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  1. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50

    kind of a project ,but not a big one ,tons of new parts included(new refridgeration freezer compressors, new 1000 dollar vacu flush heads ,new shower and sink fixtures /chicago/electronis/furuno this is one of a kind sportfisher ,built in 1985 at the jones goodell yard in washington as a long...
  2. slomonkey

    local boom/crane truck in san pedro area ???

    Does anyone know of a local crane truck operator that i could hire to lift some gear from the warf in pedro onto my deck probably a two hour job tops thanks pg
  3. slomonkey

    Fish ID help please

    deleted ,sorry double post
  4. slomonkey

    Fish id ??

    caught this little guy today in kodiak cool fish ,he still lives there very golden with an olivey tone ,at first i thought some sort of whitefish hooked another much larger but didnt land him ,they where mixed in with some silver salmon and sockeye presumably eating eggs ,he hit a spinner...
  5. slomonkey

    avalon bank sharking ...not

    Just a quicky not much to report made a quick run to the avalon bank yesterday set up just before sunrise ,drifted a couple of chum buckets for a few hours one black stingray within minutes of setting up on flylined mack pretty cool fish that i have not seen before ,pelagic stingray with a...
  6. slomonkey

    Looking for an affordable multi day trip near newcastle in late feb /march

    Hello, I am traveling for work this winter and I will be done late febuary or early march . I am trying to research some kind of multi day trip for my son and I ,I am planning to fly him down near the end of my trip so we can take a few days to fish. We both are experienced ocean kayak...
  7. slomonkey

    Lobster Bait Prices?

    I was just curious what kind of prices those of you buying frozen mackerel or other fish are paying ,I purchased a 50 lb block of mackerel at .80 cents a pound ,just curious if there may be better sources or prices out there .80 cents seemed high to me ,thanks
  8. slomonkey

    Skipjack cooler /seat thingy

    I have the cooler seat dealy from my 24 skipjack ,it was used on the 20's as well i think i am cleaning house make me an offer it needs to go to a good home needs a little cleanup but otherwise good
  9. slomonkey

    I said I would never do this again!!!!!!

    Ok, I have a habit of shopping for boats just always looking at whats out there ,In the past I have fallen for the "wow what a deal I cant live without this" syndrome wich twice before has resulted in diesel repowers (i hate gas!!) . I just sold our 24 skippy that we had repowered with a...
  10. slomonkey

    catalina 2/25-26

    not much to report made the run to the isthmus thurs night, a little sloppy but very pretty semi full moon light anchored up between the reef and bird rock soaked a few baits through the night for i bat ray and a couple bass. no signs of squid moved down towards whites fished a few spots...
  11. slomonkey

    Thresher local trip 9-29 first one !!

    Fished just outside newport this morning we were going to fish for halibut at the domes but we got sidetracked by some birds and fish working so we put in some trollers had one on in pretty short order ,hour or so later put em on the boat we hooked one more but we lost it at the boat launched...
  12. slomonkey

    shakedown cruise + yellowfin

    9-25-09 Loaded up and launched from the dunes in NB Second time out for our skippy ,had it out once after the repower still in the shakedown stage new 120 gal fuel tank newly installed diesel new bait tank updated to duo prop finally get to use it !!!!!! Loaded the tank with med large...