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    It was a great day, turned bad

    All I can say is wow? I'll bet if I turn my wife loose on em you will get a check the next day. Those of you who know her would put money on it!!!! I hate to say it but of course I will anyway, this is why my crew and I have sat the last couple of them out. The jury will stay out one more year...
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    Winter boat projects...

    No it does not, so far so good.
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    Winter boat projects...

    Well we have enough storage now, next is a filet Station/Table that fits the Burnewiin mounts in the Gunwales!!!
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    2002 Rampage

    Thanks, I will always hold a grudge with Vance!!!!
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    2002 Rampage

    I know we have had our differences over the years but I have no doubt you have poured solid work, upgrades and maintenance into this boat. If I was looking this is a sweet deal and ride. Very nice.
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    Raymarine chirp radar

    I really love mine, I didn't trust the Wifi either. I ran the cable, as long as I was routing the power from the arch why not the data cable? I am in the same camp as Patrick, should not lose my unit if it is hard wired. I also keep mine a few miles or closer, mine is used to keep from running...
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    Almar takes its first salt bath... in gale

    Jason, It looks awesome, just love how you do shit correctly!!!
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    Axiom 12 or Axiom Pro 12

    Running Pro up front, regular on rear helm, go with pro for the buttons!
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    SS Railing Weld?

    I would like to know if it is through bolted? I doubt it.
  10. Roll the Bones

    SS Railing Weld?

    Clean it up, Tack it, pull the screws, lift it up, hold steady, weld. Clean up area, 5200, done.
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    New ride

  12. Roll the Bones

    New ride

    17's in the four blade, depending on the seas, average 1.2-1.4 at best. Believe me 8 years had me dialed in.
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    New ride

    They said it, Laurence nailed it. When I relocated to SW wa my boating needs changed. Needed more versatility and convenience. I will always love my old sailfish. I see she was up for sale again.
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    New ride

    Throw a set of 4-Blade props on that fat ass bitch and you will be really happy. Skip the shitty live well and make it a fish box. Get a real bait tank. You will love the ride on that boat, it has to gallop though or you will suck fuel like crazy.
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    Winter boat projects...

    Going to build a cargo rack for the hard top. It will be cleaned up and Shark Hided. 12" deep, with enough room to get a brush underneath to clean top. Will attach to grab rails on top of roof. Removable. Just started will update.
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    It’s gonna be a long Winter...

    Boat project time, building a rack for storage on hard top. Winter Sturgeon fishing. Kokanee at Merwin, Clamming, surf fishing on the coast. Gotta keep busy Bro or it will getcha!!!
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    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    We will miss you, but don't worry when you get back your wife will be just the way you left her, "Freshly Fucked". Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!
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    This year's tuna lures

    This time of year (Late Season) if I even need to troll, Swim Baits are my number 1 choice. Early in the year I am with Mr. Walker on his comments. I have not had the success with X-Raps the last couple of years than in previous years, of course back then anything worked. But for consistent...
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    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    Oh that ship sailed a long time ago, I was catching shit 20 minutes after it happened. Somebody called me same day and wanted the props off my motors! :D I can truly say that i can dish it out and take it. That boats nickname was "Center Lane" the next day.
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    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    This is an interesting read to say the least. Not going to even jump into this one, for obvious reasons, assumptions are an easy thing on the "ol interweb".
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    Good Times on the High Seas

    I stopped in to look at your fish in the afternoon at the station, did not put it together till just now, nice work.
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    Yamaha question?

    Get all the filters in the VST tank and just before the tank, then clean the injectors problem solved. Do it yourself for $200 in parts and Injector Doctor.
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    Who is the Raymarine go to?

    I am amazed at the Raymarine simplicity and speed of the Axiom units. Tony hit the nail on the head for most of what I would have said, I just finished my system with an Autopilot, absolutely destroys any of my previous experiences with Simrad, Garmin. Support from Raymarine the last 5 years has...
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    From under the rock......

    Who the Fuck is 2Short?
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    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Duramax baby! Love mine, comfortable for the run to the coast, great fuel economy. When I have a long road trip it is getting 22-1/2-23 mpg freeway. A little over half of that on the heavy tow.
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    GW Shark or Salmon Shark

    Qwiksticks pipe jig was slammed on the way down at about 75 feet and he couldnt stop it. It made short work of his 200 lb mono leader. had to be a Salmon shark, with all the Red fish floating around, dinner bell time.
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    Proper report

    Stevie Where did you learn to talk to your crew like that? The beauty of an express bridge, just a little bit above the deck so you can see all and verbally abuse the non performers. And why is it always Limey taking the beating?
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    Curmudgeon Reunion

    Leave Rain Man where he is at.
  29. Roll the Bones

    Odd break, Cannon dr

    Dude, you are on a roll!!!!
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    Make it stop

    What are you worried about Mr. 40 Footer? Quit whining you Pussy!
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    I am thinking Mid-late July, I hope I am wrong.
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    Funny, as we are just finishing this.
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    Ocean hali/ling report

    Should have taken an arm off of each side for bait, that would be two seasons worth of Halibut candy!!!
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    You are just checking this shit now??? You are a Shit Show you know that!
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    Yamaha outboard question

    it is realy easy, same as my 250's.
  36. Roll the Bones

    Yamaha outboard question

    One in Federal way did mine.
  37. Roll the Bones

    Yamaha outboard question

    Pull your injectors and have them Flow tested cleaned and tested by the Injector Doctor, been there done that, awesome results. Fast process, can have the boat up and running same day, he cleans them in a couple hours and provides before and after documentation on pre-clean and post clean flow.
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    Outboard input

    No problem on my 250's, they were all good. Have 25 hours on my 300 Zuke, too early to tell. They are easy on the oil change, power is good, throaty sound at WOT, decent mileage, absolutely silent at idle, hate the Black paint job for water spots and grime. From what I have read the maintenance...
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    Blanked on Springer Hunt, Big C

    43 and it seems to be going up a degree every couple of days.
  40. Roll the Bones

    Blanked on Springer Hunt, Big C

    Well, Saturday AM it was gorgeous. We worked from two miles above 205 all the way to I5 bridge 3 long trolls. Other areas receiving a lot more pressure, thought staying away might help, just not a lot of fish marking or showing, I know not too many over Bonneville either. We worked it hard and...
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    What is this animal

  42. Roll the Bones

    OBX giant bluefin

    Great report.
  43. Roll the Bones

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Why is everybody who comes in contact with me having all this near death shit?
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    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    Getting a little excited about our season coming up and along with the new boat looking for a new way to generate some more fun. So with all of the interest of new folks fishing with us this year I thought why not have an initiation? Everyone will have to have a PFD! Have to think Safety first...
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    The Choice

    Bucket works great, already tested!!!
  46. Roll the Bones

    The Choice

    No shitter, I opted for the longer 108" deck.
  47. Roll the Bones

    The Choice

    About time, at least you have a chance now.
  48. Roll the Bones

    The Choice

    I dig it, the motor is easy and much cheaper to service than twins, Boat has the power I need. We have loaded her up with 190 gallons of fuel and a full load of people and gear, it does great.
  49. Roll the Bones

    Anyone for quad Yamaha 425s?

    Except that each 425 has 5 fuel pumps and two water pump impellers. Might as well have eight motors for the maintenance cost. I am a huge Yamaha fan, but not these, have you seen what it takes to pull the cowling off to check the basic shit? Not to mention they weigh close to 300 lbs more than...
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    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    Really great deal on this boat. Throw a pair of properly pitched 4 blades and watch your mileage improve. plus major torque improvement for those days when you are plugged.
  51. Roll the Bones

    Get em while they last!

    Picked one up for my sons BDay present. The rod is a little long, but with an Electric Reel leverage wont be the issue with it parked in a rod holder.
  52. Roll the Bones


    Pimpin aint cheap, nice!!
  53. Roll the Bones


    So I just had my first real time with my new system last weekend and I cannot believe how awesomely easy it is to use. Very intuitive, the versatility of all the Sonar options is mind blowing. And the detail is remarkable. I really liked my old Classic E-Series and we caught a lot of fish with...
  54. Roll the Bones

    22' TJ Alexis OS

    Look at Hewes Ocean Pro 220 also. North River Seahawk 22 is another one. I would second the fuel comment, youcan almost never carry enough. Also look at Bottom width for stability from side to side and at rest. The Bow deadrise is a big deal, even more so for aluminum than Glass. New to this...
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    Shared Moorage Westport

    As some of you may know I have a very desirable slip on Float 12 in Westport for the year. I will not be spending near as much time in that slip as in previous years, but do not want to let go of it . Would be interested in a shared partnership for the year. Open to a discussion based on both...
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    Boat Upgrade Options

    MIne is built and have 3 hours on it myself before it went back to Hewes for engineering fix, more to come.
  57. Roll the Bones

    Anyone scuba dive?

    Yea, need to drop some weight before I get back into it, definitely would love to do it again. Used to work in a dive shop in California when I was a kid. Grew up free diving and Scuba on all the channel islands. Miss it dearly, to Genie Aye's point the shellfish aspect alone of diving is worth it.
  58. Roll the Bones

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Speechless, I just shake my head these days. So many good people on here and some with just plain old miserable grudges that they carry their entire life and apply to anything that is unpleasant.
  59. Roll the Bones

    Battery Charger again

    Will not Hijack this thread, but it's all good, some tweaks to a new model for them. The process has been very educational and the Service manager at Tom and Jerry's is a fucking Superstar!!!
  60. Roll the Bones

    Battery Charger again

    Just put one on the new boat, jury is still out. Only have put three hours myself on it before it went back to Hewes. To be continued.
  61. Roll the Bones

    Anyone do pipe work?

    Well played, you beat me to it on that one!!!
  62. Roll the Bones

    I need a new top!

    Thankfully I am done with Canvas, but if you can get Greg to do it he is outstanding.
  63. Roll the Bones

    Boat Upgrade Options

    I guess my input would be sell the existing boat and be ready to buy. Whether it be from dealer or private party, things are much easier without the trade. Being able to pull the trigger instantaneously is the key here, if you play your cards right and be patient for the correct opportunity it...
  64. Roll the Bones

    Worst boat names

    I remember years ago out at Swiftsure someone hailing a boat called "Dirty Sanchez", hysterical. Also doesn't someone on here go by "Balls Deep" on the water?
  65. Roll the Bones

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    I have found in my marriage that very loudly yelling "God Damn It" Elaine when she drunkily reveals my deepest, darkest, most personal secrets to a huge group of Bloodydeckers at a party has held us together for the 35 years we've been married.
  66. Roll the Bones

    Boat Sinks

    You can bet your bottom dollar the insurance company would have hung Cutwater out to dry. Insurance on that boat with an agreed replacement value would have been maybe $2500.00 a year. This is my worst nightmare, my little trip on the freeway is nothing compared to this. Having just bought a...
  67. Roll the Bones

    Bleach Bottle Waxing

    I certainly will never miss waxing my boat!!!!
  68. Roll the Bones

    Bleach Bottle Waxing

    When I did wax boats I found Collinite to be better than anything else I had ever used. And those who ran with us knew how easily our boat cleaned up.
  69. Roll the Bones

    Blue Seas Company Fire

    I believe he was joking, and no, it's never too soon.
  70. Roll the Bones

    Blue Seas Company Fire

    They have really great products, what a bummer.
  71. Roll the Bones

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    How and where do you lubricate so it doesnt get stuck.
  72. Roll the Bones

    Boat Pictures

    Almost here!!!! Center Cut II will ship to the dealer mid next week. Hang the motors, Radar Arch and a few other things. Hopefully pick up on the10th of November.
  73. Roll the Bones

    Boat Pictures

    How do you like your Suzuki's?
  74. Roll the Bones

    Boat Pictures

    She's gone but not forgotten.
  75. Roll the Bones

    grinding burger

    Go to Costco or Cash and Carry and buy whole Chuck roll or Shoulder clod and mix with Brisket. Best burger you will ever eat. I grind a lot of beef in my line of work and this is one of my favorites. Sirloins suck for grinding.
  76. Roll the Bones

    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    That's great, are you going to retire before they take over in full?
  77. Roll the Bones

    The Choice

    Do tell?
  78. Roll the Bones

    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    I was thinking either sticking with Center Cut or maybe to keep in the theme of my trade "Bone In"
  79. Roll the Bones

    The Choice

    The deck is the same on both the 25 and 27. The RLC 25 is 108 inches, the 27 comes only with the longer cabin. This same deck size.
  80. Roll the Bones

    The Choice

    Dry weight is 4400 lbs. And yes it is the Diamond plate deck.
  81. Roll the Bones

    The Choice

    Plain and simple did not want to maintin 2 mains again. I based the HP judgement on weight of boat and I think we are powered right wjere we need to be. Believe mewe thought about the 350, for what we are doing the 300 will hve plenty. After riding on Qwikstiks 23 Parker and 300 I am sure we are...
  82. Roll the Bones

    The Choice

    Feel free to take all the shots at us about going to Aluminum! So, with the Grady gone we made the decision, we have ordered a 2019 Hewescraft 250 Alaskan. Brand new design for this year and we fell in love with it. As a few of you know we moved South four years ago and sit right near the...
  83. Roll the Bones

    moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    I also am a transplant, you will pick it up fast. Just different, and you are used to restrictions coming from California. The big difference you will have to conquer is the weather and water conditions offshore. It's way rougher up here, the sound is more like SoCal but the fishing is way...
  84. Roll the Bones

    9/18 Westport tuna

    So, I have a theory on the tough fishing, I have brought this up with a few people in the know. This year was the first in many (10 years) that Oregon has had a viable squid fishery, as some of you know I work in the protein industry and my sources tell me that this has not happened in a long...
  85. Roll the Bones

    Lost Yamaha t8 cowling anyone have an extra

    Trash bag will look nice on the Tuna grounds.
  86. Roll the Bones

    MA 2 Westport, salmon news

    I just ordered a 250 Alaskan, just wanted some feedback.
  87. Roll the Bones

    MA 2 Westport, salmon news

    Whose boat was that photo from? Is it a Hewescraft Alaskan?
  88. Roll the Bones

    International 50 with rod. Sold in 55 minutes and already picked up!!!!!

    Silver Slayer wrapped Rainshadow blank, Penn 50 International with full spool brand new 80# Braid. Never get spooled on the tuna grounds, ever. $375.00
  89. Roll the Bones

    Washdown pump replacement

    I am surprised, we have a lot of long armers on this board that should be able to help out. :)
  90. Roll the Bones

    Bait tank 50 Gallon (Big Salt) Sold in 22 Minutes!!!!

    In great shape, new ride will require smaller tank. Has rod holder, tool rack combo attached, new LED light. $850.00
  91. Roll the Bones

    Westport Float 12 Moorage

    Float 12 sub lease available until April, current rate is $360.00 per month, I will sublet for $220.00. If you wanna be a Pimp, Float 12 is the spot to be!
  92. Roll the Bones

    SOLD Grady White 282 Sailfish 2006

    Immaculately cared for and in fantastic condition, waxed twice a year, Twin 250 Yamaha motors have 1225 hours, new timing belts, zincs, thermostats, fresh fluids, new antifoulant on all all below water parts. New seals in all trim assemblies, Tune up has 47 hours on it, new impellars and only...
  93. Roll the Bones

    Sold Grady White 2006 282 Sailfish

    Immaculately cared for and in fantastic condition, waxed twice a year, Twin 250 Yamaha motors have 1225 hours, new timing belts, zincs, thermostats, fresh fluids, new antifoulant on all all below water parts. New seals in all trim assemblies, Tune up has 47 hours on it, new impellars and only...
  94. Roll the Bones

    Open Seat Saturday on Center Cut

    Spot filled. It went fast!!!
  95. Roll the Bones

    Open Seat Saturday on Center Cut

    Rare Opportunity, one open seat, please PM immediately.
  96. Roll the Bones

    When is your Albacore season really going up there?

    Dude, would you stop, Brian was being a total Dick!!!!!
  97. Roll the Bones

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Nutter Butters and Cheese puffs to go with Elkfins Watermelon and fried Chicken, not to mention Superjew and his freezer bag that spits out snacks like Jesus doing loaves and fishes!!!
  98. Roll the Bones

    July Wind Machine

    That is good intel, Thanks!!
  99. Roll the Bones

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    Look at the latest Terrafin, it will blow your mind.
  100. Roll the Bones

    Best lawn tractor

    Great advice, I do not think a half acre of lawn justifies $6000.00 but I am tuned into buying legit JD from dealer. I am re-thinking the S240 with this feedback. I understand no bagging with a mulch kit, just want the option during summer to mulch when we are mowing 2-3 times a week. Do not...
  101. Roll the Bones

    Best lawn tractor

    Ok guys she wants to stop walking behind the mower. The area is about a half acre of lawn, not pasture. I am thinking John Deere S240 with bagger, mulcher kit. Am I on the right track?
  102. Roll the Bones

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    The real test is when your boat goes on its own joyride on I-5 at 60 MPH, and lives to see another day! Now that is something you can swing your dick over your shoulder on! I would Love to know the dialog between Manufacturer and customer, I think that is the real story here. It does not take...
  103. Roll the Bones

    Was that you?

    Jesus dude, suck up a little bit? Must be short on ride invites this year?
  104. Roll the Bones

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    What happened to your ride?
  105. Roll the Bones

    A little morning wood for you guys.

    Verified report, Tuna being yarded in decent numbers out of Newport Oregon. My guess is someone from Westport before June is done.
  106. Roll the Bones

    A little morning wood for you guys.

    It changed a lot the last week or so.
  107. Roll the Bones

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?
  108. Roll the Bones

    Let’s make it interesting....

    No way, I don't trust you with my money!
  109. Roll the Bones

    Humble thyself

    This thread is a complete waste of time and space. I got suckered into reading this Bullshit!
  110. Roll the Bones

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Having been there, speculation on our part is futile.
  111. Roll the Bones

    New Guy post BEWARE

    Jesus Todd, you've got Issues!
  112. Roll the Bones

    Need yamaha trim seal cap tool

    Never seen cracks before?
  113. Roll the Bones

    Need yamaha trim seal cap tool

    Make sure you use a shaft collar coupler above the tool to keep it from sliding up and bending the pins on your tool. It is a lifesaver.
  114. Roll the Bones

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    When did we ever deny anyone Numba's?
  115. Roll the Bones

    More Batteries??????

    This is what I run, work great.
  116. Roll the Bones

    Not Fishing: Does anyone here fab table legs/benches?

    My kid might be your Huckleberry, he does side work from his regular welding gig.
  117. Roll the Bones

    After work Springer

    Had a potential customer tour our plant, took them out on my Business development managers boat and connected on this Springer. Nice fish and Ibelieve we closed the deal. About a mile west of 205 bridge, a little under 15 lbs.
  118. Roll the Bones

    Coastguard Cocktail

    How do you know I'm not joking about the Meth?
  119. Roll the Bones

    Coastguard Cocktail

    I just hit the pipe and that seems to work, a little Meth does the trick every time and no drowsiness.
  120. Roll the Bones

    Upholstery work

    Greg's Gig Harbor
  121. Roll the Bones

    New Guy post BEWARE

    See how easy that was, minimal amounts of shit to go through so far!!! Nice work!!
  122. Roll the Bones

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Yep we measured and did a few tests, I will have to be mindful of steep driveways, we had just a hair under a 11 inches of clearance Clarence. I will also be mindful of curbs when I back in. This is mostly to and from Westport, to and from the docks in Westport, when it is on the back of my...
  123. Roll the Bones

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Thank you for this, someone had to say it. I am more concerned with theft, it will be locked everywhere we go.
  124. Roll the Bones

    Tuna Predictions...

    Too late, I saw it! Threw up a little in my mouth from the disappointment of him using "Pole" to describe what should be called "Rod" when you are in the offshore environment. We just need to keep policing the interweb for this type of unacceptable behavior.
  125. Roll the Bones

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Finished, Rod rack, hitch receiver, detachable handle when on hitch. Coudn't be happier, fun, fun project
  126. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Next year for Bolsters, they were done three 4 years ago, one more season.
  127. Roll the Bones

    Need a connection

    Talk to Qwikstiks, he is a BMOC with Holland America. Brian McDowell he's a Parka Guy camon!
  128. Roll the Bones

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Pete, Congrats, nice ride and nothig like a New boat! Jealous on the Zukes, looking at them myself when I have to repower or switch boats. You must be super excited, and to have the wife help and buyin on the process is even better.
  129. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Our model is the Patriot, slightly modified.
  130. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Yep they fold up
  131. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Sense not cents, just thought I could help you with that. Matching Bean Bags would be cool but we already have White ones. I am sorry but I lost you on the Shart narrative, it's a little Cryptic, I just don't get it, please clarify so I understand where you are going? I have shit myself before...
  132. Roll the Bones

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Motor assist is on next winters to to list.
  133. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Weak sauce? Personal? Come on, it's gonna take more than that, You gotta have something more than that weak ass reply?
  134. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Really weak Matt, I always kind of knew you were a "cat person" though, I knew there was something not quite right. How else would you be able to identify the actual color of a cat turd.
  135. Roll the Bones

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    So the Goat got a screaming deal on 7/8 of the materials for a Dock cart, he precut some of the components and bent some tubing and sent his wagon down for us to look at with Marlin Mike when he came down to work on Elkfins boat. We have made some revisions, a couple of surprises, and will...
  136. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Oh yea, and the old helm chair turned into a great shop chair!
  137. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Color match with avaiable material through Bentleys was not cost effective. Laney picked the color so me no argue! Nice to get rid of the settee, we made them wider and deeper than their spec chair. Smaller arm rests to fit, much better access to the cuddy cabin. And yes her chair is higher by...
  138. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Bentleys in oregon, custom
  139. Roll the Bones

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Ashamed to be part of this site? Who isn't but we earn those spots Biatch! Put your time in make some friends, don't be total dickhead and opportunity will present itself, kind of like life. If not don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! You will not be missed! And be careful...
  140. Roll the Bones

    My Shoes

    Your current boat is a great boat for what we have up here, go on some Long Range trips out of San Diego, go to Florida and catch Tarpon, deep drop Swords and all the other cool shit you can catch, down to Venice fish the Gulf of Mexico for Yellowfin, snapper, etc off the rigs, Nomad on Great...
  141. Roll the Bones

    Painting a Fiberglass Boat?

    I guess I am at a loss, you still have to spray the paint, correct? Then why not Gel coat it? I have done some work in the past few years with Gel coat on my Grady and it has been great. Not as hard as you might think.
  142. Roll the Bones

    Value rods and reels

    Oh I am alive and kicking, just staying low until I can get back to killing shit.
  143. Roll the Bones

    Value rods and reels

    You guys need to look at the Cousins rods, the live bait sticks in 270H and 870 are every bit as good if not better than Seeker. And the price is right, I also have a 9 foot jig stick, Awesome, a sinning popping rod and a spinning rod for swim baits and the non conventional folks. I have been a...
  144. Roll the Bones

    Bait tank photos

    It's mounted backwards because of pass through room at the stern and the rear facing rod rack on it, doesn't much matter as we have almost never had Bait roll on us. The discharge is at the waterline on the Port side. Used the existing pump line for the Grady Bait well and turned it into a Fish...
  145. Roll the Bones

    Arch/tower fabricators

    Who Dat did my rod holder, Aluminum and very nice work still 5 years later.
  146. Roll the Bones

    Dupont Derailment

    My daughter and Son in Law went through 15 and 30 prior to on the way to Kent to work! Too close for comfort!
  147. Roll the Bones

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    Anything Sabbath, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rush, Budgie, and no trip is complete unless we play Godzilla. Perfect trolling tune!!!!
  148. Roll the Bones

    Stabilizied Binoculars

    Good thread, they are on my shortlist!
  149. Roll the Bones

    That'll buff right out!!

    Been down that road, literally!!!
  150. Roll the Bones

    Twin Yamaha 225's OX66

    All I know is that thing flat out hauls ass with those two strokes.
  151. Roll the Bones

    How's the fishing in Seattle in January?

    Dude, anytime you want to go we'd love to vioate you and have you out with us.
  152. Roll the Bones

    How's the fishing in Seattle in January?

    If you are in the Portland Area I may have time to take you for Sturgeon, it is catch and release but fun. Shoot me a PM and we can qualify you as Non-Psycho type personality and get you on my boat.
  153. Roll the Bones

    Thursday Columbia River Sturgeon retention fishery.

    We caught a handful of 40 inchers. None in the slot, beautiful day to be out on the water though.
  154. Roll the Bones

    Thursday Columbia River Sturgeon retention fishery.

    Did not go for obvious reasons on Saturday, gonna take Thursday off to do it, weather looks great, who else is fishing?
  155. Roll the Bones

    Coyote's and Pets

    This thread proves that we can have a positive, knowledge based thread during the winter. We just need to unite in the common, in this case killing Yote's!!!
  156. Roll the Bones

    Coyote's and Pets

    One of my crew sent me this, his neighbors Jack Russell went missing in Orting area and this popped up on his game cam. I know Terriers are tough, but this tells the real story!!!
  157. Roll the Bones

    Emissions Delete 2016 duramax.

    Ouch, Nice one!!!
  158. Roll the Bones

    is anyone missing a t8?

    I guess my question is, who isn't missing a T8 in western Washington?
  159. Roll the Bones

    Non-ethonol Aberdeen area

    As pointed as Paul's reply was, he's right. You should not jump back and forth between non ethanol and E-10. Ethanol basically works as a solvent on fuel lines, over time the black silt gets to the VST tank where it can get catastrophic from there on performance. It moves to the injectors...
  160. Roll the Bones

    WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    When I heard about the lines for ice and while I was waiting for my crew I decided to run a to a different area to avoid the crowd, 47 08 over 125 46, plugged and not another boat all day. Not a peep on the radios, nice and secluded, quiet, except for us laughing our asses off. Half smaller...
  161. Roll the Bones


    Buy Raymarine Ken!!!!
  162. Roll the Bones

    WTC pre-party

    Hey, we are at American Sunset, after 3 beers and 5 or 6 Gin and tonics I am pretty proud of myself. Two Tap was the one who had to ride over to Tuna Town to get a refill!
  163. Roll the Bones

    WTC pre-party

    So I want to thank you for Thursday night also. Took a while to recover but it was really a great get together. Who has the video of me trying to ride back to my trailer?
  164. Roll the Bones

    Tuna Hats

    I am perfect for a flat brim, CWA, Cracka with attitude!
  165. Roll the Bones

    Late September Ride or Charter for some PNW Killers

    Hey guys, A little help here, going to take a break from Albacore up here as I will be down in Irvine on Business third week of September. Going to stay and fish Saturday the 23rd with my fish slaying wife and possibly another one of my crew. Who can hook a brutha up with an opportunity to fish...
  166. Roll the Bones

    WTC pre-party

    Elaine and I will be there! Thank you!
  167. Roll the Bones

    Freezer in Westport

    Properly prepped and stored fish on ice should hold well enough to get it home, portion and freeze.
  168. Roll the Bones

    15 July tuna run on the Lumacat

    Wow, we went 128 Nautical miles and burned 95.7, of course only 28 knots out and 31 knots coming in with a wide open sprint to blow the cobs out the last mile and a half.
  169. Roll the Bones

    Things not to do while fishing

    Also, if we don't answer the first four hails on the VHF, we are busy on the deck.
  170. Roll the Bones

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    I heard a rumor that a boat on Float 12 is rolling on Saturday?
  171. Roll the Bones

    Things not to do while fishing

    Don't use the shitter in the cabin in rough seas!
  172. Roll the Bones

    Herring in Westport

    Take out second on your home, it's expensive!! Rediculously so!!!!
  173. Roll the Bones

    Anybody fished Salmon out westport last couple days?

    So you catch your first Salmon last weekend and now you're a Fuckin Expert!
  174. Roll the Bones

    Tuna, tuna, tuna

    No, you are, and are in charge of all Ass Hats!
  175. Roll the Bones

    It beginning to look like x mas

    Mid August is my guess, better call Carl and tell him no WTC!
  176. Roll the Bones

    Dead Tuna in Ilwaco

    Be down to fish Salmon this weekend, our timing is good as I have four days offmid July to start my Tuna summer!!!
  177. Roll the Bones

    Dead Tuna in Ilwaco

    And he's had plenty of early pluggings on another boat I know of! I do remember a WTC return at 10:00 Am when we had to wake up the staff to weigh us in!
  178. Roll the Bones

    Dead Tuna in Ilwaco

    So, are you on your way down to Ilwaco to run your Charters? :)
  179. Roll the Bones

    Westport tuna trip around July 3rd.

    American Sunset has a huge Primitive camping area.
  180. Roll the Bones

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome, be sure you toss some shit around right away when you are new! We old time BDer's love that kind of thing!
  181. Roll the Bones

    Tuna teaser.......

    Good, someone else burn the fuel instead. It is forming up, I put my Bait tank and Outriggers on the boat last weekend, fueled and ready to go!!! All we need to do is have someone find em.
  182. Roll the Bones

    How do the BAMF boats in a following sea, quartering sea?

    So you have a free diver as your Avatar and you are worried about Aluminum cold to the Touch? You can have good deadrise and stability at rest, SeeVee 2 hull does just that, look at a 30 Express Grady. How many hours you do a year on your motors would be the determining factor pro or con with...
  183. Roll the Bones

    Just when you thought you'd heard it all...

    A guy in Ucluelet pumped 72 into his bilge and they pumped it out at the fuel dock.
  184. Roll the Bones

    Shop/Boat storage

    14'6" is the correct door heighth to bring in 14" tall vehicles. Unless your garage door clears the header.
  185. Roll the Bones

    Huge shout out to Hollywood!!!!

    Don't worry, he's just replacing us. Fair trade if you like down grading!
  186. Roll the Bones

    Huge shout out to Hollywood!!!!

    You people live like slobs, what happened to the term "Yard Maintenance". That place will never sell!
  187. Roll the Bones

    What do you do on your Birthday when you have nothing better to do?

    How did MM and TT enjoy the Birthday sex? And who was the Taco?
  188. Roll the Bones

    Yamaha decals

    Except everyone asks when the Sticker's aren't there, can be annoying.
  189. Roll the Bones

    Captain Chat

    Throttle control comes into play in this situation. It is an art form to keep her on step when trying to eliminate bow steer. Also speed can be both a friend or enemy depending on the boat.
  190. Roll the Bones

    Need help on trim unit for Yamaha f150

    Risser, why are you soooo Fucked up in the head dude? And please do not make me put fenders on the outside of Cnter Cut, now that we are neighbors and all. Now onto the subject at hand, take a look for an imperfection or Knick on any of the Rams, sometimes it's just the smallest thing that...
  191. Roll the Bones

    Lowrance 3G Issues

    One word, "Raymarine"!
  192. Roll the Bones

    Good Riddance

    So we towed our 33' foot travel trailer to Lakewood, then to Olympia, now in Westport. I have to admit I still have some anxiety towing ever since we dumped our Grady on the freeway a couple years back. No more, our trailer loaded weighs 11k lbs. Like it wasnt even there, cannot wait to tow...
  193. Roll the Bones

    Good Riddance

    Short bed? Really?
  194. Roll the Bones

    Good Riddance

    2004 2004 F 250, second Ford in a row with chronic issues. Big mistake 6.0 diesel.
  195. Roll the Bones

    Good Riddance

    Goodbye you piece of shit, hello GMC!
  196. Roll the Bones


    Just to see how it feels
  197. Roll the Bones


    Westport Tuesday thru Sunday! American Sunset in the Pussy Palace! Center Cut is in her slip!
  198. Roll the Bones

    Trailer Issue

    I am running straps up front to keep such a thing from happening. Lot of weight shifting forward.
  199. Roll the Bones

    La push bar

    It will be interesting to see what happens on the Halibut Opener, if the pressure of the multitudes of boats gets to them? I guess my dog in this fight is being Butt Hurt that they assume every Charter skipper is capable of handling "The Bar" conditions as they were better than I or some folks...
  200. Roll the Bones

    I'm dying inside!

    Only Eight Minutes, here's just shy of hour!
  201. Roll the Bones


    Sell the place and move!!!
  202. Roll the Bones

    Anybody use pantographic wiper arms?

    Question, do they work on Curved Windshields? I am thinking flat only?
  203. Roll the Bones

    And the Lumacat name is.....

    "Nauti" or "Reel" in the name is sooooooo LAME!!! Disappointed, you had an opportunity for greatness and walked right by it!!!!!
  204. Roll the Bones

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    6-1/4 inches center to center.
  205. Roll the Bones

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    Good shot of it loaded up with rods!
  206. Roll the Bones

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    I will measure tonite and get back to you, it is the GW stock 5 rod holder with add in between and lower second level added.
  207. Roll the Bones

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    They are close and can be a little tough to get out when it's full, but the reels never are a problem with banging around. Strategic placement of Troll, live bait, spinning rigs is the key. Learning curve but it works well, being taller helps.
  208. Roll the Bones


    Wow, you mean to tell me Parker cant help you? Much less they made a boat that leaks!!! Don't Let Brian M and Eli hear this, Parker is the Saviour of boats. bieber
  209. Roll the Bones

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Whatever you name it, do not put "Reel" in the title please. Along the lines of "Swallow the Leader", how about "Kitty smells like Tuna".
  210. Roll the Bones


    True Dat, be careful of sweets and confections at Tuna Town Campsite's. specifically M.M.'s.
  211. Roll the Bones


    Yea, Ice Cream, La Push, it went down like this, she's drunk and wants an Ice cream sandwhich, she asks me to go to the store about a mile away at the only store in town. I say no because I am drunk also, and then she says in front of the entire crowd at D float, "If you do I will give you a...
  212. Roll the Bones

    Heading out to of my custom rod holder

    I lived in Northern Queensland for almost two years, sounds like you are going to Cairns. It is awesome, make sure to get up to the Atherton tablelands, maybe south to Mackay and the Whitsunday Islands, the beach at Cape Hillsborough, Eungella Rain Forest and of course the GB reef. I would love...
  213. Roll the Bones


    This is not a good idea boys!
  214. Roll the Bones

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    The 282 is great when it is moored, it is limited because of Launch and storage. I have a shop so problem solved there, Moored April thru October in Westport, but as far as a day trip with a launch, not super easy. Or maybe I'm just lazy? The 232 is easier to tow and handle with a lot of the...
  215. Roll the Bones


    Oh I thought you were going to say the "trail to the top" was BD with Vance's Avatars being the main Clue.
  216. Roll the Bones

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    Ok, I get the aluminum thing with you guys. But a 9" beam on a 232 Gulfstream, Huge deck, Express bridge for much better visibility than a cabin boat. Enough room down in the cuddy to sleep or store gear. And a great ride for anything this area dishes out with the SV2 hull. Find a used with twin...
  217. Roll the Bones

    Name change

    How Original! Another "Reel" something name?
  218. Roll the Bones

    Name change

    How Original! Another "Reel" something name?
  219. Roll the Bones

    Look at this bait tank

    Pretty good for a
  220. Roll the Bones

    Accepting Applications: WTC

    Good Luck to whomever gets on this team, just don't drink too much and pass out. Why don't you guys put your Salmon dream team together on this?
  221. Roll the Bones

    Power Tech Shout out

    So just before our boat took a free ride on the freeway a couple of years ago and sat for the season we switched from the 3 blade Yamaha OS props to Power Tech 4 blades. We had hub issues with the Yamaha's. this year while I was doing my winter maintenance on the F-250's I was talking to...
  222. Roll the Bones

    Better then hitting a log

    Tiger Shark
  223. Roll the Bones

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    Tommy had hair back then.
  224. Roll the Bones

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    Been fishing Pelagics since I was 8 years old in California, Mexico, our family had a beach house in San Diego (Mission Beach) so grew up on Sportfishing Boats, spent two weeks out of every summer at a YMCA camp on Catalina where I learned to free dive and Spearfish. Ran the entire gamut of West...
  225. Roll the Bones

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    She Whistles when she runs up front!!! Who put her there?
  226. Roll the Bones

    WTC registration

    We fished Elkfins Grady under our Team Name, so we still competed and Steve did a fine job as Skipper! Rough one though, the last two years were Brutal!
  227. Roll the Bones

    The Other Pink Meat

    Sorry but there is more to it than that, Genie Aye knows it, he set up a commercial room.
  228. Roll the Bones

    WTC registration

    Actually Elkfins ran the boat in 2014 with a "B" crew as most of us were at a sales awards banquet for work. So that finish is little tainted.
  229. Roll the Bones

    WTC registration

    How would you know?
  230. Roll the Bones

    Tell me about Waterfall Resort, Ketchikan, in June

    I am pretty sure you will like their Steaks, I believe they buy from us!
  231. Roll the Bones

    twins trim question

    Yep same here my port trim is slower.
  232. Roll the Bones

    Removing Epoxied Transducer?

    Is it an Airmar Transducer? If so they make Junction boxes for this very purpose. I have one if you need it.
  233. Roll the Bones

    New Year's Eve party

    Nothing like a pair of Converse High Tops!
  234. Roll the Bones

    Mola Mola

    Almost sank Eric on the Playboy Too.
  235. Roll the Bones


    Actually the only Skunking ever on Center Cut was on the John's River fishery! And actually you of all people should stay away from the entire subject of getting skunked! 8-)bieber
  236. Roll the Bones


    You forget one very important point, we always put fish on the boat and we laugh the entire time!!!
  237. Roll the Bones


    Westport, so a few extra drops to get the size fish you need? I just stand at the helm anyway watching the deck, when they whine I get to give them copious amounts of shit. Then when the bite is hot I make my one drop, hook fish and ask em "What's so tough about this"?
  238. Roll the Bones

    Advice on Aluminum Boat 20 foot or less

    I am going to stay away from the open, tiller type, need cover for Elaine. I guess biggest concern is to what I should stay away from as far as manufacturers. My budget is under 20 grand. I do like the idea of a outboard Jet pump, in that case gonna need a kicker.
  239. Roll the Bones

    Advice on Aluminum Boat 20 foot or less

    Ok boys, all kidding aside I am looking for a quick and easy Aluminum solution for local fishing down south here around the Columbia river, local lakes for Kokanee, Trout. My boat is just not convenient for a quick run to get my fix for Sturgeon on the river or the local lakes around my place...
  240. Roll the Bones

    Great White or Salmon Shark?

    It's a GW, Mako's don't do intertidal cold water, GW's do. Would like to see documented attacks from Salmon Sharks, Threshers on Pinnipeds. I would bet my life it's not a Thresher!!!!!
  241. Roll the Bones

    Great White or Salmon Shark?

    Follow the feed, that area down there has plenty of feed but sooner or later with the population increase we will see more. I am personally hoping someday I can see one up here!
  242. Roll the Bones

    Great White or Salmon Shark?

    DFW told me that we have a nice population of G.W.'s up here, and as they are protected it's only going to produce more sightings.
  243. Roll the Bones

    Canvas work in Kitsap

    Gregs in Gig harbor.
  244. Roll the Bones

    Acid wrap or not?

    Steve-O, do not bother bringing Acid wrapped rods on Center Cut.
  245. Roll the Bones

    What do you do when a major system fails on your boat?

    I just usually yell at Elaine and that does it for me!
  246. Roll the Bones

    Poll....Who got drunk dialed by Vance and 2 Tap this morning

    Yea, good stuff, considering your mother is the only person calling at that time of night having a Heart Attack. Just Sayin, nothing like expecting the worst and it's anther Drunk call from Vance and the message he leaves is a Hillary Clinton political message.
  247. Roll the Bones

    It has been an Honor and a Pleasure

    Wow, is all we can say! The truth is we were lucky to have you and Cyndi on our side for so long. I can honestly say that we always had fun whenever we were around you folks. Your time and dedication to our fishery was amazing, the cocktail hours, even my dog with a Pt. Wilson Dart in the nose...
  248. Roll the Bones

    Show me your way of securing the boat to the trailer..

    I don't think you want me chiming in on this one.
  249. Roll the Bones

    An awesome day!

    Unbielvable respect for you and your family, thanks for all you do!!!!
  250. Roll the Bones

    kelli ann tuna report

    On the radio, what a surprise! Nice work boys!
  251. Roll the Bones

    Tuna blood stains

    Believe it or not Tang works in the dishwasher.
  252. Roll the Bones

    I guess Grady P's are smart than us..

    I fail to see what the problem is.
  253. Roll the Bones

    Tuna blood stains

    I have two words for you "Wet Deck", keep it wet early and often.This is where the diligence in boat care comes to light, heavy wax in the Cockpit area and good wax on the entire boat. Our boat doesn't come clean easily by accident, we use Collonite wax, thank you Tower Todd, it is the best and...
  254. Roll the Bones

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    Gotta admit for a Tin Boat she looks awfully good.
  255. Roll the Bones

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Easy pal, we don't crash em, we get crashed. And please remember that you generally are a non participant in our fine fishery offshore. Think about that next time you speak the term "Grady Pricks"! :cool:
  256. Roll the Bones

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    I might buy that line if you actually caught any of the fish on those trips.
  257. Roll the Bones

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Dont get that nasty tear in your Vajayjay with Patrick.
  258. Roll the Bones

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    First off, Fuck off Boeing boy, you only go when the boat gets plugged or sets records. And you Tuna wanna be, there are different stages of irritated female genitalia on certain members of this board in varying degrees. Tuck suffers from "Sand in his Vagina" Kevin looks like he got a "Yeast...
  259. Roll the Bones

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Ok maybe I went a little overboard with"Crucifixion", I will give you that one. Although I do not always view BD as Rosy, optimistic, you may have gone a little too far yourself Bub! :-)
  260. Roll the Bones

    8-19-16 Tuna Report

    Very nice!!!!!
  261. Roll the Bones

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Ok, so am I missing something here? Someone posted that the future of Tuna fishing is in question, and that the commies are moving out in force, at least that's what I read. Maybe I am wrong? Kevin speaks to it that it is not over, and he gets crucified? I spoke with someone who is very...
  262. Roll the Bones

    What's really going on

    When I was a kid in California when we had Albacore on a semi regular basis if I went out on a charter and the boat with let's say 35-50 anglers and we got 150-160 Tuna we were Kings of the Fucking World!!!! I remember Long trips and trolling for Hours with Nada! This is where you put in the...
  263. Roll the Bones

    What's really going on

    Funny that we whine about not catching double digit numbers of Tuna. How spoiled are we!!!!
  264. Roll the Bones

    Public Service Announcement

    Fortunately or maybe not I was in the correct lane when she let go.
  265. Roll the Bones

    a big thanks to the bd brotherhood

    When it rains it pours, sorry bro for the shit hitting the fan.
  266. Roll the Bones

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Congrats to Reel Broke, John Kapica and crew, John is my Hero! All Rivers for being the successful, consistent, classy winning operation they are Tough day on tough seas, I do not know if it was rougher than last year but the fish being so picky made it seem rougher? Had a great time and I would...
  267. Roll the Bones

    WTC Thursday get together

    It was really fun except my drink tasted like Kevin's finger!
  268. Roll the Bones

    Weirdest happened to my OX66 250 at WFO ...

    Fuel injectors can be a suspect, been there with same fuel starvation issue.
  269. Roll the Bones

    Kelly Ann - how many rod holders does a guy need anyway??

    Now, start catching some fish Asshole!
  270. Roll the Bones

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    Exactly the reaction I was hoping for!!!!!
  271. Roll the Bones

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    We'll just turn Elaine loose on him after her obligatory 2 drink limit and he'll never be back. Maybe we just have her pick him up at the Airport and he'll turn around after 20 minutes in the car with her.
  272. Roll the Bones


    Carl is the reason the Tuna have gone off the chew, he is our Jonah!!!
  273. Roll the Bones

    Sinclair Inlet

    Darts in front of the sewer treatment plant can be of da hook.
  274. Roll the Bones


    How could you have lived in San Diego and still not know how to Tuna fish?
  275. Roll the Bones


    Thursday night we will be down.
  276. Roll the Bones

    Not a Westport report...

    Those look like Salmon only smaller. :)
  277. Roll the Bones

    Wp tuna

    Very nice, we found water color a little pale inside the 125 down there, just gotta luck into the right school of fish I guess to find the ones that will hang out and stay with ya. Pretty typical of near full Moon fish!
  278. Roll the Bones

    Tough day

    17/04 but did not land a fish until 11:20, had a troll hook up and one on live bait at 9:50 but lost them both. Luckily the weather on Saturday wasn't so brutal until the last agonizing 15 miles. Long run to say the least.
  279. Roll the Bones

    First Time out of Ilwaco

    Very nice on the size, we had a few of the larger models also. Too bad about the boat, you'd be surprised what they can do with Fiberglass these days. That is a mere scratch my friend.
  280. Roll the Bones

    WP Tuna 7/18

    Very Nice, stopping at 24 early in the season takes a lot of will power. It's always hard to leave em snapping.
  281. Roll the Bones

    Trade a trip

    I am actually down there on Vacation that week and will most likely have a mid week open spot, PM me and we can look at getting you out.
  282. Roll the Bones

    tuna intel?

    Head to 20 over 00 and Troll south from there if you do not see them before you get there. My bet is you won't even get there.
  283. Roll the Bones

    7/17 tuna - must have done something right...

    Really good stuff there. Awesome read! Nice work.
  284. Roll the Bones

    Can anyone help me get these damn caps off. I have a spanner wrench I can't get them to budge

    Make sure you have taken the pressure off the cylinders, Lock the motors up and get them resting all weight on the locks and they loosen pretty easily, also get a 3/4" locking collar on the shaft to hold the tool down so it doesn't slip up when you try and loosen. Easy work at that point.
  285. Roll the Bones

    7-12 late report Westport

    Hey 10 Tuna is great, we've all had days like that!!
  286. Roll the Bones

    One - Bad Ass Day....

    Great report and awesome looking, well bled, well taken care of beautiful loins!! It's amazing what a great crew can do for your day on the water.
  287. Roll the Bones

    23 DV parker 225 yami

    "When Empty" I do not want to know what the 5 guys have to do with that?
  288. Roll the Bones

    /Westport Tuna 7/10

    Very nice gentlemen!!!
  289. Roll the Bones

    Neah Bay 7/8-7/11

    Very nice first post!!!
  290. Roll the Bones

    Newcomer to West Coast

    It hasn't gotten personal enough in the insults for me to shut it down. :) Gotta hand it to him, he is taking a pretty brutal beating and doesn't seem to faze him. Goat sniffer might be underestimating him on his intelligence level, he's smarter than lead sinkers but not quite to the I.Q. Of a...
  291. Roll the Bones

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Cornholio, that is too funny, I just shot Negra Modelo out my nose! That's the only way I will try and raise him on the radio!
  292. Roll the Bones

    Newcomer to West Coast

    I knew it, Pole! That says it all, did you get a Nibble on your swimbait by a Shawk! It's going to be a looonnggg, tough road for you our little eastern friend.
  293. Roll the Bones

    Newcomer to West Coast

    If you are getting sharked on bait you have some lessons to learn. Great live bait guys/gals do not get sharked on bait. It's about bait selection, timing and finesse! If you are getting sharked on Jigs you're really fucked up!
  294. Roll the Bones

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Sharks do not mean the stop is over. Did you stop fishing when they showed up?
  295. Roll the Bones

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Alright I'm in, put your time in on your new job, make your 140k a year big man and then buy your own fucking boat and fish your own schedule. Until then STFU and quit defending yourself it's embarrassing! You might have a slight chance of redemption and a slimmer chance of people forgetting...
  296. Roll the Bones

    Raymarine deep water sounder settings help

    I have the exact same set up but the older E-120, E-80 Classic units and read almost exactly the same as his units with the CP370, SS270 combo! Easy to dial in.
  297. Roll the Bones

    Suggestion on how to safely release medium to larger halibut.

    Buy a Boning hook that Butchers use, hold jig or line with off hand, lift at bend if hook that is in the fish with the boning hook or short gaff and shake the fish loose. Two second operation and 99.9% of the time no damage to said fish.
  298. Roll the Bones

    Upgraded rod holders

    I always thought G-Spot needed to be hit! Sorry, Just could not resist, I will pay dearly for this one.
  299. Roll the Bones

    Upgraded rod holders

    What is Gucking?
  300. Roll the Bones

    Wp tuna

    Early season Albacore, imagine that? That's a tough one Ken, been there and it is very frustrating! It's almost better to get blanked than just one! It can change in a day or two.
  301. Roll the Bones


    So, we had a 35 fish stop on Saturday. We were marking them early at around 80 feet and then they came up to play. We left them boiling. Even had a Mako show up, very cool. Done by 11:15 AM. Felt like August!!!! Caught them on everything, Iron, Swim Baits, X-Raps, Jet heads, Etc. Only 5 troll...
  302. Roll the Bones

    Where was everyone today??

    Never trust a fart when hitting a swell, right Vance!
  303. Roll the Bones

    WP Tuna boats

    So, this thread is turning into who catches the first Tuna in Washington? Paaaleeeeeeease!
  304. Roll the Bones

    About deck fish boxes

    Seeing people soak fillets in bucket of water with the hose running is Tragic!
  305. Roll the Bones

    About deck fish boxes

    So gentlemen, speaking to the idea of keeping fish alive and fillet back at Port. Not a good idea, Fish need to be bled, Iced, and need go through Rigor before filleting. Makes the processing much easier and if you pull pin bones, possible to do very easily. Pin Bones are nearly impossible to...
  306. Roll the Bones

    Here is your chance

    I say we ride this pony into the ground hard!!!!!!
  307. Roll the Bones

    Reminder: What's really important

    Now Looky!!!!! Anyone want to make a prediction on a date?????
  308. Roll the Bones

    Grande Flounder Fishing area 4

    You guys are Killa's!!!
  309. Roll the Bones

    Travel trailer parking in Westport for summer

    Ok you Fuckers, Gloves off!!!
  310. Roll the Bones

    Reminder: What's really important

    The Highway is in and getting close!!!!
  311. Roll the Bones

    Travel trailer parking in Westport for summer

    Fuck the Westport Inn and Mark!!!
  312. Roll the Bones

    Lost at sea

    She was on the bow Pulpit and the crew threw her overboard because she was whistling so loud no one could hear themselves think.
  313. Roll the Bones

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    If you guys want to be the best Boat Ho's just talk to Elkfins or Limey and learn from them, they set the bar awfully high! I do not know a better, harder working pair of guys. Well maybe Marlin Mike, he's okay to but he doesn't fish with us anymore so he an ungrateful prick!
  314. Roll the Bones

    Lost at sea

    Market Price!
  315. Roll the Bones

    New boat decal

    Another boat with "Reel" in the name, how fucking original!!
  316. Roll the Bones

    Cool survival story

    Good stuff.
  317. Roll the Bones

    SoCal angler fishing your way!

    Yes and Dr Fong will perform the organ extraction in "The Operating Room". Get yo ass out to Westport either on a charter with any one of the great guys who participate here, or someone will have an open seat! Sorry Patrick not trying to pull a paying customer, just helping out a grateful fellow...
  318. Roll the Bones

    Quichsticks name change

    We all need the story behind the name change.
  319. Roll the Bones

    Need a new VHF

    Really like the Standard Horizon!
  320. Roll the Bones

    Tuna gets a fowl taste in its mouth !!

    That is Fucking awesome.
  321. Roll the Bones

    Optima battery?

    Bad luck with Optimas here also, I made the mistake of converting all of them (3) and have had three failures. Battling with Optima right now.
  322. Roll the Bones

    Go fund us

    Fuck off!
  323. Roll the Bones

    Trailer tongue weight scale

    Matters more to some than others I guess!
  324. Roll the Bones

    Westport babysitting

    Let Limey watch em, On second thought, maybe not such a good idea!
  325. Roll the Bones

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Ok I get the point, but when was Coyote Bank ever a secret? Not just the depth he was fishing on the bank, that bank has been hammered forever! I mean if I fished it, it cannot be a secret.:ashamed:
  326. Roll the Bones

    Railing height?

    Popcorn please!
  327. Roll the Bones

    I pulled the trigger…

    Scha-Wing, nice ride! Do not forget the TR-1 for that kicker!!!
  328. Roll the Bones

    Just an "Ordinary" Boat Build thread......

    Very nice, they do have nice lines!
  329. Roll the Bones


    Glad to see you home! Now, Fuck off!!!!
  330. Roll the Bones


    We Love Assholes up here! Hey, make sure you come by and say hi to as many of us as possible when you get up here. Westport is loaded with BDer's all summer and it is a small place!
  331. Roll the Bones

    Thinking about becoming a Grady owner

    Yea, Yea, we've seen you on Laurence' Grady enjoying a bait stop! :puff: In fact I think you were on the Barbie rod trip! :gayfight:
  332. Roll the Bones

    Pole barns.......

    Just making the point that even Aluminum boat aficionado's can have nice homes and shops! Not just us Grady Snobs, just wanted to clear things up for the misinformed folks about us Grady owners. I would trade my boat for Jeff's North River any day of the week!
  333. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Make that more Albacore in one week than the last eight years down there. But they've got everything else!
  334. Roll the Bones

    Angler West TV

  335. Roll the Bones

    Pole barns.......

    Yea and he owns a Tin boat not a Grady, our HOA is shops stick built like home. We are 30X50 with 2-12X14-1/2 doors, opening is true 14, and one Man door. Completely finished with two Windows, Reznor Heater, Bathroom with utility sink, Welding, RV, Boat power, outlets, Loft for just under 80K...
  336. Roll the Bones

    Columbia River Springer Report

    Which Ramp, as your boat looks to be as much of a chore to launch as mine?
  337. Roll the Bones

    Columbia River Springer Report

    Very nice, have to get out in this fishery. Let me know if you need someone to help fill limits. Plus I need to learn this shit.
  338. Roll the Bones

    Raymarine Shoutout

    I have been running the CP370 and SS270 after my freeway mishap and am very impressed. I left the DSM 300 on the boat with the 600 watt ducer as a back up, with the flip of a toggle switch I can run either. Very easy to compare, ever since Flir bought em customer service is awesome. They have...
  339. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    And what team name did you sign up with?
  340. Roll the Bones

    Sawed Off's first Sturgeon

    Played Hooky on Thursday with the nice weather, 65 degrees and no wind. We caught 13 Sturgeon, with only 3 below the slot and 1 over. It is catch and release, nice to see fish in the slot though. We swung and missed on 16-20, Elaine caught her first two, got cocky and missed the next 8. We...
  341. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Full of shit! W'll believe it when we see it.
  342. Roll the Bones

    Trailer Brake Help

    It is just time consuming and add in cost of materials, trailer brakes and lines are easy to do. You should never have to pay labor on something like this.
  343. Roll the Bones

    Adding Burnewiin Mounts for Scotty DRs and rod holders

    There is two nuts on the spool with one being the lock nut to hold position. Very simple, adjust the drags and no torn up boats. If you have them serviced they really tighten them up so you have to watch that.
  344. Roll the Bones

    Shop pole holders....

    So I took a different approach, wheel so I can pull it up next to the boat to load what I want. Holds 35 Rods, Gaffs, Harpoons, etc. I sealed and painted it so rinsing rods in it is not a problem. Handles if it needs to be carried, bent some conduit and attached for pushing.
  345. Roll the Bones

    Adding Burnewiin Mounts for Scotty DRs and rod holders

    I ran my DR's out of Gunwhale holders with reinforced pins for years on my last boat. Even stuck balls and turned the boat on it with no structural fear. Maybe set your drags a little looser to avoid catastrophe. If your flexing on that part of your boat backing plate will be of no consequence...
  346. Roll the Bones

    Learning the CR Sturgeon gig

    Previous to this trip the only Sturgeon I had caught was an oversize on a charter I was treated to by a Vendor. The learning curve for Springers will be the challenge along with a lot of new tackle!
  347. Roll the Bones

    Quality Tuna Belt Combination Suggestions.

    Hey Elkfins why don't you share your craft at making Duct tape plier sheath's?
  348. Roll the Bones

    Learning the CR Sturgeon gig

    By the way, Seeker 270-H 8 foot and Avet MXJ 50 lb JB Braid work great for these fish. Gonna be doing this a lot till the boat goes to Westport. Springers up next, that is going to be a little tougher.
  349. Roll the Bones

    Learning the CR Sturgeon gig

    So after having moved down here last year I thought I would start to learn the fishery one step at a time. Had some fun, Caught and released 17 on a guy's boat I work with, thanks to him for showing me a great time.
  350. Roll the Bones

    (Sold) Three, Penn 113H (4/0) Senators

    They sold without the pcs, ASSHOLES!!!!!!!
  351. Roll the Bones

    (Sold) Three, Penn 113H (4/0) Senators

    Hey Guys they are serviced and just gathering dust. All in excellent condition, need to be topped off with line is all. $75 Each or $225 for all three. Firm!
  352. Roll the Bones

    We're gonna make some rods

    For the record he did not change a boat on Carbon fiber I never have liked that shit. I am a big fan of cork tape.
  353. Roll the Bones

    We're gonna make some rods

    Especially when you are hooked up and it's Limey's rod you're using, just like a missile, Goatsniffer knows this first hand. It didn't slip John it went like it was fired out of a cannon!!
  354. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Emzbuddy, would you STFU already, none of your shit you post makes any sense!
  355. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Talks cheap Bitch, August 13th.
  356. Roll the Bones

    WTC Registration is open!

    Real Tuna guys do not have to call anyone for Numbas.
  357. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Oh please do! We are an amusing bunch! There's one problem with your plan, what are you going to do if it's rough? I wonder if you have the Balls to play with us Googans in our not so calm seas, considering what you are used to fishing in.
  358. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Dude, your posts are so fucking lame it's sad!
  359. Roll the Bones

    FYI the stories are true- dont buy off brand spectra

    Like I said this is an experiment, I have bought "Good, Expensive braid" and had quality issues. If I could even get Jerry Brown it would be a different story, we will see.
  360. Roll the Bones

    FYI the stories are true- dont buy off brand spectra

    Well I will give you some feedback, I have 5 different colors of 500 yard spools and one 1500 yard spool. I will most likely run some tests on the stuff this weekend. The stuff looks good so far and I will run them through the ringer before I spool them up. If it doesn't work Amazon has a...
  361. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    One good Tuna trip does not carry much equity for Shit Talking!
  362. Roll the Bones

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Ok so again with the reference to the male anatomy? Doug it is getting extremely obvious with you. Have you even caught a Tuna in Washington yet? Build a little equity first my friend, then and only then will we take your "Trash Talking" a little bit seriously!
  363. Roll the Bones

    You're never to young for your first...

    That is so cool, I love these type of posts!!!
  364. Roll the Bones

    The question . . .

    Seahawks are officially jinxed, nice work assholes!
  365. Roll the Bones

    WTC Registration is open!

    Yep, Team Center Cut in as always!
  366. Roll the Bones

    Corpus Fishing

    Will do, thanks, the Offshore rig is a 30" plus Center Console. Should be good for long run.
  367. Roll the Bones

    Hey Buddies....

    Hey Fuckstick, barely knew you were missing except for gear advice where there was a noticeable absence of long Preambles!
  368. Roll the Bones

    Corpus Fishing

    Going down to visit friends in Corpus Christie in mid November, have access to offshore fishing rig, question is, is it worth doing or should I stay inshore? Know zero about the fishing down there, looked at websites but nothing on seasonal activity for species that I could find, any help would...
  369. Roll the Bones

    You fucking whiners

    This stuff always seems to sate my Morbid sense of curiosity!
  370. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut winter Project start

    Have needed to do this for a while, both brackets and area of lower units that hang in the water when trimmed up. Lot of Prep in this project to get it right. Should be easy clean up in the fall after this Summer in the water at Westport. Working on Fender rash, scratches, a bit of GelCoat work...
  371. Roll the Bones

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    You guys are a lot of fun, enjoy your Holidays and we'll be back at em soon enough!!! Merry Christmas everyone.
  372. Roll the Bones

    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    I see a little dirt on your motor, nice ride though.
  373. Roll the Bones

    Our new little Tuna Town Companion

    Well now that Sawed off is retired and we are settled in down south we brought home our new little girl. She's a mini, we have had four of the Standards over the last thirty years, lost our last one almost five years ago, thought it was time again, we just wanted the same type of dog in a...
  374. Roll the Bones

    Rocket launcher upgrade

    He does great work, and he stands behind it.
  375. Roll the Bones

    Raymarine users - CP370

    I run the CP370 with the SS260, good stuff, did everything I need it to do. Much better than the old DSM 300 and 66.
  376. Roll the Bones

    Front Curtain Upgrade

    Just make the side curtains with zippers to cool down.
  377. Roll the Bones

    Avet HX vs Lx

    For what's it's worth I have five HX's and they are great for deep water halibut, Lings and easy for troll Albacore, feel good about them if a big Bluefin jumps the troll spread. Probably will not be able to stop a big one but have a good chance of getting a handle on it before we get spooled...
  378. Roll the Bones

    Brisbane Australia fishing ?

    Brizzy? Good advice Charles except for calling it Brizzy, I lived in Queensland for a year and a half and never heard Brisbane called Brizzy? Most of the good fishing is up North but there is good opportunities in close also, used to fish choppers (Bluefish) in close. Barramundi fishing is...
  379. Roll the Bones

    I'm a Granpa

    Nothing like Grandkids!
  380. Roll the Bones

    Interest Rates

    Another view in this is we have so much accessible water that is so uncrowded that we can use our own boats so much easier, and before the California contingent calls BS, I am originally from California, boated, spear fished, and fished Mexico up through all the Islands before many of you punks...
  381. Roll the Bones

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Keep em coming.
  382. Roll the Bones

    What is it!

    Yep, a Pollock or Hake of some sort. There is such a species as "Walleye Pollock".
  383. Roll the Bones

    Anyone ever mounted a windshield wiper motor in a Trophy Bayliner?

    Sell it and buy a Grady White, not worth the hassle to put in the wiper, you will have a leak no matter what. :cool:
  384. Roll the Bones

    Aluminum I beam trailer R&D

    Call Bill at Tuff Trailer in Bellingham, he will explain the triple axle dilemma, and they make a nice aluminum trailer.
  385. Roll the Bones

    "updated pics" Gooch's NR Build

    Actually me bring a glass guy these photos are an eye opener. North River really does do nice work, I am going to be interested to see the Rigging part of this. That is where they separate the men from the boys.
  386. Roll the Bones

    22ft Edge Sport Offshore

    Patience is the key here, and you must be ready to pull the trigger when the opportunity presents itself.
  387. Roll the Bones

    Dock Cart

    The person you have to worry about borrowing it permanently is Bongi!
  388. Roll the Bones

    Determined to be a Total Loss

    We always needs someone to help us along! :) I guess I figure most everyone knows more than I, why I am not trying to state the obvious. All in good fun my friend, a solid message that "obviously" needs repeating!
  389. Roll the Bones

    Determined to be a Total Loss

    Great advice after the fact!
  390. Roll the Bones

    Determined to be a Total Loss

    Jesus Christ, thank God "Captain Obvious" is here to guide us! :)
  391. Roll the Bones

    Insurance claims- the ABCs of a claim

    Actually I feel pretty good about his post, most of that was accomplished in our mishap. Above all as I have said before "It's just a Fucking boat". Insure it correctly and do the right shit and it will be ok.
  392. Roll the Bones

    Red/blue cabin deck LED lighting.

    So I reeplaced all of my bulbs on the entire boat with LED because of the life and amp draw. We put Blue in for the deck lights and they are good for looking pretty biut thats about it. My Helm light is White or red, I never run any lights when running in the dark other than my Nav lights. BUt...
  393. Roll the Bones

    Tuna run

    Sorry but this is not a report. I know I didn't post my last trip, if I couldn't do it right I won't do it! :)
  394. Roll the Bones

    Shark week last Saturday.

    Our crew saw a Jumpa Mako on Saturday! They never got close to the boat though.
  395. Roll the Bones

    Rocket Launcher addition on Grady 282

    Been four years now and not a single damaged rod.
  396. Roll the Bones

    How to remove old thru-hull transducer?

    Drag it on I-5 for about 30 feet. Heat? If not Grinder with a cutting wheel through the nut above that nut base maybe?
  397. Roll the Bones

    And the next thing I know...

    Nope, just insert a large stick up your ass and you are automatically qualified as an Official Grady White Club member.
  398. Roll the Bones

    Tuna Tuesday

    Fill your tanks, Bait was unbelievable not one piece rolled! We covered 150 Nautical miles. Amazing what happen with bait in calm water and the hordes are not out fishing giving it plenty of time to cure. Half the time the bait was so strong you would think a fish had picked it up they were...
  399. Roll the Bones

    Last 2015 trip

    47.17 over 125.12
  400. Roll the Bones

    And the next thing I know...

    Very nice, you will love it, and the ride compared to the Trophy. Not that the Trophy isn't a good boat, you will notice it in the ride, also almost everthing is through bolted, the only shit you have to fix on these things is pumps and shit like that. A little fiberglass maybe if you drag em on...
  401. Roll the Bones

    Westport tuna...any season left?

    Pigs at 49 miles. Man they pull hard, who'd a thought 30 would plug us?
  402. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut full story

    No mystery here, it's my giant Cyawk!
  403. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut full story

    I tried to physically do that on the side of the road, the trooper had to restrain me! Then he met her and let me go ahead and throttle her!
  404. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut full story

    More like a 12,000 lb missile.
  405. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut full story

    I am 1000% sure the coupler went and it detached first, and absolutely the straps were in good shape, I understand the physics of the tongue weight and bump, you had to be there to understand. And yes the 4-3000 lb straps could have been more. Inertia is a funny thing, nylon straps give and...
  406. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut full story

    One of the odd things in this entire ordeal was when we walked back to look at the carnage the first words out of my mouth were "Ain't that some Shit". I wasn't shaking or overly emotional, Elaine was for sure. The trooper that was there was on us as we were walking back to the boat. He looked...
  407. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut full story

    Yep, that is the coupler mechanism, the pin that holds down the locking cylinder with the angle is the culprit. It is just not in plain sight and needs close inspection. I believe it was doomed no matter what I did unless I replaced all the internals of the coupler. The design is fine, it was...
  408. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut full story

    Yep, I changed to a completely different style of Coupler.
  409. Roll the Bones

    Center Cut full story

    So, I have run this through my head a few hundred times about why I would post this and share our trailering accident with our Grady 282 back in late July on the WWW. The first point I would like to make is that this is something very personal to us and as a lot of us have had some shitty luck...
  410. Roll the Bones

    The Fishin' Luhrs is For Sale

    Wow, Paul, what is it with you and people's misfortune on the internet?
  411. Roll the Bones

    Who is lookin for a Grady 282?

    Great, I will post entire story with pics and video soon. Ran her for three hours yesterday on the Columbia.
  412. Roll the Bones

    Who is lookin for a Grady 282?

    Neither of the aforementioned boats have enough storage, I love our boat, but I hate the lack of storage and the aft bilge access totally sucks! It will sleep 3 comfortably, but your kids will outgrow for sure. You will need a dedicated birth and dinette to sleep 4. the 330 express is the one...
  413. Roll the Bones

    Kill Bag Rack Retrofit

    There is a reason certain Manufacturers stay away from in floor boxes. Anyone care to elaborate?
  414. Roll the Bones

    Crummy Start to my day!!! my 1997 Luhrs Sank at the dock

    Insurance, good insurance with a reputable company is worth every penny and then some. Vance, myself and Kevin can Testify! Can i get an AMEN BOTUTHAS!
  415. Roll the Bones

    Anybody try the Toro Tamer Popper?

    Have had good luck with mine, rigged with single hooks on the smallest model. The Albacore up here late season eat anything though. That being said if they are up they eat it. of course some of my crew cannot catch Shit with them because there is technique involved.
  416. Roll the Bones

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Again, welcome gentlemen.
  417. Roll the Bones


    What is the Bi-Catch policy for that? Sounds very interesting, goes to show how untapped our offshore fishery really is, I am sure the Florida Swordfish Day fishery deep drop techniques would give someone a good shot at getting one here. It's just who's willing to put in the time, fuel and effort?
  418. Roll the Bones

    Pin bone removal

    If the Fish is iced right away after it is bled and goes through rigor first it is a lot easier to pull them, also it will help keep from tearing up the filet and minimize the gapping.
  419. Roll the Bones

    popped dads cherry after about 23 years

    Limey told me he is "Hung like a Horse", don't ask me how he knows that.
  420. Roll the Bones

    popped dads cherry after about 23 years

    His new name is now "Long Soak Lou"! What a guy, you have no idea how much fun it was to watch Limey dote over his father.
  421. Roll the Bones

    New boat = New fish

    Patrick, I've got chunks of guys like you in my Stool.
  422. Roll the Bones

    Bait Tank

    Jesus, Lighten up Francis!
  423. Roll the Bones

    A longshot, looking to buy a forklift

    I have a couple for sale.
  424. Roll the Bones

    Bait Tank

    Here is how my can is lit!
  425. Roll the Bones

    Bait Tank

    Sooo, just thinking out loud on lit verses unlit tanks, am I correct in the fact that in California, having grown up there fishing, the seas are quite a bit more forgiving, the light may not be such an important need? Where as up here we get our ass handed to us a good portion of the time and we...
  426. Roll the Bones

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    The actual supply of beef out of Nebraska is no different than the animals coming out of Iowa, actually Iowa has some of the best processors around. Although we do buy a ton of product from Greater Omaha Packing in NE. A lot of those animals come from Iowa. So please gentlemen if you are going...
  427. Roll the Bones

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    No, it's not just about safety, it's also about respect and common courtesy. The Charter guys have PAYING customers! A stop crasher could ruin the day for people who pay a bit of money for quite possibly their only trip of the year. And what's with the calling out "Grady" owners on this thread...
  428. Roll the Bones

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Speak for yourself Mr. Livebait, I put that Iron close to see the look on Travis face!
  429. Roll the Bones

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Yes please do, the window of opportunity is only so large. Make sure you chum a lot during the stop to keep it going.
  430. Roll the Bones

    lihgtly used Grady for sale

    OK, Elkfins said it, check your trailers. Even the shit you cannot see, never take it for granted that your coupler will always function properly!
  431. Roll the Bones

    lihgtly used Grady for sale

    When my boat is done and back on the water I will post a full story on her Trailer mishap. It will shed light on "overthinking" Grady White trailer weight distribution conspiracy theories. Not knowing and trying to speculate is an "iffy" thing to folks who have actual experience in such matters...
  432. Roll the Bones

    lihgtly used Grady for sale

    Coincidence, it has nothing to do with make, nobodies posting all the ski boats, etc that jump trailers.
  433. Roll the Bones

    Prayers are needed...

    Dove for many, many years and I never take it for granted that weird shit can happen up here with the big water and huge tidal flows. Our thoughts go out to the family!
  434. Roll the Bones

    Custom livewell

    Wow, I am not usually a guy for homemade tanks but that one is really nice.
  435. Roll the Bones


    We saw one on Thursday on the way in.
  436. Roll the Bones

    Tuna Tuesday 8/25

    We might be in the mix.
  437. Roll the Bones

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    So, I have had my moments in the past. I have mellowed considerably on this subject only because we try and stay away from everyone. How do we do that? We never ask anyone for numbers, we do the work on that part of our plan, I have sworn off radio fishing because the one time I was desperate...
  438. Roll the Bones

    Kodiak Brakes Stuck Caliper

    Trailers, what a giant pain in the Ass!
  439. Roll the Bones

    Rent your boat trailer

    Not ready to blast it out on the internet, I will post full report in a few days. Been fishing plenty with Elkfins, Qwicksticks so we are almost not missing her. She will be ready for action soon.
  440. Roll the Bones

    Rent your boat trailer

    I'd loan him mine but it might be a rough trip!
  441. Roll the Bones

    Dad update - bad

    So sorry to hear, my heart just sank. We are thinking of you and your family.
  442. Roll the Bones

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    I was not as worried at the WTC this year as I was when we got caught it opening Day in LaPush I believe 3-4 years ago. The only time in my boating life that I was genuinely worried we might catch one wrong and be in some trouble. There was shit coming from three directions and we were going...
  443. Roll the Bones

    Blind vandals

    She's pointed in the wrong direction for the Whistling on the way out.
  444. Roll the Bones

    BOLO stolen Scotty's Gig Harbor

    Totally a drug addict, don't ask me how I know!
  445. Roll the Bones

    WTC small craft advisory? how did it actually shape up in real time?

    There is no chickening out a making the decision to not go on the safe side.
  446. Roll the Bones

    Anybody lose a flasher fishing the straits?

    It's a Qcove, fight the Orca not the Flasher!
  447. Roll the Bones

    Tuna cherry was a bloody porn too!

    Beam and stairs are bolted to floor. Drill and hammer in anchor, washer and nut. Mostly the rail will be to have my wife feel safe up there, set stuff against and not get pushed over the edge.
  448. Roll the Bones

    Tuna cherry was a bloody porn too!

    All I need is visit from the BD OSHA safety crew and their video camera for all Hell to break loose. There will be a gate on the Staircase to step into the boat and a gate up top to pass gear up into the loft.
  449. Roll the Bones

    Tuna cherry was a bloody porn too!

    I am builbing my Loft for Storage as we speak, about 2/3rds done. Juust have some safety rails, lighting to put up. Big thanks to Marlin Mike for the help over the phone on construction tips.
  450. Roll the Bones

    Tuna cherry was a bloody porn too!

    How come the shop isn't painted? If you're going to swing your Big Cawk around make sure it's perfect! Because on the internet it's our duty to fling shit when we're Jealous, find mistakes and prove everyone wrong. Very nice work there Brutha.
  451. Roll the Bones

    Mother fuckers

    You forget her name is "Whistling Patty"! At 30 Knots she whistles!
  452. Roll the Bones

    Livewell /Baitwell

    Steve, that is a 50 Gallon Big Salt you put on your Boat, Dipshit!
  453. Roll the Bones

    Great story

    Wow, this kid is such a joy to take fishing. I normally hate having pre teens on a boat. But he can go anytime.
  454. Roll the Bones

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome guys, great to have you on the site, let the madness continue.
  455. Roll the Bones

    Avid Fisherman

    It's not Vance, STeve, Mikey or Limey.
  456. Roll the Bones

    Avid Fisherman

    One of my Crew has to pay his wife $50.00 to fish each time he leaves to go.
  457. Roll the Bones

    Sharked on a Bait stop.

    We had the Tuna shut off on us, I know we all have it happen, while we were gutting fish and getting ready for some lunch I decided to drop the GoPro Hero 3 on the stick to see how many. They were aggressive buggars, funny how they always wanted to test the camera, tipped the camera with some...
  458. Roll the Bones

    How to fix X-Rap, Rapala plugs, fix hooks, run true

    We hooked one Albacore on a Halco on Saturday. Trebles and it didn't stick, need to convert to Single hooks.
  459. Roll the Bones

    How to fix X-Rap, Rapala plugs, fix hooks, run true

    Good stuff, have you geniuses tried dropping the tip in the water and reeling the X-Rap to the tip? Just reel it a foot or less from the tip and it can't get ya.
  460. Roll the Bones


    What a great platform to fish off of! Thanks for letting us be part of the fun and gotta Love those Shearwaters! Look forward to fishing her later this season!
  461. Roll the Bones


    Go, Go, Go, Go, and he answers "Where"? Totally Classic stuff, thanks for posting!
  462. Roll the Bones

    Kelli Ann gets some bling

    I'll have plenty to fill them up now that Center Cut is out of action.
  463. Roll the Bones

    Thanks to the ugly

    So at what point are people just walking onto others peoples boats and snapping photo's? I would hope Jermz got permission to "Step Aboard" and throw his dirty Extra Tuffs up on the fiberglass?
  464. Roll the Bones

    7/12 WP tuna.

    Ok, this is killing me!
  465. Roll the Bones

    WP TUNA 7-7-15

    They are here, the longer you wait the easier they are. It's the waiting that hurts. Every season though, even late in the season we go through a dry stretch. Maybe this year is different, who knows, you just gotta get out and go at it!
  466. Roll the Bones

    Electric gremlins

    Just Jiggling wires has never been a solid solution? DC is really easy to work on, like they have said, if you learn it and do it yourself it will be easy to diagnose in the future.
  467. Roll the Bones

    Anyone one heard from Jailer1

    Maybe the Convicts got to him? :rolleyes::indabutt:
  468. Roll the Bones

    WP TUNA 7-7-15

    Thanks for putting it out there. Typical early season trip, you never know!
  469. Roll the Bones

    WP. Tuna 7/7 ;)

    Nice work, right on!
  470. Roll the Bones

    Iron Gods

    Iron? Which kind? Butterfly jigs, Yo-Yo, Mega Bait, Surface iron? A lot of choices and gear for each application. Swim baits are easy enough and I think Tommy did a good presentation on rigging them.
  471. Roll the Bones

    Westport Tuna 7.5.15

    Nice work, good news! Sitting on the Bench is killing us.
  472. Roll the Bones

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    We had an incident up here during Halibut season which is short and concentrated with people running hard in the crowds. The victim I believe was tossed and there were broken bones, Luckily they weren't swamped. The supposed offending boat was a 26 footer, this was 30 miles offshore in pretty...
  473. Roll the Bones

    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Watching your kid run a boat is so much fun, by the time my son was 10 he could handle our boat like a seasoned pro. Totally trust him to do anything I could do. Great report and thanks for taking a kid fishing!
  474. Roll the Bones

    Port motor troubles on The Juice(2007 Yamaha 150's)

    Take the injectors into the Injector Doctor, flow test and clean them, they can diagnose in a couple hours. It should be done every once in a while anyway.
  475. Roll the Bones

    Ilwaco tuna report

    Nice work, I have some serious wood now!
  476. Roll the Bones

    working on new graphic for my Grady

    Better question, When is the "Reel" part of these boat names going to die a miserable death. Lame and overused. Just sayin?
  477. Roll the Bones

    sunfish and jelly's

    Marlin Mike eats em like that, he just slurps em right up. He tells me it's the moisture he likes.
  478. Roll the Bones

    Tuna 2015

  479. Roll the Bones


    Crossbow sounds perfect! We have a Rabbit challenge also!
  480. Roll the Bones


    We may have a couple in our wetlands on and around our new property. When we move in it will be. Night hunt to see. Pellet gun will do it, too many neighbors for firearms. Trapping would be my second choice.
  481. Roll the Bones

    Everyone needs this

    I have some Okumas that might work, that's all they are good for.
  482. Roll the Bones

    Getting close

    Funny thing is sometimes they are so big and strong they continue to feed while hooked. When all they will touch is light line you have no choice than to just watch them empty your spool.
  483. Roll the Bones

    Getting close

    I just wanna get spooled by a Volkswagon sized Bluefin. I would think we would see some Dorado, lot's more Yellowtail, maybe some Opah and hopefully lots of Bluefin. I still think we are three-four weeks away from seeing em. The later season will be interesting and long. Weather will dictate how...
  484. Roll the Bones

    Newbie Introduction

    Maybe we need to do a way South get together with all of us Kelso/Longview/Vancouver area. Welcome to the Shit Show, maybe you can teach me a thing or three about fishing the Columbia. Looks like you know your way around the area, I am defenitely gonna need the help.
  485. Roll the Bones

    Flush mounted gunwale rod holders

    Tether em and you'll be fine!
  486. Roll the Bones

    Just for DR FONG

    DR. Fong Likey!
  487. Roll the Bones

    I'm back bitches.....

    Welcome home Todd, back just in time, we missed you during La Push Halibut this year. Good to have you back, look forward to seeing you in Westport.
  488. Roll the Bones

    I think I might have a problem......

    Do a Radon or Farallon, that would be kick ass. A Farallon would do really well up here.
  489. Roll the Bones

    Pray for Goatram

    Hey, can I have your slip on Float 12? LOL, in all seriousness, take care of yourself and I know Vance has a comfy seat for you for the season. You have a lot of people who care about you and want you in the mix this season and we look forward to seeing you healthy and down in Tuna Town. None of...
  490. Roll the Bones

    Visiting Seattle - Need Charter Info

    Have fun, Patrick's boat is a great ride, enjoy your time up here!
  491. Roll the Bones

    landing net for tuna

    I am pretty sure one of the Kelli Anns is not at his beck and call. I do know her a little bit and that would be the case.
  492. Roll the Bones

    landing net for tuna

    I believe his cousin is a guy!
  493. Roll the Bones

    Ripcharts throwing us the bone!

    I will leave Ripcharts for the BD site for sure. I am in until early August with Ripcharts.
  494. Roll the Bones

    Neddie Rose gone from Westport, will be fishing out of Avila Beach!

    Just received word from old childhood friend that he will be skippering the Neddie Rose out of Avila Beach California. Mike Oddo is a fish killer, he does not know if the owner will change the name, she needs some TLC and she will start fishing. Lots of history behind the Neddie Rose and it sad...
  495. Roll the Bones

    Kelli Ann arrives in westport

    Actually, you missed the part about EMZBuddy backing into the Diggler on the Shower wall.
  496. Roll the Bones

    Kelli Ann arrives in westport

    No, it was EZMBuddy who wanted the Diggler Shower, Qwicksticks was the guy who dream't it up! Or was it the Pee Funnel, Holy shit a lot of weird shit goes on up there?
  497. Roll the Bones

    Kelli Ann arrives in westport

    Coming from the guy with the "Diggler Shower"!
  498. Roll the Bones


    Congratulations on your move, I was on a similar path to Philadelphia, I lucked out and drew Portland instead. When you are back in town drop by Westport and say Hi, good to have you in the Bruthahood.
  499. Roll the Bones

    Help Freezing / Storing Spot Prawns

    The frozen block is really the best way for us to do in our homes. Almost all the manufacturers in the commercial segment use Tri-poly's to keep them from burning and help them retain water weight. Problem is they "overdo" it and make them soapy! But a lot of them do exactly what is being talked...
  500. Roll the Bones

    WP Salmon - Where's The Hype, Intel And Rumors?

    Heard from a native commercial in La Push that it is slow at best up there. They also are very limited on daily numbers of fish per boat.
  501. Roll the Bones

    Clalum bay butts

    Nice to see the Straits kicking out so many fish, Nice work all! Killing me sitting on the bench watching.
  502. Roll the Bones

    No Fresh herring in Westport !

    As long as they do not run out of Anchovies it's all good.
  503. Roll the Bones

    22ft Edge Sport Offshore

    There is no way you are fitting in that helm seat.
  504. Roll the Bones

    Westport Inn

    I refuse to believe or partake in any stories or misconceptions people have about past experiences in "Tuna Town" when it was located at the Westport Inn. I only move forward? Oh yea! The "Baby Powder" incident was not mentioned?
  505. Roll the Bones

    SoCal Tuna Pro Looking For Albacore In August

    You may want to post on the Washington Board. Westport or Ilwaco might be a better bet for you being a SoCal guy, good live bait availability. Plus much closer to Seattle, specifically Westport.
  506. Roll the Bones


    This guy can fish! He is an old school killer, I would put him on mine but I am Ho'ing this halibut season.
  507. Roll the Bones

    PA butts

    Atta Boys!
  508. Roll the Bones

    Halibut and Tuna?

    Could you Imagine? Mayhem! I've been looking at Sat data for weeks now, maybe the "Bubble" is holding Tuna. I know the Highway is in and the warm stuff we need is still at Pt. Conception or just above. Hey, it could happen?
  509. Roll the Bones

    To All who use Descender Devices

    Do not forget to tell them what species you release like (China Rockfish) if you caught and released them. It does matter!
  510. Roll the Bones

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome Nick, still lots of other water you can fish Brutha!
  511. Roll the Bones

    Has anyone ever fished for butts in area 10?

    Excuse me? But Short Round is not going to the BD Hall of Fame!
  512. Roll the Bones

    Has anyone ever fished for butts in area 10?

    I think Short Round hooked and released one thinking it was closed maybe three years ago, he's still kicking his own ass over that one, and I think it was sizeable!
  513. Roll the Bones

    Lets see your boat storage place!

    Update, does some cosmetic shit to do, otherwise moved in.
  514. Roll the Bones

    Maiden voyage on the Kelli Ann

    Too late Jason, Mikey already did it with one of his world famous Bongarias.
  515. Roll the Bones

    Neah Bay Shake-Out 4/25-26

    Those things are still here? We call those Blue Waffles, make sure you look them up on Google as "Blue Waffle"!
  516. Roll the Bones

    What do you say when you get hooked up?

    Dude I forgot about that one, Hysterical!
  517. Roll the Bones

    What do you say when you get hooked up?

    I'm bit and when you gaff him, We're not bailing hay here" OK! And don't let Loiney gaff him.
  518. Roll the Bones

    What do you say when you get hooked up?

    Jesus guys, do I have to do everything around here?
  519. Roll the Bones

    Steering system expelling hydraulic.

    For the same money that I have invested in the boat I could have bought an Aston Martin! If you really want problems buy an Aston Martin! Frustrating is right, I just replaced a leaking steering unit last fall. Hold North River to task on this, I know you know this, it will make them better at...
  520. Roll the Bones

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    The Dr. Fong thing is a long Story, actually I am not a real Doctor but I play one on the VHF.
  521. Roll the Bones

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome, how is life in Beautiful Mason County? Did business in Belfair for 10 years.
  522. Roll the Bones


    Happy Birthday John! BD wouldn't be what it is without guys like you.
  523. Roll the Bones

    It fit!!! Whew....

    Like a Glove!!!
  524. Roll the Bones

    Shatner's Plan

    This thread is going South here boys, don't make me be the voice of reason please!
  525. Roll the Bones

    Shatner's Plan

    Hey, I'm a transplant and look at how much fun I have! The California remarks are amusing entertainment, and that's all they are. What some of the Brothers in SoCal don't yet understand is we have to have the sense of humor we do up here because of the weather. Has everyone forgotten that the...
  526. Roll the Bones

    Ocean Temperature warming up!

    We are still a ways out. Although it has changed a lot in the last few days even.
  527. Roll the Bones

    Time to be honest with the board.

    Is this supposed to be "Big News"? I've always known you could never fish your way out of a wet paper sack!:cool: It feels good to have online therapy doesn't it Matt. I like your honesty.
  528. Roll the Bones

    Pimping ain't cheap

    The correct term is "HO"
  529. Roll the Bones

    2015 WTC Registration

    Yep, Vance has a way of making an entrance!
  530. Roll the Bones

    Removing Paint from Gelcoat

    You could have been quicker on the result and spared us all the Drama, thanks Asshole! By the way we will be by Friday night instead!
  531. Roll the Bones

    Westport Moorage

    Didn't use to be a problem, seems as though we have done too good a job promoting our Ocean fisheries. :drool:
  532. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    We will put something together for the late Fall when Tuna season is over. It will be nice next springer season, we can do a blitz with BDer's on the River rats down here next year. Right now gotta get moved in and finish the work on boat to be ready for Tuna. She's been under wrap and tough to...
  533. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    Yep, when she throws me out I have a bitchen pad.
  534. Roll the Bones

    Removing Paint from Gelcoat

    Dude, that was perfect!
  535. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    Updated photos, Sheet rock is up, first coat of mud. You can see the Bathroom, Reznor heater and I had them hang 2x12's for a loft I will add in the fall after Tuna season is over. All the outlets are 4.5 feet up the wall so I can put up some kind of FRP around the entire shop, another...
  536. Roll the Bones

    Will the 'Warm Blob' mean more exotics this year?

    Why would you guys leave dead calm kelp patty filled water teeming with Bluefin, Yellowfin, Yellowtail, WSB, Dorado, Calico's, and possibly Wahoo this year fishing with big Sardines for Albacore up here? It is almost never flat up here, we run 40-55 miles and get our asses kicked crossing...
  537. Roll the Bones

    Reel seat spinning freely

    Both good options, no other way except a set screw but then you compromise the blank.
  538. Roll the Bones

    Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer ??

    Yep, he saved the fish fry.
  539. Roll the Bones

    For those that carry daily, what round do you use?

    That is pretty much what he is loading, it should have about a 50 feet before it drops to the ground! :D He said about 600 feet per second, and it might be 265 grain? I figure it would be close in anyway, might as well not take any chances?
  540. Roll the Bones

    Washington Help

    Someone could have a ride for you out at Westport, keep in touch with us as you get closer.
  541. Roll the Bones

    For those that carry daily, what round do you use?

    Hollow Point in .45 ACP, a guy I work with is going to make me an extra heavy load for short range.
  542. Roll the Bones

    Makrolon for canvas.

    I do and it rocks! And call Greg's in Gig Harbor. My package rocks, watertight and perfect fit.
  543. Roll the Bones

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Not with the weight we carry aft.
  544. Roll the Bones

    "Cleanup Required"

    And so it begins!
  545. Roll the Bones

    "Cleanup Required"

    "Cleanup Required" Really? We can come up with something a little more clever than that can't we?
  546. Roll the Bones

    Need a surveyor in Maryland

    He just drove through Vancouver and stopped for fuel. We met him there and had a look at her. Very Nice in great condition!
  547. Roll the Bones

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Rubber hubs are not made for the loads we carry, the torque of newer tech outboards, that rubber hub technology is how old? I spun brand new rubber hubs at 15-20 hours! Twice!!!!!!! We all know when it happened, went with newer technology hubs, four blade props correctly fit to my boat load...
  548. Roll the Bones

    Need a surveyor in Maryland

    Another nice boat added to the Tuna Fleet. Cannot wait to fish it.
  549. Roll the Bones

    Uh Oh!

    What's next?
  550. Roll the Bones

    Making Up For Lost Time - Catalina Report - 3/31/15

    All I can say is, Fuck I miss California fishing? Nice work guys.
  551. Roll the Bones

    Mean sea lions down south.

    Well, bound to happen, it's only a matter of time up here. God forbid a child who is relatively helpless gets grabbed? I have heard of dogs being nabbed in Westport, do not know if there is much truth to it though?
  552. Roll the Bones

    TUNA Arrival ??

    We will fish Halibut with Quicksticks on his boat in LaPush, we move into our new place Late June early July. We need to get the move done and then we will get our Shit out to Westport. We will fish Kings, just not early!
  553. Roll the Bones

    TUNA Arrival ??

    We are on the bench until late July, figure it will be on when we start.
  554. Roll the Bones

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    I do, he takes our Shit better than anyone. How can you not Love him. Just ask him about the "Kiddy Seat" at the campfire in LaPush.
  555. Roll the Bones

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    2Short, no one could be happier for you than I, you never have to explain yourself to us. A simple Fuck You Charlie would have done the trick! Now put some effort into your Shitty Pipe Jigs and you'll be there! Nice work and we all know you'll get lucky every once in a while and find some fish...
  556. Roll the Bones

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Dude if I had your money I would burn mine. Kids, Boats, Gear, Drugs, you live a good life considering you spend half of it underwater cooking in a big steel tube. Now comes the big challenge, can you find fish as Skipper?
  557. Roll the Bones

    Lets see your boat storage place!

    So the windows in the back of my shop are 10 feet to the ground from the bottom, there is a large slope behind the shop. Also sealing the concrete was something I have never done and is a little bit of a leap in faith to see how it performs.
  558. Roll the Bones

    Gunwale height on Ospreys?

    Popcorn please!
  559. Roll the Bones

    Lets see your boat storage place!

    Floor is poured and sealed.
  560. Roll the Bones

    Gunwale height on Ospreys?

    Oh no, here we go again. Really?
  561. Roll the Bones

    2005 Weldcraft 220DV Maverick w/ Suzuki, Fully Loaded ###SOLD###

    Mikey and Vance run almost every trip with us also. I just want to see Vance run a Tuna Crew at the WTC.
  562. Roll the Bones

    2005 Weldcraft 220DV Maverick w/ Suzuki, Fully Loaded ###SOLD###

    Would someone just buy this Fucking boat, he takes care of his shit like no one else. Besides I want to see him move to Glass. Can you imagine him running his own Tuna Team in the WTC, this I gotta see.
  563. Roll the Bones

    Limits on Albacore Tuna!!!!

    So, broad statements like this and not understanding our fishery is likely to get you verbally wacked by us Washi Googans. You are attempting to apply logic you evidently learned from DFG California to Washington state. They had a public forum on Albacore limits a few years back and there was no...
  564. Roll the Bones

    2005 pro-line express

    My Fender is Black, Marlin Mike, Dragonballs, Quicksticks understand what a Black Fenda is!
  565. Roll the Bones

    2005 pro-line express

    Boy you walked away from your roots quickly Mr. Catamaran.
  566. Roll the Bones

    2015 WTC Registration

    Ok, so we need to redefine a "Skunking", that was a preparty pleasure cruise.
  567. Roll the Bones

    2005 pro-line express

    Size doesn't matter when you own a Grady White.
  568. Roll the Bones

    2015 WTC Registration

    Hey short shit, you have been skunked for Tuna. We have not! Barely!
  569. Roll the Bones

    2005 pro-line express

    It is a great feeling when you are a prick and everyone knows it. Congrats on the sweet ride and welcome to "The Show". All kidding aside they are great Hulls!
  570. Roll the Bones

    boat shipper

    I have a great guy, he did mine and was really good. Not the cheapest but was all over it the entire trip from Jersey. PM if you want details.
  571. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    Like the rod racks, on the wall next to the boat up high to pick and choose. I actually built a roll around cart that is killer. I would post a pic but it's in storage. Great ideas guys, this project will take a while, I will just get moved in, and get through this season and the real work will...
  572. Roll the Bones


    15 is too many. :) Nice work Steve! Yea he does make the finest brew, was a staple in Tuna Town last year. Between him and Quicksticks there is usually an intelligent idea or two between em.
  573. Roll the Bones

    Dual purpose rod?

    Seeker Pinhead series 270-8H. My answer to almost everything but deep-water Halibut, Lings for the Ocean. Take that back it works at the Prairie.
  574. Roll the Bones

    Boat Batteries

    Would you guys please knock off the Bullshit? Can we get back to Fucking battery systems please?
  575. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    Loving it, I just need to make sure most of it is in the walls before we insulate and sheet rock. FRP the bottom four feet is going to happen for sure. Electrical above it. The shelving, cabinets, loft etc. will be next Winters project.
  576. Roll the Bones

    Another Great White near Ocean Shores

    Years ago at Neah Bay I ran into a Biologist that was doing studies on Great Whites in PNW waters, apparently there is quite a few up here.
  577. Roll the Bones

    27lb yoyo yt video from 1-19-15

    Your shipmate should take up a career in Hay Bailing.
  578. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    That's Fucking Hysterical. You mean Minus the dirt? I have a Machine shop in our Facility here, so presses, lathes, sand blasting, drill presses, welders, grinders at my fingertips. I have everything I need a short drive away for the special projects.
  579. Roll the Bones

    The Journey

    He looks like Kickass at 80!
  580. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    Compressor idea is great, agreed on the storage being overhead, and no wall in the middle you are correct just there to support for putting up trusses.
  581. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    An idea of how high the walls are.
  582. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    I have both 30, 20 Amp plugs for boat RV, 220, 200 amp service for welding, etc.
  583. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    Precisely why i posted. Gotta add that.
  584. Roll the Bones

    Ok Boys need your input New shop Stoage

    The build is on and my new 30x50 shop will house "Center Cut" and the RV. I have work area in the back end and need your photos and ideas on your shelving, storage etc. It will have 14-1/2x12 doors. The ceiling will be almost 18 high, tons of room. I will have a bathroom with utility sink...
  585. Roll the Bones

    To lube or not to lube ..........New Avet

    Lube it before you fish it, they are woefully underdone from Avet.
  586. Roll the Bones

    passing this to those who care........

    Just what I needed today!
  587. Roll the Bones

    Motor not cranking?

    After it's all said and done, sell the fucking thing, buy a new one, new shit usually runs great.
  588. Roll the Bones

    Rigid Enclosure Build

    Not trying to Hijack, but, we split the side panels to fold up inside to hold open to hardtop to let some air in. The back panels come off for Fishing, great to keep on for winter Blackmouth, crabbing. Have not removed the front or forward sides since it was installed. Almost completely...
  589. Roll the Bones

    Rigid Enclosure Build

    Did you hose her down and see how she holds water? We went to the good stuff three years ago, I do not have your skills or patience so I had Greg's in Gig Harbor do mine. The plastic is as optically clear as my windshield, I also went one piece across the front. Nice work, I think you'll be...
  590. Roll the Bones

    Raymarine Upgraded DSM 300

    Sale fell through, it is ready to ship at $200.00
  591. Roll the Bones

    Raymarine DSM300

    My sale fell through, Bump. It is out out the Boat and ready to Ship. $200.00
  592. Roll the Bones

    aluminum welding

    Call Who Dat Tuna Towers.
  593. Roll the Bones

    A new spin on a classic.

    Really Like this one.
  594. Roll the Bones

    Late Report 2-4-15 They bit!

    Oh, how I miss this kind of fishing! Nice work, I look at the water you folks fish in and shake my head. We are so use to getting our ass kicked even on good weather days. Much less this is Winter!
  595. Roll the Bones

    Need help

    Goatsniffer, send me your Paypal info please!
  596. Roll the Bones


    He is still recovering from Torn Labia surgery or is it Labrum? I don't remember which?
  597. Roll the Bones

    Raymarine Upgraded DSM 300

    Upgraded in early 2014, moving to Chirp, great shape. $225.00 PM if interested. Located in Southwest Washington, Portland area. Will ship.
  598. Roll the Bones


    Never heard of it?
  599. Roll the Bones

    Bait Tank Advice for a 24' NR SEAHAWK OS

    Get a 50 gallon tank from Bo and the boys at Defiance. Love ours, support someone who supports us.
  600. Roll the Bones

    Raymarine DSM300

    Turned in my Made in Mexico unit for this unit last year. In great shape, just doing an upgrade. PM serious inquiries only, $225.00. Those who know me can attest to the fine condition of everything on my boat. Will be up in Seattle area on Friday the 20th February thru the weekend, will meet or...
  601. Roll the Bones

    My 2 cents on HB1660

    The scary part of this entire message is MLPA pops into the back of my head. Not saying it's in this but they gotta start somewhere, just thinking out loud here guys. That will rear it's ugly head at some point.
  602. Roll the Bones

    BD Points?????

    My post was not biased either way, asking it not to be personal.
  603. Roll the Bones

    BD Points?????

    I can always count on Vance to remind me of my place pull me back to the Darkest side of things, You my friend are totally Full of Shit.
  604. Roll the Bones

    BD Points?????

    Same old story both ways, good and bad in both places, I know one thing, I miss the multiple species and diversity of everything in the water down there.
  605. Roll the Bones

    My 2 cents on HB1660

    As far as Sporties spending money in Westport, the folks who do not have boats are really huge contributors to the community. They a lot of times bring the entire family and pack into the RV parks and hotels to fish the charters that run every day it's open for Salmon and Bottom fish the days...
  606. Roll the Bones

    BD Points?????

    Ok, so I finally walked through this thread and subjectively looked at the entire pissing match, winter sucks bad enough up here, then we throw in this Bullshit. Most of you up here know I am from California, and by the way nobody who is old school California calls it "Cali". I consider...
  607. Roll the Bones

    And the T-top is on...pic heavy

    He does do really great work. Canvas?
  608. Roll the Bones

    Springer Season Set

    I gotta learn this, Quicksticks you gotta git yo ass down here.
  609. Roll the Bones

    Should have called someone down with their boat....

    I Paid .979 this morning with my discount at Fred Meyer in Clackamas Oregon.
  610. Roll the Bones

    Can someone explain to me the Bristol Bay fishery?

    Bristol Bay is basically the source for the largest percentage of Sockeye sold into Foodservice. So much is caught in such a short time that a great portion of it ends up in cans because they just cannot fillet it fast enough. I bought huge loads to have wild Salmon to sell through the Winter.
  611. Roll the Bones

    2015 WTC Registration is now open

    Team Center Cut is in!
  612. Roll the Bones

    God Damned Duck Fans

    Here's what happens when you are a USC fan working in Oregon, got em on the security video looking right into the camera. It's the Glitter that pisses me off, it will be here forever.
  613. Roll the Bones

    Fair Price for Canvas Work?

    Material cost depends on of course quality/thickness of clear plastic mostly. I would not sacrifice any on that, also material that sheds the blood. I am huge on a tight fit. That all costs money! I did all mine all for around $1800.00 and it is awesome. Totally watertight.
  614. Roll the Bones

    The Journey

    What about the regulation on escape hatch? Maybe you do not need second or because no door closing off berth? Just wondering in case main access is blocked?
  615. Roll the Bones

    Been watching last season's tuna GoPro videos

    This thread is precisely why I turn my VHF volume wayyyyyyy down.
  616. Roll the Bones

    Has anyone installed a Deck Mount bait tank on Trophy 2509 Walkaround, or similar application?

    We actually switched to a gasket material last year and it worked great, we also replaced the knobs with Allen head bolts with some lock tite, a little more low profile. I will work quick disconnect into the system like Happy Daze uses to make life easier on the switch over.
  617. Roll the Bones

    I need a Boat Broker Recommendation

    Kevin, Robert Heay's at Port Orchard Yacht Sales sold my last boat and helped me with Center Cut. He has been doing it forever and has a lot of Connections. He is really connected to the Canadian market also which I know helps.
  618. Roll the Bones

    Happy Birthday TBShort

    Happy birthday to both of you guys! Dave and Todd.
  619. Roll the Bones

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    Please, nobody can stop Garner after he gets started. That's one of the reasons we all love him, his passion for what we do.
  620. Roll the Bones

    Who We Are

    "To experience fantastic things we must put ourselves in fantastic places" Words to live by.
  621. Roll the Bones

    Just moved up to Washington from SoCal

    Hey Dave, despite Goat's feelings about California folks, we know how to fish. Just given a Brutha a hand. But, yea, Dipshit, next time post on the main Washington board! That's better hey!
  622. Roll the Bones

    Just moved up to Washington from SoCal

    Welcome, best advice is start reading and searching on the Washington boards and it will start to fall into place. It can be simple and complex all at the same time. It takes a little time to get your head around the fisheries and where they are but not so difficult to catch fish once you are...
  623. Roll the Bones

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    I believe we will be attending, definitely be putting our dues in for a membership to this one.
  624. Roll the Bones

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    That's a Tin Can I would fish on!
  625. Roll the Bones

    Tuna blank suggestions?

    I am probably stuck on Sabre blanks, which I believe both Calstar and Seeker both adopted.
  626. Roll the Bones

    Tuna blank suggestions?

    So am I mixing it up with the 665?
  627. Roll the Bones

    Tuna blank suggestions?

    Isnt the 660 a little heavy to be a spinning rod? I know it's been a few years but that is more of a troll/Halibut blank?
  628. Roll the Bones

    Best advice you ever got?

    My motto in life will always be "You make your own Luck". I have passed this to the folks I work with, "Do great work, play well with others, be humble, get results, and opportunity will fall in your lap". Every bad break in my life has been attributed to my own personal actions for which I...
  629. Roll the Bones

    Best advice you ever got?

    Plastics, get into Plastics. So I went into Beef.
  630. Roll the Bones

    Xmas present to myself

    You WILL love that Boat. They are Fishy!
  631. Roll the Bones

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Yea, and remember "You just can't have nice Shit".
  632. Roll the Bones

    Waaay North-End Lead Pour and Liver Abuse event-Interest?

    I know this will break everyone's heart, but I probably won't be attending. Although I like the thought of torturing Chickens.