of SI Sun 08/31: bad idea?!?

    dumb question- what does SI stand for?
  270. mongo75

    Gelcoat issues

    I'd just sand the cracks, and fill them with EPOXY. The reason is that epoxy is more flexible that gel coat, which is only vinylester resin with pigment in it.... Plus epoxy will adhere way better than gel coat repair. So, as I've done it before is to throw a sanding disc in a drill, grind the...
  271. mongo75

    How heavy of an engine can you put in a 25' boat?

    I was looking into different diesels, and was wondering realistically how heavy of an engine I can drop into a 25'x9.5' hull. I currently have a gas 440 weighing in at about 700lbs, but was wondering if an extra 1300 lbs of a similar hp diesel (2000 lbs total weight) will make a big difference?
  272. mongo75

    Can someone tell me how much this ticket's gonna cost??

    Colby, I'm drinking a beer right now (one of many I intend on having today) and was just thinking the same thing- maybe I coulda unleashed a thick black cloud of diesle exhaust, and when he's blinded, slam on the brakes and sue the city LOL. Now I gotta go to FUCKING traffic school where...
  273. mongo75

    Saturday 302,371 Lucky ride home

    I once got a 14' old assboat for free, and on the 5 south just before I got to the 133, the friggin left trailer tire rolls right past me- OH SHIT!! I never even felt the trailer dragging since I pulled it with a dually LOL. The damn tire goes from the #4 lane, to the carpool lane, bounces off...
  274. mongo75

    Can someone tell me how much this ticket's gonna cost??

    Thanks for the heads-up. Fucking guy in front of me cut me off and slowed me down enough to make me miss the light. Again I admit fault, and there where really no other cars around, so at least I couldn't have caused an accident. Fuck me runnin! So I guess that's about $500 (w/ traffic school)...
  275. mongo75

    Can someone tell me how much this ticket's gonna cost??

    Me being a fucking asshole, I ran a red light this morning thinking I'd make it. Yeah the Deputy coulda been nice and let me off, but it's my dumb ass fault. Anyone know how much this is gonna cost me? I haven't got a ticket in fuck, like 8-9 years!
  276. mongo75

    I hate fucking snakes

    Glad he's ok, and thankfully it wasn't a Habu....
  277. mongo75

    Looking for Walters rebuilding service

    I have a 40 year old Walters RV-30. I took it apart, and started to replace all the seals and bearings, just to be on the safe side. Well, I kinda lost interest while putting it back together, and I do need to press some bearing back in and paint it. I also need to rebuild my velvet drive, as...
  278. mongo75


    Fuck man! Was it just replacing worn out parts, or did something "happen"? Either way, it's worth it to get wet again!
  279. mongo75

    What should I do about my flybridge?

    Sounds like a deal!
  280. mongo75

    What should I do about my flybridge?

    I'm pretty much settled on widening the bridge to match the cabin, and then putting a collapsable tower on it. I'd rather have a solid half tower on it, but the top of the bridge will be 13' off the street, so a solid half tower will get ripped of in about a mile from my house LOL. Also I can...
  281. mongo75

    What should I do about my flybridge?

    Thanks for the pics Bob! However, on your boat I'm guessing that you have about an 11 foot beam? I only have 9.5' (114") beam so I gotta make sure that me and my fat little buddy can fit on the bridge, as it stands the bridge is only 70" wide, hardly room enough for two greown me to sit on a...
  282. mongo75

    34' Parker photos.

    It could be a nice charter, but them are some big ass engines to have to fight a fish over.....
  283. mongo75

    Savannah II progress update- Cabin

    Some of you have been following along with the project from hell, so here are new pics. Since I don't know how to put words between pics, I'll just explain them here 1- engine area, with nothing in it 2- engine area with 75 gal tanks 3- entry to head, head measures 36x36, 18" hatch 4- sink and...
  284. mongo75

    How do I mount my cleats like this??

    That's a great idea, but I can't go that route because I'm putting a built in bait tank in the transom, and plus every time I kicked that damn cleat I'd be cursing you hehe
  285. mongo75

    What should I do about my flybridge?

    Larry, I though about it many a time- going back and forth between forward facing pilot house and flybridge. Then I keep remembering why I even sold a perfectly good boat in the first place (now kickin myself in the ass 'cause I could be killing some tuna) and it was because (a) I wanted a...
  286. mongo75

    diesel trucks

    I love my 1999 F-350 7.3. The only bad thing I can say about a Ford is the tranny's are great for the gas V-8 and V-10, but the torque of a diesel kills them around 150K, and that's if you don't chip it or anything. The diesel 4r100 is built a little beefier than the gas one, but not beefy...
  287. mongo75

    How do I mount my cleats like this??

    Well heck if T nuts will hold, then that's good enough for me! I didn't think they'd have too much holding power, but thnking about them again, it'll work because I'm not lifting the boat by the cleats, just tying it down... Thanks again for everyones help- I'm gonna go put some more work into...
  288. mongo75

    repowering boat 2stroke to 4stroke

    I like Sada's idea, to simulate the weight get 6 90lb bags of quickcrete- if it is too much for the boat while your out there, you can always chuck 'em over the side and you won't be out much, and you'll also make an artificial reef! You could also bolt on a transom box, forgot what you call...
  289. mongo75

    How do I mount my cleats like this??

    I do like the pop up cleats, but I already bought a couple of nice oval stainless hawse pipe for the stern. I think I'm trying too hard to get a big boat look from small boat LOL. My hull is only about 1/4" thick, and although I even considered thru bolting and fairing (the exterior flush screw...
  290. mongo75

    How do I mount my cleats like this??

    I want to mount my stern cleats under the gunnel to keep the topside clean. I like the way some boats have it mounted like the pic below, but was wonderin how do they do it, so the damn cleat doesn't get ripped out? Is it simply a matter of epoxying a block of wood to the hull and then screwing...
  291. mongo75

    VHF at home

    That's true about not caring much about CB, at least since the cell came around. Hell I remember back in the day when you were "cool" if you had a beeper, back around 1992-3 or so. No one had cell phones, and that's how me and my budies stayed in contact, was thru base station CB's. Kids these...
  292. mongo75

    VHF at home

    Fined Smined LOL- I used to throw 300 watts from my CB radio (not a ham) when I lived in the Bronx- I could reach Alaska, Nova Scotia, and the whole eastern seaboard down to Texas. Even reach England and France a couple of times. Never got fined, probably 'cause I hid my antenna really good hehe....
  293. mongo75

    What should I do about my flybridge?

    So you're both saying to keep it as is so far if I'm get ya right. Lou, I hear ya, right now it tapers a slight inch on each side, not much but I kinda want the extra room so I can stretch out and I also intend on cutting out the stupid glassed in bench seat and installing two swivel chairs. I...
  294. mongo75

    What should I do about my flybridge?

    Included is a pic of what my boat looked like when I got it, and two more of other boats showing what it will pretty much look like when it's done. Mine will be all white (no wood showing) and the cabin will be about a foot shorter than last pic, so it'll be closer in length to the middle pic...
  295. mongo75

    Fuel tanks- to clean or just filter...

    That's my plan- I was even thinking of making a simple manifold with a little 12vdc fuel pump so I could level the tanks if I ever needed to.
  296. mongo75

    Can someone tell me the proper way to mount my engine and gears??

    I talked with John at Global West Marine- very helpfull! So we figured to just put a u-joint in between the engine and v-drive and call it done. I also asked about using 3/8" aluminum angle, and the way I got it set up (mounts on top of angle, upside down L shape, and then thru bolted to the...
  297. mongo75

    34' Parker photos.

    She is beautiful, but unless you're a die hard, buy nothing but Parker guy, it would be hard to pass up a good used diesel at the same price.
  298. mongo75

    Motor is missing

    Maybe the distributor is off a bit i.e. timing?
  299. mongo75

    Can someone tell me the proper way to mount my engine and gears??

    I was also told that I could use a double cardan joint in between a hard mounted v-drive and the soft mounted engine. I'm not too fond of a soft mounted V-drive, especially with all the propulsion force directly on it ya know?
  300. mongo75

    Can someone tell me the proper way to mount my engine and gears??

    THe shaft is going to the walter v-drive, so that's where the thrust will go. I already have a Packless Shaft Seal for the standard stuffing tube. So you're saying I should just go ahead and soft mount the v-drive (just like the engine / velvet drive) and be done with it?
  301. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    Wuzzup Skip, long time no speak to!! We never did get that beer and burrito!
  302. mongo75

    Can someone tell me the proper way to mount my engine and gears??

    Matt thanks for the totally useless help LOL, but funny. Carl- Everything is going to be in line, I'm just concerned about transfering vibration from the isolated engine to the hard mounted v-drive, possible causing loose mount bolts, wallowed out stringers etc Kerry- It is a Walters, and...
  303. mongo75

    Fuel tanks- to clean or just filter...

    I don't think it would pass CG inspection. That's the only automatic way of doing it I think. I could of course have bungs welded into the bottom side after I get them boiled, and "hide" any involved plumbing, but if something where to ever happen I'd be fully liable.....
  304. mongo75

    Can someone tell me the proper way to mount my engine and gears??

    I was reading on another website ( 'cause I was bored at work, and came upon a post that mentioned you need to either have everything soft mounted i.e.- standard rubber washer mounts we use, or everything hard mounted, with no vibration isolation. I am installing an inboard btw...
  305. mongo75

    fuel polishing/mopping gas tank needed

    I know Rick, used to have his number. Stand up guy! Kinda funny he works outa his house / back yard, but he does top nothc work, and has great prices. I'd throw it his way.
  306. mongo75

    Fuel tanks- to clean or just filter...

    Damn Jim, that sounds like a good idea- just so I don't have to cut the open. You guys got any ideas on how to keep the fuel level the same between tanks? I know diesel guys can get away with a petcock at the bottom of each tank, but I don't believe gas guys are allowed to do that.
  307. mongo75

    Fuel tanks- to clean or just filter...

    I'll smell them again, but I know they were drained at least a 6 months ago, probably longer. I think if at all it might have that old stale gas smell, but I'm pretty sure it's harmless. I'll probably try to shake it all to one corner and do like ya said and suck it out with a tube taped to the...
  308. mongo75

    Fuel tanks- to clean or just filter...

    I got 2 used 75 gal tanks for my project. Yes, they got some shit in them, not a lot, just dust dirt or something (not corroded) so I was wondering is there a way I could clean them (flushing, a length of chain, etc) or should I just say the hell with it and keep a good stock of fuel filters on...
  309. mongo75

    Protective coatings for engine components?

    No, not on a closed system, however you didn't throw that in there so I'm guessing he figured you had a raw water system.... just run it a couple of minutes to flush the heat exchanger and manifolds.
  310. mongo75

    Protective coatings for engine components?

    I thought of that once myself (coating the inside of the manifolds) but to MY knowledge, there really is nothing. I don't know if it's even feasible to maybe plug the holes, and pour a qt of rustoleum paint into the water passages and then drain it. But just like Art said, as long as you rinse...
  311. mongo75

    Service Needed?

    Ray good luck out here bro! Good work gets known on this site, so more should be coming in soon!
  312. mongo75

    Bait Tank Pump Placement

    Does he not want to put a thru hull on it? I know a lot of guys don't like to on aluminum, but he doesn't want to, then how about building a bracket out of aluminum or stainless and mounting a marelon thru hull to it, and the glue it to the transom with some 5200? My buddy had a sailboat with...
  313. mongo75

    1972 20' seacraft restored and remodeled

    I can't see the pics, but it's an awesome site. Did you ever take a look at the restore "Strick" did?? Great advice!
  314. mongo75

    Protective coatings for engine components?

    I used regular automotive engine paint on my last engine that still looked great 3 years later. The "trick" to applying ANY coating is surface prep. Proper surface prep is 90% of the job. Whether it's sanding and wiping with alcohol, or just scrubbing it clean and then wiping it with denatured...
  315. mongo75

    Opah on the Odyssey

    Weird, but gotcha!
  316. mongo75

    Opah on the Odyssey

    That thing is beautiful! What the hell is it LOL??
  317. mongo75

    fire extinguishers

    Will the fire department do it for you?
  318. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    On my last boat I used the standard interlux and sprayed it, and it turned out pretty good, but I want the extra durability of a 2-part poly because the standard interlux needs more attention as it gets scratched and abraded easier.
  319. mongo75

    trailer tire pressure

    When the tires on there now are in need of replacement, I'd throw on some 16" rims and some E rated tires and keep them at 75-80 psi.
  320. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    Rolled and tipped a 80' boat- JEEZ! that skippers got some ambition LOL. Then again you can do that while in the water saving on the haul out. I plan on shooting it. The Imron I was looking at it Imron 5000, from a guy in Canada that sells it cheap (but makes up the difference in shipping costs)...
  321. mongo75

    Registering DSC Radios & Getting Your MMSI#'s

    Since I don't know much about DSC and how they can interact with a chart or FF/GPS, could ya'll let me know what are some relatively affordable (preferably) GPS/FF combos that would work together with a radio, or does it have to link to a plotter, and what type of connections are they- NMEA or ???
  322. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    Thanks again Larry, I'll look into the proline, at least to check it out at the price (half of everything else) but I just gotta remember this has to last a while (whic your proline has been doing fine)
  323. mongo75

    Boat Fire at Catalina

    How much friggin work is it gonna take to rebuild that damn thing?!?!?! I saw this pic last year too....
  324. mongo75

    MY NEW SLED!!!

    Sweet ride!! If you don't find yourself too comfortable with the ass drooping too much, you can always slap a o/b sponson on it, and that'll add flotation plus increase your waterline length for more stable ride.
  325. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    Thanks Karl, I appreciate the thanks!
  326. mongo75

    skippy 24 flybridge pilothouse????????

    Wow, glad to see that Grant likes to make money (sarcasm) That sucks.... How about giving it a shot making one out of 1/4" ply and glass?
  327. mongo75

    350 inboard kicks hard!!

    They will destroy gears if it hasn't had the "updated" shift linkage installed and properly adjusted to within a 32nd of an inch or so..... With new/clean cables, it should shift with one finger ease.
  328. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    Karl, no not part of CNAT- I'm actually the Squadron Gunny for the air station. These are the static display birds that are in front of MAG HQ. You on Pendleton yourself?
  329. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    How many coats did you throw with only a gallon? I can't remember how much I used on my last boat, but I just got done painting two helicopters ( a Huey and a Cobra)and I used about a gallon each at one coat. I'm not worried about the learning curve LOL. I figure they have about the same if not...
  330. mongo75

    all new

    Kevin, what's holding you back from doing it yourself? It's not really that hard at all. If you can handle a drill and are somewhat flexible (depending on wire routing) you could do it yourself and save a bunch of money for gas or tackle!!
  331. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    Thanks Mike, as I'm not too familiar with all the different paints out there, I'm sure I'm missing out on some other great products. I know Skip (reflections) told me some good brands, but I can't remember what they were. The Imron 5000 I can get for about $150 for a gallon kit, but I'm not sure...
  332. mongo75

    Which of these two paints is better??

    I'm thinking either Dupont Imron 5000, or Awlgrip. I can get the Imron cheaper than the Awlgrip, but which one is the better paint?
  333. mongo75

    New Prop and potential fight

    Cool story, way cool Pops!!
  334. mongo75

    Deck repair ( renew )

    What'sso bad about your deck? It doesn't look bad- but if you just want to frshen it up, why not just roll some white topside paint on it?
  335. mongo75

    skipjack repower reality check

    And if you decide to go gas to save some money, get yourself and junkyard 350 Chevy, a rebuild guide (I'll sell ya a brand new engine stand for $20 or a case of Coors Light) and you can rebuild it for under a $1000. That's $17,000 less than what they want to RAPE you for a rebuild. Sell you...
  336. mongo75

    skipjack repower reality check

    Why don't you just take the head off and take it to a shop that does truck diesels? An engine is an engine, but just because we put them in boats does not give a mech the right to bend you over and fuck you harder....Shit, for $18k you can buy a great running take out and a few high dollar...
  337. mongo75

    Fell out of the boat today!

    Great job, and good job on being honest!
  338. mongo75

    score 1 for the little guys....EPA discharge permit exemtion

    Thank God, glad to see there are still some sensable people out there!! Thanks for the post Randall.
  339. mongo75

    boat delivery

    Hell I'll pull a trailer just about anywheres after next week, for the right amount. I need CASH to finance my piece o shit project
  340. mongo75

    Transom hole repair, misc. gel coat repair, trim tabs

    While not mandatory to have, you definitely will appreciate a good set of trim tabs. Usually you can pick up a set of tabs off of ebay for fairly cheap. I do have an extra used pump if that's all you need. Lemme know.
  341. mongo75

    How thick does cabin glass need to be?

    I'm not putting in front windscreens, kinda going for the big boat look in my small boat LOL. Plus having the whole front being fiberglass over wood vice clear glass will add some strength. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll stick with what I got as I'm already over building this wooden tank, so I...
  342. mongo75

    Trailer light problem !!! help.

    Yep, bad wiring....
  343. mongo75

    How thick does cabin glass need to be?

    As ya'll know, I'm rebuilding a flybridge from the hull up. Yesterday I got a hold of some 3/16" non-tempered 80x46" sheets of windo glass for free, and was wondering if I could use this for my cabin windows? I had planned on using plexi, but since I got this stuff for free, may as well go with...
  344. mongo75

    Fiberglass & Aluminum Hardtops

    Ok, that's sounds better, and plus like you said the labor involved in building a mold, buying 5 gals of resin, glass, laying a good schedule, and then trimming, painting etc, it makes it a good alternative to glass. Thanks Dee!
  345. mongo75

    Building my Australian SportFisher

    Hey Gary- I was wondering how do you get a good scarf joint at 8 to 1? Do you just hold a belt sander to the end or?? MORE PICS!!!
  346. mongo75

    What do you think about this boat?

    Man what a fucking asshole for trying to flip it- fuckwads like that need to get a damned job instead of hiking up the fucking price of everything.... I hope it winds up fucking him.....
  347. mongo75

    Fiberglass & Aluminum Hardtops

    WOW! $500 for a 4x8 sheet?!?!? phew- thanks Dee, but my pocket keeps me working with glass.
  348. mongo75

    Happy Birthday MONGO75!!!!

    Thanks Bro! Although I am a little drizzunk in that pic LOL.....
  349. mongo75

    Fiberglass & Aluminum Hardtops

    Dee- that top is two sheets of what 1/2" SB? How much does that stuff cost? I was thinking about making my own with glass and plain old poly resin, but at $30+ a gallon, and needing about 4 gals plus material for what I want to do, mybe the SB is cheaper?
  350. mongo75

    Building my Australian SportFisher

    Looks awesome mate- you'll have the Shiela's hangin off the bow in no time! Glad to see others are crazy enough to build thier own boat! Keep us posted!!
  351. mongo75

    Need some outriggers, but which ones...?

    I'd go at 15' solids if you can swing it. Forgot the name brand though.... But why do you need outriggers? As freaking sweet as you boat looks now, the fish are gonna be lined up just to jump in !!
  352. mongo75

    OMC Cobra pointless electronic ignition

    I've heard nothing but good about them, but IIRC, you need to add one or two resistors somewhere in the system....
  353. mongo75

    Painting my 26' Skippy window frame

    If you just want to touch up the spot as opposed to dissasembling the whole thing to get it anodized, you should clean it real well with alcohol and scotch brite and rag, then used alodine (you can get it in a paint pen form probably from welding / metal fab supply place) and once it's dry, you...
  354. mongo75

    Anyone know how I can rig a 7.3 Ford (IH) diesel for marine use?

    Thanks KidCreole- I forgot who it was that had one. I'll give him a shout, but I was just tossing the idea around. We'll see what he says. However more than likely I'm sticking with the 440.
  355. mongo75

    Savannah II UPDATE

    Yes my brother, time is short- I'm busting my ass to get her done, but I'm not too sure how much I can get done by myself. I really need to get the damn v-drive back together, and then go thru the velvet drive with the rebuild kit I still got boxed up. I can get just about all the wood work...
  356. mongo75

    Savannah II UPDATE

    Ya damn right it's a lot of work! I think this will be my last restore. The good thing is, that this being my 3rd restore, and the most "intense" I'm pretty well versed in just about any repair that can be done. Dumb as I am, I actually enjoy doing this stuff, but hopefully I can keep this one...
  357. mongo75

    Anyone know how I can rig a 7.3 Ford (IH) diesel for marine use?

    Hey Carl, that's true- the 6.5 would be a better option- especially after doing research on the Merc 7.3 D-Tronic, man those things are about a rare as tits on a bull.... Most of the info I saw came from England, New Zealand, or Australia, so I'm dropping that idea. Even with a free block...
  358. mongo75

    Savannah II UPDATE

    Rich- I did do up a drawing, but I am kinda designing as I go. I ripped out the stringers, and replaced them twice as thick (two 3/4" ply glassed together) then installed a 20 gal water tank forward, then put the cabin floor in, and then measured how high I wanted the cabin to be, keeping it...
  359. mongo75

    Savannah II UPDATE

    Well guys, it's been a while since I posted any updates (hell, if anyone even cares LOL) but as of lately I got the v-berth, cabin deck, v-berth overhead deck, and supports for the flybridge in place. I'm working as fast as I can since I'm going to the sandbox in February next year, and I gotta...
  360. mongo75

    Anyone know how I can rig a 7.3 Ford (IH) diesel for marine use?

    Yeah, the block is kinda heavy, I just figured I'd look into it. I could carry less fuel to make up for the extra weigh maybe... I dunno, just tossing ideas around. I will research that Merc package though, thanks!
  361. mongo75

    Two questions in one post

    Well prep is 90% of the job- what are you painting? Glass? Wood? Just make sure if it's glass that you scuff sand it and clean it thoroughly with a good rag (lint free preferably) and denatured alcohol, then paint it. It wouldn't hurt to prime the surface first, although a lot of manufactures...
  362. mongo75

    Skipjack 28... pimped and done!

    Man this thing is sick bro!! What kinda lighting did you use for the overhead, is that rope lighting? Dude, you're gonna look like a UFO out there at night LOL!! Great job, gave me some fresh motivation for mine!
  363. mongo75

    Buying a boat

    I used to tow a 7,000 lb boat and trailer with a 5.4L 1997 F-150 with a chip in it. It did ok, but a bigger truck would definitely be safer. There are a lot of old but reliable diesel Fords on craigslist you could get for a couple of grand. I also would not recommend anything under 25 feet...
  364. mongo75

    Anyone know how I can rig a 7.3 Ford (IH) diesel for marine use?

    I was thinking about using a 7.3 NA diesel in my project instead of the 440 Chrysler I currently have, because I know these blocks front to back and can get diesel pretty cheap. I heard that someone on here has one in a Farallon I think? I guess all I'd really need is risers and a bellhousing...
  365. mongo75

    Pimp my Wellcraft

    As long as the repair is done right i.e.- scarfing the in and outside edges, tight fitting wood plugs, and epoxy (although poly will work) there's no need to worry about strength- it'll be just as tough as the rest of the transom. I've done that before for the same outdrive hole, and it just...
  366. mongo75

    fill 'er up

    What about people wanting to bring fuel from TJ in 55gal drums? Is the limit set at IIRC 118 gals that can be brought across per DOT regs? Anyone know?
  367. mongo75

    Is this BS?

    I didn't even open the link, but a guy I know on a Ford truck Forum I go to uses "Brown's Gas" on his diesel everyday. He made his own set up, and it's actually really easy to do, and safe too. Shit I made some hydrogen in my garage with a dixie cup, some acid brushes, water, baking soda, and a...
  368. mongo75

    NMEA 2000

    Can you link older NMEA to the NMEA 2000 stuff?
  369. mongo75

    Took delivery of Marty Morris new ride today

    Damn, 3 steering wheels?? LOL nice boat!
  370. mongo75

    Safety Equipment....What do you think?

    Try to get some MRE's to cover your stored food needs. Those things never go bad....
  371. mongo75

    Electric boat

    Not if the fucking oil companies have a say in this- they would rather you buy their shit than get free energy (solar) or even reduce consumption (diesel / gas-electric). That water engine thing looks very promising, but i wouldn't be surprised if the oil nazis try to buy the guy out so his...
  372. mongo75

    Anyone need a complete drop in Volvo 280 w/ small block Chevy??

    I just pulled a Volvo 280 and smallblock reverse rotation Chevy out of a 25' freshwater river boat. It is complete from the throttle control (both throttle and shift cables) to the prop, just splice the wiring harness (or plug it in to your current system) and replace the exhaust boot, and it...
  373. mongo75

    Rebuild of the "Paddy Caddy"

    You can also put a bunch of tightly sealed water or soda bottles into empty cavities, and then shoot it full of foam in a can. The foam in the can may not be closed cell (not sure) but either way its just there to keep the bottles from rattling around, and they will offer great flotation. Or you...
  374. mongo75

    Bryan (murderNmako) and I Got another one!

    Sorry you had to deal with them too- I had people given me shit for my asking price but it sold for $200 less than advertised. Fuck it- now you closer to your next boat!
  375. mongo75

    Weeping risers

    Hell you could even bring a course and fine file to the boat, and file them smooth without moving the boat. There's no damage in sanding or filing as all the particles would get blown out the exhaust anyways....
  376. mongo75

    $$$Back on the Water$$$

    $750, FUCK!!! On the oddball occasion I didn't do my own shit, I'd take it to Steve at Maritime Mechanical in O'side. He changed my impellor, tune up w/ dyno, fix bilge pump, some wires here and there, fix the shift / power cut off (on a OMC Cobra) and a few other odds and ends for about $400...
  377. mongo75

    Flush out OB engine, while at the ramp?

    Don't outboards have water pickups you can put a set of "earmuffs" on, like and I/O? I would just use those on my Cobra and idle it to clean the block out. Although I did, it's not too recommended that you run the engine at high rpms w/o a load on it.
  378. mongo75

    anchor for 22'

    I'd go with at least a 10-15 lbs and at least 20' of 1/4" chain. You should always plan for the worst and carry as much as you can safely.
  379. mongo75

    Bryan (murderNmako) and I Got another one!

    Spill the beans- what gives??
  380. mongo75

    What a dumb shit!! Boat on HB!

    Do you guys see this shit on the news today? A 35' Carver named "Exeter" washed up on HB today. Did not these assholes know to drop the damn anchor when they got into trouble?? Fuck the Capt. needs to be banned from boating..... thankfully no one got hurt
  381. mongo75

    Got another bank repo boat

    Yeah, how do we find these repo deals??
  382. mongo75

    Not get invited back on a private boat

    Beg to go fishing, and then once out there fake seasickness so you can lay down and chill Go out expecting to sun bathe Telling the skipper where he needs to go to get fish, especially it being the first time on the ocean Bring a dumbass friend or kid that won't fish (without asking first)...
  383. mongo75

    How Many Of You Have Left Bait In The Bait Tank

    I had a sardine get stuck in my drain, and the fucking thing stunk up the boat for a good month......
  384. mongo75

    Grand Daugther Reinlisted

    Right on! Pretty soon she'll be over the hump, and on her way to SgtMaj!
  385. mongo75

    PWC Season Opener Rules

    Dude I'm all in- I already have tracked down my first victim!! BTW- I like catching surfers from the HB pier back in the day. Even better when they would closeline themselves with my line hehe
  386. mongo75

    best not to wear burning pants

    Well deserved!!
  387. mongo75

    A real good hang over cure

    You ain't drinking enough then!! BTW- that shit looks good, but yeah bacon will make it even better- I'd tear that shit up!
  388. mongo75

    Transom tiedowns, c'mon are they really that necessary ?

    I'll admit I never used them on my 25' Bayliner, but then again I didn't drive like an ass either....
  389. mongo75

    Guys, any way to save gas???

    If ya'll pull them oil king pins out of the house, I figure I can probably drag about 50 of those fucks behind my truck!!
  390. mongo75

    Chinese Amtrak

    1- I would eat beans, eggs, chocolate and bear every fuckin' night and 2- I want that job, but in stead of gloves, I'd shove them in with either a cattle prod of a chunk of 4x4 funny!!!
  391. mongo75

    Anatomy of a Custom Homemade Bait Tank

    Man that thing is freaking wicked!! Beat the hell outta what I'm making lol.
  392. mongo75

    PLEASE HELP me with this Chrysler 440!!!!!

    I bought the engine complete from the guy that gave me the boat, but it was equiped to run the two belt driven pumps, so I sold the old school water passage housing in favor of a more standard circulating pump. I got it off of ebay because the M440's have the water inlet facing toward the...
  393. mongo75

    need help fixing her up

    Nice boat bro, kinda like my Luhrs, but a helluva lot closer to fishing LOL. What year is it, a '75?
  394. mongo75

    350 inboard kicks hard!!

    Yep, it sounds like a combination of the ESA switch, which cuts out half the cyliders so it'll shift easier, and a bit of maybe timing advance?? The ESA switches get old and die, therefore not cutting out the 4 cylinders (just cuts the timing, not certain cyls.) and you feel the full brunt of...
  395. mongo75

    PLEASE HELP me with this Chrysler 440!!!!!

    Hey Guys, I believe I finally found my problem- I took off the circulating pump, and sure as shit, the vanes are set up so that they're trying to push water, as opposed to slinging it. I know the engine is in fact turning the correct direction because when I took the oil filter off, and had my...
  396. mongo75

    PLEASE HELP me with this Chrysler 440!!!!!

    Yeah, it runs fine, till it overheats..... I know you can't run a engine rev. rotation , so it has to be running the right way. At this point I'm really thinking, or rather hoping, that the circulation pump is just turning the wrong way. How about the oil pressure- I mean, is the oil pump...
  397. mongo75

    PLEASE HELP me with this Chrysler 440!!!!!

    Thanks everyone for the advice so far. As far as flow, I've looked at ever diagram I can find, to include the diagram in my old ass Chrysler repair manual. What I don't know how to do is run the coolant from the circulating pump to the manifolds, and then back to the engine?? I have it going...
  398. mongo75

    PLEASE HELP me with this Chrysler 440!!!!!

    If you read my previous post on this fucking engine, I couldn't start it. Well, I got the starter re-wound so now it start the engine. The damn thing keeps over heating and I don't know why. It is a FWC block, and since I couldn't get the damn exhaust manifolds to stay cool, I hooked them up...
  399. mongo75

    Discovery Cannon Game.

    Fuckin 151000 in the 14th round - wasted several hours between this and the Deadliest Catch game...
  400. mongo75

    Weak Member

    Damn, sorry about that gutless member standing her up. I was a Marine Recruiter, so I know how it feels to have your time wasted by a little bitch that can't commit to anything. However, it's a really sweet ride you guys got so it'll sell soon. Best of luck to you two.
  401. mongo75

    the time has come...fuel tank replacement!

    I would use a circular saw as you can set the depth on it so you never cut too far, then use a jigsaw to do any corners or goofy spots.
  402. mongo75

    Rebuilding a Sherwood or buy new?

    that'll work!
  403. mongo75

    Rebuilding a Sherwood or buy new?

    David, next time you gotta rebuild, just use a large vice and a couple of the right size sockets to press the bearing in and out. I rebuilt a Jabsco for my first boat w/ a 270 in about 20 minutes.
  404. mongo75

    outrigger installation help

    To get your lines further away from your boat, or to add more lines to your spread when towing lures.
  405. mongo75

    Drunk Falls Off Bridge Slams Firetruck Faceplants Ground

    Damn near pissed my pants! What a jackass!!!
  406. mongo75

    need some advice, Motor and out drive

    Sorry I don't have a recommendation, but that fucking shop owner woulda had an engine block through his front fucking window!!
  407. mongo75

    270 volvo-penta outdrive fresh water flush?

    That rubber snubbie thing really hold it on well too- I once went out a whole day, and when I pulled the boat I noticed I had left the damn thing on since I last started it in the driveway LOL. No overheating problems either!
  408. mongo75

    Outdrive cooler?

    It wouldn't hurt anything, but they're really not necessary for a stock outdrive- as you get sufficient cooling from the (a) water coming in the drive and (b) the nose cone constantly being in the water. They really only use them in racing applications, as even though they usually run thru hull...
  409. mongo75

    Need help with fiberglass repair

    Steve- While I won't downplay the "art" of doing a perfect glass job, I will say it's kinda over rated- I do glass for a living on helicopters (at Pendelton) so maybe it's just easy for me. But if you wanted to, I'm sure from what you're saying you could probably get away with getting some cloth...
  410. mongo75

    Need help with fiberglass repair

    What kinda damage are you taling about- do you think you can tackle it yourself??
  411. mongo75

    Please HELP me get this damned motor started!!

    Rick- I don't know what the hell is the right starter for this thing- I mean with the present starter, it makes the alternator turn the way the cooling fan shows it should- looking at the crank, it's turning counter..... AWWW FUCK- I just realized- I have to fucking have the wrong starter in...
  412. mongo75

    Please HELP me get this damned motor started!!

    OK, I went to Wally World tonigth and got new battery and #2 cables- got the thing to finally turn great. Only thing it that it won't ever fire!! I finally did enough research to see that in a right hand 440 like mine, the distributor will turn counter-clockwise. However, this distributor turns...
  413. mongo75

    Project Boat Advice

    That's all easy stuff to do- 1- bilge pump- try to get it in the lowest part of the bilge. I would personally use 5200 to glue it in and weigh it down to ensure good contact. Then you SHOULD hook it up to a bilge switch, to ensure that if you spring a leak the switch will catch it before you...
  414. mongo75

    I'm so confused!

    Man I sold my boat to finance another POS project. All I got is a shelf full of parts, a hull full of power tools and fiberglass. Yesterday the guy I sold it to wrote me an email saying he and his family just got back from an overnighter, and had a blast. I almost started fucking crying!!
  415. mongo75

    ford radio-ford pARTS- i need help

    Shit, I got a replacement radio for my 99 F-350 for like $60 on ebay, cass/cd/am/fm
  416. mongo75

    Feedback on Detroit diesels 8.2 1988 vintage needed

    I'd use for oil analysis- if you send the sample out via USPS priority, you usually get results via email within 4-5 days
  417. mongo75

    Please HELP me get this damned motor started!!

    I'm gonna buy a brand new battery and cables today, just to see if I can get this damn thing started. I don't want to drop a problematic engine in a boat that I plan on taking 40+ miles out....
  418. mongo75

    Please HELP me get this damned motor started!!

    Update- I just now cranked it with 24v, and it turned like a champ, but didn't fire grrrr may be flooded?? I had one of the batteries on a charger for the last half hour, so maybe even though they're strong enough to start my truck, they're not strong enough to start the new engine???
  419. mongo75

    Please HELP me get this damned motor started!!

    I didn't try shootin lube in the heads, but I guess it couldn't hurt- It turns about as easy as my diesel does (it had the glow plugs out) or any other engine I've rebuilt in the past (Ford 390 and Chevy 350). UPDATE- for some odd reason, with 24v, I was abel to get her to turn w/ plugs in like...
  420. mongo75

    Please HELP me get this damned motor started!!

    Hey ya'll- As you may know I'm restoring a 1968 Luhrs. Well, the motor that came with the project is a new-rebuilt 440 Chrysler. I got a starter for it from Orange Engine in DP, and for whatever unknown reason, it will not turn the engine over!?!?!? So I took it back, they tested it, said it was...
  421. mongo75

    high school rodeo

    SNEEKEE- have a great time ridin' bro, but really, you need to work on your spelling LOL
  422. mongo75

    My High School Fishing Club Charter

    Way to go on showing your pals a good time, and making them into lifelong fishermen!
  423. mongo75

    Fishing newbie just got a fishing boat...

    What happens if they catch you using a GPS on a hog boat?? I heard they don't take kindly to folks keeping "their" numbers. Any truth to that?
  424. mongo75

    my outrigger project

    Yeah does steel bolts feel fraking great again your grape, especially when you're bald!! Those 'riggers look tits bro! One word though- you may want to use a bungee cord or something to support / cradle the ends when trailering, so you take alot of stress off the mounts.
  425. mongo75

    Trailor Service?????

    If you got the time bro do that shit yourself- the hardest part of working on a trailer is freeing rusty fasteners.....
  426. mongo75

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Where the hell can you get decent Stripers in California?? I miss them from my NY days...
  427. mongo75

    Limits WSB Sons 13th d-day trip WITH PICS 4-10/11 WSB limits four 4

    Man SUPER AWESOME report bro! I hope to one day take my kids out for a time like you guys had!!
  428. mongo75

    Humminbird... yay or nay?

    I second the 383C. You can pick on up new for about $350 on ebay. HB may not be the best units out there, but I wouldn't know 'cause I've only owned (able to afford) HB's on my last two boats. The 383C is color, has temp, depth, and GPS w/built in antenna. Will get you on the fish a lot...
  429. mongo75

    Look what I just picked up!

    Why is everyone so scared to glass anything in? Andrew if you want to cut wedges that fit exactly, then do that, mix up some epoxy (not the cheap vinyl resin) and glue the wedges down. Then get some thin glass, like 6oz (you can get the packed stuff at Lowes or go to worst marine) and then brush...
  430. mongo75

    Anyone have any rogue wave stories?

    I've been lucky enough not to get hit (yet anyways, we all can hope!) but after 9/11, I was on the USS Essex, a LHD, small carrier type Navy ship about 1000' long by 100' wide. While going through the Philipeans on our way from Okinawa to Darwin Australia, we hit a motherfucker of a typhoon- 100...
  431. mongo75

    Autopilot for a small boat???

    PJ- if a wrench turner can put one on, then you can too- will probably take longer, but you can still do it. Just read the directions and bust out the tools. A little confidence can save a whole lotta money!!! I mean shit, I'm rebuilding a whole freakin boat. Yeah it's taking a long time, but...
  432. mongo75

    New Tower

    That thing is sweet- I wonder how many mortgage payments that set you back??
  433. mongo75

    Outrigger/Downrigger Project

    Yeah no kidding- on my 25'er I would only drag 2 or 4 at a time. Even four is a pain in the ass, especially when you go over a clump of floating grass or weeds....
  434. mongo75

    If buying a boat from out of state, whats the deal on sales tax etc??

    I didn't know there were any loopholes, maybe they just apply to boats??? I know when I brought my truck in from Pennsylvania, since I bought it private party I had to pay the full fuckin' 8.25%... fucking bastards!! California gets you no matter what!! :supergay::indabutt::hali_parkutuli:
  435. mongo75

    Trailer rebuild

    What do you need done to your trailer?? I took a 22' 10k trailer and made it a 28' trailer. Do you just need new parts, or do you need welding and structural repair?? I buy all my shit from Freeway Trailer in San Marcos, but even closer to you is that trailer place on Beach Blvd near Orange Ave...
  436. mongo75

    Whale Cod In New England

    Nice friggin cows in the first pic! Reminds me of the one time me and the old man left the Bronx at like 10pm and got to Montauk around 1am. We slept in the staiton wagon for a couple of hrs then got on a boat and went out about 3 more hours. I didn't catch shit, but he got the pool fish that...
  437. mongo75

    DataMarine Dart 2590

    Sold it on epay for $$$
  438. mongo75

    Panga on Crack!!!

    The trailer looks fine. Get some rims or paint the ones ya got and you'll be fine!! Nice boat too!
  439. mongo75

    Where do I get a decent rebuilt 350 in san diego?

    Yes, definitely get a 350 and shitcan the smaller engine. There's nothing wrong with a 305, but a 350 will not work as hard to push your boat, and thusly you will save gas. Plus you can go faster if you want!!
  440. mongo75

    Shark bit Grander photos

    Fucking ankor "a dick in my ass" dave and mini-me eric- a whoppin' 2 whole posts each. I'm not a fucking post master, but I know a great catch, and story of man against nature when I see one. It's fuckwads like them two that ruin a good post. Go report this shit to your peta fags...
  441. mongo75

    Shark bit Grander photos

    Great story and even greater fish!! That however, is another reason to carry a gun aboard- coulda guaranteed only one or two bites before they woulda been chomping lead:2gunsfiring_v1:
  442. mongo75

    check out my project boat and give me some advice!! assholes!!

    If you do the work yourself, you can save a shit load of money. I had the same out drive HOLE on a $100 boat I bought once. I sealed it, traded a diesel I paid $60 for for a Cobra outdrive, rebuilt a 350 Chevy for $800, and maybe had $2000 in it to get it running. No payments!! Good luck...
  443. mongo75

    Any Interest in Underwater High Power LED Lights?

    Throw my name in the hat- definitely interested in thru hulls, and like Rene said, maybe a few greens thown in for better attractability- beats soaking a big green chem stick!
  444. mongo75

    Finally Got my FIRST Legal BUTT!

    Give him an infraction for bringing up OLD shit. THen I won't be the only asshole with the infraction under my name LOL
  445. mongo75

    "No Worries" Diesel Flybridge for sale

    Just for the hell of it, let's hear some of the low offers you got. Of course leave out the individuals name. We all know there are those that will push buttons hoping you'll sell for half! I was asking $6000 for mine, and finally took $5300 after telling a few looky-loos to fuck off. Congrats...
  446. mongo75

    Holy shit this sunday on the I5 nb

    Anybody know what happened? It WAS a toy hauler on the nb I5 at avenida Pico. The county used a front end loader to dump the wreckage in a dumpster.
  447. mongo75

    Cops catch the fuckers who tried to steal my truck

    Too bad the cop didn't give you his address. I woulda come running with a gal of gas and matches!!!
  448. mongo75

    Flybridge or Full Cabin??

    Feel like I'm "bringing up an old post" but was gone for a spell. Just wanted to say thanks gain for everyone's input. I think I'm gonna stay with the flybridge, but it's not set in stone yet..... Jeez if I had any hair I'd be pulling it out!
  449. mongo75

    Putting your boat on the trailer...almost

    I always keep my eyes on the trailer whenever I'm on the ramp- you never know when something can go wrong, even new shit can fail ya know? At least if you're paying attention (this poor dumb ass wasn't) you have some sort of reaction time, instead of wondering why everyone is watching you all...
  450. mongo75

    DataMarine Dart 2590

    I got this unit and was wondering if anyone has one, and if worth keeping where to get a transducer and how much? I only need a temp ducer, I'll be using GPS for speed
  451. mongo75

    Capt. Phil Harris at the Bloodydecks Booth

    Dude is way freaking cool- met him before and he tells it like it is. It is funny to watch him get the shakes from too many autographs and no smokes within the past 10 mins LOL
  452. mongo75

    Advice on Old School Simrad fishfinder

    Cool thanks scarecrow- Surg I'll be hitting you up for some other xsducer stuff after I pay off my $2000 truck repair bill.....
  453. mongo75

    Bench/Box How to finish it?

    Ditto on O-show's advice, but I would use a larger piece of glass than using a bunch of rows of 6" glass tape. You want to make sure that you roll at least 2 layers of epoxy on the wood before you applt the glass, so the wood soaks up those two applications, and when you do lay the glass you...
  454. mongo75

    Advice on Old School Simrad fishfinder

    I got a Simrad EC-206 in a package deal and was told it's a great piece of gear, being just about commercial grade. I'm wondering now if I should keep this old big ass TV screen fishfinder (that does not have temp) or should I upgrade to LCD, and if so, what's a decnt unit that won't cost me a...
  455. mongo75

    cobra 5.8L block or head unit

    PM me if you need help with a Cobra- I pretty much know them inside and out. Going on a cruise next week though....
  456. mongo75

    3D Sonar technology

    I'm just curious- why isn't Humminbird regarded with the same seriousness as Faruno, Garmin, Raymarine etc? I mean they catch fish and have for the most part the same features as alot of other units (speed, depth, temp, GPS, chartplotter) but at a shitload less cost.
  457. mongo75

    Fuel tank question!

    If the tank you have is properly made to accept a electric fuel level sender, then yes you can do it. However, if it only has a sight gauge, then you're stuck with it unless you want to try to jerry rig something. I don't condone messing around with gas tanks, but this is coming from a guy who...
  458. mongo75

    Improving cell phone reception when out at sea?

    How do you use your VHF to place a call? What channel do you go on to do a patch? Sounds like old school HF ham stuff....
  459. mongo75

    maxin out the bugs.........

    Phew- for a minute there I thought you were gonna eat those nasty ass crabs....
  460. mongo75

    Got caught with one short lobster, happy ending

    True these guys are just doing their jobs. I've never got boarded, but was checked back at the O'Side ramp. Greeted him nicely, opened everything up, and he didn't even bother going through the whole boat, knowing I was being honest with him. It's just my opinion that as long as you give the...
  461. mongo75

    3/18/08 rock fishing LJ W/pics

    Nice day! Glad to see you waited to eat the banana AFTER you went fishing- I know you didn't bring that damn thing aboard right!
  462. mongo75

    Alternator for GM 350 ?

    I'm not sure what the highest amperage model ever made for a SBC is, but why not go with a 1-wire alternator, and shit can the voltage regulators? I have seen more "older" vehicles on the side of the road because the damn VR took a shit. I got my "no-shit-marine-alternator" on ePay, give it a...
  463. mongo75

    The "Fowl Play" gets a new bullet

    Nice and clean and simple- plenty of room for mulitple limits w/o clutter!
  464. mongo75

    Trophy up for sale

    Just curious- why are you asking $5000 more than is owed on it??
  465. mongo75

    Painting Boats Inside and Out??????

    How much David?????
  466. mongo75

    Name my boat please

    ....You got a purdy mouth boy... go on now, squeal like a pig boy!!! LOL had to do it.....
  467. mongo75

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    eightmd- I'm glad your a safety concious person- some people would brag about pulling their boat at 65+ mph. Hell, I'm sure with the way my truck (crew cab dually F-350 diesel w/engine mods) is set up that I could tow a 10k trailer at 90mph, but that doesn't make it right. I keep it at 60 tops...
  468. mongo75

    Flybridge or Full Cabin??

    That's true about the getting wet part, but what's a Skippy skipper to do when it turns into a washing machine? I guess they get wet if'n ya don't have eisenglass.... What about wind burn from being up top all day? Is it a PITA or is it bearable?? THANKS AGAIN FOR THE CONTINUED ADVICE EVERYONE!!!
  469. mongo75

    exhaust manifold on starboard side getting very hot?

    I'd almost bet my paycheck that the riser if not both the manifold and riser are clogged with rust. Just dip them in a 5:1 water / muriatic acid bath for 1/2 hr at a time and keep checking them till they're pretty clean inside.
  470. mongo75

    Can I mix Raytheon and Cetrek auto parts

    I have an older Raytheon auto pilot system w/o the pump. Can I just use any 12v auto pilot pump?
  471. mongo75

    Flybridge or Full Cabin??

    Thanks for the advice so far every one, and I'm still looking for great suggestions. I only go out with my fishing buddy charcol8 and with the new deck layout on this boat (7x8) I'll have room for more ho's LOL. I figure with a flybridge, we can take turns driving and the rest tend lines??
  472. mongo75

    Anybody have OMC Cobra parts manual

    No prob- great easy drive to work on, unless you try to swap the damn lift ram lines *&[email protected]#^$# !!!
  473. mongo75

    Fisherman charged with stabbing sea lion

    Jeeze, Derek must be a PETA informant just laying low to relay our stories to the tree huggers LOL. I'd love to nail one of those fuckin' knotheads with a .45! I've also heard that warning shots don't really scare them off. I definitely think an open season would get them to back the fuck away...
  474. mongo75

    Red Dye Diesel?

    You can get B100 (biodiesel) from a guy on Craigslist for $3 a gal. He's up in Santa Ana, and his shit burns good!!
  475. mongo75

    New for the Bait Tank.... 5 Rods - 2 Drinks - 6 Cutter/Pliers & 2 Knife Holder.

    Nice find Chuck- but that pic looks like she got punched in the right eye hehehe....
  476. mongo75

    Anybody have OMC Cobra parts manual

    I don't think they changed the design at all
  477. mongo75

    New for the Bait Tank.... 5 Rods - 2 Drinks - 6 Cutter/Pliers & 2 Knife Holder.

    I love it, but you need beer, not 7up in the drink holders- I think you need to go back to the sailor avatar LOL
  478. mongo75

    Flybridge or Full Cabin??

    Man I still don't fucking know- I'm trying to envision myself sitting in/on both- one with the wind in my face (till it turns to wind burn) and the other sitting in a fully enclosed pilot house, but with way less visability. A tower is cool, even with controls, but does it get old being up there...
  479. mongo75

    She's back... Skipjack 28 progress

    Man she looks freaking saweeeet! I hope mine looks that good one day!
  480. mongo75

    trim tabs

    I like Bennetts cause aside from a leak every once in a blue moon like others stated, they hold up well, and you can always get parts cheap on epay.
  481. mongo75

    A little more progress for the Savannah II

    Well, following the complete demo fo the old cabin, and the "Homemade Bait Tank" parts 1&2, here's the latest for those of you that have read everything else and are bored....I ripped out 15 feet of the main two (of four) inside stringers. The old ones where 3/4" ply with a shitty glass job...
  482. mongo75

    How come I can't see the other 2 boat forums???

    nevermind- ya'll moved it below. Quit changing shit ok??
  483. mongo75

    How come I can't see the other 2 boat forums???

    I can't "see" electronics or check out my boat forum. Anyone know why??
  484. mongo75

    Flybridge or Full Cabin??

    Thanks for everybodies input so far- please keep it coming!!
  485. mongo75

    Flybridge or Full Cabin??

    As some of you may seen, I'm rebuilding a 25' Luhrs flybridge from the hull up. I sold my old boat so I could get a flybridge 'cause I think they're freaking sexy looking LOL. But today at the Fred Hall show I really looked at the forward facing full cabin like the Ospreys, and I like the space...
  486. mongo75

    Outdrive noise

    The risers will get HOT if they are all clogged up with rust. That cut's the amount of water that can go through your exhaust system, causing higher than normal gas temps to hit your drive, which in turn fries your oil and seals and causes all kinds of problems. Most racing boats have a shower...
  487. mongo75

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Oh, a diesel is stronger all right! When towing it's the torque that counts. It does get better mileage, and if you treat a diesel properly (unlike me LOL) the engine will last you 500,000. The bad thing is the initial price- diesel's will cost about $4-7,000 more that a large V-8 or V-10, and...
  488. mongo75

    Cutting fuel lines

    I know a mako cuts through a fuel line pretty good! My buddy brought a baby on board his snail boat and it chomped it's way to the kicker motor line, and proceeded to have his pissed off way with it. He squeezed the fuel bulb and gas shot out of 10 different holes LOL. Luckily we had enough...
  489. mongo75

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    I used to tow a 7,000 (weighed on cert scale) boat/trailer with a x-cab 1997 F-150 with a 5.4L in it, and it never had a problem towing that much weight, or stopping it. The longer the wheelbase the better. Forget the teeny foreign truck- go American.
  490. mongo75

    Batray Fishing 2/23/08

    I loved catching those damn things off the Huntington beach peir back in the mid 90's before the kids came, when I could be out there from 0500 till 0130 the next day. By the way, I know those rays get heavy, but did you use a scale to weigh them, or just guesstimate? They look a bit lighter...
  491. mongo75

    NHIO 03-01-08

    Damn sorry to hear about the hand bro- that's why I only crank it up, even if i gotta dip the trailer further. I tried that power on shit ONCE and don't like it. Hope you heal fast!
  492. mongo75

    Where to find boat specs?

    Do a yahoo search- I think there's a website called (not sure) that actually has info (weight engine models etc) for tons of different boats. What size boat are you looking to tow and with what vehicle? Hell, since you're a contractor, do you have a diesel? That'll tow anything!
  493. mongo75

    Replacing throttle cable - OMC

    Actually two special tools- your right and left hands. Sorry, had to do it LOL
  494. mongo75

    Replacing throttle cable - OMC

    I've never changed em but have installed them as I build a project. All I can offer is to make sure that you pull the old one out with a heavy string tied to it so you can pull the new one through otherwise you could get fucked LOL. Ideally you want to attach the new to the old and then pull it...
  495. mongo75

    missing my motor

    All it is is a Chevy 350, they're a dime a dozen! I'll get hated on probably for saying this, but you can get by with a 2 bolt main long block from Pep Boys and just bolt on all your accessories. I rebuilt an old 350 for like $800 by doing the work (not machine) myself.
  496. mongo75

    New Ride

    Man, sweet sled!
  497. mongo75

    Thru-Hull Fittings

    Ruiz- who you with? I'm on the Air Station too and I can help you out if ya want. PM bro
  498. mongo75

    are blue sharks good eating???

    I caught one once that weighed right at 65lbs, my biggest fish at the time so I kept it. That was before I knew they taste like shit.... I cleaned it and had 18 lbs of meat left over. I ate about a pound of it- I've eaten worse things, but I just didn't like it. I froze the rest and gave it away...
  499. mongo75

    are blue sharks good eating???

  500. mongo75

    Fred Hall Fishing Show opening day Long Beach

    I can only make it Sunday
  501. mongo75

    Anybody on BD own the Boat "Catch 22"?

    what happened??
  502. mongo75

    anyone know anything about Uniflites?

    I saw the as on Craigs and yes it's legally trailerable with an 8.5' beam. You'll more than likely have to get a custom trailer or weld one up yourself as you know it's a dual shaft inboard, and the likely hood of finding the exact fitting trailer is damn near impossible. Let me know if you need...
  503. mongo75

    Update: re:Grinding noise from sterndrive

    :imdumb:Uh, if you say so! I won't break it
  504. mongo75

    anyone know anything about Uniflites?

    Dude- if you like the boat JUST DO IT YOU PUSSY!!! LOL It's not new but (1) you know its a solid boat (2) twin engine reliability (3) no fucking payments. Just 'cause it may not be some elses cup of tea doesn't mean it wont work for you. Good luck bro!
  505. mongo75

    Update: re:Grinding noise from sterndrive

    Hey Matt thanks for the props brother- got me all smiling :urno1:.... Again I'm glad I could help out a fellow BD'er. If I have the time, my help is always free. Just rememeber I'm currently boatless, hint hint lol
  506. mongo75

    Outdrive noise

    Run the drive to get the oil circulated, and drain it into a CLEAN bucket. Then pour it through a coffee filter to see what's in it, and hopefully it's not metal. You can heat the oil to make it flow faster.
  507. mongo75

    Anyone using a desulfator?

    What the hell's a desulfator???
  508. mongo75

    VALENTINE WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd chase down a sea-lion with a hard on before I fucked any of those fat cows!
  509. mongo75

    Beer Invented

    For those who slept through World History 101...... here is a condensed >> version. >> >> >> Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic >> hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer >> and >> would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in...
  510. mongo75

    Clam's and a Boat fire!!!

    Man that sucks about that boat- looks like I can make that my next project LOL
  511. mongo75

    anyone know anything about Uniflites?

    Before you run I would definitely do an online search for what year the blistering started. I think it was 1973 or 74. I have heard they are good sturdy boats though, and don't let the age fool you- fiberglass last a LONG time. You might just have to do some cosmetic work and whatever mechanical...
  512. mongo75

    Blinded at the ramp

    been there, done that :imdumb:
  513. mongo75


    I had the Humminbird 383C (color) and loved it. I just didn't have the money for a high end unit, but I was really happy with the screen size and option of this unit for what I spent on it. I would definitely look at ebay for a new one cheaper than in stores. I think I spent like $350 for mine...
  514. mongo75

    Project is progressing...

    Man beautiful paint job so far - and from rolling and tipping too! Man that's gotta be a pain in the ass!!
  515. mongo75

    Blinded at the ramp

    Usually the boaters at the O'side ramp are ok, and I leave early enough where I'm the only guy there... but getting back and having the ramp clogged with jet-skiers bullshitting is my main bitch...
  516. mongo75

    Replacing fuel tank.

    I guess a fire extinguisher would work, but you can also rent a small CO2 bottle from any welding store
  517. mongo75

    Golight W temp mount :)

    Man that's one helluva "temporary" mount- that thing is freaking bullet proof LOL.
  518. mongo75

    Anybody have any tricks

    I'm a mask it off and spit on the finger kind of guy, but I like the idea of the ice cube- 5200 will never stick to it, it's water so it gives it a kick to start hardening, and you don't get 5200 in your mouth...yummy!!!
  519. mongo75

    Replacing fuel tank.

    I like the exhaust idea, as long as your car doesn't afterfire LOL
  520. mongo75

    Outdive U joint service.

    Chuck, if you got the time, just do it yourself- I helped Osideloco with the "MattHatter" with his Alpha 1. Not too hard, just a bit time consuming and a bit of a pain in the ass. And you don't need any special tools either. You can definitely save some $$$$$$ doing it yourself considering the...
  521. mongo75

    D.I.Y. Tower

    Carl, you're not stepping on anyones toes- just saying what it cost to build one of these things sans the (overpriced) cost of labor. Great job- now take the other $500 or more you could have given a tower builder and use it to by more rods!
  522. mongo75

    Boat repair ?

    Wow, you'd think those things are built to handle those conditions....
  523. mongo75

    Shaft strut straightening help

    Jack, Thanks for the response. Right now I have a bare hull- just stringers and the gunnel tops I just put on, so I got room to work with. Although I am going to replace the last 12' or so of stringers, I was thinking I could just bolt the strut back on, and then clamp on the PSS I got...
  524. mongo75

    Shaft strut straightening help

    It was hard enough typing that- try saying it three times fast- ANYWAYS I'm looking for a place that will straighten out the prop shaft strut for my inboard project. It almost looks ok, kinda like it was installed with a little bend in it, but I don't like it so I want it straight. Advice??
  525. mongo75

    Exost Hose

    you may have to hoof it out to Oceanside- they got a west marine, sunset marine, and oceanside marine center. One of them is bound to have what you need
  526. mongo75

    Thoughts on my redneck box thruster idea???

    Thanks for great feedback guys! I've never piloted an inboard, and most say compared to a I/O they suck. But I'll give it a go as is, and like you said, when in doubt, use a spring line!
  527. mongo75

    Thoughts on my redneck box thruster idea???

    I would like to add a bow thruster to my project 25' Luhrs cause it's a single screw inboard. Seeing as how on my pay, a new unit is cost prohibited as it's not a necessity (I can run spring lines) but it would be nice to have. So here's my crazy idea- I was contemplating getting a used electric...
  528. mongo75

    Home made bait tank

    I'm actually thinking about putting on a plexi front. A couple of days ago I put a thick coat of high build epoxy primer on it, and it's taking a while to sand it smooth, but it'll get there. I want this looking like I paid a lot for it (to make my broke ass feel better LOL)
  529. mongo75

    Home made bait tank

    Fuck off sis- damn, I'm getting dissed by my own big forehead havin' sister WTF :2gunsfiring_v1:
  530. mongo75

    Thru hull transducer

    Nice work! Just out of curiousity, why the thru hull bait tank discharge, and not just an above the water line discharge? Does it ever cause the tank to fill up too much at speed?
  531. mongo75

    anyone got a manual?

    Trade your tri hull for a manual
  532. mongo75

    WHop makes good LED courtesy lights??

    Thanks- I'm glad I got any responses seeing as how I can friggin spell the post title correctly......
  533. mongo75

    exhaust questions

    I can't answer that question, but I do know a copper y fitting will hold up to marine exhaust better, heatwise, than a glass fitting will. But either way, as long as you good flow through your risers, you should be good. I would put it about a foot away, but I'm not a boat mech per say.....
  534. mongo75

    WHop makes good LED courtesy lights??

    I want to put LED lights under my gunwales and while I don't want to spend $50 each, I do want something that will light up the cockpit somewhat. Any advice??
  535. mongo75

    Making twin 350 gassers into fuel misers ?

    Changing to EFI can- scratch that- will be expensive. Since you already have working engines, whay don't you just disconnect the secondaries and see how that goes? You can alwyas re-connect them, and if you want to you can always swap the intakes for EFI.
  536. mongo75

    There is nobody more stupid than a Brand New Boater!

    ONCE, well shit I must be a glutton for punishment- I'm on my 3rd :imdumb: Whenever you get tired of working on her, just take a look at what I have to do and you'll feel revitalized knowing there are those more crazy than you out there LOL...
  537. mongo75


    I was getting about 2 mpg with mine, just "try" to keep the secondaries closed.
  538. mongo75


    By 1989 OMC had the gear issue worked out, so you got IMHO just as good an outdrive as any. I had a 1986 Cobra in my 1974 Bayliner w/ 350 (I built her HOT) and it would get my boat to 31 on the ocean, and the guy I sold it too had it up to 33 mph on the river. That's with about 5500 lbs total...
  539. mongo75

    There is nobody more stupid than a Brand New Boater!

    Hey Stooges- great find, and no matter what anyone says- too much work, not me, I wouldn't of bought it, it's gonna cost too much to restore it, blah blah blah...... it's definitely rewarding. And ya know what- when it's all done, you'll have a fast kick ass boat, and you haven't spent $90+ an...
  540. mongo75

    What would ya'll pay for this??

    Ya know guys, after all the "advice" I'm thinking maybe I could pass on it, or like it was said, let it sit for a while and try in a couple of months. I'm just looking for a way on the water ya know? I could use the money I put into this for my Luhrs.
  541. mongo75

    fixing leaks on a aluminum boats

    Once you fnd the leak, you can seal it with 5200, or get that stick stuff that melts when you heat it.
  542. mongo75

    Custom 23 Sea Ox ( lots of Pics)

    Bogi- awesome ride bro, I love the way you got everything tight and the wires all labeled, that stuff pays off when you need to do maintenance! What kinda lights did you use for the courtesy lights? Where and how much?
  543. mongo75

    Power invertor at Harbor Frieght

    I got a 2500w/5000w peak- inverter from some guy on ebay out of LA area for about $130. I figured disposable too, but for the time being it's helping me build my boat in the storage lot!
  544. mongo75

    What would ya'll pay for this??

    Mick- I know it's a shitty pic, but I don't see how I could possibly spend $2000+ on this thing. Although with all the verbal abuse I'm getting I'm thinking about just not getting it, or maybe get it and put it on craigslist..... you guys are mean LOL
  545. mongo75

    What would ya'll pay for this??

    Todd- the steering wheel is in the boat. To me mechanically sound is a reliable engine and drive system, whether it be I/O, Inboard, or OB. I'm not too concerned with a $20 steering wheel when I can get a boat for about half of what i could part it out for. Steve, I already do have a project...
  546. mongo75

    Deck coating....which one should I use?

    I've used sand before as well- I put on one coat of paint, let dry. Then mask off the area so it looks nice, not like you just threw some shit around. Then roll the unmasked area and throw down sand to your liking, but go lightly otherwise it'll clump up and look like shit. Once that's dry...
  547. mongo75

    What would ya'll pay for this??

    Rick, those skiffs are nice, but for inshore I prefer glass because it handles the waves better due to the heavier weight. And again, I'm thinking for like $400-$500 I can have a ready to go boat. I'll take another look at it today and think it over- I don't want to get too distracted from my...
  548. mongo75

    What would ya'll pay for this??

    Not mayday- Vessel assist!
  549. mongo75

    Engine set up for the Savannah II project

    Got bored- figured I'd throw up some pics of 'da old school power- it's a fresh rebuilt Chrysler 440 mated to a Velvet drive 72C. I would've prefered diesel, but it wasn't in the budget... I used 4"x3/8" aluminum for the brackets which will bolt to the stringers. I had to jerry rig the velvet...
  550. mongo75

    What would ya'll pay for this??

    Thanks everyone so far for your input, and umm, honesty LOL. BTW the steering wheel is in the cockpit.... I don't get why a couple of people say I gotta spend a few grand just to get her fishable??? I do all my own maintenance- hell if I had a mold, I could hand lay my own boat just as good as a...
  551. mongo75

    What would ya'll pay for this??

    I wouldn't put more than a couple of hundred in her- it only needs cosmetics, mostly throwing away shit inside the hull. Maybe a paint job if I ever want to sell her. Why such "low bids" on this boat? I know it's not new, but I would think it gets some credit for being mechanically sound???
  552. mongo75

    What would ya'll pay for this??

    I'm thinking about buying tomorrow since I sold my last boat to finance the project I'm working on now. It's a 18' Owens, I think it was built in 1970. It's got a straight-6 and a Merc outdrive. The motor fires up and the drive goes in and out. Trailer included. A little clean up, re-mount the...
  553. mongo75

    Seachoice Outriggers

    I had them on my last boat and they worked ok for what they cost. The bad- in rough seas they can collapse closed, and I did have to re-solder on a couple of the guides back on because of that. The good- they will work for the $120 you can get them for on ebay.
  554. mongo75

    Auto Pilot Help

    Not too many use it, or say they do, but the Raymarine S1000 is what you're looking for in that price range.
  555. mongo75

    Big Thanks to Pacific Yacht Towers

    Thanks, a lot less expensive than I thought- I'll be seeing you in oh, lets say about a year or two???:imdumb:
  556. mongo75

    Need an overhead electronics box

    I've seen them on epay for less than that, you could always give that a shot...
  557. mongo75

    Big Thanks to Pacific Yacht Towers

    Cheryl- do you have a ballpark figure on what a tower like the one above would cost? One day I'll be needing one just about like that, but collapsable.
  558. mongo75

    Official naming and repowered...

    How about pics of the boat, not ya'lls ugly faces LOL- Jr you can go to a CC shop in one of the squadrons and get them to make you a sticker from the stencil machine- I had one in 169 and make some sick shit for my truck. I think 369 has one, and maybe also 303. You can paint them before you...
  559. mongo75

    who has done the center rise manifold conversion on a 350? do you see results?

    I've never ran the log style on the 350 I had in my Bayliner. I was a Cobra I used Osco Volvo replacement headers on (center rise) and they do evacuate the exhaust system more effeciently.
  560. mongo75


    For 20K you SHOULD buy a trailer and do the work yourself!!
  561. mongo75

    Better way to mount my engine and drive system?

    I wound up goin to IMS in Irvine. They wanted $194 for a total 9' of 1/2" 3x3 angle- ouch!! I went to the rack in the back of the store for misc stuff, and found a 9'8" section of 3x3 3/8" thick, and got that cut into 2-36" and 2-18" pieces for $124. A little more than I ever expected to pay for...
  562. mongo75

    Is Epoxy worth the extra money over Vinylester resin??

    Sorry to bring up an old post, but just wanted to update- just dropped another $900 with USCOMPOSITES.COM for 10 gals fast epoxy, 20 yds 38" 1708, 20 yds 50" 1708, 10 yds 1.5oz mat, 50 yd roll of 3" tape, 5 qts milled fiber, 4 gal of cabosil, 13 different mixing cups, and 4 lbs of clay (to make...
  563. mongo75

    need a tech manuel

    Try Worst Marine, they should have them just like Napa sells auto manuals. If not, try epay...
  564. mongo75

    What do you think?

    Awesome idea from Bruce- hopefully it'll push through the freaking oil lobbyist and come to fruition one day
  565. mongo75

    K&M Fishreport,San Quintin

    Damn bro- puttin the screws to it big time- great catch, and time spent with the fam- way to go!
  566. mongo75

    Diesel Mechanic Shop

    $120 an hour??? GOD DAMN!!! Do you get a BJ while they're working on your engine for that price??
  567. mongo75

    Need consultant for replacing gas tank on a skipjack

    Dude, just do a search, 'cause I'm pretty sure I remember seeing someone else replace the tank on a Skippy. What exactlyis the part that you find difficult? I'm sure we can answer your questions for free.
  568. mongo75

    Whats your opinion. External or Internal ???

    Mine gets good reception in a lead box....
  569. mongo75

    I need advice on the the hell electronics to get!!

    I may ask folks for the BD discount, but I actually enjoy doing my own work. Even if it's something I haven't done before, I figure if I can repair a 12 million $ helicopter, then I can just about figure anything out.
  570. mongo75

    18' sportscraft

    Thanks for the explanation Marty- I though about doing something like that to my project, to give it a Carolina type flair, but it's just too much work considering I still have to restore the rest of it.
  571. mongo75


    On a side note- seeing as how I would guess most of us run a 4bl carb, some guys disconnect the linkage to the secondaries to save gas, just takes a bit longer to get her cruising.
  572. mongo75

    Are you missing a net?

    How about a can of SPAM with holes in it??
  573. mongo75

    Are you missing a net?

    Hoffa?? Everyone knows he's buried in Giants stadium! Whoops, Mythbusters already disproved that one..... What the hell was in it already?!?!?!
  574. mongo75

    Better way to mount my engine and drive system?

    I got a handle on some 1/4" stainless, and since it's free I'm thinking that'll work. 1/4" should hold up fine, if anyone has any doubts, I was thinking I could always weld some triangles under it so there's no chance of it flexing. Thoughts on this??
  575. mongo75

    RE power 24 ft. Skipjack

    The adapter works on OMC Cobra drives as they are essentially the same thing. The OMC electric shift he currently has necessitates filling a 1 sq foot hole and recutting the outdrive hole.
  576. mongo75

    18' sportscraft

    Forgive my lack of knowledge, but what's the sponson? Is it the half-piolt house looking thing? Again a great looking purpose built boat!
  577. mongo75

    LB Harbor Patrol at their finest.

    I hate to say that I might go fishing, but not as extensive as diving, and fucking shooting seals (perhaps that's where the missing rounds went??) but to leave the boat all fucked up for the next crew, well, fuck those guys. They did wrong, got pinched, too bad.
  578. mongo75

    Why you don't bring a hot Mako over the rail

    That's why I shoot the damn thing before I bring it in- easier, and more humane than dragging or cutting the head off. OH, that's right- you can't own a gun n Austrailia! Oh well, he's still stupid....
  579. mongo75

    Coast Guard searches for missing boater

  580. mongo75

    Whats left to do on your boat before the season kicks off?

    Uh, finish building it, I guess I'll see you guys out there next season :imdumb: unless we get Matt's outdrive back together and he invites me fishing!
  581. mongo75

    I need advice on the the hell electronics to get!!

    Jim- I like that option, as although it's about $1100 more than the next cheaper option, it's color. But damn, $1100 more for color, is a lot to think about.... I also did a search on the Furuno USA website, and like wise found the prices of a black box and transducer w/ temp a bit...
  582. mongo75

    18' sportscraft

    Jon, correct me if I'm wrong, but looking again at the lines of your fine vessel, I would guess it's mid to late 60's vintage?
  583. mongo75

    Better way to mount my engine and drive system?

    I was thinking mild steel properly painted would work, but then again I guess aluminum of the proper thickness would hold up. I was just concerned with stress cracking, but with a 1/2" it will not crack under a Chrysler 440. Maybe a 12V92 might break it, but I'll worry about that when I hit the...
  584. mongo75

    Ditch bags

    Bob, Sounds like you got a good ditch bag there. Thanks for the ideas. I've never had any real emergency back up plan :imdumb:many a times I've gone out 30 miles with only a few flimsy Wal Mart $5 life vest to be CG compliant. You never think you'll need it. I do remember reading a story where a...
  585. mongo75


    Man fuck that place- my old lady;s folks had a house in Rosarito 200 feet from the beach and to get me down there was like sqeezing blood from a stone- the corruption in TJ and other tourist areas is fucking ridiculous. If I could carry a gun to stop the corrupt cops, I'd be more willing to...
  586. mongo75

    Border Patrol agent killed, Imperial Sand Dunes

    And they say soldiers and Marines on the borders is too extreme? They need fucking snipers out there! Rest in Peace brother, and thank you for your service to your country.
  587. mongo75

    Subject: AIR FORCE TEST

    Marine Aviators don't need a stupid moving block test- they just need to have BALLS.
  588. mongo75

    Subject: AIR FORCE TEST

  589. mongo75

    Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Let's See...

    10990, fucked it up the first 2 times dee dee dee, but yeah, that's a lot of pussy no matter how many legs you got....
  590. mongo75

    repeat performance

    So I can go clamming during my chow time sweet!
  591. mongo75

    Are you missing a net?

    C'mon, let us know!!!
  592. mongo75

    Better way to mount my engine and drive system?

    In the 1968 Luhrs I'm restoring, it originally had a Chrysler 360 with a 72C velvet drive and Walter V-drive. The original mount were two 4x6" hardwood blocks about 6' long, bolted to the stringers. The blocks were carved to fit the different heights of the v-drive and engine mounts. I don't...
  593. mongo75

    Need an anchor....

    minnies yacht surplus in newport beach
  594. mongo75

    18' sportscraft

    Dude, that is a kick ass little boat, looks a lot bigger than it is, especially with the outriggers. I would say check out any boat for sale website you can find, and do a search. If you find one, ask the guy to help you with pics and / or specs from his boat.
  595. mongo75

    It's raining so hard...........

    A submarine just dropped off squids in front of my house
  596. mongo75

    I need advice on the the hell electronics to get!!

    I kinda put off the electronics thinking the past week, as I got caught up in other stuff. I've taken alot in to consideration, and while I do like the Ray stuff, it's hard to get past them asking over $600 just for the sounder mod, and another God knows how much for a 'ducer. I'm now thinking...
  597. mongo75

    RE power 24 ft. Skipjack

    Or PM me if you want help, I did the same thing when I installed a OMC Cobra (same footprint as Volvo and some Mercs) on my '74 Bayliner, and it's really not that hard to do yourself to save some big $$$$$.
  598. mongo75

    Minnies Chandlery?

    Although Ernie Minnie is proud of his stuff, you can almost be certain to find what you need there.
  599. mongo75

    RE power 24 ft. Skipjack

    I would go with either another 351W if you want to rebuild the old one, or you can get a 350 Chevy and find a new bellhousing for it (on Ebay) or, if you just want to gain some fuel economy, you could drop a Ford 302 in, it'll bolt right up same as the 351W.
  600. mongo75

    marine grade plywood ?

    Merlin- if you don't want to glass the wood, why don't you at least get some cheap polyesther resin from Lowes for like $20 a gal? That would seal the wood better than truck bed coating.
  601. mongo75

    Need an anchor....

    If no one responds, you can always find one at Minnies in Newport. I hate how proud he is of his used shit, but if you need something, I can almost garauntee he's got it somewhere....
  602. mongo75

    Volvo Raw Water pump Ques.

    I know Jabsco makes a good pump- but if you ever decide to rebuild it, just make sure you are extremely carefull with the ceramic seal- I learned how to pay $50 twice the hard way....
  603. mongo75

    Advice on Replacing Oil Pan - Skipjack 24

    I got an aluminum pan for my Chrysler, but a properly scuff sanded, cleaned, primed (2 coats) and painted (3 coats) pan "should" not rust. You could always rhino line it LOL. Plus, an mild steel pan is cheap, probably get one on ebay for $30 plus shipping.
  604. mongo75

    marine grade plywood ?

    Just curious- I was thinking about using 1/2" ply with a layer or roven, maybe some 6 oz, and a float coat of epoxy or glazing for my deck. Is that too thin??
  605. mongo75


    Zack, that ebay deal sound good. While you can still get Volvo parts even for the older drives like the 270, the 280 or newer Dou-Prop drives are sweet. When you consider the price of a good used outdrive pack w/engine, the $3000 is a steal. I did the same thing with a Bayliner I got for...
  606. mongo75

    Advice on Replacing Oil Pan - Skipjack 24

    I didn't know they made stainless pans, but that makes sense. If you can't find one, just do a good prep job before you paint it.
  607. mongo75

    Bellows Expansion Tool

    Jack, I'm helping him on this, and was curious- what the heck is a flex shaft screwdriver, is it simply a bit end on a coiled flexible shaft? What do you use it for? I always use a 1/4" drive set of extensions and universal joints for the bellows clamps.
  608. mongo75

    Need a place to paint my boat...

    Dave- what exactly is gonna take you 3 weeks to do? Can't you do all the glasswork and fairing necessary (I'm guessing you are with that amount of time) in your storage spot, or infront of your house, or by your work? I know Irvine has tons of behind the business driveways and stuff.... You can...
  609. mongo75

    Advice on Replacing Oil Pan - Skipjack 24

    Ed, You gotta pull the engine, and once it's drained, all you gotta do is swap it out with a new oil pan, which you can do while it's on the hoist. Just make sure that you clean the hell out of the mating surfaces, especially on the block, so you don't get any leaks. Disconnect the shift cables...
  610. mongo75

    Is this funny or am I sick?

    What a dumb fuck- it would have been funnier to see his dumb ass lying in the spot..... "and Lord be with the starving pygmies in New Guinea, Amen"
  611. mongo75

    Saluki you're the man, nice looking girl you have there.

    LOL that was fucking funny- "and he's pretty well hung" LOL
  612. mongo75

    New Marine Corps Commercial

    OOHRAH! Our Marines - The Commercial and The Rest of The Story - America's Marines - Extended Version
  613. mongo75

    1.20 Pismo Clams ~ Limits for 2 in 1 Hour

    Please post a good recipe, as aside from chowder (NE, not Manhattan) I was never a big clam guy. My parents had me try a raw one as a kid and it kinda turned me off to them.
  614. mongo75

    Home made bait tank part 2

    Thanks again everyone for the words of praise, the wife only bitches about the smell LOL.... Again I do this out of neccesity to my budget- It would be nice to drop $600 for a new glass tank, but I just can't do it. I painted it the other day with light blue Interlux single part, just so I can...
  615. mongo75

    Generator update

    Hook it up to a treadmill and get a couple of boat ho's to run for ya
  616. mongo75


    The wire goes to the coil and picks up on the pulse discharge. WHat do you mean by not working correctly? If it's intermitent, it could be a loose connection at the gauge.
  617. mongo75

    Grinding noise from sterndrive

    Matt- I returned your PM. Does anyone know if we need a damn bellows expansion tool to get the drive shaft bellows back on, or can we muscle it back on?
  618. mongo75

    Grinding noise from sterndrive

    UPDATE- well we finally got together to tackle the drive problem. Matt brought his boat to the base hobby shop where you can fix pretty much any kind of vehicle for a miserly $6 a day in stall fees. The drive was kind of a bitch to get off as that damn o-ring on the shaft didn't want to get past...
  619. mongo75

    Video report LJ 1/20

    Sweet vid- also glad to see the Chargers loose thier lighting LOL
  620. mongo75

    Giant squid

  621. mongo75

    OMC vs Mercruiser

    Damn, OMC getting pretty beat up- On my last project boat, a 1974 Bayliner, it obviously came with a electric shift. I had a Cobra drive to put in it. I did all the transom work (fill the huge freaking hole) myself and didn't pay a dime for someone else to do it. I then borrowed a boat repair...
  622. mongo75

    Home made bait tank part 2

    Skip, thanks for the mount idea, I'll have to see the best way to do it once I actually have a floor to mount it to LOL. And thanks for the offer to shoot it, once I get it all pretty looking I may take you up on that bro!
  623. mongo75

    New Year's Resolutions

    Snook Trooper, again thanks for making my day- Love your freakin' post, and keep them coming!!
  624. mongo75

    Home made bait tank part 2

    Chuck, to control the water depth I have to build a PVC "U" tube and attach it upside-down so water has to go up it to exit the tank. It has to be the same height as my desired water level. That's the principle behind a reverse flow tank. I don't care to pay for someones patent so I just build...
  625. mongo75

    Home made bait tank part 2

    Last post I left off with the tank it self, and the molding of the drian for the corner. Last night I epoxied "flaps" to the 90 degree round piece. I used 5 minute to hold the 3 pieces together, and then I layed a piece of 3oz cloth, and then a layer of roving, and then another layer of 3oz, and...
  626. mongo75

    reinstalling swimstep

    I second Ed- On something that is responsible for support as much weight as a swimstep, you wantto thru-bolt it with SS bolts and big ass fender washers inside, and plenty of 5200 in between.
  627. mongo75

    squid trips

    I've only kept and cooked a small 15lb'er (I'm not a squid/octupus type of guy) and although it was an education cleaning my first squid, after soaking it in milk for a day, it cooked up pretty good. Right outta da pan and into the cocktail sauce with a beer chaser, pretty good stuff. I probably...
  628. mongo75

    Best way to cool V-drive and velvet drive?

    Great thanks guys! I'll run it like this thru hull- v drive- velvet drive- raw water pump- heat exchanger- risers. That sound good?
  629. mongo75

    John Rambo,..

    I can't freaking wait! Great preview, although I doubt they'll be showing that clip on the tv....
  630. mongo75

    Home made bait tank

    Leo- I don't make blades, but I do repair them. BTW the Marine Corps pays for the good tools I can't afford, i.e. $3000 vacuum bag kits with plenty o supplies to keep it sucking. So no worries there- I just just gotta sand a lot more due to my lack of specialized stuff. ANd no, they won't let me...
  631. mongo75

    Pilot's Test

    yeah I failed too.... worth it though
  632. mongo75

    Is Epoxy worth the extra money over Vinylester resin??

    Matt- I went with epoxy a few months ago, and love it. The only thing I miss about using an esther resin is that you can't really make epoxy kick off in 10 minutes if you need a part really quick.
  633. mongo75

    Marrys sister by mistake

    Well, it's not like they knew or anything hehehe
  634. mongo75

    best landing to take newbies fishing

    If you do make it down to San Diego, I second Point Loma, I usually limit out down there.
  635. mongo75

    dont call me peaches

    Tim Wilson rocks- do a search for "Peterbuilt Prison Cell" great song about a trucker that got busted fucking around by the old lady who now rides with him cross country....
  636. mongo75

    Gizmoto pulling pranks at CES

    Is that some kinda geek convention? I thought it was pretty funny. ANd Rick, they do sell them for cell phones that are usually good for a bout a 50 foot radius, but they're illegal as shit, but can be bought from overseas sources.
  637. mongo75

    Highest dui blood alch level ever

    Stupid bitch- people like her (repeat offenders) need to I dunno- have thier fuckin hands cutoff so they can't drive anymore.......
  638. mongo75

    Is Epoxy worth the extra money over Vinylester resin??

    Here's a quick update- since I last posted on the old girl, I've been working on my home made bait tank (in check out my boat) and I just epoxyed in 16' 2x4's which I will use to support the gunnels and comming. About half way up (9') is where the cabin will start. Pay no mind to the cross...
  639. mongo75

    20 shamrock pilot Tigerlily 2

  640. mongo75

    Grinding noise from sterndrive

    C'mon Matt, don't give up just cause you're faced with doing something you've never done before! How about this bro- I work on the Air Station on Camp Pendleton- your screen name suggests that you work/live/boat somewhere in Oceanside. Now I can find time to check out your boat and probably help...
  641. mongo75

    D.I.Y. Tower

    Hey Curt, any updates? I wanna see what it looks like done!
  642. mongo75

    Another Wellcraft

    Bro have a safe trip, but how fast do you plan on driving to make it in 35 hours?? I made it from NYC to Anaheim in 53 hrs, and that's with 9 hrs sleep that I had to take in Amarillo (overslept too damnit!)
  643. mongo75

    Grinding noise from sterndrive

    Uh, yeah, I'm pretty sure the only way to get to the coupler is by pulling the block- however if you have to, you would want to get a micrometer, and after ou take any rust off the adjustable mount studs, measure the lenght to ensure you put it on exactly the way it was so you don't have to...
  644. mongo75

    I need advice on the the hell electronics to get!!

    Thanks so far for the ideas- the most advanced electronics I've ever had was a Humminbird 383C color FF/GPS. While I did like it, I'm trying to do better this time and I really don't k