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  1. ratboy

    SOLD Any interest in my maritime pioneer 20'

    Not many out here on the west, thinking about changing directions and moving to a 28-30 boat and a smaller skiff. wonder what I would list it for??? Thanks! A couple details, 2005 maritime pioneer 20' hull, its not perfect but it is a 16 year old hull, re powered in 2015 with an old stock 13'...
  2. ratboy

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    I bought this 216 Cabo from Harold Davis in late 2016 it had 230 hours. Harold did the re power in 2009. It currently has 1400+- hours. Older ray marine electronics ff/plotter auto pilot and VHF. Has a custom aluminum pilot house. 17k or best offer.
  3. ratboy

    shipping company

    Anyone have a contact for a company they've used for shipping a boat and trailer from the north east? Thanks!
  4. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    Looking for a radon or radon craft 16' Cash in hand! Thanks
  5. ratboy

    SOLD Sold!! 2008 Parker 1801 price drop $18,000 OBO

    Love this thing but wife wants a cabin. 60 gallon fuel tank(newer models have 40 gal tanks) average 4-4.5mpg cruising. Yamaha 115 fourstroke (2250 hours) Garmin 840xs sounder/plotter Simrad AP24 auto pilot 30 gallon bait tank built into swingback seat(new rule1100 gph pump) Standard Horizon vhf...
  6. ratboy

    Davidson Albi 19

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have heard it all about the company and its product, I know there will be some shitty comments but that is the internet. My 19 that I ordered new(2013) now has a little over 1400 hours on it now with zero issues. I've fished a few hundred days since new and I am...
  7. ratboy

    This is the view I had today!

    Not fishing but, my friend Pete called me yesterday and asked me if I could take him out on my skiff to mavericks. He got some bombs in his first heat but got a couple beat downs in the semi, We got to watch from the front row and had a blast!
  8. ratboy

    Not a report, looking for advise on Peru beach fishing

    Wife and I are headed to northern Peru and want to do some beach fishing. Anyone ever been there done that, looks like there are lots of fish within casting range but a little knowledge would help. Thanks
  9. ratboy

    19' Albi

    It was fun but gotta go buying a house..... 60k or bestest offer 400 hours Custom bait tank Giant fish holds Big cuddy cab 175 suzuki fourstroke
  10. ratboy

    Eddie Aikau

    The Eddie Aikau movie on 30 30 now
  11. ratboy

    Anyone fish tuna sat?

    Anybody fish for albacore sat?
  12. ratboy

    Open Bottom Trawling

    Well Julie Packard(Monterey Bay Aquarium) is trying to shut more fishing down(mlpa, mpa) near davenport, ano nuevo is already closed. We need to shut this shit down, they want to open bottom trawling from moss landing to wilder ranch. In exchange they are trying to close more of our productive...
  13. ratboy


    Still a little early but the water temp and chlorophyl is looking decent, weather not so good. Who's going????When this wind drops.......
  14. ratboy


    Well it seems like years, but it's only been months. Looks like my new Albi 19 should be getting final rigging here in SC next week.
  15. ratboy

    charters in tofino

    Any recommendations for a charter in tofino?
  16. ratboy


    Charter recommendations for tofino in late july? How about rainbow trout? any info is great thanks.
  17. ratboy

    dynamite fishing indonesia

    Pretty screwed up, check the fish in the foreground when the explosions goes off. wasn't sure where to post this.
  18. ratboy

    Headed to Kauai anyone wanna trade.

    Anybody on Kauai want to trade a fishing trip for a seabass, halibut, albacore or salmon trip???? My wife and I will pay for fuel bait ice ect...... Going for vacation would love to get some fish and good surf, I know a few people and trying to set up a trip with them but just covering my...
  19. ratboy

    Peter Mel Wins Mavericks

    My buddy Pete Mel finally won mavs, he has been a standout for years and it all came together today.
  20. ratboy

    What time is the world gunna end?

    So does anyone know what time the world is supposed to end tomorrow? 12:21?am or pm? Help please!!!! :shithappens::rofl:
  21. ratboy

    What sounder/plotter/ radar

    What unit/brand should I go with for ff/plotter/radar???? I don't have a big budget since all my$$$ is going into the new ride...........
  22. ratboy

    19 Albi

    Put a deposit on my first new boat. Yep going with the 19' Albi from Davidson...... So stoked yeaaaw!!!! I will post pics as soon as they start the build.
  23. ratboy

    what do I need to start?

    The wife and I want to start wrapping our own rods, what do I need? Thanks for any help you guys or gals can give.
  24. ratboy

    Halibut in SC

    So I wanted to fish today and wife wanted to jog...we went our separate ways. I made it to the harbor around nine o'clock. Ran down to Capitola to see if I could jig any live bait, with no luck. I ended up doing a couple of drifts for one short lingcod. Then I got a call from my buddy, who...
  25. ratboy

    transporting baitfish

    So have any of you or anyone you know transported bait in the back of a truck? I would be driving about an hour. Anchovies aren't very hearty so I'm hesitant to go and try it. Thanks And ya It's a lame question, but we have no fin bait around here yet so some chovies would be awesome....
  26. ratboy

    16 radoncraft bahia with fourstroke....$14 obo

    SOLD!!!!! So the time has come to sell my lil fish killer....... Wife says time for a bigger boat, I'm not going to argue. It's a 1994 radoncraft built by Harold Davis, he says it is solid fiberglass. It is powered by an 07/08 yamaha 60 hight thrust 4 stroke with 735 hours. Garmin 545...
  27. ratboy

    Who's going to win Lowers

    I'm thinking Slater Dane final , I havn't looked at the draw in the next round. Jordy or Owen, f%$k these four guys are way too good.
  28. ratboy

    Any feedback on a 16ft Radon bahia?

    Anyone fish or ride in a 16 ft Radon bahia? Im looking at one to buy , and just thought someone on here must of fished or been on one in the water? Any feedback would be appreciated . Thanks